How do I solve pirate's face war?

  1. As topic says ... how can i find new faces to beat pirate and join brotherhood

    User Info: vanwaeldaien

    vanwaeldaien - 9 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Do ARRR! to Noogie, Morgan, and Moose...
    Get Noogie to play the bongos Fast and use the bump to travel quickly to the pile of treasure and use the mug which Decava gives you on the yellow buile Pool...
    (After the first Challenge, go to Decava and he'll give you a mug...)
    Pour the yellow bile in one of the three tubes(The clogged one...)
    Pour it on the painting to get 'eyes', Observe the figurehead of the ship in the pool of bile (Baboon)
    And then take Decava's Monocular, Combine with red lens and give it back to him..
    THEN Give him the mug 'o' Bile...

    And then...
    Challenge Bugeye...

    User Info: damnedKonvict

    damnedKonvict - 9 years ago 2   0

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