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Remember the Tortoise and the Hare? Well it's 3,000 years later and they're at it again. This time it's a fight for the galaxy and the love of a beautiful princess.
Jazz Jackrabbit is high-speed action through and through with 4-button joystick support, gorgeous graphics, cartoon quality animation sequences, awesome digital sound-effects and music.
This game is playable directly from the CD-ROM and includes 30 incredible new levels and new bonus stage selector! These are the toughest Jazz levels with the hottest graphics we've ever done. Are you up to the challenge?
If you like fun and action, then you're sure to love Jazz Jackrabbit CD-ROM no matter what age you are!

* Intense super-high-speed action you expect only to find on a cartridge!
* Awesome 3D bonus stages filled with treasure.
* Adjustable difficulty level makes it suitable for all ages.

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