How do I beat Blade Wolf? Seriously, parrying DOES NOT WORK!

  1. I couldn't beat Blade Wolf. After asking on Codec and googling some stuff, I learned you need to parry his attacks and counterattack. I went to VR missions and started practicing parrying- and I have gotten good as hell at it. I am the absolute master at parrying now.

    But I still can't get that Blade Wolf under 80%! His attacks CAN'T BE PARRIED DAMMIT!
    He rushes me, I parry, raiden does the animation and BW damages me anyway. Then he pushes me into a corner and proceeds to rip all of my health away and I can't do anything because he keeps stunning me.

    What the f*** is this boss? How am I supposed to beat this dude? Why is such difficult boss at the beginning of the game?

    User Info: Wario64I

    Wario64I - 3 years ago
  2. If by some bloody miracle I do parry, I get stunned and need to wiggle the left stick.

    User Info: Wario64I

    Wario64I - 3 years ago
  3. Which then leads to being stuck in a corner getting beaten the crap out of.

    User Info: Wario64I

    Wario64I - 3 years ago
  4. I have been playing on Hard, since I have played few hack-n-slash games before. I have decided to drop to Easy for this boss fight. Didn't get any easier.

    User Info: Wario64I

    Wario64I - 3 years ago


  1. Are you talking about the same blade wolf I think? 'Cause man, I beat that
    guy without parrying the first time thinking his attacks couldn't be blocked,
    and now the second time around and in Hard difficulty setting, i won rather
    easily and could parry ALL of his attacks. He's damn fast, but properly timing
    his blows is not that hard.

    User Info: DannyGMasteR

    DannyGMasteR - 3 years ago 0   0
  2. If you are talking about his spinning attack, then just spam parry while he is at you. If not, then i seriously do not know why parrying the boss is difficult.....

    User Info: mecryes

    mecryes - 3 years ago 0   0
  3. With no unique weapon equipped, use Triangle Triangle blade mode cancel Triangle Triangle blade mode cancel repeat. He will get staggered forever.

    User Info: SheenavsKilley

    SheenavsKilley - 2 years ago 0   0

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