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In The Search for Amelia Earhart, players take on the role of Psychic Christine Barker. A fictional contemporary of Amelia Earhart, Christine having drawn inspiration from the exploits of the aviator has established herself with the Chicago police department as an expert at finding things. Using this ability players follow Amelia Earhart's life through space and time and tackle the mystery of her disappearance. The game features multiple levels, including a tutorial level, in which they are tasked with finding objects hidden both in plain site as well as others that are layered in the gameplay environment. The game also contains a robust hint system, in-game activities sometimes necessary to find objects, as well as mini-games, including puzzles, jigsaws and a coordinate plotting game which reveals geographical positions as objects are found, used or combined using the inventory system. Players can choose from either a timed or untimed gameplay mode and are awarded a series of trophies depending on their level of success throughout the game.

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