Difference between armorsmith and platesmith?

  1. Or did I read the website description wrong? Just reading and haven't played the game yet as alot of thing's confuse me. For starter's what is the difference between self crafting and npc crafting? Reading the website description of repairing equipment yet it say's to repair equipment visit so-n-so npc. Though I read that it say's the player can repair gear in the dungeon's. And the website doesn't explain very well if non-existent the character creation setup. I know that NX cash can be used to I guess enhance the depth of creation or is the NX cash just to change gender and basically like a barber shop of sorts like in WoW?

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  1. You choose from the available characters - which are actual characters from the game's lore. You can choose skin and hair color, and other minor things.

    There's two types of crafting available - "Expertise" crafting, and NPC crafting. With NPC crafting, you unlock recipes by completing the quests (as part of your normal progression) and simply click craft when you have the right materials. Expertise crafting is similar, but uses less materials while potentially producing higher quality items. However, Expertise is a skill which you need to gain Expertise XP in (by crafting).

    Equipment deteriorates with use. When in a dungeon they can break when taking damage, and how easily it breaks depends on their Condition (which is essentially the max HP of an item). You can repair damaged items via kits or at a campfire, and automatically at the end of a dungeon, but Condition must be restored at an NPC.

    NX cash buys things ranging from cosmetic items to consumables (stronger potions, or items that can resurrect the party if everybody dies), to rentals (a bonus to luck and defense for 30 days) and so on. Generally, Cash Shop items aren't necessary, nor do they offer significant advantages over someone who doesn't buy something. (The default undies look horrible with the skimpier armors, though.)

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