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Walkthrough by eolsunder

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/13/15

    FALLOUT 3  GOTY !!!


  V 1.0 Completed 7/12/15

  Written and maintained by James Friel
  Copyright @2015 James Friel (jamesfriel06@comcast.net) This FAQ is solely
  intended for use on Gamefaq.com forum site, and may not be reproduced or
  duplicated without permission of myself. If you want to use or duplicate
  the FAQ, feel free on other sites, I really am not a greedy person, just
  make sure to credit the FAQ and myself when doing it.

  FALLOUT 3 GOTY is a PC game published by Bethesda Softworks 10/13/09


  I.   Revision History
  II.  Introduction
  III. Prologue
  IV.  Walkthrough
       1. Springvale
       2. Megaton
       3. Superduper Mart
       4. Springvale School
       5. Bethesda Ruins
       6. Jury Street Metro
       7. vault 106
       8. Kaelyn's Bed and Breakfast
       9. Fordam Flash Memorial Field
      10. Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema
      11. Hamiltons Hideaway
      12. VAPL-84 Power Station
      13. Tenpenny Tower
      14. Hollowed Moors Cemetary
      15. Agatha's House
      16. Aerfu
      17. North Seneca Station
      18. Meresti Train Tunnel
      19. Meresti Metro Station
      20. Paradise Falls

      21. Minefield
      22. Big Town
      23. Germantown Police HQ
      24. Farragut West Metro Station
      25. Farragut West Station (tunnels)
      26. Tentleytown/Friendship Station (tunnels)
      27. Friendship Heights
      28. Chevy Chase North
      29. Galaxy News Radio (GNR)
      30. Collapsed Car Tunnel
      31. Dupont Circle Station
      32. Metro Central
      33. Museum Station
      34. The Mall
      35. Museum Of Technology
      36. Super Mutant Bunker
      37. Museum of History
      38. Underworld
      39. Washington Monument
      40. Anchorage Memorial

      41. Tepid Sewer
      42. Dukov's Place
      43. Rivet City
      44. MDPL-13 Power Station
      45. Reclining Groves Resort Homes
      46. Broadcast Tower LP8
      47. Oasis
      48. Clifftop Shacks
      49. Alien Crash site/Mothership Zeta DLC
          167.  Holding Cells
          168.  Steamworks
          169.  Engineering Core
          170.  Engine Room
          171.  Cargo Hold
          172.  Research Lab
          173.  Maintenance Level
          174.  Hangar
          175.  Robot Assembly
          176.  Cyro Labs
          177.  Cyro Storage
          178.  Decompression Chamber
          179.  Weapons Lab
          180.  Experimentation Lab
          181.  Biological Research
          182.  Death Ray Hub
          183.  Death Ray Control
          184.  Living Quarters
          185.  Bridge
      50. Greener Pastures Disposal Site
      51. Vault 92
      52. Old Olney
      53. Chase Acres Dairy Farm
      54. MDPL-16 Power Station
      55. Republic of Dave
      56. Relay Tower KX-B8-11
      57. Grisly Diner
      58. Temple of the Union
      59. Grayditch
      60. Marigold Station

      61. Chryslus Building
      62: Scrapyard
      63. Wheaton Armory
      64. Corvega Factory
      65. Vault 108
      66. Canterbury Commons
      67. Antagonizer Lair
      68. Robot Repair Center
      69. Sewer Waystation
      70. Sewer Mainline
      71. Bailey's Crossroad Metro
      72. Bailey's Crossroads/Outcast Outpost/Anchorage DLC
          186.  Anchorage Cliffs
          187.  Cave Outpost
          188.  Chinese Artillery Outpost
          189.  Artillery Overlook
          190.  Base Headquarters
          191.  Abandoned Mining Town
          192.  Listening Post
          193.  Chinese Ice Camp
          194.  Chimera Depot
          195.  Battlefield Trenches
          196.  Chinese Occupied Refinery
      73. Jefferson Memorial
      74. Anacostia Crossing Station
      75. Seward Square
      76. Capital Building
      77. Penn Ave/The Mall Metro
      78. National Archives
      79. Georgetown/The Mall Metro
      80. Hazmat Disposal Site L5

      81. Mirelurk Nesting Hole
      82. Georgetown
      83. Arlington Utility
      84. Fort Bannister
      85. Charnel House
      86. Yao-Guai Tunnels
      87. Rockopolis
      88. Evergreen Mills
      89. Smith Casey's Garage
      90. Vault 112
      91. The Citadel
      92. Satcom Array NN-03D
      93. MDPL-21 Power Station
      94. Fort Constantine
      95. Radio Tower (The PITT)
      96. Train Tunnel/The PITT DLC
          197.  Pitt Train Yard
          198.  Pitt Bridge
          199.  Pitt Downtown
          200.  The Mill
          201.  Upper Mill
          202.  Steelyard Entry
          203.  Steelyard Complex
          204.  Steelyard West Roofs
          205.  Steelyard Tower
          206.  Supply Plant
          207.  Uptown
          208.  Abandoned Apartments
          209.  Haven
          210.  Pitt Underground
      97. Falls Church
      98. L.O.B. Enterprises
      99. Arlington/Falls Church Metro
     100. Falls Church/Mason DST Metro

     101. Franklin Metro Utility
     102. Mason District
     103. Hubris Comics
     104. Wilhelm's Warf
     105. Flooded Metro
     106. Capital Wasteland/Flooded Metro
     107. Arlington Cemetery
     108. Mama Dolce's 
     109. Arlington/Wasteland Metro
     110. Andale
     111. Fairfax Ruins
     112. Fort Independence
     113. The Overlook Drive-in
     114. Cliffside Cavern
     115. Robco Factory
     116. Warrington Trainyard
     117. Warrington Tunnels
     118. Warrington Station
     119. Dunwich Building
     120. F. Scott Key Trail and Campground

     121. VAPL-66 Power Station
     122. Jocko's Pop and Gas Stop
     123. Girdershade
     124. Nuka-Cola Factory
     125. Red Racer Factory
     126. Arlington Library
     127. Alexandria Arms
     128. Irridiated Metro
     129. L'Enfant Plaza
     130. Pennsylvania Ave
     131. Freedom Street Station
     132. Vernon Square
     133. Lady of Hope Hospital
     134. Statesman Hotel
     135. Vault-Tec Headquarters
     136. Vernon east/Takoma Park Metro
     137. Takoma Park
     138. Takoma Industrial
     139. Dupont Station/Dupont Circle
     140. Ferryboat Landing/Point Lookout DLC
          211.  Point Lookout Pier
          212.  Pilgrim's Landing
          213.  Homestead Motel
          214.  Calvert Mansion
          215.  Point Lookout Lighthouse
          216.  Disaster Relief Outpost
          217.  Blackhall Manor
          218.  Haley's Hardware
          219.  Turtledove Detention Camp
          220.  Herzog Mine
          221.  Lil' Tyke Playhouse
          222.  Trapper's Shack
          223.  Growers's Shack
          224.  Sacred Bog Entrance
          225.  Sea Cave
          226.  Underground Lab

     141. Rock Creek Caverns
     142. VAPL-58 Power Station
     143. MDPL Mass Relay Station
     144. Roosevelt Academy
     145. Faded Pomp Estates
     146. The Silver Lining Drive-in
     147. Drowned Devil's Crossing
     148. Mason Dixon Salvage
     149. Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel
     150. Mount Mabel Campground
     151. Deathclaw Sanctuary
     152. Broadcast Tower KB5
     153. Satcom Array NW-05A
     154. MDPL-05 Power Station
     155. Satcom Array NW-07C
     156. Abandoned Car Fort
     157. Shalebridge
     158. Broadcast Tower KT8
     159. Rockbreaker's Last Gas
     160. Five Axles Rest Stop
     161. Everglow National Campground
     162. Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal
     163. National Guard Depot
     164. Little Lamplight
     165. Vault 87
     166. Raven Rock
          227. Citadel Clinic /Broken Steel DLC
          228. Museum Authority
          229. Rockland Car Tunnel
          230. Old Olney (part 2)
          231. Olney Powerworks
          232. Presidential Sub Level
          233. Presidential Metro
          234. Adams Air Force Base
          235. Adams Hangars
          236. Adams Air Control Tower
          237. Mobile Base Crawler
          238. Roof and Tower

  V. Last Words


  7/12/2015 v1.0
  - FAQ started
  - Added Introduction
  - Added Prologue
  - Added locations 1-238
  - Added last words

 [NOTE: My revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be
        noted as a .1 addition, so the 3rd revision if it ever gets to that
        will be version 1.3]


  I haven't made a FAQ in quite a while, but vast fun I have had playing
Fallout 3 plus the fact is has tons of quests, locations, and things to do
made me decide to make a complete walkthrough of the game, from beginning to
end. And to enjoy everything that you can get out of it.

  Fallout 3 is the 3rd game of the Fallout series. The first 2 were major hits
and cult classics, with incredible plot and substance to satisfy the RPG
gamer in everyone. Fallout 3 was changed a little. It is now a first person
shooter, where as the previous 2 were top down turn based combat games.
Because Fallout 3 is a first person shooter, many things were changed in the
game that wouldn't work in a non-turn based game. Many good things were left
out because of this, but the overall fun is still there, making for a fun game
with a huge world to explore.

  Things to note. The game is a first person SHOOTER. This means that combat
is a lot harder than with a turn based game, because you actually have to aim
and attack things manually instead of a system where your stats affect how
good you hit. There is an adjusted V.A.T. combat system that helps with the
popular aiming that Fallout 1 and 2 had. Sadly they didn't extend this to all
weapons, so guns are the only weapons you can aim at body parts. That doesn't
make the other weapons any less fun, just not as beneficial as guns.

  There are also FAQS which explain the combat system, stats, perks, and other
things. I won't go over those here. I will simply tell you what to pick and 
what to do. Saves a lot of reading.

  Some things to remember

  1) Always heal by resting if possible. 1 hours rest in a bed will heal all
     your wounds. Save your healing Stims for emergencies.
  2) Early on use melee or better yet unarmed weapons and save ammo. Save the
     ammo for the harder foes. Most weaker enemies can be beaten with melee
     or unarmed weapons especially if you pick up unarmed perks early to make
     unarmed damage a lot more, which we will be doing in this walkthrough.
  3) Save often. Fallout 3 has a lot of glitches, such as getting stuck in
     objects, lockups, etc. Save often. I'll try and tell you when.
  4) In this walkthrough we will not be using the comprehension perk for
     skillbooks so go ahead and read them as soon as you gather any.
  5) If you encounter very tough foes like supermutant overlords, an easy
     way to kill them is to reverse pickpocket a grenade/mine on them. Doing
     this will kill the enemy no matter what their health is. A 1 shot easy
     way to take out an overlord or similar humanoid enemy. Much better than
     trying to shoot them 1000 times to whittle their health down.

  This is a specialized Evil walkthrough of Fallout 3 and all its DLC's. It
is not recommended to use as a new player. Play through the game normally then
if you want to try an evil walkthrough feel free. This is not a maniac killer
character, your evil character is very intelligent and crafty and will not
hesitate to do things in order to get good rewards, but overall they will do
things that are bad, nasty, dirty, and downright mean including killing, lying
and cheating, stealing and what ever else they feel like doing. Only 1 person
matters in the world, and that is your own survival and prosperity. I suggest
playing on hard mode because normal mode is way to easy once you get at a
higher level. Vets should be playing on very hard mode anyway sissies.

  I have put the walkthrough for the various DLC's at the end of the walk-
through just so they don't mess up the storyline in case you don't want to do
them at the time I suggest. They are there to look at when you do get to them.


  You start the game by watching the Intro.

  1) New baby. You are born, and choose your sex, name and appearance. Pick a
     appearance you like, you will see your face often during VATS fighting.
     Fast forward a year.

  2) BABY STEPS (Quest). Follow your Dad's instructions. Walk towards him.
     Next open the gate when he leaves and look at your special book. You will
     choose your stats for the Prologue. Make your strength 10, luck 10, and
     perception 1. Average the rest out evenly for best melee ability without
     worrying about dying. Follow Dad out of the room. Fast Forward to age 10.
     You arrive at your 10th birthday party and get your Pipboy.

  3) GROWING UP FAST (Quest). Talk to Amata in front of you and get the
     [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] do not use this yet. Talk to Old Lady Palmer and
     get the [SWEETROLL]. Talk to Stanley and get the [KID'S BASEBALL CAP].
     Butch will eventually come to start a fight. just dodge him and soon the
     fight will be broken up. Talk to your dad to continue. You can insult
     everyone if you want but it has no difference in the conversations.

  4) Once he opens the door enter the hallway and run into Beatrice who will
     give you a poem. Before going downstairs, head upstairs to where Officer
     Kendell is. Get behind him and crouch. Save game. Pick his pocket (reload
     if you fail) until you get his [2 STIMPAKS]. Wait for the Overseer to
     come up stairs and listen to his conversation. Bastard. Now go all the
     way downstairs to the left to the reactor room and talk to Jonas. Dad
     will enter and give you a [BB GUN] and [BB AMMOx50]. Follow him through
     the door to the test range. Shoot all 3 targets then shoot and kill the
     Radroach that enters. Hit R2 to enter V.A.T.S Mode to aim. Stand for the
     picture to be taken.  Fast forward 6 years to age 16.

  5) FUTURE IMPACT (Quest). When done take the [MEDICINE BOBBLE-HEAD] that is
     on the table, this increases your Medicine skill +10. Enter the next
     room and take the [STIMPAK] that is on the doctor tray cart. Go out into
     the hallway where Amata is being harassed. Talk to Butch and remind him
     that Amata is sensitive to her weight. You'll get some negative Karma.
     Go in and talk to the teacher and ask to skip the test so you can just
     pick your skills. TAG Melee Weapons, Repair, and Small Guns for the
     Prologue. Leave the room. Fast forward 3 years to age 19.

  6) ESCAPE (Quest). You are woken up the Vault is in turmoil. Time to fight
     and Escape!. Amata gives you some picks and [10MM PISTOL]. Open your 
     dresser and take your items. Go to the Desk and take your BB gun, ammo,
     and the [BASEBALL BAT]. Open the first aid kit on the wall and take the
     items. Enter inventory and equip your bat and hat/suit. Ready your bat
     and save the game.

     Run out into the hallway and to the right and run towards Kendell. Attack
     and kill him. Then kill the roaches. Use V.A.T.S if you want. Search
     Kendell and take his items. Equip his security helm/armor. Save again.
     Continue down hallway and Butch will come out asking for help for his
     mother. Tell him to jump off a bridge and beg for your help. You have a
     couple speech checks you can try and achieve if you want. Doesn't matter
     we aren't helping him anyway. In fact, kill him and take his stuff. Now
     head into his nearby room where his mother is under attack. Kill her also
     and then the radroaches. Search the roaches and take the [VODKA] bottles
     on the floor. If you are hurt simply head to the bathrooms and drink to

     Continue to the lunchroom and kill the 3 roaches there. Search body. Run
     upstairs and kill roaches fighting officer Gomez. Talk to him and go
     ahead and take him down also. Enter the shop with Andy and take the 2
     [STIMPACKS] by the fallen cart. You cannot kill Andy or Stanley so don't
     bother trying. Continue down the hallway into the Atrium. To the right
     Tom and Mary are talking. Just run up and kill them, then head down the
     east hallway where 2 guards O'Brian and Richards attack. Kill and loot.
     Head upstairs for more radroaches, and you'll fight Security Chief
     Hannon. Loot and enter the next area with a dead mechanic on the floor.
     Grab his stuff and from the toolbox and save. Continue and enter the room
     where Amata is being interrogated and take out the attacking guard. Talk
     to the Overseer and threaten Amata to get his password and key, then
     lets kill the cause of all our problems, the Overseer. Once dead loot,
     search the area and move onto the next area.

       Search Jonas body and the desks about. Head to the room on the left,
     talk to Amata and search the joining 2 rooms. Enter the Overseer's door
     and loot the office. Use the terminal to open the secret tunnel and go
     down, at the end you'll get to the vault entrance. Open the vault via
     the floor panel and Amata enters, but also the nearby locked door opens
     and 2 more guards attack. Loot them and enter the door they came through
     and into the north room to loot. Run back through the Vault into the
     Atrium and there are a half dozen more radroaches to kill. When done go
     back to the Vault entrance room its time to leave.

       Enter your inventory and repair any items you can combine in order to
     save space and make your items better. Now this is going to be your
     permanent save game, so that way if you replay you don't have to do the
     prelogue again. Go ahead and save, then head to the vault exit. You will
     be able now to redo everything and pick your stats/skills to what you

     You should have

     Vault Lab uniform (+5 science)
     Vault utility uniform (+5 lockpick/+5 repair)
     your medicine bobble-head
     your Grognak book (you didn't read this yet right?)
     about 16-18 stims, radroach meat, and a bunch of misc items.

     Your new character you want to have the following stats.

     Strength:      5
     Perception:    6
     Endurance:     5
     Charisma:      1
     Intelligence:  10
     Agility:       7   (for nerves of steel)
     Luck:          6   (better criticals)

     And TAG Repair, Lockpick, and Speech.  Its now time to begin the game.

     We will raise lockpick/science to 95 asap to open stuff. Since this is
     the GOTY edition, you have a cap of level 30 which will give you plenty
     of skill points. At level 30 we will pick a perk that raises all stats
     to 9, so there is no need to pick any stat raising perks. We also will
     not need to pick up most stat bobbleheads until after we reach level 30
     which is easily reached 1/4th - 1/3rd the way into the game. Your main
     focus is to get to level 30 as fast as possible in order to have a fully
     built character to use without worrying about future stat raises, etc.

     As for perks, pick these perks at these levels.

     Lv2:  Swift Learner
     Lv3:  Black Widow
     Lv4:  Iron Fist
     Lv5:  Iron Fist (2)
     Lv6:  Iron Fist (3)
     Lv7:  Entomologist
     Lv8:  Strong Back
     Lv9:  Toughness
     Lv10: Finess
     Lv11: Commando
     Lv12: Sniper
     Lv13: Gunslinger
     Lv14: Demolitions Expert
     Lv15: Silent Running
     Lv16: Better Criticals
     Lv17: Action Girl
     Lv18: Demolitions Expert (2)
     Lv19: Cyborg
     Lv20: Grim Reapers Spirit
     Lv21: Demolitions Expert (3)
     Lv22: Quantum Chemist
     Lv23: Robot Expert
     Lv24: Pyromaniac
     Lv25: Paralyzing Palm
     Lv26: Nerves of Steel
     Lv27: Chemist
     Lv28: Bloody Mess
     Lv29: Warmonger
     Lv30: Almost Perfect

     DO NOT SELL to the general stores...or use the following. They are used
     for making items or selling to specific individuals for good profit.

     Scrap metal  (various reward quests)
     lunch box
     sensor module
     cherry bomb
     Nuka-cola Quantum
     Tin can
     Abraxo Cleaner
     Pre-war books (library quest)
     Sugar bombs   (ultrajet quest)
     Paint guns
     Toy cars
     Radscorpion poison gland
     surgical tubing
     leather belt
     deathclaw hand
     medical brace
     fission battery
     firehose nozzle
     pilot light
     lawnmower blade
     motorcycle gas tank
     motorcycle handlebars
     teddy bears    (PITT quest)

     Now, personally I like to save up junk unless I absolutely need it so
     that when I reach higher levels of Barter, etc I can make better caps off
     selling it at that point, but I do often sell off saved up weapons and
     armor which take up more space than stackable aid/misc items. You can
     also use all that saved up junk as ammo for your rock-it launcher weapon
     if you get short on ammo for your normal guns.





  Upon exiting the vault you get 200xp and level up. Raise your lockpicking
to 45 and speech to 29. For your perk take Swift Learner (we want to get to
level 30 asap, and there isn't any need for skill or stat perks so this is
the best choice).

  You exit the vault into the sunshine. There is a road. Take a left and go
down the hill to a abandoned rundown town. This is SPRINGVALE. Take some time
and search every abandoned house for items. You'll find a safe, some cabinets
and footlocker/suitcase. Search every mailbox, both postal and house. Get all
the items from everything. Items of note are a gun in the safe, a copy of
[PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] and [3 FRAG GRENADES] along with other items. Now I
personally use This location to store items until I get my permenant home at
Tenpenny tower. Where you fast travel and arrive there is the large mailbox,
and 2 houses on the left with a cabinet and safe, all with items you can loot
and then store your own items without worry of losing them since those 3
containers already had loot, and are now turned off from "spawning" random
loot. For places to rest I personally use superduper mart for sleeping or I
just heal up and rest during travel.

 There is one occupied house on the north side where a woman named SILVER
lives. Talk to her nicely, and try and get some caps from her, either all or
part. You'll get some free caps out of it. 300+ Nice. 400 if you pass a
speech check. Either way kill her after you are done and loot the house.

  Just to the north/ne is a larger building when you get close it will show
up as SPRINGVALE SCHOOL. Get close enough for it to register on your map, but
do not go there yet. Now head south towards a big weird structure just over
the hill. This will be the starting town of Megaton, lots to do here.


   South of SPRINGVALE is the junk city of MEGATON. As you approach you'll
see a robot at the gate, DEPUTY WELD. He will open the town for you. Just to
the left of the entrance is a bum MICKY who wants purified water. Go ahead
and tell him you won't give him any. Up on a perch above the entrance is the
town guard STOCKHOLM. Also outside here the wandering merchants will often
arrive to sell goods.

  Go ahead stealth kill MICKY and STOCKHOLM. You can hide to the side of the
entrance and shoot MICKY in the head with your 10mm, just save first and
reload after if you fail. You can do the same with STOCKHOLM but to kill him
you'll need a critical headshot, not hard to do again save/reload until it
happens, PLUS his body or part of it falls so you can loot him. You won't be
able to kill DEPUTY WELD yet quickly so don't bother trying, all you'll do
is call the Sheriff and others to attack, so we'll kill WELD later. Go
inside and the Sheriff is waiting. Talk to him but do not talk about the bomb.
Get any info from him that you want, insult him if you want, but don't start
a fight we will take care of this "Sheriff" later.

  You might level up to 3 about now, raise SCIENCE to 30 and SPEECH to 36 and
take the BLACK WIDOW perk.

  Head right to the 2nd house, the WATER PROCESSING PLANT. Inside is WALTER,
speak to him to get a quest to fix 3 leaking pipes. 2 of them are on the 
ground on hills, the 3rd is actually on the roof of the CHILDREN OF THE ATOM.
Fix them and return. He will now offer to buy scrap metal for a great price.
At least until he dies, which he does usually during the game. Do NOT give
him the scrap for free you'll gain karma for that, we aren't nice remember?

   ) Go to CRATERSIDE SUPPLY and speak with MOIRA BROWN. Ask about the Vault
     suit in the back and talk about your vault life. Get the [ARMORED VAULT
     SUIT]. You can sneak attack and kill the mercenary inside, MOIRA might
     hide while you do it, just exit the shop and re-enter to continue to
     talk to her. Go ahead and steal everything in the building, you can
     simply push Moira into a corner so you can loot freely.

   ) Talk about the survival guide and agree to help. Pick getting radiated
     mission, talk about any other info you want. Exit and Save and talk to
     her again about the book and your participation. Tell her she doesn't
     know what she is doing and pass the speech check (reload until you do)
     to get the DREAMCRUSHER perk. You should level up to 4 soon so get
     SCIENCE to 45 and SPEECH to 41. Take the 2nd android holotape on Moira's

   ) Go to LUCAS SIMMS house, equip VAULT UTILITY UNIFORM and pick the level
     50 door lock. Enter and loot the house and take the [STRENGTH BOBBLEHEAD]
     we will use the ant strength perk later to boost our strength to 10 so
     we can go ahead and use the Strength bobblehead since we will be blowing
     up megaton before long.

   ) Find the Sheriff and save. Talk to him about disarming the bomb and
     reload until you pass the SPEECH check. You won't get any caps for the
     quest but any extra speech check experience is nice.

   ) Find MR. BURKE in MORIARTY'S SALOON and accept his quest to get the
     primer. Speech check him for bonus caps. While here loot what you can
     and pick the cabinet and back door locks, but do not take the password
     in the cabinet. Hack the computer terminal but do not read anything.

   ) Find the COMMON HOUSE and loot it dry, along with the mens/womens bath-
     rooms. Hit the tavern near the bomb and loot it also, hacking the info
     terminal. Do not open the safe yet we will do that when our skill is
     high enough.

   ) Talk to LUCY WEST (check her house) and start the BLOOD TIES quest. Get
     the location of AREFU. Pick and loot NATHANS and MANYAS's trailer you
     will find a 3rd android holotape inside.

   ) Find JERICO'S HOUSE. Inside on the floor is [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN].

   ) Find BILLY CREEL'S HOUSE inside you can steal 4 [PRE-WAR BOOKS] and a
     couple holo-tapes, but the holo-tapes aren't useful.

   ) Find the MEDICAL CLINIC and you can steal some useful [STIMPAK] and
     other items. A [HOLOTAPE] is on the table. Listen to it then talk to DOC
     CHURCH to start THE REPLICATED MAN quest. Talk to the doctor about the
     people in the town and pass a speech check to learn about LEO's chem
     addiction. You can visit LEO in the WATER PROCESSING PLANT at night to
     buy chems off him.

     NOTE: If you want you can kill off some generic megaton settlers and
           anyone in the Temple of Atom. Sneak attack with a good melee or
           unarmed weapon works best. Once you kill someone just stay hidden
           if you aren't revealed anyone that goes hostile nearby will go
           back to non-hostile after a few seconds. If you are isolated in
           the temple or common room go ahead and kill anyone else about. The
           megaton settlers respawn after a while, and we won't need the
           children of Atom any.

    You should level up to 5 around now, Lockpick to 65 and pick IRON FIST (2)


  ) Leave Megaton and head NE. Halfway to the SUPERDUPER MART you'll see a
    barn silo and abandoned house. Search it for [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING
    MANUAL] and some misc items.

  ) In the SUPERDUPER MART parking lot you'll probably find some raiders.
    Search the Bodies and Nuka-cola machines.

  ) Enter SUPERDUPER MART right door, turn right and jump counter into a
    small room. Loot everything and get [LASER PISTOL]. Save game.

  ) Kill all raiders. Get close and either use your fist or guns, go for head
    shots with your guns. Don't be afraid best to kill quick. More raiders
    will return as you search the area. When full with items, exit the
    building, fast travel to MEGATON, and empty everything in your house
    cabinet. Return to loot more. Take about 10 tin cans while your there
    also. Great items are [3 NUKA COLA QUANTUMS], [MINI NUKE], [TALES OF A
    JUNKTOWN JERKEY VENDER]. Activate the Protectron robot and kill it for
    some items.

  ) You should level to 6 soon. Lockpick to 70 unarmed 31, take Iron Fist(3).
    Exit and go back to Megaton, there are 4 hard locks you can pick now, the
    cash registers in the Brass Lantern and Moriarty's, Moriartys cabinet on
    the 2nd floor, and a desk on the top floor of Craterside supply.

  ) Back to SUPERDUPER MART make sure its daytime. Go due north to a small
    bridge. go across and under it, there's a shelter with a armed [FRAG
    MINE]. disarm and take it, and loot shelter. [DUCK AND COVER] copy is

  ) Go back across bridge and go west along shoreline. A small boat holds
    some loot. Continue west to a beach with tons of Mirelurk eggs. Loot them
    all for A LOT of Mirelurk meat. Go back to MEGATON, unload, rest, buy,
    repair, what ever. Now head to SPRINGVALE SCHOOL.


  ) There is a fenced in gate with radioactive barrels. Pick lock and enter
    and get the [HUNTING RIFLE] and search the FIRST AID BOX. Use rad-aways
    to lower your radiation level after leaving.

  ) Head around back where 3 raiders hold up. Kill and loot the area. Enter
    the bottom Lower level door and kill raiders and loot area. The Ant door
    is here, you can't open it yet. Exit and re-enter school from another

  ) Enter the school and kill all the raiders and loot everything good. Some
    items to make sure you get.  [DUCK AND COVER] on 2nd floor Raider leader
    room on table. [SHEET MUSIC BOOK] on ground floor on flipped desk. A 
    [NUKE COLA QUANTUM] on top of the cage at one of the schools entrances.

  ) Get tunnel key off Raider leader, unlock Ant tunnel door in the basement
    and kill all the ants about. Loot everything. There is a [CHINESE ARMY
    TRAINING MANUAL] at the end of the ant tunnel under some bodies.

  ) Head back to SUPERDUPER MART. Go east and you'll come to a large building
    beside the water with a north ramp. 3 raiders are across the water. If
    you swim across the water, 2 super mutants will spawn at the large 
    building to fight the raiders. Kill the raiders, then shoot across and
    kill the super mutants. Some ammo crates are near the raiders. Loot them
    all (swim back across to loot mutants). On the east bank by the huge 
    statue is the FARRAGUT WEST METRO STATION. Just register it on the map.
    Head north. As you climb a hill and get up to the main highway look to
    the NE and you'll see a building with a big car poster on it. Go there
    to register the CHRYSLUS BUILDING, but don't go in.

  ) You should be close to level 7. Science to 65 and Entomologist perk.

  ) Fast travel to the FARRAGUT WEST METRO STATION and head north. As you
    climb a hill and get up on a main highway, look NE and you'll see a 
    building with a big car poster on it. Go there to the CHRYSLUS BUILDING.
    Head NW and at the road follow it north and it will swing around west
    into a huge Raider base, the BETHESDA RUINS. (The base is NW of the


  ) This is a huge Raider base, with lots of loot, and lots of Raiders. Start
    at street level and clear out the Raiders and loot them.

  ) Enter BETHESDA OFFICE WEST and repeat, clearing out the Raiders and taking
    the loot. Items to watch out for.. [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] on the lobby
    desk, Top floor behind crates near freezer is [MINI NUKE], [DEAN'S
    ELECTRONIC] under a desk in a wooden crate.

  ) Enter BETHESDA OFFICE EAST and repeat. Some items to look for.. 2nd level
    [LOCKPICK BOBBLE-HEAD], [MINI NUKE] near catwalk exit, first floor 
    [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL], and the Flamethrower raider holds a
    [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER MANUAL]. You can rest for 3 days and the Raider
    with the Manual will respawn. You don't really need to do this you'll get
    maxed skill points anyway but if you really want to do it feel free. You
    can always come back later to do it if your bored.

  ) Enter the BETHESDA UNDERWORKS where Ghouls reside. Kill them and find the
    loot [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN], [MINI NUKE] hidden under wooden crate, and
    [TALES OF A JUNKYARD VENDOR] sitting on a bucket on a bench on the upper

  ) You'll level up to 8 soon, raise SMALL GUNS to 39 and STRONG BACK perk.
    Head to SPRINGVALE and go west over the hills. You will come to an over-
    pass highway where a raider camp is. Kill them. Careful a couple in the
    back have sniper rifles and flamers which can hurt at your low level.

  ) Head south from the overpass and you'll see a barn silo and abandoned
    house. Search it for a [MINI NUKE] and some other items. Now head west
    until you reach JURY STREET METRO STATION.


  ) Enter GOLD RIBBON GROCERS. Go left and step on the pressure plate that
    has all the arrows pointing to it. Wait for a couple explosions and
    a skeleton will drop from the ceiling in the corner of the room. Loot 
    YOU]. Loot the store and exit. Enter the nearby hardware store and clear
    it of Raiders and loot.

  ) Head south through the abandoned town, and down the manhole. Loot the
    room at the end, finding a [PRE-WAR BOOK] and [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE].

  ) Push a switch on the wall to open the 2nd level and go down. 2 raiders
    will come to investigate. loot the few items.

  ) Go to the radio broadcast tower, pick the gate and turn on the power.

  ) Now look to the SW. In the distance you'll see a church. Head there, 
    and you'll encounter a raider camp. Careful there are boobytraps in the
    church. More raiders will come down the road, kill them also. Loot the
    CONGRESSIONAL STYLE], and some other items.

  ) Head back to JURY STREET METRO and go north over the hill to the water
    tower, then NE and you'll run into a gated valley where VAULT 106 is.
    We will do the actual JURY STREET metro tunnel later.

  7. VAULT 106

  ) There might be raiders just outside Vault 106. Kill them.

  ) You should level up to 9 soon. Raise LOCKPICK to 95, EXPLOSIVES 30,
    SCIENCE 70. You now can unlock any container and up to hard terminals. We
    will have both of these topped off soon.

  ) Enter Vault 106 and freely loot it, killing the insane survivors. Items
    in the vault are the [SCIENCE BOBBLEHEAD], [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] hidden
    in a wooden box on a desk in the living quarters, [TUMBLERS TODAY] in the
    science area. Also a [MINI NUKE] and the master keys in the living area
    past the science area.

  ) Now that you can unlock anything head to Megaton you have 3 things to now
    unlock [100]. The safe in the Brass Lantern tavern, the Door to Mr.
    Burke's shack, and the Megaton Armory. Inside the Armory kill DEPUTY
    STEEL. Hack the HARD terminal and loot the armory. We can also take down
    some of the inhabitants of Megaton, they aren't useful anymore and later
    we are going to blow up the town anyway. Might as well get something out
    of it.

    You can do away with all the Stahls at the Tavern, take out the Sheriff
    and DEPUTY WELD outside. Wipe out any generic megaton settlers in the
    common room. Hunt down JERICO and BILLY CREEL and take them out along with
    all the annoying children of the Atom including CONFESSOR CRONWELL. Head
    to Moriarty's and chat with GOB and NOVA, be mean to them they won't be
    alive long. Save then chat with Moriarty and pass a speech check to find
    out where your dad went. Don't need any of them anymore so take out GOB,
    NOVA, MORIARTY, and any generic settlers in the place and loot it clean.

    If you see NATHAN and his old wife MANYA, we don't need them either. This
    should leave a skeleton crew in the town of MOIRA, DR CHURCH, and WALTER
    who are still useful for now. You should hit level 10 soon. SMALL GUNS to
    50, UNARMED 41, and FINESSE perk.

  ) Head back to VAULT 106 then go directly north to a rundown house full of


  ) This is a notable spawn spot, full of raiders. There is loot by the 
    mattress-less bed. Also on the bridge/overpass due north are more raiders
    so kill them also. From here head NE until you see a baseball field,


  ) A place with not much importance, sometimes raiders appear here. Just
    continue heading NE towards the Drive-in MOONBEAM OUTDOOR CINEMA.


  ) You will run into your first super mutants here. Be prepared. One often
    appears in the picnic area. On a table you'll find a [PUGILISM 

  ) head east and you'll see a broken down truck, in the back another super
    mutant. Kill and loot the area.

  ) Head NW, you'll see a beached boat. Nothing really on it, but due west of
    that is a dock that holds a bunch of ammo crates. From the dock, head NE
    to the rocks and you will find HAMILTON'S HIDEAWAY.


  ) A small dungeon, run through and kill the few raiders/creatures in it. In
    the raider room you'll find loot, along with [DUCK AND COVER] and a
    [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]. In the NW of the cave is a locked gate, but you can't
    get into this. You should be close to 11 soon raise UNARMED to 50 and
    EXPLOSIVES to 41. COMMANDO perk.

  ) Its time for us to get a house now enough of this living in the wasteland.
    We will be moving out of Springvale because Megaton will soon be a hole
    in the ground and who really wants to keep visiting a radioactive crater.
    Go to JURY STREET METRO and head south through town to the radio tower.
    From here look west/southwest and you should see in the far distance the
    huge hotel of TENPENNY TOWER. That is our destination. Go ahead and head
    directly for the hotel in the distance.

  ) After you go over a few hills you'll see a big Captain Cosmos billboard
    sign and some ruined buildings/houses. To the right is a truck and trailer
    you can loot for [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER] book. Loot the abandoned houses
    nearby also there is a [NIKOLA TESLA] book and a [HARD] locked safe in the
    far houses. Now move SE past the billboard sign to the next group of
    abandoned shacks/houses and loot those also. The south house should have
    a SCAVENGER living there you can kill and loot the place.

  ) Now head W/SW up the hill to the overpass area and on the other side you
    can see TENPENNY TOWER ahead, a large building on the left and on the
    right down the hill a small power station and truck/trailer. Head down to
    that powerstation, the VAPL-84 POWER STATION.


  ) Might be some foes hanging around the station. In the truck trailer is a
    [MINI NUKE]. Head south up the valley and left towards the large building
    to the left just to register ROBCO FACTORY we will come back in a bit.
    TINKER JOE travels around this area, he will sell you a robot companion
    if your karma is neutral. Since it isn't and neutral is for sissies, you
    are free to kill JOE and his robot companions when you see them.

  ) Head towards TENPENNY TOWER and approach the front gate where you will 
    view a encounter with ROY PHILLIPS talking to the tower intercom. Once he
    is done, head west to the first ruined house west of TENPENNY TOWER. 
    Inside is a [DUCK AND COVER]. Now head back to the TENPENNY TOWER. Willy
    the begger is just outside the gate. Like his kin, tell him you won't
    give him any water then kill him. He's going to die anyway right and it's
    taking him way to long to do it.


  ) Use the intercom at the front gate and say you're there to see MR. BURKE.
    Inside talk to CHIEF GUSTAVO for some info and agree to help with the
    ghoul problem. Speech check will get you extra caps and an assault rifle.

  ) Now that we are at our home base for a while, its time to take care of
    MEGATON. Gather all your scrap metal to sell to WALTER for the last time
    then kill him afterwards. Talk to DR. CHURCH and buy all his items we will
    get the money back in a sec. Then kill him and loot his cabinet. FREE
    STUFF! Finally you can empty any weapons/armor you have stored up and sell
    to MOIRA, make sure to pick up the [ROCK-IT LAUNCHER SCHEMATICS] and any
    combat armor, ammo, etc that you want since she sells at a good price. A
    nice time to empty your storage of junk weapons and armor. Don't worry
    about killing MOIRA we will encounter her later and she is still useful.
    Finally head outside and kill any left-over resident in town, the town
    won't be here long so might as well loot it dry. Only MOIRA and the kids
    should be left (you can't kill the kids..drats..). Head back to TENPENNY
    TOWER a lot to do there.

  ) Go ahead and explore the tower and loot everything you can. DO NOT loot
    any safes or cash registers but you can unlock them. If you loot the the
    store owners will eventually leave the tower due to theft. We want to
    keep them around to sell off ill gotten gains. Also you want to shuttle
    all your stored items into your room here from where you were storing
    them before (Springvale, etc).

  ) In the Federalist lounge, hide and hack the computer terminal and give
    yourself a 10% and 50% discount at the bar. Make sure you aren't seen.

  ) Buy a [DART GUN SCHEMATIC] in the Boutique le chiq and buy your apartment
    CLAW GAUNTLET if you have the materials. You want both of these items as
    part of your permanent carry inventory.

  ) Talk to HERBERT DASHWOOD a while and learn about the ghouls and be
    compassionate about the ghouls. He will talk about his servant ARGYLE.

  ) Find a [TALES OF A JUNKYARD VENDOR] in the Tenpenny suites. Also a [LYING
    CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] in MR. TENPENNYS apartment on the top floor.

  ) Once you are done time to head back out into the wasteland. Fast travel to
    the now MEGATON RUINS and MOIRA is there now, but as a ghoul. She will
    still repair your items and does it well. Swing around to the backside of
    ruined Megaton, fight a few molerats and search the big rock for a stash
    including a [SNIPER RIFLE]. The rock has 3 little dead trees about it.

  ) Head back to JURY STREET METRO and now enter the metro tunnel. You'll have
    to venture in a long tunnel system with raiders and molerats. Clear out
    everything [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS] on the workbench inside the station. In

  ) Go to HAMILTON'S HIDEAWAY and head NE. You'll see a church ahead. Head
    over there to HALLOWED MOORS CEMETARY.


  ) Careful super mutants about. Kill them, kill the captive, and loot the
    church. You'll hear some explosions outside after a while. In the church
    and [KELLER FAMILY TRANSCRIPT] at the podium, and [3 FRAG GRENADES]
    hidden in a box

  ) Head SE from the cemetery you'll hit a little road. Follow it (find an
    ammo crate at some tires). At the stop sign go right towards a little 
    bridge. Just before the bridge go east towards some shacks by the water.
    There will be some raiders and a lot of nice loot at their shacks. 

  ) Keep going east, past a billboard and locomotive. You'll reach some
    abandoned houses. Loot them for some stuff including [TUMBLERS TODAY]
    in the bathtub. You should level to 12 soon BARTER to 29 and SNIPER perk.

  ) Head north to MERESTI TRAINYARD. Loot the few tool boxes and such on the
    far side. Look to the NE and you'll see some rocky hills to the northeast
    of the train station. Head up those hills to the top, you'll find a 
    wooden bridge across a small gorge. Go across to AGATHA'S HOUSE.


  ) Enter and before talking to Agatha pick the [HARD] box for her ammo loot.
    Now talk to Agatha and pass a speech check to get her key. Talk more and
    get her AGATHA'S SONG quest to find a Violin. You can also find the
    location to VAULT TEC HQ. Loot anything within.

  ) Exit the house and leave, continue NE heading towards the town of 
    MINEFIELD already marked on your map. On the way you'll hit a power tower
    with a locked gate. pick it, but there's nothing inside. Just across the
    little road at the tower is a chair with a [HUNTING RIFLE] and [NUKE-COLA

  ) Fast travel to KAELYN'S BED AND BREAKFAST and head north to the river.
    You'll see a dock with some loot on it. Directly west is a [NUKA-COLA
    QUANTUM] sitting on top of a wooden buoy. North is a shack on top of a
    little island where a SCAVENGER lives with his dog. Go kill and loot them.
    Head SW up to the wooden shack and overpass. Go up the overpass to AREFU.

  ) You should be close to level 13 now, SCIENCE to 95, SNEAK 28 and pick the
    GUNSLINGER perk. We can now hack any terminals with our +5 science coat

  16. AREFU

  ) Approach EVAN KING and talk to him about the town problems. He will have
    you enter all 3 houses to check on the residences. The West's are dead.
    Lockpick EVAN KING'S house and enter getting the [REPAIR BOBBLE-HEAD].
    Talk to EVAN KING again and he will give you some locations of where the
    "Family" might be.

    We don't really care about helping the piddling residents of the shacks,
    but info is always a good thing so lets see where this is taking us. We
    will deal with these folk later. And maybe VAMPIRES! oh I need to be a

  ) Leave AERFU and go West along the shoreline you'll see a huge grounded
    boat with some missile ammo boxes. Head north across the water following
    the overpass. You'll come up to the NORTH SENECA STATION.


  ) On the east side of the station is a grocery store. Enter and loot and
    kill the few radroaches there. Exiting the store usually is a great time
    for mercenaries to ambush you so watch your back. Enter the MERESTI


  ) Make sure you have your full stock of [SUGAR BOMBS] when you enter the
    Metro. Its not that big a area. You'll meet up with a couple Ghouls
    MURPHY and BARRETT. Murphy will want to buy [SUGAR BOMBS] which he can
    make into [ULTRAJET]. A Speech check will double his asking price. Loot
    their shop of everything not nailed down.

  ) Be careful in the tunnels, not a lot of foes, but a lot of traps of all
    types. You'll reach a guard post to the family area where you can use a
    SPEECH check to get through (or other ways) but its good to go unlock the
    gate yourself before you talk to the guard so you can get the extra
    experience. THEN talk to the guard. Go ahead and loot his area, a
    [TUMBLERS TODAY] is on the table. On the other side is the door to MERESTI


  ) This is the "Family" base. Before you talk to anyone go ahead and fully
    loot the entire base, there are many terminals to hack, many locks to
    pick, much loot to gather. [LYING CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] is under a box on
    top of a train carriage, you have to drop down from above to get to it.
    Also there is a [MINI NUKE] on the platform roof near the workbench. You
    have to get up the stairs and shoot it until it falls off. Make sure to
    save before trying. [VAMPIRE'S EDGE] a chinese sword is in a locked box
    in Vances' room.

  ) When ready you can talk to everyone, but talking to Vance finally to get
    some information. SPEECH check will get you info on IAN WEST, and you can
    get VANCE to agree to accept [BLOOD PACKS] in exchange for protecting
    AREFU. Go into the back area and talk to IAN WEST and just tell him to
    say with the Family. Go back to VANCE and let him know IAN'S decision and
    you'll get a [SHISHKEBAB SCHEMATIC].

  ) Well, turns out these are just poser vampires they are just some people
    playing dress-up. Darn, can't become a vampire today. Well nothing these
    goofballs can do for us so wipe them out. Kill everyone in the base and
    make sure you have looted everything. Head back towards the guard post
    outside and kill him also. Go ahead and leave the 2 ghouls MURPHY and
    BARRETT in their shop we can get [ULTRAJET] from them so they can keep on

  ) You should level to 14 soon. EXPLOSIVES to 50, SNEAK to 41 and DEMOLITION
    EXPERT perk.

  ) Exit the tunnels and head back to AREFU and wipe out the handful of
    residents there and loot their shacks. Return to NORTH SENECA STATION
    and head due north and over the hill. You will see a small town with a
    huge Bob's Big boy-like statue in it. This is the slaver town of PARADISE
    FALLS. Head there, we will feel right at home.

  ) Talk to GROUSE at the front gate. Pass a speech check to get in but don't
    pay his entry fee. Don't use your karma or any other checks just ask how
    you can help to collect slaves. He will give you the [MESMETRON] gun and
    a [SLAVE COLLAR] and have 4 VIPS to collect. Enslave 1 of them to be
    granted access to the town.

  ) How the [MESMETRON] works. When you shoot various npcs with it, it will
    confuse them, letting you influence their actions. So shoot the npc, then
    while the confusion lasts go talk with them. Have them hand over their
    items (you will lose the items anyway when they are enslaved) then put the
    slave collar on. Last have them report to PARADISE FALLS. The 4 named
    individuals will appear in the slave pens. Enslaving regular npcs will
    cause them to disappear from the game when they arrive at PARADISE FALLS
    so don't MES and enslave anyone you want to keep around.

  ) The 4 named VIPS are SUSAN LANCASTER, RED, FLAK, and ARKANSAS. Lets go get
    SUSAN first, she is at TENPENNY TOWER, usually in the 2nd floor Suites
    area. Find her and when she is alone MES her, take her stuff, collar her
    and send her off to PARADISE FALLS. Fast travel back to PARADISE FALLS
    where GROUSE will greet you when you arrive, giving you the slave collar
    back and allowing you entry.


  ) Head around the entrance towards the main gates and you'll see an escaping
    slave blow up. FORTY the slaver and SAMMY the child slave are here but
    are not worth talking to.

  ) As you enter the main compound it is full of SLAVERS and a few named NPCS.
    Enter the LOCK AND LOAD weapons store and loot. PRONTO is inside and you
    can start a quest with him to expand his inventory by collecting 20
    [CHINESE ASSAULT RIFLES]. While it does expand his inventory a lot, 20 of
    these rifles are worth a lot of caps and there are other places to buy
    items from later so I would just skip this quest.

  ) Loot the Slaver barracks for a [POWER FIST] in a trash bin. In EULOGY'S
    pad a [SPEECH BOBBLE-HEAD], and 5 [NUKA-COLA QUANTUMS] hidden behind the
    stairs. Finish looting the base which you can now use to sleep, buy and
    sell basic items, etc if you want. It isn't really much of a Slaver base
    we might just wipe it out later if we are bored, who knows. For now its
    usuable and a good supply of caps while the [MESMETRON] ammo lasts. We
    won't use it for a while just to capture the other 3 VIPS then we can play
    more with it later.

  ) Exit the base and journey to AGATHA'S house. Head North over the hills and
    follow the power lines north towards the town ahead of MINEFIELD.


  ) Careful now. There are dozens of mines about, plus a sniper. We will take
    out the sniper first. Approach the town until it registers on your map.
    Head up the hill to the left where the big water tower is. Now while 
    sneaking go down the path on the other side which will take you right to
    the tower with ARKANSAS the sniper. If you sneak down right to the 
    bottom right he won't see you due to the wall. hug the wall on the left
    and there will be a mine you need to pick up. the stairs are on the left.
    Ready your [MESMETRON], run up the stairs, find ARKANSAS and blast him.
    Take his stuff (BUT NOT HIS KEY), put on the collar, send to PARADISE
    FALLS (etc) then fast travel to PARADISE FALLS (so ARKANSAS doesn't set
    off his own mines when running there. Claim your reward from GROUSE. 2
    down, 2 to go.

  ) Slowly scour the town and pick up every mine you can find. You'll get 50+
    of them. Loot the town to find 4 skill books [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED],
    about are a bunch of [PRE-WAR BOOKS]. There are a lot of yard parts in
    the town like lawnmower blades, blowers, etc.

  ) Head back to PARADISE FALLS and leave town, going south then east.
    Directly east is a big hill of rocks. Go to the right and you'll see an
    abandoned house, with a [DUCK AND COVER] inside. Go Northeast up the hill
    to GERMANTOWN POLICE HQ. Do a loop around the town and kill all the super
    mutants outside, but do not go inside the HQ yet. Fast travel to
    MOONBEAM OUTDOOR CINEMA and head Southeast to the town of BIG TOWN.

  22. BIG TOWN

  ) Enter and learn from the guard that some people have been taken by
    Supermutants. Talk to the town inhabitants to learn about the hostages
    and get the quest BIG TROUBLE IN BIG TOWN. There is a [DC JOURNAL OF
    MEDICINE] in the clinic.

  ) Enter the clinic and perform surgery on TIMEBOMB to heal him and talk to
    him afterwards. Time to rescue the hostages. Fast travel back to the
    GERMANTOWN POLICE HQ and enter through the [100 difficulty] side door.

  ) Around this time you'll be close to leveling to 15. Raise SNEAK to 50,
    MEDICINE 47 and pick SILENT RUNNING perk.


  ) Like most areas kill all the enemies then you can go back to loot. Watch
    yourself, some mines and traps are about. Clear the ground floor you'll
    find RED in a jail cell, don't talk to her yet. Clear the 1st floor then
    go to the basement clearing that also. SHORTY is being held hostage go
    ahead and kill him we won't need him for the reward, only RED plus we
    need to enslave RED for the Slavers. Once you have the building clear go
    ahead and open REDS' jail cell to free her. You'll take a karma hit but
    we need her out. Have her follow you and exit the building, returning
    back to BIG TOWN.

  ) There is nice loot in the station.
    1st floor: [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE]
    Basement: [FATMAN] behind locked door, [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] in kitchen 
    area, and [TUMBLERS TODAY] on a shelf.

  ) Back at BIG TOWN save your game. Talk to RED to complete the quest and
    say you want to be paid, then SPEECH check for more loot. When the talk
    comes up about the supermutants don't help the town let them fend for
    themselves because what are you, a policeman? The next part will be a bit
    tricky so you might want to save again. The problem with enslaving RED is
    that the town turns hostile, and if you kill everyone in the town RED
    will automatically die no matter where she is at. So we will work around

    MES RED and do the normal.. give you her stuff, put on the collar, go to
    PARADISE FALLS. Now the town turns hostile so kill everyone EXCEPT for 1
    person. Usually 1 or 2 people run away out of town. Once everyone else is
    dead get far enough away to fast travel to PARADISE FALLS. If you did it
    correctly they will thank you and pay you for enslaving RED. Now head back
    to BIG TOWN and finish killing off the rest of the people. This will
    automatically kill RED in the slave pens but since you already received
    your reward it doesn't matter.


  ) Not much around here that you haven't already taken care of. Enter.


  ) Enter the station and proceed to the room with the PROTECTRON. Loot it
    and activate the PROTECTRON, and kill it when it activates. Continue on
    to the fenced in ghouls. Enter the control room opposite and loot, and
    get the laser pistol. Use the console to turn on the gas test. Safe has

  ) Open the gate and fall back letting the ghouls rush you. kill them. Now
    back up and shoot the gas area with the laser pistol. (shooting it with
    the ghouls doesn't give you experience).  Continue on. Bottom room has


  ) This tunnel is in 2 part. South goes to DC. We want to go north first.

  ) Kill the ghouls/radroaches and loot area. Some items north side are
    [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] in office on shelf, [LASER RIFLE] on mercenary
    body. North exits to FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS.

  ) South area has some more foes and loot and the exit to CHEVY CHASE
    NORTH. Exit the north side first into FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS.


  ) Just above the Metro entrance a bunch of Raiders has made a home. Take
    them out and loot their area. Once all areas are looted re-enter the
    TENTLEYTOWN/FRIENDSHIP STATION and go all the way south and exit to

  ) Prepare yourself before exiting CHEVY CHASE NORTH. Going to be a wild


  ) Don't worry about looting now, this is going to be fast and furious for
    a bit. After exiting head South towards a hole in the ground. 2 mutants
    will emerge on the right side. Kill them and loot.

  ) LIONS PRIDE PLATOON will be on the other side, readying an assault.
    Talk to them but follow them down the alley. On the way there is a dead
    Brotherhood member on a bed. Take their armor/items. Continue around the

  ) You can do 1 of 2 things. stand back and let them fight, or rush ahead
    and take down as many mutants as possible to get experience. The Platoon
    will go through the school ahead killing the mutants. On the other side
    of the school is the GNR square where mutants are attacking the GNR
    building. Kill as many as you can.

  ) At the fountain is a dead Brotherhood member with a [FAT MAN] and 8 
    [MINI NUKES]. Ready this weapon. Soon over by the bus wall, a BEHEMOTH
    mutant will break through. Take him down as fast as possible. 2 MINI
    NUKES will usually kill him. If your first shot knocks him down you might
    want to save the 2nd nuke and rush him with a powerful gun and shoot.
    Once its dead, backtrack and loot everything. Go to the GNR door and use
    the intercom to enter.

  ) You should be close to level 16. BARTER 50 and BETTER CRITICALS perk.


  ) Enter and loot building. Head upstairs and Talk with THREE DOG who will
    help you if you help him. (help with his task). He gives you the GALAXY
    NEWS RADIO quest. Grab the [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] off the desk and head
    out the back door and down the rubble to DUPONT CIRCLE. Kill the ghouls
    and for fun blow up the 2 Bus's here.  

  ) Do not go down into METRO JUNCTION, instead walk down the street and 
    enter the small door to COLLAPSED CAR TUNNEL.


  ) A short area, kill the ghouls about then have fun and blow up a bus.
    There are 2 exits, exit the south exit to the real DUPONT CIRCLE. You
    only want to register it on your map. Take a right and enter DUPONT


  ) Head in, you'll find a room with a PROTECTRON. Activate it and kill it
    take its loot. On the table is [LYING CONGRESSIONAL STYLE]. kill raiders
    and loot. Follow tunnel to the end and enter METRO CENTRAL.


  ) METRO CENTRAL has 5 exits.
    Bottom level DUPONT CIRCLE STATION north, MUSEUM STATION south.
    Middle level FOGGY BOTTOM west and FREEDOM STREET STATION east.

  ) Kill all the ghouls about and freely loot everything. There is a [DEAN'S
    ELECTRONICS] near the Foggy exit. [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] in locked room

  ) Exit the top level PENNSYLVANIA exit so it registers on your map (METRO
    CENTRAL). heal/buy/sore if you want. Re-enter and head down to the
    bottom south and enter the MUSEUM STATION.

  ) You should be close to leveling to 17. ENERGY WEAPONS 41, ACTION GIRL


  ) These tunnels run under the Museum areas. METRO CENTRAL north, ANACOSTIA
    AMERICAN HISTORY west.  Clear and loot the area, you'll find [CHINESE
    BARBARIAN near the METRO CENTRAL exit. Time to head east to the MUSEUM

  34. THE MALL

  ) Oh boy, here we are. The MALL turned into a bunker complex for super
    mutants. If you want battle, here it is. Super mutants everywhere. The
    MALL runs a great distance, lined with museums and buildings and a few
    other areas. We will come back here often. For now, dodge and cover and
    pick off the super mutants in your area. Loot them. Enter the MUSEUM OF
    TECHNOLOGY next to you.


  ) First off, lets clear this building. Go through and eliminate every foe
    in the building, then we can loot it.

  ) There are a lot of things to do in the Museum. First by checking the
    Museum info terminals you can find one that has a 000 message from PRIME
    to JIGGS. This starts a quest. 3 other Info terminals have codes you can
    input. Do all 3 right you'll get a safe password for the security office
    and special event to get a great weapon. The safe has the key for the
    weapons locker in the Planetarium.

    code 001  is 019
    code 002  is 053
    code 003  is 113

  ) In one of the bathrooms a toilet is rigged with [MICRO FUSION CELLS], 
    you can take them out of the reservoir. 

  ) [NUKA COLA QUANTUM] in the planetarium, [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] atrium 2nd
    floor. 3 [STEALTH BOYS] on display. 

  ) Take the ANTENNA DISH from the moon lander to continue with the GNR quest

  ) In the room with the large 3 story rocket.. the stairs have 2 hidden
    areas which you can access by walking on the narrow ledge along side.
    A sleeping bed and [GUNS AND BULLETS]

  ) Some fun things to do. You can watch the Planetarium show which is cool.
    You can take the VAULT tour and click on the show activation buttons.
    When ready leave the MUSEUM and fast travel to JURY STREET METRO. Search
    the diner for the body of PRIME who has great loot plus the named weapon

  ) Head back to the MUSEUM OF TECHNOLOGY then go north across the Mall to
    the SUPER MUTANT BUNKER. A tripwire is on the path down. Enter the BUNKER.


  ) The BUNKER has a few super mutants in it, along with some tripwires. A
    copy of [DUCK AND COVER] is inside. Exit the bunker on the other side
    killing all super mutants around. There is a chance some dead Brotherhood
    soldiers are about loot them for their POWER ARMOR and TAGS.

  ) Head NW to the MUSEUM OF HISTORY where you'll encounter WILLOW, a ghoul
    on patrol outside. Kill her as you pass into the MUSEUM OF HISTORY.


  ) Enter the Museum there is a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] on the floor in the
    bathroom. Enter the LOWER HALLS on the left.

  ) Like normal kill all the bad ghouls. There are tons of loot you want to
    pick up.

    Lower level. LINCOLN'S DIARY in a display case, [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE]
                 and [NUKA COLA QUANTUM] in the kitchen
    When you get the chance just store all the Lincoln items at your house 
    except the LINCOLN REPEATER which will be a addition to your guns.

  ) Now exit into the lobby area and enter UNDERWORLD. You probably are level
    18 by now. ENERGY WEAPONS 50, REPAIR 60, MELEE 27 and DEMOLITION (3) perk.


  ) UNDERWORLD (besides being an awesome vampire movie) is a Ghoul resident.
    As you enter UNDERWORLD, WINTHROP will greet you. If you haven't learned
    about the android in Rivet city by now you can pass a SPEECH check to
    learn more, and get another holotape. Talk to him about his request for
    scrap metal but you can threaten him instead and get some free stimpacks.

  ) Enter the CHOP SHOP clinic and talk to DR. BARROWS. If you still need
    android info you can pass a speech check and you'll learn that PINKERTON
    in RIVET CITY has the skill to work on androids.

  ) Talk to REILLY, but she's in a coma. Talk to DR. BARROWS and pass a speech
    check to wake her. He will give you directions to REILLY'S RANGERS. Talk
    to REILLY all options and get BOX CODE, BETTER DIRECTIONS to REILLY'S
    RANGERS, the REILLY's RANGERS QUEST, password to the Rangers Compound,
    directions to the HOTEL, and location of THEO'S BODY.

  ) Enter WINTHROP's room next to the clinic and unlock the [100] very hard
    safe and loot it. Hack the computer for some experience.

  ) Talk to MR. CROWLEY to start YOU GOTTA SHOOT'EM IN THE HEAD quest. Start
    talking to other inhabitants to learn the real reason MR. CROWLEY wants
    them dead. Talk to and pass speech checks with PATCHWORK, DR. BARROWS,
    WINTHROP, CAROL, AHZUKHAL, and TULIP. Talk more with TULIP and get the
    book PARADISE LOST. You can buy a RAILWAY SCHEMATIC from her. Now go back
    and talk to MR. CROWLEY to learn the real reason he wants them dead. Get
    an extra 100 caps. Finish looting the area. We will worry about this icky
    ghoul area later after a few quests.

  ) Exit the UNDERWORLD and head to the WASHINGTON MONUMENT.


  ) Head to the entrance to the WASHINGTON MONUMENT. We aren't here because
    we are going to install the ANTENNA DISH, who cares about THREE DOG and
    his dumb radio. Instead we are here to kill the 3 BROTHERHOOD soldiers
    who are holding armor and weapons that we want. Kill them how ever you
    want (I like to just sneak reverse pickpocket grenades on them) and take
    their stuff. Enter the outside doors and jump the broken window on the
    left to go around back for a [MISSILE LAUNCHER] and 8 [MISSILES]. Go to

  ) Head SE along the Waterline. You might run into some raiders. Not far
    down the way you'll encounter a supermutant and some centaurs with a
    captive in his tent. Kill the captive, also a [KEELER FAMILY TRANSCRIPT]
    is on the table, and in one of the truck trailers a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED]
    You can blow up the truck cabs afterwards. BOOM!

  ) Farther SE you'll see a Mirelurk and some Radroaches. When you approach
    the couple egg bundles by the water 3 more Mirelurks will spawn.

  ) Go SW to the ANCHORAGE MEMORIAL and enter. There are multiple entrances.


  ) The MEMORIAL consists of 3 areas connected to a 4th area, the FACILITY
    BAY. Lots of Mirelurk's about. Go about and kill them all then loot the
    facility. There are 3 things to watch out for.

    1) Locked safe in the Facility area clinic. Codes are hidden behind a
       Nuka-cola machine. Open the safe from the terminal and inside are
       [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS] and a door part to fix a utility door in the
       north of the Service area.
    2) Behind the Broken Utility door are [THE TENDERIZER] sledgehammer, the
       ANCHORAGE STASH KEY (which unlocks a secret door in a refrigerator in
       the Service area, a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM], a holotape (useless), and
    3) A refrigerator with a secret compartment requiring the ANCHORAGE STASH
       KEY. Inside is some caps and a holotape (another useless one). a 5
       PERCEPTION is needed to see the secret compartment.

  ) Other loot in the area are [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE] in the Facility
    clinic area and 3 [PRE-WAR BOOKS] in the same section. Once finished,
    exit the MEMORIAL and head SE back over to the road, and continue south
    along the water. You'll see a little door in the side of the wall, this
    is the TEPID SEWER you want to enter.


  ) This area is home of Molerats and Raiders. Clear out the area like
    normal. In the subway area you will encounter ROCKSALT, a named raider.
    Loot everything from him except his key we want the experience of unlock-
    ing those items ourselves.

  ) You'll find [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS] and [POWERFIST] in storage containers.
    Exit the tunnels on the other end into GEORGETOWN WEST. Just register it
    on the map, you'll probably have to kill any nearby enemies before you

  ) Fast travel back over to TEPID SEWER and the building right south of it
    is DUKOV'S PLACE. Head in there.


  ) Talk with DUKOV and by talking about MR. CROWLEY you can pass a speech
    check and get the location of FORT CONSTANTINE. You also learn a little
    about the group of thieves and what the keys are for. You can talk about
    CROWLEY and pass another speech check to get his key.

  ) Talk to CHERRY and convince her with a SPEECH check to leave DUKOV. Have
    her wait and kill all 3 of the idiots. Imagine trying to survive in the
    wasteland with no protection or brains. Go ahead and loot the place.
    Upstairs in the bedroom is a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] and a [PUGILISM

  ) Head out of DUKOV'S PLACE and head south. You will encounter a small
    Raider camp. Kill and loot. A copy of [DUCK AND COVER] is there. Keep
    going south hugging the river. You'll hit a rubble building with Super
    mutants waiting. Rush and kill them. Head due east and you'll find the
    IRRADIATED METRO. Right next to it is a small ACCESS HALL door. Enter
    and go up the stairs, half way up is a trapped shotgun pressure plate.
    At the top is a door that leads out to a connection walkway with 2 Super
    Mutants. Kill fast. Go back down.

  ) Start angling SE towards RIVET CITY. You'll encounter a Super Mutant
    fort on a hill on the left. Kill and loot, you'll find a [LYING,
    CONGRESSIONAL STYLE]. Continue SE towards RIVET CITY. Before entering
    RIVET CITY continue east to discover ANACOSTIA CROSSING. Go back and climb
    the entranceway to RIVET CITY. CARLOS sits on the top, another darn
    begger looking for water. How many of these idiots do I have to kill, my
    fist is getting tired. Kill CARLOS. Activate the Intercom and walk across
    the extended bridge to RIVET CITY.

  ) You'll be reaching level 20 soon. MELEE 50, BIG GUNS 28, GRIM REAPER
    SPIRIT perk.


  ) Equip your Speech boosting outfits. There is a lot to do in RIVET CITY.
    Since there is so much to do I will only tell you what to do. The order
    is up to you.

  ) Over the bridge talk to HARKNESS. Jump down NE on the deck and take the
    couple loot items. Continue E/NE to the stairway and go up to the Flight
    deck and enter the BRIDGE TOWER.

  ) The Bridge Tower area is a multi-level tower. Go upstairs to the sleeping
    quarters and exit both side doors getting the misc loot there. In the
    sleeping quarters you'll find generic RIVET CITY guards which are a great
    source of experience, loot, and just bad things to do to them. Get some
    experience sneak killing them you'll want to kill every one that you run
    across. Like many sneak kills, when you kill them it might alert any
    surrounding people but if you stay hidden after 20 seconds or so they go
    out of alert mode, allowing you to continue with your kills. Take your
    time, learn how to do it because you'll be doing it a lot in the game. Of
    course don't kill any named NPCS we need those for quests.

  ) Head up to the armory level again exiting the side doors for loot. The
    armory level here has A LOT of locks to pick and loot to get. PRIVATE
    JONES patrols this level. Make sure he's the only one here then talk to
    him and SPEECH check to have him leave the area. Now open and loot every-
    thing. Behind the armory door is a automated guy, destroy it and loot the

  ) Head up to the top level, loot and exit the back door onto the top
    platform. There might be another RIVET CITY guard to take out here. MR.
    LOPEZ might also be found here wanting to jump off. Giggle and help him.

  ) Now that the Tower is clear, we have the main bulk of the ship to loot. It
    is a little confusing at first due to the various corridors and passage-
    ways but you'll get the hang of it. I will note the level's rooms. We will
    not need to kill many people yet, RIVET CITY will become a very nice area
    to stock up on lots of loot, enslave lots of idiots, and overall just be
    very bad lol.

  ) At the main stairway go down 1 level to UPPER DECK. Feel free to pick and
    loot all the areas. Close doors after you are done they often get re-
    locked allowing you to gain more experience picking them again later. On
    UPPER DECK are..

    1) Bannan's room. Can hack the terminal to get the Council's Agenda
    2) Flack & Shrapnel's room. Loot while they are away for a bunch of
    3) Dr. Prestons Room and Clinic. 
    4) Dr. Li's room. Pick up PROJECT PURITY holotapes 1,3,5.
    5) Sister's room
    6) Your room [100 very hard] locked. This is the room you can get if you
       buy a room from the hotel, which you don't need. 
    7) Zimmer's room
    8) Wetherly hotel


    1) Staley's room
    2) Common room, usually many npcs will sleep here at night
    3) Cantelli's room
    4) Capital Preservation society  [100 very hard] terminal to hack
    5) Seagrave Holmes room, find [INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE] holotape
    6) Church area

    SCIENCE Lab bottom level of ship and MUDDY RUDDER bar bottom of stairs.
    Grab the [INTELLIGENCE BOBBLE-HEAD] off the table in the SCIENCE lab but
    we really don't need it other than house decoration.

    Now, some things you can do with the npcs on the ship besides killing the
    generic RIVET CITY guards.

    1) Vera Wetherly. She gossips and you can pass 3 SPEECH checks to learn
       some info.
    2) Ted Strayer. Talk to him for a SPEECH check to get his key.
    3) Paulie Cantelli is a drug addict. Give him some [PSYCHO], follow him
       down the hallway and loot him when he overdoses. His wife Cindy will
       be very happy he's dead because she has the hots for Bannon.
    4) Find Mei Wong, an escaped slave and question her. Don't help her out
       she's on her own, but you'll learn Sister is a slaver on the ship who
       might want this info. Tell him when you see him then let Mei know
       you let Sister know and she'll eventually kill herself, usually in the
       common room Midship deck.
    5) After dealing with the slave Mei, we will deal with Sister who has
       turned against the orders of the slavers. MES Sister and he will go
       beserk, drawing the ship guards to take him out. HAHAHA fun.
    6) Talk to ZIMMERMAN in the SCIENCE lab about the android and agree to
       help hunt him down. Let him know of any current progress DO NOT show
       him the android circuit if you have it.
    7) Talk to BANNON in the MARKET area. Agree to help him find info on
       show it to BANNON. Then go to CHIEF LANA DANVERS in the Bridge Tower
       and show her. Talk to BANNON again to receive a [DEATHCLAW GAUNTLET
    8) Talk to DR. LI in the SCIENCE lab about your dad and learn all her info
       on where he went to. Pass a SPEECH check to get her to help you out and
       get 5 [STIMPACKS].
    9) Enslave FLAK. This is the last person we need to enslave for our quest.
       We want to grab him when he's alone in his room or moving out or to
       his room. Also good if no one else is nearby (kill any roaming guards
       first, etc). I found 6pm was a good time. MES FLAK, do the usual and
       fast travel back to PARADISE FALLS to claim your reward. If you do
       alert the guards or something you can either reload or just exit the
       city and wait 3 days and return which should fix the hostility.

  ) Now once FLAK is done SHRAPNEL will eventually leave RIVET CITY. You
    cannot MES or kill SHRAPNEL so just use his store if you want as long as
    he is still about. The rules for enslaving people...

    1) You can't enslave everyone, some NPC's are immune. So before you do it
       save and test it out make sure the NPC can be enslaved.
    2) You get a nice cap reward for each slave you return, and since you have
       about 40 charges on your MESMETRON left, lots of caps. Trouble is you
       don't get experience for future slaves so you have to decide if you
       need the experience for silently killing them, or the caps. Personally
       at this point in the game I have plenty of caps, I want the experience
       to get to level 30 asap, and THEN I can start enslaving people for
       caps if I want. Your choice.

  ) Time to eliminate some people in RIVET CITY, other than the generic guards
    that you should be killing now anyway. You can enslave some people if you
    want but I want experience not caps, so I'm just going to kill them. When
    you get a chance, take out the following

    Henry and Christine Young, Vera Wetherly, Garza, Diego and Father Clifford
    along with Mr. Lopez. Ted Strayer, Gary and Anegla Staley, Seagrave and
    Bannon, Tammy Hargrave, Cindy Cantelli (and Palulie if you haven't killed
    him yet), And down in the MUDDY RUDDER Brock, Belle Bonnie and Trinnie.
    Finally Officer Lana Danvers.

    Dr. Preston, Shrapnel, etc can't be killed and you don't want to kill any-
    one in the science, preservation or the HARKNESS. This will clear out much
    of the ship making hunting down RIVET CITY guards for future kills very
    easy. Once you are done killing, the market stores are pretty much empty
    so use their keys and loot all their store inventory chests. You can talk
    to the kid JAMES HARGRAVE and with a SPEECH check make him run away from
    home. He and CJ go to ANACOSTIA METRO, but do not go talk with them
    because they will follow you back to RIVET CITY and you'll gain Karma for
    doing it, even if you don't want them to follow you.

  ) Now head towards the BROKEN BOW section of the ship, swimming under water
    through a tunnel and into the entrance. Kill any Mirelurks about. Careful
    some traps are on the way. You will find PINKERTON in his laboratory.
    OF MEDICINE] under some x-rays. Talking to PINKERTON will give you the
    true info on the Antroid, his command codes and a password to PINKERTONS
    terminal to look up more info.

  ) Head back to RIVET CITY and talk to HARKNESS. Show him the proof that he
    is an Android. Ask him about DR ZIMMER and suggest you kill ZIMMER for
    him. He will give you his [A3-21 PLASMA RIFLE]. Go to the Science Lab and
    inform ZIMMER that you found HARKNESS. He will reward you with the perk
    WIRED REFLEXES. When you get out of conversation mode, whip out your gun
    and kill both ZIMMER and ARMITAGE. Report back to HARKNESS. You will take
    a little Karma hit for killing ZIMMER yourself for some reason but you'll
    gain HARKNESS'S great energy weapon for it, personal gain is always nice.
    If you don't care about the energy weapon you can simply turn HARKNESS
    over to ZIMMER instead. Thats more evil, but profiting for a nice gun
    is pretty sweet also, plus you get to kill a couple people. Your choice.

  ) You should be level 21 and BIG GUNS 43, DEMOLITIONS EXPERT (3) perk. We
    are done in RIVET CITY for quite a while, if you feel like heading back
    every so often to pick off guards for loot feel free. It's easy and

  ) Fast travel back to the GERMANTOWN POLICE HQ and now head NE. You will
    see some orange boxcars at the top of the hill. There are a few Raiders
    there, and a [DUCK AND COVER] with their stash.

  ) Continue NE and you will see a huge powerstation. Go over there and find


  ) Enter the smaller SUBSTATION building. Inside are a few items including
    [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] and a [RAILWAY RIFLE SCHEMATIC]. Exit and head to the
    larger plant building.  Inside are a bunch of Ghouls and [FISTO!] which
    is in the office upstairs.

  ) Head NW towards a barn and silo. A SCAVENGER holds up in the barn. Stand
    at the silo and look north. Theres a hill. On top of the hill is a couple
    bodies and a [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER RECIPE]. Go back down to the barn.

  ) Head SW over the road you'll see a little door in the hill. Enter and
    kill some dogs. At the tunnel end is a couple bodies with a laser weapon.

  ) Now head NW into the ruins of the RECLINING GROVES RESORT HOMES.


  ) A bunch of mostly abandoned buildings. A few things.. one of the east 
    houses has a [TALES OF A JUNKYARD VENDOR].

  ) Continue going NW until you hit the MONTGOMERY COUNTY RESERVOIR. You'll
    see a big water tower just east of it. Kill the Raiders there and loot.
    There is a little barn to the NW with a few ammo crates. Just west of
    that is a little corrugated shed with some ammo crates.

  ) Look to the NE and you'll see a huge broadcast tower. Go there and you'll
    find the BROADCAST TOWER LP8.


  ) Not much here but turn on the Broadcast tower so Radio signal SIGNAL
    ECHO FOXTROT (SEF) is on. To the NE at the base of the cliff you'll find
    a sewer chamber. Inside is a safe and a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE]

  ) Next place is a little tough to find. Head North and you'll see a huge
    plateau of rock in the distance. Head to the mountain, and go left (west)
    around the base. Hug the wall and on the NW side of the mountain is a
    small path straight up. Head up and find the hidden grove of OASIS.

  ) You will hit level 22 soon. SMALL GUNS 60, BIG GUNS 60, QUANTUM CHEMIST

  47. OASIS

  ) Approaching the entrance to OASIS, TREEFATHER BIRCH will say he has been
    waiting for you. Follow him into OASIS and approach him at the wooden
    circle structure. He will continue talking and say you have to meet the
    One. Agree and stand near the BASIN OF PURIFICATION in the center of the
    circle. After a long boring ritual you can drink from the BASIN and zone
    out, awakening in the GROVE. Argg a bunch of treehuggers.

  ) Talk to the living tree in front of you, HAROLD. He will ask you to kill
    him. Agree. Now go back into Oasis and talk to Everyone. Make the SPEECH
    check with SAPLING YEW so you can get an item afterwards. Acquire the
    SAP and LINIMENT then ask for the key to the fenced door. Can make a
    SPEECH check with BRANCHTENDER CYPRESS to get his back story.

  ) enter and kill everything of course. Enter the big pool and swim under-
    water to the next area and go through the door. To the left is a alcove
    with [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE], [STEALTH BOY], and some other items.
    Further on there will be a pool on the left with a [MINI NUKE] on the

  ) Further will be some bodies with [CHINESE ASSAULT RIFLE], [STEALTH BOY],
    and some misc loot. Continue to the beating heart of HAROLD. Go ahead and
    use the LINIMENT on the heart, doesn't matter really and continue through
    the far door to the DAMP CAVE. Take out a few more MIRELURKS and you'll
    find some skeletons and items on the lower pond area [SNIPER RIFLE] and
    [NUKA COLA QUANTUM]. Swim underwater out of the area and back to Harold
    to talk to the woman to complete the quest.

  ) Talk to the person at the dead tree, and find SAPLING YEW to get the
    YEW'S BEAR CHARM. (+10 speech) for not buring HAROLD. Well, not yet. Grab
    a flaming weapon (FLAMER, SHISHKEBAB, etc) and attack HAROLD, setting him
    on fire. The Tree huggers become hostile so exit the door and kill them

  ) Head back left around the mountain. Continue to the south side and there
    is a path up through an arch up into the mountain. Going up will take you
    to a depression with a random encounter. The path branches left and right,
    take it right (east). The next area is on top of the SE part of the 
    mountain. You can get there from the east side. You know your close when
    you see barricades and a wooden bridge.  Its SE of OASIS. The CLIFFTOP


  ) The shacks are home to some Super Mutants. They hold 2 hostages. Kill them
    all and loot everything. You'll find [GROGNACK THE BARBARIAN], a
    [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED], and [BOARD OF EDUCATION] a named Nailboard weapon.
    Take out the hostages.

  ) We will be doing our first DLC next, MOTHERSHIP ZETA so lets prepare.
    Once we enter the DLC we cannot exit until we are finished, but we can
    take in any gear that we want. So go ahead and head back to TENPENNY TOWER
    and heal up and grab anything you want for the DLC. Take all your meds,
    And some extra armor/weapons to repair yours that might wear out.

  ) From the shacks head SE over a hill or 2, and you'll get a wierd radio
    signal and your rad meter will start acting up. Soon you'll come to a
    crashed spaceship which has taken out a house and left a huge hole in the
    ground. Once you enter this hole you will be transported by aliens to the
    MOTHERSHIP ZETA DLC, the walkthrough is at the end of this FAQ. When you
    are done continue from this location.





  ) After the MOTHERSHIP ZETA DLC you'll be back at this crashed spaceship,
    but now you can search the downed spacecraft for an [ALIEN BLASTER] and
    about 120 [ALIEN POWER CELLS]. 

  ) Head east/south east down the hill and past the bridge and you'll run into


  ) Put on your radiation suit or use a rad-x. There are 3 places to go.
    First enter the large building office where some loot and the [AGILITY

  ) Outside, NE is a shack/container and inside holds more loot, including
    a [RADIATION SUIT] and [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE]. Head south to a truck
    cab and in the container box is another [RADIATION SUIT] and a [BIG BOOK

  ) Now head north and you'll see a road going north. Follow the road until
    you reach a raider inhabited barn and fallen silo. Kill the raiders and
    loot the area, finding [MINI NUKE] and [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS].

  ) From the barn head east over the hills you will see a city. Before that,
    just on the east side of the hills is VAULT 92. You might level up in
    Vault 92 sometime to level 29. Melee 70, EXPLOSIVES 68, MEDICINE 89,
    SNEAK 72 and WARMONGER perk. Now you can make tons of great [BOTTLECAP
    MINES], [NUKA GRENADES], and what ever other crafted item you want to
    play with. Always carry around a couple Bottlecap mines and Nuka grenades
    in case you run into tough foes while out and about.

  51. VAULT 92

  ) You'll enter the Vault and a table holds some loot. To the left is another
    table with a holotape and more loot. Clear out the main level of weak
    bloatflies, and there will be doors to the REACTOR (north), SOUND AREA
    (east), LIVING QUARTERS (west), and OVERSEER OFFICE (south). In the
    supply area are loot and [TALES OF A JUNKYARD VENDOR].

  ) Go down to the reactor levels, there are types of MIRELURKS about. Kill
    them all, only misc loot about.


  ) Enter the SOUND TESTING AREA and clear enemies. Loot to look for are
    3 [PRE-WAR BOOKS].

  ) Lastly enter the LIVING QUARTERS and clear enemies. Loot and look for 

  ) Head out of the Vault and fast travel to MUSEUM OF HISTORY and go into
    UNDERWORLD. Talk to AHZRUKHAL in the NINTH CIRCLE area and sell him the
    [SOIL STRADIVARIUS]. SPEECH check him for an extra 100 caps. The quest is
    over. Trave to AGATHA'S HOUSE and let her know you sold the VIOLIN to
    someone else, then Kill her. Now, if you want the BLACKHAWK .44 you can
    give the VIOLIN to Agatha then give her some sheet music to get that
    weapon. While technically you are giving her her stuff to get a nice
    reward, you will take a good karma hit by giving her the stuff. Your
    choice. I didn't need the pistol so I just did it the above way.

  ) Grab some mines and grenades from home we are going to fight some DEATH-
    CLAWS soon. Head back to VAULT 92 and go east towards OLD OLNEY.


  ) All right.. DEATHCLAWS! Time to kill some giant lizards!  Deathclaws are
    very fast, their attacks ignore armor, and are tough to kill. The easiest
    way is to simply lay a line of mines a little apart and just let them
    run through the mines crippling their legs. Then kill away. Good time to
    use big guns at the crippled DEATHCLAWS. Go through the streets of OLD
    OLNEY and kill them, there is about 7. There is minor loot on some bodies
    about town. There are 2 entrances to OLNEY SEWERS.

  ) Enter the sewers. More Deathclaws about. Bunch of loot about including
    and [PROTOTYPE POWER MEDIC ARMOR]. Behind a level 100 locked door is a
    [MINI NUKE].

  ) There is a PROTECTRON in a room but its useless against Deathclaws. Go
    ahead and activate it, and just kill it for its loot.

  ) Leave the sewers and head east out of the city. You'll see a pond where
    some Mirelurks will pop up. Kill them and loot their eggsacks. Head south
    and you'll see a red rocket and a broken down orange trailer truck. Loot
    the trailer for 5 (maybe 1 in machine) [NUKA-COLA QUANTUMS]. If you run
    into an encounter with some people fighting a DEATHCLAW, let the Deathclaw
    kill them (they will loot your quantums if they win).  A mailbox just 
    North of the truck holds a [DUCK AND COVER].

  ) Go East towards the barn silo and find CHASE ACRES DAIRY FARM.


  ) Some Raiders make their base here. Kill them and loot everything. You'll
    find a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] in the silo and [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] on
    the 2nd floor of the barn. 

  *** Have some fun. Go up in the silo tower and wait till dark. Shoot one
      of the cars down below and watch the fireworks. You can actually look
      west to the orange truck you looted earlier and shoot the cab way over
      there from here, and watch that explode also. I shot it with a 10MM. ***

  ) Keep going east towards the electrical towers and you'll find a little
    building, the MDPL-16 POWER STATION.


  ) Some minor loot here. Including a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]. Head NE towards
    THE REPUBLIC OF DAVE on your map.


  ) As you approach the gate you will be questioned. Just tell them you wish
    to speak to DAVE and they will let you in. Close the gate behind you. Now
    head directly up to the main building and enter.

  ) Equip your speech items. Save. Go left and talk to DAVE and convince
    him you are a representative of the wastelands. You can then talk to him
    about a few things (100% SPEECH checks) and and convince him to turn over
    his KEY. Learn what you can and ask about the election and if you can

  ) Save. This quest is a bit buggy. Talk to each of the 4 voters one at a
    time, making sure they go to vote, and leave the voting box (don't get
    stuck). You can talk to ROSIE and BOB and SPEECH check them into running
    for president themselves. Also talk to JESSIE and SHAWNA. Once all 4 of
    them have voted, talk to DAVE. He will leave to check the vote. When he
    leaves, you are free to loot the [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] bottle on the safe,
    and the [OL'PAINLESS] Rifle in the safe. Head to the ballot box and if
    you want to have fun, stealth and hide to the side and keep trying to
    open it. When it does open (DAVE unlocks it) take the ballots marked for
    DAVE and you can actually have ROSIE, etc win the election. This is
    getting wierd, go ahead and kill all the macadamia-nutballs in the town.

  ) Leave and enter the "MUSEUM" building. Take all the loot except for the
    [PERCEPTION BOBBLE-HEAD] we will get that after we hit level 30 which is
    very soon. Fast travel back to CHASTE ACRES DAIRY FARM and head south
    towards the broadcast tower you see. Half way there on the right side are
    some car husks and radioactive pools. In the car shed is [NUKA-COLA
    QUANTUM] and some ammo. Keep going south to the RELAY TOWER KX_B8-11.

  56. RELAY TOWER KX-B8-11

  ) At the Relay tower enter the gate and turn on the power. Now head SE to
    the edge of the rocks. Down below is a Sewer drainage tunnel. Look on
    your local map if your having trouble seeing it. Inside is some loot
    including [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE] and [PRE-WAR BOOK].

  ) Continue SE towards a large watertower and barn silo. Nothing here except
    the outhouse to the east contains [GUNS AND BULLETS].

  ) Go east and down the hill is a radioactive pond with a large overturned
    boxcar container. Inside is a [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS].  Fast travel back to
    the RELAY TOWER KX-B8-11 and this time southwest. You will encounter
    a Raider infested GRISLY DINER.


  ) The Diner is a Raider base but has nice loot, but careful some traps are
    also about. Once inside Raiders will appear to ambush you. Some items
    and [MISSILE LAUNCHER]. Kill the raiders and loot the area.

  *** There are a bunch of cars on the road outside the diner. Try and get
      all 4 of the blue cars burning and watch the fun  ***

  ) North of the Diner on the road is a Bus which has [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER
    RECIPE]. Now you want to head Due south towards the TEMPLE OF THE UNION
    which is already on your map.


  ) Entering this small area you'll be challenged and let into the Temple.
    Head upstairs and talk to HANNIBAL HAMILTON to start the HEAD OF STATE
    quest. Talk to CALEB SMITH and he will request you get a picture of the
    LINCOLN MEMORIAL from the MUSEUM OF HISTORY. Travel to your house you
    want to get all the LINCOLN items (voice, posters, etc) and 1 Nuka or
    Plasma grenade for later.

  ) First Fast travel to the MUSEUM OF HISTORY and head to the offices then
    to the second floor where the picture is hanging over a desk. Now exit
    the MUSEUM and go right (west). Head towards the LINCOLN MEMORIAL, you
    will register MALL NORTHWEST on the way. Continue to the MEMORIAL. At the
    steps SILAS will talk to you. Say you are just about for drinking, killing
    and the like and he will take you to talk to LEROY.

  ) Inside the Memorial shop equip your speech gear and talk to LEROY. He is
    hunting escaped slaves so tell him of the slaves at the TEMPLE OF THE
    UNION. Once done talk to him again before he runs out and sell him all
    your non-essential LINCOLN items (don't sell the rifle of course, or the
    hat if you use it). SPEECH check to get more caps.

  ) Head back to the TEMPLE and head west over the rubble. Wait 1 day and the
    Slavers will appear under the overpass. Don't go talk with them yet, take
    up a position and snipe some of the escaped slaves in the building on the
    2nd floor. I usually leave CALEB on the ground floor alive. Now go talk
    to the slavers and they will attack the building. Run in and kill who ever
    is left (CALEB, the dog, etc) and once all the slaves are dead talk to
    LEROY again to finish.

  ) MM you did bring your grenades along with you right? Now that the slaves
    are dead, all those nice Slavers are standing in one big group. Yes you
    guessed it, kill the Slavers. Who needs the competition right? Now that
    everyone is out of the picture loot the bodies and the TEMPLE OF THE

  ) Head out of the building and go due west, past the overpass and over the
    hills. In the center of a big open area is a small rocket playground item.
    Head there and kill the ROACH KING and his Radroaches. Some minor loot is
    about including a [MINI-NUKE]. Fast travel back to the LINCOLN MEMORIAL
    and loot that also since the Slavers are gone. In LEROY's OPERATIONS
    OFFICE is various loot and a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]. At the interior of the
    Memorial there are 2 trip wires near the back/side entrances and a bed
    area. Now head out and around the back/sides of the memorial where various
    mines and trip wires are set out. Clear them all out.

    You should finally hit level 30 around this point. Put 5 points more into
    MEDICINE, MELEE, SNEAK. Pick ALMOST PERFECT perk to raise up your stats.
    You can now gather up any bobble-heads you run across. There are 2 that
    we already passed up and is time to grab them. The [PERCEPTION BOBBLE-
    HEAD] at the REPUBLIC OF DAVE and the [AGILITY BOBBLE-HEAD] at the

  ) Now you are at level 30. You do not need experience anymore so you can
    skip many things you have been doing to gain experience such as fighting
    random encounters in the wasteland. You can enslave people now for caps
    since killing them for experience is wasteful now. Enslaving is your
    choice personally I have at this point more caps than I need and I want
    to progress in the game so just killing someone is quicker than enslaving
    but its up to you. Now fast travel to SUPERDUPER MART and head south up
    the long hill into the ruins of GRAYDITCH.


  ) The town is filled with FIRE ANTS. They can breathe fire so don't let
    them get close. The Ant warriors are armored good also. Go about and kill
    all that you can about town.

  ) You want the start of the THOSE! quest. If you haven't already talked
    with BRYAN WILKS, search about SUPERDUPER MART and surrounding area 
    until you find him. Sometimes he gets stuck and just stands there. You
    can pass a couple SPEECH checks in order to calm him and get his stash

  ) Search the Dumpster behind the Diner for a stash of loot.

    Search the houses in the area to find his dead father and the shack key.
    Let Bryan know his fathers dead, and search the shack nearby to find the
    close location of MARIGOLD STATION. Finish clearing out the city. To the
    south of the PRESERVATION SHELTER all the way to the barricade the large
    building to your right has a back door marked "Outpost" if you go up the
    hill to the right. Enter to clear out some foes and loot it to find a


  ) Enter and start killing ants. On the first mezzanine enter the manager/
    ticket booth and you'll find a holotape. The key is in a firehose case
    later on. Items you can find in the tunnels are [RIPPER] and [NAUGHTY
    NIGHTWEAR] which grants +10 speech bonus. Taking the NIGHTWEAR will cause
    a NPC LUGNUT to appear and want it. Just kill him.

  ) Head all the way east down the tunnel to the FALLS CHURCH exit. Exit to
    register the area on your map. Before you go back in, there are 2
    Brotherhood soldiers being assaulted by super mutants. Kill the super
    mutants then kill the 2 Soldiers and take their gear. By the metro
    entrance is a table with some minor loot and a bed. Re-enter the MARIGOLD
    STATION and continue with the ant quest.

  ) Talk to DR. LESKO about his experiments. You can learn a lot of info
    about what dumb experiment he's working on. When he asks you to help fix
    the problem ask for "Serious incentive". Go into the next tunnel passage
    and head down to the queens area, killing any ANT GUARDIAN you see. At
    the queen pass the entrance and kill any GUARDIANS further down the
    passage. You don't want to kill the QUEEN or mess with the mutagen box.

  ) Head into the QUEENS room and grab the [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE], [NUKA-
    COLA QUANTUM] and a couple misc loot near the table. Kill the PROTECTRON
    and loot it then leave and head back to DR. LESKO. Let him know you are
    done and get your reward, his lab coat (+10 science, +20 rad resist) which
    is nice but not for you at this level really, and pick ANT MIGHT perk
    giving you +1 strength and +25 fire resist. Your STRENGTH is now 10.

  ) Kill the crochety old dumb doctor and loot his lab. Head back to BRIAN
    WILKS and let him know what happened and next you'll find him a place to
    live. Fast travel to PARADISE FALLS and go talk to EULOGY to let him
    know you have a kid for sale. SPEECH check to get an extra 200 caps.
    Return to BRIAN and have him put the collar on that it will take him to
    his new home. Now fast travel over to the CHRYSLUS BUILDING.


  ) The building has of course, Super Mutants. Kill them and loot everything.
    Some items you'll find about. [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM], [GUNS AND BULLETS] in
    the north reception area room with the Nuka cola machine. [PUGILISM
    ILLUSTRATED] in the top level lower offices in a bucket by Nuka cola
    machine. In the basement a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] is in the west room on
    a metal shelf. Plus TONS of other items like grenades, ingredients, etc.

  ) The Super Mutant Master in the LOWER OFFICES has a master key

  ) Leave and fast travel to BETHESDA RUINS, kill any re-spawned raiders then
    head over the big hill north. A little to the left you'll come to a huge
    junkyard area. This is the SCRAPYARD.


  ) Not much to do here. Run about and you'll encounter DOGMEAT fighting some
    enemies. He usually kills them before you get there. You can make him
    a pet and have him as a follower, or if you like solo, send him off to
    wait for you someplace safe. Hes great at finding things.

  ) In the NW part of the SCRAPYARD is a husk of a tour bus next to a red
    box car. Inside is a ammo crate with [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN], [GUNS AND

  *** lots of Bus's here. Blow stuff up if you want ***

  ) Head east from the scrap yard towards a couple medium sized electrical
    towers. On the other side of them is an abandoned building complex filled
    with Raiders, the WHEATON ARMORY.


  ) Tons of Raiders about, like always kill them all and loot everything.
    Going in the Armory put on your radiation suit and take rad-x. More loot
    is inside, including a level 100 locked/science door. We will come back
    for that later. Nothing else of importance yet.

  ) Leave the armory and head east. You'll go up a hill and if you look to
    the South east you'll see a large factory and a water tower. There is
    also an abandoned town south but there isn't anything there. Head towards
    the factory (has 3 smokestacks) and that is the CORVEGA FACTORY.


  ) Before Heading into the factory, go south of the factory towards the
    broken raised expressway. There is a orange truck and cab. Stand at the
    front cab of the truck and face north, go about 8 steps and there is a
    skeleton. Under the box next to it is the DRIVERS KEY. Enter the back of
    the truck and a couple Raiders will appear to ambush you. Kill them and
    loot the truck for [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER RECEIPE], [MINI NUKE], and
    [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] in the drivers locked footlocker.

  ) Head towards the CORVEGA FACTORY and behind the building is a dumpster
    that holds a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE]. You have to drop into it from the
    rocks above. Exit and now you can enter the Factory.

  ) The Factory is filled with ants, but not the fire-breathing type. Kill
    them all (Deathclaw gauntlet works wonders) and loot everything. Items
    upstairs, and [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS] past the ant queen under some dead

  ) From the factory exit and head northeast. You will find VAULT 108.

  65. VAULT 108

  ) VAULT 108 houses some insane GARY clones. Kill them all and loot the
    vault. Some items are [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] in Living quarters on a
    counter, [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] in Entrance area, and in the Cloning lab

  ) Exit the Vault and head north up the hill towards the large building
    that you see, the ROBOT REPAIR CENTER. Go ahead and bypass this for now
    and keep going north to CANTERBURY COMMONS.


  ) When you arrive in town you will see a good old fashion town showdown
    between the MECHANIST and the ANTAGONIZER. Watch the show and after they
    are done talk to UNCLE ROE and he will give you the chance to help with
    the problem. Also talk to him about the merchants and organizing them.
    You will be able to upgrade each traveling merchant for 700 caps to have
    better inventories. 2800 caps total. Make sure to do this, they will 
    have nice items should you buy from them in the future. 

  ) Talk to the boy DEREK PACION to get more info on the ANTAGONIZER and the
    MECHANIST. Make sure to pickpocket him for a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN].
    Now find DOMINIC and MACHETE'S house in the town, inside you will find
    [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS] and the [HIGHWAYMAN'S FRIEND] tire iron. Head north


  ) Not much is in the ANTAGONIZER area except ants. Kill them and loot what
    you find, and find the ANTAGONIZER on her throne near the back. There is
    a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] next to it. Talk to the ANTAGONIZER and fight her,
    then kill her summoned ants and herself. Take the crazy lady's stuff and
    head out to go to the MECHANIDST home at the ROBOT REPAIR CENTER.


  ) Now head south to the ROBOT REPAIR CENTER. Some robots about kill them
    and loot. You will find a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] on the conveyor belts,
    and in the mechanic's forge is a [NUKA GRENADE]. In the other part of
    his forge is a [LYING CONGRESSIONAL STYLE]. Talk to the MECHANIST and
    give over the ANTAGONIZER armor and he will give you his PROTECTRON'S
    GAZE, a named laser pistol. Just like the other, kill the loony fruitcake
    and take his stuff.

  ) Report back to UNCLE ROE for your reward. Now that we have our reward go
    ahead and kill the inhabitants of the town. At this point I got 4 sets of
    power armor from my inventory, repaired them as best I could and then
    reverse-pickpocketed them onto the 4 traveling merchants. Got to keep
    them nice and safe you know might need to buy and sell stuff to them.

  ) Use the key off JOE to unlock his safe in UNCLE ROE'S bunkhouse. Fast
    travel to GREYDITCH and head nw to the top of the hill to a small building
    and enter the SEWER WAYSTATION.


  ) This small teddy bear factory usually contains some radroaches and their
    bigger cousin radscorpions. Clear them out and loot. A [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM
    is in a broken refrigerator.

  ) On the assembly floor is a sewer grate entrance into the SEWER MAINLINE,
    go ahead and enter it.


  ) The SEWER MAINLINE is a long tunnel that runs from the SEWER WAYSTATION
    under the west part of DC and exits near the Arlington Memorial bridge on
    the Potomac river. Go ahead and explore the sewer system there are a bunch
    of ghouls about with misc bodies and loot.

  ) The north part where you enter has the ghoul GALLO living just west. Kill
    it and loot the area, a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] is in his safe, he carries a
    [TALE OF A JUNKTOWN VENDOR]. The middle part of the tunnels is a multi-
    level area where you can find a storage room with a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE].

  ) The southern tunnel leads back outside by the Arlington Bridge. Don't
    bother going out just head back to the SEWER WAYSTATION. Head outside and
    go southwest towards 3 buildings up on a hill. The center building has
    some stairs leading up to the TALON COMPANY CAMP door. There are 3 Talon
    mercs inside. Kill them and loot the room, a [TUMBLERS TODAY] is on a

  ) Leave the building and the ruined building just south of it is empty, but
    it will spawn a random encounter when you enter so head inside and see
    what pops up. Now head southeast to an overpass bridge. Down below are
    the Raider Molerat races. Kill the Raiders and Molerats.

  ) Keep going south down the highway until the next overpass. A truck and
    trailer hold a few loot boxes, and above a SCAVENGER has a base. Kill him
    and his dogs and grab the loot about, [DUCK AND COVER], [GROGNAK THE

  ) Take a detour and go east from the SCAVENGER camp down to a sewer grate
    protected by a few ghouls. Kill them and enter the small sewer area.
    Inside are more ghouls and a few bodies and areas to loot. As you reach
    the top of the tunnel ghouls will spawn behind you, forcing you to kill
    more of them on the way out.

  ) Exit and start heading south, you'll run into a few raiders on the way.
    the streets will open up into a bigger plaza, on the right you can see
    a big factory of some type with a huge billboard. To the left (east) will
    be an alleyway with a small Raider camp. Kill the Raiders and their guard-
    dogs and loot the camp, finding [GUNS AND BULLETS] and [US ARMY FLAME-
    THROWER] books.

  ) Head over to the factory and register the RED RACER FACTORY but don't go
    in just get it on your map. There are some boxcars and truck cabs on the
    left (south) side of the buiding. A couple Raiders usually are in the
    south lower parking lot. Kill any Raiders about and loot the boxcars and
    truck cabs. One back cab has some misc loot boxes, while the boxcar has
    a body with a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] next to it.

  ) Head south/southeast of the factory/parking lot and there is a small door
    on the left that leads into BAILEY'S CROSSROAD METRO. We are going to
    go work on another DLC.


  ) This is a small metro area with a few feral ghouls in it. Go ahead and
    clear them out and loot. Down on the bottom level there are 2 sections
    to search. One is at the bottom of the stairs and the other is actually
    over the rubble pile in a little hidden grotto. 

  ) Head back to the top level and exit through the other side of the metro
    area into BAILEY'S CROSSROADS.


  ) Be prepared to fight for a bit. Don't worry about looting for now, maybe
    bodies only we will come back to loot after all the fighting is over. As
    you enter BAILEY'S CROSSROADS there will be OUTCAST troopers fighting a
    large group of SUPERMUTANTS.

  ) Head up and help kill the Supermutants. Be careful not to get in the line
    of fire of the OUTCAST weapons if they hit you they themselves will turn
    hostile to you, we don't want that yet. Start off killing any weaker foes
    and then focus on the harder ones (Overlords, etc). Once they are dead
    follow the troopers up a small hill into a ruined building where you again
    will find a bunch of Supermutants to take down.

  ) Once this 2nd group are eliminated make your way to the far side of the
    building and down on the bottom level is a hole in the wall you can exit.
    Careful, after you move through this hole and towards the Outcast Outpost
    more supermutants will spawn again in the building you just left, so head
    back in and take them out also. Head back out of the building and down
    the slope towards the Outpost. Once the OUTCAST OUTPOST is registered on
    your map, take the time to go back and loot all that you want and drop it
    off at home, you won't be back for quite a bit.

  ) Now head to the elevator of the Outpost, DEFENDER MORRILL may be here to
    tell you we need to meet the base commander. If he isn't here he may have
    been killed in the Mutant fight (you probably had a bunch of Overlords)
    so just activate the elevator and head down.

    NOTE: You may run into a glitch where the elevator skips the animation
          sequence of it moving and you arrive instantly at the bottom and it
          doesn't open. Don't panic wait about 10 seconds and use the controls
          to go back up, then try again.

  ) Once in the outpost approach SIBLEY and he will take you to PROTECTOR
    MCGRAW who will give you the background of what benefit you can be to the
    information they are trying to get. Once he is done talking SIBLEY will
    head to the Pod chamber. Don't follow him yet, take the time fully loot
    the base areas you have access to. There are a lot of containers to
    search and things to pick up. If you want you can kill any generic OUTCAST
    guards about, plus you can go upstairs and sneak kill the 2 gun turrets.
    There is a [POWER FIST] upstairs.

  ) When you are ready it's time to enter the OPERATION ANCHORAGE DLC. You
    cannot take any gear or followers into or out of the DLC. Go to the pod
    room where SIBLEY awaits. Talk to Scribe OLIN when you are ready and put
    on the Simulator Suit that you are given. Open and enter the Simulation
    Pod and we are off! Have fun, it's going to be a cold cold one.





  ) Once done with the Anchorage Dlc and ready to continue, fast travel to
    RIVET CITY and head west until you reach the JEFFERSON MEMORIAL.


  ) Probably a few mutant guards. On the side of the main stairwell are the
    door entrances to the GIFT SHOP. Head inside.

  ) There are 3 areas to the building. The entrance area that you are in,
    in the far back is the doorway down into the sub-basement, and the doors
    to the Rotundra. Clear the entrance area and the sub-basement of mutants.
    Then enter the Rotundra. Not much in the building other than a dozen or
    so HOLOTAPES which you want to find and listen to. The last one, number
    10 is the main one you want. Listening to the holotapes, especially 10,
    tells you that your dad went to find VAULT 112.

  ) Fast travel to ANACOSTIA CROSSING near RIVET CITY. Go ahead and enter the


  ) A few raiders about, and a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] on a table in the upper
    north area. Clear and loot. MUSEUM STATION is to the north but we want
    to head east to SEWARD SQUARE.


  ) A section of DC, a few things to do around the area. Start looking over
    the streets. You will come to an alley where a mad PREACHER is yelling
    over a loudspeaker. There is a hostage at the entrance. The alley is 
    mined. You can kill the PREACHER if you don't get too close and pick up
    the [MINI NUKES] and mines. The alley is just NW of ANACOSTIA CROSSING.

    *** Save and have fun sending the hostage down the alley ****

  ) Near the alleyway to the NE is the REILLY'S RANGERS HQ. You can enter
    and its a good safe haven. Good loot includes [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS] on a
    generator and a [POWER FIST] in a footlocker. Loot, rest, and re-enter

    *** NOTE: the room with the DEAN'S has the toolbox in front of it. This
        book is bugged, often it will fall under the generator and cannot
        be taken. re-load from your automatic saved game and keep trying
        until the book is on top of the generator, not under it, sadly this
        is only like 10% of the time  ***

  ) On the north side of the area is a sewer grate. (just east of the metro
    down a narrow alley). Enter this small tunnel area to find [TUMBLERS
    TODAY] in the rubble to the far SE. A couple Super Mutants in here.

  ) Just west of the sewer alley is the PENN. AVE/SEWARD SQUARE METRO. This
    small area connects SEWARD SQUARE and PENNSYLVANIA AVE. NORTH. There are
    some Ghouls here, but nothing worth finding. Don't even bother going in.

  ) Near the PENN/STEWARD METRO is the large entrance into the CAPITAL
    BUILDING area. A TALON MERC sniper probably is on the catwalk above so
    shoot him down. There is a doorway nearby leading to a generic OFFICE
    BUILDING but do NOT go in there yet. Instead head into the large CAPITAL
    area and head across the area. You will see some Super mutants and they
    will start a fight with some approaching TALON COMPANY mercs. At this
    time its a good idea to start hitting any mutant OVERLORDS hard and fast
    because the TALON merc's won't last long.

  ) Once they are all dead and looted, we need to prepare for the next part.
    I'll explain what is going to happen. When we enter the OFFICE BUILDING
    and arrive on the catwalk above, super mutants and TALON mercs will spawn
    in the CAPITAL area, except on this side of the map instead of where you
    fought the first group. The Mercs will appear directly below you and move
    to the sandbags, and across at the Capital the mutants will appear and
    move down the steps. So we will prepare for them.

  ) Grab a bunch of Frag mines and a [FATMAN]. Before going up lay a bunch
    of mines on the steps and area that the mutants will be coming down. Ready
    your [FATMAN] and head up through the OFFICE BUILDING and onto the
    catwalk and stealth. Move to the open part and Nuke the TALON mercs when
    they appear. Wait until the mutants have walked through the mines, then
    head down and go finish off who ever is left. You can throw the switch
    on the catwalk to call artillery onto the group also, but I like using a
    Fatman much better. Finish looting. In a PULOWSKI PRESERVATION SHELTER is


  ) The CAPITAL BUILDING as a few different areas, you will be entering into
    CAPITAL BUILDING EAST. There are a lot of Supermutants about. Clear the
    area and loot to find [TALES OF A JUNKTOWN VENDOR], and a [NUKA-COLA
    QUANTUM] in another room.

  ) Enter into the CAPITAL BUILDING WEST area, where you will encounter Super
    Mutants taking on an invading force of Talon Mercenaries. You can SNEAK
    and sit back and let them wear each other down if you want. Progressing
    you will enter the Capital Dome area where a SUPER MUTANT BEHEMOTH is
    engaged with the fight. Lots of loot about, a [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER
    RECIPE] is on a table, [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] on a table somewhere.

  ) Enter the HALL OF COLUMNS a Talon sniper is on the 2nd balcony, along with
    a [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE] on the back railing. Farther down a locked
    room holds loot and a [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL].

    podium.  Once all areas cleared, exit the building via the CAPITAL
    BUILDING WEST area back into the MALL.

  ) Lets clear the MALL some. Hug the north side of the MALL killing any
    foes about. You'll find the NATIONAL ARCHIVES but pass it and keep heading
    north to THE MALL NORTHEAST. Go down the metro to PENN AVE/THE MALL


  ) Enter this small metro area clearing out the Ghouls. Nothing much here
    but go across and exit to PENNSYLVANIA AVE SOUTH. Just register it here
    and re-enter the Metro and head back to the MALL. Go ahead and enter the
    NATIONAL ARCHIVES (from the front door).


  ) Enter, watch out for Super mutants and traps. There are a few items you
    want in this Building. In the National Archives entrance there is a
    [DUCK AND COVER] and 2 [MISSILES] on the bottom level, some [PRE-WAR BOOKS
    scattered about, and 6 PRICE VOUCHERS in a safe upstairs. SYDNEY is in
    the Rotundra surrounded by mines. You can help defend her from a onslaught
    of Super Mutants. After, talk to her and get her terminal password to
    activate the elevator lift. Then kill her and get her 10MM "ULTRA"

  ) Stop at the entranceway quiz computer terminals and take the quiz. Once
    you get all questions right (you can retake all you want) you'll get a
    prize voucher. Take all 7 vouchers to the reward terminal to the right and
    pick GRAPE mentats, since the other colors just duplicate regular drugs.

  ) Now enter ARCHIVE SUB-BASEMENT and head through, picking up [DUCK AND
    COVER], a [SHEET MUSIC BOOK] which you really don't need, and a [MINI-
    NUKE] behind the lv100 locked gate. Proceed through to the next area.

  ) Enter ARCHIVAL SECURE WING EAST where at the end you can get the [BILL OF

  ) Lastly end up at the ARCHIVAL STRONGROOM where you'll encounter a BUTTON
    GWINNETT robot. Go ahead and kill it and the turrents. Take [BUTTONS WIG]
    off the floor, and use the terminal to unlock all the doors.  Take the
    VENDOR]. Go ahead and exit back to the MALL. (you can keep your items at
    home for now).

  ) Fast travel over to the MALL NORTHWEST and enter the GEORGETOWN/THE MALL


  ) A small metro section. [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] is in the ticket
    booth, and a few Ghouls about. Go through and exit into GEORGETOWN SOUTH.
    Just register it on the map, then fast travel back to the MALL NORTHWEST.

  ) Swing around south west around the water till you hit the metro on that
    side, and register the MALL SOUTHWEST. Enter the metro, HAZMAT DISPOSAL
    SITE L5.


  ) Not really much here except a few enemies. Just run down to the Nuka Cola
    machine and see if you can get a QUANTUM from it. Exit back to the MALL.

  ) Now head east, past the big bus is a exposed drain pipe in the walkway,
    enter this into the MIRELURK NESTING HOLE.


  ) Bunch of Mirelurks in the cave, with minor loot all over. In the last
    big chamber there is [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] on a ledge up to the south and
    a [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] down in a little alcove on a ledge up
    to the north. Exit back into the MALL.

  ) Fast travel to GEORGETOWN SOUTH you were at earlier.


  ) Time to clear out this DC area, then we can move back out into the waste-
    land. You'll fast travel and arrive in the SW by the GEORGETOWN/THE MALL
    METRO. Head east down the street. You will arrive in a large open square.
    Probably Super Mutants here. Stay back and shoot the many cars about and
    blow them up from a distance, open the area up some.

  ) LA MAISON BEAUREGARD is a small house on the south side (east of the
    GEORGETOWN/THE MALL metro). A couple Super Mutants are inside. Loot inside
    with some other loot.

  ) the PENN. AVE/GEORGETOWN is by GEORGETOWN EAST. This small tunnel area
    connects GEORGETOWN EAST with PENN. AVE NORTHWEST. Go through the tunnel
    and exit into PENN. AVE NORTHWEST and register it on your map. Go back
    in the metro and at the bottom is a small sleeping area. Messing with it
    will make a few Raiders and a guard dog come down to investigate. Exit
    back up to GEORGETOWN.

  ) Directly north of the metro entrance is a Super Mutant on a balcony with
    a missile launcher. Make sure to kill him fast. West across from him
    is a 2 story abandoned house with traps at the entrance. Upstairs is
    a Raider body with a [SNIPER RIFLE].

  ) Keep going west you'll find MCCLELLEN FAMILY TOWNHOME. There is a [LYING
    CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] on a table. You can also activate the MR HANDY
    robot and it can help with fighting in the street.

  ) Go north to GEORGETOWN NORTH. Enter the FOGGY BOTTOM STATION metro. This
    metro tunnel area has 4 exits, don't worry about exiting just loot the
    area and kill the enemies. Some loot are [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM], a [NIKOLA
    TESLA AND YOU] on a cabinet, and [DANIELLE'S BOOK] on a east bench. Head
    back into GEORGETOWN.

  ) Go west past the Metro entrance to TEPID SEWER and into the second floor
    of the building to the west. A [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] is on the shelf.
    Continue west to the RADIATION KING where a Scavenger lives. Next to that
    the GROCERS holds a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM].

  ) Head south and into the DCTA TUNNEL 014-B POTOMAC doorway. Mirelurks guard
    a [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE] in the south area. Head NW through the tunnel
    system and exit into ARLINGTON UTILITY.


  ) This tunnel system runs from DCTA TUNNEL 014-B POTOMAC to ARLINGTON
    CEMETERY NORTH. Some Raiders and Mirelurks. A [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER
    RECIPE] is on the second floor of a kitchen area. Exit into ARLINGTON
    CEMETERY NORTH. Just exit to register the area on the map. Head back to
    MEGATON and rest/buy/etc.

  ) Now lets find Dad. Fast travel to JURY STREET METRO STATION and head NW
    to the water tower. Start walking West and you'll see another water tower
    far ahead, head towards that. Half way there is a huge hole in the ground
    and at the bottom is a overturned Army truck with [ALIEN POWER CELLS]
    under it. Get those and continue west to the watertower where FORT
    BANNISTER is located.


  ) Careful this is a big base for the TALON MERCENARIES. Lots of Talon
    Company troops outside and some loot. Wipe them out. There are 2 separate
    underground areas at FORT BANNISTER. Up on the hill are 2 doors leading
    to the MAIN area, and around the tents are 2 entrances to the BUNKER/
    COMMANDERS area.

  *** Note, Talon Mercs will spawn at certain points, so not only do you have
      the fixed troops to kill, but others will spawn as you progress to 
      certain areas as back-up  ***

  ) Enter the main area and clear it out. In a locked ammo room are [FAT MAN],

  ) Now enter the BUNKER/COMMANDERS underground area and clear it out, lots of
    troops, turrents, and loot about. [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] under stairs in the
    south area. [GUNS AND BULLETS] on top of a gun cabinet. The commander
    carries the [OCCAM'S RAZOR] Combat knife. A [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] is
    hidden in a hard to reach bunker platform. In the room with a empty Silo
    and stairs up, about half way up is a platform you can jump/drop to which
    has the book and a ammo box.

  ) Exit Fort Bannister and head SW and you'll run into a raider camp, the


  ) The Raiders have the entranceway mined. Kill the raiders and loot. A copy
    of [DUCK AND COVER] is on the second floor.

  ) Head North/Northwest to an run down house, a SCAVENGER lives here. The
    footlockers have some good armor, and a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] is also here.
    From the CHARNEL HOUSE, head due west towards a broadcast tower. Turn it
    on when you get there to get SIGNAL PAPA NOVEMBER radio broadcast.

  ) Now head due West from the broadcast tower and keeping an eye on your
    local radar, near the last west hex on your map is the small entrance to


  ) Two areas of tunnels, the YAO GUAI TUNNELS and the YAO GUAI den. Swing
    through the TUNNELS and kill any YAO GUAI about and loot. A [NUKA-COLA
    QUANTUM] sits on a picnic table. Enter the DEN and a the [SNEAK BOBBLE-
    HEAD] sits on a box. Next to it in the water is a [YAO GUAI DEN NOTE].
    continue out the south exit of the den back into the TUNNELS. You will be
    up on a ledge area. A dead raider with a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] is up

  ) Leave the tunnels and exit, and head south/southeast to about the center
    of the hex that is southeast of the YAO GUAI TUNNELS. You will find the
    secret entrance to ROCKOPOLIS. It is a fake boulder, and the tree next
    to it has purple flags on it to help mark the location.


  ) A Small room, it holds the body of ARGYLE. The [UNARMED BOBBLE-HEAD] is
    next to the body and a HOLOTAPE sits on a table explaining that slavers
    took away the inhabitants of the area. Now exit and head due east, you
    will see a small warehouse with a Red Rocket structure out front. This is
    SMITH CASEY'S GARAGE.  Just mark it for now we will come right back here.

  ) Make sure you have a sniper rifle or long distance weapon with you. A
    STEALTHBOY wouldn't hurt either.

  ) Continue east from SMITH CASEY'S GARAGE and you will run into a huge 
    complex filled with Raiders, EVERGREEN MILLS.


  ) This is a large complex filled with Raiders. You will be approaching from
    the high west area. The east valley out of the area is mined. Not only
    are there Raiders about, trapped by the Raiders is a SUPER MUTANT BEHEMOTH
    who you are going to have some fun with.

  ) From atop the cliff overlooking the complex, head east (south) of the 
    complex. From there you can view the SUPER MUTANT BEHEMOTH trapped in his
    cage. At the base of the cage entrance on the left is the power generator
    that keeps him in. With a weapon destroy the generator. The BEHEMOTH gets
    loose and attacks the Raiders outside. While they are battling you can
    slip down and mop up the leftovers. Kill everything and loot. Take out
    the slaves in the pens before you open their cage.


  ) Enter the main FOUNDRY area and kill any Raiders about and loot. Upstairs
    is a locked room holding a [FATMAN]. The key is in another room down the
    hall. a [DUCK AND COVER] is on the roof of one of the passages. You need
    to jump down on top of it.

  ) Now enter the BAZAAR area, and kill all Raiders and loot what you need.
    a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] behind a bar, [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] in the upstairs
    holding cell (key is on a raider), [BARTER BOBBLE-HEAD] near SMILING JACK,
    and the [TERRIBLE SHOTGUN] that SMILING JACK has. Just kill him and take
    his loot.

  ) Leave the complex when done and go back to SMITH CASEY'S GARAGE.


  ) To the north of the GARAGE up on the hill you can see a military outpost.
    Lots of ammo here, but once in a while a robot will be stationed here and
    attack you.

  ) Enter the garage and clear out the minor foes. [TUMBLERS TODAY] is behind
    the counter in a open safe. [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] in a bucket. Push the
    switch in the next room to open the basement. Head down and enter VAULT

  90. VAULT 112

  ) As you enter you are greeted by some Robobrains. Take the Vault 112 suit
    they give you and equip it, follow the tunnels to the Tranquility
    room. On the bottom level near the pods is a armory which you can get into
    for some basic loot. The Overseer key is here which can hack the terminal
    upstairs for the Overseer's room.

  ) When ready access the non-broken unoccupied Tranquility Pod, then sit in
    the seat. Once in the virtual world talk to BETTY at the playground. She
    will give you a series of tasks to do in order to earn her favor.

    1) Make TIMMY cry. He usually is at the lemonaid stand. Simply doing a
       SPEECH check to convince him his parents are breaking up. Or you can
       punch him.
    2) Break up the ROCKWELL'S marriage. Simply talk to MRS. ROCKWELL and tell
       her that her husband is cheating on her (SPEECH check).
    3) Kill MRS. HENDERSON. Enter the HENDERSON household and you can rig a
       variety of objects to kill her. Rig the Stove, chandelier, and the
       roller skate. When she enters her house wait until she activates one
       of them and dies.

    NOTE: There is currently a bug where MRS. HENDERSON isn't found anywhere.
       If you go to MARTHA SIMPSON and ask about MRS. HENDERSON sometimes
       that will cause her to spawn and talk to each other, then go wait
       outside the HENDERSON home, "wait" a couple hours and see if she starts
       to wander back to her house. Try talking to other people also. If all
       else fails you can activate the FAILSAFE which I will explain.

    4) Kill everyone. Go behind the abandoned house and get the SLASHER KNIFE
       and MASK then go kill everyone. Easy as that. Talk to BETTY once the
       quest is complete and She/He will open the exit back into the real

  ) If you run into trouble in the simulator (can't find MRS. HENDERSON, etc)
    you can Activate the in-simulator failsafe which will end the simulation.
    Enter the abandoned home and interact with the objects inside. Use them
    in this order to do it correctly. It plays the theme of the area..

    Activate the Radio, Pitcher, Gnome, Pitcher, Cinder block, Gnome, Bottle.
    Then pick the CHINESE FAILSAFE choice to have fake soldiers kill the
    inhabitants putting them out of their misery. Then talk to Betty again.
    He/she will open the EXIT DOOR so you can leave.

  ) Once out of the simulation talk to your dad to continue with the WATERS
    OF LIFE quest. Head out to RIVET CITY but stop first at your house and
    pick up the [MAGNA CARTA] if you still have it. Go to RIVET CITY and down
    to talk to ABRAHAM WASHINGTON and turn in the [DECLARATION OF
    INDEPENDENCE], then sell off your [MAGNA CARTA], [BILL OF RIGHTS] and you
    probably don't need [LINCOLN'S HAT] anymore either, sell that off.

  ) Head to the science lab and your and Dr. Li talk for a bit. After talk
    to your dad again to continue with the quest and head over to the
    JEFFERSON MEMORIAL. Make sure it's cleared of foes (you should have done
    that already) and then wait 24 hours and enter the Rotundra. Your Dad
    will give you a list of tasks to get the place up and running again.

    1) Turn on Flood Control. Head to the basement and use the wall button
       to turn it on.
    2) Replace fuses. Return to your dad, get new fuses then head back to the
       basement and replace the fuses.
    3) Mainframe. Head directly to the mainframe and turn it on, Talk on the
       nearby intercom to your dad to continue.

    NOTE: At this point, return to your house. We will be doing some fighting
       soon so make sure you are healed, armored, weapons, etc. Don't overload
       with items we will be carrying around a bunch of power armor soon.

    4) Pipe clogged. Head to the Pipe Intake in the NE part of the Gift Shop
       area. Once you turn on the pipes, a minute later ENCLAVE soldiers
       arrive at the memorial.

  ) FIGHT TIME! The ENCLAVE forces have arrived in the game. Exit the pipe in
    the other direction and clear out the Enclave soldiers from the basement,
    then head up to the Gift shop level and clear them out. Enter the Rotundra
    and watch the event. Follow Dr. Li down into the TAFT tunnels through the
    manhole in the Gift shop. 

  ) You'll lead them through the TAFT tunnels where you'll encounter ENCLAVE
    troops and later on Ghouls. Keep them safe and try and loot the ENCLAVE
    soldiers of their armor, especially TESLA armor, and Plasma weapons. At
    one point you'll enter a door and see a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] on a table to
    the front-left. Next to it is [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU]. Also a [CHINESE
    ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] is behind a screen.

  ) Finally at the end of the tunnels you will find a BROTHERHOOD outpost.
    Once inside, a wave of Ghouls will attack. Kill them off. Some mines
    outside the doorway once everyone is in works great. You will exit the
    final tunnel into the wasteland near the CITADEL. Dr Li. walks up and gets
    them to open the gates. Enter, and pass through the inner gates into the


  ) You will enter the Citadel with Dr. Li and her crew. After talking to
    ELDER LYON, Li moves into the area. Talk to ELDER LYON yourself and ask
    about power armor training. Move about and explore the CITADEL.

  ) Some items about. [GUNS AND BULLETS] under the bed of VARGAS, in A-ring.
    [DUCK AND COVER] in a bathroom in the Laboratory. [POWER ARMOR] and a
    safe in B-ring.

  ) Talk to Paladin GUNNY to be able to wear power armor. Find Scribe 
    ROTHCHILD who will let you use the nearby terminal to learn what you need
    to know about Vault locations. 

  ) Talk to SAWBONES the robotic doctor and ask him to heal you. He will
    hurt you instead. Repair him. From now on any time he heals you you will
    have +2 endurance and +2 perception for about 3 hours. Scribe JAMESON
    will give you 100 caps per [BROTHERHOOD HOLOTAG] up to a certain point in
    the game. Can get some extra caps out of it.

  ) Once finished it's time to head out and do our 3rd DLC the PITT, we have
    to travel north of PARADISE FALLS to reach it. First head to home to
    TENPENNY TOWERS and talk to MR. TENPENNY about CRAWLEY wanting you to
    kill him. He will counter offer with more caps and SPEECH check to get
    an extra 100 to kill CROWLEY instead. Fast travel to UNDERWORLD and now
    wipe out the ghoul infested town. Kill all the ghouls in it, leaving
    REILLY in the chop shop area alive, we need her later. She will actually
    help you kill ghouls if you attack them near her.

  ) Once all the ghouls are dead loot everything and head back to MR. TENPENNY
    and let him know about CROWLEY. You should have all 3 keys, from TED
    STRAYER, DUKOV, and DAVE. We will need them soon.

  ) Fast travel to PARADISE FALLS and head west to the small road and then
    north up the hillside. You will come to a roadway with a lot of ruined
    cars. Continue due north and in a small clearing will be a small ant hill,
    the MUSTY CAVERN. Inside are a few ants and minor loot.

  ) Continue due north towards the large 3 satellite dish array you see in the
    distance. In the huge open field before it there is a lone tent. Loot it
    for [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] and [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]. Head NW to the left of
    the huge array and there is a small shack area with a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]
    sitting on the roof (?). Also inside is [SCHEMATIC-SCHISHKEBAB]. Now go
    up to the 3 towers, the SATCOM ARRAY.


  ) This trio of towers make up NN-03D. They consist of towers A, B, and C.
    There are also some Raiders both on the towers and inside. Kill and loot

  ) In tower C there is the only real good loot. a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] is
    on a toilet, and on the very top dish tower there is a target dummy that
    has 2 [MINI NUKES]. I wouldn't even bother with towers A and B. 

  ) Head east from the towers down into the valley. You will see a little
    building with the power line towers. This is the MDPL-21 POWER STATION.


  ) Not much here except a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] inside the station. Fast
    travel back to the SATCOM ARRAY NN-O3D and this time head west/northwest
    towards FORT CONSTANTINE, which is already on your map.


  ) There are 3 structures that compose this area. Near the entrance gates
    is the CO QUARTERS HUT, and the larger building the PERSONNEL OFFICES.
    Down the road up on a hill is the BOMB STORAGE BUILDING. For now, clear
    any robots roaming the outside area and enter the small CO HUT.

  ) In the buildings are plenty of robots of all types. The CO'S HUT has a
    underground passageway that leads up to the BOMB STORAGE building. Along
    the way you can find [GUNS AND BULLETS] on a bed, [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] in
    a broken fridge in the kitchen, [BIG GUNS BOBBLE-HEAD] in the basement

  ) Following the underground passage, you will enter into the LAUNCH CONTROL
    BUNKER. a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] and [DUCK AND COVER] are on desks about.
    You have all the special keys to get around, so no door should be any 

  ) Continue on to the BOMB STORAGE basement. There are some locked storage
    rooms and the main vault room. Lots of loot, and a [GUNS AND BULLETS] in
    one of the locked storage rooms. Inside the main vault room is the 
    and some [MINI NUKES] along with another [MINI NUKE] upstairs. 

  ) After clearing out any enemy robots, you can leave the building and go
    down the hill back towards the CO QUARTERS HUT, and then enter the 
    PERSONNEL OFFICES building. Not much about but a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN]
    is behind a locked door.

  ) Head back to the SATCOM ARRAY and now you want to head north up the big
    mountains, its quite a chore trying to work your way around. Your goal is
    the far north part of the map where a tall tower can be seen way up on the
    mountain. Head here, the RADIO TOWER.


  ) Arriving at this location, you will find WERHNER being attacked by a few
    PITT RAIDERS. After killing the Raiders off, talk to WERHNER to find out
    about the situation that is occuring in the PITT. He will ask for your
    help in finding a cure to something something what ever, we just want a
    reward so agree to help him.

  ) You are now pointed in the direction to the west. Instead head east and go
    about 1 map hex to the east to find a radioactive pool of water and
    barrels where a [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE] and some misc loot.

  ) now head back to the RADIO TOWER and continue west, until you come to
    to the TRAIN TUNNEL.


  ) This small area is the entrance to THE PITT DLC. There is a group of
    slavers here led by RAMSEY. Some misc loot is about also. Talk to RAMSEY
    about the slaves and pay 600 caps and buy them. Open the slave pens and
    go ahead and kill your 3 slaves, we don't need them really. Loot their
    bodies and the body of a 4th dead slave to get [WORN SLAVE OUTFIT] and

  ) You really don't need the outfits but hey, we have them so when ready
    you can enter the door to the TRAIN TUNNEL. This will take you inside
    where WERHNER awaits. We can now use the HAND CART to take us to THE PITT.





  ) Once you are done with the PITT, you probably will exit and get a VAULT
    101 RADIO SIGNAL. When you are done clearing your items out of the PITT
    fast travel over to VAULT 101 and enter. At the Vault door you want to
    access your radio options and listen to the VAULT 101 radio messages to
    get the new password.

  ) Open the vault door and enter. There are a couple dead bodies of Steve
    and Jim (who ever they are) and open the next door and officer ARMSTRONG
    will be there to talk to you. A few radroaches still seem to be hanging
    about the vault also. Once done talking head down and into the UPPER

  ) At the upper level old TAYLOR is talking to a Tunnel snake rebel and
    scares him off. Talk to TAYLOR then head up the stairs to the left. You
    will have OFFICER WILKINS and OVERSEER MACK attacking you. Kill both of
    them and proceed. Loot and open the jail cell area to talk to MR. BROTCH.
    Use the nearby terminal to read RAID PLANS. Contine to the end of the
    upper level and into the Overseer's office. Read the note on the ENCLAVE
    on his terminal, open the Overseer passage and go through back to the
    Vault 101 entrance.

  ) now head back down to upper level, and go through the doors down into
    lower level. You can explore about some, talk with a few rebels, but
    overall the vault is not worth worrying about.


  ) Once you enter you will be near 2 Brotherhood troops who are fighting 
    some Super Mutants. Help them and kill the Mutants, making sure that the
    Brotherhood soldier PALADIN HOSS survives. Talk to him and start the
    quest THE LOST INITIATE. Follow HOSS south and he will head across a
    bridge into Super Mutant occupied territory. Kill everything. Now you need
    to go into the office building in front of you and find the Initiate PEK.

  ) Enter the office building and clear it of Super Mutants. other than normal
    loot there is a [TUMBLERS TODAY] on a desk. In the back room is PEK. Take
    him outside and PALADIN HOSS will thank you.

  ) Now head back north over the bridge and go east. You will come to a 2
    story run down office building occupied by Super Mutants. Clear it and
    continue east to a big green building L.O.B. ENTERPRISES. Enter. (FALLS
    CHURCH EAST will register)


  ) Lots of Robots inside. Also lots of component loot. The main area will
    contain [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] and [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] on shelves.

  ) Next head into the ARCHIVES area and clear it out, you can find a [CHINESE
    ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] on a desk.

  ) Last, head into the EAST WING and clear, looking about in the CEO's office
    you can find a [MINI NUKE] on a light rafter, [TUMBLERS TODAY], and a
    special Chinese pistol [ZHU-RONG V418].

  ) Finish clearing and mapping the FALLS CHURCH area you'll register FALLS


  ) A short tunnel this leads to ARLINGTON CEMETERY SOUTH. But don't worry
    about going there yet just find the [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER RECIPE] in a
    dumpster that you have to jump in. Return to FALLS CHURCH.

  ) Head over and into the FALLS CHURCH/MASON DST METRO. 


  ) Enter and clear out the metro tunnel area of some Ghouls and Raiders. You
    can find a [DUCK AND COVER] in a ticket booth, and a [DC JOURNAL OF
    MEDICINE] in a bathroom. Head far east and exit into the FRANKLIN METRO


  ) This tunnel system is a dead end, but there is tons of loot here, and a
    lot of Ghouls. Its also radiated, so you might want to put on your Rad
    suit, and/or take a Rad-X. Kill all the Ghouls and grab a lot of loot.

  ) Some items are [TUMBLERS TODAY] near the entrance/exit. [GUNS AND BULLETS]
    downstairs with a [STEALTHBOY], [MINI NUKE] at the end of a flooded 
    tunnel, [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER RECIPE] on a shelf, and the flamethrower
    [BURNMASTER] in a freight car along with a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]. Exit
    back into FALLS CHURCH/MASON DST METRO and exit the north exit into


  ) The MASON DISTRICT is a small area linked by 3 tunnel systems, and is the
    base of some Super Mutants. Exiting from the FALLS CHURCH/MASON DST METRO
    you will be up on a metro platform, down in the city area the Super 
    Mutants have a camp, and a captive. I just let them see me and they all
    ran up to me in a group of about 7, which a nice nuka grenade finished.

  ) Clear out the Super Mutants and loot the area. In a PULOWSKI PRESERVATION
    ELECTRONICS]. On the second story of a building in the southwest area is
    a [GUNS AND BULLETS]. The FLOODED METRO is to the south, but for now
    enter the HUBRIS COMICS in the northwest.


  ) A shattered building, a bunch of Ghouls make this their home. As always
    kill them all and loot the area. Beware there are many traps in the area.
    In the entrance PUBLISHING area you can find [TALES OF A JUNKTOWN VENDOR]
    on a shelf.

  ) In the PRINTING area a tough little Wastelander MAD JOHNNY WES is hold up
    and is fortified behind some Turrents. Blast the sucker. Near him is a
    [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] and a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]. You can also try 
    turning on the printing press that is nearby. Oops.. Do not use explosive
    weapons against him, you might blow the GROGNAK someplace you can't find.

  ) Find and enter the UTILITY TUNNELS and eliminate all foes, and find a
    [DEANS ELECTRONICS] on a desk. Exit the tunnels into the capital waste-
    land, you will come out just north of WILHELM'S WARF. Usually just north
    of you is where the normal Raider/Mutant fight occurs. So take out any
    foes to the north then head south to WILHELM'S WARF.


  ) This small waterside bar area is home to GRANDMA SPARKLE and her 2 sons
    who hunt Mirelurks by the river. Her 2 sons never return by the way, just
    in case you were wondering. Go ahead and kill old GRANDMA and loot her

  ) Just off the docks is a large submerged boat with loot about it. Head
    southeast down the road and a bridge on the left leads over to ANCHORAGE
    MEMORIAL. There are a bunch of [FRAG MINES] you can disarm and take. Keep
    going down the road and head to the right to register the ARLINGTON/
    WASTELAND METRO but don't go in.

  ) Keep heading south down the road you'll see a large ramp leading up to
    the Arlington Memorial Bridge. A Raider camp is set up to the left under
    the collapsed section. Clear it out and loot. The COUNTRY SEWER MAINLINE
    tunnel exit is also nearby, and the CITADEL is directly south.

  ) Fast travel back to HUBRIS COMICS and head all the way south through the
    area until you reach the FLOODED METRO. Enter.


  ) Bunch of Mirelurks, you'll find a couple items in here on the way through
    to the other side. a [GUNS AND BULLETS] is behind a transformer, and the
    [SHOCKER] in a chamber on a barrel. A [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] is here also.

  ) This is a long convoluted tunnel system, multi-levels. Eventually you
    will climb up a huge stairwell, go through some cave tunnels and reach


  ) Outside head up so you register the FLOODED METRO on your map. Take the
    near the stairs. To the southeast you can see a bunch of vehicles. To the
    left of them is a Raider outpost.

  ) Head into the outpost from the small bridge/walkway to your left. There
    is a gun turrent overhead. Kill the Raiders, and you'll find a LOT of loot
    in the outpost. You'll also find a [TUMBLERS TODAY], [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM],

  *** Yep, time to blow up all those vehicles. gonna be a huge explosion ***

  ) Fast travel to ARLINGTON CEMETERY NORTH which is already on your map.


  ) A big area, but only a few things here. Start heading south and on the
    west side of the cemetary is a little house, the ARLINGTON HOUSE. Enter
    and loot, you'll find a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] and the [LUCK BOBBLE-HEAD].

  ) Exit and continue south, exiting the cemetery and discovering ARLINGTON
    and on the east side is MAMA DOLCE'S. Before entering enter the large
    shipping container near some barrels and you'll find a body, and also a


  ) There are 3 areas to the building, the PROCESSED FOOD area, the FOOD
    DISTRIBUTION area, and the LOADING YARD. Some Ghouls inhabit the place,
    actually Chinese soldier Ghouls, not the regular American type. Kill them
    and loot the 3 areas. You can find rare [DIRTY CHINESE JUMPSUIT] on the

  ) In the PROCESSED FOOD area you can find a [GUNS AND BULLETS] and a [DEANS

  ) In the FOOD DISTRIBUTION area you can find a [TUMBLERS TODAY] by dropping
    down a hole into a cave-like area, a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM], and a [POWER
    FIST] is in a footlocker.

  ) In the LOADING YARD you can find a [GUNS AND BULLETS] and a [CHINESE ARMY
    TRAINING MANUAL]. They are on the 2 catwalks with the snipers.

  ) Fast travel back to ARLINGTON NORTH, and enter the ARLINGTON/WASTELAND


  ) Not much here, just pass through the area and exit into CAPITAL WASTELAND
    again. Fast travel to the FLOODED METRO at the south of the map.

  ) From the metro head west following the street. You'll come to a warehouse
    with some chimneys. This is the NUKA-COLA PLANT. Don't enter, go around
    back and there are some truck trailers. One trailer holds a [NUKA-COLA
    QUANTUM]. Head left around the building then north, there will be an
    ENCLAVE outpost up ahead. Clear it out and loot, then go up the stairs
    north to DOTS DINER. Inside loot and [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER MANUAL].

  ) Head southwest/west up the hill to the truck and trailer at the top. You
    will find [DEANS ELECTRONICS] in the back. Now head west into ANDALE.

  110. ANDALE

  ) This small group of houses has 3 main homes. The WILSONS, the SMITHS and
    old man HARRIS. Go about and chat with them, old man HARRIS starts talking
    about the others being killers. The others say hes old and senile. Head
    out to the shed behind the houses and pick the very hard [100] lock and
    enter. Seems old man HARRIS was right, looks like this bunch of folk
    are cannibals. Exit the building and the 4 town inhabitants will confront
    you. Pass a SPEECH check to convince them you don't have a problem with
    what they are doing.

  ) Go ahead and loot the town and houses, and make sure to drop by old man
    HARRIS'S house and eliminate him, his big mouth might cause trouble in
    the future. If you really want you can eliminate the SMITHS and WILSONS
    that up to you. I always wanted to be a cannibal, but they really serve
    no purpose.

  ) Go west to the SMITH house and enter, going down the basement where you
    will find a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN].

  ) Leave town and head NE, you will see a yellow army truck and some sort of
    airplane/bus structure. Climb that and find a [TALES OF A JUNKYARD VENDOR]
    along with some misc loot in the truck.

  ) Head west to the overpass and follow under it west until you come to a
    ruined truck trailer in the road. Inside is a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]. Turn
    about and head NE following the overpass then north into the buildings


  ) A bunch of Raiders have made this ruined town their home. The Ruins are
    in 3 areas. The street level, the UTILITY TUNNELS, and the FAIRFAX METRO
    STATION. There not much in the areas except Raiders and traps, but there
    some rubble by an escalator.

  ) East of FAIRFAX RUINS is a water tower, usually with an ENCLAVE outpost
    at it with a controlled DEATHCLAW. Clear it out. Enter the car dealer-
    ship building near the watertower. You'll find a [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER
    RECIPE] on a platform you have to jump up to on the left.

  ) Once finished due northwest of the city should be another ENCLAVE outpost
    with a cage containing a couple dead wanderer ghouls. Take out the troops
    and loot it. Then head west from the city (or SW from the outpost) and
    the small building there is the OUTCAST base of FORT INDEPENDENCE.


  ) This is the OUTCAST Brotherhood base. The Outcasts are basically neutral,
    typical Brotherhood soldiers more interested in technology than anything.
    The only benefit to the base is trading in certain goods to PROTECTOR
    CASDIN outside in enchange for other goods.

    At this point in the game this is basically worthless. You can trade in
    technological gear like power armor, plasma/laser weapons, etc and in
    return get some basic stuff like STIMS, FRAG GRENADES, etc. Not worth it
    since by this point in the game you probably have vasts amount of it.
    Your SCRAP METAL is also more useful to use in THE PITT at the ammo press
    to get various ammo. You can only get 5.56 ammo from CASDIN.

  ) We don't need anything from these OUTCASTS they are just bodies to loot,
    so we will take their base out. The first thing you want to do is use
    CASDIN for our own means. Grab any [LASER PISTOLS and RIFLES, PLASMA
    PISTOLS and RIFLES], POWER ARMOR [except for enclave] that needs repair.
    You will trade them to CASDIN for 5.56 ammo and when done kill CASDIN.
    All the gear you traded will still be on his body, but now in 100%
    condition since he repairs it when it is traded. Free repairs, free 5.56
    ammo. Nice. Now wipe out the rest of them.

  ) The Fort is a nice place for loot. There are 2 areas inside, the general
    area and the lower level. You can find [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM], some [MINI
    NUKES] and general loot, along with [MISS LAUNCHER], a wierd but useless
    missile launcher. It lobs missiles like a grenade does 30% more damage
    but only half the range. Kinda dangerous for a short range missile
    launcher. Sell it off when you have the chance, too annoying.

  ) From FORT INDEPENDENCE you want to head SouthWest up the big rocky hill,
    near the top you'll see a piece of an overpass in the distance. There is
    an ENCLAVE outpost here, with a couple troopers/leaders and a deathclaw
    in a cage. Also mines, so watch out. Clear out and loot. 

  ) Now head south over the next hill area and you'll see a outdoor movie 
    theater screen. Your approaching THE OVERLOOK DRIVE-IN.


  ) This outdoor drive-in is infested with Raiders, but gladly there is an
    easy way to take care of them. Since the drive-in is filled with cars..
    BOOM! Approach while hidden, and once the Raiders appear in the area shoot
    one of the blue cars until it blows up.. presto.. all dead raiders. (and
    a spectacular explosion with flying body parts/car parts).

  ) Some mines line the road you can pick up. When done looting look to the
    northwest and in the far distance you can see TENPENNY TOWER. Head towards
    it and you'll go down a little path next to the rocks. About half way down
    you will discover the entrance to CLIFFSIDE CAVERN.


  ) This is a complex tunnel cave filled with Raiders, and in the back a YAO
    GUAI CAVE. Also a lot of traps have been laid out by the Raiders. Mines,
    tripwires, etc. Kill the raiders and loot the area. You can find a [NUKA-
    COLA QUANTUM] near the south exit, [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] on a upper
    platform, [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] in the northwest bookshelf, and
    a [MINI NUKE] in the northwest.

  ) The YAO GUAI CAVE area holds of course some YAO GUAI. you can also find
    a [SCHEMATIC NUKA-GRENADE] in the farthest west chamber. Exit the cave
    and fast travel to ROBCO FACTORY. If you haven't registered it you'll
    have to head NW towards it.


  ) The Factory holds a bunch of radroaches and molerats. A bunch of inactive
    PROTECTRONS litter the area. There are 2 sections to the factory, the
    FACTORY FLOOR where you enter, and the OFFICE/CAFETERIA. On the 2nd floor
    of the OFFICE area there is a mainframe computer but you can't use it so
    don't worry about it.

  ) There are some skillbooks in the areas. In the FACTORY FLOOR area you can
    AND YOU].

  ) Exit the building when done and head south. You will come to a red rocket
    structure, so enter WILLYS GROCER to loot and get [TALES OF A JUNKYARD
    VENDOR]. Head back outside and south again to the nearby 2 story ruined
    building where a [TUMBLERS TODAY] is on the 2nd floor.

  ) Fast travel to TENPENNY TOWER and head southwest. You'll head down to
    a few buildings in the background. Bypass the WARRINGTON STATION and go
    southwest for now, to LUCKYS. Inside LUCKYS you get [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]
    and [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED]. Now exit and go northwest and run into a
    small trainyard with some ghouls about, the WARRINGTON TRAINYARD.


  ) This trainyard will take you into the tunnels to the ghoul base. Clear it
    and loot what you can. Go ahead and head into the WARRINGTON TUNNELS.


  ) The tunnels connect the WARRINGTON TRAINYARD with your destination. Kill
    any foes in your path and head northeast to WARRINGTON STATION.


  ) The Ghoul base. It has exits south to the topside WARRINGTON STATION and
    east to the METRO ACCESS AND GENERATOR connector. Ignore the METRO ACCESS
    nothing is in those tunnels.

  ) You will meet MICHAEL MASTERS who is guarding the tunnel entrance. Just
    kill everything inside (for some reason you will lose karma, no biggie).
    Freely loot the area for some items. [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] and a [NUKA-
    COLA QUANTUM] in the sleeping area, a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] near the
    METRO ACCESS exit, and a [DEANS ELECTRONICS] about half way between.
    Once all the ghouls are dead you can collect your reward from CHIEF

  ) Exit the station and head west towards the edge of the map. You will go
    over the hills and once over in the distance will see a huge building
    all by itself. Head there to the DUNWICH BUILDING.


  ) This spooky building holds a bunch of ghouls. Its also very dark. There
    are a bunch of HOLOTAPES about talking about a named ghoul JAIME who is
    on the bottom levels.

  ) Progress through the DUNWICH BUILDING where you can find a [NUKA-COLA
    QUANTUM], then into the FORSAKEN DUNWICH RUINS area where you can get a
    [DEANS ELECTRONICS], and finally into the VIRULENT UNDERCHAMBERS where the
    [MELEE WEAPONS BOBBLE-HEAD] is on the floor just in front of the doorway
    back to the DUNWICH BUILDING area. Man wouldn't this place make for a
    great base! I want that statue in my house!

  ) Leave the building and head north through the rocky hills. You will come
    to a old abandoned picnic site F. SCOTT KEY TRAIL AND CAMPGROUND.


  ) The roaming area of a DEATHCLAW in the area. You can find a [DUCK AND
    COVER] sitting on one of the picnic tables, and a [DEATHCLAW GAUNTLET
    SCHEMATIC] in a camper trailer.

  ) Lets take a quick detour. Head SW over the ridgeline and go all the way
    to the edge of the map. You will climb over a few rocky hills and then
    into an open area, registering ROCKLAND CAR TUNNEL on your map. You can't
    do anything here yet, but this will let you fast travel to it later.

  ) Jump back to the campground and head east back over rocky hills until you
    see 3 power line towers to your left a ways away. Head there and you'll
    find a fenced in area with a small building, the VAPL-66 POWER STATION.


  )  This small building holds a [MINI NUKE] and a [DEANS ELECTRONICS]. Go
     back outside and head north towards a red rocket structure. The road
     also picks up here. The small building past the rocket is the JOCKO'S


  ) This old store holds some nice items. a [BOTTLECAP MINE SCHEMATIC], a

  ) Now exit and head west, heading to the town of GIRDERSHADE which is
    already on your map, under the overpass.  When exiting JOCKO'S you might
    get lucky and have a ENCLAVE chopper arrive and drop off some troops.


  ) Only 2 shacks in this "town" enter SIERRA'S house and talk to her. She
    will offer you a tour and will give you the NUKA COLA CHALLENGE quest.
    She wants you to bring her 30 [NUKA-COLA QUANTUMS].

  ) Exit her shack and RONALD will be waiting, wanting you to bring HIM the
    NUKA-COLA QUANTUMS. With a speech check you can get double caps from him,
    though you probably don't need caps at this point.

  ) We already have the WARMONGER perk so we don't need either of these 2
    people. However we do need them alive for now so the NUKA COLA CHALLENGE
    quest continues until we meet up with LEDOUX. Fast travel over to the


  ) Lots of little things to do here. You'll enter the FACTORY FLOOR. a
    [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] once you enter in a hole in the ceiling in
    a filing cabinet. a [DEANS ELECTRONICS] in the cafeteria, [TUMBLERS TODAY]
    past MILO under a safe. MILO the shipping foreman, kill him for his keys
    and password which will let you get the [NUKA COLA CLEAR FORMULA] from
    the safe.

  ) Activate the conveyor belt machine to produce 3 [NUKA-COLA QUANTUMS] to
    be produced. The machine breaks.

  ) The STORAGE AND MIXING VAT area holds some rare NUKALURKS but other than
    that not much in the area.

  ) The OFFICES holds a few items. The body of WINGER MERCIER holds a note
    that starts JUST FOR THE TASTE OF IT quest. Also a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE]
    and [LYING CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] are about.

  ) Once you are done here, be ready to fight and travel to the RED RACER
    FACTORY. You'll arrive just at the doorway and LEDOUX and his 2 henchmen
    will be waiting. Go ahead and kill all of them we want LEDOUX'S hockey
    mask, which is a great unique item. Once all 3 are dead enter the RED


  ) This building consists of the FACTORY floor with lots of ghouls running
    around, and the OFFICES where Super mutants hold up, and a an evil
    scientist, the SURGEON is waiting with a missile launcher.

  ) In the regular FACTORY you will find [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE] under a
    bucket on top of a machine in the northeast area which you have to drop
    down to. [DEANS ELECTRONICS] under a bucket near the main entrance on top
    of another machine.

  ) In the CEO OFFICES, you can find [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] behind a locked
    door, and a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] in STEFAN'S cell. The doctor SURGEON has
    a special lab coat which is nice, but probably not needed at this point.

  ) Head back to GIRDERSHADE and kill SIERRA and RONALD and loot their shacks.
    RONALD should have the [KNEECAPPER SHOTGUN]

  ) Now fast travel to the FlOODED METRO and head east, going towards the
    ARLINGTON LIBRARY. Just before you get there there will be a Raider
    outpost in the 2 story building on your left in a fenced in area. If your
    lucky you might have a ENCLAVE patrol land via helicopter to add to the
    confusion. Kill and loot the area, and then head around the LIBRARY to
    the right, where a TALON COMPANY outpost is set up. There is a [NIKOLA
    TESLA AND YOU] on the top level table.

  ) Just past the TALON outpost to the right of the library is a stairwell
    leading down to a SEWER, where a group of Raiders have holed up in a
    small multi level sewer tunnel area. Kill them and loot the place.

  ) To the left of the Library entrance is a PULOWSKI PRESERVATION SHELTER
    which has a [GUNS AND BULLETS]. Go grab any [PRE-WAR] books that you have
    saved up, then enter the ARLINGTON LIBRARY.


  ) When you enter the Library you will meet SCRIBE YEARLING. She will help
    you log-in to the Library computer at the desk, plus she will want you to
    help find PRE-WAR BOOKS, which she will give you 100 caps and 10xp each.
    There are 3 areas in the LIBRARY, and there are Brotherhood soldiers who
    will help you clear each area. Let them do most of the work, you can loot
    their POWER ARMOR if they die. There are Raiders and radroaches about.

  ) In the MAIN LIBRARY you can find a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE]

  ) In the MEDIA ARCHIVES you can find [TALES OF A JUNKYARD VENDOR] in the
    pool room, [TUMBLERS TODAY] in the download room along with a [NUKA-COLA

  ) Continue to the final area, the CHILDREN'S WING. About are a [GUNS AND
    BULLETS] and [LYING CONGRESSIONAL STYLE]. On the way out give your 
    [PRE-WAR BOOKS] to SCRIBE YEARLING for some caps. Go ahead and wipe out
    the Brotherhood troops in the entry room, along with YEARLING. You have
    plenty of caps at this point in the game to worry about future pre-war

  ) Exit the Library and head northwest to the ALEXANDRIA ARMS building and


  ) A 2 story hotel that a bunch of Raiders have taken up residence in. Clear
    out the building and loot the area. a [DUCK AND COVER] is on the ground
    floor south area, and a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] and [GUNS AND BULLETS] on the
    second floor.

  ) Fast travel to the IRRADIATED METRO and enter.


  ) This tunnel system leads to L'ENFANT PLAZA. It is the home of a few
    ghouls. You can find a [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] about half way
    through the tunnels on some electrical equiptment. 

  ) Continue on and exit into L'ENFANT PLAZA SOUTH.


  ) A Super mutant infested place, you arrive on the south end. Clear out any
    Super mutants about. Near the north side a ENCLAVE helicopter might drop
    in an unload some troopers. Just northeast from the IRRIATED METRO you
    will find a small burial mound with a cross. Click on the cross to get
    a note.

  ) Just northwest of the metro is the CAPITAL POST building. Some minor loot
    is inside. West of that is MADAM JEALLE'S, which houses some misc loot

  ) There is a cafe in the middle of town with some items, and to the north
    under the overpass is a little sleeping area with a [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER
    RECIPE]. On the west side is a PULOWSKI PRESERVATION SHELTER with a

  ) The HAZMAT DISPOSAL SITE L5 tunnels are to the far northwest but you've
    already been in those. Go ahead and fast travel to PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE


  ) This area is a large hub for metro stations, but there isnt' really a
    whole lot to do here. There are some Super mutants in the area so take
    them down. The metros in the area are..

    1) PENN AVE/GEORGETOWN METRO to the southwest
    2) PENN AVE/THE MALL METRO to the south
    3) PENN AVE/SEWARD SQUARE METRO to the southeast
    4) METRO CENTRAL to the east

  ) To the northeast is a sewer entrance but you've already been there. Just
    to the southwest of the sewer entrance is a SCAVENGER in an underground
    alleyway. You can climb up a lightpost at the large scaffolding you can
    see in the PENN area. At the far end 3 supermutants will spawn on the
    ground but there is a detonation switch here also, push it to blow up
    the mined street nearby, and finish taking out the super mutants.

  ) Near the PENN AVE/GEORGETOWN METRO is a small hotel which houses a
    BROTHERHOOD outpost. Inside you can find a [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL].

  ) Finally to the Northwest is the WHITEHOUSE UTILITY TUNNEL which you can 
    take to the ruins of the WHITE HOUSE. In the tunnel is a [PUGILISM 
    ILLUSTRATED]. Once you exit into the WHITE HOUSE ruins, at the top of the
    steps is a [FAT MAN] and 3 [MINI NUKES].

  ) At PENN AVE EAST enter the PENN AVE/SEWARD SQUARE METRO. It is a small
    area with a few ghouls and minor loot. Clear it and exit back into
    STATION and enter.


  ) This is a complicated little area with ghouls about. On a top stairwell
    catwalk lives a SCAVENGER you can take out and loot their place. A
    [TUMBLERS TODAY] you'll find on a lit table. Continue through the tunnels
    to the northwest where the exit to VERNON SQUARE is. Go ahead and exit.


  ) This DC area has a bunch of areas in it we want to hit. First head across
    the metro platform and enter the tunnels to METRO JUNCTION. This multi
    level metro area has a bunch of ghouls living in it who have taken it over
    from the Raiders who used to live in it. Clear out the ghouls and loot.
    [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] on a table in some rubble.

  ) If you have trouble finding the GROGNAK, it is well hidden. When you first
    enter the METRO JUNCTION, at the end of the entry tunnel just when you
    enter the large terminal area, look instantly to the right and up, the
    table sits up on some rubble.

  ) The METRO JUNCTION has 5 exits, 2 leading to DUPONT CIRCLE, 2 to VERNON
    SQUARE and 1 to CHEVY CHASE. We just want to head back out to VERNON
    SQUARE the way we came in. Now we want to enter a run down building to
    the east of the metro areas, some minor loot about. Proceed through the
    back and you will find the LADY OF HOPE HOSPITAL which we need to enter.


  ) The hospital is crawling with Super Mutants, traps, and lots of healing
    items. Our goal is to reach the top where we will walk over a fallen 
    broadcast antenna over to the STATESMAN HOTEL. For now, carefully move
    through the hospital eliminating any Super Mutants in the way. Traps in
    the hospital consist of almost any type. Frag mines, trapped sinks, trip
    wires and pressure plates.

  ) The DRY SEWERS can be accessed down a stairwell in the first floor. Down
    in these short sewer tunnels Super mutants are fighting TALON mercenaries.
    Kill and loot everything, a [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS] is in a utility room.

  ) A [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE] is on the first floor area in the southeast.
    Proceed up to the 2nd floor area, kill and loot any super mutants in the
    way. Another [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE] is in the cafateria. Once you make
    your way to the top of the hospital you can exit onto a ledge and walk
    across the fallen broadcast antenna. Now enter the STATESMAN HOTEL.


  ) You enter the Hotel across the broadcast antenna, and your goal is to
    fight your way through the hotel and onto the roof, where REILLY'S RANGERS
    are trapped. The hotel has alot of rooms, mostly empty, and alot of
    hallways and Super Mutants about. There are 2 parts to the hotel, the
    entry area where you enter via the antenna, and the street-level area
    which you access after finding REILLY'S RANGERS. Make sure to pick up any
    loot in the first area before reaching the roof.

  ) You can find a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] and a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] in the
    restaurant area. A [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] is near the entrance
    to the restaurant area. On the way up to the roof you will find the body
    of THEO, one of the Rangers who was trying to get ammo to his buddies.
    A ammo container is near his body which you can access.

  ) On the way through the hotel you will find a broken PROTECTRON robot. Make
    sure you take the battery out of it, you will need one to help the Rangers
    off the roof.

  ) Once you eventually get to the roof, you will encounter the 3 Rangers who
    are stuck. You can talk to them and have the option to give them the ammo
    that you found with THEO, but don't do that. Just talk to them and they
    will tell you to give the battery to DONOVAN who will fix the express
    elevator. Wait until all 3 of them enter the elevator, then enter it also.

  ) Now listen carefully. This is a good time to get a unique weapon, and one
    of the best light armor in the game. You and the 3 rangers will arrive
    in the reception area (the street-level access area) at the bottom of the
    elevator, where a group of Super Mutants will be waiting. You and the
    Rangers have to kill them off and fight through them. You WANT the woman
    BRICK to die in this battle. Either by the Super mutants or by your hand.
    You can kill her during the firefight without any backlash. Just re-load
    if she doesn't die.

  ) BRICK carries a set of [RANGER BATTLE ARMOR] which has great defense and
    great special abilities. All the Rangers do, but you only need 1 set. She
    also carries a unique mini-gun [EUGENE]. Make sure to get both these
    items. Make sure at least one of the other Rangers survive, if not both.
    Once the battle is over, they will tell you they are heading back to the
    Ranger compound and will thank you for the help.

  ) Before you head out you can find a [TALES OF A JUNKYARD VENDOR] on the
    second level of the entranceway. Go ahead and exit the hotel and back into
    VERNON SQUARE. Go north and you'll instantly run into a big crater with
    a crashed DELTA rocket. At the bottom is a SEWER. Enter and inside are
    a couple Super Mutants and a [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE].

  ) Exit the sewer and head north. Directly north of the crater is a small
    alleyway behind a car. Don't go there yet, but remember it. Go northwest
    and you'll see a SEWER ENTRANCE on your local map, its at the north end
    of the northwest alley. There is some minor loot inside, plus a [DEANS
    ELECTRONICS]. Exit the SEWER ENTRANCE and return to the small alleyway
    that is north of the crater. Enter the alleyway to a Super Mutant outpost.
    Kill them and loot. Keep going and you'll find the VAULT-TEC HEADQUARTERS.

  ) Before heading in, the RANGERS should be back at their HQ by now. Fast
    travel back to REILLY'S RANGERS HQ to follow the surviving Rangers back,
    enter, and kill who ever is left and loot them. Should get a couple sets
    of nice [RANGER COMBAT ARMOR] off them. Nice. Now head back to VAULT-TEC
    HEADQUARTERS and enter.


  ) The HQ has been invaded by a couple Super Mutants, who might be in a fight
    with the robotic security still left in the building.

  ) You enter in the GUEST RELATIONS area, not much here. Kill the foes and
    loot what you want. The lower stairways are blocked. The left upper stairs
    lead to the OFFICES, the right broken stair leads to the ADMIN area. You
    can go up the broken stairs on the right and take off your armor/put away
    weapon and you can jump up to that level. There is a [TALES OF A JUNKYARD
    VENDOR] on the table. Enter the door to the ADMIN area.

  ) In the corporate OFFICE area, there is a well hidden [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE]
    in the northeast room (has a big hole in the floor). Its on a shelf on the
    other side of the hole, you have to walk on the ledge and look up, the
    book is with some other ruined books. A [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] is in the room
    next door on a shelf. 

  ) In the ADMIN area there is a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] in the west part.
    There are 3 terminals you need to access to gain entrance to the MAINFRAME
    terminals 1 and 2 are on the top level, and terminal 3 is down one set of
    stairways in a lower level. This releases the MASTERBRAIN robot, which
    you can just shoot.

    *** There is a bug/quest bug that using all 3 terminals still won't open
    the door to the Mainframe. If this happens, you need to go to the lower
    level of the ADMIN area (past terminal 3) and into the bottom part of the
    mainframe room. Then by unequipping your armor/putting away your weapon,
    try jumping on one of the pipes in the wall, then up on top of one of the
    computer frames. From there you can get close to the mainframe to use it.
    At this point in the game you don't need to do this.   ****

  ) Now exit the building and head back towards the SEWER. just to the north-
    east of the SEWER is the VERNON EAST/TOKOMA PARK metro. Go ahead and 


  ) Near the entrance is a [LYING CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] in the ticket book, and
    down stairs under the escalator is a small tunnel ending at a Super Mutant
    hideout. A [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] is on a shelf. Careful, some traps are

  ) Now head east down a very long and curvy tunnel system and eventually you
    will reach the exit to TAKOMA PARK.


  ) Get the weapons out, Super Mutants don't like you <grin> Oh, did i mention
    theres a Super Mutant BEHEMOTH about?

  ) You'll enter TAKOMA PARK at the west side of a long street. Careful, 3
    Super Mutants are heading down the street, and the cars ahead of you are
    going to blow up. Save time, blow up all the cars/bus's yourself and wait
    in ambush for the Mutants.

  ) Enter the little store in front of you NIFTY THRIFTY'S for a unique, but
    kinda worthless baseball cap. Exit and continue up the street east. On
    the right is a orange tracter trailer rig, in the back is some loot. Up
    the street to the northeast is a Super Mutant outpost. Now at the end
    of the street is a ruined building on the left, you need to go through
    that to an industrial area.

  ) You will go over a hill and see a factory in front of you. There might be
    some Super mutants, maybe fighting TALON company mercs. Let them kill each
    other. Finish off the rest.

  ) Before you enter TAKOMA INDUSTRIAL factory, head southwest to a gate and
    open it. There are some tractor trailers on the right. HIDE and stealth
    to the right, up the ramp on the furthest blue trailer. At the top in 
    front you will find a note and an artillery switch. Why? Because in the
    car parking lot in front of you are some Super Mutants and a BEHEMOTH.
    Repeated pushing of the button will drop artillery shells to clear out
    the parking lot. Stay hidden and level the area. You can finish off the
    BEHEMOTH normally if you get bored.

  ) Loot the Mutants and enter the small TAKOMA AUTO shop. There is an [US
    ARMY FLAMETHROWER RECIPE] inside. Exit and go back northeast and enter


  ) Some Super Mutants inside, take them down. At the entrance door there is
    a walkway that goes up to a observation area. Just on the other side is
    a wooden walkway that you can jump down to get a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] that
    is behind the generator in a box. a [LYING CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] is in the
    other half of the warehouse.

  ) There is a radioactive pond and some ghouls behind TAKOMA INDUSTRIAL, but
    there isn't really anything back there to get, so ignore it.

  ) Now leave and fast travel to DUPONT STATION, one of the last areas in DC
    that we have to explore.


  ) A Raider area, they have made this circle into a base. There are many
    Raiders in the circle, and in the outlying abandoned buildings and alley-
    ways. They also have trapped their areas very well also. Take some time
    and clear out the entire area of Raiders.

  ) Directly east from where you arrive at the DUPONT CIRCLE STATION, is a
    alleyway that takes you to a little store LADY FRUMPERTON'S FASHIONS.
    Inside is a [TALES OF A JUNKYARD VENDOR] on top of her safe.

  ) To the northeast over some rubble is the SUNKEN SEWER which you can enter
    but it has high radiation so prepare. Inside you can find [US ARMY
    FLAMETHROWER RECIPE] on top of a safe. Clear and loot and return to

  ) That's about it for the Washington DC area, you've cleared most of the
    inner city of loot and bodies, it's time to head out to another DLC. Only
    2 left to do and one cannot be done until the main game is over, so that
    leaves only 1. Head home to unload. Going back and forth from the
    POINT LOOKOUT DLC costs 1000 caps so heading there the first time take
    some backup repair gear for your weapons/armor, grab extra bottlecap mines
    and nuka-grenades.

  ) Fast travel to ARLINGTON LIBRARY and head around behind it, past the
    TALON merc outpost that probably has re-spawned by now. In the far back
    you will reach the start of the POINT LOOKOUT DLC, the FERRYBOAT LANDING.


  ) Arriving at the Ferryboat, a woman CATHERINE will stop to talk to you
    about rescuing her daughter who also went to POINT LOOKOUT but never has
    returned. Tell her to jump off a bridge who cares about her daughter.

  ) The DUTCHESS GAMBIT Ferryboat is here along with TOBAR, the captain.
    Talking to him you can access his limited inventory and buy Ferryboat
    tickets, which will let you move back and forth from POINT LOOKOUT when
    you wish. The tickets will run you 400-600 caps each so it will be quite
    expensive if you move back and forth a lot. Of course, by this point in
    the game you probably have so much money you don't have anything to spend
    it on anyway.

  ) Go ahead, buy a ticket and talk to TOBAR. When ready access the passenger
    Cot and go to bed, the trip takes about a month so sit back and enjoy
    the ride. When you arrive you will get a nice view of the entry location






  ) Well, thats about it for Washington DC, you have cleared the entire
    inner city of evil-doers. Time to finish up clearing the wasteland. Fast
    travel to the CORVEGA FACTORY and head due south. Just as you reach the
    buildings of DC, you will see a big sewer pipe. Enter to the ROCK CREEK

  ) Really not much of note in here, except 1 [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] on a high
    ledge about half way through the caverns. I wouldn't even waste my time
    trying to get it. Go in and back out.

  ) Now, head east towards the big water tower. Follow the road east and you
    will see a vehicle yard with about 4 army trucks inside. Turn right and
    directly south is the entrance to the NATIONAL GUARD DEPOT. Go ahead and
    kill the 2 PROTECTRONS outside, but don't go in, we aren't ready yet.

  ) Fast travel to KAELYN'S BED AND BREAKFAST (kill any raiders) and follow
    the road to the west. You want to keep going west until you see some
    power lines and towers. In the center is a small building, and to the left
    you will see a billboard. Just behind the billboard is a shack with a
    [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]. Grab it then head to the small building, the VAPL-58


  ) Entering the power station you'll get a [DEANS ELECTRONICS] on the table,
    and a [MINI NUKE] up on the above light, you'll have to jump or shoot it
    down. Climb the disguised ladder on the east wall to the roof. On the mat
    is a [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER RECIPE]. CAREFUL! sometimes this book gets
    glitched and disappears under the rug. If it disappears on you, just
    re-load from your auto saved game and try again.

  ) Leave the Power Station and head north along the power line towers. The
    3rd tower has a wooden enclosure, and loot. Along with a [MINI NUKE] there
    is the 1ST KELLER FAMILY TRANSCRIPT HOLOTAPE. Make sure to get it.

  ) Now look to the northwest, you'll see a large ruined house. Head there.
    Sometimes a random encounter will spawn at the house, like raiders. From
    the house you want to head north/northwest to the small river. You'll see
    across the river a little power complex. Head across to the MDPL MASS


  ) You'll probably run into a couple Raiders about. Kill them and enter the
    Station. Inside are a few more Raiders, one guy named TORCHER. Kill them
    and loot. You'll find a [GUNS AND BULLET] on the left wall, a [NUKA-COLA
    QUANTUM] in the safe, and the [TORCHER'S MASK] on the TORCHER Raider.

  ) exit the Relay Station and go north over the big hill. Passing the ruins
    of the metro railings, you'll see a few big buildings to the north. That
    is your goal, the ROOSEVELT ACADEMY.


  ) This large complex is a base for Super Mutants, they inhabit every
    building, and a couple roam the grounds. Kill any that are wandering about
    outside, then its time to enter the buildings and loot.

  ) The ROOSEVELT ACADEMY is 3 floors. I believe the [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED]
    and the [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE] are both on the ground floor.


  ) The LIBRARY has a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] on a desk.

  ) Connecting the 3 areas underground are the MAINTENANCE AND EVACUATION
    TUNNELS. Clear them out and on a shelf is a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED].

  ) Exit the complex and head north, to an abandoned town. This is FADED POMP


  ) Some misc loot scattered through the abandoned houses. One north house
    with a big fireplace has a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] in front of the fire-

  ) Contine north towards the big structure/broadcast towers up on the hill.
    Right at the base of the rocks on your local map you will see the SEALED
    CISTERN sewer. Enter and inside is the [EXPLOSIVES BOBBLE-HEAD].

  ) Exit the CISTERN and go up into the building, the WKML BROADCAST STATION.
    Minor loot inside. Now, look to the southeast, you'll see a red shack and
    an outdoor drive-in. Head to the red shack first there is a [GROGNAK THE
    BARBARIAN] there. Now head to the drive-in to discover THE SILVER LINING


  ) Not much at the drive-in, but a ENCLAVE helicopter will drop down to the
    hill to the east and drop off a few troops. Good time to blow them up.

  ) From the Drive-in head northeast (or north from the ENCLAVE hill) and you
    will see a orange truck/trailer and a broken bridge. This is DROWNED


  ) Some Raiders have a little camp here, plus once in a while a couple Giant
    Radscorpions might show up. In the back of the orange trailer is a
    [TUMBLERS TODAY].  Now head directly north and you will come upon a
    small shack camp of Super Mutants, MASON DIXON SALVAGE.


  ) This camp is fortified by Super Mutants. Its nice that it has limited
    entrances, SNEAKING and dropping some mines does wonders. Kill the Mutants
    and loot the area. There is a prisoner you can kill also.

  ) In the east shack is a [TUMBLERS TODAY]. Sometimes it might be under the
    bed too far to reach. A grenade might pop it out. In the west shack are

  ) Finish up and exit, and fast travel to the WKML BROADCAST STATION. Look
    to the northwest and you'll see a church. Head there. You'll find the


  ) This small church houses DRIFTER, a sniper who uses the [RESERVIST'S
    RIFLE], a sniper rifle. a [GUNS AND BULLETS] lies on the ground. Best to
    shoot his arm so he drops the rifle off the ledge down to your level.

  ) Now head southwest towards the left of the large rock hills you see. You
    will come upon the MOUNT MABEL CAMPGROUND.


  ) Not much here other than being an occasional spawn spot. Head north by
    northwest into the rocky hills. You next want to find the DEATHCLAW
    SANCTUARY. You might see a ENCLAVE outpost on a hill directly next to
    the entrance to help guide you.


  ) That's right, going to be Deathclaws around, so make sure you have your
    strong weapons (dart gun, bottlecap mines, etc). As you enter the hills
    its a little confusing with a bunch of ravines and valleys. There is a
    ENCLAVE outpost stationed uphill of the entrance, so that might make it
    easier to find.

  ) Usually there is at least a Deathclaw or 2 roaming outside, and maybe a
    ENCLAVE trooper or 2. Many times they will have already killed some of
    each other off. Kill anything surviving and loot the outpost. Right at
    the entrance to the DEATHCLAW SANCTUARY is a footlocker with a [DUCK AND
    COVER] inside.

  ) Inside the SANCTUARY, there is another half dozen or so Deathclaws
    roaming about so watch yourself. There is various loot on bodies through-
    out the lair, but 2 main areas you want to look for. Right at the first
    large chamber south of the entrance on the ground are the [ENDURANCE

  ) In the southeast area of the caves is a pool of red blood/water which
    plunks water, so you can hear it when you are close. Next to the pool is
    the [VENGEANCE] Gatling Laser.

  ) Rarely a ENCLAVE officer will be in the caves, who holds the named
    [JACK] the Ripper melee weapon. Its not really important if you don't
    encounter him though, the weapon isn't really that good at this point.
    The bodies usually get stuck at the ceiling and have to be shot down.

  ) When finished, head up to the ENCLAVE outpost and look west. You will see
    a Broadcast tower not too far away (and probably a big sewer pipe). Go
    west over to the BROADCAST TOWER KB5.


  ) This Tower is usually where a random event will occur. Go ahead and turn
    on the switch on the generator.

  ) The Towers DRAINAGE CHAMBER (that sewer pipe you saw) just southeast down
    the rocks will lead you to a small area where you can find a [TUMBLERS
    TODAY] and some minor loot.

  ) Now, the tower is up on a big hill and you can see a lot of area around.
    Head southwest down the hill towards a Raider camp fortified behind a
    bunch of cars. a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] is in their area in a crate.

  ) Head north towards an abandoned house filled with Raiders. Kill them and
    loot, finding a [MINI NUKE] in the tub, and a [TUMBLERS TODAY] in the

  ) Look west and you'll see a orange truck/trailer on the overpass bridge.
    Head southwest to access the bridge area. Once you get on the bridge
    SAVE YOUR GAME. Now head to the trailer. There will be an explosion and
    a scientist blows himself up doing something stupid. In the back of the
    trailer is some minor loot, a [MINI NUKE] and a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] on
    the dead body of the scientist. 

    *** Note sometimes the explosion will glitch the scientist under the
    truck, or someplace you can't find. Thus, make sure you save before you
    approach so you can re-load and get the BOOK off his dead body *** 

  ) Now head back northeast to the abandoned house that the raiders were in.
    Look north/northeast and you'll see a huge SatCom tower in the distance.
    Head towards it. You'll probably run into an ENCLAVE outpost half way
    there. Now go up and enter the SATCOM ARRAY NW-05A.


  ) A few Raiders and a scientist is in the tower. Kill them and you can find
    some codes on the scientist. A [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] is on the 

  ) Head up the tower and just before you reach the top dish you'll enter a
    room with a terminal. You can get the locations to a couple other towers,
    plus can activate the "Highwater Trousers" orbital missile platform.
    Climb the ladder onto the top outside dish, and run up to the edge so
    you can see the Wasteland landscape. If you look up you can see a bunch
    of missiles falling to earth, hitting and exploding into Mini nukes.

  ) Exit the tower, then head west and as you go down the hill you will come
    across some docks with a few raiders about. Kill them and loot. A [MINI
    NUKE] is in the Raider loot, and a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] is on the roof
    of the blue boat by the dock.

  ) Head west from the dock and up on the hill you can see a destroyed power
    tower of some sort. Climb up the hill to it, then head south following
    the power lines/towers. You'll quickly come to the MDPL-05 POWER STATION.


  ) This small enfenced area holds a dead body and next to it is a [DARTGUN
    SCHEMATICS] and a [DEANS ELECTRONICS]. Continue south towards another
    SatCom array tower, SATCOM ARRAY NW-07C.


  ) There is probably going to be a ENCLAVE outpost set up near the tower
    base. Entering the tower you'll find some ENCLAVE scientists who have
    killed the ghoul inhabitants. If you climb up to the dish array, you
    might see 2 ENCLAVE Vertibirds fly over (if your quick enough you can
    destroy one of them as it heads away.. I blasted one with my Gatling

  ) Nothing really in the tower, between the tower and the broken tower next
    to it is a SCAVENGER who turned the broken second tower dish into a
    little house.

  ) Head east from the ARRAY tower towards the overpass highway. There is a
    broken down truck with a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED]. Keep going south on the
    overpass highway and you'll eventually come to an ENCLAVE outpost. Kill
    the troops here. Continue south and you'll reach the ABANDONED CAR FORT.


  ) A bunch of piled up cars, there is a resting/ammo area in the center. You
    can find a [TALES OF A JUNKYARD VENDOR] here. 

  ) Head south from the fort, and you'll go over a little hill and see a
    radioactive gas area with ant bodies about. At a ant egg clutch pile is a
    dead body of a Raider with a [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE] next to it. Now
    head west and you will find SHALEBRIDGE.


  ) SHALEBRIDGE is a sparse area with some ants about. Kill them. There are
    2 ant tunnel systems here. The SHALEBRIDGE TUNNELS and the SHALEBRIDGE

  ) Enter the SHALEBRIDGE TUNNELS first, the entrance is kinda weird looking.
    Inside you will find a group of friendly ants being attacked by INVADING
    ANTS. You want to kill any enemy INVADER ANTS. Searching one will let you
    have a message about the other ant colony. You can examine the egg clutch
    pile near a pool which will allow you to inject a [STIMPACK] into the 
    pile to help the colony. We don't really care about the colony so just
    kill any ants you want.

  ) Near the pool is a ANT RESEARCHER, sometimes dead. He carries a [BIG BOOK
    OF SCIENCE]. You can exit and wait 3 days and the RESEARCHER will re-
    spawn, giving you endless BOOKS.

  ) Now go to the other ant tunnels, the SHALEBRIDGE HILL. Inside you want to
    kill the enemy ants, and take down the ANT QUEEN.

  ) When finished, head south from SHALEBRIDGE towards a broadcast tower. The


  ) You might run into some Super Mutants in the area, and maybe see a fight
    between them and a couple Vertibirds. Nothing is at the tower, but north
    of it in the valley nearby is a sewer entrance, the SEWER ENTRANCE TO
    DRAINAGE CHAMBER. You will find a access key on the table, use it on the
    working computer terminal to open the floor. Go down to find 2 dead
    Chinese soldier bodies. There is a rare [CHINESE COMMANDO HAT] along with

  ) From the tower head east. You will see on top of a high hill a little red
    shack. Head up there to find an abandoned shack. Inside is a snipers nest
    where you can find a [DEANS ELECTRONICS], [GUNS AND BULLETS], [KELLER
    FAMILY TRANSCRIPTS #4], and in the locker the [VICTORY] sniper rifle.
    This sniper rifle will cause enemies to be knocked down on a critical hit
    so its nice.

  ) Outside there will probably be a lot of targets you can shoot from up on
    the hill at the shack. Some super mutants, maybe Talon Mercs appearing,
    and looking east you can see a big red rocket structure, head there that's
    ROCKBREAKER'S LAST GAS. (you might be able to shoot the ENCLAVE troops
    at ROCKBREAKER'S from the shack).


  ) Not much here except a ENCLAVE outpost. Near the Nuka-cola machines,
    either on top of one, or behind, is a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM].

  ) Head north and you'll come to a jumble of tractor trailer cabs, the FIVE


  ) A group of 4 trucks and trailers in a circle, with a few Raiders has a
    [MINI NUKE] and a [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER RECIPE] in back of one of the

  ) Clear the area and go back to ROCKBREAKERS then head south/southwest.
    You will find an old campground with a bunch of campers and probably some


  ) This overgrown campground has a bunch of camper trailers and probably
    a few Raiders about. One camper has a [GUNS AND BULLETS], but entering it
    will trigger a Raider/Mutant spawn to appear outside and fight each other
    so just hide and wait, and finish up who ever survives.

  ) Leave the campground and head east and soon you will see a large mess
    of little red shacks to the south/southeast. There will be a few enemies
    about, and in a couple of the shacks you can a [TALES OF A JUNKYARD 
    VENDOR] in the largest shack. In another shack is a [MINI NUKE] and a

  ) From the shacks you want to head southwest to a small path that leads
    through the rocky hill that will take you to a radioactive dump site,


  ) There is a bunch of radioactive containers about, and 2 small buildings.
    The buildings are connected by a small tunnel. In one of the buildings is
    a [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE] and the other holds a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM].

  ) Exit the buildings and fast travel to the east side of the map to the


  ) You have all the codes now for the Armory. The Depot building itself is
    in bad shape, with much of it destroyed, and you'll have to follow a
    winding path of destroyed rooms and areas to go through the area. There is
    a lot of loot still in the DEPOT so its well worth the searching.

  ) You'll start in the NATIONAL GUARD DEPOT part of the building. Traverse
    your way through eliminating any robot foes about. Not much worthwhile
    to get yet.

  ) Pass through the NATIONAL GUARD TRAINING WING, finding a [TALES OF A
    JUNKYARD VENDOR] in a room near a safe.

  ) Continue to the DEPOT OFFICES where a [DUCK AND COVER] is on a counter.

  ) You'll exit back into another part of the NATIONAL GUARD DEPOT, and in
    front of you on the wall to the left is a electrical switch. Throw it and
    the ARMORY UTILITY DOOR will light up down in the ruined building. Hop
    down towards the door, and on that level is a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] in
    a nearby room.

  ) Enter the ARMORY UTILITY room, there is a switch to open the lower levels
    on the wall. Head down into the ARMORY and you'll find tons of loot. The
    [SMALL GUNS BOBBLE-HEAD] is just before the BUNKER door. Also about is
    a lot of weapons and ammo and armor.

  ) Since you have the KELLER CODES access the terminal and open the BUNKER
    door. Inside after killing a Glowing One Ghoul, are the [EXPERIMENTAL
    and a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] with other misc loot.

  ) Fast travel back to EVERGLOW NATIONAL CAMPTROUNDS and head southwest to
    the marker on your map for LITTLE LAMPLIGHT. Maybe a few supermutants on
    the road over the hill.


  ) This little cavern town is run by children. When you enter, the MAYOR
    MACCREADY will greet you.

  ) There is one child you want to find, BIWWY (BILLY), who you can get the
    [WAZER WIFLE] laser rifle from. KNICK KNACK the shop owner can sell you

  ) Head out to PARADISE FALLS and tell Eulogy you can get a child from
    LITTLE LAMPLIGHT. Go back to LAMPLIGHT and find the little girl BUMBLE
    and SPEECH check to get her outside, where a slaver will coller her and
    take her away. Future playtoy.

  ) Talk to MACCREADY and tell him you want to enter VAULT 87 through MURDER
    PASS. He will open the gate for you. MURDER PASS is populated by a lot of
    Super Mutants so blast your way through. [TALES OF A JUNKYARD VENDOR] is
    in the southeast area in a small alcove, and in the southwest is a
    [US ARMY FLAMETHROWER RECIPE] on a table. Just before VAULT 87 is a

  165. VAULT 87

  ) VAULT 87 is actually a very large Vault, with a ton of levels. It is full
    of Super Mutants, so fight your way through it. There is a [NIKOLA TESLA
    AND YOU] near the MURDER PASS entrance. Go left down the stairs then left
    and near a mannequin its there in a box. A [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] is
    on the catwalk level in the LIVING QUARTERS behind a locked door.

  ) You will find a detention level where FAWKES, and a couple other creatures
    and people are locked up. He will ask you to free him. MMMM no. Use the
    access terminal and terminate him and any other things in the detention
    cells. Continue to loot and explore the area.

  ) You will eventually come to the G.E.C.K. storage which is highly radio-
    active, but not that bad. Pop a [RAD-X] and enter, going to the right.
    Open the door, activate the G.E.C.K. pillar in the center of the room and
    take the G.E.C.K when it appears, then head out and cure any radiation
    built up. Grab any items you want to take with you and head out of the
    area. Before you can leave you are ambushed by the Enclave in one of the
    exit hallways. You awaken in a RAVEN ROCK detention cell.


  ) You awaken from the ambush in a RAVEN ROCK detention cell questioned by
    COLONEL AUTUMN. After some questioning the President will call him away
    and talk to you, wanting you to meet him. Get your gear from the locker
    in the room and exit.

  ) Its time to clear out the ENCLAVE base. Kill all the troops you see. There
    is a bunch of loot here, especially power armor and items from all the
    troops. There are 3 levels of RAVEN ROCK, the only valuable item you want
    to make sure to get is the [ENERGY WEAPONS BOBBLE-HEAD] on the second
    level. Get it before you proceed to the CONTROL ROOM at the end of the
    second level.

  ) After talking to the President, take the FEV vial and agree to help him.
    Then talk to him again and convince him to destroy the ENCLAVE base after
    you are gone. Now leave and proceed to level 1. There will be some
    Presidential robots helping you fight the remaining ENCLAVE troops. Finish
    clearing the last level and exit RAVEN ROCK.

  ) Outside you will see COLONEL AUTUMN'S Veribirds leaving the base before
    it starts self-destructing. Also outside FAWKES has arrived to find you,
    and is wiping out the leftover ENCLAVE troops on the ground. Talk to
    FAWKES, and recruit him if you want.

  ) Fast travel to the CITADEL and head to the lab to talk to ELDER LYONS and
    some of the Brotherhood. He will then ask you how everything went, turn
    over the Presidents FEV virus, and tell them that RAVEN ROCK is destroyed
    and soon you will be launching an assault on the MEMORIAL.

  ) Once the Robot is activated, follow the PRIDE PLATOON out of the building
    and out of the CITADEL. You'll have a fun battle sequence coming up, so
    get ready. The LIBERTY PRIME robot will head towards the MEMORIAL,
    destroying all ENCLAVE troops in its way. Follow it far enough back so
    that any Vertibird rockets won't hit you while they are shooting at the
    Robot. Eventually you will reach the JEFFERSON MEMORIAL. Clear out all
    remaining ENCLAVE troops. (or let the Robot do it).

    *** If you want you can decide screw the Robot, your going to pave the
        way. Equip your big guns (FATMAN, ROCKET LAUNCHER, what ever) and
        in the areas that you can, run ahead and kill the ENCLAVE troops
        yourself. At this point you should be plenty powerful to wipe them
        out.    *****

  ) At the MEMORIAL, enter the GIFT SHOP area and clear out the ENCLAVE troops
    on guard. Before we finish up the main quest head back to the CITADEL and
    go ahead and kill everyone you can, they aren't useful anymore. Some of
    course you can't kill and are "essential" to the storyline. Kill and loot
    the rest. Go back to the MEMORIAL, and enter the ROTUNDRA area.

  ) A few more annoying enemy ENCLAVE troops stand in your way, kill them
    also of course. Head up the stairs and insert the [MODIFIED FEV VIRUS]
    into the wall container at the far end of the stairs. You will have some
    instructions on turning on the purifier. Talk to LYONS and have her go
    do it, why the hell would you sacrifice your own life, that's silly. Use
    the control panel to close the door and LYONS goes in and does the hero
    stuff, while you stay alive to fight another day.

  ) This is the end to the normal game. You will get a slideshow of your
    activities and the various moments around the wasteland. Once it is over
    the last DLC starts up, BROKEN STEEL.



                          41. MOTHERSHIP ZETA DLC


  This is the section for the Mothership Zeta DLC. I have this as part of my
normal walkthrough but you can do the DLC at any time you wish so other than
tasks you can perform with skills, etc the guide should help you when ever
you do the DLC. My only suggestion is you do not play the DLC until your
SCIENCE and LOCKPICK skills are at least 75 because then you can use the
healing arches and gain more help and experience from the DLC. Your choice.

  The DLC starts when you approach the fallen spacecraft in the wastelands
which is east/southeast of the CLIFFTOP SHACKS. You are beamed aboard and get
to watch the creepy opening scene where you are stripped of your equipment
and experimented on. You wake up in a holding cell with another prisoner SAMAH
and don't know where you are, other than you are mad and going to slaughter
a bunch of little grey men who dared to probe you without your permission.


  You wake up in a holding cell. Talk to SAMAH for some info and she suggests
you stage a fake fight to draw in your captors so you can escape. Sounds like
a good idea, you are naked and unarmed not much else you can do, plus you are
pretty good fighting unarmed anyway, not a big deal. Start the fight, just
guard maybe throw a punch or 2 until the guards wander over and open the
cell. Kill them, exit the cell and kill the next 2 guards that arrive.

  Now you there are 5 cells to open. One has a dead officer to take their
clothes and another has a RIVET CITY guard you an kill for their armor. On
the east side of the hall are 3 data panels you can activate to get Alien
Captive Logs [LOGS 14, 15, 22] which are great to listen to. Move through the
west end of the hallway to a red Healing Arch. These heal you a little bit
when you pass through them, though it's very little and they have to recharge.
The easy way is to [SCIENCE:75] adjust them to heal you a lot more, though
they now have a limited number of charges. Make sure to adjust every red
Healing Arch you find.

  The next room has [LOGS 1, 3, 12] and a locked door. Exit through the other
door into another cell block. SALLY tells you how to destroy the nearby
generator. Simply activate the controls, wait until the 3 cooling units rise
up, then click each one and stand far away. After a bit the generator will
overheat and blow up. Sally gets free and goes to unlock the locked door.

  Progress into the next area with another ALIEN to kill. Inside his office is
the controls to unlock the door, plus 3 containers, one of which holds your
equipment. An [ENCLAVE POWER HELMET] is on the ground. Now that we are free,
geared up, mad, we are ready to continue. Head through the now unlocked door
and into the STEAMWORKS area.

  [NOTE]: Early on you will run into 3 types of aliens. Regular ones, ones
with bubble helmets (they have more DR and are tougher) and finally pain in
the butt ones with forcefields. Forcefield aliens are hard to take down just
pour on the damage until they fall, nothing else to do they are elite foes
and absorb a lot of damage. I find with forcefield aliens If I attack them
in melee I can back them into a wall/corner and if they have a longer weapon
like a [DISINTEGRATOR] Rifle they can't shoot me that close and I can then
eventually just wear down their health. Sadly Deathclaw gauntlet doesn't work
vs forcefields.


  You'll level up to 23 soon. REPAIR 77, EXPLOSIVES 60 and ROBOT EXPERT perk.

  As you enter SALLY will wait, up ahead 3 aliens walk past. When you talk
to her just handle them yourself and go kill them. Continue down into a long
hallway with an ALIEN guard and kill it, SALLY will open the side passage on
the left. You'll have a half dozen or so ALIENS to kill that will enter this
hallway so prepare. They will hurt you if they gang up on you so start sniping
them, keeping cover between attacks and take them down. There are a couple
small and large [ALIEN CRYSTALS] on the hallway shelves, the are just loot
material not used for crafting or anything.

  Enter the side hallway SALLY opened for a [CONTAINER] and another Healing

  Pass the hallway into another room with an ALIEN and [CONTAINER]. A hallway
goes west and 2 doors leading into the steamworks is north. Another half
dozen foes or so is here so get ready. Enter the north doors and take out the
couple SENTRY DRONE robots along with any aliens about. Fall back to the
previous healing arch if necessary. Now head down the west hall to the stairs
up, maybe another alien at the top and enter the top floor. Sally will set off
an explosion. A couple more aliens here to kill, just be careful of any
force-field aliens. 2 [ALIEN EPOXY] are on a shelf. They can repair a weapon
you have equiped depending on your repair skill (up to 30%) but don't waste
them on basic weapons save them for later. They are more valuable to repair
rare or valuable weapons.

  Enter a catwalk hallway with 2 ALIEN WORKMEN. Workmen don't attack but kill
the bloody aliens anyway. An ALIEN and GUN TURRET are at the end. You'll find
a Healing Arch, then 3 more ALIENS in the next room on the left. Up the stairs
2 more ALIENS and a [CONTAINER]. Proceed to a lab area, ALIEN and GUN TURRET
another Healing Arch and 2 more ALIENS at the stairs.

  Proceed to the next steam room with 3 more ALIENS and a GUN TURRET. Up the
stairs are 2 more ALIENS and a storage room. Inside are 2 [CONTAINERS], a
Healing Arch, [ALIEN POWERCELLS], [CRYSTALS] and [ALIEN BIOGEL]. Save up your
Biogel we can turn it into better Biogel later so don't use any. SALLY has
arrived back. Head down the last catwalk hallway, a few [CRYSTALS] and [FOOD]
about and a GUN TURRET at the end. Exit into the ENGINEERING CORE, the central
area of the ship and our soon-to-be base of operations.


  The Engineering Core is basically the central location of the Alien ship.
This will also become our base of operations and defensive position as we
branch out and explore the various areas. As we explore and kill off pesky
aliens, the rescued team will salvage what they can find and after each area
we do, new items will be gathered up about. I personaly like to take all junk
and toss it over the railings down to the below deck just to keep it out
of the way, it will start to pile up and get annoying. Useful gear i'll put
in various storage boxes.

  Make sure if you use storage items to stash gear that you put the gear in
a storage item (box, footlocker, etc) that already has items in it, this way
that storage containers "loot check" is turned off and won't spawn new items.
Never hurts to make sure your stuff doesn't disappear.

  As you enter SALLY walks up the stairs on the right. Instead go left and
head to the bottom level of the engineering core. There are 2 [CONTAINERS]
here. Use these for storage for now until you get more storage areas. Head
to the stairway up, some [CRYSTALS] and such around. I like to pile all junk
into one corner that way its easier to spot loot that is gathered later. Go
up to the main CORE level and look about. I like to toss all junk items over
the railing down to the bottom level to keep it out of the way. There are
numerous exits into different parts of the ship which we will explore soon.

  Follow SALLY into the CYRO room where you can access data stores to get
[LOGS 5,6,7,8]. Talk to SALLY and use the access device to free the survivors.
Talk to SALLY again. Grab the [SPACESUIT] off the dead body of COLONEL
HARTIGAN. Talk to TOSHIRO but you can't understand him. Talk to PAULSON and
you can SPEECH check about his capture. ELLIOTT can change any [BIOGEL] you
find into [ADAPTIVE BIOGEL] which is better. SAMAH can repair your items at
100% for a fee.

  Now, there are 3 areas we need to do in order to destroy the force field
generators, the CYRO LABS, ROBOT ASSEMBLY, and HANGAR, but we have 3 optional
areas to do first since they will be closed off later. The CARGO HOLD, ENGINE
ROOM and MAINTENANCE LEVEL. Go ahead and store any left over gear and head
to the ENGINE ROOM door and enter.

  170. ENGINE ROOM  (optional area 1)

  Head down into the engine area you'll run into an ALIEN and a SUPPORT DRONE.
Hack the Healing Arch and in the next main area are a bunch of ALIENS,
SUPPORT and GUARDIAN DRONES. Clean them out, to the left in a side room are
[2 ALIEN EXPOXY], [BIOGEL] and [ELECTRO-SUPPRESSOR] a unique Shock Baton.

  There are Turret controls about but ignore those, you don't get experience
by blowing up the turrets with them, kill the Turrets normally. Use the door
mechanism in the left room to open the door, where you'll fight....yes...more
ALIENS and SUPPORT DRONES, followed by a room with..more ALIENS and SUPPORT
DRONES. Ignore the stairs down and go right into the small lab area. Blow up
the TURRET and loot the 2 [CONTAINERS], [BIOGEL] and [CRYSTALS].

  Head down the stairs eliminating any ALIENS and DRONES as you go, and enter-
ing an area with an ALIEN and TURRET along with a [CONTAINER]. Up the stairs
into the final area with yes, more ALIENS and DRONES. This room you'll find
[6 ALIEN EPOXY], [BIOGEL] and [CRYSTALS]. You'll exit back into the starting
Engine Room area, so head back to the entrance and back into the CORE area.

  You should find your group have captured an ALIEN scout, which PAULSON
wisely kills. There is more various junk that the survivors have scrounged
GRENADE], [BOTTLECAP MINE]. There is now a Toolbox, Box and alien workbench
upstairs while downstairs a footlocker and sleeping mat. In a small side room
on the opposite side of the CORE by the CYRO room you'll find a [CONTAINER]
and [ALIEN EPOXY]. Scavenge all your gear and store it in these new areas for
easier access. You can use the toolbox, box, footlocker if they already have
misc loot inside you won't have to worry about respawn.

  Now load up and head out to optional area 2, the CARGO HOLD.

  You should level up to 24 soon. MEDICINE to 82 and PYROMANIAC perk.

  171. CARGO HOLD  (optional area 2)

  Basically the Cargo Hold is a huge catwalk area filled with loot, and of
course enemies. Don't bother looting for now, enter the area and run about
killing all the enemies. There are a dozen or so ALIENS and DRONES about,
along with 1 TURRET. Once all the enemies in the Cargo area are dead it makes
looting much easier.

  All abou the Hold are shelves and display cases filled with items, from
junk to weapons to ammo. Many items are also on the conveyor belt. At the
entrance are 3 [CONTAINERS] and a locked door which is the exit for later in
the place. Just store everything in a container we will pick it all up when
we leave. In one corner of the HOLD is a crane pit with a constant stream of
stolen loot dropped down into who-knows-where. On the top catwalks is a
Healing Arch. A locked safe is here, the terminal to open it can be hacked in
another part of the HOLD. Inside the safe is a unique plasma pistol [MPLX

  The rest of the loot in the HOLD consists of and not only [3 PLASMA
guns and ammo, [5 FRAG MINES], [MINI-NUKE], and a lot of various ammo boxes,
medicine, and junk loot. Once the HOLD is cleared and looted there is a side
door that will take us into the RESEARCH LAB.


  You'll open the door to the research lab. There are 3 TURRETS and 1 ALIEN
inside to take out. Once done, head towards the small door lined with [TOY
CARS] and a few more ALIENS will appear to kill. There is 1 data terminal to
get [LOG 13]. Through the doorway is a DRONE in a drone cage. Just kill it
inside and loot.

  Head through the passage into the toy factory control room. Another ALIEN
and DRONE to take out. At the stairs east are 2 more ALIENS and a TURRET. Head
down the stairs and into the large storage room. A [BUTTERCUP TOY HORSE] is
on one of the storage racks and 3 [PULSE GRENADES] on the table.

  Back at the control room is another data terminal [LOG 21] and a door device
that opens the door to a Healing Arch. A 2nd door will take you to a testing
room with dead bodies and minor loot. The ground portal takes you back to the
CARGO HOLD entrance where you can grab all your loot and exit the area, we
are done here.

  Again since we've been gone the survivors have been scavenging. More junk
items about, more basic loot so check about and pick it all up. In the main
area now are 3 extra boxes and a footlocker, along with some various ammo.
Down the stairs a [MISSILE LAUNCHER] is under the steps with an ammo box, 3
[FRAG GRENADES] near the footlocker and in the hall just outside another
footlocker and a box with [PLASMA GRENADE].

  Offload and time to head into the 3rd optional area, the MAINTENANCE LEVEL.
This is a floor portal on the side of the CORE, not a regular door.


  Entering you'll see a [CONTAINER] and there is a food item on a shelf in
the hallway. The next room has 2 more [CONTAINERS] and SALLY waits for you in
a trash elevator. Equip and ready your rifle/pistol weapon we are going for
an elevator ride and you won't be able to access your inventory so have it

  Talk to SALLY and she activates the elevator which goes down. It will stop
every few floors and the doors will open allowing you to see some rooms.

  1) First stop general lab/storage area.
  2) Second stop hallway with an ALIEN. You might be able to kill it before
     the doors close. Save and re-load if you want to try.
  3) Third stop, a pack of 4 Brahmin, targets of opportunity.
  4) Fourth stop, a quick peek at the Aliens hot ride..
  5) Fifth stop, the ground and final floor. Door opens to hostile aliens who
     you need to kill in order for SALLY to crawl through to try and open the
     door. She fails and you are sent plunging down into the trash collection
     area. When you get back up check and heal any crippled limbs you might
     have gotten during the fall.

  When healed up exit the trash area and the next room is the trash crushing
area. In one section there are 2 safes behind the crushing pillars, save and
run through to unlock and open the safes, also a first aid box. Run back
through then into the next area a tight corridor, also another safe and first
aid box here. You'll pass a Healing Arch.

  Enter the next room a DRONE wanders about. You'll enter a horseshoe shaped
hallway there are 2 ALIENS on a top ledge you need to kill. You can jump up
to loot them if you need. A Military Footlocker sits in the rubble containing
room at the other end of the hallway has a few medical supplies on the boxes
on the left. Some ALIENS will come to attack you. When dead backtrack to the
Healing Arch, often some ALIENS will be coming up behind so take them out.
Heal then continue where you left off.

  In the next ajoining rooms SALLY will take down the force fields. They will
seal up behind you so you won't be able to go back from this point. There
will be 3 rooms with a crusher in the center, each room has a control panel
to turn off the crusher. A SAFE and First aid box is just after the first
room. The 2nd room 2 ALIENS will drop down to attack, make sure to wait until
they come down otherwise you might not be able to loot them. In the 3rd room
3 ALIENS will drop down. Once all are dead continue to the next area.

  This is a large crushing room with heavy resistance. 3 ALIENS are inside and
2 more will arrive once the fighting starts. Once they are dead loot the 4 or
so [CONTAINERS] about the permieter. A data terminal with [LOG 19] is by the
entrance door. Exit and the next small room 2 more [CONTAINERS]. Go into the
final hallway, kill one more ALIEN and we'll meet up with SALLY again. There
are 8 First aid boxes to loot along with a [SAMURAI SWORD].

  When you enter the CORE this time 2 ALIENS have found your group. Take them
down. Like previous there is more collected junk and loot about. Up top more
various misc items and ammo, 2 [FRAG MINES], [MINIGUN], [POWERFIST] and 3
[PULSE GRENADES]. Down the stairs a Vending machine, [BUTTERCUP TOY HORSE] and
some ammo boxes along with another footlocker. Now that the 3 optional areas
are done we can concentrate on the 3 quest locations. Gear up and head through
the door into the HANGAR. I would suggest grabbing all your [FRAG MINES] and

  You should be level 25 soon. UNARMED 70, MELEE 53, REPAIR 80 and PARALYZING
PALM perk.

  174. HANGAR

  Enter the Hangar area there is a [CONTAINER] nearby then proceed into the
main hangar bay. A small alien ship is suspended here. First lets clear out
the area of any foes. Down into the ship area to the east is a hallway with
an ALIEN and 2 TURRETS. On the far side of the bay 2 more ALIENS are about,
then use the door controls to drop the forcefields and head up to the main
control area where another ALIEN or 2 awaits.

  Now that everything is dead, lets loot. In the entrance area are some
[CRYSTALS] on shelves and 2 [CONTAINERS]. Up on the main control area there
is a 5 button sonic control system (don't worry about this), 2 [CONTAINERS]
and 2 Healing Archs. The opposite platform has more [CRYSTALS] and a [ALIEN
ATOMIZER] pistol on the table. Move up to the control area time for a long
tough fight. If you brought any [FRAG MINES] line the 2 hallways up to the
control platform. There is a rear door to the generator room and when you
use the door controls all hell will break loose. An alarm will sound and
dozens of foes, both ALIEN and DRONE alike will exit the previously closed
summon areas. Just kill all you can, take down the easy foes first, stay
healed and protected. If you brought a missile launcher you might have some
targets if any group up down below, or if a shielded alien or 2 are running

  Once the battle is finally finished head out to loot again. Loot all the
dead bodies, the east hallway summon portals are now open and they have loot
in those small rooms (crystals, weapons, etc), then enter the now open
generator area and loot the large and small [CRYSTALS] on the shelves, a
[DISINTEGRATOR] rifle and 4 [ALIEN POWER MODULES]. Activate the generator and
when the cooling rods raise up, click on each one of them and retreat out of
the room. Head all the way back to the entrance and back into the CORE

  Not much has been added, a bunch of misc items, a [NUKA GRENADE] in a bucket
and some first aid boxes upstairs and downstairs. Well, the [GNOMES] but
those are just creepy. Suit up and head to ROBOT ASSEMBLY.


  You'll start in an entrance area and will find 2 [CONTAINERS] along with 2
ALIEN workers to take out. As you enter the first robot assembly area there
will be a half dozen or so DRONES that will appear for you to blow up. After
they are dead loot the area, lots of [CRYSTALS] of various sizes, 3 [ALIEN
POWER CELLS], 6 [EPOXY] and 3 [CONTAINERS]. A Healing Arch is on the way

  Head through the connector tunnel into the second assembly area, a couple
more DRONES to blow up and 2 TURRETS on the roof on the far side. 4 [BIOGEL]
are on a shelf. Access the panel near the end of the assembly line tube to
cause it to explode and create a doorway into the next area.

  If you want to get up to the 2nd floor area, there are some [CRYSTALS],
stairs before you head down at the first assembly area, look right there is
a small platform with 2 light bubbles. Jump on it, then up to the large
device. Drop down on top of the assembly tunnel tube and climb it, crouching
under a energy pipe a little to the left. Now turn around and jump up onto
that same energy pipe and go right, dropping down onto the 2nd floor. Loot
and jump back down and continue through the hole in the assembly line.

  The next area you'll have to be fast. There is an ALIEN or 2 who has a
[DRONE CONTROL DEVICE] that will be activating the Drones in their cages to
attack you. Head in fast and kill any ALIENS asap to keep the DRONE spawn
down. Kill any already-activated DRONES also. Now kill the Drones still in
their cages. Loot everything. A small ground alcove has a Healing Arch. The
top floor here has a [DISINTEGRATOR], 3 [EPOXY], and 2 [BIOGEL]. Go down
the steps to the generator and blow it up like normal. Under the stairs are
2 alcoves with numerous [CRYSTALS], [EPOXY] and a [CONTAINER] enter the
teleportation portal when you are done and it will take you back to the start
of the area. A DRONE may spawn to try and slow you down lol. Kill and loot it
and head back to the CORE.

  Some new items about. Top level [MINI NUKE], [SLEDGEHAMMER], 4 [BIOGELS] and
a bed. Down the steps 2 [NUKA COLA QUANTUMS] and [PLASMA RIFLE] near the
sleeping mat on a ledge. At this point of the game we don't really have any
use for PAULSON and TOSHIRO so go ahead and kill them and take their stuff.
PAULSON will disappear soon anyway. Now head into the final generator area,
the CYRO LABS. Take any [BOTTLECAP] and [FRAG] mines that you have with you.

  176. CYRO LABS

  In the first area head directly right (north) and take out the ALIEN that
is down the steps. Hide and wait up top 2 ALIEN WORKERS will come into the
area so take them down also. A door control is at the main area which will
unlock the force field down the steps to the north.

  Heading down the steps to the north there is a [CONTAINER] and at the
bottom some loose [CRYSTALS] and [EPOXY]. Go through the now opened doorway
into a storage area with 3 [CONTAINERS], 2 [BIOGELS], ammo and a data console
[LOG 4]. Go back up to the main area and proceed down the hallway into the
first cyro storage area.

  In this section there are 2 inactive DRONES once you enter, go ahead and
blow them up. There are 2 side rooms to the north/south each with 2 ALIENS so
take them down before we do anything. 2 [CONTAINERS] and a Healing Arch are
in the center room along with the cyro controls for the north and south rooms.
Activating the controls will release a Raider and Ghoul from each side room.
In the south room is a data terminal [LOG 2].

  Open the door out of the room and continue into the next cyro area. There
is a side door on the left but ignore that for now. Kill the 3 ALIENS in the
main cyro area and the TURRET. In the main room is a Healing Arch and 2
[CONTAINERS]. You can activate the cyro controls to release a few ghouls and
a half dozen or so Raiders to kill. Head back to the side door and enter, then
use the door control to open the storage door. Inside are 2 [CONTAINERS], 2
[EPOXY], 2 [BIOGEL] and random loot about.

  You should level up to 26 soon. SMALL GUNS 70, ENERGY WEAPONS 70, NERVES
OF STEEL perk.

  Jump down or go down the steps under this cyro area to find 3 shelf areas
filled with various loot, including [TESLA POWER HELMET], [LASER RIFLE],
[T45D POWER ARMOR AND HELMET], [RECON ARMOR], etc. Exit the area down the
passage and you'll come to a lab area where ALIENS are disecting captured
people. Push the control button to flash freeze the aliens in the room which
will unlock the doors. Enter and loot everything. On the benches are various
loot including 2 [ADVANCED RADIATION SUITS], 2 [PULSE GRENADES], etc. There
are 2 data terminals here with [LOGS 11, 17]. Continue through the door to


  Before we do anything we need to clear out this large complex. There are
about a dozen ALIENS roaming about and first goal is to waste them! Now, in
the south entrance room are 2 [CONTAINERS] and data terminal [LOG 25]. In
the far southwest of the Cyro Storage is another data terminal with [LOG 16]
and 2 [EPOXY]. In the lower center corridor is a [CONTAINER] and [EPOXY]. 

  Ok the last thing to do. In the north center lower areas are 4 Super Mutant
Overlords frozen in cyro tubes. 2 on the east side, 2 on the west. The
controls to open the tubes are just above them. If you brought any mines along
mine just outside their tubes so when they are released they will run into
the mines. Since the Overlords are unarmed if you can cripple a leg you have
a very easy time finishing them off. If you have your [DART GUN] along it
makes it even easier. Once they are dead head to the top level and north to
the last generator. Turn on the teleportation panel then turn on the generator
button. Destroy it and exit the teleportation panel and head back to the CORE.

  Back at the CORE there are a few more items about to get. A [BUTTERCUP TOY]
is about, and near your boxes is a wooden box on a ledge with a [NUKA-COLA
RIFLE]. We are done in this area, it is time to continue on to finish off
taking out this blasted ship and its Alien crew. Put on your [SPACESUIT] and
enter the nearby door to the DECOMPRESSION CHAMBER.


  Open the pressure door and head through the corridors and up the stairs.
You'll run into a few dead ALIEN bodies to loot and at the very top of the
stairs is the doorway out of the ship. Before heading out use the door
console and open the door on the right to get 2 [CONTAINERS] and 4 [BIOGEL].

  Head outside. You are on the hull of the ship. Walk around and look for 3
protruding structures that stick out of the hull. Click on them to retract
them then head to the top center area where you will be drawn back into the
ship into a different decompression chamber. In this room some [CRYSTALS] are
on a metal fitting. Click the control panel to recompress the room.

  In the next small room are 2 [CONTAINERS] and a floor teleporter you can
activate to bring the rest of the survivors to the area. SALLY will open
the nearby door then head into the observation room. Walk to the large
windowed floor and SALLY will go open the opposite door. Suddenly a large
red Alien hologram will start talking and after about 20 seconds the ships
Death Ray will fire off. SAMAH will comment on the shot, and SALLY will
return now that the door is open. Head through now and enter the WEAPONS LAB.


   Careful some enemies once you enter. The first room as 2 TURRETS and an
ALIEN up on the far top platform. If you enter far enough into the room the
2 summoning platforms behind you spawn another ALIEN and DRONE so watch your
back. About in this room are [CRYSTALS], [CONTAINER], 2 [BIOGEL], 3 [EPOXY].
There is a blocked hallway so move down the other hallway to the first door
on the right storage room. Inside are [CONTAINER], 6 [EPOXY], 3 [BIOGEL],
Alien Atomizer the [ALIEN PULVERIZER]. Kill the DRONE in the cage of course.

  Continue to follow the hallway right and up the stairs, killing a solo ALIEN
as you pass. At the top room take out the DRONE guard and activate the door
controls to drop the forcefield that lets you get back to the entrance to the
weapons lab. There is a Healing Arch here. Go down the steps right and an
ALIEN and DRONE will spawn from the summoning pads. Kill them and loot the 3

  Head down the hallway and into the weapons testing control center, take out
a nearby ALIEN and ALIEN worker. In this first area kill the DRONE in its
cage. Access data storage for [LOG 24]. Lots of loot about, 2 [CONTAINERS] and
on the nearby shelves [ATOMIZER], 7 [ALIEN POWER CELLS], [COMBAT ARMOR],

  The lab on the right open the door and enter, kill the 2 EXPERIMENTAL DRONES
to get their loot, including a couple rare [DRONE CANNON EX-B] cannons. You
can fiddle with the controls to summon a few Brahmin. Head north into the
weapons testing range. There is a [CONTAINER] and Healing Arch here. At the
pistol range on the shelf is the unique [DESTABILIZER] rifle. Activate the
pistol range and kill a few Brahmin that spawn. Now move down to the rifle
range where a [DISINTEGRATOR] and [ATOMIZER] sit on a box. Activate the range
and Raiders will spawn with the occasional creature (Deathclaw, Radscorpions).
They are great for killing for experience, go ahead and keep summoning them
until you reach level 27. Raise MELEE 65, EXPLOSIVES 65, SNEAK 65 and pick
the CHEMIST PERK. Doing this you will gain the XENOTECH EXPERT perk for
testing out the shooting ranges.

  Now that we are done here head out the exit door and up the stairs, heading
through into the EXPERIMENTATION LAB.


  Move into the room there are 3 ALIEN workers and a ALIEN guard about, first
hunt them down and take them out. [COMBAT ARMOR] is on the table and in the
side room with the experimental equipment are 2 [CONTAINERS]. Move down the
hallway with a few side doors on the way. 1st room has 2 [BIOGEL], 2nd room
has [EPOXY] and some [CRYSTALS]. Unlock the 3rd door and inside is a Healing
Arch, 8 [BIOGELS], and [RECON ARMOR and HELMET].

  Now enter the generator room. A data terminal with [LOG 10] is here and an
[EPOXY] also. You can see through the windows into a test holding cell with
some wierd aliens. Numerous Alien workers wander about. You can already feel
that once you destroy this generator bad things are going to happen. SO DO IT!
Blow up the generator, take down the force fields, release chaos, then head
into the now open hallway and kill anything that moves.

  There is a [CONTAINER] on the way then move into the containment cells where
2 ALIEN ABOMINATIONS wait. These are hard foes, lots of health and they hit
hard so kill them fast. Inside the cell area is a data terminal [LOG 9], 2
[CONTAINERS] and 2 [BIOGEL]. Head out and enter the BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH door.


  Open the first door on the right for 3 [EPOXY]. Move around the next large
area towards the stairs in the back, there are 3 ALIEN ABOMINATIONS about. As
you get up to the top level there is a Healing Arch, a data terminal [LOG 18]
and misc [CRYSTALS], 2 [EPOXY] and 2 [BIOGELS]. Go over the bridge to the
next room where 2 ALIENS and 2 ALIEN workers are at.

  Kill them then open the door and into the teleportation hub where your
survivors are waiting for you. Destroy the DRONE in its cage and go down to
the bottom level to find [CRYSTALS], 7 [EPOXY], 3 [BIOGEL] and 8 [ALIEN POWER

  Head over to the survivors and take the active teleportation pad to the


  Head left and kill the ALIEN worker. Open the door and blow up the inactive
DRONE. Loot the [CONTAINER] and head south down the hall. Another door is on
the right, also with an inactive DRONE and [CONTAINER]. South to another door
on the left contains 2 [CONTAINERS], [EPOXY] and 3 [BIOGEL]. 

  Swing around the hallway, probably killing an ALIEN in the way and into a
large work area. There are about 3 ALIEN workers and 4 or so ALIEN fighters to
deal with. A much needed Healing Arch is here also. Head downn the steps into
a small room with an [EPOXY]. Open the force field doors and continue all the
way down, fighting a few more ALIENS on the way. A room off to the side has
a [CONTAINER] and Healing Arch.

  At the bottom of the passage enter the door into DEATH RAY CONTROL.


  All this area is, a large generator room with 4 generators to blow up. The
fighting will be hard in this room since at your level all the aliens will
probably be shielded so make sure to use stimpacks to stay alive, if you
have any mines those will be good to drop near the summon portals and in the
passageway. With paralyzing palm unarmed you might be able to fight unarmed
stunning aliens while working on others.

  Either way, there are 4 ALIENS to contend with before we start. Once done
loot them and the [CONTAINER] then we will work on the 4 generators. At the
controls the far left button will bring up a generator, when its destroyed use
the same button to bring up the next, and next, etc. After you blow up 2
generators a half dozen or so ALIENS are teleported in and will attack. The
fighting will get fierce usually they are all shielded. Fall back into the
entrance passage to keep them from surrounding you. As they group up grenades
or mines work great. Keep yourself healed and you'll win eventually.

  Now go ahead and destroy the other 2 generators and the teleportation portal
for the LIVING QUARTERS is activated. Head through.


  As you start run around the corner you'll come to a portable forcefield.
On the other side 2 ALIENS are being attacked by an ALIEN ABOMINATION. The
portable forcefields can be destroyed by shooting them so quickly start
shooting the TURRET above then the forcefield so you can get through and
shoot the ALIENS for some extra experience before they kill each other.

  Once done head up the stairs to a central area there are 2 TURRETS to blow
up and a couple ALIENS. After, blow up a portable forcefield or 2 so you can
get by. 2 side rooms on the right hold [CONTAINERS]. Down the steps are a
Healing Arch. One of the siderooms down here has [EPOXY].

  Back at the upper level go south through the doors into the hallway where
you'll fight 2 ALIENS. Go left to a small room with 2 more ALIENS to kill.
Blow up the portable forcefield and 2 more ALIENS to the left will attack. In
this back room is a single [BIOGEL]. Move all the way back to the entrance
hallway and continue. A Turret is well hidden behind some columns so go around
carefully and destroy it.

  In the next hall on the right is another portable forcefield, TURRET and
2 ALIENS. Shoot the TURRET and the ALIENS will swing around to attack. Take
them down and blow up the portable forcefield. Head left into the room for a
data terminal [LOG 23]. A sideroom has [EPOXY] and a few [CRYSTALS]. The next
room a [CONTAINER]. Keep going through the hall to a Healing Arch then up the

  There are 2 TURRETS and 2 ABOMINATIONS to take out, then head up to the
upper platform for 2 more ABOMINATIONS. A small room nearby holds 2 [BIOGEL],
2 [EPOXY] and a Healing Arch.

  Cross the bridge platform into the far area and the teleporter to take you
to the BRIDGE.

  185. BRIDGE

  This will be the final battle and area of the DLC so be prepared for a fun
and major fight.

  As you enter the BRIDGE area you are in a small section with a Healing Arch
and a Alien Workbench. Opening the door to the actual bridge will have the
ALIEN CAPTAIN and 3 other ALIENS to kill. When they are dead another red
Alien Hologram appears and your survivors will arrive at the Bridge area. Also
2 more ALIENS teleport in so take them down also.

  Now we get to destroy the newly arrived enemy spacecraft. At the controls
there are 3 big control buttons on the left and a "FIRE" control button on
the right. Your goal is to just shoot the ships Beam weapon at the enemy ship
while they shoot at you. The beam weapon is charged when white lights are lit
on the "FIRE" button, easy to see.

  The 3 buttons on the left are power distribution. Ignore the center button
but the button on the left will give more power to shields, while the button
on the right gives more power to the beam weapon. The simply strategy is to
always have the left button pushed so you always have max shields, and only
when you are ready to fire then quickly push the right button, fire, and push
the left shield button again. This way you are only vulnerable the second you
take to fire the gun.

  To throw a monkey wrench into the fight, at random times ALIENS are tele-
ported onto the BRIDGE to attack you, and it gets really jumping if there are
multiple shield ALIENS that appear. After the enemy ship is damaged about 1/4
health the power goes offline, and you simply have to push the 4 reset buttons
that are on either side of the bridge. So, fire the gun when its charged, keep
the shields at max power otherwise, and kill any aliens that appear to attack.
Don't be afraid to use up Stimpacks like crazy this is the last DLC fight so
just win and survive.

  If you are doing good, a nice way for extra experience is to look at the
health of both ships. If you have the enemy ship down to 1/4 health and your
health is fine (1/2 or more) you can actually just stretch the time out some
and kill more appearing ALIENS for extra experience. When your health gets
down to 1/4 then poar on the ship beam shots to destroy the enemy ship.

  You'll level up to 28 by now. BARTER 60, BIG GUNS 68, REPAIR 83 and BLOODY
MESS perk. When the fight is over, you WIN! Loot the aliens, heal up and SALLY
drops a ground beacon that lets you leave the ship or come back. There are 2
[CONTAINERS] on the ground level of the BRIDGE and the DLC is over! You can
now take the long and drawn out task of transfering the items in your storage
back into the regualar game and to your house. Also we have no use for SAMAH
and ELLIOTT so use them for the last time to repair/change biogels and then
kill them off. This leaves poor SALLY alone on the ship. We'd kill her off
also but the game won't let us.

  NOTE: My suggestion is this. The energy weapons in the DLC are very power-
ful and I personally leave them all on the ship just-in-case. I use the games
regular weapons to play through while the ALIEN weapons are just stashed
away in case you want to play with them. There are a lot of them and they are
really strong compared to your normal game weapons, making the game less fun
to play. When you use the teleporter to leave the ship it drops you at the
Alien crash site, and to return just return to the beacon and activate it.


                        72. OPERATION ANCHORAGE DLC



   You start the simulation waking up after having parachuted onto the Cliffs.
Another soldier talks to you for a second then starts scaling up the cliff-
side, leaving you alone. You start the DLC with some [WINTERIZED COMBAT ARMOR
and HELMET], [TRENCH KNIFE], [SILENCED 10MM PISTOL], some ammo and basic

  NOTE: When you kill foes in the simulation they disappear and you cannot
loot them. BUT! You can pickpocket them before they die and get their stuff,
so if you are shoot on guns and ammo, pickpocket instead of just shooting.

  NOTE: There are 10 Intel Suitcases that you want to collect as you progress
through the DLC. Getting all 10 will give you a bonus perk. I will of course
tell you where they are and when to get them. You cannot come back so you
have to pick them up as you go.

  Now head along the cliff east and sneak up to the soldier facing away from
you. loot some ammo from him then sneak attack with your knife to kill him.
A HEALTH DISPENSER is here, a red round bottle thing that will heal you when
you use it, you will see these through the DLC. Continue and you can
pickpocket some ammo/rifle from the next soldier. Keep going sneaking and
half way across the rope bridge there is a soldier up on the right platform.
He alternates sitting and standing so sneak up while is is standing facing
away and pick any ammo and then kill him.

  Head across the 2nd rope bridge to the next area. There is a roaming guard
you can jump while he is facing away, you can pickpocket a fully repaired
[CHINESE RIFLE] from him and ammo. To the right down the steps is a [SNIPER
RIFLE], [FRAG MINE] and HEALTH DISPENSER. GREAT! We have a sniper rifle now
this will make things much easier. Take a look around. We will be heading up
to a small enclosuer and you can see there is a huge white pipe leading across
the chasm. There are 4 guards we can snipe from here. One is on our side of
the pipe up the rope bridge he roams out into shooting range every so often.
Across the white pipe 2 guards are on the very top of the cement platform.
The 4th guard is at the bottom of the platform just across the white pipe.

  Take them out then continue up the path into the enclosuer where there is
DISPENSER. You will see these also through the DLC, they recover the ammo
stock of your weapons. Head out and onto the white pipe, then up the nearby
rope bridge to find a [STEALTH BOY]. Go across the pipe and follow the path
up. You'll see another white pipe bridge farther away, a lone guard stands
on it so Snipe him. Continue up the path you'll run into another guard or 2
that are guarding the door to the CAVE OUTPOST. Kill them and enter.


  You will enter and 2 Guards will kill a stuck parachutist on the roof, who
drops a [GAUSS RIFLE]. Kill the 2 guards and grab the rifle. To the right is
a small alcove with more mines and grenades plus another AMMO DISPENSER and
HEALTH DISPENSER, along with some ammo for your Gauss Rifle. 

  NOTE: Ammo dispensers don't refill your gauss rifle ammo, so your main gun
probably will be your nice sniper rifle, use your Gauss Rifle if you run out
of ammo for your other stuff.

  Head up the path and kill another guard patrolling up the area. You'll enter
a building area where SGT MONTGOMERY will arrive. Talk to him and ask him if
he has extra ammo twice. Now head out the door back into the valley.

  As you exit you can see another white pipe bridge directly down. On the
other side is a small building you can Snipe the lone guard there through the
window he is standing at. Now stealth down the path and 2 more guards are on
the lower platform. Take them out then head across the white pipe. In the
small building is HEALTH DISPENSER and a FIELD STORAGE room. Go inside for
[INTEL SUITCASE 1] and [HOLOTAPE - BOMBARDMENT]. Use the terminal for info.

  Go back across the pipe and up the path, there will be 2 guards on the way
up. Across the rope bridge there are 2 more guards. To the right is another
Head into the building area for an AMMO DISPENSER then be careful and go
around the corner. On the right is a CAVE PASSAGE door but ignore that for a
second. Out over the rope bridge is a couple bunkers. There is a GUN TURRET
and 3 guards that you can Snipe with your Sniper Rifle through the windows.
If you run low on ammo just use the AMMO DISPENSER again. That leaves 1 foe
still in a bunker but we will get him in a minute.

  Now enter the door into the CAVE PASSAGE. Proceed up the stairs in this
little cave, kill the lone guard at the top and exit near the bunkers. There
is one last guard in the bottom bunker he has a flame thrower so kill him
through the window. Up in the top bunker is HEALTH DISPENSER and now enter the


  Entering this base, there will be 2-3 guards on the catwalks ahead of you
so kill them. Now head up the stairs and 3 more guards will come out to fight.
At this point in the game really you are 1 shotting them in the head so all
these fights are soooooo easy. Enter the top passageway and on the left is
a locked door. Behind it is [INTEL SUITCASE 3], [STEALTH BOY], and [HOLOTAPE-
INVASION]. Proceed into the next room and down the steps on the right, killing
another guard.

  At the bottom is a ammo area, HEALTH and AMMO DISPENSERS, grenades, etc the
usual. Head back up and down the hallway and it will open up into a huge
cavern. If you look to the right you can see chinese troops and tanks moving
through the area. You actually can snipe these troops but its worthless since
that area is just a scripted show for MONTGOMERY to comment on.

  What you need to be watching for is the troops moving down to you. Move up
just a little and left into a darker area. Way up on the right in the big
cavern you can see a windowed passageway that 3 troops are moving down. 2 of
them will soon be coming down the hallway so be ready to blast them. Once
they are dead you can Snipe a 3rd guard thats still up in that far hallway.
Moving down the passage a 4th guard is just left around the corner, if you go
slow you can pop him once his head is visable.

  Move through the hallway up to an AMMO DISPENSER, a locked door is on the
left leading to [INTEL SUITCASE 4] and a Terminal to get info from. Head now
up the stairs down the long hallway corridor there will be 3 guards to take
out, plus 1 more will arrive to see whats going on. Rounding the bend in
the shell storage racks 3 more guards are on the other side. Moving past 3
more guards are at the stairwells up. Under the stairs is an alcove with a

  Going up the stairs in the hallway a door on the right has [HOLOTAPE -
OVERRUN]. Keep following the hallway, kill a lone guard and there is an ammo
area, HEALTH and AMMO DISPENSERS. You will continue into a huge shell storage
warehouse. Careful, there are 3 stealthed elite CHINESE DRAGOON soldiers. 2
are on the left and 1 to the right. I'd use your assault rifle at this point
you can't head shoot them easy until their stealth is gone, easier to just
blast them. After all 3 are found and killed head up the stairs to the north
exit and at the top is another supply stash HEALTH and AMMO DISPENSERS and the


  Time to take out the Artillery guns. Directly below you when you exit is
a DRAGOON sniper. Look down over the edge and kill him. To the left are
steps down and 2 more guards are down that way. Kill them then come back up
past the door and down to the first gun. There are a trio of guards at the
rear of the Artillery gun in a bunker. Snipe or attack them. In the bunker

  Now approach the back of the Artillery gun and you can place a demo charge
on the gun. Head up the stairs on the left towards the 2nd gun, but be
careful once you start up a DRAGOON sniper will appear on the rocks above and
attack, so Snipe him down. A Flamethrower unit will head down the stairs so
kill him when he arrives also. The first Arti gun should blow up about this

  Head up the path to the 2nd gun. you'll arrive behind it, there is an ammo
stash there HEALING and AMMO DISPENSERS but don't blow this gun up yet, keep
going around the path to the 3rd gun. You will encounter 2 soldiers at the
bunker, there is a DRAGOON sniper to the right and head down the path to the
right past the bunker and a Flamethrower unit will be waiting. Once all 4 are
dead blow up the 3rd gun, then go blow up the 2nd gun. This mission will be
over. You will be transported to base HEADQUARTERS to do more missions.


  When you arrive GENERAL CHASE will thank you and give you a quick briefing
on whats going on. When finished talk to LIEUTENANT MORGAN to get the info
on the missions you will be doing. He will give you 2 charges and 5 recruit
markers, or "slots". In the room are 2 [PSYCHO] and [HOLOTAPE - I'M OK].

  A nearby requisition terminal allows you to pick your payload for the
current mission, either Fire team, Close assault, Sniper or heavy weapons.
You'll be able to get your stuff from the quartermaster. Now, you can only
pick one loadout at a time, but the trick is to pick a loadout then see the
quartermaster, drop your weapons then go pick another loadout and pick back
up your dropped weapons. You really only need the Fire team and Sniper load
since your sniper rifle is sooo great and the assault rifle for close combat.

  Pattersons terminal lets you pick your team for the mission. Each member
costs a different amount of recruitment "slots" and you only have 5 slots.
I consider the best is 1 slot for an Infantry and 4 slots for a Sentry bot.
Sentry bot is just very strong. So go ahead and pick that setup.

  Head outside and in the Quartermasters tent get your gear, drop it, go get
your 2nd loadout and pick that up also. Pass a SPEECH check to get a Gauss
rifle also. In the tent is some various misc gear you can pick up, plus
HEALTH and AMMO DISPENSERS. Once you have everything ready talk to Sergeant
BENJAMIN to have the team move out. You will now move up to the ABANDONED


  Follow your troops to the east of the base camp, you will go a short
distance and stop near some train tracks and boxcars. One of the american
soldiers at the location will get hit by sniper fire. Take a look at the
town ahead. In the center of the area are some boxcars stacked on each other.
There is a DRAGOON sniper on top of the boxcars. To the right up on a small
hill is a sandbag ruined building, a Chinese soldier with a missile launcher
stands here, you want to take him out first. 

  There is also a sniper at the ruined house on the hill to the left. You
should have no trouble taking these troops out with your own sniper rifle. An
american soldier will walk up the road and engage in a fight with a guard
dog. If you move up the road an american Vertibird flies and lands to the
left, but is blown up by mortar fire. If you move forward towards where the
soldier went up, 3 enemies will spawn. The dangerous one is a Missle launcher
soldier to the right in the sandbag building. Take him out, then the rifleman
to your left and a guard dog also.

  Up in the sandbag building are some supplies, also HEALTH and AMMO DISPENSER
and [INTEL SUITCASE 5]. Head towards the NE building across the road and 4
enemy soldiers spawn inside it, there is an american soldier captive in the
back along with another supply area with HEALTH and AMMO DISPENSER. What are
we his mother? Ignore the captive and continue through the hole in the north
wall and head to the nearby Chinese flag. 2 more Chinese troops spawn so kill
them. At the flag it changes to the American Flag now. You've secured the
Mining town. Continue north down the road and you'll see a few boxcar contain-
ers up ahead.

  As you approach the rocks on the right, 4 Stealthed DRAGOONS spawn. One is
on top the solo container on the left. One is on the 2 containers directly
ahead and 2 more are on top of the cement archway around the corner on the
right, positioned on the corners. Should be no trouble Sniping them down. Once
all 4 are dead keep moving down the path. You'll swing around left and see
the entrance to the LISTENING POST. 4 more unstealthed DRAGOONS are stationed
here so take them out also. Go up and approach the door but do not enter. 3
Chinese soldiers will spawn behind you heading your way, so hide and get ready
to mow them down. Once they are dead go back to your squad and they will say
the Mining town is secure, and have them move up to the LISTENING POST. They
will stop just at the corner before it. Go ahead and head into the LISTENING


  When you enter, open the door to the first main room and take out the
DRAGOON and TECHNICIAN. Head through into the next hallway and a stealthed
DRAGOON is on the right behind some barrels. Kill him and move into the next
area. 3 DRAGOONS are inside, 2 are up on the top level. Take them down and
pick up the [INTEL SUITCASE 6] that is under the steps before you head up.

  Follow the hallway and you'll see a small engineering room of some sort.
There are 3 stealthed DRAGOONS waiting inside. There are little "alcoves" on
both sides of the room. 1 is on the right side in the back, 2 are on the left
side. Stay outside the room and snipe at them and draw them out of hiding
where you can finish them off. When finished there is an ammo supply here,
the usual stuff plus HEALING and AMMO DISPENSERS.

  Go out and continue to the next room where 2 DRAGOONS and a TECHNICIAN need
to be taken down. Pass through the room and up the stairs to the exit out of
the building. On the right is a bunker. There are stealthed DRAGOONS left to
kill then this part of the mission is over. One is in the bunker itself, and
the 2nd is just right around the corner to your right. Take them out and the
mission ends and your transported back to HEADQUARTERS.

  Back at HQ, go ahead and make sure your healed up and ready, your team is
assembled then talk to MONTGOMERY again to start the next part of the mission,


   Follow your team to the next mission area. They will stop short of a guard
outpost with 1 Chinese guard in it. Kill him and continue to the nearby
Camp Delta area. There are 4 enemy guards and a guard dog in the camp. Take
them out. The last tent is a supply tent, with the usual loot, HEALING and
AMMO DISPENSERS, and a Terminal to read some info.

  The next camp is right around the corner. On the left are 2 guard towers
with guards stationed in them, and in the camp site itself 2 more guards and
a guard dog. Proceed into one of the tents to find [INTEL SUITCASE 7] on the
table. Head through the area and around the corner on the right you'll run
into a Chinese guard watching over 2 American prisoners. Kill the guard and
ignore the prisoners. Its a dumb simulation anyway who cares they aren't
REALLY going to die.

  Proceed until you come to a large open area, you will soon be attacked by
SPIDER DRONES, which are basically mines with legs. This is a good time to
use your [10MM PISTOL] the drones are easy to kill and you don't want them
getting close, so fire away. Really the only time your going to use the 10MM
so don't worry about aiming much hehe. Keep going and kill any Drones in the
way. You'll approach the outside of a large base, 2 guard tower platforms
are on either side with a guard manning them. Snipe the guards. Head back and
grab your team and have them move out. They will arrive and hold just outside
the range of the guard towers. Now talk to your team and have them assault


  You and your team will rush into the large CHIMERA DEPOT. The DEPOT is in
2 sections. Both sections have a CHIMERA TANKS that you want to take out fast
I usually just use my GAUSS RIFLE for them. Between you and your team this
fight is a breeze. Take out any guards, they will be in towers and on foot.
In the first area a [INTEL SUITCASE 8] is on the table along with some loot.
Blow up the first fuel tank and continue to the back area.

  Another CHIMERA TANK is here and 3 more guards in the back building. Kill
them and use the supply area in the building. Regular loot and HEALING and
AMMO DISPENSERS. If any of your squad died have the Sergeant resummon more.
Now blow up the second fuel tank and the mission is finished. You will be
transported back to HQ. Now make sure you are healed up, your squad is ready
and we will do the last mission of the DLC. When ready talk to MONTGOMERY
and head into the final leg of our mission the BATTLEFIELD TRENCHES. It's
just you and MONTGOMERY this time, not that it matters, all they need is you.


  Start off heading left out of the base then straight ahead through the
artillery bombardment. You'll pass a couple American troops and into the
trenches just past the field. Continue left following the trench, pass more
american troops and up and past an energy field.

  Head back down into more trenches where 3 enemy soldiers are waiting. Kill
them and in a small alcove on the left is [INTEL SUITCASE 9] and an American
soldier prisoner. Continue down the trenches and around the corner to the
left to kill 3 more Chinese soldiers. Head up and out of the trenches, run
across the open field next to the wall, and back into a new set of trenches.

  As you go down the ramp an enemy DRAGOON and Flamethrower unit spawn right
in front of you, Take them down quick and go into the wooden tunnel where some
supplies await. HEALING and AMMO DISPENSERS. Just outside the other exit
directly to your left is a hiding stealthed DRAGOON, kill him. You'll see a
large bunker directly ahead, so move up and a large explosion will go off and
now 2 TURRET guns appear in the bunker windows. Go ahead and snipe them down
blowing 1 up usually blows up both. Replenish your ammo/health before you
continue then head towards the bunker. 3 SPIDER DRONES come from the left so
whip out your 10MM and take them down. The path now splits up left and right.

  Go right first, 2 enemy troops appear right next to you, 1 is a flamethrower
unit. Kill them and keep going down the trench. At the end 3 more enemy troops
appear, 1 of them a flamethrower unit. kill them and loot the area, another
HEALTH and AMMO DISPENSER. Now go back to the junction and go left this time.
You'll come around to a 2nd intersection. Enemy troops will spawn all around,
1 up near the bunker to the right, a few behind and 3 on the left path. Head
down the left path and kill the troops there, swinging around the corner left
with more enemy soldiers. A HEALTH DISPENSER is here and a Terminal to get
some info. Head back to the intersection and the other enemy soldiers probably
are dead by now.

  Head down the right path next, a enemy Flamethrower will appear right in
front of you. Kill him and proceed around the corner, 2 more enemies will
appear, 1 of them is a Missile launcher so take him down first. Head up the
ramp and the bunker right in front of you has 2 TURRETs to snipe and blow up.
Heading left 3 enemy troops are across the barbed wire, 1 DRAGOON sniper on
the top level. Once they are dead go across the barbed wire obstacle and
take an immediate hard right through an open doorway.

  In here 2 more Chinese troops appear to kill. Use the HEALTH DISPENSER to
heal if necessary and proceed left. In this small courtyard, 3-4 more enemy
troops appear, 1 DRAGOON Sniper up top on the left, and a Flamethrower unit
coming down on the right. When all the enemy are dead here take a quick trip
back and repleinsh your ammo in the last trench area. Now, heading back there
is a small supply room on the side.

  Swing around through the building on the left and you'll run into a group
of American Power Armor troops fighting some Chinese. Help them out there is
a Missile trooper so take him down first. Once the enemy is dead pass through
a small structure on the left has a HEALTH DISPENSER in it, and exit out the
other side into the CHINESE OCCUPIED REFINERY area.


  Equip your [GAUSS RIFLE] its time to bring out the big guns! Head down the
trench there is a bunker right ahead. Ignore it for now, run behind it and
blow up the 2 TURRETS through the rear windows, but don't try and enter it the
PULSE FIELD is still up. Keep going to the end of the trench to the 2nd
building and swing left and enter.

  Inside is the final [INTEL SUITCASE 10] and the button to turn off the PULSE
FIELD. Once the field is down, head to the 2nd bunker to make sure all foes
are dead, and then head across the pulse field to the OCCUPIED REFINERY. There
are 2 huge TURRETS on top of the outside gates, start blasting them with your
[GAUSS RIFLE] until they both are destroyed, which will blow up the main
gates to let you in. Just don't be close to the gates when they blow.

  Head up to the inner gates and enter the final area of the DLC, the REFINERY
area. This fight can be boring or fun depending on what you want. You will
see the leader of the Chinese forces GENERAL JINGWAI, kill an american soldier
prisoner. You can pass a SPEECH check to make him commit suicide, but thats
the boring way out. The fun way is to just kill everything. There are a lot
of chinese soldiers about, and they will endlessly respawn from the rear door
as long as JINGWAI is alive, so play it how you like.

  Tell JINGWAI to shove it and lets kill the computer generated bamboo-eater.
He has a lot of health and an annoying shock sword, so lets use that nice
[GAUSS RIFLE] to cripple both his legs early so he isn't quite so fast. After
that is done, go ahead and kill him at your leasure. It doesn't really make
any sense to shoot any of the Chinese soldiers because you won't get any items
or experience from them. Just kill JINGWAI and finish the DLC.

  Once he is dead GENERAL CHASE will appear and thank you for participating
in the simulation, boring dribble bla bla bla patriotism bla bla good soldier
bla bla. You'll wake up from the Anchorage simulation where MCGRAW thanks
you and asks you to open the safehouse door. Access the terminal and enter,
go ahead and loot the place dry. SIBLEY will turn traitor and decide he wants
the loot for himself and will start fighting MCGRAW. Take a second to kill
him and any troopers that are left over that are enemies.

  Continue looting the armory for the good stuff [WINTERIZED POWER ARMOR and
the [TRENCH KNIFE] along with a multitude of grenades, mines, etc. Now lets
finish up this DLC with style. Kill off PROTECTOR MCGRAW and SCRIBE OLIN and
lets leave this bunker hellhole. Head back home to offload, rest up, etc.
You now have 2 new perks, the Power Armor training perk that lets you wear
power armor, and the COVERT OPS perk for collecting the 10 suitcases in the
simulation, doesn't do much gives +3 in a couple skills.


                             96. THE PITT DLC



  You will arrive from the DC area into a train yard just outside the PITT
city. WERHNER will walk into the trainyard where a group of RAIDERS will
arrive to see who you are. Be ready WERHNER likes to just shoot things down
so when the fighting starts quickly help him take out any Raiders that show

  There is some misc loot about and WERHNER will approach and unlock a gate
on the far side of the train yard. When you approach he will comment that
he cannot go any further and its up to you. You can talk to him about
sneaking a weapon through so pick the pistol. Continue into the next area
which is basically a large parking lot of old abandoned cars on a freeway.

  Minor loot is about, and in a ruined building on the left 3 WILDMEN are
homed up. Kill them and loot anything about, then you'll come up to the large
PITT BRIDGE that leads across the river into the city.


  This long bridge spans the river, leading to THE PITT. It is filled with
many abandoned vehicles, and is heavily mined and trapped. On the side walk-
ways you will find numerous [BEAR TRAPS] and over the bridge itself a dozen
or 2 [FRAG MINES]. Try and disarm and pick up anything you come across to
keep any chain reaction explosions down.

  Half way across you will run into a few FEROCIOUS DOGS, and as you near the
middle catwalk structure a lone Raider Sniper will be up on a watchtower.
You can snipe him down, or lead up the right side catwalk ramp that will take
you up to the sniper nest. When finished continue across the bridge and on
the other side you'll encounter 3 escaped slaves trying to make a run for it
out of the PITT, but they hit mines on the path and die.

  Right around the corner is the entry gates, guarded by MEX and two other
guards. Just ignore these fools and gun them down and take their stuff. There
is a safe nearby but you cannot access it. When done enter the nearby gate
into THE PITT.

  As you enter the city, you are ambushed and beat unconcious. It doesn't
really matter how you enter, it happens anyway at least we have the satis-
faction of killing old MEX before we came inside. You wake up with MIDEA
standing over you and she asks you to meet her at her house later for some
info. You are now in PITT DOWNTOWN.


  You wake up stripped of gear, stuck practically naked in the PITT with
nothing but your wits and experience to proceed with. Heck, who are we kidding
we are awesome, we can kill deathclaws barehanded and eat their hearts for
breakfast, these silly Raiders don't stand a chance.

  You are in an outside work area, a small pit has some Pitt slaves doing
construction. Nearby NOLA is working, you can talk to her for some healing if
you need it. A guard is threatening 3 slaves, he will eventually kill them and
walk down the street. Follow him and stealth punch/kill him when is is alone
and take his gear. Like normal, stealth kill and just stay hidden until any
surrounding enemies lose their alert status.

  If you want you can sneak kill the guard leader when able, also the generic
PITT slaves who usually have basic gear, saws, etc. The more idiots around
here we take out, the less chance anyone else has to detect us doing bad
things har har evil laugh!. Ok back to work.

  Head around the alleyway corner, probably another Raider at the courtyard
and inside the building on the right near KAI, sneak kill them both and loot.
A slave is put in the stockades in the courtyard, wipe her out also. You can
talk to KAI for some horrible food, but we don't need it. Some misc loot is
about and if you follow the alley all the way to the back there is a ENGINE
BLOCK you can search for stimpacks, along with a broken tv near KAI which you
can search also for stimpacks.

  Enter MIDEA'S room to get some info from her. Raider JACKSON breaks into
the room to see whats going on. MIDEA convinces him you are a new worker and
are off to work in the MILL area. Go ahead and exit the room, you might find
MILLY wandering about looking for a friend of hers, who cares continue over
to the door and enter THE MILL.

  200. THE MILL

  The mill is a huge iron working facility staffed by slaves with a few
scattered guards on the top catwalks and roaming about. Again, feel free to
kill any generic slave or Raider you can find, there are plenty of them
about and the more you kill the less chance others will see you doing bad
things. Plus loot! Loot is always good. Find a good container, locker, etc
when you enter that you can store stuff in as you explore.

  Part way into the MILL is BRAND, who you can instantly note is some sort
of snitch. You can talk to him and reveal some info which doesn't have any
effect on the DLC, but you can gain 2 stimpacks for each bit of info you give.
Do NOT mention MARCO or MARCO making weapons because that will get the guards
to kill MARCO and we need him for a bit. You can give 3-4 pieces of
information then go ahead and steak kill the snitch, we have what we want
from him.

  Proceed through the MILL and on the left is the door to the STEELWORKS, but
ignore that for now. Continue to the back of the MILL area. The guard BONE
is on the right, stealth kill her (you can jump up on the ledge behind her
to make hiding easier). Around the corner you'll MARCO in a room on the right.
Talk to him to get a [POWER AXE] weapon then just kill him also. The 2
terminals in the room don't really do anything. 

  Right outside a sick slave is being talked to by a guard trying to get him
to work more. Examine the slave and put him out of his misery. A couple
slaves are about, and a guard. HAMMER is guarding a gate heading to the
UPPER MILL and a wandering guard is up on the catwalks behind HAMMER. Go
ahead and sneak punch kill everyone about we don't need them. To reach the
roaming guard up top, head up the stairs right and all the way up you can
jump on a little roof which is next to the catwalk. Hide and wait until the
guard is nearby and when they turn away enter VATS and attack. You will
actually kill them and appear on the other side of the fence, in UPPER MILL.


  Go ahead and explore UPPER MILL area, which you will come back to later in
the DLC. There is various loot about, a few Raider guards overlooking the
lower MILL area and a few slaves in the common rooms. Go ahead and sneak kill
all of them and loot the area clean.

  An ARENA area is in the far area but we will come back to that later. Once
you have fully looted and wiped out everyone in the area go back to your
storage container and drop off any excess gear. We will be heading into a
dangerous area next so make sure you have some decent weapons and armor ready,
you should have plenty at this point from all the looted guards, Raiders and

  Now head over towards the STEELYARD door area that you passed earlier and
EVERETT will be standing there, and will take you through to the STEELYARD
area. EVERETT will trade you nice rare items when you turn in INGOTS so we
will keep him about for a while. Nice loot, always a good thing. EVERETT will
walk you through the Abandoned area tunnel and at the other side is the door
into the STEELYARD.


  The STEELYARD is a huge area to explore so I will break it down into a few
smaller areas to help navigate it. A new foe is inside, the TROG. It is a
PITT inhabitant that is mutated into a semi-ghoul creature. They have no
distance attack so easy to kill with ranged weapons. You should have a few
of those by now and a good [AUTO AXE] which will make short work of them.

  The goal in the STEELYARD is to collect [INGOTS] while killing any ugly
inhabitants that get in your way. Turn your [INGOTS] into EVERETT for some
nice loot. The STEELYARD ENTRY is the first main area you will enter, it has
some dumpsters scattered about along with the main trainyard area lined with
old boxcars. A ramp in the back of the area will take us to the next area
but lets clear this area before that.

  Directly in front of you will be a body, an [ASSAULT RIFLE], ammo, and 2
[INGOTS]. There will be 19 total INGOTS in the Entry area so when done check
to make sure you have all of them. Some TROGS are to the left on the other
side of the fence but you can't get there yet. Head ahead and on the right
will be a slave crying about his brother who is now a TROG. Kill them both.
There are dumpsters on the left, but head into the long trainyard on the right
and go ahead and run about, kill any TROGS that are in the Entry area before
well go loot.

   2 INGOTS: by body when you enter
   2 INGOTS: inside 1st dumpster on left, jump into it from the top of truck
   2 INGOTS: inside 2nd dumpster on left, jump into it
   3 INGOTS: inside 4th small dumpster on left, jump into it
   2 INGOTS: far side of the trainyard area near a body, all the way in the
   2 INGOTS: on top of the train boxcars, you can climb up and jump over near
             the body all the way in the back, a small ramp lets you on top.
   3 INGOTS: In a dumpster near the boxcars
   3 INGOTS: When you re-enter the Abandoned area.

   Once you get your needed 10 INGOTS, you will gain the AUTO AXEPERT perk
which lets you do +25% damage with your [AUTO AXE]. Nice. When you've gotten
the 16 INGOTS in the Entry area head back to EVERETT. When you re-enter the
Abandoned tunnel area a TROG will have broken through a fence. Kill it and
go through the new hole and in the back are 3 more INGOTS. When you arrive
back with EVERETT he will complete the quest and start giving you items for
the INGOTS you return. You can drink from the water fountain to heal up if
needed. When ready head back into the STEELYARD and now go up the wooden
ramp in the back just past the dumpsters, up to the STEELYARD COMPLEX.

   10 INGOTS:  Laborer Outfit           20 INGOTS:  Filtration Helmet
   30 INGOTS:  Steel Knuckles           40 INGOTS:  Metal Master Armor
   50 INGOTS:  Metal Blaster            60 INGOTS:  Bombshell Armor
   70 INGOTS:  Leather Rebel            80 INGOTS:  The Mauler
   90 INGOTS:  Perferator              100 INGOTS:  Tribal Power Armor


  As you hit the top of the ramp a hole in the gate lets you into the COMPLEX
which is a large grouping of buildings. Head right to pick up 2 INGOTS, then
left into the small room up the stairs for 2 more INGOTS. Go through the open
wide gate, swinging hard left and follow the path down towards the STEELYARD
ENTRY entrance where there are a few TROGS and many radioactive barrels.

  Clear out the TROGS and grab the 3 INGOTS and continue south where a RAIDER
body is in a drainage ditch with some ammo and 3 INGOTS. Head up the long ramp
west and take the first right into an alcove between the buildings to kill a
TROG and 2 INGOTS and a First Aid box.

  DO NOT go up any stairs or ramps onto the top area yet, still some stuff to
do down on the ground. Now head west again back to the small room and now
behind it near some tires are 2 INGOTS. Just around the corner north on a
shelf are 2 more INGOTS. Continue north and take a left there will be some
TROGS fighting WILDMEN. Kill them all and loot the 4 INGOTS in the ore cart,
along with some ammo and First aid box. Now go back east all the way to the
fence and continue right to a dead end with 2 more INGOTS.

  You now will have collected 41 INGOTS (10 taken already) so you should have
31 left in your inventory to make sure you have all in this area.

  2 INGOTS: top of ramp on the right
  2 INGOTS: top of ramp on the left inside small room
  3 INGOTS: Back near STEELYARD ENTRY at radioactive barrels
  3 INGOTS: on dead Raider in drainage ditch
  2 INGOTS: in alcove in middle of buildings west of dead Raider up long ramp
  2 INGOTS: Behind small room
  2 INGOTS: Behind small room on shelf
  4 INGOTS: Behind buildings to the left in ore cart
  2 INGOTS: Behind buildings on the right at dead end

  When you have them all we will start heading up the stairs, ramps, etc to
the top section of the STEELYARD and on the rooftops. Since we are already
at the north end of the COMPLEX lets head up to STEELYARD WEST ROOFS.


  Start off near the small room/office we are near. Climb up the stairs
behind it (by the tires) and just to the north on the roof near where the
INGOTS were earlier down below are 2 INGOTS. Head up the large ramp heading
Southeast where 2 INGOTS are near the top. Drop down on the buildings on the
other side.

  Looking to the south you will see a dumpster where you can jump and find
2 INGOTS. Save before doing so you don't want to have to run all the way
back up if you fail the jump. Now from the dumpster jump over the fence south
and go west under the pipe to a dead body and 2 INGOTS. Climb back over the
nearby fence out of that little area and go up the stairs to the west.

  The body of WILD BILL can be found here, along with 2 more INGOTS. Keep
heading up the stairs and at the top are 2 WILDMEN to kill and their living
area to loot. There are 2 INGOTS here and a bed you can rest up in. Follow
the nearby catwalk east then north past the pipes. On the north side just
before you go up the stairs there is a large pipe heading east running above
the STEELYARD ENTRY area. On the far side are 2 INGOTS, along with a couple
TROGS that attack. Be careful you don't want to fall off while fighting.

  Head back across the pipe and continue up the stairs to the north. There
will be some more TROGS appearing and a WILDMAN is on the stairs heading up
to the very tall tower to the west. Head up the stairs, take down any foes on
the way up, and at the top you will be at the bottom of the tower. Do not go
up yet, instead swing around to the left to fight 2 WILDMEN, and in the very
far back area is a TROG and a dead body, along with 4 INGOTS and 2 first aid
boxes. At this point you should have 49 INGOTS in your inventory.

   2 INGOTS: roof just behind small room/office up the stairs
   2 INGOTS: up large ramp southeast
   2 INGOTS: In dumpster to the south by the electrical generators
   2 INGOTS: Under pipe in west corner, over the fence south of the dumpster
   2 INGOTS: Up west stairs where WILD BILL'S body is
   2 INGOTS: Top of stairs by WILD BILL, where 2 WILDMEN make their home
   2 INGOTS: Across large pipe spanning the STEELYARD ENTRY area
   4 INGOTS: In the back of the large rooftop area to the far west

   When you are done, it's time to head up the stairs up to the huge tower,


  Start climbing up this huge factory tower, you have a long way to go. As
you go up you'll run into A WILDMAN or 2. As you reach a open landing, there
is a gun TURRET here along with a few more WILDMEN. The TURRET control
monitor is nearby, run to it and turn off the TURRET then take down the few
WILDMEN left about.

  Continue climbing the tower steps all the way to the top, where you will
find a few first aid boxes along with 12 INGOTS. As you reach the top 4 TROGS
will spawn below and head up the stairs to get you. kill them then go down
to the large ramp that heads down to the east. At the bottom of the ramp there
are 7 INGOTS on the left.

  Now, look south. There is a large smokestack directly ahead across the map,
to the right of that are some big silos, etc. There are some INGOTS that way
but they are very hard to reach so here is how you do it. Head back up the
big ramp back to the STEELYARD TOWER and head down to the bottom, where you
started to climb it. Go to the very southwest part of this large landing, and
make sure you're healed up because dropping down from this height will hurt
you some, probably 1/2 - 2/3rds of your health.

  Look down and you'll see a rooftop with 3 air vents on top. Crouch and drop
down there, you'll take damage so make sure you heal any crippled limbs. Now
drop down again near the big silos so that you are on the south side of the
walking platform. Head east past the silos, at the 2nd one there are a few
ammo crates to the right. Keep going and take a right at the fence at the end
and directly ahead is a body and 4 INGOTS. 3 TROGS will spawn west by where
you dropped down and head your way. Take them out. You now have 72 INGOTS in
your inventory.

   12 INGOTS: on the very top of the STEELYARD tower
    7 INGOTS: At the bottom of the long ramp down from the STEELYARD tower
    4 INGOTS: Hidden in a difficult location on the far south of the map by
              the large smokestack. Dropping down 2 rooftops to get to it.

  Go drop off your excess gear in your storage, heal up and head back to
STEELYARD ENTRY. We will now enter the door by the train boxcars that leads


  Entering the supply building, there is a door on your left but it requires
a key. On the right is a sink you can use to heal up if needed. Head down the
hallway ahead, a TURRET control monitor is by the door but just ignore it and
continue down the hallway.

  You will run into a group of about 6 TROGS chasing down 2 WILDMEN. Open up
and kill them all. 3 INGOTS are on the floor. Proceed down the hall and there
will be some misc loot on the shelves ahead. Take a left into the large
production area. First head right up the catwalk to a small room with some
[FRAG GRENADES] and another TURRET terminal. Now head down the catwalk stairs
and take out the 3 TROGS on the main hall. There is some misc loot about, a
bed you can rest on, and a tripwire near the bed, so disarm it.

  Continue down the production hallway and at the end is a PROTECTRON robot
on the left along with some loot on the shelf. There are 2 passages next to
each other. Enter the right passage and pass some empty ore carts. At the end
of the passage are 2 TROGS and a bunch of dead bodies. Loot what you can and
take the 8 INGOTS here.

  Head back to the other passage and you'll pass a fallen PROTECTRON robot,
and a locked door on the right. Some [BOBBY PINS] are on the ground. Open
the door and a PROTECTRON will appear behind you blasting at 2 TROGS. Take
them all out then loot the supply room. 6 INGOTS are here along with medicine.
Continue up the stairs.

  You'll enter a big sleeping area, 2 TROGS are on the far side. Kill them
and loot the place. 1 last INGOT is by the bed (making 100) along with the
unique [MAN OPENER] a Auto Axe. Head through the back hallway, kill a last
TROG, and open the locked door taking you back to the starting entrance into
the SUPPLY PLANT. Go grab any gear you have stashed, we are done in the
STEELWORKS area. You should have 90 INGOTS in your inventory, so head back to
EVERETT and turn in all the rest of your INGOTS to pick up all his unique

  3 INGOTS: on floor in second room entering the SUPPLY PLANT
  8 INGOTS: Down the right hallway all the way at the end
  6 INGOTS: Down the left hallway in the locked room
  1 INGOT:  In the sleeping area by the bed

  Head back out to PITT DOWNTOWN and back to MIDEA'S house. Talk with her and
you'll learn that the PITT ARENA will be opening up soon. Head outside and
listen to ASHUR'S pathetic speech and you'll be volunteered to fight in the
ARENA. If you want there are a bunch of slaves just standing about if you
want to sneak kill any of them, not really useful at this point though.

  Head back to THE MILL area, and now at the large pit the ARENA is open. Go
right up the stairs into the now-open entry room where SPOOK welcomes you.
Head down stairs and at the bottom FEYDRA the arena master will give you some
info. Basically you have 3 fights to do, between rounds FEYDRA will heal you
of any radiation. You can drink from the water fountain near her to heal up
also. These 3 fights are super easy at your skill level so just go in, fight
and kill the opponents, loot their bodies and exit to talk to FEYDRA again
to start the next round. Once all 3 rounds are done you are free'd from
being a slave in the PITT. You are also done with FEYDRA so take her out.

  ROUND 1: 3 generic fighters, kill, loot, exit
  ROUND 2: The Bear Brothers. One has a Flamer and one has a Deathclaw
           gauntlet. Take out the melee one first then the one with a Flamer.
  ROUND 3: GRUBER. Not much of a contest kill him also and loot.

  Finishing, you are free, a FOOTLOCKER is placed nearby with your old gear
in it, so consolidate everything, and you get the "PITT FIGHTER" perk which
gives 3% damage and radiation resist. Once ready, head to the back of the MILL
area and enter the door to UPTOWN.

  207. UPTOWN

  This section of the city is the home of the various Raiders of the PITT.
There is the area of UPTOWN that we are in, DOWNTOWN to which there is a door
east and a locked gate leads north and around east to the big building/
fortress of HAVEN. For now lets take care of UPTOWN.

  The road east leads to the Raiders apartments. The ground street level is
radioactive with minor loot in the back, nothing to really worry about so
head up the ramp east and up to the Raider area. 

  There are various generic raiders and named NPC raiders about. None of them
are worth the time it takes to talk to them, but hey, we can always kill them
can't we. Being an evil little girl, leaving Raiders alive to terrorise people
isn't a bad thing, but then again we probabl won't ever be back here and it's
much better for their gear to be in the hands of someone much more capapable
like yourself. Kill them or leave them, its up to you. Loot what you want
there is a ton of junk lying about their place.

  A bunch of Raiders are about, LULU, PHANTOM, DUKE, O-DOG, SQUILL, VIKIA,
just feel free to sneak up and slice them up how ever you want. If you find
REDDUP wandering about we need a little payback on that clown. Talk to him and
challenge him to a fair fight, and bash his head in. No one cares, seems he
is not liked by anyone.

  To the north part of UPTOWN is the ABANDONED APARTMENTs, leave those for
now and head south through the door into UPPER DOWNTOWN. This area is just
the top part of PITT DOWNTOWN. It is filled with generic Raiders and a few
named ones, but you really can just kill anyone you want we don't need any
such excuses for Raiders.

  HARRIS runs a small bar, FRIDAY runs a store, not worth the trouble kill
them, take their keys and loot them dry. BINGO is just a nutjob you'll run
into on a lower level. When you are done here head back to UPTOWN and now
head to the ABANDONED APARTMENTS on the north side.


  This area is stocked with WILDMEN so clear it all out. Strange that the
Raiders outside just left the building like this. Oh well more fun for you.

  The Apartments are 3 levels filled with misc loot and items. First thing
is there are a dozen or so TROGS in the building that we want to kill off
first. They have a nasty habit of running down and jumping you from behind
so lets just kill them off before we loot the building. Just keep an eye out
behind you also there are holes in the ceiling they will drop down from, and
usually in packs of 3.

  When all the TROGS are dead we can loot what we want. There is tons of misc
loot (cups, bottles, etc) about. On the ground floor in a kitchen are 2
[NUKA-COLA QUANTUMS]. On the 2nd floor a locked safe holds a unique Chinese
hat [HAT OF THE PEOPLE]. On the top floor which is a bit hard to climb up
the rubble to, is a [POWER FIST] and [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM].

  Exit the building then head east to HAVEN.

  209. HAVEN

  You will enter the lobby to the HAVEN building. The first 2 levels have
some side rooms and misc loot about, plus a few generic Raider guards you
can take out.

  When you are ready use the elevator on the 2nd floor to head up to ASHUR'S
penthouse level. Arriving, you can take out the Raider in the hallway to the
left then proceed into ASHUR'S room. Don't approach him yet, he's talking to
someone. Instead go left and in the hallway head right all the way back into
ASHUR'S room.

  There is a TURRET terminal here, but don't worry about it. Instead loot the
safe for 4 DIARY Holotapes (MARIE, SCOURGE, MILL, and CURE). seems this
Raider leader is actually an ex-Brotherhood of Steel soldier who's been trying
to keep the Steel Mill working by taking over the PITT. Hey! You can't fault
his methods! Slavery, murder, Raiders, heck I might marry this guy!

  Head back and talk to ASHUR. When asked about WERHNER say you've met the
guy but wasn't interested in what he had to say. He'll say to go talk to his
wife SANDRA in the other hallway about the CURE, but a Slave revolt inter-
rupts your conversation and he heads out to handle it. Go into the other hall-
way and talk to SANDRA and you'll learn the cure is their baby.

  Have some fun, say your there for the baby and you'll pick up the baby. Go
ahead and return the baby but you can see the true SANDRA hidden underneath
her goody-goody speech. A perfect wife for ASHUR. We are done here so leave
the HAVEN building.

  You will run into rioting Slaves in the streets armed with [POWER AXES]. 3
slaves are just outside the HAVEN building. Take them down then continue and
head back towards PITT DOWNTOWN. 3 more slaves will appear and attack as you
head down the main street west of HAVEN. As you round the corner to the
ground exit back into THE MILL, 3 more Slaves appear and head over to attack

  Continue through THE MILL and back to PITT DOWNTOWN and talk to MIDEA in
her home. SPEECH check to learn the location of WERHNER. Go ahead and kill
MIDEA we are done with her. WERHNER is in the STEELYARD WEST ROOF area. Head
back through THE MILL to the STEELYARD. You can kill EVERETT on the way past
also we already have all the rare items from him.

  In the STEELYARD, head up the back stairs on the left where WILD BILL's
body was, and up the stairs to the sleeping area of the WILDMEN you killed
earlier. You might run into a straggler TROG or Slave on the way. At the top
is the door leading into WERHNER'S hideout.

  Enter and talk to WERHNER, but we are done with him so go ahead and kill
him. He holds the key to the PITT UNDERGROUND. Loot his place and now head
over to STEELYARD ENTRY the ground level and all the way back in the train
yard behind the boxcars to the north is a little sewer grate that leads into


  You'll travel through the Underground sewer passage. Ahead you'll find 2
TROGS behind a gate and a hole in the wall on the right leading up. Go ahead
and shoot down the 2 TROGS as you pass. Heading up you'll come to a small
crawlspace passage where 3 TROGS are heading towards you from the other end.

  Kill them and proceed into the multi level room. Down below are 3 more TROGS
you can shoot through the metal floor. Note, 4 TROGS will spawn soon in the
very same crawlspace passage you came down. If you have any MINES on you drop
a few in the crawlspace. Now continue around to the top of the ramp where
a dead body and first aid box is. As you head down the ramp the 4 TROGS
spawn up above in the crawlspace. Backtrack and kill them.

  Now continue down to the bottom level, some misc loot about. Some red
arrows on the floor lead you back to a toolbox in the very back of the room,
but its a trap. The orange safety cones have [FRAG MINES] under them, so
carefully move the cones and pick up the mines.

  Move through the door into the next room, there is about 4 TROGS in the
center. The good part is there are 12 generators on the walls of this room so
while outside the room start blasting the generators that you see, everything
go BOOM! When the smoke clears mop up any TROGS left alive. Head through the
room and down the passage into a larger gas-filled room. Toss in a grenade
if you have one first to clear the gas out and kill any TROGS left about.

  You'll finish in a final area with some minor loot about, a broken Terminal
screen, and 2 TROGS will appear to attack. Once done the room passage ends
with a closed roof door which leads to the small room that is just outside
the entrance into HAVEN. If you haven't visited that room yet you can do so
on the way back to talk to ASHUR. Exit the underground area and head back to
HAVEN to speak with ASHUR to finish up the DLC.
  Back at HAVEN you'll gain the "BOOSTER SHOT" perk which gives 10% rad
resistance. Go talk to SANDRA about the baby and you can get a option to bring
[TEDDY BEARS] to her for caps. You don't really need the caps at this point
in the game so do so or not, up to you. Head into THE MILL area and near the
arena area pit you can use the AMMO PRESS now to exchange and make your own
ammo. You can put various ammo or scrap metal into the nearby bin and use
the terminal to change it into other ammo. A very helpful feature to get rid
of useless ammo in your inventory that you might not use (.32, 5mm) and pick
up better ammo (.44, .308, etc). I personally find .32 weapons and miniguns
about useless in the game.

  Your free to leave the PITT now, we are all done. Start collecting up your
gear and running it back to the wasteland and back to TENPENNY TOWER. When
you exit the PITT you should get a VAULT 101 RADIO SIGNAL. MMM what are those
idiots back there doing now.. well lets go visit them and see. If you do not
get a signal now you might get one later in the game. Go ahead and leave the


                           140. POINT LOOKOUT DLC



  This is your arrival area for POINT LOOKOUT, the main pier. Talk to TOBAR
again for some additional information on the area and some locations will be
noted on your map.

  To the south you can see a buoy in the water, swim out and under the buoy
you will find a safe, footlocker and some ammo crates on the ocean bottom.
Now look to the southeast and a distance away you'll see another buoy in the
water. Swim over there and also under it you'll find some misc containers,
footlocker, etc.

  Stash any excess gear in the Ferry footlocker and head north to the big
carnival area PILGRIMS LANDING. 


  This is the main staging area for POINT LOOKOUT, a large old carnival area
with the old trappings of a long faded circus. There isn't much on the west
side of the area, but a few things on the east side.

  The far east side of the complex has a truck by a WAREHOUSE entrance, with
a few mines lining the entryway and misc loot in the truck trailer. Inside
the WAREHOUSE are a bunch of baby carriages, 4 of which are booby trapped and
will explode if you don't disarm them. A [MINI NUKE] is on the shelf in the

  On the northeast side is a door leading into the NAVAL RECRUITING CENTER.
This small office has a terminal showing it was keeping track of a Chinese
spy in the area. Misc loot is about including a [MINI-NUKE] in the back room.

  A large open area on the north side leads south into the center of the
carnival complex. A PROTECTRON unit wanders about guarding MADAME PANADA'S
store. On the ramp down on the left side over the railing is a small alcove
with a dead SMUGGER, a bed and some loot containers. If you can pick up the
smugglers body and move it north out of the complex so if it respawns later
it won't necessarly endanger MADAME PANADA so you can't buy/sell to her. Her
shop is called the HOUSE OF WARES and will show on your map.

  Further along is the door to the PEOPLES BANK OF POINT LOOKOUT. This small
bank area still has a few vaulables in it, including 2 locked safes. In the
LOAN OFFICERS DESK you'll find the [BOX 1191-PASSWORD BACKUP] holotape. Now
go in the back room with the security boxes, a few still have loot inside.
The voice recoginition device will unlock special security boxes if you find
the correct holotapes. Go ahead and activate the box and enter the password
"NEVERMORE". It will not register you since you didn't say it in the right
voice. Now stand near the box and access and listen to your [BOX 1191-PASSWORD
BACKUP] holotape. It now registers and the box opens.

  South of the bank is a large area in the center of the complex with the
carnivals huge Ferris Wheel. We will come back to that later. For now head
north across the street to the HOMESTEAD MOTEL.


  There will usually be a couple vicious wild dogs about so take them out
first. The Motel office is on the south side so enter and loot. you will find
the 2 keys [KEY to ROOM 1G], [KEY TO ROOM 1K]. Rooms 1D and 1G are in the
little courtyard area so enter them. You can use the rooms to store items in
the footlockers if you want.

  Room 1D has some minor loot and terminal to access, which you see is the
room of the Chinese spy you read about. This starts the VELVET CURTAIN quest.
Dr. Jiang's skeleton is on the bed. Search the luggage case for the [LOCKER
KEY]. Special unique [CRYPTOCHROMATIC SPECTACLES] are in the toilet tank in
the bathroom. Keep these safe you'll need them later in the DLC.

  Room 1G is the room of the bankrobbers who robbed the PEOPLES BANK. Some
weapons and [PRE-WAR MONEY] are scattered about. Now head around the north
side of the hotel to Room 1K. Inside are [PINTSIZE SLASHER MASK] in the tub
and the remains of a sacrifical ritual.

  Exit and go back to PILGRIM LANDING and head east down the carnival walkway.
On the left side heading east are some lockers, use the Spy's key on the
locked locker to get [BOX 1207-SPY'S AUDIO PASSWORD]. Head back to the PEOPLES
BANK and use the new holotape at the device. Take the [ESPIONAGE DEBRIEFING]
holotape from the now open safety box and listen to it. Exit the bank and now
head east down the road out of town.

  You will come to a small sign on the road, looking left will be some dolls
or something hanging from trees, so head northeast that way to a small shack
which will register the RITUAL SITE. Nothing to do here yet just get it on
your map. Now start heading south past the road and to a small campsite near
the bubbling swamp gas pools, the BEACHVIEW CAMPSITE. Some minor loot here
and maybe enemy SWAMPFOLK. Look up on the hill to the southeast and you'll see
the big mansion there, head up there to the CALVERT MANSION.


  NOTE: While going through the Mansion loot what you can and store it at your
base. The Mansion won't be accessable later so don't store anything there or
wait to pick it up later, grab it while you go through. Just remember in
POINT LOOKOUT enemies get a damage bonus/defense penetration bonus against
you, so even in the best armor you are going to get hurt easy. Make sure to
keep healed up, you should have thousands of STIMS at this point, use them.

  As you come up to the Mansion you will be at a ruined ATRIUM outside, only
minor loot about we cannot do anything here yet. Head up to the front door of
the mansion and you will hear a ghoul, DESMOND tell you to come in and help
him fight off invading TRIBALS. Enter the mansion and kill off any TRIBALS
that he is fighting.

  Once done, do not follow him into the back room, instead loot all the areas
you can current reach. The entry way, the side library, the main room and up-
stairs on the balcony area. Store everything in the main room (where the
stairs up are). The entryway will be closed soon along with the library. Now
head into the back monitor room and DESMOND will want you to follow him.
Instead loot the monitor room and store the items in the main room, THEN
follow DESMOND into the library where TRIBALS will blow a hole in the back
wall to attack.

  Kill them. Now DESMOND wants you to go upstairs to find and close a breach
in the upper level. No need to loot anything yet, head upstairs and proceed
through and kill any TRIBALS about, there are a half dozen or so. In the far
top room is a door with a hole in it, with a large red gas tank behind it.
Shoot the tank to explode, sealing the TRIBALS entryway. DESMOND will open the
nearby locked hallway door so follow him through back into the main area and
more TRIBALS attack from the other side. Kill them. Once finished backtrack
into the previous upstairs area, loot, and drop off the items in the main

  Now we have to seal up the east wing. First loot any bodies by the top east
wing entry door. Head left and loot the single room. Heading right you will
fall through a broken floor into the basement area. Do not loot anything yet
we can come back. Head around the corner where 3 TRIBALS will break through
the door. Nice time for a grenade to the face. Head upstairs passing through
a few rooms, kitchen area and kill any TRIBALS in the way. You will arrive at
the top floor and will see another small room with a red explosive canister.
On the right is a first aid box and ammo crate. Before blowing up the red
canister take the time to go back and loot what you want and store it in the
ammo crate/first aid box.

  When ready blow up the canister, then grab everything from the 2 containers.
You will be overweight. DESMOND will open the hallway door back into the
main area. Head through, ignore DESMONDS talk and head down to your storage
containers and drop off any excess items. If you have any mines now is a good
time to place a couple. There are 4 doors TRIBALS will enter, the top right
balcony door, ground floor right door, ground floor left, and main front.
A couple bottlecap mines or a bunch of frag mines at each location make quick
work of the TRIBALS. Once finished talk to DESMOND for the SUPERIOR DEFENDER
perk. Get more info from him to continue with his quest.

  Grab all your gear and transfer it down to your storage base (where you are
set up shop at). Now back at the CALVERT MANSION head due south to the water
and you'll see the big lighthouse ahead. That is our next goal, the POINT


  The easiest way is to approach from the west side since there is a small
dock with loot there, probably a MIRELURK or 2, and a pathway up to the

  When you enter the Lighthouse on the bulletin board on the right read the
[WANTED POSTER] for some info. There is a bunch of misc loot about so clean
it up and climb to the top of the lighthouse then up to the light itself. If
you click on the lighthouse mechanism you can see that it is broken. A nearby
HOLOTAPE note shows that there are bulbs to fix the lighthouse north on the

  Exit the lighthouse and look west, there are a few places to go. The nearby
Buoy has some misc loot underneat it on the ocean floor. The large sunken
ship also has some misc loot underneath it on the ocean floor. Just north
of the ship underwater you can find the sunken sub SSN371A. The quest for
this is later but you can enter and grab some misc loot off the sub.

  North of the ship/sub at the beach is a small dock with some minor loot and
underwater an exit from a culvert tunnel but not useful yet. Now from the
lighthouse head south over to a couple small islands. The first one has an
[UNDERGROUND HATCH] on it, again useful for a later quest, and south of that
a SMUGGLER HUT sits, with a SMUGGLER sniper. Go kill them and loot the couple
ammo crates about.

  Fast travel to PILGRIM'S LANDING and head west along the beach. You'll come
to a couple sunken ships near the shore. The first has a safe on it, the 2nd
boat has nothing. Head now to the nearby tents on the beach, the DISASTER


  This group of 4 tents has a single occupant, a passing religious worker
named MARCELLA. She is an annoying preacher-type, we will deal with her later.
Go ahead and loot the 4 tents, there are 2 TERMINALS you can access to get
information about various things, along with talking to MARCELLA. Also pick
the Very hard lock to her supply safe and loot it.

  Continue west along the beach until you come upon a group of small hill/
islands. There will be a few MIRELURKS and probably SWAMPFOLK about to take
care of, along with a BOATFLY or 3. At the small docks are minor loot. South
of the dock is a small island with a skeleton and [SHOVEL] along with a
[FOR OZWALDO] Holotape. This is the DOVE DELTA. Read the note and head to the
island just south of the one with the skeleton to dig the hole for some minor

  Now head north up to the big mansion, you'll probably pass a few benches
and a inscribed monument sign. At the house enter the BLACKHALL MANOR.


  This large Manor house is the home of OBADIAH. He will ask you what you are
doing in his house. Comment on his decor and he will ask you to meet him in
the main hall to talk. Take this time to fully loot the house of what you
want. There isn't much in it except a ton of junk loot (bottles, books, etc).
Lots of containers about also.

  The MANOR is a nice place to make a player house if you want to use it as
a base of operations, plenty of storage space. Talk to OBADIAH and he will
request you find his missing book, which is probably at the RITUAL SITE. When
done exit the MANSION and MARCELLA, who you probably met at the DISASTER tent
will run up to you saying not to get the book for him but to get it for her
instead. Go back inside and tell OBADIAH about MARCELLA.

  Fast travel to your storage area and drop off excess gear if needed and
then head to the RITUAL SITE, kill any SWAMPFOLK about and enter. Proceed
through the burial tunnels. [STEALTH BOY] in an open safe, [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]
in an open coffin. In the northwest are a [RITUAL KNIFE] stuck in a corpse
and the [KRIVBEKHIH] book at the altar. When you pick up the book a half
dozen or so SWAMPFOLK will head down into the tunnels to attack you. Kill them
and exit the tunnels. More SWAMPFOLK might be outside so kill them also.

  Fast travel to the DISASTER RELIEF OUTPOST, there will be 3 SMUGGLERS wait-
ing, so finish them off. Enter MARCELLA'S tent to find her dead and a
[MARCELLA'S LAST WORDS] holotape left behind. Loot everything and listen to
the tape. Seems OBADIAH sent some assassins to deal with her. I like that old
fart more and more. Head back to BLACKHALL MANOR and give the book to
OBADIAH to finish the quest. He will get up and walk down into his now-open
basement area so follow him down. Loot the small area, talk to the old man and
kill him and take back the [KRIVBEKHIH] book. Will make a nice trophy at

  Leave the MANOR and go east down the path, you will come up to a small
graveyard on the right side, the OFIE CLAN PLOT. Not much here but minor loot
and maybe a few ghouls to kill. Fast travel to the HOMESTEAD MOTEL and head
north up the road. You will see a covered bridge to the north and east is a
lit up shack. Head to the shack to discover HALEYS HARDWARE.


  This hardware store has a bunch of loot, both inside and out. By the door
leading inside is a HOLOTAPE note, but it's the same note as at the light-
house so if you've already read that note on the lighthouse bulb, this one
will do nothing. Clear all the loot outide then head inside.

  HALEY the merchant lives here, and plenty of junk to steal while he's not
looking. HALEY carries a decent inventory and can repair your gear. If you've
not patched the game HALEY'S repair skill will increase each time you re-enter
his house hex cell, thus raising his skill up to 100 after enough visits. You
can quickly do this by exiting the shack, opening and closing the Nuka-Cola
machine and re-entering. or just exiting, quick save, and reload.

  When finished at HALEY'S, head northwest towards the covered bridge. The
bridge has a bunch of loot to take but before you cross it, when you reach
the center 4 SWAMPFOLK will spawn and approach the bridge, 2 from the north
and 2 from the south. Heading south drop some mines if you have them between
the bridge and the first little sign to slow up those 2 SWAMPFOLK. Cross the
bridge, take out the 2 enemies north then the 2 south. Loot the bridge and
rest if needed.

  Continue north up the road and at the guardrail, instead of following the
road east keep going north and up ahead you'll see another shack across a
small stream. There probably will be SMUGGLERS/and or SWAMPFOLK around the
shack. Kill them, clear any loot about and enter MARGUERITE'S SHACK.

  Inside you'll find MARGUERITE, a moonshiner. Talk to her and pass the SPEECH
check to note that she is faking her sickness and is in fact wanting to make
more moonshine. Say you'll update her Still for an extra 100 caps then repair
it. Talk to her for a reward, then kill the woman it's a waste of time making
her worthless moonshine anyway. Loot the shack.

  Exit and continue due north through the swamp. You will be coming up to a
well defended area and will be fighting a large force of enemies soon, so
have your nuka grenades ready, throw on a stealth boy if needed, and approach


  Stay hidden if you can as you approach this Camp, there are a lot of foes
about. A trio of gun TURRETS, 3-4 SENTRYBOTS, and a boatload of GHOULS of all
types are in this large base camp. If you can approach safely just stay
hidden and sit back and let the camp clear itself of some foes, will be a lot
of in-fighting between the GHOUL and SENTRY forces.

  Once the dust dies down, move in and take out any remaining forces with
gusto, there is a lot of base to search. As you roam the base more GHOULS may
arrive, they are drawn to the base's toxic pools. Search the guard towers for
ammo, there are multiple Bunkhouses and interrogation buildings to loot.

  Finally enter the main admin building that you can loot and use the terminal
to get more info on the bases functions and prisoner background. Enter the
cellar door on the side of the admin building and down into the morgue you
can access the storage bins of 3 Chinese remains, including your spy WAN YANG.
Take the false tooth from the remains to continue the quest. In the back of
the morgue is a access hatch leading down into a drainage tunnel. Exit the
tunnel on the other end (which brings you out west of the base) and nearby are
a couple first aid boxes and ammo crates.

  Now, back at the DETENTION CAMP head out east, and then just to the south-
east you will see an overturned truck. Head there to the TRUCK WRECK and
search the back trailer for some misc loot, including the [LIGHTHOUSE BULB].

  Continue east to the roadway and follow it southeast up the hill, past the
road sign and at the top of the hill on the left to the ARK AND DOVE
CATHEDRAL. There is an intercom at the front gate. Talk to the TRIBAL inside
and you will have to pass a test to be allowed entry. Swing around the right
side of the Cathedral and head south towards the water, you'll find a couple
ammo crates just by the wall.

  Head south until you reach the top of the cliffs at the oceanside. You can
see some islands out in the ocean, probably a ship wreckage or 2. There should
be a wooden viewing ledge close by. Now head safely down the cliffs to the
right and you should see a trash pile, and an overturned ore cart. Maybe a
MIRELURK or 2 about. Nearby is the entrance to HERZOG MINE.


  HERZOG MINE is a old mining tunnel that leads to the living space of a lone
child inhabitant KENNY. There is various loot in the MINE, along with some
traps that KENNY has set up to try and scare away people. Proceed through the
tunnel and through the Miner's Rest doorway into KENNYS CAVE.

  Inside the cave is KENNY'S place. A small structure that the child KENNY
lives in. When you approach KENNY will talk to you. Use a SPEECH check to let
you stay at his place also. We can't get rid of him so we just have to put
up with him about. Various loot is about so take what you need. There are 2
exits from the cave. One is a ladder you can use that is right in KENNYS
place that leads back outside, but ignore that for now.

  Find the exit into the lower levels, BLACKDAMP SHAFT. This will lead you
into a tunnel system with MIRELURKS, misc loot that ends in an egg chamber
where [KENNY'S BEAR] can be found and returned to him. Go ahead and kill off
the MIRELURKS and loot the area. When finished you can head back to KENNYS
and exit the cave via the ladder. KENNY'S CAVE is now noted on your map.

  Back to HERZOG MINE entrance look out to the water to the southeast and
you'll see some sunken ship hulls. Head out that way, killing any MIRELURKS
you encounter on the way. The first small boat holds nothing, the next ship
hull has some misc medicine loot underwater on the other side at a crack in
the bottom. Continue to the 3rd ship to register the USS OZYMANDIAS. It also
has some misc loot on the ocean floor nearby. Enter the hatch into the
OZYMANDIAS for some more loot, and access the computer terminal to start the

  From the deck of the OZYMANDIAS head south to the Buoy in the water, at the
ocean bottom under it is some loot and containers. Back to the OZYMANDIAS and
now head northeast into the water to the next Buoy, again for loot at the
ocean bottom under it. At this 2nd Buoy continue in the water north to the 3rd
Buoy. Under it is a dinosaur skeleton and some minor loot. Head northeast to
the 4th and last Buoy again for some loot under it on the ocean floor.

  Look west you will see a small wrecked boat and half way up the cliffside
a little to the left a doorway/landing of some sort. A few MIRELURKS over
that way also. Head west to the shore, look the MIRELURK egg sacks and head
left and up the rocky cliff, registering COSTAL GROTTO on your map, but don't
enter. Head back down to the shore and continue north/northwest along the
shore, entering more MIRELURK area and in a little alcove you'll find a ship
hull on the left, the WRECKED SEATUB. This is for a quest later. Loot up any
MIRELURK eggsack meat you want and proceed up the path to the north. At the
very top is a skeleton with some minor loot about.

  Finally climb up the rocks north of the skeleton onto the top of the cliffs.
You won't be able to proceed any more north, we are at the north part of the
map, so head southwest towards the big cemetary you can see to register the
ARK AND DOVE RESTING. There is a well on the south side which is another exit
for the SEA CAVE quest later in the DLC.

  Drop off excess gear, you'll be picking up a lot of stuff, grab your
[LIGHTHOUSE BULB] and travel to the POINT LOOKOUT LIGHTHOUSE and at the top
replace the Bulb. Now exit and head west to the ship hull and enter the
SSN371A sub next to it. On the west side enter the self-destruct codes, then
on the east side by the generator throw the switch to blow up the sub. Exit
and get far enough way. When it blows your mission continues. Fast travel to
the HOMESTEAD MOTEL and re-examine the terminal in room 1D. Your quest is
updated further. Head to CALVERT MANSION and go to the ruined ATRIUM to the
southwest. There are 4 pedestals in the center. The code is 1,3,2,3,4,4,2. If
you wear your [CRYPTOCHROMATIC SPECTACLES] the vases have lines on them to
mark which vase is 1, 2, etc. Click on them in the correct order and a secret
hatch is revealed.

  Enter the HATCH TO CHINESE BUNKER and give the correct code to the
PROTECTRON inside. Before activating the extraction terminal make sure to
loot all the goodies in the bunker. dozens of ammo boxes, [MINI NUKE], 3-4
[CHINESE ASSAULT RIFLES], etc. Now activate the terminal. Seems the Chinese
double crossed us. Well, not us really but the dead spy guy, what ever. You
need to jump up on the big storage container, then up onto the pipes. There
is a hatch to a Culvert escape tunnel that will take you outside and finish
the quest.

  Hilight your quest AN ANTIQUE LAND which will have you searching 3 areas to
the northwest of the map. Fast travel to MARGUERITE'S SHACK and follow the
mapmarker southwest/west to a bubbling swamp area with GHOULS about. Enter
#2] holotape, and the footlocker for 3 [BIO GAS CANISTER] grenades. There is
not anything else in the cavern so exit. 

  Now head west towards a playground area, the LIL' TYKE PLAYHOUSE.


  This small playground area will probably have a few SWAMPFOLK roaming about
so kill them and search the playhouse building. Not much is here except basic

  Head northwest from the playground and you'll come upon a small camper at
a dock, with a few SWAMPFOLK probably wandering about. Loot the area and
the FLOODED SINKHOLE is registered on your map. The sinkhole is actually the
lake just off the dock, and has a very deep bottom area. Swim down to the
bottom and a ton of junk loot floats to the top. Included are 2 [NUKA-COLA
QUANTUMS]. Take what you want then dive again because at the bottom are a
couple safes and footlockers to loot also.

  Head back to the dock and now head to the northeast. After crossing a stream
or 2 you'll run into a large trash pile, the TRASH HEAP. A bunch of misc loot
is strewn about the trash heap, a few ammo containers, first aid boxes, junk
loot. A safe and also an open safe on top with a [MINI NUKE] inside. Some
SWAMPFOLK might be wandering around south of the area so keep an eye out.

  From the TRASH HEAP head due north and you'll come upon the 2nd bubbling
swamp area and a 2nd LADDER TO EXCAVATED MUCK HOLE. Down inside search to find

  Now head southwest until you come upon a large shack, probably guarded by


  There are a few bear traps on the exterior of the shack. Inside there is
usually a single SWAMPFOLK roaming about. Kill him and loot the building.
Head outside and on the side of the Shack is a celler door leading down into
the basement.

  In the basement area is a cage filled with GHOULS and a SWAMPLURK. Kill
them and loot the basement area. A [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] is in the SWAMPLURK'S
cage. When you are done and about to leave, there will be a SWAMPFOLK ambush
waiting for you outside. They have laid some [FRAG MINES] around the cellar
entrance and 4 SWAMPFOLK will be waiting for you. Take them out how ever you
wish, toss some NUKA grenades, Stealth-boy, what ever.

  Head northwest from the TRAPPER SHACK and very soon you'll come up to the
ruins of a small airplane, the JET CRASH SITE. A few GHOULS are about so kill
them off. Some minor loot is about the Jet, numerous [SHOVELS], [AXES], etc.

  Go due west to the 3rd and final bog site and a few more GHOULS. Head into
the EXCAVATED MUCH HOLE and loot the area, finding [SOIL SURVEY TAPE #3] and

  Go west a little more then south and in the far northwest map hex is an
alcove leading back to the lair of RUZKA, a unique YAO GUAI. RUZKA is an old
mutated circus bear from PILGRIM'S LANDING carnival. He even kept his old
Circus ball.

  Continue south through the swamp and quickly come to a ruined house with
some minor loot about. Just south of the house is the SACRED BOG ENTRANCE.
Just register it for now we will be back in a minute. Head southeast and soon
you will come to the last shack in this area, the GROWER'S SHACK.


  Like normal this shack usually is guarded by a few SWAMPFOLK about. Kill
them and you'll see the shack has a lot of [WILD PUNGA FRUIT] growing about.
Inside is some loot in the cabinets and the shack. In the bedroom you can find
[MINI NUKE] along with [BOX 1213 BERN'S VOICE] bank holotape. 

  Loot the shack then fast travel to the PEOPLES BANK and use the holotape to
open the safety box for some minor loot.

  Fast travel to the USS OZYMANDIAS and now that you have all 3 codes enter
the ship hatch and use the codes in the terminal. Now you can access the
ship emergency stores. Go ahead and reach the error message which is really
a secret message to people long dead.

  Fast travel to the COASTAL GROTTO on the east coast. Enter the cave, there
are no foes to worry about so proceed down the hallway, taking a right into
a small bedroom. Loot the room, a [MINI-NUKE] is here along with PLIK'S
JOURNAL. Read the journal to get the GHOUL ECOLOGY PERK that gives +5 damage
vs GHOULS. Now talk to PLIK who will want you to enter his SAFARI hunt for
1000 caps. Pay the money then enter the nearby doors.

  You are in a center area with 2 other people, RIP and JACOB. When you click
the button on the platform GHOULS will start attacking the group from various
directions. If you have any mines go ahead and place them about the far
entry areas. It doesn't matter if RIP or JACOB survive, your going to kill
and loot them anyway if they do, so push the button, kill some GHOULS, and
finish the quest.

  Exit the room and talk to PLIK who will reward you with [THE DISMEMBERER]
axe. Since we are done with his hunt, no need for him anymore. Kill him and
get your money back, plus interest. We are pretty much done with the major
locations in the DLC, we have the final questline to finish which still will
take a little running around, but almost done. Regroup and fast travel back
to the SACRED BOG ENTRANCE and enter.


  The SACRED BOG is basically just a long swamp path you need to follow to
the end where the MOTHER PUNGA PLANT is. Head through the swamp you'll have
to fight various MIRELURK creatures on the way. There also is PUNGA FRUIT in
various places, especially around the Mother plant. Just be mindful of your
carry weight.

  Once you reach the MOTHER plant eat its fruit and you'll go into a dreamy
haze trance. Now follow the swamp path back to the entrance to the BOG, while
doing so you'll see a bunch of strange visions and dream sequences, eventually
arriving at the Megaton Bomb which will explode as you pass it. You wake up
outside the entrance to the SACRED BOG.

  Fast travel to the ARK AND DOVE CATHERDAL where the TRIBALS will now let
you in. Again, TONS of PUNGA FRUIT plants about, both inside and outside if
you want to stock up on them. You also gain the PUNGA POWER perk which makes
the effects of eating PUNGA FRUIT stronger. Gather and loot everything you
want. Talk to the various named TRIBALS about. CROATOA you can pass a speech
check to get his [FERTILIZER SHOVEL] a unique one.

  Seems these TRIBALS are drugged out psycho mentally challenged nutcases! In
the back of the Cathedral talk to NADINE who will give you a bunch of info on
what is going on, and what happened to you at the BOG. She will remove the
scar on your head if asked, and will give you the key to TRIBAL JACKSON'S
location. Having fixed your head she will head off to kill TOBAR, the Ferry-
man. Seems TOBAR was the one stealing brain pieces.

  Fast travel to CALVERT MANSION to let DESMOND know what is going on, and
the quest continues for you to find JACKSON. Take a quick stop by the POINT
LOOKOUT PIER and talk to NADINE, who has TOBAR in the engine room. Enter and
have a quick conversation with the nutcase and kill him. Grab your brain jar
nearby. Now fast travel to the far northeast to the WRECKED SEATUB and enter
the hatch to the SEA CAVE.

  225. SEA CAVE

  When you first enter the cave there is a pool of water down to the left
along with a few MIRELURKS. A small boat holds some loot, and an underwater
safe holds more. Kill everything, loot the eggsacks if you want.

  Proceed around the corner into the next section. Directly on your left is
more water, and a very deep underwater tunnel that leads to a hidden back
sleeping area with some more misc loot about. Head back and keep going through
the cave tunnel. A MIRELURK will be in the next area down a narrow tunnel
left. Finally you enter into a large Civil War burial chamber with a lot of
coffins, hats, rifles and guns strewn about. Take your time and collect every-
thing. While you are doing this, you will hear JACKSON up on a ledge talking
to someone.

  When they are done talking JACKSON heads down to the bottom level. Take a
few seconds to talk to him and get some quest info. Seems he's about as loony
as the rest of the TRIBALS. When done looting head up to the ledge to a small
glowing bulb and talk to THE BRAIN. You will learn about the attack on
CALVERT MANSION, then the BRAIN will fade out. Climb the ladder nearby which
will take you out into the ARK AND DOVE RESTING cemetary.

  Fast travel back to CALVERT MANSION and talk to DESMOND who will now want
you to put a device on the large Ferris Wheel at PILGRIM LANDING. Make sure
all items from the MANSION are out of it you won't be able to get anything
thats left in the MANSION. Fast travel over to the Ferris Wheel area, and
the BRAIN will speak to you asking you to destroy the device instead. Go
ahead and put the device on the Ferris Wheel cab and push the button. The
BRAIN will send about a dozen TRIBALS to kill you for betraying him. First
kill the ones that head up the ramp after you, then you'll have some TRIBALS
sniping you from the Carnival rooftops.

  After they are all dead and looted head back to DESMOND, but as you approach
the MANSION blows up. Take the time to just watch the debris fall from the
sky. It's like a mini-Megaton! Anyway, find the PANIC ROOM hatch left in the
rubble and go down and talk to DESMOND. Agree to help attack the LIGHTHOUSE
and he will run off to the beach. Loot the room, drop off and restock at your
place if needed then head back to the MANSION ruins and go south to the beach
near the Lighthouse where DESMOND awaits. Follow him across and into the
Lighthouse, then down the stairs in a now revealed secret stairwell.



  We are now entering the hidden lab of the BRAIN. It is a linear hallway
path that will take you into the final meeting between the BRAIN and DESMOND.
Enter and loot the armory room on the left. You'll come to a TURRET room so
turn off the TURRETS with the nearby terminal, loot anything about.

  If you are looting everything you will become encumbered very fast, doesn't
matter there are only some robot guards and TURRETS in the LAB tunnels, you
and DESMOND can take them out easy. Pass through into a hallway with side
rooms and continue through the complex. Make sure to search everywhere there
is plenty of loot, energy weapons and ammo and terminals to read, security
badges to pick up, and ROBOBRAIN robots to kill.

  Eventually you will reach the main container room that houses the BRAIN. He
is in the middle of a 2 story container unit surrounded by PROTECTRON robots.
Some of the robots you can kill so run about and kill any of them that are
able to be killed (some are static and can't be damaged) and loot. Loot the
lower level and when ready talk to the BRAIN. You can choose who to kill at
this point. Really doesn't matter we are going to kill both of them. So side
with DESMOND and shoot the BRAIN'S tank until it breaks. DESMOND will thank
you, and when you are done talking to him, kill him also and loot everything.

  He has the key to the back storage vault where you can get the [MICROWAVE
EMITTER] energy weapon. Also inside the storage vault is the ladder which
takes you out of the UNDERGROUND LAB and exits on the island south of the
lighthouse. The sniper on the south island might respawn also so either leave
or kill them.

  Fast travel back to ARK AND DOVE CATHEDRAL and finish off the annoying
TRIBALS still left alive there. Drop by the HOUSE OF WARES and take out the
PROTECTRON if its still functional, and kill PANADA and loot her store. We
are done with the POINT LOOKOUT DLC, grab all your gear, head to the PIER and
when done head back to the wasteland. Stash everything at home and we are
ready to continue on with the game.


                            227. BROKEN STEEL



  You seemed to have been out a while but you wake up with ELDER LYONS looming
over you in the CITADEL medical clinic. Go ahead and talk to him about what
happened. DO NOT talk to him about VAULT 87 and the Mutants let the old fart
deal with the Mutants on his own, but you can chat with him about all the
other stuff to get some info.

  First off, seems the dummies in the Brotherhood are shipping water out
everywhere, of course laced with your FEV virus. Haha stupid metal heads are
just killing off everyone in the wasteland with it. You'll notice many bottles
of [AQUA PURA] water about. Sell it if you want but don't drink it unless you
also want to fall victim to the Brotherhoods stupidness. We did poison the
water for a reason didn't we?

  Go ahead and loot the CITADEL of anything you might want then find SCRIBE
ROTHCHILD in the lab area and talk to him to get info on what he needs. He
will send you west to the ABANDONED CAR TUNNEL to check in there. Before we
do that there are a bunch of other things we need to do.

  Fast travel to the JEFFERSON MEMORIAL where the Brotherhood has set up water
operations. Seems they think themselves as some sort of "water merchants".
Head inside where there is a lot of junk loot if you want to collect it up. It
also seems that the Brotherhood don't know how to clean up stuff. In the
lobby office you can find SCRIBE BIGSLEY trying to handle paperwork. Talking
to him you can pass a few SPEECH CHECKS and KARMA checks to get a bunch of
information from him about what is going on, and also starting THE AMAZING
AQUA CURA and PROTECTING THE WATERWAYS quests. Look at his computer logs to
see some interesting info.

  Head to UNDERWORLD at the MUSEUM OF HISTORY and in the entry museum area
GRIFFIN the scam artist has set up shop selling AQUA CURA. Talking to him you
can learn a bit more info about what he's doing, with SPEECH and KARMA checks.
Head out into the mall and then southwest past the MONUMENT, and you'll come
to the little alleyway with the Radroaches about. Kill them then enter the


  This small building is GRIFFINS base of operations. There are a couple GHOUL
GUARDS about so kill them off first. One carries [GRIFFIN'S BOTTLING INSTRUCT-
IONS]. Listen to it to see what GRIFFIN is doing. He's selling irridiated
water to the Ghouls instead of the AQUA PURA water, unknowling bypassing the
reason you put the FEV VIRUS into the drinking supply. 

  Go ahead and loot the building if you wish, there is a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]
in one of the bathrooms. Head back to GRIFFIN when you are done and let him
know you know what he is doing. There are a couple funny choices you can make
at this point, but really just tell him to sell the Ghouls the real AQUA PURA
water. We want that FEV VIRUS working after all.

  If you want you can kill the 4 ghoul spectators, but leave GRIFFIN alive we
want him doing his job. Now head to RIVET CITY and on the catwalk stairs
where you arrive you'll find OFFICER LEPELLETIER. Talking to her you will get
the chance to be hired to protect the water caravans that are being attacked.
Accept the offer then SPEECH check to get her to give you her [PLASMA RIFLE].
Now fast travel to the IRRIDIATED METRO and travel NW to the waterside.
Follow the map marker to a water caravan that was attacked by BANDITS. Kill
the BANDITS and find the [NEW MEETING PLACE] holotape.

  Jump over to WILHELM'S WARF where some other BANDITS are meeting. Talk with
SPLIT JACK, their leader and give the "MIRELURK STEW" password. Tell him you
are going to take over as leader of the gang and choose to fight him. Knife
is fine. Kill him then talk to the other BANDITS and they will send you back
to LEPELLETIER. Talk to LEPELLETIER to extort 500 caps from her. You can go
ahead and kill her and any guards about. The guard at the foot of the ramp
holds the supply key for the AQUA PURA crate next to him.

  Head back to the MEMORIAL and kill anyone about you wish, and loot. Inside
talk to BIGSLEY again for any dialogue options then kill all the SCRIBES
nearby. You can't permently kill BIGSLEY so knock him unconcious then leave
the building, you won't be back here. When ready travel far west to the


  The Brotherhood is staged to assault the Enclave forces located through the
car tunnel. A lone guard will direct you inside to meet PALADIN TRISTAN. After
talking to you about the assault he will continue onward to the next area.
In the staging area here there is a bunch of loot about, a bunch of dead
ENCLAVE bodies to swipe, plus once TRISTAN is out of the area wipe out any
Brotherhood forces in the entry area, usually a couple Scribes and some
armored troops. Stash excess loot in one of the containers and continue out
the back SATELLITE RELAY door.

  Just hang back, the Brotherhood forces along with the giant robot LIBERTY
PRIME will assault the station. They will take down multiple Enclave troopers,
some gun TURRETS and a VERTIBIRD. Hang behind and let them do the work while
you loot any dead bodies hanging about. If you want a 2nd VERTIBIRD will fly
over halfway through, you can shoot it out of the sky if you want. As LIBERTY
PRIME hits the far side and fights the troops there, the generic Brotherhood
soldiers like to group up near his feet. I like to chuck a [NUKA-GRENADE] or
2 to wipe them out, more loot for me. Just be careful not to get TRISTAN mad
at you, he is nearby also. The Enclave will call a satellite strike down
on LIBERTY and destroy him. Clear and loot the area and we will head up into
the hole in the station and enter the door to the SATELLITE FACILITY.

  Inside the facility you will fight your way through a long linear set of
stairs and corridors, engaging about 2 dozen Enclave troops along with a few
gun TURRETS. Let your Brotherhood troops take the brunt of the attacks while
you stay safe clearing up loot behind them. You won't need to gather up every-
thing you find, at this point in the game you should have way to much loot
already, but hey people like stuff. Fight your way to the final relay computer
room, clear the couple TURRETS up the stairs and then kill your 3 Brotherhood
partners if they aren't dead already. Access the terminal mainframe, down-
load the satellite link codes, and we are done. Exit the base at the top of
the stairs, head back to the ROCKLAND CAR TUNNEL to grab any stored loot and
return back to the CITADEL to report in.

  Report back to ROTHCHILD, who sends you to talk to ELDER LYONS, who sends
you to talk to TRISTAN, mm who sends you to talk to SCRIBE VALLINCOURT. Now
that all that is all over, head fast travel to OLD OLNEY.

  230. OLD OLNEY (part 2)

  Deathclaw hunting time...again. You'll arrive right in the middle of OLD
OLNEY and of course a bunch of Deathclaws have re-spawned. Except this time
you are much more powerful and laugh at them and their little claws. Take out
any of them on the surface and head to the east part of town and enter the
sewer grate to the underground tunnels.

  Follow the tunnels to the now-accessable entrance to OLD OLNEY UNDERGROUND,
again killing any Deathclaws in the way. As you enter you'll run into a couple
ghouls left over from a group that stumbled over the Deathclaws. WINT and KIDD
are all that's left, and after you kill them no one is left. Now proceed
through the remains of an old multi-level hospital killing a few Deathclaws
that have wandered into it. Various misc loot is about, a [MINI-NUKE] sits
under a teddy bear in a side room.

  Past the hospital area you'll head under into a basement utility tunnel area
where the main Deathclaw lair is. Kill any that are roaming about and loot
what you want. In a locked caged area you can find a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM]. Head
through the large utility tunnels and on the far side is the door leading

  This 2nd area is basically a large multi-level office building that has the
center area caved in, making it just a multi-leveled big room. First off
there is a VERTIBIRD on the very top roof area, you can just see its tail if
you look up to the left. You can shoot it and blow it up. Now proceed to the
far side of the building area, killing a few ENCLAVE troops that arrived on
the VERTIBIRD. Once all foes are dead then you can run about the various
levels to collect loot. 2 [MINI-NUKES] on the fallen tower at the top area and
on the very top accessable level various ammo and a [NUKA GRENADE].

  When done looting enter the second level hallway where the 2 ENCLAVE troops
were and to the doorway to OLNEY POWERWORKS.


  This is a small power plant/science lab area that used to be used to help
power the city of OLNEY above. Now its only inhabitants are some SENTRY BOTS
that still roam around and a few gun TURRETS that protect its generator.

  As you enter the area there are some boxes directly in front of you, good
to store stuff before you finally exit for good later. My suggestion is if
you have a stealthboy handly use it so we can take out the few enemies about
before we start looting. Head up the stairs and right, you will come to a 2
level room with 2 SENTRY BOTS patrolling about. If stealthboy, simply sneak
up to them and disable them.

  Keep going through the complex, the next main room has a SENTRY BOT on the
top level up the stairs, and then a wall terminal you need to access to turn
off security and open security doors. You will also come to a wall terminal
to vent the radioactive gas in the connecting corridor. By the time you enter
the next big catwalk room the remaining couple SENTRY BOTS should already be
powering down.

  Finally you'll come to a main generator room. There will be 2 other doorways
out (besides the one you came in). One takes you back to the entry stairwell
and the way back to the WILSON BUILDING, the other leads to a small hallway
with an exit ladder (don't take that yet) and down the steps into the main
power generator lab. There are a few [ALIEN POWER CELLS] about on the tables.
Use the terminal to power down the generator room then enter and take the

  Finish looting the POWERWORKS area then take the exit ladder out of the
sewers. You'll arrive back on top in OLD OLNEY city. Kill any Deathclaws
nearby, drop off excess gear at home, the report back to TRISTAN at the
CITADEL to finish the mission and get your last one. This last mission will
finish off the DLC so If you want you can kill any BROTHERHOOD troops that
are still left at the CITADEL. A few NPCS cannot be killed, but there are
plenty of Initiates in the main courtyard, a few troops outside the Citadel
on the south side, a couple keeping watch overlooking the front gates. We
won't be back.

  Fast travel to WHITE HOUSE PLAZA on your map, and you'll arrive at the
manhole entrance MANHOLE UTILITY. A lone Brotherhood soldier stands guard, so
kill him and loot the few things about. Enter the manhole then take the first
passage left to the end, and enter the PRESIDENTIAL SUB LEVEL.


  The underground levels are a series of old government train tunnels used by
the old government employees. The first rooms you come to will have a SENTRY
BOT roaming guard. Kill it and then take down the 2nd SENTRY BOT in the next

  You'll come to the first train tunnel where 2 SENTRY BOTS patrol, one at
where you enter and one about half way down the train tunnel. Through a few
office areas you'll come to the next tunnel area. To the right is a ruined
train car with a [STATE EMPLOYEE BADGE] at the suitcase. Proceed down this
tunnel until you get to a gun TURRET. Nearby is a small office with 2 SENTRY
BOTS standing patrol, and a terminal you can get some misc info off.

  At the end of the tunnel you'll find the mainframe computer M.A.R.Go.T. You
can access her and convince her to give you government clearance (SCIENCE
check, access card, SPEECH check, etc). Get all the information you can about
the security breach in the tunnel systems and we can proceed. Head through
the back door into the PRESIDENTIAL METRO.


  Seems the security breach are GHOULS who have got in through broken ceiling
areas. The SENTRY BOTS are fighting them in this first tunnel system. There
will be GHOUL REAVERS about so make sure you take them down hard and fast,
nothing a few [NUKA GRENADES] won't handle. There are a lot of ghouls in
multiple waves so take your time and clear out everything.

  There will be a main open control area, down the left tunnel a hidden area
up some rubble stairs. Continue down the tunnel system and you'll come to a
connector office which leads into the final tunnel system. A few more GHOULS
to take care of. Once all are dead you'll get the quest message that the
security breach has been taken care of. Since the SENTRY BOTS are friendly
you can take your time and deactivate them, then take out the gun TURRET and
kill the SENTRY BOTS and loot.

  Near the end, there is a west set of stairs leading up to a [SORRY MY
DARLING] holotape on a bench. There is also an exit back to the CAPITAL EAST
BUILDING. Make sure to grab the fuses off the PRESIDENTIAL SENTRY BOT near the
train. If you look also near the train there are 2 huge doors that are locked
and can't be opened. When you replace the fuses these doors open and 2 SENTRY
BOTS attack. Drop some mines in front of each door takes care of them, or just
kill them when they appear.

  The train car will take us to the final main area of the DLC, and really
once it is done we will be finished with the game, having hit all the DLC'S
and the areas. I consider this the final mission and once done, we are done
with Fallout 3. So before we take the train, head out the stairs to the
CAPITAL BUILDING and exit. If you want to do the [SORRY MY DARLING] quest you
can but its basically worthless. If so, go to GEORGETOWN EAST and enter the
nearby LA MAISON BEAUREGARD building and inside fight LAGBOLT. That's about

  Rest up and get ready for the final area. You will be fighting a lot of
ENCLAVE troops at the Airforce base so I suggest getting 1 of each unique
energy weapon if you have them (unique laser pistol/rifle, plasma pistol/rifle
gatling laser, etc) and throw on some Hellfire or Tesla power armor. You'll
get plenty of similar stuff off Enclave bodies to keep yours fully repaired
and you won't have to pick up anything except a spare just-in-case. Grab a
good stock of [NUKA GRENADES], any ZETA [ALIEN EPOXY], all your drugs, etc
You get the idea. Your about at the end of the game no need to hide stuff
away. Head back to the PRESIDENTIAL METRO through the CAPITAL BUILDING and
ride the train car to the other end.

  You'll arrive at the ADAMS AFB METRO EXIT. Proceed out the train and you'll
soon see some enemies on your radar, there is a locked door on the left, go
in there and hack the terminal to turn the gun TURRET against the ENCLAVE.
Take any ammo and weapons nearby, go kill the couple guards around the
corner then exit the door to ADAMS AIR FORCE BASE.


  Quickly head up the stairs from the metro. At the top of the stairs 3
VERTIBIRDS will fly over, and near them a 4th VERTIBIRD will take off and
fly away also. You can try shooting them if you want, I was able to take out
2 of them with my GATLING LASER. Exploding VERTIBIRDS are fun !

  On the left is a small shop office, a RESUPPLY CRATE just outside holds your
ORDERS and the new [TESLA CANNON]. The TESLA CANNON is a nice energy weapon
similar to shooting a missile launcher. It fires a strong energy beam that
explodes in an AOE effect, and drains the life of targets. Careful if you fire
it close range its aura can hit you and drain your health also. It has a very
long range, and works great vs Turrets, troops and especially VERTIBIRDS which
it can blast usually with 1 shot. You'll want to use your regular weapons for
close range though. Me, I still love my GATLING LASER for longer range.

  There are a few buildings ahead and to the right that have TURRETS on them.
Wait until early daytime its much easier to see them outlined in the sky
during the day. Blow them up from long range before you get close. Head to
the buildings on the right, there really isn't anything to loot about. An
Enclave trooper or 2 will be in the way. At the buildings is another shop
office with TURRET controls inside. Climb the nearby stairs heading to the
roof, and continue blowing up any TURRETS you see.

  As you approach the rooftop to the northeast, you will see the Air Force
Hangars and a bunch of VERTIBIRDS on the ground with some Enclave troops.
Don't do anything yet, because 2 VERTIBIRDS are going to fly in and drop
troops off on the nearby buildings to assault you. Blow up the VERTIBIRDS if
you can before they can drop off their troops, if not Blow them up anyway and
kill the troops that arrive. Once that is done you can start sitting back
and blowing up all the VERTIBIRDS sitting on the runway along with any ENCLAVE
soldiers that respond to your attacks. Of course finish off any TURRETS about

  Before heading out to the runway and Hangars, go up the stairs on the left
building and there will be some ammo and [ARTILLERY TAPE 1] along with an
artillery button. You don't need this you are plenty strong enough to handle
any amount of ENCLAVE troops, but it's fun to push. Now head down to the
runway where all the VERTIBIRDS were set up, to the ADAMS HANGARS.


  The Hangar area consists of 6 large aircraft Hangars. On this side is the
remains of the VERTIBIRDS and Enclave troops you took out earlier. Make sure
to loot any armor and weapons to keep yours fully repaired then head through
the hangar area. Again, there really isn't any reason to loot much you have
all the gear you need just keep spares for your weapons and armor.

  The first hangar bay has a few soldiers and scientists in it, along with
some caged DEATHCLAWS. Just kill the troops and ignore the DEATHCLAWS they
are in cages. Hangar 2 next door you have to enter from the back, also has
a couple scientists, one of which has a [HOLONOTE] it seems to his sister
maybe, about some fuel stash. There is a non-working electrical panel here.

  The 3rd hangar you can only reach from the backside and has a trio of old
warplanes within, along with a couple [MINI-NUKES] laying about. Not really
worth the effort to try and get into just for them I would ignore it. The 4th
hangar bay has more scientific equipment and minor loot. Exiting on the other
side you'll fight a few more ENCLAVE troops, maybe a SENTRY BOT. Some VERTI-
BIRDS will fly over to attack the Brotherhood troops on the other side of
the energy barrier, shoot them down if you like.

  To the west up some stairs are a few gun TURRETS and loot boxes, along with
another artillery button and [ARTILLERY NOTE 2]. Again, not needed. There is
a narrow hidden passage at the bottom that heads west, up some steps to a
small alcove where a dead ENCLAVE troop has [ENCLAVE HOLOTAPE 1].

  Proceed to the last 2 hangars, and on the other side again a couple gun
TURRETS and 4 or so ENCLAVE troops away to die by your hands. In the far NW
corner of the base hidden behind the building and under some barrels is the
[STORAGE LOCKER] noted by one of the scientists note to his sister. If you
have the key you can unlock it for 400 [FLAMER FUEL]. Now head up the steps
to the huge tower on the north side of the Hangars. Take out any remaining
TURRETS and before you enter the door on the east top side, there might be
an ENCLAVE troop or 2 still in the huge main runway area. Kill them, blow up
any nearby trucks for fun, then enter the ADAMS AIR CONTROL TOWER.


  This small area has a SENTRY BOT guard, and you can find a [NUKA-COLA
QUANTUM] and [SNIPER RIFLE] around the back of the room. Stairs lead up to
the main CONTROL TOWER room.

  When you enter the top control tower room, go all the way up the stairsand
look out the far left window. Ready your weapons 3 VERTIBIRDS will appear
and start to strafe the tower where you are at. Use your weapons (TESLA
CANNON, GATLING LASER, etc) to take out the 3 VERTIBIRDS. You can now look out
the broken windows and 4 ENCLAVE troops will have spawned outside. You can
kill them from this viewpoint. 2 are on the roof of the large CRAWLER across
the way, and 2 are left at the base of the CRAWLER near its treads. Easy to
take them out with the TESLA CANNON, etc. Use the terminal to lower the ramp

  Head out the tower and then south all the way down the long runway. You'll
pass the CRAWLER on the left, there might be a few ENCLAVE troops left alive
on the runway so kill them as you pass. At the very southeast side of the
runway you'll find the ADAMS STORAGE FACILITY. Some TURRETS will be on the
roof so blow them up as you approach. Enter this small building, destroy the
TURRET inside and loot, you'll find a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM], 2 [MINI NUKES] and
the unique [RAPID-TORCH FLAMER]. A little late in the game to be finding
this weapon but oh well.

  Now head back north and enter the final area of the DLC, the MOBILE BASE


  This old shuttle Crawler has been taken over by the ENCLAVE and turned into
a base of operations. You will enter the Crawler into the bottom maintenance
area. Head to the south side and you'll run into a maintenance worker STIGGS
and his robots. You can question him about the Crawler base and pass some
skill checks for more info. After you have exhausted him for info go ahead
and kill him.

  When you hit the north side of the room an alarm will sound and 6 ENCLAVE
troops will arrive to the left of the room. A great time to have a [NUKA
GRENADE] handy to wipe them out. Kill them and loot. There is a storage alcove
on the right side you can disable the force field to access. Head upstairs
to the next level, the LAUNCH PLATFORM BASE.

  The LAUNCH BASE level is a 2 level living area. Where you first come in is
the Deathclaw research labs. A couple Deathclaws are about but shouldn't
bother you since you have the scrambler. A few Enclave Scientists are also
probably about. On the top level of this area is the [SLOW-BURN FLAMER] in
a small extended platform-room. The Deathclaw Research terminal is on the top
level also.

  Moving north you will enter the actual living areas. Any released Death-
claws might be starting to clear those areas for you hehe. Move through the
top and bottom floors and clear out any ENCLAVE foes about, including a few
Scientists and Officers. A couple bunk rooms hold a half dozen or so Troops
and on the east side the armory with the ARMORY MASTER guarding it. Inside
the armory you can find various ammo and weapons, including the [PRECISION

 In the center top area is the Crawler Mainframe computer. Access it to use
your skill at Robotics to turn all robots in the Crawler against the ENCLAVE
forces. That will lighten up your load. A little to the west you can also find
a security terminal to access to unlock various doors, but you can already
pick anything so doesn't matter. Once you have fully explored this section
of the Crawler its time to head up to the ROOF AND TOWER.


  Arriving on the roof your SENTRY BOTS are already engaged with ENCLAVE
forces, a couple Troops about plus a VERTIBIRD will arrive to drop off more if
you don't blow it up fast enough. Keep going around to the right and you'll
come to the Tower entry office area, where more ENCLAVE troops await and
another VERTIBIRD will come over over to attack you.

  A Enclave officer fires out from inside the entry office, and if you head
to the left of the office to the landing platform a 3rd VERTIBIRD will come
in to land and drop off ENCLAVE forces, so blow it up also. When the area
is clear loot what you need and enter the door inside the entry office, and

  This small multi-level tower area has a couple friendly SENTRY BOTS upstairs
fighting, but you'll be on the lower level with a few ENCLAVE troops about
you need to kill. A couple Scientists roam about also. Kill any ENCLAVE left
then proceed to the top of the stairs to the control room. Activate the
terminal and fire the PAYLOAD of nukes, making sure to take aim at the
CITADEL har har evil laugh. The nukes head off, and you can exit the tower
through the nearby door onto the landing platform where a Brotherhood captured
VERTIBIRD will land. Get in.

  The Brotherhood has lost contact with the CITADEL (cause, well you blew it
up) and go there to investigate. When they land they realize you did it, and
attack. Kill off the troop and TURRETS near you. Head north around to the
front of the CITADEL and enter, there will be some more Brotherhood troops in
your way. 2 of those Troops that usually stand guard at the entrance cannot
be permently killed so just shoot them unconcious then enter the CITADEL.

  Wow, that's a big hole. Can we do it again? Not much is left of the CITADEL
at this point, but head down to the bottom of the crater and you'll find a
secret door the the CITADELS armory. Awww dumb Brotherhood keeping goodies
from us. Enter the Armory area and loot what you want. In the office area
before the actual Armory you can use CALLAHANS TERMINAL to get some info on
that old police officer, and open his safe to get CALLAHANS PISTOL. 

  In the Armory are a few high end loot, [TESLA CANNONS], [ALIEN POWER CELLS],
[MINI-NUKES], etc. Not really anything you need since the game is basically
over but hey, you might want to go out and just mess around some more.


   Well thats about it for the game. This walkthrough wasn't designed for you
 to find every area, or every skillbook, but to find and do most things in
 the game. Also how you go about the areas or kill the enemies are up to you,
 but there are many ways to go about doing things. 

   Feel free to email me with problems you might catch, such as directional
 mistakes, spelling, a skill book that is in an areas that i didn't mention,
 you get the idea. Don't email me with "why did you do this first, or that".
 This is my walkthrough, not yours. You don't have to do the areas in the
 order I put them in. 

  Now that you have played and learned the game, the next time you play you
can make it a little tougher or different. Play on hard mode, cut back your
intelligence so finding skill books is more important. Limit your weapons or
try playing the game not using the VATS targetting system. 

  Thats about it. Hope you had fun with the game, and good luck on your next

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