How do I get into the upside down room to take the cake?

  1. I am upside down after crossing the vortex n I can't get down to obtain the cake that alice need which is the the room

    User Info: SeowAngela

    SeowAngela - 9 years ago


  1. You go through the kitchen over to where the shelves are, you jump down onto the shelves. Walk across them and then you use march hare to pull two benches to where theres open spaces, and if they start spinning use mctwisp to set them right. You walk to where theres a bunch of stuff to attack to get the meta and when your at the cubbard use the march hare to shoot the dishes across the room. It makes a ladder walk down the ladder and grab the cake and then alice gets to where shes too big,and you walk over to where theres a portrait on the wall you hit the portrait. Then theres bricks in the wall you have alice punch through the bricks you go through the whole. Fight cards and you will have to go between using the march hare and the mad hatter. Theres a checkerboard and a save point in it. After you fight the cards it will show you in a cutscene on which platform the potion is on get the potion go back through the whole alice drinks the potion. Your still on the sealing go to the wall beside where the cake was attack the wall go in and get a chess piece go back through to the kitchen back to where the whole in the wall is upgrade at the checkerboard. Go back through the kitchen and out the door you came in from you will be stuck on the ceiling, until you use Mctwisp to make the hall stay in place. Go through the hall take a right on the little side passageway and you will find another chess piece after you get the chess piece it will shoot you through the door back into the hall save point on your left and back to the white door.

    User Info: amandapanda2011

    amandapanda2011 - 8 years ago 0   0

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