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BRITTLE: 	+50% Critical Damage
DISORIENT:	-50% Defense
STAGGER:	-25% Attack, -25% Defense

BRITTLE:	Winter's Blast
		Deep Freeze

-> Warrior	Shattering Blow 	300% dmg, 200% force
		Reaper 			200% dmg, 200% force
		Claymore 		100% stun chance

-> Rogue:	Shattering Arrow	600% dmg, 400% force
		Punishing Lance		150% dmg, 400% force
		Annihilate		400% dmg

DISORIENT:	Disorienting Shot
		Overpowering Fog
		Disorienting Criticals

-> Warrior	Disperse		300% dmg
		Battery			400% dmg
		Insatiable		300% dmg, 300% regen

-> Mage		Golem's Fist		200% dmg, 200% force
		Spirit Strike		200% dmg, 200% force
		Corrosive Walking Bomb	200% dmg
		Virulent Walking Bomb	200% dmg, 200% force

		Pommel Blow

-> Rogue	Merciless Strike	400% dmg
		Maim			100% bleeding chance
		Blood Feud		300% dmg

-> Mage		Chain Reaction		600% dmg, 200% force
		Paralyzing Prison	200% dmg, 100% paralyze chance
		Paralyzing Hemorrhage	900% dmg
		Maker's Hammer		900% dmg


 Fatiguing Fog (Impenetrable = Obscure, Overpowering = DISORIENT)
 -> Devour (Insatiable = DISORIENT bonus + Voracious = STAGGER)
 -> Merciless Strike (DISORIENTS while Obscured with Disorienting Criticals)
 -> Disperse/Battery or a Mage finisher



   Dragon Age 2 introduces wicked cross-class combos between Warriors, Rogues 
and Mages. Warriors are able to STAGGER enemies, Rogues can DISORIENT them while
Mages turn some foes BRITTLE. All of these status afflictions enhances the 
effects of various techniques of the other two classes, encouraging tactical 
team play. 

   Ever wanted a comprehensive list of these combos? Well, here it is! See 
section 0. above for the quick guide, and the respective sections for more
detailed info. 

   Note that NEARLY ALL cross-class combos require upgraded talents both in the
initiating and finishing techniques. For example, you need Disorienting Shot
(upgraded Pinning Shot) to DISORIENT the foe, then you need Disperse (upgraded
Scatter) to complete the combo. The exception to this is Sunder and the talents
from Specialization trees.

   So what are the best combos?

   The most rewarding has to be the STAGGER combos with either a Primal or 
specialized Mage. STAGGER can be easy to set up by using Pummel or Sunder plus
Claymore and can be quickly followed up with Chain Lightning (Reaction upgrade)
or the unique Bloodmage/Forcemage spells for 600% or 900% damage.

  DISORIENT combos are a bit tricky to set up. Techniques are either not too
useful, like Chaos, or has many factors like Disorienting Criticals. The rewards
for completing the combo are also dubious. Disperse and Battery are both Weapon
& Shield talents commonly used by tanks who often have mediocre DPS. The bonus
to Insatiable is excellent though!

  BRITTLE has some of the best synergies. Winter's Blast followed by Shattering
Blow or Assassinate is great against tough single targets. Deep Freeze can cause
BRITTLE to a line of enemies which can be exploited using Punishing Lance. 


    2. BRITTLE

   +50% Critical Damage

   BRITTLE is caused by Mages, specifically the Elemental cold spells once they
have been upgraded and the Primal upgraded Petrify.


 # Winter's Grasp + Winter's Blast
	Freeze chance: 100% vs. normal enemies
	BRITTLE chance: 40% for frozen targets

 # Cone of Cold + Deep Freeze
	Freeze chance: 60% vs. normal enemies
  	BRITTLE chance: 20% vs. frozen targets

 # Elemental Mastery (passive)
	BRITTLE chance: now 100% vs. frozen targets 

 # Petrify + Dessicate
	BRITTLE chance: 100% vs. normal enemies



 # Two Handed: Mighty Blow + Shattering Blow
	Physical damage: 300% vs. BRITTLE targets
	Physical force: 200% vs. BRITTLE targets

 # Two Handed: Scythe + Reaper
	Physical damage: 200% vs. BRITTLE targets
	Physical force: 200% vs. BRITTLE targets

 # Vanguard: Cleave + Claymore
	Stun chance: 100% vs. BRITTLE targets


 # Archery: Bursting Arrow + Shattering Arrow
	Fire damage: 600% vs. BRITTLE targets
	Elemental Force: 400% vs. BRITTLE targets

 # Archery: Archer's Lance + Punishing Lance
	Physical damage: 150% vs. BRITTLE targets
	Physical force: 400% vs. BRITTLE targets

 # Assassin: Assassinate + Annihilate	
	400% physical damage vs BRITTLE targets 

Best Combos

 # Winter's Blast / Dessicate -> Shattering Blow / Annihilate
	This is a massive single target killer. Imagine a 400% Annihilate with
	+50% damage to the auto-critical.
 # Deep Freeze -> Scythe Punishing Lance / Shattering Arrow
	Cast the cone and then have your archer/warrior to Lance or Scythe from
	the side. If foes are close together you can use Shattering Arrow too.



   -50% Defense

   DISORIENT is caused by Rogues using multiple talents in the Archery, Sabotage
and Shadow trees.


 # Archery: Pinning Shot + Disorienting Shot
	Pinning chance: 80%
	DISORIENT chance: 100% vs. pinned enemies

 # Sabotage: Fatiguing Fog + Overpowering Fog
	DISORIENT chance: 100% vs. normal enemies

 # Sabotage: Confusion + Chaos
	DISORIENT chance: 100% vs. normal enemies

 # Shadow: Disorienting Criticals
	DISORIENT chance: 100% for critical hits when obscured
	Obscure: Smoking Arrow, Chameleon Breath, Impenetrable Fog, Shadow Veil



 # Primal: Stonefist + Golem's Fist
	Physical damage: 200% vs. DISORIENTED targets
	Physical Force: 200% vs. DISORIENTED targets

 # Spirit: Spirit Bolt + Spirit Strike
	Spirit damage: 200% vs DISORIENTED targets
	Elemental force: 200% vs. DISORIENTED targets

 # Spirit: Walking Bomb + Corrosive Walking Bomb
	Spirit damage: 200% vs. DISORIENTED targets

 # Spirit: Walking Bomb + Virulent Walking Bomb
	Bonuses apply to the explosion after the original target (victim) dies
	Spirit damage: 200% vs. nearby targets if victim was DISORIENTED
	Physical force: 200% vs. nearby targets if victim was DISORIENTED


 # Weapon & Shield: Scatter + Disperse
	Physical damage: 300% vs. DISORIENTED targets

 # Weapon & Shield: Assault + Battery
	Physical damage: 400% vs. DISORIENTED targets on final hit

 # Reaver: Devour + Insatiable
	Physical damage: 300% vs. DISORIENTED targets
	Health regeneration: 300% from DISORIENTED targets 

Best Combos

 # Disorienting Shot -> Golem's Fist / Spirit Strike / Battery
	Great damage against a single target

 # Overpowering Fog / Chaos -> Disperse 
	A more AOE-based solution for Rogue + Shield Warrior

 # Overpowering Fog / Chaos -> Corrosive Virulent Walking Bomb + Spirit Strike
	A good AOE combo for a Spirit Mage, especially if Chaos works and they
	start fighting as they will then be packed close together.


    4. STAGGER

   -25% Attack, -25% Defense

   Warriors can STAGGER enemies using various techniques in the Two Handed,
Weapon & Shield, Warmonger, Vanguard and Reaver talent trees. 


 # Two Handed: Sunder		
	STAGGER Chance: 50% vs. normal enemies on a critical hit 

 # Weapon & Shield: Shield Bash + Pummel
	STAGGER chance: 100%

 # Warmonger: Tremor + Aftershock
	STAGGER chance: 40% vs. normal enemies
 # Warmonger: Pommel Strike + Pommel Blow
	Stun chance: 100% vs. normal enemies
	STAGGER chance: 100% vs. stunned targets

 # Vanguard: Cleave + Claymore
	STAGGER chance: 40% vs. normal enemies

 # Reaver: Devour + Voracious
	STAGGER chance: 100% 



 # Dual Weapon: Explosive Strike + Merciless Strike
	Physical damage: 400% vs. STAGGERED targets

 # Dual Weapon: Lacerate + Maim
	Chance of bleeding: 100% vs. STAGGERED targets

 # Duelist: Vendetta + Blood Feud
	300% physical damage vs. STAGGERED targets 


 # Arcane: Crushing Prison + Paralyzing Prison
	Physical damage: 200% vs. STAGGERED targets
	Paralyze chance: 100% vs. STAGGERED targets

 # Primal: Chain Lightning + Chain Reaction
	Electricity damage: 600% vs STAGGERED targets
	Elemental force: 200% vs. STAGGERED targets

 # Bloodmage: Hemorrhage + Paralyzing Hemorrhage
	900% physical damage vs. STAGGERED targets 

 # Forcemage: Fist of the Maker + Maker's Hammer
	900% physical damage vs. STAGGERED targets

Best Combos

 # Claymore + Sunder (with Giant's Reach) -> anything
	With Claymore & Sunder & Giant's Reach on the warrior, he will STAGGER
	enemies quite often and possibly in an AOE. Watch out for the STAGGER
	icon then quickly pause and follow up.

 # Pummel -> Chain Reaction / Paralyzing Hemorrhage / Maker's Hammer
	A tentative AOE option. Unfortunately Aftershock will often send foes
	flying too far apart. Pummel can't really hit many enemies at once so
	this can be awkward to set up. 

 # Voracious / Pommel Blow -> Paralyzing Prison / Blood Feud / Merciless Strike
	The single target combo. There's a good chance you can pull off all five
	components, it should be easier with this combo compared to other combos



   A straightforward, short and sweet guide for you. 

   Heed the usual copyright stuff, don't plagiarize, etc.

   Thank you to Andre Mizutani for reminding me about Dessicate and also point
   out that some initiators are better for certain finishers.

   Comments? Criticism? Compliments? zeusodinra at yahoo dot com



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