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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rata1

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    --__--__--__--__--__--__--__--__--Spec Ops The Line__--___--__--__--__--__--__-
    \---------------------------------By Alek Kettenburg------------------------- /
     \--------------------------------Start Date: 7/10/12------------------------/
      \-------------------------------end Date: 7/23/12------------------------ /
       \------------------------------Type: Walkthrough------------------------/
        \-----------------------------Version 1.00--------------------------- /
         \----------------------------As of 00/00/00------------------------ /
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    --------------------------------Table Of Contents------------------------------
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    Table of Contents-----------------------------------You're Looking at it Genius
    Tips and Tricks----------------------------------------------------------[MAT1]
    Chapter 1 The Evacuation-------------------------------------------------[TEV3]
    Chapter 2 The Dune-------------------------------------------------------[TDU4]
    Chapter 3 Underneath-----------------------------------------------------[UDN5]
    Chapter 4 The Refugees---------------------------------------------------[TRU6]
    Chapter 5 The Edge-------------------------------------------------------[TED7]
    Chapter 6 The Pit--------------------------------------------------------[TPT8]
    Chapter 7 The Battle-----------------------------------------------------[TBT9]
    Chapter 8 The Gate-------------------------------------------------------[TG10]
    Chapter 9 The Road-------------------------------------------------------[TR11]
    Chapter 10 Riggs---------------------------------------------------------[RG12]
    Chapter 10-2 Stealing Water----------------------------------------------[SW13]
    Chapter 11 Alone---------------------------------------------------------[AL14]
    Chapter 12 The Rooftops--------------------------------------------------[RF15]
    Chapter 13 Adams---------------------------------------------------------[AA16]
    Chapter 14 The Bridge----------------------------------------------------[TD17]
    Chapter 15 Welcome-------------------------------------------------------[WC18]
    Intel Database-----------------------------------------------------------[ID20]
    My Other Guides----------------------------------------------------------[MO21]
    Contact info-------------------------------------------------------------[Ak19]
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    ------------------------------Introduction [IT01]------------------------------
    Hello and welcome to my twenty-third guide. In this guide I will explain how
    to get through each mission in the efficient way possible. I hope you enjoy the
    guide and thanks for reading. One last thing before I get onto the guide. If
    you find any errors or somthing I missed please E-mail me at ratlips24@aol.com.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Tips and Tricks  [MAT1]----------------------------
    Here are some general tips for the game. AS far as gameplay goes, this game
    is pretty standard compared to other third person shooters.
    1) Shotguns are way more effective then in other games. The shotguns have
    much more range and are very effective in this game.
    2) Ammo is scarce. Make your shots count and don't spray. You only have a
    maximum capacity of only four or five magazines per gun so its very easy to
    run out of ammo in the middle of a fight.
    3) Abuse your teammates. Constantly mark targets for you team to take out. You
    will usualy fight enemies in groups of 15 and your teammates won't kill anyone
    unless you tell them so. This is especially effective when fighting machine gun
    nests because your teammates always seem to have grenades on them.
    4) If your teammates get downed by enemy fire then its best for you to get
    your teammate to pick him up because you can't take cover when picking up your
    5) Grenades are your best friends in sandstorm scenes.
    6) And now the Desert survival guide on how to kill "Heavys". The best way
    is to thow a sticky grenade directly on him and when he's stunned, put
    as much led into him as possible. This will kill him in a few seconds. If you
    have no stickys then you can use frags. If you have no grenades at all, then
    you need to just spray him down while using cover.
    7) Always execute dead bodies. If a dead body is still moving, then you can
    press B near his body to finish him off. Executing an enemy will give ammo
    in both of your guns, even if that person wasn't carrying the gun your
    8) Always melee when in close range. The melee attack can easily take out even
    the most elite enemies. It will also conserve ammo and put the enemy in a
    position for you to execute him.
    9) Ditch the pistols grab the shotgun. Do I have to say more? :)
    10) Abuse the cover to cover system or "Slip out". To do this all you need to
    do is go near the edge of the cover and press the buttons at the bottom of the
    screen. This will allow you to get near enemy machine gun nests and enemy
    positions in general.
    11) Stopping to read the intel will help you understand the story. Also pay
    attention to ALL of the dialogue.
    12) Occasionally the text "Stun command" will pop up on your screen. When this
    happens you should always press the button shown. This will cause your
    teammates to throw a stun grenade at where your aiming. This is nice because
    your teammates never run out of stun grenades.
    13) When using a mounted machine gun you can crouch while shooting to avoid
    fire. This will reduce accuracy but does make you last longer.
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------------Walkthrough  [TAN2]------------------------------
    Well this is probably what your reading this guide for so I better stop boring
    you. There are just a few things I would like to tell you before we continue
    1. This guide is meant for Combat Op Difficulty.
    2. This game is rather linear so many times I'll just say "continue down the
    3. Most of the decision making in this game has NO effect on events or the
    ending of the game. Only the events in the final chapter will effect the end
    of the game.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 1 The Evacuation [TEV3]--------------------
    Intel: 2
    Weapons: Micro 9mm, M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47
    Video Walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3w3At3Ng4s
    The games opens with you at the controls of a mini gun on a chopper in a
    hot pursuit. The minigun doesn't seem to overheat and doesn't run on ammo
    so feel free to go crazy. It doesn't matter whether you hit the gunners or
    the enemy helicopters, just as long as you're hitting them. After you
    enter the sandstorm some cutscenes will be triggered.
    When you're in control again, head down the "road" and the game will explain
    the basic controls. I'm not going over them as they're really basic. Continue
    down the path until you hit the cliff edge and then head to the right. Move
    over the obstacles and rappel down at the metal posts on the cliff side. Head
    down the road and listen the hilarious dialogue between our wonderful cast
    of characters. (You won't be able to sprint in this area for a few hundred
    After you crouch under the truck you will encounter an open area inclosed
    with several military vehicles.
    ---INTEL 1/2 (Konrad Confession Letter)----
    To the left of the opening to the area on the chalkboard next to a humvee
    on the back the truck.
    After some dialogue and a short cutscene we will encounter the first enemy
    infantry of the game. You will automatically put behind cover. Don't start
    shooting just yet. Listen a bit and you'll be given the option to shoot the
    sand filled bus above their heads. Shoot it when you feel like it and then
    kill the one guy to the left.
    Head up the path a bit more and take cover behind the crates. Shoot the the
    red barrels to kill of a few of the enemies. Two more guys will come down
    from the dunes to the left so be careful when moving up. Further up the
    path you will encounter a bus with some heavy fortifications in it. Put your
    cursor over the pass and press the button you're told the press. This will
    cause your team to automatically clear out the bus for you.
    Note: if you want you can switch out your pistol for one of their SMGs.
    Head through the newly cleared bus and take cover outside of the bus. Hold
    down the button your told to press and move the cursor over the target and
    then let go. This will tell your teammate to dispatch of the target for you.
    Move up a few more meters and find cover. Clear out this next wave of
    attackers and move up through the shipping container. On the other side we
    will get a somewhat reliving cutscene. Immedately head up and find cover
    behind the nearest car. Now you will introduced to the "slip out" feature.
    This is on the most important features in the game. This allows you to move
    up without leaving cover. Make sure that you hit the cover button agian when
    you hit the next cover as your character won't do it automatically.
    Move cover to cover and move along the sides of the cover parallel to the
    machine gun. Once your behind them, pop up from cover and shoot the red
    tank to take them all out. Quickly look to your left and prepare to repel
    another assault. It seems that the last couple of soldiers remaining will
    attempt to charge at you.
    Move up a few meters more for a cutscene and a change of location. Equip the
    silencers on your weapons start picking off soldiers. As long as your weapons
    are silenced they won't even know you're there. After the initial group is
    taken out another group will come out of the tail of the plane and the
    wing above you. These guys will know you're there. if you find yourself
    pinned down use RB to mark them for your squad to take out. Head forward into
    the back of the plane. As you enter two guys will come at you from the stairs.
    ---INTEL 2/2 (Damaged Black Box)---
    As you enter the back of the plane right before the first flight of stairs. The
    intel is a red box on the ground to the left.
    Note: now would be a good time to pick up a shotgun as you'll be entering
    some CQB pretty soon.
    Head up the stairs and sit in the stair well while picking off the enemies.
    Continue down the plane and take out anyone in your way. When you reach the
    are with all of the seats you'll be given the option for your squad mate
    to throw a flash grenade. Have him do so and start shooting. Head across the
    room and we'll be involved in a hostage situation. Shoot the guy holding the
    gun on the friendly soldier and then start shooting away at the other soldier.
    (you'll be in slow-mo so it shouldn't be that hard. )
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 2 The Dune  [TDU4]-------------------------
    Intel: 2
    Weapons: Micro 9mm, M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47, Scar-H, Grenades
    Video Walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa-PIZqKb3o
    Head down to the left and stop at the little camp with the blue umbrella.
    ---INTEL 1/2 (Radioman Tape - Welcome to Dubai)---
    Sitting directly under the blue umbrella before you kill the first two enemy
    soldiers of the level.
    Mark the two soldier with RB and your teammates will automatically take
    them both out. Head down to the bodies and quickly kill the one soldier
    running up to inspect the dead bodies. Head down the stairs and grab some
    grenades from the crate.
    Head down some more and you'll encounter yet another machine gun nest. Throw
    a grenade inside and it'll make quick work of it. Kill of the rest of them and
    move deeper into the building. In the circular shaped room, throw grenades
    into the lower area to make quick work of the resistance. Move down to finish
    off the survivors.
    ---Intel 2/2 (Sandstorm Cover-Up)---
    In the circular area that you just cleared out. The intel is located next to
    the right most camera and the intel is on the ground. The intel is a small
    black tape, so it might be hard to find at first.
    Head through the doorway at the bottom of the stairs and follow the hallway
    while listening to some wonderful tunes. at the end of the hallway the wall
    will open up to the outside desert. Stay on the high ground and pick off
    targets below. Don't forget to issue orders to your teammates.
    Once the area is clear, jump down and flip the turret and start shooting down
    the soldiers that are charging into the area. Move down the path and at the
    end you should find a Scar-H on the ground. It's a nice change from the M4A1
    and you can always grab an M4 off of an enemy later on. Jump down the ledge
    and head up the broken path. Things are about to get a lot more complicated.
    Find cover on the steel post to the right with your teammates. DO NOT take
    cover on any of the stone cover as they will get blone away.
    Stay on the steel post and shoot targets as they get close to you. Watch for
    enemies approaching from the right and make sure to use your teammates to
    their maximum capability.
    After a short exchange of fire a sand storm will come in, taking away both
    your visibility and the floor.
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------------Chapter 3 Underneath [UDN5]----------------------
    Intel: 1
    Weapons: Micro 9mm, M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47, Grenades
    Video Walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKhPwo3PYOU
    Head down the stairs and head up the stairs on the other side. Take cover on
    the side railing facing where you came from and prepare to repel a attack.
    Enemies will come down from the stairs and shoot down on you from the
    sky lights above. Be aware that the cover you're behind will gradually break
    away so don't stay in one place for to long. Once the attack stops, the
    soldeirs above will try to smoke you out with some C4. Your teammates will
    open the door allowing you to exit right when the C4 blows.
    Head down the hallway. At the end, drop down to the area below.
    ---INTEL 1/1 (Looter Bullets)---
    After you drop down, on the floor directly to the right of the counter.
    While you're here grab the ammo and grenade crate directly across from the
    front counter. After a few seconds a cutscene will be triggered.
    So much for stealth. Blast away the first two guys and move down the hallway.
    The roof will be blasted away as enemy soldiers pop up on the roof. Move down
    the hallway using the cover to cover feature you learned about earlier. Use
    the grenades to clear out the machine gunner and then flip it and use it
    to clear out the rest of the hallway.
    Move past the machine gun into the lobby area. The enemy soldiers will start
    filtering in through the broken down windows. Save a couple grenades for a
    up in coming situation. Now we have to exit the safety of the building for
    the pleasant weather of the sandstorm. While in the sandstorm you won't be
    able to aim very well as your character will be perpetually shaking. Instead,
    spam grenades to clear out the tightly packed group of enemies. Head inside
    and go up the stairs. Refill on ammo with the crate to the right of the door
    and then repel down the elevator shaft to end the mission.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 4 The Refugees [TRU6]-=--------------------
    Intel: 2
    Weapons: M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47, Grenades, UMP 45, M32 MGL
    Video Walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgtGjQY30eM
    Head down the hallway and turn left.
    ---INTEL 1/2 (Child's Doll)---
    Right after you turn left into the hallway on the right side of the hallway
    next to a doorway you can't access.
    Continue down the hallway and turn right. Head down the stairs and then drop
    down the crack into the area below. Move through this area and turn right at
    the end. Enter the doorway for one chilling sight.  Move down the hallway and
    stop at the open doorway. Head down for a cutscene. Something tells me he
    doesn't need any rescuing. Rappel down through the crack in the ground.
    ---INTEL 2/2 (Castavin's Diary)---
    Directly after you repel down the rope the intel will be on the desk.
    Pull out your shotgun and find some cover. After the dialogue stops several
    soldiers will charge in at you. Take them out, execute the survivors, and
    then head through the door. Take cover beneath the opening. Things just got
    a whole lot more complicated.
    Take the two guys in front and hop through the opening. Find cover on the
    wall directly to the left. KIll the guy nearest to you and then start picking
    off soldiers in the distance. No need to rush here. Move from cover to cover
    and make sure that the stands are clear of enemies. At the end of the area
    another group will come charging at you so be ready with some grenades. Head
    into the second half of this mall area. There are no enemies.
    Wait at the door for the dialogue to end and your team will take the door down
    for you. Head down the stairs and then move to the left. Move down the spiral
    stairs. Be ready with your shotgun as three soldiers will come charging up the
    stairs towards you. Take them out and charge down the stairs. Find cover and
    use your grenades to clear out the fortified position. Watch out for enemy
    soldiers across the way. Move up and take out another group of enemies that
    comes towards you.
    Take cover on the railing and pick off the soldiers below you. Move down the
    railing and jump down to the area below. Stay along the railing and pick off
    the enemy soldiers by the railing across from you. Move up the path a bit more
    and head up the ramp on the left to refill on ammo and grenades.
    Head down the right path and volt over the barricades. Move to the right and
    throw a greande into the Machine gun nest below. Now move around in the
    walkways and pick off any soldiers that you see. Head down the stairs to
    the right and stay on behind the railing. The machine gun will be active
    again. Get as close as you can to it and then throw a flash and frag grenade
    at it.
    With the enemy turret gone all you need to do is pick off the straggling
    infantry. Head up to the turrets position. There you'll find what else then
    then another active turret. Quickly turn to your right and follow the
    objective markers.
    Move through the tent area and kill the two guys that come at you. As you
    exit the tent area you will encounter Turret. Kill the operater and his buddies
    before quickly finding cover.
    Get onto the turret and start suppressing the area across from you with the
    two turrets. After a few waves of enemies you'll be ordered to blast apart the
    Note: This machine gun will overheat. You have to shoot the window all over,
    not just in the center.
    If you start getting shot up, crouch and blind fire the window down. Head down
    to the sand to end the mission.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 5 The Edge [TED7]--------------------------
    Intel: 2
    Weapons: Micro 9mm, M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47, Grenades, UMP 45, M249 SAW, Scout
    Video Walkthrough: http://youtu.be/GODthpF0_j4
    Head down the path and drop down. Head up to the edge and follow the ledge
    to the right. Turn right at the end and take the zip line down. Move down the
    stairs and go through the door.
    Down the stairs you'll notice 2 guys. Tag them and your teammates will quietly
    take them out. Head down the next couple flight of stairs.
    Stand at the doorway of the room and mark the two guys talking to each other
    and then you need to kill the third guy roaming around the room. Move into the
    room and find some cover that has a view of the stairs. Wait a few seconds
    and a guy will come up. Kill him and all of the soldiers below will come
    up at you. From this position you can mow them down with no trouble at all.
    move down the stairs and pick off the enemies on the other side of the gap.
    To get to the other side go down the path to the left, under the staircase.
    When you try to go across, another wave of enemies will spawn in. I advice
    you go backwards and take cover back on the other side of the room.
    ---INTEL 1/2 (Dossier on Grey Fox)---
    On the other side of the room, head across the small bridge and enter the only
    open room on the left. The intel is on the floor directly in the middle of the
    Head outside and repel down. Go under the eaves and grab the sniper rifle off
    of the dead soldier on the pillar. Find cover and change the sniper to 16x
    zoom. Take out one of the guys and then go back into cover. Pop out every
    couple of seconds for a few seconds and pop a couple of the enemy snipers.
    Make sure not to spend to much time out of cover.
    Once the coast is clear, keep the sniper rifle and head down below. There are
    going to be 15+ enemies in the area. The best way I found to deal with them is
    find cover in the back and pick people off with the sniper. Keep using the
    sniper until you're out of ammo and then move in and finish them off with your
    shotgun. If you run low on ammo you can enter the building to the left with
    the red crane next to it.
    Head into the building at the end of the roof and head down the stairs. If you
    go down the stairs to the left you will find some more ammo. Head up the stairs
    to the right. Head outside and jump down onto the sand covered roof. The
    roof will break and you will come into the building. Watch out because a
    guy with a knife will come at you from behind.
    Head deeper into the buidling. Head off to the left and kill the sniper there.
    Stay on the elevated position on the left side of the room while you are
    holding off the enemy attack. If you look up you can try shoot the soldiers
    on the roof before they come down to the ground.
    When the area is clear, head down and ride the zipline to the next building
    over. Head inside.
    ---INTEL 2/2  (Radioman Tape - Evacuation Cover-UP)
    Head up the staircase in the room and move follow the catwalk to the right.
    The intel will be in the room on the floor next to the bead.
    Head through the only available door. Go down the hallway and kick down the
    one door on the right. Go straight ahead and then turn down the hallway to the
    In the next hallway, head down the right and kick the door down to end the
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 6 [TPT8]-----------------------------------
    Intel: 1
    Weapons: Micro 9mm, M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47, Grenades, UMP 45, M249 SAW,
    Desert Eagle
    Video Walkthrough: http://youtu.be/djubeGTbR1g
    You'll start off alone with only a desert eagle that only has 5 bullets. The
    Desert Eagle is a one shot kill but you'll need to grab an enemy rifle as soon
    as possible. I recommend that you stay around the car that you started at
    and you don't leave unless you need to grab some ammo. If you want a shotgun or
    grenades you can grab both on the van to the right of your starting position.
    Make sure to prioritize the snipers on the roof tops above.
    Your men will show up shortly to give you a helping hand. Scavenge some ammo
    and head up the path towards the objective. As you turn the corner you'll
    come under massive machine gun fire. Lob a grenade behind it or have your
    teammates do it. Head around the machine gun nest and watch your back as
    they'll try to flank you. When you reach the locked door you'll get a new
    objective. Head back up to the turret that you recently disabled.
    The main trouble here is not the soldiers on the ground but the snipers on
    the scaffolding. Remember to crouch if you get low on HP and pay attention
    to your team as they call out enemy locations.
    Once the door is open, head back and go through the underground tunnel.
    ---INTEL 1/1 (Interrogator Confession)---
    After you enter the tunnel with the dead bodies, the intel will be found
    right next to the line of dead American soldiers. This is next to the American
    flag on the wall.
    Head out of the tunnel and head up the escalator. After the cutscene, take
    the soldiers across the way and then deal with the soldiers nearest to you.
    Go all the way around and enter the hallway at the end. Expect another group
    to come at you.
    Through the hallway, the next room has several soldiers along with a turret
    in the corner. After you kill the soldiers you can simply snipe the legs of
    the guy on the machine gun. At the T-Rex exhibit there will be yet another
    group of soldiers waiting for you. Now for one of the most annoying parts
    of the game.
    At this point a helicopter will burst in through the window and start shooting
    at you. The second you're in control hit the sprint button and move towards
    your team. Once through the doorway, follow your team through the rest
    of the complex to end the mission. The reason this is so frustrating is that
    if you stop sprinting even for a second, you will get killed by the helicopter.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 7 The Battle [TBT9]------------------------
    Intel: 1
    Weapons: Micro 9mm, M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47, Grenades, UMP 45, 417, M249 SAW
    Video Walkthrough: http://youtu.be/zaudQXErtcs
    Head down the hallway and then go down the stairs. Stand by the model
    of the city and wait a dew minutes. A body will fall through the roof.
    Grab his gun. If you're in need of more grenades or AK ammo then
    head up the other stairway and check behind the counter.
    Once your done, shoot down the window and head outside. Go right down
    the road and rappel down the cliff side. follow the trench past the
    dead the bodies onto the highway. The enemies on the downed APC won't
    see you right away, so get as close as possible before engaging. The
    enemy will get reinforced by soldiers hopping over the wall to the
    north. At the end of the highway there will a fortified bus with an
    MG. Use the "stun" command to have your squad clear it out.
    Go around the bus and pick over the next corner. There will be a
    MG nest on the left side. snipe his legs while he's focusing on your
    team and then move onto the rest of the enemies.
    ---INTEL 1/2 (Radioman Tape - After The Storm)---
    At the road block, to the right of the sign that says "Evacuation".
    This is in the area after you clear out the bus on the highway.
    Head down to the left of the intelligence and follow the trench of
    bodies. At the end of the trench you'll be thrown back into the war zone. Avoid
    the flames as they will hurt you. Find cover by one of the trees and look
    dead ahead. 2 soldiers and a Heavy (So not stolen from call of duty or
    anything) will enter the area. Kill the two soldiers. Throw a sticky grenade
    on the heavy (make sure the grenades sticks to him) and then start shooting him
    with the 417. The heavy should die in only a few seconds.
    Head up a bit more. There are sniper rifles along with a Desert eagle if you
    want them. Head down the stairs and turn right.
    ---INTEL 2/2 (Radioman Tape - Soldier Interview)---
    After you kill the Heavy and before you enter the building. The intel will be
    on the ground to the left of the door. It will be next to a sniper rifle.
    Head into the building and follow the hallways to the balcony outside. Here,
    we'll be encountered with a moral dilemma. You can either save Gould or save
    the civilians.
    Before you jump down, kill the sniper across the way on the other roof top.
    Find some cover on the ground level and start killing. Snipers will appear
    on the roof and soldiers will man the machine gun across from you. A heavy will
    also show up from the right side. Dispatch of them and continue your work on
    the other men. If you can, make your way to the machine gun, flip it and start
    shooting the wall and the enemy soldiers.
    Once the enemy resistance has been beaten, head back to gould. Scavenge around
    the area for some ammo and then head onto the objective to end the chapter.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 8 The Gate [TG10]--------------------------
    Intel: 0
    Weapons: Micro 9mm, M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47, Grenades, UMP 45, 417, M249 SAW
    Video Walkthrough: http://youtu.be/J2QlRHRzYlM
    Follow the path and head up the stairway to trigger a cutscene. Get onto the
    small laptop to use the mortar. You can only fire once the little bar at the
    bottom of your reticle is full. Focus on the vehicles and then take care of the
    infantry. Your screen will start turning read as your taking damage so make
    sure to be quick and make your shots count.
    When you're back in control of walker, rappel down the cliff. Walk through
    the carnage and witness the horrors that are with in the trench you lit
    In the next area you will be presented with a real challenge. The enemy
    soldiers will be in a heavily dug in position. Along with this, it appears
    that there is a glitch with the friendly AI where they will blindy charge
    up the hill whether the area is clear or not. This happened with me at least.
    If you have a sniper or 417 you can just stay back and pick them off as they
    reinforce. Head up the hill towards the building and watch as more enemies
    come out of the building. Enter the building and mow down the guys that come
    charging up the stairs.
    Kill as many as you can from the high ground before heading down the stairs.
    spam grenades and watch your flank as large amounts of soldiers will come
    down the stairs. Your allies will start getting killed a whole lot sat make
    sure not to stray to far away from them.
    Head up the stairs to end the chapter.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 9 The Road [TR11]-------------------------
    Intel: 1
    Weapons: M9, M4A1 Ak-47, Grenades, UMP 45, FAMAS,
    Video Walkthrough: http://youtu.be/TNNGIgDPdFY
    ---INTEL 1/1 (Konrad Flag) ---
    Before you rappel down, go to the back of the room. The intel is the Flag
    on the wall with all of the writing on it
    Rappel down the rope and head down the road. I though the plot couldn't get
    any more complicated. After you head down the road a bit you will trigger a
    cutscene. You will now have to decide witch one of the civilians needs to
    die. Make your choice and then move on up the road.
    Up the road a bit you'll find a FAMAS in the sand for the first time. Grab
    it if you want and then continue up the road. Once you slide down that
    sand dune you'll come under attack by komrads men. Head up to one of the
    highway signs for cover. Start by taking out the soldiers on the high ground
    to your right and left. Stay on the sign and don't move up. You're not
    expected to kill everyone. After a few minutes a sandstorm will cut through
    the city.
    At this point, a large portion of the enemy force will leave. Head up the
    road and expect multiple groups of enemies. Luckily for you, enemy soldiers
    won't fire on you until you're within a couple meters of them. Your aim
    will be thrown off so make sure to use your grenades to their full capacity.
    You're not being timed so feel free to take it slowly and stop to heal if
    you need it. Reach the pipe at the end of the road to end the chapter with
    a cutscene.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 10 Riggs [RG12]----------------------------
    Intel: 1
    Weapons: Micro 9mm, M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47, Grenades, UMP 45, M249 SAW, M1014,
    417, P90
    Video Walkthorugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv7mUKJ0eR0
    Head to the end of the pipe and head to the left. Move through the tent and
    turn right into the next tent.
    ---INTEL 1/2 (Radioman Tape - No Relief Aid)---
    After you exit the pipe, in the second medical tent that you pass through.
    The intel is on the desk, next to a dead body sitting on a chair.
    Head further up the path and you'll encounter some action. At the combat zone,
    turn to the right and kill the soldier with the RPG. Take the RPG and start
    blowing crap up. Once you're out of ammo, switch to a different weapon and
    keep on shooting. Stay on the high ground and don't move around to much. After
    the initial group is defeated, another will reinforce them from the right.
    You should be given the opportunity to use the stun command. After the group
    is defeated, scavenge for ammo and head into the building.
    After the cutscene, find cover at the doorway and start shooting.
    ---INTEL 2/2 (Konrad's Pysch Profile)---
    The intel is on the table right next to the door the two enemy soldiers came
    through. This is the same table you start by when the cutscene ends.
    Fight your way down the hallway and take cover at the barricades at the end.
    Riggs will take out the two snipers so just give it a few seconds. When they're
    dead, hop over the barricade and move into the counter area directly to your
    right. Along with a large hord of infantry a Heavy will also show up. Make
    sure to use the stun command whenever you can and throw a few stun grenades
    of your own.
    With the enemy hord defeated you'll be clear to enter the kitchen with Riggs.
    Head through the kitchen and take a right at the end of the path. Once the
    hallway opens you will come under attack by soldiers on the second floor. Take
    cover behind the bullet proof couch and use grenades to clear them out. head
    up the stairs and clear out the rest of the soldiers in the area.
    Head to the second floor and floor your team through the room. Quickly find
    cover at the counter with the rest of your team. Prepare to repel the oncoming
    assault. The first wave will consist of garden variety soldiers so they
    shouldn't be any trouble. The next wave will consist of 3 heavily armored
    soldiers. One will come through the sky light and the other two through the
    window at the end of the room. Start with the one on the roof and then move
    onto the ones on the ground. After one more waves of normal soldiers, the door
    will open.
    Scavenge for ammo and then head through the door. Head down the stairs all the
    way to the parking garage. Stay on the left side and stay low in order to avoid
    the machine gun fire. After the main group is defeated a heavy will reinforce.
    The usual sticky grenade + Bullet combo works like a charm. Also watch out for
    enemy infantry far to the right. With the heavy dead, all you need to do
    is get a bit closer to the hummer and shoot the red gas tanks to kill the
    gunner. Finish off any stragglers and head to the next objective.
    Note: if you don't have a silenced weapon, I advice that you grab one and
    put its silencer on.
    Head up the stairs and use a silenced weapon to kill the first guard you see.
    Head down to the right and take cover behind one of the signs. Kill the guard
    patrolling the area and then take out the guard standing off on the seperate
    platform. Keep going down and kill the last soldier on the balcony to the
    left. Head down the stairs.
    Enough of the stealth, now its time to fight our way to the bottom. Go from
    level to level clearing out any resistance you come by. Watch out for knife
    only guys and make sure to watch for the higher levels as enemy soldiers will
    fill them in after you head down. At the bottom floor, a humvee will roll in
    with several soldiers. Tell your squad to focus down the machine gunner
    will you pick off the soldiers on the ground.
    /                                                                             \
    ---------------------Chapter 10 part 2 Stealing Water [SW13]-------------------
    Intel: 0
    Video Walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnEAGLDItRM
    This is another rail shooter so there isn't much for me to say. Basically,
    kill anything that moves. Spend any free moment you have reloading. You have
    unlimited ammo so feel free to put some extra grenades in for good measure.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 11 Alone [AL14]----------------------------
    Intel: 0
    Weapons: Micro 9mm, M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47, Grenades, UMP 45, M249 SAW, M1014,
    417, P90, 44 Magnum, scout tactical
    Video Walkthrough: http://youtu.be/0frk9U-VS2c
    After the Rail portion is over, you'll be in control again. Head down the
    road and find Riggs. You can listen to him or you can ignore its your choice.
    Follow the path with the flares and don't bother with the bodies, they don't
    have guns.
    Drop down into the open area and run to the first body you see for some ammo.
    While the rest of the city is thirsting for water, we're thirsting for ammo.
    Head into the mall and go up the escalator. Run down the path and vault over
    the barricade with the guard behind it. This situation just got really
    complicated. Grab the sniper rifle and get ready for some action. Snipe the
    guy holding Lugo and then move onto the other soldiers. Two soldiers will
    appear on the roof. Take them out quickly and then aid in your teams advance.
    Be careful as enemy soldiers will come at you from the left. After a few
    minutes, your team will open up a path for you.
    Move down the path. Enemy soldiers will appear on the roof to the right so be
    ready. You can instantly kill these guys by shooting the glass beneath them.
    Zip line across. Kill of the group of enemies that comes out and then head in
    for yourself. The lights will start blinking on and off for this room. Kill the
    normal soldiers and then focus on the Heavy. The first 5 or 6 times you kill
    him he will turn out to be a manikin. KIll him and then move on.
    Back on the walkway, kill the guys in front of you and then help out your guys
    on the other side. Keep going right down the walkway and take the zipline
    down. Head into the room on the right and clear it out. Head up stairs and
    quickly clear out the guys on that level. Don't get onto the machine gun
    until you hear the guy on the radio agian.
    Now it will be your job to cover your brain dead teammates as they ascend the
    mall. Once your guys make it to the third floor, guys on the roof will show
    up to kill you. Take them out first before going back to protect your men.
    Don't forget to hit the red crates to quickly take out large amounts of
    Once your men zipline across the chapter will end with a cutscene.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 12 The Rooftops [RF15]---------------------
    Intel: 2
    Weapons:  M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47, Grenades, UMP 45,  M1014,P90,scout tactical,
    Video Walkthrough: http://youtu.be/TmFJoW9wJrg
    Head across the roof and drop onto the walkway below. Move down to the left
    and drop down to the next walkway. Drop down one more time for some action.
    Move through the building and melee the sniper from behind. Move into the next
    room. There are several snipers and you have the element of surprise. DO NOT
    try to melee them. They will figure out whats going on and kill you pretty
    quickly. Instead, find cover and mow them down with a assault rifle. They
    won't know what hit them. A soldier will run through the next doorway, so
    be ready.
    Grab the shotgun on the wall next to the doorway and move into the next
    hallway. The close quarters will lend well to the shotgun. Move down the
    hallway. At the end of the hallway there will a large open room. Down from
    the roof will come over a dozen soldiers. Find cover on the chair near the
    hallway and start picking off the resistance. A single grenade will take
    out almost all of them and then the shotgun will take out the rest. Switch
    over to your normal rifle to take the out men on the rooftop.
    Note: The blind fire on the shotgun is very effective in this room.
    For this next part you'll going to have to be quick. Grab the sniper rifle on
    the pillar near the window and then run to the window and take cover.There are
    four snipers in all. Switch to the highest magnification on the rifle by
    pressing up on the D-pad. If you're having trouble sniping them then you can
    target them with RB and Lugo will take them out for you. Remember not to stand
    up for to long as you can only take two sniper shots before dyeing.
    With the path clear, head across the bridge and zip line down. Execute the guy
    at the end, he's not who he appears to be. Keep your sniper rifle.
    ---Intel 1/2 (Radioman Tape _ Konrad Interview)---
    The intel is next to the bottom of the stairs in a tool box. The box also
    contains a fan and is next to some audio equipment.
    Head up the stairs. Drop out of the window and head down to the left. Head up
    the ramp and refill your ammo at the crates. Find cover at the edge and scope
    in. Start by shooting the soldier marked in red. After that, kill as many of
    the men as possible before they break apart. Keep a watch on the machine
    gunner as he'll take you out quickly. Shoot the window next to the machine gun
    to make sure no one can use it.
    Note: The cover your're hiding behind is destructible so be ready to move at a
    moments notice.
    Note: you can still mark targets for Lugo to take out.
    Zip line across and head to the objective. Execute any living soldiers so
    you can replenish your ammo.Head Through the doorway and head up the stairs
    into the radioman's lair.
    ---Intel 2/2 (Radioman's Pressbadge)---
    The intel is in the long purple room. You will find the intel past the stairs
    in the small room at the back. Its on the right wall next to the sink.
    Now its time to head up the next staircase. Well that was one interesting
    cutscene, I guess.....
    Any way, HEad down the stairs you come from. Three Zulus will intercept you.
    It shouldn't take more then two shots from your shotgun to take them out. Head
    down the next flight of stairs and stand at the top at the last stairway. DO
    NOT stand at the door. The zulus will blow down the door for you.
    Fight your way out and start marking targets for LUgo to take out. Head up the
    staircase to the left. This small stretch of ground is probably the most
    heavily guarded point in the game. You'll encounter Zulus, weapon experts, and
    several normal soldiers. Prepare to move at a moments notice as they will pelt
    you with grenades. I've found that blind firing with the shotgun is one
    of the most effective tactics for this area. Just make sure to wait a second
    for the reticle to return to the screen before shooting again. (Don't forget
    to abuse those grenades :).
    Get into the helicopter for the escape. Even with control of the minigun
    you're still in a very exposed position. The minigun WILL NOT overheat, so feel
    free to go crazy. Try not to shoot Lugo and kill anything and everything that
    moves. Next up is another rail shooter bit. Focus on the machine guns and
    any soldiers that are outlined in red.
    With the destruction of the tower we'll see a very familiar scene, sort of.
    Keep fire on the helicopters but also pay attention for missiles marked by
    the red target symbol. This is definitely not how it happened the first time.
    After the "landing" we'll get to see one of the weirdest scenes of the game.
    And I though I was understanding the story, Sigh... Head up the path and listen
    to the dialogue.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 13 Adams [AA16]----------------------------
    Intel: 2
    Weapons:  M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47, Grenades, UMP 45,  M1014,P90,scout tactical,
    417, Desert Eagle, UMP 45, M249 SAW, M99,
    Video Walkthrough: http://youtu.be/zNTfkrVa4lo
    Head up the path. and move through the hull of the ship. In the field below
    Adams is surrounded by the 33rd. Use your Deagle and snipe the men below.
    Take your time with your shots and make sure all 5 of them are dead. Head down
    and pick up your downed teammate. This next part is a bit tricky.
    It's your job to protect Adams while a mass of Zulus bear down on your
    position. Start by grabbing the Scar L behind Adams position and then grab
    the 417 in front of Adams. Also in front of adams is low wall of scrap metal,
    this is were you'll be holding back the onslaught. Even when you're damaged
    you need to keep blind firing or else they'll quickly overwelm you. The end
    of the attack force will be marked by the arrival of a heavy, Pelt him with
    all of your grenades and then put as much lead into him as possible.
    With the assault over, Adams will actually get up and start moving. Head up and
    move down the hull of the next ship.
    ---Intel 1/2 (Radioman Tape - Street Artist)---
    After you repel the massive assault of Zulus you will move through another
    hull of a ship. The intel is found at the other end of the ship on the left
    side of the doorway. This is where you listen to Lugo's transmission.
    Head up the slope to the right and you'll reach another large opening. The boat
    at the far end is another snipers nest. Along the way is a army of Zulus
    ready for battle. If you still have the 417 I suggest that you try to pick
    off the sniper early. With the sniper gone you can move cover to cover picking
    off enemies as you go. Watch for enemies that will try to flank you from the
    right. As you approach the boat another group of the soldiers will storm out
    at you.
    Enter the boat and head to the deck. You can grab the sniper rifle from the
    front of the deck if you want. Head off and jump off the side of the boat.
    Note: the M99 ois really a down grade from the scout tactical. Both snipers
    kill in one shot but you have to reload after every shot when you use the M99.
    Find some cover and start shooting. A sniper will perch himself on the hill
    to the left and while soldiers shoot you from the inside of the boat to the
    right. If you can, take out the sniper and move to his position on the hill.
    From there you can finish off the enemy resistance. Move further into the
    Drydockand you'll encounter another wave of zulus. Watch the insides of the
    boats for enemies and continue moving up. Keep your shotgun and Assault rifle
    handy and watch for grenades.
    Another transmission from Lugo will mark the end of this wave of enemies. Move
    further down the dock. At the end, move around the tip of the ship and head up
    to the objective marker.Drop down into the ship and move to the other side.
    Drop down into yet another field of sand. A APC will roll in, ignore it.
    Make a mad dash for the central boat and take cover in the center. A group
    of soldiers, a weapon expert, and a heavy will enter the area. Start with the
    Heavy and then move onto the rest. DO NOT leave the center of the boat
    during that attack. Head up to the top of the ship with your shotgun ready.
    Kill the two men and refill on ammo.
    This will be where you'll be repelling another assault. I recommend picking
    off a few of the soldiers as they approach the boat and then spend the rest
    of the time guarding the stairs with your shotgun. When the sand storm ends
    you can leave the boat and finish off the survivors. Head through the gates
    and follow Adams to the objective.
    With the cutscene over you can move to the next objective. You can take your
    revenge if you want. Move through the tents and follow Adams.
    ---Intel 2/2 (Konrad Effigy)---
    Right before the final objective (the one after the scene with Lugo) you will
    be walking in a allyway. The intel is on the left side of the alley 17
    meters from the gate.
    Head up the stairs and kick the gate down to end the mission.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 14 The Bridge [TD17]-----------------------
    Intel: 2
    Weapons:  M9, M4A1, W1300, Ak-47, Grenades, UMP 45, M1014, P90, scout tactical,
    417, UMP 45, M249 SAW, AA-12
    Video Walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W47LKTPfo5I
    Head across the courtyard and drop into the tunnel with the objective marker.
    Refill on ammo and grenades and then move on out of the tunnel. Turn to the
    left and find some cover. Start by taking out the sniper on the roof of the
    building. Take out the rest of the soldiers on move on further down. Down to
    the right there is a machine gun nest.
    Move under the roof to the left. Head around the crates and move closer to
    the machine gun. Order Adams to take it out and then deal with the rest of the
    soldiers. Take advantage of the fact that the machine gun is out of
    commission to move forward. Another group will come out of the building. Use
    your grenades to deal with them and then move on.
    Stack up on the entrance to the building and throw a grenade in. Move in and
    kill the survivors.  Head up the stairs and wait for Adams to "unlock" the
    ---Intel 1/2 (Code of Conduct)---
    The intel is at the top of the stairs of the first building you enter. Its
    to the right of a door that Adams opens for you.
    Head outside and turn to the right. You know when I said that stretch before
    the helicopter was the most fortified area in the game? Yep, I was lying. This
    is 10 times harder. Take cover and grab the RPG. Shoot the tower and then
    grab your gun again. Clear the barricade to the left and then make run
    to the barricade. Pick off as many enemies as possible and then make your way
    to the next barricade on the left side. From there move to the humvee. Now move
    over to the barricades in front of the machine gun nest.
    Throw a grenade at the turret and then throw a stun grenade. Jump over
    the barricade and move into the area with the machine gun. Man the machine gun
    and start shooting at the next position over.
    Next to the machine gun you should find a grenade launcher with 12 shots, grab
    it. Exit the nest and immediately kill the sniper in the tower to the right.
    Now use the grenade launcher to take out the reinforcements in the area. Head
    to the door at the end of the area for a suprise. Another Heavy? Find some
    cover and use the rest of the grenade launcher and grenades to kill him.
    Pick up his AA-12 and enter the building. It only takes two shots to kill a
    Zulu with this gun so don't get to trigger happy.  Clear out the building and
    kill the men at the top of the ramp.
    ---Intel 2/2 (Final Orders)---
    In the room that you enter after you kill the heavy that looks like Lugo.
    The intel is on the far left wall to the left of the ramp that leads to the
    second floor.
    Head up the ramp and follow the stairs. The area around the back of the
    gatehouse is heavily guarded. Use the last of your grenades on the heavy
    and then deal with the machine gun and Zulus. Once  the area is cleared, a
    cutscene will be triggered.
    Run forward a bit and the chapter will end.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Chapter 15 Welcome [WC18]--------------------------
    Intel: 2
    Video Walkthrough:  http://youtu.be/XuRTexZeubY
    Head up the stairs and go past the soldier. Enter the elevater. Step on out
    and towards the stairs.
    ---Intel 1/2 (Poem For Elizabeth)---
    Before you go up the stairs, go to the left and grab the intel on the table
    to the left the stairs. This is the area that you enter right after you exit
    the elevater.
    ---Intel 2/2 (Meassage To Jeremy)---
    After you exit the elevater you need to go up the stairs directly diagonal
    from the other set of the stairs. The intel is on the desk.
    Head up the stairs and meet the imfamous general, kind of. Head past the
    painting and and reach the chair for another chilling sight. Now you have
    the choice to either shoot Konrad or not. Your choice will effect the ending
    of the story. The cutscene will also show you all of the choices that you
    have made through the game.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Epilogue [EP19]------------------------------------
    Intel: 0
    Weapons: AA-12, M4A1, Desert Eagle
    Video Walkthrough:  http://youtu.be/XuRTexZeubY
    Note: you can only acces the Epilogue if you choose to KILL Komrad.
    You can either choose put down your gun or start shooting up the place. Giving
    up will have one ending, resistaning and dying will give one ending, and
    resistaning and killing everyone will have another ending.
    /                                                                             \
    ---------------------------Intel Database [ID20]-------------------------------
    In this section I will be listing all of the intel in the game along with a
    copy of the text that comes with it. I will NOT be going over where to find
    them in this section of the guide. If you want to know where they're located
    then you're going to have to read the portion of the guide that describes the
    particular mission containing the intel you are trying to find.
    ---The Evacuation---
    --Konrad Confession Letter
    (Konrad Speaking) (This intel is simply one pieces of paper with the letter on
    My name is John Konrad. Commander of the 33rd Battalion Husband of Elizabeth
    and father of Jeremy. If you are reading this, the desertion of the 33rd is
    undoubtedly no longer a secret. I have failed my mission. I have failed my
    mission. Worse, I have failed my men. If any of them be found alive, let it be
    known that they are innocent. As their commander, I forced the,, under extreme
    duress, to stay in Dubai. To direfard their orders, I alone am to blame.
    --Damaged Black Box
    (recording of the pilot and the co-pilot of the crashed plane) (the black box
    is a device meant to record the last minutes of audio from the cockpit. This
    way, in the event of a crash, they can find out what happened to the plane.
    These things are supposed to be fire and water prove and very resistant.)
    Aaaaaaaand, wheels are up. Thank god this's the last one.
    Whoa. Wind shear. No problem, though
    I don't know, METAR'A and TAF'S weren't great. Think we should'a waited?
    No chance. No chance. These people are paying 4 times the norm to get out
    quick. If they asked for a refund, it'd be our asses.
    That don't feel like wind shear... Holy shit! is that sand?
    Oh, Fuck fuck fuck. Storm on our six!
    I've never seen one that big...
    Expedite climb! Pull up, Eric! Pull up!
    Shit!engines are choked! We gotta Flame out! Engine one's gone! Fuck! Check
    Engine two! check it!
    ---The Dune---
    --Radioman Tape - Welcome to Dubai
    (Radioman Talking)
    The paradise of the rich, Dubai. IN all my days, I hahve never seen such a
    beutiful pile of junk. Murdoch's boys were running scared, but i'm in for the
    long haul, baby!
    "gathering StormL An exclusive eyewitness Account of the Fall of Dubai."
    Damnm, if that title ain't what Pulitzers are made of. Which reminds me ah shit
    ... I need to dig up somthin' nice for the colonel. A lil' thank you for
    lettin' me tag along.
    Now, if I can just grab some sandstorm b-roll... Any minute now.... any minute
    Fuck, this is boring... Come on give me something....
    --Sandstorm Cover-Up
    (News reporter talking to the producer before going on T.V)
    Okay, people... please. Prompter ready?
    News Anchor
    Uh, Tony? What the hell is this?
    What's what?
    News Anchor
    The prompter says we're telling people to stay home and wait for the
    "evacuation force?" Where's we get that? I haven't seen anything about an
    evacuation force come down from the wire.
    Just read it and smile. That's what we pay you for.
    News Anchor
    Tony, this isn't ethical. I'm a journalist. Viewers trust me to--
    -You're a pair of tits that can read a teleprompter. You do the story or I
    get someone else who will. now we're on in five, four , three...
    News Anchor
    ...You are a fucking asshole, Tony...
    -Two, one....
    --Looter Bullets
    (walker talking) (A piece of jewelry, bullets, and a bullet press.)
    In horror movies, they always use silver to kill the monster. Stakes crosse,
    bullets -didn't matter So long as it was Silver. In Dubai, these hostiles are
    using soldier bullets to kill soldiers. Guess that makes us monsters. Seems
    they're melting down everything they can their hands on. Cufflinks, Jewelry,
    flatware. Reeks of desperation, but it's smart. In Dubai, a bullet's worth more
    than a necklace. It's kinda funny, when you think about it. At least a soldiers
    life doesn't come cheap.
    ---The Refugees---
    --Child's Doll
    (Walker Talking) (a very plane childs doll)
    Found a doll in the O.Z No way it' left over from the old days. Diamond
    earrings for eyes. SIlk for a dress. This was made after the storm wall fell.
    That means children. Families. I'm starting to wonder about enemy. We're not
    that far from Konrad's failed evac. Could these be the Survivors? Are we
    killing the people we came here to save? I'm not gonna tell Adams or Lugo...
    Shit's hot enough as it is. They don't need this weight on 'em too. Anyone
    shooting at us is an enemy... Whether they got families or not.
    --Castavin's Diary
    (Castavin talking) (a pile of papers and pictures about the local people)
    As origanallt reported upon first arrival, situation in Dubai dismal. And
    that's an understatement. Civilians have turned into vultures. Stealing,
    rioting,, hell, I saw a man gutted over a can a'soda. It's a mess here.
    Soldiers trying to keep martial law. Only making it worse. No way to radio HQ
    from inside the storm wall. Agent Daniels has left the OZ to report our
    findings and recieve further instructions. Langley's not gonna like what we
    have to say. Got a feelin' they'll return favor.
    ---The Edge---
    --Dossier on Grey Fox
    (Member of the 33rd talking) (A pile of papers and pictures)
    CIA Op-squad, Code Name: Grey Fox. Know members include: Thomas Daniels, Brian
    Castavin, Jeff Riggs, and Rick Gould. Interrogation of Daniels has revealed
    CIA to be responsible for attacks on our outposts throughout the city. CIA
    attacks have been aided by members of local populace, heretfire referred to as
    "insurgents". Insurgents believed to be operating directly outside our
    territory. Daniels' questioning has revealed possible location of stronghold.
    Raid has been scheduled, with with intent to neutralize CIA threat and
    establish order in the area, If all else fails, recommend use of Daniels to
    lure other CIA members into the open.
    --Radioman Tape - Evacuation Cover-Up
    (radioman and politician talking to each other) (yet another tape recording
    from the radioman)
    Hey! You have any idea who I am?
    Let him go, Nabeel.
    That's right.. Hands off the goods.
    You have 30 seconds. Tell me what you want.
    What I want... huh huh... at I want is you man, on record. telling me about
    the genocide you an' your friends are trying to keep hidden from
    the rest of the world, huh huh huh....ya
    Madness. You have no idea that you are saying. Get him out of here.
    Oh, yeah! well, huh huh.. I'll tell ya what I know. I know the truth man. And
    the truth is where it's at. I know every expat and fat-cat Emirati hightailed
    it outta Dubbai on permanent vacation two days before your office shit-canned
    a news piece about the storms, huh huh, ya. I know you wife an' kids left
    this morning, and I know you mistress is leavin' town tonight.
    You know nothing of Dubai, my friend. If you di, you would know the truth is
    whatever we wish it to be. Any evidence you find to the contrary, will never
    change that. Now get out of my office.
    You can't hide the truth man!
    ---The Pit---
    --Interrogator Confession
    (Soldier of the 33rd talking) (Piece of paper)
    Thought i'd make it the whole way without screaming. Hacked my way through the
    sandboarding. Even, but my tongue when they brought out the knives. But the
    fire... dammit... I screamed like you wouldn't believe. I'm disappointed, but
    at least now I understand the breaking. Once my flesh started melting, I'd
    have thrown my own mother under a bus just to make it stop. Every Insurgent
    brought before me will know the same pain. And when they break, we will be
    like brothers. Having stared down death... and flinched..
    ---The Battle---
    --Radioman Tape - After The Storm
    (Radioman speaking) (another tape tied to a street sign)
    It's wrong to call is a storm. I've never seen a storm that could blast paint
    off a car. THis is sand, flying through the air at 80 miles an hour. It will
    shatter glass, tear you flesh, and fill you lungs. Even those of use still
    alive have been stripped down to our bones. We got nothin' but the clothes
    on our back, man. What water is left, the 33rd has under lock an' key. Couple
    civilians tried to stage a raid on the cantina last last night. The Colonel had
    'em round up and shot. I tried to make myself watch, but I couldn't... They
    were desperate to live, man. But if they'd succeeded... others would have died.
    I don't know what it feels like to execute people you swore to protect. But
    Konrad sure does... and he's not talkin' tp anyone at the moment...
    --Radioman Tape - Soldier Interview
    (Radioman speaking to a member of the 33rd, Pete Gobbi,) (a tape recorder and
    a picture of the 33rd posing with the American flag)
    Go ahead and just say your name into the recorder.
    Um... Pete Gobbi.. Private 1st Class.
    Thank, Pete. So, the question everyone back home wants to ask is - Why? The
    Red Cross, the Petagon, even the President have all turned tail and run. Why
    stay here?
    see, I joined up outta high school. I didn't wanna go to war or anything. But
    then I got tossed in with the 33rd and ended up doing two tours
    in Afganistan.
    A disaster, by anyone's standards.
    Yeah, no shit. I can't tell you how many times we rolled past kids fightin'
    over garbage, on our way to some bullshit Op. So when the Colonel saw a chance
    to actually do some food here. hell yeah he took it.
    And what about the people back him, calling you deserters? Traitors?
    Man, fuck them. I'd love to go home, ya know? I got a daughter I ain't seen
    since last Christmas. But my baby-girl? She's safe in her bed right now. These
    people here... they ain't so lucky. What? I'm supposed to abandon them just
    because I get homesick? Nah. We're better than that.
    So you trust the colonel's decision?
    Hundred an' ten percent. Colonel's a great man. If standin' by his side makes
    me a traitor then so be it.
    ---The Road---
    --Konrad Flag
    (Walker speaking) (A American falg with all the stairs black out)
    You know that one girl? The girl whose face you cut outta old photograph? Well
    to Konrad, America was that girl. Fifty stars, fifty states - the whole Union
    - blacked out. Don't know why he did it. Maybe it was out of anger or a
    misguided attempt to create a symbol. Whatever the sentiment, his command
    Team clearly disagreed. Jeff Bowles, Ken Tebby, David Long... They stood up to
    their commander.. their friend. And in return, he tied them hand and foot and
    burnt them alive. Makes you wonder... what he'd do to someone he hated....
    --Radioman Tape - No Relief Aid
    On a tip, we went to check the Foreign Relied stations in the middle of the
    city. Found bodies. Nothin' new. 'Cept these had been shot. Burned. Along with
    the bodies, passports. Only one was readable. Zoe Strassburg, age 29. German
    aid worker. They say a paranoid is jsut someone with all the facts, Well, I
    don't have all the facts, but I am officially fucking scared. I don't
    wanna believe city officials are executing foreign aid workers... or what that
    might mean for the evacuation... But the facts man, you can't ignore the
    facts! I need to find the colonel. Fast. Without raising suspicion. If I can
    get a message on the wire, maybe something can be done here. But if not, God
    help Dubai.
    --Konrad's Psych Profile
    (Riggs Talking) (a folder containing papers and a picture of Konrad)
    Psycho-analysis indicates that Jon Konrad may be suffering from early-stage
    post traumatic stress disorder, resulting from failed operations in the Afghan
    In an individual as accomplished as Konrad PTSD could manifest as a pronounced
    tendency towards eg0-mania and calcification of moral certitude.
    More concerning is the way which Konrad has been lauded as the greatest
    military leader since the Patton.
    Konrad has internalized these sentiments and they may now constitute a
    crucial component of his psyche.
    It it believed that as Konrad comes under fire for his failures in Afganistan
    he will likely go to extreme lengths to internally fortify belief in this
    Konrad will begin looking outward to explain his failures while nursing a
    growing paranoia toward his superiors.
    It is unknown how Konrad's declining mental faculties will hold up in the face
    of another public failure.
    ---The Rooftops---
    --Radioman Tape - Konrad Interview--
    (Radioman talking with the infamous Colonel John Konrad of the 33rd)
    (This is another one of the Radiomans recording Contained in a box of some
    of the Radiomans other possessions.)
    Okay, Colonel.
    Call me John.
    Oh...uh.... Yeas, Sir. John. Shall we start?
    You're not recording this, are you?
    What? No... NO, of course not.
    Good I don't want... People need to hear my words. Not my voice.
    I totally understand.
    Yes, I think you do. You've been a... friend, these past months. It has been
    helpful having someone who just listens.
    That... That's very nice of you to say sir.
    What are you doing?
    I'm sorry. This pen doesn't work. I got to get another one.
    --Radioman's Prss Badge
    (Walker talking) (A badge that contains the Radiomans true identity along
    with a Kevlar vest that says "press")
    Turns out our favorite DJ used to be one Robert Darden . Worked with Rolling
    Stone for years. Was the "Hunter Thompson of Celebrity Fluff-pieces."
    Darden had obviously tuned out by the time we got here. But looking at his
    notes, it seems he'd been trying his hands at some honest-to-god journalism:
    Notes on the evacuation cover-up, the tragedy, the human cost. Maybe hiss
    time amongst the soldiers washed some of the bullshit off him.... Who Knows?
    it's a genuine shame THIS Bob Darden will never meet his deadline.
    The cost of our presence here continues to grow.
    --Radioman Tape - Street Artist
    These people have seen the end of the world. NO food, no water, no hope.
    Friends dead, family butchered. They live in hell and yet, they still take
    time to smell the dying roses. I get why the colonel does.. what he does. But,
    if these people can still muster enough soul to create art.. maybe there's
    more than he sees. I've been thinking a lot about Murrow, broadcasting outta
    blitzed London. He helped people. He showed 'em something that the Nazis
    couldn't flatten. That truck out front has and old CB. If, just maybe, I
    could put my hands on some speakers... Wouldn't that be something?
    --Konrad Effigy
    Half of Konrad's men are swingin' from lamposts. Black eyese, swollen tongues.
    The reat're emptyin' clips into civialins. Callin' it "resource management."
    All on Colonel Konrad's say-so, and yet... these people worship him. And why
    shouldn't they? They're clothed, fed, sheltered. And until we showed up
    relatively safe from harm. These people killed Lugo to protect Konrad. I
    killed them to protect myself. At least, that's what i'm telling myself
    ---The Bridge---
    --Code of Conduct
    (Soldier speaking) (a list of rules taped to a shot up metal plate)
    As an occupying force, it is important to set a good example. As such, please
    keep in mind the following protocols.
    1) Grooming standards are to be kept at all times.
    2) No Fraternization with civilians of any kind.
    3) When off-duty, please keep music, etc. at a reasonable volume, so as not
    to disturb the local population.
    4) Absolutely no drugs or stimulants, except at provided by medical Personnel.
    Alcohol restricted to one beer per solier, per day, with a meal, as available.
    5) Share time on the putting Greem or acces will be revoked.
    Each offense will warrant five damerits. Five demerits recieves an official
    warning. Ten, two weeks hard labor. Fifteen, public flogging.
    Looting and excessive force are not tolerated and will be met with the
    strictest punitive measures.
    --Final Orders
    (Konrad speaking) (A pice of paper with a note on it)
    To my men. I don't need to remind you of the events which have led us here. We
    are each branded by our actions, for good or ill. Yes, there is darkness to
    come. But take heart, for the storm will soon break. THere will be chaos in the
    coming days. As your Commander, I know you will persevere. You are the Dammed
    33rd. It's been the greatest honor of my life to serve alongside you. That is
    why I can trust you with this final order. NO matter what, endure. Be ever
    vigilant. Hold the line.
    --Poem For Elizabeth
    (Konrad talking) (a poem and a sketch of who I am assuming to be Elizabeth)
    I've been forgetting when I am.
    You should know,
    You're always there.
    I keep repeating,
    The next time, time next time.
    You won't
    I hate this lie the most.
    Mostly I just hate
    The want.
    --Message To Jeremy.
    (Konrad speaking) (a letter along with a picture of Konrads son, Jeremy.)
    jeremy. Someday, people will tell you about your father. For that, I'm sorry. I
    love you.
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