1. Kevin Manning Additional Art
  2. Brenda Marie Phillips Additional Casting
  3. Tony Evans Additional Design
  4. J.R. Vosovic Additional Design
  5. Andrew Aye Additional Programming
  6. Frank Kowalkowski Additional Programming
  7. Rob Smith Additional Programming
  8. Jonathan Lipow Additional Voices
  9. Jason Marsden Additional Voices
  10. Tara Platt Additional Voices
  11. Ryan Gould Animation Director
  12. Trent Campbell Animator
  13. Roberto Clemente Animator
  14. Kien Tran Animator
  15. Justin Cherry Art Director
  16. Nathan Davis Associate Producer
  17. Alvin Nelson Associate Producer
  18. Andrew Dearing Audio Designer
  19. Scott Lawlor Audio Director
  20. Mikey Dowling Audio Producer
  21. Poppy Orphanides Casting and Production Associate
  22. Austin Snyder Casting and Production Associate
  23. Timothy Cubbison Casting and Production Supervisor
  24. Dimitri Berman Character Art Lead
  25. Daniel Alpert Character Artist
  26. James Chea Character Artist
  27. Chris Willis Character Artist
  28. Julie Kim Concept Artist
  29. Charles Lee Concept Artist
  30. George Ziets Creative Lead
  31. Michael Bosley CTG Programmer
  32. Michael Edwards CTG Programmer
  33. Michael Hamlin CTG Programmer
  34. Sven Knutson CTG Programmer
  35. Jay Weatherstone CTG Programmer
  36. Harrison Deutsch Dialogue Editor
  37. Greg Sais Dialogue Editor
  38. J. David Atherton Dialogue Editor / Recording Engineer
  39. James Melilli Effects Artist
  40. Jay Bakke Effects Lead
  41. Jeff Duval Environment Artist
  42. David Espinoza Environment Artist
  43. Hector Espinoza Environment Artist
  44. Ed Lacabanne Environment Artist
  45. Nelson Plumey Environment Artist
  46. Dennis Presnell Environment Artist
  47. Darren Monahan Executive Producer
  48. Adam Brennecke Gameplay Programmer
  49. Anthony Davis Gameplay Programmer
  50. Justin Reynard Gameplay Programmer
  51. Dan Rubalcaba Gameplay Programmer
  52. Daniel Teh Gameplay Programmer
  53. Steve Weatherly Gameplay Programmer
  54. Zane Lyon Interface Artist
  55. Jason Sereno Interface Artist
  56. Briana Maldonado Interface Intern
  57. Antonio Govela Lead Character Technical Director
  58. Tyson Christensen Lead Level Designer
  59. Justin Bell Lead Sound Designer
  60. Constant Gaw Level Designer
  61. Bobby Null Level Designer
  62. Matthew Campbell Multiplayer Lead
  63. Kevin Lin Multiplayer Programmer
  64. Jason Graves Music Composer
  65. Timothy Michael Wynn Music Composer
  66. David Baker Producer
  67. John Lee Producer
  68. Gregory Lutton Producer
  69. Brandon Adler Production Assistant
  70. Chris Lang Production Intern
  71. Richard Taylor Project Director / Lead Programmer
  72. Chris Reynolds Recording Engineer
  73. Ryan Wilson Recording Engineer
  74. Joseph Bulock Systems Designer
  75. Jesse Farrell Systems Designer
  76. Matt Maclean Systems Lead
  77. Roger Chang Technical Artist
  78. Jean-Eric Khalife Technical Artist
  79. Matt Festa Technical Designer
  80. Vassilios Mavros Technical Director
  81. Javier Olivares Tools Lead
  82. Erik Novales Tools Programmer
  83. David Szymczyk Tools Programmer
  84. Wes Gleason Voice Director
  85. Clint Corley Voice Production Coordinator
  86. Liam O'Brien Voice: Alexei / Roderick / Additional Voices
  87. Amanda Philipson Voice: Anjali / Additional Voices
  88. Barry Ford Voice: Dapper Old Gent / Additional Voices
  89. Cat Taber Voice: Jeyne Kassynder / Additional Voices
  90. Anna Vocino Voice: Katarina / Additional Voices
  91. William Salyers Voice: Lazar Bassili / Meister Fiddlewick / Additional Voices
  92. Jim Ward Voice: Lord Devonsey / Additional Voices
  93. Crispin Freeman Voice: Lucas / Additional Voices
  94. Robin Atkin Downes Voice: Marten Guiscard / Additional Voices
  95. Anthony Skordi Voice: Maru-yatum / Additional Voices
  96. Gideon Emery Voice: Meister Mudgutter / Additional Voices
  97. Pat Fraley Voice: Meister Sigismund Wulf
  98. Jesse Burch Voice: Phineas / Additional Voices
  99. Laura Bailey Voice: Queen Roslyn / Leona / Additional Voices
  100. Christina Puccelli Voice: Radiant Youth / Additional Voices
  101. Anna Graves Voice: Rajani / Additional Voices
  102. Dave B. Mitchell Voice: Reinhart / Additional Voices
  103. Mark Bramhall Voice: Rorik Kassel / Additional Voices
  104. Rajia Baroudi Voice: Saraya / Additional Voices
  105. Barry Dennen Voice: The Venerable Odo / Mayor Moritz Grimmelhaus / Additional Voices
  106. John Gonzalez Writer
  107. Travis Stout Writer


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, Hardkoroff, oliist, and reclinemusic.

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