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Governor of Poker goes back to the roots of this very exciting card game.* We know you must have heard about Texas hold’em poker by now? Who Hasn’t?Governor of Poker is a totally different kind of poker game. You can play against the old western pros. Play either as a male or a female character in this highly interactive and addicting poker game. Your only Goal: Get a hold of Texas!How? Battle your way in poker tournaments or cash games and win all the cash or property! Buy houses, and means of transport to get you everywhere in Texas. IN Governor of Poker you can make it, and you can make it BIG! At the end you only have to wonder? Do I have all I wanted. Or is there one more poker game I must win?Features:- Tournament and cash games- Simple property management - Transport upgrades- News flashes in the local papers of major events- The instant quick poker game- Save game options- Very sophisticated AI- Different opponent player styles- Beautiful 3D rendered graphics- Twitter messages- Facebook messages- Listen to your own music- Double poker speed- No Adds***************************Reviews from our players:High FiveI bet this app is going to be a great hand.Great gameThis is the best poker game ever can't be beatAwesome!!!I bought the computer version but this is even better because I can take it anywhere! Kudos to Youdagames!Fantastic GameI love this App, it's a fun addictive poker game. One of the best on the iPhone do if you like poker, this is recommended!***************************New in this version:- iOS 5 support - iPhone 4S support - Bug fixes* Thanks for all the feedback and support! With that we are able to make the game better and better! *

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