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Secrets FAQ by drplote

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 02/03/10

Serious Sam Secrets

Created: April 4, 2001
Last Updated: November 25, 2009
Author: Derek Plote
E-mail: drplote@gmail.com

Serious Sam HD vs The Original

I wrote the original Serious Sam: The First Encounter secrets FAQ many years
ago, and now that I'm playing through Serious Sam HD, I'm finding that I've
forgotten almost all the secrets and had to reference my own FAQ from the 
older game to find them. For the most part this FAQ is just a copy of the
Secrets FAQ from the older game, but there are a few minor changes in the
HD version of the game.

Also, all of the anti-gravity or reversed-gravity effects don't seem to exist
anymore, so when the FAQ describes a room as an "anti-gravity" room, just
ignore it.


This is simply a list of the secrets for Serious Sam. I'm not going to waste
time describing each enemy, weapon, model, and keystroke to you in
agonizing detail, as there are already plenty of walkthroughs out there to
do that. All you'll find here is a list of the secrets and how to get them. I
assume that anyone reading this has already gone through the game
and tried to find the secrets on their own, and thus will be familiar with
most of the areas I describe. If you see anything that needs to be
corrected or clarified, feel free to email us and we'll update accordingly.

Copyright Info

Feel free to put this on your website,  print it out and use it for toilet
paper, feed it to your pet lizard, or do just about anything else you want
with it. All we ask is that you don't charge money for it, don't alter our
work,  and that you don't replace our names with yours. Thanks!

I use front, back, left, and right a lot in my descriptions "Front" generally
refers to the direction you're facing when you start the level or enter a
particular area. "Back", naturally, is the other direction. "Left" and "right"
follow accordingly. Last but not least, I generally use "area" or "room" to
refer to the territory from one door to another door. "Level" refers to the
entire level. Also, just to warn you, some of the secrets can only be reached
by "rocket jumping", which involves firing a rocket at your feet so that the 
explosion propels you higher than you can normally jump. Since you can't hurt
yourself with rockets on the first two levels of difficulty, it might be
impossible to get all the secrets on those difficulty levels, unless you 
somehow manage to get an enemy to shoot a rocket at your feet.

Hatshepsut Temple (7 secrets)

1) From the starting position of the game, head towards the pillars off to
your right and pick up the second .45.

2) From the starting position, head up the ramp and then turn left at the
top of the ramp. The goal is to try to jump onto the roof of the building off
to the left of the ramp. You can do this by running along the ledge and
then jumping onto the roof. There you'll find some secret rocket ammo.

3) Same as #2, but on the right hand side instead of the left. You'll find a
secret rocket launcher.

4) From the start position, head up the ramp and then go to the righthand
outdoor half of  this upper temple area. In the back, you'll see a patch of
wall that is quite obviously different from the rest of the wall by it. Touch 
it and it will lower, revealing the double barreled shotgun.

5) From the start position, turn around and head down the ramp. At the
bottom of the ramp turn right and go open the door. You'll get a message
about the fans being released and see a bunch of guys with big heads.

6) Same as #5, but on the other side of the ramp. You'll have to use the
rocket launcher to blow the door up. Inside is the Croteam programmers.

7) If you turn around and look out at the desert from the door to secret #6,
then start running towards the back left corner of the desert, you'll
eventually see a tree back there in the desert. Run out to that tree,
and there is a secret heart powerup there.

Sand Canyon (6 secrets)

1) (Note: This seems to be a lot easier to get to in the HD version... you can
pretty much just run straight up the side of the mountain.) 
This one is a little tricky. When you first get outside on this level, keep
heading forward until you hit the mountain face. You want to go to the left
side of this (by the building you'll be entering) and the trick is to kind of
run at an angle up the side of the mountain and jump. Look for a tree at the
top of the rocky area... this is more or less what you're aiming for. You'll
see a tiny little path by that tree, which is what you're trying to hit. It
usually takes me a few jumps to pull it off, but once you manage to do it
without sliding back down the cliff it'll tell you that you found the secret
path and you can go down and it pick up some gear.

2) This is pretty close to #1. You can jump between the same cliff face and
the building that leads deeper into the level and you'll that you can push on
the wall of the building  there to reveal a secret room. It's pretty hard to
miss if you go between the mountain and the building.

3) To the right of the entrance of the room with all the marsh-hoppers
(which from now on I'm going to call "frogs") there is a wall you can push
that will reveal a secret area with a tommygun and some ammo.

4) In the next room (after the frog room), just to the left of the entrance
there is a hidden bounce pad that allows you to bounce up to some armor
high above the other side of the doorway.

5) Straight ahead of this bounce pad there's a little side room with a tiny
ramp in it. In a cubbyhole under the ramp is a secret health bottle.

6) (Note: Again, in the HD version of the game, this seems to be a lot easier
to get to, and you can just run right up the path.) 
At the very end of the level, before entering the building, you need to
get on top of it. Just to the left of the building entrance you can run up the
side of the mountain and jump. If you do it correctly (it may take a few
tries) you can get on top of the building. There is some shotgun ammo
and +1 health up there.

Tomb of Ramses (8 secrets)

1) After killing the kamikazi on the ramp, you'll come to a room where you
can go left, right, or up some stairs ahead of you.  Go right, and take the
stairs up in the front right corner of the room.  Eventually, you will come 
to the edge of the platform.  Jump across the gap to find a secret place.

2) Right before the room where the wall comes down on your left and
monsters ambush you as you're going up some stairs, you want to head to
the right of that entrance and jump up on the square fire holder thingamabob.
From the top of that you can jump up onto a ledge. If you go to the left from
there, it'll take a little shortcut through part of the level and tell you
"secret passage found".

3) Get to the same ledge as in #2. If you head right along the ledge and
follow it for a while, you'll find a secret heart powerup.

4) After killing the first Arachnoid Juvenile, you'll see stairs to the left
and right in front of you.  Take the left stairs (kill the next Arachnoid
Juvenile to the front and right), then take the stairs to the left. You can
see the rocket launcher from here. If you look carefully, you'll see a little
glowing area a little bit below the platform between the wall and the
platform. Jump off the platform into it and it'll teleport you up to the
rocket launcher.

5) Actually picking up the rocket launcher counts as a secret.

6) When you enter the next room, climb the stairs all the way to the top.
When you get to the door to the next room, head left instead of going through
the door to the right.  Once out on the walkway, there are two other walkways
slightly lower than where you are now - take the right one, and a heart is at
the end of it.

7) Before you enter the room that has the shotgun and a truckload of enemies
to kill (the entrance to this room has 2 statues on either side of it), turn
around, looking back the way you came. Run straight forward until you hit the
wall, then turn left. You'll see a tiny little passage. Head into it and it'll
give you the "secret passage found" secret.

8) In the secret passage area, continue down it and pick up the secret shield.

Valley of Kings (4 secrets)

1) In the room where the frogs come out of a glowing teleporter, go through
the door to the front left.  Kill the Kleer on the other side of the door, go
up the ramp, and turn right onto the "stage".  Look around the corner to the
right, move onto the bouncer there, and pick up the armor.

2) Blow up every statue on the level.

3) Once the last statue is blown up, the secret teleporter will be enabled.
This teleporter is at the end of the level to the right of the rope bridge.
It teleports you to the other side of the bridge, allowing you to get to 
the secret level.

4) Now that you're on the other side of the river, go through the cave exit.
This will take you to Moon Mountain.

Moon Mountain (7 Secrets)

1) On the 4th grassy platform in the beginning of the level, run to the edge
to where an ammo box is and you'll see some +200 armor floating down below
the platform in midair. If you stand in the right spot (just walk around the
edge a little), it'll trigger the secret catapult, which shoots the armor up
onto the grassy platform for you.

2) Probably the hardest secret on this level to find (without asking someone,
anyway). From the 5th grassy platform you need to jump through the waterfall.
It's a pretty tough jump. I usually try to aim for the rightmost edge of the
area behind the waterfall. If you manage to make the jump, it'll say something
about secret passage found. If you go through the level and get behind the
waterfall here the normal way, the secret won't be triggered.

3) Now that you got the second secret, run along the edge of this area by the
waterfall and carefully walk between the edge and the rocks. You'll find a
secret +50 health.

4) After you run past the top of the circular waterfall but before you jump
down the square hole into the water below, go behind that square pit and
press against the wall. It'll drop revealing a secret cavern.

5) After dropping down the hole into the water, you'll find a secret heart
powerup tucked between some rocks out of the water. If you go to the doorway
down here, then face away from the doorway and towards the water, you should
head forward and to the right to find the heart.

6) Past the water area you'll enter the room where you can see the circular
waterfall. Turn around and shoot a rocket right the entrance to the passage
you just came through. It'll say "secret backstage enabled" or something like

7) With secret backstage enabled, go back through the passage you just came
from and you'll find a secret teleporter.

Oasis (6 secrets)

1) Right in the beginning, turn around and jump through the waterfall to find
a secret room behind it.

2) "Sound-attack secret". I'm not entirely sure what has to occur to trigger
this one. It's not hard to trigger, but the exact cause is hard to pinpoint.
When you get inside the building, you'll see a statue ahead. There's a +1
health to your left in front of the statue... I believe that picking it up
is what triggers the secret, but just to be safe pick up everything on the 
ground around here.

3) Blow up the statue described in #2, which should then give you a message
about the secret bouncer being revealed. I think this can only happen AFTER
the sound-attack secret is found, because in one playthrough I blew up the 
statue before getting the health, and it didn't give me the bouncer message.
Then I picked up the health, and got both messages for secrets #2 and #3.

4) After triggering the secret bouncer, it gives you a message about a secret
door opening. I'm not sure if this just happens automatically, or if it
happens when you go back by where the statue was. Either way, jump up on the
platform where the statue was and you'll see a glowing green bouncer. Stand
on it and it'll shoot you over to the minigun.

5) In the frog room, blow up one of the walls on the left to reveal the
secret cave.

6) Entering the "secret cave" and taking the ammo and health will trigger
the surprise trap. The wall pushes you back into the room and some enemies

Dunes (7 secrets)

Note: Two of the secrets on this level are a lot easier to get by using
rocket-jumping, and to rocket jump you must play on at least Normal 
difficulty, because on easier difficulties you don't damage yourself with
rockets. Nikola Matasin wrote to inform me that it's not impossible to get 
these on easier difficulties, though. He says: "Just wanted to inform you that 
you don't have to actually use rocket jump to get last 2 secrets on Dunes 
level. All you have to do is go into upper corner (corner which is made from 
wall right across the entrance (it's a little bit tilted) and ledge you have 
to jump on), while facing corner hold forward and just jump, one of the 
enemies will eventually give you a push to reach the ledge and get secrets. 
So those are able to be obtained on lower difficulties as well." Thanks
Nikola! Quite a few other people emailed me too, but Nikola was the first.
Thanks to all.

1) Over the first hill (the point at which you can finally see the town),
head right along the baseline of the dunes and you'll find a +50 health box
sitting by itself. Go near it and some secret items will show up, along with
some critters.

2) If you continue to the right of the hill, way off in the distance you will
see a small group of trees. Run up to them to collect +200 armor and +100
health. Run fast, or you'll take some heat damage getting out there. Getting
this to actually count as a secret seems a little tricky... there seems to be
a very small and specific spot you have to run over to have it count the secret
for you. Just run around the trees a lot and you should eventually trigger it.
If it helps, it seems to be triggered by getting close to the rightmost tree,
given your facing if you're running here straight from the starting area.

3) The opposite of #1. Instead of running along the baseline to the right, go
to the left. You'll see a green health bottle out there. Go near it and, like
#1, some other items and monsters will spawn.

4) If you go left along the wall surrounding the city, you'll come to a tree
sitting all by itself. Blow it up to trigger the secret and spawn some items
and critters.

5) If you head along right along the outer wall of the city from the front 
door, then follow it back as it leads to the bigger wall, you'll eventually 
come to a little ledge along the wall with +1 health on it. Picking this up
counts as a secret. (Note: I'm pretty sure this is new in Serious sam HD). An
interesting note is that you can pretty easily rocket jump over the wall and
into the city here, if you feel like bypassing all the monsters you'd have to
fight to get the main gate to open. Actually, you can rocket jump over pretty
much any of the city walls.

6) Once inside the city, head to the back right corner and rocket jump up
onto that platform. Then get off it right away. A few seconds later it'll blow
up and underneath the rubble you'll find a secret heart. Don't worry if it
gets buried by the rubble... the rubble will disappear eventually.

7) Once inside the city, head to the back left corner (opposite of #5) and
rocket jump up onto that platform. You'll find some ammo and get a message
about the secret depo being found.

Suburbs (7 secrets)

1) In the first area, go to the lefthand wall of buildings and about midway
between your start position and the door to the next area you'll find a hard
to spot alley with some items in it.

2) In the first area, head to the front left corner and blow up the tree so
that you can get between the two buildings. There are some items back there.

3) In the second area, there is a secret alley in practically the same spot
that #1 was in the first area. It's along the row of buildings on the left,
about midway across the area. There is some +100 armor there.

4) In the second area, go to the front right corner and pick up the items to
trigger the secret trap. A wall will rise up and some mechs will appear. Ouch.

5) In the second area, go to the far door in front of you (the one that won't
open). Go around it to the right and along the wall you'll find +1 armor that
triggers the yodel secret.

6) Just like #5, except you go around to the left instead of the right.
There's a green health bottle there that counts as a secret.

7) When you're about to jump into the sewer, stand on the side of the pit
closest to the closed door (the one you can't go through). Then jump in and
fall along the side of the pit closest to where you entered the area. You'll
land on a small ledge and enter a tiny room with some health and armor. It'll
give you a message about the secret hole being found.

Sewers (5 secrets)

1) From your starting position, dive down to the bottom of the water and go
forward. There is an underwater secret passage with a heart in it.

2) After going through the underwater passage in #1, there is a +50 secret
armor down here. It is off to the right a little bit.

3) Once you surface after getting #2, you'll see a walkway over the water in
this area. Above the walkway are a bunch of beams. Jump onto the beams and
walk along them to pick up a +50 secret armor.

4) After pressing the underwater switch to open the door to the frog room,
go into the frog room and down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, turn
left and go down the short passage that looks like a dead end. At the end of
it is an underwater secret passage that leads to some powerups.

5) The wall drops when you get to the area that shows up on your NETRICSA as
"Long Dive". Get behind the wall before it rises again and pick up the +200

Metropolis (1 secret)

1) Go to the area on the level where there is a spike pit and bulls that
charge across (and into) the pit. There is a chaingun on the other side.
Okay. Now, turn around from that pit (back the way you came) and run all the
way back to the doors that you came through. Fire rockets at the wall to the
left of the door to reveal a secret ammo depo.
Note: You can do this when first entering the area. You don't have to go to
the bull pit first. That was just the easiest way to describe it.

Alley of Sphinxes (1 secret)

1) This is a boring one. There is a small oasis in the desert off to the left.
Run down the main path until you get to the second pair of towers, then turn
left and head out into the desert. There is an oasis out there with some
rocket ammo.

Karnak (8 secrets)

1) While the level loads, hold down the key to make you run backwards. When
the game starts, you'll start moving backwards and out through the double
doors before they can close. You'll enter the "Generous Yard". I don't know
of any way to get back here unless you do it right away when the level starts.

2) In the first room forward from the starting point, press the switches on
the first pillar to the far left and the first pillar to the far right. This
will lower a platform to the left of the door that you entered from. Ride the
platform up to get to the secret area.

3) There are a few in the area with the pond that makes a cross shape with a
monument rising up in the center. As you first enter the area, the first
secret is on the bottom of the pool directly in front of you. Jump in, dive
down, and swim along the floor. There are some cannonballs sitting on top of
the area you have to press to open the secret room.

4) In the same pool area, go to the righthand part of the "cross". Push
on the righthand wall to reveal a secret area that contains +200 armor and a
scroll about Croteam.

5) After swimming through the underwater pipe from the pool area, you'll come
up inside the temple. Turn around and go hit both switches on either side of
the closed door (the one that you couldn't open). They're in the corners.
This will open a secret passage by the monument outside in the pool area. 
When you go back out there, go over to the base of the monument and go down 
the watery passage. There will be a big blob at the end of it along with a 
heart and a backpack.

6) Go to the room with two interior pools that have monuments rising out of
them. It is the room right before the area where you need to have bull knock
the door down for you. Jump in the pool on the left and swim around the middle
of the left wall. Push in the wall to reveal a secret passage that leads to a
red room with some funky gravity and a big red blob.

7)  The last area of this map has two sphinxes on either side of the exit
door. Now, check the far left wall in the area. You'll see a slightly
discolored spot in the middle of it. Crouch and walk through it (it doesn't
move, you just walk right through it) and pick up a secret backpack.

8) Same thing as #7, but on the right wall instead of the left. Crouch, go
in, and get a secret heart. The difference is that first, this secret needs to
be enabled. I'm not entirely sure how I went about doing that. I believe I did
it by picking up all the powerups laying on the ground in this area as well as
blowing up both sphinxes. Maybe you don't need to blow up the sphinxes though.
If anyone can pinpoint this one, drop me a mail. In any case, it gives you a
message about the secret health being enabled.

 Luxor (8 secrets)

1) On the left side of the map (the side with the golden heart), there's a
spot where an arachnid sits on a moving pillar and comes shooting at you when
you pick up some armor. In that area, there is a small building. Go inside it
and pick up the green health bottle. You need to actually pick it up, not just
walk over it. The ceiling will start to come down, so get out quick. Once the
ceiling drops, go back in and pick up the powerups that were on the ceiling.

2) In the back right corner of the heart of gold area, up on the ledge by the
door to exit the area, there is a bounce pad that bounces you up to a green
health bottle. There is another bouncer there that bounces you onto the roof
above the door you entered the area from.

3) Right after bouncing up onto that rooftop, across from an ammo box there
is a wall you can blow up to discover a secret ammo depo. [CREDIT: Grand
Master Shinobi on the Seriously! forums posted about this one. Also to
William Kauffman, who mailed me about it while I was typing in my update.

4) On the right side of the map (the half with the feather), in the area
before the area that contains the feather, there are 5 tower/pillar things
rising out of the ground. You can blow two of these up. When you do, you'll
get a message about secret cannon ammo being revealed and some cannonballs
will appear.

5) In the feather area, in the back left corner there is a bounce pad that
leads up to a heart.

6) In the feather area, go to the door that you unlocked by picking up the
feather. Turn away from the door and jump up onto the roof of the adjacent
building. You'll see a glowing square on the roof. Shoot it to lower the
platform. There is a heart inside the building. Shoot the platform again
to make it rise.

7) Jump into the pit of spikes. You'll be teleported to a secret area with
some armor and ammo. I'm pretty sure the teleportation only works once, so
don't do it again.

8) At the very end of the level, pass through the doors but immediately turn
left and head through the side door on the left. Don't go too far in or
you'll trigger the normal level exit. The exit on the left will take you to
the Sacred Yards.

Sacred Yards (11 secrets)

1) In the room with Binky (big pool in the room with a platform in the middle
of it, the third "room" of the game), you can shoot the monument on the
platform. The platform will slide aside, revealing some secret health.

2) When you enter the weird anti-gravity room and you see the sphinx rising up
on the platform, immediately start firing rockets at it. If you hit the rising
platform before it makes it up, it will explode and you'll be able to just
walk over and pick up the sphinx. [Credit for this one goes to Gamespy's
article. And here I was hoping I'd be completely done before they released

Alternative?: When you enter the anti-gravity room, a miniature scorpion
attacks. Finish him fast with rockets and get the health that he leaves.
[Bernd emailed me about this one as well. I haven't been able to reproduce
it yet, so he was possibly wrong, or there might be more than 10 secrets on
this level, but only 10 total can be activated depending on what choices you

3) In the room with funky gravity where you keep getting flipped upside down,
hit all the switches along the walls. Once the platform raises, go under it
and hit the switch there. It'll raise a secret platform which will allow you
to get the heart and armor in this area.

4) In the other sphinx room (not where #1 was) there is a backpack to your
left as you come in the door. Go chase after it. Picking it up now counts as
a secret (in the original game, it didn't).

5) After getting #4, the wall will close on you, forcing you into an open area
with a large pyramid. Run behind the pyramid and pick up the health.

6) Same as #5, but on the other side of the pyramid (still in the back though)
there is a heart. Both items are really obvious if you just go back there.

7) Kill all the enemies around the pyramid and then go to the front of it. A
door should now be open, and you can go in and press a button. The pyramid
will turn into a bunch of crates.

8) Go back out of this area now (the wall will have dropped down) and back
into the sphinx room. Rotate the platform to the left but don't press the
button yet. Jump on the button, then on the stand that the button is on.
From there, jump towards the front onto the ledge you can see. There is a
+200 armor there.

9) Same as #8, but do this on the right. There is a heart there.

10) Same as #8 and #9, but this one is straight forward. When you jump up on
the button, then jump foward into the area behind the wall (where you pick up
the sphinx). If you haven't raised the water level yet, this will count as a

11) In this same room still, jump on the thesquare platform that is raised
out of the water (the one on the left). I'm not sure if you just have to
stand on it or shoot it. I was impatient, so I shot it. This raises the
platform on the other side of the water and slides it a little ways.
[Bernd tells me that you do indeed need to shoot it. Thanks!]

The Great Pyramid (3 secrets)

In the original game this level had no secrets, but in Serious Sam HD
this level has 3 secrets (thanks to Manta from the Steam forums, who 
sent them to me before I even had time to go hunting for them!)

1) After the Biomechanoids burst through the walls in the first area, go 
down the middle tunnel on the left side to find a +50 health pack.

2) Same as #1 except on the opposite side. This one contains a single armour 
shard but will cause 8 minor biomechaniods to appear behind you (in 2 groups 
of 4).

3) Finally, when you leave the first area and Urgh Zan III appears look to 
the right off into the distance, you should be able to see a megahealth next 
to an aztec head. Collecting this will trigger a swarm of kamikazes around 
you, so this health will probably be wasted. Oh well.

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