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Guide and Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.21 | Updated: 10/14/2011

Version 1.21 10/13/11

|                                       |
| Destination Time:   JUN 13 1931 04:00 |
| Present Time:       MAY 14 1986 07:13 |
| Last Time Departed: ??? ?? ???? ??:?? |

Back to the Future: The Videogame
Episode One: It's About Time

A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2011

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Table of Contents:
001. General information
002. Video Walkthrough
003. Characters
004. Walkthrough
  004a. Where's Doc?
  004b. In 1931
  004c. Doing Young Doc's Chores
  004d. Jailbreak
005. Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
006. Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for Episode One of Back to the 
Future: The Videogame. This walkthrough is written for 
the PC version, although I'm sure it will apply to other 
versions of the game, when it is released on other 

You can email me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com if you 
have any comments or concerns about this guide, such as 
spelling mistakes you've noticed or if you want to 
duplicate this guide on your own website.

002-Video Walkthrough

If you'd rather see how to beat this game, as opposed to 
reading about how to beat the game, there's a video 
walkthrough for the game here:


The videos comes with live video commentary, to go with the 
footage of me playing the game.


(in order of appearance)

Marty McFly: A high school student who has had a series 
of time-travelling adventures. When the game begins, it 
has been six months since his last adventure, and his 
life is kind of back to normal, except for the fact that 
his friend Doc has mysteriously disappeared.

Emmet "Doc" Brown: An eccentric scientist who built a 
time machine out of a DeLorean. He is Marty's good 

Einstein: Doc's dog, who is good at tracking down other 
people from their scent.

Lorraine McFly: Marty's mother, who speaks with him after 
he wakes up from a nightmare. Only her voice is heard.

George McFly: Marty's father, who inspires Marty with the 
knowledge that things can turn out okay, even in the most 
hopeless cases. 

Biff Tannen: The villain of the first (and second) Back 
to the Future movies, Biff likes to bully the McFly 
family. He's a lot nicer to the McFlys than he used to 
be, but he's still kind of a jerk. 

Edna Stickland: Sister of Vice-Principal Strickland, Edna 
helps Marty figure out when in time Doc is trapped. Marty 
meets her younger self in the past.

Kid Tannen: Biff's father is a gangster who dresses 
snappily and runs an illegal speakeasy. As you might 
guess, Kid Tannen is a bad guy.

Cue Ball: One of Kid Tannen's gangsters. He runs the fake 
soup kitchen.

Matches: One of Kid Tannen's gangsters. He makes 
deliveries to the soup kitchen.

Arthur McFly: Marty's grandfather, who is a very timid 
fellow. He is bullied by Kid Tannen into doing accountant 

Young Doc Brown: The younger version of Doc Brown is 
working at the courthouse for his father, Judge Brown. He 
is torn between his love of science and his fear of his 
science-hating father, Judge Brown.

Judge Brown: Doc's father, who is very strict. He gets in 
a fight with Young Doc near the end of the game, but only 
his voice is heard.


At any point in the game, you can press the space bar to 
pause. You can also press the escape button to adjust the 
game settings, quit playing, or save and load games. The 
game has an automatic save feature. 

The game asks if you want automatic goals. See, in the 
top/left corner of the screen, you have a goals button. 
You can click on it to learn what Marty's current goal 
is. If you select "automatic goals", the goal will 
automatically be shown onscreen anytime Marty gets a new 
goal. You can change these at any time in the game 
settings menu.

004a-Where's Doc?

The game starts off with Marty and Doc in the Pine Woods 
Mall Parking Lot, with Doc about to test his time 
machine. Choose any dialogue option you want, even if 
it's not from the original movie.

Eventually, the time machine experiment goes wrong, and 
Doc asks Marty to retrieve his Time Travel Notebook. This 
notebook contains all the information Doc Brown has ever 
collected about time travel, and it would certainly be 
bad news if this important plot device were to fall into 
the wrong hands.

The game then teaches you how to move. You can use the 
four arrow keys, or you can click on Marty and drag the 
mouse in the direction you want him to go. Move Marty to 
the left, and then click on the tool box to find the 

As you can see, the cursor glows when you hold it over 
something you can interact with. The name of the thing 
appears as a subtitle onscreen. That's pretty standard 
for a point-and-click adventure game.

Once Marty finds the notebook, he gives it to Doc. Some 
more bad things happen, and eventually, it is revealed 
that this whole scene is just a nightmare. 


Marty rushes the Doc's house/lab. It turns out that Doc 
has been missing for six months, and his house has been 
repossessed. Marty's dad George is in charge of selling 
Doc's possessions, and Biff Tannen is on the prowl for 
anything valuable.

You can have fun looking around at all the various items 
in Doc's lab. Just click on an item to have Marty 
interact with it or talk about it. You can also click on 
George and Biff to talk to them.

Marty wants to see if there's anything really important 
in the lab. Walk to the second room of the lab, and click 
on the model of Hill Valley Square. Marty sees Doc's Time 
Travel Notebook inside the model of the courthouse, but 
unfortunately, Biff steals it.

Once the notebook is stolen, you can go to the other room 
in the lab to see George McFly pull out a box of items 
with Marty's guitar inside. Hey, that shouldn't get sold! 
Click on the guitar, and it will be added to Marty's 

The inventory button now appears on the top of the 
screen, next to the hint button and story button. Click 
on the story button for a summary of the story so far. 
Click on the hint button for three hints about how to 
solve the current puzzle. Click on the inventory button 
to be taken to the inventory screen.

In the inventory screen, you can look at everything that 
Marty is currently carrying. You can also select an item 
for use. Try this out by using Marty's guitar, then 
clicking on the large amplifier. Marty then uses his 
guitar on the amplifier, that is, he plugs his guitar 
into the amp.

When Marty tries to play his guitar, Biff comes in and 
steals it. George reprimands Biff, and Biff hands the 
guitar back to Marty. The same sort of thing happens if 
you try using the jukebox--Biff pushes Marty out of the 
way, and George tells Biff to leave Marty alone. So 
George is definitely bossing Biff around when Biff is 
mean to Marty.

Talk to George about this, by selecting the dialogue 
option "I can fight my own fights, Dad". Once you do 
this, George does not interfere when Biff attempts to 
push Marty around.

Now it's time to teach Biff a lesson. We know that Biff 
likes to play Marty's guitar, and if you've watched the 
first Back to the Future movie, you know that Doc's large 
amp will blow if you turn all the dials to maximum. 
Select the amplifier controls to turn them up, then 
select the guitar.

As you can guess, Biff comes in and shoves Marty out of 
the way. Seeing the controls are on, Biff turns them up 
all the way. Biff then blows out the amplifier, and he is 
sent flying backwards. While Biff is thus distracted, 
Marty grabs Doc's Notebook.

Suddenly, strange sounds come from outside the house. It 
sounds like the DeLorean! Marty heads outside to see 
what's happening.


Hey, it's the DeLorean, fresh from a trip through time! 
Is Doc inside? There's only one way to find out: examine 
the DeLorean.

Marty opens the DeLorean, but no one is inside except for 
Einstein. Marty climbs inside, where there are a few 
things to look at. First, examine the handheld tape 

The tape is from Doc, and as you might have guessed, he's 
in trouble! You see, the car is automatically programmed 
to return to this specific time and place, as an 
insurance policy in case anything bad happens. Well, the 
car is here now, so something bad must have happened. 
Specifically, something happened that prevented Doc from 
accessing the time machine! That's not good...

It's up to Marty to go back or forward in time, in order 
to figure out what happened to Doc. Fortunately, the time 
machine has a "Last Time Departed" readout, which tells 
us when Doc is, and...

Uh oh, the time circuits are on the fritz. Looks like 
Marty has to figure out when Doc is, using the clues 
inside the DeLorean. There's only one clue, which is a 
woman's shoe. How is a shoe going to help us know when 
Doc is?

Leave the DeLorean and use the shoe on Einstein. Einstein 
gets the scent of the woman who owns the shoe. 
Fortunately, she lives nearby, so Marty follows Einstein 
to where the woman lives. 


Marty is now downtown, near an arcade and a liquor store. 
In between the two is an apartment complex. Einstein is 
near the door to the complex, so I'm guessing the woman 
who owns the shoe lives inside.

Select the buzzer, and Marty will buzz the female 
resident: Edna Strickland. The woman sticks her head out 
the window, but she's in an unfriendly mood, especially 
since she thinks Marty is a no good slacker, er, a 

Tell Edna that you have something for her, then use the 
shoe on her. Marty shows her the shoe, and she brings out 
the matching shoe. She then invites Marty into her 
apartment, where she starts boiling a pot of tea for him.

Edna forgot to turn the stove on, so the tea doesn't 
boil. If you play with the radiator, it makes a sound 
which is similar to boiling tea. Edna will then leave the 
room for a short while to check on the tea. That's a 
convenient way to get rid of her if you ever need to.

Talk to Edna for a while. This shoe is our best/only clue 
about Doc's whereabouts/whenabouts, so Marty wants to 
know when and where Edna first lost the shoe. Ask her 
about it, and she says she the shoe was stolen by a dog, 
on the day the town's speakeasy burned down.

Ask her for more details about the speakeasy, and 
eventually, she reveals that the speakeasy was near the 
courthouse courtyard. A video store was built on the site 
the year after the speakeasy was burned down.

You can also talk to Edna about her newspapers (she has 
every single issue!), and about her binoculars that she 
uses to spy on other people.

Stop talking to Edna, and then click on her binoculars. 
Marty uses them to look at the video store. Biff exits 
the store with something in his hands, and Marty examines 
the store's convenient plaque that says it was built in 
February 1932.

So, if the store was built the year after the speakeasy 
burned down, and the store was built in 1932, the 
speakeasy burned down in 1931. When, though?

Marty could go to the library and check the newspaper 
archives, but fortunately, Edna has newspaper archives 
right in her house. She doesn't want Marty touching the 
newspapers, so get rid of her (temporarily) by turning on 
the radiator. Then, look at the newspapers.

Marty goes through the 1931 headlines until he finds one 
about the Speakeasy Arsonist being killed. It seems that 
a mob charged the police station and killed Carl Sagan, 
who set fire to...wait, Carl Sagan?

Marty turns the paper over and sees a picture of Doc 
Brown. Oh no! Doc was arrested for setting the speakeasy 
on fire? Then, he was killed by an angry mob? This is NOT 
GOOD, but fortunately, we now know when Doc is.
Marty accidentally knocks over the newspaper archives. An 
angry Edna then appears and kicks him out of the 
apartment. That's okay, because Marty has everything he 
needs from here, anyway.


Marty is ready to go back to time. He has a 1930's-style 
outfit, as well as Einstein. George McFly appears and 
asks what Marty is up to. Make up any excuse you want, 
and George compassionately assumes that Marty knows what 
he's doing.

George walks off, and then Marty gets in the car. Use the 
time circuits to turn them on, then use the circuit 
display to insert a new destination. Doc is killed on 
June 14, 1931, and the speakeasy was burned the day 

Obviously, Marty will want to go back in time to before 
the speakeasy burned down. That way, he can warn Doc, and 
Doc won't get arrested for burning down the speakeasy.

No, wait, Marty wants to go back to the day before Doc 
gets killed. That way, he can break Doc out of jail. 
Sounds like a plan, Marty! Marty goes back to 1931, and 
after a brief scene with some gangsters and a police 
officer, he makes it to the courthouse square.

004b-In 1931

Marty walks around the town square, and outside the 
remains of the speakeasy, a female reporter named Edna 
Strickland interviews him for an on-the-street reaction. 

Say whatever you want to Miss Strickland, who seems very 
much opposed to the gangsters that ran the speakeasy. She 
is then attacked by Einstein, and she gets upset with 
Marty. It seems that Einstein is the dog who stole her 
shoe on the day the speakeasy burned down.

You can now explore the Courthouse Square. Marty is 
currently on a street which contains a bank, a 
barbershop, the ruins of the speakeasy, a law office, a 
flophouse and other places of business. Marty cannot 
enter any of these establishments.

At the designated crosswalks, Marty can cross the street 
to reach the courthouse and the grassy square in front of 
the courthouse. The other street Marty can walk on has a 
soup kitchen on the corner, and the police station next 
door. When you walk near the barred windows, Doc appears 
and starts talking to Marty.

Doc is happy, because he is getting released tomorrow, 
due to the fact that there is no evidence linking him to 
the fire. Marty shows Doc the newspaper article about his 
upcoming death, and Doc becomes upset.

Marty has a number of ideas about what to do. Pitch all 
the ideas to Doc, only to have Doc shoot them down. 
Eventually, you're left with only one choice: breaking 
Doc out of jail.

Fortunately, Doc knows a good way to break out of jail. 
See, his younger self has recently filed a patent for a 
rocket-powered drill. If Marty could get the drill, he 
could break Doc out of jail! All right, so Marty needs to 
team up with Young Doc to break Old Doc out of jail, got 

Ask "Where can I find your younger self?" to get Doc's 
phone number. The people at Doc's house should know where 
the younger Doc is.

The only phone in the area is the one at the soup kitchen 
next door, so go inside.

The first time you enter the soup kitchen, you see an 
argument between Kid Tannen and Arthur McFly. Ah, so 
Biff's father liked to bully Marty's grandfather. Kid 
needs Arthur to do his accounting work, and he orders 
Arthur to hide in the safe house.

Kid then steals Arthur's hat, and then leaves.

In the back of the soup kitchen, you can find the 
telephone Doc was talking about. Use the phone number on 
the telephone to learn that Young Doc is at the 
courthouse. Hey, that's right near here! Go to the 
courthouse and open the door to meet Young Doc.

Young Doc will now begin walking from the courthouse to 
the law offices, and back again. He repeats this trip 
over and over again.

Talk to Young Doc, but whenever you try to discuss 
science or the rocket drill, he clams up. He eventually 
will refuse to talk to you. Looks like we're going to 
have to find some way to get him to talk.

Go back to the jail, where Old Doc says that his younger 
self is afraid of his father, Judge Brown. Judge Brown 
loves law and hates science, so he is forcing Young Doc 
to be a lawyer, not a scientist. Doc also says that his 
young self isn't muttering random things; he's working on 

Maybe we can convince Young Doc that we're on his side by 
solving his equation. Use the tape recorder to record 
what Young Doc is muttering, then take it to Old Doc. Old 
Doc knows the solution to the equation, so tell the 
solution to Young Doc.

Young Doc is happy to have the solution, and he 
mistakenly concludes that Marty is from the patent 
office. Pick any of the dialogue options here, and Marty 
will explain that he needs a working version of the drill 

004c-Doing Young Doc's Chores

Young Doc has two chores to finish before he can build 
the rocket drill. First, he must get fuel some alcohol to 
serve as fuel. Second, he must subpoena Arthur McFly.

At this point in the game, Edna Strickland will be 
standing with her bike inside the courtyard. Young Doc 
will also be in the courtyard, near the tree with 
Einstein. If Marty enters the soup kitchen, Young Doc 

Getting Fuel

To get fuel for the rocket, Marty must travel back to the 
future, and, nah, I'm just kidding. The gangsters are 
obviously using the soup kitchen as a front for their 
illegal alcohol smuggling. We'll have to get the alcohol 
from there.

Things work in a very predictable pattern at the soup 
kitchen. Whenever you tell Cue Ball to add an ingredient 
to the soup, he will get the ingredient from the spice 
rack. He then moves the barrels of alcohol in front of 
the door. After a time, he puts the spice back on the 
rack and moves the barrels of alcohol back to their 
original position.

When you first try to leave the soup kitchen, Edna 
appears to get some real soup. She delivers soup to 
various people in need, as charity donations. She's not 
happy that the soup kitchen is now run by gangsters, 
obviously. Cueball gives her some of the charity soup.

When you leave to go to the other room in the soup 
kitchen, Cue Ball will get up and hit the pipe. A secret 
elevator will then open and take all of the barrels of 
alcohol. A gangster will then come in with more barrels 
of booze. At any time, Marty himself can hit the pipe to 
get the elevator to work, thanks to the fact that Cue 
Ball isn't very observant.

Clearly, there is some kind of puzzle to solve here. 
Let's see...you can get Cue Ball to move the rack at any 
time, and you can get the elevator to work at any 
time...let's try both at the same time!

Ask Cue Ball to put something in the soup, then hit the 
pipe. The elevator works when the soup rack is NOT in 
place, and the alcohol...goes right down the elevator 
like normal, thanks to those slanted tables.

Go to the back part of the soup kitchen and try to get 
through the door. It doesn't work. Tell Emmett to prop 
the door open, and eventually, he will do so. He says, 
"Eureka!" when he's finished opening the door, so talk to 
Cue Ball to pass the time until Doc has the door open.

Now, when you tell Cue Ball to add something to the soup, 
and then you hit the pipe, the alcohol rolls onto the 
charity table. Success!

Edna Strickland then comes in, and Cue Ball gives her a 
barrel of alcohol, because he thinks it is charity soup. 
Great, we got the alcohol out of the soup kitchen! Now we 
just need to get it away from Edna...

Go to Edna and talk to her about various things. She's in 
charge of the Stay Sober Society, which needs a place to 
meet. She also makes various soup deliveries.

Offer to let the Stay Sober Society meet at Judge Brown's 
house, and tell her that the Stay Sober Society needs 
soup for their meeting. She agrees on both accounts, and 
so she'll bring the barrel of alcohol to Young Doc's 
house. All right!

Young Doc isn't happy that you volunteered his house to 
an unknown group, so try to convince him that the Stay 
Sober Society is made up of nice, responsible people who 
like charity work. Doc isn't convinced, though, so 
threaten to go home and give up on Doc's patent 
application. Young Doc immediately agrees to let Edna's 
group meet at his house, and he becomes tongue-tied in 
her presence. Edna then rides off.

Okay, so we now have the fuel for the rocket drill. Now 
we just need to get a subpoena to Arthur McFly.

Finding Arthur McFly

Finding Arthur should be easy enough. After all, Einstein 
can find track someone's scent and find them easily. We 
just need something that belongs to Arthur McFly.

Kid Tannen is at the shoeshine booth, near the barber 
shop. When Marty comes close, he forces Marty to shine 
his shoes. He is eating peanuts of Arthur McFly's hat the 
whole time, too.

Ask about Arthur and about the hat. Then, ask for some 
peanuts and shout, "What the hell is that?" While Kid is 
distracted, Marty steals the hat. A minor chase scene 
ensues, in which Young Doc pulls off some unexpected 
running skills. Naturally, our heroes escape from the bad 

Go to Einstein and use the hat on him. Einstein will seek 
out the hat's owner: Arthur McFly. It turns out he lives 
in the apartment that 1980's Edna Strickland will own. 
Wow, deja vu.

Ring the buzzer to talk to Arthur. He's afraid to go 
outside, which makes sense, considering who his boss is. 
Go to the right to return to the courthouse square.

Kid Tannen exits the barber shop. Go close to him, and he 
will chase Marty. Marty escapes by climbing the gazebo in 
the square, but Kid Tannen is still hanging around. Kid 
starts to order Marty to get down.

Can you figure out what to do here? Use the tape recorder 
on Kid to record what he's saying about coming down from 
where he is. If we play this tape for Arthur, Arthur will 
think Kid is ordering him to come down from the 

Once that's done, call Einstein. Einstein attacks Kid 
Tannen, thus allowing Marty to escape. Now all you have 
to do is return to Arthur's apartment and ring the 
buzzer. Use the tape recorder on Arthur, and he hurries 
down to avoid the wrath of Kid Tannen.

Once Arthur is outside, use the subpoena on him. Now he's 
got the subpoena! He goes to court to give testimony 
against Kid Tannen. All right, so that's everything! 
Let's get the rocket drill and break Doc out of jail!


Marty and Doc return to Young Doc's lab. The process for 
getting the fuel ready is pretty tough, but luckily Doc 
will be with you the whole time, and...

Uh oh.

Doc is called to go outside and talk to his father. It 
looks like the Judge has found out about Doc's love of 
science, and he is not happy. The two of them start 

There are four possible things for Marty to do: turn the 
electric crank, release gaseous pressure, stoke the fire 
with the bellows and feed the bacteria.

Doc will give Marty clues as to what to do. For example, 
he will say something like, "Can't you see this is EATING 
me up inside?", which indicates that you should feed the 
bacteria. The clues you get, as well as the order you get 
them in, are randomized, but here are the clues I got:

Turn the electric crank:

I'm not another one of your staffers who SPINS around you 
like a top.
Is it my fault I don't get a SPARK out of laws and 
Stop being such a CRANK!
Maybe I should just get struck by LIGHTNING! Would that 
make you happy?

Release the gaseous pressure:

Why won't you RELEASE me from your unattainable 
Stop PRESSURING me to become a lawyer!
Don't you have a RELEASE VALVE on your mouth somewhere?
You have no idea what kind of PRESSURE I'm under!
If it were up to you, people would still be divining the 
future with sheep's BLADDERS and goat gizzards!
Lawyers are nothing but overblown BAGS OF GAS!

Stoke the Fire:

If you don't like my performance at the courthouse, then 
FIRE me.
Stop getting so HOT under the collar, Pop.
Forgive me if I don't get a SPARK out of legal 
Law may be your BURNING passion, Father, but it is not 
What do you call a group of lawyers trapped in a BURNING 
building? A good start!
There is a FLAME inside me that cannot be quelled by your 
legalistic gobbledygook, Father!
You know who invented FIRE, Pop? I don't know either, but 
you can be damn sure it wasn't a lawyer!

Feed bacteria:

I don't know what's EATING you, Father, but I wish it 
would go on a diet!
You don't get to control me, just because you FED and 
clothed me for the past seventeen years!
You're treating me like a BACTERIA!
Why don't you just FEED the ducks, Father?

Judge Brown will start emphasizing some of the words Doc 
uses, like FIRE or FEEDING, but don't follow his verbal 
clues. Just keep following the clues that Doc gives you, 
and eventually, the fuel will be done.

Hooray, Marty can now use the rocket drill! Marty begins 
to feel regret about fooling the Young Doc Brown, and he 
confesses that he's not really from the patent office. 
Young Doc is upset at first, but he still shows gratitude 
for Marty's friendship by warning Marty to keep the 
throttle at around level eight.


Marty then goes to the jail, where he tries to break in, 
but the invention explodes. Darn!

Edna Strickland then shows up and tells you that Doc 
Brown isn't in the jail anymore. They're moving him to a 
new facility, and the car that is transporting him just 
left. Edna leaves her bicycle outside as she goes to talk 
to the police chief, and Marty is left trying to figure 
out how to catch up to the police car.

Then, Marty sees the newspaper. The headline changes, to 
reflect the fact that Doc's death now takes place 
somewhere new. That's not a good sign. Chase after the 
police car by grabbing the drill remains and using them 
on Edna's bicycle. The rockets are still in working 
order, and they blast into action. With the rocket-
powered bike, Marty easily reaches the car.

All right, so Marty is on the police car, with Doc 
shackled inside. Of course, the car is locked because the 
police think he's a criminal, so Marty will have to find 
the keys and unlock the back door.

If you try to go to the left, Marty is blocked by the 
spare tire. Instead, go to the right. Here, you can grab 
the radio antenna off of the roof, and you can grab a 
tire iron from the tool box.

Go back to the left. Use the tire iron on the spare tire, 
and it falls off. Now you have a hubcap, and you can 
climb to the left. Climb to the driver's window to learn 
that the driver is none other than Kid Tannen! And the 
keys are on the inside of the car!

Try using the antenna on the keys to learn that you can't 
reach the keys. You see, unlike his son Biff, Kid Tannen 
notices when an unexpected guest is hitching a ride on 
his car.

Go back to Doc and ask him for a distraction. Then go 
forward and use the antenna on the keys to grab them 
while Kid's head is turned. Kid turns his head at the 
last second and sees Marty, then punches our hero off of 
the car. Marty falls onto the ground, badly injured.

No, wait! Doc uses his quick reflexes to grab Marty 
before he falls! Way to go, Doc!

Move to the lock and use the key on the lock to open the 
door. The doors open, but Doc is still shackled to the 
floor. Worse yet, the car hits a bump and Doc falls down, 
grabbing onto the bike. And to make matters even worse, 
Kid Tannen notices the attempted escape and starts firing 
his gun.

There's nothing else to do now but use the hubcap on Kid 
Tannen. Throwing it like a frisbee, Marty is able to get 
Tannen to drop his gun. Climb over Doc to get the gun, 
then use it on the shackles.

Doc is then thrown forward, and Marty grabs his feet. Now 
both Marty and Doc are in danger of falling onto the 
road, and they can't really get up. Marty can't do 
anything at this point besides talk to Doc, and the only 
useful thing he can say is, "HIT THE THROTTLE!"

Doc sets the throttle to the highest level, and the 
rocket bike, along with Doc and Marty, slam into the car. 
The car starts to swerve off of the road, and our heroes 
escape on the bike before the car hits a manure truck.

All right! Marty and Doc are safe and sound, and as an 
added bonus, they land conveniently close to the 
DeLorean. It looks like they can go back to the future, 
safe and sound...until you see the cliffhanger, complete 
with a "to be continued" screen.

005-Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

For those of you who don't want spoilers about the plot 
or anything like that, here's a spoiler-free walkthrough 
that tells you what to do in as few words as possible.

Shopping Mall
Select any dialogue options you want.
Go left and examine the toolbox.
Pick any dialogue option you want.

Doc's Lab
Examine the model of Hill Valley Town.
Examine Marty's guitar.
Use the guitar on the amplifier.
Tell George, "I can fight...".
Turn on the amplifier controls.
Use the guitar.

Outside Doc's House
Examine the DeLorean.
Listen to the handheld tape recorder.
Take the shoe.
Exit the DeLorean and use the shoe on Einstein.

Use the buzzer.
Use the shoe on Edna.
Ask Edna "When did you lose...?"
Ask Edna about the speakeasy.
Use Edna's binoculars.
Use the radiator.
Examine the newspapers.

Outside Doc's House
Select any dialogue option you want.
Use the time circuits.
Use the time circuit keypad.

Courthouse Square
Pick any dialogue option you want.
Walk near the barred window of the police station.
Select all the dialogue options.
Ask "Where can I find your...?"
Enter the Soup Kitchen.
Use the phone number on the phone.
Go to the courthouse and open the door.
Use the tape recorder on Young Doc.
Tell Old Doc "I recorded your..."
Tell Young Doc "Maybe H equals..."
Pick any dialogue option.
Pick any dialogue option.

Getting Rocket Fuel
Go to the soup kitchen.
Push the kitchen door.
Ask Young Doc to prop open the door.
Wait for Doc to say, "Eureka!"
Ask Cue Ball for soup.
Tell Cue Ball to put something in the soup.
Use the pipe.
Exit the soup kitchen.
Ask Edna "What's the scoop?"
Ask Edna "You make soup...?"
Ask Edna "What's the Stay...?"
Tell Edna "I know where..."
Tell Edna "At the Brown..."
Tell Edna "I can help..."
Tell Edna "The Stay..."
Tell Young Doc "They're sober."
Tell Young Doc "They'll be quiet."
Tell Young Doc "Okay, then. Forget..."

Finding Arthur
Go to the barbershop.
Say "I guess I'm..."
Say "I'm looking for..." 
Say "Isn't that..."
Say "Can I have some..."
Say "What the hell..."
Use the hat on Einstein.
Return to the barbershop.
Use the tape recorder on Kid.
Use Einstein.
Return to the apartment.
Ring the buzzer.
Use the tape recorder on Arthur.
Use the subpoena on Arthur.

The Brown Residence
Pick and dialogue option you want.
Follow the verbal clues given by Young Doc.
Select any dialogue option.

Endgame Sequence
Use the jet drill remains on Edna's bicycle.
Move right.
Open the toolbox.
Take the antenna.
Go back.
Move left.
Use tire iron on the spare tire.
Go to the front window.
Use antenna on keys.
Ask Doc for a distraction.
Go to the front window.
Use antenna on keys.
Use keys on padlock.
Use hubcap on Kid.
Use gun on shackles.
Tell Doc "HIT THE...".


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