How do I beat (The Blood Lord)?

  1. It is really hard to beat by myself and I'm not looking for XP at all I just need 9 Blood lord blood to craft the Nightmare set armor.

    If I could get atleast 4 level 70's to help me beat him over and over to grind for his blood that would be great!

    It's a difficult battle I cannot do with players my level. I have all the pieces I need to make the armor except the lords blood.

    My characters name is Domonuce. Please send a friend request or mail me a message saying you will help... something!

    User Info: ziraki33

    ziraki33 - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I need help beating him*

    User Info: ziraki33

    ziraki33 - 5 years ago

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