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Your racing opponents are already waiting for you. Take up the challenge, equip your car with weapons and tools and win the races.

Before we waste our time here with enumerating marked advertising slogans, which nobody believes anyway and which only bore you, let's rather let the facts speak... ...or are you interested in the fact that we have...

... more than 42 different cars in the classes Premium Class, Classic Class, Bonsai Racer...
... complex driving dynamics including independent suspension, body deformation
... Original sounds of sports cars
... Vehicle tuning such as engine, brakes, tires and tuning of dampers, gear ratios and so on
... 24 exciting routes in 96 exciting variations
... realistic light and shadow calculation by day and night

And, of course, many more features..... but you have to discover them for yourself. So chop, chop -- buy and play!

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