Does your save file from DA: O have any impact on DA II?

  1. I know this one has a different character and story and all, but can you import your save file from the first one?

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    alanthreonus - 7 years ago

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  1. Yes, don't listen to anyone who says no, go look up any guide, or try it yourself, if you import the game it makes a HUGE difference, you don't get certain quests if you did one thing in the first game, one example is the Werewolf quest in Act 1, you get a quest to make a potion to stop the Werewolves from going wild, if you didn't side with the Werewolves in Origins, you don't get this quest.

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  1. I havnet tried it myself, but when your designing your characts apperance in dragon age 2, there is a menu called story, you can choose a premade story, or import your saved game from the first Dragon, which "it says" will affect the story of this game

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  2. The Major Plot Elements from your previous game will be imported. Origins, Awakening, Golems and Witch Hunt deicisions. Otherwise you can choose a default 'fresh' Origin.

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    Okamiaku - 7 years ago 1 1
  3. According to the bioware site there is a major bug with the importing. Check your story to see if its accurate. If not try reloading. Hopefully they will patch it soon.

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  4. Spoilers warning here:

    It does have an impact for instance you may see a drunk Alistair in the pub rambling about his failure and how he is a prince etc... (in my DA:O save i let Loghain live.)

    User Info: skhan88

    skhan88 - 7 years ago 1 1
  5. My import where I sacrificed myself and let Alistair take the throne seems to have had no impact at all. The only time where it seemed to have impact was when i met a ex-werewolf that was being attacked by some elves, and for all I know this might not even be something that has to do with the save data. But he does mention being saved from his lycantrophy by the hero of ferelden. So I assume he meant me;p

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  6. Some of the characters from DA:o appears if they survived the game. Other consequences range from for shale - a rumor of a sudden drop in Pigeon population. Another thing for example that I found fun was to have Isabela meet with Alistair when my DA:o warder had been female noble and bedded both him and her. ^^ Isabela made sure she hadnt forgotten LOL.

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  7. OH MY YES!!!!

    You may import it in a little bit of the way through the game, after the intro. It takes many of the key choices you made for Origins and Awakening. I am only a few hours in and I have already seen three of the events pop up.

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  8. I imported my story from DAO:A where I left Anders at the keep and at the end it says he died at the keep, along with the other characters I left there, because I chose to save the city and yet here he is in DA2 maybe it has something to do with Justice keeping him alive the same way the spirit keeps Wynne alive. But I did have Justice with me, and he did drop dead infront of his wife err...Kristoff's wife. But w/e the end of Awakeing was kinda strange anyway giving dead characters an extra life to do things after telling me they have died is nonsense

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  9. Yes, after the prologue, you can transfer your save, from origins witch hunt and awakening. I found myself, with anora as queen and me as prince consort, gone trought the eluvian on the witch hunt, loghain killed by alistair and Zevran dead, because he betraied me at some point in DA:O, so anora did not show in DA2, but alistair returned in the middle of the battle between the qunari, as a Warden Commander and gave me something i recall giving to him in the first game,... Still, it hasnt many returns has i would like too..

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  10. Anders came back with Justice and King Alistair with Ban Teagan who puts me in charge of Kirkwal. He said the worst enemy there was the Knight Commander in his thoughts in being a former Templar. He left to go meet me (The Hero Of Fereldren) in Denerim.

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  11. They're all right... I met King Alistair and Queen Anora on 2 different DAO save imports (the first, I made Alistair as King of Ferelden and my char as Queen, the other one I made Anora as Queen), I even met Leliana as the leader of the seeker.

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  12. Also, certain quests will not appear if you the characters from the saves aren't alive. Nathaniel is a good example of this. Mostly, however, the major things that the import does is dialog additions, leliana and isabela give a fun conversation if she ended up having a threesome with the warden

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  13. Yes,but not as much as you'd think (or wish)

    You'll encounter Zevran if you let him leave. You'll also meet alistair as either a king or a drunk.

    The faith of the groups pretty much change nothing. A single (very simple) side quest here or there.

    And, to my dismay, they IGNORE if you killed Lelianna in DA:O. That one broke my heart.

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