• Windows Live Achievements


    100-Chapter PlaybackPlay through 100 chapters
    200-Chapter PlaybackPlay through 200 chapters
    300-Chapter PlaybackPlay through 300 chapters
    A Collector's collectorUnlock all items (weapons, abilities, nom de guerre)
    A Thousand Unmarked GravesDefeat 1000 enemy soldiers
    All in a Day's WorkAchieve 100 different Good Job awards
    CenturionWin 100 online ranked matches
    Committed 'til the EndEarn all the good job awards,items,and career levels available in the game
    Complete Episode 1Complete all the chapters in episode 1
    Complete Episode 2Complete all the chapters in episode 2
    Complete Episode 3Complete all the chapters in episode 3
    Complete Episode 4Complete all the chapters in episode 4
    Complete Episode 5Complete all the chapters in episode 5
    Complete Episode 6Complete all the chapters in episode 6
    Complete Prologue AComplete episode 1 chapter O-A
    Complete Prologue BComplete episode 1 chapter O-B
    Death WishDie more than 444 times
    Endangered speciesDefeat 3000 S- and M- sized Akrid
    Femmes Fatales Faction LeaderAchieve a career level of LV.99 with the Femmes Fatales Faction
    Fight Junkie BerserkerAchieve a career level of LV.99 with the Fight Junkies Faction
    First Among Snow Pirate ElitesAchieve a career level of LV.99 with the Snow Pirate Elites Faction
    Good Job SoldierEarn every Good Job award in the game
    Honeymoon PeriodCelebrate your six-month anniversary with LOST PLANET 2
    Hot ShotEarn promotion to the rank of gunner
    Instrument of DestructionDefeat 9999 enemies (Akrid, VS, or enemy soldiers)
    It's so EasyPlay any combination of chapters 39 times on easy
    Let's Go VS Force!Merge two VS units
    Me Against the WorldComplete 93 areas while online without the help of other players
    Monster HunterPersonally defeat 30 bosses
    NEVEC Black Ops CommanderAchieve a career level of LV.99 with the NEVEC Black Ops Faction
    Professional TurncoatFight for a number of different factions in faction match
    Prove Your MettleUnlock every ability
    Quintuple FactionalismAchieve a career level of LV.99 with every faction in the game
    RookieComplete Easy difficulty
    Rounder ChiefAchieve a career level of LV.99 with the Rounders Faction
    Slayer of a Thousand MenAchieve 1000 kills in online matches
    Snow PirateAchieve a career level of LV.10
    Snow Pirate CommanderAchieve a career level of LV.80
    Snow Pirate LeaderAchieve a career level of LV.50
    Snow Pirate WarriorAchieve a career level of LV.30
    SoldierComplete Normal difficulty
    Super SoldierComplete Hard difficulty
    Thermal Energy ReactorAccumulate a combined total of more than 99999 units or thermal energy
    Two is Better Than OneComplete 386 areas with one or more other players
    Ultimate WarriorComplete Extreme difficulty
    VS GraveyardDestroy 100 enemy VSs
    War VetPlay 500 online matches
    Warrior of Many NamesUnlock 100 noms de guerre
    Weapons MasterUnlock all regular weapons and grenades
    Welcome to the Battle!Play your first online match

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