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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mr_Popadopalis

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    Amnesia: The Dark Descent Walkthrough/Guide
    By Walter White/Mr_Popadopalis
    September 10th, 2010
    Contact - plopadopgfaqs at hotmail dot com
    Version History
    September 14th, 2010 - V1
    Basic guide completed, probably several error throughout.
    Table of Contents
    1. Foreward [am00]
    2. Walkthrough
           Rainy Hall........................................................[am01]
           Old Archives......................................................[am02]
           Entrance Hall.....................................................[am03]
           Laboratory 1......................................................[am04]
           Wine Cellar/Laboratory 2..........................................[am06]
           Cellar Archives...................................................[am08]
           Archive Tunnels...................................................[am09]
           Back Hall.........................................................[am10]
           Guest Room........................................................[am12]
           Machine Room......................................................[am14]
           Prison - Southern Block...........................................[am15]
           Prison - Northern Block...........................................[am16]
           Entrance to Cistern...............................................[am17]
           Control Room......................................................[am18]
           Nave 2............................................................[am26]
           Nave 3............................................................[am28]
           Inner Sanctum.....................................................[am30]
           Orb Chamber/Endings...............................................[am31]
    3. FAQs [am32]
    4. Closing [am33]
    Foreward                                                                 [am00]
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent is the latest game from the makers of the Penumbra
    series, Frictional Games.  This game puts us in the roll of Daniel, a man who
    finds himself trapped inside of a massive castle sometime in the 1830's.  He
    has little to no memory of how he got to where he is now.  The only clue is a
    letter he wrote to himself prior to losing his memory, explaining that there
    is an unstoppable shadow hunting him and that he is to kill a man named
    Amnesia is a adventure/horror survival game.  It has placed a large emphasis on
    atmosphere and immersion.  It's best to play the game at night, alone, inside
    of a dark room, and wearing headphones.  To increase the feeling of
    helplessness the game features no weapons and no ways to kill the shadow
    chasing after him.
    To get the best experience you should try to play this game on your own.  Don't
    follow the guide word for word.  Doing that ruins the immersion, something the
    developers spent a lot of time working on.  You should use this guide as a last
    resort, such as if you aren't sure where to go next or how to solve a puzzle.
    RAINY HALL                                                               [am01]
    It is time to begin.  Are you excited?  I know I am!  Sit back and watch as our
    main character, Daniel, walks through the halls of the castle, slowly losing
    his memory.  You can slightly control Daniel during this, in fact I believe
    it's encouraged that you do.
    When you wake up you'll be treated to rose pedals lightly falling, a trail of
    mysterious liquid on the floor, and a nice soft thunderstorm outside.  When
    you get up a memento will be added to your journal.  These mementos act as
    hints or reminders as to what you need to do to proceed.  Press "m" to look at
    them, or press "j" and then select Mementos.  This particular memento tells us
    to "Follow the liquid trail and find its source."  So...let's do that.
    The hallway to your left is blocked by rubble.  Behind you is a door.  Open it
    up and grab your very first TINDERBOX.  These tinderboxes are one of your
    greatest assets in the game.  They can be used to light candles, torches, or
    lamps.  They are not re-usable, however, so try to use them somewhat sparingly.
    Turn right and continue to follow the liquid trail.  As you progress a door
    will swing open.  Grab the TINDERBOX inside of the cabinet to your right, and
    then proceed through the door that had just swung open and grab the TINDERBOX
    that's sitting on the table.
    Leave this room and continue on following the trail of liquid, making sure to
    grab another TINDERBOX in the other cabinet.  Go up the stairs and follow the
    hallway until you find yourself in a larger room with an overturned cabinet.
    There's a TINDERBOX on the far wall in the first room on the right, but make
    sure not to stay in there for too long as the darkness drain your sanity.  As 
    your sanity gets lower and lower it will be harder to move around and see
    exactly what you're doing, and it can eventually kill you too.  Just don't stay
    in the darkness for too long and you should be okay.
    The next room will affirm the point about staying out of the darkness.  Leave
    this room and follow that liquid trail, down the stairs, and into the...
    OLD ARCHIVES                                                             [am02]
    Continue on forward.  In the room that swings open you'll find two TINDERBOXES
    on the wall opposite the door.  Like before, try to make your trip into the
    darkness as brief as possible.  Continue to follow the liquid trail into the
    next room.  In the chest on your left you'll find a TINDERBOX, and on the floor
    beside the table you will find the LANTERN.  
    The lantern is, by far, one of the very most important items in the game.  Make
    sure you don't miss it.  It will create a light source for you without having
    to use a tinderbox, but it requires oil to maintain its light.  You can find
    these jars of oil scattered around the game, but like the tinderboxes try to
    use it somewhat sparingly.  You can activate it by pushing "f".
    This next little corridor is dark.  You can either use your lantern (at the
    cost of losing oil), use one of your tinderboxes to light a torch along the
    left wall (at the cost of losing a tinderbox), or you can just plain old run
    (left shift is the default) on through.  I suggest just running through it.
    Not too much in this next little room, except for a TINDERBOX inside the
    cabinet by the fireplace.  Continue on and there we go, the end of the liquid
    trail.  The game seems to want you to read that note.  So, do that.  Also make
    sure to grab the JAR OF OIL next to the letter.
    Turn left and flick on that lantern.  Along the left wall you should see a
    lever.  Pull it.  A secret passage will open up to your right.  Nifty, huh?
    Go on through the passage until you find a door that leads to the...
    ENTRANCE HALL                                                            [am03]
    Walk into this next big chamber.  In the center of the room you'll hear a
    flashback; a conversation between yourself and somebody named Alexander, the
    person the note to yourself told you to kill.  It sounds like he's in a place
    called the Inner Sanctum.  Wanna take a guess as to what our ultimate goal is?
    Turn around and go down the large hallway behind you.  To your left you'll find
    a chest with a TINDERBOX and a JAR OF OIL in it.  One of the bookshelves, also
    on the left side, has a TINDERBOX too.  If you want you can try and leave
    through the big doors.  A big fleshly looking growth will stop you though. :(
    Turn around and go down the stairs.  When you open the door you'll be treated
    with the same fleshy growths that were on the door.  Approach it, touch it, and
    you'll learn that it is an organic compound.  Daniel wonders if it can be
    Turn around and go to the little hallway off to your right.  To your left,
    down the stairs, you'll find the Wine Cellar.  It's locked right now though,
    so let's forget about it and head up the stairs to get to the...
    LABORATORY                                                               [am04]
    It will be dark in here, so either take out your lantern or run over to the
    torch on the wall and use one of your tinderboxes.  To your right you'll find a
    JAR OF OIL next to the cave-in of rocks.
    Leave through the only other door in this bottom area and go down the stairs.
    Light the torch in front of you.  When you find yourself in a smaller area
    where you know you'll be spending some time, whether it be solving a puzzle or
    otherwise, it's always smarter just to light a candle rather than waste all of
    your oil while standing around.  Check the little hallway to the right of you. 
    You should find two TINDERBOXES; one sitting on the ground amongst the boxes,
    and another inside a chest on the right.
    Swing around the corner to the other side of the room.  You'll be treated to
    another auditory flashback.  Pick up the note on the table.  It details four
    chemicals that can be combined in order to make some sort of acid.  This is
    quite relevant to our current situation.  Pick up the CHEMISTRY POT next to the
    note.  Search the drawers of the desk to find a TINDERBOX, and search the
    compartment on the right to find a neat (and if you've played the Penumbra
    games an oddly familiar) artifact.
    There's a TINDERBOX on the shelves to the left, and a JAR OF OIL on the shelves
    to the right.  Go to the table with all the fancy looking lab equipment and
    pick up the note.  It seems the ingredients we require to mix our concoction
    are in the wine cellar.  Go back to the start of this area and re-enter the...
    The wine cellar is locked and requires a key.  Let's look for one, shall we?
    Head back into the main area and go up the stairs and to the end of the
    hallway.  The little staircase off to the right has a blocked doorway, but also
    a TINDERBOX sitting near the bottom steps.  Grab it and go to the only other
    available door, the entrance to the...
    ARCHIVES                                                                 [am05]
    Enter the first door on the right and pick up the diary entry.  Go across the
    hall and light a candle or two.  You can always use the lantern too, but as I
    previously mentioned it's probably just easier to use a tinderbox.  Pick up the
    letter on the bookcase to the right, and search the drawers of the desk to find
    a TINDERBOX.  Leave this room through the door to the right of the desk and go
    across the hall into the Old Tomes room.
    By this point I think that you can figure it out on your own whether or not you
    should light a candle or use the lantern, so I'm not going to point it out.
    Just use your best judgment, I know you can do it!
    The chest behind desk holds a JAR OF OIL and a TINDERBOX.  That's it for this
    room.  Go back to the hallway and try to enter the Local History Room.  Locked.
    Drats.  The memento suggests that we might have to find another way in.
    Head to the right and enter the large hallway/chamber sort of thing.  I'm not
    sure what to call it.  Turn left and follow the path until you come across a
    piano and a table with a JAR OF OIL next to it.  Continue on and enter the room
    to the right, Floor Plans.
    Approach the display in the middle of the three little corridors and a
    flashback will occur.  The corridor on the left contains a TINDERBOX on the
    shelf, and the corridor on the right has a chest with another TINDERBOX and a
    JAR OF OIL.  Leave this room and go across the hall to the Maps room.
    Search the desk drawers for a TINDERBOX and grab the note to be transported
    away.  If you've been reading the notes (if you haven't been then you're really
    missing out on a massive portion of this game.  Seriously, read them.) you
    should be somewhat familiar with where you are.  Just approach the blue light
    and try to pick up the orb.  You'll wake up in the same room as before.  Exit
    it and turn to your left.
    A not so cleverly disguised hole should greet you.  If you interact with it
    you'll find that it can't be broken by hand.  A rock from that nearby pile of
    rubble should do nicely though.  Go grab one, carry it over, and throw it (by
    using right mouse whilst holding it) at the hole.  Now you should be able to
    fit through the previously out-of-bounds Local History Room.
    A flashback should give you a nice little hint on what you need to do in here.
    Take a look at the bookcase to your right...there's obviously a hallway behind
    it.  Now take a look at the first bookshelf along the left wall, right next to
    the hole in the wall.  There should be a book that stands out from the rest. It
    is brighter in color and slightly glowing.  Pull it.
    You should hear a familiar voice.  Now run across to the other side of the
    room.  There are two more glowing books that you need to pull out before the
    time limit is up.  One is on the bookshelf closest to the three glass cases,
    and one is on the bookshelf closest to the suspicious bookcase.  If you pull
    all three fast enough the suspicious looking bookcase will move, revealing a
    "hidden" room.
    The drawers of the desk should yield a note.  However, the most important
    object in this room is the KEY.  Pick it up.  Fantastic, now we can enter the
    Wine Cellar and grab the chemicals we need to make our acid!!
    Go back and you'll find that the previous locked door has now mysteriously
    opened.  This is the door that we previously tried on our way in and found it
    locked, remember?
    Time to navigate back to the Wine Cellar.  If you back to the big hallway/
    chamber area you'll catch a glimpse of a strange looking thing walk into a
    doorway.  That is actually the quickest way back to the entrance hall, so go
    exactly where he went, turn left, and return once again to the...
    Oh boy, it's our pals again!  Go down the stairs, to the right, and use our
    fresh from the archives key.  To use the key you'll first have to get it out
    of your inventory (tab, then double clicking on the key).  The game will tell
    you this too though, so no worries.  Unlock the door and open it up to go to
    WINE CELLAR                                                              [am06]
    Once again the game will warn you about not staying in the darkness for too
    long.  Go to the bottom of the stairs and you'll be treated to a flashback. If
    you're interested the map of this area is on the wall to the right.
    From looking at the map spin around 180 degrees and go through the door that
    was directly behind you.  Beyond all your best judgment open up and go through
    the scary door in this next room.  Approach the chest for a rather disturbing 
    flashback.  Inside the chest is a TINDERBOX.  Go to the room on your left and 
    pick up the note and the AQUA REGIA bottle on the desk.
    Go back to the main area and enter the slightly opened door to your left.  To
    the right you'll find a barrel containing "a few drops of oil" which you can
    use with your lantern.  There's also a TINDERBOX on the shelf next to the
    barrel.  Another TINDERBOX can be found on the desk with the big piece of rope
    on it.  However, the most important item in this room is on the floor next to
    the overturned table.  A JAR OF CALAMINE.  Pick it up.
    Fantastic.  Pick up the pieces of rubble and push them away from door as you
    would a regular object.  A couple of rocks and two support beams later you
    should be able to open up the door and re-enter the main area.  Swing around to
    the other side of the stairs and enter the door along the back wall.
    Turn left and check the shelf at the end of the hallway.  There will be some
    LAUDANUM waiting for you.  Laudanum is the healing item for this game.  They
    can be used to heal your physical wounds if you ever get hurt.  Continue on to
    the area where our friend was standing, picking up the TINDERBOX on the shelf
    near the door along the way.
    Enter this next room, head to the back area, and pick up the ORPIMENT JAR.  You
    can also grab a TINDERBOX on the bottom area of one of the shelves.
    Re-enter the main area.  Now it's finally time to go to that door at the bottom
    of the stairs.  Grab the JAR OF CUPRITE sitting on the desk.  And now we are
    done here.  Leave this room, go back up the stairs, and go back to the...
    We've got all four of the ingredients we set out to gather.  Go up the stairs
    to the...
    Head on down to the fancy looking lab equipment.  There's four empty spots and
    we have four ingredients from the wine cellar.  Go into your inventory and
    place the ingredients we just found into their respective jars.  Next you'll
    want to place the CHEMISTRY POT at the end of the chain of chemicals.  Turn the
    valve that's next to the jars and you'll turn on the burner.  Turn each of the
    valves above the jars and voila!  You're officially a chemist.  Pick up the POT
    OF ACID and leave this room.
    Uh oh, that doesn't look good.  Go to the corner of the room and grab yourself
    one of those boxes.  Bring it over to the large piece of fallen staircase and
    place it down.  Jump on top of the crate and give yourself a running jump to
    land on the rightmost piece of wood.  Now you're able to continue to the...
    At long last we can finally get rid of that pesky growth that was blocking our
    way earlier.  Go to the bottom of the stairs and use the POT OF ACID on the
    growth.  Finally, all of that hard work paid off.  Now you're free to enter the
    door to the...
    REFINERY                                                                 [am07]
    A dark, spooky hallway.  Oh boy.  Follow the hallway's twists and turns while
    listening to a flashback.  When you reach the main room you'll see a familiar
    sight.  This Grunt is now walking around this area with you.  If you ever
    find yourself near him turn off your lantern and find a hiding spot.  Those
    cabinets work perfectly, and for the most part so do dark corners and places
    behind crates.  Just make sure that when you're hiding you're crouched and
    around no light source.  Oh, and don't look at the thing for too long as it
    will lower your sanity level.
    Go to where the monster was and turn right.  Enter the door at the end of the
    hallway and close the door behind you.  It's a good idea to shut all the doors
    to the room you're in when there's monsters afoot.  A TINERBOX can be found on
    the lower part of a cabinet on the right, and a diary page on the table next
    to it.
    Enter the next room.  There's a TINDERBOX on the shelf to your left.  Continue
    to the next room.  Behind the lone crate to your left you can find a TINDERBOX.
    The door on the left leads back to the bigger area and the door on the right is
    blocked by something on the other side.  Walk past the big table and into the
    next room.
    Pick up the diary page off of the table and the LAUDANUM off of the wine rack.
    The next room over holds a JAR OF OIL on the bottom of the only shelf in the
    Return back to the area that contains the door that is blocked from the other
    side.  To the right of the door you should see a stack of crates.  Move them
    aside and you'll find yourself a hole in the wall.  Crawl on through.
    On your right there's a barrel with a bit of oil in it.  On one of the
    bookshelves you'll also find a TINDERBOX.  Next to the two barrels that were
    blocking the door from before you should see a crank.  Follow the rope that the
    crank is attached to and you'll see a trap door.  If you try and use the crank
    you'll find that something appears to be hindering its ability to open the trap
    door.  Look up and you should see something stuck in one of the pulleys.  Grab
    a crate from somewhere in the room and drag it underneath the troublesome
    pulley.  Jump up onto the crate and slide to obstruction back and forth until
    it breaks free.  Now you're able to turn the crank and open the trap door.
    Crawl on through the trap door and follow the hallway until you reach the...
    CELLAR ARCHIVES                                                          [am08]
    Walk forward and you'll find that shit just got real.  Run and hop onto one of
    the crates to your right.  As long as you don't go into the water those things,
    waterlurkers, won't be able to get you.  Make running jumps from crate to crate
    to traverse this area.  If you have to go into the water (and you unfortunately
    will) get in and out as fast as you can.
    Jump across to the room on the right.  You're going to have to jump in the
    water to get to the first crate in there though.  Do it fast.  Pull the lever
    on the wall up and listen to the sounds of a mechanism starting up.  The good
    news is that this will open up the exit at the end of this flooded hallway.
    Hooray!  The bad news is that this door is timed and you'll have to make your
    way there quickly if you want to make it through.  Boo!  It will probably take
    you a few practice runs to get there in time/still slive so don't fret if you
    don't make it the first time you try.  But, let's give it our best anyways.
    Exit the room, dipping into the water briefly to re-enter the corridor.  Jump
    forward and then to your left.  The next set of crates across from you will
    also require you to go into the water.  Jump and splash your way to them as
    quickly as possible.
    In the room to your left you can find a Laudanum in the back right hand corner.
    You won't have time to grab it if you plan on making it to the door in time,
    but if you're just practicing/getting the route down you might as well grab it.
    Or not.  It's your call.
    Jump forward, forward, and then to the right.  The rest of the route is pretty
    much in a nice straight line for you.  At the end of it all you should see the
    gate.  If you were quick enough you can zip on through.  If not you're going to
    have to go back to the room at the start of this area, pull the lever, and try
    When you manage to make it through enter the next area and hop onto the crates
    on the right.  On the other side of the room you'll see another gate.  Unlike
    the last one this one is not timed.  It's opened by turning a wheel.  However,
    to turn this wheel you'll have to stand in the water, which I'm certain you've
    realized is not a good idea.
    See that pile of dead flesh next to you?  You can use that to distract the
    Waterlurker.  Pick a piece up and throw it as far away from you as you possibly
    can.  Wait until you actually see or hear the monster start to eat the flesh.
    If you jump into the water while he's heading towards it he'll forget all about
    it and chase after you instead.
    When he's occupied with his snack silently drop (no jumping or diving) into the
    water.  Wade your way through the water until you reach the next set of crates 
    by the gate.  When your monster is finished eating his current meal throw him
    another hunk of flesh as far away as you can.  Repeat the process the same as
    before, silently dropping in and completing your objective.  This time you'll
    want to turn the wheel as fast as you fucking can though.  Keep in mind that
    you only need to open it enough so that you can crawl through.
    Squeeze through and open the next door.  Jump on the crates to your left and
    grab the HOLLOW NEEDLE off of the shelf.  Take it out of your inventory and use
    it on the door.  Phew, now we can enter the...
    ARCHIVE TUNNELS                                                          [am09]
    Hmm, water again.  Doesn't sound like there's any monsters though.  You might
    actually be safe now...
    Maybe not.  This monster is going to give chase to you so hold down that left
    shift button and run like hell.  Make sure to shut the doors behind you as it
    can buy you extra time.  At the first fork in the road turn left, as the right
    path will lead you to a dead end.  You'll see a bunch of debris in the water if
    you went the right way.  Turn left and keep booking it.  Jump over the debris
    and soon you'll see salvation in the form of the door to the...
    BACK HALL                                                                [am10]
    Take a second to catch your breath if you need to.  Once you're ready to
    proceed head up the stairs and you'll enter a large chamber.  The game will
    change your focus to the door on the left.  Take a look at the cool/spooky
    looking fountain first and then head to the left.
    You'll receive a flashback that talks of an elevator.  If you enter the
    elevator and try to pull the lever you'll be told that it isn't working.  Let's
    see if we can fix it.
    Head back and look along the right wall until you come across a strange looking
    door.  This leads to the Machine Room, but it's locked at the moment.  Go back
    to the main area and up the stairs.  Take the first door to the...
    STUDY                                                                    [am11]
    Take the first door on the right.  You'll find a TINDERBOX to your left as you
    enter, and also a chest at the far end of the room containing another
    Leave this room and go across the hall to the next room.  Pick up and read the
    note on the table.  Exit this room and continue down the hallway.  There's a 
    JAR OF OIL at the base of the window.  Approach the window and it will slightly
    break, but not enough for our purposes.  Enter the door to the right.
    If you go to the right side of the room and look at the table with the dog's
    head you'll receive a flashback.  Progress to the other side of the room and
    enter the little study.  To your right you'll find a note sitting on a table in
    the corner.  See that portrait next to the note?  That's our buddy Alexander.
    Look through his desk to find a TINDERBOX and a cute little surprise.
    Our next step is to smash the glass window.  You can use pretty much anything,
    from one of the skulls to the hammer in the next room and even the decapitated
    dog head, if you're into that sort of thing.  Whatever works I guess.  Throw
    the object of your choosing at the window, shattering it.
    Step out onto the ledge.  Catch a breath of fresh air, pick up the TINDERBOX at
    your feet, and enjoy the only time you'll be outside this entire game.  Start
    to bunny hop across the ledges until you're able to reach another smashed
    In this room you'll find various diagrams showing off the complexities of
    running an elevator in the good ol' days.  There's also another artifact on the
    table.  In the next room over you'll find a (very important) note detailing how
    to start up/fix the elevator.  Next to the note is the FLOW CYCLE ROD.  Grab
    it.  There's also a barrel of oil to the right.
    There are two TINDERBOXES in the next room.  They're in a chest on your left.
    When you've gathered everything that you need and you've had your fill of the
    elevator schematics hop back out the window and go all the way back to the...
    Go to the next room over and enter the...
    GUEST ROOM                                                               [am12]
    You'll immediately be greeted with a flashback.  Once it's over grab the JAR OF
    OIL on the bookshelf to the right, pick up the LAUDANUM from the desk drawers
    and pick up the diary page.
    Next go to the bedroom on your left.  Above the fireplace is a TINDERBOX.  If
    you interact with the bed you'll receive another flashback.  Pick up the diary
    page from the table and grab the CROWBAR and TINDERBOX off of/from inside the
    Now head back and try to open the other door in the room.  Good thing we have
    that crowbar!  Take it out of your inventory and pull it towards the door until
    it flies open.
    After the flashback you'll probably be treated to scary music and noises coming
    from the other room.  Jump into the cabinet and shut both of its doors.  Turn
    around, crouch, and be still.  Eventually whatever it is will leave the room,
    meaning it's safe for you to come out.
    Pick up the diary page on the table and interact with the not-so-leveled
    picture on the wall.  You'll get a flashback.  Rip the thing off of the wall,
    pick up the glass jar, and throw it against the wall.  Voila, we have ourselves
    Our time in the guest room is done.  Go back to the...
    There's one last stop we have to make before we can go to the machine room. Go
    down the stairs and open the door to your right.  It's time to go down the
    stairs and spend some time in...
    STORAGE                                                                  [am13]
    Go down the stairs and walk to the little counter in the middle of the room. A
    memento telling us that the darkness feels "strange and unnatural" will pop up.
    Grab the tinderbox on the counter and continue on forward, ignoring the other
    passageways on the sides on the room for now.
    Down the hallway you'll see a sign that says "Machine Parts", something that 
    sounds like it will help us out on our quest to fix the elevator.  You'll get
    a flashback as you walk down this hall.  Go down the stairs and you'll see a 
    bit of a roadblock.  Let's take care of that, shall we?  Get the TINDERBOX
    sitting on the ground next to the lit candle and go back up the stairs.  Ignore
    the room to your left, it won't budge.
    Go back to the main room and go to the room on the right.  Shut the door behind
    you.  On the shelves to your left you'll find two TINDERBOXES and a DRILL PART.
    There's now a monster walking around in Storage with you.  Go to the other side
    of the room and grab the TINDERBOX off of the shelf.  Listen outside the door
    and wait until the coast is clear.  If you aren't sure whether it's safe or not
    crouch and open the door a tad to lean out and take a look.
    When it's all good cross to the other side of the room and go down the stairs.
    The sign above us tells us that we're going to enter the "Equipment" area.
    Enter the first door immediately on the right.  Take the TINDERBOX and the
    note on the table.  Sounds like we're gonna get to blow the roadblock up.
    You'll need two different liquids, each of them found inside vats in the next
    Leave this room and walk across to the door on the other side of the room.
    There's a TINDERBOX on the shelf to your right, and another DRILL PART on your
    Leave this room and go to the other room that we haven't entered yet, the one
    with the door already slightly opened.  Two TINDERBOXES can be found to your
    left, one TINDERBOX on the shelf to your right, and inside the chest in the
    back right hand corner is yet another TINDERBOX, a JAR OF OIL, and a LAUDANUM.
    Time to go to the last room in this area.  On the crates to the right is a
    TINDERBOX, and right next to it will be another TINDERBOX and the final DRILL
    PART.  Take it and open up your inventory.  Drag each of the parts together
    until you have a fully functional HAND DRILL.
    Leave this room and turn immediately to your right.  You should see a big vat
    with the sign "Secondary" above it.  If you try the valve you'll find it to be
    rusted shut.  Take out the newly acquired HAND DRILL and use it on the vat. The
    liquid inside will start to pour out.  Take out your empty CHEMISTRY POT and
    place it underneath the stream.  You'll get the PARTIALLY FILLED POT.
    Go to the "Primary" vat now.  It's to the right of the staircase in this room.
    Follow the same procedure as before and you'll have created the explosive.
    Backtrack all the way back to the roadblock.  Place the explosive at the base
    of it.  Turn around and go up the stairs.  Pick up a piece of debris, such as
    a rock or a bone, and throw it at the jar.  Make sure you're back a fair
    distance and...well, I think you can guess what comes next.  Continue on the
    new path until you enter a new room.
    On the right side of the counter is a TINDERBOX.  Grab it then go through the
    door on the left side.  You'll get a flashback as you walk down this hallway.
    Enter the room to your right and you'll be treated to a bunch of hanging meat.
    There's a TINDERBOX in here too.
    Leave the room and continue right.  There's a TINDERBOX on the shelf here.  I'm
    not too sure if it's scripted or not but at the time of writing this guide when
    I opened the next door there was a monster staring right back at me.  I'm 99%
    sure that the monster spawns are supposed to be random, but if this IS a 
    scripted one then run away and hide until he leaves the room and it's safe to
    enter.  If you want you can just skip the room altogether as it isn't necessary
    to go in there.  While you wait for him to leave you can grab the TINDERBOX on
    the other side of the counter too.
    Enter the room and grab the two TINDERBOXES off the shelf on the left and the
    one of the right.  Leave the room and go up the stairs with the sign "Machine
    Parts" next to it.  You'll get a flashback.  Walk past the now lit up torch and
    go into the next room.
    Pick up the note telling us the location of third rod, but we don't need to 
    worry about it since we've already found it.  Take the FOUR PHASE AMPLITUDE ROD
    and the TRINITY STEAM ROD.  Spin around to the other side of the crates and get
    the TINDERBOX.
    The monster will now be wandering around down here.  Since he doesn't act the
    same each time you play I can't really tell you how to get past him exactly.
    Just use your wits and common sense to sneak past him, sticking behind crates
    and walls, always crouching.  Backtrack down the stairs, past the area you used
    the explosives on, and back up to the main area (taking care to sneak past the
    other monster in here) and out to the...
    Walk up the stairs and past the now even more cool/spooky looking fountain.
    Keep on truckin' until you get to the previously locked door.  Use the key in
    your inventory and enter the...
    MACHINE ROOM                                                             [am14]
    Walk down the hall and enter the door on the right.  Grab the diary page on the
    table to your left and approach the machine with the sign "Pressure" above it.
    If you recall one of the notes from earlier you have to pull the levers so that
    the sums of the numbers on the top row and the bottom row are both eight. Try
    giving it a shot yourself, but if you can't get it the solution is down, down,
    up, up, up, down, or V, I, and II on the top and I, V, and II on the bottom.
    When done correctly a message will pop up.  Get the two TINDERBOXES on the
    crates to the right and leave this room.
    Go down the stairs into the next room.  Pick up the diary page and the note
    telling you where to find the other two rods that we've already collected. The
    chest on the other side of the room contains two TINDERBOXES.
    Now it's time for our next puzzle.  There are three holes on the "Flow"
    machine, each with a shape above them.  We have three rods in our inventory
    that will fit nicely.  But, which rod goes where?  Take a closer look at the
    names of the rod and the shapes above each hole.  The names of rod each hint
    at its proper placement.  "Flow CYCLE", "TRInity Steam", and "FOUR" Phase 
    Amplitude".  Now count the number of sides on each of the shapes.  Match up
    the corresponding rods.  Flow Cycle Rod goes with the circle, Trinity Steam Rod
    goes with the triangle, and Four Phase Amplitude Rod goes with the square.
    Once all of the rods are in place you'll get a message confirming it.  Good
    Go to the back right corner of the room and pick up the big gear that's still
    intact.  It won't be added to your inventory so you'll have to carry it with
    you.  Leave the room and bring the gear down the stairs and drop it in the room
    at the bottom of the stairs.  Go back towards the room with the rods.  Right
    when you get to the top of the stairs stop and look to your left to find
    another similar looking gear leaning against some pipes.  Pick it up and bring
    it to the other gear.
    The two gears can be placed on their respective spokes on the big machine on
    the right side of the room.  You'll still need a third gear though.  No
    worries, just turn around and look behind the crate and barrel to your right
    for the third.
    Now that we're all geared up (dohoho) we still have one more task to complete
    before we can get this elevator working.  Go to the room on the left.  Get
    yourself some oil from the barrel, grab the TINDERBOX off the right shelf, and
    grab one of the pieces of coal off the ground.  Bring it with you back into the
    main room.  Next to the big machine is an incinerator or furnace of sorts with
    a lever next to it.  Open the hatch and drop your piece of coal into it.
    You'll need three pieces in total.  Once you have enough close the hatch and
    pull the lever.
    Go over to the big machine and pull its lever.  The gears will begin to turn
    and the machine will run.  You know what that means?  At long last the elevator
    finally works.  Go back up the stairs and return to the...
    We probably shouldn't spend too much time here.  Get into the elevator and pull
    the lever.  Enjoy the nice little ride.  When you regain consciousness you'll
    be in the...
    PRISON - SOUTHERN BLOCK                                                  [am15]
    Jeez, after all of our hard work getting that thing to work we just ended up
    getting shafted...pun intended.  Walk forward and listen to the flashback.
    Move the debris out of the way and open the door.  In this next area there are
    going to be servants walking about.  I can't tell you exactly where they'll be
    so as you read the next section just keep in mind that you should be sneaking
    around.  If you are confronted by a monster just hide until he moves elsewhere
    so you can continue on.
    At the first fork in the road turn down the hallway to your right.  Grab the
    TINDERBOX near the cave in, and another TINDERBOX inside the cell.  Return to
    the fork and ignore the stairs for now.  The door at the very end of the
    hallway can't be opened, so instead go into the doorless cell to your right.
    Pick up the HAMMER, then go across the hall to the other cell and pick up the
    Return to the fork and go up the stairs.  Grab the JAR OF OIL on the chair and
    try the door at the end of the hallway.  The lock to the door is corroded and
    weak.  Let's work on breaking it.  Turn around, back to the top of the stairs,
    and turn left.
    Follow this hallway until yet another fork.  The doorless way on the right has
    a TINDERBOX and a LAUDANUM on the ground.  The door at the bottom of the stairs
    is locked with a padlock that is in "good shape".  There's a TINDERBOX on the
    ground near it though.
    Continue down the hallway.  Enter the cell directly in front of you and get the
    JAR OF OIL and the TINDERBOX.  Turn right and walk past the door with the weak
    lock and enter the cell at the end of the hall.  In here you'll get a flashback
    and you'll find the CHIPPER on the ground.  Open your inventory and combine the
    HAMMER and the CHIPPER together.
    Use the HAMMER AND CHIPPER to open up the door with the weak lock.  Get the oil
    from the barrel and turn left.  Head to the cell at the end of the hall.  Once
    again you'll get a flashback.  You can touch the bloody clothing on the floor
    to get a funky thing to happen to.  Following the hint you got in the flashback
    push the bed to the side revealing a hole in the floor.  This hole was big
    enough for a little girl to enter, but unfortunately for us Daniel is not a
    little girl.  Use the HAMMER AND CHIPPER to make the hole bigger and jump on in
    to go to the...
    PRISON - NOTHERN BLOCK                                                   [am16]
    Crawl through the passageway, turning right at the fork.  The left path leads
    to a dead end.  Push the rocks out of the way and climb out.  Turn left and go
    up the stairs.
    At the fork there's a sign that tells us "Storage" is to the right.  Ignore
    that for now and go left.  Turn left again and follow the pathway to the opened
    and lit cell at the end of the hall.  Pick up the diary page, then go to the 
    other two cells.  One contains a JAR OF OIL, a TINDERBOX, and a naked dead man.
    The other one contains a TINDERBOX and a very sad flashback.
    Turning left you'll find a door with a worn padlock blocking the way out of
    this area, a TINDERBOX on the ground next to the worn padlock door, a
    flashback, a door that won't budge, a door with an excellent padlock, and a 
    TINDERBOX on the ground.  Backtrack and continue on, turning left.
    Continue on until you can turn left again.  Along the left wall there should be
    another "Storage" sign.  The already opened cell on the right contains a
    TINDERBOX and a diary entry, and the closed cell on the left contains a JAR OF
    OIL and a TINDERBOX in the back room.
    Proceed down the hallway.  If you look to your left you'll see the door with
    the excellent padlock that we saw before.  Follow the sign and go right, down
    the stairs, and into the storage room.  The chest in here contains two
    TINDERBOXES and a JAR OF OIL.  The shelf on the right also holds two
    TINDERBOXES.  Pick up the GLASS JAR and leave this place.
    Backtrack all the way back to the start of this area (up the stairs, left,
    left, left, right, down the stairs, and past the hole in the wall).  Turn to
    your right and you'll find a door that won't budge and the padlocked door from
    the Southern Block.  Proceed on, go up the stairs, and you'll find yourself in
    the kitchen.
    Pick up the diary page on your right, the JAR OF OIL next to the fire pit, two
    TINDERBOXES on the shelves to the right, and the LAUDANUM on the next set of
    shelves to the right.  Use your GLASS JAR to pick up some of that conveniently
    placed green acid that's bubbling away in the barrel.
    Turn around and go down the stairs, past the hole in the wall, up the next set
    of stairs, right, forward, right, and go to the door we found before with the
    weak padlock.  Use the acid on the padlock and finish it off with the HAMMER
    AND CHIPPER.  Walk on through and make certain that your body is ready to enter
    ENTRANCE TO CISTERN                                                      [am17]
    Ahh, refreshing light.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Walk forward to listen to a
    flashback.  You won't be able to open those big doors, but you can try if you'd
    like to.  If you go down the hallway to your right you'll find a flooded
    pathway.  Since we don't have any plumbers around it looks like it's up to you
    to drain it.
    On your way back to the main area of the room look to your left to find a pipe
    that has a black substance pouring out of it.  This substance is oil.  Use your
    now empty GLASS JAR to collect it.  Pick up the GLASS JAR OF OIL and approach
    the big pillar in the center of the room.
    This pillar has a lever just asking to be pulled, but it is stuck.  Its gears
    need to be lubricated.  Your GLASS JAR OF OIL should do the trick.  Grease that
    shit up and pull the lever to drop a ladder.
    Or maybe not.  Pesky pipes.  Pull the lever back up to raise the ladder, then
    pull it down again to slam the ladder into the pipe.  Repeat once more and the
    pipe will give way, allowing you to climb on up.
    On your way up you might notice two platforms suspended in midair.  Once you
    reach the top you'll see two doors off to the side that can't be reached.  Yet.
    We'll have to lower the platforms first.  Walk forward and pull the lever on
    the right to lower the western bridge.  Enter the door to the...
    CONTROL ROOM                                                             [am18]
    Walk forward and you'll get a flashback.  Continue on and you should find
    yourself two doors on either side of the hall.  Enter the right one first.
    Take special note of that pipe on the ground, you will need to collect it in
    the same way you collected those gears earlier.  However, for now just pay
    attention to the positions of the three weights hanging from the ceiling.  The
    left one being the lowest of the bunch, the middle one being the highest, and
    the right one being in the middle of the two.  You cannot move the valves in
    this room as the weights are already in the correct positions, and it would be
    silly for you to mess with them.  Get the TINDERBOX in the back right stack of
    crates, pick up that aforementioned pipe off of the ground, and take it and
    yourself out of this room.
    Drop the pipe for now and walk across the hall.  In this next area you might
    experience a bit of deja vu.  Pick up the TINDERBOX and look near the valves to
    find another pipe.  Move it into the main room next to the other one and return
    to the valves.
    Your job here is to make the position of the three weights in this room match
    the ones in the other room.  Turn the left valve very slowly until you hear a
    faint click.  Repeat for the other two valves, turning them until you hear a
    click.  When you have it so that the left weight is the lowest, the middle one
    is the highest, and the right one is in the middle the game will let you know
    that you got it right.
    Leave the room and look at the door on the wall.  To open it up you'll have to
    turn the valve next to it.  The door will not stay open though; it will slowly
    shut.  If you want to you can stack up some crates to keep it open.  Open it
    up and move the two pipes and then yourself through to the next area.
    You should notice two more doors on either side of the room, just as before.
    Enter the right one, go down the stairs, and look behind you at either side of
    the stairs.  On one side you'll find a JAR OF OIL, and the other a TINDERBOX
    and a note.  There's also a pipe by the table.  Pick it up and return bring to
    its other two companions.  Go back down and look at the position of the levers.
    Keep them in mind as you walk back up the stairs and go to the room across the
    To your right you'll find a WOODEN CRANK sitting on the table.  Grab it.  Walk
    over to the levers and, just as the previous puzzle, make it so that they
    match the ones in the other room.  The outermost two should be in the low
    position and the middle two should be in the high position (down, up, up,
    down).  The machine will whirl to life and levers will become stuck in place.
    Go up the stairs and open the door to your left.  Carry the three pipes into
    this room and approach the holes in the wall on the left.  The longer, skinnier
    pipe should be placed vertically in middle slot.  The biggest "[" shaped pipe
    should go horizontally in the middle slot so that it overlaps the vertical one.
    The last pipe should go vertically in the slot to the left.
    The gears will start turning now.  Leave this place and go back to the...
    You can now lower the eastern bridge by pulling the lever.
    Drats, almost had it.  Ignore this problem for now.  Go across the way to
    CISTERN                                                                  [am19]
    More water?  You know what that means!  Walk along this path until you get a
    flashback.  Hop across the water to the right and go up the next set of stairs.
    Jump across the two pillars, go forward, jump across two more pillars, and take
    a look at the valve with the sign "Redirect Sewer Water" above it.
    Collect the note and turn the valve.  Turn around and hop over the first two
    pillars, but turn right instead of forward to find yourself a chest.  Inside is
    a JAR OF OIL and a TINDERBOX.  Now you can proceed back to jump over the other
    two pillars.
    Across the water you should see two sets of stairs; one set that you entered
    the room from and one set directly across from you.  Run through the water and
    jump up onto the latter set.
    Cross the first bridge and you'll notice another raised bridge.  Daniel doesn't
    appear to have the strength to push it down himself.  The game will give you a
    hint though, telling you that the bridge is attached to a rusty chain.  Turn
    around and pick up one of the rocks sitting near either side of the other
    bridge and throw it up at the chain.  The chain will break, the bridge will
    drop, and you will be pleased.
    Cross the bridge, jump the pillars, and jump through the debris until you get
    to the next valve.  Grab the diary page first and then turn it.  Once the
    lights go out make your way back to the intersection of bridges.
    Look over to your left and you should see some stairs out in the distance,
    along with some pipes shooting out some steam.  Cheese it over there.
    This steam is super hot and will hurt you if you touch it.  If you touch the
    pipes you will also get burnt.  Get over to the right and wait for the steam
    to shut off.  When it does run through and wait for the next one to shut off.
    Turn the valve in front of you and the steam will be shut off.  Steam and
    Valves, huh?  Sounds familiar...
    Continue on, picking up the diary page and turning the third and final valve.
    Good job, we've drained the water.  We're halfway ready to enter the Sewers.
    Backtrack your way back to the door, making sure to grab the TINDERBOX on the
    little pathway to the left by the door, and re-enter the...
    Now it's time to deal with that eastern bridge once and for all.  Run back to
    the door that leads to the control room, but don't enter it.  Push the lever
    for the western bridge to the up position and run back to jump on the bridge
    before it starts to go up.  As it starts to raise wait for it to be at a high
    enough level to safely allow you to jump across to the eastern bridge, but not
    so high that you'll break your legs and die.  Step back a bit, get a running
    start, and...wee!  Your (hopefully) 10/10 landing will make the bridge lower
    all the way down, granting you access to the...
    MORGUE                                                                   [am20]
    As per the norm you'll get a flashback as you walk forward into this area.
    Ignore the right path for now and follow the winding hallway to get another
    flashback.  On the shelf get the LAUDANUM and the COPPER TUBE, and also the
    TINDERBOX on the floor.
    Make your way back to the previously unexplored path.  Open the door and say
    hello to another naked dead guy.  If you try to touch the body (as I'm sure
    you will) you'll be alerted to the fact that it is stiff with rigor mortis,
    and that is only a day old.  Spooky.
    On the shelves you'll find a TINDERBOX and a note about the poison in the 
    Sewers.  Grab the note on the desk that lets you know that injecting the blood
    of somebody who has been vaccinated will you enough time to pass through the
    sewers safely.  In the drawers you'll find a LAUDANUM, a TINDERBOX, and another
    neat artifact.
    The door to your right contains a slightly flooded room with a big ol' pile of
    naked dead people in it.  The other door also contains more naked dead bodies,
    but without the flooding.  You shouldn't really be too shocked though.  This IS
    a morgue after all.
    Go into your inventory and combine the COPPER TUBE and the HOLLOW NEEDLE from
    way back when to make the SYRINGE.  Use your HAND CRANK on the dead man's head
    to make a steady stream of blood appear.  Use the SYRINGE on the stream and
    proceed to do something that is very very unsafe to do in this day and age.
    Try to leave the room and you'll find a Servant trying to get in.  Turn around
    and go into the non-flooded body room and hide behind the railing of the
    staircase.  Or you can hide wherever else you want.  I just like this spot
    Wait for the monster to pass.  When the coast is clear sneak your way on
    through back to the door leading to the...
    Cross the bridge and drop down the ladder.  Go over to the little side
    passageway and you'll see the fruits of our labor.  The hallway will no longer
    be flooded and we won't be killed by poisonous fumes, which is always nice.
    Go down the stairs and enter the...
    SEWER                                                                    [am21]
    Open the gate and go down the ladder.  As you start to walk an all too familiar
    face will show up.  Great.  Keep in mind that you aren't alone in this sewer,
    so take heed.
    Approach the spinning wheel and you'll get a flashback.  The wheel is turning
    much too fast for us to pass through in one piece.  Since our spooky friend
    went down the right path let's go to the left.  Follow the path and turn to
    the right.  Go through the rusted gate and all the way to the end of the
    hallway.  Turn left, go up the stairs, and enter the next room.
    Get the oil from the barrel.  The machine on the wall controls the speed of
    the water wheel.  The sound of the gears should give you a hint as to where
    each lever needs to go in order to reduce the wheel's speed.  To get the wheel
    to turn at its slowest set the left lever to the small gear (left) and the
    right lever to the large gear (right).
    Return to the now slower spinning wheel.  We still can't pass through it
    though, so head down the other path now.  Ignore the right path as it is a
    dead end.  Pick up the TINDERBOX from inside the pipe and continue on.  In
    front of you should be a pipe that's barely attached to the wall.  Grab it and
    wiggle it until it pops out.
    Return back to the water wheel and use the pipe to stop it from spinning.
    Squeeze on through and proceed on.  You'll find a gate that is "impossible to
    get through", which isn't too good for us.  Go up the stairs on the right and
    enter the fleshy room.
    There's some LAUDANUM on the ground, along with some dead flesh.  There's not
    much else in this room so head down the stairs.  A Brute, the scarier version
    of the Grunt, will burst from the previously impossible to get through gate.
    Run back to hide in the previous room, most likely in the corner by the cave
    in.  Once the Servant is gone make your way through the gate.
    Once you reach the fork in the road go straight.  To your left will be where
    you need to go, but another Servant guards it.  Round the corner and look along
    the left wall.  There you will find some LAUDANUM and some rocks.  Pick up one
    of the rocks and lob it into the water in front of you, preferably just before
    the corner up ahead leading to the left.  This will act as a distraction for
    the monster.  Run around back to the opposite side of this square path and
    sneak past him, up the stairs, and towards the door.
    Just like in the Archive Tunnels you're going to need to run here.  Make sure
    to close each door behind you and make your way up the ladder to the area known
    as the...
    NAVE                                                                     [am22]
    You'll find yourself surrounded by four rooms.  So many options.  Before going
    anywhere though look at your feet and pick up the TINDERBOX.
    First enter the door that's already slightly opened.  Go to the end of the hall
    and pick up the TINDERBOX, then return.  Check the door to your left and you'll
    find that it won't budge.  Check the next door (the one that has a torch lit
    next to it) and follow the path.  Grab some oil from the barrel and get the
    TINDERBOX off of the desk.  Grab the diary page off the other table and check
    the levers on the wall.  The machinery isn't working, as usual.  Head back to
    the main room now.
    Go through the only door we haven't visited yet.  You'll find yourself in a
    large chamber with a spiral staircase.  Descend it, then spin around to your
    left and check along the right wall.  There's two TINDERBOXES on a crate near
    the backside of the stairs.
    Proceed through the door at the bottom of the staircase.  You'll get a
    flashback.  To your right there's another Laboratory, only this one is boarded
    up.  No worries, we'll come back later.
    Open the gate and walk down the stairs.  Hey, look, he isn't naked!  Walk up to
    him and he'll wake up.  Do as he instructs and turn the switch to your right.
    The man will introduce himself as Agrippa, a name and character that should be
    at least slightly familiar if you've been following the notes and flashbacks.
    He tells you that in order to reach the Inner Sanctum where Alexander is you
    must reconstruct an orb to overpower the defenses.  Pieces of the orb are
    scattered in the next couple of areas, but those areas are currently off limits
    to us.
    Grab a crate and put it on the table that has the JAR OF OIL on it.  Jump on
    top and look up.  Open the trap door on the ceiling and move one of the gears
    so that the machinery begins turning.  Now those levers from before should be
    Agrippa will also inform you that there may be a way to help him.  He needs a
    tonic created.  This is entirely optional, but if you're going for the good
    ending you should follow his instructions.
    Go back up the stairs in this room, back up the spiral staircase, and back to
    the levers from before.  Push them up and you'll hear something being opened.
    Those two previously unavailable areas are now available to us.
    Go back to Agrippa.  You know have three places you're able to access.  You can
    go to them and complete their tasks in any order you want.  Let's go to the
    right first though.  Follow the path until you come across a room on your left.
    Grab the TINDERBOX and the LAUDANUM off of the shelves and the TINDERBOX in the
    drawer.  You can also touch the artifact in the usual place if you wish.  Read
    the note now.  It let's you know the three items needed to create Agrippa's
    Leave the room and go left to enter the...
    CHOIR - ENTRANCE                                                         [am23]
    Ignore the two doors for now and proceed down the stairs to the...
    This place can get pretty confusing.  The size of it, along with the fact that
    a lot of the room looks the same as the rest, can get you lost pretty easily.
    Hug the right wall until you come across a bridge.  Cross it and continue to
    hug the right wall.  When you come to a corner you'll come across a TINDERBOX.
    Continue on hugging the right wall and you should find a path leading off to
    the right.  Go down that way.  Turn right at the crossroad and enter the room
    at the end.
    Down the hall you go, getting a flashback along the way.  When you enter this
    torture chamber, and any of the other ones that we're going to come across, try
    not to stay inside of them for too long.  Even with the lights on it will wreak
    havoc on your sanity level.  To the left of the big wheel is a purple glowing
    object.  Grab it, for it is our first PIECE OF ORB.  You can also interact with
    the wheel in this room to receive a little anecdote presented in the style of
    the artifacts.
    Leave this room and backtrack to the crossroads.  Go straight.  You should come
    across a big pillar that has been knocked over.  At the base of it is a
    TINDERBOX.  Go to the left side of it, jump onto the raised part of the edge of
    the cliff, and use that slight height advantage to jump onto the pillar.  Cross
    the chasm, then jump off of the pillar and turn around.  On the right is
    another TINDERBOX.  Continue on, turning right at the intersection.
    As you approach the door at the end of this pathway you should see some blue
    fungi growing off to the side.  Use your HAMMER AND CHIPPER on the large one
    and pick up the POISON GLAND, one of the three ingredients needed for our
    Agrippa tonic.
    Go through the door and approach the brass bull.  In the back right corner,
    behind the pillar, is our next PIECE OF ORB.  There is also a TINERBOX in the
    front left corner.  Pick both of these items up, interact with the torture
    device if you wish, and leave the room.
    Continue going straight until you once again return to the big open part of the
    Choir.  Hug the left wall, keeping an eye on the sights to your right.  When
    you see the bridge, cross it.  From the bridge walk straight until you come to
    a door.  Don't enter it though, that's the exit.  Instead turn right and hug
    the wall.  In the corner by the rocks is a TINDERBOX.  Continue to follow the
    wall until it's possible to turn left.  Do that and keep walking to our final
    stop in this place.
    Approach the alter and look to your left.  In this little wing there's a
    TINDERBOX.  In the other little wing across the way is a LAUDANUM.  Approach
    the torture device and look in the little hallway that's back and to the left.
    Back...and to the left.  There you should find the final PIECE OF ORB in this
    Now, I'm sure that's there is a bunch of other tinderboxes and stuff in this
    area, but I don't think it's worth your while to go on a big scavenger hunt for
    them.  You should have enough tinderboxes as it is anyways.
    Return to the exit by going straight all the way until the collapsed pillar/
    bridge, then right.  Return to the...
    Now we can check out those two rooms.  Enter the left one first.  Inspect the
    table in the center, then get the TINDERBOX to the left.  Spin around and go
    across the hall to the other room.
    Pick up the diary page off of the table.  As the scene progresses you will be
    instructed to pick up the dagger on the table.  When the time comes interact
    with the man.  When the flashback is over the door will open and you can show
    yourself the way out.
    To be honest you can and probably expected that you witness this scene before
    going to the Choir's Main Hall, but watching this scene drops your sanity a
    bit.  You don't want to be caught up in the big confusing area with low sanity.
    Exit this place and return to the...
    Go back to the main area.  Listen to Agrippa if you want but then continue to
    the left path.  You'll come across a room with a well in it.  Ignore it for
    now.  Keep walking until you get to the entrance to the...
    TRANSCEPT                                                                [am24]
    Nice place, huh?  First make your way up the spiral staircase, listening to a
    flashback on the way.  There's another picture of Alexander on the wall.  Make
    your way inside his study.  To your left is a TINDERBOX and on the shelf to the
    right is a JAR OF OIL.  On the desk is some string, which you'll require fairly
    soon if you wish to save Agrippa.  Inside of the drawers is a note and another
    cool artifact.
    Return down the staircase and take the right path first.  At the end of the
    hall is our first torture chamber of this area.  As before don't stay in here
    for too long.  To the left you'll find the PIECE OF ORB for this room.  Open up
    your inventory and combine the string with your GLASS JAR.  Open the grate on
    the floor and use our new contraption to get a GLASS JAR OF BLOOD, the second
    of three items needed for the tonic.
    Exit this room and take the upper path now.  You'll get a flashback.  In this
    next room there is a TINDERBOX on the chair to the left.  On the right you'll
    have to move some of the white bags out of the way to pick up our penultimate
    Before you go to get the last orb piece you should know that once you pick it
    up you will be unable to check out a section of the Chancel.  Once you receive
    all of the orb pieces a path becomes inaccessible.  If you wish to check it out
    return to the Nave, then take the upper path, through the prison area, into the
    Chancel, then take the right path.  Inside is a note on the table, some goodies
    like TINDERBOXES and junk, and a few other interesting tidbits.  Once you've
    had your fill return to the Transcept and continue on.
    Return to the main section and take the only path we have yet to explore.  In
    the torture room grab the TINDERBOX to your left, and open the cabinet to your
    right.  Inside is our final PIECE OF ORB.  Hooray!
    There's another interesting thing you can witness in this area.  If your sanity
    level is low enough the picture of Alexander at the top of the staircase turns
    all Silent Hill-esque.  Stand around in one of the torture rooms until your
    sanity is low enough and trek to the top of the stairs to see it.  It really
    spooks you when you enter his study while the picture is normal, then when you
    go to leave you're greeted with that thing.  Well, at least it spooked me.
    Backtrack all the way to the exit.  It's time to end this.  But first, let's go
    through the...
    NAVE                                                                     [am26]
    As we return Agrippa will compliment us on finding all six pieces of the orb.
    That's so nice of him. :3
    Go through the last path now.  Open the gate and you'll find yourself inside a
    prison area.  The door directly to your right has a TINDERBOX.  Go up the
    stairs and check all four of the areas.  One contains a spooky scene, one a
    TINDERBOX, one a flashback, and one contains nothing.  Poor guy.  On the table
    there's a piece of MEAT.  Grab it and go back down the stairs.
    Remember that room on the way to the Transcept that has the well in it?  Go
    there.  Take the MEAT out of your inventory and attach it to the piece of rope
    dangling above the well.  Spin around and turn the crank to lower the meat into
    the well.  After our buddy has had his or her fill turn the crank again so that
    you can retrieve the REMAINS, the final item needed for Agrippa's tonic.
    The door to the laboratory is still not available so don't bother checking.  Go
    back to the prison area and go on straight through to the...
    Up the stairs you go.  Open the door, get on the floor, and get mauled by a
    bunch of Brutes.  Don't worry about dying here, it's supposed to happen.
    You'll get knocked out, and when you awaken you'll be in the...
    CELLS                                                                    [am27]
    This doesn't look good.  When you're able to move look in the back corner of
    your cell and get the JAR OF OIL.
    There's a couple of ways you can escape from this cell.  If you check the left
    wall you'll see that some of the bricks are loose.  Use your HAMMER AND CHIPPER
    to make the hole bigger.  Pull the support beam towards you and the wall will
    crumble.  You can also wiggle the loose pipe from the top of the cell free and 
    then push the bed over to it.  Jump onto the bed and crouch through the hole.
    Either method works.  Just choose whichever one you like.
    Once you're free check the cell on the back wall to get a note.  Head into the
    next cell over and watch the little scene.  There's a TINDERBOX on either side
    of the room; one behind the bed and one in with the debris.  The last cell
    contains a LAUDANUM, a TINDERBOX, and an EMPTY BUCKET.  Take all three of these
    items and approach the well in the center of the room.
    Attach the EMPTY BUCKET to the rope and crank it down until you hear a splash.
    Bring it back up and collect the BUCKET OF WATER.
    Go and inspect the door to get out of this place.  Surprise surprise, it's
    locked.  Directly to the right of the door are some slightly broken pipes.  Use
    the BUCKET OF WATER on these pipes and collect the KEY that flows out.  Use it
    to open the door and continue on your quest.
    Now it is time to run.  Clear the debris out of the way of the door and turn
    left when you get to the intersection.  Keep running, splashing through the
    water and bolting up the stairs to reach the door to the...
    NAVE                                                                     [am28]
    Ahh, doors...the shadow's only weakness.  Pick up the TINDERBOX and the note
    off of the table.  Another interactive flashback will occur.  Just walk forward
    and listen to Daniel's anecdote.  When the scene is over continue to the next
    Hey, this looks familiar.  Grab the TINDERBOX from the ladder and check the
    first door to your left.  Get the TINDERBOX inside.  Go to the only other door
    available in this area and continue on.  Crouch underneath the support beam and
    go down the spiral staircase.  At the bottom of the stairs jump over the barrel
    and turn to the right.
    Remember the laboratory that we couldn't enter before?  Well now we can.  Get
    the TINDERBOX off of the shelf and get to work.  Put the GLASS JAR OF BLOOD on
    the burner and turn it on.  It will become the INCOMPLETE TONIC.  Move to the
    next station to your left.  Place the INCOMPLETE TONIC at the end of the pipe
    to collect whatever is about to come out.  Open the little compartment and
    place the REMAINS inside.  Close it up and pull the lever.  After all of the
    ooze has been extracted pick up the INCOMPLETE TONIC and move to the final
    station.  Place the POISON GLAND in the machine and the INCOMPLETE TONIC
    underneath.  Crank the handle until we get all the juices we need.  Pick up
    Return down the stairs to Agrippa.  To the left of him there's a hole in the
    wall.  Pick up the TINDERBOX in front of it and crawl through.  Get the BONESAW
    off of the shelf to the right.  Head back to Agrippa.  This doesn't sound very
    good.  Give him the tonic, then use the bonesaw on him.  Gross.  Pick up
    We're almost there now.  Truck through the forward path and return to the...
    CHANCEL                                                                  [am29]
    Go up the stairs and open the door.  Don't worry, you won't get swarmed again.
    The bridge connecting the right path has now collapsed.  If you haven't been
    here yet you'll get a flashback as you approach the center of this area.  Take
    the left path.  Watch out though, there's a Brute walking around this area now.
    You'll have to use your advanced stealth tactics to sneak past it.  You can
    check out the other area of the Chancel if you wish too.
    On the table you'll find yourself a diary page, and on the shelf a TINDERBOX
    and a BUCKET OF TAR.  Pick up one of the larger rocks (that you can still pick
    up, that is) from the pile of debris and bring it down the stairs.  Throw it at
    the gears of the machine to break it.  Alexander's final security measure is
    almost down now.  Doesn't it feel nice to destroy a big machine for once,
    rather then going on a big search and rescue mission for its many parts that
    have been scattered in the scariest parts of the castle?
    Go back to the center of the Chancel and turn left.  In front of you is the
    path to the Inner Sanctum, but you can't get through just yet.  To your left is
    a pedestal with a "hemispherical depression" on top.  Can you guess what goes
    Lay down some tar from the BUCKET OF TAR on the pedestal, then lay each PIECE
    OF ORB until you've got yourself one completed orb.  Wait a moment and the orb
    will give you the all clear to cross the bridge and, at long last, enter the...
    INNER SANCTUM                                                            [am30]
    We're here!  We're finally here!  This dark descent has almost reached its
    close.  Go down the stairs and pull the lever to your left.  Follow the left
    path and pick up the last diary page.  Interact with the little pool of water
    at the front of the room.  Once the lights go out spin around and stand beneath
    the big emblem on the wall until you hear a confirmation noise.  It should take
    a few seconds so be patient.
    Once all the lights are off leave the room and head across to the other very
    similar looking room.  Repeat the same process of inspecting the little pool
    then standing beneath the emblem.
    If you've done all of the steps correctly the room should now be taken over by
    the shadow, but the door will also have opened.  Once you can stand up again
    make your way through the new pathway to the...
    ORB CHAMBER                                                              [am31]
    There he is, Alexander himself.  Spooky looking dude.  You now have three
    options as to how you want to proceed, depending on which ending you want.
    Wait for Alexander to prepare the portal.  As he makes his speech it will get
    more and more power.  Keep a close eye on it.  When it opens take AGRIPPA'S
    HEAD out of your inventory and place it in the portal.  The shadow will consume
    Alexander and Daniel both, but you'll find yourself floating in a void.
    Agrippa's voice can be heard amidst the darkness, asking Weyer to help you.  He
    tells Daniel that everything will be alright and the screen fades to white as
    the credits roll.
    Password obtained: odn314
    At any time before the portal opens simply knock over the three pillars that
    are supplying its energy.  Alexander will be consumed by the shadow, and Daniel
    will make way back through the castle.  For the first time in a long time he is
    finally outside in the sunlight, and safe from the shadow to boot.  The screen
    fades to white as the credits roll.
    Password obtained: lke271
    Wait for Alexander to open the portal.  He'll enter it, leaving Daniel to be
    consumed by the shadow and all of the people he harmed in his journey.
    Password obtained: tyr299
    And there you have it, you have completed Amnesia: The Dark Descent.  How was
    it?  Hopefully you didn't follow this guide TOO much, as the experience is kind
    of ruined if you go through the game holding somebody's hand.  Oh, and if you
    pirated this game you should really consider purchasing it, or at least making
    a small donation to Frictional Games.  These guys worked really, really hard on
    this game and they really do deserve to make a profit...especially if you ever
    want to see something made by them again.
    FAQs                                                                     [am32]
    Q. Can you really not kill any of the enemies in the game?
    A. Correct.  You'll either have to hide or run away.
    Q. How long is this game?
    A. The average seems to be about 6-8 hours for the first time through.
    Q. I can't solve X puzzle or find Y item.
    A. Since there's a massive amount of puzzles and items to find it would be a
       waste of time to list all of them here.  Just look at where you are (if you
       are unsure hit Save and Exit, and then Load Game and look at the most recent
       save file).  Then Ctrl+F that location and follow the guide.
    Q. Can I buy a physical copy of this game?
    A. If you're very lucky then yes.  The great majority of the games' sales are
       electronic...whether it be through Steam or otherwise.  Physical copies DO
       exist as far as I know, but as of the time or writing this guide they are
       only available in Europe.
    Q. I'm too scared to play this game.  Anything I can do?
    A. Play with the lights on, or with other people.  If you still can't handle it
       then perhaps the horror genre isn't for you?
    Q. Are there multiple endings for this game?
    A. Yes, check the Endings section ([am31]) to see what they are and how to get
    Q. What's this about a "super_secret.rar"?
    A. Look at the folder you have all of the Amnesia files installed.  Either in
       the "redist" folder or just amongst the rest of the files you'll find
       "super_secret.rar".  It's a password protected file.  The password can be
       found from a combination of the three endings.  When you combine them all
       together you get a password of lke271tyr299odn314.  The archive is full of
       extras such as artwork and early beta test videos and the like.
    Q. I've run out of oil/tinderboxes/both.  What do I do?
    A. Check the guide to see if there's any that you might have missed, or any
       that might be coming up soon.  If not, just push on ahead until you find
       some more.  If you really cannot make progress you might want to consider
       starting over.  It shouldn't take you very long to get back to where you
       were, seeing as you've already read all of the notes and solved the puzzles.
    Closing                                                                  [am33]
    This guide was written by and is copyrighted by Mr_Popadopalis, 2010.  The
    guide is intended as a free help for those struggling with the game.  You
    should not have to pay any money for it, and if you find any place charging
    money for it please let me know through email.  Thanks to Frictional Games for
    putting all of their hard work into making this gem, and to the Amnesia message
    board at GameFAQs for helping me out with a puzzle that had me stuck on my
    first run through.  And thank YOU, for actually reading the closing/the guide.

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