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Guild Challenge Guide by Badprenup

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/21/11

                                  IMMMM  MMMMZ                                  
                                 .OMMM   ZMMMM                                  
                                 IMMMM    MMMMM                                 
                                I8MMM     :MMMM$                                
                               .7MMM8      MMMMM                                
                               INMMM        MMMMN                               
                              ?OMMM         $MMMM                               
                              7MMMM          MMMMM                              
                             INMMM           MMMMM8                             
                            =ZMMMM            MMMMM                             
                            IMMMM             7MMMMM                            
                           IDMMMM              MMMMMZ                           
                          :$MMMM                MMMMM                           
                          IMMMMD                MMMMMM                          
                         IDMMMM                  MMMMMO                         
                        ,$MMMM                   ZMMMMM                         
                        IMMMMM                    MMMMMM                        
                       IDMMMM                     ~MMMMM+                       
                      .7MMMMD                      MMMMMM                       
                      IMMMMM                        MMMMM$                      
                     ,8MMMMO                        8MMMMM                      
                     IMMMMM                          MMMMMM                     
                    ?OMMMM                           $MMMMM7                    
                   .7MMMMN                            MMMMMM                    
                   ?MMMMM                             :MMMMMM                   
                  ?NMMMMD                              MMMMMMN                  
                .+MMMMMM                                MMMMMMM                 
               ~IMMMMMM                                 OMMMMMMM~               
=            :+DMMMMMMM                                  MMMMMMMNN,           .+
 MO$$+:.,~=+OMMMMMMMMM                                   DMMMMMMMMM8$7~..:==+OM 
 .NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                                     $MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  
  NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN                                      MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  
  DMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                                        MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN  
  DMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                                         =MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMD  
  OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN                                          MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN  
  ZMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                                           INMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  
 .$MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                                            DMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  
 IDMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                                            DMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM: 
 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                                            OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 
       MMMMMMMMMMM                                            ZMMMMMMMMMN       
         MMMMMMMMM                                           =OMMMMMMMM         
7         8MMMMMMMM                                          IMMMMMMM         ~ 
  I         DMMMMMMN                                        ?NMMMMM         ?   
   8.         8MMMMMM                                      +DMMMM         .N    
     N           MMMMM                                   .+MMMN          D      
       M=           MMMN                               .=MMD          .N        
        OM7            MMN$                          ~OMD           ,N8         
           MZ              NM$                    ?MD             ~D8           
             MNO                  :    =     :                 ~$M              
                MNZ:                  =OM                  .=IMN                
                  8MMO$+           ,=IMMMDD            :=+DMM                   

                           Assassins Creed: Brotherhood
                              Guild Challenges Guide


You can search through this guide by pressing Control-F and pasting the codes
that are found below in these brackets: []

[INTRO] - Introduction

[ASSNG] - Assassins Guild

[MERCG] - Mercenaries Guild

[CTSNG] - Courtesans Guild

[THVSG] - Thieves Guild

[CREDT] - Credits


[INTRO] - Introduction


This guide is an in-depth guide to the Guild Challenges in Assassins Creed:
Brotherhood. The Guild Challenges are specific goals to meet in various tasks,
whether it be killing guards, stealing, what have you. This is also my first
guide and it is a work in progress. You can email me any suggestions or
information I should add at Badprenup@gmail.com.

Version History
1.0 Uploaded - Guide is basically complete, just missing a few details.
1.1 Fixed some details, spelling errors, and updated the credits info to
recognize some people who helped contribute.
1.2 A few more spelling mistakes, added some new tips. Updated credits as well.


[ASSNG] - Assassins Guild



1. 25 Apprentices signaled during a fight.
Difficulty: 1

This one is easy. After you do the missions to recruit your first recruits,
then you can call them to attack targets for you. Pretty much all you have to
do is wait for the bar to fill, and summon them to take out any guards you are
fighting. Note that you HAVE TO BE IN COMBAT!!! You must be fighting the guards
that you summon the assassins to kill. Just rinse and repeat. This one will be
completed through regular gameplay.

2. 15 Arrow Storms
Difficulty: 3

The only reason this is a level 3 difficulty challenge is because of the time
it takes. First, you need to burn down enough Borgia towers to recruit six
assassins. then you must go out and recruit them. Finally, when you have the
three full bars, target a guard and hold L2 to summon the arrow storm. Then
wait for the bar to recharge and do it again.

3. 20 Assassin Recruits signaled to kill a target.
Difficulty: 1

An unbelievably simple goal to achieve. Have a full bar, lock onto a guard,
summon assassins, repeat.

4. 5 Assassin Recruits signaled within a core memory.
Difficulty: 1

Just summon recruits during any of the main story missions.

5. 5 Recruits raised to the rank of Assassino.
Difficulty: 4

This one is easy too, but takes a long time. You can send recruits on missions
from carrier pigeon houses, burned Borgia towers (they then become Assassin
towers), or your base of operations on Tiber Island. Choose missions that they
can complete (I always make sure that they have 98-100% success rating for the
mission. If they fail, they die and you start from scratch). The higher
difficulty the mission, the more XP they earn upon completion. However, XP is
divided equally amongst all recruits who go on a particular mission.

Every time they do a mission they get XP, which leads to level ups, which leads
to stronger recruits who can do higher difficulty missions. Once they get to
level 10 (in game they will be Level 9, but have a full XP bar), you can go to
your Tiber Island Hideout and do a ceremony to promote them to Assassino.

Reward: Altair's Sword at Ezio's Hideout


[MERCG] - Mercenaries Guild



1. 10 Mercenary groups sent to attack guards.
Difficulty: 1

Once you can hire mercenaries, find a group and hire them. They can't climb
buildings like you or the thieves so be patient and let them keep up. From
there find some guards, lock onto them, and press Triangle to have your men
attack them (As soon as you tell them to attack, you can go ahead and kill the
guards, the mercenaries don't have to actually fight them, you just have to
tell them to). Once the guards are dead, find more and do it again. If your
mercenaries die, go hire another group.

2. 5 Scaffolds destroyed by thrown guards.
Difficulty: 2

Wander around Rome until you find a scaffold. The look like little wooden
towers next to buildings. When you find one, either remember the spot or
mark it on your map. Then go find a guard and pick a fight. Run back to the
scaffold (Don't kill or lose the guard, you need him), and lock onto the
guard. press Circle to grab him, then hold the left analog stick in the
direction of the scaffold and press Circle again to throw him. If done
correctly, the scaffold will collapse on the guard and kill him. Find more
scaffolds and do it again.

3. 25 Brutes killed.
Difficulty: 2

Brutes are special guards with heavier armor and bigger weapons. They also hit
harder and take more damage. But luckily the game is full of them, so you can
get this by killing every guard you see until it tells you you got it.

4. 25 Papal guards killed.
Difficulty: 3

Papal guards are a rare breed. They are hard to find and harder to kill.
Luckily, there is a place that spawns four of them. At the Castel Sant'Angelo
(Where you rescue Caterina Sforza. It's in the northwest coner of the map and
is always a forbidden area, meaning guards attack on sight), there are two
entrances to the main building.

One is a long bridge with multiple guards wielding pikes. The other is to the
on the west side of the area, and is the only way to getting to the small
rectangular part of the city. This second entrance has the four papal guards
near it. They stand in a circle by the entrance to the Castel Sant'Angelo.
They are hard to miss. Kill them, run far enough away that they respawn, and
come back to kill them again.

5. 25 Guards killed while on horseback. (Updated Version 1.2)
Difficulty: 4 for poor wording.

Ok, this is important. You are not on the horse, killing guards. you have to
kill the guards that ride horses. Some guards start out on foot, but will jump
on a horse if you attack them. They do not count. The guard must spawn on the
horse. The best way to get this is by running around the countryside, sticking
to roads and shooting the guards on horseback with the pistol or crossbow.

I have been told that my method does not work, although I will say this worked
for me. No idea if it was patched or changed but it does not matter as the
suggestion they give also works. Either find a guard on horseback and get to a
nearby building or use a horse. When the guard gets close, air assassinate him.

I have also been told that you have to be the one on horseback for this to
work. But the person who told me that also said that only their first kill
would count so I'm not sure. I wrote this guide as I did these myself so I
can't confirm this. All I really know is for me killing guards that were on
foot while I was on a horse did not work. Maybe it does, I don't know.

(Update Credits: Idiosyncrat for saying the pistol and crossbow may not work
(did for me). Pot for saying that you have to be on horseback (which never
worked for me. If anyone wants to prove them right or wrong send me an email.
In the mean time thank you guys.)

6. 10 Guards air assassinated while on horseback.
Difficulty: 2

The same rules apply here. Guard is on horse, and he must spawn on the horse.
No climbing up after getting into a fight with you. Luckily, any kills for this
challenge count for Challenge 5, so that makes things a bit easier. When you
see a guard on a horse. You need to get on a structure above him, lock onto
him, and (with your hidden blade) press Square to assassinate him. You will
jump off the structure, land on his horse, kill him, then get into the saddle.
The only problem is the guards tend to speed up on horseback so timing can be

Something to make this a tad easier is if you are on a horse, you can ride
alongside a guard and press Square to assassinate him. This will also count as
an air assassination. This also should give you credit for Challenge 5, which
is killing guards while on horseback.

7. 10 Double Assassinations
Difficulty: 1

After you meet up with Leonardo da Vinci again, you can buy some of your old
weapons from Assassin's Creed 2. The one you need is your double hidden blades.
Buy it from him, then find pairs of guards. The best place is in Rome, where
guards usually walk around in groups of four. While Anonymous, walk up behind
the guards and press Square. If you did it right, Ezio will stab two guards at
once. Then, become anonymous by running or killing the remaining guards and do
it again.

8. 5 Guards disarmed and then killed by their own weapon.
Difficulty: 3

Switch to your fists and get into a fight with some guards. Hold R1 and when a
guard moves in to attack, press Square to disarm. You will now have his
weapon, so in the words of Shao Khan: Finish Him! Once that guard is dead,
switch to a different weapon, then back to your fists to drop the weapon. Do
the same to 4 more guards and this challenge is complete.

9. Kill 5 guards within 10 seconds.
Difficulty: 3

Take your favorite weapon and piss off some Borgia guards. Get at least 5
fighting you at once. Hold R1 and counter an attack to kill the first guard.
From there you need to push your left analog in the direction of another guard
and press Square. You should move onto him and execute him as well. do the same
thing to the remaining 3 guards. You can also use the Arrow Storm on groups of
five guards to get this.

10. 10 Streaks of at least 5 kills. (Updated Version 1.2)
Difficulty: 4

The best memory for this is the Sequence 6 memory "Gatekeeper". There are
oodles of guards for you to waste.

Another good memory to do this on is Sequence 2, Memory 6 (Crepi Il Lupo).
There are a LOT of the Sons of Romulus for you to kill. So get a 5 killstreak,
break it, repeat until you have no more enemies. Replay the memory and you
will have it after a few play-throughs.

Note: Any damage take will interrupt a kill streak. You can counter any
attacks being made on you while you are doing this and it won't break the

(Update Credits: Aahzmandias42 for the tip on killing the Sons of Romulus.
Thank you.)

Reward: Bartolomeo's Axe


[CTSNG] - Courtesans Guild



1. 10 Courtesan groups sent to distract guards.
Difficulty: 2

The same as the Mercenary Challenge 1, but you need to find a new group of
Courtesans EVERY time. Just hire them, target some guards, and press Triangle.

2. 10 Guards evaded using the crowd or other hiding spots.
Difficulty: 3

Get into a fight then run away. Make sure any arrows from guards are Yellow or
Gray (meaning they cannot see you, but are looking), then take use of any of
these great hiding spots:

Hay Piles
Rooftop Gardens (The small curtained structures on roofs)
Carts With Pink Flowers

If you did have a red arrow, you will get out automatically, just run until
all arrows are Yellow or Gray and hide again. If you are in a a hay pile,
flower cart, or various other spots guards might search it. If they come close,
press Square to assassinate them, the other guards rarely notice.

3. 20 Enemies stationed at Guard posts killed with the crossbow without being
detected. (Updated Version 1.2)
Difficulty: 2

This one seems tough, but isn't too bad. You need to kill specific guards at
"Guard Posts". Unfortunately Ubisoft didn't mention what that means exactly. 
What's more, after a specific point in the game, you can't find them anymore.
Luckily you can go back to old memories to do these. Head to the memory titled
"French Kiss". The guards you are looking for stand in one place (usually by
gates or tents), and have their arms crossed. If you get close they shove you.

The best place is in the northeast part of the map prior to when you and
Bartolomeo defeat the French army. There will be a ton of camps (areas with
tents, surrounded by wood walls), as well as a French castle (The most
northeast part of the map). The guards here wear blue outfits, as opposed to
the red that Borgians wear. These are the French.

Look for one's with their arms crossed, and get close enough to lock on. Draw
your crossbow but do not fire. Find some kind of nearby cover, whether it be a
wall to run behind, building to climb, etc. get as close to the cover as you
can while still being locked onto the guard and fire your crossbow. The get
behind the cover! If you are lucky, no one saw. The other guards will look
around a bit then go back to where ever they where. Find another one and do it

An alternative to running and hiding is to stand amongst a group of courtesans.
Hire a group of courtesans (there is an empty faction building close to where
I suggested to do this, so give it to the "ladies of the evening" for quick
access. Hire a group, and you can then fire at guards from pretty much
anywhere. Just don't get too close as guards tend to try and take your mobile
hiding spot away.

I have also been informed that if you are fast/lucky you can get two guards
next to each other if you fire fast enough. I wouldn't recommend trying though
because if they the second guard moves it won't count and if he see's you the
first one doesn't count and you have a fight to deal with. Just use the

Finally, another way to do this is on the second to last Courtesan mission,
titled "Troublemakers". You have to go free two mercenaries and guess what? All
the guards guarding them count for this. Get to a vantage point and snipe away.
Just stay hidden.

Another good place to do this is at the Borgia Towers. Although I am sad to
admit it only works until you burn them. Also, the Arc de Tito was suggested,
but the person was rather vague about when this works so I don't know if it is
memory specific or not. Both of these are poor choices with the two missions
already listed. I advise you do those.

(Update Credits: HT, Olivier, for using Courtesans. Robot for the double kill
method, Samantha for the Arc de Tito tip. Shoot-Strangers and Jack for the
"Troublemakers" suggestion. Thank you guys.)

4. 10 Horses commandeered without killing the rider. (Updated Version 1.2)
Difficulty: 1 (It turns out that it can be any horse, although I have gotten
emails that only horses with armor or blankets work. Those are common enough

Basically just find a guard on a horse, run up to him and press Circle to
hijack his horse. You can then either ride off and become anonymous, or you
can get off the horse and let the guard get it on again. After he get's back on,
all you need to do is hijack it again. As long as he doesn't die you can do this
as much as you want (Though I still suggest you stop at 10, no point in wasting
time unless you enjoy it)

(Update Credits: HT, Aahzmandias42, Robert, Robot, Rex, and Psionyx. Thank you

5. 5 Dead bodies hidden in wells or haystacks.
Difficulty: 0

Find guards near a haystack or well. Kill them. Press Circle to pick up their
bodies, then put them in haystack or down well. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezey.

6. 15 Guards poisoned. (Updated Version 1.2)
Difficulty: 2

Select Poison from the weapons wheel and walk up to guards. Poison them with
Square, then watch them flail around and die. If you run out of poison, go to
a doctor to buy more.

Poison darts should also work on this, although you will probably finish it
before you get the darts.

(Update Credits: Aahzmandias42 for the dart tip. Thank you.)

7. 20 Guards killed during smoke bomb attacks.
Difficulty: 2

Select Smoke Bombs from the weapon wheel and find some guards. Toss one, then
switch to a more efficient killing machine, such as the hidden blade. While
the guards are coughing, slice and dice them. If you run out of smoke bombs,
go to a blacksmith shop to get more.

8. 10 Guards assassinated from behind.
Difficulty: This is a challenge?

You should already be doing this. Walk up behind a guard and kill him. Simple.

9. 5 Guards assassinated from hiding spots.
Difficulty: 1

Jump into a hiding spot near patrolling guards. When one walks by, ice him.
Also easy.

Reward: Claudia's Knife


[THVSG] - Thieves Guild



1. 10 Thief groups sent to lure guards.
Difficulty: 2

Hire thief group, target guard, press Triangle, repeat.

2. Sprint uninterrupted for 300 meters. (Updated Version 1.2)
Difficulty: 1

You can't trip, bump into someone, climb a wall, jump onto a horse or anything
other than run. Go to the countryside, hold R1 and X, and just run in a
straight line until you get it. Another good method is to hold R1 and X and
just run in small circles. Or use the aqueducts if you have made your way out
that far.

(Update Credits: Greg for the Aqueduct tip. Thank you.)

3. 20 Jumps from a horse to a beam. (Updated Version 1.2)
Difficulty: 5 (Only because of Ubisoft)

*Start Rant*

The people who made this game want you to fail. They hate you, and wanted to
show you that with this challenge. First off, a beam is any piece of wood going
from one building to another, usually over a road. Most of them have ivy
hanging from them. What you have to do is mount a horse, run underneath, and
jump up to the beam. Easy right? WRONG.

First off, in the Animus Controls section of the Pause menu, it tells you how
to do a horse jump. It specifically says: 

"To do a Horse Jump, hold R1 while on a horse, then press X to Stand, while
standing, Press X to  jump. If you hold X while standing and you run under a
beam you will automatically jump up to it."

This is true. You do jump right up automatically. The only problem is, the game
only counts it toward this challenge if you:

A) Press X to stand, then press X again to jump. You cannot hold it the second
time, or it doesn't count. you need to time it properly.
B) You have to flip up on top of the beam for it to count. This normally
happens on its own, but sometimes it won't so you have to do it again.

It really is very simple. But the way Ubisoft programmed the game, as well as
giving you false knowledge on proper horse jumps, made it loads more difficult
for the people trying this within the first week after release. Between this,
their stupid Uplay crap, and forcing PC gamers to always be connected to PC to
prevent piracy (which doesn't even work, Ubisoft games still get pirated all
the time), it really makes you think they don't like you. If they hadn't made
this series and Splinter Cell I wouldn't bother with them.

*End Rant*

I have been told that you can use three beams near where Rodrigo Borgia is
killed by Cesare. That is about as specific as the tip got so after digging
around on Youtube and the AC wiki I believe this is by the Castel Sant'Angelo.
I have no idea where the three beams are and am not going to get my game out
and look for what may just be a red herring. Too busy with Portal 2, Mortal
Kombat, and Minecraft. If anyone knows where this is, shoot me an email with a
more descriptive location. I'd appreciate it.

(Update Credits: Morten. Thank you.)

4. 40 Leaps of Faith.
Difficulty: 1

I suppose this balances out the whole Horse jump thing. Any jump from a
building to a hay pile pretty much counts as a leap of faith. Which means that
any stable, what with their strong combination of roofs and hay piles, make
good places to do this. Climb onto the Stable roof, jump into the hay pile
(Ezio should dive), and check to see if it counted. If it did, then do it 39
more times, if not, find a new spot to try.

5. Perform a dive from a height of 25 meters.
Difficulty: 2

To get this one, climb to the top of you hideout on Tiber Island. There should
be one of the Viewpoint wooden ledges there. Get a running start, then jump off
toward the water. While in the air, press X to dive. Pretty easy, but it
doesn't specify that it has to be water, and although there are two cutscenes
showing people diving from this spot, you have to press X in the air to dive
for yourself.

6. 250 f pickpocketed.
Difficulty: 1

Just hold X as you walk around in the streets and bump into people. You will
see monetary amounts pop up as you walk into them, showing how much you just
stole. do it until you have stolen enough.

Note: This challenge is NOTORIOUS for glitching and saying for example, 258/250
and not giving it to you. If it does this, then you are screwed on that save
file, unless Ubisoft patches it.

6. Glide a cumulative total of 500 meters with the parachute.
Difficulty: 3

After you meet up with Leonardo he asks you to destroy his war machines. There
are 4 in total, and the missions are accessed via the black "L" diamonds on your
map. Do all four and Leonardo gives you a parachute.

For your first jump I suggest the top of Castel Sant'Angelo. The view is
stunning, and by view I mean the sight of the Trophy you get for doing that.
From there, go to the roof of your hideout, jump off, float as far away as
possible, then climb back up and repeat. You don't go as far here as you do
other places, but it's easy to get to the top again and it's right by a tailor
in case you need more parachutes.

7. 25 Guards killed with a ranged weapon
Difficulty: 1

Poison Darts, Pistol, Crossbow. Those are your options. Go nuts.

8. 5 Guards air assassinated from a beam.
Difficulty: 1

Find a beam near some guards. Climb up and lock onto a guard. Select your
hidden blade and press Square to jump down and kill them. Become anonymous
and do it again.

Reward: La Volpe's Bite


[CREDT] - Credits


This guide is property of Badprenup. Only Gamefaqs is allowed to host this
guide. Which means STOP ASKING Supercheats, you can't have it. Start
actually verifying some of your submitted cheats and hints and we will talk.
If you see it anywhere else please email me at Badprenup@gmail.com and let me

Thanks To:
Wilson S.
Thomas M.
Alan B.
For information regarding La Volpe's Bite

Nathan C.
Additional tips on various challenges, as well as helping me fix a grammatical
error and for giving me the La Volpe's Bite info as well.

Special thanks to Ubisoft for making this great series and describing things
so poorly that I was inspired to stay up all night writing this.

Updated Version 1.2 Credits(Not gonna give everyone individual credit here 
anymore, it is now listed at the end of the challenge they gave me information
HT, Olivier, Aahzmandias42, Robert, Rex, Robot, Pot, Idiosyncrat,
Shoot-Strangers, Jack, Morten, Samantha, Tim, Greg, and Psionix. Also thanks to
Dillon for finding a spelling error.)

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