How to play 2 players offline?

  1. I feel really dumb asking this question but how do you play 2 player versus offline? I have 2 keyboards but it thinks its only 1 so is there a way to differentiate them and play against my friend with 2 keyboards? And on the other hand, I have a ps3 controller that I use to play games on my pc but it doesn't recognize it in the game as an xbox controller like other games (it runs fine with something like devil may cry 4 which has gamepad support)

    so how the heck do i verse my friend???

    User Info: deathsaber111

    deathsaber111 - 8 years ago


  1. Unfortunately you have to get an xbox 360 controller, otherwise the game will not recognise the other device; alternatively, you can get a ps1/ps2 usb converter (gamestop should still sell those), I play BB with my old ps2 controller

    User Info: Iron_Folgore

    Iron_Folgore - 8 years ago 0   0

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