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How can I jump down from hanging on the demonic growth? General
My saved file is broken ? Tech Support
Twilight Cathedral bug Deadend? General
What do I do entering Twilight Cathedral? Main Quest

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
How do I beat the Stygian? Enemy/Boss 1 3 years ago
how to swim down (PC)?? Build 3 3 years ago
What is this problem after I inserted 3 swords? General 3 3 years ago
The game keeps crashing when it loads to the gameplay solutions? Tech Support 1 3 years ago
Graphic adjustment?? Tech Support 3 3 years ago
Why are not the cutscenes played? Tech Support 2 3 years ago
How do I get past the sealed door at the Cathedral level? Main Quest 7 5 years ago
Windowed mode help :-@ ??? Tech Support 5 6 years ago
How do I beat the Tower Robot Guardian? Enemy/Boss 3 8 years ago
How Can I Kill The Worm? Side Quest 3 8 years ago

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