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Guide and Walkthrough by Warfreak

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 03/26/2010

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Author: Warfreak
Version: 0.9
Date Started: 23/11/09

NOTE: This Guide will Contain Spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


*('@')~~~~~~Watch In Awe, Watch In Awe, Aeria Gloris, Aeria Gloris~~~~~~('@')*

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                              Table of Contents
 §1 Introduction
    [1.01] Introduction
    [1.02] Version History

 §2 The Travel Basics
    [2.01] The Basics
    [2.02] Setting a Destination
    [2.03] Arrival at Base Camp
    [2.04] Need Maintenance
    [2.05] Visa Level

 §3 The New Skills
    [3.01] New Skill Overview
    [3.02] Photography
    [3.03] Nectar Making
    [3.04] Martial Arts
    [3.05] Snake Charming

 §4 Changes to Existing Skills 
    [4.01] Cooking
    [4.02] Fishing
    [4.03] Gardening

 §5 Traits, Wishes and Rewards
    [5.01] New Traits
    [5.02] Lifetime Wishes
    [5.03] Wishes
    [5.04] Moodlets
    [5.05] Lifetime Rewards

 §6 The Basics of Tomb Raiding
    [6.01] Maintaining Needs
    [6.02] Exploring a Tomb
    [6.03] It's a Trap!
    [6.04] Relics
    [6.05] Ancient Coins

 §7 The Special Merchants
    [7.01] The Special Merchants

 §8 Collectables
    [8.01] Relic Collections
    [8.02] Gems
    [8.03] Metals
    [8.04] Insects

 §9 Destination Basics
    [9.01] China
    [9.02] France
    [9.03] Egypt

 §10 Adventure List
    [10.01] China
    [10.02] France
    [10.03] Egypt

[A] Contact Information
[B] Credits
[C] Webmaster Information
[D] Copyright Notice

*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now, Let the Guide Begin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
[1.01] Introduction

This is my 56th guide, and the second for the Sims 3 series. This is for 
the expansion pack of World Adventures, which is basically allowing your 
little people to head on over to exotic locales, such as Egypt, China and
France, and explore the area, picking up some new skills. And to make things
more interesting, add in the dynamic neighbourhood and the ability to raid
tombs, and you have a very interesting setup. 

Without further ado, let us start.

[1.02] Version History

Version 0.0 [23/11/09]
Started this guide. 

Version 0.1 [24/11/09]
Well, I've covered the basics, this guide is going to be developed in tandem
with my Harvest Moon guide, so time will be taken. 

Version 0.2 [2/12/09]
Completed all of Section 3. 

Version 0.3 [3/12/09]
Completed Section 4. Section 4 was also the name of the JGSDA unit that was
sent to hunt Section 9 in the 2nd Gig of Stand Alone Complex. Random Fact. 

Version 0.4 [7/12/09]
Completed section 5, another bit done, but looking at it, there is still a 
fair bit to go. 

Version 0.5 [12/1/10]
Completed section 6.

Version 0.6 [14/1/10]
Completed Section 7 and 8, albeit section 7 wasn't all that big.

Version 0.7 [20/3/10]
Been a long time since update, and completed Section 9. Time to get it done

Version 0.8 [24/3/10]
I need to get this done before the end of the month, to free up some time
and to claim the bounty. Time to get the ball rolling. Completed 2 locales
adventure list, with help to the Prima guide as a reference. I need to
complete Egypt, and this guide is done. 

Version 0.9 [26/3/10]
Well, this guide is pretty much done, I've had enough typing to give myself
RSI ten times over, so that's pretty much it. 

[2.01] The Basics

With World Adventures being the first of the expansion packs, you can expect
some interesting twists and turns, and certainly sets a new scene for 
expansion packs. The dynamic neighbourhood has been used to great effect,
and compared to previous vacation-esque expansion packs, I can say with 
absolute certainty that this is a massive improvement.

Before you can actually travel, there are a few restrictions oh who can travel
from destination to destination. You cannot have pregnant Sims, those who are
visibly pregnant at least, travel, nor can you have babies or toddlers going
on trips. You can have children to go along, but they will need to be going
with adult supervision. Teenagers, adults and elders can go without 

Another thing to note that when you go on vacation, all the time in the
general neighbourhood will freeze. So those few days you are on vacation
will not age your Sims at all, which is quite useful, although moot if you
have aging off already. This makes it useful if you want to develop some 
skills for work that you desperately need, yet you do not have the time to
get those skills in time.

However, when you come back from your holidays, you will have to wait a total
of 2 days before you can head back on another vacation, so you will need to
have a break. So it gives incentive to do as much as you can on a vacation
rather than doing rather boring and mundane tasks. If you have a certain
new trait, that wait can be reduced to one day instead of two.

However, given the heavy emphasis on tomb raiding and relic collection, it
will appear best that these trips are limited to a single Sim, it is far 
easier to manage a single Sim to run around tombs, though you could make a
fair amount of videos replicating RPG games of dungeon exploration and the
collection of relics. 

Anyway, the basics are covered here, lets get to more basics. 

[2.02] Setting a Destination

When you are all set and ready to travel, you will need to your use phone and
select the travel option, so it is just calling another service, more or less.
You will need to select which destination you wish to travel to first, you
can either head off to Shang Simla in China, Champs Les Sims in France or
Al Simhara.

Initially, you will only be able to stay for a total of three days, you 
can increase that using a higher visa level, but more on that in the 
relevant section. The cheapest is to head off to China, where it will only
cost you §1,300 in order to stay there for three days.

You can head to Egypt, but that will cost you §1,600, or to the lovely 
countryside of France, where it will cost a total of §1,900 for the three
day stay. Note that this is for one Sim, so if you have more Sims tagging 
along with you, make sure to multiply the cost with the amount of Sims you
are taking with you. 

After that, you will need to pick your destination, and then, select who
to bring, amount of days depending on your visa level, and off you go, and
this would be one of the few times you will see a loading screen, given that
you are moving to a new neighbourhood. Note that this will not save your
game though, so if you have a crash in the middle of France and you haven't
saved at all, prepare to do the trip again. 

In China, you will be able to learn the Martial Arts skill, which is one 
of the biggest attractors to that locale, while France will have the 
Nectary, which is basically the Brewery or Winery in the game, as Nectar
is the substitute and family friendly version of wine. Both can lead to
developed skills.

In Egypt, it is the home of the best cameras, the snake charming skills,
and besides those two, it is home to the mummy, which is the supernatural
element in this game, considering the previous series had introduced a 
supernatural theme in the game, and is the source of the most tombs in the
game, so it is a good source of relics, and thus, income. 

Note that each location will haev location specific gems and metals, more
collectibles, as well as fish, space rocks, and other interesting bits and
pieces that you can collect. 

[2.03] Arrival at Base Camp

The first thing you will do is arrive at a campsite. In Egypt, you are
stuck in the middle of a campsite, so it will be rather meagre in terms of
base camp provisions, whilst China and France do seem to treat you a little
better and provide a decent camp site. All three however, will offer you a 
place to sleep, be it the tents in Egypt or the proper beds in China and
France, a place where you can refresh your hygiene and bladder bars, and a 
small area where you can prepare some food. 

The Base Camp is useful because it is your only source of the adventure 
board, it is basically a board that provides you with opportunities to get
some money, cool relics, and some other prizes, as well as being one of the
sources of visa points, which are used to upgrade your visa levels so that
you can stay longer.

It takes some time, and a few trips to get your points, but the adventure
board ensures that you don't go home empty handed. 

Besides the adventure board, the base camp is a good place to meet fellow
explorers, and a good time as any to make a few friends along the way, and
people you can invite back home to impress other people.

Other than that, base camp is really a starting point for everything else
that you can do. 

Once you get to your destination, you will need to understand the places
around town. First, you will need to find the general merchants, who will
sell goods that are specific to each locale, but more on them later. There
is also a special merchant who you can purchase items off using ancient 
coins, but again, most on that later.

Other than that, you will need to find the various assortment of parks and
places where you can raid, again, I'll go into depth in each of the 
locations in their own section, seeing they are basically new neighbourhoods
with heavy restrictions on each of them. 

[2.04] Need Maintenance

When you head to a new land, you will need to take care of your needs. You
will need to head over to the general merchant in town, which is in the 
square if you head to Egypt or China, or individual stores if you head over
to France.

Since you are likely to head off to the tombs, you will need to maintain 
your mood there. You will need to maintain your social, energy, hygiene, 
bladder and your hunger levels down there. Well, seeing that you will have
the occasional toilet down in the tombs, and that you can simply pee your
pants. However, you will always need to head to the general goods merchant
before you head down to do some tomb raiding.

First, you will need to purchase a portable tent from the general store,
so when you are down in the tombs, you will be able to replenish your
energy stores. You will also be able to purchase some food from the same
merchant, coming in low, medium and high quality, which will replenish an
amount depending on the quality.

And finally, there is a shower in the can item, which will restore your
hygiene, so you will need to carry a few of those along. Besides that, it
will make your initial cost of the air ticket a bit more expensive, but
that's what it is like on a holiday. Though you will be able to find some
food and rest in some of the tombs that you will be raiding, don't count
on it though.

[2.05] Visa Level

Your Visa Level is basically a level which determines on how long you can
stay in a certain locale. See, when you start, you can only stay in a vacation
destination for 3 days, and if you want to stay there longer, you will need
to get a better visa.

At Visa Level 1, you will be able to stay for an extra 2 days, making the
total trip the length of 5 possible days, at the second visa level, you can
stay till the 7th day, and finally, at the highest visa level, the third
level, you can stay there for a total of 9 days. 

There are more things that your visa level can do besides lengthening your
stay. The first is that you will have a special merchant that is wondering
around, that will only accept ancient coins, more on that later, and the 
quality of goods increases as your visa increases.

And finally, at the third visa level, you can purchase vacation homes, 
your home away from home, and will replace your base camp. This is quite
interesting, because you can own more than a single vacation home, you can
own half the neighbourhood, but note that you can only live in one at a 
time, though it makes it a lot easier to replenish your mood when you go
tomb raiding, which is even more useful in Egypt than any other locale. 

[3.01] New Skill Overview

There are three new skills that are introduced into this game, and for the
most part, each are based from a single vacation area, Photography is more or
less based in Egypt, Nectar Making in France and Martial Arts from China.

Again, most of the skills are best learnt if you read the books for these
skills, and 3 books can be found for each skill in their respective 
destinations that they are based in, so Martial Art books in China, Nectar
Making books in France and Photography in Egypt. 

There are certain traits that will improve development in these skills, 
similar to the skills in the base game, but these traits will be talked about
later in it's own respective section. That's covers the basics, if you want
more about skill building, you can refer to my Sims 3 guide, that should
settle things easily. 

[3.02] Photography

Photography is a skill based in Egypt. Basically, it is an artistic skill
where you can use a camera to take photos of something or another, and you
can then sell the resulting photos for some money. This is quite useful
if you are short on money, but like the rest of the game, there is a lot in
terms of collections in this skill. 

This skill can be learnt by Children, Teenagers, Adults and their Young 
Adult counterparts, and Elders. Of course, you can learn this from books, and
using the camera itself will develop skill in Photography. There are no
classes for these new skills, so keep that in mind. Another thing to note 
is that from the books, you can only read books up to Level 3, beyond that,
to advance the skill, you need to take photos in order to develop this skill.

The problem with this skill is that there are 3 cameras in this game, the
higher class it is, the better. In all three destinations, Egypt, China and
France, you can purchase the cheap SnapTastic Flimsy-Cam camera, which will
allow you to take small photos and make a small amount of money, but it is 
the cheapest camera.

The ChannonTec Outlaw SE is basically the camera in the middle, the middle
class. It will take medium sized photos, and you can make a moderate profit
by taking photos with it, however, it isn't all that good for a professional
photographer to make some real money. This can only be purchased in Egypt.

Finally, there is the Hikon QX40dl Gladiator, which is the best camera of
the lot, it is the most expensive camera, but it is the best, with the 
best sized photos and it can sell photos for an even higher profit, and like
the Outlaw SE, it can only be purchased in Egypt. 

Taking a photo is relatively easy, all you need to do is to simply use the 
camera in your inventory, and take a photo with it. You can pause the game
to take shots better, and you can change the filters to adjust what photos
you can take, and the size of the photos you can take. The effects of the 
filters and sizes will effect the value of the photos via a multiplier. 

After you take a photo, you can click the camera again for more photos, or
you can sell the photos, or hang them on your wall at home. Just to show it
off a little. But other than that, and what is given to you by the in game
tutorial, that should be enough to learn what this skill means. You will 
have the occasional bad photo until you reach Level 5, till you are good 
enough to keep your fingers out of the photo. 

Now, there are collections of photos, like I mentioned earlier, where you
can take photos of certain objects that belong in a certain category. More
on that later. 

			    Skill Challenges

These are back, and with a vengence this time, though they won't really 
contribute to anything. These are mainly for completion experts, so this 
isn't really important.

Photography will require you to take photos of 75 different objects and
Sims, which is easy enough.

Architectural Eye requires you to take photos of 10 different landmarks, 
so head over to the new travel destinations to take photos of their 
landmarks there.

Human Form Expert will need to have your Sims take photos, you will need
to take photos of 50 different Sims. 

Paparazzi is a touch harder than the Human Form Expert challenge, you will
need to take photos of 50 different Sims, which isn't all that harder.

Shutternut is the final challenge, you will need to complete 5 different
photo collections, which will be listed below. 

			    Photo Collections

There are several filters and photo sizes. These are the effects.

Filter - Black and White = 1.00X  Multiplier - Unlocked at Level 2
         Sepia           = 1.50X  Multiplier - Unlocked at Level 4
         Vignette        = 2.00X  Multiplier - Unlocked at Level 9
         Panorama        = 2.50X  Multiplier - Unlocked at Level 10

Size   - Medium          = 0.50X  Multiplier
         Large           = 1.00X  Multiplier
         Panorama        = 2.50X  Multiplier

Now, for the collections themselves. All you need to do is to take a photo
of what is in the collection. I'll list the basic value in Simoleons, which
is used by Filter and Size factors. I'll add in some notes as well if they
might need help. Take a photo of what I tell you do, and it should do the


 * Bookstore - Bookstore in your neighbourhood - Base Value = §290

 * Chinese Garden - Scholar's Garden in China - Base Value = §240

 * City Hall - City Hall in your neighbourhood - Base Value = §140

 * Dojo - The Phoenix Martial Arts Academy in China - Base Value = §210

 * French Market - The marketplace in France - Base Value = §75

 * Hospital - The General Hospital in your neighbourhood - Base Value = §160
 * Market - Marketplace in any travel destination - Base Value = §160

 * Mausoleum - Mausoleum in the Cemetery - Base Value = §230

 * Nectary - The Nectary in France - Base Value = §230

 * Stadium - Stadium in your neighbourhood - Base Value = §140

 * Theatre - Local Theatre in your neighbourhood - Base Value = §150

 Around Town

 * Beach - Your local beach - Base Value = §80

 * Bicycle - A normal bicycle - Base Value = §2

 * Bistro - The neighbourhood Bistro - Base Value = §80

 * Car - Any normal car - Base Value = §1

 * Diner - Your local Diner - Base Value = §80

 * Grocery Store - The neighbourhood Grocery Store - Base Value = §80

 * Gym - The neighbourhood Gym - Base Value = §80

 * Park - Any neighbourhood Park - Base Value = §80

 * Picnic Basket - Picnic Basket in the Park - Base Value = §3

 * Places in Town - Any normal Career Workplace - Base Value = §80

 * Police Car - A police car - Base Value = §80

 * School - The neighbourhood School - Base Value = §80

 * Spa - The neighbourhood Spa - Base Value = §80

 Best of Class

 * Champion of the Nation - Sim at top of Military Career - Base Value = §290

 * Diplomat Extraordinaire - Sim at top of Politics Career - Base Value = §286

 * Expensive Stereo - The most expensive stereo - Base Value = §190

 * Iron Chef - Sim at the top of Culinary Career - Base Value = §280

 * Lifesaver - Sim at the top of Medicine Career - Base Value = §240

 * Limo - A limo - Base Value = §293

 * Master Criminal - Sim at top of Criminal Career - Base Value = §300

 * Money Tree - A Money Tree - Base Value = §240

 * Most Expensive Tent - The Sultan's Tabernacle Tent - Base Value = §200

 * Nectar Rack - A Nectar Rack - Base Value = §180

 * Omniplant - The Omniplant - Base Value = §300

 * Rich and Famous Car - A very expensive car - Base Value = §25

 * Rich and Famous Metal - Expensive Metals, like Gold - Base Value = §25

 * Super Cop - Sim at top of Law Enforcement Career - Base Value = §290

 * Super Star - Sim at top of Music Career - Base Value = §270


 * Being Arrested - A Burglar being arrested - Base Value = §20

 * Fight - 2 Sims fighting each other - Base Value = §100

 * Repo Man - A Repo Man taking away objects - Base Value = §100

 * Sick Sim - A Sick Sim - Base Value = §20

 * Singed - A Sim that has been singed by fire - Base Value = §100

 * Slapping - One Sim slapping another - Base Value = §100

 * Snake Fail - Snake biting a Snake Charmer - Base Value = §75

 * Soaked - A Sim Soaked from a Dive Well - Base Value = §10

 * Social Worker - Social Worker taking away a Child - Base Value = §100

 * Thievery - A Burglar stealing something - Base Value = §100


 * Canopic Jar Collection - Completed Canopic Jar Set - Base Value = §400

 * China Statue Set - Completed China Statue Set - Base Value = §245

 * Copper - A smelted copper bar - Base Value = §50

 * Dangerous Creatres Statue Set - Completed set - Base Value = §300

 * Dropa Stone Collection - Completed Dropa Stone Set - Base Value = §350

 * Egypt Statue Set - Completed Egypt Statue Set - Base Value = §425

 * Geode - A cut Geode - Base Value = §50

 * Gold - A smelted gold bar - Base Value = §50

 * Iron - A smelted iron bar - Base Value = §50

 * Luminorious Gem - A Cut Luminorious Gem - Base Value = §75

 * Magic Gnome - A Magic Gnome - Base Value = §260

 * Mercury - A mercury vial - Base Value = §50

 * Mummitomium - A smelted mummitomium bar - Base Value = §80

 * Opal - A Cut Opal - Base Value = §65

 * Pink Diamond - A Cut Pink Diamond - Base Value = §75

 * Quartz - A Cut piece of Quartz - Base Value = §25

 * Rainbow Gem - A Cut Rainbow Gem - Base Value = §75

 * Silver - A smelted silver bar - Base Value = §50

 * Space Rock - Any random Space Rock - Base Value = §50

 * Tiberium - A Cut piece of Tiberium - Base Value = §130

 * Topaz - A Cut Topaz - Base Value = §75

 * White Diamond - A Cut Diamond - Base Value = §75

 Everyday Moments

 * Area Man/Woman - A normal Sim - Base Value = §20

 * Babysitter - A Nanny - Base Value = §190

 * Chessmatch - 2 Sims playing chess - Base Value = §5

 * Child Being Carried - Sim carrying a child - Base Value = §5

 * Child Playing with Eastbake - Sim playing with oven - Base Value = §75

 * Child Playing with Toybox - Sim playing with toybox - Base Value = §75

 * Computing - Sim using computer - Base Value = §5

 * Cook Cooking - A Sim cooking - Base Value = §20

 * Firefighter - A Firefighter - Base Value = §100

 * Fishing - A sim fishing - Base Value = §5

 * Five Sims - 5 Sims in a frame - Base Value = §5

 * Four Sims Eating - 4 Sims having a meal - Base Value = §5

 * Gardening - A Sim gardening - Base Value = §5

 * Lovers at Night - 2 Sims being romantic at night - Base Value = §5

 * Maid - Photo of a Maid - Base Value = §5

 * Maid at Work - Maid working - Base Value = §5

 * Mail Carrier - Sim delivering your mail - Base Value = §100

 * Photo of Photographer - Sim photographing your Sim - Base Value = §5

 * Pizza Delivery - Sim delivering Pizza - Base Value = §5

 * Playing with Sprinkler - Sims playing with Sprinkler - Base Value = §50

 * Police Officer - A Police Officer - Base Value = §100

 * Politics Demonstration - A Political rally - Base Value = §35

 * Repair Man Repairing - Repairman working - Base Value = §5

 * Repair Sim - The Repairman - Base Value = §5

 * Sim Painting - A Sim painting - Base Value = §5

 * Three's a Crowd - 3 Sims in a frame - Base Value = §5

 * Two's Company - 2 Sims in a frame - Base Value = §5


 * Child - Your child - Base Value = §2

 * Dead Relatives - Ghosts of a family member - Base Value = §65

 * Family Member - A family member - Base Value = §5

 * Friend - One of your Sim's friends - Base Value = §2

 * Grandchild - Your grandchild - Base Value = §2

 * Housemate - Housemate of your Sim - Base Value = §5

 * Significant Other - Sim you are romantic with - Base Value = §2

 * Spouse - Your Spouse - Base Value = §2

 * Three of my Friends - 3 of your Sim's Friends - Base Value = §4

 * Two of my Friends - 2 of your Sim's Friends - Base Value = §2

 Home Sweet Home

 * Baby Stuff - 2 Baby-related Objects - Base Value = §5

 * Bathroom Stuff - 2 Bathroom Objects - Base Value = §5

 * Decorations - 2 Decorative Objects - Base Value = §5

 * Furniture - 2 Furniture Objects - Base Value = §5

 * Gadgets Galore - 2 Electronic Objects - Base Value = §5

 * Kitchen Kitsch - 2 Kitchen Objects - Base Value = §5

 * Nice Garden - 2 Garden Objects - Base Value = §5

 * Outdoor Stuff - 2 Outdoor Objects - Base Value = §5

 * Party Stuff - 2 Party-related Objects - Base Value = §5

 * Something Yummy - A prepared recipe or Nectar - Base Value = §5

 * Stuffed Bear - Stuffed Bear - Base Value = §1

 * Toilet - A Toilet - Base Value = §1

 * Toys and Hobbies - 1 Toy or Hobby Object - Base Value = §5


 * Death of an NPC - NPC being taken by Grim Reaper - Base Value = §200

 * Death on Vacation - Sim at travel area taken by Grim - Base Value = §250

 * Doubly Dead - Ghost and Mummy in the Same Frame - Base Value = §300

 * Ghost - A Ghost - Base Value = §100

 * Ghost Problem - 2 Ghosts - Base Value = §200

 * Haunted Objects - Object haunted by Ghost - Base Value = §200

 * Mummy - A Mummy - Base Value = §30

 * Mummy Having a Snack - Mummy eating a Mummy Snack - Base Value = §50

 * My Dead Enemy - Ghost of an Enemy - Base Value = §300

 * My Dead Spouse - Ghost of Dead Spouse - Base Value = §150

 * Serious Ghost Problem - 3 Ghosts - Base Value = §300

 * Too Many Ghosts - 5 Ghosts - Base Value = §500

 * Wandering Ghost - Ghost walking around - Base Value = §30


 * Apple Tree - Mature Apple Tree - Base Value = §35

 * Bell Pepper Plant - Mature Bell Pepper Plant - Base Value = §35

 * Cherimola Blan Grape Vine - Mature Cherimola Vine - Base Value = §35

 * Cranerlet Nuala Grape Vine - Mature Cranerlet Vine - Base Value = §35

 * Death Flower Bush - Mature Death Flower Bush - Base Value = §35

 * Flame Fruit Plant - Mature Flame Fruit Plant - Base Value = §35

 * Garlic Plant - Mature Garlic Plant - Base Value = §35

 * Gralladina Fran Grape Vine - Mature Gralladine Vine - Base Value = §35

 * Grape Vine - Mature Grape Vine - Base Value = §35

 * Hydrangea - A Hydrangea Plant - Base Value = §35

 * Lettuce Plant - Mature Lettuce Plant - Base Value = §35

 * Life Plant - Mature Life Plant - Base Value = §35

 * Lime Tree - Mature Lime Tree - Base Value = §35

 * Meloire Grape Vine - Mature Meloire Vine - Base Value = §35

 * Onion Plant - Mature Onion Plant - Base Value = §35

 * Plum Tree - Mature Plum Tree - Base Value = §35

 * Pomegranate Tree - Mature Pomegranate Tree - Base Value = §35

 * Potato Plant - Mature Potato Plant - Base Value = §35

 * Red Rose - A Red Rose - Base Value = §35

 * Renoit Grape Vine - Mature Renoit Vine - Base Value = §35

 * Sunflower - A Sunflower - Base Value = §35

 * Tomato Plant - Mature Tomato Plant - Base Value = §35

 * Watermelon Vine - Mature Watermelon Vine - Base Value = §35

 * White Rose - A White Rose - Base Value = §35

 Sims in Motion

 * Air Guitar - Sim playing an guitar in air - Base Value = §75

 * Clearing Pile - Sim clearing rubble in tombs - Base Value = §75

 * Making Nectar - Sim making nectar - Base Value = §75

 * Martials Art Training - Sim training martial arts - Base Value = §75

 * Playing Instrument - Sim playing a musical instrument - Base Value = §75

 * Pleading to Sphinx - Sim pleading to Sphinx in Egypt - Base Value = §75

 * Pushing Statue - Sim pushing statue - Base Value = §75

 * Rummaging In a Trashcan - Sim digging through a trashcan - Base Value = §75

 * Sim Breaking Board - Sim using board breaker - Base Value = §75

 * Sim Making Bed - A Sim making their bed - Base Value = §75

 * Sim Putting Out Fire - Sim extinguishing fire - Base Value = §75

 * Sim Running - A Sim running - Base Value = §75

 * Sim Solo Dancing - Sim dancing by themself - Base Value = §75

 * Sim Swimming - A Sim swimming - Base Value = §75

 * Sims Dancing - 2 Sims dancing - Base Value = §75

 * Sims Playing Catch - 2 Sims playing catch - Base Value = §75

 * Sims Sparring - 2 Sims sparring - Base Value = §150

 * Swing Set - Sim using the swing set - Base Value = §75

 * Voyeur Couch Make Out - 2 Sims kissing on couch - Base Value = §120

 * Working Out - Sim working out on exercise machine - Base Value = §75

 Still Life

 * Candles - Some candles - Base Value = §2

 * Couch - A couch - Base Value = §1

 * Flowers - Some flowers - Base Value = §3

 * Garden Decorations - Garden Decoration - Base Value = §1

 * Generic - A normal object - Base Value = §1

 * Nectar Bottle and Food - Nectar Bottle and Dish of Food - Base Value = §5

 * Television - A television - Base Value = §1

 * Tissue Box - A tissue box - Base Value = §1

 * Tombstone - A tombstone - Base Value = §5

 * Video Game - Video game console - Base Value = §1


 * Abu Simbel - Tomb of Abu Simbel in Egypt - Base Value = §250

 * Anubis Torch - Anubis Torch in Egypt - Base Value = §200

 * Floor Switch - Floor Switch in tomb - Base Value = §190

 * Giant Boulder - Giant Boulder in tomb - Base Value = §120

 * Lovers in China - 2 Sims being romantic in China - Base Value = §75

 * Lovers in Egypt - 2 Sims being romantic in Egypt - Base Value = §75

 * Lovers in France - 2 Sims being romantic in France - Base Value = §75

 * Pile of Ancient Coins - Ancient Coins in a tomb - Base Value = §160

 * Pushable Statue - Pushable Statue in tomb - Base Value = §120

 * Pyramid - A pyramid in Egypt - Base Value = §300

 * Relic - A relic anywhere - Base Value = §75

 * Rubble Pile - Pile of rubble in tomb - Base Value = §75

 * Sarcophagus - A sarcophagus anywhere - Base Value = §120

 * Shower in a Can Voyeur - Sim using the can - Base Value = §50

 * Snake Charmer - Snake Charmer in Egypt - Base Value = §200

 * Soulpiece Statue - Soulpiece Statue inside Sphinx - Base Value = §200

 * Sphinx - Sphinx in Egypt - Base Value = §180

 * Temple of the Dragon - Temple of the Dragon in China - Base Value = §350

 * Trap - A trap in a tomb - Base Value = §100

 * Treasure Chest - Treasure Chest in tomb - Base Value = §150

[3.03] Nectar Making

Nectar Making basically the family friendly version of maing wine. But seeing
that alcoholic references aren't that family friendly, well, it gets changed
to nectar making. Anyway, this skill is based in France, and you can purchase
the necessary equipment from the Nectary. Similar to a Winery and a Brewery.

When you talk to the merchant, besides the special grapes that are unique to
the France destination, and bottles of already bottled nectar, there are some
the Nectar Racks and the Nectar Maker. What you need to purchase is the 
Nectar Maker and the Nectar Racks, and you can use them once you get back
home as they are stored in your Family Inventory, accessed in Buy Mode. 

Anyway, once you have the maker and placed it, you need to add in the
ingredients. Note that the macine will only take in fruit, such as apples and
grapes. So keep that in mind. To make nectar, you need to add 10 items of
fruit, the type does not matter at all. Then you need to squash the fruit, 
and then, make the nectar. You will have a few options on how you make the
nectar, but more on this later. After that, the maker will start to whir
around and you will need to wait as the machine makes your nectar. When it is
finished, you can take the nectar, and either drink it, sell it, or store it
on the nectar rack to age it quickly, and sell it for even more money.

You see, nectar, like wine, will age over time, so the longer you store it on
the nectar rack, the more valuable it will be. Placing it on the rack seems
to increase the age in which it ages. For an even faster aging process, you
can place the racks in a basement, one of the new features you can build in
this game, set out in your manual, and place it in the basement, where it 
will age faster and make more money. 

Anyway, to learn this skill, you can read the books on Nectar Making, in
which you can purchase from France at the bookstore, as well as using the
machine. Unlike the Photography skill, you can read books up to Level 10 if
it amuses you. Of course, using the nectar maker will also boost your skill
levels somewhat. As with the other skills from this game, there aren't any
classes you can take to boost your skill. Note that only Sims that are in
their teenage years or older can make nectar, can't exactly have drunk 
children wandering around, now can we?

			    Skill Challenges

Again, there are some challenges that you can complete for the fun of it. 

Nectar Maker is where you will need to produce 200 bottles of nectar, be it
all the same or all of them different, it doesn't really matter. But seeing
as how you can get about 4 bottles per run, it isn't exactly going to be a 
quick challenge. Once you complete this challenge, you will create an extra
bottle of nectar for every batch you make. 

Flavourful Feet is basically when you squash fruit 40 times on the nectar
machine. I still don't see how squashing it with your feet is considered a 
healthy practice, I mean, what if you have unclean toenails? Still, after
you have done this, you will increase the bottles of all nectar you will make
in the future. 

Vine Vizard involves a bit of gardening, where basically, you need to harvest
400 bunches of grapes, and then use them in 40 batches of nectar. They don't
need to be the same type of grape, it can be your ordinary grapes or the
special ones from France. This will increase the amount of grapes you can 
harvest from grape vines. 

Mix Master is the last of them, and this is probably the easiest one for you
to finish, where you need to create 15 different types of nectar, different
mixes, so to speak. After this challenge is complete, you will be able to
sometimes see the end result of the nectar after you've squashed the fruit.

			    Nectar Production

Like I said before, there are different ways to produce Nectar. When you
have the maker, you will originally start with basic when you have squash the
fruit and ready to make nectar, but when you develop your levels in this 
skill, you will get more options.

Make Concentrated Nectar is unlocked at level 4, and basically, this is
where you will make a very strong nectar batch, which will reduce the amount
of bottles you can make down from the Basic level, but it will increase the
quality of the nectar. 

Mass Produce is unlocked at level 7, and this is where you will configure the
machine to make more nectar, so the amount of bottles you will get it 
increased from the Basic variant, but the quality will be lower than what you
would want.

Extended Nectaration is unlocked at level 9, and this is the most effective
one. This will not change the amount of bottles it produces from the Basic
level, normally 3, and it will increase the quality of the nectar, but the
time it takes for the machine to make the nectar increases, which is quite a 
small price to pay. 

			  Nectar Maker Upgrades

Well, you can also upgrade the Nectar Maker itself, so if you want, you 
might want to purchase 2 or 3 of the machines for the same of different
upgrades. Of course, this will require the handiness skill somewhat, so you
will want that ready to rock and roll soon enough. Note that the level
requirements I'm listing below are for handiness, and not nectar making. 

At level 5, you will be able to upgrade the machine with the Improved
Pressing upgrade. This will increase the amount of bottles that the 
machine will make if you succeed in the upgrade, but if you fail, it will
lower the amount it will produce till you fix that bit right up. 

At level 6, you can upgrade the machine to unbreakable, and this is exactly
what it means, it will be impossible to break from now on, however, failing
it will require you to, ironically enough, repair it since it has been

At level 10, which means when you've maxed out the handiness skill, you can
upgrade it with the Flavour Enhancement upgrade. This will increase the
value of all nectar that is produced by the machine, which is quite nice, 
though if you fail, it will reduce the value of the nectar until you fix
it right up. 

			   The Perfect Blend

The problem with this skill is that it is extremely hard for me to say which
recipe works well, because when it comes down to the punch, there are many
different fruits, such as the life fruit, flame fruit, and grapes, and as
such, there are too many combinations for me to give a base value for. 

Also, make sure that you clean the machine when it gets dirty, when you do
not clean it, it will reduce the value of the nectar that you make, seeing
there are some now toxic flavours in it. 

However, follow the rule that the rarer the fruit you are using, the better
the nectar. So a special fruit, such as a life fruit, will do better than a 
common fruit, like an apple. As such, follow that the quality and value of
the nectar will depend on the fruit somewhat, so Special > Rare > Uncommon >

Also, a note that I couldn't put anywhere else, that Life Fruit is a very
good nectar ingredient, and aging a bottle of nectar made with life fruit will
increase the amount of days your Sim has left to live. 

			    French Grapes

There are several grapes that you can only purchase from France, be it from
the Nectary, harvested from the Nectary's fields, or the Special Merchant from
France, here are the special grapes.

Cherimola Blan Grape  - Common    - Slow Gardening Growth Speed
Renoit Grape          - Common    - Slow Gardening Growth Speed
Avornalino Grape      - Uncommon  - Medium Gardening Growth Speed
Meloire Grape         - Uncommon  - Medium Gardening Growth Speed
Cranerlet Nuala Grape - Rare      - Fast Gardening Growth Speed
Gralladina Fran Grape - Rare      - Fast Gardening Growth Speed

[3.04] Martial Arts

Sim Fu is the martial arts of the Sims, based in China. The skill is based
in China, so if you really want to learn all about martial arts, you will
need to head there. You can learn this age from teenagers up, and although
the sight of an elder playing with martial arts might be funny, it isn't so
funny when they kick your ass. 

Basically, this skill is developed from books, which you can purchase in
China, though one needs to question how the hell you would learn to beat 
someone up without practical experience, from using the board breaker and the
training dummy, which can be found at the Phoenix Academy in China, or you
can purchase those from the general store, and play with them once you get
back home. Also, you will gain some martial arts skill from sparring with
other Sims, as well as Tournaments on the Sim Fu technique.

What is the point of Martial Arts. Basically, there are two real reasons. The
first is that it is useful for fighting, it seems to have overtaken the
Athletic skill in terms of what you need to beat someone in a fight. By the
time you are level 10, you will be able to defeat all your enemies. This is
important, because mummies in Egypt have a high martial arts skill, and you
will need to take them out, less you want to be cursed, or pass out.

The second point of Martial Arts is that this is the only method you can get
some Tiberium without fail. But more on this later, and why the hell Tiberium
is in this game is beyond me. Future planning on the finale of the Tiberium
saga in Tiberium Twilight? 

Anyway, you should start at the Phoenix Academy, and once there, you can 
practice on the training dummies. When you get to level 2 and beyond, you
can start breaking some boards, but more on that later. Once you have built
up some skill, you can see what colour belts people have, indicating what
level they are, and spar with them, seeing you need it to practice and for
your challenges, which are ahead.

Once you reach level 5, you can start meditating. This is interesting, not
because there is a skill challenge involved, but you can teleport as well. 
By meditating, you will get a moodlet that will boost your mood, and the 
longer you meditate, the longer the moodlet will last for, which is quite
useful before a day of hard work. It will also remove a lot of the negative
moodlets that you will get from stress, such as Anxious to Advance and other
things like being Rejected. 

Once you have meditated for a while, you will reach Maximum Focus, where at
this point, you can Zeneport, which is teleporting, and you will be able
to teleport to a location of your choosing, however, it takes a little over
3 and a half hours before you can do this, and once you meditate, you will
lose the moodlet from meditation. 

Finally, sparring itself is interesting, such that it is more or less a 
hidden skill, built like the Chess skill. Basically, the more you spar, the
better you get at it, and you can, like Chess, invite the next challenger,
who is ranked, and fight them. After you have done this 20 times, you will
be a Grand Master, hooray! Note that you can only challenge other Sims in a
tournament in China, and for that, you will need to be at Level 4. And you 
can only challenge them at the base camp or your vacation home. And the good
thing is that you can only increase in rank, not decrease. 

			    Skill Challenges

Grand Master is basically where you will need to clear out and defeat 20
people to attain the rank of Grand Master, and basically what is described
in the above paragraph. It appears that this is more or less rewardless, but
it does appear to increase your chances of sparring success, against certain
enemies like mummies. 

Master of Meditation, or MOM, is where you will need to meditate for 150
hours in total, and then, you will be able to learn Tranquil Transference, 
which will replace Zeneport for you. This will not drain your moodlet that
you get from meditation, which is nice, and also, you only need to meditate
1 and a half hours before you can teleport, rather than the 3 and half that
was previously. 

Sim Fu King is where you will need to spar 75 times, be it a win, loss or a
draw, somehow. Basically this will increase the chances of your Sim winning
in a fight, and by 75 spars, I hope you will be able to win.

Timber Terminator is the final, and one of the best skills. After you have
broken 150 oak boards or tougher, you will be able to get gems from breaking
up a space rock. This is completely random, and that is good, because you
will be as likely of getting a rare pink diamond as a piece of ordinary
quartz. which is useful.


Tiberium is obtained once you have the Timber Terminator challenge, and 
by breaking space rocks, you can get Tiberium from it. Although it appears to
be worthless, might I suggest spenting a fair bit on the spike cut, and when
it comes back to you, see how much it is worth. A hell of a lot. 


Of course, there are various colour belts that you can attach to your Sim Fu
Gi that you will be wearing, and this will help you denote the levels of other

 Level 1  - White
 Level 2  - Yellow
 Level 3  - Orange
 Level 4  - Green
 Level 5  - Green
 Level 6  - Blue
 Level 7  - Blue
 Level 8  - Brown
 Level 9  - Black
 Level 10 - Black and Gold

[3.05] Snake Charming

This is a hidden skill, it is not overt per se, this is where you need a 
snake charming basket, that you can purchase in Egypt, and you can purchase
it from the general store there. 

This skill is sort of like the guitar skill, the more you practice at it,
the more you will be better at it, and the less likely that the snake will
bite you when you decide to do the finale with the snake kiss. This skill
is like the guitar skill, mainly because you can play the snake charming 
game for some tips, which is always a nice touch. Brings a touch of Egypt 
when you go back home. 

This is one useful skill, mainly because when you are infected by a Mummy and
on your way to your Mummy status, you will get the Mummy Curse moodlet, and
a successful kiss will cure it. Well, there is another way, but that involves
a tomb exploration. 

[4.01] Cooking

Cooking is a skill that has been bolstered somewhat in this game, meaning 
that you have gotten new recipes to play with, which makes things a bit more
interesting, to say the least. Again, the recipes here will recipe you to 
learn of this in some method or another, and all of these are done via the
lovely recipe books.

That is, when you head to a travel destination, you should pay a visit to the
local bookstore, and once there, have a look at the books on offer, because
in the middle of there, are recipes books that you can read to learn a 
recipe specific to that locale. In this case, it seems that the French have
the heads up, they have 4 recipes, whilst China and Egypt get 2 each. 

Again, there are going to be level restrictions, so that you will need to be
of a certain level before you can cook the recipe. Also, there are specific
ingredients that you will need before you can start cooking, if you don't
want to pay the little fee, and some will be strictive enough so that you 
can only cook it if you have the necessary ingredients, such as frog legs. 

Anyway, a quick overview of the timing and such, as well as another talk 
about my lovely template, updated with where you get the recipe as well. 

When you are going to be cooking food, the best ingredients will give the 
best type of food, as well as a high cooking skill. Obviously, a food 
processor will do better than simply cutting up the food, and a high quality
grill will do a lot better than a cheap stove. 

And if you are confused about the time in which food is served, the little 
list will show when the time for food rolls over.

3AM  -  10AM = Breakfast
10AM -  5PM  = Lunch
5PM  -  3AM  = Dinner

9AM  -  3PM  on Weekends = Brunch

Below are all the recipes, what level you can obtain them in, the ingredients
that you will require, and any other details. Below is a template, and how to
read and understand it. 

--==Recipe Name==--

Locale = Where you will be able to purchase the recipe book from.
Cooking Skill = The level in which you need to be at to cook this dish.
Serving Size = The serving sizes you can serve this dish at, single or group
Base Quality = The lowest quality the dish can be served at minus problems 
               such as undercooking or burning the dish. 
Ingredients Required = These are the ingredients that you will need cook the
Cost Alternative = This is how much you can pay for a single serving if you
                   do not have the ingredients on hand to cook the dish.
When to Cook = The times that you can cook the food, such as lunch or dinner.
Cooking Method = This is how the food is cooked, whether it is through the
                 oven, grill, or no cooking is involved. 
Source of Recipe = This is how the recipe is obtained, recipe book or level up

--==Cheese Plate==--

Locale               = France
Cooking Skill        = 1
Serving Size         = Group
Base Quality         = Normal
Ingredients Required = Grape and Cheese
Cost Alternative     = §14
When to Cook         = Dessert
Cooking Method       = No Cooking Required
Source of Recipe     = Recipe Book

This is a quick and cheap recipe, this is the only dessert that you will be
betting in this game. You know what will go great with this, a bottle of nice
sweet nectar.


Locale               = Egypt
Cooking Skill        = 1
Serving Size         = Single or Group
Base Quality         = Normal
Ingredients Required = Steak
Cost Alternative     = §30
When to Cook         = Lunch, Dinner
Cooking Method       = Stove
Source of Recipe     = Recipe Book

An exotic dish involve some nice fine beef, as demonstrated by the use of 
steak in this dish. For a low level dish, it is a bit pricey, but hey, you
earn more than that by finding a random gem on the ground.

--==Egg Roll==--

Locale               = China
Cooking Skill        = 2
Serving Size         = Single or Group
Base Quality         = Nice
Ingredients Required = Egg and Lettuce
Cost Alternative     = §15
When to Cook         = Lunch, Dinner
Cooking Method       = Oven
Source of Recipe     = Recipe Book

I would find that this would be better suited to dessert, but that all 
depends on how much sugar as been used, and how is has been cooked. Oh well,
everyone loves egg rolls!


Locale               = France
Cooking Skill        = 3
Serving Size         = Single or Group
Base Quality         = Nice
Ingredients Required = Fish and Any Vegetable
Cost Alternative     = §12
When to Cook         = Dinner
Cooking Method       = Stove
Source of Recipe     = Recipe Book

A heart fish dish, this has been mentioned so many times on Iron Chef that
it is to be expected. Of course, as long as your Sims can handle the smell
of fish, it would be a sure fire hit.

--==Frog Legs==--

Locale               = France
Cooking Skill        = 3
Serving Size         = Single or Group
Base Quality         = Nice
Ingredients Required = Frog and Garlic
Cost Alternative     = Cannot be Bought
When to Cook         = Dinner
Cooking Method       = Stove
Source of Recipe     = Recipe Book

Ah, this has to be a French dish, though to be honest, I've never had 
frog legs before. You cannot cook this dish without a frog to actually 
cook, so you will need the frog before you can cook this.


Locale               = Egypt
Cooking Skill        = 5
Serving Size         = Single or Group
Base Quality         = Nice
Ingredients Required = Onion and Lettuce
Cost Alternative     = §11
When to Cook         = Lunch, Dinner
Cooking Method       = Stove
Source of Recipe     = Recipe Book

The falafel is an exotic dish from Egypt, and I must say that they taste
rather good. Shame that you can translate that taste from the game <_<

--==Stir Fry==--

Locale               = China
Cooking Skill        = 6
Serving Size         = Single or Group
Base Quality         = Very Nice
Ingredients Required = Bell Pepper and Onion
Cost Alternative     = §41
When to Cook         = Lunch, Dinner
Cooking Method       = Stove
Source of Recipe     = Recipe Book

A Stir-Fry is always a dish that will invoke the name of Chinese food,
which is a tad interesting, since there are plenty of Chinese dishes out
there, and this is one of the most well known. 


Locale               = France
Cooking Skill        = 8
Serving Size         = Single or Group
Base Quality         = Great
Ingredients Required = Any 2 Fruits
Cost Alternative     = §12
When to Cook         = Breakfast
Cooking Method       = Stove
Source of Recipe     = Recipe Book

This is interesting, crepes in france. What I do find disappointing is
that crepes are best served with oranges, and there are no oranges in
this game. Oh well. 

[4.02] Fishing

Fishing is one skill that has taken a little boost, seeing that in all three
travel destinations, there are new fish that you can catch. Of course, there
are some that you can catch straight away, and there are going to be some that
will require a high fishing skill. That is to be expected. 

In each locale, there will be different fish on offer, and some have an 
impact on what you can cook later on. The skill is still the same, it is 
just that there is a few more fish to catch. So when you now go to the new
locales, much sure you inspect the fishing spots to see if there are some
new species to catch.


 Doitsu Koi

 Level Required     - 0
 Preferred Bait     - Pomelo
 Rarity of Fish     - Common
 Fertilizer Quality - Good

 Dragon Fish

 Level Required     - 9
 Preferred Bait     - Tancho Koi
 Rarity of Fish     - Rare
 Fertilizer Quality - Great

 Kawarimono Koi

 Level Required     - 3
 Preferred Bait     - Plum
 Rarity of Fish     - Common
 Fertilizer Quality - Good

 Ochiba Koi

 Level Required     - 5
 Preferred Bait     - Pomelo
 Rarity of Fish     - Incommon
 Fertilizer Quality - Good

 Tancho Koi

 Level Required     - 7
 Preferred Bait     - Plum
 Rarity of Fish     - Uncommon
 Fertilizer Quality - Good



 Level Required     - 4
 Preferred Bait     - Siamase Catfish
 Rarity of Fish     - Uncommon
 Fertilizer Quality - Good

 Mummy Fish

 Level Required     - 8
 Preferred Bait     - Pomegranate
 Rarity of Fish     - Rare
 Fertilizer Quality - Great



 Level Required     - 5
 Preferred Bait     - Frogs
 Rarity of Fish     - Uncommon
 Fertilizer Quality - Good


 Level Required     - 0
 Preferred Bait     - Cherimola Blan Grape
 Rarity of Fish     - Common
 Fertilizer Quality - Good


 Level Required     - 3
 Preferred Bait     - Renoit Grape
 Rarity of Fish     - Uncommon
 Fertilizer Quality - Good

[4.03] Gardening

Another skill that has taken a boost is the gardening skill. Of course, the
restrictions on planting common, uncommon and rare seeds still apply, but
there are new plants, well, fruits and vegetables that you can purchase from
the food stores or harvest from around the destination, take back home, and
plant them back in your backyard. 

The most important of these are in France, where there are more grapes to
play with, you have several different types of grapes. Egypt and China will
only have 2 new plants for you to play with, compared to France, which is a 
nice 6. 

Anyway, same template as before, if it ain't broke, don't fix it I say.

--==Plant Name==--

Locale = Where this plant is found
Rarity = How rare the plant is to find
Skill Level = This is the skill level that your Sim will need to plant this
              plant. Note it is gardening skill.
Base Value = The price it will fetch for a normal quality plant.
Perfect Value = This is the amount of § you get for a perfect plant. 
Produce per Harvest = Amount of produce that you get per harvest.
Maximum Harvest = Amount that you can harvest until the plant is barren.
Chance of Weeds = The chance that weeds will infect your plant.

--==Cherimola Blan Grape Vine==--

Locale              = France
Rarity              = Common
Skill Level         = 0
Base Value          = §4
Perfect Value       = §16
Produce per Harvest = 2-4
Maximum Harvest     = 15
Chance of Weeds     = 20%

--==Renoit Grape Vine==--

Locale              = France
Rarity              = Common
Skill Level         = 0
Base Value          = §4
Perfect Value       = §16
Produce per Harvest = 2-4
Maximum Harvest     = 15
Chance of Weeds     = 20%

--==Avornalino Grape Vine==--

Locale              = France
Rarity              = Uncommon
Skill Level         = 5
Base Value          = §8
Perfect Value       = §32
Produce per Harvest = 2-4
Maximum Harvest     = 15
Chance of Weeds     = 20%

--==Meloire Grape Vine==--

Locale              = France
Rarity              = Uncommon
Skill Level         = 5
Base Value          = §8
Perfect Value       = §32
Produce per Harvest = 2-4
Maximum Harvest     = 15
Chance of Weeds     = 20%

--==Cranerlet Nuala Grape Vine==--

Locale              = France
Rarity              = Rare
Skill Level         = 7
Base Value          = §12
Perfect Value       = §48
Produce per Harvest = 2-4
Maximum Harvest     = 15
Chance of Weeds     = 20%

--==Gralladina Fran Grape Vine==--

Locale              = France
Rarity              = Rare
Skill Level         = 7
Base Value          = §12
Perfect Value       = §48
Produce per Harvest = 2-4
Maximum Harvest     = 15
Chance of Weeds     = 20%

--==Pomegranate Tree==--

Locale              = Egypt
Rarity              = Uncommon
Skill Level         = 5
Base Value          = §9
Perfect Value       = §36
Produce per Harvest = 3-5
Maximum Harvest     = 40
Chance of Weeds     = 25%

--==Cherry Tree==--

Locale              = Egypt
Rarity              = Rare
Skill Level         = 7
Base Value          = §15
Perfect Value       = §60
Produce per Harvest = 3-5
Maximum Harvest     = 40
Chance of Weeds     = 25%

--==Plum Tree==--

Locale              = China
Rarity              = Uncommon
Skill Level         = 5
Base Value          = §9
Perfect Value       = §36
Produce per Harvest = 3-5
Maximum Harvest     = 40
Chance of Weeds     = 25%

--==Pomelo Tree==--

Locale              = China
Rarity              = Rare
Skill Level         = 7
Base Value          = §15
Perfect Value       = §60
Produce per Harvest = 3-5
Maximum Harvest     = 40
Chance of Weeds     = 25%

[5.01] New Traits

With the new game, or rather, expansion pack, there comes the addition of
three new traits in the game, not a lot, compared to the 60 odd that were
released in the base game, but it is better than naught, is it not? 

Anyway, all of these traits have to do with the game itself, it deals with
adventures and travels overseas, as well as the new skills that are dealt 
forth from this new game. 

However, note that with these new traits, you will need to accommodate it
into your existing limit of 5 traits. That can be a problem, because one of
these traits will block out the use of another trait. Without further ado,
let's get to the nitty gritty of it. 


The Sims with this trait is that these Sims will enjoy the adventure of 
travelling to new and exotic locales, and as such, they will be happier when
they start exploring the travel destinations, improving their visa level 
faster than other Sims, and more importantly, they can go on new adventures
faster than normal Sims without this trait. 


The benefits of this trait is that they get a moodlet boost when they go
on adventure in these new locales, which makes things more interesting and 
when they go overseas, it is easier to build up a visa level, but that isn't
much of a benefit, since it is quite easy to build anyway. 


This will have the problem of a Stir Crazy negative moodlet when they have
been indoors for a significant period of time, seeing as that they love
adventure, and loathe being indoors where the concept of adventure is more
or less foreign to them.

--==Unique Properties==--

The most unique property is that they can go on new adventures only just 
one day after coming back from one, compared to other Sims, who need to wait
for 2 days before they can go on new adventures. This means that they can
go on new adventures faster, which is nice if you love going to these new


 3.5 / 5

As useful as going on new adventures may be, this is a problem because these
trips cost a fair bit of money, and unless you have about a few tons of it 
sitting it in your basement, so that can be an issue. However, for some
of the opportunities or adventures in the tourist areas, you need to head
to the other locales, so you will need this moodlet to get it done quicker.
So it is up to you whetheryou want to travel all the time or not.


These Sims are those that have the dedication and focus to do what they 
have to do, and they are single-minded self-disciplined, so that will not 
be those that fool around. That makes them the best type of Sims to learn
the skill of Martial Arts, which requires exceptional dedication and focus.


The Sims that have this trait will learn the Martial Arts skill a lot 
better than other Sims, and when they spar with other Sims, they will be 
a lot more successful than their normal counterparts. Also, when they 
decide it's time to break some boards or play around with training dummy,
the odds of them failing at using these items will be lower.


There are no disadvantages to this trait, except for the fact that they
are dedicated to their life.

--==Unique Properties==--

The fun thing is that while other Sims find Martial Arts to be a bit of a 
bore, these Sims will derive some sort of fun from it, mainly because they
enjoy the need to be so focused on the job at hand. Martial Arts seem to
be their life and blood.


 3 / 5

This isn't as helpful as you think, mainly because the Martial Arts skill
isn't as used as something, like cooking. However, as a money making 
method, this is actually useful, seeing that you can break Space Rocks 
faster, and these will lead to spikes of Tiberium, which you can sell 
for thousands upon thousands after you get it cut, which is very, very
interesting. But the advantage wipes off after a while. 

**Photographer's Eye**

This is a very simple trait, Sims with this trait will be a lot more
skilled with the camera, and as such, they will learn the photography skill
a lot faster than other Sims, so that they need less photos in order to reach
the skill level that they desire. They will also earn more money by taking
photos than other Sims, which is useful for money making.


The benefits is that they will develop this skill a lot faster, which is
useful as a higher skill means more money, and that they get a general
boost to the amount of money that they will receive by taking photos,
so that they can be professional photographers, and no need for a set job.


There are no disadvantages to this trait, well, except that it takes up
a trait slot.

--==Unique Properties==--

Like mentioned above, they develop the photography skill a lot faster and
that their photos make a bit more money, which is rather useful. They will
also gain the ability to talk about cameras to other Sims, so they will get
a boost with Sims who enjoy photography, as well as discussing SLR cameras
and ranting on about dark rooms.


 4 / 5

The reason for such a high rating is that photography is actually a useful
skill to play with, as it is like painting and writing in that it can make
a fair bit of money if you play this full time. This is nice, although the
reason it gets a bit off 5 is that it does tend to get annoying when you
need to have the game lag whilst waiting for the camera screen to show. 

What that hasn't been said is that there are 2 hidden traits as well, and
these have to do with the specific tourist destinations. These are the 
East Asian Culture and the French Culture hidden traits. They are originally
from NPCs from China and France respectively, and it just effects the 
behaviour in minor ways.

These are genetic traits, so when you mate with an NPC from China or France,
there is a 70% chance that your offspring will inherit the trait from their
NPC parent. That's about it in terms of inheritance.

 East Asian Culture - Will do things in accordance to Chinese culture, such 
                      as eating with chopsticks when eating their food.

 French Culture - They will greet other Sims with a dual-cheek kiss whilst
                  in France. 

[5.02] Lifetime Wishes

There are new lifetime wishes as well, and most of these have to do with the
new skills that have been added, but some will involve the destinations 
themselves, which is nothing new. I'll list down what I wrote about this in
the base game.

Lifetime Wishes don't offer anything special besides the large amount of 
Lifetime Happiness points that they offer. You can only complete one lifetime
wish per Sim, throughout their lifetime, so once it is done, it is done.

The reward of the Lifetime Wish varies, though the range of points is within
the barrier of 25,000 to 35,000 Lifetime Happiness points. I'll just list down
the lifetime wish and how you will be able to complete the wish. 

--==Bottomless Nectar Cellar==--

This is a harder one, you need to have a nectar cellar, so you will need 
the nectar racks, and you need at least 50 bottles in your cellar, so that
will take some time and money. The hard part is that you need to have the
nectar collection valued at over 10,000 Simoleons, which is quite an ask
so raiding the tombs in France will be a good idea. See the Nectar skill 
for more information. And by cellar, you need to have a basement, so make
sure you keep that in mind. 

--==Great Explorer==--

This is one where you need to do a little tomb raiding, you need to head
to each travel destination and you need to explore 6 tombs completely in
each travel destination, and whilst this is easy, you need to complete a 
large amount of adventures and opportunities in order to actually complete
the tomb. 

--==Martial Arts Master==--

This is one where you will need to be the master of the Martial Arts, so you
will need to have a skill level of 10 for the Martial Arts and you need to
have the rank of Grand Master for Sparring as well, which means you need to
spar and win 20 challenge ranked matches. 

--==Physical Perfection==--

For this, you will need to master 2 skills completely, that is, bring out to
Level 10, you need to max out the Martial Arts skill and the Athletic Skill
completely. What you need to know is that when you are learning the Martial
Arts skill, you will also boost your Athletic skill at the same time. 

--==Private Museum==--

This is interesting, you will need to collect a lot of relics for this one,
seeing that you will need to build a relic collection at home worth at least
20,000 Simoleons, and whilst this can be done with the simple vases and the
like, you will need to find the valuable and epic collection relics to make
this target. 

--==Seasoned Traveler==--

For this, you will need to max out your Visa level in all three tourist
destinations, Egypt, France and China. You need to do this through completing
opportunities and adventures in those locales, and once you max it all out, 
you get this done. Read on about the visa level section I've written above.


This is a skill to deal with the arts, you will need to master 2 skills
complete, you need to max out the Photography skill and you will need to max
out the Painting skill. This is quick and painless, photography is quite 
simple whilst Painting can take some time to master. 

--==World-Class Gallery==--

You need to take a lot of photos, and then place them in your house, you
will need to build a photography collection worth up to 25,000 Simoleons in
your house, so you will really need to get busy. You will also need to have
10 Photographs taken from every photography collection, see the photography
skill section for further information. 

[5.03] Wishes

There are new wishes from this game as well. Again, I'll provide a little
explaination as well. 

These are wishes that you will come across from day to day, and they will
vary, based on your traits. Fulfil it to get a little boost to your happiness
points, but that is about it. Your manual will go into more detail than I

Anyway, I'll group this into the general skill that they belong to, so it
will be grouped up a little.

 --Martial Arts--

 * Beat someone in a ranked sparring match
 * Break X Boards
 * Break a Space Rock Board
 * Lose a sparring match against someone
 * Meditate
 * Meditate for X Hours
 * Spar with Someone
 * Train with the Board Breaker
 * Train with the Training Dummy
 * Visit a Dojo
 * Win X ranked sparring matches in a row
 * Win the Martial Arts Tournament

 --Nectar Making--

 * Build a nectar cellar
 * Buy some nectar
 * Drink a perfect bottle of nectar
 * Drink nectar older than X years old
 * Drink nectar worth more than X Simoleons
 * Drink some nectar
 * Grow some nectar grapes
 * Learn to make nectar
 * Makes X bottles of nectar
 * Make nectar with X (fruit)
 * Make nectar with at least X Simoleons
 * Make some nectar
 * Visit a Nectary


 * Take X Photos
 * Take a Photo of X (Some Sim)
 * Take photo of someone
 * Take photo worth at least X Simoleons

 --Tomb Exploring--

 * Defeat the Mummy
 * Disarm a trap
 * Enter a room with a disarmable trap
 * Enter a room with a hidden door
 * Enter a tomb room
 * Escape from the mummy
 * Escape from tomb (your current tomb)
 * Explore a Dive Well
 * Find X Simoleons more worth of relics
 * Find a hidden door
 * Find a relic
 * Find relic worth more than X Simoleons
 * Find some ancient coins
 * Fully explore a tomb
 * Go exploring in a tomb
 * Open a treasure chest
 * See a dive well
 * See a mummy
 * Sleep in a tomb


 * Buy first vacation home in China
 * Buy first vacation home in Egypt
 * Buy first vacation home in France
 * Call someone at home
 * Eat a good luck fortune cookie
 * Get Chinese visa to level X
 * Get Egyptian visa to level X
 * Get French visa to level X
 * Go inside a pyramid
 * Go on a trip to X (destination)
 * Invite Sim to stay with you
 * Meet a foreign Sim
 * Return home from trip
 * See the Terracotta Army
 * Travel for at least X consecutive days
 * Travel with someone
 * Visit a French cafe
 * Visit a market
 * Visit a museum in France
 * Visit a pyramid
 * Visit a Scholar's Garden
 * Visit China
 * Visit Egypt
 * Visit France
 * Visit the Forbidden City
 * Visit the Sphinx
 * Visit the Temple of Heaven
 * Visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
 * WooHoo in tent with someone

[5.04] Moodlets

Moodlets are basically positive and negative influences on your Sims mood.
Sure, they may be happy if they are not hungry, but if they just ate a great
delicious meal, then they will be in a happier mood. But if they can smell
their own stench, then they aren't going to be happy about it. As such,
moodlets are temporary boosts or reductions in a Sims mood, the size and the
duration of the boost will vary. 

This section will deal with positive moodlets, those that are going to have
a positive effect on your mood, but they are really just listed green in
the little moodlet box, which you can find next to the mood bar, if you 
bother to look, just use your manual for some added help. Below, I will list
all the possible positive moodlets, and where you can use them. 

This is the template that I will be using and an explaination, so you can

Moodlet     = This is the name of the moodlet
Effect      = This is the size of the effect it will have on the mood
Duration    = This is how long the moodlet will last
Obtained By = This is how the moodlet is obtained

Moodlet     = Adventuring
Effect      = +10 to Mood
Duration    = 4 Hours
Obtained By = Obtained by Adventurous Sims when they first visit the 
              destinaton, but infinite inside a tomb.

Moodlet     = Blessing of the Sphinx
Effect      = +25 to Mood
Duration    = 48 Hours
Obtained By = Seek the blessing of the Sphinx to dispel the Mummy's 

Moodlet     = Boosted Courage
Effect      = +25 to Mood
Duration    = 3 Hours
Obtained By = Drink the Potion of Liquid Courage

Moodlet     = Carbed Up!
Effect      = +35 to Mood
Duration    = 3 Hours
Obtained By = Eat the Pammican snack

Moodlet     = Eye Candy
Effect      = +10 to Mood
Duration    = 30 Minutes
Obtained By = When you are near another Sim with the Eye Candy Reward

Moodlet     = Full of Life
Effect      = +50 to Mood
Duration    = 6 Hours
Obtained By = Drink a nectar that is made by a Level 10 Sim that includes
              Life Fruit in it.

Moodlet     = Good Memories
Effect      = +10 to Mood
Duration    = 3 Hours
Obtained By = Sims when they look back on happy photos they have taken

Moodlet     = Good Nectar
Effect      = Varied
Duration    = 6 Hours
Obtained By = When you Sim drinks a bottle of good nectar, the better the
              quality, the bigger the buff

Moodlet     = Love Is In the Air
Effect      = +10 to Mood
Duration    = Varied
Obtained By = When your Sim is near the French incense holder

Moodlet     = Meditative Focus
Effect      = +0 to Mood
Duration    = 15 Minutes
Obtained By = Earned by meditating, the longer your meditate, the longer the
              duration of the buff. This will also allow you to develop skills
              faster, win chess more often, better at work and school and 
              outsmart tomb traps as long as this moodlet is in effect.

Moodlet     = Neuronic Synergy
Effect      = +10 to Mood
Duration    = Varied
Obtained By = When your Sim is near the Chinese incense holder

Moodlet     = Promising Fortune
Effect      = +10 to Mood
Duration    = 3 Hours
Obtained By = When you eat a good luck fortune cookie from the fortune cookie

Moodlet     = Saw Great Fireworks Show
Effect      = +10 to Mood
Duration    = 16 Hours
Obtained By = When you watch some fireworks that you can light up, bought from

Moodlet     = Slept Like a King / Queen
Effect      = Varied
Duration    = Varied
Obtained By = Slept in the Sultan's Tabernacle tent. The longer the sleep, the
              longer the moodlet lasts for and the bigger the mood boost.

Moodlet     = Snake Kiss
Effect      = +25 to Mood
Duration    = 2 Hours
Obtained By = When your Sim has practiced Snake Charming enough so that you
              can kiss to top of the Snake's head without reprecussions. 

Moodlet     = Totally Mellow
Effect      = +10 to Mood
Duration    = Varied
Obtained By = When your Sim is near the Egyption incense holder

Moodlet     = Went to X (Travel Destination)
Effect      = +15 to Mood
Duration    = 2 Days
Obtained By = When you have come back from visiting one of the travel 
              destinations. As long as this is acive, you cannot travel to
              another destination.

Moodlet     = Wonderous Collection
Effect      = Varied
Duration    = 15 Minutes
Obtained By = When you have completed a relic collection and you are near it,
              the more valuable and more items in the collection, the bigger
              the boost.

Moodlet     = Zen
Effect      = +20 to Mood
Duration    = Varied
Obtained By = When you enter the Chinese garden in China, and this will 
              boost your Martial Arts learning skill

There are also negative moodlets, and this is in contrast to the positive
ones. These will be one that lead to an overall decrease in mood, and you 
will want to remove these moodlets from your Sims as fast as you can, because
they aren't exactly what you want. 

Again, the template is the same as for the positive moodlets, we will start
from the weak moodlets to the strong and potent moodlets. 

Moodlet     = Bad Nectar
Effect      = Varied
Duration    = 2 Hours
Obtained By = When you drink poor quality nectar

Moodlet     = Fear
Effect      = -0 to Mood
Duration    = Varied
Obtained By = When your Sim gets spooked out by a Mummy or when you get
              get spooked out by bugs in a hole.

Moodlet     = Foreboding Fortune
Effect      = -10 to Mood
Duration    = 2 Hours
Obtained By = When you eat a fortune cookie and there isn't good luck inside,
              but rather, bad luck

Moodlet     = Foul Food
Effect      = -25 to Mood
Duration    = 45 Minutes
Obtained By = When you Sims eat low quality dried food

Moodlet     = Hurt Hand
Effect      = -25 to Mood
Duration    = 3 Hours
Obtained By = When you fail at using the board breaker, you fail to break
              a board which is stronger than what your Martial Arts allows

Moodlet     = Knocked Out
Effect      = -25 to Mood
Duration    = 30 Minutes
Obtained By = When your Sim is knocked unconscious by a Mummy or by a trap

Moodlet     = Mummy's Curse
Effect      = -25 to Mood
Duration    = 28 Days
Obtained By = When your Sim is attacked by a Mummy and as a result, gets
              cursed. This moodlet will run out when your Sim dies, and is
              cancelled out by the Blessing of the Sphinx.

Moodlet     = Snake Bite!
Effect      = -25 to Mood
Duration    = 45 Minutes
Obtained By = When your Snake Charming skill is too low and you get bitten
              by a snake as a result. 

Moodlet     = Soaked
Effect      = -5 to Mood
Duration    = 2 Hours
Obtained By = When you are drenched from a Dive Well, be it from exploring
              or you needed to be drenched due to a fire trap.

[5.05] Lifetime Rewards

Well, what is the point of fulfilling these wishes without a reward? They
will give you Lifetime Happiness points, and these will start building up, 
and when you get to larger levels, you can spend them on some perks and items,
which are exceptionally useful. 

Below is the list of all the new perks from this game, their respective
costs and what they will do as an effect. 

Cost - 20,000 Points

With this boost, you will have your Sims gain Fun 25% faster than before, so
when it takes 25% less time to fully boost up your Fun bar in comparsion with
other Sims. Useful is you want to make the money out of your Sims, more
money, less fun. Be a fun-sucking vampire <_<

Change of Taste
Cost - 5,000 Points

This is where you can reselect all the favourites of your Sim since their
initial bio, so you can change their favourite colour, food and music
preference. This is quite a useless reward, seeing that favourites don't have
much of an effect on the game, and even then, it is a weak and minor effect
to boot.

Eye Candy
Cost - 5,000 Points

This is an interesting reward, this basically allows your Sim to have an 
aura around them, so that anyone near them will get the Eye Candy moodlet 
boost for as long as they are around them. And your Sim will get little
sparkles, which is colourful. Useful if you control more than a single 
Sim in your household, not so useful if you don't. 

Inappropriate, But In a Good Way
Cost - 5,000

Other Sims will not be affected by your Sims when you behave in an
inappropriate manner in their houses, such as sleeping on the bed of a 
Sim you just met, so you won't be kicked out of their houses. Basically,
you can live in their house, without playing rent. Useful on Vacation when
you need to do things like cook food, yet you don't have a vacation home
and it is too far to find the campsite. 

Cost - 5,000

This is so that when you travel overseas, it will cost you less money to
go on the plane trip, in comparsion with Sims who play full fare for their
airplane ticket. However, plane trip tickets don't cost too much anyway,
so this isn't as useful as you may think. But if you want to save every
single penny, then this isn't a bad idea.

Learned Relic Hunter
Cost - 15,000 Points

This is for the Sim who likes raiding tombs, this will be so that your
Sim will have an increased chance of finding valuable relics and 
collectables in tombs, so your ability as a relic hunter is that rival
to Indiana Jones. Useful if you want to make more money since your relics
are more likely to be worth more. It doesn't effect the results of an
analysis as it seems.

Meditated Trance Sleep
Cost - 30,000 Points

Your Sim is now the master of sleep, and as such, they will require a lot
less sleep in order to complete their energy bar, so less time is wasted
on sleeping in comparsion to other Sims. This is useful, because the amount
of time to regenerate energy is actually quite high, when they could be
watering plants.

No Bills Ever
Cost - 15,000

This is as useful as it sounds, this will allow you to live a life without
any bills, and given that you will have a sizable relic collection in your
house at any time, bills will increase in size, so this will save you a 
lot of money, but then, you will soon have too much money. But no one likes
bills so this is a good idea. 

No Jealousy
Cost - 10,000

This is so that your Sim will not be the cause of jealousy, so whatever 
your Sim will do, other Sims will not feel jealous of your Sim and as such,
suffer a negative moodlet and a relationship point drop as well. Not as 
useful if your Sim is a straight-shooter.

Prepared Traveler
Cost - 10,000 Points

This is when your Sim heads to a tourist destination, your Sim will have the
option of choosing to stay for an extra 2 days compared to normal Sims, 
and this effect is in place regardless of your Visa level. Useful if you 
want to stay for a long period of time, but when you get to Visa level 3, 
something like 11 days is more than enough. 

Cost - 10,000 Points

Your Sim is the distant kind, they are not close to anyone in particular, so
they aren't as effected by other Sims and that they choose to do. As such,
they will not receive a number of negative moodlets, including Rejected by
Ex, Rejected First Kiss, Rejected Proposal, Betrayed, Heart Broken, Lost a 
Friend, Mourning, Witnessed Betrayal, Humiliated, Embarrassed, Enemy and

[6.01] Maintaining Needs

As already explained in section 1.04, when you go into a tomb, you are going
to be there until you get out, or until you die, so you really have to look
after your needs when you go down there, because there are rarely the means
for you to replenish your needs.

So when you go down, make sure that you have your tent ready, though there
are often places you can sleep, albeit it at a slower rate of energy recovery.
You also want a few cans of Shower in a Can, not only does it resolve all your
hygiene issues, which will be a problem seeing that there are no toilets down
there and no toilets means a bladder that will cause hygiene issues. It also
has the added benefit that the Shower in a Can can be used to extinguish
fires, when is more than common down there in the tombs. 

Most importantly, make sure that you pack enough high-quality dried food, for
meals are still important, you still need to eat, though dried food is quite
common as a loot when you're exploring down in the tombs. When a tent in 
your possession, Showers in a Can on standby and enough dried food to last
for a few world wars. 

[6.02] Exploring a Tomb

There are many tombs in each of the locales, but the trouble is really 
locating some of them. However, you will need to be able to explore the
tomb properly, it isn't exactly an easy task. There are many features of
a tomb that you need to be aware of, it isn't a straightforward rundown 
as you may think. 

The first of the features are the hidden doors. Can't get any further on in 
a tomb, despite having everything ready to go? Odds are that there is a hidden
wall somewhere. This is important because hidden doors often lead to some 
very nice loot and relics that you could be obtaining. When you think that
there is a hidden door on the wall somewhere, just run your mouse down the
wall. It may surprise you. Actually, do that often, run your mouse down the
wall and if the cursor changes, see what's up. 

The next of the features is the keystone. Basically, it is a locked door and
you will need a keystone to unlock the door. There are several shapes for 
the keystones, and they are everywhere, normally, there should be enough
keystones in the tomb to unlocked all the doors. Keystones are basically the
keys to locked doors. However, there are some keystone locks that require a 
special key, and these are often obtained in adventure quests. More on that
later though.

What you will be looking for when you are exploring the tombs is treasure. 
There is often trasure everywhere, on the floor and such, ripe for the 
pickings, and sometimes there are money trees and fruit trees, often with
rare and valuable fruit. 

However, treasure is often most valuable when it is in the form of treasure
chests. There is often a lot of treasure in those little treasure chests, and
it is valuable as well. It is often the home of a lot of relics that are 
worth a fair bit of money, as well as other relics. 

Another thing that you will need to look out for are the little holes in the
wall or the floor. They often serve two purposes, they will either be a 
switch that will activate something or another, which is useful if you want
to progress further into the tomb, or they are a source of goodies, that is
also a useful thing. Of course, you might want a Brave Sim to look and poke
their hands into these holes, because quite often, there are bugs inside and
any other Sim except for the Brave Sim will be scared, I mean, who likes a 
swarm of bugs crawling down their hands?

The Sarcophagus is another source of interest. They are everywhere and they
are quite often a place to rest so you can replenish your energy bar. However,
when you first access them, this is the dangerous part. There are two things
that it will contain, a piece of treasure, or a Mummy, but more on the Mummy
later, because that will be the special Supernatural element in this game, so
be aware of that. Still, treat them with caution, if there are a lot of 
treasure and treasure chests around the sarcophagus, you might want to tread
a bit lightly to say the least.

Back to tomb exploration, there are many floor switches. These are the little
switches on the floor, that either require you to step on them or move a 
movable statue onto them, and these are often used to unlock previously locked
out areas. You might need a bit of logic sometimes to make sure you can place
all the statues on the floor switches, but that you should be able to handle. 

The next are the piles of rubble, these are often blocking your path to 
further, so you will need to drag your pickaxe out of the nether and use it
to demolish the rubble. The rubble is often blocking your path to riches or
to explore further down the tomb. However, if you had Pangu's Axe, you will
be able to demolish it with a single blow. More on the Axe later.

As in right now, the Axe is the only method to remove the massive boulders 
that block the path in some of the tombs. These are never there for blocking
the path to further exploration, rather, it is used to block the path to 
expensive collection relics, and the very valuable ones, because that is what
these boulders are guarding, since there is no other way to remove these
boulders, even if you have maxed out skills in everything.

The next are tombstones. Funny as it may seem, you should mourn at tombstones
where possible, because surprisingly, they are often a switch to shortcuts to
leave the tomb quickly, which is a nice touch, better than backtracking all
that way back to the start.

Finally, there are the Dive Wells, basically, they are circular pools of 
water that lead either to treasure, or to connecting dive wells, which 
will allow you to explore a brand new area. These is quite useful, as they
often protect valuable treasures from greedy explorers such as yourself. 
They also serve the purpose of being a source of water, and whilst it isn't
nice to get the soaked moodlet after exploring a dive well, it is useful when
you are dealing with fire traps.

That's about it for exploration, knowing the basics, you will be able to 
explore any tomb that you will see. It is useful to know the basics, because
without knowing the basics, you can't do anything. 

There are two challenges, which are like skill challenges, that you can fix
up when you go exploring in tombs. And they are:

 - Rubble Excavator

This is where you have successfully cleared 10 piles of rubble, and when you
have done this, you will be able to clear all future rubble piles 35% faster,
which is a nice boost until you get your hands on the Pangu Axe, which clears
them instantly.

 - Well Spelunker

This is another 10 challenge, this is where you needed to have dived into a
total of 10 dive wells, and after you done this, you will be able to complete
and finish exploring the dive wells 80% faster, which is quite a big 
improvement since it does take a fair amount of time in order to explore a 
dive well. 

[6.03] It's a Trap!

There are often a lot of traps in the tombs, the ancients did not take likely
to future generations raiding their tombs for their own personal gain, so they
have rigged their tombs with a variety of traps. There are 4 types of traps,
there is the fire trap, poison darts, electric traps and steam jets. 

There are two different types of these traps, the obvious ones that you can
see, which you can disarm, and the ones you cannot see. A hint for those from
the wise, if there are two paths to the destination, take the long path, the
short one is often rigged with traps. If your Sims sees the obvious trap in 
the middle of the path, they will refuse to go past it, unless you have 
disarmed it with your own skills or from a switch. Or you can get someone to
trigger the trap, expend the trap, and then cross it.

You can also scan the floor for traps, so if you see an area that you will 
think will have a trap, investigate the floor, and if your hunch is correct,
you will be able to see the trap and it will appear on view, but the fact of
the matter is, the trap is still armed. So how are you going to disarm it.

Now, the basic method is to use your handiness skill, the higher it is, the
more likely you are to be able to disarm it, and then select the action to
disarm the trap. If you are successful, then you are successful, if you are
not, then you cannot disarm the trap via that method.

The second method is to find the switch and disable it. There are often holes
in the walls or floor switches that you can use to disable the traps, and this
is the safe method, you don't have to attempt to disarm it, which is quite

The final method, and the foolproof method, is to use a movable statue, and
push that in the path of the trap if it is a wall trap, or on top of the trap
if it is a floor trap. This will destroy or block the trap, depending if it is
over or blocking it, and allow for safe passage. 

There is another method to cross the trap using the attempt to cross method. 
This will have your Sim attempt to cross the path, and if they are successful,
they will get to the other side, but if they are not, well, they will have the
full wrath of the trap to face, which isn't exactly nice. The traps that will
active at a regular interval will be easier to cross, mainly because they will
be predictable, the ones armed and not predictable are harder to cross.

Now, onto the four different types of traps. And the starring stars are:


Fire traps are the most common of all the traps. This is an obvious trap, what
happens is that when your Sim goes on it, it will light them up like a 
Christmas tree, and they will be on fire, getting the On Fire moodlet, and 
later, the Scorched moodlet. Well, they will need to put out the fire if they
are on fire, and for that, the Dive Well is the perfect solution to all of 
your problems. 

There are other methods to defeat this trap, you will need to use the Shower
in the Can object in order to take out the flames, think of it as a portable
extinguisher. Or you can go into a dive well, get the Soaked moodlet and thus
walk through the flames as you are soaking wet already. There are ways to 
counter whatever the game throws as you.


The electric traps are arcs of electricity firing into the air, and when a
Sim makes contact with this, they will get Singed, and the moodlet to boot,
and if they get into contact again with electric traps with the Singed 
moodlet, they will be knocked out and sent into a state of unconsciousness, 
which isn't exactly present. 

The trap also appears to be disabled by using the Soaked moodlet, obtained
from the dive wells, and when they attempt to cross with the Soaked moodlet,
they will get water on the trap, and this will somehow disarm the trap, as 
long as a water puddle gets onto the trap. Of course, this only works when
it is not spitting out electricity, so you have for the trap to stop for a 
little while before you can disable it.

 Steam Jets

This trap is the least dangerous, because all it will do is spew some hot
steam onto your Sim. That also makes it the easiest trap that you can attempt
to cross, and it is a water based trap. This is useful as it is a source of
water, it will be able to removed the Singed moodlet, which is useful, and
immediately useful if your Sim is on fire. 

However, remember that it is still a trap, so make sure you try to disarm it
first, so that you won't be attempting to cross it, you will be crossing it.
However, there is no possible way to disarm it besides those already 

 Poison Darts

As expected in any tomb raiding, this is the nastiest of the traps, because
this trap will knock out your Sim when your Sim comes into contact with one
of those darts, so you really do need to be careful because these are the
little nasty ones.

There are no other ways to disarm this, but you really want to disarm is and
only when you have exhausted all other means to disarm it should you attempt
to cross it, mainly because it will knock you out into a state of 
unconsciousness if you fail, and that isn't nice as well as making it slim
pickings for anything to attack your Sim. 

What you might want to concentrate on is that there is a challenge for traps,
that is, it is like a skill challenge, but it is focused on traps. And here
it is.

 - Hazmat Sim

For this, you will need to have disarmed 10 traps, as in the actual disarming
of it, not destroying it with a movable statue or turning the off switch, this
is where you need to get down and dirty. And if you do this, you will have a
80% higher change of disarming future traps. Quite useful to get this one
early on. 

[6.04] Relics

Relics are valuable treasures that you can find in the tombs or special relic
stores. There are two different types of relics, there are the normal relics
and there are the collection relics. 

The normal relics are the simple kind of relics, the ones that are relatively
cheap to buy, and fetch a relatively low selling price when you decide to 
sell it. Items such as normal vases and plates, well, they are cheap and not
as valuable. 

There are the collection relics, and these are the relics that belong in a 
set, or a colleciton, hence the name. They are identified because they are
unique, albeit they do have multiple copies throughout the game, and they
will appear on the Adventure Journal when you find it, a suretail sign of a
relic. I will have a list of these relics later on, because it is a pretty
big section.

Complete a relic collection, and you will get a moodlet boost to your Sims 
when you are near a complete collection, and depending on the collection, the
stronger the boost.

There are 9 Collections, and they are :

 - Canopic Jars
 - Chinese Tomb
 - Chinese Vases
 - Dangerous Creatures
 - Doopa Stones
 - Egyptian Tomb
 - French Tomb
 - Gold Figurines
 - Zodiac Animals

When you obtain a relic, it will just be a relic, however, if you want, you
can analyse the relic, and when you do, you can determine the age of the 
relic, and the rule of thumb is, the older the relic, the more it will be 
worth over the original value, whilst the newer or more modern it is, the 
less it is worth than the original value. 

[6.05] Ancient Coins

Ancient Coins are just that, they are ancient coins. However, in this game,
they form another form of currency. There are special merchants, one in each
locale, so one in China, France and Egypt, and their goal is to trade your
ancient coins into special rewards. 

Ancient Coins are only obtained in the tombs or they are residual rewards for
completing an opportunity/adventure in the new locales. These are important
because some of the rewards that you can obtain from the Special Merchants
will be very valuable indeed. 

Special Merchants operate mainly between the hours of 9AM and 6PM, and they
are visble on the map when you decide to use the neighbourhood view screen. 

I will give a list on what you can spend your ancient coins on, but that will
get it's own section, because there will be explaination to do when I get to
that point. 

[7.01] The Special Merchants

There are several special merchants, one for each locale. And now is the 
time in which I tell you what exactly you can cash in your ancient coins for
and which locale they are available in. Of course, I will outline what each
reward does, otherwise, what is the point of having a reward when it does

 - Avornalino Grapes

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 20
 Visa Level Required   : 1
 Locales Available In  : France

These are the cheapest of the special grapes that you can get in France, so 
you will be able to take these home, plant them, and grow a successful 
vineyard with them. 

 - Carnerlet Nuala Grapes

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 50
 Visa Level Required   : 3
 Locales Available In  : France

This is the best you can get in terms of grapes, this is the best of the
best. So when you want to make the best nectars with grapes, you should
be getting this, plant it, make a nice big vineyard with it, and make the
best you can with these grapes, and you will start raking in the money.

 - Certificate of Partnership with China

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 1,350
 Visa Level Required   : 3
 Locales Available In  : China

This is one for those who want to stay in China for a little longer, with
this on you, you will be able to stay in China for an extra two days, so 
you get to spend more time raiding tombs. 

 - Certificate of Partnership with Egypt

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 1,200
 Visa Level Required   : 3
 Locales Available In  : Egypt

This is the same as the other certificates, you will need to purchase this
and you will be able to stay in the destination for an extra 2 days, which
is useful, but when you think about it, at the third visa level, an extra
2 days isn't exactly a lot. 

 - Certificate of Partnership with France

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 1,000
 Visa Level Required   : 3
 Locales Available In  : France

This is another of the partnerships, this will allow you to spend an extra
few days, two in fact, in France, so you get to spend more time enjoying the
French countryside, and producing more high quality nectar. 

 - Escape Dust

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 75
 Visa Level Required   : 2
 Locales Available In  : China, France

This is a nifty little item for you to carry in terms of backup, if something
goes wrong, such as you have run out of food, too tired or forget something,
or just want to get back to the surface, this is the tool for you, as it will
teleport you back to base camp, or your vacation home if you have one, so it
is a quick way to escape from a tomb. 

 - Gralladina Fran Grapes

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 40
 Visa Level Required   : 3
 Locales Available In  : France

This is the second best type of grape that you can get in the game, well, 
at this point in time, so you can purchase one, and from there, you can go
and plant it back home, so you can have a vineyard of high-quality grapes 
for your nectar making. 

 - Master Thief's Coin

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 750
 Visa Level Required   : 2
 Locales Available In  : China

An interesting little item, it may cost a fair bit, but this is useful, 
because when you go tomb exploring or get ancient coins from an adventure,
you will get more ancient coins than normal, so make sure that you carry
this with you when you go tomb raiding or when you are completing adventures
and opportunities in the new locales. 

 - Meloire Grapes

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 25
 Visa Level Required   : 2
 Locales Available In  : France

Another of the basic grapes that you can get, and remember, all you need to
do is to purchase one, and you will be able to take them back home and plant
them, so you can reproduce more and more of them, and soon, you will have a 
Meloire Grape army!

 - Mummy Snacks

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 100
 Visa Level Required   : 1
 Locales Available In  : Egypt

These don't exactly have a big use with them, these are only useful when you
are being chased by a mummy, these are used to throw in the path of a 
rampaging mummy, and this will be used to distract them from you, they will
run after the snacks rather than you, which is useful. That's if you aren't
there to pick a fight with them. 

 - Pemmican

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 10
 Visa Level Required   : 1
 Locales Available In  : China, Egypt, France

The Pemmican is a special snack that you can purchase, and all it will do is
to relieve some of your hunger bar, which is quite useful, as well as giving
the Carbed Up boost moodlet for your Sim, and a little boost in mood is never
a bad thing. 

 - Potion of Liquid Courage

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 40
 Visa Level Required   : 1
 Locales Available In  : China, Egypt, France

This is mainly used to stop Fear, which is a problem when you Sims are next
to a trap, because if they are not of the Brave trait, then they will have an
element of Fear in them, and drinking this will eliminate this little problem
so yeah, a good thing to have. 

 - Sands of Understanding

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 100
 Visa Level Required   : 1
 Locales Available In  : China

This is a useful cheap tool to purchase, because what this does is that it 
will light up secrets so that you can see features such as hidden doors, the
locations of traps and relics as well as lighting up treasure that you can 
obtain easily. Useful when you think you are missing something yet you cannot
figure out what. 

 - Skeleton Key

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 400
 Visa Level Required   : 2
 Locales Available In  : China, Egypt, France

This is another useful tool for you to have, because this little tool is will
be used in lieu of any keystone, which means it will be able to be used in any
keystone lock, except the unique ones, the ones that have a unique name on the
lock, which are obtained via opportunities and adventures. Useful if you don't
have the right key on you. 

 - Tear of Horus

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 1,600
 Visa Level Required   : 2
 Locales Available In  : Egypt

This is an interesting little tool for you to play with, this is basically
there to use on the neighbourhood map, and this will highlight where you can
dig up relics, which is useful, albeit that the relics will be relatively
weak in terms of value, but still, some money is still money, so you might 
want to keep that in mind. 

 - The Sultan's Tabernacle

 Cost in Ancient Coins : 2,500
 Visa Level Required   : 3
 Locales Available In  : China, Egypt, France

This is basically the best tent that money can buy, well, ancient coins can
buy, because when you have had a sleep in this wonderful tent, then you will
get the Slept Like a King or Slept Like a Queen moodlet after you wake up 
from it. So if you have plans for further exploration, then you will want to
have this with you, a little positive moodlet is a good thing. 

[8.01] Relic Collections

There are collections of relics, like I have mentioned before, and these
are relics are very valuable and ones you want to keep. I have already 
explained above on what they are and that they will give a moodlet boost, 
so below is the moodlet boost values. Of course, this is what happens when 
you complete a collection. 

 - Canopic Jars          +10 Moodlet 
 - Chinese Tomb          +30 Moodlet 
 - Chinese Vases         +10 Moodlet 
 - Dangerous Creatures   +25 Moodlet 
 - Doopa Stones          +15 Moodlet 
 - Egyptian Tomb         +30 Moodlet 
 - French Tomb           +30 Moodlet 
 - Gold Figurines        +20 Moodlet 
 - Zodiac Animals        +20 Moodlet 

Below are the names of the relics that make up each of the collections, their
minimum and maximum values, which is a rough estimate, and where they are 
found, for some relics, it will be the general locale, for some other relics,
they are specific tombs. 

 - Canopic Jars 
   All are found in Egypt. They will each have a minimum value of about 300
   Simoleons and have a maximum value of abour 1,200 Simoleons. That note that
   these are the collection ones, and not your normal generic ones that you 
   can purchase and obtain easily and cheaply in Egypt.

 * Little Pharaoh Canopic Jar
 * Weeping Canopic Jar
 * Mummified Canopic Jar
 * Canopic Jar of the Cat
 * Canopic Jar of the Eagle

 - Chinese Tomb
   These are all found in China, in the tombs, so after the name of the 
   relic will be the name of the tomb it will be found in. They will have a
   minimum value of about 100 Simoleons and a maximum value of 500 Simoleons.

 * Symbol of Pangu's Heaven                 - Temple of the Axe
 * Symbol of the Annex of the Resolute Fist - Resolute Fist Retreat
 * Symbol of the Tomb of the First Emperor  - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
 * Symbol of Temple of the Dragon           - Temple of the Dragon
 * Symbol of Halls of the Lost Army         - Rice Paddy Hidden Temple
 * Symbol of Hot Springs Cave               - Hot Springs Hidden Temple
 * Symbol of Dong Huo's Treasure Trove      - Dong Huo Treasure Trove
 * Symbol of the Market Caverns             - The Market Caves
 * Symbol of the Resolute Fist Retreat      - Ancient Monk Retreat

 - Chinese Vases
   These are all going to be in China, and they are going to be vases, but
   it is a shame that they are relics and you can't use them to hold all of
   your pretty flowers. Anyway, they have a minimum value of about 200 
   Simoelons and a maximum value of about 1,000 Simoleons.

 * Vase of Maroof
 * Vase of Barooka
 * Vase of Amin
 * Vase of Life
 * Vase of Nosylla
 * Vase of the Empress
 * Vase of Nebu
 * Vase of the Dragon

 - Dangerous Creatures
   These are going to be a bit here and there, this is a mix of relics 
   found in all three locales, all of which are dangerous creatures that
   if were alive, wouldn't be fun to face. The first two are going to be in
   Egypt, the third in China and the last in France. They have a minimum 
   value of about 2,000 Simoleons and a maximum value of about 5,000 

 * Statue of Ammit
 * Statue of Anubis
 * Fudog
 * Fearless Gargoyle

 - Dropa Stones
   I really don't know what these are, but from what it appears like in 
   the game, they look like stone discs, sort of like fancy plates. But
   these are all over the place as well, the first two are going to be
   found in China, the third and fourth in Egypt and the final one in 
   France. They have a minimum value of about 600 Simoleons and a maximum
   value of about 1,700 Simoleons.

 * Dropa Stone of the Vortex
 * Dropa Stone of the Sky
 * Dropa Stone of the Endless Sands
 * Dropa Stone of the the Enlightened
 * Dropa Stone of the Stars
 * Dropa Stone of the Fleur

 - Egyptian Tomb
   As the name will suggest, all of these are going to be found in Egypt only
   and obtained via tomb raiding, sot he name of the tomb will be listed after
   the name of the relic. They will have a minimum value of 100 Simoleons and
   a maximum value of 500 Simoleons. 

 * Sigil of the Tomb of Discovery          - Tomb of Discovery
 * Sigil of the Tomb of the Burning Sands  - Pyramid of the Burning Sands
 * Sigil of the Tomb of the Rock           - Tomb of the Rock (In Above)
 * Sigil of the Tomb of the Desert Ocean   - Pyramid of the Sky
 * Sigil of the Criminal Headquarters      - Criminal HQ
 * Sigil of the Ancient Library            - Ancient Library
 * Sigil of James Vaughan's Command Centre - Command Centre
 * Sigil of the Soulpeace Chambers         - Great Sphinx
 * Sigil of Queen Hatshepsut's Quarters    - Hatsheput's Quarters
 * Sigil of the Bazaar Basement            - Bazaar Basement
 * Sigil of the Den of Lost Souls          - Temple of Death / Great Pyramid
 * Sigil of the Cooper Quarry              - Cooper Quarry
 * Sigil of the Sanctuary of Horus         - Sanctuary of Horus

 - French Tomb
   As like the other tomb collections, these are only obtained in the tombs
   of France, as the namesake woudl suggest. This means more tomb raiding, and
   like the other tomb collections, have a minimum value of 100 Simoleons and
   a maximum value of 500 Simoleons

 * Signet of the Nectary Cellars        - Nectar Catacombs
 * Signet of the Tomb of Isael          - Tomb of Isael
 * Signet of the Tomb of Jean Necteaux  - Tomb of Necteaux
 * Signet of the Museum Catacombs       - Museum Catacombs
 * Signet of Tuatha's Garden            - Faerie Tomb
 * Signet of King's Burial Ground       - Forgotten Burial Mound
 * Signet of the Maze of the High Ruler - Forgotten Burial Mound
 * Signet of Smuggler's Cavern          - Forgotten Burial Mound
 * Signet of Le Chateaux du Landgrabb   - Chateau du Landgrabb

 - Gold Figurines
   These are all figurines that are made in gold, and they are all of the
   Egyptian Gods, so they will only be found in Egypt, as you can expect. They
   will have a minimum value of about 1,000 Simoleons and have a maximum value
   of about 3,500 Simoleons, so they are quite valuable, even if they give a 
   small boost.

 * Statue of the Cobra
 * Horus of the Sky
 * Seth of the Desert
 * Sultan of the Sphynx

 - Zodiac Animals
   There are only three of these, as opposed to the 12 Zodiac Animals, there
   is only a quarter, but more than none. These are all found in China, as
   you can expect, after all, it is to do with the Chinese Zodiac after all. 
   There is a minimum value of about 1,400 Simoleons and a maximum value of
   about 4,000 Simoleons.

 * Green Dragon
 * Snake of Simhara
 * Wandering Tiger of Baroo

[8.02] Gems

This is going to be a little rehash from the base game guide, saves me the
explaination, but it explains it. Note that for this section, it will not 
cover all the gems and cuts that are from the base game, this section will
only deal with the gems that can be found in the three locales, China, Egypt
and France. 

Gems are just that, surprisingly, there are a hell of a lot of rare gems that
can just be found on the ground around town. Basically, they are little rocks
with little coloured pointy bits protruding from it, and they are all around
town. Of course, it will be easy to find the common ones, but the rarer the 
gem, the more valuable it is.

However, when you get the gem, it will be relatively useless, because you need
to get a specialist to cut it for you. For a set fee depending on the type of
cut you want, you will be able to send off the gem to a specialist to increase
the value of the gem.

Below is the list of all gems, and all the different cuts as well. Note that
value multiplier means now many times the value of the gem is multiplied after
the cut is performed. 

And by Value at Min, it means the value of the gem at the minimum weight, or
the lowest value it could possibly attain. Value at Max weight means the 
highest possible price you can get for the gem at maximum weight. And this is
the raw gem, before it is cut.

Because I cannot put locale in the table, as it won't fit, I'll say it here.
Alabaster and Turquoise are only found in Egypt, Lapis Lazuli and Jade are
only found in China, Amethyst, Citrine and Opal are only found in France. The
rest can be found everywhere else. I will have a special note about Soulpeace

|       Gem       | Min. Weight | Value At Min. | Max Weight | Value at Max |
| Alabaster       |      1      |      9        |     105    |      55      |
| Turquoise       |      1      |      60       |     105    |      70      |
| Lapis Lazuli    |      1      |      12       |     105    |      30      |
| Jade            |      1      |      120      |     105    |      240     |
| Amethyst        |      1      |      18       |     105    |      24      |
| Citrine         |      1      |      35       |     105    |      53      |
| Opal            |      1      |      350      |      55    |      520     |
| Soulpeace       |      1      |      1450     |      11    |      2100    |
| Geode           |      10     |      15       |      25    |      120     |
| Septarian       |      10     |      50       |      25    |      350     |
| Quartz          |      60     |      10       |     105    |      18      |
| Tiberium        |      60     |      75       |     105    |      125     |

Soulpeace is really special, it can only be found in tombs, and it is not
found in tombs, it can only be found via the martial arts board breaking of
space rocks. If not from there, it will have to be made. To make a soulpeace
gem, you need to purchase a large gem display, which is under the Tables 
section in the Buy Catalog. When you have the display, you need to place a gem
of each colour, so gems of 8 different colours, with varying cuts. You cannot
have the same cut throughout, or different ones, so you need to vary it 
somewhat. From there, click on the display, on Activate, and there you have a
Soulpeace gem. 

In World Adventures, there are 3 new cuts, except these are different, they
do not effect all gems, they only effect certain gems. I'll have to explain 
each of them in depth, so there will be no table for this. 

 - Split Cut

 * Available only for the Septarian and Geode Gems
 * Increases value of the gems by 240%
 * Will cost you 45 Simoleons

 - Tiberium Large Spike Cut

 * Available only for the Tiberium Gem
 * Increases the value of the gem by A LOT
 * Will cost you 6,500 Simoleons

This is different, while it does cost a lot of money to make this cut, and you
seem to get a small gem, this is like Tiberium from the Command and Conquer
series. Overnight, it will grow into a MASSIVE spire, and it will be valued in
the tens of thousands of Simoleons, so prepare for a skyrocket in your bills.

For those unfamilar to what Tiberium is, it is an alien element that is found 
in the Command and Conquer series, for the Tiberium Saga, covering Tiberian 
Dawn, Tiberian Sun, Tiberium Wars and, to be released in March 2010, Tiberian
Twilight, the end for the series. Hey, it's a free plug, but someone had to 
do it. 

 - Skull Cut

 * Increase value of gem by about 1000%

The Skull Cut is again different, but it will use the Large Display Case that
you would have needed to make the Soulpeace Gem. To make a skull cut for a 
gem, you need to have 8 of the same gem placed on the display case, but all
of a different cut. So if you want the skull cut of an Opal, you will need to 
have 8 Opals, each of different cuts, and place them on the display case, 
select Activate, and from there, you will get the Skull Cut of the Opal gem
in this example. 

And that about wraps it all up for the different cuts. 

[8.03] Metals

Another rehash from my old guide, simply to save me a tad of time. In the
new game, there are many many new metals, each in different locales, so a
small explaination before I get to the crux of the matter. 

There are precious metals, well, they are found in their ore form, and you
then need to send it off to a smelter, who will smelt it down, for a fixed
fee of §40, regardless of the ore. This will turn the relatively valueless
ore into something that is a bit more valuable, an ingot that will get a 75%
increase in value after it is smelted. 

Again, rarity means that you will need to constantly look hard to find the 
ore that you want, the plutonium ore, which is somehow, safe to pick up.

Like gems, the metals are determined by weight, the heavier it is, the more
it is valued. Mercury and Platinum are found in China, Copper and Mummitomium
are found in Egypt, Titanium and Iridium are found in France, whilst 
Supernovium and Compendium are special, again, a seperate section for them. 

|    Metal    | Min. Weight | Value At Min. | Max Weight | Value At Max |
| Mercury     |      1      |      100      |     52     |     400      |
| Platinum    |      1      |      250      |     52     |     336      |
| Copper      |      1      |       15      |     52     |      31      |
| Mummitomium |     150     |      750      |    450     |    1200      |
| Titanium    |     75      |      450      |    105     |     700      |
| Iridium     |      1      |       75      |     11     |     115      |
| Supernovium |    35000    |      3500     |   55000    |    5500      |
| Compendium  |     1100    |      N/A      |    5500    |     N/A      |

Note that Mercury will come in Vials, seeing that it is always a liquid when
it is at room temperature, so you will not be able to stack it as if it were
an ingot bar.

Supernovium and Compendium are special to create. You cannot find there, you
need to make them, again, using the display case. To get Supernovium, you need
to place different metals in all eight slots, and then activate it, so you 
will get access to a nice new metal. If you want to make Compendium, you need
to place mostly the same metal, but place some different metals, one or two
different ingots there in order to activate and make Compendium. 

[8.04] Insects

There are a few new insects in this game, all found in different locales 
but they still aren't as easy to find. There are new beetles and butterflies
but they are often quite hard to find in comparsion to those in the base
game, so you will need to use the collection helper to help you a fair 
bit here. And a little extra from the base guide.

Both insects can be caught in the wild, but the more you collect and the 
further away the location you collect them in, the better your chances of
getting rare insects. When caught, you can donate them, which really means
sell them, to the Science Facility for a small profit, or you can keep them
and place them in your house, which gives an environmental boost to your

Basically, it isn't hard to find either of them. One is crawling on the 
ground, which is visible on a shiny white path, and the other is in the air,
causing a nice distraction. 

Below is a list of both all the beatles and butterflies, as well as their
selling price, well, lowest price you will get from the Science Facility. 

Bamboo and Dart Butterflies are only found in China, Crypt and Cleopatra are
only found in Egypt and the Pasha and Glowy are only found in France. 

|      Butterflies       |  Rarity   | Base Value in § |
|         Bamboo         |  Common   |       20        |
|          Dart          |   Rare    |       430       |
|         Crypt          | Uncommon  |       65        |
|       Cleopatra        | VERY RARE |       1200      |
|         Pasha          | Uncommon  |       110       |
|         Glowy          | VERY RARE |       1500      |

The Scarab Beetle is only found in Egypt, the Assassin Beetle is only found
in China and the Cerambyx Beetle is only found in France. 

|   Beetle  |  Rarity   | Base Value in § |
|   Scarab  | Uncommon  |       180       |
|  Assassin |   Rare    |       800       |
|  Cerambyx |  Common   |       70        |

And if you're wondering, there are no new meteorite cuts, I figure that they
realise that you have enough to collect, no need to make more for you. Well,
ain't that nice?

[9.01] China

Note that I will not be listing tomb instructions and such, that is what a map
is for, and quite frankly, ASCII just won't cut it. Anyway, I'll just list 
down the sites and what there is to do.

 - The Stores - 

The General store sells some goods, and some are common throughout the stores,
in particular, the dried food and the like. Otherwise, a lot of the goods that
you will purchase here will be fairly exclusive to the location. 

The Shopping List

Low Quality Food                     - §5
Medium Quality Food                  - §20
High Quality Good                    - §40
Shower in a Can                      - §120
sim Scouts Camper Classic            - §220
Colesim 2br Edition Tent             - §2,700
Snaptastic Flimsy-Cam                - §250
Golden Dragon Fireworks              - §75
Honourary Incense Holder of Jun Pao  - §1,000
NostalgiCycle                        - §250
Bi-Trike for Kids                    - §250
Fortune Factory Fortune Cookie Maker - §1,900
Sheng Hai Training Dummy             - §325
Board Breaker                        - §550
Jiangzhou's Chest                    - §475

The Book Store has a selection of books as well, but these books are mainly
exclusive to the area, and there are some fishing books as well as some 
recipe books and general story books for you to bring back home and read to 
your dear Sims.

The Book List

Story Books

Jimmy Sprocket and the Cave of the Dragon  - §486
Toddlers and Chopsticks                    - §628
Planet Beeboz                              - §810
The Year of the Llama                      - §933
The Dragon's Age                           - §966
The Life and Time of Mr. Chen              - §1,210
Li Bing and the King's Daughter            - §1,311
Imperial Military Tactics                  - §1,323
Terracotta Bodyguard II                    - §1,355
Raymundo the Dragon                        - §1,385
The Rice Tourist's Companion               - §1,439
How Rain Built the World                   - §1,906
A Wall Between Us                          - §2,009
How to Handle Fireworks                    - §2,135
Sim Fu: Jumping Kicks                      - §2,224
The Memoirs of Chin Han                    - §2,297
Fishing for the Moon                       - §2,394
The International Reader of Fried Rice     - §2,469
Noodles! And Sauerkraut!                   - §2,471
The Dragon Ripple                          - §2,475

The below are books that will improve your skills in a certain area, and they
are often contained in the name of the book. The first book will obviously 
increase your martial arts, and the next 3 fishing, then cooking. The level
associated with each is the amount required to learn it.

Martial Arts Vol. 1: Wax on Philosophic                    - §50    - Lv 0
Delicate Decorations: Katching Kawarimono Koi (and Doitsu) - §75    - Lv 0
The Art of Koi Ponds: Ochiba and Tancho                    - §400   - Lv 3
Mythical Fish Vol 1: Discovering Dragons                   - §1,500 - Lv 7
Egg Rolls                                                  - §325   - Lv 2
Stir Fry                                                   - §200   - Lv 6

 - Unique in China -

There a few things that are unique in China. First of all, you can guess it
will be the new Martial Arts skill that will only be exclusive in China, it 
is the only place where you can purchase the training dummy and the board

Another thing to note is the Fortune Cookie machine. With this, you can bring
the machine back home, and you can make delicious fortune cookies for you and
all your guests. Of course, they get their fortune as well, and depending
on the outcome of the fortune, they will get either a good or negative moodlet
associated with the fortune for the rest of the day. 

 - The Sights - 

There are several things that you will want to see whilst you are here. If
we start with alphabetical order, I'll give a brief overview on what is here
and what you can do whilst you are there.

The Abandoned Barn is just that, it is abandoned, but it also has a small
area that you can explore underneath it, so you have a little to explore 

Base Camp is just that, it's located close to the main city, so you have a 
pretty good location for a base camp here. 

The Dragon's Maw, this is a dungeon that is hidden inside a Dragon's head,
which is interesting, but inside contains a massive dungeon, in which you
can explore for a fair amount of treasures. 

The Halls of the Lost Army is the main attraction in the Forbidden City, it
is right there. There isn't a lot for valuable treasure, but there is some
there, and it is a good place to start.

The Hot Springs is a nice place to go and unwind, and if you have a good 
eye, there is a hidden entrance here that leads to a hidden area, so you
have some goodies there to raid.

Lands of the Ancestor is the graveyard of the area, there isn't much here,
it isn't like this game promotes tomb raiding. This isn't the Tomb Raider
series you know.

The Scholar's Garden is a place of learning, you can learn a fair bit
from the masters here, and not too far away is the Phoenix Academy for
Martial Arts, so you will be able to learn pretty much all the skills
here, so that will give you a place to relax and learn.

The Temple of Heaven is the biggest temple or dungeon that is here. This
is where you need to take quests and opportunities from other NPCs so you
can get the valuable Pangu's Axe that resides here. This is the most
valuable of the tombs you will encounter in this locale. 

The Terracotta Army is an impressive place that you can go to. There is a
tomb under all those soldiers, and this tomb contains the remains and the
mummy of an old Emperor, who doesn't seem to like your ways of tomb 

[9.02] France

France is a place more for shopping. It is less heavy on tombs, but there is
quite a fair amount here for you do play around with.

 - The Stores - 

Lets start with the General store again, and like the other store, a fair bit
will be the same here, but there are some differences. 

The Shopping List

Low Quality Food                     - §5
Medium Quality Food                  - §20
High Quality Good                    - §40
Shower in a Can                      - §120
sim Scouts Camper Classic            - §220
Colesim 2br Edition Tent             - §2,700
Snaptastic Flimsy-Cam                - §250
Little Soldier Boy Incense Holder    - §400
The Kenspa                           - §650
Treasure Chest of Alouette           - §430

Now, onto the bookstore, and again, the books aren't going to be the same,
after all, different culture, different books. They have more to do with
French culture, as you can well imagine, and there is one thing, there are 
more recipes for you to collect. 

Flo and her Kenspa                             - §109
Where's the Soup?                              - §164
The White Flag of Victory                      - §422
Avant-Garde Literature for the Masses          - §484
Mr. McKay's Photographics                      - §487
Shadows of the Tower                           - §528
French Toast, French Fries, and French Kissing - §569
Gibson's Delight                               - §577
The Curator's Lost Museum                      - §663
Une Histoire de Champs Les Sims                - §725
Fashion Advice for Hermits                     - §945
The Case of the Red Bicycle                    - §988
Film Noir or Just Black and White?             - §1,156
Parkour                                        - §1,333
Crepes et Cidres                               - §1,350
Jimmy Sprocket and the Chalice of Nectar       - §1,376
Fields of Sims                                 - §1,663
Phillipe's Monuments                           - §1,768
Le Velo de Tate                                - §1,968
For the Love of the Nectar                     - §2,100

Now, below are the books that are for skill building. The first three books 
are for the skill building of Nectar. The next book after that will be for
the fishing skill, and finally, the last 4, will be recipes that you can get
if you have the necessary skill. The skill required is after the cost. 

L'amour de Nectar: An Introductory Reader               - §50  - Level 0
Nectar Making: The Culture, The Lifestyle               - §500 - Level 3
Advanced Nectarology                                    - §750 - Level 6
French Delicacies: Capturing Frogs, Snails and Crawfish - §100 - Level 0 
Cheese Plate                                            - §100 - Level 1
Bouillabaisse                                           - §100 - Level 3
Crepes                                                  - §540 - Level 6
Frog Legs                                               - §900 - Level 3

 - Unique in France - 

The unique thing in France is obviously Nectar Making. The Nectary is going
to be a place to visit, it will house the important tools for starting your
own nectar factory back at home, so you will need to start therefore you can
start your own nectar factory. Other than that, there is nothing especially
unique here.

 - The Sights - 

The Base Camp is located right in the city, so you will be close to the
stores here, so it isn't a bad place to set yourself up in. 

The Chateau du Landgraab is a massive chateau that you can visit if you have
the keys given from citizens of the area in their quests. Inside, there are
many rooms, and many treasures, it is certainly one of the places that you
will want to visit and loot before you complete your visits. 

Eastern Hills Cemetery is the place where all the old Sims go to and die. It
is interesting because there are some rooms that you can loot for some goodies
but they aren't that valuable in nature.

Eastern Watch is a place in the middle of the river, it is a place that can
only be offically accessed by a small area that you will hear more about 

Forgotten Burial Mound, this is a burial mound for the great, so if you go
down there, there will be a fair amount of treasure there. And if you have
some valuable tools, mainly the Pangu Axe, you will be able to find a secret
entrance at the back of the bound. 

The Le Gallerie d'Art is the art gallery of the area, it is a place where
you can soak up the atmosphere, and if you have the wealth and resources to
do so, you can donate your own specimens to the art gallery, a sense of 
achievement. And if you have the keys, you can access the basement area of 
the gallery, and get some nice loot as well. 

Little Woods is a very interesting place to visit, mainly because there is a
little hidden entrance to a dungeon downstairs, which contains a fair amount
of loot. This is the entrace to the Eastern Watch, this actually leads to
Faerie Tomb. You will need Pangu's Axe before you can get there though, the
rocks block your path. 

The Nectary is probably THE place to visit when you are going to France, 
mainly because that is the source of nectar making. There is also an 
underground cellar, it is a place where you can loot some nectar, as well as
some interesting treasures beyond the locked door. 

[9.03] Egypt

Egypt is the final country that you can visit, and it is the place to visit
if you want to tomb raid, there are just so many areas to raid for goodies
here, which makes it interesting. Anyway, lets start it on the stores 

 - The Stores - 

Again, starting with the General Store, these are the items that are sold

The Shopping List

Low Quality Food                     - §5
Medium Quality Food                  - §20
High Quality Good                    - §40
Shower in a Can                      - §120
sim Scouts Camper Classic            - §220
Colesim 2br Edition Tent             - §2,700
Snaptastic Flimsy-Cam                - §250
ChannonTec Outlaw SE                 - §850
Hikon QX40di Gladiator               - §3,250
Snake Charming Basket                - §325
Mazzamesses II Incense Holder        - §400
Mummified Teddy Bear                 - §650
The Sultan's Keep-All                - §310

Now onto the Bookstore, we can start with the story books again, and then move
onto the skill books. 

The Price of Treasure                                               - §200
Ra! Ra! Ra!                                                         - §355
South of the Simhara                                                - §462
Are You My Mummy?                                                   - §514
From Dead to Mummy: The History of Healing                          - §567
The Keystone's Counterpart                                          - §788
Do I Exist?                                                         - §842
Thread Count                                                        - §1,111
The Legand of Queen Nosylla and King Nayr                           - §1,280
Advanced Facial Expressions                                         - §1,515
Tomb Raiding for Toddlers - What to Know                            - §1,544
The Mummy In Love                                                   - §1,816
The Sand Mirage                                                     - §1,819
A Guide to Desert Stick Pokey                                       - §1,851
Photos from Dark Places                                             - §1,988
Jimmy Sprocket and the Mummy's Curse                                - §2,002
Free Kicks, Hard Tackles, and Red Cards                             - §2,210
That's a Wrap! The True Life Story of the First Mummy Film Director - §2,226
The River that Sustains Us                                          - §2,253
A Good Shawarma                                                     - §2,275

Now, with the skill books. The first is for the photography skill, the next
is for fishing, and the last two are the recipe books. Again, level is listed
right after the price. 

Photography Vol. 1 - Taking Off the Lens Cap         - §50  - Level 0
Dead-ly Delights: Catching Crocodiles and Mummy Fish - §750 - Level 2
Shawarma                                             - §325 - Level 1
Falafel                                              - §475 - Level 5

 - Unique in Egypt - 

What is unique in Egypt is the practice of snake charming. I've already
talked about this, so you can see the relevant section if you want more 
information. Also borne in Egypt is the best camera, so this is used to 
develop your photography skill even more, and that's about it. 

 - The Sights - 

Abu Simbel is the first of the sights. This is one of the richest tombs to
raid, but to gain entry, you need two items. The first is rather easy, just
present an artifact, whilst the second, asking for a rock/stone, is just a 
small meteorite. 

The Base Camp is probably the worst out of all three, you're in the outoors
and the facilities aren't that great, and to boot, you're pretty far out
from town compared to other base camps. Well, can't have it all your way
I guess. 

The Cooper Quarry is an abandoned copper mine, that you can enter for a load
of copper, and there are some interesting treasures that might pick at your
fancy if you wish to have a look. 

Desert's End is basically the graveyard of this area, so there is really
nothing for you to see here, except a whole lot of ghosts. 

The Great Pyramid is one of the places you want to loot. There is a massive
tomb down there, and if you have the right keys from the citizens of this
area, then you will be in there for a while, so pack up your gear for that

The Great Sphinx isn't that hard to conquer, there isn't a lot in there, but
if your Sim is a Mummy, then you might want to go in and have a look. There is
a fair bit of treasure in there if you are really interested. 

The Pyramids of the Burning Sands is quite an easy tomb to conquer, it is 
quite easy when you know how to conquer the flames that get in your path and
try to burn you alive.

The Pyramids of the Sky will be another interesting pyramid, mainly because it
is heavily aquatic, so you will be soaked your entire time, and again, there
is some good loot in here.

The Pyramid of the Wind is the last of the Pyramids, and there is some 
interesting stuff in here, so conquer it, if you dare.

The Ruins of Karnak are quite useless, they just sit there, and offer nothing
to the scenery, but there is supposedly a secret entrance to the treasures
hall underneath, with great treasure.

The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut is quite a nice place, but it only becomes
accessible to you when you have the keys from the citizens of Al Simhara, and
once inside the Queen's Quarters, there are wonderful treasures for you to
loot till your hearts content. 

The Tomb of Discovery is the beginner's tomb, it is close to the base camp,
and quite short as well, but given that it is a beginner's tomb, it isn't 
exactly full of treasure. 

[10.01] China

This list is going to be dedicated to building a log of all the adventures
that you can seek in the target locale. So, if you are going to visit a 
certain location and want some adventure, then this list will tell you all
the adventure paths that you can get, as well as the rewards that they will
inevitably unlock. The important thing is that by doing these adventures, you
will gain access to tombs that you have never been to before. 

Note that when I type these up, they are listed in the order that they are
going to be given, so if they are appearing after the previous has been 
completed. You can assume that the first mission is always going to be 
available from the adventure notice board outside the base camp. 

 - Treasure Hunter - 

- Seeking Adventure

For this, you are tasked to seek out a treasure somewhere, so all you need to 
do is to actually find the Sim involved, and they will give you all the 
details from there. You get some Visa points for completing this.

- Treasure Hunter

When you have talked to the target Sim, they will give you the access key
to the Hall of the Lost Army, and they are asking you to retrieve a relic
from there and then bring it back to them. This is quite simple, and as a 
result, you get some visa points, some ancient coins and simoleons, as well
as unrestricted access to the Halls of the Lost Army.

 - Building a Tomb - 

- Constructing the Dragon Emperor Mini

For this, the relic merchant is in need of assistance, they will need two 
pieces of Lapis Lazuli to start this adventure, so deliver it to them, and 
in return, you will get some visa points. 

- A Mini Mercurial Desire

Now, the local merchant will require you to deliver them two samples of 
mercury, that you can find round the place, and when you devlier it to him, 
you can get some visa points, ancient coins and some Simoleons.

- The Mini Emperor's Honour Guard

Now, for this one, you will need to find a certain amount of Red Assassin 
bugs, so they aren't going to be easy to find, by the world map at least 
tells you where they are. This makes things a bit easier on you. Find them,
and bring them back to complete this mission set, with the reward of Visa
points, ancient coins and Simoleons.

 - Scholar's Garden - 

- The Fish of the Scholar

This is just a single mission, so it is quite simple. There are going to be 
4 different types of koi, and your job is to find a certain amount of either
one type or of two or more types. This is quite simple, provided that you have
the relative fishing skill for it. This will reward in Visa points, ancient
coins and Simoleons. 

 - Building a Telescopr - 

- Telescopic Metal

This strapping young local is needing the ability to build a telescope, but 
they will need your help in building this. What they will want is some metal
samples, and they will tell you the amount required as well as the type of
metal being used. As you can guess, the reward is in visa points, ancient
coins and Simoleons.

- Pottery of Peculiar Properties

Now they will require you to bring them at least 2 old relics, so you will
need to find relics, and then identify them as being of an old, or older
origin. Make sure that you don't bring the collectables with you, you might
just regret it. Again, ancient coins, visa points and Simoleons.

- Busted Parts

The problem is that the lens in the mail have been broken, so you will need
to bring the lens to another Sim, who can fix it. The reward for this are some
visa points.

- Repair Retrieavl

With this, the lens have been complete and you need to bring them back to the 
local. This is quite easy, resulting in visa points, ancient coins and 

- Lights Out!

Now, the telescope is complete, but there is too much glare from the town's
lights that it interferes with the telescope. You need to convince some locals
to turn off their lights, and to do that, you need to be friendly with them 
first, then convince them to turn off their lights. The reward are some visa

 - A Fine Wine - 

- A Quality Bottle of Nectar

Now, this is a problem, a Sim in China wishes to sample some fine nectar, but
they don't want to go to France. So, what you need to do is to provide them
with a bottle of nectar, it doesn't matter how, just provide it, be it the 
factory in your house in China, tomb raiding, or just going to France and 
purchasing it. Anyway, you get some visa points, Simoleons and ancient coins.

 - Literary Friend - 

- The Worldly and Voracious Reader

This is interesting, this is where a Sim wants to read a book that they cannot 
purchase from a store already, so you will need to bring them a book that your
Sim has written, be it the free copy from the publisher or you find it in 
someone's trash or from the bookstore. The reward are ancient coins, visa
points and Simoleons. 

 - Jade Acquisition - 

- A Demand for Jade

Well, someone here wants some jade, and you are going to need to supply them
with the Jade. For this, find the requested number of Jade that they want, 
deliver it, and off you go. The usual reward, Simoleons, Visa points and 
ancient coins. 

 - Bringing Monk Back - 

- The Lost Way

Apparently, a member of the Resolute Fist has gone missing, and you need to
find them. You need to look on your world map, and find outwhere they are and 
befriend them and talk to them. For this, you will get some visa points. 

- Lost Interest

When you have found the Sim, they say that their martial art skills are too 
good for everyone else, and you will need to head back to the original 
requesters telling them at their missing member is fine and arrogant. For 
this, you get some visa points.

- A Convicing Story

With this, you need o go back to the martial artist who rejected the 
Resolute Fist, and tell them that there is more than what is on offer, so
you are attempting to convince them to come back. This is quite easy, after
you become friends with them. The usual it the Visa points, the ancient
coins and the Simoleons, but also a relationship boost.

- A Wise Decision

The arrogant one has agreed to come back to the Resolute Fist and you
will need to tell the members back home about this, so you get the standard
visa points, ancient coins, and the Simoleons, but also a relationship boost
with the requester. 

 - Dong Huo Treasure - 

- A Curious Note

You need to head over to a local as they have found a note that will lead 
them to a treasure beyond imagine. So visit them, and get some visa points. 
Actually, from now on, you know what the rewards are, so it's a standard
reward from now on.

- The Concern of Illegible Handwriting

The note that is provided is too hard to read through normal means, so you
will need to take it to another sim and they will help you understand what
the note says. Standard reward here.

- Deep Within the Forbidden City

Now, you need to go to the back of the general store, inspect the hole
there, and from there, you need to find the keystone to the market caves. 
From now on, you get the standard reward, a relationship boost with the
requestor, and unrestricted access to the market caves.

- Haggling the Final Details

Now, the problem is that you are on the properly of another merchant, so 
you will need to talk to that merchant, befriend then, so that they
will let you explore the tomb. You get some visa points for this.

- Stealing the Warlord's Gold

Now that you have access, you can use the keystone, and you will have
access to the Dong Huo's Treasure Trove, and you can explore it till
your hearts content. This quest is now over with the standard rewards and
unrestricted access to the treasure trove. 

 - Qin Shan Hu Writings -

- Potent Signs of Potential

Now, you will need to head to the local who is offering you this adventure,
and you will need to talk to them, getting the basic reward of visa points

- The Journey Begins

Before you can join the Resolute Fist, you will need to head over to the 
academy and practice your martial arts, netting you the basic rewards as well
as a relationship boost with the requester.

- Learning from the Master's Palm

With this, you are told to spar with another Sim, win or lose, so you will
need to spar with them, which is quite easy. There are no rewards given at
this stage.

- The Sparring Report

Now that you have sparred with them, you need to report in to that local 
about what happened in that Sparring session, and you will get your standard
reward at this stage.

- Meditation Is the Key

This is where you need to head over to the Scholar's Garden, and basically,
with a Martial Arts skill of 5, you can meditate, and until you get that 
moodlet, you will have to keep meditating. This is quite easy, and you net
the basic reward as a result.

- The Writings of Qin Shan Hu

Now, your meditation has pointed to the Ancient Monk Rtreat, you need to
head into the retreat and fight your way through there, collecting the 
writings and reporting in when you are done, netting you the standard
reward, as well as unrestricted access to the Ancient Monk Retreat.

 - Temple of Heaven -

- In the Aid of Monks

With this, you need to head over to the Order of the Resolute Fist and
tell them that you are offering their help. This is simple, for a basic

- Monk Junk

With this, the order has knowledge of an ancient relic inside the 
Annex of the Resolute Fist, and you need to go in and get it. After, this
you will get unstricted access to the area. You get the standard reward at
this stage.

- Wait, Wait, There's More!

Again, you need to talk to the requesters and they need some platinum and some
lapis lazuli for creating another keystone, so you will need to collect the
necessary amounts, and bring it back to them for the standard reward.

- Baking the Keystone

With this, you need to bring the uncooked keystone to the air of the Scholar's
Garden as well as the Martial Arts Academy, so head to both of those locations
and bring the keystone back to the monks. For this, the standard reward is on

- Putting the Key to Use

Now, the keystone is complete, so you need to head into the Annex of the 
Resolute Fist again, and unlock the treasure using the keystone to advance. 
With this, the standard reward is on offer again.

- The Missing Piece

Now, you haev the artifact, but a piece of it is missing, so bring it back
to the monks to see what else can be done, but other than that, you get the
basic reward here.

- Here? The Entire Time?

It turns out that a local has the missing piece, so you will need to find
this local, wherever they are, and become friends with them in order for 
them to give up their missing piece. You get the basic rewards once you
do so. 

- Homeward Bound

With this, you can deliver the missing piece, and you can talk ot the 
requester and finish this set of quests, and you get a nice reward as a
result, but it is still a standard reward.

 - Dragon Emperor - 

- Assisting an Elder

A local will want some common relics that you can find all over the place to 
bring back to their elder, who apparently lives on the other side of China, 
and for this, you get a standard reward.

- Another Favour for an Elder

With this, you need to talk to the local, and they will ask for an item, 
in particular, but another Sim has this. You need to go to that local, and
ask them to borrow their artifact from them. For this, you get some ancient
coins as a reawrd.

- No Late Fees?

That local who let you borrow the item now needs it back, so you need to go
to the person who you give the item to, and give it back to the local so they
won't be mad, and for this, the standard reward applies.

- Descendants of the Guard

Turns out tha the Grandfather is one of the descendents of the Dragon
Emperor's Imperial Guard and they let you into the Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
but you will be stopped, because you don't have the necessary keystone, but
you get some ancient coins for your trouble.

- Stumped in the Tomb

You need to head back to the requester, mainly because you don't have the 
keystone that lets you into the tomb. You get the basic reward for this.

- A Monk's Approval is Key, Part 1

Now, the grandfather has sent out a new keystone, but for it to work 
properly, the magic is that a monk has to bless it, so you need to find a 
monk, and deliver the keystone to them so they can bless it. You get no
reward for this step.

- A Monk's Approval is Key, Part 2

This is where you need to return to the requestor since you have the keystone
and give it to them, and this is where you get your standard reward from them.

- The Dragon's Emperor Secret Rooms

With this, you have access to the Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, and you are 
asked to enter the tomb to find an ancient spear for the grandfather, as well
as keeping all the other treasures that you manage to find in the tomb, so
it's not so bad, you have unrestricted access to the Tomb of the Dragon 
Emperor as well as the standard reward.

 - The Axe -

- Confounded Boulder!

Head over to the requester and they will be stumped by a boulder, and how to
get past it. Obviously this was before the time of dynamite. Anyway, you get
your basic rewards for turning up.

- Sign my Petition? Part 1

Apparently, that is an item that can shatter bounders, but it is the 
knowledge of a single Sim. What you need to do is to talk to enough locals
and get them to sign your petition for them, which will lead you to be able
to get this magical item out. You get no reward for this stage.

- Sign my Petition? Part 2

With all the signatures down, you need to head back to the requester, and
they will now give you your standard reward that you are owed.

- A Friendly Interview

Now, you need to talk to the lacol who knows the location of this magical
item that can smash boulders, so you need to talk to the local, become good
friends with them, and that will get you the location. You get the basic
reward as well as some relationship points with that local.

- Village Valuables

Apparently, before you can start your digging, you need to help the government
find some pieces of lapis lazuli so that they have some money in their 
treasury, so think of it as some sort of stupid tax. With this, you will need
to bring back a certain number, and in return, you get a standard reward.

- Pangu's Axe

Now, the local will give you the Key of Pangu, which means you can head over
to the Temple of Heaven, and enter the Pangu's Heaven area, whhere you need to
place the keystone, and then find the magical axe, which is all the way at the
end of this long dungeon.

- Return with Axe in Hand

Now that you have found the axe, you will need to report in that you have 
found the axe. You will get the keep the axe, as well as getting a standard

- Boulder Smash!

You need to head to the Hot Springs and use the axe to break the boulder 
blocking access to the dive well there, and this will get you access to the
secrets of the Hot Springs, unrestricted for you, as well as a standard reward
for you, which is nice. 

 - Temple of the Dragon -

- You There! Stranger!

Well, this quest is where you need to do some delicate work. You need to 
head over to the Temple of the Dragon, by entering the Dragon's head, and
you need to enter there, to get something. You need to head inside, until
you are stopped since you need the necessary keystone. For this, you get
the standard reward.

- Explaining the Vision

Well, you will experience a vision of a Mummy and an Adventurer having a 
good fight with each other, so you will need to head back to the original
requester and tell them of this vision, and in return, you get some ancient

- Construction the Vision Statue

It turns out that you are meant to visit that tomb, so you will need to go
off and explore the area for some platinum that you can bring back to the 
local for a new keystone, and they will get you a standard reward. 

- Statue Construction Continues

Now, the statue isn't complete, you still need a few pieces of lapis
lazuli, the amount depending on the requestor, and you need to bring this
back to them. For this, you get a standard reward.

- Final Touches on the Statue 

Now, the final thing that is needed for the statue is for a common relic to
be placed on it, and then it will work. You need to bring back the common
relic to the requester and you will get the standard reward for that.

- The Pilgrim's Walk, Parts 1, 2 and 3

With this, you will have a completed statue, so you will need to talk it to 
the Scholar's Garden, the Temple of the Dragon and the Temple of Heaven, so 
you will need to take the statue to these sites and after that, you get no
reward, but another quest.

- A Good Walk Foiled

With this, head over to the Temple of the Dragon, but that doesn't work and
you see something that you really don't want to see. Anyway, you need to head
back to the requester again, who is out of ideas, but you get the standard 

- Knowledge of the Past

Another Sim has an idea on how you can enter the Temple of the Dragon, and 
this will start up this set of quests again. You need to report to this 
Sim exactly what you have learnt from the previous set of missions, and 
this will net you the basic rewards. 

- The, Uh, Potion ... of Remembrance?

With this, you need to trade some platinum to another Sim who has a potion
that can help the merchant who has knowledge about the Temple of the Dragon
remember things, seeing that they cannot afford the potion themselves, so
collect the platinum and trade it for the potion. You get the standard reward
for this. 

- Forget Me Not

Now, you have the potion, so you need to visit the specified merchant and 
deliver the potion to them, so that will be out of the way. You get the basic
reward for this. 

- Oh Sin Pah!

Now, the potion has given yo a lead, there is an adventurer by the name of
James Vaughn that knows somethnig, and you need his journal. You need to 
find the descendent of Sin Pah, the assistant of Vaughn, and you need to
find them on your map, talk to them, ecomes friends, and then ask for the
journal in order to aid your quest. You get the basic reward for this.

- The Diary of Sin Pah

Now, the problem is that the keystone doesn't appear to be in China, it 
turns out it is in France, so you are finished with China for the moment, 
and you need to travel all the way to France and talk to the merchant who
works at the Nectary to continue this quest, getting ancient coins for your

- Speaking to the GRoundskeeper

Now, the problem is that it is in the Landgraab household, there is some bad
blood between Vaughn and the groundskeeper, so you will need to speak to
the descendent of the gruondskeeper to learn more bout this. You get the
standard reward for this.

- Quid Pro Keystone

Now, the descendent will help you on one condition, you need to bring them an
opal, and this is going to be hard without Pangu's axe, because the opal is
under a boulder that needs demolishing. So demolish it, get the opal, make the
trade and you get the standard reward as you go along.

- Deep Within Landgraab Chateau

Now, the descendent will open up the Landgraab Chateau for you, and you need
to investigate the area to find the hidden vault that has the keystone, but
this isn't going to be easy, there are a lot of traps all over the place,
corridors aren't going to be safe. You get the standard reward for venturing

- Why ... That's the Keystone!

Now, you haev the keystone from France, you will need to head back all the
way to China and takl to the person who started this all, saying that you have
the keystone. You get the standard reward for this.

- Preparing for Battle

The problem is that you are going to be fighting Dong Huo, who is an evil
warlord in the tomb, and with that, you will need to be strong, so you will
need a Martial Arts skill of level 10 before you can even think about facing 
him in his domain. For getting your body fit and ready for battle, you will
get the standard reward. 

- Crafting the Amulet of Protection

Now that you are strong enough, you need to collect some jade and some
platinum before you can continue so you can make the Amulet of Righteous 
Protection. The problem is that Dong Huo is dead, and he is quite a threat
now he is undead, so you will need all the protection you can get, and for
this, you get the standard reward.

- The Demise of Dong Huo, Part 1

Now that you are ready, you need to fight your way through the tomb and 
take on Dong Huo. With your martial arts skill, you should be more than a 
match for the undead warlord, and defeat him once and for all. You will
get nothing for this part of the quest, but you can access to the entire
tomb and all the treasures.

- The Demise of Dong Huo, Part 2

Now that you have defeated the warlord, you need to head back outside to
the open air, and celibrate your victory over him and collect the standard
reward, that has been supersized. 

[10.02] France

 - A Better Nectar -

- An Endeavour for Flavour

Now, the nectar maker in France needs you to help in by going to local Cafe
and purchasing some grapes and bring them back to the Nectary, and for this,
you get the basic reward. 

- A Little Experimentation

Now, you will be given a number of fruit from the Nectar Maker, and you will
need to use the machines to make a nectar out of those fruits. This is quite
easy, head to the nectar machine, make a nectar and run it. For this, you get
visa points.

- Even Better!

Now, you will need to make another set of a nice nectar, but you will not
be getting fruit from him, so either harvest the fruit from his fields or at
the local cafe, and make the nectar, which has to be of nice quality or 
better, and give him the bottle. You get the basic reward for this. 

 - Nectar, a History-

- The Search Begins

A historian needs your help to write a paper on nectars. You will need to 
locate a Sim, and you will need to convince them to let them get interviewed
by you. This is quite easy and when you are done, report in back to the 
requester. You get the standard reward for this.

- The Lost Library of Landgraab

You need to enter the lost library of the Landgraab, so you will need to enter
the Chateau, and you will need to head into the library, and you are given
a keystone for this. This is quite easy, but the whole damn place is filled
with traps. It's a TRAP! Anyway, you get the standard reward for this.

- Code Breaker

With the papers in hand, you need to take them to another Sim because you
need to papers to be translated into a language that your Sim can understand,
so take them to the Sim, and get them to translate them for you. You get
the basic reward for this.

- Code Broken

With this, the paper has beent ranslated, and you will need to head back to
to the Historian with the massive secret that the paper holds. Anyway, you 
get the standard reward for this. 

 - History of Landgraab -

- Landgraab I ... Kidnapper?

Another historial is looking into the disspearence of Anatasia Necteaux, 
and he will requier your help, so you will need to report to the local who
requests your help, and for this you get the basic reward.

- The Groundskeeper's Journal

Now, the groundskeeper seems to have information about the disappearance so
you will need to find the journal. It is in the shack of the groundskeeper
and you will need to use a keystone from the basement to get inside. This 
will net you a standard reward.

- The Key, Please

Now, the journal is looked, which means you can get a pair of boltcutters to
cut the lock, or you can befriend a local and tell that that you need their
help in opening a journal, so probably a lockpicker. Anyway, you get the basic
reward for this.

- A New Ring, Parts 1 and 2

Now, the local will agree to help you, but with this, you need to collect
some gold pieces, which is quite easy, and some amethyst gems from around
the ground and give it to them, and this will net you the basic reward as a

- Here's the Key

Now that you have helped them, you will finally get that key, so you need to
return to the historian and you will be finally able to open that lock, so 
much trouble for a lock. You get the standard reward for this. 

- Chateau Crawl

Now that you have the key, you will need to head into the Chateau de Landgraab
because you need more clues. You need to enter the building and you will need
to find the clue that answers all the questions. With this, you get the 
standard reward as a result. 

 - Jean Necteaux -

- Nectar Research Assistance Needed

A researcher needs your help, so you will need to report in to them and 
get a basic reward as a result.

- In the Back of the Cellar

You need to head to be back of the Nectary, into the basement, and find a very
old bottle of nectar. There is going to be a glowing chest, so open the 
chest. You need to find the bottle, and report back in for another basic

- A Cellar Full of Clues

There are probably more clues in the Nectary basement, so you will be asked
to go back in there so you can find more clues as to what is going on. 
You will need to find a new area via a hole, and learn the riddle of three
treasures. You get the basic reward. Head back and report in when done.

- A Quick Follow-Up

Well, you need to then visit a historian in order to find the clues and the
secrets left in the cellar. You need to visit the historian and discuss this,
and you get no reward for this part.

- To Egypt!

Now, you need to talk to someone in Egypt to understand the meaning of this
riddle, so you will need to go there and talk to them. You will need to 
colect a number of cerambryx beetles in France first before you leave. You
get a basic reward for this. 

- The Black Market

You need to speak with the local to learn more about what Necteaux did in 
Egypt to piss people off there royally, and talk to the lcoal for a basic

- The Sleezy Merchant

Well, a local knows the location of one of the relics, so you will need to
get three sets of relics, each ahve to be worth over a certain amount of
Simoleons that is determined by the game, and when you are done, you can
deliver them to the merchant for a basic reward.

- A Little Too Sleazy

Well, the merchant will now tell you to find them a relic worth at least
500 Simoleons and bring it to them, so yeah, they are trying to milk you for
all you're worth, but to be fair, it is a relic, and it is probably very
valuable to boot. With that, you get the artifact, the Ruby of Sakhara. And
you get a basic reward.

- To France!

With the Ruby in your possession, you can go back to France and visit the
requester once more and that should get the ball rolling again, with a 
standard reward.

- Ruby-Coloured Test Drive

With the ruby, you need to take it to the Nectar's Cellars, and inspect those
three treasure holes once more. This will open up a new section and you will
need to continue onwards. You don't get anything for this stage yet.

- The Way to Isael's Tomb

Now that you have gotten into the new section, you need to continue your way
all the way down to Isael's Tomb. Again, you don't get a reward, but you will
need to fiddle around in order to get a keystone back at the starting point 
of this quest.

- If the Key Fits...

Well, now that you have the keystone, you need to use it on the door that is 
to the right of the three holes, and that should allow you to enter the Tomb,
and again, no reward.

- At Last, the Sapphire

Well, you now have access to the Tomb of Isael, and you will need to explore
that area a little bit in order to claim the Sapphire of the Crescent Moon. 
You will need to look out for traps, which are plentiful here, and once you
get the sapphire, you need to report in to your requester, and you get a 
standard reward for this.

- Yes, But Does It Work?

Well, you need to use the sapphire like you did with the Ruby, you will need
to place it into the glowing hole right in the wall, and then, report back to
the requestor. For this, you get a standard reward, per usual. 

- Have You Seen This Necklace?

Now, you need to find the emerald necklace, that apparently was worn by 
Anatasia Necteaux. With this knowledge, you need to find three locals of the
area, become friends with them, and ask them about the necklace and see if
they have any knowledge about it. When this is done, report in and you get a
basic reward. 

- Mmm, Nectar

Now, it appears that a local did indeed see the necklace and bought it, so
in exchange, the new owners require that you bring them an excellent bottle
of nectar, excellent as in the quality, and they will exchange the necklace
for it, and you also get a basic reward. 

- Success Is Sweet

Well, now that you have traded that bottle of nectar for the necklace, you 
will need to report in to the researcher again, and this is starting to get to
the pointy end of these quests. You get the standard reward here.

- Opening the Tomb of Necteaux

Now, with the emerald in tow, you can finally use it to complete the three
artifacts that Necteaux stole, and you can finally use this to enter the tomb
of Necteaux. About high time.

- Inside the Tomb of Necteaux

Now, inside the tomb, you will need to find the Recipe of Necteaux and give 
that back to the researcher, but feel free to raid the tomb, after all, you
now have unrestricted access to the tomb of Necteaux. You will get the 
standard reward, as well as some Nectar. 

 - Secret Garden - 

- Surveying the Property

A local here has found out that there is, apparently, a secret area in their
garden somewhere, but they don't know where, so you will need to report in 
and offer your services, in exchange for a basic reward here. 

- The Mystery Room

Now, you have found out that it is in the basement, but you will need the 
keystone, which they offer. Apparently, it is making noises, so enter 
the area, and explore it. Once here, you complete the quest, getting a 
standard reward, and an increased relationship with the homeowner, and you
get to explore the area a little bit. 

- More Like "Haunted Garden"

Well, it appears that the garden is hainted, so you will need to head into
the garden, again, and mourn at the glowing headstone indicated by the 
game, and then you can communicate with the spirits. There is no reward
at this stage.

- Love in Bloom

The spirits want you to bring back some pomegranates, which was the cherished
fruit of the ghost's significant other, so you will need to find them, so 
either get lucky at the cafe, or you will need to travel to Egypt and buy
them there, or just go home if you have a tree growing there. You get the
basic reward here. 

- Anything Else?

The family who sits on the haunted garden will want you to communicate with
the spirit again, it seems that it isn't disappearing just yet.

- Final Resting Place

Well, now the spirit wants to rest, and for that, they will offer you the
ashes. You will need to take the remains when it is offered, take them into
the basement of the Secret Garden, and place them inside the chest that is
glowing. This should net you a basic reward. 

- Laid to Rest

The family is finally happy that you have solved this ghostly problem, so
report in with them, and this should be it. You get a standard reward and
you get an increased relationship boost with the family. 

 - A Museum Mystery - 

- Trouble at the Museum

Well, the curator is looking for a new security guard for the Museum, which
means if your name is Ben Stiller, you need apply, anyway, go there, and 
offer your security presence. You get the basic reward for turning up. 

- On Patrol

Well, you need to enter the museum, which is pretty obvious, you are meant
to be patrolling the museum. Apparently, the guards always quit their
patrols, so you need to head to the Egyptian gallery. Then report in back
to the curator for a standard reward. 

- Something in the Chinese Exhibit

Well, there was nothing strange in the Egyptian exhibit, so you will need 
to head over to the Chinese exhibit, because there are some rumours that
there are noises from there. Enter the Museum, and into the Chinese exhibit
and use the hole in the wall to find a secret door. After that, talk to 
the curator again for a standard reward.

- Strange Sounds

Now, the curator tells you to investigate this new area, because it appears
that the sounds are coming from that direction. That's easy from him to 
say. Anyway, enter the area and you will need to explore it, and at the 
end, you will find a grave at the bottom. Mourn at the grave for a basic

- The Curator's Final Exhibit

This is the grave of the last curator, who died in a sarcophagus when it
shut on him. Anyway, you need to collect the remains and then head over
to the cemetery. Next to the centre crypt there is a hole in the ground, so
examine it to unlock the door, and that should be his family plot. With
this, place the remains in the chest, and collect your little reward.

- Success with the Haunting

With all this done, you can talk to the current, and still alive, curator
about what actually went on, and you will get your standard reward. 

 - It's a Small World - 

- To Egypt (On the Cheap)!

It seems that a local here will want to visit Egypt, but is clearly too
cheap to actually go there and pay for accommodation, so you need to travel
to Egypt, befriend one of the locals, then convince them to let the Frenchman
stay at their place, and then head back to France and tell them the good
news. You get a standard reward for this. 

- To China (On the Cheap)!

This is the same as the other quest, all you need to do is to visit China and
convince a local to let the Frenchman stay, and report the news, and that
should be that. You get a standard reward as well.

 - Help with Business - 

- Verbal Advertisement

Well, it seems that a store isn't doing too well in terms of staying afloat, 
so you will need to talk to three locals, become good friends with them, and
then convince them to shop at that store, and that should be enough to get
you your standard reward. 

 - France Starter - 

- A Trivial Affair

Well, a local needs your help with something that appears to be of little
drama, but if it was of little drama, then they could do it themselves, so go
and report in for a basic reward, and some dried food.

- Celtic Foray

It seems that they were exploring the Celtic Ruins and they forgot something
there, which is completely their fault, so you need to go and look for it on
their behalf, lazy idiots. Anyway, go to the ruins, look for the missing 
object and return it to them for a standard reward. 

 - Photography - 

- A New Photo in France

With this, you need to talk to a local, and you will need to take a photo of
something in France, like the markets, or the Nectary, something that is 
uniquely French. This is for a standard reward.

- Floral Photo

Anyway, a local will need your help in taking a photo of some flowers, so go
somewhere with flowers, like the markets, take a photo of them, and give it to
that Sim for a standard reward.

- Headshot!

No, you don't get to kill, anyway, you need to take a photo of another Sim, 
so you are going to have to ask someone to pose, and zoom right into their
heads in order to get the headshot. This is for a standard reward.

 - Matchmaker - 

- I Need a Date

Now, this is something that should be attributed to a lack of balls, but a Sim
is too shy to ask someone out, so you will need to go and ask that Sim out on
their behalf, and not hope that they think YOU are asking them out. This is
for a standard reward and a relationship boost with both parties involved with
this blind date of sorts.

 - Go Running - 

- Fun Run

It seems that in France, people don't like running, so you will be asked by a
local so go running or jogging through the city in order to get people more
motivated to run. Anyway, you will ned to have a high athletics skill to do
this, and if you do, jog through the city until you have run enough and report
in to get a standard reward. 

 - Collecting Old Nectar - 

- Hankering for Old Nectar

A local will want you to bring them some quality nectar, and they need to be 
of the quality of Great or better, so find some and bring it to them, you can
probably find some in the Nectary's cellars. Anyway, the reward is the 
standard reward. 

 - Nectar Parts - 

- The New Nectar Machine

With this, a local will want to be better at making nectar, and you will need 
to help them with this. You need to go around and find some platinum around
the place and bring it to them. When you have it, report in to get the 
standard reward.

 - One More Component

Now, you will need to find a special computer chip, so what the hell is going
on, is this a nectar machine or a smart bomb? Anyway, you will need to speak
with the designated Sim pointed out by the game, and you will need to be their
friend before they will give you the computer chip. For this, you get a basic

 - Nectowhiz Delivery

With the computer chip in hand, you can deliver it and your requester will
be able to complete the Nectar Maker, and that beings that set of quests to
and end, and you get a standard set of rewards as a result. 

 - Good Nectar - 

- Seeking a New Flavour

Anyway, a local wants to experience a new type of nectar, because the nectar
they've been tasting is of poor quality, so you will need to bring them a 
bottle of nectar that is of nice quality or better for a standard reward.

- Prove Me Wrong 

This is another quest where you need to find nectar, but in this case, it 
needs to be better, so you will need a bottle of nectar that is of Very
Nice quality or better, and that will get you a standard reward.

- Flavourtastic

Now, you can see where this is going, you will need to find an even better
bottle of nectar, and in this case, it needs to be of the Great quality, 
or something that is even better, and again, this will net you the 
standard reward.

- Nectar Me Crazy

Finally, this is the last of the series, you will need a bottle of excellent
nectar, or something of higher quality, and bring it to this picky local and
that is for a standard reward. This is the end of this set of quests.

 - The Feast - 

- Frogs! And Make It Snappy

This local is one demand S.O.B. Anyway, you will need to be good at fishing so
you will need to catch 3 frogs, and bring them back to the local, which means
you will be sitting there for quite some time fishing for frogs. I always 
thought you'd use mnets, but oh well. This is for a standard reward.

- Oops! Forgot the Meat

Well, they forgot the meat, so you will need to purchase them some steak
from the Cafe. This is quite simple, head to the cafe, purchase the required
number of steaks, and return for a standard reward. 

- Veggies ... Now

Well, they now need some vegetables. This is going to be a bit hard, you will
need to find them vegetables that are of Very Nice quality or better, which is
a pain unless you own a house here so you can grow decent vegetables, so you
might need to head back home in order to grow these. For this, you get a 
standard reward. 

- A Vicious Delicacy

This is going to be another issue, this time, the request is a number of 
Crocodiles. You aren't going to catch any here, so you will need to travel
all the way to Egypt in order to catch a few crocodiles, and then bring them
all the way back to France. This is going to be a dinner party that is going
to take place in months. Anyway, the reward is a standard reward. 

- A Purple Delicacy

This is, thankfully, the last of this series of annoying quests, this will
require you to go all the way to China to gather some plums that have to
be of the Nice quality. You need to go to China to pick some up there or
you can grow them yourself at your home and bring them back to France, but
either way, you get the standard reward, and the end of this line of annoying

 - Frog Find - 

- Frogs as Pets

A Sim, for some bizarre reason, has kept a frog as a pet, and now wants a new
one seeing as her old frog died. So you will need to go and fish out right 
out of the river for them, and that will net you a standard reward. 

 - Exotic Fruit - 

- Global Nectar Making

This is quite simple, you will need to travel to another locale, either China
or Egypt, and bring them back a requested number of fruits from those locales
and send them back to France in order to get a standard reward. The simple 
thing is that you don't need to do this many times, just once. 

 - Cafe Cooking - 

- Cafe Quality Cooking

The cafe needs some help, because their cook took the day off sick, and what
better way to fill that void then by hiring some random stranger! Anyway,
you will need to cook a few meals required by the manager, so you will need
access to a kitchen, and bring the good to the manager for a Standard Reward
as well as a seed. 

 - Food and Nectar - 

- In Need of Nectar

Well, a local Sim will nede your help, so you will need to find a bottle of 
nectar that is of the Very Nice quality or better, and bring it back to them,
so you might want to keep something from your tomb raids for this. This will 
net you the basic reward.

- In Need of Grub

Now, you will need to cook up a recipe and deliver it to that Sim. This is 
all that is required, so cook something up for a basic reward. And this quest
wraps it all up for France. 

[10.03] Egypt

 - Plunder of Egypt - 

- Business Abroad

MorcuCorp will need your help in recovering some artifacts that the government
is interested in, so you will need to report to gain a reward based on
ancient coins and some dried food.

- An Introductory Test

Now, this is merely a test, so you will need to head into the Tomb of 
Discovery, and you will need to find the papers that were deliberately left
there as a test. For this, you will get a basic reward of visa points and 
some dried food when you complete it. 

- Agent of MorcuCorp

With this, you are now part of the team, and they will need to analyse the
papers, which does confuse me, why would you need to analyse papers YOU 
DROPPED YOURSELF? Anyway, you need to report in to another Sim for some 

- Gems of the Sand

Now, it looks like the boss of this cell, I guess you can call it that, has
not given enough money for maintaining operations, so you will need to find
some turquoise, lying around all over the place, collect it, and then deliver
it to the requestor for a standard reward. 

- Local Intel

Now, the requestor is worried that the locals think that MorcuCorp is a bad
evil company, so you will need to talk to other Sims, locals, and find out
what they think about the company. So you will need to find some locals, 
become friendly, and talk to them, then report back in. This is all for a
standard reward.

- Into the Fire

You will now be sent into the burning hells of the Pyramid of the Burning 
Sands, and you are there to collect some Flame Fruits, it is different 
because it is a rare strain or something like that. Anyway, you will get
a standard reward for punishing yourself like that.

- Digging Deaper

Now, your contact will want you to talk to a certain local, indicated on 
your map, and they will have a book that has information in the relics. 
So you will need to find the local, be friends, and then borrow the book
off them. Turns out, they don't have anything, and you don't get a reward.

- The Ancient Library

However, the local does tell you that within one of the homes in this
township, there is an ancient library that has the book that you need. You
will need to find this house, be friends with the family so that they 
will let you in, and then explore the library to collect the book. You 
get the standard reward for this.

- Race to Nowhere

Now, the book describes the three relics, that is the whole point of this
chain of quests, and the first one is bout the Relic of the Sun, and 
fortunately for you, a merchant knows about this. So you will need to 
befriend them, and they will reveal all.

- Race to Copper

Well, the merchant knows that the topic of conversation can be used to
their advantage, so before they will tell you more, you will need to 
find them some copper. For some bizarre reason obviously, copper isn't
THAT valuable. So find the copper, and deliver it. 

- On the Side of Good

Now, the locals know you are up to something, or so the merchant warns.
He will hand over the relic, but now it is up to you on which path you
should take, the good path, or the evil one. 

! It is at this point where you either join the holy path or the evil 
  path, so think wisely, because there is no going back. 

 - Plunder of Egypt - Holy Path - 

- Preparing the Bribe

Well, I really don't know how this happens, but your contact with MorcuCorp
is really a double agent, what's to say they aren't a triple agent. They 
should also be called Janus. Anyway, you will need to bribe two of the
guards, so you will need to find 2 pieces of Mummitomium for a Standard

- HQ Infiltration

Well, since you have the bribe, you will need to enter the headquarters
of MorcuCorp, which is actually run by a family, or so it seems. You will
need to enter the headquarters, and place the bribe at the glowing chest. 
This is for a basic reward, but you aren't done yet. 

- Hacker!

Whilst you are here, you will need to find the computer of the boss at the
HQ, and hack it for some information about more of the relics and such. This
is the easy part, and as such, you get a basic reward.

- The Second Relic

The second relic is inside the Tomb of the Desert Ocean, and it is the Relic
of Life. This is where you will need to head into the Pyramid of the Sky, and
move your way through it to finally collect the relic, and you will get the
standard reward. 

- Trading Shawarma for Information

You need information on the last relic, but the merchant you have been talking
to has a strange request for you.

- Egyptian Cuisine

For the last piece of information, you will need some Shawarma, so you will
need to be able to cook the dish, using a book from the store, and then deliver
the dish of food for them. You will need a place to cook though, the base camp
is pretty, well basic. You get a standard reward for this. 

- The Third Relic

Well, the final relic, the Relic of Eternity, is located in the Tomb of Death.
Well, we're off to a flying start, and that is located in the Great Pyramid. 
By the time you finish this tomb, you will have completed the good side of the

 - Plunder of Egypt - Evil Path - 

- Nefarious Intentions

Well, MorcuCorp needs you to report in to another agent, apparently they found
out that your first contact was a bit of a two-faced Janus, so now, you will
need to report in to a new contact. For this, you get a basic reward. 

- Preparing the Bribe

Now, since you have joined up with the Axis of Evil, you will need to prepare
a bribe for the local government officials to ensure that they turn a blind
eye to what is really happening. For this, you will need some copper, so find

- Delivering the Bribe

Now that you have the bribe ready, you need to deliver it to the merchant
in question, and they will be the ones who will tell you the secret about who
is actually opposing the Galactic Empire ... I mean ... MorcuCorp. For this,
again, a standard reward.

- Black Bag Job

Now that you know where the opposition lurks from, you will need to go along
and enter the secret base, which is now, not so secret, and you will need to
play the role of ninja, or infiltrator. Ninja just sounds that much better. 
Anyway, you will need to move in, and start playing around with their
computers. For this, you get some ancient coins.

- Spreading "Information"

Since you have all the data, you will need to inform the public that the
resistance against MorcuCorps is unfounded and a bunch of lies, and tell them
that the Jedi .... um, resistance, is evil instead. For this, again, you get
ancient coins. 

- The Contract, Part 1, 2 and 3

Now, you have your campaign underway, you need to talk to a local about having
a contract with MorcuCorp. With this, you will need to deliver a bribe of 
some turquoise gems to them in order to get them on side, and you will thus
have made them sign up, so report in for a big reward. 

 - Metal Trade - 

- The Age of Copper

The relic merchant needs your help to find some copper, so they can use it to
their advantage, so find some copper, and bring it back to them, for a 
standard reward.

- A Longing for Gold

A Sim has noticed that gold prices have gone through the roof, and thinks that
they can make a lot of money by giving them some gold. So what's to say that
you won't keep the gold for yourself. Anyway, do the mission, and get your
standard reward.

- Finding Mummitomium

Now, another local has heard that this rare element how exists, wait, it NOW
exists? That's odd. Anyway, you will need to find them a few samples, so that
means giving up some valuable metals to them, and all for a standard reward
that clearly isn't worth it.

- A Bit More Copper

The relic merchant needs more copper to play with, apparently the fake relics
that he was selling is turning into a large business. Anyway, you will need 
to find more copper, so find it, and deliver it for a standard reward. 

- Heaps of Gold

Well, the local who wanted gold now wants even more, so you will need to find
more pieces of gold ore lying on the ground, because that is really where gold
is all the time, and deliver it for a standard reward. 

- Mounds of Mummitomium

Well, that Sim you gave a "sample" of Mummitomium to, well, he turns out that
he is selling it, you double-crossing liar. Anyway you will need to do the same,
you will need to bring in some Mummitomium, and deliver it for a standard

 - Trapped at Home - 

- Trapped at Home

In this case, a family wants to use their basement, but it turns out that it
is an ancient tomb and it is completely filled up with traps, so they want a 
foreign idiot to walk in, clear out and disarm all the traps, and be gone. You
will need to befriend them first before you can get in, and you will need to
disarm all traps for a standard reward. 

 - Tomb Tours - 

- Tomb Tours

Well, the local Cartographers Union wants you to visit a few of the tombs. All
you need to do is to enter the tomb, and that is about it. You need to visit
the Great Pyramid, the Pyramid of the Wind, the Sphinx, the Temple of Karnak 
and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. You get Visa points at each entrance you
make, and a standard reward at the end. 

 - Tourist Brochure - 

- Al Simhara Tomb Tourist Brochure

This is a strange quest, you will need to take a photo of various things. It
will appear as individual quests, so I'm saving space by putting it all here.
You need to first take a photo of a trap, then pushable statue, pile of 
ancient coins, floor switch, rubble pile, treasure chest and finally, a 
giant boulder. You will get a standard reward for each. 

 - Big Hunt - 

- Icky Egyptian Entomology

Well, it appears that you will be needing to collect some of the local scarab
beetles for some research, so you will need to collect a bunch of them, and 
then report in to the relevant requestor. You get a standard reward for this

 - The Curse of the Mummy - 

- Cursed!

You get this when you have a fight with a mummy, lose, and then you are cursed
for that. You will need to find a local, who happens to know how to dispel of
this curse, but you will need to find an offering, so find an artifact worth 
however much is required, and deliver it.

- Journey to the Sphinx

Now, the local reveals that you will need to enter the Sphinx so you can get
the cure. So you will need to head to the Sphinx, and then plead your way
into the Sphnix to find the cure.

- Into the Sphinx

You will need to move around inside here, and you will need to move all the
way into the end of the Sphinx, and find the Soulpeace statue, that will
help you break free of the curse.

 - Ancient Love Affair - 

- In Search of Love

Well, this is straight-forward, you will need to help a Sim who need some
romantic advice, and you will need to report in for a basic reward. 

- A Few Words with a Friend

The requestor wants you to speak to another friend, who knows a little 
about an ancestor of their's and Hatshepsut, which I have no idea about,
but anyway, report in for a basic reward.

- Woo Them with Jewels

The actual quest here is to link the ancestor with Hatshepsut, as the
ancestor was a consort to the Queen, but for now, you will need to gather
some alabaster, and that will be a gift to the one who originally 
required your services. 

- Teach Him to Cook

The friend will give the second solution, make the Sim cook, so you will
need to read the book that the friend gives you, and then you will need 
to talk to the love-sick Sim and tell them all about it. 

- The Key to Her Heart

Well, the requestor will help out, and will mention that Queen Hatshepsut
actually has a secret liar in this city, and you will need to go to this
house, apparently, it is abandoned, and you will need to explore it a 
little. Look for the keystone, and that should be it.

- Love in the Servant's Quarters

The key that you found apparently unlocks the Servant's Quarters down 
at the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, so you will want to have a look 
inside there, and see what you can find. There are some stuff that are
glowing, so collect these relics. For this, you get a standard reward, and 
time to go back to the requestor. 

- Promoting Anwar

This is where you will need to talk to the other locals, and try to get
them to form a favourable opinion of the love-sick man, and that should
help him woo his girl, so to speak. Well, talk and befriend some of the
locals, and convince them that the requestor is a really cool guy. You
get a standard reward for this piece of deception.

- Love is Bazaar

The relic that you brought back from the Servant's Quarters unlocks a secret
entrance down in the Bazaar Tombs, so you will need to head down there and 
from there, locate the Queen's Quarters. Well, find all that you can, gather
the relevant relics, and lets get out of here. 

- Online Dating

Now, the friend suggest that we try online dating, and for this, we will
need a profile picture, and that is quite simple, get out your camera, and
take a photo of the love-sick Sim, and that should be the end of that. You
get a standard reward, as expected.

- Love Laid to Rest

Finally, the last part to this quest, it turns out that there is a final
keystone that you have, that accesses the Queen's Quarters, her personal
chambers, in the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, so go there, and loot the place,
but remember to loot the glowing chest. This ends with a standard reward. 

 - Bad Explorer - 

- Oh Where is My Lost Treasure?

A local has unfortunately placed a valuable treasure inside a tomb, the 
Bazaar tombs, and well, they need help in getting it back, so you will need
to go down there for them, collect the treasure they misplaced, and bring
it back to them for a standard reward.

- The Society's Lost and ... Found?

The Historical Society has lost a relic in an expedition, don't ask questions
on how they can be so stupid, and you will need to go down to find it. It is
located in the Copper Quarry, and you get a standard reward for completing 
this little task.

- In Search of My Sought Treasure

Sigh, another person has lose their relic in a tomb expedition, so again, 
you will need to find the treasure that they lost, and this happened in the
Pyramid of the Burning Sands, so go look for it for a standard reward.

- Missing Relic Believed to be Lost

Again, you can guess the drill, lost relic, inside a tomb, during an 
expedition, so you will need to go and find it, it is in the Tomb of Discovery
which makes it quite easy. 

- ISO: Relic

This is the last of the quests, you will need to find a relic, that they lost,
and this time, it is in the Copper Quarry, again, but you will now need the
keystone, so use it, explore a little, get it done, and lets get out of here,
but after getting the standard reward.

 - Mummification - 

- Proof of Mummification, Part 1 and 2

Well, a local needs you to take a photo of a mummy in order to win a bet,
which is fair enough. So you will need to take a photo in order to win a bet.
The second part is the same, the Historical Society is asking it this time,
in order to secure a research grant. Same deal. Both will offer the standard

 - Native Friend - 

- A Friend to the Natives

Well, someone needs your help making friends. So basically, you need to 
find a few locals, make them into your friends, and that should be enough to
report in and collect your standard reward. 

 - Pomegranate Farmer - 

- Pomegranate Farmer

A local needs your help, you need to deliver a certain number of pomegranates
and they need to be of the Nice quality or higher. How you do this is up to
you, either grow them in Egypt, or at home, or use your gardening skills. 
Either way, deliver them to get your standard reward.

- Oh Please! More Pomegranates!

This one, you will need to deliver more pomegranates, but the catch is that
they need to be of the Great quality, or even better, so you will need to do
that, deliver it, and collect your standard reward.

 - Tomb Disasters - 

- Tombs: When Not to Raid
Well, you will need to accept this little adventure, and all you need to do
is to get the Torched, Soaked, or the Mummy's Curse moodlet, and then report
in on how you felt. You get a standard reward for this insanity. 

*~~~~~~~~~~Save your tears for the day when the pain is far behind~~~~~~~~~~~*

[A] Contact Information

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Finally, if you see that there is something wrong in this FAQ, or something 
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