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Broken Steel Walkthrough by Auron66

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/07/09


      OOooOoO         o  o
       o              O  O                           .oOOo.
       O              o  o                 O              O
       oOooO          O  O                oOo             o
       O       .oOoO' o  o  .oOo. O   o    o           .oO
       o       O   o  O  O  O   o o   O    O              o
       o       o   O  o  o  o   O O   o    o              O
       O'      `OoO'o Oo Oo `OoO' `OoO'o   `oO       `OooO'

               o.OOOo.  o        .oOOOo.
               O    `o  O       .O     o
               o      O o       o
               O      o o       o
               o      O O       o
               O      o O       O
               o    .O' o     . `o     .o
                              OooOO'   OOoOooO  `OoooO'


Table of content:
1) Introduction                              [IDN]
2) Controls                                  [CTL]
3) Broken Steel                              [BSZ]
 3.1) New content                            [BS1]
 3.2) Death From Above                       [BS2]
 3.3) Shock Value                            [BS3]
 3.4) Who Dares Wins                         [BS4]
4) Side Quests                               [BSS]
 3.5) Holy Water                             [BSH]
 3.6) Protecting The Water Way               [BSP]
 3.7) The Amazing Aqua Cure                  [BST]
5) Unmarked Quests                           [BSU]
6) Version History                           [VHY]
7) Credits                                   [CDS]
8) Copyrights                                [CRS]

                 1) Introduction                   [IDN]

You thought it was over, you thought the end was nigh. The purifier was taken
back and a sacrifice had to be made. Whether it was you who acted like the
hero or the brave Sarah Lyons, the end was there.

It has changed now as fate, or Bethesda as some of us call it, has changed!
No longer will you be forced to stop. Go on now and fight the good fight,
drive The Enclave away from The Wasteland and pursue their remnants to the
very end!

It all depends on you. You alone can make a difference! Now go out there and
make the Wasteland proud... or destroy it.

Enjoy the game,


                  2) Controls                   [CTL]

 Left analog   -    Movement
 Right analog  -    Look around
 A             -    Activate/ Use
 X             -    Reload (Hold to pull/ holster weapon)
 B             -    Open/ Close Pipboy (Hold to activate flashlight)
 Y             -    Jump
 RB            -    Use V.A.T.S
 RL            -    Attack
 RL            -    Aim/ Block
 RB            -    Switch between First Person/ Third Person
 Back          -    Wait
 Start         -    Pause the game

 Click the left analog (L3) to go into Crouch mode.
 Click the right analog (R3) to pick up objects

 RB            -    V.A.T.S mode (Hold to scan)
 RT            -    Select Target
 Right Analog  -    Switch between targets
 Left Analog   -    Aim at specific body parts
 A             -    Confirm target
 B             -    Cancel V.A.T.S

                  3) Broken Steel                    [BSZ]

                   3.1) New content                  [BS1]

 - New areas -
  - Adams Air Force Base
  - Presidential Metro Line
  - Olney Power Works
  - Museum Authority Building

 - New NPCs -
  - Margot
  - Paladin Tristan
  - Scribe Bigsley
  - Scribe Vallincourt
  - Wilk
  - Kidd
  - Badger
  - Connelly
  - Dunbar
  - Carl

 - New Enemies -
  - Super Mutant Overlord
  - Feral Ghoul Reaver
  - Enclave Hellfire Trooper
  - Albino RadScorpion

 - New Perk
  - Quantum Chemist (Level 22)
    - Ten Nuka-Cola's turn into 1 Quantum
  - Deep Sleep (Level 22)
    - All beds provide Well Rested benefit
  - Puppies! (Level 22)
    - Dead dog gets replaced by puppies
  - Devil's Highway (Level 24)
    - Karma instantly Very Evil
  - Karmic Rebalance (Level 24)
    - Karma instantly Neutral
  - Escalator to Heaven (Level 24)
    - Karma instantly Very Good
  - No More Weaknesses
    - All SPECIAL under 5 become 5
  - Nerves of Steel (Level 26)
    - AP regenerates faster
  - Warmonger (Level 26)
    - Able to build custom weapons without schematics
  - Rad Tolerance (Level 26)
    - No effects from Minor Rad Poisoning
  - Rad Absorption (Level 28)
    - Radiation Level slowly decreases over time
  - Party Boy/ Party Girl (Level 28)
    - No more suffering under addiction withdrawals
  - Almost Perfect (Level 30)
    - Instantly raises all SPECIAL to 9 (10 stays 10)
  - Nuclear Anomaly (Level 30)
    - When you are about to die you explode taking enemies and friends with you

 - New Weapons
  - Callahan's Magnum
    DAM: 65 WG: 4

  - Heavy Incinerator
    DAM: 15 WG: 15

  - Tesla Cannon
    DAM: 120 WG: 8

  - Tri-Beam Laser Rifle
    DAM: 75 WG: 9

 - New Armour
  - Enclave Hellfire Armour
    DR: 50 HP: 2000 WG: 40 - Fire Res. +30, ST +1, Rad Res. +15

 - Six new Achievements
  - Death From Above - 30 points (Complete this mission)
  - Shock Value - 30 points (Complete this mission)
  - Who Dares Wins - 30 points (Complete this mission)
  - Devil - 20 points (Reach Level 30 with (Very) Evil karma)
  - True Mortal - 20 points (Reach level 30 with Neutral karma)
  - Messiah - 20 points (Reach level 30 with (Very) Good karma)

                   3.2) Death From Above               [BS2]

You will first have to make two choices at the end of the original ending. If
you choose to use the FEV you will lose karma, otherwise you won't lose
anything. The second choice is whether you will sacrifice yourself, Sarah
Lyons or send in a follower.

- The Citadel -
   The first thing you'll hear after the movie are voices who are describing
   events that have happened the previous two weeks. The Enclave is retreating
   after you have achieved a giant victory at Jefferson's Memorial.

   Talk to Lyons to find out what happened to you, to Sarah, The Enclave and
   Project Purity. You can also give him some additional information about
   the origin of the Super Mutants to gain karma and experience.

   You will be asked to go and see Rothchild. You can find him wandering around
   in the lab. I assume you know where the lab is by now, but just in case:

   From where you wake up, leave the room. Go right and enter the Ring A.
   Follow the hallway all the way to the west, go left and take the second
   right. Go talk to Rothchild.

   He'll explain in detail what has happened the last two weeks and what is
   going on right now. You will also hear your first mission. Go meet Paladin
   Tristan who is awaiting your arrival at Rockland Car Tunnel.

   The easiest and closest location there is Dunwich Building. Fast Travel
   there (or walk through the Wasteland to get there) and go to the Tunnel.
   Upon arrival you'll see another Brotherhood of Steel member. Go inside
   the door.

 - Rockland Car Tunnel -
   Once inside follow the hallway until you reach an open door. You can find
   some ammunition. inside the ammunition boxes. The second room contains
   some healing items. Keep following the hallway after you are done and keep
   following it until you reach a large open area. Just follow the marker
   to Paladin Tristan.

   Basic rule of operations: Keep your head down and let the robot do the
   heavy lifting. The robot, in this case, being Liberty Prime. Head

 - Satellite Relay Station -
   Once outside you'll see your giant and friend and as usual nothing can stop

   Just keep following him. The moment Liberty Prime punches a hole in the wall
   make sure you get away from the robot! Just enter the hole as soon as you
   can. Now make your way through the building and follow Paladin Tristan his

 - Satellite Facility -
   Once inside it is time to release your rage! There are some Enclave soldiers
   waiting for you, but they will not live long. The Brotherhood members will
   make sure of that! Go south and follow the Brotherhood.

   Follow the tunnel and fight your way up the stairs. Be sure to collect
   ammunition from the fallen Enclave soldiers. It makes it that much easier
   for players who happen to use Plasma rifles a lot.

   Once you reached the top go West and open the door. Now follow the hallway
   all the way to the other end and go down the stairs. You'll encounter some
   Enclave soldiers but they are nothing you have not seen and beaten before.

   Go south again and follow another tunnel whilst fighting Enclave along the
   road. You can find some Stealth boys and ammunition in ammunition boxes.
   Loot them and continue your mission.

   At the end of the tunnel you get into another room and the pleasure of
   going up some stairs again. After the stairs you'll come to a room where
   four Enclave soldiers will attempt to ambush you. Show them the errors of
   their ways, loot some more ammunition boxes and go through the door.

   Follow the tunnel and open another door. You're finally there. You'll see
   a terminal which is called - Satellite Uplink Terminal -. The only action
   you can choose is - Request New Telemetry Data - so, logically, choose that

   A Brotherhood member will open the door to the west so follow it and leave
   the building.

 - The Capital Wasteland -
   (Fast) Travel to The Citadel.

 - The Citadel -
   Now go see Rothchild who you will find in the lab. He will not be happen
   with some events, but will be pleased with the information you brought. He
   will send you to speak to Elder Lyons. He'll send you to Paladin Tristan

                   3.3) Shock Value                   [BS2]

 - The Citadel -
   Go speak to Paladin Tristan. He'll send you to a very dangerous place, or at
   least, a dangerous place for those not prepared! Luckily you will not be if
   you go talk to Scribe Vallincourt. She will give you something nice to make
   your time in Old Olney easier. Do not overestimate the item however.

   Just rely on some good quality weapons you should have by now, like Plasma
   rifles, machine guns, etc. Now you will see you have two targets. One is
   optional. It involves raiding a small Enclave outpost outside Old Olney and
   recruiting a Death Claw. The Death Claw will die after some time though.

   The other one sends you straight into the heart of Old Olney, the second
   Death Claw sanctuary. Feel free to fast travel if you want to. As far as I
   know you will not encounter any Death Claws. Follow the marker until you
   reach an entrance to some sewers.

 - Olney Sewers -
   You'll find that the Alien Blaster renders Death Claws as pathetic foes.
   Some good shots with a Plasma Rifle will say the same. Inside the sewers
   you will start encountering Death Claws, so even though you might have over
   the top equipment it is still wisely suggested you do not just run in every
   room or you might find yourself overwhelmed.

   Anyways, from the entrance go to your right, around the corner and then to
   the left up the ramp. Go left and left again and up the ladder.

 - Old Olney Underground -
   Immediately you will be approached by some ghouls. Answer however you want
   and continue. Go through the open room and into a hallway. Up the stairs
   and past the pool table with the dead ghoul on top of it. Follow the hallway
   again, pass another couple of dead ghouls (this place is not ghoul friendly)
   , down the stairs and through the hole in the wall opposite of the door you
   just came through.

   BOO!! Now go up the ramp and make your way to the door at the other end of
   the room. I can not advise you to go through the hole in the first room as
   you won't find anything of any use.

   Carefully descend down the hole, minding the baby trap and once down go
   through the door North West. Go through the hole in the wall and enter the
   large open room. There are around three Death Claws nearby so be careful.

   You can open the small jail door in the middle of the room to find a Quantum
   and some miscellaneous stuff, but it really is not worth your time. Just
   follow your marker to the north of the room, through the hole in the wall
   and into another room with a generator. Go to the door North East and keep
   going up the stairs until you come at the door that will take you to the
   next area.

 - Old Olney S. Wilson Building -
   Go up the stairs and you'll hear a Vertibird. You will encounter some
   Enclave soldiers as well. Do not feel bad about killing them though.
   Go down the ramp and through the open door to your right. Follow the path
   up the stairs and onto the first floor. If you want to have some fun shoot
   down the Vertibird and enjoy the explosion.

   Cross the fallen billboard and go North through the open door. Go down the
   stairs and into the next area.

 - Olney Power Works -
   Just go South and up the stairs. You will find yourself presented with two
   choices. You can go to the left and fight two Sentry bots or you can go
   through the door to your right. Since we all love a good challenge we will
   fight some Sentry bots. Destroy them and go down. Go through the door at the
   end of the room and follow it into the next room. You will find another
   Sentry bot to play with.

   I suggest you hack the terminal to vent the radiation or you will find
   yourself using more RadAways than you intended to. You'll come into a room
   filled with energy, nice blue sparkly energy. Go to the other end of the
   room and hack another terminal. You are now going to have to make a very
   important choice. Fight two turrets or do not fight two turrets!

   After the important choice has been made continue through the door and
   go right and then through another door. Now you will come in a shiny blue
   room. This is the room where you will find the Tesla Coil. You can either
   jump down over the railing and grab it or you can walk over there. Let us
   walk, shall we?

   Go to the North door and go through. Ignore the ladder leading through Old
   Olney and go down the stairs. Follow the path until you reach the Tesla
   Coil. When you activate it your health will get depleted until you have
   barely anything left. Heal immediately. Go back the way you came (unless
   you jumped, in that case follow the route I described) and go up the ladder
   to Old Olney. Mission complete!

   Or at least, until you deliver the Tesla Coil to Paladin Tristan. (Fast)
   travel to The Citadel and hand over the object. You'll get send to your
   next mission and this will be a long one.

                   3.4) Who Dares Wins                   [BS2]

 - The Citadel -
   You will be told enter the Presidential Metro. Now in order to get here you
   need to go to the White House Plaza. If you have discovered Penn. Ave.
   North West go there, it's pretty much a couple of steps away. If not then go
   to the nearest location.

   If you see a Brotherhood Paladin with a manhole near you know you are at the
   right place. Enter the manhole.

 - Utility -
   Upon entering you will quickly find yourself with three options. Go through
   the right door, the left door or go straight ahead. The right door leads to
   some measly supplies and a book that raises your Unarmed skill. The path
   ahead leads to two dead ends. It is safe to assume that we have to take the
   left one. Go through the left door.

   Go down the stairs, through the door, around the corner, up the stairs and
   you will see two doors. One to your left and one further ahead. Going
   through the left door will bring you to Pennsylvania Avenue. If you feel the
   desire to add another location to your map this is your chance. If not then
   go through the other door.

 - Presidential Sub Level -
   You entered the Presidential Metro and now you need to find the exit to
   Adams Airforce Base. Now follow the linear path until you come across a
   Sentry Bot. It will not be happy to see you.

   Before going straight ahead however look in the small room to your left to
   find some ammunition boxes and a First Aid Box on the wall. Having some
   health is always appreciated in combat!

   Now go follow the path again and go down some stairs. You'll see railroads
   and this is where it can get a little bit confusing. Go through the hallway
   opposite of the direction you came. Through the double doors and then to the
   right. Keep going until you see another door to go through. Logically...

   Go through the doors. Go down the stairs in the room and follow the path to
   another metro level. Now follow the path to the left until you can go left
   again to a computer room. Here you will meet M.A.R.G.o.T

   There are several choices here, but the most important point is that you can
   not go to Adams Airforce Base yet because there seems to be a problem.

   Creatures with no internal body heat who are emitting lethal levels of
   radiation. In other words, zombies.. ehr, ghouls! Feral Ghouls just to let
   you know. Apparently they accidently the whole thing!!

   Go set things right. Go through the door behind Margo.

 - Presidential Metro -
   Go through the hallway and into the open. You'll find your zombie.. ghouls,
   but fear not! The robots will no longer attack you (unless you attack them)
   and will provide support against the threat, even the Ghoul Reavers!

   After the undead have been taken care of walk along the metro line until you
   come across the Equipment Room. Go through it to the other end and be ready
   to fight some ghouls without help from robots. After the ghouls are dead you
   should be noted that the security breach has been cleared. If not, then
   search and destroy.

   Follow the metro again until you come across red light. Go east and you'll
   see the metro itself. Enter it and select Activate Metro Console. Make sure
   to enjoy the ride a little bit. You get to look at some pretty nice scenery.

 - Adams Airforce Base Metro Exit -
   Long name for such a small place. Leave the metro, go up the stairs, fight
   some Enclave soldiers and go outside. If you want to avoid the turret up
   ahead you can also pick the lock from the door to your left after the first
   set of stairs. There's also some nice ammunition to be found.

 - Adams Air Force Base -
   You are finally there! Go up the stairs and you will see some Vertibirds
   flying over. Now instead of directly following them go look behind the
   makeshift building. You will see a crate titled Resupply Crate. It is in
   this crate you will find a weapon most suitable for taking out both enemies
   and Vertibirds. The Tesla Cannon!

   If you want you can enter the makeshift building and hack the computer to
   deactivate them or delete parameters to make them hostile to The Enclave
   as well. It's your choice.

   Follow your marker to the North East, fighting your way through Enclave
   (and turrets depending on your choice). Keep going until you encounter
   Vertibirds. Let them know the power of your newly acquired Tesla Cannon!

   If correct you should see an open hangar. Enter it and you'll find four
   rooms, three with locks on them. Inside these locked rooms are wild
   Death Claws, not mind controlled, so think twice before opening.

   Go through the hangar and move towards the force field. Go through the
   hangar to your left and keep going left. Eventually you'll arrive at a
   street which has no forcefield. This is the right spot. Go up the stairs
   on the building and go to the top.

 - Air Control Tower -
   Go up the stairs all the way until you reach a door.

 - Adams Air Force Base -
   Go up the stairs and use the terminal to open up the Mobile Platform
   Loading Ramp. Return to the streets again.

   Go across the large open area and move towards the large vehicle.
   Then enter it.

 - Mobile Base Crawler -
   Wondering how to get past that barrier field you see upon entrance? Use
   the blue panel right next to it. If you have high enough explosives you
   can make it explode, you can smash it or just close the field. If you
   smash it you can walk through the field but you will gain damage.

   Turn off the Repulsion field at the East end of the big room to find
   ammunition and supplies. Then go to the south part of the room where you
   will meet Stiggs. Spare him or kill him, your choice. Turn off another
   Repulsion field to find some more ammunition and supplies. Nice!

   Now you've got two choices. You can either go through the south door to go
   to the Launch Pad or you can go through the door in the North.

   I chose the one in the North

 - Launch Platform Base -
   Be warned! This area can truly be a maze. Go left, right, up the stairs,
   through the doors on your left. From there go right and keep following
   the path until you come to a dining hall. Go through the door in the
   south and you should see a Repulsion field. Behind it is a Death Claw
   in stasis and several supplies. Do what needs to be done.

   You will also find the unique flamethrower Slo-Burn Flamer here. From here
   go back and turn to your left, go through a pathway until you reach the
   other side of the room, go right and down the stairs. Go through your
   first left door and up the stairs. Go through the door and the room and
   you'll see blue light emitting from a small surrounded area in the middle.

   In this area are some computers, one of them is called Security Terminal.
   This will allow you to unlock all the doors. From here go back, left, left
   and up the ladder.

 - Adams Air Force Base -
   This area is filled with Enclave soldiers so be careful. They will quickly
   overrun you if you dash to them reckless. Once you are in the open go to
   the left, over the small catwalk and follow the path until you come to a
   small building with some stairs next to it. Go into the building and through
   the door inside.

 - Satellite Control Tower -
   Just follow the path and go up the stairs killing Enclave whenever you see
   them. Eventually you'll come into a room with a Satellite Uplink Terminal.

   Select Fire Payload. Here comes the fun part, you can choose something but
   I won't spoil it. Choose carefully though, the one choice gives you an
   unique weapon, the other one good karma. Once you have made your choice go
   through the door in the South.

 - Adams Air Force Base -
   Some Brotherhood members will come with a captured Vertibird and someone is
   with them who means a great deal to you. See what happens as the results
   vary on your choices.

   You have now beaten Broken Steel. Since the game has no more ending you can
   play as long as you like. You also have unlocked three new sidequests which
   shall be explained in section 4, the side quests.

   And do not forget children: He accidently the whole thing!!!!

                  4.0) Side Quests                   [BSS]

In order to unlock these side quests you need to talk to Scribe Bigsley to
unlock two of the side quests and pass a speech challenge to unlock the third.

                   4.1) Holy Water                     [BSS]

 - Jefferson Museum and Gift Shop -
   Go to the Gift Shop inside and talk to Scribe Bigsley. You'll see that he is
   a very busy man. Talk to him though and ignore his complaints. Ask him about
   the situation with Megaton to get this quest. He'll inform you that there
   have been some problems with water in Megaton and he wants you to go there
   to investigate. Leave and (Fast) Travel to Megaton.

 - Megaton -
   It's very simple. Talk to some NPCs who are walking around and you will hear
   about a crazy cult who has been stealing their water. They happen to be in
   Springvale, the ruined town nearby. (Fast) Travel there.

 - Springfield -
   If you are having trouble finding it just go to the Red Rocket. It's the
   fenced building nearby. In front of it you will find Brother Gerard who
   will approach you as you come close. He will give you Holy Water and in
   order to continue you need to drink it. Who knows what they put in..

   Just drink it and ignore all those bad ideas and talk to him again. You are
   now tasked with entering the so-called monastery. You can do this in the way
   of peace or just shoot everything that breathes.

   If you choose the peaceful way you will be told that you need to have been
   blessed at the Tabernacle or in other words, be irradiated. If you have 100
   points invested in lockpick it is easier to just pick the lock of the cellar
   doors behind him. Since it is not considered illegal you do not even need to

   If not then go get irradiated. Whatever you choose, go inside.

 - Eternal Light Monastery -
   In here you will find Mother Curie III preaching to two ghouls about the
   light of Atom and other nonsense. You are presented here with three choices.
   You can kill everyone, but be wary of the Glowing One and the Feral Ghoul
   Reaver who are in the basement. You can pass a speech challenge to make her
   stop or you can irradiate yourself to a critical level and she will say some
   interesting lines. Choose whatever you want. (Fast) Travel back to Scribe
   Bigsley and give him the report.

 - Jefferson Museum and Gift Shop -
   He will state that there is something special about Megaton with all the
   cults. He'll give you 300 bottle caps as a reward.

                   4.2) Protecting The Water Way               [BSP]

 - Jefferson Museum and Gift Shop -
   Talk to happy Scribe Bigsley again and ask what is up with the Rivet City
   security. He will inform you that they have been complaining about some
   organized raiders.

   You need to go to the small structure in front of Rivet City, the one that
   connects with the bridge and where you can find the beggar.

 - The Capital Wasteland -
   Once you have arrived you need to talk with Officer Lepelletier. She can be
   found on the first floor so if you came by Fast Travel descend one floor and
   if you came on foot ascend one floor. You will be told about the organized
   crime and how you need to stop it. You need to go to the Caravan.

   Now this tends to be a bit frustrating. With some people the Caravan was
   still close to Jefferson's Memorial but with others they have travelled
   quite some distance. It can be said however that if they are far it might
   be a sound decision to travel to Tepid Sewers and travel to them instead
   of trying to catch up with them from the Memorial.

   Eventually when you do find them you will meet Bandits as well. Waste them
   and search their corpses for a note. You will hear Split Jack talking and
   on it you will find out the location you need to go to and the password.

 - Wilhelms Wharf -
   Upon arrival you'll find a large group sitting there. Talk to Splitting Jack
   and you can do whatever you want. Kill them all, give the password and play
   the game, feel free to do whatever you want.

   If you want to challenge him however after giving the password it must be
   noted that you want to send your followers away or have them wait at a
   distance because they tend to attack Split Jack the moment he turns hostile
   and this of course blows the entire deal.

   After you are done with the group go back to Rivet City and talk to
   the charming miss Lepelletier. Depending on the fate you chose for the
   gang you have several choices. Extort her for evil karma and money or just
   report you took care of them. After that go to Scribe Bigsley for your
   reward and to succesfully finish the mission.

   You will get a Gattling Laser, some ammunition, Plasma Pistol and a complete
   Enclave Power Armour suit.

                   3.7) The Amazing Aqua Cure                  [BST]

 - Jefferson Museum and Gift Shop -
   Talk to Scribe Bigsley again. This time you won't simply get the reward,
   you must ask him about money. You need to pass a speech check or use your
   karma level if you can to convince him. He'll tell you about a ghoul who
   offered to pay for water. Ghouls are found in.. The Underworld! Correct.

   Go to the Museum of History.

 - Museum of History -
You do not need to search long to find him as he is standing in front of
   entrance to The Underworld. After a little persuasion you will find out the
   real deal to the Aqua Cure of his. You need to talk to Scribe Bigsley to
   learn more.

 - Jefferson Museum and Gift Shop -
   Talk to him about Griffon and his plans and Bigsley immediately gives you
   the location. You must travel to The Mall and travel to the Museum Authority
   Building. Just travel to any place you found in The Mall and make your way
   to the building.

 - Museum Authority Building -
   From the entrance you can go either left or right. It does not really matter
   as you will end up in the same room anyways. You can go through either door
   at the other side of the room as you will end up in the same hallway as
   well. Go down the stairs on the left side of the hall, killing some ghouls
   and looking around.

   When you kill the final guard you can find Griffons Bottling Instructions
   on his corpse. You will find out the truth about the Amazing Aqua Cure and
   go back to the Museum of History.

 - Museum of History -
   Confront Griffon and again you have several options. You can extort him for
   money and evil karma, you can force him to tell it and this will result in
   other ghouls killing him or you can force him to start selling Aqua Pura.

   Feel free to choose whatever suits your demands. If you chose the latter
   return a week later if you still want to kill him for 600 caps and some
   other items.

                   5) Unmarked Quests                           [BSU]

These quests are unmarked and will never end. They can be used infinitely.

Repairing Liberty Prime:
Bring Scribe Rothchild cameras and sensor modules. You will get 100 caps and
25 xp for each camera and 75 caps and 10 XP for each sensor module.

Super Mutant Blood Samples:
This is given to you by Paladin Tristan. From this point on each time you kill
a Super Mutant you will be able find a Blood Sample on its corpse. Return them
to Paladin Tristan to 50 caps and 10 XP per sample.

                 5) Version History                           [VHY]

05/05/2009:  Version 0.1 started. Began writing down progress.
05/06/2009:  Version 0.5 More than halfway done with Main Quest.
05/07/2009:  Version 1.0 Written down Main Quest, Side and Unmarked too.

                 6) Credits                                   [CDS]

- Bethesda for making such an awesome game.
- Myself for my patience
- My PC for not crashing

                 7) Copyrights                                [CRS]
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

It took quite some time to put this all together, especially the step by step

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