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by A Backdated Future

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Guide and Walkthrough by A Backdated Future

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 08/26/2013
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This guide covers the PC / Steam and PSP versions of the game 100%.

  • Contact Email: a.backdated.future@gmail.com
  • Facebook: http://facebook.com/ABackdatedFuture

  • Platform(s): PC (Steam), PlayStation Portable
  • Date Last Updated: August 26, 2013
  • Document Version: v1.03

My goal to you, the reader...
...is to make sure that you are able to get a perfect game, meaning that you can find all of the items, explore all of the areas, uncover anything that is hidden, and see all there is to see.

For this guide, I have decided to create an extensive FAQ/Walkthrough. The walkthrough is the main focus; it walks you through the whole game step-by-step, leading you to the locations of all of the items in the game, strategies for fighting the bosses, and even walking you through the miscellaneous extras thrown your way in the game. It will also be an extensive FAQ, which includes lists of all of the items, equipment, etc., as well as a complete bestiary.


The aspect ratio notes below are relative to only the Steam version.

In the game's settings, prior to loading the actual game, you can adjust the Display Mode based on the version of the game you would like to play.

30:17 Aspect Ratio.

Running the game in the Chronicles (30:17) Display Mode will trigger the 30:17 widescreen aspect ratio. The entire play area is zoomed in to fill the screen, and is occupied by Adol and his surroundings. The life bars and information take up very little space, but overlap the play area. (Because it's zoomed in, some small parts of the screen are cut off compared to the Complete version.)

4:3 Aspect Ratio.

Running the game in the Complete (4:3) Display Mode will trigger the 4:3 aspect ratio. The play area will be in a framed window, with the bottom section of the screen being occupied by the life bars and information, and the rest of the area at the top being occupied by Adol and his surroundings. (While this ratio does make the gameplay area smaller, nothing is zoomed in or cut off compared to the Chronicles version.)

Game Mode: Chronicles (2009) or Complete (2001)?

Upon starting the game, you'll be asked to choose between Chronicles (2009) or Complete (2001) modes.

Chronicles (2009) mode.

Complete (2001) mode.

Chronicles (2009) (left) mode has a slightly more improved artwork style, and actually has more cut scenes throughout the game than the Complete version.

Complete (2001) (right) mode has a more "traditional" artwork style, and some of the cut scenes in the game that are present in the Chronicles version are instead rendered as live action with the game sprites.

Walkthrough - Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen (Ys I)

Once you have chosen a game mode, there are four difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. Pick your poison, then start!

As the game starts, you'll meet Doctor Bludo, Nurse Ayla, and Slaff. Afterward, you'll gain control inside of Bludo's Clinic in Barbado Port. Attempt to leave for a quick scene with Bludo and Ayla, telling you that you need to head to the portside warehouse. First, leave the house so we can finally explore the town of Barbado Port.


By opening your MENU and choosing FILES, you can SAVE and LOAD your game at any time. Be sure to SAVE often!!

Let's start off by adding to our Character Notebook, and to do so, you'll want to talk to everyone in town. From Bludo's Clinic, talk to the man walking around the Clinic itself to find Old Man George. Head down a level, then check to the northwest near the pikkard pen to find Old Man Pastol hanging around above it. Nearby, you should also see the following people walking around; a man in red (Marco), a man with blue hair (Stephan), a blonde-haired woman (Arcia), and a blue-haired woman (Fran).

Enter the building in the northwest corner of town to find Granny Daria, then make your way to the next building to the lower-right. (The one right below her house is the Armory, but it's currently locked.) Its neighbor, Gerald's Pub, has the bartender Gerald and the bar maid Karin to talk to. The next building to the right is Mason's House, so talk to Cheryl, Sylvia, and Mason the Trader inside. The next one to the lower-right (Torrance's House) has Rebecca, Danny, and Torrance inside.

Make your way to the southwesternmost corner of town, and you'll be just outside of the biggest building in town; the Militia Headquarters. Talk to the brown-haired man walking around the building here (Fisherman Betelo), then go inside via any of the four doors. Talk to the man with black hair inside, who is walking around the warehouse (Drake), then proceed up the stairs in the upper-left corner and head outside to find the last person in town standing watch on the right side (Jacob).

Once you've spoken to all 21 people in town, head back to the first floor of the Militia Headquarters and talk to Slaff. Ask him about Barbado, Esteria, The Stormwall, and The Militia to learn more about what's going on, then choose Nothing to continue. As long as you've talked to everyone in town, he will recommend you stop at Minea, which is to the north of Barbado. He will also give you a Short Sword. Be sure to go to the EQUIP part of your MENU and equip it!

Steam Achievements

Once you have the Short Sword, you will earn the Sworded Details Achievement.

Once you have the sword, be sure to return to the clinic and talk to Dr. Bludo for another scene. When you're ready, go ahead and save your game, then leave town to the far north. On our way to Minea!

Monster Notebook EntriesCharacter Notebook Entries
Curloid Julius

The BUMP SYSTEM takes a little getting used to. Pay attention to the tutorial shown, or use the picture below, to get an idea of how to effectively fight.

Keep in mind that you can take three, possibly four hits right now before you die.

If you need to heal, you can do one of two things; stand perfectly still and wait for it to recover, or you can head back to Barbado and talk to Doctor Bludo to restore all your HP.

You're probably better off on waiting until you get to Minea and can upgrade your Armor before trying to fight/grind. If you're comfortable enough, feel free to try.

Tutorial on the BUMP SYSTEM for Ys I. Don't hit enemies straight on!

There's not much to this area to begin with. Head up until you hit a wall, then follow along the wall to the right until it disappears and you can continue up. Once you're up on the next level, continue all the way to the left until you see another path going up to the next level. Again, go up, then make your way to the right, keeping an eye out for another path above you to go up to the next level.

Read the sign here if you like; it points you to the west to arrive at Minea, so continue west and follow the path here as it turns north to the next screen. Keep following the path north, then turn east when you can to come to a bridge. If you try to cross it, Julius will come out and chide you for being out and in danger, and recommends you come inside the town of Minea to the south. Sure, why not? Continuing on from here will land you in an early grave anyway.

Items / Equipment / TreasuresCharacter Notebook Entries
Sapphire Ring Reah Ricardo Buck
600 G (Net) Prim Cezar Tabitha
150 EXP Fana Miner Doug Mayor Marcel
Heal Potion Julius Chest Pamela
Chain Mail Archelle Old Man Franz Rosetty
Small Shield Aurora Nikki the Dancer Dios
Wing Cornell Doctor Klaus Old Man Betel
Sara's Crystal Johann Nurse Lisa Lydia
100 EXP Hans Theodore Freddy
Haystack Bron Martha
Lucca Old Man Mash Old Man Harrison
Boss Bangoa Kain Charlotte
Orman Pim Ephy
Donis Charme Sara


Klaus' ClinicPim's PawnRosetty's WeaponryDios' Armory
Heal Potion300 G Sapphire Ring 900 G * Short Sword 500 G Chain Mail 400 G
Plate Mail 2000 G
Wing 180 G * Reflex 5000 G
Long Sword 2000 G Small Shield 700 G
Mirror 450 G * Middle Shield 2000 G
Large Shield 6000 G

(*) = The prices noted with the * above are the true price of the items after haggling with Pim. See the first note below for details.

This is Doctor Klaus. Be sure not to miss him!

!!!!!!! MISSABLE !!!!!!!

    • Before doing ANYTHING, SAVE YOUR GAME! There's a character here, Doctor Klaus, whose Notebook entry is extremely difficult to get after this point, and is considered missable. (You CAN get him on a later visit, but it becomes more difficult for him to appear.) From the first time you enter Minea, QUICKLY go all the way to the right to the eastern wall, then go south. You should see Doctor Klaus leave the building just as you approach it, so quickly talk to him before he disappears to get his entry. (And if you keep talking to him, he'll be in such a hurry that he'll actually SPRINT away from you!)

Steam Achievements

Before spending any money, save your game! Once you have, go to Pim's Pawn (the item shop on the left side of town) and drop 500 G on a Mirror. Once you have it, equip it to your item slot, then go up to someone in town and use the Mirror in front of them.

You will obtain the Some Kind of Sorcery Achievement by using the Mirror in the presence of a townsperson and confusing them. Once you've done that, go ahead and reload your game so you can use your money on better things. (Or keep it, if you really like it.)

As with Barbado, you'll want to talk to everyone here to unlock their entries in the Character Notebook. First off, head to the right and talk to the blue-haired lady here; this is Reah, a poet and a troubadour who has lost her harmonica -- keep her in mind. For everyone else, just make sure to check every end of town and around all the buildings; you should find Fana, Prim, Hans, Julius from before (if you went straight into town without trying to cross the bridge), Cornell, Boss Bangoa, Johann, Lucca, Aurora, Archelle, and Haystack.

Now, to visit the buildings! From the northern entrance to town, visit the building farthest to the left, which is Pim's Pawn. Speak to Pim, and feel free to take a look at his goods! DON'T buy anything yet until you read below!


You can actually haggle with Pim, and it's in your benefit to do so! Check out his menu, then examine the Sapphire Ring. Once he offers you a price of 1000 G, choose Cancel, and repeat the process over again; examine, cancel, examine, cancel, repeat. After you've done this a total of 9 times, he will see that you're a pretty good negotiator, and will offer it at a 10% discount just for you. Once you have that, THEN go ahead and buy the Sapphire Ring right now for 900 G, since it'll more than pay for itself VERY shortly. Other than that, there's nothing else worth buying at the moment.

Keep in mind that this PERMANENTLY lowers the prices of all of his goods by 10%!

Steam Achievements

You will obtain the The Pim's-Lower Approach Achievement by haggling with him to get that 10% discount, as described above.

After you're done with Pim, visit the next building to the right of Pim's Pawn to Buck's House; talk to both Tabitha and Buck inside, then head back out and visit the two houses below these. The house on the left -- Freddy's House -- has Martha and Freddy inside, while the house on the right -- Charme's House -- is the humble abode of just Charme.

There are two more houses on the left side to visit; at the very bottom of the area to the far left is Sara's Fortunes. Inside, Sara herself exclaims that she is finally able to meet you! Before going any further though, she wants you to be fully equipped with a Sword, Armor, and Shield, so we'll do that while exploring. The next building to the right is Betel's House, where you can talk to both Lydia and Old Man Betel.

Make your way back to the northern entrance to town, then visit the really long building to your southeast to be inside Orman's Spirits, a tavern that Ricardo, Cezar, Nikki the Dancer, Old Man Franz, Chest, and Miner Doug. Approach the bartender, and you'll be able to talk to them as a group, much like you did with Nurse Ayla and Doctor Bludo. Talk to Orman the bartender, Garreck the muscular man, and Donis the one-eyed man. Choose to drink with Garreck to learn that he'd love to get his hands on a Roda Tree Seed, and choose to hear Donis out to learn that he lost a sapphire ring for his wife, so we'll need to keep an eye out for it.


As long as you purchased the Sapphire Ring from Pim, give it to Donis. (If you didn't, get it now!) For finding it for him, he'll reward you with 1500 G (giving you a net profit of 600 G), as well as 150 EXP!

Once you're done checking out the tavern, go into the next building just to the northeast. This is Klaus' Clinic, and the nurse, Nurse Lisa will be glad to help you heal your wounds... for 50 G! (You're better off standing still until you recover.) You can also buy Medicine here for 300 G, so go ahead and choose Medicine to get a Heal Potion. Also, make sure to check the beds on the right side of the clinic to meet Old Man Mash, Kain, Bron, and Theodore. The next house down to the lower-right is Harrison's House, so talk to Ephy, Charlotte and Old Man Harrison as well.

Lastly, on the right side of town, is a set of two houses on the bottom. The first house on the left is the Mayor's Residence, so talk to Mayor Marcel and his wife Pamela, then head next door to the right, which is Rosetty's Weaponry! Make sure to talk to Rosetty, but as long as you got the Short Sword from Slaff, there's really nothing here that you need to buy. Just to the right of the Weaponry is Dios' Armory; Dios DOES have some equipment that you should definitely buy! Go ahead and buy the Chain Mail and the Small Shield so you have some decent protection.

If you've done everything above as I've recommended, you should now have at least 180 G. Feel free to either save it, or use it to get a Wing so that you can teleport back to Minea, if needed. It will come in very handy at times!

When you're fully equipped with your new gear, go ahead and talk to Sara the Fortune Teller once again. She will ask you if you know of the Books of Ys; tell her No to have her explain about the six books and the land of Ys. She knows the location of one of them, and asks you to look for them. Of course! Choose Yes, I will, and she will bestow upon you Sara's Crystal, which will show you the way within the shrine, as well as 100 EXP. Even if you didn't fight at all out on the plains, you should now be level 2 and ready to take on some beasties!

Before going to the shrine, we must now seek out Sara's Aunt Jeba in Zepik, so once you're ready, go ahead and SAVE your game, then leave Minea!

Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster Notebook Entries
Bestiary Potion Pikkard
Golden Vase Curloid
Mirror Oakrot
Long Sword Rheboll
2200 G

In this area, you will find a Bestiary Potion. Once you drink it, you'll be able to see Enemy's statistics. At first, they will all be ???'s, but as you defeat the enemies over and over, each stat will unlock one by one until you have all five: HP, STR, DEF, EXP, and GOLD. If you're going for a perfect game, make sure to unlock them all! It takes 26 kills to unlock them all; 1 to get their name, then 5 each of the stats.

Ah, back to the plains. I'll set forth five goals here for you:

    1. Find both treasures!
    2. Accumulate another 250 G!
    3. Return to Minea and do the following:
      1. Sell the Golden Vase to Pim for 2200 G. (Haggle)
      2. Buy a Mirror from Pim.
      3. Buy the Long Sword from Rosetty.
    4. Get to level 3!

All three are pretty feasible and not too difficult, so go ahead and cross the bridge to the north to the next area. From here, cross the bridge to be in a wide open area. The small bridge to the east leads to a dead-end, so ignore it. The path to the west doesn't have any treasures, but make sure to stop by and play around so you can defeat a new enemy -- the Pikkard. Feel free to grind, but once you've defeated one or are ready to move on, return to the bridge in the 2nd area and continue north to the next area.

In this third area, make a note that while the west does lead to a dead-end, it does wind up at a Roda Tree, so it will be worth remembering for later. To the north is the Abandoned Mine, so unless you want to get slaughtered, ignore it as well. Cross the bridge to the east, then check the sign to see that Zepik Village is just to the north. However, instead of going north, continue east across this bridge, then head south to a new area.

Head west and hug the edge of the wall here as it goes south, then turns west to another area. You'll find a chest at this dead-end; open it for the aforementioned Bestiary Potion, so be sure to drink it up so you can monitor the beasties' stats. Head back to the previous area, then head directly east until you hit a wall, then head south along that eastern wall. You should come to a small pond; search the northeastern side of this pond, and you should find the Golden Vase hidden in the water, as pictured below.

The Golden Vase's semi-hidden location.

As long as you have both treasures and 500 G in your possession, go ahead and make your way back to Minea. Talk to Pim and repeat the same haggling process that you did for the Sapphire Ring, but this time, for selling the Golden Vase. After 9 times, he'll cave and accept a deal of 2200 G!

With that sold, you should have a least 2450 G! Go ahead and purchase a Mirror from Pim so you have one in your inventory, then make your way to the weaponsmith and purchase the Long Sword from Rosetty. Now you're ready to do some serious damage! Once you have these both and have equipped the Long Sword, return to the Plains.

If you like, you can explore to the far south of that last pond and check out the other Roda Tree, or even play around and find a treasure chest that you can't unlock just yet. When you're ready to move on, make your way back to the sign showing that Zepik is to the north, then proceed north until you hit a wall. Zepik will be directly east from there.

Talk to everyone in the village first to fill up your Character Notebook. The following people are just wandering about town; Old Man Lahan, Elbert, Old Man Corvo, Granny Lucia, Granny Soya, Old Man Cronen, Demi, Granny Tohbe, Clive, Palma, and Iris. Enter the first house north of the entrance to find Granny Edda, Linda, and Mark inside, then head to the far east, entering the house next to the shore.

Inside this house is Jeba, Sara's aunt, and she'll recognize your crystal. She sees that Sara believes in you, and will give you the Shrine Key so that you may find what you're looking for. Leave her house, then go south along the eastern shore just a bit, making sure to talk to the sleeping Old Man Pablo at the end of the dock.

Finally, enter the house just southeast of the entrance to find Mayor Robels. He asks you if he can tell you a secret; reply Yes, and he'll tell you that the Silver Bell has been stolen by thieves, and he would like you to 'negotiate' with them to get it back. Choose Yes, I will to agree to your next task!

The Thieves' Den is just to the north of the village, so leave the house, and proceed north from the right side of the Mayor's Residence to the Mountain Path!

Character Notebook EntriesMonster Notebook Entries
Goban Unugun
Lugan the Thief
Morgan the Thief

Here, I'll give you another set of goals to better prepare yourself:

    1. Get to level 5! (Feel free to go back to the Plains and fill out the stats to your Monster Notebook to keep you from having to do it later, if you haven't already. Otherwise, just fight the Unuguns.)
    2. Accumulate 2680 G! (Unuguns drop quite a bit pretty quickly. You'll also travel to Minea at one point, so get 2860 G if you plan on using your Wing rather than running.)

Well... it can't get much simpler than this! Just follow the path, fighting the enemies until you come to the Shrine, then turn and head directly east to the next area. Keep going east and you'll be at the Thieves' Den!

Inside, talk to Goban in the center. Choose to Talk to boss a couple of times, then Negotiate a few times as well to learn the truth. Afterward, speak with Lugan the Thief off to the top-left, then finally Morgan the Thief at the entrance. Feel free to check the chests if you like; there's nothing in them though.

Once you've talked to all of them and have fought enough to bring yourself to level 4, go ahead and return to the entrance of the Shrine here on the Mountain Path. With the Shrine Key in hand, proceed inside.

Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster Notebook Entries
Ruby Uhnos
1320 G Bulner
Middle Shield Looter
Plate Mail (!) Jenocres (!)
Prison Key
Treasure Box Key
Silver Bell
Mask of Eyes
500 EXP
Shield Ring

(!) = BOSS BATTLE #1

Take a few steps to the right and examine the gold statue to be teleported to a fun little maze! Luckily, this floor is quite easy, so take a few steps down, then go through the doorway on the upper-right. From there, you'll be in a room with three doors at the bottom; go through the doorway to the far right, then go right and up to find a chest. Open this one up for a Ruby.


With this Ruby in hand (and preferably the 2680 G I recommended you accumulate out on the Mountain Path), leave the Shrine, then make your way back to Minea and head to Pim's Pawn. As long as you haggled with him before (on both buying and selling), you should be getting an extra 10% with him, so go ahead and sell your newly-acquired Ruby for 1320 G, which should bring your total to at least 4000 G.

You already have the Long Sword, but now that you have 4000 G, you can afford both the Middle Shield and the Plate Mail, so buy both of them from Dios and equip yourself to the max! Just a suggestion; it doesn't actually matter for the upcoming boss battle, since for some reason, it ignores your armor anyway.

Return to the maze in the Shrine. There's a chest to the upper-left, but it's locked and you can't open it yet, so we'll worry about it in a bit. From the gold statue inside the maze, take a few steps down, then go through the doorway on the lower-left. From there, go through the next doorway to the lower-left, then go left and up through the next one. Go left until you hit the wall, then go down through the doorway here. Lastly, go all the way to the left until you hit the wall, then go up into a room with a dark door.

Make sure to SAVE your game. When you're ready, examine the door to use your Shrine Key, then you'll have to take on the first boss of the game; Jenocres, the summoned spellbinder!

All Difficulties 10090765000

Jenocres is probably one of the toughest first bosses that I've ever fought. If you're not at level 5, you'll most likely have a pretty hard time unless you're extremely agile and able to avoid all of the flames. The good news is that, if you're at level 5, it should be a short fight.

You can stand at the very bottom of the screen to avoid damage; do this until you can recognize the flame pattern. His only attack is that large set of flames that he summons from the statues in the walls, so take your time and wait for him to pop up in an area that you know you can dash in and nail him at least once before you retreat to the bottom of the screen to wait for your next opportunity. I can guarantee that you will NOT last long in those flames, so tread carefully. Keep doing this until he falls.

If you need additional help, watch my boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!

After the battle, proceed north down the newly-opened hole in the wall to be in B1.


While you're in B1 (or lower) of the Shrine, your HP does not recover while you stand still. If you need to heal, use your Heal Potion.

Make your way south to a fork, then go west and south all the way until you descend some stairs to B2.


Keep going south until you hit the wall, then turn east to a fork. Skip the first path that branches off to the north, then take the second one up -- the one between two statues. Follow the path as it goes north and northwest to a dead-end with a chest; inside will be a Prison Key. Be wary of the Looters that appear once you open it, then return back to the southernmost hallway.

Go east just a bit to find another doorway to the north next to a statue. Once you go through it, continue north through the hallway, then it turns east. There are four paths going north here; the first northern path is a dead end, the last one to the far east we'll come back to later, so go over to the third northern path to the east and follow it to a dead-end that contains the ever-useful Treasure Box Key.

Return back to the hallway with the four northern paths, then take the second northern path up. Once it turns west, look for a doorway to the south; now that you have the Treasure Box Key, open the chest here for the Silver Bell that had originally gone missing from Zepik. For now, postpone exploring any further and return back to B1.


Go back north through three doorways, then take a few steps north and turn east. Keep going east, ignoring the branching hallways to the north and south, until you come to a set of prison cells to the far east. BEFORE unlocking either of them, go south from the cell on the right until you come to an open area. There's a locked chest in the far southeastern corner that has a Necklace inside.

Now, with the Prison Key, open the cell on the right, and you'll meet Feena. Choose Take her with you, and Feena will temporarily join your party, along with you earning a whopping 500 EXP! Grab the Mask of Eyes out of the chest while you're here, then leave the cell.


Feena has HP, just like you. Keep her protected; if she dies, it's GAME OVER. You best save before trying to escort her out, just in case.

Steam Achievements

You can obtain the Forever Level One Achievement by making Feena defeat an enemy.

Before attempting this, make sure to SAVE. To do this, use the Mirror to freeze all of the enemies around you. Once you regain control and they're stuck still, shove Feena INTO the monster until she defeats it and levels up. It may take a few tries before you can get it without accidentally killing the enemy yourself.

You can also just try to always keep an enemy between you two (while it's frozen with the Mirror), and she'll constantly hit it trying to follow you. This way takes longer, and you'll most likely have to use your Mirror all three times, but it seems to get the job done a bit easier.

You can obtain the Hey Baby, What's Your Width? Achievement by getting Feena's measurements.

SAVE FIRST! You can only get either this one or the next one in one sitting, so you'll have to SAVE, do this one, then reload and do the next.

To do this, go all the way west from the prison cells to be at the first fork on B1. You should see a dead-end to your west and north (see the picture below.) Head west, then a couple of steps south until Feena is in line with the dead-end, then push her all the way into the corner until you have her measurements. (Which will actually show up beside her level!)

You can obtain the I Can't See You, But I Can Feel You Achievement by getting Feena's measurements while having the Mask of Eyes equipped.

SAVE FIRST! You can only get either this one or the previous one in one sitting, so you'll have to SAVE, do the last one, then reload and do this one.

Repeat the exact same steps as above, but once you have her trapped in the hallway, equip the Mask of Eyes, THEN pin her against the wall.

The hallway / dead-end where you can corner Feena. Kinky...

From the prison cells, go west until you hit the far western wall, then take the main path north and back up the stairs to the main room. You can now open the locked chest on this floor, so head back toward the entrance, but instead of examining the gold statue, open that locked chest for a Shield Ring. Be sure to equip it!

Exit the Shrine, then make your way back to Zepik, protecting Feena along the way.

Items / Equipment / TreasuresCharacter Notebook Entries
Power Ring Feena
Piece of Paper Luta Gemma
550 G
Zepik Village

Upon arriving in Zepik, watch the scene before you regain control in Jeba's House. NOW you can talk to Feena to obtain her Character Notebook entry.

Next, make your way to the Mayor's Residence and talk to Mayor Robels; you'll give him the Silver Bell, and in return, he'll give you the Power Ring. He will also recover your HP for free!

Finally, make sure to talk to Iris if you haven't already; she'll tell you that her husband, Luta, is missing.


Technically, you can undertake the quest to find Luta after talking to Iris the very first time you see her, but it helps save some time by doing it now while getting the Talwar.

Now, make your way back to the Plains now, so we can obtain one last treasure.


From the eastern entrance/exit, head all the way west until you hit the water, then head south to find the trusty sign that helped point us in the right direction earlier. Head east from it once again and cross the bridge, then go south to the next area. Continue all the way southeast to the next area, where you'll find one of the Roda Trees. Continue west from it, then north to a different part of the previous area, which eventually leads to a dead-end containing a Piece of Paper.

Once you have that, make your way back to the main part of the Plains, then head back west and south to the Town of Minea.

Town of Minea

Here, stop in at Pim's Pawn and sell your Necklace for 550 G. Feel free to grab another Heal Potion, Mirror, and/or Wing if you had to use any of them. You can also see a quick seen with Sara if you drop in and see her, but other than that, all that's left to do is to leave town and make your way back west and south to Barbado Port.

Barbado Port

Head over to Bludo's Clinic first. If nothing happens, talk to Ayla and Bludo both; it means you missed talking to them after getting your first weapon at the beginning. Afterward, leave the entire town of Barbado for a moment, then return. If you talked to Iris in Zepik, you'll find Luta Gemma here in the clinic, who'll make his way back to Zepik on his own shortly afterward. Make sure to talk to both Ayla and Bludo about him before departing.

Make your way to the Militia Headquarters and talk to Slaff once again, and this time, he will have you follow him to the Armory, where he gives you an even more generous gift; a Talwar!

Steam Achievements

Once you have the Talwar, you will earn the Seriously Sworded Details Achievement.

Once you have collected all of these treasures, it's time to be a hero! Head back to the Plains.


Make your way to the area north of Minea. Head north as you normally do to the third screen, but instead of going across the bridge to the east, go west to the next screen instead. From here, go southwest to the next area, then run southeast and save Luta from the Curloid. Once you've defeated the monster, Luta will thank you and you'll automatically return to Zepik Village.

Saving Luta from the Curloid.

Steam Achievements

You will obtain the That Wacky Minstrel Achievement once you've rescued Luta.

Zepik Village

After the scene with Luta, return to Jeba's House to see Feena awake. Other than that, the only thing left to do is to return to the Shrine and continue downward, looking for the Book of Ys.

To get to B3, make your way back down to B3, then go east, then north at the single statue to come back to the hallway with four northern paths. Take the path furthest east, then follow it down to B3.


Okay, another quick set of goals/tips to better prepare yourself:

    1. Get to level 7! (It would probably be less risky to do this on B1 & B2, and you'll be able to fill out your Monster Notebook while you're at it. If you don't care about that, it'll go by much quicker if you do it on B3, but is more dangerous. Just be careful.)
    2. Keep the Shield Ring equipped! (Some of the enemies like the Lyus and Dinvel can quickly reduce you to nothing, so any extra defense helps.)
    3. When in doubt, just use a Heal Potion or even a Wing! (If you're close to the point of dying, definitely use a Heal Potion, and if you don't have that, then just use the Wing to get out of there quickly; you're going to have to go back through the Shrine anyway, so you might as well do it with the EXP and Gold you've earned so far.)
    4. (Optional) If you accumulate 5,000 or more gold while leveling up, feel free to return to Minea and grab the Reflex armor, if you want to play it safe.

From the stairway in B3, make your way to the far western side, and you'll see a chest in the northwestern corner; open it for the Ivory Key. Take a few steps east, then go south down the hallway here to a fork. Go west, then hug the western wall as you go south, until you reach the far southern wall.

Go east past the first gold statue here (but remember it for here in a bit), and follow the path here as it goes north, then east and south to another gold statue. This teleports you to another part of the floor; go through the doorway on the lower-left, then follow the path and open the chest in the room to the northwest for a Silver Shield! Be sure to equip this immediately! Go through the southwestern doorway, then go west and north and to this gold statue to teleport once again.

You're now back at the second gold statue that you originally interacted with, so head back north, then west, south, and west to the first gold statue that I told you to remember. Use it to teleport, then go south, then west and north into the neighboring room and open the chest for a Heal Potion. (If you have one, it won't let you pick it up, so use the one you have, then grab it.) Now, leave the room to the south, then east to a dead-end with a silver statue.

The location of the first hidden doorway found with the Mask of Eyes equipped.

Equip the Mask of Eyes here, then go through the newly-discovered doorway to your north. Immediately unequip it once you're through, that way you can see the enemies coming your way. Ignore the gold statue to the north for now, but remember it for later. Go down the lower-right path instead, following the zigzagging path as it goes south, east, north, east, etc., until you reach a dead-end with another gold statue that'll teleport you away.

Not much here except a dead-end to your northwest, along with a treasure chest, so go open it for a Marble Key, then take the same statue back to the way you came. Go ahead and return to the last gold statue I told you to ignore, then use it to warp to another area of B3.

SAVE! Following the path to the south, then west and north leads you to fight Nygtilger, the pestilent arthropod.

All Difficulties 20017514950000

Compared to Jenocres, Nygtilger is actually painfully easy. All you have to do is run around in circles... literally! Nygtilger will chase you, so run away from him, but as you do, circle around and attack the rear half of his body. Continuously run in circles and do this until he falls. As long as you avoid the head, you may not even take any damage!

If you need additional help, watch my boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!

After the battle, check the weakened wall to the north to have it open a path for you. Follow the path to find the Book of Ys (Volume Hadal)!


Before either climbing or "Winging" it out of here, if you're not at level 8, or you haven't accumulated enough money to buy both the Reflex and the Large Shield (11000 G), then do so now on B3 before returning to Minea.

After reading the above note, whenever you're ready, go ahead and head back to Minea. It'll only take a second via the Wing, but feel free to march if you like.

Town of Minea

Upon arriving in Minea, go to Sara's Fortunes to learn some troubling news. You'll then receive the Book of Ys (Volume Tovah) from Old Man Franz. You'll also learn that your next destination is the Abandoned Mine at Rastin. However, before we go, we need to head back to Zepik to check on Feena and speak with Jeba.

Before leaving, grab another Wing and Heal Potion if you used any, and make sure to have all items purchased and/or equipped that you can so far, meaning that you have Talwar, Silver Shield, and Reflex equipped, in addition to the Wing and Heal Potion ready to use, if needed.


You can technically buy the Talwar now, if you wanted. Talk to Rosetty first and attempt to buy it from him to be told that he doesn't have it. Make sure you don't have either the Talwar (or the Silver Sword, later on) equipped, then choose to actually talk to him with the Talk option, and he'll have them in stock for 5000 G.

Shouldn't be an issue since you got one for free, though.

When you're ready, head off to Zepik Village.

Zepik Village

Go to the dock on the far east side of town for a quick scene with Feena, then go into Jeba's House and speak with her. Hear all she has to say, then ask her to read you the two Books of Ys that you have to learn some history.

Now, before going to the Abandoned Mine, make sure you are ready. And by ready, I mean that you have read and done everything listed above in the Town of Minea.

If you are indeed ready, then go ahead and make your way back to the Plains.


Make your way to the area that is three screens to the north of Minea, where you first crossed the bridge to the east to get to Zepik. From that bridge, head all the way north along the riverside until you can't go any further, then go west through the skinny path here to arrive at the entrance of the Abandoned Mine. SAVE before you enter.


A quick goal from me here:

    1. Get to level 9! (If you're not at level 9 already, then do NOT go any further than the first room here in the Abandoned Mine until you are. The Nubbrows here are easy enough to fight while gaining decent EXP, and you can always retreat outside to heal afterward. The enemies PAST the Nubbrows, however, will kill you pretty quickly if you're not at least level 9.)

From the entrance, head west and past a fork until you hit the far western wall. Continue south along that path, following it as it goes east, south, west, south, then east and northeast. When the path starts to turn to the east again, look for a chest containing a Heal Potion. (As before, if you have one already, use it, then pick that one up.) Head southeast a bit to a fork, then continue all the way southeast to a dead-end with another chest. This one has a Timer Ring; while it does slow down enemy movement to half speed, I recommend keeping the Shield Ring on for now to minimize damage.

Take a break and get back to full health here!

Head north past the last fork, hugging the eastern wall until the path splits to the east. Continue east and southeast, past another fork, until the path turns northeast to yet another fork. The dead-end to the north has the excellent Silver Armor, so be sure to grab it and equip it!

Once you have those three treasures, return to the fork and head all the way southeast and south, passing through a doorway. Continue along this path as it goes south, then west and out to a Mining Pit. Take the time here to stand still and recover, and you normally can't! Once you're back at full health, cross the bridge to the west to be back in the cavern, then follow the path some more to find a set of stairs leading down to B1.


Move east, following along the northern wall until you hit the eastern wall, then turn south. At the first fork, take a couple of steps west, then go through the doorway to the north, taking out the Menon along the way, to find a chest in this room containing a Heal Ring! NOW you can recover your HP while standing still in dungeons if you have this equipped! Keep your Shield Ring equipped, but switch to this whenever you need some healing, then back to the Shield Ring.

Go back outside the room, then continue west to a fork. Head directly south from here, bypassing all forks that go east/west from here, until you reach a dead-end. Just to the left of that dead-end is another treasure; it's Reah's Silver Harmonica! How the hell did that wind up here?

From the Harmonica, make your way to the far east, then slightly northeast, until you hit the eastern wall, then turn south and follow the path west like you did on B1. Recover at the Pit if needed, then proceed back into the cavern, but this time, when you turn north, you'll find yet another chest! This one has a very rare Roda Tree Seed that we can take advantage of!

You'll now want to take this time to take care of some errands, as it'll better prepare us for the end of the dungeon (or should I say, even make the boss of the dungeon BEATABLE), so either use a Wing or backtrack out of here before taking on B2.

Town of Minea

Make your way to the northeastern corner of town where Reah is usually standing, then go into the doorway right beside it to go to the Ramparts, then follow the path out to the higher part outside. Talk to Reah, and you'll automatically give her the Harmonica that she so sorely missed, netting you 3000 EXP!. While you're at it, go into your ITEM MENU and equip the Piece of Paper, then talk to Reah again; it's her poem, and she'll thank you for finding it. Upon leaving, she will recite it while playing the Harmonica.

Your reward for returning the Silver Harmonica and Piece of Paper? A song and poem. Sorry, no dance.

Steam Achievements

You will obtain the Poetry In Motion Achievement by witnessing the above events after giving Reah both the Silver Harmonica and Piece of Paper. You don't have to give them both to her at the same time, if you for some reason don't already have them both.

If you like, talk to the Garreck in the Tavern (the Muscular Man) so he can see the Roda Tree Fruit, but he'll decide not to eat it so that he doesn't ruin his taste for it.

When you're ready, purchase another Wing if you used one, then head back out to the Plains. We need to visit the Roda Trees!


By now, I'm sure you know how to get to the Roda Trees; one is in the far southeastern corner, south of Zepik, and the other is in the far northwestern corner, west of the Abandoned Mine.

Visit the southeastern Roda Tree first. Select the Roda Tree Seed from your ITEM MENU and use it, making Adol eat the delicious seed. Since you've given Reah her Harmonica and she played her song, once you've eaten the seed, you'll be able to speak to the Roda Trees! Examine this one to see what he has to say, then you'll be given the Silver Sword to help you on your journey.

Pay a visit to the northwestern Roda Tree while you're at it, so you can hear what he has to say. Once you've visited both and obtained (and equipped) the Silver Sword, you're ready to go back down into the Abandoned Mine.

Abandoned Mine

Before continuing down to B2, here is one last goal from me:

    1. Get to level 10! (It's very easy to get to level 9, so spend time on 1F and B1 fighting enemies to fill in your Monster Notebook to get to level 10. 10 is the max in this game, so this is the very last time you will have to grind for EXP.)

To quickly get to B2, go west from the 1F entrance to the first fork, then go southeast, east, and south to the path that takes you west and to B1. From there, go southeast just a few steps, then turn west at the fork, and the stairway leading to B2 will be above you.


Head southeast and follow the path as it turns north to a fork. Northeast leads to a dead-end, so go west and northwest to another fork. This time, go north and take out the Brayzal, then head east to another dead-end, but this time, grab the Darm Key out of the chest here after taking care of another Brayzal. Return to the fork, then continue west, then south. At the split here, take a few steps west, then go south to find the last treasure in the dungeon, another Heal Potion. (Again, use the one you have, if you have one, before grabbing this one.)

Return to the last branch and head east, following the long path as it turns south, then twists and turns until it eventually turns east once again, and to a locked door. Make sure you have the Silver Sword equipped, recover all of your HP, then SAVE! When you're ready, unlock the door with the Darm Key, then try to open the chest in the room to find the boss of the Abandoned Mine; Vagullion, the winged familiar.