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The Isle of Fire has risen from the seas of Britannia...

"I cannot be sure, but I am confident that the island mentioned in this dust-covered tome is the Isle of Fire. I can only imagine the wonders that will fill mine eyes: The Shrine of Truth, designed to provide insight; The Shrine of Love, crafted to enhance martial skill; and The Shrine of Courage, created to supply strength."

"I know the island is populated with many foils -- both monstrous and mechanical -- yet I am drawn by the challenge and prepared to test my skills!"

- Add these adventures directly to ULTIMA VII: The Black Gate--you can travel to and from the Isle of Fire at will.

- Use the Forge of Virtue to maximize your attributes at the three shines.

- Complete four new quests that will challenge your combat, puzzle-solving and magic skills.

- Forge a powerful new weapon to use against the Guardian and the opponents on the Isle of Fire.

- Automatically update ULTIMA VII with the latest version, including new patches.

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