Any Cheats/Config.cfg file edits for the PC version game?

  1. So I just beat the game (woohoo) and, just like all the CoD games, I love to run the game with cheats just for fun. What I missed most is the Slow Motion cheat found in Modern Warfare 1 (via Cheats Mode) and Modern Warfare 2 (via config.cfg editing). Something satisfying about seeing all the enemies going down at once after reverting back to normal speed >:)

    Is such a cheat possible in Modern Warfare 3? There is a also config.cfg file for this game. Has anyone found any cheats at all, along that note?

    User Info: Pestilence2k

    Pestilence2k - 7 years ago


  1. Ya there are some trainers which do those tricks try them.

    User Info: yasirpirate

    yasirpirate - 7 years ago 0   0

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