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Error occurred while trying to download UGC file also game crashes a lot what do I do? Tech Support

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How do you beat Wheatley. I cant get to the third area to put the core in. Can someone tell me how? Enemy/Boss 2 6 months ago
Why does GLaDOS want to KILL! Chell? Enemy/Boss 2 6 months ago
Chamber 10 music? General 1 6 months ago
what happens if i don't pick up glados after the fall? Plot 2 6 months ago
Is it possible that Cave Johnson is the King Turret? Plot 1 6 months ago
Portal 2 won't start up? Tech Support 1 7 years ago
Computer or console? General 2 8 years ago
Running Portal 2? Tech Support 1 8 years ago
Portal gun in center of screen? General 2 8 years ago
Why am I getting trapped between stages? Tech Support 5 8 years ago

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