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Patches is your name and escape is your game!
You're one of the Dalmatian puppies being held prisoner by Cruella De Vil in her creepy old mansion.
The other puppies are depending on you to set them free. But before you can get them out, you have to get yourself out. That means sneaking through each room. Checking out each floor. Exploring every corner. There's gotta be an escape route somewhere. And as Patches, you have to find it.
Cruella's two henchmen, Horace and Jasper, are on your tail. So you better get moving. Because if they catch you, they'll lock you up. And if that happens, you can kiss your spots goodbye!
- Explore 3-D environments so visually-stunning, your tail won't stop wagging.
- Search for clues and solve puzzles. It's all part of your escape plan.
- Encounter multiple escape routes and different game paths every time you play.
- Set hilarious booby traps and play funny tricks for nonstop laughs.
- See all the action from a puppy's point of view. It's called "Puppyvision".
- Follow your nose for adventure with a simple point-and-click mouse interface.
- Ask Wizzer for help whenever you need it.

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