Hamlet, or The Last Game Without MMORPG Features, Shaders and Product Placement
Version 1.00
Copyright (C) 2008-2013 by Flashman85 (Nathaniel Hoover)

>-- Table of Contents --<

1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
3. Contact Info and Shameless Plugs
4. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
5. Version History

-- 1. Introduction --

Hamlet is a casual point-and-click adventure game where the keys to success are
a keen eye, a sharp ear, a creative sense of cause and effect, good timing, and
a willingness to click on EVERYTHING. There's no way to die (not permanently,
anyhow), and no such thing as an "unwinnable scenario," so you can play around
and experiment with impunity.

The game, like the stage play on which it is (VERY) loosely based, is split up
into scenes and acts. Each scene is a self-contained puzzle, and the final
scene of each act is a boss battle of sorts. The game automatically saves your
progress at the start of each scene; however, you may only have one saved game
at a time. If you begin a new game, it will overwrite your old saved game.

While playing a scene, you'll notice a circle with a question mark in the
bottom right corner of the screen; this is a hint timer. As time passes, the
icon will fill up. Once it's full, you can click on it for a hint about how to
solve the current puzzle. Note that, even though the icon will start to fill up
again after clicking on it, you get the same hint on subsequent clicks. But
hey, you've got this walkthrough, so what are you using the hint timer for?

-- 2. Walkthrough --


[Text from the game:]

In a kingdom, somewhere, at some point in time, the evil Claudius, along with
his assistant Polonius, killed the king and queen and seized the crown. He then
decided to force Ophelia, Hamlet's girlfriend, to marry him.

Having returned home from a long journey, the valiant Prince Hamlet vowed to
avenge the death of his parents and rescue Ophelia. However...

At that moment, a man from the future arrived on a research mission and
accidentally landed precisely where Hamlet was standing!

Now the new Hero must avenge the death of Hamlet's parents and rescue

If he fails, the fabric of the universe will unravel due to the differences
between the past and the present!

ACT 1: In which Polonius decides to give Claudius his daughter's hand in
marriage. That leaves the Hero with no choice but to sneak into Polonius'
castle and free Ophelia.

- ACT 1, SCENE 1 -

LOCATION: Outside Polonius' castle.

OBJECTIVE: Find a way into the castle.

HINT: We probably can't get into the door, so first, we'll need to find an
alternate entrance; then, we'll need to find a way to climb up high enough to
get in.


1.) Try the front door. Y'know...just in case it's that easy.

2.) Of COURSE it's not that easy! Look to the left of the door; there's a grody
circular sewer cover that you can click on. Aha! An entrance! ...Except it's
too high up for you to reach.

3.) Hmm...maybe we could sneak through the air vent? Click on the big fan
above the door. Oh. Even though the fan stops, that's even MORE out-of-reach.
Better think about sneaking in through the sewer again.

3.) There's a funky machine with a big dial on it attached to the right side of
the castle. Play around with the dial to mess with the weather. Soon you'll
have dark rain clouds. Click on them. Hey! the vine on the right grew a flower!
...But nothing happened on the left side.

4.) Click on the flower. Look! A little seed pops out! That could be useful...
if you could reach it.

5.) Crank the dial on the weather machine again until the sun comes out.
Behold! A bird appears!

6.) Just because it's out of your reach doesn't mean you can't click on it, as
we learned with the sewer cover and the weather machine. Be obnoxious and keep
clicking on the bird. Notice how it only moves between these two positions.

7.) When the bird lands on the right side of the castle, it's perched next to
the flower. Click on the flower and see what happens now.

8.) Well, the bird has the seed in its beak. Perhaps we can convince the bird
to plant it somewhere? Click on the bird to send it to the left side of the

9.) The ground below the bird looks like a good place to plant the seed; maybe
it will grow into a vine that we can climb into the sewer! Repeatedly clicking
on the bird isn't going to help, and asking nicely won't do anything, so it
looks like we'll need to force the bird to drop the seed...using the element
of surprise! Click on the megaphone that's to the right of the bird, the one
that's a little ways above the door.

10.) That did the trick! Now we've got a little plant that will soon grow into
a mighty vine that will carry us to victory! ...Or at least the next screen.
Willpower alone won't make the plant grow; it'll need some water. Click on the
big dial to bring back the rainclouds, then click on the left cloud.

11.) Ta-da! Instant ladder. Click on the vines to climb up into the sewer!
Because that is totally where we want to be...in a grody sewer.

- ACT 1, SCENE 2 -

LOCATION: Polonius' castle, inside a mechanical chamber, which isn't actually a
grody sewer.

OBJECTIVE: Reach the doorway and exit the room.

HINT: There's a cage blocking your path and a broken ladder that doesn't
exactly make it easy to climb all the way up to the doorway. It's a good thing
we can interact with things that are well out of our reach...


1.) That cage with the creepy skull inside it is blocking the way; we've gotta
move it somehow. It doesn't look like there's much to click on...except for
that lever with the round handle that's below the doorway on the left.

2.) Hey, there's a platform that can bring us high enough to reach the doorway!
Oh, right. There's still a big cage in our way. Let's look even higher to see
if there's anything to click on. Try the hook that's at the top of the screen,
near the doorway.

3.) Even though that hook retracted, there are now two hooks that have
descended on the right side. We can click on either hook, and neither one looks
particularly better than the other, so...let's flip a coin. (flip) OK! Let's
try the right hook!

4.) Hm...maybe a right hook would be more helpful if we were playing a game
like Punch-Out!!. Looks like the puzzle reset itself. This is just a warmup;
we'll see puzzles like this again later. Click on the hook next to the doorway
once more, and when the two hooks come down on the right side, click on the
left hook.

5.) What? More hooks? Now there's two of them near the doorway. This time,
right is right. I promise. So click on the right hook. (If you click on the
left hook, you'll reset the puzzle again, and why would you want to do that?)

6.) Now we've got a hook hanging over the cage that's blocking our way. Makes
sense to click it, yes?

7.) Hooray! The cage is out of the way! Click on the ladder to get up to the
elevator platform.

8.) How does that elevator platform work again? That's right! We pull the lever
again. Let's press on!

- ACT 1, SCENE 3 -

LOCATION: A small room with a password-protected door.

OBJECTIVE: Enter the correct passoword to unlock the door.

HINT: Don't think about this one too hard. If your brain starts to hurt, you're
on the wrong track.


1.) Try to open the door. Y'know...just in case it's that easy.

2.) Aw, what a cute little rejection message. There's a control pad with
buttons on the wall; maybe pressing buttons at random will work? (Hint: No.)

3.) From pressing random buttons, we've learned that the password requires six
button presses. Perhaps there are some clues littered around this room. Pick up
the little slip of paper in the middle of the room on top of the carpet.

4.) The paper reads "XVI VIII XVI" with a line through the Roman numerals.
That's "16 8 16," and if we look at the panel, we'll see that the numbers
correspond to a couple of letters. Looks like "SOS" doesn't work. Try the other
slip of paper that's partially hidden under the carpet, near the door.

5.) "Fe7 O7"? Isn't that, like, rust? Maybe waiting for the door to rust off
its hinges won't work either. It would make sense for these slips of paper to
provide clues, but they're really just red herrings; pretend like they're not

6.) There is one clue in this room, and it tells you exactly what to enter on
the keypad. Read the flashing screen that says "enter password" and do as it

7.) Aha! Some of the letters on the keypad spell out the word "password." Press
"Pa" "S" "S" "W" "O" "Rd" in that order. Open sesame!

8.) Wait! What's this? Looks like we're not getting in quite yet. Maybe we
could just press the green button with the smiley face on it to open the door.

9.) Nope! The weird alien dude keeps pushing the red frowny face button to keep
the door closed. We probably can't stop him from pressing the button...but
maybe we can stop the button from working. If we press enough of the little
round buttons on the right side, surely something good will happen!

10.) ...The buttons lit up! That's a good thing, right? It looks like we're
going to need help from someone or something else to get us out of this room.
Look around for some helping hands...or some helping legs. Click on the little
spider in the top-left corner; we might need to wait a moment for the spider to
come back out to play.

11.) See where the spider went? That's the help we needed! Pull off the loose

12.) Now we can see a green cord and a red cord. Time to pull the plug! Click
on both cords to disconnect the power on the weird alien.

13.) Alright! Now we can open the door! Click on the green button and get out
of here! The alien can't stop us now that the power to the red button is off.

14.) Oops! Looks like we shouldn't have shut off the power to the green button!
Click on the green cord to restore power to the button, then try the green
button again. NOW we can get out of here. Take that, weird alien.

- ACT 1, SCENE 4 -

LOCATION: The dungeon of Polonius, boss of Act 1.

OBJECTIVE: Surprise! The weird alien is Polonius, evil assistant to the evil
Claudius. Knock out Polonius so you can rescue Ophelia!

HINT: Polonius has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, and we have absolutely
nothing but our wits and an entertainingly written walkthrough. Clearly, only
Polonius has the gadgetry necessary to defeat Polonius!


1.) Maybe if we charge at him, we can tackle Polonius and throw him into that
scary-looking bottomless pit in the middle of the room. Click on the walkway to
run after Polonius.

2.) Well, that won't get us very far. As long as that laser is trained on us,
we can't go anywhere. Wait; I know! Ophelia can help us! Click on Ophelia to
free her from the cage.

3.) Whoops! That didn't go exactly as planned. Don't worry: Ophelia is a main
character; she couldn't possibly die! Keep clicking on her until she breaks out
of her cage.

4.) Um... Nobody saw that. But what's this? Now that Ophelia is out of the way,
we can see a flashing button against the back wall. Press it, and keep your
fingers crossed that we don't explode.

5.) Yay! That shut off the laser's power! Now we can safely run after Polonius.
Click on the walkway to go after him.

6.) BOMBS!? That's no good! However, Polonius lets the fuse burn for a few
seconds after he pulls out a bomb. That could be used to our advantage! Click
on either Polonius or the walkway to get Polonius to pull out a bomb, then
click on the bomb before he can throw it. Kaboom!

7.) Now he's out cold! The bomb took away half his health, but we've got to
finish him off before he gets back up. There must be something else we can use
to hit him... Yes! The laser! Click on the laser high above the door to aim it
at Polonius.

8.) The laser won't do any good unless it's got power, so push the button on
the wall with the lightning bolt on it to give the laser some juice.

9.) Oh, right. The laser won't fire itself. How was Polonius shooting at us
earlier? Ah, that's it! The remote control! Click on the remote control that
Polonius dropped to zap him with his own laser! Be quick, or else we'll have to
go through all that again!


[Text from the game:]

The first chapter has come to an end. Let's recap...

The Hero has neutralized Polonius, who can no longer do evil...

But Ophelia is descending deeper and deeper into an underground river.

So the hero leaps to the rescue!

ACT 2: In which the Hero embarks on an underwater journey to save Ophelia.

- ACT 2, SCENE 1 -

LOCATION: Underwater.

OBJECTIVE: Free Ophelia from her cage before it's too late!

HINT: At any given time, there are only one or two things you can click on
here. Always start by clicking on things that are close to you, and work your
way out.


1.) You're probably strong enough to take out those fish that are surrounding
you. Click on them to knock them out of your way.

2.) My, what big teeth they have! Guess we'll need some help to scare off those
fish. Look around for something we can use. Hm...maybe that old diver suit at
the bottom could be useful? Click on the cracked glass faceplate.

3.) Now, let's take a look inside the suit for something to help us. Click on
the hole in the helmet that we just uncovered.

4.) Whoa! That took care of the fish! Let's go save Ophelia! Click on her to
swim to her cage.

5.) Uh-oh...that looks like a mine. Blowing up the cage while Ophelia is still
in it probably isn't the best way to free her. Maybe the Hero has an idea;
click on him to see what he's thinking.

6.) Ah, if only we had a crab, we could snip the chain that's keeping that mine
from floating away. If the Hero thinks about it hard enough, maybe he can make
a crab appear by sheer willpower. Click on the crab in his thought bubble.

7.) Looks like the coast is clear! Click on Ophelia to rescue her.

- ACT 2, SCENE 2 -

LOCATION: In front of a shack hidden in an underwater cave.

OBJECTIVE: Locate Ophelia.

HINT: Ophelia's cage is partially visible, but those dern penguins are keeping
it submerged. Get rid of the penguins and the cage will surface.


1.) Hey, there's a lantern hanging above the Hero! It's never safe to travel
without a light source; you're just as likely as anybody to be eaten by a grue.
Click on the lantern to put it in your inventory.

2.) Whoops! Forgot this game doesn't *have* an inventory system. Guess we'll
leave the lantern alone. Ophelia must be around here somewhere... Wait, are
those three penguins sitting on her cage? That's what it looks like! Click on
the penguins to shoo them away.

3.) Well, that was completely unhelpful. Just what were those penguins doing,
anyhow? Probably best not to think so hard about it; we'll need to find another
way to get them off the cage. Let's see if there's someone in the shack who can
help us. We can't click on the door to the shack, so let's open the window.

4.) Wow, that snoring is obnoxious. Make it stop! I guess we could always close
the window to block out the snoring, but then we'd have a lot of trouble making
enough noise to wake up the person inside. Look around for something noisy.
Click on the bell above the door.

5.) Chances are good that the person inside didn't hear the bell through all
his snoring. Listen closely to the snoring--there's a pattern to it--and click
on the bell when the snoring stops for a moment.

6.) We just woke up an old man...now what? Let's see if he says or does
anything interesting: click on him. By the way, if the old man ever goes back
into the shack, just ring the bell again to bring back out. Timing is very
important here, so if you don't do everything at the right time, you'll need to
start this process all over.

7.) Ah, so the old man likes fishing, does he? Looks like he needs some help to
catch anything. Clearly, he hasn't played Animal Crossing; you need to press
the button when the fish start to bite! Once he's cast his fishing line, watch
the round bobber at the end of his line for any movement. Once it starts to dip
below the water's surface, that means he's getting a bite; click on the bobber
then. If you wait too long, or if you click too early, he won't catch anything,
and he'll go back into his shack.

8.) Hooray! The man caught a fish! That would be great if our goal were to give
the man something to eat, but we're trying to get rid of those pesky penguins.
Notice that there's a brief moment after he catches the fish where we can click
on things; perhaps we can entice one of the penguins to go after the fish?
Click on any of the penguins when the fish is still hanging from the fishing

9.) Alright! That's one penguin down, two more to go! Fortunately, there are
plenty of fish in the underground river; repeat steps 6 though 8 until all
three penguins are gone.

10.) With the penguins gone, the cage is no longer being weighted down.
However, it seems there's a lock on the cage that will make it difficult to
free Ophelia. Click on the lock to try to pick it.

- ACT 2, SCENE 3 -

LOCATION: At the lock on Ophelia's cage.

OBJECTIVE: Unlock Ophelia's cage. I mean, we're standing in front of a lock;
what did you EXPECT the objective to be--make toast?

HINT: This is actually far less complicated than it looks. Don't overanalyze
why the lock looks like a compass. Take the face at the center of the lock
at...uh...face value. Don't get caught up in the little details.


1.) Try clicking on a few letters to see what happens. Notice how a spike
extends from the face in the center every time? We need to have all of the
spikes extended and secured in place to open the lock.

2.) This is impossible! Why isn't anything staying in place? And why does the
face keep changing every time we click? Jeez, it's like there's a trick to it
or something. Either we need to click the letters in the right order, or else
the letters are somehow related to something having to do with the face. Choose
one letter and keep clicking on it; if a spike eventually gets locked into
place, that's a pretty good sign that the letters are related to the face.

3.) Aha! So it looks like the letters ARE related to the face somehow. Do you
remember what the face looked like when you clicked on that letter? If not, try
repeating Step 2 with a different letter, paying close attention to the face.
If you DO remember, start thinking about what the face and the letter had in
common. Maybe if we turn our heads to the side, it'll make a little more
sense. Try clicking on another letter now, and see if this puzzle makes a
little more sense.

4.) Do you ever write to other people using emoticons? You know, those smiley
face things.   :D   :(   :P   Yeah, those things. If we look at the letters on
the lock in a certain way, they kinda look like different things people can do
with their mouths. Click on the letter that matches the mouth on the face. Here
is a description of the correct letter to click and a description of each face:

C = Mouth: frown / Eyes: eyelids on bottom
D = Mouth: huge grin / Eyes: wide open
E = Mouth: vampire teeth / Eyes: eyelids on bottom
I = Mouth: neutral expression / Eyes: eyelids on top
O = Mouth: wide-open / Eyes: looking right (toward the letter E)
P = Mouth: tongue sticking out, like a snake / Eyes: eyelids on top
S = Mouth: half-smile, half-frown / Eyes: looking in different directions

A, N, Q, R, and W are all unused.

The faces are random each time; there's no specific order to them. Once we've
gotten seven correct in a row, the lock will open.

- ACT 2, SCENE 4 -

LOCATION: Inside the old man's shack. Probably.

OBJECTIVE: Rearrange the map so that it charts out an escape route from the
underwater cave.

HINT: Be patient. Play around with the map a bit, and eventually everything
will start to fall into place.


1.) This map is a mess! Might as well start with the easy stuff. Clicking on a
map piece will rotate it by 90 degrees; click on the top row of pieces until it
spells out "EVACUATION PLAN."

2.) Sweet! An evacuation plan! But...where are we evacuating from? And where
are we headed? Click on the picture of the person in the top left corner of the
map until he/she is running to the right, with the little nub of a line on the
right side of the square. Rotate the exit door in the bottom right corner of
the map until the arrow on the door is facing right.

3.) There's a lot of map left to rotate. To make sure not one of the pieces
feels unloved, let's try to rotate the pieces so that every piece helps to form
the path we'll take to the exit! Also, we can't escape if we don't; only a
fully completed map counts.

4.) Here's something that makes the map a little easier: In order for this
escape plan to work, the paths need to line up perfectly from one square to the
next. Even if the path looks like it's going in the right direction, it won't
work if the lines aren't exactly matched up. Rotate the squares in the top left
quarter of the map until they start to form a curvy pattern.

5.) There are a few squares that have two curves on them; this means we'll need
to draw a path through these squares twice instead of just once. Fortunately,
all these squares will have curves going in the same direction: a curve from
the left side to the top, and a curve from the bottom to the right side.

6.) Continue rotating squares until the path straightens out. There will be a
few curves, but it's mostly smooth sailing until the entire left half of the
map has been completed.

7.) The path will now start to wind its way up the center of the map, and then
back down the right side, which consists of all back-and-forth curves to the

8.) With the map put back together properly, we can reach the exit! Here's what
the finished map should look like, assuming you're drawing the map with really
bad ASCII art. Lines are lines, slashes are curves, and double slashes are
squares that have two curves on them. & and D are the start and the exit,


&- -\ /- -\ /- -\ /- -\

/- // // // -/ \- // -/

\- -/  | \- -- -\ \- -\

/- -- -/ /- -\  | /- -/

\- -- -- -/ \- -/ \- -D

- ACT 2, SCENE 5 -

LOCATION: The moat outside Claudius' castle.

OBJECTIVE: Defeat the evil Claudius, boss of Act 2!

HINT: Well, you don't need to defeat Claudius, per se...just sabotage
everything he's doing.


1.) All that fire in the background can't be a good sign. Good thing we're in
the water! For the fun of it, just because we can, click on Ophelia and the
old, nameless man to make them bob in the water.

2.) Well, that was fun. There's gotta be some purpose for us being here,
though... That huge curtain in the center looks kinda suspicious; click it.

3.) Whoa! It's Claudius! Let's ruin his jam session! We can't mess up his
guitar, but we can probably wreck the notes he's playing. Click on the music
note above the guitar.

4.) One sour note isn't going to destroy his little game of Guitar Hero, but if
we can keep messing him up, he'll probably get angry and storm off somewhere.
After clicking the first note, two more will appear; quickly click them before
they disappear, or else we'll need to start over.

5.) Now there are three notes! There's not a lot of time to click them all, but
if we work systematically, we'll stand a much better chance. The notes always
appear in the same place, so we can anticipate where the notes will be, and we
can move the mouse into place to be ready for them. Try to move in one fluid
motion to click each note in a row, then swing the mouse around to where the
next set of notes will be.

6.) You're kidding...now there are FOUR notes? The notes are a little small
and can be tough to click; it might be easier to see what we're clicking on by
bringing the mouse cursor up from below the notes to click on them--that way,
the stem of the cursor isn't blocking our view of the notes. It might also help
to aim at the round parts of the notes.

7.) FIVE NOTES? When will it end!? It might be a little harder to make one
smooth motion to click on all of these; go wild and get as many as possible!

8.) Whoops; there goes the old man. Don't let his accidental sacrifice be in
vain! Claudius must be stopped, whatever he's doing. Fling open the curtain to
see what he's up to now.

9.) That acid looks potent. Let's try to dilute it a bit; click on the water
faucet above the vat of acid.

10.) Hm. Not so helpful. How can we stop Claudius when he's up there and we're
down in the water? I wonder if we can fit through the pipes and crawl our way
up there. Click on the left pipe and see what happens.

11.) That was a little unexpected. Maybe the duck can help us out? Grab it.

12.) That's one slippery duck! See how it got away? Try to catch it again.

13.) Third time's the charm, right? Click on the ducky once more.

14.) Huh. Either the ducky is lost and gone forever, or else it's stuck
somewhere. Where could that pipe lead? Click on the faucet above the vat of


[Text from the game:]

Alas, Claudius' soldiers appeared at that very moment and seized the Hero and

The soldiers then knocked the Hero out cold, tied him up...

...and handed Ophelia over to Claudius.

Then Claudius' accomplices, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, locked the hero in
the hold of the ship...

...where he was to remain until it was time to throw him overboard.

ACT 3: In which the Hero must incite a riot on a ship and return to the

- ACT 3, SCENE 1 -

LOCATION: The bottom of a ship's cargo hold.

OBJECTIVE: Regain consciousness and find a way out of the ship's hold.

HINT: Thinking hurts... Let's try to knock some sense back into the Hero.


1.) Considering the state the Hero is in, it might be funny to see what he's
thinking. Click on the Hero.

2.) Yeah, that looks about right. Let's look for some way to snap him out of
his pitiful state. That barrel in the top left corner looks like it might be
ready to roll onto the floor--that could possibly be helpful. Click on the

3.) Oops! Sorry! But wait a minute...did something here just change? Try
clicking on the barrel a few more times. Notice how something in his thought
bubble changes each time he gets hit? Look carefully. Let's try to get the Hero
to think clearly...by pounding him with blunt objects.

4.) There's a box in the bottom right corner; click on it to see if anything
useful is inside.

5.) Oh! A cannon! This might be a terrible idea, but let's try firing the
cannon at the Hero. Seriously! Click on the cannon.

6.) Ouch! At least the Hero doesn't seem to have been hurt... Something else
has changed about his thought bubble, though. Click on the cannon a few more
times until things start to make a little more sense. Stop clicking when three
numbers appear.

7.) That looks like a mathematical equation! Remember how one of the symbols in
the thought bubble changed when we dropped a cannonball on the Hero's head?
Let's see if that still works with the numbers. Click on the barrel again.

8.) Interesting... If we keep clicking, we'll find that the cannonball from the
barrel cycles through the last number of the equation, which is always an odd
number. We'll need to hit the Hero with something else, methinks. If we could
re-aim the cannon, maybe we could knock something onto the Hero, or something.
Look around for something that could nudge the cannon...maybe a mouse? Click
on the hole in the barrel below the thought bubble.

9.) The mouse bumped the cannon, but then the cannon went back into place.
Perhaps we can still fire the cannon in that short little bit of time? Click on
the mouse hole again, then click on the cannon when it's pointing away from the

10.) Score! Now we've got a hole in the ceiling! Click on it; maybe something
good will fall out of it.

11.) ...Or maybe a random monkey will fall out of the hole. Click on him.

12.) Ouch! Hopefully the Hero doesn't feel any of this... But look! The last
number in the equation changed again! Clicking on the monkey again is only so
helpful; breaking the bottle against the Hero's head will go back and forth
between adding 1 and subtracting 1. We'll might need to get the monkey a better
number to work with. Click on the monkey until the last number in the equation
is an even number, then click on the barrel until the number solves the
equation: 2 x 2 = 4.

13.) That did it! And somehow, the Hero is as happy as ever. There's nothing
left to do here except to find a way out; the monkey might be able to help us
escape. Click on him.

- ACT 3, SCENE 2 -

LOCATION: A card game played atop a barrel.

OBJECTIVE: Beat the monkey in a card game to convince him to help you escape.

HINT: If we pick the right card, we'll hear a little sound, and the monkey will
hand over a coin. If we pick the wrong card, the monkey will make an "uh-oh"
noise and take one of his coins back (if we've won any from him). Look closely
at the pictures on the cards, and think about what they might mean.


1.) The monkey will turn the cards face-up, but the cards are different every
time. Of course, the monkey won't teach you the rules, but they're fairly
straightforward: pick the card that beats the card that the monkey has. Click
on any one of the three cards in front of you, and see what happens.

2.) Congratulations, we won a coin! Or maybe we didn't. There's got to be more
than just dumb luck to this puzzle... Think about the pictures that are on the
cards, and keep in mind that the card we pick is supposed to BEAT the card the
monkey has. Try another card.

3.) We keep seeing the same kinds of pictures on the cards--there's spades,
clubs, hearts, and diamonds, which is perfectly normal for playing cards, but
there's also pictures of scissors, scrolls of parchment, and more realistic-
looking diamonds. It doesn't look like the playing card suits have anything to
do with the game, so let's focus on the scissors, parchment, and diamonds. Try
picking another card.

4.) This is very similar to another game: Rock, Paper, Scissors. In this case,
diamonds are like rocks, parchment is like paper, and scissors are...well,
they're like scissors. Look at the picture on the monkey's card, and pick the
card with the picture that will beat it:

Diamond beats scissors
Scissors beats parchment
Parchment beats diamond

5.) Keep picking the correct card until the monkey has handed over all of the
coins. He'll help us escape once we've won all the monkey. I mean, uh, money.

- ACT 3, SCENE 3 -

LOCATION: Another level of the ship's cargo hold.

OBJECTIVE: Climb up out of the cargo hold and onto the deck of the ship.

HINT: Escape isn't as complicated as it could be. Look for the most direct
route out of the cargo hold.


1.) We're not going anywhere with that big crate in our way. Click on it to
clear the way to the ladder.

2.) With the crate out of the way, we can climb the ladder to the next level.
This probably goes without saying, but click on the ladder to the right.

3.) The crate is in our way again! Click it to lower it, which creates a
walkway for us.

4.) That hook hanging from the ceiling on the left side of the room looks
pretty suspicious. Click on it to see what happens.

5.) Hm...could that help us escape? Click on the ladder on the left side to
climb up to the top level.

6.) Time to be an action hero! Click on the hook to swing across to the next

7.) Oh. Guess the Hero is not so much of an action hero after all. Time to
take the lazy route! It looks like there's a big, rectangular hole above the
crate we keep moving around; let's stand on top of the crate to get a better
view. Click on the area right above the crate (the empty area just above the
hook and between the two ropes seems to work best).

8.) The crate can actually help us out of here; click on it. Up, up, and away!

- ACT 3, SCENE 4 -

LOCATION: On the deck of the ship.

OBJECTIVE: Escape the clutches of the giant octopus!

HINT: The octopus itself isn't the problem; it's those tentacles! Maybe there's
an indirect way to slip out of the slimy sea beast's grip.


1.) Wait...what's this about a giant octupus? I don't see anything. Click to
the left of the Hero to have him start walking across the deck. OH. THAT

2.) It's a good thing we can interact with things that are well out of reach,
'cuz there's not much we can do in the grip of the tentacle. It looks like
we'll either need to kill the beast or find some way to make it let go of us
for just a moment. The monster must have a weak spot--try clicking on one of
its eyes.

3.) OK, so we didn't hurt the octopus, we just irritated his eye a bit. Seems
like we'll need to go the violent route. There must be some weapons we can
find. Wait...wasn't there a cannon in the cargo hold? It's a long shot, but
maybe we can bring it on deck. Click on the crate the Hero rode up on to get at
what's in the cargo hold.

4.) A pig?! No, no. That won't do at all. Click on the pig to send it away, and
see what comes up in its place.

5.) Ah, the cannon! It's already loaded and aimed, so just click on it to fire!

6.) Great shot, kid, that was one in a million! One tentacle down, two more to
go. Even if we could break free from this tentacle, the monster would probably
grab us with the other one. We need to take out both remaining tentacles at
once. The cannon is out of ammo, so poke around the deck for another weapon.

7.) Nothing? Well, if we can't overcome the sea monster with brute force, we'll
need to trick him into letting us go. Try clicking his right eye, now that the
tentacle is no longer there to rub it. Notice the delay?

8.) In order to break free, we'll need to poke both his eyes in quick
succession; if he wants to rub them both at once, he'll HAVE to let us go.
Click the unguarded right eye, then quickly click the left one. Hah! Freedom!

- ACT 3, SCENE 5 -

LOCATION: Still on the deck of the ship, below the mast.

OBJECTIVE: Take control of the ship and sail to safety!

HINT: You bested the octopus in the last scene; focus on getting rid of
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern now. Use the environment to help you.


1.) Click on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern; if we poke them hard enough, they
might fall off the boat.

2.) Nah, didn't think so. I guess we could try body-checking them into the
ocean...click on the ladder to climb up to their level.

3.) Can't even get to the ladder, huh? If the octopus is still angry about our
escape, maybe we can get it to take out its aggression on the bad guys. Click
on the octopus' head.

4.) Or...it just roars at us. Okay, fine. Wait, wait. I've got it. Click on
each of the tentacles to get them to grab Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

4.) Huh. As long as they're armed, it doesn't look like there's any chance of
them getting scooped up. At least we're starting to get somewhere. Let's go
snooping around the deck to see if we can find something to separate the men
from their weapons. Click on the doors below the mast.

5.) Oh! That's interesting. A slider bar with a picture of the ship's wheel
above it. Click the slider bar and see what happens.

6.) What a novelty feature THAT is. But a useful one! Now that Rosencrantz is
no longer within arm's reach of his sword, this might work better. Click the
left tentacle and hope for the best.

7.) Nice! Well, nice for us, at least. One down, one to go. Let's try to put
things back the way they were--a tidy ship is a happy ship, after all--so click
on the slider bar again to return the wheel to its original spot.

8.) Without Rosencrantz there, perhaps we can spin the wheel enough to knock
Guildenstern off balance. Click the wheel a few times.

9.) That doesn't seem to accomplish anything. Or does it? By now, you might've
noticed that the wheel isn't exactly in pristine condition; it's been patched
up with whatever odds and ends were on hand. The bowling pin is pretty
eye-catching, but there's also a firework rocket strapped to the wheel. Click
on the wheel until the firework is showing, and pointed toward Guildenstern.

10.) I think you know what comes next. Click the firework.

11.) Partial success! Guildenstern's health bar is cut in half, and he's
knocked out, dropping his trident. Guess that means he's defenseless now...send
in the tentacle! And by that, I mean click the right tentacle.

12.) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead! Or, at least, ensnared by tentacles
and being dragged off to who-knows-where. With nothing else standing in your
way, click on the ladder to climb up and take control of the ship.


[Text from the game:]

But the Hero took the helm and steered the ship back to the Kingdom.

But one can't just waltz into Castle Elsinore, where Claudius is hiding...

...so the Hero needs the perfect infiltration plan.

Act 4: In which the Hero returns to Castle Elsinore to punish Claudius and
rescue Ophelia.

- ACT 4, SCENE 1 -

LOCATION: A map populated with trees and buildings.

OBJECTIVE: Find the safest path to the castle!

HINT: Watch closely at the beginning, as the correct path will flash briefly
before you take control. Unless you can immediately memorize the path (or take
a screenshot, I guess), this is entirely a matter of trial and error; work
systematically and you'll get there eventually.


1.) You've got three dotted lines with question mark bubbles emanating from the
Hero. Click any one of them to travel to your destination of choice. If the
road is safe, you'll see a new set of paths branch off. If there are guards
along the road you choose (invisible, imaginary guards), you'll see a red X
appear over your destination, and you'll have to start over again. Keep
following new paths until you reach the castle.

2.) Of course, you strike me as the kind of person who uses a walkthrough to
AVOID needless trial and error. Just follow these directions and you'll be

1st: Middle (house)
2nd: Top (tower)
3rd: Middle (house)
4th: Bottom (tree)
5th: Middle (house)
6th: Middle (tree)
7th: Top (house)
8th: Middle (house)
9th: Left (tower)
10th: Middle (house)

- ACT 4, SCENE 2 -

LOCATION: A crowd at the castle entrance.

OBJECTIVE: Sneak through the crowd to the door on the right.

HINT: It's like Where's Waldo! Except the Hero is Waldo. (Actually, there IS a
guy dressed like Waldo...)


1.) Let's see if the Hero has any ideas about what to do here. Click on him.

2.) The Hero has jumped into the crowd...can we find him? Yes. Of course we
can. I didn't write this walkthrough just to say, "We can't find him. Guess
you can't beat the game." He's in the top right, standing below the guy with
the long brown beard. Click on the hero, and watch for him to pop up elsewhere.
Keep clicking on him until he's through the crowd.

3.) The Hero sticks out, even in this crowd, thanks to the lightbulb on his
head; you'll find him in the bottom left, between the wide man and the old man.

4.) Okay...so he sticks out a little less when he actually starts hiding. In
the bottom right, next to the hint timer, is where you'll find him now.

5.) In the top left now, behind the Waldo look-alike.

6.) Almost mirroring that, the Hero is in the top right, poking his head out
from behind the guard's shield.

7.) Find him around the center of the crowd, a little bit on the lower side,
next to the spiky shoulderpad of another guard.

8.) This one's clever--in the center, up top, it looks like the man with the
brown beard has sprouted a lightbulb from his head, but it's just the Hero.

9.) Follow that lightbulb! Look below the ear of the man in the very bottom
right corner.

10.) "Eye" see you! Either that's our Hero in the middle of the left side,
hiding behind the grinning kid who's in front of the priest, or else that poor
child spontaneously sprouted some bizarrely superfluous anatomy.

11.) Uh...um...I can't find him. Guess you can't beat the game. Wait, no.
There he is--that lightbulb behind the blonde lady in the top right, in front
of our favorite brown-bearded man.

12.) Seriously, the Hero could've snuck into the castle at least three times
over by now. You'll see a portion of lightbulb in the bottom middle, between
the old man and the pilgrim.

13.) That eye looks slightly creepy, poking out from between another pilgrim
and the pointy-bearded mad with the ruffle-necked shirt, up in the top left.

14.) Direct your attention to the eye behind the guard in the very bottom left.

15.) "Eye" yi yi...once again, behind the guard from Step 7, but between his
head and shoulderpad this time.

16.) Lighbulb alert: Very top left, directly above Waldo and behind the guard.
That should do it!

- ACT 4, SCENE 3 -

LOCATION: A hallway inside the castle, with the center portion in complete

OBJECTIVE: Make your way to the other end of the hallway. Sounds simple, right?

HINT: Trial and error. Again. Work systematically and you'll get there


Just like in an episode of Scooby-Doo!, these doorways lead everywhere but
where it looks like they should. Before jumping right into the solution, I
encourage you to give this one a shot on your own.

Well, that was fun. Time for the map:

   A     B     C
| i h | f e | g i |

   D     E     F
| > e | a c | > > |

   G     H     I
| d b | h e | a h |

Kinda make sense? The capital letters hovering above the "rooms" I've "drawn"
are my arbitrary designations for the nine rooms on this screen. Aside from the
exit, only the room you're currently in will be lit up, but I assure you these
are all there. The lowercase letters indicate which room you'll end up in if
you go through the doorway on that side. So, in Room D (the entrance), going
through the right doorway will take you to Room E. The left doorway is a one-
way entrance. Got it?

Yeah, yeah. You just want the solution already. From the first room, it's:
right, right, left, right, left. Sheesh.

- ACT 4, SCENE 4 -

LOCATION: A slightly Escher-esque stairway junction between some towers.

OBJECTIVE: Find the correct combination that will open the door.

HINT: This one's way clever. Lean back, think it over, and it might become
surprisingly obvious.


1.) First, let's see what we can click on. Well...pretty much nothing. We can
cycle through the symbols on the door; fiddle with those for a while.

2.) Circle, line, X, square, O, triangle, star, +. Don't bother trying to make
four of a kind, or mimicking the buttons on a PlayStation controller. There are
clues hidden all around the screen for the combination; look around.

3.) No, no. Don't look so closely. Give yourself a little more distance from
the screen, and try looking again.

4.) Still nothing? Think about the symbols you can choose from, and see if you
can find them anywhere in the foreground or background. The shapes you're
looking for are fairly large, so they're easy to miss if you're looking for
little details.

5.) Each of the shapes in question is found in a different quadrant of the
screen. Perhaps the most obvious one is in the bottom right, just above the
Hero. This one might shed some light on how to find the others.

6.) In the top left, you'll find a shape off in the distance. You just need to
be looking at the right angle.

7.) In the bottom left, that blurry portion of wall in the foreground works
together with the staircase to form...eh, I'm sure you see it now. What's the

8.) In the top right, partially overlapping with the door, is the last shape
you'll need. Does this all add up now?

9.) Huzzah! You've found all the shapes. (Or gotten tired of my clues and just
want the solution already.) Click on the shapes on the door until you've got a
square in the top left, a plus in the top right, a triangle in the bottom left,
and a square in the bottom right.

- ACT 4, SCENE 5 -

LOCATION: Some room that's completely dark, aside from the illumination
emanating from that bizarre lightbulb on the Hero's head.

OBJECTIVE: Defeat the evil Laertes, boss of Act 4!

HINT: Once Laertes is revealed, his weakness should be obvious; examine your
surroundings closely to see if you can add a little kick to his meal.


1.) It is pitch black. You are likely to...need more light. Find the light
switch just above the Hero's head and click on it.

2.) Whoa. For once, it's scarier with the lights on. Better shut them back off;
click on the light switch again.

3.) Okay...now it's dark AND scary. Bad idea. Undo. Turn the light back on.

4.) The Hero can hang on indefinitely as the improbably large Laertes sucks
everything and anything out of the room, so don't panic about time. You've got
three different objects to click on: a lamp, a fishbowl, and a plant. (There's
also a bonus pig if you keep clicking. Yay bonus pig.) Click a few times on the
different objects to see what happens.

5.) Laertes will eat whatever you send his way, but nothing here is
particularly dangerous enough to be harmful (though, over time, I imagine a
diet of fishbowls is bad for your health). Note that whatever object you click
on is replaced by whatever other object isn't currently on the screen (lamp,
fishbowl, plant, or pig). No, we don't need to feed him the right combination
of objects. Let's see if we can use the environment to our advantage before
sending any more of those bonus pigs to a terrible fate. Look around the room
for something we might be able to use in conjunction with one of these objects.

6.) Aha! There, on the right side, is an electrical socket. What might happen
if Laertes were to eat something plugged into the outlet? Let's find out! (We
are terrible people.) The goal here is to have a lamp as the rightmost object.
If that's not already the case, click on the lamp (if one is present) to send
it away, then click on whatever object is on the far right. A lamp should take
its place, within reach of the power outlet.

7.) Click on the lamp's plug; this will plug in the lamp. Go figure.

8.) Hope you're hungry, Laertes! Click on the lamp, and congratulate yourself
as you join the ranks of the elite few who can say they have fed a table lamp
to another living being. Weirdo.


[Text from the game:]

Being on his last leg, Laertes confessed...

...that Claudius is afraid of fighting the Hero, whom no one has been able to
stop--not his soldiers, not Polonius, not Rosencrantz and not Guildenstern.

After doing a little thinking, he decides Laertes should be able to stop the
Hero, allowing him to run away with Ophelia...

Although his plan didn't work, Claudius tried to escape with Ophelia anyway.
The Hero, showing remarkable agility, jumped and grabbed the horse on which
Claudius was escaping.

Act 5: In which the villains must be defeated and the heroes rewarded! But will
there be, or not be, a happy ending? That is the question...

- ACT 5, SCENE 1 -

LOCATION: Hanging on for dear life behind a horse carrying Claudius and

OBJECTIVE: Figure out where you're going. Really, that's it. No crazy fight
sequence on horseback. I know; I'm disappointed, too.

HINT: The problem is all in your head. Or somebody's head. Click around until
everyone has thought this through.


1.) Clicking on the hero is usually a good place to start; do so. Or else.

2.) What is Claudius thinking? My guess is, "How is it possible that all these
loosely balanced items haven't fallen off my horse yet?" That's probably not
it, though, so click on Claudius to see what he's thinking.

3.) That doesn't seem to help much, but ya never know. While we're still in the
habit of jabbing people with the cursor to probe their minds, let's click on
Ophelia to see what she's thinking about, too.

4.) THIS looks more like a clue. If we can see what everyone else is thinking,
why not try the horse? Click on the head of the (presumably) noble steed.

5.) Ah. Horses think in terms of strange pictograms instead of words, it seems.
Try clicking around randomly inside the thought bubble.

6.) No luck? Try the tiny dot in the bottom left. I think it's brown or
something. Hey, don't look at me; I'm as color-blind as the horse!

7.) Oh, good. Now there's a diagonal color split running through the thought
bubble. Let's assume Ophelia was hinting at what to do here, and go looking for
the one color that's out of place in the thought bubble. The horse's eye looks
suspiciously like the dot we just clicked on, so try clicking on the eye.

8.) Now we've got four different quadrants of colors. Looking again for the one
dot that doesn't match the color scheme, we'll find yet another tiny brown dot,
this time inside of a slightly larger blue circle, which is between the horse's
two front legs in the thought bubble. (I make no promises that the colors are
actually what I say they are.)

9.) Ugh. No there are six different columns of color. Looks like there's that
same brown dot at the very top of the second column from the right; click it so
that we can end this colorful nightmare.

- ACT 5, SCENE 2 -

LOCATION: Outside Claudius' top-secret lair.

OBJECTIVE: Get inside Claudius' top-secret lair.

HINT: You know how insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting
a different result each time? Well...go insane.


1.) Because this worked so well in the past...try clicking on the door.

2.) Yup, figured as much. Let's try a different approach. Click on the door.

3.) Well, that's not working. New strategy: Click on the door.

4.) Ever get the feeling you're in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000?
Click on the door.

5.) This is getting us nowhere. But before we give up, click on the door.

6.) Yeah, this puzzle is officially a lost cause. Click on the door to move on
to the next one.

7.) Keep clicking...

8.) Look, if ya wanna click on the moon, or the graves, or something that ISN'T
the door, be my guest, but it won't do you any good. Oh, wait. You can click on
the Hero. Go ahead and do that.

9.) SEE? Click on the door.

10.) OK, I can only keep this up for so long. After 50 clicks, I promise
something different will happen. So just keep clicking on the door.

11.) P.S.: Click on the door.

- ACT 5, SCENE 3 -

LOCATION: On a platform before the Grim Reaper.

OBJECTIVE: Use your eyes and ears to crack the pattern of the Reaper's hypnotic

HINT: This is the worst puzzle in the game.


1.) Click on the door. Oh, wait. We're done with that. Have you ever played
Simon, the electronic game where you repeat a pattern of sounds and colored
lights by pressing the buttons in order? Well, the platforms the Hero is
floating over kinda look like that. Try clicking on the center platform, as
well as the six wedge-shaped pieces around it.

2.) Yup. Definitely like Simon. You may have also noticed one or two of the
platforms,making a different sound than the others. Our ghostly Hero seems to
be fixated on the circular motion of the Grim Reaper's head. Look into his Pac-
Man eyes, and note the color of them. If you can. Maybe there's a connection?
Try clicking on the platform whose light-up color matches his eyes. If you can.
This is seriously difficult if you're color-blind like me.

3.) So it turns out that Grim's eyes change color when you click on the
platform that glows the same color, and you get a different sound effect to
confirm you picked the right one (it's more of a "bing" than a "bong" sound).
The object, then, is to click on whatever color platform matches Grim's eyes...
but without making a mistake. One "bong," and you have to start all over again.
The best part? The colors are randomized, so you need to both remember which
platform glows which color AND be able to identify what color to press in the
first place. At least I can help you with the first part (that's a lie; my wife
identified these):




It's ugly, I know, but it gets the job done. Because this puzzle needed to be
MORE confusing, the lights on the platforms aren't exactly the same shade of
color as Grim's eyes; once the hint meter fills up, you can see for yourself
precisely which colors the platforms are supposed to correspond to. You will
need to pick the correct color about 20 consecutive times to proceed. I say
"you" instead of "we," because I want nothing to do with THIS colorful

Oh, and you'll probably get dizzy watching Grim's head circle around the
whole time. Good luck!

- ACT 5, SCENE 4 -

LOCATION: In front of a giant hourglass.

OBJECTIVE: Get all the sand in the top of the hourglass to drain to the bottom.

HINT: Just keep clicking.


1.) As the Hero points out, there's a seed blocking the center of the
hourglass. Do what any self-respecting ghostly hero would do, and click on the

2.) Now there's a moving arrow below the seed, which represents the trajectory
of the seed once you pop it out of place. Click on the seed a few times to fire
it in a few directions.

3.) Fun, but useless; the seed bounces off the sand or the glass and ends up
back where it started. We'll need to launch it in some direction where it won't
be able to bounce. Keep trying, and eventually it will be possible to fire
about 3/4 of the way to the right, jamming the seed in the corner.

- ACT 5, SCENE 5 -

LOCATION: Inside Claudius' top-secret lair. Took you long enough.

OBJECTIVE: Defeat the evil Claudius, boss of Act 5, once and for all!

HINT: Quick reflexes and an attentiveness to the surroundings are key.


1.) Let's be optimistic. Click on Claudius; maybe we can poke him to death with
the cursor.

2.) Maybe not. But notice that we can still click on other things while the
claw is threatening the Hero. Except...there doesn't seem to be anything else
TO click on, except the Hero, whose taste for revenge does not contribute
meaningfully to the puzzle solution. Perhaps the claw is merely a distraction;
click on Claudius (or the lever) again to activate the claw, but start looking
around the rest of the room instead. What if the lever activates something
else as well?

3.) Ah, there we go. A teensy bit of motion elsewhere on the monstrous
machine in front of us. Notice that there are five nubs, about the size of the
Hero's eye, protruding from the machine in the center:

     - At the base of the machine on the right side, between the gears
     - At the base of the machine on the opposite side from there
     - At the base of the machine on the left side, at the very bottom
     - At the top of the machine, to the left and right of the pistons

When Claudius pulls the lever, a smaller lever with a dot in the center will
appear randomly out of one of these nubs. Click on Claudius, then quickly click
on the smaller lever during the fleeting moment when it appears. Instead of
frantically waving your mouse around the screen, try picking out one or two
nubs and exclusively watching them. If the lever doesn't appear there, just
click on Claudius again to try your luck once more. I mean, he could do this
all day.

4.) That's just great. Clicking on the smaller lever brandishes the buzzsaw
along with the claw. This couldn't be another distraction, could it? Pay close
attention to the buzzsaw arm as it moves--there's one more tiny lever hidden
behind it. So, that means we've got a tricky timed challenge on our hands.
Click on Claudius, click on the aforementioned lever that appears randomly out
of the nubs, and then quickly click the final lever behind the buzzsaw arm to
activate the other, more important claw.

5.) Do a victory dance, 'cuz we just beat the game.


[Text from the game:]

Finally--Claudius has bit the dust! Prince Hamlet and Ophelia are together at

The Hero returned to his time, forgetting about why he originally visited the

Meanwhile, in a nearby kingdom, Romeo and Juliet were enjoying a romantic
moment when an uninvited guest interrupted them.

But that's quite a different story...

...and quite a different Hero!

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