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FAQ/Walkthrough by Smoke Rulz

Version: 1.25 | Updated: 09/10/09

FAQ Created by: Smoke_Rulz
Game Created by: PopCap Games ( http://www.popcap.com )


Latest Update: 09/09/09
Current Version: 1.25
See Section 9 for the Update List


Note: To instantly jump to any section of the FAQ, highlight the term you see
inside the parentheses ( ) to the right, copy it (Ctrl+C), do a page find
(Ctrl+F), paste the term (Ctrl+V) in the box, and click to search for it.

1. Copyright & Site Listing                                          (sec1copy)
2. Introduction                                                     (sec2intro)
3. Game Information                                                  (sec3game)
   - a. About The Game                                              (sec3about)
   - b. Gameplay                                                     (sec3play)
   - c. Tile Types                                                   (sec3tile)
   - d. Potions, Treasures, & Companions                           (sec3potion)
   - e. Status Ailments & Enemy Lore                               (sec3status)
   - f. Lex's Levels                                               (sec3levels)
4. Adventure                                                       (sec4advent)
   - a. Prologue: Is it Stuffy In Here?                          (sec4prologue)
   - b. Book 4: Fractured Fairytales                                (sec4book4)
   - c. Book 5: The Monkey King                                     (sec4book5)
   - d. Book 6: Astounding Planet                                   (sec4book6)
   - e. Adventure Replay Mode                                      (sec4replay)
5. Mini-Games                                                        (sec5mini)
   - a. Mutant Words                                                (sec5game1)
   - b. Golden Coins                                                (sec5game2)
   - c. Word Up!                                                    (sec5game3)
   - d. Link n' Spell                                               (sec5game4)
   - e. Letter Rip!                                                 (sec5game5)
   - f. Word Master                                                 (sec5game6)
6. Arena                                                            (sec6arena)
   - a. Fight Order                                                (sec6fights)
   - b. Boss Monsters                                              (sec6bosses)
7. Treasure & Companion List                                        (sec7treas)
   - a. Prologue: Is it Stuffy In Here?                          (sec7prologue)
   - b. Book 4: Fractured Fairytales                                (sec7book4)
   - c. Book 5: The Monkey King                                     (sec7book5)
   - d. Book 6: Astounding Planet                                   (sec7book6)
8. Tips, Secrets, & Easter Eggs                                      (sec8tips)
   - a. General Tips                                                  (sec8gen)
   - b. Arena Tips                                                  (sec8arena)
   - c. Shortcuts                                                   (sec8short)
   - d. Secrets             *still missing a few!*                    (sec8sec)
   - e. Easter Eggs                                                  (sec8eggs)
9. Update List                                                     (sec9update)
10. Contact Info                                                 (sec10contact)
11. Thanks & Credits                                              (sec11thanks)

SECTION 1. COPYRIGHT & SITE LISTING                                  (sec1copy)

Copied straight from the GameFAQs.com Help area for the sake of ease:

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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this
document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

In addition, this FAQ currently can *** ONLY BE SEEN *** on these sites:


If you see it on any other site, including ones that people generally despise
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If you would like to host this FAQ publically, then I please request that you
ASK ME PERMISSION first. If I allow you to host it, I ask that you DO NOT EDIT
IT AT ALL and make sure that all due credit IS GIVEN TO ME. If I agree to let
you host it, I will place your site in this section, and keep you up to date by
sending any updates I make to the FAQ.

See the Contact Info section near the end of the FAQ if you'd like to get in
touch with me.

SECTION 2. INTRODUCTION                                             (sec2intro)

We meet again! For those of you familiar with the original Bookworm Adventures,
you might recognize me. I wrote the FAQ for that wonderful little game long ago
and now, I'm here again for its sequel. I'm really glad PopCap decided to make
a sequel to this little gem of a game. Whether you think it's better or worse
than the first one is entirely up to you, but no matter what, it's fun! And
hell, we could even get more sequels!

The game isn't going to be too much different than the original Adventures, so
a lot of the information contained within will almost certainly be taken right
from my old FAQ. But that's alright, you don't need to fix something that isn't
broken, right? This is simply another new adventure for our favorite worm Lex
to go on. Read on to see all the information you need on this great game, and I
hope you're enjoying yourself. I'll pretty much rewrite just about everything
to keep it fresh, however.

Feel free to submit anything you might find! Secrets, strategies, anything you
would like me to add to my grand text project here. I'll be sure to include you
in the Credits section.

SECTION 3. GAME INFORMATION                                          (sec3game)

First off, everything you need to know about the game and its gameplay. A good
chunk of this will be conferred in the beginning through the snazzy new
Prologue placed right at the beginning of your adventure. But just for the sake
of a complete FAQ, everything will be mentioned here.

A. ABOUT THE GAME                                                   (sec3about)

The original Boomworm Adventures was an awesome little PC game that expanded
upon PopCap's original, much simpler game, Bookworm. And in fact, it was a
storyline prequel. We followed the titular bookworm Lex through a series of
storybooks, fighting against all sorts of enemies, including legendary names
like Medusa and Dracula, all to rescue a kidnapped oracle. Gameplay consisted
of a simplified version of the normal Bookworm's word-based puzzlng, but with
some RPG elements mixed in.

Bookworm Adventures 2 follows in the wake of this game by having us lead Lex,
now the master of the Great Library, on another grand adventure, this time
with a much larger difficulty, and plenty of storybook characters to join us
in the many fights ahead. The stakes are also far higher this time than simply
rescuing an oracle. Everything you loved (and maybe hated) from the original
game is pretty much back, so veterans should have no problem fitting in!

This game is obtainable from the PopCap games website at the following URL:


The downloadable trial is playable for a little while. Purchasing the game
costs $19.95 and is done via the website. You can also purchase both this
game AND the original Bookworm Adventures together for $29.95.

These are the System Requirements for the game: (also found via the link)

DIRECTX VERSION:   8.0 or higher
Internet Connection required to register the download version
No RAM or processor requirements are given, but they should be very low.

B. GAMEPLAY                                                          (sec3play)

The original Bookworm used a large grid of tiles, requiring you to spell words
and gather up a large score, as long as you could. Your only real enemy were
Fire Tiles, which if they reached the bottom of the grid, meant Game Over.
Bookworm Adventures simplified the grid down to a 4-by-4 letter grid and
expanded the gameplay to have RPG elements, special gem tiles, items for use,
and a small but enjoyable storyline. All in all it was definitely worth the
$20 and it's still fun to play.

Bookworm Adventures 2 takes everything we loved about the original game, and
gives us a new storyline to guide Lex through. And it's not without a few new
additions to the gameplay here and there, as well. Gotta do something to keep
it fresh, right? Even with how great the first one was.

The bread and butter of this game is spelling words! There's a 4-by-4 grid of
letter tiles for you to use to make words, and they will fill up as you use
them. If you ever have trouble creating words, you have something called the
"Scramble" button, which will refresh the tile grid at the expense of ending
your turn. It will not affect Gem Tiles (besides changing their letter).
There's no score in this game like the first Bookworm, either; instead you're
trying to defeat enemies by taking off all their health, represented by Hearts.
There are many factors to your damage output:

   1. Word Length (minimum 3 letters allowed)
   2. Letter Value (dots in the corner; check out the tile section for more)
   3. Lex's Attack Power (read on for more info)
   4. Gem Tiles & Items Used (again, read on for more info)
   5. Enemy's Defense & Resistances (see individual monsters)

Here is an idea of around how much damage you can do based off of world length.
Note that this does NOT factor in attack power, items, or gems. This are just
BASE amounts assuming normal tiles & no attack power.

   3 letters - 0.5 hearts damage
   4 letters - 0.75 hearts of damage
   5 letters - 1 heart of damage
   6 letters - 1.5 hearts of damage
   7 letters - 2 hearts of damage
   8 letters - 2.75 hearts of damage
   9 letters - 3.5 hearts of damage
   10 letters - 4.5 hearts of damage
   11 letters - 5.5 hearts of damage
   12 letters - 6.75 hearts of damage
   13 letters - 8 hearts of damage
   14 letters - 9.5 hearts of damage
   15 letters - 11 hearts of damage
   16 letters - 13 hearts of damage

When an enemy is defeated, you're automatically cured of all your missing
health, as well as any ailments affecting you or the tile grid. You'll also
gain Experience that fills your Level Up bar. At the end of each chapter, it
will fill up all the way, and you'll gain a boost to one of your attributes:

   1. Health  - Lex's Heart meter. Each level up increases it by one Heart.
   2. Attack  - Lex's damage power. Also increases a little with every fight.
   3. Defense - Lex's damage resistance. Appears to only increase by level-up.

There are many items and treasures and the like for Lex to use to win, but
chances are you might not win all the time, especially when it gets very hard.
If you lose, you'll have to start the chapter all over! But not all is lost,
as you will keep any items and even gem tiles you had when you went down, and
Moxie's Mini-Game Hut will open up again, allowing you to get even more gems
and potions to help you try again. Your experience should stay the same, too.

Each map/world in the game (called Books) features 10 levels (called Chapters),
as well as Moxie's Mini-Game hut, which opens every few chapters for you to try
and win some swag to help out in the battles. Each level features 5 enemies to
fight, the last of which being a Boss Battle, which is of course a much harder
fight than the previous minions. Each boss is guarding either a Treasure or a
Companion for Lex to take with him on his journey. There are some unlockable
modes you'll get as well as you beat the game:

   1. TOME OF KNOWLEDGE - Complete Book 4 in Adventure.
   2. MINI-GAMES        - Complete Book 5 in Adventure.
   3. ARENA             - Complete Book 6 in Adventure.
   4. ADVENUTRE REPLAY  - Complete Book 6 in Adventure.

C. TILE TYPES                                                        (sec3tile)

Your tile grid is what you're gonna use to win this game, so study it well, and
get used to it. The best thing you can have all over your grid is a lot of Gem
Tiles, as they give helpful damage boosts & secondary effects to help take down
enemies easier. But beware: Monsters can also mess with your tile grid, and all
of their attacks are naturally detrimental.

Normal Tiles are just that: Normal. All brown tiles with black letters on them,
and little dots in their corners to indicate their values. It's a lot like
Scrabble or the original Bookworm, only in those games, their values were in
number form. A letter's value here is dependant on how hard it is to use it in
a word. Check the little dot in the corner:

   1. GOLD   - The highest scoring letters.
   2. SILVER - The middle scoring letters.
   3. BRONZE - The lowest scoring letters.

Here is a reference for which letter falls into which category:

   1. GOLD   - J, K, Qu, X, Z
   2. SILVER - B, C, F, H, M, P, V, W, Y
   3. BRONZE - A, D, E, G, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, U, Wildcard (see below)

In addition, PopCap themselves revealed mathmatical specifics on just how much
value each letter has individually! Check this out here:

   1. 1 Letter     - All Bronze dots
   2. 1.25 Letters - Silver dots: B, C, F, H, M, P
   3. 1.5 Letters  - Silver dots: V, W, Y
   4. 1.75 Letters - Gold dots: J, K
   5. 2 Letters    - Gold dots: X, Z
   6. 2.75 Letters - Gold dots: Qu

So if you were to spell the word "WAXY," it'd count as 6 letters instead of 4!

Gem Tiles are the must-have item of this game. You'll start getting them right
from the start this time, and you're gonna need them. They're received when
you spell really good words (6+ letters long), but a few can also be obtained
at Moxie's Mini-Game hut if you do well enough. Overkilling enemies (doing way
more damage than their health bar has left) will also grant a special death
animation and a Gem Tile. Here are all the Gems in the game, listed by rarity:

   1. AMETHYST - Purple. 15% damage boost & inflicts 2-turn Poison.
   2. EMERALD  - Green. 20% damage boost & heals Lex 2 hearts.
   3. GARNET   - Orange. 30% damage boost & inflicts 2-turn Power Down.
   4. SAPPHIRE - Blue. 25% damage boost & inflicts 1-turn Freeze.
   5. RUBY     - Red. 35% damage boost & inflicts 3-turn Burn.
   6. DIAMOND  - White. 100% damage boost, fully heals Lex, & gives 1 of each
                 type of potion.
   7. CRYSTAL  - Pink. 50% damage boost, purifies Lex & the grid, & makes Lex
                 & tile grid invincible for 1 turn.

Yeah, they're the same as the last game, but that's a good thing. But... who
said there wasn't something new? The sequel adds a brand new Gem Tile, one
that YOU can create yourself:

   1. RAINBOW  - Rainbow. Wildcard: Can be used in the place of any letter.
                 Formed by using three different Gem types in a single word.
                 May only have one at a time.

Do note that the Rainbow gem itself does not count as one of the 3 Gems you
need to make another one. However, you can use it in a word with 3 other
different Gems and you'll automatically get another one.

Damaged Tiles are the result of the enemy's attacks on your tile grid. You'll
see these very quickly as the game starts. They're all extremely detrimental
and can especially hurt if you're out of Blue Potions in a tight spot, or if
you're inflicted with Power Down status. All Damaged Tiles will revert back to
normal after a certain amount of turns, which varies by the enemy who used the
attack. It's also worth noting that these will not affect Gem Tiles (only the
Gem Steal attack type will). The Warped, Cursed, and Firey Tiles are brand new
additions to this game.

   1. SMASHED - Smashed Tiles can be used, but will do no damage.
   2. LOCKED  - Locked Tiles cannot be used until the turn count runs out.
   3. WARPED  - Warped Tiles do no damage if used, and warp into hard letters.
   4. PLAGUED - Plagued Tiles do no damage if used, and can infect other tiles.
   5. CURSED  - Cursed Tiles do damage to Lex instead if they're used.
   6. FIREY   - Firey Tiles can burn the entire grid. Immune to purification.

D. POTIONS, TREASURES, & COMPANIONS                                 (sec3potion)

The good thing is, you don't have to rely JUST on your spelling skills, gem
tiles, and Lex's stats. There's a variety of useful tools Lex can obtain during
his quest that will prove to be absolutely essential to victory.

Potions are a useful item that can be in short supply if you use them too much,
so try not to over-use them! There are three types of Potions. They can be won
at Moxie's Mini-Game hut, but also randomly found after battles, or even given
by a Companion travelling with you. The Diamond Gem Tile will also confer 1 of
each Potion when used. Using a Potion does not end your turn, and can be used
during Stun, Freezy, or Petrify status. You can carry 10 Potions of each type,
a cap I believe is new to this game.

   1. HEALTH POTION   - Red Potion. Heals Lex for a two Hearts of health.
   2. POWER UP POTION - Green Potion. Grants 1-turn Power Up, heals Power Down.
   3. PURIFY POTION   - Blue Potion. Heals bad effects on Lex and the Grid.

Treasures are super-useful items (though maybe less useful than the first game)
that you will find after most of the Boss Battles. They're not "used" like
Potions are. They're either always in effect, or they automatically trigger
their effects when their requirement is met. There's many things Treasures can
do to help you out:

   1. PROTECTION   - Protect Lex from negative effects such as Stun.
   2. BONUS DAMAGE - Add more damage with certain words, letters, or ailments.
   3. GEM BONUSES  - Play around with gems, such as boosting their effects.
   4. ITEM BONUSES - Messes with Potions, like boosting them or giving more.
   5. UPGRADE      - Upgrade existing treasures into something better.

You can only bring along two treasures in each level. Lex will give you a
general idea of what to bring, and I myself will give my recommendations in
the FAQ. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide! I'll list each and every
Treasure you get in the Treasure section of the FAQ for easy reference.

A brand new addition to this game, Companions! Companions are various allies
that join Lex through his adventure, and all of them grant a special power to
aid him during his fighting. Companions take up the third Treasure spot that
was in the first game, so now you bring along 2 Treasures and 1 Companion in
every level. They generally fill the same role as treasures, so it won't be
too different from those who are used to the first game. All of their effects
happen every 4 turns while they're with Lex in battle. Do note that the turn
you knock out an enemy with a word does not count.

Just like with Treasures, all the Companions and their effects will be listed
for reference later in the FAQ.

E. STATUS AILMENTS & ENEMY LORE                                    (sec3status)

Biological warfare! There are many status ailments that enemies can inflict on
you on top of just normal damage from attacks. You can also throw a few back
at enemies with the use of Gem Tiles, but when push comes to shove, the bad
guys got a lot more to throw at you. Always be wary of these effects, and try
to make sure you have countermeasures! Blue Potions will heal you and the tile
grid, and some treasures will give you abilities to resist or ignore some
ailments. Green Potions can also heal Power Down status. Here are the ailments
in the order you encounter them from enemies in the game:

   1. BLEED      - Does a small amount of damage each turn it lasts.
   2. BURN       - Does a small amount of damage each turn it lasts.
   3. POWER DOWN - Lowers Attack Power for as long as it lasts; aka: Curse.
   4. STUN       - Forces you to lose one turn.
   5. FREEZE     - Forces you to lose one turn.
   6. POISON     - Does a small amount of damage each turn it lasts.
   7. PETRIFY    - Forces you to lose two turns.
   8. STASIS     - Disables your Treasures and Companion.

Status ailment attacks usually also come with some normal damage, but it tends
to be minimal compared to their straight-up attacks. It's the damage that some
ailments do over time that you gotta watch out for. And of course, some of the
enemy attacks could have multiple ailments at once, or pair them up with an
attack on your tile grid! That being said, here are other ways that enemies
can be a pain, either by messing with your tiles, or boosting themselves!
Again, these are listen in the order you encounter them from enemies in the

   1. NORMAL ATTACK - Just a normal attack. Damage varies.
   2. TILE SMASH    - Smashes one or more tiles for a set number of turns.
   3. TILE LOCK     - Locks one or more tiles for a set number of turns.
   4. REGENERATE    - Enemies heal themselves for various amounts of health.
   5. POWER UP      - Enemies power up to do more damage on their next attack.
   6. GEM STEAL     - Steals one of your Gem Tiles and turns it normal.
   7. ALTER TILE    - Alters tiles around, changing what letters are on them.
   8. WARP TILE     - Warps one or more tiles for a set number of turns.
   9. POTION STEAL  - Steals one or more of your Potions.
   10. ARMORED      - Varied damage resistance.
   11. SHIELD       - Grants immunity, damage absorb/deflect/reflect.
   12. PLAGUE TILE  - Plagues one or more tiles on the Tile Grid.
   13. CURSE TILE   - Curses one or more tiles on the Tile Grid.
   14. IMMUNITY     - Immune to certain words or forms of damage.
   15. LIFE LEECH   - Damages Lex AND heals the enemy for various amounts.
   16. FIRE TILE    - Ignites one tile on the Tile Grid.

New additions to this game: Warp Tile, Potion Steal, Shield, Curse Tile,
Stasis, and Fire Tile. The "Armored" status is now completely seperate from the
attack list, as well. There is no real "Life Leech" status anymore, more like
there's two enemies with a Regenerate move that also damages Lex. But that's
basically the same thing, so I kept it marked as Life Leech. There's also a few
enemies that gain a purification from their Regenerate move.

That's a lot of stuff, ay? Remember, it CAN be combined! Power Up is a
favorite to be paired with Regenerate or even Power Down. But even with all
this stuff, is there anything else you can do to try and take enemies down
faster? Well there IS:

   1. BONUS CATEGORY - Spell words of a certain category for more damage.

Some creatures will have this weakness for you to exploit. An example from
early in the game is "colors." Always pay close attention to the enemy's list
of attacks and defenses!

F. LEX'S LEVELS                                                    (sec3levels)

Here is Lex's Level Up table in the game. It is actually the exact same as the
previous game, so I've put the original one here. If I find a difference I'll
add it. Otherwise, feel free to email me with a correction or addtion!

LVL    TITLE                       INCREASE
¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
1      -none-                      -none-
2      Encyclopedia Salesman       Health
3      Trainee                     Attack
4      Scribbler                   Defense
5      Pencil Pusher               Health
6      Ink Slinger                 Attack
7      Clerk                       Defense
8      Scribe                      Health
9      Bookkeeper                  Attack
10     Bookbinder                  Defense
11     Proofreader                 Health
12     Stenographer                Attack
13     Assistant Librarian         Defense
14     Librarian                   Health
15     Senior Librarian            Attack
16     Archivist                   Defense
17     Grand Archivist             Health
18     Poet                        Attack
19     Poet Laureate               Defense
20     Novelist                    Health
21     Best Seller                 Attack
22     Literary Craftsman          Defense
23     Literary Savant             Health
24     Litterateur                 Attack
25     Editor                      Defense
26     Editor in Chief             Health
27     Publisher                   Attack
28     Publisher Emeritus          Defense
29     Glossographer               Health
30     Wordsmith                   Attack
31     Wordstalker                 Defense
  ~ rest unknown ~

SECTION 4. ADVENTURE                                               (sec4advent)

The best and biggest part of the game: Adventure Mode! Take control of the worm
Lex and vanquish all who oppose you with the power of spelling!

There's not a -ton- of strategy to this game, other than to spell HUGE words,
and what Treasures & Companion to bring with you to each level. So this guide
will detail all of the levels in the game, what monsters you fight, what stuff
you should bring along, etc. I'll also tell you what happens along the way,
like storyline advancement, when Moxie's hut opens, what Treasures you get,
etc. This is basically a glorified monster listing, but that's about all I can
do! It's good enough. :)

Here is the key to reading the Chapter entries:

   CHAPTER # - Name of Chapter
   LEVEL NOTES : What the game tells you about the storyline and/or level.
   LEX'S IDEAS : What Lex thinks he should be prepared for on treasure select.
   MY PICKS    : What I say you should consider taking along.
   TREASURE    : What treasure you gain at the end of the chapter, if any.
   COMPANION   : What companion you gain at the end of the chapter, if any.
   MISCELLANY  : Various noteworthy things about the chapter, and my comments.

Then comes the monster listing:

   #-#-#: MONSTER NAME
      Health - # Armor

The only thing I have chosen not to note about the enemies is their "flavor
text," if they have any. It's too much hassle for some essentially useless
information. Besides, it can be fun to read it on your own. It's also all
detailed in the Tome of Knowledge when you unlock it and get all the monsters
in it. Do enjoy all the great flavor text in this game.

Then comes any closing notes about the chapter, such as storyline happenings.
There won't always be closing comments.


   [Alt] - Alter Tile
   [Bld] - Bleed
   [BoC] - Bonus Category (aka Weakness)
   [Brn] - Burn
   [Cur] - Curse Tile
   [Fir] - Fire Tile
   [Frz] - Freeze
   [Gem] - Gem Steal
   [Lee] - Life Leech
   [Atk] - Normal Attack
   [Pet] - Petrify
   [Plg] - Plague Tile
   [Psn] - Poison
   [Pot] - Potion Steal
   [PoD] - Power Down (aka Weaken)
   [PoU] - Power Up (aka Strengthen)
   [Rgn] - Regenerate
   [ShA] - Shield - Absorbtion
   [ShD] - Shield - Deflection
   [ShI] - Shield - Immunities
   [ShR] - Shield - Reflection
   [Sta] - Stasis
   [Stn] - Stun
   [Lok] - Tile Lock
   [Smh] - Tile Smash
   [Wrp] - Warp Tile

Starting at Book 5, Chapter 1, monsters start gaining the "Armored" status, as
indicated by an icon above their attack list. I will marking this status with a
letter next to their health: L for Lightly Armored & M for Moderately Armored.

A. PROLOGUE: IS IT STUFFY IN HERE?                               (sec4prologue)

Our story begins... in bed! Lex wakes up from bed, all excited and eager to
eat some breakfast! But first things first, it's time for a morning warm-up.
This is the game's beginning tutorial for when you first start up your game.
Lex will meet up with his helper, Stuffy, and begin the routine.

STEP 1 - How to P-L-A-Y
Simply spell the word "PLAY" as the game instructs to move on.

STEP 2 - Healthy Hearts
This shows you the all-important life meters. Now Stuffy has two hearts. Try
out a longer word and see if you can one-shot him. ;)

STEP 3 - Powerful Potions
Uh-oh, Stuffy gets a stunning attack and almost wipes you out! This is where
you use each one of your three potions the game has to offer. Then, wipe out
his two hearts again.

STEP 4 - Mixing It Up
Stuffy now decides to troll you with a Tile Shuffle attack. This is where you
have to use that maybe-somewhat-important Scramble button. Do so, then take
out his two hearts -again-. Where is he getting all these?

STEP 5 - En Garde!
Alright, the lessons are over, so now you just have to take out Stuffy's
THREE heart meter to get past him and onto breakfast. You have one Red Potion
left, just in case you need it. You'll also see your first gem tile here, a
Ruby E tile! Go ahead and use it to earn your food.

Believe it or not, these leads you to your first TREASURE of the game: Tasty
Breakfast! ... Alright, so it doesn't actually do anything, but I thought it
was funny. I love how it looks, too.

B. BOOK 4: FRACTURED FAIRYTALES                                     (sec4book4)

Our REAL story now begins right after the last game with Book 4. Lex is now the
master of the Great Library, and for some reason, some characters have gotten
out of their storybook! The Big Bad Wolf is chasing poor Mother Goose, and they
go right back into a storybook, with Lex in hot pursuit. Here we go again!

CHAPTER 1 - Hey Diddle Diddle
LEVEL INTRO : Hot on the tales of Mother Goose and the Big Bad Wolf, Lex finds
              himself up against nursery nasties with a serious case of the
TREASURE    : Bovine Boosters - Lex's attacks cause an extra quarter heart of
MISCELLANY  : The new flavor text poems are making me giggle. I also love the
              random comments Lex and enemies are now making.

4-1-1: Cat                4-1-2: Fiddle             4-1-3: Space Cow
   Health - 2                Health - 2                Health - 3
[Atk] Lunge               [Atk] Bow Shot            [Atk] Headbutt
[Bld] Cat Scratch Fever   [Bld] Painful Notes       [Brn] Prolonged Burn

             4-1-4: The Moon           4-1-5: Dish and Spoon (Boss)
                Health - 4                Health - 5
             [Atk] Moonbeam            [Atk] T-Spoon
             [PoD] Bed Time            [Bld] Whirling Service
                                       [Atk] Spork

After you nab these nifty Space Cow boots, Mother Goose calls out for help.
The Big Bad Wolf has her in his stewpot.

CHAPTER 2 - Old MacDonald Owns a Farm
LEVEL INTRO : Lex follows the sound of Mother Goose's voice but takes a wrong
              turn through a hotly contested homestead!
TREASURE    : MacFarmer's Almanac - Spell adjectives for more damage.
MISCELLANY  : You first gain access to your Treasures here. I didn't actually
              think they'd put Tasty Breakfast there at first. Also, I'm
              noticing how much more health enemies have now then they did in
              the first game only 2 chapters in.

4-2-1: A Chicken          4-2-2: A Pig              4-2-3: A Sheep
   Health - 4                Health - 4                Health - 5
[Atk] Peck                [Atk] Hoof-fu             [Atk] Sheep-fu
[Smh] Egg Cannon          [Lok] Ground Stomp        [Lok] Ground Pound

             4-2-4: A Cow              4-2-5: Old MacDonald (Boss)
                Health - 6                Health - 7
             [Atk] By the Horns        [Bld] Carve
             [Smh] Stampede            [Lok] E-I-E-I... OW!
                                       [Smh/Stn] Bovine Bomb

CHAPTER 3 - Pigs v. Wolves
LEVEL INTRO : Reluctantly pointed towards the Big Bad Wolf by recalcitrant
              porcines, Lex races to save Mother Goose from a fate worse than
COMPANION   : Mother Goose - Grants a healing potion every 4 turns.
MISCELLANY  : I really love the Straw Pig's flavor text. Also, debut of Power
              Up. Gotta hate it. Also: Your first Companion of the game!

4-3-1: Straw Pig          4-3-2: Stick Pig          4-3-3: Brick Pig
   Health - 5                Health - 6                Health - 7
[Atk] Forked              [Atk] Poked               [Atk] Trowelize
[Rgn] Heal                [Rgn] Heal                [PoD] Brick Pounding
[PoD] Demoralizing Squeal [PoD] Demoralizing Squeal [PoU] Hearty Haggis

             4-3-4: Grandma            4-3-5: Big Bad Wolf (Boss)
                Health - 7                Health - 9
             [Atk] Cheek Pincher       [Atk] Face Rake
             [PoD] Grandma Cackle      [PoU] Wolf Howl
             [Stn] Pie Time            [PoD] Huff n' Puff

Once the Big Bad Wolf goes down, Mother Goose is officially saved. However,
she has no idea how her and the wolf ended up in the Great Library. The only
lead she has on who might have a clue is The Queen. Lex doesn't mind braving
the long journey, and Mother Goose isn't letting him do it without her.

CHAPTER 4 - Lex Be Nimble
LEVEL INTRO : Mother Goose joins Lex in his perilous quest, but even she can't
              protect him from being mistaken for a roguish jack-of-all-trades.
LEX'S IDEAS : Tile Attacks and Burn
MY PICKS    : Bovine Boosters, MacFarmer's Almanac, Mother Goose
TREASURE    : Singing Harp - Ailments last one less turn.
MISCELLANY  : Your first look at the Treasure Room is before this chapter. But
              there's really only 2 treasures to pick (since 1 does nothing)
              and only one companion. Also WOW this game is a lot harder than
              the first. Look at the attacks they're pulling here, and in only
              the fourth level!

4-4-1: Swindler           4-4-2: Candlestick        4-4-3: The Hen
   Health - 6                Health - 7                Health - 8
[Atk] Caned!              [Atk] Bop!                [Atk] Golden Peck
[Gem] Swindled            [Alt/Stn] Flash of Light  [Smh] Egg Cannon
[Stn] H. of Magic Beans!  [Brn] Flame On            [Smh/Brn] Carpet Bombing!

             4-4-4: Mrs. Sprat         4-4-5: Giant (Boss)
                Health - 10               Health - 12
             [Atk] Ham Fist            [Atk] Giant Punch
             [Rgn/PoU] Gravy Infusion  [Stn/Lok] Bootquake!
             [Lok/Brn] Gravy Wave      [Smh] Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum

With the Giant taken down, before Lex can move on to his next level, he gets
contacted by Moxie, making her grand return to Bookworm Adventures and
granting us our first mini-game hut!


CHAPTER 5 - GoldieLex and 3 Bears
LEVEL INTRO : Hungry and needing provisions, Lex investigates a homey cabin
              from which wafts the unmistakable scent of fresh-made porridge!
LEX'S IDEAS : Gem Steal and High Damage
MY PICKS    : Bovine Boosters, Singing Harp, Mother Goose
TREASURE    : Just Right Porridge - Lex always resists stun attacks. (Wow!)
MISCELLANY  : I mean, seriously, 14 hearts for the 5th level boss! I love this
              game so much. :D He's also the first enemy to have 4 moves. Also
              the dreaded Power-Up/Power-Down combo. Also I beat him in 3 hits
              without getting touched. I dare you to do it too!

4-5-1: Too Cold Porridge  4-5-2: Baby Bear          4-5-3: Too Hot Porridge
   Health - 8                Health - 9                Health - 10
[Atk] Bowled Over         [Atk] Bite                [Atk] Grueling Attack
[Atk] Oat Shot            [Smh] Bear Hug            [Smh/Stn] Too Hot!
[Frz] Too Cold            [PoD] Cry Baby            [Brn] Pyre-Oat-Technics

             4-5-4: Mama Bear          4-5-5: Papa Bear (Boss)
                Health - 11               Health - 14
             [Atk] Claw                [Atk] Claw
             [Bld] Maul                [Bld] Mutilate
             [Gem] Pilfer              [Gem] Pilfer
                                       [PoU/PoD] Roar

CHAPTER 6 - Forgotten Forest
LEVEL INTRO : Hopelessly lacking directions in a darkened forest, our heroes
              stumble across a breadcrumb trail leading to a deliciously
              dangerous destiny!
LEX'S IDEAS : Warped Tiles
MY PICKS    : Bovine Boosters, Singing Harp, Mother Goose
TREASURE    : Gumdrop Necklace - Slightly increases gem effects.
MISCELLANY  : The debut of our first new enemy attack: Warp Tile. Also whoa,
              five damn attacks.

4-6-1: Gingerbread Man    4-6-2: Hansel             4-6-3: Gretel
   Health - 7                Health - 10               Health - 13
[Smh] Sugar Rush          [Atk] Knock-knock         [Atk] Muffin Bomb
[Gem] Stealing Candy      [Smh] Up to No Good       [Smh/Stn] Sugar and Spice
[Wrp] Warped Tile         [Wrp] Tomfoolery          [Wrp] Bread Crumbling

             4-6-4: Gingerbread House  4-6-5: Witch (Boss)
                Health - 13               Health - 16
             [Atk] Gumdrop Blast       [Atk] Broom Beating
             [Brn] Melted Marshmellow  [Stn] Delicious Lure
             [Wrp] Cream Blast         [Wrp] Tile Enchantment
                                       [Alt] Confusing Cackle
                                       [Wrp/Lok] Flyby Witching

The Cheshire Cat speaks before and after the chapter to lend some riddling
aid. Could he be the next companion for Lex's journey?


CHAPTER 7 - Caterpillar's Lair
LEVEL INTRO : Beckoned down the rabbit hole by the mysterious Cat, Lex and 
              Mother Goose find themselves facing a fuming foe whose powerful
              puffs take on lives of their own!
LEX'S IDEAS : Power-Down and Tile Attacks
MY PICKS    : Bovine Boosters, Singing Harp, Mother Goose
COMPANION   : Cheshire Cat - Purifies Lex every 4 turns.
MISCELLANY  : This level is the debut of a Survival Battle! This level bears
              resemblance to the Sphinx and Hydra fights of the first game.
              All you have to fight is one enemy, but there are multiple
              stages to the fight. However, there's no pause to heal between
              rounds! When the next enemy hops out, it gets a free attack.
              So be prepared!

4-7-1: Smoke Cat          4-7-2: Smoke Mushroom     4-7-3: Smoke Flamingo
   Health - 9                Health - 13               Health - 14
[Atk] Scratch             [Atk] Stomp               [Atk] Peck
[Lok] Pounce              [Alt/Stn] Spore Storm     [Smh] Dive
[PoU] Empowering Purr     [PoU] Energize            [Rgn] Heal
[BoC] 'Colors'            [BoC] 'Colors'            [BoC] 'Colors'

             4-7-4: Smoke Salmon       4-7-5: Caterpillar (Boss)
                Health - 14               Health - 18
             [Atk] Bite                [Atk] Hooka Whip
             [Lok] Leaping Lox         [Smh] Up In Smoke
             [PoD] Tail Slap           [Stn] Smoke Anvil
             [BoC] 'Colors'            [PoD] Smoke Screen
                                       [BoC] 'Colors'

The Cheshire Cat officially joins the group, and Lex says some pretty funny
things (at least to me). Cheshire Cat is helping almost purely on curiosity,
and offers Lex a gift: Our first Rainbow Tile of the game! Gotta love new
stuff in sequels.

CHAPTER 8 - Tea Party
LEVEL INTRO : Our heroes, joined now by the Cheshire Cat, press on in their
              search for the Queen only to encounter a furiously festive feast
              where jeopardy is served steaming hot!
LEX'S IDEAS : Burn, Bleed, Stun
MY PICKS    : Bovine Boosters, Just Right Porridge, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Mad Hat - Scramble for a random gift!
MISCELLANY  : Wow the enemies are getting healthy. I'm busting out every 7-8
              letter word I can find. I got "Eviscerate" with 2 gems and a
              wildcard. :D Also "Unweary" with 3 gems to make a new wildcard.

4-8-1: Tea Cups           4-8-2: The Dormouse       4-8-3: Teapot
   Health - 12               Health - 18               Health - 19
[Atk] Cheers              [Atk] Pounce              [Atk] Tusk
[Brn] Scalding Rain       [Stn] Pass the Nuts       [Stn] Stun Trample
[Frz] Freezing Spray      [Rgn/PoU] Crumpet!        [PoU] Power Up

             4-8-4: March Hare         4-8-5: Mad Hatter (Boss)
                Health - 20               Health - 25
             [Atk] Hippity-Hop Bop     [Atk] Rabbit in a Hat
             [Stn] Invitation Rescind. [Bld] Instant Tea Party
             [PoD] Hare-larity Ensues  [Stn] Hats Within Hats
                                       [Wrp/PoD] Maniacal Laughter


CHAPTER 9 - Behind the Looking Glass
LEVEL INTRO : Castle Wonderland looms in the near distance as our brave
              adventurers battle through a mimsy borogove stocked with oddball
              duos and a whiffling burbler with eyes of flame!
LEX'S IDEAS : Poison and Bleed
MY PICKS    : Bovine Boosters, Just Right Porridge, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Looking Glass (Upgrades Singing Harp) - Ailments and tile
              effects last one less turn.
MISCELLANY  : Poison finally makes its appearance here. I was waiting for it.
              Also, there's a lot of Stun attacks, but the game doesn't warn
              you of them. Good thing you have me around, ay? As for awesome
              stuff I did this chapter: 1) Hit Walrus with 4-gem a "Jurywoman"
              for 16 hearts of damage. 2) Killed Carpenter in 4 words without
              taking a hit, and 3) Killed Jabberwock in 3 moves, taking 1 hit.
              Did I mention Sapphire Tiles are my favorite tiles?

4-9-1: Tweedle Dee        4-9-2: Tweedle Dum        4-9-3: Walrus
   Health - 15               Health - 20               Health - 23
[Atk] Lollislapped        [Atk] Rattled             [Atk] Chomp
[Psn] Belch               [Wrp] Oopsie!             [Bld] Goo-Goo-Cut-You
[Wrp/Stn] Temper Tantrum  [Smh/Stn] Temper Tantrum  [Smh/Stn] Body Slam

             4-9-4: Carpenter          4-9-5: Jabberwock (Boss)
                Health - 25               Health - 28
             [Bld] M. Twice, Cut Once  [Atk] Strike
             [Lok/Smh] Hammer Time!    [Lok] Catching Claws
             [Psn/Stn] Rusty Nails     [Brn] Fiery Eyes
                                       [Psn/Stn] Bad Breath
                                       [Rgn] Licking the Wounds

Cheshire Cat with some timeless advice: "Remember, answers are only questions
with funny hats."

CHAPTER 10 - Castle Wonderland
LEVEL INTRO : Desperate for answers and confused beyond all reason, Lex and his
              companions struggle to get through to a Queen of Hearts deeply
              immersed in important matters of state.
LEX'S IDEAS : Stun, Gem Steal, Power-Down
MY PICKS    : Boosters/Porridge, Looking Glass, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Eat Me Drink Me - Increased potion drop.
MISCELLANY  : First time I didn't use the Bovine Boosters. I spell big words
              anyway. Massive words in this chapter. But I'm gonna stop
              bragging now. :D Also, the brand new enemy attack Potion Steal
              makes its debut here.

4-10-1: The Deuce         4-10-2: Flamingo/Hedgehog 4-10-3: The Knave of Hearts
   Health - 20               Health - 26               Health - 26
[Atk] Can Slam            [Atk] Bowled Over         [Atk] Blackjack
[Stn] Brush Off           [Pot] Potion Pilfer       [Pot] Royal Reclamation
[Wrp] Double Attack       [Atk] Ricochet            [PoD] Objection!

             4-10-4: T. King of Hearts 4-10-5: The Queen of Hearts (Boss)
                Health - 27               Health - 30
             [Atk] Scepter Smash       [Atk] Royal Smash
             [PoD/PoU] Royal Decree    [Atk] Off With His Head!
             [Pot/Bld] King's Taxes    [Stn] Heart Breaker
                                       [Pot] Heart's Desire
                                       [PoU] Sentence Before Verdict

The defeat of the Queen of Hearts knocks her out of her crazed state, and now
willing to help Lex, reveals that things have been strange since Rifts started
appearing. And of course, one appears right then, with a few unknown beings
coming out of it briefly. Lex surmises that Codex's Magic Pen might be the item
necessary to fix the Rifts, so it's time to return to the Great Library.



C. BOOK 5: THE MONKEY KING                                          (sec4book5)

Lex and his companions reappear in the Treasure Room, only to get met by a big
surprise: An evil version of Lex? An EviLex?! The new bookworm headbutts Lex
and snatches the Magic Pen, going into a new Rift. Lex and his companions are
then sucked into the Rift themselves!

CHAPTER 1 - A Child's Nightmare
LEVEL INTRO : Swept into a bizzare realm by the power of the Rift, Lex and his
              friends struggle in the grip of a long-buried terror.
LEX'S IDEAS : Bleeds (wow thanks a lot for that)
MY PICKS    : Boosters/Necklace, Looking Glass, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Tiger's Tooth - Chance to cause enemies to bleed.
MISCELLANY  : The Armored status officially starts with this chapter, and I'm
              sure just about every monster is gonna have it eventually. As
              long as you're not spelling a lot of small words, you should be
              okay. I one-shotted three enemies here (the boss being one).

5-1-1: Earless Tiger      5-1-2: Donkey of Guizhou  5-1-3: Tailless Tiger
   Health - 15 L             Health - 16 L             Health - 14 L
[Atk] Claw                [Atk] Hoof                [Atk] Quick Claws
[Bld] Bite                [Bld] Revolting Bite      [Bld] Gnawing Jaws
[Stn] Stunning Roar       [PoU] Haunting Bray       [PoD] Frightening Roar

             5-1-4: Pig Monster        5-1-5: Elder Tiger Demon (Boss)
                Health - 15 L             Health - 20 L
             [Atk] Acid Snort          [Bld] Claw
             [Smh/Stn] Stomp           [Bld/Lok] Nightmare Bite
             [Psn] Blighted Swine      [PoD/Bld] Fearsome Roar
                                       [Smh/Rgn] Consume Tile

CHAPTER 2 - Men of Low Character
LEVEL INTRO : Lex and his companions have escaped the nightmare claws of the
              Elder Tiger, but now they face a procession of ill-humored
              acolytes who never met a vow they didn't break!
LEX'S IDEAS : Shields (gasp, new thing!)
MY PICKS    : Bovine Boosters, Gumdrop Necklace, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Tao of Lex - Immune to Tile Smash.
MISCELLANY  : Yes, Shields! They are a new thing here, and it's not exactly
              easy to prepare for them. Shields are a new type of attack that
              can provide immunities, reflection, or deflection. The enemy just
              has to use it first, so kill them quickly! Also these treasures
              are becoming quite lame.

5-2-1: Wrathful Monk      5-2-2: Slothful Monk      5-2-3: Greedy Monk
   Health - 17 L             Health - 18 L             Health - 19 L
[Atk] Furious Strike      [Atk] Flailed             [Bld] Guillotine
[PoU] Wrath               [PoD] Sloth               [Pot/PoU] Greed
[ShD] Deflecting Stance   [ShA] Placid Stance       [ShR] Calculating Stance

             5-2-4: Gluttonous Monk    5-2-5: Prideful Monk (Boss)
                Health - 22 L             Health - 20 L
             [Brn] Sausaged!           [Bld] Sliced!
             [Pot] Gluttony            [PoD] Insult
             [ShI] Unyielding Stance   [PoU] Brag
                   (3-4 letter words)  [ShA/ShR] Boastful Stance

The Prideful Monk laughs heartily at Lex's destiny, and mentions the Grand Sifu
Sek Keen set them to task, and his kung-fu force will be too much for Lex to


CHAPTER 3 - Imperial Entanglement
LEVEL INTRO : Fighting their way past the corrupted monks, our adventurous trio
              stumbles into a field of battle where wicked troops find
              themselves grossly overmatched!
LEX'S IDEAS : Stuns and Tile Effects
MY PICKS    : Looking Glass, Just Right Porridge, Cheshire Cat
COMPANION   : Legendary Master - Stuns enemy and Powers Up Lex every 4 turns. 
MISCELLANY  : Lots of Bleed and Stun here. Also, the boss' Alter Tile attacks
              are rather unique: The first move swaps vowels with consonants,
              and the second does the opposite. Very interesting. Like I said,
              always pay attention to the enemy lore.

5-3-1: Imperial Foot So.  5-3-2: Imperial Sergeant  5-3-3: War Bear
   Health - 19 L             Health - 20 L             Health - 23 L
[Bld] Slice               [Bld] Impale              [Bld] Maul
[Stn] Hypnotic Lunge      [Lok/Stn] Head Crack      [Stn] Concussive Roar
[Rgn] Bandage             [Rgn] Bandage             [Smh] Ground Stomp

             5-3-4: Imperial Captain   5-3-5: Sifu Sek Keen (Boss)
                Health - 22 L             Health - 24 L
             [Atk] Bludgeon            [Atk] Hand Blade
             [Smh/Stn] Imperial Chop   [Alt] Backhand Slap
             [PoU] Imperial Challenge  [Alt] Openhand Slap
                                       [Smh/PoD] Flying Charge

Sifu Sek Keen and his cronies prepare one more attack after his defeat, and are
then immediately taken out by a suddenly-appearing warrior! "HOLY WHAT THE
WOW!!!" says Lex (Hahaha I love you Lex). The man is Wong Fei Hong, Master of
No Shadow Kick. Impressed by Lex's battling, he offers his own training.

CHAPTER 4 - Years of Training
LEVEL INTRO : Master Wong of martial arts fame has agreed to lend Lex his aid.
              But Lex has a lot to learn and his education must begin in
LEX'S IDEAS : Burns, Power-ups, and Tile Locks
MY PICKS    : Boosters/Necklace, Looking Glass, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Master's Zodiac (Upgrades Mac's Almanac) - Spell verbs for bonus
MISCELLANY  : Petrify finally makes its first appearance in this game. Also,
              Bonus Category is back. Try to have some fun with it. 

5-4-1: Year of the Snake  5-4-2: Year of the Horse  5-4-3: Year of the Ram
   Health - 19 L             Health - 20 L             Health - 22 L
[Pet] Bite                [Brn] Thundering Horses   [Atk] Crotchety Clubbing
[Atk] Cobra Hand Strikes  [Lok] Stampede            [Pet] Ramming Speed
[Brn] Celestial Venom     [PoU] Taunt               [Brn] Thunder Clap
[BoC] 'Mammals'           [BoC] 'Mammals'           [BoC] 'Mammals'

             5-4-4: Y. of the Rooster  5-4-5: Year of the Dog (Boss)
                Health - 23 L             Health - 25 L
             [Atk] Decked!             [Atk] Flying Dog Kick
             [Lok] Ground Pecker       [Lok] Canine Curiosity
             [PoU] Doodle-do           [Brn] Dog Breath
             [BoC] 'Mammals'           [Pet] Bad Bite
                                       [BoC] 'Mammals'

Wong Fei Hong reveals it is beyond is power to stop this magical EviLex being,
but notes there is one being of legend that may be of help. Unpredictable and
dangerous, one who fears no lord or demon. He is... the Monkey King!


CHAPTER 5 - Temple Haunt
LEVEL INTRO : Surging with powerful kung-fu, Lex is ready to press on. A nearby
              cursed temple holds passage to the spirit world, and our heroes
              have no choice but to challenge the horrors that reside within.
LEX'S IDEAS : Plague Tiles (took em long enough!)
MY PICKS    : Boosters/Necklace, Looking Glass, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Super Sutra - Slightly increases all healing effects.
MISCELLANY  : Plague Tiles make their grand re-debut! Now there's only one
              enemy attack from the old game I have yet to see. But how long
              will it take to reach us?

5-5-1: Broken Brother     5-5-2: Revenant           5-5-3: Strangling Ghost
   Health - 20 L             Health - 24 L             Health - 25 L
[Atk] Swipe               [Atk] Soulless Strike     [Bld] Strangle
[Plg] Deathly Blades      [Plg] Ethereal Blade      [Smh] Haunting Vision
[PoD] Haunting Wail       [PoU] Rage of the Dead    [Plg] Ghostly Wail

             5-5-4: Stricken Ghost     5-5-5: Tree Demon (Boss)
                Health - 26 L             Health - 27 L
             [Atk] Nightmare Strike    [Bld] Ghostly Leaves
             [Alt] Confusing Scream    [Plg] Demonic Roots
             [PoD] Frightening Visage  [Smh] Branch Smash
                                       [Stn] Squirrel Stampede

After defeating the Tree Demon, a pig man named Pigsy is freed from a locked
binding, and says the Monkey King is long gone, left to steal an "Iron Staff"
from the Eastern Dragon under the sea?

CHAPTER 6 - Under the Sea
LEVEL INTRO : The mysterious Monkey King could be a powerful ally to Lex and
              his friends. Tracking him down, however, will not be as easy
              as our heroes pursue the rogue into a deep domain of watery
LEX'S IDEAS : Poisons, Power-ups and Power-downs
MY PICKS    : Looking Glass, EatDrink/Porridge, Cheshire Cat or Master
TREASURE    : Collapsible Iron Rod (Upgrades Gumdrop Necklace) - Greatly
              increases gem effects.
MISCELLANY  : Turns out the Super Sutra is what is letting them breathe
              underwater. I didn't see THAT in its effects! :P I'm starting
              to appreciate Garnet tiles as much as I do Sapphire ones. These
              enemies are hitting me HARD.

5-6-1: Dragon Guard       5-6-2: Shrimp Soldier     5-6-3: Shark Sergeant
   Health - 23 L             Health - 24 L             Health - 25 L
[Atk] Charge              [Atk] Pinched             [Bld] Vicious Bite
[Psn] Poisoned Blade      [Psn/Stn] Jelly Toss      [Psn] Barbed Blade
[PoU/PoD] Power Transfer  [Rgn] Powerful Waves      [PoU] Bloody Frenzy
[BoC] 'Fire'              [BoC] 'Fire'              [BoC] 'Fire'

             5-6-4: Sea Horse Captain  5-6-5: Dragon King (Boss)
                Health - 25 L             Health - 28 L
             [Atk] Charge              [Atk] Swipe
             [PoU/Stn] Triumph. Bugle  [Plg/Psn] Infected Waters
             [Rgn] Dragon's Blessing   [Rgn/PoU] Power of the Sea
             [BoC] 'Fire'              [Stn/Psn] Jelly Swarm
                                       [BoC] 'Fire'

Lex actually greets the Dragon King warmly, only to discover the Monkey King is
an enemy to him and his people. "So much for diplomacy!" Lex says. After
losing, the Dragon King forks over the Iron Rod, saying the Monkey King ruined
half his kingdom looking for it. They decide that this Rod will be the item
that beckons the Monkey King toward them.


CHAPTER 7 - The Monkey King
LEVEL INTRO : The pursuers become the confronted as the Monkey King demands the
              Dragon King's Iron Rod. Can Lex win Monkey's loyalty? There's
              only one way to impress the wily demigod: defeat him in battle!
LEX'S IDEAS : Stuns and Burns
MY PICKS    : Looking Glass, Just Right Porridge, Legendary Master or Cheshire
COMPANION   : Monkey King - Changes beneficial forms every 4 turns. (Check the
              Treasure section for a full list of his forms!)
MISCELLANY  : This is another Survival Battle, meaning you gotta defeat all of
              Monkey King's forms without getting a free heal in between each
              one. Definitely don't forget the Porridge here. Legendary Master
              might be best as well due to the nature of the fight, but the
              Cheshire Cat is still probably the best companion so far, also
              great due to the Burns.

5-7-1: Cloud Form         5-7-2: Tree Form          5-7-3: Fire Form
   Health - 24 L             Health - 24 L             Health - 26 L
[Brn] Storm Strike        [Atk] Crushing Grip       [Brn] Inferno Spear
[Alt] Mind Fog            [Rgn] Bloom               [Smh] Playing with Fire
[Atk] Monkey Punch        [Atk] Staff Bop           [Atk] Staff Bop

             5-7-4: Ant Form           5-7-5: The Monkey King (Boss)
                Health - 26 L             Health - 29 L
             [Bld] Pinching Bite       [Atk] Prideful Taunt
             [Stn] Boulder Toss        [Stn] Wrecking Ball
             [Atk] Quick Punch         [Brn] Molten Iron Fists
                                       [Smh] Earthquaker

Monkey King is reluctant to help Lex, but let's see if battle can't change his
mind. Ultimately, he is defeated, and simply believes the worm to be lucky. But
then appears a mysterious figure known as the Jade Emperor, who punishes the
Monkey King briefly in order to make him follow the rules: Lex has defeated
him, so now he must serve. But now that he's stuck with Lex, he can't rescue
his imprisoned people. Or can he? Lex is much eager to help!

CHAPTER 8 - The Heck Dimension
LEVEL INTRO : Bound as battlemates, Lex and his courageous crew descend to the
              darkest pits of existence for their most incredible challenge
              yet: release innocent monkey's souls from the clutches of death!
LEX'S IDEAS : Cursed Tiles (oh dear!)
MY PICKS    : Boosters/Iron Rod, Looking Glass, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Book of the Dead (Upgrades Super Sutra) - Increases all healing
MISCELLANY  : Cursed Tiles make their official debut here in this chapter. I'm
              really enjoying all these new challenges in this game. Immunity
              also makes its return here, seperate from the new Shield ability.
              A whole TON of burn in this chapter to go with the Cursed Tiles,
              so Looking Glass and Cheshire Cat are heartily recommended.

5-8-1: Low Demon          5-8-2: Qin Demon          5-8-3: Screaming Sutra
   Health - 24 L             Health - 24 L             Health - 26 L
[Brn] Burning Touch       [Cur] Cursed Tile         [Atk] Lightning Letter
[Atk] Ankle Biter         [Atk] Piercing Melodies   [Brn] Searing Symbol
[Rgn/Brn] Burn. Laughter  [Stn] Entrancing Mandolin [Cur] Cursed Character
                          [Imm] Demonic Fortitude   [Imm] Demonic Fortitude
                                (immune to poison)        (immune to poison)

             5-8-4: White Bone Spirit  5-8-5: Bull Demon King (Boss)
                Health - 26 L             Health - 30 L
             [Cur] Spirit Strike       [Atk] Charge
             [Atk] Bone Spear          [Brn] Fire Snort
             [Brn] Inferno Charge      [Cur/Brn] Fury Stomp
             [Imm] Impervious Bones    [ShR] Demonic Shield
                   (immune to fire)    [Imm] Fiery Armor
                                             (immune to fire & poison)


CHAPTER 9 - The Gates of Heaven
LEVEL INTRO : Grateful and eager to help, the Monkey King leads Lex to the
              doorway to nirvana. These gates do not open lightly, though, and
              Lex must wrack both brain and soul to enter these hallowed
LEX'S IDEAS : Tile Effects and Bleeds
MY PICKS    : Looking Glass, Porridge/Iron Rod, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : The Celestial Key - Bonus damage for double letters, like 'moo'.
MISCELLANY  : Now we're fighting against Kanji monsters! How interesting. Fair
              amount of Power Up and Stun to be found, too. This level is
              really not that bad until the two 25-heart guys.

5-9-1: Sword              5-9-2: War                5-9-3: Gold
   Health - 16 L             Health - 16 L             Health - 20 L
[Atk] Stabbing Strike     [Atk] Circle of Death     [Atk] Flying Hat
[Bld] Bleeding Slice      [PoU] War Cry             [Pot] Gold Digger
[ShR] Blade Shield        [PoU/ShR] Warrior Spirit  [Gem/Stn] Greed

             5-9-4: Harmony            5-9-5: Door (Boss)
                Health - 25 L             Health - 25 L
             [Atk] Remove Intrusion    [Lok] Deadbolt
             [PoU/PoD] Tip. the Scales [Stn] Sonic Slam
             [Cur] Harmonious Enforce. [Atk] Door Drop
                                       [Bld] Keys to the Armory

CHAPTER 10 - The Celestial Realm
LEVEL INTRO : Beings of unknowable power and ancient judgment reside in the
              highest planes. Can Lex prove his worthiness to them and earn
              passage back to the Library to confront his nemesis?
LEX'S IDEAS : Stuns and Tile Effects
MY PICKS    : Boosters/Iron Rod, Looking Glass, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Enlightenment (Upgrades Tao of Lex) - Immune to Tile Smash and
              Tile Lock.
MISCELLANY  : First Hell and now Heaven. Such a journey our worm is taking in
              this game! Oh well. Final level of Book 5, get ready for a big
              fight. When the game says "Stuns," it also evidently means
              Freeze and Petrify, which we have no defense against! Cheshire
              Cat is basically required here, and some Blue Potions. The Boss
              here is also our first upgrade from "Lightly Armored" to
              "Armored," which states "moderately resistant to damage."

5-10-1: North King        5-10-2: South King        5-10-3: East King
   Health - 26 L             Health - 27 L             Health - 28 L
[Atk] Kingly Bolt         [PoU] Enlarge             [Lok] Furious Solo
[Smh/Stn] The M.M. Mantra [Frz] Wintery Call        [Atk] Flip Kick
[Brn] Northern Storms     [Atk] Southern Sword      [Pet/PoD] Power Chords

             5-10-4: West King         5-10-5: Er-Lang Shen (Boss)
                Health - 29 L             Health - 30 M
             [Pot] Dragon Strike       [Cur] Guardian's Bite
             [Plg/Psn] Aspect o.t. Dr. [Brn] Fury of the Phoenix
             [Cur] Curse of the West   [Wrp] Splitting Axe Strike
                                       [Lok] Double-shot Bow

The very fact that Lex travels with the troublemaker Monkey King is enough for
the higher beings to require a test of mind, body, and spirit out of our hero.
After taking down the 5 heavenly kings, Lex earns his enlightenment, and the
praise of the Jade Emperor. But he's not done yet: Beyond the celestial planes
lies a power that threatens all worlds. EviLex, right? There's a big problem:
Lex cannot defeat him. At least not with strength alone. The Jade Emporer
names Lex as the Great Sage of Word, and beckons him to journey into the abyss
and save everyone...



D. BOOK 6: ASTOUNDING PLANET                                        (sec4book6)

Lex and his companions pop back into the Great Library, only to find all the
books are missing! Quickly, some book-stealing robots are seen to be the
culprits. Lex and his group leap after the thieves into a new book and a new
world: Astounding Planet!

CHAPTER 1 - Space Traveling
LEVEL INTRO : Commandeering a skelebot flier, Lex's band races across a
              universe towards a lost, forbidding planet!
LEX'S IDEAS : Burn (... Sigh)
MY PICKS    : Looking Glass, Just Right Porridge, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Impossible Engine (Upgrades Bovine Boosters) - Lex's attacks
              cause an extra three quarter hearts of damage.
MISCELLANY  : Enemies are back to low health again for the moment, but the
              medium Armored status is persisting here.

6-1-1: Berzerkoid         6-1-2: Kxitty             6-1-3: Overliege
   Health - 15 M             Health - 16 M             Health - 15 M
[Atk] Space Missiles      [Atk] Void Claws          [Atk] Justice Kick
[Brn] Space Laser         [Pet] Lion Roar           [ShR] Defense Device
[PoU] Sensor Scan         [Brn] War Strike          [Wrp] The Ol' Evil Eyebeam

             6-1-4: Marsling           6-1-5: Monolithic Obelisk (Boss)
                Health - 15 M             Health - 20 M
             [Brn] Ray Gun             [Brn] War Strike
             [Gem] Gemological Study   [Stn] Hired Help
             [Stn] Return the Bovine   [Gem/Smh] Tile Strike
                                       [PoU/Rgn] Mysterious Power Source

After taking out the strange space creatures, the ship gets busted! It's time
for a crash landing!

CHAPTER 2 - Wasteful Land
LEVEL INTRO : Emerging essentially unhurt from the flier crash, our heroes cast
              their gaze across a vast wake of bleakness, a dry, pitless realm
              inhabited only by twisted parodies of life!
LEX'S IDEAS : Stun, Burn, and Tile Effects
MY PICKS    : Glass/Enlightenment, Just Right Porridge, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Monkey Paw (Upgrades Tiger's Tooth) - Good chance to cause
              enemies to bleed.
MISCELLANY  : "Do a Barrel Throw"? Really? Also the Mutant Ape's Regen move
              also hurts Lex, so it's sort of like a Life Leech move...? Well,
              I might as well mark it that way!

6-2-1: Mutant             6-2-2: Radioactive Mutant 6-2-3: Ape
   Health - 17 M             Health - 18 M             Health - 18 M
[Atk] Mutant Charge       [Brn] Do a Barrel Throw   [Brn] Cool Tool User
[Bld] Evolutionized Arm   [Pet] Isotope-a-dope      [Stn/Smh] Angry Stomp
[Stn/Bld] Board with Nail [Cur/Plg] Waste Dump      [Brn/Smh] Board Bludgeon.

             6-2-4: Mutant Ape         6-2-5: The Great Radiape (Boss)
                Health - 19 M             Health - 20 M
             [Bld] Giant Mutant Claws  [Smh] Ground Slam
             [Lee] Disorderly Eating   [PoU/Rgn] Fallout Fury
             [Stn] B. Board, B. Nail   [Pet] Fission Fists
                                       [Brn] Radiation Blast

Once Lex reaches the boss, he realizes... they're on Earth? So is this place in
the future, maybe? After defeating it, they find a note fromby a man named H.G.
Wells, or Herbert George Wells, who is currently being held captive! Of course
Lex automatically recognizes his name as a book author, not a character. How is
this possible?


CHAPTER 3 - The Time Device
LEVEL INTRO : Beckoned onward by Herbert's enigmatic note, our friends delve
              deep into a cavernous realm at the very end of time!
LEX'S IDEAS : Bleeds and Poison
MY PICKS    : Iron Rod/Porridge, Looking Glass, Cheshire Cat
COMPANION   : H.G. Wells - Shields Lex every 4 turns.
MISCELLANY  : First enemy to have THREE status ailments in one attack.

6-3-1: Angry Loyim        6-3-2: Troglock           6-3-3: Troglock Cook
   Health - 19 M             Health - 20 M             Health - 23 M
[Atk] Ineffectual Slap    [Atk] Wrench Toss         [Bld] Are You Done Yet?
[Stn] Limp Toss           [Psn/Bld] Dirty Fingern.  [Pet/Brn] Proper Seasoning
[Alt] Punching Bell       [Psn] Tasting Test        [Bld] Clever Cleaver

             6-3-4: War Pig            6-3-5: The Troglock King (Boss)
                Health - 22 M             Health - 24 M
             [Bld] Gore                [Atk] Trog-Cog
             [Brn/Bld/Stn] Roc. Charge [Bld] Mighty Claw
             [PoU/Rgn] Truffle Power   [Rgn/Lok] Delicious Dinner
                                       [Brd/Psn] King of the People

Defeating the boss rescues H.G. Wells from captivity. As it turns out, he was
at home working on a head-mounted Time Device, when a bunch of robots suddenly
broke in. They stole the device and dumped him with the troglocks. Wells also
noted deep passageways where the robots went, and the troglocks refused to

CHAPTER 4 - Robots, Robots, Robots
LEVEL INTRO : Herbert George Wells, writer, real person and inventor, joins the
              party and directs them deeper down into a steelclad base
              burgeoning with robots from throughout time!
LEX'S IDEAS : Stasis (how can I prepare for unknown stuff?)
MY PICKS    : Looking Glass, Just Right Porridge, Cheshire Cat/H.G. Wells
TREASURE    : Time Helmet (Upgrades Mad Hat) - Scramble for a random gift!
MISCELLANY  : Our next new enemy attack debuts here, and it's a doozy! Stasis
              will disable your Treasures and your Companion, and that can be
              pretty bad news! Thankfully, it's healed by a Blue Potion... if
              you have any. Also the boss here is incredibly badass.

6-4-1: Mandroid           6-4-2: Stepfield Wife     6-4-3: Robert
   Health - 19 M             Health - 20 M             Health - 22 M
[Atk] Robotic Strangul.   [Atk] Pest Control        [PoD] Power Pattycake
[Sta] Stasis Net          [Sta] Stasis Vacuum       [Sta] Nap Time
[Alt/Stn] Electric Sheep  [PoD/Brn] Dietary Sabota. [Stn/Smh] Play Catch!
[BoC] 'Metal'             [BoC] 'Metal'             [BoC] 'Metal'

             6-4-4: R. Giskeel         6-4-5: Skeletrox (Boss)
                Health - 23 M             Health - 25 M
             [Brn] Chest Burster       [Brn] Flaming Fist
             [Sta/PoD] Power o.t. Mind [Sta/PoD] Power of the Pen
             [Alt] Mind Muddling       [Bld] Sharp Wit
             [BoC] 'Metal'             [Brn/Stn] Nose Meet Grindstone
                                       [BoC] 'Metal'

This robotic boss has an arm that looks like the Magic Pen, and it babbles
about Lex not having the pen, so time to enter phase three. What does that
mean? Irregardless, the Monkey King gets an idea: They have a time machine, so
why don't they go back in time and grab the pen before EviLex took it?


CHAPTER 5 - Back to the Library
LEVEL INTRO : Determined to forestall EviLex's vile theft of Codex's Magic Pen,
              our valiant crew blasts back in time to undo all the troubles
              before they even began!
LEX'S IDEAS : Tile Effects
MY PICKS    : Engine/Enlightenment, Looking Glass, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Magic Pen - Spell 'word' words for extra damage.
MISCELLANY  : Huh... With that helmet on, Lex now looks just like EviLex. I
              guess EviLex has a time machine helmet too? Also, another move
              that damages Lex & heals the enemy, so, I'm labeling it Life
              Leech! Lots of classic literary characters here, too. When I
              ran into Odysseus, Lex said "Classic!" I agree, my little bro.
              Also, the Boss of this chapter is a total surprise.

6-5-1: Anna Karenina      6-5-2: Cyrano             6-5-3: Odysseus
   Health - 20 M             Health - 24 M             Health - 25 M
[Alt] Russian Abuse       [Atk] Dueling Challenge   [Atk] Expert Shot
[Lee] Unhappiness         [Wrp/Cur] Reve. o.t. Poet [Alt/Pet] Bag of Winds
[Smh] Rushin' Train       [Bld] Poetic Bladework    [PoU/Lok] Clever Talking

             6-5-4: Moby Dick          6-5-5: Previous Lex (Boss)
                Health - 26 M             Health - 4
             [Atk] Tsunami             [Atk] Letter Attack
             [Smh/Lok] Leaping Smash
             [Stn] Surprise!

Lex with his new Helmet time machine goes through the classic characters and
runs into... himself? A defenseless Lex? Who of course goes down in just one
hit. Monkey King is onto this strange turn of events. Cheshire Cat, as well.
The group has traveled full circle! Before they can decide where to go next,
the helmet activates on its own...

CHAPTER 6 - The Sound of Lightning
LEVEL INTRO : Lex and his friends have reacquired Codex's Magic Pen but lost a
              villain: EviLex! Hustling against time, they dart back to the 
              Sci-Fi world to fix the unknown reverberations of damage.
LEX'S IDEAS : Fire Tiles (wait, WHAT?)
MY PICKS    : Engine/Iron Rod, Looking Glass, Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Magic Pen Cap (Upgrades Magic Pen) - Spell 'word' words for bonus
MISCELLANY  : That's right, the original (and only) threat from the first ever
              Bookworm game is back: Fire Tiles! These were absent from the
              first Adventures game, but they found a use for them here. They
              burn through tiles below them, and if they reach the bottom of
              the grid, they destroy every tile you have! And worst of all,
              they cannot be purified! So you better use them quickly.

6-6-1: Baby T-Rex         6-6-2: FutureCom Hunter   6-6-3: FutureCom Tour Guide
   Health - 23 M             Health - 24 M             Health - 25 M
[Bld] Bite                [Bld] Machete Chop        [Atk] Stay on the Path
[Fir] Fire Tile           [Pet] That's a Tasering   [Brn/Stn] Say Cheese!
[Smh] Fearsome Attack     [Fir] Electrified Net     [PoD/Fir] Stun Baton

             6-6-4: Mama T-Rex         6-6-5: The Butterfly (Boss)
                Health - 25 M             Health - 28 M
             [Fir] Extinct-ual Charge  [Brn/Fir] Unexpected Storms
             [Bld] Eat the Worm        [Frz/Lok] Climate Change
             [PoD/Pet] Royal Roar      [Rgn/PoU] Life-giving Sunlight
                                       [Fir] Beastly Back-up

This time the group appears millions of years into the past, near a volcano
and covered in dinosaurs and time travelers. Lex engages this odd butterfly
while the Time Helmet is almost fully charged. It states things like "You have
always been here." After defeating it, the cap of the pen is found, but the
fluttering of the butterfly causes Lex to accidentally drop the Magic Pen
before they jump back to the Sci-Fi world. Ah, well, what's the worst that can


CHAPTER 7 - Robots 2: Electric Boogaloo
LEVEL INTRO : After an unexpected stop in the past, Lex & Co. bop to the
              future-present of the Sci-Fi world to make sure everything is
              okay. What they discover, however, is beyond their wildest
LEX'S IDEAS : Extreme Dancing (what the crap?!)
MY PICKS    : Looking Glass, Just Right Porridge, Cheshire Cat/H.G. Wells
COMPANION   : Skeletrox - Upgrades tiles every 4 turns.
MISCELLANY  : Welcome to this book's Survival Battle, or should I say, DANCE
              BATTLE! This comes completely by god out of NOWHERE and laughed
              a lot when I first saw it. Lex looks absolutely amazing and the
              funky music is pretty awesome. Lex's attack animations are also
              changed. The absolute best is the "L - E - X" pose fest if you
              spell a massive word. This is a very enjoyable chapter. Just be
              sure not to take the enemies lightly.

6-7-1: PopBot Alpha       6-7-2: LockBot Beta       6-7-3: MC GammaBot
   Health - 24 M             Health - 24 M             Health - 26 M
[Atk] Slide Kick Freeze   [Atk] Dead Arm            [Atk] Rhythm and Rhyme
[Lok] Wall Flip Taunt     [Brn] Low Blow            [Brn] Wheeljack
[Pet/PoD] In Yo' Face     [Stn] Moonwalk Hat Trick  [Alt] Call and Repeat
[BoC] 'Dance'             [BoC] 'Dance'             [BoC] 'Dance'

             6-7-4: DJ Epsilon         6-7-5: Skeletrox (Dance Cmdr)
                Health - 26 M             Health - 29 M
             [Smh] Scratch and Grind   [Fir/Stn] Light Show
             [Bld] Gold Record Beats   [Brn] Omega Wheel-Jack
             [PoD/Stn] Heu. Beat Blast [PoD] The Blackout
             [BoC] 'Dance'             [PoU] Beatbots Represent!
                                       [BoC] 'Dance'

After this incredibly hilarious outing on the robot dance floor, Skeletrox - or
at least his propeller-buzzing head - reboots and joins Lex's team. Now, he
coughs up info about Phase Three. Long ago, scientists discovered the Magic Pen
buried in prehistoric rock. Through its power, the Great Library and other
worlds were discovered. Using this knowledge, Skeletrox's brother created "The
Plan." Phase 1: Harness Magic Pen to assemble Skeletrox, skelebots, and Rift
Engine. Phase 2: Use Rift Engine to lead Lex into the time loop that delivers
the pen to them. Phase 3: Destroy Lex, deploy skelebots into the Library, 
collect all the books, and... no dice! The rest of this file in his memory is
corrupted. No matter, Lex brings Skeletrox with him to stop this enigmatic
brother of his!

CHAPTER 8 - Virtually a World
LEVEL INTRO : Skeletrox, or at least his head, is beaten, battered, and
              thoroughly reprogrammed to help the forces of good. With his help
              the team forges forward into a computerized zone of digital
LEX'S IDEAS : Gem and Potion Steal
MY PICKS    : Looking Glass, Eat Me Drink Me, Skeletrox/Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : SemiFlange (Upgrades Celestial Key) - Bonus damage from double
              letters, like 'moo'.
MISCELLANY  : Oh sweet, a virtual world. Awesome attack names in here, if you
              can spot the references. Also, look at all this Gem and Potion
              Steal. This game is just trying to screw you over royally. But
              I didn't let it take me down!

6-8-1: Computer Virus     6-8-2: Data Node          6-8-3: I.C.E. Hammer
   Health - 24 M             Health - 24 M             Health - 26 M
[Atk] Initialize Incurs.  [Psn] Safe Search Off     [Lok/Smh] Pillaging Smash
[Alt] Data Swap           [PoU/Rgn] Empow. Inform.  [Sta] Slam Hammer
[PoU/Pot] Terrorizing t.T.[PoD/Stn] Web Crawl       [PoU] Valholler!
[Imm] Upgraded Defense    [Imm] Defensive Database  [Imm] Protective Protocols
      (poison & fire)           (3-letter words)          (3-let words & fire)

             6-8-4: Rogue Hacker       6-8-5: Lady Summer-Speak (Boss)
                Health - 26 M            Health - 30 M
             [Alt] Data Jack           [Atk] GigaFist of Hurtz
             [Gem/Sta] Gem Hacks       [Gem/Pot] All Here Belong To Me
             [Pot/Rgn] Potion Hacks    [PoU/Rgn] Song of the System
             [Imm] Defensive Disabling [Wrp/Cur] Reality Shift
                   (3-lets & poison)   [Imm] Environmental Control (3 & 4 lets)

After escaping the crazy virtual word, Cheshire Cat smells something burning?
H.G. Wells knows the smell: They're burning books! This gets Lex about as angry
as you'll ever see him!


CHAPTER 9 - Worst Dystopia Ever
LEVEL INTRO : Emerging from the kingdoms of ones and zeroes, our valiant
              comrades gird themselves to face Skeletrox's older brother and
              his horrific, soul-destroying plans for the entirety of
LEX'S IDEAS : Burn and Fire Tile
MY PICKS    : Looking Glass, Just Right Porridge, H.G. Wells
TREASURE    : Escape Button (Upgrades Eat Me Drink Me) - Greatly increased
              potion drop.
MISCELLANY  : Tons of fire here. H.G. Wells will be excellent here, since
              there aren't many big tile attacks besides Fire Tiles, which
              Cheshire Cat can't heal anyway. Also, I love all the political
              humor this chapter conveys.

6-9-1: Book Burner        6-9-2: Thought Cop        6-9-3: Mech-Hound
   Health - 16 M             Health - 16 M             Health - 20 M
[Brn] Nabakov Cocktail    [Atk] Brain Bludgeon      [Brn] Bark Laser
[Brn/Fir] Illiterate Inf. [Fir] Teasing Tazer       [Bld] Iron Jaws
[Brn/Stn] Pyre Pile       [Pet] Thoughts Detected   [Stn] Rocket Bone

             6-9-4: Party Chairman     6-9-5: Bigger Brother (Boss)
                Health - 25 M             Health - 30 M
             [Atk] Propaganda          [Brn] Send and Receive
             [Alt/Pet] Brainwashing    [Lok] Threat Advisory
             [PoU/PoD] W. Yrs. is Ours [Fir] Enforce the Party Line
                                       [Pet/Brn] Observe the Traitor

As the level is entered, Monkey King recovers a book from the fire, but... all
of its pages are blank. In fact, every book that can be seen or retrieved, they
ALL have blank pages! Bigger Brother, the boss monster, states that they are
not burning... they are extracting. They tear the stories from the pages and
use them to feed the Engine. After defeat, Bigger Brother commences its
self-destruct sequence!

CHAPTER 10 - The Machine
LEVEL INTRO : Bigger Brother and all his works lie in ruins yet his Machine
              pulses with reality-crushing energy! Can Lex's literary legion
              add their power to his in time to forestall a
              multiverse-shattering explosion?
LEX'S IDEAS : UNKNOWN! (lots of help as always)
MY PICKS    : Engine/Iron Rod, Just Right Porridge, H.G. Wells/Cheshire Cat
TREASURE    : Champion's Cake (Upgrades Breakfast) - Increases all points
              gained in Adventure Replay Mode.
MISCELLANY  : Multiverse-shattering exploision, ay? I'd say we got the final
              level on our hands. And naturally, it's another Survival Battle.
              And it's only got three stages! Because they are incredibly
              tough. You've had a hell of a ride getting to this point, now
              you better go out with a bang! H.G. Wells just might be your
              best bet here for his purifying shield, but if you're worried
              about those tile attacks and lack Blue Potions, pick the Cat.
              H.G. Wells is still my top recommendation, though.

6-10-1: Phase One         6-10-2: Phase Two          6-10-3: Phase Three
   Health - 28 M              Health - 29 M             Health - 30 M
[Atk] Wrecking Ball       [Atk] Rocket Claw          [Atk] Crushing Debris
[Wrp] Warping Field       [Cur] Corruption Field     [Fir] Fiery Response
[Gem] Gem Recycling       [ShA/ShR] Defensive Progr. [Sta] Stasis Pulse
[Stn] Plot Hole           [Frz] Plot Hole            [Pet] Plot Hole
                          [Imm] Weak Defense Grid    [Imm] Defense Grid
                                (3-letter words)           (3 & 4 letter words)

Total existance failure is imminent! But the machine can't destroy all of
reality if they destroy it first! And that they do, as the machine is reduced
to scrap, Lex continues forth to find the Magic Pen... talking to him?! Bigger
Brother broke the pen within the machine. Soon, it will no longer exist, and
will no longer be able to transport Lex to different worlds. It states there is
no time for Lex to fix it, but before it goes, it gives its energy for one last

Lex and his companions find themselves back at the Great Library, along with
all the stolen books, which the Magic Pen just brought back into existance! The
machine is gone, and all of reality is safe. But now Mother Goose panics. What
about the Rifts? Without the Pen to seal them, characters from the storybooks
will come and go as they please. Lex acknowledges this to be true, but in his
words, it could be fun! The group stares at the foyer of the Great Library as
all sorts of storybook characters begin to appear. Oh just what will Lex get
into next?

That's a question to be answered another time, because for now... it's THE END!





E. ADVENTURE REPLAY MODE                                           (sec4replay)

Now here is something the first Bookworm game was severely lacking: Replayable
Adventure Mode! In the first game, you had to go create another username to
play Adventure mode again. But Bookworm Adventures 2 keeps it open for you, and
you have some incentives to play.

In Adventure Replay, you can play your way through the game. You pick which of
the three books you want to play, and then go through all 10 Chapters of it in
order. You try to decimate each Chapter as best as you can, earning a trophy
for how well you did. (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Gem-Encrusted) Your
words will also earn you points this time, to record scores in the Hall of
Fame area. Points are calculated by word length, letter value, and use of Gems.
You can also rack up tons of bonus points for overkilling enemies, killing
enemies in very few words, etc. You'll also have access to all of your
Treasures and Companions from the entire game. However, your level and stats
will be scaled back depending on what Book/Chapter you're in. You'll also
start with no Potions, but you'll be picking them up a lot anyway, and Moxie's
Mini-Game Hut will still be available.

In addition, there's a variety of special Badges you can obtain, viewable at
Book selection and the map screens. These are obtained while you play, simply
by fulfilling their specific requirements. You don't have to get them all in
one sitting; in fact, I don't think you even could. But by playing Adventure
Replay a lot, you can eventually nab them all. Simply a little added incentive
to get you to play this game more, which is something I wish the first game
had! Here is a reference of all the badges and how to obtain them & max out
their levels. Try your best!

Bronze    -  Spell a word with 7 or more letters.
Silver    -  Spell a word with 9 or more letters.
Gold      -  Spell a word with 10 or more letters.
Platinum  -  Spell a word with 12 or more letters.

Bronze    -  Use four Amethyst Tiles.
Silver    -  Use ten Ruby Tiles.
Gold      -  Use twenty Sapphire Tiles.
Platinum  -  Use fifty Diamond Tiles.

Bronze    -  Overkill five creatures.
Silver    -  Crush ten creatures.
Gold      -  Destroy fifteen creatures.
Platinum  -  Obliterate twenty creatures.

Bronze    -  Three-word kill a single monster.
Silver    -  Three-word kill ten monsters.
Gold      -  Two-word kill twenty monsters.
Platinum  -  One-word kill fifty monsters.

Bronze    -  Create a word with a Rainbow Tile.
Silver    -  Create five words with Rainbow Tiles.
Gold      -  Create ten words with Rainbow Tiles that are at least 6 letters.
Platinum  -  Create 20 words with Rainbow Tiles that are at least 8 letters.

Bronze    -  Defeat a monster with Poison, Fire, or Bleed damage.
Silver    -  Defeat 10 monsters with Poison damage.
Gold      -  Defeat 15 monsters with Fire damage.
Platinum  -  Defeat 20 monsters with Bleed damage.

Bronze    -  Spell a bonus word against a creature.
Silver    -  Spell ten bonus words against creatures.
Gold      -  Spell fifteen bonus words against creatures.
Platinum  -  Spell twenty bonus words against creatures,

Bronze    -  Spell three words in a row that begin with the same letter.
Silver    -  Spell five words in a row that begin with the same letter.
Gold      -  Spell eight words in a row that begin with the same letter.
Platinum  -  Spell twelve words in a row that start with the same letter.

Some things to note:
 - Thesaurus Sniper: You don't actually have to get them one-by-one. I spelled
   a 10-letter word and completely skipped the Silver level.
 - Beat-Down Master: Not actually literal. I got the Silver level badge by
   getting a lot of Gem-granting overkills, but only one of them was actually
   "Crushed!" As long as they're the Gem-granting overkill messages, and they
   are not lower than the requirement, then you're fine.
 - Lexicographic Sniper: One-word kills DO count toward the first three levels.
 - Damage Ninja: By using the Monkey Paw and blowing through your chosen book,
   it is possible to skip the Silver & Gold levels and nab Platinum easily.
 - Bonus Master: The game says "fifty" creatures for the Platinum level, but
   this is apparently a typo, as twenty is all you need.

SECTION 5. MINI-GAMES                                                (sec5mini)

It wouldn't be a true Puzzle game without some neat mini-games! This is Moxie's
lovely Mini-Game Hut. These are all the games you play in Adventure Mode to
earn some goodies, and then outside of Adventure to try and earn a high score.
The three games we know well from the first game are back, along with three
brand new games to have fun with. The hut is unlocked on the main menu after
you've beaten Book 5 in Adventure Mode. Read on here to see how all the games
work, Adventure and non-Adventure.

A. MUTANT WORDS                                                     (sec5game1)

A brand new mini-game for Bookworm Adventures 2. This one is first available
when you beat Book 5 and unlock the Hut. This game is an unscrambling game!
Various words will be all scrambled up, and need to be made right again. The
game will provide you with a hint in the corner of the screen as to what the
words pertain to. For example, it might be "Fruit and Vegetable Words." You
have three words of gradually bigger size for each hint that pops up. Click
the tiles of the mutant words to spell them out in the red zone, but if your
tile turns red, it's in the wrong place, so you need to click it off and try
again. You have 60 seconds to unscramble as many words as you can. Completing
a word grants you some extra time, however.

In Adventure Mode, you're going for everyone's favorite prizes. On the right
of the board are the prizes, next to the time limit bar. The farther down
the timer bar goes, the more prizes you lose. You have to unscramble just 3
words, and stop the timer. When you stop it, you get whatever prize it's
next to, as well as every prize below it. You're guaranteed a Red Potion
just for playing.

   1. TOP ROW:    Diamond Tile
   2. ROW 2:      Ruby Tile
   3. ROW 3:      Amethyst Tile
   4. ROW 4:      Purify (Blue) Potion
   5. BOTTOM ROW: Power Up (Green) Potion

In the Mini-Game hut in the main menu, the game is played for points. Making
a correct word grants you a bunch of points. Note, on the side of the puzzle
board are multipliers that appear to coincide with the time limit. The less
time you have in the game, the more your points are multiplied. So getting a
lot of words toward the end of your game can only be more beneficial. In
addition, when the game ends, you'll get an additional 1000 points for every
word you completed successfully.

   1. TOP ROW:    x1
   2. ROW 2:      x2
   3. ROW 3:      x3
   4. ROW 4:      x4
   5. BOTTOM ROW: x5

B. GOLDEN COINS                                                     (sec5game2)

Now this is probably my new favorite mini-game, because it's so EASY! :D This
game is first available in Adventure Mode when you start playing Book 5 and
reach Moxie's hut. For this game, you are given a randomly-generated line of 12
letter tiles. Using these tiles, you need to spell the biggest word that you
can in order to earn the afformentioned coins. Each tile used in a word is
worth one coin. After each word you spell, the letter tiles get randomized
again. In addition, after spelling your first word, you'll begin to notice
special golden tiles. These tiles are worth 2 coins instead of 1, so they will
be a big help in filling the board. Each row of the board can hold 7 coins, so
a total of 35 coins are needed to finish the game. However, you can only spell
up to 5 words! Thankfully, there's no time limit.

In Adventure Mode, you're playing for Potions and Gems, like always. Filling
up a row with coins grants you the prize for that row, obtainable when the
game ends. You're guaranteed a Red Potion just for playing the game.

   1. TOP ROW:    Diamond Tile
   2. ROW 2:      Ruby Tile
   3. ROW 3:      Amethyst Tile
   4. ROW 4:      Purify (Blue) Potion
   5. BOTTOM ROW: Power Up (Green) Potion

In the Mini-Game hut at the main menu, you're going for a high score. You'll
score a fair number of points depending on how long your word is, and every
time you fill up one of the rows, you'll earn a point bonus to your total
score. In addition, if you manage to "overfill" the board by gaining more than
35 coins when you fill it, you get a bonus of 1000 points for each coin that
you went over 35.

   1. TOP ROW:    5000
   2. ROW 2:      4000
   3. ROW 3:      3000
   4. ROW 4:      2000
   5. BOTTOM ROW: 1000

C. WORD UP!                                                         (sec5game3)

Now isn't this an interesting one? In this game, you're trying to race Moxie up
a hill by spelling words as fast as you can. You're given a pool of 10 letter
tiles, that scramble after every word you spell. The faster you spell words,
the faster you go up the hill. In addition, the longer your words are, the
farther you will move up the hill. Moxie moves at basically a set pace, so you
just need to keep it up faster than her. The Scramble button is also available
in case you're totally stuck. On the hill you two are racing on, there are five
flags. Reaching these 5 flags grants you prizes based on where you are playing
the game.

In Adventure Mode, of course, you're playing for your much-needed potions and
gems. Reaching the flags guarantees you one of the prizes, from the bottom up.
Even if Moxie ends up beating you, you'll still get whatever prizes you locked
up. However, beating her entitles you to all of them. You're guaranteed a Red
Potion just for playing.

   1. TOP ROW:    Diamond Tile
   2. ROW 2:      Ruby Tile
   3. ROW 3:      Amethyst Tile
   4. ROW 4:      Purify (Blue) Potion
   5. BOTTOM ROW: Power Up (Green) Potion

In the Mini-Game hut off the main menu, you're going for that high score!
Spelling words gains you points just like always. The five flags are now giving
away bonus points, granted every time you reach a flag. Beating all 5 of them
gets you all the bonuses. In addition, if you win, you'll get a special bonus
depending on how many clicks ahead of Moxie you were: 1000 points for every
unit of your lead.

   1. TOP ROW:    5000
   2. ROW 2:      4000
   3. ROW 3:      3000
   4. ROW 4:      2000
   5. BOTTOM ROW: 1000

D. LINK N' SPELL                                                    (sec5game4)

One of our three returning games from the original Bookworm Adventures. This
one is still a nice little toughie like it was back then. Here you're given
a 5x5 grid of letters. You need to click on whatever letters to form words, and
submit them. You cannot repeat any words, but all of the letters can be reused
as much as necessary. The first time a letter is used, it turns silver, and the
second time, it turns gold. The object is to transmute all the tiles you can
into gold. For every row of tiles you make completely gold, you'll earn the
prize for that row. Letters are typically harder up toward the top of the grid,
but now the harder letters do occasionally pop up lower down on the bottom. You
have 90 seconds to play the game, and submitting words adds more time.

In Adventure Mode, you're going for those delicious prizes. You'll probably
find that this game is very hard to get all these prizes for, however, but
it's still fun to play. You're guaranteed a Red Potion for playing.

   1. TOP ROW:    Diamond Tile
   2. ROW 2:      Ruby Tile
   3. ROW 3:      Amethyst Tile
   4. ROW 4:      Purify (Blue) Potion
   5. BOTTOM ROW: Power Up (Green) Potion

In the Mini-Game Hut off the main menu, you're going for a high score. All of
your words submitted grant you points, however using silver or gold tiles will
net you less points than normal tiles. A normal tile being used is 100 points,
a silver tile is 50, while a gold one is 10 points. Filling up an entire row
with gold tiles will grant you an extra bonus to your score. In addition, if
you can finish off all 5 rows before time runs out, you'll receive 1000 points
for every second you had left on the clock.

   1. TOP ROW:    2500
   2. ROW 2:      2000
   3. ROW 3:      1500
   4. ROW 4:      1000
   5. BOTTOM ROW: 500

E. LETTER RIP!                                                      (sec5game5)

The second of our returning games to this sequel. In this delightful game, you
are given a fairly sizable word to serve as your tile grid. From within this
word, you must find other smaller words to spell and submit. Do note that you
can submit the entire word itself, once you're ready. There are five rows on
the board to fill out, and spelling 6 words will fill out a row. Continue to
spell as many words as you can to try and fill all 5 rows. You have 60 seconds
to play the game, but spelling large words adds more time.

In Adventure Mode, of course it's for prizes! Your standard line-up of potions
and gemstones awaits you to see how many words you can spell. For this, it
doesn't really matter if you do the big or small words first, just spell any
and every word you can, as fast as you can. You're guaranteed a Red Potion just
for playing.

   1. TOP ROW:    Diamond Tile
   2. ROW 2:      Ruby Tile
   3. ROW 3:      Amethyst Tile
   4. ROW 4:      Purify (Blue) Potion
   5. BOTTOM ROW: Power Up (Green) Potion

In Mini-Game mode from the main menu, you're now playing for points. Every word
you spell grants you 100 points for each letter in the word. In addition, each
row of the game board now has a multiplier, which will be applied to which ever
word you just spelled within that row. For this reason, you want to spell the
smallest words you can first, while you're still in the lower multipliers, then
save all your big words for last to get the most points you ca. If you can fill
the entire board before time runs out, you'll get a bonus 1000 points for each
second of time you had left.

   1. TOP ROW:    x5
   2. ROW 2:      x4
   3. ROW 3:      x3
   4. ROW 4:      x2
   5. BOTTOM ROW: x1

F. WORD MASTER                                                      (sec5game6)

This is a fun little game, provided you can last. If you've ever seen the TV
game show Lingo, you should be familiar with this one. You need to guess a
5-letter word that Moxie gives you, and you have 5 tries to do it. You're only
given the first letter of the word. Use the tile grid to spell the rest of the
word. If you get any of the letters correct, they will turn gold. If you have
a correct letter, but you've put it in the wrong spot in the word, it will be
silver. Incorrect letters will be shaded out on the game board, and if they
turn red on the tile grid, they are not present in the word. You can still
select red tiles if it helps you think, but don't re-submit them in the words!

In Adventure Mode, you're trying to guess a single word when you play the game.
Each of the 5 rows on the board has your standard prize. If you correctly guess
the word, you win that row's prize as well as every prize below it. So for the
best haul, you gotta get the word right on the first try. You're guaranteed a
Red Potion just for playing.

   1. TOP ROW:    Diamond Tile
   2. ROW 2:      Ruby Tile
   3. ROW 3:      Amethyst Tile
   4. ROW 4:      Purify (Blue) Potion
   5. BOTTOM ROW: Power Up (Green) Potion

In the Mini-Game hut from the main menu, you're playing for a high score, and
the game can actually last a while. Each row on the game board has a point
value. Correctly guessing the word on a given row wins you that amount of
points, and you get to try and guess another word. You can guess as many words
as you can until you fail to get one in 5 tries, in which case the game is
over. Your total score as well as your number of correct words will be added up
for the high score table.

   1. TOP ROW:    10,000 points
   2. ROW 2:      5,000 points
   3. ROW 3:      2,500 points
   4. ROW 4:      1,000 points
   5. BOTTOM ROW: 500 points

SECTION 6. ARENA                                                    (sec6arena)

Arena Mode is the big special unlockable upon beating Adventure Mode. What is
this all about? Well, all those Boss Monsters you fought? They want a rematch!
Arena Mode pits you in rematches against all the big boss fights you went
through in Adventure Mode, but with a little twist: You don't have all the
time in the world to do battle.

The gameplay is the same - pick two Treasures and a Companion, get a tile grid
full of letters, and start laying on the pain. You'll gain Potions as you go
and get plenty of Gem Tiles. But you're starting off with basically a clean
slate: You're down to Level 1, with 5 hearts and no potions. Attacking is now
different; there are no turns! A timer bar lies above the Tile Grid. When this
bar fills up, the enemy will attack immediately, whether you're ready for it
or not! This does mean you can get off several words against them before they
can even react, but if you're having a hard time finding something to spell,
it can mean bad news for you! And since every fight is a Boss Monster, they're
guaranteed to not be playing around. You need to think fast, stay on your
toes, spell the biggest words as fast as you can find them, and face off
against the toughest enemies in the game. This mode is surely for experts
only! Thankfully you find a couple potions just about every single fight. And
yes, you still get a full heal/purification with every knockout. ;)

Due to the nature of the timer bar, some status effects will react a bit
differently. Stun moves make you sit for a portion of the timer bar, but if
used on the enemy, the timer bar temporarily freezes for it. The others, such
as Poison, Burn, and Bleed run off their own timers during the timer bar.
Your Companion's meter & Tile Attacks also run off their own timers. Power Up
and Power Down stay in affect until the afflicted person attacks or purifies
the condition themselves. Shields will also stay in affect until they are
attacked enough times to deplete their turn count. The Scramble Button works
as normal, except now there is virtually no downside to using it.

Now I did say you started off at Level 1 again, and now you're gonna have to
level up all over again. Well, Arena features a special exclusive levelling
mechanic in the form of Level Up Tokens! All monsters will drop these when you
defeat them, and they'll go into your Level Bar to make you stronger. In
addition, there are many ways to earn bonus tokens to help you level up as
fast as you can. The game grants you a few examples on how to earn these bonus
tokens: Attack first, spell a lot of small words quickly, or take your enemy
down in as few words as possible. There's actually many different ways to gain
these bonus tokens, so try out everything, because you're gonna need to level
up big-time to survive the game's toughest baddies. Do note that you CAN gain
more than 1 level off a single fight.

Here are some messages I spotted in Arena that gave me bonus tokens. See how
many you can get! (and feel free to tell me some others if you spot them ;) )

                   PURPLE        BLUE        LIGHT BLUE
                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                   One-Shot!     X-Treme!    First Attack!
                   Two-Shot!     Zealous!
                   Three-Shot!   Radical!

               GREEN        RED        YELLOW        ORANGE
               ¯¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯¯¯
               Flawless!    Terse!     Quick!        Wordy!
                            Precise!   Speedy!       Verbose!

There's one last gameplay element for you: Checkpoints! After every 5 bosses,
you will run into Moxie. She'll give you one of each Potion, and you'll get
a chance to change your Treasures & Companion. This is very useful, not only
for the Potions, but since you're gonna know which bosses are coming up next,
you can change your strategy on the fly to deal with what you'll face in the
next five fights. Your game will also be saved after every move you make,
just incase something bad happens like a computer crash.

The overall point of Arena mode, besides the challenge involved, is the Hall
of Fame listing! How much time you take in the mode is calculated while you
play, as well what boss you reached. Get knocked out, and the game is over,
but you'll likely end up on the scoreboard anyway. Beat the entire thing and
you can brag about it to anyone else who plays the game with you!

A. FIGHT ORDER                                                     (sec6fights)

Here are the groups of bosses you will fight in Arena Mode, seperated by the
checkpoints. Right below this will also be a handy reference guide for all the
bosses, whether you use it for Arena Mode or not. Be sure to set your chosen
Treasures & Companion to match the group! Should I tell you what to bring
along? Nah, I'll let you pick 'em out yourself.

Note that the following Bosses are not fought in Arena mode:
Previous Lex, Skeletrox (Dance Cmdr), & The Rift Machine (all three phases)

_______                   _______                   _______
GROUP 1                   GROUP 2                   GROUP 3
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
4-1-5: Dish and Spoon     4-6-5: Witch              5-1-5: Elder Tiger Demon
4-2-5: Old MacDonald      4-7-5: Caterpillar        5-2-5: Prideful Monk
4-3-5: Big Bad Wolf       4-8-5: Mad Hatter         5-3-5: Sifu Sek Keen
4-4-5: Giant              4-9-5: Jabberwock         5-4-5: Year of the Dog
4-5-5: Papa Bear          4-10-5: The Qu. of Hearts 5-5-5: Tree Demon

_______                   _______                   _______
GROUP 4                   GROUP 5                   GROUP 6
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
5-6-5: Dragon King        6-1-5: Monolithic Obelisk 6-8-5: Lady Summer-Speak
5-7-5: The Monkey King    6-2-5: The Great Radiape  6-9-5: Bigger Brother
5-8-5: Bull Demon King    6-3-5: The Troglock King
5-9-5: Door               6-4-5: Skeletrox
5-10-5: Er-Lang Shen      6-6-5: The Butterfly

B. BOSS MONSTERS                                                   (sec6bosses)

Here is a listing of all the boss monsters to be found in the game. This list
is useful for the Arena, but is also just here for a handy reference. Don't
need to scroll through all of the Adventure Walkthrough or anything. Be sure
to check the opening of the Adventure section if you need help understanding
these boss entries.

4-1-5: Dish and Spoon     4-2-5: Old MacDonald      4-3-5: Big Bad Wolf
   Health - 5                Health - 7                Health - 9
[Atk] T-Spoon             [Bld] Carve               [Atk] Face Rake
[Bld] Whirling Service    [Lok] E-I-E-I... OW!      [PoU] Wolf Howl
[Atk] Spork               [Smh/Stn] Bovine Bomb     [PoD] Huff n' Puff

4-4-5: Giant              4-5-5: Papa Bear          4-6-5: Witch
   Health - 12               Health - 14               Health - 16
[Atk] Giant Punch         [Atk] Claw                [Atk] Broom Beating
[Stn/Lok] Bootquake!      [Bld] Mutilate            [Stn] Delicious Lure
[Smh] Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum       [Gem] Pilfer              [Wrp] Tile Enchantment
                          [PoU/PoD] Roar            [Alt] Confusing Cackle
                                                    [Wrp/Lok] Flyby Witching

4-7-5: Caterpillar        4-8-5: Mad Hatter         4-9-5: Jabberwock
   Health - 18               Health - 25               Health - 28
[Atk] Hooka Whip          [Atk] Rabbit in a Hat     [Atk] Strike
[Smh] Up In Smoke         [Bld] Instant Tea Party   [Lok] Catching Claws
[Stn] Smoke Anvil         [Stn] Hats Within Hats    [Brn] Fiery Eyes
[PoD] Smoke Screen        [Wrp/PoD] Maniacal Laugh. [Psn/Stn] Bad Breath
[BoC] 'Colors'                                      [Rgn] Licking the Wounds

                          4-10-5: The Queen of Hearts
                             Health - 30
                          [Atk] Royal Smash
                          [Atk] Off With His Head!
                          [Stn] Heart Breaker
                          [Pot] Heart's Desire
                          [PoU] Sentence Before Verdict

5-1-5: Elder Tiger Demon  5-2-5: Prideful Monk      5-3-5: Sifu Sek Keen
   Health - 20 L             Health - 20 L             Health - 24 L
[Bld] Claw                [Bld] Sliced!             [Atk] Hand Blade
[Bld/Lok] Nightmare Bite  [PoD] Insult              [Alt] Backhand Slap
[PoD/Bld] Fearsome Roar   [PoU] Brag                [Alt] Openhand Slap
[Smh/Rgn] Consume Tile    [ShA/ShR] Boastful Stance [Smh/PoD] Flying Charge

5-4-5: Year of the Dog    5-5-5: Tree Demon         5-6-5: Dragon King 
   Health - 25 L             Health - 27 L             Health - 28 L
[Atk] Flying Dog Kick     [Bld] Ghostly Leaves      [Atk] Swipe
[Lok] Canine Curiosity    [Plg] Demonic Roots       [Plg/Psn] Infected Waters
[Brn] Dog Breath          [Smh] Branch Smash        [Rgn/PoU] Power of the Sea
[Pet] Bad Bite            [Stn] Squirrel Stampede   [Stn/Psn] Jelly Swarm
[BoC] 'Mammals'                                     [BoC] 'Fire'

5-7-5: The Monkey King    5-8-5: Bull Demon King    5-9-5: Door
   Health - 29 L             Health - 30 L             Health - 25 L
[Atk] Prideful Taunt      [Atk] Charge              [Lok] Deadbolt
[Stn] Wrecking Ball       [Brn] Fire Snort          [Stn] Sonic Slam
[Brn] Molten Iron Fists   [Cur/Brn] Fury Stomp      [Atk] Door Drop
[Smh] Earthquaker         [ShR] Demonic Shield      [Bld] Keys to the Armory
                          [Imm] Fiery Armor
                                (fire & poison)

                          5-10-5: Er-Lang Shen
                             Health - 30 M
                          [Cur] Guardian's Bite
                          [Brn] Fury of the Phoenix
                          [Wrp] Splitting Axe Strike
                          [Lok] Double-shot Bow

6-1-5: Monolithic Obelisk 6-2-5: The Great Radiape  6-3-5: The Troglock King
   Health - 20 M             Health - 20 M             Health - 24 M
[Brn] War Strike          [Smh] Ground Slam         [Atk] Trog-Cog
[Stn] Hired Help          [PoU/Rgn] Fallout Fury    [Bld] Mighty Claw
[Gem/Smh] Tile Strike     [Pet] Fission Fists       [Rgn/Lok] Delicious Dinner
[PoU/Rgn] My. Pow. Source [Brn] Radiation Blast     [Brd/Psn] King o.t. People

6-4-5: Skeletrox          6-5-5: Previous Lex       6-6-5: The Butterfly
   Health - 25 M             Health - 4                Health - 28 M
[Brn] Flaming Fist        [Atk] Letter Attack       [Brn/Fir] Unexpected Storms
[Sta/PoD] Power o.t. Pen                            [Frz/Lok] Climate Change
[Bld] Sharp Wit                                     [Rgn/PoU] Life-giving Sun.
[Brn/Stn] Nose Meet G.S.                            [Fir] Beastly Back-up
[BoC] 'Metal'

6-7-5: Skeletrox (Dance)  6-8-5: Lady Summer-Speak  6-9-5: Bigger Brother
   Health - 29 M             Health - 30 M             Health - 30 M
[Fir/Stn] Light Show      [Atk] GigaFist of Hurtz   [Brn] Send and Receive
[Brn] Omega Wheel-Jack    [Gem/Pot] All Here B.T.M. [Lok] Threat Advisory
[PoD] The Blackout        [PoU/Rgn] Song o.t. Sys.  [Fir] Enforce the P. Line
[PoU] Beatbots Represent! [Wrp/Cur] Reality Shift   [Pet/Brn] Observe the Tr.
[BoC] 'Dance'             [Imm] Environmental Cont.
                                (3&4 letter words)

6-10-1: Phase One         6-10-2: Phase Two          6-10-3: Phase Three
   Health - 28 M              Health - 29 M             Health - 30 M
[Atk] Wrecking Ball       [Atk] Rocket Claw          [Atk] Crushing Debris
[Wrp] Warping Field       [Cur] Corruption Field     [Fir] Fiery Response
[Gem] Gem Recycling       [ShA/ShR] Defensive Progr. [Sta] Stasis Pulse
[Stn] Plot Hole           [Frz] Plot Hole            [Pet] Plot Hole
                          [Imm] Weak Defense Grid    [Imm] Defense Grid
                                (3-letter words)           (3&4 letter words)

SECTION 7. TREASURE LIST                                            (sec6treas)

Just like in the first game, Treasures are probably the most useful things in
the game, and now you have Companions to go along with them! You'll get one
after each boss fight you win, and can have 2 Treasures and 1 Companion with
you at any given time. I revealed all the Treasures and Companions you get in
the walkthrough, but this section here is just an easy reference for them all
in once place. They're listed in chapter order. Companions are marked with
asterisks for the sake of ease.

A. PROLOGUE: IS IT STUFFY IN HERE?                               (sec7prologue)

TREASURE/COMPANION   EFFECT                                    UPGRADES
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯                                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Tasty Breakfast      Does nothing! (that I know of)

B. BOOK 4: FRACTURED FAIRYTALES                                     (sec7book4)

TREASURE/COMPANION   EFFECT                                    UPGRADES
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯                                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Bovine Boosters      Inflicts an extra half-heart of damage
MacFarmer's Almanac  Spell adjectives for extra damage
*** Mother Goose     Grants a Red potion every 4 turns
Singing Harp         Ailments on you last one less turn
Just Right Porridge  Lex always resists Stun attacks
Gumdrop Necklace     Slightly increases Gem effects
*** Cheshire Cat     Purifies Lex & tile grid every 4 turns
Mad Hat              Scramble the grid for random Gems
Looking Glass        Ailments & bad tiles last one less turn   Singing Harp
Eat Me Drink Me      Increased potion drop

C. BOOK 5: THE MONKEY KING                                          (sec7book2)

TREASURE             EFFECT                                    UPGRADES
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             ¯¯¯¯¯¯                                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Tiger's Tooth        Chance to cause enemies to bleed
Tao of Lex           Immune to Tile Smash
*** Legendary Master Stuns enemy & Powers Up Lex every 4 turns
Master's Zodiac      Spell verbs for bonus damage              Mac's Almanac
Super Sutra          Slightly increases all healing effects
Collapsible Iron Rod Greatly increases Gem effects             Gumdrop Necklace
*** Monkey King      Changes beneficial forms every 4 turns
Book of the Dead     Increases all healing effects             Super Sutra
The Celestial Key    Bonus damage from double letters
Enlightenment        Immune to Tile Smash and Tile Lock        Tao of Lex

Tree Form            Lex is slightly healed every round.
Cloud Form           Lex has a chance to resist harmful effects.
Ant Form             Lex's damage is slightly increased.
Iron Form            Lex is slightly armored.

D. BOOK 6: ASTOUNDING PLANET                                        (sec7book3)

TREASURE             EFFECT                                    UPGRADES
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             ¯¯¯¯¯¯                                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Impossible Engine    Inflicts an extra 3/4 heart of damage     Bovine Boosters
Monkey Paw           Good chance to cause enemies to bleed     Tiger's Tooth
*** H.G. Wells       Shields & purifies Lex every 4 turns
Time Helmet          Scramble the grid for random Gems         Mad Hat
Magic Pen            Spell 'word' words for extra damage
Magic Pen Cap        Spell 'word' words for extra damage       Magic Pen
*** Skeletrox        Upgrades tiles every 4 turns
SemiFlange           Bonus damage from double letters          Celestial Key
Escape Button        Greatly increased potion drop             Eat Me Drink Me
Champion's Cake      Increases all points in Adventure Replay  Tasty Breakfast

SECTION 8. TIPS, SECRETS, & EASTER EGGS                              (sec8tips)

An obligatory listing! This section provides general gameplay tips for you to
use in winning the game, as well as some various secrets, easter eggs, etc.
that are spread throughout the game. This section is pretty much unfinished
always, since there's always some little eggs and secrets that have yet to be
found out. Feel free to submit or correct anything you find worthy of appearing
in this section. Some of it will also be carried over from my original FAQ for
the first Bookworm Adventures.

A. GENERAL TIPS                                                       (sec8gen)

1. When stuck, there are a few things you can do before resorting to a string
   of 3-letter words or the Scramble key. First off, try clicking on all the
   vowels to separate them from the consonants, then look for words. If you see
   a big word you can almost spell, spell as much of it as you can, then look
   at the remaining tiles for other words you can spell until you can finish
   your big word. When in the midst of spelling a word, look at the remaining
   tiles for other possible words you can spell right after.

2. Bonus Words are always nice, even if they are short. Try spelling words that
   will activate your Treasures, or pick at enemy weaknesses. There are even
   some Secret Bonus Words in the game; try spelling the enemy's names, or
   their attacks. Long words are ALWAYS preferrable over short words, but if
   you must spell something short, can't go wrong with a Bonus Word.

3. Cheshire Cat and H.G. Wells are quite easily the best Companions in the game
   and it can be a hard sell taking anyone else. Which one you'd want to take
   can depend on the chapter. Cheshire Cat provides a full purification - very
   nice if you're low on Blue Potions - affecting both Lex and the Tile Grid,
   so any level with a lot of Tile Attacks will need him. H.G. Wells, on the
   other hand, also provides Lex with a purification when he puts up the shield
   for him (the same temporary-invincibility shield that Crystal Tiles give
   you). So in the event you're playing a level that doesn't have a lot of Tile
   Attacks, Wells is surely your best choice to purify Lex's ailments and give
   you that awesome shield. Wells gets better for you late-game, which is of
   course when he first appears. The only other Companions worth taking if you
   have a lot of Blue Potions are the Master (free Stun and Power Up? Count me
   in) and Skeletrox (if you have a lot of Gems for him to play with).

4. Treasures are largely dependant on what sort of attacks you'll see in the
   level, but you'll notice Looking Glass is arguably the best Treasure in the
   game, as it shortens the amount of time ailments and tile effects will hurt
   you, hopefully giving you some leeway if Wells and Cheshire need to charge
   up (or if you're not using them). The other two you can't do too wrong with
   are the Boosters/Engine (more damage is never a bad thing) and the Necklace/
   Iron Rod (your gems will be a bit more potent). Mad Hat/Time Helmet can
   practically fill your entire grid with Gems if you're willing to take some
   hits. Have some Red Potions at the ready.

B. ARENA TIPS                                                       (sec8arena)

1. Use the keyboard shortcuts that are given below. They can save time in the
   midst of battle than moving your mouse around and away from the Tile Grid.

2. Use the word-spelling tricks given in General Tips, especially the third
   one: Looking at the grid for other words while in the midst of spelling one.
   However, don't be afraid to use the Scramble button if you're truly stuck.
   It only wastes a few seconds and is better than staring blankly at the Tile
   Grid and letting the time meter tick away.

3. You don't need to wait for Lex's attack animation to stop before spelling
   another word. Spell as many words as you can, as fast as you can, so the
   enemy doesn't have as much room to work with.

4. Time Helmet is easily the best thing to have in Arena, as you can Scramble
   several times before ever taking a hit, filling your grid with Gems fast.
   You could mix it with the Iron Rod and Skeletrox for great results. Though,
   H.G. Wells is probably the best Companion for Arena Mode. He'll purify you
   and Shield you constantly, and with the abundance of Blue Potions, you won't
   need Cheshire Cat's tile grid purification.

C. SHORTCUTS                                                        (sec8short)

1. The game features some keyboard shortcuts. Press "1" for a Health Potion,
   "2" for a Power Up Potion, and "3" for a Purify Potion. Press "4" or "Enter"
   to submit a word that you've spelled. These are useful when in the Arena.

2. There's a few mouse shortcuts as well. Left-clicking a letter will remove it
   from the word, as well as any letters after it if you click a letter in the
   middle of the word. Right-clicking anywhere will remove the entire word back
   into your tile grid. These work in all modes.

D. SECRETS                                                            (sec8sec)

1. In the Tomb of Knowledge, there is a "Secrets" space. In order to fill it up
   completely, you need to find all the necessary secrets. Here is a complete

   a. Click Lex in Adventure/Arena mode to make him hiccup.
   b. Keep clicking until he giggles.
   c. Keep clicking until he sneezes a butterfly.
   d. Click an enemy in the Tome of Knowledge to view their "hit" animation.
   e. Keep clicking until you see their "die" animation.
   f. Click the enemy's attacks and they will perform them.
   g. Type "CELEBRATE" at the main menu.
   h. Type "CONE" at the main menu. (the result is seen in-game)
   i. Type "ELITE" at the main menu or in-game. (the result is seen in-game)
   j. Type "GOBBLE" at the main menu.
   k. Type "LOVELY" at the main menu.
   l. Type "MOUSTACHE" at the main menu. (the result is seen in-game)
   m. Type "PANCAKES" at the main menu. (the result is seen in-game)
   n. Type "PIRATE" at the main menu.
   o. Type "SEATTLE" at the main menu.
   p. Type "WINTER" at the main menu.

2. Overkilling enemies can get you bonus Gem tiles! All you have to do is spell
   a big enough word to do way more damage than an enemy has health left.
   Depending on how big of an overkill you do, you'll gain a bonus Gem Tile:

   Whomped!       Amethyst        2 hearts
   Crushed!       Emerald         4 hearts
   Vanquished!    Garnet          6 hearts
   Decimated!     Ruby            8 hearts
   Destroyed!     Sapphire        10 hearts
   Annihilated!   Diamond         12 hearts
   Obliterated!   Crystal         14 hearts

E. EASTER EGGS                                                       (sec8eggs)

1. Spell "BILL" and Lex will say "Baaa!" while a sheep noise is heard.

2. Spell "TYSEN" and Lex will say "Crazy Delicious!"

3. Spell "CARL" and Lex will say "Worm of Bookcraft!"

4. Spell "ANTHONY" and Lex will say "By the power of Greyskull!"

5. Spell "JULIE" or "TIFFANY" and Lex will say "I love you!"

6. Spell "JEFF" and Lex will say "Cash Money!"

7. In Book 6, Chapter 7, the Dance Battle, if you spell a very long word, you
   will get an attack animation of Lex's Companions spelling "LEX." But if you
   notice, Skeletrox's head is one of them, but you don't get him on your side
   until you beat the level. Whoops!

SECTION 9. UPDATE LIST                                             (sec9update)

09/09/09 - VERSION 1.25
Another update for you, this time polishing off something I'm sure everyone
was waiting for: The rest of the Secrets from the Tome of Knowledge! I got them
straight from PopCap themselves. :D  That pretty much wraps up things for this
FAQ. Feel free to submit to me anything you'd like, and I'm hoping PopCap puts
up some advanced mathematical info for this game like they did the first. Here
are my updates for this edition:

   1. Added the final 5 Secrets to be found in the Tome of Knowledge!
   2. Migrated some mathematical info from PopCap's FAQ for Adventures 1.
   3. Corrected one of the Secrets. He sneezes, not burps!


09/05/09 - VERSION 1.10
Here is my latest update! Got some more submissions from the same guy, pretty
helpful since I don't have a ton of time or drive to play the game recently. I
will eventually go and earn all those badges. But thankfully I now have the
info for them. Corrected in this update:

   1. Added the last bits of info for the Adventure Replay Badges.
   2. Updated one of the Easter Eggs for "TIFFANY."
   3. Updated the approximate gem overkill amounts.


08/26/09 - VERSION 1.00
And there you have it - the first essentially fully finished version of my FAQ.
I'm still in the market for those last couple Secrets and all sorts of Easter
Eggs, but, everything important about the game has now been covered. If you
have anything to give me, please feel free to e-mail me. For now, this is what
was done in this update:

   1. Finished the write-up for Adventure Replay, though I still need Badges.
   2. Finished the write-up for Arena Mode & Boss Monster reference.
   3. Added several new Easter Eggs, 3 of which were submitted to me.
   4. Reconfirmed Julie & Jeff Eggs. Still need to spell Jason & Steve.
   5. Edited Mad Hat & Time Helmet on Treasure list. They give you Gems.
   6. Added a useful Arena Mode Tip.
   7. Added some websites that display my FAQ now.
   8. Various textual rewrites and corrections dotted around the FAQ.


08/23/09 - VERSION 0.90
Ah, almost done here! Nice juicy update for you here, though I have yet to get
through Arena Mode. I fully intend to do so soon and rewrite Arena Mode's
section of the FAQ. We'll see if the mode has any changes. I'll also do a
piece on Adventure Replay, I think. Here is the list of all the changes to this
version of the FAQ:

   1. Finished off the entire Walkthrough! I had a lot of fun playing it.
   2. Wrote up the entire Mini-Games section now that I unlocked the hut.
   3. Treasure & Companion List is filled out, aside from Hat gifts.
   4. Updated all the monster's numbers to reflect the numbers of the books.
   5. Found an Easter Egg!
   6. Added a few General Tips concerning Treasures & Companions.
   7. Fixed the date on the previous update. Sorry!
   8. Various other textual rewrites and additions to match with Adventure.


08/18/09 - VERSION 0.50
My first release of the FAQ. I've ported over a lot of the information from my
first FAQ, with a lot of it rewritten to keep things fresh, and added a few of
the new features I've found so far. Completed the first Book of Adventure mode.
Can't wait to get back to it. :) Here's what's still left to be done:

   1. Finish Adventure mode and provide all of its info, including the lore.
   2. Rewrite the Mini-Games section for all old AND new Mini-Games.
   3. Rewrite the Arena mode section when I unlock it and hopefully beat it.
   4. Finish the Treasure/Companion list. This will go with Adventure mode.
   5. Add more stuff to the Secrets area. Submit your findings!

Hope you'll stick with me, as long as my job doesn't destroy me too much, it
shouldn't be too long until I got this baby finished!

SECTION 10. CONTACT INFO                                         (sec10contact)

If you'd like to get in touch with me, to ask a question or to submit/correct
something to/in the FAQ, that'd be great. My e-mail is the following, with the
normal signs (@ and .) removed to keep away spam bots:

SmokeRulz ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com

Please provide a clear subject header, such as "Bookworm Adventures 2 FAQ," so
I know what you're e-mailing me about. E-mails with weird or no subject will
likely not be read.

I have instant messenger names as well, but I will not give them out here. If
you *really* feel like you need to speak to me over one, simply ask for it over
e-mail. I use AIM, YIM, and MSN via the Trillian multi-messenger program.

SECTION 11. THANKS & CREDITS                                      (sec11thanks)

Thanks to PopCap Games, for creating such a neat, fun, and addicting sequel to
to such a neat, fun, and addicting game! :D

Thanks to CJayC and the GameFAQs.com crew for hosting this FAQ, and for just
having such a neat and helpful site.

Thanks to all the contributers to my first FAQ for helping me with info for it,
some of which was brought over to this FAQ as well.

Thanks to Bui Duc Thanh for Easter Eggs 2-4, the Tiffany egg, and some info
to help polish off the Adventure Replay Badges. You rock!

Thanks to Poyopoyomon for working out the gem overkill amounts.

Thanks to Dana from PopCap customer support for giving me the final 5 Secrets!

And thank YOU, for reading. :)


-=*=- END OF FAQ -=*=-
Copyright ©2009 Joshua Cobb, aka Smoke_Rulz

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