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Game Script by angeldeb82

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/26/2011

Script (Continued)

End Credits



Mark Darin


Dave Bogan


Derek Sakai


Dan Connors
Kevin Bruner
Brett Tosti


Jonathan Sgro


Randy Tudor


David Bogan


Daniel Farjam Herrera


Kim Lyons


Mark Darin
Mike Stemmle


Mark Darin
Mike Stemmle
Chuck Jordan
Brendan Ferguson
Jake Rodkin
Will Armstrong


Dave Grossman


Ron Gilbert


Mark Darin


Will Armstrong


Tulley Rafferty
Robert Oates


Jeff Sarre
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Derek Sakai
Jed Heuer


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David Gantz
Jake Rodkin


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Jonathan Sgro
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Jake Rodkin
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Damian Kastbauer
Jared Emerson-Johnson


Jared Emerson-Johnson


"Bay Area Sound, Inc."
Ramon Wesselink
Jared Emerson-Johnson
Julian Kwasneski


Meg Crowel


Joel Dreskin
Jacob DiGennaro


Andre Govberg
Mike Watson


Jake Rodkin


David Eggers


Eric Eberhardt


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Matt Hansen
Emily Morganti
John "Seg" Seggerson


Stan Shambaugh


Nick Herman


John "Seg" Seggerson


Will Armstrong
Alex Cannon
Eric Eberhardt
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Mary Jo Tamimi
Lena Tamimi
Trevor Adams
Mark "First Mate Monkey Alarm" Maloney
Kristi "Dread Pirate Marzipan" Maloney
Frank Cifaldi
Emily Morganti


Anemone - Sirenetta Leoni
[Marquis] De Singe - Jared Emerson-Johnson
Elaine [Marley-Threepwood] - Alexandra Boyd
Guybrush [Threepwood] - Dominic Armato
Pirate Bill - Brian Sommer
Pirate Ted - Kid Beyond
Pirate Kevin - Jared Emerson-Johnson
Killick Hardtack - Brian Sommer
LeChuck - Kevin Blackton
Murkel Trenchfoot - Kid Beyond
[Captain] McGillicutty - Kid Beyond
MerLeader [Beluga] - Peggy VanPatten
Morgan LeFlay - Nikki Rapp
[Pyrite] Parrot - Dominic Armato
Tetra - Michael Landers
Voodoo Lady - Alison Ewing
[Reginald Van] Winslow - Roger Jackson


Kevin Bruner
Jonathan Sgro
Graham McDermott
Carlo Morgantini
Randy Tudor
Ben Ingram
Andy Vella
Robert Oates

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Cristina Herrera & Gustavo De Lafore
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Adam Bormann
David Nottingham


Cornnut, Kitty, Stumpy, Kaya, Inky, Squiggle, Tobie, Patches,
Holly, Yoshi, Fu, Buddha, Nick Charles Koll, Nitro T1, Eero,
Misfit, Karma, Beau, Fritz, Brady, Brendan Q. Ferguson, Indiva,
Satindica, Mocha, Chai, Max the Dog, Becky, Tess, Belle, Gomez


Charlie & Max Stemmle

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The Secrets of "The Siege of Spinner Cay"

Here's another list of the secrets of ToMI Chapter 2, with trivia, references and Easter eggs and sources from all over the Web that I thought I'd like to share with you. I hope these will give enjoyment to those of you who have played the game. :D

Trivia and References

Tarot cards in this game: Transformation, Scientist, Disease, Victim.

The Voodoo Lady quotes England's deposed king Edward IV's words to Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick (a.k.a. just Warwick), before the former is taken captive in Act IV, Scene III of William Shakespeare's 1591 play Henry VI, Part 3. Only her voice got it wrong, though: it is actually "needs", not "need", as her subtitle got it right.

"I've taken down some of the most hardened grog-guzzling scumbags from here to Zanzibar." - Zanzibar is named after a semi-autonomous part of the United Republic of Tanzania in East Africa.

Morgan cuts off Guybrush's poxed hand just when he was pointing at her with it while trying to say to her, "How appropriate, you fight like a cow". This is a reference to George Lucas' 1980 film Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, when Darth Vader cuts off Luke Skywalker's hand before revealing to him that he (Vader) is Anakin Skywalker, father of Luke and Leia.

Speaking of cutting off hands, don't you think it's kind of odd and freaky that no blood spurts out from Guybrush's wrist stump? BTW, this is an E10+ rated game, the creators aren't supposed to show blood at all or bump the game's rating up, even in a game with cartoon violence. Kind of reminds us of some movies or video games that don't show blood, no matter how mutilated the victim was.

It is revealed that Morgan loves parrots, especially cute pyrite parrots, and promises that she will keep one as a souvenir once she's done with Guybrush.

Also, what is odd is that the Pyrite Parrot can now move by itself and climb up onto Guybrush's shoulder before climbing back down, which is something that it hadn't done in the previous chapter.

Just for the fun, Guybrush can repeatedly look at the mainmast of the Screaming Narwhal to annoy Morgan to no end! Cool! :D

Morgan says that she grappled aboard while Guybrush was busy staring at the sunset and used the rope from her stuck grapplehook to tie up Winslow and stuff him into the main quarters. Which is kind of odd, given that at the end of Chapter 1, Winslow used his tiny spyglass to adjust the full enhancement on Guybrush's own spyglass and help him see Elaine and LeChuck on Guybrush's ship. How could she have come up to Guybrush and Winslow and tie up the latter while he held the small spyglass up to the larger one? Unless... Guybrush must have held the large spyglass with his one hand while he quickly grabbed the smaller spyglass as soon as Winslow placed it next to the smaller one before she caught him, which may explain why Winslow disappeared. Yet in the final scene of Chapter 1, the small spyglass must have disappeared too before she knocked the larger one off of Guybrush's hand. Weird!

Speaking of the grapplehook that Guybrush now uses in place of his missing hand, it reminds me... According to Jake Rodkin and Mark Darin, during the making of this chapter the creators at Telltale Games "briefly toyed with the possibility that, after Guybrush got his hand cut off, he could use a variety of things to replace that hand", including a hook, a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle (a reference to the item that has since become a running gag in The Secret of Monkey Island), a fork, an octopus, and a wooden hand (which was included in the concept art on the PC DVD extras). However, while other replacements were fun to think about, "it started to make Guybrush feel less piratey, so we opted to just stick with the hook." While they were talking about giving Guybrush a hook hand, concept artist Ryan Jones drew a bunch of hook designs before opting to go with the grapplehook used by Morgan. Now THAT'S something interesting to get "hooked" on! XD

Guybrush tells Morgan that De Singe has got "lampreys in his lighthouse". A lamprey is "any long slender primitive eel-like freshwater and saltwater fish of the Petromyzonidae family, having a sucking mouth with rasping teeth but no jaw."

Morgan reveals that she can hold her breath for five minutes, which is about half of Guybrush's record time.

Morgan reads Guybrush's exploits, only to discover that the real Guybrush is quite different. Elizabeth Swann does the same thing with Jack Sparrow in Disney's 2003 film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Though not spoken by Guybrush, one of the topics that you can choose when he first encounters Anemone is, "Are you Ethel Merman?" Ethel Merman (January 16, 1908 - February 15, 1984) was an American actress and singer who was known for her powerful voice and musical theatre and songs like "I Got Rhythm", "Everything's Coming Up Roses", "I Get a Kick Out of You", "It's De-Lovely", "Friendship", "You're the Top", and "Anything Goes"; and whose song, "There's No Business Like Show Business" became her theme song.

The name of Anemone is derived from the name of "any plant of the genus Anemone, of the Ranunculaceae (or buttercup) family, such as the windflower". It's also derived from "sea anemone", which is "any of many polyps, of the order Actiniaria, which occurs in marine and estuarine habitats, and which captures its food using tentacles."

Also, the name of Chieftain Beluga, whom Anemone mentions, is derived from the name of an Arctic whale and a fish in the sturgeon family in the Caspian and Black Seas whose roe (i.e., fish eggs) is sold as caviar, as well as the name of a community in Alaska and a class of a Russian submarine.

"He used to have a little shelter out on Roe Island." - As you may know, Roe Island is named after the eggs of fish, or most notably fish eggs, which Guybrush can find later in a coupon! :D

These Vaycaylian merpeople are not all that Guybrush sees. There have been mermaid sightings that illustrate that mermaids have been the part of sailor lore for a long time, and gender confusion has troubled others before Guybrush. The first sighting of a merperson was in 1187, when a merman was fished up on the coast of Sussex, who was found to be mute and probably deaf as well. Since then, many mermaid sightings had been seen through the years and their legends are from all over the world, and inherently bound up with life on or near the sea. As Jan Jacob Mekes (Haggis) puts it in his "Tales of Monkey Island Blog":

Note also that many of these merpeople were mermaids, especially those sighted by mariners. Life on a ship can get pretty lonely, and I guess some of these sailors had a hard time distinguishing fantasy from reality. They really hoped there were some women out there at sea, and they didnt care if they had tails like a fish. They just needed women. But like a lake of water in the Sahara, these were fata morgana.

Speaking of fata morgana, this is an Italian word for Morgan le Fay, from whom Morgan LeFlay's name is derived from, as mentioned in the game script for the previous chapter. There is one more connection that I overlooked: Morgan le Fay and mermaids. You see, there are certain mythological water spirits called "morgens", who lure sailors into the sea and drown them, much like mermaids; and there is a very real possibility that these morgens are somehow connected to Morgan le Fay, the sorceress of Arthurian legend. If Morgan is anything like her, then Guybrush had better watch out! :D

Also, the name of McGillicutty, besides being a popular Irish name, is derived from the term used to describe something peculiar in a negative or derogatory way, i.e., clothing styles, people's appearances, or items of suspect quality (thus, explaining that McGillicutty is a pirate who wears ragtag clothing and has unsightly green skin due to the Pox). This is coined by Bubba the Love Sponge, and people have never outright defined the word but used it regularly in early-mid 2006. Also, the name may have been named after the representative of the Amalgamated Do-Gooding Fairies who helps Potoffel Pock in desperate situations in Dr. Seuss' 1980 TV special Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You?

"It wasn't my fault! I bet there was a conspiracy!" - I think I'm starting to get the feeling that the Pox may be a conspiracy that is set up by LeChuck, don't you think? ;)

A "fisheye" is sort of "a wide-angle lens that takes in a broad, panoramic and hemispherical image. Originally developed for use in meteorology to study cloud formation and called "whole-sky lenses", fisheye lenses quickly became popular in general photography for their unique, distorted appearance. They are often used by photographers shooting broad landscapes to suggest the curve of the Earth. Of course, the word "fisheye" has a double-meaning, as it also refers to the eye of a fish or other aquatic animal resembling a fish.

When Guybrush looks at the statue without the fisheye on it, he makes a pun on the phrase "justice is blind" ("Well, now it is. ...And kind of fishy-smelling."). The meaning of the "justice is blind" phrase is that justice is actually blind of bias and persuasion, i.e., it doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, what race you are, if you are rich or poor -- justice doesn't see that, and therefore is equal to all.

Throughout the chapter, McGillicutty calls Chieftain Beluga and his/her Vaycaylian race "overgrown tadpoles", "half-breed halibuts", and "oversized anchovies". A "tadpole" is "a young toad or frog in its larval stage of development that lives in water, has a tail and no legs, and, like a fish, breathes through gills"; a "halibut" is "a large flatfish of the genus Hippoglossus, which sometimes leaves the ocean floor and swims vertically"; and an "anchovy" is "any small saltwater fish of the Engraulidae family, consisting of 160 species in 16 genera, widely used as food."

Also, Elaine (and a few others) refers to Chieftain Beluga as a "he", but it doesn't hide the fact that Beluga is genderless, i.e., genderly ambiguous. :P

Speaking of genderly ambiguous, this ambiguous gender is an homage to many video games that have genderly ambiguous people. At least the Vaycaylians don't wear dresses and have facial hair like the Magypsies of the 2006 HAL Laboratory game Mother 3.

It is revealed that Chieftain Beluga chides McGillicutty for polluting the sacred waters of Spinner Cay for years, even though McGillicutty claims that he and his crewmates "accidentally" spilled spoiled grog on the waters.

"Accidentally, my dorsal fin!" - This is a pun on the phrase, "[Word], my ass!", which is a way of expressing disbelief. It also seems to be derived from the expression "my eye!", which wasn't vulgar, and was sometimes used in some media, including the name of Cheech & Chong's 1974 song, "Earache My Eye". Also, a "dorsal fin" is "a fin located on the backs of fish and some marine mammals".

"You'll be tellin' 'em ALL to me or you'll be our Chieftain 'catch of the day' come supper!" - I don't even know what "catch of the day" means, but all I know is that it means a few select fish are caught, split, and deboned for cooking in a day. At least I hope so.

Guybrush now calls Elaine by her pet name of "Laineypoo", which is something we haven't heard in the Monkey Island series in a long time! :D

"I can do anything those monkeys can do!" - This is a spoof on the lyrics on Archagathus' song "Das Monkey": "Das Monkey is strong and intelligent too / He can do anything a person could do."

"Why? Does someone have a cannon to your head? Blink twice if the answer is 'yes.'" - The former sentence, "Does someone have a cannon to your head?" is a spoof on the question, "Does someone have a gun to your head?", a question that could mean that someone is pressuring someone else into doing something they don't want to do. Also, the "Blink twice if the answer is 'yes'" quote is kind of a play on the "once for yes, twice for no" phrase when a character is only able to communicate through only one possible response they can give.

When Elaine says she's got LeChuck looking for the third artifact on Spoon Isle, you can choose one of the three topics: "Le What?!!", "Le Huh?!!", or "Le Who?!!", which is kind of a play on the "Le [Word]" the French say in Pepe LePew cartoons.

Guybrush can a lot of different words for "No" before finally giving in with "...Fine."

"I'll make it worth your while..." - To "make something worth one's while" is to compensate for one's time or efforts; the usage employ's "while" in the sense of "a period of time spent". Of course, the way Elaine says it is kind of a bit of a... sexual euphemism, if you know what I mean. :P

The name of Tetra is derived from a word that means "any of several species of small South American freshwater fish of the family Characidae, popular in home aquaria".

There are a few library books on Spinner Cay that are listed as follows:

1. A City of Two Tails: A spoof on the title of Charles Dickens' 1859 novel, A Tale of Two Cities.

2. The Old Man and the Seagull: A spoof on the title of Ernest Hemingway's 1952 novel, The Old Man and the Sea. Also, Guybrush says that he thinks he'll wait for the movie, which is also a reference to when The Old Man and the Sea was adapted into a motion picture film in 1958, six years after the release of the novel; it was later adapted into a 1999 short animated film by Russian director Aleksandr Petrov.

3. The Motion of the Ocean: This is a pun on the idiom, "motion of the ocean", which describes the motion of people humping each other, usually during sex, which is similar to the motion of the waves and swells in the sea. A sex joke, indeed! :P

"The library was built during the age of terra firma..." - The word "terra firma" means "land, as opposed to water or air.

"Some times you gotta pick up an extra job or two just to earn enough sand dollars to live on." - A sand dollar is and echinoderm, of the order Clypeastroida, that has a flat, disk-shaped body with the mouth in a mid-ventral position, and lives on sand, on or near the surface. What's interesting is that these sand dollars are sometimes said to represent coins lost by mermaids or the people of Atlantis.

When Anemone mentions the above quote describing his/her job at a Bait Shop and Ship Repair, Guybrush says, "That's tough," before she responds with, "You think that's bad, well, this place used to be a bait shop and pizza joint, and I still couldn't sell any anchovies!" This is definitely a reference to the FOX 1999 animated TV sitcom Family Guy, when Peter, asked about many of life's adversaries that drag someone down, responds with "You think THAT'S bad? Remember the time [when the thing from the 1980s happened]?" and puts everything into perspective.

When Guybrush examines the bucket, he sings the first part of "There's a Hole in the Bucket", a reference to the children's song based on a dialogue about a leaky bucket between two characters, Henry and Liza; the song incoporates an infinite-loop motif, and originated around 1700 as the earliest-known archetype in the German collection of songs Bergliederbüchlein. (Although Guybrush claims that the "hole in the bucket" thing is not true, if you later try to use the bucket in the fishing well, he will say that the bucket does have "a lot of TINY holes in it", in reference to the song! Weird and cool! :o )

One of De Cava's books on Roe Island, "Musk at Dusk", is probably named after German keyboard player and composer Irmin Schmidt's 1987 album, later released in compatibility with the 1991 album Impossible Holidays.

"This looks like plans for some kind of underwater device. Or perhaps shoes for wallabies." - In case you don't know, a wallaby is any one of several species of marsupial; usually smaller and stockier than kangaroos. Also, the scribbles may kind of resemble sketches of machinery written by Leonardo da Vinci (Apr. 15, 1452 - May 2, 1519).

"Man, look at all these empty grog bottles! I'm sure he was just collecting these for... recycling?" - I believe so too, Guybrush. After all, recycling is processing used materials (waste) into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling) by reducing the need for "conventional" waste disposal, and lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to virgin production; it's also the third component of the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" waste hierarchy.

If Guybrush looks at the cans repeatedly or looks at the sketch of the Voodoo Lady for a second time, he can say, "Nice cans. I mean... nice CANS!" A double entendre, since the word "nice cans" means "breasts that are nice in appearance". Weird and creepy! :P

Guybrush sees a singing manatee toy mounted on a wall and labeled "Hugh" at the top. This is a reference to the line "Oh, the humanity!", shouted by radio newscaster Herbert Morrison in a live coverage of the LZ 129 Hindenburg Disaster at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in Manchester Township, New Jersey, on Thursday, May 6, 1937. Morrison's words and the crash later became popular and, after the internet was invented, the crash image became digitized and photoshopped to replace the blimp with an aquatic mammal, the manatee, complete with the humorous caption: "Oh, the huge manatee!" Thus the internet meme was born! :D

If Guybrush places the locket into the manatee toy a second time, he'll dance a jig to the toy's singing, and shout out a high-pitched "Yay!", which is kind of a reference to Cosmo's cheery "Yay!" in the Nickelodeon 2001 animated TV series The Fairly OddParents.

It turns out that all of the three Summoning Artifacts are hidden on Spoon Isle all along. Well... at least they were, before McGillicutty, Hardtack, and Trenchfoot found the Noble Sea Horse Artifact.

"Yes, it's the savory smell of thinly sliced potatoes, fried crisp and golden with a touch of honey and a dash of salt." - I bet that Killick Hardtack is referring to Honey BBQ-flavored potato chips (with a nutrition value of 160 calories and no trans-fat), i.e., thin slices of potato that are deep-fried and commonly served as an appetizer, side dish, or snack, with the basic ones cooked and salted. And it's no wonder that Guybrush is so amazed with the smell of potato chips from the pirate duo.

Also, it is revealed that Hardtack and Trenchfoot had been peeling and cooking potatoes in the kitchen for Captain McGillicutty.

The name of Murkel Trenchfoot has two of the meanings: the first name, Murkel, is derived from "Markel", the German name for "Mark", which is of Latin origin that means "dedicated to Mars" (the Roman god of war), and a "trench foot" is a medical condition caused by prolonged exposure of the feet to damp, unsanitary and cold conditions. The name of Killick Hardtack also has two meanings: the first name, Killick, is derived from "Kellach", which is of Irish and Gaelic origin that means "battle, strife or warfare", and a "hardtack" is a type of cracker or biscuit, incredibly hard and dry, which is baked four times in preparation for long voyages.

When Guybrush has Hardtack and Trenchfoot guessing a number, the number that Hardtack guesses wrongly is 27, while Trenchfoot's wrong guess is 42. The former number is a reference to the Arc Number 27 curse for music in general, due to the startling number of musicians who have died at a young age, including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison of The Doors, Kurt Cobain of the band Nirvana, and, most recently, Amy Winehouse (R.I.P. :( ) It is also the arc number for "Weird Al" Yankovic, BTW. (Even eerie is the fact that Guybrush himself is around 27-28, though not a musician, which can be an Arc Number curse for him later! :o ) The latter number is a reference to what is known as the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything" in Douglas Adams' 1979 novelization of the radio comedy broadcast, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the first book in what is now the H2G2 series. 42 is also the number that Lewis Carroll used repeatedly in his writings (see below).

Trenchfoot has got asthma?! I guess it's safe to say we didn't know that. Asthma is a long-term respiratory condition, in which the airways may unexpectedly and suddenly narrow, often in response to an allergen, cold air, exercise, or emotional stress; symptoms include wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing.

"How about a staring contest?" - A staring contest is a game in which two people stare into each other's eyes and attempt to maintain eye contact for a longer period of time than their opponent. The game ends when one participant intentionally or unintentionally looks away or blinks their eyes (as a physical and psychological challenge).

One of the islands on the map of the Gulf of Melange is the Isle of Ewe. A ewe is "a female sheep, as opposed to a ram", but it also can be described as a sex joke, as "Isle of Ewe" sounds like "I love you", which can be suggestive for both Winslow and Guybrush! :P

"I wonder if Elaine would let me build a summer home here." - A summer home is often referred to as a summer house, which is a building or shelter used for relaxation in warm weather, often taking the form of a small, roofed building on the grounds of a larger one, but it could also be built in a garden or park, often designed to provide cool shady places of relaxation or retreat from the summer heat.

"Woah! It's a rare petrified deciduous from the Jurassic era thought to be extinct!" - Doesn't Guybrush mean "Jurassic Period", since it is located in the middle of the Mesozoic Era? And "deciduous" is an adjective, not a noun, since the word means "describing a part that falls off, or is shed, at a particular time or stage of development", or "of or pertaining to trees which lose their leaves in winter or the dry season".

"Maybe this is the tip of a giant underwater pyramid from a highly advanced ancient civilization." - This may refer to an ancient underwater pyramid located off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan, which could be the ruins of Mu, an ancient advanced civilization that was once located in the Pacific, but is dismissed by scientists as physically impossible (since a continent can neither sink nor be destroyed in a short period of time) and today considered to be a fictional place.

The name of Brillig Island is named after the imaginary word "brillig", coined by British Victorian children's author Lewis Carroll (a pseudonym of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson; Jan. 27, 1832 - Jan. 14, 1898) in the poem "Jabberwocky", from the 1872 novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. Apparently, the word "brillig" means "four o'clock in the afternoon, the time when you begin broiling things for dinner" (also derived from the verb to bryl or broil). Heck, even the first and last stanzas in the poem that have the same word are borrowed and recited by the Cheshire Cat as "'Twas Brillig" in Walt Disney's 1951 film Alice in Wonderland:

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe.
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

De Singe's phrase, "Go like the winds of Flotsam", is a spoof on the phrase "go like the wind", which means to go very fast; in other words, "PDQ" (Pretty Darn Quick).

"Maybe I can send them a fruit basket for the holidays?" - A fruit basket is, of course, a basket of edible fruits that can be sent as gifts for special occasions.

"What's your game, LeChuck? Lure me into a false sense of security with kind words and sandwiches and then murder me in my sleep?" - I'm getting the feeling that Guybrush's words may be foreshadowed about two chapters from now. Creepy!

While trying to help LeChuck, Guybrush can tell him to "Look at" or "Use" any item anywhere, including himself! This is a reference to the verb-object design paradigm in the SCUMM TM interface that was located at the bottom of the screen, which consisted of 12 verbs: "Open", "Walk to", "Use", "Close", "Pick up", "Look at", "Push", "Talk to", "Turn on", "Pull", "Give" and "Turn off". This paradigm was first used in the 1987 LucasArts TM video game Maniac Mansion and became a running gag through all games until 1995, when by Full Throttle the interface paradigm became reduced to a verb coin with three body parts representing verbs: the eyes (to "Look"), the hands (to "Use", "Pick up", etc.), and the mouth (to "Talk to", "Consume", "Inhale").

Also, you can have LeChuck use the unfinished Merfolk key on himself for a little funny experiment... i.e., making him pretend to ride a "horse"! XD

One of the jokes in the 101 Fish Jokes is a parody of the classic "Why did the chicken cross the road?" joke. In fact, most of these jokes are parodies of the classic jokes, including the "Knock knock" one.

The phrase "gusanos de destino" is a Spanish term that means "worms of destiny", which kind of fits the fact that Guybrush is destined to find the Summoning Artifacts and La Esponja Grande. :D Also, the worms look like glowworms, which can turn into fireflies! Neat!

Since the Vaycaylians are fishlike people, they don't want to get caught or fished out of the water through fishbait on a hook. They do, however, like some bait, which is an example shown through Chieftain Beluga. Ick.

"...this would be much easier if I had a cast iron skillet..." - Cast iron is "an alloy of iron, carbon, and other elements, cast as a soft and strong, or as a hard and brittle, iron, depending on the mixture and methods of molding. Also, a skillet is a frying pan or "a cylindrical serving vessel of the late 17th and early 18th centuries, having a hinged lid, a handle, and sometimes feet. Cast iron skillets and other cookware can be used for cooking and searing, and are sometimes doubled up as baking dishes.

"Looks like some kind of primitive crowbar." - A crowbar is, of course, an iron or steel bar, often with a flattened end which may also be hook-shaped, to be used as a lever to manually force things apart.

"Elaine seems to think I have the strength of ten men!" - This is a phrase that means that LeChuck has extraordinary, and sometimes superhuman, strength and fighting prowess. The phrase "ten men" is the most common multiplier, but the number of men is sometimes given as a dozen, or a hundred, or a thousand. Such variables don't really matter, though, because the point isn't the number. Rather, the point is that the character is that much stronger and more powerful than a single ordinary human being.

"Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week." - This is a comedy-club phrase that is said after a joke that didn't go over or goes over badly. It is unknown where that phrase comes from, but it is said that for decades, David Letterman has been saying "Good night, drive safely," after a joke goes over badly. He may have been the one to perpetuate the idea that an old Catskills comedian's sign off was a safe way to apologize/duck responsibility for a bad joke. Of course, the way Guybrush says that phrase, it kind of brings up a double meaning since he landed on top of the altar that cracked and fell to the bottom along with him, which somehow saved his life.

"I'm headed for higher ground!" - The phrase "higher ground" means that you have to get yourself in a better position whatever situation you are in; it's originally derived from warfare, because to have the higher ground is to have an advantage on your enemy. It applies to pretty much all situations where you are trying to improve your situation.

Elaine mentions that the Pox of LeChuck has taken over McGillicutty completely now. I should mention that the Pox of LeChuck (which is later a part of a conspiracy engineered to orchestrate LeChuck's schemes for power) is sort of a reference to the T-Virus or the G-Virus or even the Las Plagas perpetrated by Umbrella Corporation, once a bioengineering pharmaceutical company, to further develop bio-weapons, and also Osmund Saddler, leader of Los Illuminados, to further terrorize the U.S. government, in the Resident Evil (a.k.a. BioHazard in Japan) universe started by Capcom in 1996.

Also, just as there are a few stages of the infections of the T-Virus, G-Virus and Las Plagas, I forgot to mention that there are a few stages of the Pox of LeChuck, mentioned by the directors in the commentary for the PC DVD version of the game. They are:

Stage 1: In this stage, the Pox itself is either barely visible or not visible at all. Essentially, the only way that you can identify a pirate in this stage is when they fly into uncontrollable, red-eyed rages, which they are less likely to do than those in the next two stages. It seems that Guybrush is only in this stage, as though the Pox is growing VERY slowly on his body. Not only that, but Elaine is now in this stage too, though the Pox seems to be growing a bit rapidly than it was before.

Stage 2: Pirates in this stage are completely covered in green, horrible blemishes and begin to develop a craving for coleslaw (a reference to The Curse of Monkey Island, though it will be explained later in Chapter 4). They are more likely to fly into red-eyed rages, with notable exceptions. Pirates in this stage are: Hemlock McGee, Gaffer Crimpdigit, Murkel Trenchfoot, Killick Hardtack, and the Spoon Isle Trio.

Stage 3: The most critical stage of all. In this stage, the piratical victims' skin is always green and their eyes are always or almost always blood-red. Some Stage 3 victims are almost in a rage and act extremely evil all the time. The only pirate in this stage as of this chapter is Captain McGillicutty, and he's more like a complete monster zombie pirate now! :o

"I said quit yer whimpering and grow some barnacles, for Blackbeard's sake!" - This one is a spoof on the words "for God's sake", which is an exclamation showign surprise, impatience, or some other emotion. Also, Blackbeard is a nickname for notorious English pirate Edward Teach (c. 1680 - Nov. 22, 1718), renowned for terrorizing the West Indies up to what are now the Carolinas of the U.S.A.

"You'll have to pry it from my no longer cold, dead hand!" - This is a spoof on the slogan, "I'll give you my gun when you take it from my cold, dead hands," popularized by the National Rifle Association (NRA) on a series of bumper stickers; a variation of a slogan mentioned in a 1976 report from the Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency: "I Will Give Up My Gun When They Peel My Cold Dead Fingers From Around It." The original version did not originate with the NRA, but with another gun rights group, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, based in Bellevue, Washington. The "cold, dead hands" phrase gained new popularity on May 20, 2000, when veteran actor and NRA president Charlton Heston concluded a speech at the 129th NRA convention in Charlotte, North Carolina with the words: "...as we set out this year to defeat the divisive forces that would take freedom away, I want to say those fighting words for everyone within the sound of my voice to hear and to heed, and especially for you, Mr. Gore: 'From my cold, dead hands!'"

I can't quite figure out the voices of the remaining members of the Spoon Isle Trio, since I figured that Pirate Bill (the leader) is voiced by Brian Sommer in this game. The remaining two members are voiced by Andrew Chaikin (Kid Beyond) and Jared Emerson-Johnson in this chapter, I just don't know which. Is Andrew Chaikin's Pirate Ted either the short guy with the red fez or the afro-haired guy with the glasses and the British accent? I have no clue whatsoever. :S

Guybrush tells LeChuck that he handed the fake turtle artifact to the poxed pirates while keeping the real artifact nice and safe, to LeChuck's surprise. This kind of references some episodes who use the same trick, like, for example, in one episode of the 1993 Power Rangers series ("The Great Bookala Escape"), the Rangers deceive Lord Zedd and Goldar into getting the fake lightning diamond while keeping the real diamond nice and safe so that the Bookala can return to his home planet via spaceship; or one South Park (1997) episode, "Follow That Egg!", in which Mrs. Garrison hires Jakartha to destroy Stan and Kyle's egg in an attempt to annul the same-sex marriage bill in Colorado because Mr. Slave is attempting to marry Big Gay Al. Fortunately, Kyle fears for Stan's parenting skills, so Kyle secretly slips in a fake egg in Stan's house while keeping the real one nice and safe in his own house, fooling Jakartha into destroying the fake.

Guybrush stealthily manages to sneak through the weak point in the blockade via raft -- with help from LeChuck and Elaine, of course. This is a reference to when Luke Skywalker and the Rebels manage to sneak through the enemy's defenses to destroy the Death Star, with help from the Ewoks, of course, in Lucas' 1983 film Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

"Hoist yer colors, ya mangy sea dogs!" - This is a reference to the song, "Hoist the Colours", which is the main theme of Disney's 2007 film Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, based off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disney World. Which, in turn, was inspired by the earlier Monkey Island games! Also, the song tells a story about how Calypso was imprisoned in a human body by the Pirate King; and this quote is derived from the phrase "hoist the colors high", which refers to the custom of raising the flag on a ship.

What an idiot McGillicutty is... treating the MerLeader as if s/he doesn't have any gills and threatening to drown him/her... even though s/he can breathe underwater! XD

Apparently, McGillicutty now has a first mate aboard his own ship as he is ready to "drown" Beluga.

Also, McGillicutty calls Guybrush "Stinkwood", which is not only a nod to the name mispronunciation since Secret and a reference to the Screaming Narwhal incident (see References to the Monkey Island series), but it's also a word for "any of several unrelated trees whose wood has an unpleasant smell, but especially Ocotea bullata, a South African tree yielding hard, heavy wood.

"Tell me the ritual words or you'll be sleeping with the fishes!" - To "sleep with the fishes" is to be killed and thrown into the river, ocean, or water body. This is derived from Pete Clemenza's quote, "It's a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes," from the 1972 film version of Mario Puzo's 1969 novel The Godfather (in that novel, there was a fish wrapped in Brasi's bulletproof vest, and Tom Hagen the Irisher answered a confused Michael Corleone, "The fish means that Luca Brasi is sleeping on the bottom of the ocean. It's an old Sicilian message"). Of course, Chieftain Beluga takes McGillicutty's threat and uses them as a literal pun. His/Her response? "That's where I sleep anyway!" LOL!

Dude! It is now quite obvious that McGillicutty wants to destroy La Esponja Grande: he believes that the legendary sponge is a threat to pirating, and since he and his crew like being infected by the Pox of LeChuck because of its so-called cool abilities, they can't let the sponge interfere with their takeover of the Caribbean, unaware that the Pox would only consume them and eat them up alive. Wow! Who didn't see that coming?

"You're mad! Mad, I say!" - I don't know specifically what movie the line originated from, but it was a very common line in the old, overly melodramatic black and white golden age of cinema. If anyone knows for certain, please e-mail me, okay?

Wow! A lot of the random insults Guybrush can use are parodies of the old, classic insults, such as "Your mama's so fat...", "Is that your [noun] or your [other noun]?", "Is that your face...?", "My grandma can do better than you," etc. Heck, even Guybrush knows the big words for "You suck!"

"...but that guy is cannon-happy!" - The word "cannon-happy" is a spoof on "trigger-happy", which means "having a tendency to shoot a firearm irresponsibly before adequately identifying the target"; "inclined to behave recklessly, especially with machinery"; and "inclined to react excessively or violently at the slightest provocation".

"Just my two pieces of eight, sir." - This is a spoof on the phrase, "just my two cents", an American idiomatic expression, taken from the original English idiom expression: to put in "my two pennies worth" or "my tuppence worth"; used to preface the tentative stating of one's opinion. By deprecating the opinion to follow -- suggesting its value is only two cents, a very small amount -- the user of the phrase hopes to lessen the impact of a possibly contentious statement, showing politeness and humility. However, it is also sometimes used with irony when expressing a strongly felt opinion. The phrase is also used out of habit to preface uncontentious opinions. The origin of the phrase may come from Mark 12:41-44 and Luke 21:1-4.

We discover that after Trenchfoot and Hardtack had botched the job of guarding the blockade, the former had to help the latter get off the ship and flee with him from McGillicutty on a rowboat. Talk about fast.

"Timmmm-boing?" - This is a spoof on the "Timber!" interjection used by loggers to warn others that a tree being felled is falling.

Hardtack now says he's always wanted to be a lumberjack, besides his having a job of being a potato-peeler. Odd, perhaps.

Apparently the MerLeader knows what the secret of Donkey Island is, and it is getting rather... icky! O_O

We now discover what the ceremonial ritual summoning words are... and in fact, it sounds more like a dog's game of "Go Fetch"! It's a game in which an object, such as a stick or a ball, is thrown a moderate distance away from the animal, and it is the animal's objective to grab and retrieve it. Many times, the owner of the animal will say "Fetch" to the animal before or after throwing the object.

We discover that the Legendary Sea Creatures have the head of a sea horse, the body of a turtle, the flippers and fins of a fish, and a large bulb antennae of an angler fish; and their skin appears to be mostly light-green, with purple coloring around their beak and eyes. Also, they are known to have an internal skeletal system.

"I've got a wife to go home and snuggle with." - The word "snuggle" is a euphemism for physical intimacy, which is sensual proximity and/or touching with many examples and forms... which have something to do with sexual activity! :P

"Elaine, I'll be back for you in the blink of a squid's eye!" - A spoof on the idiom "in the blink of an eye", which means "extremely quickly" or PDQ (pretty darn quick!).

It's kind of weird how the game says "Saving Game..." in the night, even though it's the final scene of this chapter with no action except conversation! :P

Morgan has a Pirate Hunter's Code, which is: "Don't kill anyone you aren't getting paid to." This code is kind of a parody of the pirate's code.

"And you think the Marquis will pay you for bringing in my lifeless corpse? Believe me, this dead body is totally worthless!" - This is yet ANOTHER unintentional prediction and foreshadowing about what will happen in Chapters 4 and 5!

Uh-oh! Now the giant manatee approaches from behind and swallows the entire Screaming Narwhal! What will happen to Guybrush, Morgan and Winslow? You'll have to find out soon enough in Chapter 3!

Oh, and while the previous chapter had the final scene cut to black before cutting to the jungle for the end credits, this one at the end of this chapter has the "ocean in the night sky" scene stay all through the end credits. Pretty cool.

Also, Andrew Chaikin's name in the end credits now has a new monicker: Kid Beyond, his stage name, since he was a lead vocalist for a band he worked with in the '90s. Of course, that only happens in this chapter, and you'll see why in the trivia for the next chapter.

References to the Monkey Island Series

As usual, we present the Monkey Island references, starting with...

The Secret of Monkey Island

1. The mystery woman who cornered Guybrush introduces herself as "Morgan LeFlay, Mighty Pirate Hunter TM", which is a reference to our hero's embellishment of his introductory title as "Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate TM starting with Secret. However, this chapter's TM is only used in the subtitle once and too infrequently unlike in Secret and other Monkey Island games that followed.

2. Also, Morgan (and later McGillicutty) mentions grog, which is a popular drink from Monkey Island games starting with Secret.

3. Morgan tells Guybrush that she has heard of him as "the pirate who destroyed the Ghost Pirate LeChuck single-handedly", which is what our hero did in Secret, with help from a bottle of root beer, of course.

4. Morgan tells Guybrush not to use the Insult Swordfighting on her because "that's something only farm boys use these days," and he begins responding with "How appropriate, you fight like a cow" before she cuts off his hand when he is about to finish. The Insult Swordfighting technique, complete with said catchphrase, started off in Secret, of course.

5. The seagull from Secret is back, and is playing with Guybrush's poxed hand. Also, when Guybrush moves the fish barrel to the other side of the mast and then scares the seagull away, the bird flies and picks up a (literal!) red herring from the barrel, which is reminiscent of the scene when the seagull started pecking at the red herring outside the Scumm Bar's kitchen in Mêlée Island, and our hero had to scare the bird away in order to pick up the herring back in Secret. These seagulls DO have a thing for literal red herrings! :D

6. Remember when Guybrush said he could hold his breath for ten minutes back in Secret? Well, Morgan says she tries to do the same, but only for FIVE minutes, which is half of his record time.

7. During the swordfight with Morgan, Guybrush can say, "Look behind you, a three-headed sea chimp!" This is a spoof of his famous distraction, "Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!", a skill he learned from Otis after getting him out of Mêlée Island Jail.

8. When Guybrush reunites with Elaine outside the Royal Chamber in Spinner Cay, a varation of "Guybrush and Elaine / Love Theme" from Secret plays in the background.

9. When Elaine asks Guybrush if he can help LeChuck, Guybrush can say no many times, while Elaine repeatedly asks kinder phrases such as "Pretty please?" and "Pretty please with marshmallows?" and even "I'll make it worth your while," until our hero gives in. This traces back to when Guybrush could ask the Head of a Navigator to please give him the eyeball necklace with similar kinder phrases until the head relents and gives him the necklace, all while inside the Caverns of Meat in his search for Elaine and LeChuck.

10. "I know I can hold my breath underwater for ten minutes, but I've never been able to stay in a library for that long." - A nod to Guybrush's breath-holding skills in Secret.

11. Guybrush is sometimes having trouble pronouncing Anemone's name right ("Alemonade", "Amepoppoly", "Amemmalee" and "Anumbelie"), a nod to when our hero's name kept getting pronounced wrong as a running gag since Secret.

12. Guybrush sees the empty grog bottles in the cottage at Roe Island. Another reference to the Grog running gag since Secret.

13. Guybrush seems to be quite surprised that Hardtack and Trenchfoot smell "amazing", like the smell of honey BBQ-flavored potato chips. Back in Secret, though, pirates have been known and said to be "foul-smelling" and "grog-swilling".

14. Guybrush can challenge Hardtack and Trenchfoot to a breath-holding contest, with the main challenge being that whoever gets to breathe for air loses. This is probably another reference to our hero's breath-holding skills for ten minutes in Secret.

15. Also, Guybrush can distract Hardtack and Trenchfoot with lines such as "Look! Defenseless babies with piles of gold!" or "Look! A distraction!" or "Look behind you! It's a Dark Ninja Dave action figure!" or "Tell that lady behind you to button up her blouse!" or even "Look behind you! A three-headed golden sea horse!" All of these distractions are a reference to the aforementioned "three-headed monkey" distraction from Secret, including the "three-headed golden sea horse" one that is a parody of said distraction.

16. Guybrush takes a shovel out of nowhere, as usual, and digs up the location of the Sea Horse Summoning Artifact in Brillig Island. This traces back to when he discovered the Legendary Lost Treasure of Mêlée Island (actually a T-shirt) buried under an X and he used the Digmaster to dig it up.

17. Also, Brillig Island has a rubber tree! This traces back to when Guybrush was saved from a fall off a cliff to his impending death by a rubber tree in Monkey Island.

18. When Guybrush meets the human LeChuck, a "happy" version of LeChuck's theme from Secret plays in the background on a happy tone. Also, this is now (maybe) the fourth time LeChuck uses his human form. The first was when he took the human guise of Sheriff Fester Shinetop in Mêlée Island.

19. While trying to help LeChuck, Guybrush can tell him to "Look at" or "Use" any item anywhere, including himself! This is a reference to the verb-object design paradigm in the SCUMM TM interface that was located at the bottom of the screen as a running gag use in Secret and then in MI2:LCR (see above paragraph for the interface). Also, for fun Guybrush can have LeChuck "use" the breath mints on "himself", a reference to when our hero could use the breath mints on himself in order to eat one, and the mints would never run out even when he gave one to Otis.

20. Guybrush can use the fish eggs as bait in the fishing well and catch another (literal) red herring before it gets back into the well. This one is both figurative and literal in the sense that back in Secret the troll guarding the bridge asked our hero for "something that will draw interest but have no real use" so that the latter could get through the bridge and explore the rest of Mêlée Island; the solution, of course, was to give the troll a literal red herring. The puzzle's actual red herring was the description that would leave our hero to look for a figurative red herring; it's so meta that it runs into itself coming the other way.

21. "Unless you want to find yerself with a matchin' set of hook hands, I suggest you do as I say!" - This is a reference to when Meathook lost both of his hands in an accident involving his pet parrot when he forgot to feed it, which explained why he had a matching set of hook hands in Secret.

22. "I'm glad I went into pirating instead of becoming a traveling salesman like my guidance counselor suggested!" - This quote, along with Guybrush's trying to bribe the poxed pirates by showing them the real artifact, is a reference to Stan's status as traveling salesman from Secret onward.

23. McGillicutty calls Guybrush "Stinkwood", another nod to when our hero's name keeps getting his name pronounced wrong since Secret.

24. Guybrush can order Trenchfoot to dig anywhere, including the rubber tree, and as Trenchfoot digs, he takes the shovel out of nowhere and digs. Another running gag of the Digmaster in Secret.

25. "I think I've grown past the need to carry rubber trees in my pants." - This is a reference to the time when Guybrush would store up big items in his pants pockets in the Monkey Island series beginning with Secret.

26. After McGillicutty ends up blasting his own ship, he raises his fist and shouts out, "Damn you, Threepwood!" This isn't the first time that profanity is used, as it was used in Secret when the Mêlée Island Storekeeper said, "I didn't get to be eighty-three by being a jackass!"

27. "Be careful, dear, and don't put your lips on anything!" - This is a reference to the aforementioned Storekeeper's quote, "Okay, but don't put your lips on anything," from Secret.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

1. Morgan tells Guybrush that she has heard of him as "the pirate who... discovered the mythical treasure of Big Whoop", which is what our hero did in MI2:LCR, though the "treasure" turned out to be an E-ticket for the Big Whoop Amusement Park, which would be known as the Carnival of the Damned.

2. When Guybrush looks at one of the statues in Spinner Cay, he says, "I had an aunt who looked a lot like that." This was the first mention of his relatives (besides his parents) since the time of MI2:LCR and The Curse of Monkey Island, when he mentioned that he had a dollhouse as a child but then claimed that it was his sister's.

3. "I'll be your best friend..." - Elaine says these words to Guybrush when she convinces him to help LeChuck, spoofed as she is Guybrush's wife. This traces back to when Guybrush said that catchphrase while he asked a pirate repeatedly for a bucket in MI2:LCR.

4. When Guybrush enters a library, he mentions that he's "never been able to stay in a library for that long" while he's underwater for ten minutes. Of course, seeing that Spinner Cay has a library kind of traces back to when our hero visited the Phatt City Library to check out on certain books such as Big Whoop: Unclaimed Bonanza or Myth?. Also, the Vaycaylian librarian, Tetra, seems kind of gentle in handing books for Guybrush to read, unlike the rather stern librarian of Phatt City, who would often get strict on the rules but would greatly enjoy sliding along the library on her wheelchair to retrieve requested books that are even high up, though she would ask for the age requirements back in MI2:LCR.

5. While Anemone is making a full mast replacement on the Screaming Narwhal, Guybrush whistles a tune, "Largo LaGrande's Theme" from MI2:LCR.

6. Anemone mentions that s/he doesn't accept traveler's checks (among other items or currency) for bait. This traces back to when Guybrush got robbed by the aforementioned Largo LaGrande and said with a sigh, "Maybe I should've gotten those traveler's checks."

7. When Guybrush asks Anemone if he can borrow a bucket near the counter, Anemone kindly agrees and curiously asks why he needs a bucket, to which our hero responds, "Ummm... 'cause it's there, I guess." This traces back to when our hero tried to pick up a bucket near Mad Marty's Laundrette in Woodtick before the Men of Low Moral Fiber would attempt to stop him, and he had to ask them if it was their bucket before they would let him use it to scoop up swamp mud.

8. Guybrush can repeatedly try to reach for the empty treasure chest that Hardtack and Trenchfoot are guarding, in which both will get reactions involving double entendres (e.g., Hardtack: "You know, I can see you reaching for our chest! I'm staring right at it!"; Trenchfoot: "You just keep your hands off my chest." Guybrush: "Not a problem. In fact, I can guarantee I won't be touching a single part of your body!"). This traces back to when Guybrush could look the fisherman's fishing pole, to which the fisherman would respond with, "I think you're just trying to get your hands on my pole; and our hero would also look at Elaine's treasure chest in the bedroom of her mansion in Booty Island and say, "It's impolite to stare at a woman's chest," which was also a double entendre! The same thing goes for when he can repeatedly look at the cans or at the sketch of the Voodoo Lady on Roe Island and say, "Nice cans. I mean... nice CANS!" :P

9. When Guybrush thinks that LeChuck is human, he attempts to prove it by trying to take off LeChuck's "mask". This traces back to the "controversial" ending of MI2:LCR, when LeChuck, having been defeated by Guybrush, asked him to take off his mask in a parody of Lucas' 1983 film Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, and our hero was forced to comply, revealing the face of his "creepy teen brother Chuckie". Both Guybrush and "Chuckie" were sent to the Big Whoop Amusement Park, where they were picked up by their parents and going on a rollercoaster ride. However, Elaine sensed that LeChuck was tricking Guybrush into believing he was "brothers with Chuckie" and sending him to the Carnival of the Damned.

10. The "101 Fish Jokes" book is kind of reminiscent of the two books called Bad Puns for Bad Pirates and Dumb Pirate Jokes from the Phatt City Library back in MI2:LCR.

11. One of the insults that Guybrush can hurl at McGillicutty is, "My possibly dead mother could shoot a cannon better than you can!" This is a reference to Guybrush's mother in MI2:LCR, who, along with his dad, gave him advice in the form of "The Bone Song" as skeletons in his hallucination as a clue to help him through LeChuck's Fortress.

12. "Scruffy? You know how long it took me to grow this beard this way?!" - This is a reference to the time that Guybrush had a beard in MI2:LCR, indicating that the time had passed since he destroyed LeChuck with root beer.

13. Winslow says that the rubber tree mast reminds him of a dancer he once met on Booty Island. This is a reference, of course, to one of the islands in the Tri-Island Area, of which Elaine was governor; and in MI2:LCR she moved to Booty to get away from her then-boyfriend Guybrush.

The Curse of Monkey Island

1. Morgan tells Guybrush that she has heard of him as "the pirate who... escaped the inescapable Carnival of the Damned", which is what our hero did twice in Curse: once at the game's intro, and once near the end of said game.

2. Morgan cuts off Guybrush's hand, which is kind of foreshadowed back in Curse, when Guybrush would place his hand into the crack in the wall of the Goodsoup family crypt and jokingly say (in a bad German accent similar to Dr. Ludger Brink of the 1995 LucasArts TM game The Dig) that his hand was stuck and needed to be cut off before getting his hand back out and saying, "Just kidding!"

3. During the swordfight with Morgan, Guybrush can choose one Insult Swordfight call, "Every enemy I've met I've annihilated", followed by her rhyming counter of, "With your breath, I'm sure they all suffocated." These are taken from the Rhyming Insult Swordfighting technique from Curse.

4. Elaine hands her wedding ring over to her husband Guybrush and tells him not to lose it. Little does know that this ring, known as the Goodsoup Family Diamond ring (which he also lampshades as the "uncursed one" when examined) from Curse, signifies "a pure, true love, a power greater than any other," which may be the key that may help him out of a tight (and deadly!) situation in the future.

5. When Elaine asks if Guybrush can help LeChuck, Guybrush can pick at least three words for "No" before selecting "...Fine." This traces back to "A Pirate I Was Meant to Be" (see below), when Guybrush had to pick at least four rhyming topics before the topic that doesn't rhyme, "We'll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange," would appear, ending the interactive sing-along.

6. At one time Guybrush calls Anemone "Alemonade", which is probably a reference to Kenny Falmouth's lemonade stand in Puerto Pollo on Plunder Island back in Curse.

7. When Guybrush places the Voodoo Lady's locket into the toy manatee, it plays out a short tune called, "A Pirate I Was Meant to Be". This is a reference to the interactive song from Curse, in which our hero had to persuade the crew of Cutthroat Bill, Haggis McMutton and Edward Van Helgen to stop singing, with each time as the crew managing to turn what Guybrush said into a humorous rhyme; until he finally made them stop with a verse that doesn't rhyme: "We'll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange." That song was excised from the internationally dubbed foreign-language versions of the game.

8. When Guybrush manages to place the Pyrite Parrot into the empty treasure chest and then says that McGillicutty's coming, Hardtack shouts out an interjection in surprise, "Neptune's beard!" This traces back to when LeChuck would accidentally drop the Voodoo Cannonball that had been intended to destroy Elaine, and after a few seconds he would say, "Ugh! Neptune's navel, that was a close one," before the cannonball would explode, capsizing the Death Starfish back in Curse.

9. Guybrush can shoot two stationary cannons for fun: one located in Spoon Isle and the other located back at the Screaming Narwhal. It's the former one he can use, after which he shouts, "Fun!" that makes a resemblance to the cannon in the fortress on Plunder Island that he could fire, after which he would make the same shout of "Fun" in Curse.

10. Guybrush can repeatedly look at the skeleton in the Isle of Ewe, which can cause him to say, "Murray?" As noted before, this is a reference to Murray, the Demonic Talking Skull, who first appeared in Curse.

11. "It sounds like I've been buried alive. Again. I think once is enough for a lifetime." - Actually, if you recall in Curse, Guybrush drugged himself to unconsciousness at the Goodsoup Plantation Resort Hotel and Casino in Blood Island and had to be buried alive not once, but TWICE, in order to get to the Goodsoup Family Crypt and find the piece of the Goodsoup Family Diamond ring.

12. Guybrush thinks of telling LeChuck that the latter has to borrow the Screaming Narwhal and save the MerLeader according to Elaine's plans, but our hero then changes the subject by switching LeChuck's role with his own. This traces back to when the Voodoo Lady asked Guybrush if he would see the pictures of the voodoo kids, and Guybrush thought of four ways to say "no", but then changed the subject by saying, "Perhaps later." This scenario would later repeat in Skull Island, when King André asked Guybrush if he would "trust us", and our hero would think of something offensive to say, but once again changed the subject by saying yes.

13. Guybrush manages to sneak in through the weak point in the blockade via raft, which was similar to when he was unknowkingly riding a bumper car raft deep into enemy territory in a horde of ships near Plunder Island in Curse.

14. McGillicutty mentions that his crew has "suffered everything from scurvy to man-eating shark attacks". This feel kid of reminiscent of when Guybrush encountered sharks in Danjer Cove, don't you think?

15. "When McGillicutty finds out you slipped past US to get through the blockade, he'll have our heads on a pike!" - This quote traces back to when Guybrush first met Murray outside the Death Starfish, when Murray said, "...the forces of darkness will applaud me as I STRIDE through the gates of hell carrying your head on a pike!", before Guybrush responded with "'Stride?'", and the skull reluctantly answered back, "Alright then, 'ROLL! ROLL through the gates of hell.' Must you take the fun out of everything?"

16. After the rescue, Guybrush can ask the MerLeader what the Secret of Monkey Island is. As mentioned before in the game script for the previous chapter, this is a reference to when LeChuck told a tied-up Guybrush at the Carnival of the Damned that he was on the search for "the legendary Secret o' Monkey Island"; and Guybrush asked him what the Secret of Monkey Island is, to which LeChuck stumbled in trying to answer, but Guybrush said, "You don't even know The Secret of Monkey Island, do you?" to which LeChuck realized that.

17. The Screaming Narwhal leaves Spinner Cay to follow the Legendary Sea Creatures into the sunset as Elaine and LeChuck wave Guybrush and Winslow goodbye. This is a reference to when Guybrush and Elaine (as the newlywed couple) headed into the sunset in The Sea Cucumber as he and his mutinied friends waved each other goodbye... with the chickens, of course.

18. When Morgan makes a threat to Guybrush that she'll kill Winslow if our hero tries anything funny, the Mighty Pirate TM can tell her, "Go ahead, run him through! I don't think you have the guts!", as Guybrush knows very well that she won't do it. This traces back to when Wally B. Feed, as Bloodnose the Pirate, threatened to kill Guybrush if he made a noise, and Guybrush would say "Peep" and "Word" before Wally would attempt to kill him, only to realize that he couldn't do it, and that he was a failure as a pirate.

Escape from Monkey Island

1. When Elaine reunites with Guybrush, she discovers that his left hand is missing, along with his wedding ring that he once wore back in Escape.

2. Also, this is the second time that Guybrush can talk with Elaine on his own. The first was in Escape.

3. Guybrush can repeatedly look at the skeleton in the Isle of Ewe, which can cause him to say, "Murray?" Again, as noted before, in Escape, he had an option of asking "Murray?" upon examining different skulls, none of which were actually Murray.

4. Also, Guybrush can repeatedly exit and then reenter the cliff scene with LeChuck to hear his pondering mumbles, and sometimes LeChuck can say something along the lines of "...but where am I going to find a duck wearing burlap chaps?" This is definitely a reference to when our hero found a duck on Lucre Island and showed it to Pegnose Pete (who obviously hated ducks) to prove his innocence back in Escape.

5. One of the insults that Guybrush can hurl at McGillicutty is, "My possibly dead mother could shoot a cannon better than you can!" This is both a reference to Guybrush's parents (see Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, above) and a reference to one of the Arm-Wrestling Insults from Escape: "My ninety-eight-year-old grandmother has bigger arms than you."/"Ungh... Yeah, but we both got better bladder control than you do."

6. When Guybrush looks at the rubber tree after felling it down, he says, "I think I've grown past the need to carry rubber trees in my pants." This is kind of a reference to when the player tried to make him pick up the cactus or the moon, and Guybrush would respond with, "As useful as a two-prong cactus would be, I am not putting it into my pants," and "Pick up the moon? Are you nuts?"

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal

1. The Voodoo Lady recaps what has happened so far in the previous chapter at her desk in the intro while using her tarot cards. In said chapter, she used the cards to predict what would happen to Guybrush in the future.

2. Chapter 2 starts where the previous chapter had ended: with Guybrush countered at the steering wheel of the Screaming Narwhal by a mystery woman (with her "Guybrush Threepwood, I've been waiting a long time for this!"), who happens to be none other than... Morgan LeFlay, whom the Flotsamites had believed to be a man previously in said chapter.

3. Morgan says that the Marquis De Singe wants Guybrush's poxed hand for his experiments and that she is here for the job. This explains why De Singe got her flier after he had failed to cut off Guybrush's hand in the previous chapter: it was because he wanted her to succeed where the scientist himself has failed, and she eventually DOES succeed, of course.

4. This is the second time that Guybrush's "You fight like a cow" catchphrase is interrupted. The first was in the beginning of the previous chapter, when he started saying that catchphrase against LeChuck before Elaine interrupted our hero by telling him to finish the recipe for the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu.

5. Also, remember when the Voodoo Lady told Guybrush through the tarot cards back on Flotsam in Chapter 1 that he would "suffer a great loss"? Well, the great loss now refers to his poxed hand, which Morgan had cut off. Also, remember the Voodoo Lady's cryptic words like "Guybrush Threepwood!" and "Arrrrrrrgh!" in the previous chapter? Well, the former cryptic words now refer to Morgan's introduction, and the latter crypric word now refers to when she gets ticked off at Guybrush's repeatedly looking at the mast of the Screaming Narwhal.

6. The Pyrite Parrot of Petaluma from the previous chapter is back... and so is his repeating catchphrase of "*Squawk* It's me, Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate!"

7. Besides the Pyrite Parrot in Guybrush's inventory, the ancient tool, the Eye of the Manatee, and the Voodoo Lady's locket have been carried over from the previous chapter too!

8. It is revealed that Winslow tied the barrel of fish to keep Guybrush from knocking or rolling it around on deck or breaking it, a reference to the incident with his poxed hand that ended up with him breaking the barrel of tar and getting his hand stuck in it in the previous chapter.

9. Morgan explains how she got on the Screaming Narwhal and got Guybrush cornered after tying up Winslow and stuffing him in the main quarters, which may explain why Winslow suddenly vanished and how her sword got to our hero's throat at the very end of Chapter 1.

10. Guybrush tells Morgan that De Singe has got "lampreys in his lighthouse", yet in the previous chapter, the ones we saw outside De Singe's house were swordfish flags, not lampreys, and the house looked more like a "laboratorium" than a lighthouse.

11. The ancient weather vane from the previous chapter, now called the Merfolk weather vane, is back. Apparently, Guybrush must have put the weather vane onto the front of the ship after he was done with rearranging the wind idols back on Flotsam.

12. Guybrush tries blaming the Pox of LeChuck on many different things (i.e., the spell being misspelled, the breath mints having artificial ingredients, and the sword being crooked; BTW, doesn't Guybrush mean "Cutlass of Kaflu"?) as an aftermath of the incident with the botched up cutlass recipe spell back in the previous chapter.

13. P.S. It seems that everyone now refers to the "Pox of LeChuck" of the previous chapter as just "the pox" or "the Pox", but never "Pox of LeChuck".

14. Elaine mentions that the Vaycaylians have an ancient prophecy that tells of La Esponja Grande, the legendary voodoo-absorbing sponge, which was first mentioned by the Voodoo Lady back in the previous chapter. Oh, and the sponge's erroneous pronunciation as "es-pon-JA" has been carried over from the previous chapter too! :P

15. Chieftain Beluga (and later Tetra) mentions that some of their people evolved and lived on land ages ago to worship wind gods, but they returned to the sea. Hemlock McGee mentioned the same story back in the previous chapter.

16. When Guybrush has the chance to talk to Elaine, he will tell her all about his adventures from back in the previous chapter, and she will explain about what happened to the Thirteen Monkeys of Montevideo since Guybrush was away, an aftermath of the previous chapter.

17. Tetra, Anemone, and Chieftain Beluga mention Coronado De Cava and his insane search for La Esponja Grande, even looking at a few books in the library for info on sea sponges. As mentioned before in the previous chapter, De Cava is the Voodoo Lady's boyfriend whose behavior was even mentioned by the Voodoo Lady herself.

18. Even A City of Two Tails describes the history of the Vaycaylians' decision to leave the ocean and inevitable return. I think we've heard this one before from Hemlock in the previous chapter.

19. "Now why don't you back away, yer stinkin' up the place." - I think Trenchfoot may be referring to the bacon grease smell that Guybrush had gotten from attempting to board the Screaming Narwhal back in the previous chapter.

20. Guybrush can distract Hardtack and Trenchfoot with "Look behind you! It's a Dark Ninja Dave action figure!", which is a reference to the action figure from the previous chapter.

21. When Guybrush talks to Winslow, the latter's theme music from the previous chapter plays in the background.

22. Guybrush can try pointing out to Flotsam and the Rock of Gelato, but Winslow says that they can't reach land on the former island with the winds blowing out of the way, and Guybrush describes the latter as a "curse" as he recalls the LeChuck incident there before the time Morgan cut off our hero's hand. Both the incident and the winds are references to what happened so far in the previous chapter.

23. The Marquis De Singe of Flotsam Island and his funny French accent (as well as his theme music) are back since the previous chapter!

24. One of the Monkeys of Montevideo from the previous chapter is back along with the human LeChuck on the Spoon Isle Cliff!

25. Guybrush sees more familiar clamshell locks on the cliff like the ones back on Flotsam in the previous chapter.

26. Also, LeChuck has the same breath mints and the ancient tool that Guybrush had in the previous chapter. The only difference is that the ancient tool that LeChuck has is missing a pearl.

27. Guybrush becomes briefly Pox-enraged for a short time, which is now the third time that he had become Pox-enraged before, as the first two times are in the previous chapter.

28. "You wouldn't believe the number of monkeys it takes to complete an evil voodoo curse!" - Last time we checked in the previous chapter, LeChuck held up the Thirteenth Monkey of Montevideo and said that that monkey's sacrifice "will eternally bind the oceans themselves to my infernal will"; and while he was casting a spell on the monkey, he would tell Guybrush that he was after the darker secrets "buried deep within the entrails of the Monkeys of Montevideo".

29. Guybrush can touch the hot coals with his hand before picking them up with the bucket. This traces back to when he tried climbing up the anchor chain to the Screaming Narwhal, only for Winslow to show up and dump the bucket of hot coals on Guybrush's head, making him fall into the water and having one coal ignite a fire on the bacon grease in the previous chapter.

30. When Guybrush tricks the Pox-ridden pirates into getting the fake turtle artifact from LeChuck in a scuffle, the music that was used in a bar brawl in Club 41 and in a scene when the Screaming Narwhal started sailing away in the previous chapter plays out in the background.

31. "Well, well, if it ain't the little pirate with the fancy coat what smells like bacon!" - This is yet again another reference to the Screaming Narwhal incident involving bacon grease back on Flotsam Island.

32. Elaine now has possession of Guybrush's older ship, which is an aftermath of what had happened to the ship both at the beginning and at the end of the previous chapter.

33. This is the second time that Guybrush doesn't know the meaning of the word "rue"! The first time was in the previous chapter.

34. McGillicutty calls Guybrush "Stinkwood", which is not only a nod to the name mispronunciation in Secret (see above), but is also a reference to why our hero smells like bacon since the Screaming Narwhal incident on Flotsam in the previous chapter.

35. "I knew you'd make a good captain from the moment I saw your beard!" - This is a reference to when Winslow first encountered Guybrush back on Flotsam in the previous chapter, only the former was captain then, and he offered a challenge that whoever got knocked the captain off the Screaming Narwhal would become the captain by tradition until he got knocked off by the next person.

36. "I'm starting to think LeChuck was less of a nuisance when he was an evil zombie demon!" - This is a reference to Guybrush's encounter with LeChuck back at the very beginning of the previous chapter.

37. Guybrush tells Morgan when she says she's gonna kill him: "And you think the Marquis will pay you for bringing in my lifeless corpse? Believe me, this dead body is totally worthless!" This is yet ANOTHER unintentional prediction and foreshadowing about what will happen in Chapters 4 and 5. The first was in the previous chapter, during Guybrush's conversation with LeChuck, when they could tell each other the same predictions starting with, "Would you mind releasing my wife?", "Destiny, schmestiny, Elaine's MY wife!", and "Check the ring, LeChuck."