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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jeppo99

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 09/07/2010

                  |SAM & MAX SEASON 3: THE DEVIL'S PLAYHOUSE|
                  |       Episode One: The Penal Zone       |

o----------------------------FAQ/Walkthrough v1.10----------------------------o
o-------------------------------Made By Jeppo99-------------------------------o
o--------------------------Last updated: 07/09/2010---------------------------o


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About This Guide....................[INTROD]
Hints & Tips........................[HINTIP]
The Hard Bits.......................[ARDBIT]
Full Walkthrough....................[WKTHRU]
 -Act 1................................[#10]
 -Act 2................................[#20]
 -Act 3................................[#30]
 -Act 4................................[#40]
 -And Finally..........................[#50]
List of Trophies....................[PS3TPY]
Version History.....................[TVHOTG]




This FAQ is written by Jeppo99 and is intended to be used for PRIVATE USE ONLY.
You may print this off if you want and recommend it to your friends etc. but
here are some legal no-nos:-
-Don't pass this FAQ as your own. That is Plagiarism and that is illegal under
 International Law!
-Changing parts of this FAQ and then passing it as your own is still
-Don't put this FAQ on your website or other people's website or in magazines
 without my (Jeppo99) permission. The only website allowed to host this FAQ is
-You may reference this FAQ if you wish, but if you do, link your reference to
 this FAQ and say that I (Jeppo99) made the FAQ otherwise that is also
-If you are reading this FAQ from a website but not GameFAQs then please
 contact me using the following webpage:



'Ello! Thank you for reading this guide! The first thing that should be
mentioned is that this guide is geared towards the PlayStation 3 version of the
game. The PC version is probably the same as the PS3 version but without the
trophies. Hopefully everyone playing the game on your PC should still be able
to use this guide, but just ignore the trophy bits.

If you are reading this, you are probably either stuck and want help on a
particular area, just bought the game for the laughs and want to complete it
without actually thinking about it, or you have completed the game but still
have trophies remaining to do.

For the first group, I suggest you look at the Hints & Tips section which
should give you ideas without spoiling the story, or if you are still stuck,
take a look at the contents section of the full walkthrough and you should find
the area where you are stuck on with minimal difficulty.

If you are part of the second group, then you are in luck! My Full Walkthrough
will tell you how to complete the game with no detail left out. But, come on
you guys. Are you getting your money's worth without actually attempting the
game on your own?

Finally, if you are just here for the trophies, I have added a trophies section
detailing how to get every single trophy. Because I am nice. You may also want
to check the Full Walkthrough as if you follow it closely you should end up
with all the trophies in one-and-a-bit playthroughs when you get to the end.

Note that in all the walkthroughs I write, I try to keep spoilers to an
absolute minimum. However as I want to make my guide as detailed as possible
to prevent anyone getting lost or confused some spoilers are inevitable, so I
apologise in advance. Therefore what I suggest you do is only read as much of
this guide as you need to to avoid disappointment.



Because we are all control freaks in this game, this section details the
controls you need in the game, in case you can't find out in the Help &
Settings menu. Below are the controls for the PS3 version of the game.

By the way, these controls are the same in all episodes in this Sam & Max
season. I won't type this section in the future episode guides; I will assume
you already know them.

Move Sam: Left stick
Examine/Use/Talk to object: Cross
Open inventory/use selected object with item in inventory: Square
Toggle to Max's Brain: Triangle
Toggle between selected targets: L1 & R1 or right stick
Highlight all selectable targets: R2
Open notebook: Select
Open the main menu: Start

Toggle between selected items: Left & Right or L1 & R1 or left stick
Use item with selected object (if object was selected previously): Cross
Describe selected item: Square
Activate/read selected item (if applicable): Triangle
Exit inventory: Circle
Pause game: Start

Select talking option: Left stick or L1 & R1 or right stick
Choose selected talking option: Cross
Leave conversation: Circle
Pause game: Start

Rotate camera: Left stick
Select power: L1 & R1 or right stick
Choose selected power: Cross
Toggle to Sam: Circle or Triangle
Pause game: Start

Rotate camera: Left stick
Select telephone number: Right stick
Choose selected telephone number: Cross
Go back: Circle
Toggle to Sam: Triangle
Pause game: Start

Rotate camera: Left stick
Choose centred object: Cross
Transform (Rhinoplasty only): Square
Go back: Circle
Toggle to Sam: Triangle
Pause game: Start

Select option: Cursor keys or left stick
Choose selected option: Cross
Go back/leave notebook: Circle/Select
Pause game: Start

Unpause game: Start or Select or Cross or Square or Triangle or Circle

Select option: Cursor keys or Left stick
Toggle between menus: L1 & R1
Increase/decrease gauges (in Help & Settings) Left & right or left stick
Go back/Return to game (if game has started): Circle or Start



This section details hints and tips that you might find useful. Some tips are
exclusive to this particular episode, but many of them are tips that you can
use for all "point 'n' click" adventure games in general. I recommend that
newcomers to the genre should read this section first, as it may give you some
help on how to get past the bit you're stuck on without having to delve into
my full walkthrough.

01: Inspect everything. There are lots and lots of objects and things to look
    at in the game. A lot of them don't help you at all and are for decoration,
    but some are useful and help you out of some puzzles. Also inspect
    everything at least once. For example if you inspect something and nothing
    happens, then you go and do something else, go back and inspect it again.
    That "something else" may trigger something in that object.

02: Talk to everyone about everything. When talking to somebody, choose all
    options available to you. At worst, you will at least find some tips on how
    to solve the puzzle you are currently on, and at best, you'll actually
    complete the puzzle. In this game, talking options that you have
    previously chosen become greyed out. This tells you that choosing it again
    will repeat the conversation you've heard. If the option stays white even
    after previously choosing it, that means they will have something new to
    say. In some cases options never grey out, even though the conversation is
    repeated every time you use it. This means that something usually triggers
    whenever you choose it.

03: Think outside the box. All the puzzles in this game are logical, but
    sometimes you have to think outside the box. Always say to yourself "what
    if I do this...". You never know, that may be what you need to do to
    complete the puzzle.

04: Use Max's Future Vision power liberally. Future Vision allows you to see
    into the future. Depending on the object selected, this may show Sam & Max
    completing a puzzle, or at least give you a small hint. There are also many
    times when using the Future Vision goggles is mandatory to complete a
    puzzle. Remember that even Sam can be selected, and if a future vision has
    come to pass, select the object again to see another vision.

05: Max's Teleportation can complete puzzles. Teleportation allows Sam & Max to
    teleport themselves and whoever they are touching to any telephone in the
    game. In other words, don't think of it as a faster alternative to the
    DeSoto. You actually need to use it to complete many puzzles.

06: Read Sam's notebook. You can do this by pressing Select in the PS3 version.
    This tells you your current objective, in case you are in need of direction
    and not sure what you are actually supposed to be doing. It also gives you
    a brief rundown on Max's powers, the people you have met, and when you
    reach Act 3, details on the evidence you have collected for use with the

07: Experiment. If you have tried everything viable, you could always try to
    combine objects in the area with items in your inventory. You never know.
    You might get lucky. It rarely works though, so I suggest you only try this
    as a last resort.

08: Increase the Hints meter in the options menu. Personally, I prefer to turn
    the hints off, and I suggest you do too. But if you are really stuck and
    you don't know what to do, increase the hints meter a bit. Then every so
    often, Sam or Max will give a subtle hint on how to beat the puzzle you are
    stuck on.



In this section I list some of the hardest puzzles in the game and also how to
beat them. If you are stuck on something in particular, chances are it is one
of these nasties. All questions are answered with minimal spoilers.

For help on trophies, refer to the "List of Trophies" section.

Q: How do I find out how to revive the alien brain?
A: To find out, go to Skun-ka'pe's Spaceship and use Future Vision on Sam.

Q: Where is Momma Bosco's futuristic power core?
A: First you must find out how to revive the alien brain. Enter the diner and
   use Future Vision on Flint Paper. Give him the Hard Hat and choose all
   options when talking to him. Leave the Diner and go to the DeSoto. Call
   Stinky's cell phone and choose "Let's Meet" Go back in the diner and press
   the secret button behind the counter. Take the secret passageway and finally
   investigate the intriguing pile o' junk.

Q: How do I get Harry Moleman to accept the vacation ticket?
A: At Stinky's Diner, use Future Vision on the radio. Now go to Harry Moleman
   and give him the vacation ticket.

Q: How do I enter Bosco-Tech Labs?
A: Teleport there. When Sam is thrown out go up onto Bosco-Tech's roof via the
   fire escape and walk onto the flagpole. Switch to Max and Teleport to
   Stinky's Cell. You should now be able to enter Bosco-Tech.

Q: How do I get the homing beacon from Grandpa Stinky?
A: First go into the mole processing room in Skun-ka'pe's spaceship. Teleport
   to Stinky's Diner, leaving your inventory in the spaceship. Talk to Grandpa
   Stinky and choose "We love Skunkape". Leave the conversation and teleport to
   Stinky's cell. Now press the personal effects button and rummage through the
   personal effects drawer.

Q: What are the correct combinations for the Crime-Tron?
A: The first combination is Stinky's cell phone and the shot glass. The second
   combination is the old postcard and the engagement ring. The third
   combination is the paddle ball toy and the receipt.

Q: How do I get on the roof of Meesta Pizza?
A: Place Stinky's cell phone on the pizza boxes around the side of Meesta
   Pizza, then teleport to Stinky's cell phone.

Q: How do I get rid of the gorilla guarding Hard Luck Pawn Shop?
A: Vandalise the manhole cover then use Future Vision on the trash cans before
   examining them. Place the banana skin on the manhole cover.

Q: What do I do when I am being attacked on the Straight & Narrow?
A: Run towards Sybil's boxes and once the boxes are locked on by the
   disintegrator eyes, move out of the way. Next teleport to Sybil.



Okey-dokey! Here it is! The full walkthrough of Sam & Max Season 3 Episode 1.
If you follow this guide word-by-word you should finish the game with all the

o------------------------------------Act 1------------------------------[#10]-o
|Objective(s)                 | The first act is very much a tutorial on how
|_|Break out of your cell     | the game works. You are currently trapped in a
|_|Place the homing beacon on | cell that you have got to get out of. The
|_|General Skun-ka'pe         | narrator prompts you to toggle to Max's brain,
|_|Open the portal to the     | so do so for the first time in the franchise's
|_ Penal Zone                 | history.
|_|Acquire the "Is This Your  |
|_ Card" trophy               | You only have access to one power at the
|_|Send Skun-ka'pe into the   | moment: Teleportation. Choose the telephone you
|  Penal Zone and acquire the | see on the reel. Next select the only option
|  "We're on the Case!"       | available to you (Stinky's cell). If done
|  trophy                     | correctly, you'll teleport out of the cell.
|Mind Reading targets         | Now what you need to do is place the homing
|_|Sam                        | beacon on General Skun-ka'pe (that gorilla
|_|Stinky                     | piloting the ship). The game tells you to open
|_|General Skun-ka'pe         | the inventory so do as it says. You should have
|_|Harry Moleman (*)          | three items in the inventory: Sam's gun, the
|_|Alien Brain                | homing beacon and a remote control. Look at
|-----------------------------| each item, then close the inventory.
|Frequent Flier Location(s)   | 
|_|Skun-ka'pe's Spaceship     | Now the game asks you to select General Skun-
|-----------------------------| ka'pe. Choose General Skun-ka'pe as your
|Old-School References: 2     | selected target and open your Inventory list,
|Double Entendres: 2          | choose the homing beacon. After that didn't
o-----------------------------o work, choose to examine the display case.

Max has a new psychic power. You'll automatically delve into Max's brain so all
you need to do is select the Rhinoplasty from the toys available. Now select a
target. In this mode, selectable targets are shown by glittering stars. There
is only one target available at this time, and it the fine art on the wall.
After selecting it, choose to transform into the potted plant and max will do
so. This gives Sam the cover he needs to place the homing beacon. Move forward
towards General Skun-ka'pe, then select him and try to use the homing beacon on
him again. This time, it will work. Now access the inventory again and select
the remote control. Follow the instructions and press the indicated button to
activate the remote control.

Don't worry what Skun-ka'pe says. You have all the time in the world to knock
him into the Penal Zone. In Sam & Max, there is no Game Over screen and your
heroes cannot die. You can also move freely around the spaceship and the
tutorial has now ended. So you're on your own now. Good luck!

Nah, only kidding. You've still got me to guide you around! Now that you can
move around, take time to inspect everything and talk to everybody. If you talk
to Max the game prompts you to choose from three talking options. Talking
options that you have heard before will turn grey. Also make sure to walk
straight into Max. Sam will then knock him into the air. The reason for this is
because the trophy "Frequent Flier" requires you to knock Max in the air in all

Back to the game, the target you want is Harry Moleman in the terrarium, so
find him and select him. The alien brain will the direct you to a deck of
playing cards in another display case, so select this and Max will gain a new
power. Delve into Max's mind and select "Mind Reading".

There is a trophy called "Is This Your Card?" which is awarded after reading
everybody's mind on the spaceship. Start off by reading the minds of Sam,
Stinky and General Skun-ka'pe. The controls are the same as with the
Rhinoplasty. Read Harry Moleman's mind to progress the story then put the
playing cards away. Still in Max's mind, select Teleportation and then choose
Harry's mobile phone (I believe Americans call them "cell phones" for some

Delve into Max's mind again. Choose Mind Reading first and select the Alien
Brain. You now haveread the minds of everyone on the spaceship and you have
gained your first trophy of the game!

                  |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
                  |Bronze|        Is This Your Card?        |
                  |    Read the mind of everyone aboard     |
                  |     General Skun-ka'pe's flagship.      |

Still in Max's mind, select the Rhinoplasty power and then select the weapons
display. Transform into the space bazooka. Controlling Sam, pick up Bazooka Max
and you've finished the first act! You'll also get a trophy to celebrate its

                  |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
                  |Silver|        We're on the Case!        |
                  |     Sent General Skun-ka'pe to the      |
                  |   Penal Zone in Max's future vision.    |

o------------------------------------Act 2------------------------------[#20]-o
|Objective(s)                 | Before I continue onto Act 2, let me tell you 
|_ Find out how to revive the | about the lists to the left. The Objectives
|  alien brain                | section lists the main objectives in the act.
|_ Obtain Momma Bosco's       | The Soothsayer Locations lists the locations
|  futuristic power core      | where you need to need to use Max's Future
|_ Obtain Grandpa Stinky's    | Vision power on Sam. Once you have read Sam's
|  Demon Broth                | future at least once in every environment, you
|_ Revive the alien brain     | will gain the "Soothsayer" trophy. In cases
|  and acquire the "The Brain | where Sam has more than one future vision in an
|  Awakens" trophy            | environment (like Straight & Narrow), you only
|-----------------------------| have to view one of these to mark the location
|Soothsayer Location(s)       | as done. The Frequent Flier locations list the
|_ Straight & Narrow          | locations where you have to knock Max in the
|_ Skun-ka'pe's Spaceship (*) | air by walking/running into him. Once you've
|_ Stinkys' Diner             | done this in every Act, you win the "Frequent
|_ Subway Station             | Flier" trophy.
|_ Outside Bosco-Tech Labs    |
|_ Bosco-Tech Labs            | In addition there are two trophies called "Ask
|-----------------------------| Your Parents" and "Don't Ask Your Parents".
|Frequent Flier Location(s)   | "Ask Your Parents" requires you to hear seven
|_ Straight & Narrow          | references that nobody under the age of 30 will
|_ Stinkys' Diner             | understand, or "Old-School References". You've
|_ Subway Station             | already heard two of these from the first act -
|_ Outside Bosco-Tech Labs    | at the very beginning when Sam & Max were
|_ Bosco-Tech Labs            | locked in a cage, and the other when Sam shoots
|-----------------------------| the bazooka. "Don't Ask Your Parents" require
|Old-School References: 4     | you to hear ten double entendres. Again you've
|Double Entendres: 2          | already heard two of them - the Narrator
o-----------------------------o talking about Max's "furry longtime companion"
and Sam talking about getting Skun-ka'pe sucked right into the Penal Zone. So
to speak. The number of Old-School References and Double-Entendres you can hea
in an act is also displayed in the lists to the left.

You can hear a double entendre right away, and unlike the first two, this one
is missible. Talk to Max and keep choosing the options available to you.
Eventually "Other Planets" will appear. Choose that option to hear a double

Back to the matter at hand. Your first task is to enter Skun-ka'pe's spaceship,
so make your way into there when you are ready. You can't really miss it.

You'll automatically walk up to the upper deck. You'll have to find out how to
revive the alien brain. Obviously you must've done it in the future, so use
Max's Future Vision power on it. Now do what Sam says and use the Future Vision
on him. So you need to find a power core and some demon broth. When you try to
leave the upper deck, you'll witness a scene. After the scene press the
personal effects button, then dig through the personal effects drawer. You
should receive an off-world vacation ticket and a hard hat. Leave the

Once you are outside you witness Flint Paper entering Stinky's Diner. Before
you follow him take a detour to the Subway Station which you can enter via the
manhole outside Stinky's. Inside the Subway Station examine the baby carriage
to hear an old-school reference.

Go back outside and enter Stinky's Diner. Flint won't talk to you until he
finishes his spaghetti, so use the Future Vision power on him in the meantime.
Give Flint the hard hat you found on the spaceship and he will finally talk to
you. Choose all talking options, particularly "Big Case" when it appears.
You'll receive the mysterious note. You can also find the demon broth here, but
Grandpa Stinky won't yet you have it. Before you leave, use Max's Future Vision
power on the radio.

Back outside, make your way to the DeSoto, which is Sam & Max's car. After
talking to the C.O.P.S., pick up the jumper cables if you haven't already done
so. You'll hear a double entendre here. Next select the phone and call
"Stinky's cell phone". The right answer is "Let's Meet", but choose the other
two options first for a laugh. After seeing Stinky leave her diner, re-enter
the food place. Go around the back of the counter to where Stinky was and press
the green button there. Enter the secret passage. In the subway station,
investigate the intriguing pile o' junk. You will hear an old-school reference,
obtain a scanner... and Momma Bosco's futuristic Power Core!

Retrace your steps back to the DeSoto. Consult the city map and choose "Bosco-
Tech Labs". Sam & Max will drive there. Enter the labs and examine the wardrobe
for an old-school reference. Go down the elevator and examine the ectoplasm for
another old-school reference. Give Harry Moleman the off-world vacation ticket
and he should give you his lottery ticket in return.

Go back to the DeSoto and drive back to the Straight & Narrow, then enter
Stinky's Diner. Give Grandpa Stinky the lottery ticket to get rid of him, then
you are free to take the demon broth from the counter.

Go back to the alien brain on the upper deck of Skun-ka'pe's spaceship. Use the
demon broth, power core and jumper cables on the alien brain. Act completed!

                  |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
                  |Silver|        The Brain Awakens         |
                  |            Brought the Alien            |
                  |           Brain back to life.           |

o------------------------------------Act 3------------------------------[#30]-o
|Objective(s)                 | As soon as you bring the alien brain back to
|_ Acquire the "Ask Your      | to life, you should hear the seventh and final
|  Parents" trophy            | old-school reference, so you should get a
|_ Acquire the "Pret-a-       | trophy here!
|  teleporter" trophy         | 
|_ Retrieve the remote control|   o-----------------------------------------o
|  from Momma Bosco           |   |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
|_ Retrieve the homing beacon |   o------o----------------------------------o
|  from Grandpa Stinky        |   |Bronze|         Ask Your Parents         |
|_ Acquire the "Crime-Tron"   |   o------o----------------------------------o
|  trophy                     |   |     Heard 7 references no one under     |
|_ Find General Skun-ka'pe and|   |     the age of 30 will understand.      |
|  acquire the "Ape Escape"   |   o-----------------------------------------o
|  trophy                     | 
|-----------------------------| After talking to the alien brain, make your way
|Soothsayer Location(s)       | down to the lower deck and meet with Agent
|_ Meesta Pizza               | Superball. Choose all available options, then
|_ Hard Luck Pawn Shop        | hear the double entendre when you finish the
|_ Bob's Toys (*)             | conversation. Steal from the display case. Max
|-----------------------------| has gained a new power. He can teleport to any
|Frequent Flier Location(s)   | telephone in the game. There's also a trophy
|_ 58th & Broadway            | concerning this ability, but more on that a bit
|_ Meesta Pizza               | later. For now, activate Max's Teleportation 
|_ Hard Luck Pawn Shop        | and choose "Stinky's Cell".
|_ Bob's Toys                 | 
|-----------------------------| You'll end up in an area called 58th &
|Old-School References: 1     | Broadway. This is one of the few areas you
|Double Entendres: 2          | can't revisit, so make sure you knock Max into
o-----------------------------o the air now to avoid disappointment. Pick up
Stinky's mobile phone, then peer inside the window. You don't have to do the
window, but I personally find it hilarious.

Trophy time! The "Pret-a-teleporter" trophy requires you to teleport to every
available phone in the game. You've already teleported to Stinky's Cell and
Harry's Cell in Act 1, so now teleport to the other phones. It is important to
leave the "Bosco Tech" location until last for reasons you will soon see.

                  |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
                  |Bronze|        Pret-a-teleporter         |
                  |           Teleported to every           |
                  |      available phone in the case.       |

As soon as you teleport to Bosco-Tech, Sam will be shoved out by gorillas, and
Max will get throttled. Walk to the side of the building and take the fire
escape onto the top of said building. Walk onto the flagpole and harass the
gleaming pigeon. While still balancing on the banner, toggle to Max's brain.
Teleport to Stinky's Cell, which Sam should be holding. The gorilla should go
with him and fall onto the other gorilla at the door. Back on the ground, pick
up the shiny thing on the floor and enter the labs. You'll automatically obtain
a receipt. Talk to Momma Bosco to learn of the destabilizer and then pick up
the remote control from the shelf to the left. We're done here, so teleport to
Sybil's (Straight & Narrow).

Enter Skun-ka'pe's spaceship and go to the upper deck. Enter the mole
processing chamber. While you are there, you will lose your stuff and you won't
back get out. Through the front door, anyway. Don't worry about Frequent Flier
as you can't knock Max into the air here. Access Max's teleportation and
teleport to Stinky's Diner to get out of here.

You'll find Grandpa Stinky in the diner and he has the homing beacon. Talk to
him and choose all options. After choosing "We Love Skunkape" Max will have a
go at Grandpa Stinky while he holds him back. Leave the conversation and
teleport Sam, Max and Grandpa Stinky to Stinky's Cell, which should still be in
the mole processing chamber. After the scene, press the personal effects button
next to the door to the mole processing room, then dig through the personal
effects drawer. You'll get all your stuff back, plus Grandpa Stinky's homing
beacon and shot glass.

Teleport yourself to the C.O.P.S. and check out the DeSoto. Remember the
scanner you got from Act 2? Give the scanner to the C.O.P.S. and then select
the scanner to use the Crime-Tron. After the annoying paperclip... I mean
telephone asks you if you want help, you can place two pieces of evidence into
the scanner. Once you have chosen the correct combination of items, you'll
unlock a new location. The first item combination is Stinky's cell phone and
the shot glass. Scan the two items and you will reveal a new location: Meesta
Pizza. Drive there right now.

A quick application of your Future Vision goggles requires you to get on the
top of the building. On the side of the Meesta Pizza store you'll find some
empty pizza boxes. Place Stinky's cell phone on the boxes. When the downright
bizarre happens (and hear a double entendre as well), teleport to Stinky's
Cell. You'll obtain an old postcard. Go back to the DeSoto and use the Crime-
Tron. This time, place the old postcard and the engagement ring into the
scanner and scan it in. Go to the new location, Pawn Shop.

The "research assistant" won't let you in the pawn shop. Investigate the trash
cans, but Sam doesn't know what to get out from there, so use Future Vision on
them and then try again. You'll get a banana peel. Now vandalise the manhole in
front of the DeSoto and place the banana peel on the manhole cover. PWN'D (I
couldn't resist)! You are free to enter the pawn shop. You obtain a paddle
ball toy.

Back to the Crime-Tron, place the paddle ball toy and receipt in the scanner.
Scan and you will discover the final location, the Toy Store. You also obtain
a trophy!

                  |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
                  |Bronze|            Crime-Tron            |
                  |  Used all of the correct combinations   |
                  |       of clues in the Crime-Tron.       |
Make your way to the Toy Store. To wrap up the act, use the Future Vision power
on Sam.

                  |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
                  |Silver|            Ape Escape            |
                  |              Tracked down               |
                  |           General Skun-ka'pe.           |

o------------------------------------Act 4------------------------------[#40]-o
|Objective(s)                 | Other than the trophy objectives, the
|_ Break out of your cell     | objectives to the left are exactly the same as
|_ Place the homing beacon on | the objectives listed in Act 1, so this Act
|_ General Skun-ka'pe         | should be straightforward, right? Well...
|_ Acquire the "To the Five   |
|  Boroughs" trophy           | For starters, Stinky is in a cell and not on
|_ Acquire the "Frequent      | her throne, so that's one difference. You'll
|  Flier" trophy              | also hear a double entendre at the start. Talk
|_ Acquire the "Soothsayer"   | to Stinky and choose "Stinky", then "Skunkape's
|  trophy                     | not so bad", then finally "Spaceship". Now that
|_ Acquire the "Don't Ask Your| she is sitting on her throne, Teleport to 
|  Parents" trophy            | Stinky's Cell.
|_ Send Skun-ka'pe into the   | 
|  Penal Zone and acquire the | Oh dear. That didn't go exactly to plan. At
|  "The Penal Zone" trophy    | least you will hear another double-entendre.
|-----------------------------| This is another of those places where you only
|Soothsayer Location(s)       | visit only once, so make sure you knock Max in
|_ The Cavern of the Box      | the air. Now teleport out of here. It doesn't
|-----------------------------| matter which place you choose, you always end
|Frequent Flier Location(s)   | up in Bosco-Tech.
|_ The Penal Zone             | 
|_ The Cavern of the Box      | When talking to Momma Bosco, choose "Skunkape"
|-----------------------------| to learn of the dimensional rift generator and
|Old-School References: 0     | then pick it up from the table. Teleport back
|Double Entendres: 4          | to Skun-ka'pe's spaceship via Stinky's cell
o-----------------------------o phone. You'll hear yet another double entendre.
Just one more naughty phrase to go!

After talking to the alien brain, simply put the homing beacon on General
Skun-ka'pe. You don't have to turn into a potted plant or anything. After doing
this, teleport to Sybil's phone.

On the Straight & Narrow, make your way to the right of the area and
Skun-ka'pe's Spaceship will show up. He will try shooting at you, but you won't
die if you are hit. As soon as he locks on to Sam, he will shoot after a brief
delay. Lure him towards the crack and Sybil's boxes. Once the ship locks onto
Sam, get out of the way and Skun-ka'pe will blow a hole in the ground and
Sybil's boxes will fall down with it. Now go into Max's brain and teleport to
Sybil's phone. You'll end up in another previously inaccessible area of the
subway station. Enter the mysterious tunnel here.

Welcome to the Cavern of the Box. There's plenty of things to do here, trophy
wise. First finish off Frequent Flier by knocking Max in the air, then finish
off Soothsayer by seeing a future vision of Sam. You should also get the "To
The Five Boroughs" trophy, which is a dead giveaway that this is the last
location in the episode. Finally acquire the "Don't Ask Your Parents" trophy
by talking to the mole cultists, choosing "Rift Generator" and hearing the
tenth and final double entendre.

                  |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
                  |Bronze|       To the Five Boroughs       |
                  |         Visited every location          |
                  |         available in this case.         |

                  |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
                  |Bronze|          Frequent Flier          |
                  |         Smacked Max out of the          |
                  |        way in every environment.        |

                  |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
                  |Bronze|            Soothsayer            |
                  |     Saw a future vision for Sam in      |
                  |       every possible environment.       |

                  |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
                  |Bronze|      Don't Ask Your Parents      |
                  |             Heard 10 double             |
                  |               entendres.                |

Now onto the task at hand. Pick up the cable to the left of the room and plug
it into the toybox. Now plug the Rift generator into the outlet in the opening
to the right of the toybox. Turn it on and then Skun-ka'pe will appear. To get
rid of him once and for all, turn up the boiler's heat using the boiler
controls, then finally use the paddle ball toy on Skun-ka'pe.

And that's the end of the game! Episode Two: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak is already
out, and I have also written a walkthrough for that as well, which is hosted on
GameFAQs. Have a look at that if you ever get stuck.

                  |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
                  | Gold |          The Penal Zone          |
                  |     Sent General Skun-ka'pe to the      |
                  |      Penal Zone once and for all.       |

Well, I say that's the end of the game, but there is still one more trophy that
you haven't got yet. "Part of a Nutritious Breakfast" can only be received
after beating the game at least once. Let's get it now.

o-------------------------------And Finally...--------------------------[#50]-o
|Objective(s)                 | Start a new game and race through Act 1. Once
|_ Acquire the Nutrition Specs| you start Act 2, check out the DeSoto. As the
|_ Acquire the "Part of a     | C.O.P.S mentioned, a new location has been
|  Nutritious Breakfast"      | added to your map. Go to the new area marked
|  trophy                     | "Mysterious Alley". Dive into the dumpster here
o-----------------------------o and you will retrieve Max's secret power,
Nutrition Specs. This gives Max the power to view nutrition information of
food, people and other objects.

Drive back to the Straight & Narrow and enter the subway. Use the NutriSpecs on
the Lincoln sculpture. Now you can manhandle the Lincoln sculpture (the game's
words, not mine). Doing so earns you the final trophy of the game.

                  |T   R   O   P   H   Y       G   E   T   !|
                  |Bronze|  Part of a Nutritious Breakfast  |
                  |       Used the Nutrition Specs to       |
                  |         reveal a secret object.         |

And that's the end of the game! For real this time! I hope you found this guide
helpful. As I mentioned earlier, I have created walkthroughs for all the other
episodes of the Sam & Max season, and they are all hosted exclusively by
GameFAQs. Please tell me what you think of this walkthrough by going down to
the Contact Me section and following the simple instructions.



In this section I will list all the trophies obtainable in this episode, and a
description on how to get each and every one of them. Note that this section
will contain spoilers, so I strongly suggest that you beat the game before
peeking in this section. You have been warned! Also, this section may or may
not interest the guys playing the PC version of the game, since you don't have

o-----------------------------We're on the Case!------------------------------o
Colour: Silver
Act(s): 1
Description: Sent General Skun-ka'pe to the Penal Zone in Max's future vision.
How to get: To get this trophy, complete the first act.

o------------------------------The Brain Awakens------------------------------o
Colour: Silver
Act(s): 2
Description: Brought the Alien Brain back to life.
How to get: To get this trophy, complete the second act.

o---------------------------------Ape Escape----------------------------------o
Colour: Silver
Act(s): 3
Description: Tracked down General Skun-ka'pe.
How to get: To get this trophy, complete the third act.

o-------------------------------The Penal Zone--------------------------------o
Colour: Gold
Act(s): 4
Description: Sent General Skun-ka'pe to the Penal Zone once and for all.
How to get: To get this trophy, complete the fourth act.

o-----------------------------Is This Your Card?------------------------------o
Colour: Bronze
Act(s): 1
Description: Read the mind of everyone aboard General Skun-ka'pe's flagship.
How to get: You only have the Mind Reading ability for the first act, so you
 need to read everybody's mind using that ability on that act. Below is a list
 of them. Remember they all need to be read in the same playthrough.
 |_|Harry Moleman (*)
 |_|General Skun'ka-pe
 |_|Alien Brain

Colour: Bronze
Act(s): All
Description: Saw a future vision for Sam in every possible environment.
How to get: To clarify, you need to use Max's Future Vision power on Sam once
 in every environment in the same playthrough. Sam may have more than one
 Future Vision in some locations, but you only have to see one of them. There
 are some locations where Sam doesn't have any visions at all, but sometimes
 when one of Sam's visions come to past, Sam may not be targetable again with
 another future vision, so bear that in mind.

 Below is a list of locations where Sam is readable, and when to do it. Visions
 you have to see to forward the story are marked with (*).
 |_|Straight & Narrow (Before Skun-ka'pe starts firing at Sam)
 |_|Skun-ka'pe's Spaceship (*)
 |_|Stinkys' Diner (Before bringing Grandpa Stinky to the Mole Processing Room)
 |_|Subway Station (Before teleporting here via Sybil's)
 |_|Outside Bosco-Tech Labs (Before Skun'ka'pe enters the Cavern of the Box)
 |_|Bosco-Tech Labs (Before completing Act 3)
 |_|Meesta Pizza (Before completing Act 3)
 |_|Hard Luck Pawn Shop (Before completing Act 3)
 |_|Bob's Toys (*)
 |_|The Cavern of the Box (Before completing the game)

o----------------------------To the Five Boroughs-----------------------------o
Colour: Bronze
Act(s): All
Description: Visited every location available in this case.
How to get: You have to visit every location in the game anyway (Mysterious
 Alley doesn't count), so you should automatically obtain this trophy once you
 enter the Cavern of the Box.

Colour: Bronze
Act(s): 3
Description: Used all of the correct combinations of clues in the Crime-Tron.
How to get: This is another trophy you will get automatically over the course
 of the game. You get this trophy once you've discovered Bob's Toys. The three
 item combinations are:
 - Stinky's cell phone and the shot glass
 - The old postcard and the engagement ring
 - The paddle ball toy and the receipt.

Colour: Bronze
Act(s): 1, 3 & 4
Description: Teleported to every available phone in the case.
How to get: As soon as you obtain the Teleportation power in Act 3, proceed to
 teleport to all the phones in the game. You don't learn any more telephones in
 the game after act 3, and you have to phone Harry Moleman in Act 1 anyway.

o------------------------------Ask Your Parents-------------------------------o
Colour: Bronze
Act(s): All
Description: Heard 7 references no one under the age of 30 will understand.
How to get: This is one of those trophies where you would have to examine
 everything and talk to everyone about everything to get this trophy. Below is
 a checklist. You have to witness all these references in a single playthrough.
 References that you must witness to finish the game is indicated with a (*).
|_|Act 1 - Start of the game - from Planet of the Apes (*)
 _ Max: "I can't wait to get my stinking paws on that damn dirty ape!"
|_|Act 1 - Pick up Bazooka Max in Skun-ka'pe's Spaceship - from Scarface (*)
 _ Sam: "Hey, Skunkape! Say hello to my little buddy!"
|_|Act 2-4 - Inspect baby carriage in Subway Station - from Rosemary's Baby
 _ Sam: "Rosemary keeps wandering off and leaving this thing behind."
|_|Act 2 - Investigate intriguing pile o' junk at the end of Skinky's secret
   passageway - from Scanners (*)
   Sam: "Some secret passage. It's just a bunch of junk, like this old
   Max: "Oh boy! Whose head do we explode first?"
 _ Sam: "Not that kind of scan-- what the?!"
|_|Act 2-4 - Open wardrobe in Bosco-Tech Labs - from Chronicles of Narnia and
   The Phantom Tollbooth
   Sam: "Hmm, wonder what's in here?"
   Max: "Don't open it, Sam! It probably leads to a fantastic land of wonder
         and thinly-disguised religious allegory."
   Sam: "Good call, Max. We already wasted enough time poking around that
 _       tollbooth."
|_|Act 2-4 - Look at ectoplasm in Bosco-Tech Labs - from a song by Glen Miller
   Max: "That must be ectoplasmic jelly, 'cause ectoplasmic jam don't shake
 _       like that!"
|_|Act 3 - Revive the alien brain - from Flash Gordon (*)
   Skunkape: "Gordon's ALIVE?"

Source: http://www.telltalegames.com/forums/showpost.php?p=303734&postcount=9

o---------------------------Don't Ask Your Parents----------------------------o
Colour: Bronze
Act(s): All
Description: Heard 10 double entendres.
How to get: If you are wondering what a double entendre is, it is a saying that
 may mean one thing, but can also mean something else (usually sexually
 oriented). This game is full of these. Ten of them to be exact. Below is a
 checklist. You have to view them all in a single playthrough to get the
 trophy. References that you must witness to finish the game is indicated with
 a (*).
|_|Act 1 - Use Teleportation for the first time (*)
   Narrator: "Well done, my friends. Now select a phone number that Max has
              memorized, to teleport himself and his furry longtime companion
 _            to that location. And also Sam."
|_|Act 1 - Put homing beacon on General Skun-ka'pe (*)
   Max: "Now what?"
   Sam: "Now we just use the remote conrol Momma Bosco gave us, and Skunkape
 _       gets sucked right in the Penal Zone! So to speak."
|_|Act 2-4 - Talk to Max and select "Other Planets" (you may have to choose
   other options to make it appear)
   Sam: "I wonder what it'd be like to live on another planet."
   Max: "Probably a lot like this one, but bouncier. And more methane-rich."
   Sam: "I don't need to go to another planet for a methane-rich environment,
 _       as long as I've got you, pal."
|_|Act 2 - Pick up jumper cables from the DeSoto (*)
   Sam: "Why do we have jumper cables? Neither of us knows how to use them."
   Max: "It's simple, Sam: the RED cable goes on the RIGHT nipple, the BLACK
         cable clamps to the..."
 _ Sam: "Neither of us knows how to use them LEGALLY, Max."
|_|Act 3 - When talking to Agent Superball in Skun-ka'pe's spaceship, leave the
   conversation (*)
         Sam: "Don't worry, Superball! We'll hit that gorilla where it hurts
               the most!"
         Max: "Right in the Penal Zone!"
 _ Superball: "Yes, I get it sir."
|_|Act 3 - Place Stinky's cell phone on pizza boxes at Meesta Pizza (*)
   Sam: "Swallowed whole! I've never seen anything like that before!"
 _ Max: "Not since we accidentally wandered into that theater on Times Square."
|_|Act 4 - Start of the act (*)
   Narrator: "The villain has made his move. The players are yours to command.
              Only YOU can return General Skun-ka'pe to... The Penal Zone."
 _      Sam: "Tee hee."
|_|Act 4 - When trapped in the Penal Zone (*)
   Sam: "Can you believe that guy? Skunkape KNEW what we were going to do the
         whole time! He just wanted to rub our noses in the Penal Zone! So to
 _       speak."
|_|Act 4 - After escaping the Penal Zone, teleport back to Skun-ka'pe's
   Spaceship (*)
   Skun-ka'pe: "Did you see that, my Queen? Not only did I defeat Sam & Max,
                but I took care of the Penal Zone in one stroke!"
 _        Max: "Unfortunate word choice."
|_|Act 4 - When talking to the mole cultists in the Cavern of the Box, choose
   "Rift Generator"
       Sam: "I gotta turn on this machine to stop a gorilla."
   Cultist: "Down the tunnel, first door to your right."
       Sam: "No, I literally have to stop a gorilla."

Source: http://www.telltalegames.com/forums/showpost.php?p=303734&postcount=9

o-------------------------------Frequent Flier--------------------------------o
Colour: Bronze
Act(s): All
Description: Smacked Max out of the way in every environment.
How to get: To smack Max out of the way, walk straight into him. You have to
smack Max out of the way in all environments in a single playthrough. There are
two exceptions: The Mole Processing Room, as it is impossible to smack Max out
of the way there, and the Mysterious Alley. There are a few unrevisitable
locations here, and you can't leave the Cavern of the Box once Skun-ka'pe
appears either so bear that in mind as you go through the checklist below.
 |_|Skun-ka'pe's Spaceship
 |_|Straight & Narrow
 |_|Stinkys' Diner
 |_|Subway Station
 |_|Outside Bosco-Tech Labs
 |_|Bosco-Tech Labs
 |_|58th & Broadway (Unrevisitable once you pick up Stinky's cell phone and
  _ teleport out)
 |_|Meesta Pizza (Unrevisitable after Act 3)
 |_|Hard Luck Pawn Shop (Unrevisitable after Act 3)
 |_|Bob's Toys (Unrevisitable after Act 3)
 |_|The Penal Zone (Unrevisitable after teleporting out)
 |_|The Cavern of the Box

o-----------------------Part of a Nutritious Breakfast------------------------o
Colour: Bronze
Act(s): 2, 3 or 4 (you must get the Nutrition Specs during Act 2 or 3 though)
Description: Used the Nutrition Specs to reveal a secret object.
How to get: You can't get this trophy until you have completed the episode at
 least once. Once you have done that, go to the DeSoto during Act 2 or 3 and
 drive to a new area: Mysterious Alley. Dive into the Dumpster to get Max's
 Nutrition Specs.

 Now make your way to the Subway Station from the Straight & Narrow and
 use the NutriSpecs power on the Lincoln sculpture. Finally manhandle the
 Lincoln sculpture and you will receive this trophy.



Version 1.10 (07/09/2010)
- The Hard Bits: completion
- Full Walkthrough: Expanded on Ask Your Parents and Don't Ask Your Parents
- List of Trophies: Expanded on Ask Your Parents and Don't Ask Your Parents

Version 1.00 (08/06/2010)
- Full walkthrough: completion
- Controls: PS3 controls only
- Hints & Tips: completion
- List of Trophies: completion



Firstly, I would like to thank Telltale Games for creating the Sam & Max Season
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