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    FAQ/Walkthrough by anarcho_selmiak

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/11/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   LOST HORIZON
                                    by selmiak
                                                          Version 1.00 - 11.09.2011
    [.1.] Content
    [.2.]  Walkthrough
     [.2.0.] Prologue
     [.2.1.] A Missing Friend
      [.2.1.1.] Hong Kong
      [.2.1.2.] Wuang's house
      [.2.1.3.] escape
     [.2.2.] The Secret in the Mountains
      [.2.1.1.] Crashsite
      [.2.1.2.] In front of the german camp
      [.2.1.3.] Inside the german camp
      [.2.1.4.] The way to the monestary
      [.2.1.5.] Inside the monestary
      [.2.1.6.] Inside the secret chamber 
     [.2.3.] Race against time
     [.2.4.] Into the Lion's Den
      [.2.1.1.] Berlin
      [.2.1.2.] Inside the Olympia Stadium 
      [.2.1.3.] The Reception in the Museum 
     [.2.5.] Deep Behind Enemy Lines
     [.2.6.] The Eye of the Tiger
     [.2.7.] The Heart of the World
    [.3.00.] Outro
    Use  Ctrl+F  in your browser and enter the code with dot and bracket to quickly
    jump to the desired chapter.
    [.2.]  _ WALKTHROUGH _____
    Lost Horizon is a modern adventures and  is very nice for that. The handpainted
    backgroundpictures  (short  BGs) are  top notch  and very fun  to look at.  The
    characters, that move over  these handpainted BGs are  not animated by painting
    them in  different  poses   of  a move  like  in the   whispered  world  or the
    fanadventure Zak McKracken  between time and space or  even Monkey Island 3, no
    they are 3d-models of the characters and this is a really cool thing. Sadly the
    close ups of the  characters  are not that  detailed. You  can see this  in the
    cutscenes  and it really  stings  my eyes.  It's the  end of  2010 and  you can
    expect a modern commercial  adventure to  have some detailed  faces with facial
    expressions.  And  the  main  character   shouldn't  have  3  differenet  faces
    (Startscreen, 3d render, talking icon).
    The story is very interesting and actually never a letdown and catches you from
    beginning on. Did I mention it reminds me a lot of Indiana Jones? Yes, it does,
    but it has enough to not be an Indy Clone. Sadly most riddles are not that hard
    so you complete  the game   very  fast.  But not  everybody   is  as good  with
    adventures as  me, so I'm writing  this walkthrough  to  guide you through  the
    game and share my unbelievably  huge and  enormous knowledge,  especially about
    Lost Horizon with you.
    So, let's get started with this solution:
    You can view this solution in a more stylish version on my website under:
    > http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/pc/index.php?lang=eng&game=losthorizon <
     [.2.0.] Prolog
         Khembalung valley - 1938
    2 british  soldiers,  Richard  und  Thomas,  flee  together  with  a monk  from
    firepower of the nazis, that are close behind  them. The monk shows Richard the
    secret passage und  the escape in  there. Thomas  gets hit by a  bullet shortly
    before he reaches the door.  He then is captured by the  Nazis. The door closes
    and the Nazis are kept out.
    The monk is also hit by a bullet and tells  Richard about the biggest secret of
    mankind, and that he must defend  it from the nazis. Then  he dies but he gives
    an old artifact to Richard before he dies.
    After Richard took a look around in his cave he finds out that there is nothing
    else to do than laying the  artifact onto the stele right  in the middle of the
    room. Let's see what happens now.
    Richard gets beamed away and noone knows  what happened. But we'll come back to
    this later.
       some hours later
    The Nazis are angry  because Richard and  the Monk disappeared  without leaving
    the slightest trace. So the Nazis are searching  for the secret chamber. At the
    don't want  unwanted  guests,  so they  give  out the  order to  have all  maps
    destroyed that show a way to  the temple with the secret  chamber. The mapmaker
    whose maps lead to the temple  lives in Hong Kong and  that's where we get into
    the story now.
       Hong Kong     
    Fenton Paddock,  our  hero that  reminds  everyone  a bit of  Indiana  Jones is
    hanging around at his favourite pub owned by Shen and gets to know that members
    of the triad of  Mun Tong are  searching for  him. But he  doesn't care  and he
    makes a bat with the bartender. It's his  job now to get the phonenumber of the
    new singer in the bar.
    So, here we go. Just talk to  her and say nice things  to here. You can do this
    by always chosing the first talkingoption.
    You succeed  and she  gives you  her number  on a  napkin, but  sadly  the nice
    conversation comes to an abrupt end as all  these triad members appear and want
    to catch Fenton.  But because  we were  nice to  her the Lady  helps us  escape
    through the backdoor. But Fenton won't come all that far there.
    In case you didn't  get the singer's  phonenumber  you can use the  Absinthe in
    the wok and  then  light it  with the  lighter  and finally  kick  it into  the
    restaurant to cause confusion  and distract the triad  people and finally flee.
    But again, Fenton won't come all that far.
    The triads catch him there and beat him  up. Then they lock him in a wooden box
    to drown him in the harbor.
       Inside the box at the harbor
    It's nice,  that the  triads like  to torture  their  victims  instead  of just
    shooting them. So we still have a chance of escaping.
    Inside the box, that can be your coffin  very fast you have to be creative. And
    sadly Fenton  can't  hold   his breath  for  10 Minutes   like other  adventure
    Move the lighter to the piece of tar that  is on the right side of the box. The
    tar melts away and you can use the napkin  or the cork to pick it up. Well, you
    soak it up. Because  of the  tar the napkin  is quite waterproof,  and  you can
    stuff it into the hole, the same goes for the cork, and now you can use both of
    your hands to do something  useful. So Fenton can open  his nearly empty wallet
    and finds some coins in there  he can use as a replacement  screwdriver. We use
    this replacement screwdriver  to unscrew the hinge and  then use the hinge as a
    crank to open up the wooden box before Fenton runs out of breath.
    After a short cutscene in which  a mysterious man talks  to triad boss Mun Tong
    and gives him  an order  we enter the  next chapter.  The ymsterious  man  is a
    naziagent and wants the triad to find Yen Wuang, the mapmaker, who made the map
    to the temple in the  Kembalung Valley,  in which Richard disappered  and wants
    all his maps destroyed. 
     [.2.1.] A Missing Friend
      [.2.1.1.] Hong Kong
    Get into Fenton's office and  Huxley (propably not a relative  of Aldous) shits
    you up, because Fenton  did something wrong  in the past (and  saved his friend
    Richard, but 8 dockworkers were killed, as we will find out later).
    Once Huxley finished,  Fenton is  brought to Gouverneur  Lord Weston.  He wants
    Fenton to take part in a rescue  mission for the lost  Richard. Because Richard
    is the Gouverneur's son and Fenton's best buddy we start off immediately.
    Once we are back  at the plane  we talk to  Gus, Fenton's  mechanic, about  Yen
    Wuan, the mapmaker. Gus thinks that maybe  Shen in the bar knows more about the
    whereabouts of Yen Wuan.  So we tell Gus  to get the plane ready  and steal his
    bellows. Then we  enter Fenton's  office and pick  up the alarm  clock and also
    the measuring tape.
       Gouvernor's Palace     
    Here we have a closer  look at the alarm  clock and we find  the key to wind up
    the alarm clock on the backside of the clock.  So we use the key to wind up the
    alarm clock and throw  the alarm clock into  the trashcan on  the right side of
    the screen. Why we are doing  this? Because this is a  solution for a riddle in
    the game Lost Horizon.
    As soon as the alarm clock  rings, the guard is distracted  and Fenton can pick
    up the ball from the tree in the middle  of the screen. If we hadn't distracted
    the guard he would not let us step on the english grass.
       Behind the nightclub
    If you can't get  here make sure  to talk to Gus,  the mechanic  at the airport
    about Yen Wuan. Then you can access this area without problems.
    As we arrive here we take a look at the swarm of flies that are circling around
    the small lamp.  A cat jumps  into action  and causes  so much  noise that  the
    triads that are still standing  in front of the night  club come to see what is
    happening  back  here. So  Fenton  can't  do anything  as  long  as the  cat is
    So we distract the  cat by tieing  the measuring  tape to the ball  and hanging
    this construction  on the rod above  the cat. So  we can finally  take care the
    flies. We can just take them with us by  sucking them into the bellows. So just
    do this.
    So we enter the nightclub and  talk with Shen about Yen  Wuan. But Shen doesn't
    know much so he passes  us on to the old  Nianzu that is sitting  around in the
    nightclub peacefully and is drinking his ricewine.
    So we talk with Nianzu and tell him we are looking for someone. Sadly Nianzu is
    a bit old and  needs a photograph  to remember  who we are  talking about.  And
    Fenton remembers he has one in the safe in his office.
    So we run to Fenton's office  and look into the safe.  Oh noes, the combination
    for the safe is written  on a piece of paper  that Fenton keeps  in his wallet,
    and he must have  lost it while  the triad  people wanted  to drown him  in the
    harbor. So let's go there!
    The little boy finds Fenton's wallet exactly  in the moment we enter the scene.
    What coincidence. And he's  not stupid, he won't give  it to us just like that.
    After a long  talk about  bats Fenton  is in the  mood to help  him catch  some
    To give him a good bait  for the bats we  release the flies  out of the bellows
    into the freedom  next to the lamp  that is standing  there. So  the boy agrees
    that the riddle  is solved and gives  us the wallet.  If we look  at it we will
    find the piece of paper  with the combination  for the safe  in Fenton's office
    written on it.
    In Fenton's office we use the  piece of paper with the  combination on the safe
    and Fenton opens  this thing. After  a short flashback  into Fenton's  past and
    the reason he was discarded from military  service without honours he will find
    the picture of Yen Wuan.
    We rub the picture  under  Nianzu's  nose and after  a small  joke he tells  us
    where Wuang lives.  
      [.2.1.2.] Wuang's house
    Wuang's house is now clickable on the map.
    After we took the  bamboo we can  knock on Wuang's  door. It's the  door on the
    Sadly (or maybe  luckily *drool*)  he's not  at home, but  his niece opens  the
    door. And so we find out the  sad truth, Wuang is dead.  But for that Mun Tong,
    the triadleader appears again  and stresses around. But  Kim and Fenton get rid
    of him and Kim  tells Fenton  Richard  was here  to talk to  Wuang 3 weeks  ago
    (shortly before  he left for Tibet)  and wanted  to see his maps  of Tibet. But
    what Richard got from Wuang were only copies,  so Kim still owns the originals.
    After this is said and done Fenton can plan the escape from the flat.
    So we get the hanger from the cupboard and attach it to the bamboo. Now we walk
    to the  window  and out  of   the flat  and  fish  for  the  lantern  with  the
    bamboo-hanger combination.  Now we hang the lantern on  the nailhook outside of
    the flat (but inside the building) to see  a window in the back of the room and
    escape there. But you have to use the window to make Fenton realize that Kim is
    still missing and then talk to her to get her to come with you.
      [.2.1.3.] Escape
    Fenton is hanging a bit uncomfortably on the truck so we better act fast before
    the triads think about it and just run him over.
    We talk to Kim and tell her to step on the  gas. A clock is shown. At once talk
    to Kim again and as soon as the clock reaches the 6 (or half the time) tell her
    to step on the breaks.
    Fenton jumps onto the loading area of the truck and can keep the gangsters away
    from there.
    At first we try to pull the broken piece  of glass out of the windshield of our
    chasers near to Fenton with  the bamboo. This works half  ways. So we try again
    with the broken bamboo  and this time we  succeed. We use the  glasshard to cut
    out a piece of cloth from the tarpaulin  on the back of the truck and stick the
    resulting rag into the bamboo. We now give  the bamboo over to Kim in the truck
    and change players with her.
    As Kim we reach for the key on the mirror  of the stolen truck and light up the
    rag on the bamboo with  the cigar lighter.  We give both the  key and the torch
    back to Fenton. He can use this better.
    As Fenton we use the key to  open the crate and pick up  a lot of fireworks. So
    we put the fireworks into the motor on the  back of the truck and light them up
    with the torch. That's about it for the triads.
    At the airport Fenton persuades Kim to come  with him, and in no time we are in
    the air on our way to Tibet.
    After a long dialog  in which Kim finds  out about Fenton's  past and thinks it
    is okay what he did a german Messerschmitt  appears and wants to shoot down the
    two pilots on their  way to Khembalung.  So we need to fight  back. No problem,
    even though we use the peaceful way!
    So, here  we are,  in the insides  of  the plane  and  want to  shoot down  the
    Messerschmitt. At first we  pick up the parachute, the  canister, the flour and
    the pumpkin. The we push the pumpkin into the fixture the parachute was hanging
    on to get a smiley pumpkin, and then load  it up with water out of the canister
    and some flour to get a good and slimy mixture.  After we opened up the door we
    can throw the loaded pumpkin onto the Messerschmitt  and finally got rid of the
    fighter plane behind us.
    But what is  this? Our plane  also got  hit, but  more about  that in the  next
     [.2.2.] The Secret in the Mountains
      [.2.1.1.] Crashsite
    So we hardly  survived  the   crash  landing.  At  least   Fenton  did.  Kim is
    unconscious and stuck in the cockpit. So we better help her.
    So let's pick up  the sled. Whereever  it is coming  from. The propeller  blade
    will also fit very  well into our  inventory. So  we use the blade  to open the
    crate. We get the  lid of the crate  for this. If  we click on the  crate we'll
    pick up all the content inside  the crate. There is a  broken record, a folding
    table and  the horn  of a grammophone  inside   the crate  and  now inside  our
    So, let's leave to the left.
    There is a huge  gap that won't  let us  reach  the wreck  of the Messerschmitt
    down there and get all the items waiting inside the wreck. So we have to find a
    way over there. It would work with the sled but there is not enough snow on the
    ground to slide over the edge. So we use the horn to pick up some snow from the
    snowdrift and pour it all over the ground. And then we repair the sled with the
    lid of the crate.
    If we use the repaired  sled on  the furrow Fenton  gains enough  speed to jump
    over the gap.
    So finally  we're on  the other  side of  the gap.  We open  the wing  with the
    propeller blade and  pick up the wing hull.  I don't want to  know where Fenton
    keeps this!
    We examine the cockpit and  get a pilot jacket and binoculars.  The pilotjacket
    is not worth  all that  much so  we cut  it up with  the shards  of the  broken
    record. We get a lambskin and a document with permission from this action.
    Now we use the wing lying on the ground  and push it over the crevasse to build
    a bridge  to the  other  side of  the gap.  Here  we send  Fenton  back  to the
    crashsite and then to the north of it.
    Now Fenton faces an Argali. The Argali doesn't  want to move away or let Fenton
    pass. So we need  to do something  with this mean  animal. So we  use the wooly
    lambskin out of the  pilotjacket with the  sled and also put  the folding table
    under this thing  to build  a fake sheep.  If we  show this  fake sheep  to the
    argali it defends its territory  and this ends bad for  both the argali and the
    fake sheep.
    So the only thing left is the  horn of the sledge with  a leatherstrap. Pick it
    up and look at it.  Fenton will  tear it apart and  we now have  the horn and a
    leather strap.
    And while we are at the cliff we also pick up the incense sticks as well as the
    weird lumps, which actually are argali shiat.  Now we walk back to the wreck of
    the Messerschmitt.
    Here we put the Argali dung into the horn of the grammophone and light it up at
    the fire  on the  backside   of the  Messerschmitt.  And   so we  also put  the
    leatherstrap into the puddle under the wreck. The strap first gets wet and then
    freezes and finally we have a frozen leatherstrap. So we take it with us. Again
    I don't want  to know where  Fenton  puts this long  frozen  thing or even  the
    burning Argali dung. We leave this place and rush to the wreck of Fentons plane
    with the trapped Kim inside.
    To get to Kim we lean the wing hull against the ledge and use it as a ladder to
    climb up to Kim.
    So we already see there is a parachute hanging high up on the right side of the
    screen. We use the frozen leather strap  to push it down. As soon as we own the
    parachute we tie it to the cockpit and pull the ripcord to tear it open. So now
    we only need to wake  her up. We just light  an incense stick  with the burning
    Argali dung and wave it around in front  of Kims face. She wakes up in no time.
    This must smell really bad!
    While Kim slowly  gets warmer we  find out, that  Wuang, her mapmaking  father,
    sometimes used a secret writing to make some of the details of his maps unclear
    to people that shouldn't  know. He didn't  want everyone to  know that he found
    an artifact on his travel to Khembalung together with Hayes.
    Fenton and Kim are about to search for the Monestary with the aid of the map as
    a truck passes by. Of course they follow  the truck and are brought to a german
    camp inside the snowy mountains.  
      [.2.1.2.] In front (and under) the german camp
    So what do we  see here.  The germans  captured  a british officer  and  Fenton
    Paddock wants to rescue him of course. Let's get it on!
    We have a look at the yellow sign on the  right side. Fenton won't even be able
    to read the word crevasse,  because he will fall into  it before. That's irony.
    For our luck Kim shows up and can help.
    As Kim we pick up the warning  sign. Further more we pick  up a newspaper and a
    rope from the truck.  After we look inside  the crate we have  some more items,
    they are: a pot with the fitting lid, sticky  tape and a gas burner. As soon as
    we have a look at the holes  in the snow in front of the  hut we find out where
    these hole are  coming from.  So let's get  a cigar. Just  put the sign  on the
    holes, just  like a  pan and wait.  Sooner  or later  we will  catch a  burning
    Finally we walk to the  hole in the ground  and give a lot of  stuff to Fenton.
    Well, everything except the documents and the sign.
    As Fenton we light the gasburner with the cigar. With the burning burner we can
    light up an incense stick and  use it on one of the many  ways out of the room.
    The smoke will be blown to the way which  might lead us out of the crevasse. We
    pick up the lose chunks of  ice and enter the cave on  the left to reach a pile
    of trash.
    From the trash here we pick  up the pocketknife and use  it on the log from the
    warning sign. Look at this.  A small wood chip comes out.  So we put the pieces
    of ice into the pot,  close it with the  lid and seal it with  the sticky tape.
    Now we also stick the woodchip  in the pot. Now we want  to cook this thing, so
    we put the newspaper onto the pile of junk  and light it with the gasburner. We
    put the pot onto that and wait for the ice  to melt and then cook and shoot out
    the woodchip to destroy the layer of ice  in the ceiling. Before we continue we
    pick up the pot again.
    And now we find  out something  really  cool. The  rope and  the horn from  the
    sledge make a good grappling hook. We throw  the grappling hook to the crevasse
    and climb it up. 
      [.2.1.3.] Inside the german camp
    Right next to the crevasse  from which we  are coming is a case  with a grenade
    inside. We sure can make good use of that so pick it up. Walk some steps to the
    right and you will see a soldier repairing his truck. Splash the water from the
    pot you of course picked up down inside the crevasse into the generator hut and
    as soon as the power is off the soldier  is distracted for some time. But let's
    make sure he won't come back anytime soon,  so we kick the beam in front of the
    truck and a chain of  events will make sure  the soldier is  trapped inside the
    generator shed.
    Now we enter the  tent at the lower  end of the  screen. We can  only pick up a
    tent peg from the muscle soldier, besides this there is nothing else to do here
    at the moment. We leave the  tent and now we have all  the time in the world to
    have a look at the toolkit  of the soldier  we trapped in the  generator house.
    But it won't open that easily, so we use the tent peg on it and it opens.
    So what do we have here... a vice, glue  and a saw blade in a cover. If we look
    at the sawblade in the cover, Fenton will  take the saw blade out of its cover.
    So we put some glue  on the empty cover  and stick the newspaper  on it. What a
    nice cover for a record. So what about a record now? Oh yeah, we have a record,
    but it is broken. So we use  the glue on it and enter  a minigame where we have
    to rearrange the pieces of the record in a puzzle. The best idea is to start in
    the middle, as you can  see where which  part belongs by checking  the label in
    the middle. For the rest of  this puzzled record you should  try to arrange the
    pieces according to their form. Sooner or later you will have fixed the record.
    After this we  open the grenade  with the  help of the vice  and then  pour the
    gunpowder over the record to cover the glue.  So, let's put the record into the
    cover and there we go,  this looks just  like every other record.  What are you
    waiting for, enter the  tent and put the  record on the heap  of record already
    After the guard  is knocked  out Thomas tells  us a lot  about Richard  and the
    Monestary. Especially, that  there is a secret side entrance,  and that we need
    to find that entrance and that the secret  chamber is guarded by 2 dragons, one
    of them is twice  as old  as the other  one, keep  that in mind  as it will  be
    important later on.
    We pick up the soldier's uniform and find  a key in the pockets of the uniform.
    We use the key on Thomas' handcuffs  and have him free  already. We also find a
    tape in the uniform. So we leave the tent and put Thomas into the truck that is
    waiting there especially for us. We will use it to escape the camp in a minute.
    The mean thing  is, there is  a german soldier  that won't  let us leave  if we
    don't show him a form that will allow us to leave.
    So we search for the  form he wants to see.  We use the key  on the door on the
    left of the truck and enter the hut. We  pick up the pencil from the ground and
    one of these forms in the drawer. Look at the list on the wall and then use the
    pencil  to fill  the  form and  write  'Eye   of the  Kanjur'  as  the  object.
    (normally we would have to listen to the  tape and find out that an object with
    a number is very precious  and then look  at the list on the  wall and find out
    that this object is the Eye of the Kanjur, but we can save this time because of
    my 1337 knowledge  I'm sharing with  you). So we  can finally give  the form to
    the soldier and he will let us pass.
    Fenton drives the truck with  Thomas on it out of the  camp and there Kim jumps
    on the truck too.
      [.2.1.4.] The way to the monestary
    As we can't get rid of Kim as easy as we  get rid of Thomas we take her with us
    to the monestary. But how do we enter?
    We use the tent peg on the signpost to get  the signs. Then we use the lever on
    the right side to find out  that we better ask Kim if  she wants to help. So we
    ask her and pump her to the top. She brings 2 wooden planks and a bag of baking
    powder with her. With that in our inventory  we can step up to the sideentrance
    of the monestary.
    Here we  pick up  the egg  from  the birdnest.   Now we  just run  back  to the
    crossroad and fill the  egg with the oil  dripping into the  puddle next to the
    lift and then we go back to the sideentrance.
    Now we put one wooden  plank to the drain  and from the end  of this we put the
    second wooden  plank to  the dragon's  claw and  now we have  a nice bridge  to
    cross the gap next to the normal bridge. On the other side of the bridge we use
    the tent peg again, this time on the prayer  wheel. We find out that the prayer
    wheel is magnetic and also attracts aluminium.  What a great tool it is. Now we
    open the gap next to the door with the tent peg.
    We use a sign on the wooden wheel inside the gap and turn it, then another sign
    and another turn and repeat until the door is open.  
      [.2.1.5.] Inside the monestary
    We start with oiling the pulley  with the oil from the  egg. Now we pull up the
    pulley and tie the magnetic  prayer wheel  to it. If we let  down the pulley we
    can catch the tin from the table below.  We can open the tin as always with the
    tent peg. We get  some meat  from this action  but we don't  want the  meat and
    throw it on  the wooden  slab so that  the dog gladly  will  help us reach  the
    knapsack. Again we lower the  pulley and reach for the  knapsack. As we open it
    up we see a gasmask, a canteen, a compass and a torch.
    The glass  of the  torch  is broken  so  we repair  it with  the  glue and  the
    otherwise useless compass.  Now we aim for  the kennel with  the repaired torch
    and the dog is so interested  in the light  that he follows  the light into his
    kennel and stays  there. But he  can still get out  so we need to  trap the dog
    inside the kennel.
    So we use the  baking powder  (our luck that  is was inside  the lift!)  on the
    canteen and it starts to react and foam is coming out of the canteen. We better
    close the lid of the canteen and then throw  it onto the snow on the roof above
    the kennel.
    Let's go, Kim and Fenton climb down and search for the secret chamber.
    The strange  chest can help  us light  up the scene,  but at  first we have  to
    unscramble  this  very   ungerman  cable   spaghetti.  There   are  2 different
    difficulties for this minigame, but both have the same solution:
        plug 1 - socket 1
        plug 2 - socket 5
        plug 3 - socket 3
        plug 4 - socket 2
        plug 5 - socket 4
    If you don't get it, just look at this picture and connect the numbers:
    > http://tinyurl.com/bs6jyyd <
    Thanks to the light we now see the wall. As we examine the wall Fenton sees the
    ornaments. But he can't do  anything by hand so we use  the prayer wheel on the
    rightmost ornament to open  it. And what is this? Another  minigame. So, do you
    remember what  Thomas told  us? 2 dragons  guard  the chamber,  the mother  has
    double the age of the kid.  This means that the mother  is twice as long as the
    kid. So turn the stones until you see the  correct image. The shorter dragon on
    the lower part goes almost straight on except for a small bow into the field in
    the complete middle while the bigger, upper dragon must be the mother and makes
    a slope over almost the whole playfield. The bow starts in the upper middle and
    comes back to there. 
    On the page that  is linked for  the solution for  the cable spaghetti  you can
    also find the solution for this riddle. Just klick on the only link right above
    this paragraph.
      [.2.1.6.] Inside the secret chamber
    Fenton looks at the  signs here, but he  can't read it. So he  asks Kim, if she
    can help.
    She likes to help and so they both find out that there is another, a second key
    that opens the gate to Shambala,  but you can find the  place the key is hidden
    only if you look  at Piri Reis'  map through the  eye of the dragon.  Professor
    Hayes and Kim's  father found  the eye of  the dragon, but  Kim never  saw this
    artifact, so Professor Hayes must still own it.
    Countess Hanna von Hagenhild  listend to  all their conclusions  and also tells
    us, that Hayes is in  Marrakesh. But because  she's rather killing  her enemies
    than making new friends she wants to see Fenton dead.
    So he flees and  tries to rescue  Kim from  the countess.  But everything  goes
    wrong and he starts  an avalange  that buries  Kim's truck.  So he escapes  the
    mountains and is very down on his flight  to Marrakesh to find Professor Hayes.
    But we will find out about all this in the next chapter. 
     [.2.3.] Race against time
    Fenton rushes  into the professor  Hayes'  store but he  is not there.  He's in
    the prison of Marrakesh because  he didn't pay his taxes.  But who thinks about
    taxes in this heat anyways?
    As Fenton doesn't want to do  anything else besides finding  Professor Hayes we
    have to do that. So  we leave the screen  with Hayes' store  and leave the next
    screen (Bazar) to the upper left.
    Now we are in front of the Gendarmerie already  and pick up the crank handle on
    the well here before we enter the gendarmerie.  We talk to the policeman and he
    tells us, that he wants  200 Franc as a  bail. But we don't  have this money so
    we should get the money and to do this we leave the gendarmerie.
    As we are standing in front of the door  Professor Hayes calls us to his window
    and wants to know what  Fenton wants from  him, so Fenton tells  him everything
    that happened so  far. Hayes tells  us, that he  has the Eye of  the Dragon and
    wants to help us. But for this we need to  help him first. To make it easier to
    get him out  of jail he  gives us a  ring. And he  needs his  medicine for  his
    So we better get his medicine.  For this we go back to  the bazar and leave the
    scene to the right.
       Outside of Marrakesh  
    Here we pick up some hay from  the trough and use the  crank handle to get some
    of these nice and shiny sparkling crystals that are growing in the front.
       In front of Hayes' shop
    We talk to Jamil here. He is the juweler with the red-white clothes. As we need
    the money  really bad  we sell  him the  ring. Well,  that didn't  work  out as
    expected, 5 Franc is better than nothing, but it was a very bad deal after all.
    Or maybe Hayes was expecting too much from his ring, who knows.
    Anyways, we get a gift certificate from him to get some juwelry polished. So as
    we are here already  we ask him  if he wants to  buy the crystal  we just found
    outside of Marrakesh. Well,  he doesn't want to buy it  but agrees to bevel the
    crystal for us because we have the gift  certificate which he then keeps again.
    So we lost the gift certificate already but got a shiny crystal that looks like
    a lens.
    Inside the shop
    Here we find  Monsieur  Lacoste  at work.  We ask  him about  the medicine  for
    Professor Hayes. But he refuses  to give us anything before  we show him a form
    that allows us to take stuff  from the shop. But at least  he gives us an empty
    We talk to the greengrocer here and ask what we can get for the 5 Franc. We can
    chose between  bell  pepper   and  a half  of a watermelon.   We  buy the  half
    watermelon as we have a plan for it, just read on.
    With the crank handle we can  scrape the fruity stuff  out of the melon and now
    we have a good bowl.
    If we leave  the scene  to the  left we  reach the  dyer and  his shop.  He has
    everything here  but the most interesting  thing  for us for the  moment is his
    water supply. So we fill the scraped empty watermelon with water from him. Just
    put the watermelon into the water and Fenton  will ask him and yes, we can have
    some water.
    Here we talk  to the  gendarme  and ask  him for a  stamp on  our form,  but he
    refuses to do so. So we got to lure him  out of his stinky shack. So we put the
    polished quartz on the crank  holder and put the hay into  the appearing ray of
    light. And there we  go, there is the gendarme  running to the  fire and saving
    his new car. And as long as he is standing  there and looking around we talk to
    Professor Hayes and convince  him to steal the stamp from  the gendarme. But he
    can't reach  it so we give  him the  crank handle  and this  works. We use  the
    stamp to sign the form and get back to the shop.
       Hayes' shop
    So we enter Hayes' shop again  and this time we have the  form and the stamp on
    it and we proudly  wave  it in front  of Monsieur  Lacoste's  face and he  will
    allow us to take  the small case  with Hayes' important  medice  in it with us.
    So we leave the shop and as  we are standing in front  of Hayes' shop and don't
    have anything better to do  we give the melon filled with  water to the thirsty
    snake charmer. In return he  gives us his flute with which  we can charm snakes
    and maybe camels. If  Fenton refuses to  give him the water  we have to talk to
    the snake charmer about everything possible,  but the most important topics for
    him (or us) are his flute, the snake and the music.
    Again at the  prison  we give  Professor  Hayes his  case and  he can  take his
    medicine. As we don't want to be suspicious  we take back the case from him and
    we also get a gold detector.  So we use the gold detector  on the case and look
    at this, it works and the case is made out of gold. So we happily use the crank
    handle to destroy  the case  and now also  have the gold  knob from the  broken
    Outside the town
    After we got Hayes his  medicine we head  back outside of the  town and use the
    flute to lure the camel near. As the camel  won't let us ride on his back we go
    per pedes through the saltlake and finally reach the Berber festival.
       Berber festival  
    If the berber festival  is not shown  on the map  yet we have to  get back into
    town, to the bazar. Here we have a look  at the poster on the wall on the right
    side of the bazar. This  poster advertizes  the festival and  only after Fenton
    has seen the poster  he dares to  enter the desert  and finds the  festival. If
    you're still having problems finding the  poster just scroll back a bit on this
    page here.  I marked  the   poster  advertising  the Berber   Ferstival  in the
    screenshot of the bazar earlier on this page.
    We are very welcome to the festival and  told what awaits us. We are told, that
    there is a fight where we can win 100 Franc in the big tent. 100 Franc is good,
    but not enough, but  we'll try anyways.  But we need a blue  djellaba to enter.
    As we don't  have a  djellaba  we get a  garment ticket  for  one djellaba.  So
    let's get back into town.
    We talk to the cloth merchant about djellabas  and give him our garment ticket.
    As he doesn't have a blue djellaba we chose  the white djellaba and walk to the
    dyer to have him dye it blue.  But this would be too easy,  so he's out of blue
    color. But there is a group  of nomads bringing in new  blue color right at the
    oasis outside the city.
    So we go out of the  town of Marrakesh and  reach for the nomads  at the oasis.
    Once arrived we talk with the leader of the nomads about the Indigo. As soon as
    we give the nomad the flat bread he will recognize it and trust as. He trust us
    so much, that he  will give us the  indigo for the  dyer and so  we can finally
    return to the dyer's shop.
    We give him his  long awaited indigo  plants long  before the nomads  reach the
    town and this time there is  no problem in the way for  him to dye our djellaba
    And while we are here we give the flue back to the thirsty snake charmer in the
    alley in front  of Professor  Hayes's  shop before  we get back  to the  Berber
       Berber Festival
    Left of the wrestling  tent is the  tent of the  shaman. We enter  this tent at
    first and talk to the shaman. He tells us  some not so precise things about our
    future, but the interesting thing is the  drug he uses. We talk with the shaman
    about it and he tells  us about the thorn  apple, and that it  grows everywhere
    here. For example at  the oasis. So we go  there and get some  thornapple seeds
    from the plant on the left.
    With the thornapple seeds in our pocket we finally enter the wrestling tent. At
    first we have  to fight  the wrestler  just because.  To do  so we talk  to the
    person next to the  wrestler and  so we get our  ass kicked by Aziz.  So now we
    know what the water is for and poison it  with the thornapple seeds. Now we can
    face Aziz again and he is a lot weaker and we win the fight.
    So we are 100  Franc richer  and enter  the bazar  and want  to earn even  more
    money. Why not with gambling (and a little bit of cheating, but read on). So we
    ask the thimblerigger  for a game. The first  round is a training  round and we
    chose the middle cup  and win. The next  round is about money  and of course we
    lose. So what do we do? Right,  we ask the thimblerigger  to play with out gold
    ball we got from  the broken chest.  And now we  can always find  out where the
    gold ball is by using the gold detector.
    We move to the prison with  our newly earned 225 Franc  and get Professor Hayes
    out of jail.
    We visit a tea pub with him and have one.  In this relaxed atmosphere Professor
    Hayes tells us everything  about  Shambala, that  this place really  exists and
    keeps the world as one. So the Nazis better  not get there. But as things go we
    need the Piri  Reis' map to  find the second  artifact but  the Nazis  have the
    map. So Fenton is about to travel to Berlin and view the map through the Eye of
    the Dragon and find  the hiding  place of the second  artifact.  But as the two
    want to get the artifact Hayes is shot by  the Nazis and so the Nazis also have
    the Eye of the Dragon. So it is urgent to visit Berlin.
    Meanwhile the gouvernour in Hong Kong receives a telegram from Thomas and seems
    not very amused that he survived and burns the paper.   
     [.2.4.] Into the Lion's Den
      [.2.1.1.] Berlin
    So we made  it and escaped  the  heat of  Marrakesh  and landed  in the  cooler
    Berlin. Sadly Professor Hayes wasn't as lucky as we were.
    So here the Nazis are  hiding the stolen  Eye of the Dragon.  Let's find it and
    then continue our travel  to find the Piri  Reis' map and with  the help of the
    map the second artifact. But only one thing at a time.
    At first we should enter the museum, as we are standing right in front of it in
    this new chapter in Lost Horizon.  We find out everything  is closed inside. So
    we talk to the workman about  everything possible in the  dialoge menu. We find
    out, that there  is a reception  from which we might  get into the  interesting
    floors of the museum. And we  also get a infosheet about  the olympic decatlon.
    As soon as we read it Fenton is very happy  as he finds out that his old friend
    from college days Glenn  is competing in  the decatlon. So we  are halfway into
    the lower floors of  the museum already.  But of course the  game will put some
    obstacles into our way there, but fear not, this is what this great solution is
    written for.
    So we take a look at the cardboard  box we just put on  the ground and take the
    cleaning stuff with us. We get a yellow  rubber glove and a sheet of sandpaper.
    And because Fenton  loves digging  in the dirt we  click on the  rubbish bin to
    find some more interesting  items.  From this rather  simple action  we get the
    dirty lid of the  rubbish bin,  a broken bottle  neck and  a dried bouquet.  We
    polish the rusty lid  shiny with the sandpaper  and after we  had a look at the
    devilsheep we can cut its beard with the broken bottleneck.
    After leaving the museum  we take a look  at the advertising  pillar and find a
    photograph of a photocamera. We pick up  the poster and take it with us. Now we
    better go to the stadium to find Glenn.
       Olympia Stadium   
    We can't enter without the  press pass from the IOC. So  we have to think about
    a way to get a pass, but before that we  fill the rubber glove with Helium. And
    now we go to the IOC at the Pariser Platz.
       Pariser Platz
    We find out that we  went here for nothing  as the IOC has closed  already. But
    maybe it was not that useless at all to  come here. There are a lot of tourists
    and other interesting people in front of the Brandenburg Gate. The man in front
    of the Cafe is a journalist  and tells us,  that he'd rather  be in England and
    wants to write stupid storys about the royals. Well, his decision...
    We pick up the napkin on the left table, examine it to find out the name of the
    Cafe (we need that later) is Cafe Erika  and wipe the ketchup on the table with
    it. Now we have a look at the  dryed bouquet and find  the florist wire. We use
    this florist wire with  the balloon rubber  glove and so we  can tie the ballon
    animal to the pram.  This frightens  the kid inside  so hard that  it drops its
    lolly. Now we steal the baby's lolly.
    Back at the museum we fish  for the shiny object in the  abyss and get it. It's
    a reichsmark.
    We enter the  museum  and take  a look at  the doors.  Now we  can use  the new
    hotspot, the doorknob.  We smear  the ketchup  all over  it and then press  the
    picture  of the   photocamera  onto   it so  we  have  a prohibiton   sign  for
       Pariser Platz 
    We have a look at Edison's  jacket hanging on his chair  and see he has a press
    pass inside it. So we try to convince him to give it to us but he refuses to do
    so, so we have to find  another way to get  it. After looking  at the napkin we
    know the name of the Cafe and can make a phonecall from the phonebooth by using
    the coin. And who are we gonna  call? Yes, Cafe Erika  at the Pariser Platz. We
    lure Edison into the  Cafe with the use  of a small lie and  while he is inside
    the Cafe we can steal his press pass and his glasses.
    Now it's about  time to talk  to the photograph  in the  back of the scene.  We
    talk to him until  we can talk  about the  photography ban.  To get him  really
    pissed we use our selfmade prohibition sign  with the lolly and stick it to the
    traffic sign. Now we talk to  the photographer again and  show him the sign. So
    he leaves as does his camera. But unlike him his camera leaves with us.
       Olympia Stadium
    We still need a hat to look like the person on the press pass we just stole. If
    we look at the hat of the organ grinder we think about it and can talk with the
    organ grinder about the hat. So we give  him the shine lid from the rubbish bin
    we polished with the sandpaper  and get his hat. Finally  we stick together the
    Argali beard with the  lolly and our disguise  is perfect. And  so we enter the
    Olympia Stadium. 
      [.2.1.2.] Inside the Olympia Stadium
    But what do we have  to find out here? Glenn  isn't surely winning  even though
    he is our friend and Fenton is the hero of the game. So we have to help him.
    We get rid of the disguise and enter the  lockerroom and pick up the laces from
    the trainers here. From the rubbish bin we also get a bottle of cleaner. And to
    top it all we also pick up a coathook from  the right side of the screen. Let's
    hope noone will notice  this. Now we use  the coathook to open  the ventilation
    grill and enter the passage through the ventilation shaft we just opened.
    We end up  in the equipment  room.  Here  we take  everything  with us  that is
    possible. For once the measuring tape and the ping pong balls on the table, but
    we have to take  a look  at the table  first. And  after we  had a look  at the
    dumbbell shelf we have another new hotspot,  the shelf foot. So we put the coat
    hook on the  shelf foot,  fix  it with the  shoelace  and hammer  on it  with a
    dumbbell. After some hammering the coathook is flat enough and we can use it as
    a screwdriver and open the metal panel on the cupboard with it to take the suit
    inside with us.
    Back in the lockerroom  we combine  the table  tennis balls  and the bottle  of
    cleaner and pour this  deadly mixture into  the rubbish bin.  This stuff reacts
    chemically and  what is left  is some slimy  sticky chemical  sludge.  Which is
    Now we cut the measuring tape with the bottleneck and from the cut off piece we
    cut off some  more  25 centimeters.  And  so  we stick  this shorter  piece  of
    measuring tape onto  the rest of the real  short measuring tape  again with the
    help of the sticky stuff inside the rubbish bin as glue.
    We now leave the locker  room and enter  the arena. We see Erwin  Huber jumping
    and see he's  very successfull  with this.   So we  better steal  the  official
    measuring tape and replace it with ours because now only Glenn is left.
    To do so we distract the judges  by going back to the  catacombs of the stadium
    and lighting up the dried bouquet by putting it into the sparkling light on the
    left end of the catacombs.  This is the olympic spirit.  We put this newly made
    torch into the torch  holder and  burn the wires  above it. This  distracts the
    judges and while they are away we can replace the measuring tape with ours. And
    so Glenn wins! This is how history is made. 
      [.2.1.3.] The Reception in the Museum
    And again we lost all our items.  This means we'd better  get some new ones for
    our inventory. What about that red barrier?  We pick it up but then place it in
    front of the entrance  to the reception  so noone  is interrupting  us here. We
    pick up the champagne bottle  and the glass next to it  by examining the table.
    Now that we got it, if we take  a closer look deep into  the champagne glass we
    find a cork stuffed  inside  of it. If we  look at the cork  again Fenton  will
    remove the wireframe agraffe from it.
    With the wireframe  we just uncovered  from inside  the champagne  glass we can
    unlock the wall cupboard to  find a mop and a bottle of  acid. And this acid is
    really mean and good  at the same time,  as it helps us to open  up the door on
    the right side of the screen as we pour it all over the lock.
    And here we meet our friend  countess von Hagenhildt again.  It seems that only
    the Eye of the Dragon is here  and stays here while the  Piri Reis' map is on a
    castle near Paderborn. But we take care of this in the next chapter, now we are
    after the Eye of the Dragon. And the turbine here.
    Let's try
     to open the red box.  But this doesn't  work, instead we have  a handle in our
    hands now. Revenge on things. What could be better.
    So we climb back up the stairs and use the  handle to open the display case. We
    get a piton if we look inside  the display case. And while  we are here we also
    look into (click at)  the cloak room to  find a scarf. So we  combine the piton
    with the  scarf  and tie  this combination   to  the mop.  With  this nice  arm
    enlargement tool we get back to the turbine  and use it on the large console to
    set the energy to the highest level.
    After this we put the cork back into the champagne bottle and with a good aimed
    shot out of the champagne bottle  we start the turbine  with the small console.
    To stay on top of things happening we use  the handle on the red box to finally
    open it and find a fire hose. We tie the  hose to the railing and the other end
    goes to the door on the other end of the room.
    Inside here we  find the Eye  of the Dragon.  In case you  didn't figure,  it's
    inside the briefcase.  So let's  get out of here  and on to the  Wewelsburg and
    the next page of the solution for Lost Horizon.
    In the meantime the  Nazis are threatening  the gouverneur in  Hong Kong. So he
    has to rely on Fenton. This means... on us... ZOMG!    
     [.2.5.] Deep Behind Enemy Lines
    After the  relaxed  ride  on the  train  Fenton  reaches  the place  where  the
    Wewelsburg  is located.  Here  we want to  have a  look at the  Piri Reis'  map
    through the Eye of the Dragon  and find out where there  is another artifact in
    this world. But it would be  way too easy and way too  stupid from the Nazis if
    we could just walk in there.  Noone just walks into the  Wewelsburg. So we have
    to solve some riddles again.  The train station attendant  also only knows that
    this is a restricted area.
    At the rainy trainstation  we first have  a look at the info  board to find out
    that a mine is under the Wewelsburg. We  sure will get into the Wewelsburg this
    way. But how do we get into the mine?
    If we look at the sign next to the dark door Fenton cleans the sign and we find
    out, that this must be the entrance to the mine.
    After looking at the memorial cross we can chose and pick up one of the candles
    that are standing around the cross. We use  the candle to burn the rope holding
    the handcar.  This  thing   rolls  off and  we got  rid  of  the train  station
    Now we can take  the axe with us.  With the axe  we cut off the  lantern on the
    train on the right side  of the screen and  we also open the  chain in front of
    the door to the mine with the axe. After  we put the candle into the lantern we
    have a good lightsource and Fenton dares to enter the mine.
    It's very dark in here. So we follow the  tracks. After a while the tracks turn
    90° towards the bottom of the screen and after a short while they turn back 90°
    to the normal direction.  At the next switch  we follow the  rails going to the
    bottom and after they end we follow the  way to find a skeleton. There is a pot
    next to the skeleton that we rather pick  up. Now we get back to the switch and
    follow the other  rail to find some  cobblestones  on the gound  and then follw
    these to find stairs that lead to the
    Behind the curtain there is a nutcracker and a dirty mirror waiting to be taken
    away by Fenton. So we  do so. We can use  the nutcracker as  pliers and unscrew
    the hook in the wall here next to the curtain. On the right side of the chimney
    is a hand drill we also  take with us, before  we go upstairs,  deeper into the
       Working room
    Fenton enters just right to  hear how the Nazis are talking  about categorizing
    the artifacts.  So the Piri  Reis' Map will  be in the list  too. So we  should
    have a look at that list, but shouldn't  get caught by doing so, as we all know
    what the Nazis are  up to when they  catch people  doing stuff they  don't want
    them to do.
    To get closer to the info where the map is hidden in the castle we just pick up
    everything here that  we can. This means  we pick up the boar  pelt, the gloves
    from the armor, the precious candle holder and some tinsoldiers.
    Next to the table with the  tin soldiers is a door to  the balcony, we go there
    Nothing is happening  on the balcony, except  for the rain,  so we better hurry
    and use the hand drill on the  telescope to unscrew it.  We don't need anything
    else here, so we go inside again.
    Back down in the workshop we put the tin  soldiers we just aquired into the pot
    and put the  pot on  the fire.  Soon  the soldiers  are  melting  with lots  of
    bubbles, so what do we do with this mess?
    We pour it into the candle  holder. After it cooled down  we use the hand drill
    again or the hook to  get the tin out of  the candle holder.  It doesn't matter
    which tool we use for this task as both  lead to the same result. We now have a
    precious coin-shaped tin wafer.  And we want to spend  our new wealth right now
    so we enter the secret door again to reach the
    We need the  pot here again.  This time  we fill  it with water  from the  rain
    barrel. We  put the  tin wafer  in the sweet  dispenser  and  receive  a little
    chemical bomb. We put  the lemon sweet into  the waterfilled  pot and have some
    chemical cleaning  fluid which  we use on   the boar pelt.  With the chemically
    altered boar pelt we clean the dirty mirror.
    Working room     up
    So we want to read what the Nazi has written  on his paper. We silently put the
    hook into the crack in the  wall and hang the mirror on  it. Now we can use the
    telescope  to look  into  the mirror  and   read  what the  Nazis  soldier  has
    The Piri Reis' Map is in the crypt of the north tower.
    So we pick up the mirror again and also unscrew the hook from the wall and exit
    onto the
    We use the telecope to look around and especially  we look at the town. Here we
    are very interested  in the church,  as   old churches  are  always build  in a
    destinct direction  and so we easily  find out which  one of the  towers is the
    northern tower. Sadly it is the one on the other side of the castle.
    To get there we have to go back to the
    We professionally extinguish the fire with the boar pelt. Finally we got rid of
    this stinky piece of fur. While Fenton looks  at the chimney he sees the ladder
    rungs. As they are still very hot we use  the gloves to climb up the chimney to
    It it raining here, so we won't stay long and rather exit into the
       North Tower 
    Through the window  we enter  a room still  above the crypt  in which  the Piri
    Reis' Map should be. So we  have to get down, get down  there somehow. But how?
    You will find out if you continue reading.
    Here we start vandalizing old  stones. That's easy and  funny at the same time.
    we do so by drilling a hole into the stone  slab on the ground. We put the hook
    we unscrewed from the crack into the hole and then let down the chandelier with
    the red crank wheel. The chandelier  and hook stick together  and so we pull up
    the chandelier again  and tear out the stone  slab from the  ground. Finally we
    can climb down to the crypt.
    We (have to) look  at all lecterns  here. It doesn't  matter in  which order we
    look at them, the interesting  one is always the last  one, after we read a lot
    about the morphogenetic  fields  and the history  of the thule order  and their
    interest in Shambala. So finally we can  look at the Piri Reis' Map through the
    Eye of the Dragon and find out where the second artifact is.
    It is located in  India. Whereelse  should it be?  And we will find  out how we
    find this last artifact in  the next chapter of Lost Horizon,  so go on playing
    or just turn the page.  
     [.2.6.] The Eye of the Tiger
    The forsakken village?! So  what? And hey, we still have  the Eye of the Dragon
    with us.
    We just pick  up a small  bundle  of reef  right next  to the  entrance  to the
    village, as well as the long bamboo pole with the white cloth and some feathers
    from the ground. The pot shards, the basket and the clay jug also move into our
    Now we have a look  into the basket.  We'll find  2 stones that  will be useful
    later on. If we look under the one hut in  the background we will find out that
    a goat is hiding under  it. Well, we already  saw this but Fenton  hast to look
    close to see things.
    Now we start destroying and playing. As the basket is already broken we can cut
    it in parts with the pot shards and get a string and some woodsticks.
    As soon as we try to leave  the village we are stopped  by an old man in a hut.
    He tells us about the fierce tiger in the  woods that likes to play golf. Wait,
    forget about the  golf part. He  won't leave the  village because  of the tiger
    and cannot show  us the way  to the secret  temple. But  if he knows about  the
    temple it's not  that secret, but  anyways we now  know, we have  to get rid of
    the tiger.
    So we finally enter the jungle and walk to the questionmark, which is a
    Here we hear the tiger suffer in the background  so we better be real silent to
    not attrackt its attention.
    We better get some  mushrooms and  some herbs here.  As we don't  have anything
    else to do here we get back to the
    We knock on the olds man's hut and ask him  about the stones and the mushrooms.
    We find out,  that the mushrooms  are  a poison  if cooked and  the stones  are
    flintstones. That's  good, so we put the  reef into the fireplace  and light it
    with the flintstones. We cook  the mushrooms on the fire.  To do so we put them
    into the clay jug and put the  clay jug onto the fire.  After a short while the
    poison is ready and we take  the clay jug with the poison  out of the fire with
    the help of the piece of cloth.  So we pick up another  bundle of reef from the
    And now we build a blowgun. To do so we tie the pot shards to one of the wooden
    sticks and put a  feather on the  end of the arrow.  After we dunked  the arrow
    into the mushroom poison  we have our arrow  ready. We finally  put it into the
    bamboo and voila, we can stun a tiger. But  we still need something to lure the
    tiger near. So we lure the  goat with the herbs and tie  the string to it. Then
    we tie the  leashed  goat to the  big tree  and can  go out  to catch  the wild
    We walk to the swamp, click on the tiger or try to shoot him or whatever and he
    will come to the village and Fenton waits  behind the tree. So go for it, shoot
    at the tiger.
    Fenton and the old men get rid of the tiger  and we get what we wanted, the old
    man shows us the temple.
    So here is the temple we searched  for so long and found  out about on the Piri
    Reis' map on the  Wewelsburg.  But it seems  like most of  the temple  is under
    water and  only  the staue   on top  is visible.  And  we  are of  course  more
    interested in the stuff  inside the temple,  maybe even an artifact.  Some more
    riddles are unavoidable...
    We let Fenton dive into the lagoon to check  out what we have down there at the
    entrance of the sunken temple. So we see a hungry angry shark down here, and we
    better get rid of him before we start diving  deeper. And before we leave again
    we let Fenton scoop some water out of the  lagoon into the clay jug. Then we go
    back to the
    Back in the swamp we climb up to the plane  in the tree. Up here we have a look
    at the cockpit and there we  find a cardboard box. Once  we look inside we find
    an old radio. We take  a closer look at  the radio and there  it happens again,
    Fenton breaks  something.  But we can  use the small  crank  from the radio  to
    unscrew the cover on the cowling  of the plane. From there  we get a long cable
    that we connect to the radio.
    We use the water from the clay  jug on the bloodstain  and can wipe it with the
    cloth.  As sharks  don't  like   electricity  but  do  like  blood  we  tie the
    bloodsoaked piece of cloth to the radioconstruction and go back to the
    We throw some parts  of the radio into the  lagoon. With the  crank we can send
    gigantic 40V into the water,  but that's enough to get  rid of the shark and we
    can finally go diving.
       Lagoon (under water)   
    Here we have to be fast as Fenton has only  a limited amount of oxygen. We pick
    up the metal rod. We also fill the clay  jug with some mud from the ground. Now
    we have a look at the door and find a recess.  This interesting recess needs to
    be observed  too, so  we do so.  After this  is done  we can  swim back  to the
    With the metal rod we just  found we can destroy the vine  here and collect the
    sap that is dripping  out of the  vine with the  new reeds we collected  in the
    At first we drown the  box in the water  to make it really wet.  Now we cut the
    plants on the stone column with the metal  rod. The carving on the stone column
    looks a lot like  the negative  of the recess  on the door  under water.  So we
    grease the carving with the vine sap on  the reeds, stick the wet box onto this
    and get a form in the form  of the carving. We fill this  with the mud from the
    ground of the lagoon.
    We burn the mud in the form with the fire  that's still burning. As Fenton is a
    bit of a sissy and doesn't  want to grab into the fire  we use the metal rod to
    get the burnt form out of the fire.
    Lagoon (under water)
    Down here we put the  form into the recess  and voila, we're  inside the secret
    Inside the temple we collect the 6 stones  from the ground and from the murals.
    While we are here we can look at the murals  and find out more intersting stuff
    about the history of Shambala  (or not) and then go to  the stone in the center
    of the room and look at it. We put all the six stones into the holes here.
    As soon as  the stones  are inside  the   holes we  push them  in the following
    Upper right, upper left, lower middle, lower right, upper middle.
    Now we pick up the artifact  and made it through the chapter  called The Eye of
    the Tiger.
    But Fenton is not  happy, rather  depressed because  of all the  responsibility
    that he now has.  And he already  is responsible  for a few dead  people, so he
    decides to travel to Hong Kong and not to the monestary in Khembalung.
    He talks to Lord  Weston about  his plans  to destroy the  artifact so  that he
    won't lead the  Nazis to Shambala  (as they  already have  a leader),  but Lord
    Weston doesn't agree  with him, as Richard  is his son and also  the Nazis have
    him under control and take Fenton with them to Khembalung.
    Fenton is the only person that can use the artifact and now the Nazis force him
    to use it. On the other side everyone appears in the center of Shambala, except
    Fenton. After a long talk with  Richard from the past  he can finally enter the
    next chapter and kick some Nazi butts.
     [.2.7.] The Heart of the World                 
       Pillar Room (Fenton)
    So what do we have to do here? We have to  find the 3 pieces of an amulet to be
    able to use the force within Shambala to finally get the Nazis out of Shambala.
    So come on, we can do this.  And we also have Richard  helping us from the past
    of Shambala. So continue reading...
    We can't do all  that much here  with Fenton so  we switch to Richard  into the
    past of Shambala and do a lot of stuff in the time there.
       Pillar Room (Richard)
    As Richard we open the stone slab and take the wooden cog with us. If we switch
    back to Fenton we can see the gear is gone  in his version of Shambala. This is
    quite logic, as he is there in the future of the past and we just removed it in
    the past. And if it is not there in the  past it can't be there in the present.
    And now most of the puzzles in Shambala work this way.
    So we are still  with Richard,  pick up the  torch next  to the door and  after
    searching through the pile  of shards we get a nut and  can leave this room for
       Northern Cave (Richard) 
    Here we pull out the right metalpost and  also get the chain that is hanging at
    it. And while we are  at it we turn around  and kick the stones  behind Richard
    into the abyss. And vandalism is a nice  hobby so we also destroy the stalgmite
    in front of the door  to the right with  the metal post. In  the middle of this
    cave there is some loose soil we can plough through with the metal post. Now we
    use our hands to shift it around. We will  uncover a coffin in the dirt that we
    cannot do anything with,  but at least we  have some wet dirt  in our inventory
    Through the door on the right we enter the
       Center (Richard)
    This is the center of Shambala.  Here we pick up the square  stone that is just
    lying around  here.  That's  all we  can do here  for  now, but  it sure  looks
    interesting here already, doesn't it? So  we go back into the northern cave and
    leave either through the northern  or through the southern  exit. On the map we
    chose the
       Southwestern Cave (Richard)
    This is the temple of  fire in Shambala.  Looks quite hot in  here. But Richard
    has no time to change  clothes, so we tie  the torch to the  chain and let this
    down to the lava to light up the torch.
    The statue demands a sacrifice. The sacrifice of life is what we can give right
    now, so we put the moist soil  into the right hand of  the statue and on top of
    that pile we put the nut.
    Now we already leave the temple of fire and enter the
       Southeastern Cave (Richard)
    So now we are inside the temple of light. Looks a lot colder than the temple of
    fire. This could be because of all the ice and snow here and the absence of the
    lava from the temple  of fire. I guess this  has something to  do with this. To
    start things off here we break away the  icicle right in the middle of the room
    and put it into the  tub a little bit to  the left of it. And  Richard does all
    this without wearing gloves! With the lit  torch we melt the icicle and put the
    wooden gear and  the chain into  the tub afterwards.  We just do  this whithout
    thinking about  why we do this,  well, why  not, not everything  needs  to make
    sense. And Richard  feels the same  and you should  too, if you  play with this
    Walkthrough. But in the future it will make some sense.
       Northern Cave (Richard)   
    If we look at the coffin in the middle of  the room we see that there is a lock
    on it and the lock has lost some paint. The torch is the tool of choice to burn
    away the paint from the lock on the coffin.  Now we go back into the room where
    we started this chapter in Lost Horizon.
       Pillar Room (Richard)
    We stuff the square stone onto  the stone pedestal. So  that's it for the past,
    now we better get back to the future.
       Pillar Room (Fenton)
    Look at this, the square  stone we just  put on the stone pedestal  in the past
    got a hole in it. So we better pick it up.
    Northern Cave (Fenton)
    Because there is no more paint covering  the lock on the coffin it is destroyed
    by rust and we can open the  coffin without problems and  take the bone out and
    with us. And next to  the waterfall are  some pebbles we also  take with us. We
    exit through the door to the right into the
       Center (Fenton)    
    We see Kim and  Countess  von Hagenhild  standing  in the center  and we  can't
    reach them.
    The Countess wants to blow  up the 12 pillars around the  forcefield to turn it
    off. Totally crazy  she is. Like  Yoda talking I  am. This can only  take a bad
    end, so we better stop her evil plans.
    We play as Kim for a short while and can  only do some stuff with the table and
    then we are Fenton again already.
    As Fenton we pick up  some crystals from  here and can leave  again as there is
    nothing else to do here at the moment.
       Southeastern Cave (Fenton)
    We can pull out the frozen gearwheel from the tub in this time of Shambala. And
    now we stick the 3 crystals into the 3 recesses in the walls. The crystals will
    send a ray of light across  the cave and finally melt  some ice. Behind the ice
    we can see (and pick up) the tailpart of the dragon amulet.
       Southwestern Cave (Fenton)
    Back in the temple  of fire we melt  the ice by  throwing it into  the lava. Of
    course the chain  helps  us to keep  the gear wheel  in our  hands. The  nut we
    planted with  Richard in  the past of  Shambala  already grew  to a huge  tree.
    That's the symbol for life.  Now we need a symbol for  death and there the bone
    fits very well. We put the bone into the left hand of the statue. There is only
    the motor  or the  fuel for  the whole  statue  thing  missing  so that  we can
    continue playing. We tie the chain to the square stone and scoop some lava with
    it before we finally put it into the middle of the statue. The statue reacts to
    our newest sacrifice and releases the body piece of the Dragon Amulett which we
    take with us of course.
       Pillar Room (Fenton)    
    Again we move to where we start  the last chapter of Lost  Horizon. Here we put
    the gear wheel to the other gears in the wall and see it works now. If we throw
    a pebble into the  left head we  see the stone disc  in the middle  of the room
    So we throw  pebbles into  the left  stonehead until  the red  line on the  big
    stonedisc aligns  with the  red line  on the pillar.  We do  the same with  the
    middle stone head and with the right stonehead. In this order. Left, middle and
    finally right stonehead. Once the red line aligns completely all over the discs
    on the ground  the  pillar  opens and  shows  us the head  part  of the  dragon
       Center (Fenton)
    We put together the dragon amulett and use  it with the force field. Nothing is
    happening. But  there Richard  appears and  tells us that  Fenton has  to think
    about something when using the dragon amulett.  So Fenton thinks about a dragon
    and causes some confusion here.
       Center (Kim)
    Kim can use  the confusion  to kick  the table and  get a glas  shard from  the
    broken bottle on the ground.
       Center (Fenton)
    Fenton kicks ass by  using the dragon or  the amulett or the  dragon amulett on
    the Nazis. They jump into the lava in panic.
       Center (Kim)
    Kim gets the glass shard into her hands and cuts the ropes around her hands.
       Center (Fenton)    
    Fenton cleans the last plattforms from the evil Nazis.
       Center (Kim)
    Kim fights with the Countess for a final fight. No matter what kind of fighting
    style we use we will always win against her...
    Fenton comes to  the force field  but he is too  late to help Kim.  But she can
    help herself quite good.
    And Richard also shows  up just to disappear  shortly afterwards  and stay with
    the priests in the past of Shambala.
    In the present Fenton can finally win Kim's heart and sadly this is the
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