Icky Skiffy
Blade Kitten™ - Act 1 complete
New BFFs
Blade Kitten™ - Act 2 complete
Slide Queen
Defeated 100 enemies using slide
Kitten Power
Completed a level without losing health
Unfriendly Fire
Defeated 5,000 enemies
Speedy Kitten
Totalled best level times of 90 minutes or less
Purchased all the Free Blades from Hundert Tonne
Purchased all the costumes from Hundert Tonne
Loot to Boot
Found all the treasure chests in the game
Nine Lives
Died nine times in any one level
The Kit Fu is Strong in This One
Defeated 10 enemies in a row without losing health
Invisible Bike
Perched on and threw an enemy
The Fat Lady Sang
Blade Kitten™ - Act 3 complete
Blade Kitten
Purchased all the Episode 2 Blades from Hundert Tonne
Cosplay Queen
Purchased all the Episode 2 costumes from Hundert Tonne
Booty Breaker
Found all the treasure chests in Episode 2
Egg on my Face
Got converted into a Darque
Three Kings
Escorted the civilians in Hollow Wish
Darquer than Black
Unlocked the Darque Blade
Master of Unlocking
Complete the game to 200% complete

Originally Contributed By: chaoyun2k and Guard Master

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