How many sentry guns can you get in survival (both solo and co-op)?

  1. More specifially, can you get 2 turrets while playing solo on any difficulty map?
    And alos, while playing with a friend i noticed that if we were both accessing the explosives arsenal at the same time, then we could each buy a turret, however if one of us already had a turret, then the game wont let the other player to buy a new one.

    So im confused confusion over this.

    User Info: DarthTyrannus83

    DarthTyrannus83 - 7 years ago


  1. Solo Survival : Only 2 sentry
    Co-Op : 2 sentry for each person.

    If the other player have the sentry, they have to place the sentry first before the other person can get another sentry. If you had the sentry, the other person won't be able to buy it unless you've set the sentry.

    User Info: parasiteeve2

    parasiteeve2 - 7 years ago 0   0

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