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Guide and Walkthrough by ScrawlKnight

Version: 1.7.2 | Updated: 11/18/2021
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                     .```                  `.::-                         
                                   `-.``     -::`                        
              ```.....  `          `:-.-.    ---                             
           `-://::::/- .:`        `-`  .-.  `:-`                  ``     
          `//-.``.:/. ./-     `..      `:` `/:`  --.   `-.      .-.`     
                `:/` .//--` `-+:-      :- ./-` `-:-:.  -:`  ``.::`      
                --` ./-``:. -/---     -:.::`  `:.`.-` `:-`.:../:`         
               -.   .` `-`  .-`     `:/:-`    .::-.``.-`  --.:/-`        
               .     `..     ``   `-/:.       ```   ``     ``..`         
                            `---.                THE VOID         
                            ```              FAQ/WALKTHROUGH

   |               First draft completed: August 19th, 2011                |
   |           Last updated: November 18th, 2021 (Version 1.72)            |
   |                  Written and compiled by Andrew B.                    |
   |          Contact the author: scrawlknight[at]gmail[dot]com            |

If you notice any errors in this file or have any suggestions or tips then
please feel free to contact me using the email above.

This guide is not to be used without the author's permission under any 
circumstances. See the bottom of the document for more details.

+---- TABLE OF CONTENTS [0.00] -----------------------------------------------+
| Hit Ctrl + F then enter the corresponding number in the table of contents   |
| to jump to the section you want.                                            |

[1.00] -- Introduction
[2.00] -- Game Mechanics and Tips
        [2.01] -- The Brothers and Their Sisters
        [2.02] -- Colours, Lympha and Nerva
        [2.03] -- Passage of Time
        [2.04] -- Creatures and Predators
        [2.05] -- Realms and Chambers
        [2.06] -- Void Map
        [2.07] -- Controls and Interface
        [2.08] -- Useful Tips
[3.00] -- Walkthrough
        [3.01] -- Awakening
        [3.02] -- Exploring Death's Domain
        [3.03] -- Growing a Garden
        [3.04] -- Opening Death's Hearts
        [3.05] -- Meeting Uta
        [3.06] -- Heartbreaker
        [3.07] -- Mantid's Mining Mission
        [3.08] -- Pangolin
        [3.09] -- Detour Through Ire's Pond
        [3.10] -- Finding Ole
        [3.11] -- Montgolfier's Task Part 1: Triton
        [3.12] -- Acting On Una's Advice
        [3.13] -- Dreams and The Adit
        [3.14] -- Montgolfier's Task Part 2: Worm
        [3.15] -- Yani: Last But Not Least
        [3.16] -- Selfless Act
        [3.17] -- Betraying the Brothers
        [3.18] -- Rescuing the Sisters
        [3.19] -- Your One True Heart
        [3.20] -- Breakthrough
        [3.21] -- Turgor
        [3.22] -- The Different Endings
[4.00] -- Walkthrough: The Short/tl;dr Version
[5.00] -- Cycle Calendar
        [5.01] -- Famine
        [5.02] -- Commandments
        [5.03] -- Feast
        [5.04] -- Confusion
        [5.05] -- Agony
        [5.06] -- Breakthrough
[6.00] -- Brother Fight Guides
        [6.01] -- Caterpillar
        [6.02] -- Ironclad
        [6.03] -- Mantid
        [6.04] -- Montgolfier
        [6.05] -- Patriarch
        [6.06] -- Pit
        [6.07] -- Triumphator
        [6.08] -- Tyrant
        [6.09] -- Warden
        [6.10] -- Whaler
[7.00] -- Sister Information
        [7.01] -- Ava
        [7.02] -- Aya
        [7.03] -- Echo
        [7.04] -- Eli
        [7.05] -- Ima
        [7.06] -- Ire
        [7.07] -- Nameless Sister
        [7.08] -- Ole
        [7.09] -- Una
        [7.10] -- Uta
        [7.11] -- Yani
[8.00] -- Heart/Glyph Locations and Usage Tips
        [8.01] -- Heart Locations By Chamber
        [8.02] -- Individual Glyph Info
[9.00] -- Appendix
        [9.01] -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
        [9.02] -- Poetry Transcripts
        [9.03] -- Easter Eggs
        [9.04] -- Misc. Data and Inner-Game Workings
        [9.05] -- The Story and Themes of The Void
        [9.06] -- External Links
[10.00] -- Afterword and Legal Information

+---- INTRODUCTION [1.00] ----------------------------------------------------+

Welcome to an in-depth guide for an amazing PC game called 'The Void'. My time
playing made me think, feel and be inspired more than almost any other game I
have ever played. I hope these are feelings you too will experience as you
enjoy the game.

However, as you may already be aware, The Void is an incredibly difficult game
with some very unusual features. Never fear! This guide is here to help you
with some important knowledge, useful tips and explanations that will make
your time with the game more rewarding and less frustrating.

If you've already played for a while and found the difficulty too high, you may
wish to download an unofficial easy or medium patch from the link below:


This patch was made by a member of the official The Void forums named Throdax.
Easy is still no walk in the park, but may make the game more enjoyable for
some. Still, I'd encourage to to persevere with the main game as it becomes
much more balanced once you actually understand how to play.

Regardless of the difficulty you choose, make sure you take the old advice of
'save early, save often' (and in different files) as you can back yourself
into a corner. Fortunately, the game also auto-saves every so often.

+---+ As you read, keep an eye out for this symbol. Any text next to this !
| ! | box is a particularly useful tip or noteworthy piece of information.
+---+ Make sure to look for them as you go!

With all that out of the way, my last piece of advice would be to avoid
overusing this guide. Experiencing the rough, unforgiving world of The Void
is part of the experience. I've tried to avoid spoilers as often as possible,
but some I had no choice but to mention. Take care!

+---- GAME MECHANICS AND TIPS [2.00] -----------------------------------------+

It's highly recommended you read this section before doing anything else.
Understanding the mechanics and concepts of The Void are paramount to
succeeding. There are a wide variety of tips and tricks that will help
those playing for the first time to be found here, along with advice even for
those who have already spent many hours in the game.

| ~ THE BROTHERS AND THEIR SISTERS ~                                 | [2.01] |

The Sisters and Brothers are the two key groups of NPCs in The Void. They have
a very interesting relationship where they despise each other, but are forced
to rely on one another. The Sisters rely on the Brothers for Colour to keep
them alive, while the Brothers are forced to act as guardians to each Sister.
Regardless of this codependent relationship, they all hate each other.

The Sisters are the key to The Void and to your chances of winning. There are
eleven Sisters in the game, but only one that you will ultimately choose to 

By feeding a Sister Colour you can fill her hearts and form a bond with her.
However, each Sister belongs to a Brother. If you give a Sister too much Colour
you will incite the wrath of the Brother that owns her. Early on this will lead
to your death. Later on you will stand a chance against the demonic Brothers.

Filling one heart of a Sister gives you access to all her chambers. By filling
two of her hearts you can pass through to the next Sister. If you fill the
third heart you will incite the wrath of that Sister's Brother and be forced to
fight them. You do not want to be doing this early on. Filling a fourth heart
allows you to use the Breakthrough glyph (once you have it) and win the game.

You can choose any Sister that you like, but the game pushes you towards
choosing either the first nameless sister or Ole. It's up to you whether you
want to follow these paths or pick a different Sister entirely. I'd advise
against aiding the Nameless Sister on your first playthrough unless you feel
confident and use the easy patch. She requires more than double the amount of
Colour than other Sisters do.

Many Sisters provide key information as you fill them with Colour, but there's
no 'right' Sister to choose; all are equally valid options. Just remember that
almost everyone in the Void will lie to you at one point or another.

For specific information on individual Sisters please refer to section 6. Each
Sister has two favourite Colours that you can feed her to fill her hearts. Your
progress in filling a Sister's heart can be seen on the Void map by hovering
over their chamber or in the bottom left hand corner of the screen when
interacting them.

It's actually possible to kill Sisters too. By feeding them poisonous Colour
you will be given a warning. Do it again and it'll kill them. This means you
will no longer be able to visit them and, if you haven't opened the way yet,
won't be able to access their chambers. See section 6 for info on which Colours
are poisonous to which Sisters. You can tell in-game by the sound effect of a
rattlesnake when you click on the colour.

An administrative note: 'Death' is officially called the Nameless Sister. Other
Sisters have nicknamed her Death and I use this name a few times in the guide
to avoid confusion.

The Brothers are horrible, deformed creatures that have managed to rise from
a hell-like existance called the Nightmare and enter the Void. They are part
man, part machine, and show no mercy to their enemies. Each owns a specific
Sister whom they both hate and must defend. The Sisters wish for the Void to
die while the Brothers, who call it the Sleeper, want to revive it.

The Brothers worship Colour. In the nightmare there was nothing so beautiful
and they were enraptured by it when they ascended into the Void. They obey a
number of commandments that put protecting the Void and Colour above all else.
Even the Sisters.

Strangely, the Brothers are described as being blind. This is a little unclear
in the game as, even though they're said to be blind, some seem to be able to
see you and one comments on how small you are. Regardless, there's no doubt the
Brothers are metaphorically blind. They also cannot hear the voice of Colour.

To begin with, your task is to blend in with the Brothers and make them think
you're one of them. Some side with you while others remain hostile. Eventually
you may choose to take them on and destroy all of them, some of them, or simply
continue to ally with them. Their movements and arrivals in the Void are random
and change from file to file. The only constant is that Mantid appears to be a
sort of spokesperson for them and Montgolfier is always your mentor (even
though Caterpillar says he is).

For specific information on individual Brothers and fight strategies, please 
refer to section 5.

| ~ COLOURS, LYMPHA AND NERVA ~                                      | [2.02] |

Colour is the lifeblood of everything in the Void. Most importantly, it is your
lifeblood. There are seven colours in total, each with their own benefits and

+---+ Colours were intended to have negative effects too, but these were never
| ! | actually introduced into the game. They were programmed, but the
+---+ developers ran out of time and ultimately did not include them. 
Therefore, the only negative effect of ALL Colours is that they damage realms
of the Void. Disregard any information in the game that tells you otherwise.

You can obtain Colour from trees, fireflies, mines, and a few other locations.
By placing Colour in your hearts you can convert collected Colour (Lympha) 
into usable Colour (Nerva). Once Colour is in the form of Nerva, it can be used
give life to objects and to fight enemies.

Sometimes you'll hear a voice whisper something to you when you acquire Colour.
This is the Voice of Colour. The seven Colours are actually at war with each
other and all hate each other. Towards the end of the game they speak to you
individually and tell you not to trust the others. Each has its own

Your Lympha palette is on the right side of the screen and your Nerva on the 
left. The bottom left hand corner of your Soul Obscura menu (press B) shows the
effect of each colour in your body. You cannot increase any effect past 100%
even if you add more of that Colour to your hearts.

The term used in the explanation of the Colour 'in the Void' means the more
you use a certain Colour, the more is left floating around. You're encouraged
by a couple of Sisters to keep the Colours in balance (you can see this in
your in-game journal), but as the negative effects were not implemented, this
is not at all necessary.

Keep in mind that some Colour must always be in at least one of your hearts 
to keep you alive. See the next sub-section for more specifics.

|     GOLD       |
"Gold is the color of love, unity, respect and pity; the colour of dedication
and self-sacrifice.
Its gift is trust. The more gold you have inside you, the better the impression
your gifts will make on Sisters."

Association: Trust
Fill Your Hearts When... donating Colour to a Sister.

By filling your hearts with gold, the Colour you donate to a sister will be
more effective. Always, always, always fill your hearts to 100% gold bonus
before giving Colour to a Sister. Got that? ALWAYS! It will be the difference
between a failure or a successful game.

The more gold that exists in the Void (ie. the more Gold you use) the more
jealous the Brothers will be. They will be more likely to rip out the hearts of
Sisters if you fill more than two.

The Maths
100% trust (gold) bonus = 50% more effective use of donated Colour. So, for
example, if you donate 100 Colour to a Sister she'll be filled with 150 at no
extra cost to you.

|    EMERALD     |
"Emerald, or simply Green, is the colour of patience and self-control, the
colour of awareness, the colour of greed, the colour of dedication to rest
and balance.
Its gift is defense. The more Emerald you have inside you, the less damage you
will receieve from your enemy's blows."

Association: Defence
Fill Your Hearts When... you are preparing for battle.

By filling your hearts with emerald you increase your defence. You will take
less damage when hit by an enemy. Vital for boss battles.

The more emerald in the Void makes your glyphs less effective. More colour than
usual will be needed to make them work.

The Maths
100% defence (emerald) bonus = damaged redued by x1.75. So, if an enemy would
normally deal 175 damage to you, you'll only take 100 damage.

|     VIOLET     |
"Violet - the colour of secrets, the colour of an anxious, uneasy charm, and of
concern. An inquisitve, unkind and suspicious colour.
Just like Silver, Violet is ethereal.
Its gift is inspiration. The more Violet you have inside you, the less Colour
you will need to bring life to inanimate matter."

Association: Inspiration
Fill Your Hearts When... you are growing trees.

By filling your hearts with violet, the Colour used to grow trees will be more
effective. Each drop of colour will be worth more than usual. ALWAYS make
sure to do this before planting a tree as it will save a ton of Colour.
Extract and Expose also cost less colour when you are filled with violet. Thank
you to wea0 for the tip.

The more violet in the Void makes your attack strength less effective.

The Maths
100% inspiration (violet) bonus = 50% more effective use of growing trees with
Colour. So, if you grow a tree using 50 Colour, it will actually be filled with
75. This does not increase the maximum capacity of a tree, however.

|     AZURE      |
"Azure - the colour of suffering and inner pain, but with an indispensable,
strong shade of hope to it.
The colour makes you more sensitive to time.
Its gift is speed. The more Azure you have inside you, the faster you will
move - both in the Void and in the Chambers."

Association: Speed
Fill Your Hearts When... you need to move faster.

By filling your hearts with azure, you will run faster and be able to jump

The more azure in the Void makes more time pass when you leave a chamber.

The Maths
100% speed (azure) bonus = 1.5x regular movement speed.

|     AMBER      |
"Amber is the color of madness, the color of delight, of rapture one step away
from possession; the colour of conscious, creative joy. It's not like crimson,
though in their bursts of energy they have something in common.
Its gift is metabolism. The more Amber you have inside you, the faster your
hearts will process Lympha into Nerva."

Association: Metabolism
Fill Your Hearts When... you need to convert lympha faster.

By filling your hearts with amber, Colour will be converted from Lympha to
Nerva faster. Be careful with this, it will also kill you faster.

The more amber there is in the Void the more often the Brothers rob your

The Maths
100% metabolism (amber) bonus = double rate of converting Colour in your
hearts. Usually, you would convert (in a single heart) 100 drops of Colour
per cycle. A full 100% amber bonus increases this to 200 per cycle.

|    CRIMSON     |
"Crimson is the color of anger, the color of awareness of one's rightness. But
although its main power is destruction, there is also creation in this Colour.
Its gift is anger. The more Crimson you have inside you, the more damage your
blows will deal in combat."

Association: Anger
Fill Your Hearts When... you are preparing for battle.

By filling your hearts with crimson all your attacks will be stronger.

The more crimson there is in the Void the more aggressive Brothers will be,
the more predators will appear, and the more damage all enemies will deal.

The Maths
100% anger (crimson) bonus = 1.75x damage dealt with every attack.

|     SILVER     |
"Silver is the colour of miracles and magic, of insanity, the colour of
'passionate states', the colour of an earned reward. This colour has a strong
shade of surprise to it.
Its gift is luck. The more silver you have inside you, the better chance you
will have at random events."

Association: Frost (Wastefulness)
Fill Your Hearts When... you are using large amounts of colour.

By filling your hearts with silver the world will take less damage when
you use Colour. This means less predators will appear. I underestimated the
usefulness of this early on, but you can massively reduce the amount of
enemies that appear by filling your hearts with silver before mining,
planting trees, or donating to Sisters.

The more silver there is in the Void the faster life will deteriorate. This
means any trees you plant will wither faster than normal.

The Maths
100% frost (silver) bonus = using Colour deals 50% less damage to the realm
than it normally would.

| ~ PASSAGE OF TIME ~                                                | [2.03] |

Time passes quite quickly when you are in the Void. When you're not inside a
chamber you can watch the clock at the top of the screen. It will be displayed
as x:xx. The first number is the current cycle you're in. The second number
after the colon is the progress in the current cycle. Each cycle starts at 99
and ticks down to 1 before turning over to the next.

As time passes, Brothers will roam from place to place, cycles will pass, and
the Colour in your hearts will be converted to Nerva. If you run out of Colour
in your hearts, you will die, get a game over, and be forced to load a previous
save. With Amber in your hearts this process occurs even faster.

If you want to speed time up, you can hit numbers 1-3 on your keyboard. Don't
do this unless you have a specific plan, because making the most of your time
is always vital. At the end of each cycle, there will be a 'world update' where
Colour is semi-randomly added to different chambers in the Void. Early on the
Colours coincide with the earlier Sisters, but are more randomised further into
the game. This Colour is what you can find by killing enenmies, harvesting
mines and baiting critters.

It is important to continue to convert Lympha to Nerva through your hearts,
but, unless you need a lot of specific Colour quickly, it is best to only fill
one heart at a time so as not to waste Colour. Using the Donor heart (with the
largest capacity of 75) is usually advised.

The other important thing to watch is how much Nerva of each Colour you have.
If you continue to convert Colour in your hearts, but that Colour of Nerva
is already full, the Colour will simply disappear and be wasted. You cannot
afford to carelessly waste any Colour. Sister Death generally notifies you when
this starts happening.

When in individual chambers, time stops. Lympha will not convert to Nerva and
the only way you will die is if an enemy kills you. Before leaving a chamber
you should always check what colour to have in your hearts and adjust it

For more information about what happens in each cycle, check out the calendar
in section 4 of this guide.

| ~ CREATURES AND PREDATORS ~                                        | [2.04] |

As you play, you will inevitably encounter a small variety of creatures and
predators that roam the void. Some of which can aid you, others that are out to
harm you.

|    PREDATORS    |
Predators, also known as parasites, come in a few different forms. As you
progress through the game, and use more Colour, new, and more dangerous,
predators will appear. They require more Colour to kill and do more damage to
you. You can reduce their power and population by remembering to fill your
hearts with a 100% silver bonus before planting trees or donating to Sisters.

Conditions for appearing:
  -- 10% realm damage.
  -- 7 cycles have passed.
  -- Pre-generated in Bastion, Pharynx, Pangolin.

Jumpers are most likely the first or second predator that you will encounter.
They're small, brown blobs that hop around on a thin leg. If you get too close
they'll open their faces and roar at you. They only have a short range, but
getting hit will cost you around 10 Colour.

They're fairly simple to avoid, but if you feel you need to kill one you'll
usually need around 10-13 Colour. Mini-Jumpers appear in Pharnyx and Bastion
very early on regardless of realm damage.

As a realm becomes more damaged (see the next section) larger Jumpers will
appear. Aside from their comparatively larger size, they also take more Colour
to kill.

Conditions for appearing: 
  -- 15% realm damage.
  -- 7 cycles have passed.
  -- Some appear for quest events.
  -- Pre-generated in Lemna.

Ushan are the bat-like predators that fly around chambers. They tend to swoop
down at you and deal around 10 Colour in damage. They can be a bit of a
nuisance and can take you by surprise. They make soft schreeching sounds when
nearby, so listen out for them.

Luckily, (if you can't avoid them) taking them out is quite a simple task. Just
paint them with around 10-15 Colour and they're done for. No special glyph

There are smaller and larger versions of Ushan too. Smaller ones appear early
on in the game in Death's chambers. Larger ones will only appear once a realm
becomes damaged.

Conditions for appearing:
  -- 30% realm damage.
  -- 7 cycles have passed.
  -- Pre-generated in Heathen, Worm, Bastion.

Shatun are one of the first major threats you'll encounter. These huge, fat,
blob-like entities are both difficult to avoid (once they've cuaght you) and
deal high damage. Early on in the game you'll encounter them automatically in
Heathen and Bastion, but with enough realm damage they'll appear in other
locations too.

Make sure to give them a wide berth whenever possible. Getting too close and
getting their attention will make them chase you down relentlessly. They move
quite slowly, but, don't let that fool you, they can suck you in towards them
as well as attacking at a distance. If you get too close they'll deal damage
and then fling you away.

If you do kill one, however, they almost always drop silver as a reward. If
you're in need of some, it might be worth your time taking one down.

Conditions for appearing:
  -- 36% realm damage.
  -- 14 cycles have passed.

This revolting little flying insect imitate Colour plants. When you go to
harvest one they spring out and attack, hovering at head-level. They're
relentless in their assault and you'll want to dispatch them as quickly as

The only way to determine if a plant is actually a Gnat is rather tricky.
Before entering a chamber, mouse over it to see what Colours are inside. If
you find a plant of a Colour that wasn't shown, it'll be a Gnat. You can also
exit and then re-enter the chamber to see if the plant is still there. If it
is, it's real. You won't have to worry about these until quite late in the

Conditions for appearing:
  -- 60% realm damage.

Scorpio are the most dangerous predators in the Void and will only appear when
a realm is incredibly damaged. Scorpio are huge monstrosities that attatch
themselves to the top of trees and begin to destroy them. If not killed quickly
they will suck them dry of Colour.

Getting too close, or trying to use the tree, will cause the Scorpio to attack
with a stabbing motion that deals a lot of damage. They can also drop a
different type of smaller enemy that will chase you and absorb your Colour.
These flower-like parasites are hard to kill too, so steer clear.

Scorpio require a very large amount of Colour to kill. I'm not sure of the
exact amount, but it's more than forty (depending on crimson bonuses). If you
end up with more than two in the same chamber (which is possible) it's pretty
much a lost cause. After a full cycle has passed a Scorpio will actually kill
a tree.

|    CRITTERS     |
Critters come in two forms: fireflies and rats. They're harmless little animals
that skitter around various different chambers. By catching them and right
clicking on them you can draw out and absorb their Colour. You can get an idea
of what type of Colour you will harvest from them by whatever Colours are
prevalent on the chamber tooltip (mouse over it when in the Void).

Fireflies can be harvested by using the Donor glyph and drawing it in midair.
Use as small amount of Colour as possible and a small ball will drop to the
ground. If a firefly comes near it, it will be attracted to it and run over. As
it's eating the ball, right click the firefly to harvest Colour from it.

You can also use the Bait glyph (see below).

These can also be harvested, but using the method above isn't as easy. To catch
these critters easily you will need the Bait glyph. Drawing it creates a small
golem which attracts them from all over the reservation. You need a large
amount of Colour to make it last long enough to be worthwhile.

They do simply dig into the ground to escape though, so it is possible to drop
a ball of Colour above where they dug and back off a little.

To save on Colour you can use the bare minimum for a Bait glyph and then draw
Donor on top of it. This means that after the Bait golem dies, the creatures
will stick around and feed on the ball of Colour you dropped next to it. This
saves a lot of Colour and gives you more time to harvest them.

|    SUMMONERS    |
These bizzare, white creatures only appear in two different locations in the
game: Heathen and Darkness. By painting them with enough Colour you can
activate them and small pillars of light, which indicate a stalk-like plant
called a mushroom, will appear around the garden or reservation. You can right
click them to harvest Colour from them.

The Colour you obtain from them is reflected on the tooltip of a Chamber from
the Void map. If you hover over a chamber with the mouse you can see what types
of Colour are inside the chamber. The Colours shown there are what the Summoner
will produce.

In many different chambers you may encounter small, floating balls of Colour.
These fade over time (sometimes then reappearing) and can hold large amounts
of Colour. Harvesting them by right clicking is simple enough, but catching
them can be quite difficult. After they appear, the longer you wait to catch
them the bigger they get and the more Colour they give you. However, it's a
tricky balance: they can disappear too quickly or end up too high or too far
away to reach. Use the terrain to your advantage.

| ~ REALMS AND CHAMBERS ~                                            | [2.05] |

The Void is made up of many different locations called chambers. Time does not
pass while you are in a chamber and, apart from enemies, can be considred a
safe place to rest. Chambers are grouped together in categories called Realms.
Each Realm is under the jurisdiction of a Brother and his Sister. Some Realms
are comprised of only three chambers while others have four or five. Some have
gardens while others do not.

Brothers' chambers are quite different to the others as you can't actively
explore them and are only used for speaking with their respctive owner.
Sisters' chambers ocasionally hold hearts, but otherwise they're only used for
talking and donating Colour to the Sisters.

All other chambers are classified as either Gardens, Reservations, or Mines.
They're fairly self-explanatory, but I'll go over them anyway.

|    GARDENS    |
Gardens are filled with more trees than other chambers. These are the primary,
and best, places to regularly harvest predictable and controllable amounts of
Colour. They're the most important chambers when it comes to your survival.

The garden chambers are:
        -- Fog
        -- Moorage
        -- Hull
        -- Memory
        -- The Caves
        -- Bridge
        -- Twist

|     MINES     |
Mines are much the same, but have nodes you can draw Colour from rather than
trees. You will need the Expose and Extract glyphs before you can make use of
them. Mines have enemies more frequently and have terrain that is more
difficult to navigate.

The mine chambers are:
        -- Pharynx
        -- Hump
        -- Bastion
        -- The Wall

Reservations are similar to gardens, but house a smaller amount of trees and
often have enemies in them to begin with. In some cases, but not all, they
more frequently have critters and summoners present.

The Reservation chambers are:
        -- Fireflies
        -- Heathen
        -- Pangolin
        -- Lemna
        -- Darkness
        -- Worm

As you use Colour and progress through the game, Realms will inevitably become
damaged. This causes predators to appear and, in extreme cases, the whole realm
to die. The more damage a realm takes the less Colour that anything within it
gives out. Obviously this is bad, so make sure to fill your hearts with silver
to reduce the amount of damage done at all times. On the bright side, the
weaker a realm is, the weaker it's Brother will be too. If a realm reaches 50%
health then its Brother will warn you. At 30% they will attack you.

If you'd like to read more about the specifics of how this works and the maths
behind it then check out the appendix in section 8 of the guide. If this is
your first playtrhough of the game, don't worry about it.

+---+ One thing worth noting now, however, is about Sisters' favourite Colours.
| ! | If you use a Sister's favourite Colour in any chamber connected to her, 
+---+ it deals 20% MORE damage to the realm. Using a Colour poisonous to a 
Sister will deal 20% LESS damage to a realm. In other words, go against your
instincts and DO NOT use a Sister's favourite colours in her own garden. Don't
worry about this early on, but start taking it seriously around cycle 20 or so.

| ~ VOID MAP ~                                                       | [2.06] |

An ASCII map for your viewing pleasure. Remember, you can view the map in game
while outside of a chamber by scrolling backwards with the mouse wheel. If
you're a little lost, or planning something, then you might prefer to reference
this map instead!
                                      ____             ____
        ____                         /    \           /    \
       /    \                        | Ga |__  ____   | Br |
       | Br |                        \____/  \/    \ /\____/
       \____/\               ____    Memory   | Si |/  Pit
       Warden \  ____   ____/    \         ___\____/_________
               \/    \ /    | Ga |        /     Ole          \
                | Si |/     \____/       /     ____     ____  \
       ____     \____/\      Hull________|    /    \   /    \  \
      /    \ Yani's House_______/ ____   |\   | Br |   | Re |   \
      | Mi |      |              /    \  | \  \____/   \____/    |
      \____/     /               | Re |  \  \ Ironclad__/ Worm   |
       Hump|    |         ____   \____/\  |  \  |  /     ____    |
            \  _|__      /    \ Darkness\_|   \ | /     /    \   |
             \/    \     | Re |       /    \   \|/__    | Ga |  /
              | Si |     \____/_______| Si |   /    \___\____/ /
    ____     /\____/     Lemna        \____/   | Si |    Twist/  ____
   /    \   Una's Forge    ____      /  Ire    \____/    ____/  /    \
   | Ga |__/   |     \    /    \   __|_   \      Eli    /    \__| Ga |
   \____/      |      \   | Re |  /    \  /       /     | Si |  \____/
   Moorage    /       |   \____/  | Br | |       |     /\____/  Bridge
        ____ |        |  Pangolin \____/ /       |    /  |Ima\______  
       /    \|         \     |  Triumphator     /    |  _|__   /    \
       | Br  |          \   /   ______/        |     | /    \  | Mi |
       \____/            \ |   /       ____    |     | | Br |  \____/The Wall
      Patriarch           \|__/       /    \   |    /  \____/ ____
                         /    \       | Mi |   |   / Caterpil/    \
            _____________| Si |       \____/    \_|__    ____| Ga |
           /    \        \____/       Bastion   /    \  /    \____/
           | Re |        / Uta               \__| Si |_/    The Caves
           \____/       |     \         ____    \____/\
           Heathen      |      \       /    \     Ava  \
                       /        \      |    |     |     \
             ____   __/          \    /\____/    /       \____
            /    \_/              \   The Adit  /        /    \
            | Br |                 \   \       /         | Br |
            \____/                  |   |   __/          \____/
            Mantid                  |  _|__/             Whaler
                                     \/    \
                              ________| Si |\
Legend                 ______/        \____/ \___    ____
------                /    \           Death     \__/    \
Ga - Garden           | Mi |         *[START]*      | Ga |
Mi - Mine             \____/             |          \____/
Re - Reservation       Pharynx         __|_           Fog
Br - Brother Chamber                  /    \
Si - Sister Chamber                   | Re |

| ~ CONTROLS AND INTERFACE ~                                         | [2.07] |

There are only a handful of mouse and keyboard keys used in The Void, though
you can do many things with the same commands. All keys can rebound in the
game's 'Controls' menu.

|      CONTROLS       |

WASD             >> Move
LEFT CTRL        >> Hold it down to then paint with Colour using the mouse
LEFT/RIGHT SHIFT >> Run in a Sister's chamber / walk in all other chambers
SPACE            >> Jump
                 >> Skip cutscenes
J                >> Open the journal
B                >> Open your Soul Obscura
ESC              >> Open main menu
                 >> Leave an Obscura
F5               >> Quick save
F8               >> Quick load
0                >> Set map speed to default (different to the other three)
1                >> Set map speed to slow
2                >> Set map speed to medium
3                >> Set map speed to fast
~                >> Open console if enabled

MOVE MOUSE       >> Look around
LEFT CLICK       >> Draw using Colour, after holding LEFT CTRL
                 >> Confirm actions in the menu, including moving Colour between
RIGHT CLICK      >> Interact with Colour in the world or some objects


You can open your own Soul Obscura by pressing the 'B' key in almost all areas
of the game (excluding Brother fights).

 T----------------------------------------------T  >> LEGEND
 |_|_|                                      |_|_|  ----------------------------
 |_|_|                                        |_|  1 Lympha (collected Colour)
 |_|   2                3                  1  |_|  2 Nerva (converted Colour)
 |_|                    _                     |_|  3 Your body with hearts
 |                     / \                    |_|  4 Gauge showing total of all
 |                     \_/                      |    Colour currently in your
 |                      |                       |    hearts. Basically your HP.
 |                    \ | /                     |  5 Colour wheel. Shows the
 |                     \|/                      |    % benefit of the Colours
 |                      |                       |    active in your hearts.
 |  \ 4                 |                       |  6 Exit button
 |_  \                 / \                      |
 | \_/                /   \                 6   |
 |\_/\_              /     \                 \  |
 | /\ 5\                                     /  |

| ~ USEFUL TIPS ~                                                    | [2.08] |

If there's only one thing you read in this guide, then I would recommend this
section. Well, I hope you read more than just this, though! It's quick and to
the point, but provides a lot of valuable information.

+ Fill your hearts for Colour bonuses.
+ Remove Colour from your hearts to use/save it cleverly.
+ Harvest firefly creatures.
+ Save and load frequently.
+ Beat Brothers to your gardens!
+ Donate excess Colour to a Sister. Don't waste it!
+ Avoid enemies rather than killing them to save Colour.
+ Use glyphs to full power. Don't worry about 'overloading' one.

- Growing all your trees in a single garden in one cycle.
- Aimlessly wandering the Void.
- Fill more than two hearts of a Sister (unless you want to fight a Brother).
- Confusing which Sister is which.

+---+ Fill your hearts! Filling hearts with the right Colour (up to 100%--see
| ! | the previous section) is more important than anything. It will allow you 
+---+ to use your Colour more efficiently and be less wasteful. If you don't 
do this properly, you will not succeed in this game. Silver and gold bonuses
when donating Colour to a Sister wll make or break you.

+---+ NEVER grow all trees in a garden in one cycle. This will give you more
| ! | Colour than you know what to do with for the first cycle or two, but
+---+ subsequent cycles as the trees start to die will give you little. Only
 ever plant two to three trees in a garden per cycle unless you're trying to do
something specific (ie. enter Turgor). Use as many gardens as you can.

+---+ You can take Colour out of your hearts. By clicking a heart you can 
| ! | remove Colour and put it back in your Lympha reserves. This is incredibly 
+---+ useful as you can fill your hearts for specific matters and then put it
back without wasting it. Only fill one heart at a time for survival, unless you
need specific Colour for something.

+---+ Make use of fireflies. After a few cycles have passed, fireflies will 
| ! | appear in certain chambers. By using the donor glyph you can drop small 
+---+ balls of Colour that attract them. Place them in their path, wait for
them to approach the ball, then run up and right click them! You can harvest
large amounts of Colour from them. The Bait glyph works too, but needs more

+---+ Save and load a lot, espcially if you're not using the easy or medium 
| ! | patch. Save every time you enter or leave a chamber. If you make a 
+---+ mistake and waste a lot of colour then reload and try again. Make sure 
to use different files and don't delete the autosaves. Don't be afaid to 
restart your file. Learning from your mistakes in your first game will make
your second far easier. Made a huge difference for me.

+---+ The game decides some events well in advance. For example, what Brother
| ! | next enters the Void or attacks a Sister. This is what it's important to
+---+ have multiple save files as you may ocasionally want to reload back
a number of cycles to achieve a different outcome. Going back at least two
cycles is recommended to change these events. Thanks to Cosmea for this tip.

+---+ Don't needlessly wander the Void. Pause the game by holding control and
| ! | plan exactly where you're going and how you're going to get there. Fill
+---+ your hearts with Azure to move significantly faster, even when you draw
a path with only little Colour.

+---+ If you see a Brother heading to one of your undefended gardens, beat them
| ! | there! It may cost you quite a bit of Colour to get there fast enough, 
+---+ but weigh this against how much Colour you will lose if the Brother
ravages the garden. You may not want to do this if you have to travel a long
way. Setting traps is works too, but is a more Colour-costly option.

+---+ If you have excess Colour you need to get rid of, donate it to a sister.
| ! | However, be careful you don't open more than two hearts of any sister 
+---+ early in the game. This will anger the Brothers. They may rip out the
heart or simply attack you.

+---+ If possible, always avoid enemies rather than using Colour to kill them.
| ! | Eventually they'll return anyway and the Colour is wasted. The only
+---+ exception are the fat Shatuns; killing them mostly rewards you with
silver. Kill them if you need it.

+---+ A number of the Sisters have almost identical names. Don't make the 
| ! | mistake of confusing them! You'd be surprised by how many people have had
+---+ this problem.

+---+ Each glyph has a maximum amount of Colour it can make use of. Hawk, for
| ! | example, is 32 drops. If you use more than this, the excess Colour is 
+---+ simply returned to your palette, so don't worry about over-using Colour
in glyphs! This is the same for drawing paths to move around the Void. 20
Colour is the fastest you can move PER LINK. Put Azure in your hearts to move
even faster.

+---- WALKTHROUGH [3.00] -----------------------------------------------------+

One of the biggest challenges in writing a walkthrough for The Void is in how
different each playthrough will be. Each time you play you will find that
different Brothers appear at different times, you'll accumulate different
amounts and types of Colour at different times, and you will spend time in
different areas depending on which Sister you choose to give Colour to. 

As a result, writing an all-inclusive walkthrough is very difficult. So, 
instead, this has been written as more of a general guide. It will cover tasks
that you are given by Brothers and how to clear specific areas of the game.
Once you get to a certain stage it's basically up to you what order you want
to fight the Brother's in and how quickly it takes you to gather enough colour
to do it.

Every now and then I will specifically tell you to manage a garden or make a
save file. This guide also, however, works under the assumption you're doing
some of your own saving and gardening too. Even if you follow this guide
exactly you're going to end up with different amounts and types of Colour from
me, so you may need to plant more/less trees of different Colours.

The guide also works under the assumption you're choosing Ole as your Sister as
this is what the game pushes you towards. That won't really matter until the
second half of the game. If you decide to pick a different Sister, this guide
will still be useful, simply spend time in your Sister's gardens end-game
instead of Ole's. If you want to save the first sister, I've provided some
tips in the 'Endings' subsection.

| ~ AWAKENING ~                                                      | [3.01] |

The game begins inside Sister Death's chamber. Walk (or run, hold SHIFT) down
the hill and towards the glowing light you were shown moments ago. Approach it
and then right click it to pick it up. This is your first heart, the Donor
heart. By using the Donor glyph you can bring objects to life by giving them
Colour. This will be the glyph you use the most, but can also be the fiddliest
to draw correctly. Take a look at section 7 for some tips on drawing it.

After the narration voice finishes the explanation, walk through the hole in
the fence and around the other side of the tree. There you will find the first
Sister of the game. She does not have a name and is known as the Nameless
Sister. Sometimes, to avoid confusion, I refer to her in this guide by a
nickname other Sisters use: Death.

+---+ By approaching her, holding down left Ctrl and then painting her with any
| ! | colour, you can interact with her. Keep in mind that interaction colour
+---+ is not actually used, so you won't lose any of it.

Once she has finished talking, you should explore her chamber. Scattered across
the ground are small, colourful plants that you can harvest. Keep an eye out
for these throughout the game. Look all around the rocks, down near the water,
up on the big tree root you started on, and around the hills; Colour plants are
sometimes up there too. There's quite a few to find and each little bit will
help. Right click them to harvest.

Once you have at least 75 gold Colour from the plants,the Sister will tell you
to fully fill your heart with it. Just like the demo video showed you before,
hit B and click in your lympha palette to draw at least 75 gold Colour. Then
click your heart to drop it in. Don't worry about getting the exact number; if
you drop in more than a heart's maximum the left-overs are just put back in your
palette. Nothing goes to waste.

Even after you've done that, search high and low for any other plants.
Accumulating as much Colour as possible in this early stage will be a big help

+---+ Once you're done, walk out into the water to be transported to the Void.
| ! | This rule applies to every chamber: walking through a portal, falling
+---+ into a chasm, or walking out into water will always return you to the
Void. The only way to die is by running out of Colour in your hearts.

| ~ EXPLORING DEATH'S DOMAIN ~                                       | [3.02] |

After the Nameless Sister explains the basic conepts of the Void to you, you're
free to start roaming. At this stage, only the chambers belonging to her will
be open to you. Don't rush straight to the garden, start with the other two.

First visit the mine Pharynx. Wander down either side of the hill and up the
stairs. Turn around and find another set of stairs that lead to a large wooden
structure in the middle of the chamber. Collect any plants you can find and
then drop off either end of the wooden platforms to the level below. Collect
any remaining plants here.

Keep your eyes open for any other plants too. They'll almost be entirely green
at this stage (which is excellent), though I have been lucky enough to find
small amounts of silver on some playthroughs.

Once that's done, drop back onto the rock and continue all the way to the back
of the chamber. Up the many flights of stairs is your second heart, Shell.
This can be used to protect yourself from enemies. If you do spot any enemies
(dark coloured blobs that hop around) make sure to avoid them for now. Keep
your distance and just leave them alone.

As a side note, inside Pharynx there's a secret chamber that depicts a small
part of the town in Ice-Pick Lodge's previous game, Pathologic. It's quite
beautiful so you may want to take a look at it even if you're not familiar
with the game. If won't provide you with any benefits so it's up to you if you
want to visit it. See the easter eggs section of the guide for more details
(section 8).

Before going back to the Void, let's make use of our new heart. Open your
Obscura by pressing B and you should spot your new heart inside your body. This
means you can now convert two different Colours from lympha to nerva at the
same time! Top up your Donor heart with gold if you can, and then fill up Shell
to maximum with emerald.

Back in the Void, visit the southern-most chamber, named Fireflies. Explore all
four levels of the structure and harvest any plants you can find. There are
also three small trees here you can grow. One is under a staircase on the
second floor, another on a small platform you can reach by dropping down from
the floor above it, and the last is sitting near the wall of the top floor.
Read the next section to find out how to grow trees effectively. Just grow one
for now in either gold or emerald.

Make sure to keep at least one of your hearts full to stay alive while in the
Void. You can monitor your health in the bottom left hand corner of the screen
while you're in the Void. Keep converting all the emerald you have, but be
a little more careful with the gold. Make sure to convert most of it, but keep
some in reserve for something I'll explain shortly.

| ~ GROWING A GARDEN ~                                               | [3.03] |


Once that's done, visit the garden named Fog. This is one of the most important
chambers early on and has tons of trees for you to fill with Colour. To grow a
tree simply approach it and hold down left ctrl. Paint it with any Colour you
want to interact with it. The camera should then zoom out and a picture of the
Donor glyph will appear. Draw a large Donor glyph on the screen by holding
down the mouse and painting with either gold or emerald; these are Death's
favourite Colours.

+---+ Drawing the Donor glyph can be a tricky business. The game is very 
| ! | tempremental about what it will accept and drawing it wrong will work,
+---+ but wastes Colour and won't grow the tree as successfully. If this is
your first time in the game then practice on as many trees as you like and
load the save game I asked you to make a moment ago. This allows you to
understand how to  draw the glyph without wasting valuable Colour.

+---+ The donor glyph is best drawn starting at the top of the screen, about
| ! | two-thirds of the way to the right side. Draw almost vertically down and
+---+ then slowly draw a large loop around over the top. Finish the tail
slightly lower than the middle of the right side of the screen. 

The next important thing to note about trees is the maximum colour they can
take. When drawing the Donor glyph, observe a small, curved meter in the
bottom left hand corner of the screen. As you add more Colour to the glyph
this meter will rise. Once it hits the top the tree is full and any colour
you keep adding will be useless. Don't worry if you overfill a tree because
any extra Colour you used will just be put back into your palette.

Always try and fill a tree to bursting. It's better to have a couple of full
trees than a dozen half-filled ones. Only grow gold and emerald at this point
because they are the only colours of use right now. They are the two
favourite Colours of the Nameless Sister and are used to open her hearts and
progress further in the game. We'll grow other colours later.

How much Colour you've just collected will determine how many trees you will
currently be able to grow. Whatever you do, DO NOT GROW ALL THE TREES. As
time passes, trees will provide less and less colour in return. This means
that for the first few cycles, you will have tons of colour (more than you
can make any use of), but soon enough the trees will start to die and you'll
be left with nothing. For now, fully grow at least one emerald and one gold
tree. If you have enough colour to spare then plant one more of each with as
much as you can.

As you progress through the game, you may actually want to reverse this logic.
Using a Sister's favourite Colours inside chambers connected to her actually
deal more damage to them than other Colours. Each realm (interconnected
chambers) that belong to a Sister takes damage over time as you use Colour.
Favourite Colours deal more damage. The more damaged a realm is the more
enemies will appear. Don't worry about this for now.

I've been informed that, early on, you'll mostly find Colour relating to the
first three Sisters (Death, Uta, Ava). This was an intentional move by the
developers to help you out at the start. Other types of Colour will start
appearing as you progress through the game.

| ~ OPENING DEATH'S HEARTS ~                                         | [3.04] |

+---+ A quick note: during the 5th cycle (5:75 exactly), Ole will talk to you.
| ! | It's quite common for people to then think that the game freezes or the
+---+ camera gets stuck. Once her dialogue is finished, you'll be back in the
Void. Right click and drag to move the camera back to you. Use the scroll wheel
to zoom out.

Return to Death (the first, nameless Sister) after planting the trees for your
next task. She tells you that parasites have entered her chambers and it's your
job to kill them. Head back to Pharynx and locate the enemies. They're small,
brown creatures that hop around. Keep a few steps away from them and then paint
them if blobs of Colour. Approximately 10-13 will be needed to kill one. Make
sure you don't overuse Colour. Kill them both and then move to the Fireflies

If you've gotten to this stage quite quickly, or filled Death's hearts ahead
of time, the game sometimes becomes confused about your progress on this task.
On one playthrough Death started telling me about predators before giving me
the task to kill them. In the end it doesn't matter, just make sure to keep
track of which chambers you've already cleared.

At this stage, it's possible actual firefly creatures will have appeared. If
not, they probably will on subsequent visits. They are small, hovering
creatures with an orange light. They will run away from you if you get too
close. By watching their movements carefully you can determine their paths.
Quickly draw a Donor glyph with as little colour as possible to drop a ball
of colour on the floor. If a firefly gets close enough, it will run over to
the colour. This is your chance to approach it, right click it, and harvest
colour from it. This can be a very effective way to increase your reserves.
It can be tough at first, but you'll get used to it. It's important that you

The enemies in here are flying bats. There are two of them, so keep your eyes
looking up. Deal with them in the same way as the Jumpers in Pharynx. You may
have noticed that time slows down when you're drawing glyphs. Enemies, however,
can still harm you during that time so attack from a distance.

Lastly, head to Fog and wipe out the lone bat to complete the task. If a full
cycle has passed since you planted the trees you can harvest them by right-
clicking their trunks. Each cycle you can continue to do this, but they'll
produce less and less Colour each time. Eventually they will wither and die,
but can be revived a few cycles later. Planting a couple of new trees each
cycle is generally the way to go. Don't worry about that yet.

With that done, return to Death. She will reward you with the Haste heart.
By drawing this glyph you can move faster and jump further. It is an amplified
effect of simply having Azure in your hearts (see section 2). Avoid using this
glyph just to get places faster; be patient to save on Colour. Once you acquire
some Azure, you can simply fill your hearts with it to move faster naturally.

With that explained, Death wants you to fill two of her hearts with Colour. By
doing this she can open access to other areas of the Void. This is the same
for all Sisters in the game. The catch is that each sister can only be donated
their two favourite Colours. Donating any other Colour will either do nothing
or poison them. You might want to experiment with this later for a different
ending, but do not do it for now. Death's favourite colours are gold and
emerald, so spend time in the Void converting the Lymhpa to usable Nerva and
keep harvesting your trees each cycle.

+---+ Before actually giving her any Colour, make sure to fill your hearts with
| ! | all the gold you have, up to the 100% trust bonus. On your Camera Obscura
+---+ screen you can check the bonuses in the bottom left corner. With a 100%
gold bonus in your hearts, every drop of Colour you give to Death is worth 1.5
times as much! Make sure to do this every time you donate to any Sister, it's
extremely vital.

If you want to speed things up a bit, press '2' while in the Void to speed
time up. This means your lympha will convert to nerva at a faster rate. Make
sure to keep an eye on your health so you don't accidently run out of Colour
and die. Press '0' to return time to the default speed.

If you happen to have any silver at this stage, then put as much as you can in
your second heart. Silver reduces the damage done to the realm when performing
any action that requires Colour. It's up to you if you want to put the silver
back in your reserves after feeding Death. On one hand we'll need the silver
in a few cycles for another Sister, but you might prefer to keep re-using it
to reduce realm damage.

| ~ MEETING UTA ~                                                    | [3.05] |

Once you have opened Death's second heart, she will open the way to the two
elder Sisters. At this stage DO NOT give any more colour to Death. It will be
completely wasted due to an event later in the story.

Before leaving for Uta, quickly mouse-over Pharynx and Fireflies. At this
stage, these two chambers will often have small amounts of crimson, violet and
amber in the form of small plants. If they do, go harvest them first.

As you're moving around the void, try to make use of azure (or crimson, if you
have it) because we won't be using these Colours for a little while yet. Don't
use up emerald, gold, silver, amber, or violet unless necessary or to grow

Head west to meet Uta first. Her favourite colours are emerald and silver. It's
unlikely you have any Silver yet, but don't worry, the emerald we're already
growing will be enough. Fill just her first heart as soon as you are able.
Before giving her Colour, fill your own hearts with a 100% gold bonus. As
previously mentioned, this means each point of donated Colour actually fills
her hearts with 1.5x. If you do have silver then use its bonus by filling
your hearts to reduce realm damage rather than donating it to her.

Around the fifth cycle, and you might not be much further on than this time if
you're playing well, Brothers will start to appear. Montgolfier and Mantid are
fairly friendly by Brother standards, but Whaler can be a little more
intimidating. They may talk to you, but don't fear them. Play by their rules
(for now) and they are simply an annoyance at worst.

Next up, head into Uta's reservation, known as Heathen. If there are any large
enemies here (there may or may not be yet) do not waste colour on them as 
they're slow and fairly easy to avoid. Make sure to keep a good distance away
from them, however, because they can actually inhale to suck you towards them.
Getting hit by them will drain a fair bit of your Colour. In these situations,
Colour in your hearts works as your health. However, if you're desperate for
silver, these enemies mostly drop some when defeated. Save before trying this
so as not to waste Colour.

Grow a couple of trees with any emerald you have. If you happen to have come
across silver then plant a single tree with it. I did in my file, but from what
I've heard from others this is quite unusual. If not, don't worry. Once you
have some crimson or violet then come back here and plant at least one. Both
those Colours will be important soon.

Ignore the Pangolin chamber for now. At the moment it houses a dangerous boss
that you won't be able to defeat. Don't worry, we'll deal with him later. If
you have time, and amber or violet, return to your first garden, Fog. Harvest
any trees you can then use all the Amber and Violet you have to plant no more
than two trees. If you don't have any yet, do so once you have them.

| ~ HEARTBREAKER ~                                                   | [3.06] |

Depending on what cycle it is, Whaler has probably spoken to you by now. If he
hasn't yet, continue to work on Uta's fist heart. If you've done that, read
the next section and come back to this one once he has approached you.

He is angry that you filled Death's hearts and wants you to rip one out. 
Thankfully, it's not as bad, or violent, as it sounds. Return to Death and she
understands your situation. She removes one of her hearts and gives it to you.
It is the Torch heart that can light dark areas for you. If you choose to
continue donating to Death later in the game you will now have to refill her
second heart. This is inadvisable on a first playthrough as Death is the most
difficult Sister to win the game with.

As a point of interest, you can refuse Whaler's task. If you do, he will fight
you once time is up. Theoretically, he is defeatable without cheating. However
you will need massive reserves of Colour and, as you have no attack glyphs yet,
will have to rely on simply painting him. In short, just go pull out the heart.
Even if you don't do it now you will have to do it later to acquire one of your
own hearts.

+---+ DO NOT, under any circumstances, refill Death's second heart. This is a
| ! | complete waste of Colour due to events later in the game. If you want her
+---+ to be your chosen Sister we'll deal with that problem much, much later.

| ~ MANTID'S MINING MISSION ~                                        | [3.07] |

Soon after your encounter with Whaler, you will meet Mantid. He is one of the
more understanding Brothers (or so it seems) and decides to set you a task to
complete so you can begin your 'apprenticeship'. You must visit two mines,
Pharynx and Bastion, and mine colour from the rocks. He gives you the Expose
glyph to break walls and expose veins of colour.

What he doesn't tell you, however, is that you will need a second glyph to
pull the task off. Visit Uta and she agrees to help you just this once. She
gives you the Extract glyph which allows you to pull colour from mines where
you have used Expose. Keep in mind you must have filled her first heart or
she will not help you.


Once you have both gylphs, head to Pharynx. Save beforehand so you can learn
to properly use the glyph without wasting colour. Also, be aware that there's
a bug that will stop colour veins being properly displayed. To fix it, quit
the game and change your anti-alising graphics setting to 0. If you don't
know what that is, don't worry as it's 0 by default.

+---+ Aiming the glyphs can be a little tricky. It's not so much where you draw
| ! | the glyph that it aims, but rather where you're facing the camera.
+---+ Gravity also affects it, so if you're standing quite far from a vein, aim
a bit above it.

Each time you expose and extract a vein, Death will let you know if there are
any more. Once they're all done, leave the chamber. You will be able to harvest
their colour in the following cycle. Make sure to do so beause the amount they
give is substantial and is usually amber or violet -- helpful for Ava.

Next up, head north-east to Ava's chamber, but make a stop by your garden
first to gather as much amber and violet as you can. Once you reach Ava's
chamber, work your way through the structure to find the Sister. If you
have spare gold in your lympha, make sure to fill your hearts with all of it.
This will make your donations to Ava (and all Sisters) more effective so less
Colour will be wasted. I know I keep mentioning it, but it's vital!

Fill just one of her hearts and leave the chamber. Now that Bastion is open,
head over there and do exactly the same thing as in Pharynx. While you're
there, you can grab another heart. From the entry point, wander around to the
left until you can spot the glowing heart above a pit of enemies and beneath
a tower. Keep following the path and enter the tower from the left side.

Go up the stairs, outside, and around onto the ledge. Drop down onto the
heart to get it. From here you can jump around onto the ledge at the left
side. If you fall into the pit with enemies there is a portal just beneath
the heart, or you can flee to the tower in a secret exit around to the left
side. This is also a good time to mention there is no damage from falling 
from high heights. So throw yourself off stuff as often as you please.

Next, go to Ava's garden, The Caves, and grow some trees. These trees can be 
found in cracks hanging from the ceiling. A few are quite well hidden so have
a good look around! There are five in total.

+---+ If you have any violet Colour make sure to fill your hearts with it to
| ! | reduce the amount of colour needed to grow trees. Doing this not only
+---+ saves on Colour, but reduces realm damage too.

Grow two or three trees. Grow at least one violet and one amber if possible.
Grow a silver too, if you have some spare. If you feel you're short on a
specific Colour then plant a fourth. By the time the trees here start withering
we'll be off elsewhere so it won't matter as much. Leave the rest for another
time. It's probably advisable to then remove the violet from your hearts before
entering the Void so you can save it for later. No need to do this if you're
already overloaded with Violet. Unlikely, but not impossible.

You might have noticed the log in the entry area of the Caves. This can be
used as a trap to stop Brothers ravaging your garden. Most gardens have some
sort of trap, but not all. At this stage, I wouldn't bother with it. If
you see a Brother heading for the garden to ravage it, use 20 Colour
(the maximum) to draw a path and fill your hearts with azure to easily beat
them there. If you want to be more cautious then fill the trap by clicking on
it. You need to fully fill it to make it active.

Once the next cycle comes around, go and collect the colour from both mines.
Each vein provides a ton of colour, and, like trees, you can harvest them
again in subsequent cycles for diminishing returns.

Now that Mantid's happy (he may or may not actually talk to you), go and
manage your gardens. Make sure to harvest any trees, plant some new colours
and convert any spare Lympha you have. Your first garden should be completely
(or very close to) planted by this stage. Something like 1-2 gold, 1-2 emerald,
and a few trees of other Colours are a good idea. Hopefully you have some
Silver by now. If you don't, don't panic as there's a good chance it will come
along soon. If time is going by and none appears then go back to Bastion (save
your game before entering) and kill some of the large blob monsters. They
generally drop some silver. Make sure you have at least one or two trees
planted with it somewhere for harvesting later. The silver is very useful to
put in your hearts when growing trees or donating in order to reduce damage
to the realm and therefore reduce the number of enemies about.

The mining task must be completed by the END of the 10th cycle. In other words,
you have until 11:99. If you still haven't done it, Mantid will attack you. You
have virtually no tools at your disposal to beat him and unless you have tons
of Colour, you will lose. Just finish the task. The time limit is more than

| ~ PANGOLIN ~                                                       | [3.08] |

Around the time you finish Mantid's task, you will be approached by Warden. He
doesn't like you at all, but issues you a test to kill the Pangolin in Uta's
garden of the same name. This is your first boss fight, and it's rather fiddly
and difficult.

Before heading to the fight there are two very important things to do. You have
five cycles so don't feel too rushed. Firstly, fill Uta's second heart. If
you've been properly managing your gardens then this shouldn't take more than
one or two cycles. Once that's done, head north into the new areas. Meet Una
in her chambers to find her favourite colours are Azure and Crimson.

Hopefully you took my advice earlier on and have at least a couple of crimson
trees lying around along with whatever other azure you've planted/collected.
Fill your hearts with gold before donating to Una and you'll need very little
Colour in total to fill her first heart; should be easy. During filling her
hearts she will mention you should visit Ire, Eli, and Ima for useful
information. We'll be getting to that after dealing with Pangolin. Do not fill
her second heart, it won't be necessary.

While you're in her chamber, face away from her and head left through the
tunnels until you can't go left any further. Then turn around and head north
in the direction of Una. In the top right corner of the chamber you should
find a staircase. Head up and follow the path to find a new heart.

With that done, head to her garden, the Moorage. This ship-wrecked area holds
the glyph you need to defeat the Pangolin. Jump down into the gap and look 
amongst the rubble. You should be able to see a glowing light under there. 
Approach it and walk into it to push some of the rock out of the way. Grab the
Web heart.

While you're here, plant two or three trees. Ideally, plant one crimson, one
azure, and one emerald. If you don't have enough, just make do with what you've
got. There's a trap down near the heart if you wish to use it too, but I'd
advise against it at this stage. Wait until a garden is almost full before
setting traps. If you're constantly having to reset them you'll be wasting way
too much Colour.

Once you've wrapped that up, spend the next one or two cycles stocking up on
crimson and emerald. If you're planning to choose Uta as your Sister, then
taking some silver along is a good idea too. If not, it's not a major issue.
Convert any colour you want into Nerva too, but make sure you have plenty of
crimson in your Lympha so you can fill your hearts when you fight the Pangolin.
Once you feel ready, head over to Pangolin north of Uta.


There are two hearts to find in this chamber. This first is directly underneath
the Pangolin. If you beat him first, it will have disppeared. Don't panic
though, as you can get it after killing Brothers later in the game. If you 
think you can grab it during the fight, then wait until Pangolin is eating
a smaller enemy before you run up to grab it. Don't stress over it.

The second heart is on the left side of the chamber. Follow the branches down
and into a hollowed out tree. It sits in front of the exit portal and contains
the Magnet glyph. This one may disappear too, but you can get it again later if
it has.

|                         ~ BOSS FIGHT: PANGOLIN ~                            |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)
        -- Silver (Reduces realm damage)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Web

|     STRATEGY      |
Look in the bottom left corner of your Obscura menu (B) and mouse over the
wheel to see how much of each bonus you have. No need to fill past 100%, it
won't do anything better. Fill the four colours mentioned above as high as you
can. Remember, you can take the Colour back out of your hearts before leaving
the chamber so you don't waste it.

So, here's the deal on this fight: Pangolin is a huge monster that drops from
the trees above when something walks beneath him. From your entry point you 
should be able to see branches that are higher than the others. Standing along
those two puts you in range of the Pangolin. Under no circumstances should you
go anywhere near them. You will be eaten, lose a lot of Colour, and then thrown
back into the Void.

If you watch carefully, you'll see Pangolin will also eat any enemies that walk
beneath it. By using the Web glyph, you can turn those small enemies into
bombs. When Pangolin eats one surrounded by a Web, he'll explode and take high
damage. Damage will depend on how much colour was used to draw the glyph.

Your biggest problem will not be the Pangolin, but the large amount of 
parasites. If you're not careful they will constantly attack you and knock you
off branches. This isn't a major problem as, even if you're knocked out of the
chamber, the Pangolin will NOT recover health. However, any colour you've used
to create Web glyphs will be lost. So, ideally, don't fall off. Learn what
branches can be jumped from to reach others and get out of the way of enemies.
With enough azure in your hearts you will have more opportunities to escape.

I found the best strategy was to spam Web glyphs with 30 drops of Colour as
soon as the battle begins. Ideally, you want every parasite covered in a Web
as soon as possible. That way, there's no risk of him eating one that hasn't
been trapped. Web does wear off eventually, but only after a considerable (and
I mean considerable) amount of time.

It's possible to damage him by drawing on him with Colour when he drops down
to eat something. However, because of his shell, the damage is extremely
minimal. Only resort to this if he has a tiny amount of health left. If you run
out of parasites you can leave and come back in and they will have respawned.

If you're finding you're getting bumped off the branches a lot, you can try a
slightly diffrent strategy. Instead of trying to Web all the parasites, just go
for the ones heading within Pangolin's range. That way if you fall off you
won't lose as much Colour. Ideally, if you fall off and lose a lot of Colour,
just reload a save a try again.

Filling your hearts with azure allows you to make some rather impressive jumps
between branches to get out of the way of enemies too. I hope your acrobatic
skill are up to par! I actually found a very thin branch on the right side of
the chamber very close to the highest branch extremely useful. If you stand all
the way at the end of it, the parasites will never come within your reach.

-------------------------------End Boss Strategy-------------------------------

If you're seriously having trouble with beating Pangolin there is another
alternative, but I really wouldn't recommend it.

When Warden first gives you the task to kill Pangolin, you're actually under no
obligation to kill it. However, once your time has run out, Warden will
approach you and fight you. So, instead of preparing to kill Pangolin during
those cycles, prepare to kill Warden. Later in the game he's not too hard to
beat, but right now he'll be quite a challenge too. See the Brother fight
guides section for a strategy on taking him out. Note that if you do it this
way, some of the dialogue in the game will be innacurate and some events
relating to the Brothers may occur sooner than they should. After trying this
myself I never received the later mission to kill Worm and Triton, since I
never killed Pangolin. Thanks to midboe from the official The Void forums for
the tip.

Once he's beaten he'll release a whole lot of colour. Climb up near his corpse
and you'll absorb it. Uta will congratlate you on your victory and say that Ole
is waiting for you. She is our next target. During your travels you may meet
the two roaming Sisters, Echo and Aya. Unlike the others, these two do not have
a domain of their own. They pose no danger, but can be more difficult to track
down if you need them.

Bug warning: Do not give Echo colour the first time you meet her. Due to a bug
she will not retain it. The same may be true for Aya. Thank you to Sun Seeker
for discovering this.

| ~ DETOUR THROUGH IRE'S POND ~                                      | [3.09] |

Time to head to a new area! Head north-east through Uta's chambers to reach
Ire's Pond. Ire seems to be much more fiddgity than other Sisters and can
actually appear in three different locations in her chamber: inside either of
the two structures on the pond or on the roof of the larger one. Once you've
found her, have a chat and donate any amber and gold you have to her. Remember
to fill your hearts with gold first to reduce the Colour you need. Silver too
if you can.

We will need to fill both her hearts, but just focus on the first for now.
Hopefully you're close to having enough to do it, but if you're short then
do a bit of gardening and harvesting from nearby chambers. Once you've opened
her first heart you can access her two chambers.

Avoid Lemna for now as there's nothing there worthwhile and a whole lot of
danger. We'll be going there a bit later. Just go and visit Darkness which is
very much like your first garden in appearance. Plant at least a full gold and
amber tree. Planting a violet in preperation for Ole is a good idea and I'd
recommend planting a fourth of a colour of your choice. Remember, don't grow
too many trees in one go or it'll become a problem in later cycles.

Ideally, you want to have filled up Ire's second heart somewhere in the 14th
or 15th cycle. If you're a bit behind, don't worry. Just keep focusing on
making the most of the Colour you have. If Montgolfier has already approached
you with the next task, don't panic. There's no requirement to visit Ole first,
it's just recommended. So feel free to take another detour if you want.

As you fill Ire with Colour, listen to what she has to say. As Una advised you,
she had new and useful knowledge that will give you insight into the Void and
its inhabitants. It's up to you which Sisters you want to place your trust in.

I found I was a bit ahead of where I needed to be at this stage. I had enough
Colour to fill both her hearts in the middle of the 14th cycle. I used this
time to grow some extra trees and stock up on colour. I finally opened her
second heart towards the middle of the 15th cycle. It's important to make use
of Ire's Darkness garden as Ole only has a single garden in her realm.

Last thing to take notice of is a heart in Ire's Pond. Fill your hearts with
at least 50% azure and climb the tallest tower. Face the nearest wall and look
over the hedge. You should see the glowing heart. Taking a running start and
leap off the tower and over the hedge. Don't accidently fall into the exit

Once the way is open, head north to Ole's Cradle.

| ~ FINDING OLE ~                                                    | [3.10] |

Technically, this is a completely optional task. If you're not planning to
focus on Ole then there's not necessarily a need to visit her. However,
opening her chamber does give you easy access to other Sisters so it's still
advisable. If you choose to skip this step, the guide may not be as helpful
from here on in. If this is your first playthrough, I'd highly recommend
focusing on Ole.

Ole's Cradle is a mysterious, aging apartment. Travel down the hallways and
check the rooms until you find the Sister who was born for you. If you took my
previous advice and grew some spare violet trees you may already have enough
Colour to fill her first heart. If not, go back and gather some gold and 
violet. Remember to fill your own hearts with gold to 100% before donating,
plus whatever silver you can manage.

Make sure you listen to what she tells you. She mentions some new, very
interesting concepts. Once her realm is open, head to her garden, Memory.
There are no exit portals from Cradle, just go back to the door you entered
through and walk up to it to exit. You can try the piano in one of the rooms
on the way out too! Paint it with colour and it will play some music!

Memory is an interesting garden with a plethora of trees. Definitely fill up
one full violet and one full gold tree. I'd then advise planting another two
to three trees with any excess colours you have. I then spent the next full
cycle harvesting previous mines and gardens and ended up with a lot of Colour
which will be helpful in the next section.

Once you have enough violet and/or gold, fill up Ole's second heart and she
will open up access to the next areas.

| ~ MONTGOLFIER'S TASK PART 1: TRITON ~                              | [3.11] |

During the 16th cycle, you will be approached by Montgolfier. He was impressed
by how you defeated Pangolin and now wants you two defeat two other large
parasites that threaten the Void. You have until the 30th cycle to finish them
off which is far more time than you will need.

Somewhere around this time (unless he's already dead) Caterpillar will speak to
you and warn you that some of the Brothers are unhappy with you. From this
point on a number of them might attack you. Attacks are extremely infrequent
(I was never attacked until much later in the game), but just make sure you're
saving frequently in different files. If you're a bit short on Colour to be
taking on bosses, then make use of gardens and mines

+---+ At the end of each cycle you may have noticed the splashes of Colour that
| ! | appear on certain chambers. These chambers will have large amounts of
+---+ that Colour in the form of fireflies, small plants, or mines. If they're
close by or have useful colours, always head there. Which colour and which
chamber is random and gets decided at the x.00-mark. If you aneed a specific
Colour you can save and reload at the end of each cycle. Note that the autosave
at x.99 is one second too late. Thanks to Cosmea for all this info.

For now, we're just going to be dealing with Triton as he's closer and easier.
Return to Ire's chambers and enter Lemna, which you won't have been into before
if you've been following the guide.


|                         ~ BOSS FIGHT: TRITON ~                              |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Emerald (Defence)
        -- Silver (Reduces realm damage)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Web

|     STRATEGY      |
This boss is very similar to the Pangolin fight. Luckily, it's much easier. The
strategy is much the same: use the Web glyph on the bats so that when Triton
eats them he will take massive internal damage. Like with Pangolin, you can
also just attack him with colour when he appears. Avoid doing this as it's
largely ineffective and a waste of colour.

From the entry point, Web the nearest bats. You'll want to hit each bat for
30ish drops of Colour in the glyph. If you're less confident on your drawing
ability you can use less, but just be aware you'll be forced to re-enter the
chamber so new bats will spawn. Don't worry, his health won't be restored.

Work your way down the rocky path to the bottom and try to Web every bat along
the way. While you're on the rocks Triton can't reach you. By the time you get
to the ground you're sure to have seeen the whale-like parasite emerging from
the water to eat the bats. Alternatively, you can turn around from the starting
point and leap over the wall to reach the cave I'm about to mention.

From the bottom of the path, exmaine the rocky wall in front of you. Down
the right side you should spot a crevass in the wall. Run over there and hide
inside the cave. Triton cannot reach you in here and you're safe from the bats
too. Plus, it gives a great view of the battle! While running across the
ground, before reaching the cave, watch out for bubbling water; that's where
Triton will pop up next.

Finish webbing any bats you might have missed, then just sit back and watch the
show. Only attack Triton with colour if you're out of bats and he's almost
dead. Once he's beaten he'll release some colour for you to collect. If you
need more bats, leave the chamber and come back in, his health won't reset.
While you're in the cave you can grab a heart in there too.

-------------------------------End Boss Strategy-------------------------------

If Triton is giving you trouble or you're struggling for Colour, there is
another alternative you can try...

Funnily enough, Montgolfier will confront you for a fight during the 30th cycle
regardless of whether or not you kill these two bosses. There's no additional
punishment for skipping them entirely. Just be aware that taking this approach
will lead to some inaccurate dialogue during cut-scenes and you won't be
getting the full experience of the game. Recommended for a second playthrough
or if you're desperate to get past these sub-bosses. Thanks to midboe from the
official The Void forums for the tip.

Before leaving the chamber, return to the little cave and have a look around.
Use the Torch glyph if you can't see properly. Hiding behind the wall is a
new heart for you to take. Make sure to grab it! If it has disappeared, you'll
be able to collect it later after killing enough Brothers. You can also grab it
from your entry point by turning around and jumping over the cave wall.

| ~ ACTING ON UNA'S ADVICE ~                                         | [3.12] |

With Triton out of the way, open Ole's second heart if you haven't already.
Next, we're heading to another sister Una told us to seek out. Ima is in the
next area after Ole so we'll start with her.

Ima's tower is the largest of all the Sisters chambers. The first time you
enter you will be placed at the top of the tower. Firstly, find the staircase
and take it as high as it goes, there's a heart at the top. Every time you
enter the chamber after the first time you'll appear at the bottom and have a
long walk up if you didn't get the heart. Ima is always at the bottom.

Fill up her first heart. If you've been following this guide you won't need to
fill her second heart as Ava's chambers are already open. If you plan to have
Ima as your chosen sister, then, of course, feel free to fill a second. Listen
to her advice and the new information that she reveals.

Once you're done with her, it's time to explore her adjoining chambers. The
Wall has little of interest at this stage, my own had nothing to mine at all
yet. If yours does, feel free to stop by. Otherwise, just head to the garden, 
Bridge, and grow four or so trees.

Sometime around this point you may find yourself in a dream and transported to
The Adit. Check the next section of the guide for more specific details on
that sequence.

Now it's time to go to Eli, but you'll first need to fill Ava's second heart
if you haven't done so yet. Once you have, head to Eli's chamber and meet with
her. She can be found at the end of the long bridge leading to the blimp.
Fill at least her first heart and she will explain the sacrifices needed to
leave the Void and perform the Rite of Devotio.

If you have enough colour, fill two of her hearts now. If not, make sure to
grow some silver and crimson in a nearby garden. Even if you have enough,
explore her garden anyway. In Twist, grow at least a full silver and a full
crimson tree. I personally grew two crimson, one silver, one azure, and one
gold. As always, don't overdo it on a Sister's favourite colours in her own
chambers to keep realm damage down.

Make sure to have enough Colour for your next boss fight, because it's time
to take on Worm. At this stage I was around my 20th Cycle, but don't worry if
you're one, two, three, or even four cycles past that. If you're past the 25th
cycle you may want to consider loading an earlier save and trying to do things

| ~ DREAMS AND THE ADIT ~                                            | [3.13] |

It's quite possible, depending on what cycle you're at, you've already
encountered this first dream. It seems to consistently happen at 8:13. Chase
the ethereal girl through the back streets, up the stairs, and across the roof
tops. Once you reach the end you will be transported to The Adit and more
information will be given to you.

Note that you can miss this dream sequence entirely if you are moving between
chambers in the Void at the time it's supposed to trigger. If you think you've
missed it, reload and stay still and try again. Thanks to Cosmea for this

You can actually also fail to follow the girl by jumping off the roof which
makes the screen go red and skips he rest of the sequence, but still takes you
to the Adit. Thanks to a user by the name of Ares for sending me this info.
I've also had two separate reports that jumping at ANY time during this
sequence produces the same result, but I've tested it and haven't been able
to duplicate it. You may wish to avoid jumping at all, just in case.

What you learn in The Adit is incredibly important. It's about how you can
leave the Void and what you need to do so pay careful attention. It is now
revealed that your goal is two collect all twenty hearts, plus your one true
heart. You will need all of them, and have them all filled, if you want to leave
the Void.

Once the dialogue is finished, walk your way down to the exit portal. You'll
find the voice of Colour will be speaking to you more frequently now.

+---+ If you do not yet have the Ordalia heart, jump down into the middle of
| ! | the chamber to the ground floor. There you will find Ordalia. If you have
+---+ already picked it up at another location then there will be no heart
there at all.

| ~ MONTGOLFIER'S TASK PART 2: WORM ~                                | [3.14] |

Worm can be found in one of Eli's chambers of the same name.


|                           ~ BOSS FIGHT: WORM ~                              |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Emerald (Defence)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Silver (Reduces realm damage)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Web
        -- Sleeper
        -- Hawk / Wasp

This is by far the hardest of the three predator bosses. Luckily, however,
there is an exceptionally easy way to take advantage of game mechanics and beat
him. If you read the easy strategy and feel it's borderline cheating, then feel
free to use the regular strategy. Keep in mind that it is a difficult fight. I
personally found it to be the most difficult of the game.

The chamber itself is also notoriously confusing. At first I believed it was
two valleys that ran parallel. In fact, it's more like a curvy triangle. There
are three seperate valleys that are all connected at the triangle's 'points'.
At these points Worm has tunnels that it retreats into. Each valley looks the
same and trying to figure out where you are can often be difficult. Learning
the layout of the arena is vital if you plan to use the regular strategy.

Turn your sound up too. Hearing certain noises may save your life. You can hear
when Worm's moving, where he's moving, and if he's eating an enemy. This will
greatly help your chances of survival.

|     EASY STRATEGY      |
You'll only need your hearts filled with crimson and silver for this strategy.

When you first enter the chamber you have a handful of seconds before the
enemy right in front of you will be eaten by Worm. If you're quick, you can
Web the parasite first to take advantage of the situation. About 25 colour
will be the most you can infuse it with. 

Wait for a minute or so as it takes quite a while for Worm to actually eat
the enemy. Watch the damage meter at the bottom of the screen. His health does
not replenish if you leave the chamber and come back in.

Now, if you exit the chamber and come back in, the parasite will have returned
and the exact same sequence will take place. By repeating this over and over
you can defeat the Worm without setting foot outside the entry area. Make sure
to journey out there once to grab a heart on the opposite side of the chamber
in a small cave.

This is a tough fight, so make sure you're filled with 100% emerald, crimson,
and azure. There are three safe tunnels in the cave (one down each side) where
Worm can't get you. Unfortunately, these tunnels are filled with constantly
respawning parasites. The Shield glyph will be incredibly useful here to
reduce damage done by them.

Worm travels from one of his caves at each point of the triangle to another by
charging down a chosen valley. There is no way to avoid him apart from being
inside one of the safe caves. I found he tended to alternate the side he
charged down, but a developer explained to me there are actually certain
triggers based on where you are and on where the chosen to predator to be
eaten is. In short, it's hard to predict its movements.

You will need to approach this fight with a slightly different frame of mind
from Pangolin or Triton. You can certainly web the parasites as they will
explode when he eats him. The problem with this is that the Web will often wear
off before he catches one and this is a massive waste of Colour. So, instead,
you have two options: The first is to lure a paraiste from a cave into the
valleys and then web it. This increases the odds it will be eaten.
Alternatively, if you're quick, you can Web the parasite AFTER Worm has caught
it. He sticks his head out of his cave to eat, so it's possible to Web the
enemy then.

The final alternative is to tackle him in an outright way, but this will
depend on what glyphs you have. You can draw Sleeper glyphs in the valleys for
him to charge over as you can guarantee he'll move over them at some stage.
Make sure they're fully charged with Colour. Similar glyphs will be just as
effective. When he's chewing on an enemy he'll remain staionary so you can try
hitting him with a projectile attack such as Hawk or Wasp if you have them.

If you find you're doing quite well, I'd recommend exiting the chamber about
half-way through the fight and then saving before coming back in. Things
can go south very quickly in this battle.

-------------------------------End Boss Strategy-------------------------------

If Worm is giving you trouble or you're struggling for Colour, there is
another alternative you can try. In this case though, first try using the easy
strategy. It makes the fight so much simpler.

Funnily enough, Montgolfier will confront you for a fight during the 30th cycle
regardless of whether or not you kill these two bosses. There's no additional
punishment for skipping them entirely. Just be aware that taking this approach
will lead to some inaccurate dialogue during cut-scenes and you won't be
getting the full experience of the game. Recommended for a second playthrough
or if you're desperate to get past these sub-bosses. Thanks to midboe from the
official The Void forums for the tip.

If you didn't, or forgot, to get the heart I mentioned at the top, then you
can still get it after killing enough Brothers later in the game.
Once you beat him, grab the colour he drops and exit the chamber.

| ~ YANI: LAST BUT NOT LEAST ~                                       | [3.15] |

Now only one Sister remains for you to meet. Head north from Eli's chambers
to reach the domain of Yani. Theoretically, you only need to fill one of her
heart's to finish opening every chamber (because of your work with other
Sisters earlier), but, if you can spare it, I highly recommend you fill two.
She gives very, very important information about how the Colours are at war and
their relevance to Turgor. Completely up to you.

It was initially intended by the developers that you should be, as Yani
mentions, keeping the Colours in balance. By pressing J and clicking on 'The
Void' icon, you can see how in balance/out of balance the Colours are. However,
due to time constraints, the negative effects of Colours and the way they are
balanced were never actually implemented within the game. So, in other words,
just don't worry about it!

Once done with Yani, take a visit to her garden, Hull, and plant many trees.
I planted five or so this time around to use up excess colour and create
Colour I was lacking. Just make sure to leave at least a few empty for future

| ~ SELFLESS ACT ~                                                   | [3.16] |

At the start of the 21st cycle, the Confusion arc will begin. Sister Death will
"give you all her colour" and die. You can get all the emerald and gold she
leaves by returning to her chamber. If you wanted to save her, then it's not
too late. You can revive her tree and then refill all her hearts. If this is
your first playthrough then I'd advise against it as it is one of the most
difficult endings of the game.

To revive her, you must get Breakthrough, reach Turgor (all your hearts and
Nerva full), revive her tree, refill all her hearts and then reach Turgor
again. Instead, choose your favourite Sister and help her instead. If you
really do want to save her, skip down to the very last section of the
walkthrough for a broad strategy on how to do it.

By this stage I had plenty of Colour and had killed Triton and Worm. Depending
on whether or not you're using the easy/medium patches then it's quite possible
you're a little ahead of me or a long way behind me. If you're closer to the
30th cycle, you may want to skip Triton and Worm all together. It won't make
things any harder, but it will save you some Colour and some time.

Now comes the time to make an important decision. Are you going to save a 
Sister and sacrifice yourself? Are you going to pick a Sister, but leave her
behind when you ascend? Or will you side with the Brothers and kill the
Sisters? Depending on your choice, the game will play out somewhat differently.
From here on in the guide works under the assumption you are going to defeat
the Brothers and choose Ole as your Sister. If you choose a different Sister
the guide will still be useful, just go and visit your choice of sister instead
of Ole and harvest different favourite Colours.

If you feel like you've had a good playthrough it's an excellent idea to make
a new save file here. That way you can come back after you beat the game and
try a different ending without having to start right from the beginning.

During this cycle, around 21:50, Aya will approach you and thinks that you
killed Death to steal her Colour. She will give you the Vampire heart which
allows you to drain Colour from Sisters and kill them. This closes off their
realm so never use this glyph unless you're going for a specific ending that
requires it.

Whatever your choice, get yourself ready. It's crunch time.

| ~ BETRAYING THE BROTHERS ~                                         | [3.17] |

If you don't have at least 10-11 hearts then go and collect some more. See
section 7 on where to find them. You're also going to need a good amount of
Colour in your Lympha and Nerva as well as a few gardens with reserve Colour.
Take a cycle or two to try and get that all together.

When you feel you're ready, you can take on a Brother. To do so you must first
have the Ordalia heart. This heart can show up in a number of different places,
but, if you don't have it yet, can always find it on the bottom floor of The
Adit. To use the glyph go and find a stationary Brother. Click on them to speak
to them and then draw the Ordalia glyph on them to begin the battle.

Keep in mind you cannot fight your mentor, Montgolfier, yet. It's also going to
be completely random (and dependant on your cycle) as to which Brothers will
currently be in the Void. For this reason, you'll want to skip down the guide
to section 5 which gives specific strategies for every Brother fight.

In case you've been skipping dialogue or haven't been filling two hearts of
every Sister, the reason we need to kill the Brothers it to get their hearts.
They are needed to reach the state of Turgor and/or to free a Sister. It is
also suggested one of them may have your true heart.

Unlike previous bosses, you get a chance to fill your hearts in a menu before
the battle begins. Take time to read the recommendations listed in the boss
fight section as to what Colours are the most useful. The general rule is
crimson is the most important, with emerald and azure close behind. You
cannot access the Obscura menu during the battle, so take your time to prepare

+---+ When in battle with them, watch their Colour wheel in the top right of
| ! | the screen. The colour in the outer-most wheel that's lit up will do more
+---+ damage to them if you use it to attack. Make sure to watch this carefully
as it can save you a lot of colour. Try to save the Colour on the inner-most
wheel for the end.

Depending on what cycle you're in, it's possible some Brothers may actually
attack you first, so be ready if you see one heading your way. I was attacked
pre-emptively by Warden about two Cycles after I killed my first Brother, so
make sure you're always prepared and are saving all the time.

Final note, once you have all twenty hearts the Brothers won't drop any more.
If you missed any that disappear, such as the one below Pangolin, one of the
Brothers will drop it for you. This also means you don't actually have to kill
all the Brothers to win the game. All you need are your 20 + 1 hearts. Once you
have 20, and the 30th cycle begins, Montgolfier will approach you for a fight
and you can get your final heart.

I chose to kill them all partly to gather information for this guide and
partly to put a stop to them ravaging my gardens. If you feel like you're
running out of time or Colour then just kill enough for the hearts. You're
under no obligation whatsoever to kill more than necessary. There's no bonus
for doing so.

| ~ SAVING THE SISTERS ~                                             | [3.18] |

A few cycles after you killed your first brother (it was 4 for me), Aya will
approach you and tell you her mistress is in danger from Patriarch. You have
three cycles to kill the Brother before he kills the her. 

It's actually not explained which Sister is her mistress. I think something was
lost in translation here from the original version. To confirm, Aya's mistress
is Echo. As the Voice of Colour recommends, it's advisable to save as many
Sisters as possible. If they die and you haven't unlocked access through their
chambers yet then you'll be permanently locked out. If you're struggling
with your Colour reserves and already opened access, you can theoretically
let some Sisters die without jeopardising your game.

Take one cycle (two if you need it) to stock up on Colour and then head for
Patriarch. The boss strategy here is repeated in the Brother's Boss Fight

It's possible that if you've already killed Patriarch that this event may not
occur or another brother might take his place. I have no information on those
possibilities at this time. Also, if you decide not to save Echo, it actually
doesn't matter that much as she doesn't control any chambers so no areas will
be closed off. Personally, I'd feel somewhat guilty though.

|                       ~ BROTHER FIGHT: PATRIARCH ~                          |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Hawk
        -- Haste

|     STRATEGY      |
In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Patriarch is one of the fastest
Brothers. He can charge you down faster than you can run away, even with 100%
Azure bonus in your hearts. So, this is where Haste will come in handy. Using
it for short bursts will help you keep away from the Brother. Make sure to do

Don't bother trying to hide behind pillars, he can maneuver around them with
ease. On the other hand, if you get too far away he'll start throwing chainsaw
blades at you. So, the best thing to do is to try and get behind him by using
Haste. When forced to turn around his speed severely slows so use this time to

Hawk is by far the most useful glyph here. As Patriarch only ever moves in
a straight line, a quick application of Hawk will be accurate and devestating.
Move quickly, attack quickly, and you'll have him done with fairly quickly. If
you don't have Hawk, Wasp will be less accurate, but will suffice. Sleeper is
also a possibility.

This fight also has a somewhat secretive strategy. Scattered around the arena
are light-grey Coloured rocks that look a bit larger and different from others.
If you dot a rock with Colour, and then dot Patriarch, the rocks will spring to
life and attack him. While he struggles with defending himself he'll stop
moving which gives you a chance to attack. These rocks only work in this fight,
but give you a huge window of opportunity.

-------------------------------End Boss Strategy-------------------------------

You're advised to make sure to save the other Sisters too as the Brothers will
start trying to kill them. I'm uncertain whether they attack as aggressively
as Patriarch and I saw no evidence of Brothers rushing to their Sisters
chamber until a few cycles later.

By this stage most, if not all, Brothers will have returned to the Void. Kill
them as fast as possible  (if you're planning to do so) before they can ravage
your gardens and start killing Sisters. Constantly save to create a backup in
case a Brother suddenly attacks you.

| ~ YOUR ONE TRUE HEART ~                                            | [3.19] |

This section corrosponds to when the Agony arc begins in the Cycle period.
Hopefully by this stage you've defeated at least a third of the Brothers if
you're planning to kill them all. If not, I hope you have good reserves of
Colour in your gardens because you'll have no choice but to fight Brother after
Brother if you want to save the Sisters.

When Agony begins you will see another dream of back streets, roof tops, and
a girl made of light that you chase. Chase her across the roof tops until the
dream ends. You will then be presented a disturbing vision of the Brothers
deciding that the time has come to kill the Sisters before they can corrupt
the Void any further. From now on they will target the Sisters one by one and,
if you don't get there in time, they'll kill them.

The first Sister targeted for me was Ole. Needless to say I rushed to her side.
The Sisters are chosen at random though, so any one of them may become a
target. I'm not certain how long you have before a Brother will actually kill a
Sister, but it's best to get there as quick as you can. It's unlikely you have
more than one cycle. Grab some Colour from a garden because you will have to
fight whichever Brother has come to end the life of the targeted Sister. This
appears to be random so see section 5 for Brother fight strategies. Apparently
not all the Brothers perform these execution tasks. Only the 'good' Brothers--
Triumphantor, Caterpillar, Patriarch, Mantid--will.

As previously mentioned (in case you missed it) you don't actually have to kill
all the Brothers. Once you have your twenty hearts you can choose to continue
killing them or simply ingore them unless they are a threat to the Sisters.
However, you do need to kill Montgolfier. You can't initiate the fight so you
have to wait until the 30th cycle when he will finally come and talk to you.

|                       ~ BROTHER FIGHT: MONTGOLFIER ~                        |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Hawk
        -- Shell

|     STRATEGY      |
Montgolfier isn't too much trouble. Don't go down the bottom as he likes to
explode it about mid-way through the battle. I've been told you can actually
use the explosion to damage him by employing Magnet. Considering he's not all
that difficult anyway, that strategy seems a bit fiddly.

Stay on the walkway and continually hit him with Hawk. Using Wasp or Owl would
be fine too, I personally prefer Hawk because it's faster and more accurate.

From time to time Montgolfier will throw a bomb and some other projectiles at
you. They're difficult to dodge so just put up a brief Shell to deflect them.
Each time you do enough damage to destroy one of his Colour wheels, a brief
cut-scene will play that shows him weakening. Just keep pounding away to
finish the job.

-------------------------------End Boss Strategy-------------------------------

After beating him, jump down and pick up the Breakthrough heart.

| ~ BREAKTHROUGH ~                                                   | [3.20] |

Cycle 31 will begin the Breakthrough arc and you will have another dream. A
huge revelation is revealed as you chase the girl through the streets. She can
be a little bit more difficult to keep up with this time, but don't worry if
you lose her, it doesn't change anything. At one point she ends up behind a
fence, you can get in there by walking into it and pushing down a part of it.

Once back in the Void, you'll be told you only have five cycles left before no
more Colour will enter the Void. In other words, the end of cycle 35 is your
ultimate time limit.

To save a Sister you need to fill all four of her hearts and draw the
Breakthrough glyph on her. Alternatively, you can fill your own hearts, go to
The Adit, and simply ascend yourself. The next chamber you enter, Colour will
speak to you and explain those options.

Whatever your decision, you need an insane amount of Colour, so get to it! Make
the most of gardens, mines, fireflies, and focus on your preferred Sisters
favourite Colours. Now is the time to grow as many maxed-out trees as you can
without holding back.

| ~ TURGOR ~                                                         | [3.21] |

Now comes the end of the game where you must reach the state of Turgor. To do
so, you must fill not only all 21 of your hearts, but your Nerva as well. It's
not an easy task, but it's made signficantly easier by one mechanic: once you
have the Breakthrough heart, Colour no longer evaporates from your hearts. In
other words, if your Lympha palette is full then Colour from your hearts will
stop converting rather than being wasted.

First, focus on filling up Colours you already have a lot of. Don't worry about
your hearts yet, make sure to completely fill up your Nerva palette in as many
Colours as possible. Don't worry if you're a bit short on one or two Colours.

Now, go to whatever the nearest garden is to your chosen Sister, or, if you're
going to only ascend yourself, the nearest to The Adit. 


Because if you screw up, there's no going back. Begin completely planting the
garden in whatever Colours you're missing in your palette. If you aren't
missing any, then just pick two or three Colour of your choice. Make sure to
draw the Donor glyph perfectly and fully fill out as many trees in those
Colours as you can. If you can make use of two different gardens, go for it.

Leave the garden and speed up time to reach the next Cycle. Return to the
garden and, hopefully, completely fill out your hearts. Dump as much Colour as
possible from your Lympha into them. You don't have to fill your hearts with
different Colours evenly. Watch the meter in the bottom left corner and build
it up to the maximum 700. I hit 698 and that was fine, so do what you can.

Now, suck the rest of your garden dry of colour. To reach the state of Turgor
you need approximately 97% of your Nerva and hearts filled.


This allows you to go back and get a different ending without having to go
through the trials of reaching Turgor again. So, for example, if you first
choose to save a Sister you can reload this file and see what happens if
you just go to The Adit and save yourself.

Approach your Sister and interact with them. Hold down Ctrl to paint and, if
you have enough Colour to be in Turgor, the Breakthrough glyph will be
displayed along with the Vampire and Donor glyph at the bottom. If it isn't,
reload your previous save and try to make more Colour. If it is, draw it and
complete the game.

| ~ THE DIFFERENT ENDINGS ~                                          | [3.22] |


There are many different endings for The Void. 13 in total, I believe, though
many of them are quite similar to each other. Here's the full list:

|   "BAD" ENDING    |
Difficulty: Easy

None. Just be alive at the end of cycle 35.

Ending 1: Become the strongest Brother.

If you reach the end of the 35th Cycle the game will end regardless of your
progress. There is a unique cut-scene for that ending where you remain in the
Void for eternity. This is the only ending with no poem.

Just keep yourself alive until the end. It's pretty simple if you make it late
into the game.

Difficulty: Medium

Sisters Endings: Fill a Sister's hearts, reach Turgor and draw Breakthrough.
Save Yourself Ending: Reach Turgor, go to The Adit and ascend yourself.

Ending 2: Ascend Ole.
Ending 3: Ascend Uta.
Ending 4: Ascend Ava.
Ending 5: Ascend Ire.
Ending 6: Ascend Una.
Ending 7: Ascend Yani.
Ending 8: Ascend Eli.
Ending 9: Ascend Ima.
Ending 10: Ascend Echo.
Ending 11: Ascend Aya.

Ending 12: Ascend yourself.

Each Sister has a slightly different ending. The cut-scene and poetic dialogue
varies slightly depending on who you choose. Likewise, choosing just to
ascend yourself ends with a similar result, but showing you instead of the
Sister. Make sure to turn your volume up as there are no subtitles.

Follow the main walkthrough, it will help you achieve any of these endings.

Difficulty: Hard

After the Nameless Sister dies in cyle 21, you need to revive her tree by
drawing Breakthrough on it once you're in a state of Turgor. Then you will
need to fill all four of her hearts and draw Breakthrough on her.

Ending 13: Ascend the Nameless Sister.

Her ending cut-scene is much the same as the other Sisters. It includes a
unique cutscene and some poetic dialogue.

Achieving this endings requires significant effort and forward planning. It's
best not to attempt this one on a first playthrough.

To save her, you need to skip using Colour on anything that isn't necessary.
There's nothing you can do to help her until the 30th cycle when you get the
Breakthrough heart, but before then you need to have gardens full of emerald
and gold for harvesting. Making use of traps might be worthwhile to protect

Early on in the game you will want to reduce damage done to Ire's, Eli's and
Ima's chambers. You'll need them later on and won't want them filled with
predators. If necessary, only fill a single heart of both these Sisters and
don't even bother going through to Ole or Yani. Though since Ole and Yani's
gardens have the largest capacity trees, you might want to go regardless.

After defeating Montgolfier and getting Breakthrough, you want to be in Turgor
within just one cycle so make use of the Colour you've been storing up. Return
to Sister's Greenhouse and interact with the big tree Death lives in. Draw
Breakthrough on it and she will be revived. This action will have to major
consequences for you:

1. Nameless Sister's realm will be destroyed. Her Garden becomes filled with
Scorpios, making it a complete lost cause and useless to you.
2. All your Colour is taken. You are left with only a small amount in one
heart and in your palette. Make sure you have a nearby garden ready to go in

To produce enough Colour to fill her four hearts you will want to use Eli's,
Ima's, or Ire's gardens instead. The reason for this is their trees have a very
large capacity for Colour and you can get a lot more Colour each cycle than if
you used Ava's or Uta's.

By cycle 33 or 34 you will need to have filled all Death's hearts. That gives
you one or two cycles to reach Turgor again and draw Breakthrough on her. Very
challenging, but not impossible.

|   "BOTH" ENDING   |
There are often rumours that there is a way for both the player and a Sister to
ascend together. This is not possible in the international version of the game.
However, there is a console command in the game to view the "both" final ending,
which unfortunately just crashes the game.

Also, there is a corresponding poem in the audio files called "both_final_poem"
suggesting that perhaps at one point there was another ending, but it looks
like it never made it to the final build of the game. Check out the Poetry
Transcripts section of the guide to read the "both" poem.

+---- WALKTHROUGH: THE SHORT/TL;DR VERSION [4.00] ----------------------------+

Is the main walkthrough too long or intimidating? Maybe you're already half-way
through the game and have played quite differently to this guide. This short
version of the walkthrough aims to take you through point-by-point and help
you through without holding your hand too much.

short-hand, which means a lot is left without explanation. Depending on your
knowledge of the game and how your file is progressing, it might not do you a
lot of good. Think of this as a general outline or checklist of what you need
to do.

As with the regular walkthrough, this one assumes you'll also be doing a lot of
your own gardening, mining and saving, not just when I prompt you. Make sure
you're doing all those things. Events might also take place at different times,
so even this short version won't be able to match your playthrough exactly.

Also, this guide doesn't cover the location of every heart, so please refer to
the corresponding section for more details on that.

Finally, if you're having trouble with one particular section or are struggling
and need more help, please take some time to read through the main guide! It's
not boring, I promise!

1. Walk down the hill and pick you your first heart.
2. Walk around the other side of the tree and talk to the woman (the Nameless
   Sister) beneath it by painting her with Colour (left CTRL).
3. Collect Colour around her chamber, fill your heart, leave by walking into
   the water.

4. Go to Pharynx, collect Colour and the heart at the opposite end of the
5. Visit Firelies, collect Colour, grow one tree to capacity.
6. Visit Fog, grow at least two trees (one emerald, one gold) ensuring you
   fill them to maximum, or as close as you can get.

7. Return to the Nameless Sister and speak with her.
8. Return to Pharynx, Fireflies and Fog in order to dispatch the creatures
   there. Harvest/plant new trees if in a new cycle.
9. Go back to the Nameless Sister to get the Haste heart.

10. Spend the next cycle or so growing and harvesting trees in order to fill
    the Nameless Sister's first two hearts. Make sure you fill your own hearts
    will gold to 100% before donating.

11. Visit Uta, using emerald to fill just her first heart.
12. Visit Heathen, collect Colour and grow a few trees to maximum (in any
    combination of amber, violet, gold, emerald).

13. When Whaler tells you too, return to the Nameless Sister and remove a
    heart. Do not refill it (unless you're going for her ending).
14. Plant some amber and violet trees in Fog.

15. Get the Extract heart from Mantid when he approaches you.
16. Go to Uta to get the Expose heart.
17. Go to Pharnyx and harvest the Colour in the walls using Extract and Expose.
    The Nameless Sister will tell you if you missed any.

18. Harvest all available amber and violet in your gardens.
19. Go to Ava's chamber and fill at least her first heart.
20. Enter Bastion and mine the walls using Extract and Expose. Pick up the
    Heart beneath the tower.
21. Go to The Caves amd grow a number of trees (fill your hearts with violet
    first), including at least one full amber and violet. Crimson and silver
    will also be useful.
22. Ensure you've completed Mantid's mining task. Spend a cycle harvesting your
    gardens/mines and making sure you have at least one silver tree ready.

23. Warden will approach you to kill Pangolin. Spend time filling Uta's second
24. Go north to meet Una and just fill her first heart. Pick up the heart in
    her chamber.
25. Go to Moorage, jump down the gap and find a heart underneath the rubble.
    Plant a crimson, emerald and azure tree to maximum.
26. Spend a cycle preparing for Pangolin: stock up on emerald and crimson to
    maximise your defence and attack in the coming battle.
27. Defeat Pangolin using the Web glyph. Find two hearts in his chamber.

28. Go north-east from Uta to Ire. Fill at least her first heart (both if you
    can, if not, do it later) and jump over the hedge from her tower to find a
    heart (fill your hearts with azure).
29. Go to Darkness and plant one tree of (depending on your needs): gold,
    amber, violet and another colour of your choice.
30. Around the 15th cycle or so, aim to have Ire's second heart full so the way
    is open.

31. Visit Ole and fill her first heart.
32. Go to Ole's Garden, Memory, and grow one full gold and violet tree, plus
    another two to three trees in different Colours you need.
33. Fill Ole's first and second hearts as you can.

34. Receive the task to kill Triton and Worm from Mantid during the 16th cycle.
35. Defeat Triton using the Web glyph and find the heart in his chamber.

36. Go to Ima's chamber, fill her first heart and collect the heart in her
37. Fill Ava's second heart then proceed on to Eli.
38. In Eli's garden grow a handful of trees, including a silver and crimson.

39. Receive a vision of the surface during the 19th cycle.

40. Defeat Worm using various battle glyphs.

41. Visit Yani and fill just one heart.
42. In Yani's garden plant a number of trees based on the colours you're
    lacking. Leave a few empty.

43. During cycle 21, when prompted, return to the Nameless Sister to collect
    lots of emerald and gold.
44. Make a firm desicion about which Sister you are planning to ascend and win
    the game with. Start prioritising (but not exclusively) farming their
    preferred Colours.

45. Ensure you have at least 10 hearts, plus Ordalia (check the Adit if you're
    missing it).
46. Start attacking the Brothers, if they're not attacking you already, and
    defeat them. Keep going until you have all 20 hearts, then you can stop if
    you wish.
47. Protect the Sisters, especially Echo from Patriarch, which is a scripted
    attack. You can let her die if you're not prepared enough.

48. Survive until the 30th cycle, stocking up on all Colours while prioritising
    those of your chosen Sister.
49. Fight Montgolfier (he will attack you) and claim your final 21st heart.

50. Spend a lot of time gardening and collecting Colour.
51. Fill all four hearts of your chosen Sister with her favourite Colours.
52. Fill all 21 of your hearts and your Nerva with any Colours.
53. Go to your chosen Sister, draw the Breakthrough glyph on her.
54. Watch the ending!

+---- CYCLE CALENDAR [5.00] --------------------------------------------------+

As the game progresses and the clock ticks down, different cycles will pass.
This section aims to detail exactly what events occur during each cycle and at
what point. This is an incredibly useful section that is best used alongside
the main walkthrough. Trying copying and pasting it into a Notepad or Word file
to save all the scrolling up and down you'd need to do otherwise.

First up is a brief table showing when each cycle begins. If you scroll down a
little further you'll find the specific events that occur within each cycle.

        |         CYCLE NAME           |          TIME PERIOD         |
        |          Famine              |          1:99 - 6:92         |
        |        Commandments          |          6:92 - 9:99         |
        |           Feast              |        8/9:99 - 21:99        |
        |         Confusion            |         21:99 - 26:99        |
        |           Agony              |         26:98 - 31:99        |
        |        Breakthrough          |   31:99 - 36:99 (Game Ends)  |

Needless to say, this section contains major game and plot spoilers. Proceed at
your own risk.

One of the difficult things about writing this calendar was the slight
variation in when a lot of events occur, and some of these are very hard to
properly reflect in this format. It's possible some numbers will be slightly
different on your file, but they should vary only by 1 or 2 ticks.

Likewise, you can effectively play the game a 'good' way or a 'bad' way (or
somewhere in-between). 'Good' meaning you do everything the Brothers tell you
to do and 'bad' meaning you disobey them. This massively affects what events
occur and when.

| ~ FAMINE ~                                                         | [5.01] |

"A man loses his soul only when it dies from a long hunger.

A hungry soul falls into the icy emptiness, where death awaits.
But once in a thousand times, before disappearing forever
the soul briefly lingers in the Void.

One can only get his soul back if it opens to Colour,
accepts it, and understands its meaning and purpose.
Then the soul will be able to turn death back,
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

|    TIME FRAME     |
Cycle begins: 1:99 (game start)
Cycle ends: 6:92

|      EVENTS       |
All events in Famine are consistent from file-to-file.

5:75 - Ole speaks to you.
5:30 - Brother Mantid arrives.
5:25 - Brother Whaler arrives.
5:20 - Brother Montgolfier arrives.
6:92 - Mantid approaches you and speaks about the commandments.

| ~ COMMANDMENTS ~                                                   | [5.02] |

"Through their righteousness, the Brothers proved they were worthy of a place
in the Void.

The Brothers climbed up from the depths, from a realm where Colour is unheard
of, where the mind itself denies Colour's existence.

Their act of faith was great, and it earned them their paradise.
And here they law Lympha of Colour, their image of a powerful god.

There is no greater reward for a true believer, than to become the keeper of
heaven. The brothers have surely earned their reward and the power of their law
is now nearly infinite."

|    TIME FRAME     |
Cycle begins: 6:92
Cycle ends: 9:99

|      EVENTS       |
The events in commandments are somewhat more complicated because this is when
most of the tasks in the game take place.

6:75 - If you haven't filled Death's second heart, Montgolifer speaks to you
       with encouraging words.
6:75 - If you have, Whaler speaks to you and tells you to rip her heart out.
6:25 - If you haven't pulled out the heart, Death tells you to return to her
7:99 - If you haven't pulled out the heart, Whaler attacks you.
6:50 - Mantid gives you mining task and Expose glyph.
8:99 - New Brother (random) arrives.
     - Caterpillar arrives.
8:41 - New Brother (random) arrives.
8:25 - New Brother (random) arrives.
xx.xx - Once you complete Mantid's task, Warden arrives and tells you to kill
11.99 - If you have not completed his task, Mantid attacks. Also, the FEAST
        cycle will not begin.

| ~ FEAST ~                                                          | [5.03] |

"Some see Colour as food. Others see it as fuel.

And some feel an autonomous will within and tremble, and think, and wonder --
can't it be pleased with a sacrifice?

Some are thankful to just keep the crumbs. Others spend while it lasts.
But everyone wants the same -- plentiful Colour forever.

Can it be summoned? Can it be created?
Is anyone given the gift to hear it and understand what it needs?"

|    TIME FRAME     |
Cycle begins: 9:99 (or 8:99)
Cycle ends: 21:99

|      EVENTS       |
9:50 - A new Brother (random) arrives.
     - A new Brother (random) arrives.
10:99 - Echo approaches and speaks to you.
11:74 - Echo talks to you again.
12:25 - Patriarch speaks to you.
16:99 - If you have not killed Pangolin, Warden attacks.
16:95 - Montgolfier becomes your mentor. Tells you to kill Triton and Worm.
18:92 - Echo speaks to you for a third time.
18:13 - First dream of the surface. End up in The Adit.

| ~ CONFUSION ~                                                      | [5.04] |

"The one who refused the Colour is gone now, dissolved in the cold. Because
when one loses one's soul, one loses the possibility of eternal life.

Who would willingly give away their Colour to someone else?
What can be more frightening than death within death?

The Sister's silent death tore down every principle that the Void dwellers had
come to blieve in.

It's taboo to give away Colour in the Void.
Self-sacrifice is an unknown concept here.

But it's not the fact that such a deed is possible that enraged the Brothers
and terrified the Sisters.

But the premonition that from now on -- it will be the only way."

|    TIME FRAME     |
Cycle begins: 21:99
Cycle ends: 26:99

|      EVENTS       |

21:99 - Death dies.
21:50 - Aya gives you the Vampire heart.
26:98 - Second dream of the surface occurs.

| ~ AGONY ~                                                          | [5.05] |

"There's a clear border between suicide and self-sacrifice, leading to a fatal
emptying. Colour doesn't want a sacrifice.

Suicide is unacceptable. But the Rite of Devotio is inevitable when it comes
to creating. Colour doesn't know pity.

The previous Limit must be drained completely, so there is enough meat for the
incarnation of the next.

Only by this price everything new is created."

|    TIME FRAME     |
Cycle begins: 26:98
Cycle ends: 31:99

|      EVENTS       |
Note: Needless to say, the Sisters won't be targeted if all Brothers are dead.
Sisters will be killed at slightly different times per file, but all within
one cycle of being attacked.

26:98 - Brothers initiate a 'witch hunt' and start killing Sisters.
26:74 - A random Sister is targeted.
27:94 - A random Sister is targeted.
28:94 - A random Sister is targeted.
29:94 - A random Sister is targeted.
30:94 - A random Sister is targeted.
30:25 - Montgolfier challenges you to a battle for the Breakthrough heart.
31:98 - Third dream of the surface world occurs.

| ~ BREAKTHROUGH ~                                                   | [5.06] |

"Turgor, the ultimate state of tension, will turn a man into a drawn and
tightended bow.

Is it possible that, through tremendous force, an arrow could be sent far
beyond the Limits of this bow?

Is it truly possible that, even if the bow collapses from the monstrous shot,
even if the cost is the bow's destruction, the arrow might pass beyond the
point, where not even gravity retrieves it?

The answer to this question is -- no. Most likely, it's impossible."

|    TIME FRAME     |
Cycle begins: 31:98
Cycle ends: 36:99 (End of the game)

|      EVENTS       |
32:94 - A random Sister is targeted.
36:99 - The game ends and you remain in the Void.

+---- BROTHER FIGHT GUIDES [6.00] --------------------------------------------+

This section details specific strategies on how to defeat each Brother. When
possible, save before taking one on and have a muck around yourself first to
figure things out. It's more fun that way. Then, if you need help, come here.

A quick note about all bosses: you can damage them simply by painting them with
Colour. The downside is that it's generally pretty ineffective and wastes
Colour. So do it to finish them off if you feel its necessary, but avoid it

Watch their Colour wheel in the top right of the screen. The Colour in the 
outer-most wheel that's lit up will do double damage to them if you use it to
attack. Make sure to watch this carefully.

After beating any Brother and AFTER exiting the arena, check your hearts.
On some of my attempts I thought I had done well only to find out that I'd
lost almost all of my Colour. Needless to say, it's worth trying again if you
win but take heavy losses. Make sure to exit through the portal too, don't
jump off the edge in arenas that allow you to.

Before progressing, there are two very important things you should be aware
of. Firstly, filling your hearts with Silver (contrary to my previous belief)
is not necessary. The arenas that you fight the Brothers in exist 'nowhere' and
using Colour will not damage realms.

+---+ Secondly, the amount of health a Brother has is based on how healthy his
| ! | realm is. If they're damaged he will have less health, if they're not
+---+ damaged much then he will have more. If a realm only has 20% life left,
a Brother will have his health halved. That's the lowest it can go. Destroying
a realm, however, will not kill its Brother. Don't worry about this too much.

Lastly, there are a few hearts that disappear in the game if you don't collect
them in time. Brothers will drop them if you missed them, so make sure to pick
them up if you see one. Only Montgolfier will have your final 21st heart.

| ~ CATERPILLAR ~                                                    | [6.01] |

"Caterpillar's keen and observant mind immediately promoted him to a special
position within the Brotherhood. His accurate assessments helped to smooth the
Brothers' shock when they first discovered Color. Now, Colors occupy all his
attention and he is close to understanding their essence. His influence is
great. Caterpillar watches over Ima."

|                        ~ BROTHER FIGHT: CATERPILLAR ~                       |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Hawk

|     STRATEGY      |
First off, keep your distance! Being too close to Caterpillar, or any of his
spheres, will drain your Colour at a shockingly fast rate and will quickly kill
you. Occasionally he will throw some of the spheres that follow him at you. 
Quickly dodge these to avoid losing Colour. 

Every now and then he will use an attack that sucks you in towards him. For 
reasons stated above you certainly want to avoid this. The best thing to do is
stand near a pillar and hide behind it whenever he attacks. After he tries to
suck you in he will push you away. If you're standing too close to the edge 
you'll be pushed off it and out of the chamber. This can be extremely

His major attack, which I only saw him do once in the three attempts it took
me to beat him, is where he flies up in the air and lands on his tower. He
then rolls all the spheres out over the arena. This can be a major problem
as you need to keep away from all of them. Depending on how much damage you
take from this, you might be better off reloading and trying again.

Until I realised to use Hawk, Catepillar was a huge pain. He spends most of
his time moving around the arena and generally dodging your attacks. I first
attempted to beat him with Wasp, but he'd frequently move out of the way and
the golem would miss. Likewise, Sleeper can be useful, but his movements are a
little too erratic to rely on it.

So, instead, charge up a powerful Hawk (32 Colour is the maximum) with a
Colour that corrosponds to his weakness on the Colour wheel. Dot Caterpillar
with a single drop of Colour and Hawk will rush towards him. If he starts
moving and it misses him, dot him again and Hawk will turn around and shoot
back at him.

Even though it's shown in this fight in the demonstration video, don't use
Hysteric. You have to get close to Caterpillar to make it effective and it'll
cause you more harm than do good.

| ~ IRONCLAD ~                                                       | [6.02] |

"It's hard to tell who the Brothers were in the Nightmare, but Ironclad's past
is undoubtedly involved with war. He's sure of his invincibility and thus feels
no need for displays of savagery; he's slow, even lazy. He has a contemplative,
yet practical mind. Ironclad watches over Eli."

|                        ~ BROTHER FIGHT: IRONCLAD ~                          |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Hawk
        -- Magnet
        -- Shell
        -- Sleeper

|     STRATEGY      |
I found Ironclad to require a lot more Colour to beat than other Brothers
(and I've since had confirmation that he has the highest HP of them all). So
make sure you have a bit more on hand than you'd usually take to these fights.

To start with, he appeared to drive around mostly randomly. He didn't really
target me, so during the first segment just keep your distance and used a
ranged attack such as Hawk, Owl, or Tumbleweed to attack him. Hawk is
prefered just because it moves faster. Avoid Wasp as it doesn't home.

After taking away some of his health and his first colour wheel, he'll drop
some of his guns on the ground. Run over to a corner of the arena (far away
from them) and draw a 20-25 Colour Magnet. Then get away from it. Within a few
seconds all the guns will be drawn to the Magnet and, as long as you don't
approach that corner, won't be any threat to you.

From the second stage of the fight, he seemed to target me. Keep away from him
and repeat the same strategy for the first stage. Use Shell if you need to
block the bullets he fires or Haste if you need to get out of the way faster.
Once he drops his last guns, draw another magnet in another corner and both
sets of guns will rush towards it. Apparently ritual can also be used to
destroy them, but this would be much more time- and Colour-consuming.

In the final stage he will constantly drive towards you and fire one large
cannonball. I attempted, in vain, to dodge the cannonballs, so draw a quick
Shell just before they hit you and you won't take damage. During this stage
continue to use Hawk or Sleeper to attack. Ritual works too, but the time it
takes to set it up, and the risk of him driving out of it, didn't seem worth

| ~ MANTID ~                                                         | [6.03] |

"Mantid is the head of the phratry, high commander and guardian of the
Commandments. He has the last word on any disputes. He's ruthless, yet fair.
He decides on the Brothers' duties and makes sure they are done. Mantid watches
over Uta."

|                        ~ BROTHER FIGHT: MANTID ~                            |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Hawk / Wasp
        -- Shell

|     STRATEGY      |
As long as you're paying attention (and can draw Shell) Mantid is easy. The
fight can basically be divided into two phases. During the first, Mantid will
be mostly invincible. When his colour wheel is gray, don't bother attacking as
he won't take any damage. Eventually, a Colour sphere will appear on the ground
and Mantid will go over to it to absorb it. He is vulnerable during this time.
The downside is that he heals himself as he sucks the Colour.

Throw all your might into attacking him with your fastest glyph: Hawk. Continue
to repeat this strategy while keeping away from him. Don't worry, he's slow. If
you don't have Hawk yet, Wasp is viable as he doesn't move.

After he finishes absorbing Colour he will shoot a bomb at you and become
invincible again. The bomb tends to miss you the first time, but it will turn
around and come back at you from behind. You can't continue to dodge it so
use Shell to protect yourself and let it explode on you.

Once you damage him enough that he's lost two of his three colour wheels, he
won't absorb Colour anymore. Instead he'll just fire off the bombs and this
is the only time he can be damaged. The window of vulnerability is short so
shoot off a couple of Hawk's and then get ready for the bomb.
At any time you can right click the balls of Colour he uses and take it
yourself. Doing so while Mantid is still alive is significantly more risky than
it's worth, but if there's one left after he's dead, then nab it!

| ~ MONTGOLFIER ~                                                    | [6.04] |

"Firm and infinitely strict on himself, Montgolfier was magnanimous and kind to
others. He was charmed by the Sisters' heavenly beauty and always had faith in
his entrusted Sister, Ino. After Ino's breakthrough, he refused to harm her,
yet he did not come to her defense. He was exiled from the Void, sent back into
the Nightmare for his criminal negligence and disobedience."

|                       ~ BROTHER FIGHT: MONTGOLFIER ~                        |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Hawk
        -- Shell

|     STRATEGY      |
Montgolfier isn't too much trouble. Don't go down the bottom as he likes to
explode it about mid-way through the battle. I've been told you can actually
use the explosion to damage him by employing Magnet. Considering he's not all
that difficult anyway, that strategy seems a bit fiddly.

Stay on the walkway and continually hit him with Hawk. Using Wasp or Owl would
be fine too, I personally prefer Hawk because it's faster and more accurate.

From time to time Montgolfier will throw a bomb and some other projectiles at
you. They're difficult to dodge so just put up a brief Shell to deflect them.
Each time you do enough damage to destroy one of his Colour wheels, a brief
cut-scene will play that shows him weakening. Just keep pounding away to
finish the job.

| ~ PATRIARCH ~                                                      | [6.05] |

"Reasonable, experienced and open-minded, Patriarch has rightfully earned his
reputation as the wisest Brother. And though he is less intelligent than the
impudent Whaler, and less powerful than the determined Mantid or the relentless
Tyrant, Patriarch's authority is unquestionable. Patriarch watches over Una."

|                       ~ BROTHER FIGHT: PATRIARCH ~                          |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Hawk
        -- Haste

|     STRATEGY      |
In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Patriarch is one of the fastest
Brothers. He can charge you down faster than you can run away, even with 100%
Azure bonus in your hearts. So, this is where Haste will come in handy. Using
it for short bursts will help you keep away from the Brother. Make sure to do

Don't bother trying to hide behind pillars, he can maneuver around them with
ease. On the other hand, if you get too far away he'll start throwing chainsaw
blades at you. So, the best thing to do is to try and get behind him by using
Haste. When forced to turn around his speed severely slows so use this time to

Hawk is by far the most useful glyph here. As Patriarch only ever moves in
a straight line, a quick application of Hawk will be accurate and devastating.
Move quickly, attack quickly, and you'll have him done with fairly quickly. If
you don't have Hawk, Wasp will be less accurate, but will suffice. Sleeper is
also a possibility.

This fight also has a somewhat secretive strategy. Scattered around the arena
are light-grey Coloured rocks that look a bit larger and different from others.
If you dot a rock with Colour, and then dot Patriarch, the rocks will spring to
life and attack him. While he struggles with defending himself he'll stop
moving which gives you a chance to attack. These rocks only work in this fight,
but give you a huge window of opportunity.

| ~ PIT ~                                                            | [6.06] |

"Pit took the place of Montgolfier and carried out the execution of the
deranged Ino. Though reserved by nature, he performed this terrifying duty
without question, but the crime has left him marked for life. Despite the
Brothers' admiration for his sacrifice, he hasn't forgiven himself."

|                         ~ BROTHER FIGHT: PIT ~                              |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Hawk
        -- Repulse
        -- Sleeper

|     STRATEGY      |
Pit is a rather unusual fight compared to the others. While he's above ground
he remains stationary and, apart from jigging up and down, won't move at all.
He won't appear until a few seconds into the battle, so be prepared. He'll
drill up through the ground and start shooting bullets. Immediately draw the
Repulse glyph (with no more than 25 Colour--that'll be enough) and stand by
it until he goes back underground. This will perfectly protect you from his

Once he goes back underground he'll vanish for a few seconds before popping up
in a different spot. Just apply the same strategy and draw the Repulse glyph.
The whole battle will continue like this so just keep it up.

The one problem with the Repulse glyph is that it also repulses any golems you
draw. So unless you're standing right in front of Pit, avoid using Owl,
Tumbleweed, or Wasp. They'll shoot off in a different direction away from your
Repulse golem. I found Hawk was useful because, even though it too is repulsed,
you can then put a drop of Colour on Pit and it'll redirect towards him.

If you're drawing Repulse perfectly, you'll barely need to move so having Azure
in your hearts isn't all that necessary. If you have some to spare, sill use it
just in case.

One of the developers suggested a slightly different strategy. Instead of
standing right next to your Repulse golem, put it behind you so you're standing
between it and Pit. This allows you to use Glyphs normally and still be
protected. Apparently, with this strategy, glyps such as Wasp will actually be
repulsed INTO Pit at a faster rate. I haven't tried this myself.

You can also use sleeper as he remains in the same place for long periods of
time. Thanks to wea0 for the tip.

| ~ TRIUMPHATOR ~                                                    | [6.07] |

"The only Brother who is not too serious about himself and his situation.
Artistic by nature, he plays the role of a dim-witted, pompous fop - but,
behind this disguise, he conceals an outstanding mind and a strong character.
Triumphator watches over Ire."

|                     ~ BROTHER FIGHT: TRIUMPHATOR ~                          |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Wasp
        -- Shell

|     STRATEGY      |
Triumphator will teleport around the arena as the battle plays out. I'm not
sure if this was a bug or an intentional game mechanic, but I couldn't use Hawk
on him. I could draw the glyph fine, but it wouldn't home. So Wasp became my
most effective option. 

For most of the battle, if you keep your distance then Triumphator will pose
no real threat. Stand about mid-range and throw out plenty of Wasps at him.
Follow him around as he teleports, but don't get too close as he'll step on
you dealing at least 40 damage to your Colour.

Towards the end of the battle he'll start to blow his horn. As soon as this
occurs protect yourself with Shell, using 20ish Colour, to completely block the
attack. Otherwise just keep focusing on taking him down.

| ~ TYRANT ~                                                         | [6.08] |

"He was the first to see the Sisters as a source of danger and laid down harsh
rules of conduct with them. Unlike Pit, he took pleasure in carrying out the
bloody job. Powerful, fierce, uncompromising, mutilated for the murder of a
Sister, he took the role of an informal leader alongside Whaler, right after
the Extermination."

|                        ~ BROTHER FIGHT: TYRANT ~                            |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Ritual
        -- Owl / Tumbleweed

|     STRATEGY      |
Tyrant is one of the more easily predicatble Brothers in terms of his attacks.
The whole battle he will just roll around the arena in the same direction,
occasionally stopping to spin on the spot. When he does this, green gasses will
be released on the ground in random areas. Stay out of this at all costs as it
will drain your Colour as a nightmarish rate.

If you find yourself stuck in the gas and unable to move, it means you've
already died and the hit points just haven't caught up with you yet. Feel free
to reload at this point and try again. Thanks to madmarten for confirming this:

Attacking him can be a bit more annoying. Avoid Hawk as you'll be wasting
Colour to constantly redirect it as it misses. And it's going to miss a lot.
I found the best strategy was to start the battle by releaseing a couple of
Tumbleweeds and an Owl golem. It may take a while for them to hit him, but they
home automatically so you can just leave them alone and let them do their
thing. You can also release them when you stand right in front of him for a
much greater degree of accuracy. Just becareful not to get run over!

I found Ritual to be a huge damage dealer here. Make a massive triangle that
takes up the whole arena and put 30-40 drops into each of the three points.
You can use less than that if you don't feel confident using it. If you can
match the ritual to his colour wheel you can beat him in only a handful of uses
of this glyph.

| ~ WARDEN ~                                                         | [6.09] |

"Unspeakably fierce and terrible, Warden has been known to scare even his
Brothers. Like many of those with a sadistic nature, his words appear kind,
even tender, and he is careful and unhurried in his actions. He appeared in the
Void just recently, and many thought of this as an ominous sign. Warden watches
over Yani."

|                        ~ BROTHER FIGHT: WARDEN ~                            |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Owl / Tumbleweed
        -- Shell

|     STRATEGY      |
Warden is going to be either really easy or very frustrating. All it depends on
is whether or not you have the Owl glyph. If you do have Owl then that's all
you'll need. If not, you're going to have to rely on Wasp or Hawk, but you're
going to be missing a lot and wasting a lot of Colour.

Warden swings around from the roof, but don't be fooled. He has other means
of reaching you. Firstly, stay on the walkway and don't jump down. Warden can
reach you easily if you're at the bottom. He mostly attacks by raising bone
spikes on the walkway so unless you're drawing a glyph make sure you're never
standing in the one place for too long.

Sometimes he'll swing at you and can trap you in his cage. If this happens draw
Shell and hope he won't kill you. I once found myself inside his cage even
though he didn't visibly swing at me. Not sure why this happened.

So, in short, keep on the walkway, keep moving, and keep drawing Owl. Use that
advice and you'll have him down quickly. Tumbleweed can actually work too if
you make it powerful enough. Warden takes up enough space that the glyph will
hit him before it falls to the ground. Use whatever you have.

| ~ WHALER ~                                                         | [6.10] |

"Proud, self-confident and straightforward, Whaler is the embodiment of the
best and worst qualities of a champion. He's the boldest and most insolent of
the Brothers. Only he would take the liberty of talking to his entrusted
Sister, merely for amusement. He has equal standing with Mantid, but he has no
desire for power - only independence. Whaler watches over Ava."

|                        ~ BROTHER FIGHT: WHALER ~                            |

Fill Your Hearts With:
        -- Crimson (Attack strength)
        -- Azure (Movement speed)
        -- Emerald (Defence)

Useful Glyphs:
        -- Owl
        -- Hawk
        -- Shell

|     STRATEGY      |
The battle begins with just Whaler. Throw a few Hawks at him to get started
and you'll soon see floating heads arrive in the arena. As long as you keep
away from Whaler he's not an immediate threat. The heads can be more of a
problem. They can breathe fire to get you from a distance or charge you down
at close range. Being hit by either will drain a lot of Colour from you. Shell
can be handy if you end up backed into a corner.

DO NOT attack Whaler when he's collecting heads. His colour wheel will gray out
and he won't take any damage at all. Instead, turn your attention to said
floating heads. If Whaler manages to accumulate four of them over the course of
the battle you will be thrown from the arena and forced to start over. It only
takes about ten drops of Colour to destroy one using the Owl glyph. Once Whaler
starts drawing the heads in (it's obvious, he starts glowing), draw Owl glyps
four or five at a time to destroy them.

Don't use Owl or Tumbleweed to attack Whaler as most of the time they'll hit
the floating heads instead. Use Hawk for good accuracy and the ability to
redirect your attacks.

When Whaler has no heads he'll move more slowly and won't even be able to
detect you unless you're right in front of him. As he accumulates heads he
becomes both stronger and faster, but his defence is also lowered. In other
words, he takes longer to kill if he has no heads. So make a management
decision about how you want to fight him. Letting him have one or two heads
might be a good option to save Colour if you're feeling confident.

A slightly alternate method, suggested by wea0, is to simply run away until
Whaler obtains two heads. Start attacking normally at that point and, once he
gets a third head, finish him off with a full-powered ritual as he'll take
extra damage. This is a little risky.

If you don't want to fight Whaler (or don't have the right hearts to win and
are forced into battle), you can spend the whole fight running away from him.
Once he collects all his heads, the battle automatically ends. You'll lose
almost all your Colour, but you will be alive. Only attempt this if you had
only a small amount of Colour on you to begin with. Thanks to Cosmea for this.

+---- SISTER INFORMATION [7.00] ----------------------------------------------+

Most of the information here is purely for your own interest and will be of
little use in game. I've tried to write up a bit about each Sister in terms of
their thoughts and personality. Much of this is my own interpretations, so I
can't promise they're fully accurate. I suspect there are tons of symbolism
throughout their designs that I don't have the knowledge to pick up on.

I've also included the name of the chamber they reside in and their favourite
Colours. If you need this info in the game then simply mouse over their chamber
and look for the splashes of Colour to determine their favourites. I've added
the Colours that are poisonous to them too. Don't use these unless you want to
kill them and greatly hinder your own progress.

"They are called Sisters only because they are so much alike. They each have
just one wish - to escape to a place where life is possible. But they each know
that there is only enough Color in the Void for one of them to achieve this.
They are not human. They're not even souls - only possible souls. You must
understand, they have no control over their fate, Guest. Their fate depends
entirely on you."

| ~ AVA ~                                                            | [7.01] |
|              Location: Ava's Alcove   |   Brother: Whaler                   |
|   Favourite Colours: Amber / Violet   |   Poisonous Colours: Azure / Gold   |
Brown-eyed and dark dark-skinned, Ava comes across as a mature, exotic beauty.
Her dress, which features a very large ornament around her neck, is also quite
revealing. She wears ornamental horns in her dark, braided hair and carries a
somewhat determined facial expression.

Ava is the most flirtatious of the Sisters, going so far as to ask you not to
visit any others because she is better for you. She is happy to provide advice
as long as you donate Colour to her. Along with Uta she is known as one of the
two elder Sisters. She calls you "Golden Eyes".

Her favourite colours suggest that she is passionate, possessive and hiding
secrets or concerns. Her poisonous colours suggest that she is pessimistic and
not easily trusting.

|      CHAMBER      |
Ava's Alcove gives off a mysterious, foreign vibe. The entry area is watched
over by a huge statue of a topless half-cat, half-woman creature. The following
room has a small bed-like structurea covered in a red cloth and surrounded by
lit candles. It is quite similar to the obscura in which you interact with Ava.

Off to the left is a small room with a crescent moon-shaped platform. Dropping
down will remove you from her chamber and send you back to the Void. Apart from
the interesting design, there's nothing else there of interest.

Around from the candles to the right is a small uphill before the room where
Ava resides. She stands in the center of the fairly plain room where the floor
is made of a reflective substance.

| ~ AYA ~                                                            | [7.02] |
|                       Location: N/A   |   Brother: N/A                      |
|  Favourite Colours: Amber / Crimson   |   Poisonous Colours: Silver / Gold  |
Aya has no chamber, so you can only interact with her in her Obscura and can't
see what she looks like outside of it. She has dark hair and, at times, an
unsettling smile on her face.

Aya is one of the more talktaive and outgoing Sisters. She's always in an
athletic pose and seems to have a sneaky side. She assumes you've started
killing Sisters at one point in the game and actually gives you the Vampire
heart to help you do it. She seems excited that things are changing in the
Void. She continually tells you not to bother to donate Colour to her.

As you fill her hearts, she continually tells you not to choose her. She's
one of the few Sisters who tells you to go to the Nameless Sister, rather than
to Ole.

Her favourite colours suggest she is passionate, possesive and prone to anger
and self-righteousness. Her posionous colours suggest she wastes her words and
does not trust easily.

|      CHAMBER      |
Aya does not have her own chamber as she wanders the Void. As a result, giving
her colour does not cause damage to any realm. After filling her second heart,
inside her Obscura, she moves to an areas with some broken stones, perhaps some
sort of ruin.

Note: Avoid giving her colour the first time you meet her as a bug means it may
not be saved.

| ~ ECHO ~                                                           | [7.03] |
|                      Location: N/A   |   Brother: N/A                       |
|  Favourite Colours: Silver / Violet  |  Poisonous Colours: Crimson / Azure  |
Echo has no chamber, so you can only interact with her in her Obscura and can't
see what she looks like outside of it. She has light-coloured hair and always
has a very large fan with her. 

Echo seems quite mysterious. She gives you advice in a very matter-of-fact way
and will often contact towards the end to remind you of what's important. Early
on she uses a fan to conceal most of her body and prefers to face away from

Her favourite colours suggest she chooses her words carefully, but hides many
of her own thoughts and feelings away. Her poisonous colours suggest that she
is calm but shows little in the way of hope.

|      CHAMBER      |
Echo does not have her own chamber as she wanders the Void. As a result, giving
her colour does not cause damage to any realm.

Note: Do not give her colour the first time you meet her as a bug means it will
not be saved. Thanks to Sun Seeker for this discovery.

| ~ ELI ~                                                            | [7.04] |
|                Location: Eli's Blimp  |  Brother: Ironclad                  |
|  Favourite Colours: Crimson / Silver  |  Poisonous Colours: Gold / Violet   |
Eli is slim and looks physically strong. She has short, pulled back white hair
and striking green eyes. She wears black leather like a uniform and carries a
thin, pointer object. When interacting with her she has a pile of cannonballs
and will often toss one around with ease.

Eli has a tough exterior and doesn't easily show her emotions. She seems like
she prefers to rely on herself then having to ask someone else for help. She
looks intruiged by you when you first approach her at her blimp.

Her favourite colours suggest she is prone to pride and anger, but chooses her
words and actions carefully and purposefully. Her poisonous colours suggest she
does not trust others easily, but is confident and not afraid to speak her

|      CHAMBER      |
Eli's Blimp is quite a straightforward chamber. Your starting point puts you at
a high bridge above a black abyss. Pass the two red, presumably landing, lights
and you'll reach a metal bridge leading out to Eli and her blimp. There are few
letters written on her blimp, I don't know if they have any meaning. The blimp
has a figurehead of a mermaid with bright red hair.

Further down the walkway is a flat area supported by wooden scaffolding. There
isn't really anything of interest to see.

| ~ IMA ~                                                            | [7.05] |
|               Location: Ima's Tower  |  Brother: Caterpillar                |
|  Favourite Colours: Azure / Emerald  |  Poisonous Colours: Amber / Violet   |
The first thing you'll notice about Ima is that she has been tied to a rack and
an axe is slowly lowering to slice her in two. She had short brown hair and a
surprisingly calm expression on her face, considering her predicament. She
wears a loose, tan-coloured dress that sports some colour around the middle.
She is still bound by the rack when you interact with her.

Ima is quite calm and reasonable. She speaks clearly and with purpose. The fear
about her situation only briefly shines through when you donate Colour to her
and she tries to free herself from her bonds.

Her favourite colours suggest she is hopeful (interesting, considering her
predicament) even though she is suffering, and she is patient and has good
self-control. Her poisonous colours suggest she is passive and slow to act,
though doesn't keep secrets.

|      CHAMBER      |
It takes a very long time to walk from the bottom to the top of Ima's Tower.
The first time you enter the chamber you will begin at the top, which makes it
a great time to get the heart that sits at the top of the stairs that run
around the building. Each subsequent time you enter you'll be placed at the
bottom which is also where Ima resides.

Other than those two things there's little of interest in the tower. The top
and bottom of the stairs are dead ends, though towards the top strange red
drawings of animals and people have been enscribed on the walls.

| ~ IRE ~                                                            | [7.06] |
|              Location: Ire's Pond  |  Brother: Triumphator                  |
|   Favourite Colours: Amber / Gold  |  Poisonous Colours: Emerald / Silver   |
Ire wears very little clothing, but brings attention to her face through red
makeup around her eyes which is offset by her tied up, red/orange hair. When
interacting with her she sits on a tree.

Ire can be somewhat harsh in the way she intially deals with you. She doesn't
hesitate to point out the mistakes you make. She warms up to you as you donate
Colour, but she's still somewhat cold even by the end. When interacting with
her she sits on a tree. As you donate colour she moves quite sensually around
the tree; often stroking or stradling branches.

Her favourite colours suggest she is passionate and possesive, yet trusting of
those who earn it. She has little self-control of patience and doesn't always
think before she speaks or acts.

|      CHAMBER      |
Ire's Pond is one large area. The pond itself takes up most of the space with
a small pathway running around the outside. Large red ribbons run throughout
the chamber, wrapping themsleves around trees and buildings before ultimately
descending into one of the bottomless holes at the bottom of the pond.

Two structures sit out on the pond and Ire actually moves between them. Each
time you come in she may be sitting in the smaller tower, in the taller tower,
or on top of the tallest tower. Both are lavishly furnished with cloth and

Around the edge of the chamber are tall hedges and gates. One of which you can
jump behind from the tallest tower to find a hidden heart.

| ~ NAMELESS SISTER ~                                                | [7.07] |
|       Location: Sister's Greenhouse   |   Brother: You                      |
|   Favourite Colours: Emerald / Gold   |   Poisonous Colours: None*          |
*It's likely Nameless Sister does not have poisonous Colours simply to avoid
you killing her at the start of the game and preventing further progress.
Death dresses simply in a plain white dress with pale hair to match. She stands
beneath her tree at all times and, early on in the game, describes it as her
grave. When interacting with her she prefers to keep herself rolled up.

She gives you far more free information about the Void that any other Sister.
She seems to want to look after you, take care of you, and guide you on the
right path and represents a motherly figure. She turns out to be the only being
in all of the Void capable of a selfless act.

Her favourite colours suggest she is patient, full of self-control and is
willing to trust others. She has no poisonous colours. Outside of mechanical
reasons, this perhaps reinforces that she supports you completely without any
hopes of personal gain.

|      CHAMBER      |
Sister's Greenhouse is filled with brown, dying trees and their twisted roots.
It is surrounded by water which you can walk into to exit the chamber. Around
the large tree that Death resides in are some broken fences and other debris.

Out in the water is a large archway and some concrete stairs and, to its left,
is the largest of all the tree routes. You can actually climb this tree and
follow it out above the water. It often houses small, harvestable plants of
Colour. Don't worry about falling off, an invisible barrier prevents that.

Notably, Sister's Greenhouse has almost no colour: it's mainly grey. This
matches up with its location in the Void. Closest to the bottom, it is nearest
to the colourless place of Absolute Death.

| ~ OLE ~                                                            | [7.08] |
|             Location: Ole's Cradle  |  Brother: Pit                         |
|   Favourite Colours: Gold / Violet  |  Poisonous Colours: Azure / Crimson   |
Ole wears a short, small, tight fitting light coloured dress. She has bright
blue markings on her face that run down each eye and across her forehead. When
interacting with her she sits on a wooden swing and is by far the most active
of the Sisters in her obscura.

Ole is the Sister who you are told was born for you (though she is eventually
given to Pit instead). She seems lost and naive compared to the other Sisters.
She seems to depend on you for knowledge and explanations and sees visions of
an angel-like being she names Godsend. Presumably the same being you see in
your dreams of the surface.

Her favourite colours suggest she is loving and trusting, though anxious and
hiding secrets. Her poisonous colours suggest she is calm and gentle, but has
little hope for the future.

|      CHAMBER      |
Ole's Cradle is a run-down apartment. The entry (and exit) point is a wooden
door at the end of a hallway. The first room is empty except for a long white,
wedding-style dress sitting on a display doll. Though note that its neck is
actually hanging by a noose. The following room has some books piled in the
corner and a piano, which is playable, in the middle.

The next room down is where Ole resides, along with a hanging cradle. Ole is
sitting on the windowsill when you first meet her and standing beside it
every time after that. The last room in the apartment is the kitchen which has
a phongraph sitting on the table. You can also hear a sound effect of
breaking glass or china ocasionally as you walk around as well as heavy
footsteps that are not your own.

Throughout the apartment you can look out the windows to see the world you
visit in your dreams. Since Ole and Yani's chambers are at the top of the Void
they seem to have the closest link and resemblance to the surface world.

| ~ UNA ~                                                            | [7.09] |
|               Location: Una's Smithy  |  Brother: Patriarch                 |
|   Favourite Colours: Azure / Crimson  |  Poisonous Colours: Gold / Violet   |
Una is more frightening in appearance than the other Sisters. In her chamber
she sits in front of a huge, firey forge with wide, yellow eyes in an
enraptured state. She has bright red/orange hair that reflects her chamber
and wears a dark-coloured, slitted robe. Her most prominent accessory is a
large, chunky collar. This collar is still present when you interact with her.

Una comes across as uncaring about her predicament when you first meet her. She
has an aggressive stance and does not attempt to be friednly or caring about
you. As you fill her with Colour she begins to trust you and grows the desire
to be free of the Void and ascend to the surface.

Her favourite colours suggest she is prone to pride and anger, as well as
suffering, yet she remains hopeful. Her poisonous colours suggest she does not
love or trust others easily and keeps many things to herself.

|      CHAMBER      |
Una's Smithy is one of the largest chambers of the game. It is divided into
five alleyways on the first floor and a small balcony on the second. Una can
be found down the back of the fourth alleyway from the left in front of a fiery
forge. Large gears, hammers, and other blacksmithing tools can be seen at work
throughout the chamber.

Down the back of the first and fifth columns are a set of stairs leading to the
upstairs balcony directly above the forge. Statues, resembling Una, line the
arches and you can see past them to the floor below. A heart also resides up

| ~ UTA ~                                                            | [7.10] |
|                Location: Uta's Grove  |  Brother: Mantid                    |
|  Favourite Colours: Emerald / Silver  |  Poisonous Colours: Amber / Crimson |
Although it's unlikely she actually is, Uta appears somewhat older than the
other Sisters and fits the 'elder Sister' description well. Her white hair,
white dress and grey eyes make her look older and wiser than other beings of
the Void. Her resting place in the hammock adds to this in giving her a
feeling of tiredness.

Uta comes across as one of the colder Sisters. She, along with Ava, is an elder
Sister and doesn't want to have too much to do with you. She briefly shows you
an act of kindness and gives you the Extract glyph to help you complete
Mantid's task.

Her favourite colours suggest she is patient, in full control of her words and
actions and chooses each of them carefully. Her poisonous colours suggest she
lacks energy and passion (reinforced by her position in the hammock and the
secret William Blake poem in her chamber, see Easter Eggs).

|      CHAMBER      |
Uta's Grove is one of my favourite chambers. The first time you enter you will
already be inside the cave with Uta. Drops of Colour rain down from above and
gently land on Uta in her hammock. Bits of rock and debris are scattered
throughout the area and a crack in the roof allows you to see the night sky and

On the opposite side you can exit out into a small beach cove. The sand is
littered with wood, crates, and a small rowing boat. Up in the sky is a bizarre
moon that has one eye. This is the same moon that can be seen in the world
above during your dreams. From the second time onwards, you will start on the
beach every time you enter.

| ~ YANI ~                                                           | [7.11] |
|              Location: Yani's House  |  Brother: Warden                     |
|   Favourite Colours: Azure / Violet  |  Poisonous Colours: Amber / Emerald  |
Yani is petite and appears, physically, quite child-like. She has light
coloured hair done up in a neat, complicated style. She around peers from the
tent above her bed when you enter her room and moves like a ballet dancer when
you interact with her. She wears a stylish white dress and seems quite fragile.

Yani knows a surprising amount about the different Colours and their
relationship with each other. She tells you she doesn't want you to waste your
time with her, but is ultimately overjoyed when you choose her to ascend. She
exibits many child-like qualities and gives off a vibe of innocence.

Her favourite colours suggest she suffers inwardly yet remains hopeful for the
future, even as she hides secrets of her past. Her poisonous colours suggest
she is not driven by any passion and has little patience or resilience.

|      CHAMBER      |
Yani's House looks like a bit of a wreck, but once you start paying attention
to your surroundings, it becomes a very sinister location. The opening hall
is in disrepair and has a few disturbing pictures hanging on the walls. The
first room on the right has been destroyed. Bookshelves and books lie
scattered everywhere as if a fight took place.

Further on down the hall is a flooded room with some tools and a pile of
tombstones. The room beside it is a bathroom with many dangerous looking
medicines lying around and splatters of a red substance (most likely blood,
though it could be paint) on the walls.

The final room, all the way down the end, houses Yani herself. She sits on her
bed beneath a cloth canopy. A mirror is on the wall opposite her and allows
you to see her without turning around. On the far wall is a large noticeboard
filled with all sorts of sketches and writing. If you want a better look at
Yani here, use the Torch glyph.

Since Yani and Ole's chambers are at the top of the Void they seem to have the
closest link and resemblance to the surface world.

+---- HEART/GLYPH LOCATIONS AND USAGE TIPS [8.00] ----------------------------+

Each heart you pick up not only gives you an extra place to store and covert
Colour, but it also gives you a glyph. Each glyph is drawn differently and has
a different use. The following sections detail where to find them, tips on
drawing them and advice on using them effectively.

+---+ It's also worth noting that everytime you acquire a new heart, your 
| ! | lympha palette capacity is increased by 10. So, when you begin the game,
+---+ you can only hold 90 of each Colour. Each time you pick up a heart this
is increase by 10. This goes to a maximum of 300 for each Colour.

Most hearts you pick up are random in terms of what glyph they give you.
However, there is a way the game determines (to a degree) what glyph you will
get. If you want to read about the way that works then check out the appendix
in section 8 of the guide.

| ~ HEART LOCATIONS BY CHAMBER ~                                     | [8.01] |

If there is a heart somewhere inside a chamber, a special sound effect will
play when you enter the chamber and continue to loop. It's an unusual sound, so
listen carefully for it. Thanks again to Halfgild Wynac for the tip.

Here's the legend used throughout this section:

[???]      - Provides different glyphs file-to-file.

[Constant] - Always the same glyph on every file.

[Missable] - This heart can be missed after certain events, but will be dropped
             by a Brother later. To be clear, NO hearts are permanently

Sister's Greenhouse
  -- Donor: Collect when you begin the game. (Constant)
  -- Haste: Given after clearing Death's chambers of enemies. (Constant)
  -- Torch: Given after pulling out Death's second heart. (Constant)

  -- None.

  -- None.

  -- Shell: All the way at the back of the chamber up some stairs. (Constant)

The Adit
  -- ???: This heart will be Ordalia if you have not yet picked it up. If you
     already have it, a heart will not appear here at all. It can be found by
     jumping into the middle section of The Adit and on the bottom floor. Don't
     worry about coming here early in the game to pick it up. Wait until you're
     sent there automatically. You won't need Ordalia before then anyway.

Uta's Grove
  -- Extract: Speak to Uta after obtaining the Expose heart. (Constant)

  -- None.

  -- ???: On the highest branch, beneath where Pangolin swings. (Missable)
  -- Magnet: Head left from the entry point until you're on the west side.
     Follow the branches down to the left towards the edge of the trees. This
     heart is hidden in a hollowed-out tree near an exit portal. (Constant)

Ava's Alcove
  -- None.

The Caves
  -- None.

  -- ???: Follow the path around to the left and into the tower. Climb the
     stairs and walk out onto the ledge. You should be able to see the heart
     below you. Just jump down and grab it.

Una's Smithy
  -- ???: From the entry point, head north as if you were going to Una, but
     stay as far to the right as possible. In the top corner you should find
     a staircase leding to this heart.

  -- Web: Down the chasm between the two pieces of land is a lot of rubble.
     Looks for a glowing light beneath it and physically push your way in to
     the heart. (Constant)

  -- ???: Look up to the right side of the mine and you should see some very
     high ledges with the heart on top. Head towards the back of the area,
     closer to the heart, and use the Magent glyph. Stand beneath the glyph
     and it will hopefully pull the heart down to you. This can take a few
     goes so make sure to save before you enter as not to waste colour. My
     successful magent golem was drawn with 20 Colour.

Ire's Pond
  -- ???: Climb the tallest structure in the pond and fill your hearts with
     Azure. Face the hedge to the north and taking a running leap over it to
     reach the heart.

  -- ???: On the bottom level is a cave inside a rocky wall. Only a few steps
     inside it is the heart. Use the Torch glyph if you can't see properly in
     the dark. You can also grab it simply by jummping behind the cave wall
     from your entry point. (Missable)

  -- None.

Ole's Cradle
  -- None.

  -- None.

Ima's Tower
  -- ???: Follow the staircase all the way to the top to find it.

  -- ???: Beneath the large bridge on the ground level is some rubble. Shove it
     out of the way and you'll find the heart.

The Wall
  -- None.

Eli's Blimp
  -- None.

  -- None.

  -- ???: This heart sits in a small cave on the side of the chamber. From the
     cave where you enter head around to the right, then do a sharp left turn
     into another valley. The heart sits in a small cave on the right side of
     the wall. (Missable)

Yani's House
  -- None.

  -- None.

  -- Around the 21st cycle, Aya will give you the Vampire heart.

  -- Expose: Mantid will automatically give it to you when he approaches you
     with a mining task.

  -- Your final, and 21st, heart will be dropped by Montgolfier when you defeat
     him. He can only be challenged when he approaches you in the 30th cycle.

Brother Arenas
  -- Any hearts that are missable will be dropped after you defeat Brothers.
     This could be as few as one, or more than three.
| ~ INDIVIDUAL GLYPHA INFO ~                                         | [8.02] |

Listed in alphabetical order. You can find information on each glyph along with
tips on how to use and its location by scrolling down.

|       BAIT        |
        /    \ 
        |    |


This glyph creates a static golem from dead roots that will attract small
creatures from the farthest corners of a reservation. This glyph requires a lot
of Colour and the golem will not live long.

If you find yourself in a garden or reservation with a lot of fireflies or
other critters, then by all means set one up. However you'll need to throw at
least 30 drops of Colour into creation for it to last at least long enough to
attract one or two creatures. As the Colour you get in return is somewhat
random, make use of it when you need some Colour, but don't care specifically
which Colour it is.

Submitted by: Halfgild Wynac

You can use it more effectively by first dropping a moderate colour drop [using
Donor] nearby. Then draw a small bait, and step aside. As the bait falls apart,
the critters are tempted to drink a usual drop you drawn (unless you are too
close and scare them away). And then you can catch them all, as usual drops
last way longer then the bait.


   \        /
    \  /\  /
     \/  \/

Montgolfier's corpse.

This glyph defies its creator's strength of will and, at most, can only be
used once. When used, Breakthrough takes all the Colour from the Void and
directs it into the creator. From then on Color turns away from the Void and
the end os near. The next cycle brings no new drops of Colour, and Nerva will
no longer transform in the hearts. If the person creating the Breakthrough
glyph is sure they want to give all the Colour of the Void to a chosen Sister
and send her to the surface--thereby turning the Void into a frozen cavas--
they must completely fill the Sister with Colour and reach a state of Turgor

It's useful, and able to be used, only once in the game. At the end. Choose/
don't choose a Sister wisely!

Submitted by: madmarten

Breakthrough is also used to revive Sister Death's tree.

|       DONOR       |

    _____   /
   /     \ /
   |      /\
   \_____/  \

Sister's Greenhouse. You pick this up within moments after beginning the game.

This is a forbidden glyph used to pass Colour to dead and half-dead creatures.
The Donor glyph increases the effect of the color you use, but its use will
always be noticed by the Void's keepers--the Brothers. However, Donor has other
advantages. If you use the Donor to drop Colour to the ground as bait, Lympha
is not decreased in its usual fashion, but preserved fully.

The most widely used and useful glyph of the game. It's the first one you'll
get and it's used for everything from growing trees and feeding Sisters to
attracting fireflies. 

Donor can be very tricky to draw correctly. Start with a line at the top of the
screen, about two-thirds of the way to the right side. Draw almost vertically
down and then slowly draw a large loop around over the top. Finish the tail
slightly lower than the middle of the right side of the screen.

|      EXPOSE       |
     \      /
      \    /
       \  /

Mantid; recieved from him when he asks you to draw Colour from the mines.

This glyph is the first of two steps necessary to produce Colour in the mines.
When used, Expose shoots a charge into the rock, attempting to break through
the crust and expose the vein of Color at that location. When the deposit has
been revealed, a second glyph--Extract--can be used to pull the Colour from
the vein.

Expose is only useful for breaking mine walls and exposing Colour veins. It's
very useful in that regard, but you won't use it for anything else. It's
affected by gravity, so make sure to aim a bit above your target if you're
standing a long way away. It fires towards what you're looking at, not where
on the screen you draw the glyph.

|      EXTRACT      |
     \    /
      \  /
      /  \
Uta; recieve from her after Mantid gives you Expose.

This glyph is used to extract Colour from veins in the mines, provided the
veins have already been revealed by the Expose glyph. When used, the Extract
glyph animates pure rock and fires it in the shape of a harpoon. When the
harpoon hits an exposed bein, Color begins to drain out toward the point the
harpoon was fired from. These veins of Colour, just like the trees in the
gardens, produce Colour gradually--often fir several cycles.

Extract is only useful for draining Colour from veins in mines. It's very
useful in that regard, but you won't use it for anything else. It's affected by
gravity, so make sure to aim a bit above your target if you're standing a long 
way away. It fires towards what you're looking at, not where on the screen you
draw the glyph.

Submitted by: madmarten

Extract is affected by gravity moreso than Expose. So aim a little higher than
when you used the previous glyph.

|      HASTE       |

     /|  /
    / | /
   /  |/

Nameless Sister; recieve from her after clearing her chambers of predators.

This glyph charges the air and ground around its creator with Colour. For a
short time, it increases the creator's speed of movement and the distance that
can be jumped. The greater the amount of Colour used on the glyph, the longer
the effect lasts.

Don't use Haste because you're impatient. If you want to move faster generally
then fill your hearts with Azure. Haste should only be used in boss fights
when you need to outrun an enemy or quickly dodge an attack. Even though it
looks like an 'N' or 'Z', don't draw it like one. The middle line should
be perfectly vertical.

Submitted by: Halfgild Wynac

The two opposite sides of a tilted square/diamond connected by its diagonal.
Imagine drawing a square, then removing upper and lower sides, then turning it
45 degrees.

|       HAWK        |

       /  \
      /    \


This glyph creates an obedient golem out of sharp twigs. After coming to life
the golem rises into the air and waits until its creator marks a target with
Color, at which point it rushes to the target and pierces it. The more Colour
the Hawk is charged with, the farther it sees and the more damage it does
on collision.

Hawk is used purely for combat. You can use it for general predators, but it's
mostly useful when fighting the Brothers. Don't put more than 32 drops of
Colour into its creation as that's the most it seems to be able to take. If
it misses it's target the first time then douse the target with more Colour
and it will actually turn around and fly back at it.

|      HYSTERIC     |


This glyph charges the air with Color and creates a ring around its creator.
Everything surrounding the ring is then scalded with Colour, while the creator
remains protected. The more Colour used in creating the glyph, the greater the
damage will be and the larger the area affected.

I found little use for this glyph. The demo video shows it is useful against
Brother Caterpillar, but I found it did more harm than good. It will shatter
his spheres, but he creates new ones very quickly. Also, if it runs out
while you're near him then you'll take a ton of damage.

|      MAGNET      |
    |   ____
    \      |

Pangolin chamber: in front of the second exit. Follow the branches down and
around to the right.

This glyph creates a flying golem out of animated soil and rocks. The Magnet
golem is able to attract heavy objects and hold onto them for a period of
time. The more Colour the golem is charged with, the heavier the object it can
lift and the longer it can hold the object.

I found this useful is two circumstances. First, it's required to get a heart
in the mine Hump. Secondly, it's handy in the battle against Ironclad. See
the battle strategy for more information.

|      ORDALIA      |

      / __ 

Appears in The Adit after your first trip to the surface. It can appear
randomly in other locations too. If you pick it up before the surface event
then there will be no heart in The Adit at all.

With this glyph a Brother can mark a fellow Brother as a blasphemous traitor,
challenging him to a duel. After drawing this glyph on a Brother suspected of
heresy, the battle begins immediately and only ends when one of them dies.

This is only ever used to challenge a Brother by approaching them when they
are stationary in any chamber.

Bug note: If you draw the Ordalia glyph on a Brother in their chamber, even if
you don't actually have the heart, you can still fight them. Thanks to Sun
Seeker for this discovery!

|        OWL        |

       /  \
      /    \
     /      \


This glyph creates a flying golem by reviving dead roots. After coming to life,
the golem immediately ascends in search of a living being. When it finds one,
it rushes toward its prey and collides--scalding its victim with an explosion
of Colour. The more Colour the golem is charged with, the farther it sees and
the greater the damage it does on collision. However, if too much Color is
used, the golem will be unable to absorb the surplus and simply explode.

Owl comes in handy against general predators and certain Brothers. I found 30
Colour to be the right amount to charge it with when used against Brothers.
You can use a lot less than that for normal enemies.

|      REPULSE      |
     ____   |
    \       /


This glyph creates a small beacon by reviving dead roots. The beacon forces
dense, solid objects to move away from itself, and the more Color you charge the
beacon with the heavier the objects it can repulse and the longer the effect.

I only found this useful in the battle against Pit. However, in that one battle
it's vital to your success. See the boss strategy section for specific details.

|      RITUAL       |



The Ritual creates a small beacon from revived dead roots. After a beacon is
charged with Color it searches for others like itself. If three beacons find
each other they form a triangle and emit Color to each other as a greeting. When
these Colors merge in the center they create a shockwave, devastating anything
inside the triangle.

I used this mostly against Tyrant, but it can be useful against other Brothers
if you're careful with it. It can be exceptionally powerful if you charge all
three becons with a lot of Colour.

|      SENTINEL     |
      /    \
      |    |
      \    /
       \  /
       /  \


This glyph extracts a stone golem from deep underground. If the golem is then
touched with Color, there is a short delay before it explodes, scalding
everything around it with released Color. The more Color you charge the golem
with the longer it will hold its form, and the more damage it will do when it

Not really worth using. It can be used against the Brothers, but there's always
a better, more accurate, and more effective glyph to use.

|       SHELL       |
     /       \
     |       |
     |       |

Pharynx: up the back of the mine.

This glyph charges the air with Color and creates a protective shell around its
creator. While the Shell is present the surrounding air becomes dense, making it
impossible to draw other glyphs. Increasing the amount of Color used in the
glyph lengthens the duration of the shield.

Ocassionally useful against general enemies. Incredibly useful against certain
bosses as you can completely negate their attacks with careful timing. It's
important to remember that while you're inside a shield you can't draw any
other glyph.

|      SLEEPER      |

       \  /
       /  \
      /    \
      |    |


This glyph uses rock to create a sleeping golem that can be thrown in any
direction. The more Color used to create the golem, the farther the golem can be
thrown. Waking the thrown golem with Color turns it into a trap that will
explode when touched. The more Color used to awaken the golem, the larger the
explosion will be.

I found this situationally useful against a couple of different Brothers. Only
use this if you can be certain of your enemies path of movement.

|       TORCH       |

    _____   ______
   /     \ /      \
   |      /\      |
   \_____/  \_____/

Sister's Greenhouse: recieve from her after pulling out her second heart.

This glyph charges the air with Color, lighting the creator’s path in the dark.
The more Color that is used to draw the glyph, the farther the light will shine.
A second use of the glyph disperses the illumination.

This can be handy to find a couple of hearts that are in pitch black tunnels. It
can also be useful in the fight against Worm to illuminate the side caves and
look out for predators.

|    TUMBLEWEED     |

     \      /
      \    /
       \  /


This glyph creates a land golem by reviving dead roots. Having come to life, the
golem will roll forward in the direction it’s pushed, searching for a living
being. If the golem sees a living creature it accelerates toward it and targets
it as an enemy of its master. On collision the golem explodes and dies, scalding
the victim with Color. The more Color you charge the golem with the further it
sees and the greater the damage it does when it collides. If too much Color is
used the golem explodes, unable to absorb the surplus.

This glyph is almost identical to Owl, but rolls on the ground instead of flying
through the air. It's useful against regular enemies and some Brothers. It's
generally just a matter of preference between using this and Owl.

|      VAMPIRE      |
   __   __
     \ /  \
   /  ||

Aya: gives to you around the 21st cycle.

This glyph is the opposite of Donor. It compels a Sister to give you the Color
she’s keeping in her last heart. When the Color floods the Sister’s chambers
she will lose strength, and may close the road through her Realm.

Do not use this unless you're planning to see what happens when you kill all
the Sisters.

|        WASP       |


This glyph creates an annoying golem out of dust and dead roots. After creation,
the Wasp golem follows its creator until it is chased away with a drop of Color.
Annoyed at its rejection, the golem leaves its master and seeks out an enemy to
harm. Upon colliding with a target, the Wasp golem explodes and dies, scalding
the victim with released Color. The more Color the golem is charged with, the
farther it sees and the greater the damage it does on collision.

Wasp is generally outclassed by the more accurate Hawk. However, it can be
useful in a couple of different Brother fights. See the boss information for
more details.

|        WEB        |

     /\  /\
    /  \/  \
   /        \

Moorage: under rubble.

This glyph creates a flying parasitic golem. When the golem locates a living
being, it att aches itself to the victim and begins feeding on it. If the victim
is then devoured by another creature, the Web golem explodes inside the
predator’s stomach, doing massive internal damage. The more Color used in
drawing the glyph, the greater the amount of damage done.

You will need to use Web to defeat Pangolin, Worm, and Triton. You won't find
any other use for it.

+---- APPENDIX [9.00] --------------------------------------------------------+

The appendix in the guide serves a few different purposes. The only really
practical information it provides is in the form of the FAQ, but there's a
bunch of interesting and useful information throughout, so make sure to take a

The other two sections are equally interesting, but won't be so much helpful in
completing the game. The easter egg section covers little extras put into the
game by the developers that are references to other works or just for fun. The
data section is all about how the game determines all its intricacies for
things like Colour bonuses, damage calculations, enemy appearances and more.
Best suited for experienced players to have a look at.

| ~ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQS) ~                              | [9.01] |

Have a question? Then I have the answer! Well, I don't necessarily have the
answer... However, there's a good chance that this section can help you out
anyway! Even if you don't have a question yet, you may find this section useful
for tips. There are some spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Q. Is the English/American release censored?
A. No. The only thing that has confused some people is that the first Sister
   did not have chains in other releases. These chains can be removed by
   feeding her Colour, the same as every other Sister.

Q. Why does it say, "You should have drawn the Donor glyph. Now some of your
   Colour is gone in vein."?
A. The game can be very temperamental about accepting this glyph. Take a look
   at the previous section for tips on drawing Donor correctly.

Q. After Ole talks to me in the 5th cycle, the map gets stuck! What's up?
A. The camera has just moved and zoomed in. To fix it so you can see yourself
   again, right click and drag anywhere. Use the scroll wheel to zoom out.

Q. I'm constantly running out of Colour! What can I do?
A. Firstly, figure out why you're losing Colour. Are your gardens too empty?
   Are your gardens withering too quickly? Are you wasting it killing
   predators? Are you filling your hearts to save Colour in the appropriate
   situation? Take a look at the Useful Tips in section 2 of this guide for
   plenty of Colour-saving tips.

Q. Is anything in the game permanently missable?
A. Nope. Some hearts can be temporarily missed and will disappear, but can be
   acquired by beating Brothers later in the game. This includes all three
   hearts in the Pangolin, Lemna, and Worm boss chambers.

Q. I forgot what I'm supposed to do next! How can I find out?
A. Hit J to open your journal. Here you can find all the info on glyphs
   you've acquired, tasks you need to perform, and information given to you
   by Brothers and Sisters. It isn't written perfectly, but it should at
   least jog your memory.

Q. The icon on a chamber indicates there's a lot of Colour there, but when I
   enter it I can't find any at all! Where is it?
A. The icon shown on the map does indicate the amount of Colour in a chamber.
   However, it doesn't indicate what form it's in. It may be in mines, it
   may be in trees, or it might even be in balls of light or critters like
   fireflies. Have a good look around and you should find something.

Q. There are so many predators in the chambers! Can I do anything about it?
A. If you're at that stage, it's probably too late. Whenever you plant a tree
   or donate to a Sister make sure you fill your hearts with 100% silver. This
   will reduce damage done to each realm and can stop predators appearing. If
   the enemies have already appeared then the damage has already been done.

Q. Are traps worth using to protect your gardens?
A. Generally not, no. As long as you're paying attention to where Brothers are
   moving around the Void, you should be able to beat them in a race back to
   a garden and harvest it before them. Fill your hearts with Azure and draw a
   path using the maximum 20 Colour. This will allow you to move around the
   Void at a lightning pace and beat the Brothers anywhere. This is a huge
   Colour saver compared to using between 50-100 for a trap, but there is some
   level of risk.

Q. Is it possible to save the first Sister?
A. Yes. After she dies go back to her garden and revive her tree. To do so you
   need to be in the state of Turgor and have the Breakthrough heart. Then
   refill all four of her hearts just as you would for any other Sister.

Q. Can you continue to ally with the Brothers to the end?
A. Sort of. It's theoretically possible to avoid killing them all except for
   Montgolfier. To do so you would have need to have picked up every single
   missable heart. If you missed any that disappear then you'll need to kill
   a Brother for them to drop it. There's no different ending for leaving them
   all alive.

Q. If I attack one Brother, does that make them all angry?
A. Surprisingly, no. Brothers are united in title only and actually work solo.
   Kill one, two, three, it doesn't matter. The only time they'll attack you
   first is if you fill more than three hearts of a Sister, damage a realm
   below 30%, or at a certain point very late in the game.

Q. What happens if you kill the Sisters?
A. If you, or a Brother, kills a Sister then you will no longer be able to
   interact with her. If you haven't yet opened access through her chambers
   then you will have permanently locked yourself out. If you've already done
   that then there's no real penalty for it. Obviously, if you kill them all
   then you can't win the game.

Q. I read that you can ascend two Sisters. Is this true?
A. No, this is not possible. Even if you fill the hearts of more than one
   Sister, you can only draw the Breakthrough glyph on one. Confirmed by the

Q. I beat the game, but I don't understand the story. What's the deal with it?
A. The story is told through tiny bits of information throughout the whole
   game. The most significant pieces of plot come during the dream in the 31st
   Cycle and an explanation at the start of the 34th Cycle.

If your question wasn't here, try looking for it on the official FAQ on the
Ice-Pick Lodge forums: http://forum.ice-pick.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=8932.

| ~ POETRY TRANSCRIPTS ~                                             | [9.02] |

This section aims to provide written transcripts of the various poetry and
spell-like incantations featured throughout the game. At this stage it's rather
incomplete and, unfortunately, I can't promise that it will ever be truly

A big thanks to Silma from the official Ice-Pick Lodge forums for providing
the transcripts for these. Interestingly, the Brothers never actually use an
incantation for Gold.

In case you weren't sure what these are, they're poetic-like verses that the
Brothers recite when in battle with you. They're somewhere between a war cry,
a spell-like incantation and a prayer. Though since the Brothers come across
as religious, I'd suggest the latter is most accurate. The audio files also
refer to them as prayers.

Amber, rapture of wilderness, chaos of maelstroms, bone-breaking laughter,
rider of the Vortex's edge, open to the heart of thy lowly servant.
To the righteous will of the seeker of thine guidance, heed.
Meet blood with blood, taboo breaker. Bind! Crushing flesh, twisting mind,
Feed your thirst, bury him underhill, kill!

Formidable Azure, approaching storm, bringer of Death, searing whip,
executioner's blade, open to the heart of thy lowly servant.
To the one approaching as storm, cutting as axe, rising as Death, to me
praying to thee, answer.
My fow to the depths of pain, into the Vortex of suffering, throw.
While you Torcher tear him from within, be slow.
When he cries out to thee, his voice begging mercy, be silent.

Crimson, furious, colour of avengers and prophets, banner of the righteous,
essence of blood, grant power to thy warrior messenger.
Me, thy faithful warrior messenger, recall.
Sharpen my blade, my strike with thy destructive might, provide.
Blood and nerve from my foes' sinews, yield.
Guide the edge of my sword, my target - slay.

Emerald, heavy and viscous as tar, enveloping canopy, invulnerable shield,
arbiter of scales, bestow thy power to this venerable warrior.
To me, who raised a vengeful hammer, listen.
Fiendish plot of the heretic, who dares resist, twist.
His treacherous soul, chaotic and insane, banish.

Cold-blooded Argent, unbendable backbone, treasury of the forsaken kingdom,
patron of the takers, strenghten thy servant.
The one who listens to thee, searches for thee, and is blindly obedient, shall
be answered.
The skin of the Keeper, his tendons, ligaments, and muscles, shall be hardened.
His heart, open to Lympha of all colors, shall be warmed.
Wasters of all colors who dare to give, shall be tortured.

Violet, vibrant chameleon of colors, mysterious tale,
lair of the arcane, come to my core, aid in my vengeance,
battling a hideous, wicked, unfamiliar foe, help me.
By lies and deceit, the one who challenges my righteousness, shall die.
The one who watched me, in hope of exposing my weakness, be blind.
His color shall fail, his hammer shall fall, his voice - shall quiver.

I have transcribed Ole's, Nameless Sister's and the "Both" poem myself from the
game's audio files. Their may be some inaccuracies, but I've done my best to
match them. The formatting and punctuation is my own and may not reflect the
original intent of a written layout.

All other transcriptions come courtesy of Patrick Lee at caspiancomic.com. The
layout is preserved exactly as he transcribed. You can read about his thoughts
on their meanings here: http://caspiancomic.com/gametheory/?p=88

Our dream’s meaning the Earth will never dash
when morning murmurs meld in single chorus,
and silken dawns dissolve before us.
The foul scythe will then be burnt to ash,
the rippling grey will crush to diamond dust,
the regrets drowned in the silent ocean,
our spirits liberated by devotion.
The false sun’s glitter will fade at last.
We are neither stunned by midday desert splendour
nor to the jewels our will surrender, no;
we are dead for golden coin’s sake.
And robed in silken moon rays we are dressed,
by suns that shine at midnight we are blessed,
and at the darkest hour… we are awake. 

My spirit cries, entangled by the weeds.
They grew from seeds nourished by blackness,
their poison stuns they bind in shackles
like horrors sealed in the pyramids,
but neither fire-born marble nor granite
can make a frame immune to the power of the flows
of ageless, primal lava, that runs through our veins
and fills us with might.
The tomb of suns, the urn of dead world’s ash,
the corpse of moon and saturn’s lifeless flesh
is set in mind and taken by the heart.
In dying stars, life is born anew,
but spirit’s force is granted to a few
who hold life’s transcendent pains apart.

Why don’t I know the bliss of Lethe’s waters?
Why does my spirit cry into the night?
It knows not the taste of burning spite.
It pleads not to Satan’s wily daughters.
The circle is broken, and the chants dispelled,
while everyone is bathed in brilliant rays
rejoicing in the wine of passing days
we’re drawn to lights beyond the blue sky’s shell.
The rustling grass, the shimmer of the swamps,
a lazy wind plays out a vain romp
and carries the shade of Persephone
to the hundredfold glowing, who gazes through the gust.
Yet my spirit has a sad mistrust,
crying as I contemplate antiquity.

We hold life’s transcendent pains apart.
We bear grief and disappointment’s fire.
But the banner of our sorrow’s ire
flutters in the winds of the departed
Let the biting flames poison our spirit!
Singing spirits smothered by corpses
like Laocoon tangled in knotted snakes,
straining to break free, yet keeping silent.
But no bliss will ever change this pain,
the dignity of this restraint,
the tension, this ecstasy of hopeless prison.
For the balm of Lethe’s oblivion,
we rain a grail of sorrows on the world,
we exiles, wanderers and poets!

We exiles, wanderers and poets-
who yearned to be but failed to become.
Where birds have nests, beasts their lair homes,
our lot is a staff and beggar’s hovel.
The duty is failed, the promises are broken,
the path unwalked, and our doom is nigh.
Dreams of such roads drowning in a sigh of songs unsung
and poems never spoken.
in shards of will it is so hard to find your own true self,
so hard to confine the foolish pride,
so hard to enter another’s marquee,
and to beg for bread-
hard for the vanguard’s soul to render alive
that never has been truly dead. 

Entombed, he is destined to be fey,
yet sun’s hot bark is clear to his sight.
From sepulchre that arises from midnight he sees the land.
Wheat splayed in the rays,
mules approach, scythes crop,
a flail beats the ear, rafts drift,
beasts sleep, flitting birds make nests,
and from his shroud’s folds,
he sees the fest of days and nights that spill into the years.
Without joy, without tears and pain,
he watches over human’s idle fates with no black thought,
without asking why. Beyond existence, will,
or any wish in knowing peace unknown to you and I;
for to the earth, we are forever banished.

The ones who saw the dreams and knew the names,
who heard the grasses talking to each other,
who learned the will of their ancient father and listened to the song of tidal
the ones whose souls have been purified,
the ones harnessed to the pain of challenge,
who lit the mystic candles on the fringe,
who became a pure shade of darkest nights,
who didn't squeeze their grape to sinful glass and didn't seek the joy of
earthly leisure,
not in the priestess' dance nor in the pleasure,
but who descended into hell's morass,
to meet their shadow at the very bottom,
they don't expect hearts with love to blossom.

We never heard again once we departed,
the sinner's prayer is sound in discord,
an earthly god's communion his reward from priests and temples never started.
The dreams of madness change our saviour,
we are as bees abandoned by the hive,
like the men of fallen Troy we now strive and flames predict the time of our
by breathing gusts we're led into solution,
long paths unfolding, roads we've never walked,
we stroll in blindness as a heardless flock,
rolling thunder, earth and lightning fusion,
exploding fires of doubt and disdain,
our dream's meaning the world will never gain.

They’re not alive, but neither are they dead.
They’re deaf to words, and their touch is senseless.
They’re blunt to smell and their pain is endless.
Their doom unaltered by any event, is sealed in darkness,
but light-giver Phoebus bestows the blind
with overwhelming awe in sight of God,
and the concealed cave is turned to Christmas den
by holy vortex, the primal night who bore him in her womb.
The offspring sent to her by miser father
is carrying her gifts to fateful brother,
the one by solar rage who was entombed,
who has become the toy of fateless play,
who is alive, yet destined to be fey.

By suns that shine at midnight we are blessed.
Keen rays descend through mortared spires,
the universe’s race is paced with fire.
The nebulae, the stars, the voided depths,
from Canis Major to Vega and to Beta,
to Ursa Major and sad Pleiades,
they cross the skies as sage deities,
creating planets like divine excreta.
Oh dust of worlds,
oh pure holy swarm,
I measured, checked, adapted, scaled, and formed,
gave names, drew maps, and specified the order,
but starry horror will not let us go.
It makes us call to foul, primal woe,
when will we know the bliss of Lethe’s waters?

Those, to earth, who are forever hurled,
cannot enjoy the vastness of the fields
as time’s each passing moment yields
the dancing shadows of other worlds.
The soul sees the flicker far and vague
as on the surface of this ancient regret
one tried to read the holy alphabet,
but lost the pattern in his own plague.
And so he walks the dust of earthly sod
an apostate, a self forgotten god.
In things familiar he seeks forbidden codes.
His flesh, immortal, is shrouded in flames,
and to him, even Death does simply nod,
him, who saw the dreams, and knew the names.

Through fields of love fly venerable comets,
like flaring, rushing, roaring conflagrations,
like molded fires, hell's manifestations,
the universe's waring, biting gauntlets come from beyond.
Let then the planets dark,
see vengeful swords of doom in our arrival.
We head for the sun but are blinded,
clad in the winds and shielded by sparks.
But strange indeed, soon as we touch the star we change the route and fly away
so far along parabolic paths yet to be marked.
A blind rebellion leads out fated bid
to the neverneding dusk we said we'd never see again
once we depart

*Removed from the game, but exists in the audio files.

| ~ EASTER EGGS ~                                                    | [9.03] |

As you play through the game, there's a good chance you'll notice a number of
unusual extras spread throughout the chambers. These easter eggs are references
to lots of different works or just little interesting tidbits left by the
developers. If you know of any I'm missing, please contact me using my email
up the top. Include your own name or username so I can credit you!

All the secrets I list here come from either my own discoveries, information
provided by Halfgild Wynac, and a Russian Wikipedia article about The Void. As
you can see, I've listed the easter eggs by their location.

Some specific locations are quite hard to describe. You can find a video of
most of the easter eggs here: http://www.lki.ru/text.php?id=5229 on a
Russian website. No need to know any Russian to understand what's going on.

Sister's Greenhouse
  -- None.

  -- None.

  -- On the top floor, to the right of the staircase and near an exit portal
     is a reference to a game called "Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey". Written high
     up, under a sheet of metal the words 'Hello Hello Follow Me' are written.
     If you paint it with colour it produces a sound.

  -- From your entry point, head down the right side. Just before the wooden
     stairs, look down the chasm to your left. You should be able to see a
     ledge just below you. Jump down and follow the path to enter a secret
     chamber that is a refernce to Ice-Pick Lodge's first game, Pathologic.
  -- Climb onto the large column in the middle of the chamber and drop to the
     lower wooden platform. Stand right up against the pillar towards the
     right end and you'll hear banjo music play.
  -- Sometimes, but apparently not always, when walking around the wooden
     platforms you'll hear a loud siren go off. This may be a reference to
     the Silent Hill game series.

The Adit
  -- Jump down the middle to the bottom floor and draw the magnet glyph. Look
     up and keep your eyes peeled and you'll see a Companion Cube drop down!
     Obviously a reference to Valve's game, Portal.

Uta's Grove
  -- Outside on the beach, walk up to one of the barrels and you can hear a
     soft voice saying 'Let me out!' I actually couldn't find this myself,
     but I've been told it exists by multiple sources.
  -- Inside the cave, right next to Uta, is a boat. Stand near it to hear
     a poem by William Blake recited. This appeats to be bugged as the console
     shows it tries to load the sound, but fails. However, searching through
     the games files I found the audio. The poem is "Leave, O leave me to my
     sorrows" by William Blake if you want to look it up.
  -- Behind Uta is a latern similar to the ones used to save in the Penumbra

  -- On top of the largest mountain (above the Summoner) is a damaged piece of
     the companion cube from Portal. It's a bit tricky to get to, so here's a
     video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFbH-IcTk58. Thanks to madmarten
     for the tip.

  -- None.

Ava's Alcove
  -- None.

The Caves
  -- None.

  -- None.

Una's Smithy
  -- None.

  -- Jump down the bottom and dig through the rubble. A few glass vials that
     resemble those from PC game 'The Witcher' can be found.

  -- None.

Ire's Pond
  -- Stand in the water near any of the large holes in the ground under the
     pond. Draw a Magnet glyph and a Companion Cube should float up towards
     it. This is a refence to Valve's game, Portal.

  -- On the bottom level, in the cave with the heart, is a reference to HP
     Lovecraft's work: In the Walls of Eryx. Use the Torch glyph and you
     should see a glowing ball held by a hand hidden behind a rock on the

  -- None.

Ole's Cradle
  -- Paint the grand piano with Colour and it will start to play.
  -- In the kitchen, use the chair and to jump off on top of the cabinets.
     On top of the cabinet closest to the window is a kettle, paint it and you
     will be taken to a secret chamber. This chamber with a bath filled with
     plants is a reference to the game Pathologic.

  -- You can paint the benches with Colour to sit on them.
  -- A doll hanging from the largest tree resembles the Ice-Pick Lodge mascot.

Ima's Tower
  -- On the left hand side of the room Ima is tied in, hidden away in a
     corner is an artifact from the Penumbra series. (Thanks to FirestormX90)

  -- None.

The Wall
  -- None.

Eli's Blimp
  -- Written in huge letters on Eli's blimp is a reference to Ice-Pick
     Lodge. You can see the characters: IPL (Ice-Pick Lodge) and ND, the
     initials of IPL's founder Nikolay Dybowskiy.

  -- To the right side of the chamber, outside the walls (jump to see it)
     is a green, glowing version of Patriarch in a style that references
     the game Psychonauts.

  -- None.

Yani's House
  -- Take a look at the scattered books. Written inside the open ones is
     a segment from the Divine Comedy.
  -- Look at the spines of books still on the shelves. On many of them you can
     see NDBowsky, which is another reference to the CEO of Ice-Pick Lodge as

  -- You can paint the benches with Colour to sit on them.
  -- A doll hanging from the largest tree resembles the Ice-Pick Lodge mascot.

Brother Arenas
  -- In the arena where you fight Warden and Montgolfier, jump down to the
     ground level and climb up an odd piece of terrain opposite the wooden
     walkway. With a bit of jumping you can climb it almost all the way to the
     top. Turn around and look high up on the wall. It's very hard to see, but
     you should notice a tiny image of an angel in a bottle. This image was
     used as an avatar by Aleksey Luchin, a programmer who worked on the game.
  -- Apparently all the arenas have this avatar. I haven't found them so I
     can't detail their locations at this stage.

The Surface World
  -- In the attic of a house you run through you can find a painting sitting in
     the corner. This work was done by a user named Kaelte from the Ice Pick
     Lodge forums.
  -- In your first vision, as soon as you emerge from the dead end, turn left
     and go around the corner to a dead end. You'll find trash cans that are
     identical to those in the game Pathologic.

| ~ MISC. DATA AND INNER-GAME WORKINGS ~                             | [9.04] |

This is probably the most technical and complicated section of this guide. It
explains how the game calculates a lot of different things from damage dealt
and glyph power to enemy health and their frequency in appearing. If you've
already beaten the game once then you may find some of this quite useful and
interesting. If you haven't beaten the game yet you might want to come back to
this section a little later as it may lead you astray.

The Brothers, Sisters, and realms are all intrinsically linked. What happens to
one will affect the others in some way. Most importantly, hurting one will hurt
the others. Realms are damaged by the use of Colour when inside a chamber.
Every time you use Colour, whether it be for fighting, growing trees, donating
to Sisters, mining, or whatever, the Realm will take a small amount of damage.
The more Colour used the more damage it will take. You can massively reduce
this by filling your hearts for a 100% silver bonus before doing anything major
and I highly recommend that you do. Likewise, using the gold bonus when giving
Colour to Sisters or violet when growing trees will lower the amount of Colour
you need to use.

When you begin the game, everything will be at 100% health: both Brothers and
their Realms. A Sister's health works differently and is based on how many of
their hearts are filled. If, for example, you fully fill all four of Ole's
hearts (with a 100% silver and gold bonus) her realm will take about 36%
damage. This is unavoidable. If you plant trees in her gardens or fight enemies
then it will take even more: dramatically more if you didn't use the Colour
bonuses. Don't let this put you off though, using gardens nearby Sisters is
essential to winning.

As the only two sisters without their own chambers, giving colour to Aya and
Echo does not damage any realm. Theoretically, this could make them slightly
easier sisters to ascend.

Here's a quick reference on how some of the things you'll do in the game damage
a realm. Don't worry about it too much as you'll have to do all these things
throughout the game anyway. Just make sure to make use of the silver bonus.

 |             Damage dealt to realms per drop of Colour: 0.02%              |
 |                                 MODIFIERS                                 |
 | Using a Sister's favourite Colour   | 20% increased realm damage (x1.2)   |
 | Using a Colour poisonous to a Sister| 20% decreased realm damage (x0.8)   |
        |            ACTION            |         DAMAGE DEALT         |
        |       Drawing a glyph        |          Colour used         |
        |  Donating Colour to a Sister |       Colour used x1.5       |
        |      Attacking an enemy      |       Colour used x1.25      |
        |        Growing a tree        |       Colour used x0.75      |
        |      Drawing Breakthrough    |    x1,000,000 (kills realm)  |

Movement around the Void does not appear to damage any realm.

Quick example to explain the table: You draw the Hawk glyph using 30 emerald
Colour while inside one of Uta's chambers. This means you will deal 0.72%
damage to her realm. I'll break it down so it's easy to see:

0.02% per Colour + Increased favourite colour damage = 0.024% per drop.
0.024% per drop of Colour x 30 Colour used = 0.72% damage dealt.

If you've gone down the path of reviving Sister Death, you might be scratching
your head at the Breakthrough damage because you have to draw it twice. When
you first revive her tree, it actually DOES destroy the realm. The realm drops
below 0% health. This doesn't actually eman anything except an insane amount
of predators (including Scorpios) will appear.

As you probably noticed, you're actually better off using Colours poisonous to
a Sister when growing trees in gardens or reservations connected to them. This
will greatly reduce the amount of damage you deal to their realm and stop more
dangerous enemies appearing.

Now, Realm health affects three important things. The first is the strength of
a Brother. As the Realm a Brother resides in takes damage, that Brother will
become weaker and have less health, making him easier to defeat in battle. The
maximum amount of health a Brother can lose is 50%. This occurs if a Realm only
has 20% health left. There's no way to see Realm health in game, so you'll have
to take a guess based on how many enemies there are. Which leads me to my next

As a Realm becomes more damaged, more enemies will appear within it. Jumpers
and Ushan appear quite early on along with some Shatun that appear not based
on realm damage, but because their numbers and locations have been
pre-programmed. As the realm takes damage the amount of predator's will rise
and new, more dangerous, speicies will appear.

At 40% health, Scorpios will appear (see predators section). These are the
final enemy to appear due to realm damage. You can actually stop them appearing
at all if you've been very careful with your use of the silver bonus in your
hearts and depending on where you've grown certain Colour trees.

The last of the three major things is Colour generation. Damaged realms will
produce less Colour in everything from trees to mines to fireflies. The exact
amount is calculated by this formula:

Colour Generated (%) = Domain Health - 1.2%

As mentioned earlier, nothing actually happens if a realm hits 0% health. Of
course, many predators will have appeared by that time and you can end up with
as many as three or four Scorpios in the one garden, which is a major problem.

At 50% realm damage a Brother will warn you. If it drops to 30%, and the
Brother that lives there is still alive, he will attack you. If you get the
warning at 50% and are planning to do more in that realm then you may want to
attack the Brother first so you're not surprised later.

If you've read any of the introductory sections at the beginning of the guide
then you'll have a pretty good idea how the basics of this work already. In
short, as a realm takes damage, more and more predators appear (until they're
maxed out--there is a limit). You can reduce this by maximising your silver,
gold and violet bonuses. Some enemies are generated when the game begins and
will always exist regardless of realm damage. Some won't appear until a
specific cycle regardless of realm damage. You can get a clear look at this

Quick note, you may find predators appearing at earlier/other points because
some arrive due to certain progression through the story.

        |          PREDATOR            |   GUIDELINES FOR APPEARANCE  |
        |           Jumper             |  90% realm health, 7 cycles  |
        |           Ushan              |  85% realm health, 7 cycles  |
        |           Shatun             |  70% realm health, 7 cycles  |
        |           Gnats              |  66% realm health, 14 cycles |
        |          Scorpio             |      40% realm health        |

So, in other words, Jumpers will only appear once cycle 7 has begun and a realm
has taken at least 10% damage. Excluding ones created for events. See below.

As a side note, once they start appearing, there's a 25% chance for a Scorpio
to appear on a tree.

Now, here's a quick list of enemies that are pre-genererated, meaning they
will appear at a designated time regardless of realm damage or story

        |          PREDATOR            |      SPECIFIC LOCATION       |
        |         Mini-Jumper          |  Phayrnx, Bastion, Pangolin  |
        |           Ushan              |           Lemna              |
        |           Shatun             |    Worm, Bastion, Heathen    |

Other enemies are not there from the start of the game but will appear either
based on story progression or realm damage. For example, during the early
cycles, Death gives you a task to eliminate predators from her chambers. These
predators are generated for the story and have nothing to do with realm damage.

Some predators will only appear or not appear in certain locations too. For
example, I have never encountered any enemy other than Scorpios on Ole's garden
Memory. Likewise, I've only ever seen Jumpers appear in Pharynx, regardless of
how damaged the realm is.

What glyph you get when you pick up a heart is determined by a programmed list
that the game uses. In essence, the glyphs are still random, but there is a
sort of method used to make sure you don't get powerful glyphs too early. This
list divides glyphs into 'power' glyphs and 'weak' glyphs. You won't find any
of the power glyphs until you've acquired all the weak ones first.

Once the game determines whether you will pick up a 'weak' or 'power' glyph,
it then picks one randomly from the following list. Keep in mind, just because
a glyph is listed as 'weak' does not mean it is any less useful than a 'power'

So, here is a table of which glyph falls into which category:

        |         WEAK GLYPHS          |         POWER GLYPHS         |
        |            Bait              |          Tumbleweed          |
        |           Repulse            |              Owl             |
        |            Wasp              |            Sleeper           |
        |           Ritual             |            Sentinel          |
        |            Hawk              |            Ordalia*          |
        |          Hysteric            |                              |
       *Ordalia can be random, but also has a fixed location in The Adit.

Glyphs that are not listed in the table can always be found in the same
location or are always given to you by the same NPC. See section 7 for details.

Weak glyphs generally have a smaller maximum amount of Colour than Power glyphs
too. Hawk, for example maxes out at 32 whilst Owl goes up to about 50. Excess
Colour used is just put back into your palette.

| ~ THE STORY AND THEMES OF THE VOID ~                               | [9.05] |

The Void contains a story that is difficult to understand but full of allusions
and imagery that points to something deeper. I suspect Ice-Pick Lodge had more
than one idea of their own about what the story means, rather than one single
'correct answer'.

Like many stories, The Void operates on two levels: what is actually happening
in the game and what the happenings of the game are metaphorically or
symbolically describing. The following are merely my thoughts and not a
definite or 'canonical' interpretation.

The actual game story is the more straight forward of the two: you (the Guest,
Golden Eyes, the Spirit) have entered the Void as an outsider. Some think you
have come from a higher limit (like the Nameless Sister) while others think you
rose from Absolute Death as the Brothers did. The truth is never revealed.

Either way, you're dead (physically, yet your soul lingers). The game then
tells the story of what happens to the Void after your arrival: its death or
its protection. The former choice either leads to you choosing to ascend a
Sister to the upper limit through the Rite of Devotio (which kills you and
everyone else in the Void) or to ascend yourself (killing everyone else).

The most intriguing conflict of that core story, in my eyes, is between Ole and
the Nameless Sister. You're told that Ole was born for you but given to Pit,
and this seems to be reflected in the decor of her chamber: the abandoned
wedding dress and the empty cot. But you're also told that the Nameless Sister
is yours, which seems to make more sense: you start in her chamber, she has no
other Brother and she cares for you far more than anyone else, certainly more
than Ole does. Is one of them your true Sister? I think there is no right

But it's clear through playing that The Void is also trying to convey something
else, something deeper than just the story of a video game. I think there's
clear comments on masculinity, femininity, the purpose of life and religion.
However, in my own view I believe these are secondary or peripheral concerns of
the game. They're general themes, rather than the central concern of The Void.

As a writer myself, I think The Void's primary plot is about the creative
process. The process where a creator of some kind (a composer, a writer, or
more likely an artist) develops works of art. While some see the biological
symbolism of the game (the Sisters, the ovary-like appearance of the Void and
you as you use Colour) as a more literal act of creation, I think that ignores
the obvious importance of art in the game, namely bringing life to existence
through Colour.

The creativity of a creator could be described as his very soul, and when he
loses that ability to create (writers' block or a lack of inspiration) he
becomes nothing -- as good as dead. In fact, in the Russian version of the
game, the chambers of the Void are even described as "states of the soul". An
artist splashes his paints around, but nothing worthwhile will come of it
without inspiration; it will be wasted.

While there is no doubt that creativity can hit rock bottom (Absolute Death),
it can continue to get better and better (a higher limit), though at no point
is it ever perfect: an artist is never perfectly satisfied with his work.
When the game begins and you watch the brief tutorial, you're even introduced
to the idea that lympha (the colour you collect) is 'memory' which then becomes
nerva, specifically called out as your 'palette'. This is driven home even
more strongly in the dialogue of the Russian version of the game. Either way,
it's much like ideas turning into art through paint.

The Sisters, therefore, could be muses: sources of inspiration to the creator
or perhaps even the work of art itself. As you fill them with more and more
colour, they reveal themselves, shedding the fog that surrounds them until they
become pure and complete.

The Brothers are obstacles in that process, perhaps even reflections of the
self, say a lack of confidence in one's own ability to create (maybe past 
failures come back to haunt the artist) or the fear of sharing a creation with
the world. Only by struggling to complete that artistic work can something new
and wonderful be created (the breakthrough). The diversity of what art can
accomplish is shown through how the sisters talk about their own ascensions
when their hearts are filled and what they might become.

Whether this is a correct interpretation or not I'll leave to you as a fellow
player, but that to me is the most fitting and satisfying explanation for The

| ~ EXTERNAL LINKS ~                                                 | [9.06] |

Let's face it. No matter how comprehensive this guide is, it's impossible to
try and include everything possible about the game. For that reason this
section is where you can find links to all sorts of articles, discussions and
more that relate to The Void. There's a brief write-up about each so take a
look at anything you think might suit your fancy!

More will be added as I come across new things.

A lot of the story and dialogue in The Void is open to your interpretation. IPL
don't really indicate anywhere throughout the game if there are any 'wrong'
choices or 'right' choices. Plus, if you've seen the endings, you've probably
scratched your head a bit. The question is, what does it all mean?

The Void talks to themes of life, death, the soul, identity, relationships and
creativity. The story seems to encapsulate all of these in symbolism and
metaphors. If you'd like to know my thoughts, just scroll up a little.

You can read a little about the thoughts of the community, as well as some of
the developmnent team, by checking out the link below:


I'd also recommend a series of articles on The Void by Patrick Lee for a
number of different takes on what the themes of the game might be trying to


For those more videographically inclined, YouTube user RagnarRox has also put
together an analysis based on his thoughts:


Ice-Pick Lodge released an official bonus disc in Russia containing some art,
music, and videos relating to The Void. Luckily for the rest of us, IPL were
kind enough to put together a torrent featuring all of the content. You can
find the download link on the official forums at this address:


There's a separate download there for subtitles for the video. If you enjoyed
the game, check it out! There's some cool stuff. It is a torrent download, but
even in 2020 it's still working, so you might be in luck!

A potentially controversial topic. Nevertheless it's an issue some players may
contemplate when playing The Void and analysing the relationship between the
Brothers, Sisters and even the player character.

If you're looking for more, check out this article written by Quinitn Smith
on Rock, Paper, Shotgun for his thoughts:


+---- AFTERWORD AND LEGAL INFORMATION [10.00] --------------------------------+

Thanks for reading this guide, I hope you found plenty of useful information!
If you feel you have anything to contribute, or noticed any errors, please
send me an email, my address can be found at the top of this document. This
is still currently a work in progress as there are many mysterious aspects
of The Void yet to be discovered.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Igor "Halfgild
Wynac" Pokrosvky who worked for IPL on the development team of The Void. He
provided me with a ton of data, numbers and information that can't normally
be accessed through the game. He also put up with all my questions. Thank you!

This file is Copyright(c) 2011-2020 Andrew Barker. This file was entirely
written by me, unless otherwise noted in a specific section. It may be not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. Only the
following sites have permission to use and display this guide:

-- GameFAQs [http://www.gamefaqs.com]
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If you wish to use this guide on your site, you MUST ask me and receieve
written permission before copying or using any part of it. To contact me, use
the email address at the top.

+---- THE END [x.xx] ---------------------------------------------------------+

Thank you for reading this guide! I hope you found it helpful in better
understanding the beautiful and mysterious game that is The Void, and in
achieving victory.

This guide is the result of over 100 hours of research, writing, editing and,
of course, playing the game to better understand it. If you have found this
guide useful, please consider:
        1. Recommending this guide on GameFAQs (there's a button up the top).
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Thanks very much for your time and I'm so glad if any part of this guide has
helped you to enjoy this game as much as I have.

| ~ VERSION HISTORY ~                                                | [y.yy] |

Version 1.72 (November 18th, 2021)
        -- Added in a series of new bug warnings for Aya and Echo as well as
           some new data on realm damage during movement. Thank you to Sun
Version 1.71 (August 17th, 2020)
        -- Added a number of new tips and exploits sent in by Cosmea. Thanks!
Version 1.70 (August 5th, 2020)
        -- Added a new section with a Short/tl;dr version of the walkthrough.

Version 1.63 (August 4th, 2020)
        -- Further updates to my thoughts on the story.
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Version 1.62 (August 3rd, 2020)
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           a couple of other small tweaks.
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Version 1.60 (July 22nd, 2019)
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        -- Included new Controls and Interface section.
        -- Various sentence, typo and other minor corrections applied.

Version 1.55 (July 21st, 2019)
        -- Added more to each Sister's personalities, based on their favourite
           and poisonous colours, as well as fixed some typos.
Version 1.54 (July 20th, 2019)
        -- Added the remaning ending poems, courtesy of Patrick Lee of
Version 1.53 (July 17th, 2019)
        -- Started manually writing transcripts for ending poems.
        -- Added my own thoughts on the symbolism of the story.
Version 1.52 (July 11th, 2019)
        -- A small tidy-up, plus new info about the first dream from user
           Ares. Also removed some old, now broken, broken links.
Version 1.51 (June 27th, 2013)
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           Rewrote certain sections of the guide to make them more accurate
           and included a ton more detail. A few things I was previously unsure
           about have now been clarified too.
        -- Cycle Calendar section added.
        -- Lots of extra information added about Colours, realm damage, and
           enemy appearances. Plus how it's all calculated.
        -- Appendix section added. Includes external links, game data and
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Version 1.31 (October 9th, 2011)
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        -- Hearts section had a massive overhaul in terms of layout and
        -- Sister information section is vastly more detailed to include
           physical characteristics, personality, and chamber information.
        -- Chambers & Realms section added.
        -- Big changes to the layout of the guide. Made it more organised and
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           up especially.

Version 1.23 (September 28th, 2011)
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Version 0.90 (August 19th-25th, 2011)
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