MGRR : Sam's DL Story ?

  1. Hello mates!First of all if i failed to ask my question and it had to been asked on another faction i m sorry.I just came here to ask if anyone everywhere anywhere on the world have VR Mission #4 completed with No Kills and No Damage tags.I ask because i have just tried everything in his DLC and i manage to finished with No Kills that means we can take the No Kills tag bug for No Damage i can get No Damage everywhere in his DLC just cant get it in his VR Mission #4..I believe that i can manage to get No Damage tag on Revengeance only and maybe on Very Hard also but not for the rest..For people that they know it goes like this because on higher difficulties when you parry an enemy once proper he getting counter attacked on an instant with out block your counter attack.On the lower levels since i tried the first time on Normal difficulty when for example parrying the mastiff's they can not get counter attacked since they instant block your attack..I knew a player that he had this VR Mission with No Damage,No Kills tags with a name NoKtoLive or something like that but he seems to have his videos deleted from you tube and also being away so i can not have an answer from him..So please mates if any one knows or manage to get that let me know.Thanks

    User Info: abssorb

    abssorb - 4 years ago

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