Why does GLaDOS want to KILL! Chell?

  1. in portal GLaDOS tries to kill chell with neurotoxin But WHYY!? FAQMARK - 2 years ago - report

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  1. After GLaDOS flooded the facility with neurotoxin on Bring Your Daughter To Work Day, only one scientist survived: the schizophrenic Doug Rattman. After observing Chell's test subject file, Rattman found that Chell had impeccable tenacity (the quality of being very determined), and it was noted that she should not be tested for that reason. Rattman logged into one of the facility's computers and moved Chell's name to the top of the list of test subjects, so she would be the first one tested. Rattman knew that because of Chell's tenacity, she was the only one who could take down GLaDOS. The only problem was, GLaDOS knew that Chell posed a threat to her. In short, GLaDOS tries to kill Chell because she knows that Chell can take her down. CreativeCore - 1 year ago - report 4   0
  2. I'd like to add some elements.
    In Portal 1, GLaDOS is corrupted. You can hear it multiple times. That could have made her do the incinerator thing after test chamber 19. Then Chell escapes from GLaDOS's control and become a life threat for her so it's pretty normal that she is scared and tries to kill her.

    But in Portal 2? Watch closely. The 21 tests from her awakening to Chell's escape aren't so dangerous. They are even less dangerous than the early ones in Portal 1, since in Portal 1 you meet pellets from test chamber 6, and those are very deadly compared to the lasers in Portal 2.
    If you throw a weighted storage cube above your head repeatedly in Portal 1, you kill yourself. That doesn't work in Portal 2.
    At any moment she could have used neurotoxin without any warning, since she can vaporize adrenalin and recycled air.

    Anyway once again, after test chamber 21, GLaDOS looses control of the situation and she expects Chell to kill her again. So it's once again fair that she tries to kill her.
    Then she stopped trying because it was the only logical thing to do, it was her only chance. And even though it would have been easier to close the portal behind Chell, she loyally saved her life and let her go.
    Areguria - 1 year ago - report


  1. Cuz Glados is a monster............. Meekerjr - 1 year ago - report 0   4
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