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In an effort to capitalize on the success of Origins, Dragon Age 2 does not fully realize what kind of game it wants to be. 03/16/11 HailToTheGun
A detailed and honest look at Dragon Age 2 - what PC Gamer and others won't tell you. 03/21/11 egervari3
Far and beyond the best dating sim I've ever played. Oh, and I think there's a game in here. 04/06/11 The_Heap
Decent RPG, but falls short of its predecessor 03/21/11 AgWolf
DA2 has its flaws, but you'll still recognize it as a Bioware RPG. 04/05/11 aznricepuff
Bioware's B Team fails to deliver a satisfying story with bare minimum effort 03/29/11 Das_Regal
Mediocre for BioWare, but good as an RPG 03/16/11 Escaperer
Are we there yet? 03/23/11 Iwantadunwich
Dragon Age 2 suffers from being O.K. 03/21/11 kaioshingt
Not one of Bioware's greatest works, but enjoyable non-the-less 03/17/11 Kilkia
Dragon Age 2, largely enjoyable, though it barely lives up to its hype. 03/21/11 mikelhk
BioWare's New Coke 07/14/11 RedCoatBlackArt
A decent game with no shortage of promise that goes unfulfilled. 03/21/11 superterrorizer
Decent as a follow-up to Dragon Age Origins, but superb as a stand-alone RPG. 03/29/11 theBEAST137
It should have been much more. 02/24/15 Unbridled9
A wonderful game that makes several innovations... as well as mistakes. 03/31/11 UPRC
"Pathetic cash grab by EA to exploit a fanbase gained from the stellar first game" 06/06/11 Whetstone_Dude
Dwarven chest hair, apostitutes, and pirates - Oh my! 03/29/11 zsoltp

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