Review by temalyen08

Reviewed: 05/09/11

Not worth it, at all.

I was probably as excited as anyone else about Portal 2. However, the game falls far short of being good. Bringing GLaDOS back was total and utter fail. Valve didn't feel like trying, so they rehashed the first game. Yes, after hearing Still Alive, you'd expect her to have a cameo of some sort. Running through the room with Wheatley (while she's "asleep") was enough. There, she's still alive. No reason to get anymore into it than that. Or, if you have to, turning her back off as soon as she turns on. There's no reason at all for her to have such a large role. None, other than Valve being inexcusably lazy.

The whole game feels like the first one again with some new mechanics bolted on in an attempt to make it seem new. Of course, because the game has to follow the exact same path as the first (again, because Valve decided to be lazy and not think of anything new), you end up escaping a test room and running around the insides of Aperture Science. Some stuff happens (no spoilers, on the off chance you actually want to play the game for some reason after reading this review) and you have a larger problem than GLaDOS. At this point, the game gets so insanely hard you have zero chance of solving anything. None. It gets monotonous and boring. It's not fun at all. It feels like the same boring stuff over and over and over. The puzzles, as mentioned, get impossibly hard. I haven't won this game and I never will because it becomes unsolvable. I'm starting to wonder if Valve didn't screw up and make one of the rooms impossible to complete. I'm wondering if that's why I don't know a single person who has won it.

Graphically, I suppose the game is nice enough. It doesn't look noticeably better than the original, but the original looks pretty good still, even by 2011 standards. Controls are tight; you can get portals wherever you want them, generally on the first shot. It runs on Valve's Source engine, so it's been refined for years through multiple games. (Half Life 2, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Team Fortress, etc.) The only problem with this game is the creative side, which falls far short of anything good.

Trust me, stay the hell away from this game. It's not worth it. At all.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Portal 2 (US, 04/19/11)

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