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Reviewed: 12/05/11

This may very well be the first zombie you DON'T want to shoot...

Before playing Zombie Shooter 2, I had never heard about developer Sigma-Team. And I still don't REALLY know that much about them, besides the fact that they've made other shooter games like "Alien Shooter" and "Zombie Shooter". But enough about them, let's talk about the game they made and what I think about it!

Zombie Shooter delivers just what it says it will: you'll be shooting lots and lots of zombies. No surprise, right? So, does the game even have a story? Well... yes and no. First of all, you choose a character to play as out of a pool of about 8 pre-built characters. Each character has a bio and a back-story, as well as their own strengths and weaknesses. And that's without a doubt the best thing I can say about this game story-wise. From there you are basically thrown into the middle of nowhere and contacted by an NPC to come meet up with him. After that, you'll start your journey to an unknown city (because THAT'S where you want to go during a zombie apocalypse!), helping out military outposts along the way. However, the game's PLOT (or really, script) is like its written by a third-grader! You'll be wished luck in finding your sister in one mission, and three missions later someone will wish you luck on finding your wife! What the heck!? Oh, and even if you are currently playing a FEMALE character, they will still wish you luck on finding your wife. Hey, I guess Sigma-Team isn't opposed to that sort of thing!

The story just gets worse from there. Near the end you'll be shown an antagonist who acts like he knows you and you know him... and its the first time you've ever met him! Granted, the game is Zombie Shooter TWO, and god knows if this guy appeared in the first Zombie Shooter, but it comes off as... unplanned and cheesy. Speaking of cheesy, I suppose its entirely possible that the game is supposed to be modeled after the cliche "B Horror Movie" genre, but if it is they failed miserably in their goal. In the end, the utter lack of any form of a coherent plot is evident, and if you can play the game without thinking about the story you'll be able to stomach the game much better.

Ok, enough about the story, how's the game play! As a survivor in a zombie apocalypse, you'll be armed with a pistol upon starting the game. You control your player with the standard "WASD" control scheme and shoot with the mouse. As you play, you'll find ammo, money, guns, and various items to help you out. There are also shops in just about every mission where you can spend your money and buy bigger and better guns, armor, health, and items. PLUS, they throw in RPG mechanics as you have 5-6 stats that each control something (such as health, accuracy, etc) that you can level up, as you gain levels by defeating the legions of the undead.You control your character and explore maps while progressing through a series of missions.

Killing zombies is fun... there's no denying that. And there's a LOT of ways to do it as there are a LOT of weapons to choose from (sorted into small, medium, and heavy weapon types). Some levels also feature tanks and other control-able vehicles for you to use, which is always fun, but starting in mission 8 or so the game REALLY starts spiking in difficulty, draining the fun out of playing it FAST if you aren't completely on top of your game (have the best available guns). Other than that... unnecessary fact, the game play is fairly average. Many skills you can pick are better than others, which seems to be a result of poor planning, and you could say the same thing about the weapons in the game but its your choice what you bring into combat.

The graphics in the game are probably what makes the game stand out. In it's default setup (as you can change several filters to your liking) the game is in black and white. Well, almost, your character, NPC's, items lying around the world and most importantly: the blood, are all in color, giving the game a stark contrast. However, I happen to have my BIGGEST complaint about the game when it comes to the graphics: they are broken. The game REGULARLY (and I mean ALL the time) glitches out on you, often displaying the background as... weird distorted rectangles. This also happens to completely distort whatever is SUPPOSED to be there, leaving you to guess what is REALLY there.

Another thing that will make you pull your hair out is that if you move your character between almost ANY narrow object in the world, there's a chance you'll get stuck and have to restart the level. Other minor complaints I have against the game include the fact that all female characters look like each other (I don't know about the male characters) and just how plain goofy the character animations are (the main character's entire upper body looks locked in place while they run). The zombies and enemies in the game look like they are designed well, and the weapons and armor look well done, but it's all not nearly enough to fix the what's broken.

The game's soundtrack is rather... odd as well. It's quiet for the most part until the shooting starts, then it breaks into some music that you'd expect to hear at a nightclub: very fast techno beats. An interesting music choice for sure. It's not bad, it's just different. Some sort of mood music would be nice though. However, the VOICE ACTING in the game is just godawful. There's literally no other way to describe it. It's as if they just pulled random people into the studio, gave them a script (which, as we've established, probably was written with crayons) and had them read. The actors sound bored, have no sense of timing, and generally just drag the game down in a major way.

The game itself is pretty short (if you can overcome the difficulty spike that is) but does have some inherent re-playability due to the different perks you can select and the ways you can choose to level up. The real question is if you even want to play through the glitch-y campaign again. You can also choose to play two separate modes from the main menu: one where you are alone in a field with waves of zombies (a survival mode) and another where you control a turret and fend off waves of zombies (you get to upgrade stuff in this mode, similar to a tower defense game). So there's SOME re-playability here... if you want it.

Overall: 3/10

Zombie Shooter 2 is not a game I could recommend to anyone... not even a casual gamer who LOVES zombie-themed entertainment. It definitely has its moments of fun, but you have to put up with a lot of nonsense to experience them. The writing is bad, the voice acting is bad, and the game play and graphics are both full of bugs. However, I should note that this game is CHEAP. I personally bought it for $1.25 off of a steam sale, but after playing through it I'm thinking that I may have paid TOO much... Have fun and keep playing!

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Zombie Shooter 2 (US, 11/18/09)

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