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Statistics/Skills/Perks Guide by Absolute Steve

Version: 1.09 | Updated: 08/04/09

 .'                                       .,.                               `.
 |  MMMMMM    MM     MMM     MMM      .;tX, ,   MMM   MMM MMMMMMMM    .MM.    |
 |  MMM      MMMM    MMM     MMM    SMMM,  AM1  MMM   MMM   MMMM    XMM  MMM  |
 |  MMM     $MMMMb   MMM     MMM    MMM,   AMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM    @0  0MM.  |
 |  MMMMM   MM  MM   MMM     MMM    MM,   AMMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM       ;ZMM   |
 |  MMMMM  SMM  MMt  MMM     MMM    M,     `;M  MMM   MMM   MMMM      .MMM;   |
 |  MMM    MMM  MMM  MMM     MMM    MMMMM; ,MM  MMM   MMM   MMMM       .iMMM  |
 |  MMM   iMMMMMMMM. MMM     MMM    MMMM, ,MMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM    Yc.  WMM  |
 `.                                   .,                                     .'
                       |   Stats/Skills/Perks Guide   |


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This guide goes over the SPECIAL statistics, Skills and   Oo=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*oO
Perks available in Fallout 3. They're described with a lot|| © Absolute Steve ||
of criticism to make a players' choice easier.            ||   Version: 1.08  ||
                                                          ||  PS3 / X360 / PC ||
This file comes with an additional section of how to      ||faq@shillatime.org||
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a character that gets all benefits that matter most, and  Oo=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*oO
a character that is most likely best suited for any given 
situation in the Wasteland.  In other words, there nearly isn't a better build.

- Absolute Steve
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                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

    [S1] S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Explained
    [S2] Derived Statistics
    [S3] Skills
    [S4] Perks
    [S5] Creating a Grand, Great All-Round Character
    [S6] Creating a Grand, Great All-Round Character (WITH BROKEN STEEL!)


    |[S1] S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Explained                                        |

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stands for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma,
Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.  These are your primary stats, and they will
have influence on your skills and thus your gameplay.  One may argue that the
one basic stat is more important than the other, and this is most likely true.
This section describes the basic stats in detail, allows you to review them one
by one, and comes with a final judgment on how a well balanced character should
distribute his stats.

         |Strength:|Max Carry Weight:|Melee Damage:|Skill Modifiers:  |
         |    1    |       160       |     0.5     |Melee Weapons  +2%|
         |    2    |       170       |     1.0     |Melee Weapons  +4%|
         |    3    |       180       |     1.5     |Melee Weapons  +6%|
         |    4    |       190       |     2.0     |Melee Weapons  +8%|
         |    5    |       200       |     2.5     |Melee Weapons +10%|
         |    6    |       210       |     3.0     |Melee Weapons +12%|
         |    7    |       220       |     3.5     |Melee Weapons +14%|
         |    8    |       230       |     4.0     |Melee Weapons +16%|
         |    9    |       240       |     4.5     |Melee Weapons +18%|
         |   10    |       250       |     5.0     |Melee Weapons +20%|

Strength allows you to hold more items in your inventory and increases your
melee damage.

Associated Skills: 1. Melee Weapons. 2. Carry Weight.

Associated Perks:  1. Little Leaguer (Minimum of 4 STR, LVL 2)
                   2. Iron Fist      (Minimum of 4 STR, LVL 4)
                   3. Strong Back    (Minimum of 5 STR, LVL 8)

           |Perception:|Skill Modifiers:                           |
           |     1     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives  +2%|
           |     2     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives  +4%|
           |     3     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives  +6%|
           |     4     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives  +8%|
           |     5     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives +10%|
           |     6     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives +12%|
           |     7     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives +14%|
           |     8     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives +16%|
           |     9     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives +18%|
           |    10     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives +20%|

The better your perception, the quicker you'll spot enemies on the compass.

Associated Skills: 1. Energy Weapons. 2. Explosives. 3. Lockpick.

Associated Perks: 1. Thief            (Minimum of 4 PER, LVL 2)
                  2. Sniper           (Minimum of 6 PER, LVL 12)
                  3. Light Step       (Minimum of 6 PER, LVL 14)
                  4. Contract Killer  (Minimum of 6 PER, LVL 14)
                  5. Lawbringer       (Minimum of 6 PER, LVL 14)
                  6. Better Criticals (Minimum of 6 PER, LVL 16)
                  7. Infilitrator     (Minimum of 7 PER, LVL 18)

|Endurance:|Max HP:|Poison Resistance:|Rad. Resistance:|Skill Modifiers:       |
|     1    |  120  |        0%        |       0%       |Big Guns & Unarmed  +2%|
|     2    |  140  |        5%        |       2%       |Big Guns & Unarmed  +4%|
|     3    |  160  |       10%        |       4%       |Big Guns & Unarmed  +6%|
|     4    |  180  |       15%        |       6%       |Big Guns & Unarmed  +8%|
|     5    |  200  |       20%        |       8%       |Big Guns & Unarmed +10%|
|     6    |  220  |       25%        |      10%       |Big Guns & Unarmed +12%|
|     7    |  240  |       30%        |      12%       |Big Guns & Unarmed +14%|
|     8    |  260  |       35%        |      14%       |Big Guns & Unarmed +16%|
|     9    |  280  |       40%        |      16%       |Big Guns & Unarmed +18%|
|    10    |  300  |       45%        |      18%       |Big Guns & Unarmed +20%|

Endurance increases max health, and your resistance to poison and radiation.

Associated Skills: 1. Big Guns. 2. Unarmed.

Associated Perks: 1. Toughness      (Minimum of 5 END, LVL 6)
                  2. Lead Belly     (Minimum of 5 END, LVL 6)
                  3. Strong Back    (Minimum of 5 END, LVL 8)
                  4. Rad Resistance (Minimum of 5 END, LVL 8)
                  5. Size Matters   (Minimum of 5 END, LVL 8)
                  6. Life Giver     (Minimum of 6 END, LVL 12)
                  7. Solar Powered  (Minimum of 7 END, LVL 20)

                      |Charisma:  |Skill Modifiers:    |
                      |     1     |Barter & Speech  +2%|
                      |     2     |Barter & Speech  +4%|
                      |     3     |Barter & Speech  +6%|
                      |     4     |Barter & Speech  +8%|
                      |     5     |Barter & Speech +10%|
                      |     6     |Barter & Speech +12%|
                      |     7     |Barter & Speech +14%|
                      |     8     |Barter & Speech +16%|
                      |     9     |Barter & Speech +18%|
                      |    10     |Barter & Speech +20%|

Charisma makes talking to people much easier.

Associated Skills: 1. Barter. 2. Speech.

Associated Perks: 1. Scoundrel           (Minimum of 4 CHR, LVL 4)
                  2. Child at Heart      (Minimum of 4 CHR, LVL 4)
                  3. Impartial Mediation (Minimum of 5 CHR, LVL 8)
                  4. Animal Friend       (Minimum of 6 CHR, LVL 10)
                  5. Master Trader       (Minimum of 6 CHR, LVL 14)

   |Intelligence:|Skill Points per LVL Up:|Skill Modifiers:                |
   |       1     |            11          |Medicine & Repair & Science  +2%|
   |       2     |            12          |Medicine & Repair & Science  +4%|
   |       3     |            13          |Medicine & Repair & Science  +6%|
   |       4     |            14          |Medicine & Repair & Science  +8%|
   |       5     |            15          |Medicine & Repair & Science +10%|
   |       6     |            16          |Medicine & Repair & Science +12%|
   |       7     |            17          |Medicine & Repair & Science +14%|
   |       8     |            18          |Medicine & Repair & Science +16%|
   |       9     |            19          |Medicine & Repair & Science +18%|
   |      10     |            20          |Medicine & Repair & Science +20%|

Intelligence increases the amount of Skills Points you are allowed to give your
skills when you gain a Level.

Associated Skills: 1. Medicine. 2. Repair. 3. Science.

Associated Perks: 1. Swift Learner (Minimum of 4 INT, LVL 2)
                  2. Gun Nut       (Minimum of 4 INT, LVL 2)
                  3. Daddy's Boy   (Minimum of 4 INT, LVL 2)
                  4. Educated      (Minimum of 4 INT, LVL 4)
                  5. Entomologist  (Minimum of 4 INT, LVL 4)
                  6. Comprehension (Minimum of 4 INT, LVL 6)
                  7. Nerd Rage!    (Minimum of 5 INT, LVL 10)
                  8. Computer Whiz (Minimum of 7 INT, LVL 18)

          |Agility:     |AP/Action Points: |Skill Modifiers:       |
          |       1     |        67        |Small Guns & Sneak  +2%|
          |       2     |        69        |Small Guns & Sneak  +4%|
          |       3     |        71        |Small Guns & Sneak  +6%|
          |       4     |        73        |Small Guns & Sneak  +8%|
          |       5     |        75        |Small Guns & Sneak +10%|
          |       6     |        77        |Small Guns & Sneak +12%|
          |       7     |        79        |Small Guns & Sneak +14%|
          |       8     |        81        |Small Guns & Sneak +16%|
          |       9     |        83        |Small Guns & Sneak +18%|
          |      10     |        85        |Small Guns & Sneak +20%|

Agility increases your APS in VATS combat mode.

Associated Skills: 1. Small Guns. 2. Sneak.

Associated Perks: 1. Gun Nut        (Minimum of 4 AGL, LVL 2)
                  2. Thief          (Minimum of 4 AGL, LVL 2)
                  3. Silent Running (Minimum of 6 AGL, LVL 12)
                  4. Sniper         (Minimum of 6 AGL, LVL 12)
                  5. Light Step     (Minimum of 6 AGL, LVL 14)
                  6. Action Boy     (Minimum of 7 AGL, LVL 16)

                |   Luck:   |Skill Modifiers:                 |
                |     1     |Critical Hit +1%,  All Skills +1%|
                |     2     |Critical Hit +2%,  All Skills +1%|
                |     3     |Critical Hit +3%,  All Skills +2%|
                |     4     |Critical Hit +4%,  All Skills +2%|
                |     5     |Critical Hit +5%,  All Skills +3%|
                |     6     |Critical Hit +6%,  All Skills +3%|
                |     7     |Critical Hit +7%,  All Skills +4%|
                |     8     |Critical Hit +8%,  All Skills +4%|
                |     9     |Critical Hit +9%,  All Skills +5%|
                |    10     |Critical Hit +10%, All Skills +5%|

Luck increases your critical hit rate, plus increases all skills.

Associated Perks: 1. Fortune Finder      (Minimum of 5 LCK, LVL 6)
                  2. Scrounger           (Minimum of 5 LCK, LVL 8)
                  3. Finesse             (Minimum of 6 LCK, LVL 10)
                  4. Mysterious Stranger (Minimum of 6 LCK, LVL 10)
                  5. Better Criticals    (Minimum of 6 LCK, LVL 16)

    |[S2] Derived Statistics                                              |

Action Points (AP):
|Agility:     |AP/Action Points: | AP are the points you expend when you use the
|=============|==================| VATS mode to ridden your enemies.  The 
|       1     |        67        | advantage of VATS is that it allows you to 
|       2     |        69        | easily target specific body parts and every 
|       3     |        71        | attack your perform in VATS has an additional
|       4     |        73        | +15% chance on doing a critical hit.
|       5     |        75        | 
|       6     |        77        | It is probably one of the less important 
|       7     |        79        | derived stats, mainly because there simply
|       8     |        81        | isn't much variation between 67 AP and 85 AP.
|       9     |        83        |
|      10     |        85        |

Point Cost: 1. Crouch/Stand:           10 AP Cost
            2. Fire with most Weapons: 10 AP Cost
            3. Fire with a Rifle:      25 AP Cost
            4. Fire with a Big Gun:    75 AP Cost

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Action Boy/Girl: +25 AP

Temporary AP Increases: 1. UltraJet Action:   +40 AP
                        2. Jet Action:        +30 AP
                        3. Nuka-Cola Quantum: +20 AP
                        4. NukaLurk Meat:     +20 AP
                        5. Fire Ant Nectar:   +8  AP

Temporary AP Decreases: 1. Alcohol Addiction: Agility -1 = AP -2
                        2. Jet Addiction:     Agility -1 = AP -2
                        3. Med-X Addiction:   Agility -1 = AP -2

                        4. Radiation Poisoning (400 Rads): Agility -1 = AP -2
                        5. Radiation Poisoning (600 Rads): Agility -2 = AP -4
                        6. Radiation Poisoning (800 Rads): Agility -3 = AP -6

Carry Weight (CW):
|Strength:|Max Carry Weight:| Carry Weight is the statistic that allows you to
|=========|=================| hold a certain amount of items, equipment, food,
|    1    |       160       | weapons, etc.  Everything has a weight which you
|    2    |       170       | can easily check when you pick something up, or
|    3    |       180       | when you look the item up in the menu.
|    4    |       190       |
|    5    |       200       |
|    6    |       210       |
|    7    |       220       |
|    8    |       230       |
|    9    |       240       |
|   10    |       250       |

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Strong Back: +50 Carry Weight
                              2. Solar Powered: (In Sunlight) STR +2 = +40 CW

Temporary CW Increases: 1. Alcoholic Drinks:        STR +1 = CW +20
                        2. Mississippi Quantum Pie: STR +1 = CW +20
                        3. Buffout:                 STR +1 = CW +20

Temporary CW Decreases: 1. Nectar Withdrawal:  STR -2 = CW -40
                        2. Buffout Withdrawal: STR -1 = CW -20

                        3. Radiation Poisoning (600 Rads): STR -1 = CW -20
                        4. Radiation Poisoning (800 Rads): STR -2 = CW -40

Critical Chance:
|   Luck:   |Skill Modifiers: | Critical Hits usually means double damage to the
|===========|=================| target being hit by a critical hit.  Your Luck
|     1     |Critical Hit +1% | increases your critical hit chance, but simply
|     2     |Critical Hit +2% | going into VATS mode also increases your chance
|     3     |Critical Hit +3% | by 15%.
|     4     |Critical Hit +4% |
|     5     |Critical Hit +5% | If you kill an enemy with a critical hit while
|     6     |Critical Hit +6% | using an energy weapon, the enemy will be 
|     7     |Critical Hit +7% | vaporized to a little heap of ashes.  You can
|     8     |Critical Hit +8% | still search it for drops, though.
|     9     |Critical Hit +9% |
|    10     |Critical Hit +10%|

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Finesse: +5% Critical Chance
                              2. Ninja:   +15% Critical Chance 
                                 (Only when Unarmed or using Melee Weapons)

Damage Resistance:
This statistic is your defense.  If you have a Damage Resistance of 30, then you
will receive 30% less damage when hit.  This statistic is capped at 85% so if
you see a number higher than that, keep in mind it's not your true resistance.
Wear Armor and Helmets for a better defense.

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Toughness: +10 Damage Resistance
                              2. Cyborg:    +10 Damage Resistance
                              3. Nerd Rage: +50 Damage Resistance
                                 (Only when health is low)

Temporary Increases: 1. Med-X: +25 Damage Resistance

|Endurance:|Max HP:| Health is obviously essential - lose it all and you'll die.
|==========|=======| Endurance is of direct relevance to your health as the 
|     1    |  120  | table on the left shows. 
|     2    |  140  |
|     3    |  160  | Enemies have health too, but the precise values are not
|     4    |  180  | shown in-game.  You can refer to the enemy encyclopedia
|     5    |  200  | section of this Guide to find the Max HP values of your
|     6    |  220  | enemies.  You can use the Health Bars in-game to get a
|     7    |  240  | good estimate of how much an enemy is weakened.
|     8    |  260  |
|     9    |  280  | The table below shows the difference between body parts of
|    10    |  300  | a regular enemy and your own body parts.

|Body Part:|Player Health:|NPC Health: | o Head Shots often means double damage.
|Head      |      75%     |     20%    | o The %'s in the table to the left are
|Torso     |     255%     |     60%    |   estimates of how much health a 
|Right Arm |     100%     |     25%    |   specific body part resembles.  The
|Left Arm  |     100%     |     25%    |   head is the obvious weak spot, but
|Right Leg |     150%     |     25%    |   for enemies the limbs are also weak
|Left Leg  |     150%     |     25%    |   spots that are easy to cripple.

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Life Giver: +30 Health

Temporary Increases: 1. Buffout: END +3 = Health +60

Melee and Unarmed Damage:
|Strength:|Melee Damage:| Melee Damage is applicable when you attack enemies 
|=========|=============| with weapons such as a Baton or a Lead Pipe, while
|    1    |     0.5     | Unarmed Damage is strictly anything related to your
|    2    |     1.0     | fist, and no holding weapons.  Knuckles count as
|    3    |     1.5     | Unarmed.  Your Unarmed Damage is 1/4th of your Unarmed
|    4    |     2.0     | Skill.  With a 40 Skill, you'll be able to inflict
|    5    |     2.5     | 10 damage.
|    6    |     3.0     |
|    7    |     3.5     |
|    8    |     4.0     |
|    9    |     4.5     |
|   10    |     5.0     |

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Iron Fist: +5 Unarmed Damage
                              2. Nerd Rage: STR set to 10 = 5.0 Melee Damage
                                 (Only when health is low)

Temporary Increases: 1. Alcoholic Drinks:        STR +1 = +0.5 Melee Damage
                     2. Mississippi Quantum Pie: STR +1 = +0.5 Melee Damage
                     3. Buffout:                 STR +1 = +0.5 Melee Damage

Temporary Decreases: 1. Nectar Withdrawal:  STR -2 = -1 Melee Damage
                     2. Buffout Withdrawal: STR -2 = -1 Melee Damage
                     3. Radiation Poisoning (600 Rads): -1 STR = -0.5 Melee Dmg
                     4. Radiation Poisoning (800 Rads): -2 STR = -1.0 Melee Dmg

Poison & Radiation Resistance:
|Endurance:|Poison Resistance:|Rad. Resistance:| This is your resistance against
|==========|==================|================| radiated pools and barrels,
|     1    |        0%        |       0%       | plus the effects when being
|     2    |        5%        |       2%       | intoxicated.
|     3    |       10%        |       4%       |
|     4    |       15%        |       6%       | See the table below how
|     5    |       20%        |       8%       | Radiation Exposure can severely
|     6    |       25%        |      10%       | decrease your stats, or in the
|     7    |       30%        |      12%       | worst case even kill you.
|     8    |       35%        |      14%       |
|     9    |       40%        |      16%       | Both resistances are capped at
|    10    |       45%        |      18%       | 85%: Any number above this will
'----------'------------------'----------------' be essentially worthless.

|RAD Exposure:|Effects:                             |
|       0     |                 ---                 |
|     200     |-1 Endurance                         |
|     400     |-2 Endurance, -1 Agility             |
|     600     |-3 Endurance, -2 Agility, -1 Strength|
|     800     |-3 Endurance, -2 Agility, -2 Strength|
|    1000     |Death                                |

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Rad Resistance: +25% Radiation Resistance
                              2. Cyborg:         +10% Poison & Radiation Resis.

Movement Speed:
Three factors determine how fast you're able to move around:

1. How much weight you're holding.  If you hold more than your Maximum Carry 
   Weight your encumbrance will not like it, and you can count on your
   movements to be very slow.  Repair some weapons/armor or dispose of some
   items you no longer need.

2. Equipped Armor.  The heavier your armor, the slower you move around.

3. Unarmed/Armed makes a difference.  If you're constantly having a heavy weapon
   equipped this will certainly decrease your speed, so simply holster your
   weapon unless you think you'll need it soon.

    |[S3] Skills                                                          |

o A Skill is derived from one of your SPECIAL Statistics, and can further be
  increased through the use of Skill Points and Bobbleheads.
o Intelligence increases the amount of Skill Points you can distribute per level
  by 1 per Intelligence, starting at 11 points at 1 INT, ending with 20 points
  at 10 INT.

Statistic:    Charisma
Skill Use:    Allows you to buy cheaper and sell higher.
Unlocks Perk: Master Trader (Minimum 60 Points in Barter, LVL 14)

Big Guns:
Statistic:    Endurance
Skill Use:    Increases effectivity of Flamer, Gatling Laser, Fat Man,
              Minigun, Missile Launcher, Rock-It Launcher.
Unlocks Perk: Concentrated Fire (Minimum 60 Points in Big Guns, LVL 18)

Energy Guns:
Statistic:    Perception
Skill Use:    Increases effectivity of Mesmetron, Laser Pistol/Rifle, 
              Plasma Pistol/Rifle, Alien Blaster.
Unlocks Perk: Concentrated Fire (Minimum 60 Points in Energy Guns, LVL 18)

Statistic:    Perception
Skill Use:    Increases success when disarming mines, and also enhances your
              accuracy when throwing explosives.
Unlocks Perk: 1. Demolition Expert (Minimum 60 Points in Explosives, LVL 6)
              2. Pyromaniac (Minimum 60 Points in Explosives, LVL 12)

Statistic:    Perception
Skill Use:    Allows you to pick certain locks of a rating between Very Easy
              and Very Hard (see table below).  Also, the higher your 
              lockpick skill, the easier the actual lockpicking will be.
Unlocks Perk: Infiltrator (Minimum 80 Points in Lockpick, LVL 18)
                         |Difficulty:|Required Skill:|
                         |Very Easy  |        0      |
                         |Easy       |       25      |
                         |Average    |       50      |
                         |Hard       |       75      |
                         |Very Hard  |      100      |

Statistic:    Intelligence
Skill Use:    Increases the effects of medicine (Stimpak, RadAway, Rad-X...)
              At Skill Level 100, initial medicine effects are doubled.
Unlocks Perk: 1. Cyborg (Minimum 60 Points in Medicine, LVL 14)
              2. Chem Resistant (Minimum 60 Points in Medicine, LVL 16)

Melee Weapons:
Statistic:    Strength
Skill Use:    Increases effectivity of melee weapons (Chinese Officer's Sword,
              Combat Knife, Ripper, Rolling Pin, Police Baton, Tire Iron,
              Sledgehammer, Shiskebab, etc..)
Unlocks Perk: Ninja (Minimum 80 Points in Melee Weapons, LVL 20)

Statistic:    Intelligence
Skill Use:    Increases your ability to repair your weapons and armor.  You can
              initially repair anything to about 50% of it's best condition,
              but with 100 points in Repair you can fix everything to the max.
Unlocks Perk: ---

Statistic:    Intelligence
Skill Use:    Science is used for hacking, but it also unlocks many perks.
              See the table below for the required Science Skill to hack.
Unlocks Perk: 1. Entomologist    (Minimum 40 Points in Science, LVL 4)
              2. Nerd Rage       (Minimum 50 Points in Science, LVL 10)
              3. Robotics Expert (Minimum 50 Points in Science, LVL 12)
              4. Cyborg          (Minimum 60 Points in Science, LVL 14)
              5. Computer Whiz   (Minimum 80 Points in Science, LVL 20)
                         |Difficulty:|Required Skill:|
                         |Very Easy  |        0      |
                         |Easy       |       25      |
                         |Average    |       50      |
                         |Hard       |       75      |
                         |Very Hard  |      100      |
Note: Hacking is made easy if you look for the whole words in the clutter of
      characters. When you are running out of attempts, simply use the power
      button and exit the terminal, then try again.  The passwords will be reset
      but you have a few fresh tries again.

Small Guns:
Statistic:    Agility
Skill Use:    Increases effectivity of small guns (Pistol to Assault Rifles to
              Shotguns to Sniper Rifles)
Unlocks Perk: Concentrated Fire (Minimum 60 Points in Small Guns, LVL 18)

Statistic:    Agility
Skill Use:    Increases your ability to stay hidden from enemies when crouching
              and pickpocketing.  Attacking while hidden counts as a Sneak 
              Attack Critical Hit (2x damage or more).
Unlocks Perk: 1. Mister Sandman (Minimum 60 Points in Sneak, LVL 10)
              2. Silent Running (Minimum 50 Points in Sneak, LVL 12)
              3. Ninja          (Minimum 80 Points in Sneak, LVL 20)

Statistic:    Charisma
Skill Use:    Raises your chance for succeeding Speech Challenges.  Don't bother
              with it, since you can always save your game and keep reloading
              the conversation until you get the desired result.
Unlocks Perk: ---

Statistic:    Endurance
Skill Use:    Increases damage when fighting bare handed (or with knuckles).
              Also decreases the damage taken when blocking with your hands.
Unlocks Perk: 1. Paralyzing Palm (Minimum 70 Points in Unarmed, LVL 18)
              2. Ninja           (Minimum 80 Points in Unarmed, LVL 20)

    |[S4] Perks                                                           |
                               |Level 2 Perks:|

Intense Training: 10 Ranks
Requirements: ---
Useful: YES

This perk allows the player to increase their SPECIAL stats by +1.  This can be
very useful, especially if you need to have a certain value of a stat in order
to learn an other useful perk.

Black Widow/Lady Killer: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: MAYBE

If you are male you can get the Lady Killer perk, if you are female you can get
the Black Widow perk.  This grants you +10% damage on targets of the opposite
gender, so if you're female you do +10% damage on all male raiders, etc.
Needless to say, Black Widow is much more useful than Lady Killer, simply cause
there aren't many female NPC's in the game.  You also get additional dialogue
options here and there.  Even so, the usefulness of this perk must be questioned
and in any case, only the Black Widow perk has a good use.

Daddy's Boy/Girl: 3 Ranks
Requirements: INT = 4+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it increases skill points.  Any skill
point bonuses can also be gotten by levelling up and distributing skill points,
as well by reading Skill Books are by getting bonuses from more useful perks.

This perk adds +5 Science and +5 Medicine per rank.

Gun Nut: 3 Ranks
Requirements: AGL = 4+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it increases skill points.  Any skill
point bonuses can also be gotten by levelling up and distributing skill points,
as well by reading Skill Books are by getting bonuses from more useful perks.

This perk adds +5 Small Guns and +5 Repair per rank.

Little Leager: 3 Ranks
Requirements: STR = 4+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it increases skill points.  Any skill
point bonuses can also be gotten by levelling up and distributing skill points,
as well by reading Skill Books are by getting bonuses from more useful perks.

This perk adds +5 Melee and +5 Explosives per rank.

Swift Learner: 3 Ranks
Requirements: INT = 4+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it only gets you faster to Level 20,
while you can get to Level 20 in due time anyway.  This perk takes up valuable
space for other perks.

This perk increases your earned EXP by +10% every rank.

Thief: 3 Ranks
Requirements: AGL = 4+, PER = 4+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it increases skill points.  Any skill
point bonuses can also be gotten by levelling up and distributing skill points,
as well by reading Skill Books are by getting bonuses from more useful perks.

This perk adds +5 Sneak and +5 Lockpick per rank.

                               |Level 4 Perks:|

Child at Heart: 1 Rank
Requirements: CHR = 4+
Useful: MAYBE

This perk makes you good with children, which can lead to much more pleasant
conversations.  Unfortunately it's only useful in a few places, most prominently
Little Lamplight.

Comprehension: 1 Rank
Requirements: INT = 4+

You should get this perk no matter what you do.  It doubles the amount of skill
points you gain from reading Skill Books.  Normally you get 1 point by reading
a Skill Book, now you get 2.  This allows you to get 50 points per skill by just
reading Books, instead of the regular 25!

Educated: 1 Rank
Requirements: INT = 4+
Useful: NO/MAYBE

This perk adds a +3 Skill points to be distributed every Level Up.  This may
seem much over the course of time, but even then we're only talking about 48
extra skill points.  I highly suggest you do NOT take this perk.

Entomologist: 1 Rank
Requirements: INT = 4+, Science = 40+

This perk increases your damage by +50% against any type of insect.  This may
seem futile at first, but just wait until you encounter Giant Radscorpions!
Even though those may be a pest at times, it's worth wondering if this is really
a perk worth investing in.

Affected creatures (all types) are: Radroach, Giant Ants, Radscorpions.

Iron Fist: 3 Ranks
Requirements: STR = 4+
Useful: MAYBE

This perk boosts your Unarmed Damage by +5 every rank.  I don't know if this is
worth investing in.  Naturally, if you don't bother with Unarmed fighting, you
should leave this alone.  But even if you are in love with your fists, this 
requires a whopping of 3 perks to get any use out of it, and it pretty much
also requires you to give up the most useful perk in the game at Level 20 (Grim
Reaper's Sprint) so you can take the Ninja perk.  That's a lot of sacrifices.

Scoundrel: 3 Ranks
Requirements: CHR = 4+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it increases skill points.  Any skill
point bonuses can also be gotten by levelling up and distributing skill points,
as well by reading Skill Books are by getting bonuses from more useful perks.

This perk adds +5 Speech and +5 Barter per rank.

                               |Level 6 Perks:|

Bloody Mess: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: YES

This perk grants you a permanent +5% damage on any target, and sometimes blows
up a target (with gory blood and limbs all over the place).  You can still
search any of your targets, and your loot isn't affected.  A useful perk, 
although the animation bores many after a while.

Demolition Expert: 3 Ranks
Requirements: Explosives = 50+
Useful: MAYBE

This perk increases your Grenades, Mines and Missiles damage by +20% per rank.
It's quite a lot, but it is also unlikely that you will spend three ranks on
this perk, and it's often not necessary to invest in this perk.  If you are
playing on Very Hard you may want to put a rank (read: ONE) in it, otherwise no.

Fortune Finder: 1 Rank
Requirements: LCK = 5+
Useful: NO

This perk increases the amount of Bottle Caps you find in desks, cabinets, and
so on.  Sounds useful, isn't useful.  Especially not later on when you have 
various sources for making much more money much quicker.

Gunslinger: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: MAYBE

This perk increases your accuracy in VATS by +25% whenever you're using a Small
Gun.  Weapons that fall under this category are: .32 Pistol, Scoped .44 Magnum,
(Silenced) 10mm Pistol, 10mm Submachine Gun, Chinese Pistol, Sawed-Off Shotgun,
Dart Gun, Laser Pistol, Plasma Pistol, Alien Blaster, Mesmetron.

You may think, 'WOW', a 25% increase in accuracy with all those guns, but be
careful.  If you have an initial 10% hit chance, this perk will bring it up to
12.5%.  Besides, many of those pistols are worthless later in-game.  Magnums are
still useful, but to justify this perk only for those ..

Lead Belly: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 5+
Useful: NO

This perk decreases your radiation poisoning by 50% when drinking from sinks,
using toilets, drinking outside water, etc. Doesn't sound very useful, and well,
it's not useful either.  You can always drink the water anyway and deal with
the radiation later - or even use a RadAway.  It's no big deal - at all.

Toughness: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 5+
Useful: YES!

This instantly grants you an additional +10 Defense Rating (DR).  Take it!

                               |Level 8 Perks:|

Commando: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: YES

This is much alike the Gunslinger perk, except this perk increases your accuracy
in VATS by +25% for Rifles.  These are much more powerful and much more used in
later combat than guns, which makes this an excellent perk to take.  Rifles are
considered to be: Assault Rifle, Chinese Assault Rifle, Hunting Rifle, Sniper
Rifle, Laser Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Railway Rifle.

Impartial Mediation: 1 Rank
Requirements: CHR = 5+
Useful: NO

This perk gives a +30% increase in chance when you attempt Speech Challenges.
Keep in mind that you can always save your game beforehand and do several
attempts if you find something truly important, or you can distribute a few
extra skill points to Speech to ensure a decent Speech Skill.  This just isn't
very useful.

Rad Resistance: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 5+
Useful: NO

This increases you Radiation Resistance by a permanent +25%.  This isn't too
shabby, but it's not really all that useful.  If you're facing radiation trouble
you can snack some Rad-X and boost your resistance by 45% instantly.  Combined
with radiation suits and quest perks, this can easily add up to 95%.  There's
no need for additional protection.  Besides, radiation doesn't kill, bullets do.
(Well, OK, Radiation *can* kill, but only when you reach 1000!)

Scrounger: 1 Rank
Requirements: LCK = 5+
Useful: MAYBE

Where Fortune Finder focused on increasing Caps whenever you open up cabinets
and such, Scrounger increases your ammunition found in Ammo Boxes, Mine Boxes
and every variation of boxes where you can find ammo.  I personally took this
perk while having in mind to sell loads of ammo for money, and never running
out of ammo either.

The truth is, money and ammo won't be your biggest problems later on.  It's best
leaving this perk so you can take a more useful one.

Size Matters: 3 Ranks
Requirements: END = 5+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it increases skill points.  Any skill
point bonuses can also be gotten by levelling up and distributing skill points,
as well by reading Skill Books are by getting bonuses from more useful perks.

Note: You can get infinite Big Guns Skill Books by respawning the raider with a
      flamethrower in Bethesda Ruins East.  Just wait three days and a few hours
      and re-enter the building.  This *may* get removed with later patches.
      Please notify me when it is removed.

This perk adds +15 to Big Guns Skill.

Strong Back: 1 Rank
Requirements: STR = 5+, END = 5+
Useful: YES

This perk increases your Carry Weight by +50!  I don't see why this perk gets
completely hammered by people, because it's much better than most perks.  While
it's true you can do without this, its usefulness makes things so much more
convenient.  You can carry a wider arsenal of weapons, drag those extra goodies
to a nearby merchant, equip heavy armor more easily, etc.

                               |Level 10 Perks:|

Animal Friend: 2 Ranks
Requirements: CHR = 6+
Useful: MAYBE

Rank 1: Animals don't attack you.
Rank 2: Animals help you in combat against non-animal enemies.

Animals are: Dogs, Brahmin, Mole Rats and Yao Guai.

Fact is, this perk is quite useful because Yao Guai are fierce enemies.  Help
from those nasty bears would surely be appreciated by anyone.  However, the 
thing is that it's generally not very wise to have such high Charisma as is
required to get this perk, simply because all the other stats have a priority.
Therefore, many will have to skip this perk.  Don't worry though, I don't think
putting *two* ranks in this would be worth it anyway - there's so many other
great perks at this point!

Finesse: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: YES!

This increases your Critical Chance by 5% (equal to 5 LUCK).  Very, very useful.

Here and Now: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

This instantly allows you to gain another Level.  However, you will reach Lvl 20
anyhow if you play consistently, so there's no point in speeding things up,
especially not because you're sacrificing other great perks.

Mister Sandman: 1 Rank
Requirements: Sneak = 60+
Useful: MAYBE

Allows you to sneak up on sleeping adult humans and instantly kill them.  Sounds
wicked,  and is perhaps a little wicked, but there are not many instances where
you will really get a use out of this.

Note: You *can* however use this perk to receive infinite EXP by performing it
      continuously on the kid in Andale, Smith's House, Bedroom upstairs.

Aside from that glitch (which is likely to be removed soon), there is absolutely
no reason to pick this perk.  And even the glitch only gets you faster to Lvl 20
where you'll get in time anyway.

Mysterious Stranger: 1 Rank
Requirements: LCK = 6+
Useful: NO

If, when VATS ends and your opponent lives with 150 HP or less, there is a 10%
chance that the Mysterious Stranger finishes him off.  Sounds awesome, is cool,
but it can interfere with the greatest perk in the game: Grim Reaper's Sprint,
so I naturally advise against it.  Sorry, Mr. Stranger!

Nerd Rage: 1 Rank
Requirements: INT = 5+, Science = 50+

When your HP drops below 20% (and there you already have the con of this perk),
your STR is raised to 10 and you receive an increase of +50 Defense Rating (DR).

While the added bonuses are insane (50 DR, WOW!), you get the itchy feeling you
really *should* heal when your health bar is at like 15% away from death.  Since
there usually is a good reason to heal in a tough battle, the effects of Nerd
Rage never last very long, which makes it a perk that isn't all that useful.

Besides, with a good character build you can easily have a natural 10 STR, and
your DR will be no less than 16 away from the maximum DR (max is 85).  In this
case that means that the added bonus is actually only a DR of 16 at most.

Night Person: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

You gain a bonus of +2 INT and +2 PER whenever the sun is down (18.00 - 06.00).
This is absolutely garbage, because if you need temporary increases you might
as well use chems, and the increase won't do you much good in general, as in,
you're not going to see any significant increases during gameplay.

                               |Level 12 Perks:|

Cannibal: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

This allows you to feed on corpses: You gain 25 Health and lose 1 Karma every
time you feast on the flesh of the deceased.  If you're caught in the act there
is a good chance you'll be attacked by people.  Useful?  Meh.  No.

Fast Metabolism: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

Increases Stimpak efficiency by +20%.  That's nice, but do we really need it?

Life Giver: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 6+
Useful: MAYBE

Instantly raises your Max HP by +30.  Needless to say this is a unique bonus
that can't be gotten through other means, but if your END is already at max
you can see this as a mere 10% increase.  It's useful, yes, but at this point
the game requires you to make tough choices between perks.  Do you really need
this 30 extra health, or are you better off picking a different perk?

Pyromaniac: 1 Rank
Requirements: Explosives = 60+
Useful: MAYBE

This perk increases fire-based weapons their damage by +50%.  That's a big
damage boost, but first let's go over the weapons that fall in this category:
Flamer, Nuka-Grenade, Shiskebab, 'Firelance' Alien Blaster and Zhu-Rong v418
Chinese Pistol.

That's a tiny group of weapons, so decide for yourself if you plan on using one
of them.  The Shiskebab becomes one of the best Melee Weapons with the perk,
but that's about it.

Robotics Expert: 1 Rank
Requirements: Science = 50+
Useful: MAYBE

Increases damage versus robotic enemies by +25%, and allows you to deactivate
any robot when you have successfully sneaked up on them.  It doesn't matter if
the robot has seen you; Whenever you're closeby you can enter sneak mode and
disable the robot.

Sounds useful, especially and mainly against Sentry Bots, but there aren't many
Sentry Bots in the game.  Pulse Grenades can often be found nearby or in areas
that rely on robotic security, and those work great on their own.  I don't think
the 'sneaking' up on a robot is that much of a bonus either, because if you can
sneak up on a robot, you might as well put a few 'sneaky bullets' or grenades
through its circuits.

Silent Running: 1 Rank
Requirements: AGL 6+, Sneak = 60+
Useful: YES

With this perk you'll make no noise when running at full speed while crouching.
This makes it much, much easier to go for stealth kills, even when you're not
a stealth expert (yet).  I highly recommend taking this.

Sniper: 1 Rank
Requirements: PER 6+, AGL 6+
Useful: YES

Increases your accuracy in VATS for headshots by +25%.  In other words, you gain
25% in accuracy when you select a target's head.  Since you'll be relying a lot
on headshots, especially lethal headshots from great distances, this is a great
perk to pick.

                               |Level 14 Perks:|

Adamantium Skeleton: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

Your limbs only take 50% of the regular damage.  Sounds useful, but disappoints.
The main use in this lies not in when you get bitten or shot by enemies, because
that rarely cripples a limb, but rather when you fall from very high or when
you step on a mine.  In both cases this is a result of recklessness, and you
will want to reload a previous save game.  Or if you aren't all that reckless,
this perk doesn't have much use either, because limbs don't represent your
vital health - at all.

Chemist: 1 Rank
Requirements: Medicine = 60+
Useful: YES

Chems last twice as long with this perk!  This affects the following items:
Buffout, Jet, Mentats, Med-X, Rad-X, Psycho, RadAway, Stealth Boy, Ultrajet,
Ant Queen Pheromones, Yao Guai Meat. 

This is a very useful perk, but it is best combined with the Chem Resistant
perk.  I suggest you only take this perk if you take that one as well.  There
are many other useful perks at that point, however, so pick wisely.

Contract Killer: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

With this perk you can loot ears from good characters.  There are not many good
characters, and if there are you wouldn't want to kill them anyway.  Besides,
even if you would, you can only trade their ear for a measly 5 caps.

Cyborg: 1 Rank
Requirements: Science 60+, Medicine = 60+

Adds +10 Damage Resistance (DR), +10 Poison & Radiation Resistance, and add a
+10 Skill Points to Energy Weapons.  It's like four perks in one.

Lawbringer: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

The same principle applies as with the Contract Killer, except you loot fingers
from evil characters now (of which more exist).  You can sell these fingers for
5 Caps to a special vendor.  In short, it's worthless.

Light Step: 1 Rank
Requirements: AGL 6+, PER 6+
Useful: NO

With this perk, you never set off any Mines or Traps.  Eh, would you normally
set off many traps?  Have you encountered many annoying traps?  Would you start
over or save many times nearby difficult passageways with mines and traps?  This
perk doesn't have a lot of added value, and it's generally regarded as useless.

Master Trader: 1 Rank
Requirements: CHR = 6+, Barter = 60+
Useful: NO

This reduces all bought items by 25%.  Money is no longer an issue at this point
of the game, besides, this perk is not worth it to raise Charisma to 6 points.
Not at all, actually.  The other way around, you'll likely won't even be able
to choose this perk because of your low CHR.

                               |Level 16 Perks:|

Action Boy/Girl: 1 Rank
Requirements: AGL = 6+
Useful: YES

Increases your VATS Action Points by 25.  This is an enormous increase and
basically allows you to fire an additional shot in VATS.  Worth it.

Better Criticals: 1 Rank
Requirements: PER = 6+, LCK = 6+
Useful: YES

This perk increases the damage of Critical Hits by 50%!  That is a huge bonus
and is a complete powerhouse combination with high Luck and Critical Chance.
This perk is highly recommended.

Chem Resistant: 1 Rank
Requirements: Medicine = 60+
Useful: MAYBE

With this perk you have 50% less chance to become addicted to a drug.  In
combination with Chemist this can be a powerful trick, but keep in mind that
you can only become addicted to a drug if you take two of the same within a 30
hours span.  You can often wait and quickly speed up time to pass this span,
ready to pump new Chems.  Also, the reduction is hardly a secure way to deal
with Chems - you can still get addicted.

It's a good perk, but there are many other great perks around at this point.

Tag!: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

Allows you to tag any skill (+15 points).  Completely worthless by this time.

                               |Level 18 Perks:|

Computer Whiz: 1 Rank
Requirements: INT = 7+, Science = 70+
Useful: NO

Whenever you get locked out of a PC (ever had that happen? Ever?) you get a 2nd
chance.  I'd say this is completely worthless, because you never get locked out
anyway, or you would reload your savegame. 

Concentrated Fire: 1 Rank
Requirements: Small Guns = 60+, Energy Weapons = 60+
Useful: NO

With this perk you gain a 5% accuracy chance every time you select a specific
limb of a target *again*.  So if you select one arm three times, the accuracy 
for hitting the limb the first time is your normal accuracy, the second time it
is increased by 5%, and the third time it is increased by 10%.

Sounds lame, is lame.  Use the Dart Gun at this point onward to cripple both
enemy legs, and be done with it.  A 5% increase in accuracy is really, really
low, especially with the mechanics above.

Infiltrator: 1 Rank
Requirements: PER = 7+, Lockpick = 70+
Useful: NO

This is the counterpart of Computer Whiz.  If you for some reason break a lock
and get locked out, this perk gives you a second chance.  Yay!  Nay!  One of the
most worthless perks at this point.

Paralyzing Palm: 1 Rank
Requirements: Unarmed 70+
Useful: YES

When unarmed, you can perform a VATS palm strike that paralyzes your opponent
for 30 seconds.  Deathclaw or Knuckles also count as unarmed.  30 seconds is a
long time and gives you plenty enough time to kill your opponent.  In other
words, if you're facing a tough opponent from nearby (Deathclaw, Yao Guai) then
this comes in handy.

Even if you're not an Unarmed person, you can easily switch from armed to
unarmed in a mere second, perform the palm strike, switch back, and kill your

                               |Level 20 Perks:|

Explorer: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: YES, but..

This pinpoints every location on the worldmap of your Pip-Boy. A great advantage
for any explorer, but at a very high cost of ignoring other Lvl 20 perks.  This
alone gives you good reason to leave it alone.  Besides, you can explore it all
on your own in time.

Ninja: 1 Rank
Requirements: Sneak = 80+, Melee = 80+
Useful: YES

Increases your Critical Chance by 15% whenever you attack with Melee Weapons or
Unarmed.  Sneak Attack Critical Hits do +25% more damage.  Needless to say this
is a good perk, especially if you are a Melee Character.  If you are more of a
gunman, read on..

Grim Reaper's Sprint: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: YES!

When you kill an opponent in VATS, all your Action Points are restored, allowing
you to instantly target a new enemy.  Needless to say this magnificent perk
allows you to drop enemies with significant more ease than usual.  This makes it
quite possibly the best perk of the game.

Solar Powered: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 7+
Useful: MAYBE

All Lvl 20 perks are useful, no doubt about it.  This perk allows you to regain
1 HP every 10 seconds you are exposed in sunlight, and an increase of 2 STR
when you are in sunlight.

This perk is the least of the Lvl 20 perks.  You get a 2 STR increase, but only
when in the open Wasteland, at day, and you regain 6 HP per minute.  That's not
all that much, even though it's nice.  If this could be gotten earlier, then
perhaps it would be picked more often, but the Reaper devastates this by a mile.

LEVELS 21-30 PERKS ARE...             /\
       =====                         || |,
                                     || | `.
 ____   _____   ____  _   __ _____   || |,  `._____ _______ _____  _____  _ 
|  _ \ |     | / __ \| | / /|  ___||¯\ |¯|`. / ____|       |  ___||  ___|| |
| |_| || |¯| /| |  | | |/ / | |___ |  \| |' | (___ `.¯| |¯¯| |___ | |___ | |
|  _  /|  ¯ \ | |  | |   /  |  ___|| . ` |`. \___ \  `| |  |  ___||  ___|| |
| |_| || |\  \| |__| |   \  | |___`| |\  | `.____) | .| |  | |___ | |___ | |___ 
|____/ |_|  \__\____/|_|\__\|     ||_||\_| ,|_____/ ,'| |  |     ||     ||     |
                          `. ¯¯¯¯¯   || |`'      . '   ¯    ¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯ 
                          '....      || |       ..'
                               `.  (¯    ¯)  ..'     Downloadable Content
                               `... ¯|  |¯ ...'
                                   `.|  |.'
                                     (  )
                           ____  _   _ _  __     ___
                          / __ \| \ | | | \ \   / / |
                         | |  | |  \| | |  \ \_/ /| |
                         | |  | | . ` | |   \   / | |
                         | |__| | |\  | |____| |  |_|
                          \____/|_| \_|______|_|  (_)
                               |Level 22 Perks:|

Deep Sleep: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---

Useful: NO

'This Perk will get you the "Well Rested" bonus in any bed you sleep, instead of
just your own bed in your house.  The Well Rested bonus grants +10% Exp, so it's
hardly worth getting this Perk for.

Puppies!: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---

Useful: MAYBE

With this perk, Dogmeat will reincarnate as a puppy whenever he dies and you'll
be able to get him back at certain places, such as Vault 101's entrance.  If you
are a big fan of Dogmeat and at the same time very reckless (which is an odd
combination to say the least), then this Perk might be something for you.

Quantum Chemist: 1 Rank
Requirements: Science 70+

Useful: MAYBE

When you have this Perk, for every 10 Nuka Cola's you acquire, they will 
automatically be converted into a Nuka Cola Quantum.  Cute, but if you've 
already done this quest then it is nothing to write home about.

                               |Level 24 Perks:|

Devil's Highway: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Karma not Very Evil]

Useful: NO

This Perk automatically sets your karma to Very Evil.  It's not worth it to 
spend a precious Level on this Perk, as there are other ways of attaining this.

Escalator to Heaven: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Karma not Very Good]

Useful: NO

This Perk automatically sets your karma to Very Good.  It's not worth it to 
spend a precious Level on this Perk, as there are other ways of attaining this.

Karmic Rebalance: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Karma not neutral]

Useful: NO

This Perk automatically sets your karma to Neutral.  It's not worth it to 
spend a precious Level on this Perk, as there are other ways of attaining this.

No Weaknesses: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---

Useful: NO

This Perk puts all SPECIAL stats that were below 5 points, now to 5.  Higher
stats remain the same.  It's completely blown away by a Level 30 Perk called
'Almost Perfect', which makes this Perk useless altogether.

                               |Level 26 Perks:|

Nerves of Steel: 1 Rank
Requirements: AGL = 7+

Useful: YES

This Perk increases your AP regeneration rate. If you already have Grim Reaper's
Sprint then the usefulness of this Perk can be questioned.  On the other hand,
it makes for a killer combination should it happen that you didn't immediately
managed to kill a powerful enemy.

Rad Tolerance: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 7+

Useful: NO

You will no longer suffer from minor radiation poisoning.  This is one of the
worst Perks ever, to be quite honest.

Warmonger: 1 Rank
Requirements: INT = 7+

Useful: NO

All custom weapon schematics are added to your inventory. While it *is* actually
pretty nifty to get all the schematics for free at once ... You most likely 
already have all of them, making this Perk completely useless at this point.
Even if you're missing some schematics, it's hardly worth it to sacrifice a Perk
on this.

                               |Level 28 Perks:|

Party Boy/Girl: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---

Useful: MAYBE

With this Perk you never have any alcohol withdrawal. This allows you to
infinitely benefit from the effects of alcoholic beverages.  These always lower
your INT by -1 and increase your STR +1 and CHR +1.  You'll have to decide for
yourself whether or not you like this shift in stats, although the Charisma 
increase isn't all that useful.

Rad Absorption: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 7+

Useful: NO

While it sounds really awesome, by the time you reach Level 28 you'll have TONS
of RadAway in your inventory, rendering this Perk completely useless.

                               |Level 30 Perks:|

Almost Perfect: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---

Useful: YES

All SPECIAL stats are set to 9.  If you have bobbleheads then these will not 
make the stat totals 10.  Instead, collect the 7 SPECIAL bobbleheads after 
getting this Perk to get a perfect character concerning stats.  This Perk does
not lower any stats that already are at 10, BUT if you have the Lucky 8 Ball on
you while selecting this perk, and unequip the Lucky 8 Ball, then your base stat
will only be at 8.  Solve this by unequipping the 8 Ball before choosing this

Nuclear Anomaly: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---

Useful: YES

When your HP gets below 20 you'll explode, doing tremendous damage to everything
around you.  This means that you can only die if something kills you by doing
20+ damage, as the blast does not kill your character - in fact it heals you.
The more irradiated you are, the more you get healed. 

                            |Quest Related Perks:|

Power Armor Training: 1 Rank
Requirements:  1. Proceed with the story and go through the Main Quests until 
                  you have completed 'The Waters of Life' Main Quest.  Talk to 
                  Elder Lyons and ask him for permission. Now locate Paladin 
                  Gunny in the Citadel.
               2. Finish the DLC Operation: Anchorage.
Useful: YES

Allows you to wear any kind of Power Armor.  The stuff is heavy, though!

Dream Crusher: 1 Rank
Requirements: Tell Moira in Megaton to stop wasting her time on her Guide.
Useful: MAYBE, but..

This decreases the chance to be hit by a critical attack by 50%.  However, you
aren't often hit by critical hits anyways, making this perk not all that handy.
Besides, if you complete the Guide you get access to a much better perk.

Rad Limb Healing: 1 Rank
Requirements: Achieve Advanced Radiation Poisoning (600+ Rads) while doing the
              'Get Radiated' quest for Moira and the Wasteland Guide.
Useful: MAYBE

This perk is a little extra that you won't often see in use, but it heals any
crippled limbs when you suffer from Advanced Radiation Poisoning (400+).

Junior Survivor: 5 Variations
Requirements: Don't do your best during the Wasteland Survival Guide quest.
Useful: YES, but..

This perk always gives +2% Poison & Radiation Resistance.  Depending on your
answers, it also gives on of the following bonuses:

Standard: +5 HP
Smart: +2 Medicine, +2 Science
Tough: +2 Damage Resistance
Sly: +2 Sneak, +2 Speech
Snide: +1 Critical Chance

The 'Tough' responses (require STR or END) are usually the best to take, because
of the unique DR bonus you can get.

Survivor Expert: 5 Variations
Requirements: Not all optional requirements were completed during the Wasteland
              Survival Guide quest.
Useful: YES, but..

This perk always gives +4% Poison & Radiation Resistance.  Depending on your
answers, it also gives on of the following bonuses:

Standard: +10 HP
Smart: +4 Medicine, +4 Science
Tough: +4 Damage Resistance
Sly: +4 Sneak, +4 Speech
Snide: +2 Critical Chance

The 'Tough' responses (require STR or END) are usually the best to take, because
of the unique DR bonus you can get.

Survivor Guru: 5 Variations
Requirements: All optional requirements were completed during the Wasteland
              Survival Guide quest.
Useful: YES

This perk always gives +6% Poison & Radiation Resistance.  Depending on your
answers, it also gives on of the following bonuses:

Standard: +15 HP
Smart: +6 Medicine, +6 Science
Tough: +6 Damage Resistance
Sly: +6 Sneak, +6 Speech
Snide: +3 Critical Chance

The 'Tough' responses (require STR or END) are usually the best to take, because
of the unique DR bonus you can get.  The Survival Guru is the best of all the
perks you can get from The Wasteland Survival Guide quest.

Ant Might: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete 'Those!' quest objectives for Doctor Lesko.
Useful: YES

You gain 25% resistance to fire, and gain a permanent +1 in STR.

Ant Sight: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete 'Those!' quest objectives for Doctor Lesko.
Useful: YES

You gain 25% resistance to fire, and gain a permanent +1 in PER.

Which to choose?  Depends on which of the two stats (STR or PER) you are aiming
to max out at the moment.  It doesn't really matter much, you should be able to
get both to 10.

Wired Reflexes: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete 'The Replicated Man' and head to Dr. Zimmer.
Useful: YES

Increases VATS accuracy by 10%!

Hematophagy: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete 'Blood Ties'.
Useful: YES

Allows you to gain 20 HP from Blood Packs instead of 1.  You can also sell them
for 15 Caps.

Barkskin: 1 Rank
Requirements: Do the 'Oasis' quest.
Useful: YES

Damage Resistance is increased by +10, and END is increased by +1.  Both are
permanent increases.

                            | DLC Related Perks: |

Covert Ops: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete the Operation: Anchorage DLC simulation and retrieve all
              10 Intel Suitcases.
Useful: YES

This Perk increase your Science, Small Guns and Lockpick Skills by +3 points.

Auto Axpert: 1 Rank
Requirements: Collect the first 10 mandatory Steel Ingots from The Steelyard in
              The Pitt DLC, and this Perk will automatically be granted.

Useful: YES

This Perk increases the damage that you do with Auto Axes by 25%.  The following
four weapons qualify: Steel Saw, Auto Axe, The Mauler, and Man Opener.

Pitt Fighter: 1 Rank
Requirements: Survive the fights in The Hole - part of The Pitt DLC - and this
              Perk will automatically be granted.

Useful: YES

This Perk permanently increases your DR and Radiation Resistance by +3%.

Booster Shot: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete the third and final quest "Free Labor" from The Pitt DLC,
              and this Perk will automatically be granted no matter which side
              you chose.

Useful: YES

This Perk permanently increases your Radiation Resistance by +10%.

Ghoul Ecology: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Point Lookout DLC]. Read Plik's Journal in the Coastal Grotto.

Useful: YES

This Perk increases the damage that you deal to all Ghouls by +5.

Punga Power!: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Point Lookout DLC]. Complete the 'Walking with Spirits' quest.

Useful: YES

This Perk increases the effectiveness from Wild Punga Fruit and Refined Punga
Fruit. -1 Rads for Wild Punga Fruit becomes -5 Rads, and -2 becomes -15.

Superior Defender: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Point Lookout DLC]. Complete 'The Local Flavor' quest.

Useful: YES

This Perk increases your damage by +5 and DR by +10 when standing still.

Xenotech Perk: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Mothership Zeta DLC]. Complete the shooting range in the Weapons
              Lab onboard of the Mothership.

Useful: YES

This Perk increase damage done with Alien weapons by +20%.

    |[S5] Creating a Grand, Great All-Round Character                     |

o No character is truly perfect, and choices must always be made, but this build
  is one of the better ones you can have.

o Keep in mind, there is NO definitive way of creating a character.  This is
  merely advice, and perhaps you can use it as a starting plan.  Feel free to
  deviate from it.

o Get the best result from 'The Wasteland Survival Guide' Quest by doing all
  optional requests, and never answer with the smart or sneaky answers.  Instead
  go for the standard answer, act tough, or sarcastic.  You'll have to choose,
  Standard: +15 Health
  Tough: +6 DR
  Sarcastic: +3% Critical Chance

o Starting Stats: 

    STR: 8, PER: 5, END: 7, CHR: 1, INT: 5, AGL: 7, LCK: 7.

Boosts: +2      +2      +2      +1      +1      +2      +3

You can also put INT at 3, but this will require you to swim to Rivet City
early on, getting the INT Bobblehead.  In the end, the extra points in CHR are
not worth much.  PER & AGL can use the extra points, but it'll be a little bit
more tricky.

o The Lucky 8 Ball can increase your Luck by +1, as can a Bobblehead.
  Ranger Armor gives +1 Luck as well.
o The quest 'Those!' can give you either +1 STR or +1 PER (choose PER).
o 3x Intense Training: +1 STR, +1 AGL, +1 END.

o Ending Stats:

  STR: 10, PER: 7, END: 9, CHR: 2, INT: 6, AGL: 9, LCK: 10.

o As for Skills, with help from Dwovar:
o There are 13 skills, and 100 pts/skill gives you 1300 total skill points 

o There are 25 skill books per skill (maybe 24 for Barter), and Comprehension 
  gives you double points. 2*13*25=650 (648 if there's only 24 for Barter). That
  leaves 652 to reach.
o The bobbleheads for skills give you 130 points. The SPECIA bobbleheads give 
  you a +26 points (2 per skill, increased as their respective attribute is 
  increased). That's a total of 156 from bobbleheads, leaving 496 to reach.

o Luck gives you 1/2 the luck score to 'all skills'. So if you raise luck to 8,
  get the bobblehead, AND the lucky 8-Ball, you'll get +5 to all skills. So 
  5*13 is 65. That leaves 431 to reach.

o With the initial SPECIA statistics above, you'll gain +16, +30, +28, +4,
  +30, +32 = 140 Skill Points.  Leaves 291 to reach.

o With 5 INT = 15 Skill Points to Level 6 (5 Levels) = 15*5 = 75 Points.
  With 6 INT = 16 Skill Points at Level 6-20 (15 Levels) = 16*15 = 240 Points.
  Total = 315

(Note: You can swim to Rivet City when you leave the Vault, when you are LVL 3.
       This grants you only 2 points extra over getting it at, say, LVL 5)

 With the total of 315, we are already successful! We now have 24 points extra.
 Besides, there are other small bonuses as well:
o You can tag 3 Skills from the GOAT test: +45 Points.  Total points left:
  45+24 = 69.
o Cyborg Perk gives +10 Energy Weapons, Silent Running +10 Sneak.  That's +20
  free points. 69+20 = 90 Points.

o You don't need to boost any skills into Big Guns when levelling up because
  it's possible to get infinite skill books for it from the respawning raider
  with the flamethrower in Bethesda East Office, upstairs.  This saves roughly
  30 extra points again.  90 + 30 = 120.

o Keep in mind you don't want to boost any skill too high after levelling up.
  You can use the 120 spare points to boost Lockpick and Science so you can 
  easily get treasures during your quest - because playability matters too.

  Closing Advice:
  o Don't level Skill Boosting Perks.
  o At LVL 4, go for Comprehension.
  o Get the INT Bobblehead ASAP
  o Get 6 PER before Level 12 or so.
  o Don't be too hard on yourself with Lockpick and Science.  You have a margin
    of points you can 'waste', so raising these to 70 - 75 should do no harm.

o Never take the 'Here and Now' and 'Tag' Perks.  That's a waste.

o Perk Levelling Advice:
  Level 2:  Intense Training -> STR +1
  Level 3:  Intense Training -> END +1
  Level 4:  Comprehension (You can now read any Skill Book safely; +2 Points)
  Level 5:  Intense Training -> AGL +1
  Level 6:  Toughness
  Level 7:  Bloody Mess
  Level 8:  Strong Back
  Level 9:  Commando
  Level 10: Finesse
  Level 11: Demolition Expert
  Level 12: Sniper
  Level 13: Silent Running
  Level 14: Cyborg
  Level 15: Pyromaniac
  Level 16: Action Boy
  Level 17: Better Criticals
  Level 18: Paralyzing Palm
  Level 19: [choice]
  Level 20: Grim Reaper's Sprint

Level 2 & 3:
At Level 2 you can choose from Intense Training, Black Widow/Lady Killer,
Daddy's Boy/Girl, Gun Nut, Little Leager, Swift Learner and Thief.  The latter
five give a skill boost which is essentially worthless because you can max your
skills out later.  With the exception of Swift Learner, which gives an EXP
bonus.  However, we're going to make it to LVL 20 without it, and time is not an
issue. Lady Killer is bad because there simply aren't many female opponents in
the game, and Black Widow is so-so.  Therefore, it's best to go with the Intense
Training Perk.

Level 4 & 5:
This needs little clarification. Comprehension doubles the effects of skill 
books, and if you follow the character building plan in this guide, you won't
need Educated.  Another Intense Training session to boost your stats.

Level 6 & 7:
The competition gets tougher.  From Level 4 we left a few skills behind, so let
us go over them: Child at Heart makes you good with kids, but there are only a
few places this will really benefit you, and you can almost always do Speech
Challenges and reset. We already took Comprehension.  Entomologist is actually a
pretty decent Perk, but it's main use will be when you're fighting the bigger
bugs such as Giant Radscorpion. The +50% damage can come in handy then.  The
Scoundrel Perk raises Skill Points, so we can ignore it.  Iron Fist is for
Unarmed users and can be useful if you're in love with that, but only then.

That means we 'keep' one Perk in mind from Level 4, which is Entomologist.

Let's go over LVL 6 & 7.  Bloody Mess isn't just all visuals, it actually causes
an extra 5% damage - ALWAYS.  Demolition Expert boosts Mines, Grenades and the
Missile Launcher damages by +20%.  Fortune Finder allows you to find more Caps
whenever you do find caps.  This isn't very useful later on, when you can sell
loot from bodies for a lot of caps (this includes ammo). Gunslinger increases
VATS accuracy by +25% when firing single-handed weapons - needless to say very
nice.  Lead Belly allows you to drink from radiated sinks, use toilets, etc..
with a 50% decrease in radiation poisoning.  Absolutely useless.  Toughness will
increase your Defense Rating by a permanent 10.  Absolutely Great.

So Toughness is one we'll pick regardless.  Leaves one, the choice between:

- Entomologist
- Bloody Mess <--
- Demolition Expert
- Gunslinger

Level 8 & 9:
Commando increases VATS accuracy by +25% for rifles.  Quite useful, actually.
Impartial Mediation is worthless - you can reset Speech Challenges if you really
want the benefits, and besides, you need to have neutral Karma for this to work.
Rad Resistance isn't very useful as you can always use Rad-X and RadAway.  The
Scrounger Perk can be very useful, but only if you're an Ammo waster.  Of course
it can also bring in extra caps..  Size Matters is about skill points, so we can
ignore it.  The Strong Back is a unique Perk which gives +50 weight allowance.
Then again, you can also use your weight sparingly and store things in your

Leaves the choice between:

- (Any 3 Unpicked Perks from LVL 6 & 7)
- Commando <--
- Strong Back <--

Level 10 & 11:
Ah, Animal Friend. The thing is, it's actually quite decent if you put two ranks
in this (because they will help you in fights against non-animals), but that's
asking a bit much, and only one rank in it causes animals to simply not attack.
Therefore it's not worth it.  Finesse increases your Critical Chance by +5%.
Very, very useful.  Here and Now increase a level automatically - which is a
worthless effort since we'll make it to LVL 20 either way.  Mister Sandman 
allows you to instantly, and here it comes, kill any ADULT HUMAN, while they are
SLEEPING.  That's a lot of factors..Let's see, Human check, Adult check,
Sleeping check.  You won't find this useful very often.  The Mysterious Stranger
Perk allows for the Mysterious Stranger to finish off an opponent when they have
less than 150 HP, with a 10% chance.  It will interfere with The Grim Reapers 
Sprint at LVL 20, so that's a reason to not pick it.  Nerd Rage would be good
if it was only activated a little higher than 20% or less than your Max Health.
STR to 10 and Damage Resistance +50.  Sounds attractive, but when you see your
Health Bar blinking at 15%, what are you going to do?  Exactly, use a Stimpak.
Night Person is quite useless; It grants +2 INT and +2 PER at night.

We will pick Finesse from this list, and leave the rest alone.  Now we can
choose a Perk from one of the previous levels:

If you picked Bloody Mess, Commando and Scrounger, pick a choice from these:

- Entomologist
- Demolition Expert <--
- Gunslinger

Level 12 & 13:
Cannibal allows you to eat corpses for +25 Health and -1 Karma. Eh, yeah.  There
are better ways to heal or stack up negative karma.  Fast Metabolism gives a
+20% boost to a Stimpak.  Handy, but not more than that.  You'll come across
plenty of Stimpaks and with your Medicine Skill maxed in the end you won't need
this at all.  Life Giver gives, well, +30 Life.  Can't argue that it's not
useful, because it is.  Pyromaniac gives +50% damage to Flamethrower, Firelance
Alien Blaster, Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol, Nuka-Grenade and Shiskebab.  Its
usefulness is fair to good.  Robotics Expert allows for a +25% to robots which
is never bad.  Silent Running is the ultimate sneak perk - it allows you to
sneak at full speed without making any sound.  Sniper gives +25% chance to hit
your enemy's head in VATS - very useful as well.

This is a tough round with choices to be made from:

- (Any 2 Unpicked Perks from before)
- Life Giver
- Pyromaniac
- Robotics Expert
- Silent Running <--
- Sniper <--

Level 14 & 15:
With Adamantium Skeleton, limbs receive 50% less damage.  Sounds very useful,
isn't very useful.  If your limbs get crippled, you'll often reload anyway.
Chemist doubles the duration of Chems.  Handy?  Yes.  Contract Killer and 
Lawbringer allow you to loot ears or fingers and sell them for 5 Caps.  Compared
to the other Perks around, not very shiny.  Cyborg is no contest, really.  It
gives +10 Damage Resistance, Poison Resistance, Rad Resistance and even Energy
Weapons Skill.  Light Step makes it so you never set off any traps or mines.
Handy, but you can also be more careful.  Master Trader gives you a discount of
25% at all traders.  Handy, but not all that useful later on.

Cyborg is a surefire pick. Leaves us with:

- (Any 5 Unpicked Perks from before): Pyromaniac <--
- Chemist

Level 16 & 17:
Action Boy/Girl is great, really.  An additional +25 VATS AP!  Better Criticals
is also great: +50% Damage for Critical Hits, that slaughters enemies!  Chem
Resistant is useful in combination with Chemist only, but can be a very
powerful combi.  It reduces the chance to get addicted by 50%.  Tag grants 15
Skill Points to any skill, and is the most worthless Perk in the whole higher
level range.

Thus you'll want to choose Action Boy/Girl and Better Criticals. Leaves:

- (Any 5 Unpicked Perks from before)

Level 18 & 19.
Computer Whiz is decent when hacking, but .. not worth passing up other great
Perks.  Concentrated Fire isn't bad, but Sniper is much better.  Infiltrator is
like a Computer Whiz but with Lockpicks.  Its usefulness can be questioned.
Paralyzing Palm freezes an enemy for 30 seconds, but you have to be unarmed.
That doesn't have to be a problem however, just unequip/equip your weapons!

Leaves us with the following:

- (Any 5 Unpicked Perks from before)
- Paralyzing Palm <--

You must leave 4 fairly useful perks behind, which is a shame, but it has to be
done.  This choice is mainly up to you - I can only tell you what I would do,
and why:

Choose From:
Entomologist:  You'll squash those bugs without the extra damage.
Gunslinger:  Aside from the .44 Magnum and Dart Gun .. will you really be using
             Pistols on enemies later on?  You can live with the few less Acc%.
Life Giver: Health is nice, but 30 points on 300 HP is only 10%, and you can
            literally live without the bonus.  Besides, the other Perks y'know..
Robotics Expert: 25% extra damage to robots is nice, but there are Perks that
                 have a much wider bonus that can help with all enemies.
Chemist:  The Chemist Boosts are temporary, can get you addicted, and they are
          great on their own already.  This also needs the Chem Resistant perk.

You can also pick another Intense Training session, to make things even more

Level 20:
Grim Reaper's Sprint.  Seriously.

    |[S6] Creating a Grand, Great All-Round Character (WITH BROKEN STEEL!)|
                               | Perks Paths:  |
This section is about making a very powerful balanced character, keeping in mind
that the Broken Steel adds ten new levels and fourteen new Perks.  Because both
Level 30 Perks are useful, there are two possible lists.  Read on.

This list will not require any Intense Training, and if you pick up the SPECIAL
Bobbleheads only AFTER making it to Level 30, you can have a truly perfect
character as far as SPECIAL stats go.  Also, this list assumes you're a female
and take the Black Widow perk, since it is REALLY good (+10% damage against ALL
male NPC's?  Including Enclave?  Yes!  That's *wicked*.)

Important Note: Furthermore, Comprehension is no longer necessary, although you
                *MUST* to start with Intelligence at 9 to get those skills
                jacked up.  There's not a lot of room for error, so you can't
                "overboost" many skills (only Lockpick, I'd say).  With "over-
                boosting" I mean that you can't go above around 45 points or so,
                because you'll need to get 25 Skill Points from the Skill Books,
                you'll want to figure in the other bonuses you get from stats,
                and the same goes for the boosts you get from Bobbleheads.

Assuming you take Almost Perfect (and leave the bobbleheads alone until you have
taken this perk), your stats will all end up being 10's.  Start out with 9 INT
to ensure the maximum amount of skill points.  Here's a short breakdown of how
many points you need to get, and how many points you're going to find.

Regardless of the fact that your stats will be perfect in the end, you MUST
start out with the following stats if you want to be able to fulful all the 
stat-requirements that come with the following list:
 Starting Stats:  STR: 5, PER: 6, END: 6, CHR: 1, INT: 9, AGL: 7, LCK: 6

I repeat, you MUST start with these stats or you might not be able to take some
of the perks mentioned in the list below due to not having reached the stats
requirements of the perk.

Other Important Requirements:
Be sure to have the following skills at the following levels in order to pass
the requirements for the perk list below.  Please do NOT just boost them
regularly or you will NOT be able to max out all skills.  Instead, start hunting
skill books for these skills very early on to ensure that you can reach these
levels in time.  Remember, this is not about convenience, it's about maxing 
everything.  Nobody said it was easy, and no one ever said it would be so hard,
so that's why I'm telling you now.

Note: It may be helpful to tag Science at the GOAT test.

- Science at 40 points    [Do this at or before Level  4]
- Explosives at 50 points [Do this at or before Level 10]
- Sneak at 60 points      [Do this at or before Level 12]
- Science at 60 points    [Do this at or before Level 13]
- Medicine at 60 points   [Do this at or before Level 13]
- Explosives at 60 points [Do this at or before Level 14]
- Unarmed at 70 points    [Do this at or before Level 17]
- Sneak at 80 points      [Do this at or before Level 20]
- Melee at 80 points      [Do this at or before Level 20]

Skill Points:
TOTAL AMOUNT REQUIRED: 13 Skills * 100 Points p/Skill = 1300 POINTS.

Levelling up 29 times with 9 INT will net you 551 points.
You get 25 * 13 = 325 points from skill books (without comprehension).
You get 13 * 10 = 130 points from skill bobbleheads.
You get 26 points from SPECIA bobbleheads.
You get 65 points from Luck at value 10.
You get 45 points from tagging three skills at the GOAT test.
You get 20 points from Cyborg/Silent Running perks.
You get 9 points from Covert Ops perk (Operation Anchorage only).
You get 216 points in total from your SPECIA stats at value 9 (as we have 
already calculated the Bobbleheads value).

Note: You can also grab the Daddy's Boy/Girl perk at Level 3 if you don't care 
      much about the +10% EXP you get from Swift Learner.  This nets you 10 
      Skill Points.  The +5 Science Boost will help you get Entomologist at
      Level 5, since it requires 40 Science.

This already puts our total at 1397 possible skill points. You could furthermore
abuse tricks such as the Big Guns skill book respawn trick (and thus no need to
ever boost that skill manually, saving another 30 points or so).

So let's play it safe and say that you have about 80 points to spare.  This will
allow you to boost Lockpick to 75 (just for convenience purposes), and it also
allows for a slight boost towards high skill requirements such as Unarmed at 70
on Level 17, and Sneak/Melee at 80 on Level 20.  Don't boost everything, mainly
fill the gap with skill points from Skill Books, and only use your "spare"
points when you're running out of options.

The Perks List:
Level 2:  Black Widow
Level 3:  Daddy's Boy/Girl [Nothing better available!]
Level 4:  Iron Fist (1)
Level 5:  Entomologist
Level 6:  Toughness
Level 7:  Bloody Mess
Level 8:  Strong Back
Level 9:  Commando
Level 10: Finesse
Level 11: Demolition Expert (1)
Level 12: Sniper
Level 13: Silent Running
Level 14: Cyborg
Level 15: Pyromaniac
Level 16: Action Boy
Level 17: Better Criticals
Level 18: Paralyzing Palm
Level 19: Robotics Expert
Level 20: Grim Reaper's Sprint
Level 21: Ninja
Level 22: Iron Fist (2)
Level 23: Iron Fist (3)
Level 24: Life Giver
Level 25: Demolition Expert (2)
Level 26: Nerves of Steel
Level 27: Gunslinger
Level 28: Demolition Expert (3)
Level 29: [Choice: Puppies!/Quantum Chemist]
Level 30: Almost Perfect

Closing words: This is one of the most powerful builds in the game, hands down.
There is no longer a need to do Intense Trainings or Comprehension, which saves
several slots, and with the addition of 10 levels there is room to expand on
melee and explosives abilities, along with other great perks you had to leave
behind otherwise, such as Life Giver.

Perks Left Behind Analysis:
Let's take a look at what we left behind, and whether we should feel bad about
it or not:

o At Level 2 we leave [Intense Training], [Gun Nut], [Little Leager] and [Thief]
  behind.  Since Almost Perfect at Level 30 makes Intense Training obsolete.
  While you could choose [Swift Learner] at this point, it's probably better to
  choose Daddy's Boy/Girl since it gives you 10 free skill points which you
  might just need, while Swift Learner is mainly convenience since it nets you
  +10% extra EXP for everything you gain EXP with.

o At Level 4 we leave [Child at Heart], [Comprehension], [Educated] and
  [Scoundrel] behind.  Comprehension is no longer necessary for a maximum
  investment in skill points and Educated never was.  Scoundrel only boosts
  skill points, so there's no harm done there either by leaving it.  Child at
  Heart is actually the only perk at this level that has a few decent benefits
  we won't get by leaving it behind.  On the other hand, most of the speech
  challenges can be won through other means, and there aren't many children in
  the game, let alone unique options through Child at Heart.

o At Level 6 we leave [Fortune Finder] and [Lead Belly] behind.  We certainly
  postpone most other perks such as Demolition 2 & 3 and Gunslinger, but those
  are nailed eventually.  Since Lead Belly only decreases the radiation
  poisoning you get from using sinks, toilets and the like it isn't useful.
  Fortune Finder sounds good but you won't need all that much Bottle Caps when
  you're all-powerful at level 30.  Selling ammo nets you plenty enough caps.

o At Level 8 we leave [Impartial Mediation] alone since all it does is increase
  your Speech Challenge chances by +30%.  We also ignore [Rad Resistance] since
  it has no added value at all.  We also leave [Scrounger] alone, which is fine
  as well - it only increases the amounts of ammo you find in boxes.  Handy, but
  not more than that and there's plenty of ammo around in Fallout 3.  We also
  ignore [Size Matters] since it only boosts skill points.

o At Level 10 we actually leave a useful perk behind for a change: [Animal 
  Friend] will cause Dogs, Brahmins, Mole Rats *and* Yao Guai to not attack you
  at Rank 1 of the perk, and at the 2nd rank they'll even assist you in battle
  (just not against their own kind).  Admittedly this is a handy feat, but only
  Yao Guai are noteworthy allies, and spending two ranks on this perk just for
  that is too much.  If we were talking about Albino Radscorpions on the other
  hand .. :p .. But that's not the case!

  Naturally, we also skip [Here and Now], which only instantly grants a LevelUp.
  Then there's [Mister Sandman] that we'll ignore.  While the concept is pretty
  cool, there's no real reason you'd need to kill *humans* in their *sleep*.
  We also leave [Mysterious Stranger] alone, another decent perk - since it
  kills enemies that you target in VATS when they have 150 HP or less, but only
  with a 10% chance.  Grim Reaper's Sprint makes this perk a bit obsolete when
  you think about it, because that instantly replenishes your AP when you kill
  an enemy - and if the enemy survives (90% chance if Mysterious Stranger does
  not show up) there's no party pie for you, only an angry Overlord!
  [Nerd Rage] is totally worthless.  You'll reach 10 Strength permanently on 
  your own, and you'll get so close to the maximum amount of DR (85) that this
  perk only increases your DR around 5 points or so.  And of course, only when
  your HP is lower than 20%.
  Then there's [Night Person] that increases your INT and PER +2 points whenever
  the sun is down (18:00 - 06:00).  You'll reach max stats in the end anyway,
  making this perk obsolete.

o At Level 12 we leave [Cannibal] and [Fast Metabolism].  While Cannibal is
  nothing to mourn about (25 Health and -1 Karma when you feast on corpses..?),
  Fast Metabolism is not completely useless: It does increase the effectiveness
  of Stimpaks by +20%.  Then again you'll find plenty of Stimpaks and they'll
  start healing enough when you get stronger.

o Level 14 has [Adamantium Skeleton] that we ignore.  Limbs take 50% less damage
  but there's not much point when you get stabbed and shot in the chest.  Then
  there's [Chemist] which prolonges the effects of chems by 2x.  Yes, that's
  actually another useful perk that we'll have to leave behind.  Most chems are
  not worth using, but others (such as Psycho and Yao Guai Meat that boost your
  damage) can be nice to have - 20% additional damage is a lot on powerful
  [Contract Killer] and [Lawbringer] aren't even remotely useful other than
  giving a unique peek at some new dialog.  Their rewards are poor: 5 caps for
  killing either a good or evil characters.
  We also ignore [Light Step] - which doesn't really matter - and [Master
  Trader], which is nothing more than a fun addition.  The 25% lower prices at
  shops doesn't compare to ther other useful perks however.
o At Level 16 we don't leave much behind: Only [Chem Resistant], which decreases
  the chance to get addicted to chems by 50%, and [Tag!], another worthless perk
  that boosts 15 skill points - a useless effort at this point (or any point
  when you're maxing power) of the game.

o At Level 18 we leave [Computer Whiz] and [Infiltrator], both worthless perks
  that assume you suck ass at lockpicking and/or hacking.  They also assume you
  never reload anyway when you get locked out of something.  [Concentrated Fire]
  isn't good either, as it has a very low increase in accuracy when targetting
  enemy limbs.  Yup, it's lame.

o At Level 20 we leave [Explorer] behind.  It's not useless at all, but simply
  because you can explore all locations yourself (and we're attempting a max
  character here) it's not helping our goal.  We also skip Grim Re.. Oh, Heh.
  We also skip [Solar Powered], of which the +2 STR increase has no uses when
  you reach 10 STR, and the +1 HP increase every 10 seconds in sunlight is ..
  little to say the least (get it?).

o Level 22 has [Deep Sleep] which we'll skip (I mean, the "Well Rested" status
  isn't even that great, and you'll reach level 30 anyway).  You'll have to 
  choose later between [Puppies!] and [Quantum Chemist]. 
  I personally find [Puppies!] a bit of a paradox, unless you're aiming to make
  things easier on yourself.  See, if you're a careful gamer and save a lot then
  you can simply reload should Dogmeat die (or just not bring him along all the
  time), and thus the perk is useless.  And if you're a reckless gamer that
  doesn't care about these things, then you probably have little interest in
  maxing everything out.  [Quantum Chemist] allows you to create Nuka Cola
  Quantums out of every 10 regular Nuka Cola's (which is still a pretty big
  amount).  Since you can use Quantums in Nuka-Grenades (powerful suckers), and
  Quantums are normally limited, it could be a useful perk to have.  Then again,
  regular Nuka-Cola's *are* also limited, there's just more of them.  It does
  cost 10 to create just one Quantum, so decide for yourself..

o Level 24 has no useful perks when we pick Almost Perfect at Level 30.  The 3
  karmic perks [Devil's Highway], [Escalator to Heaven] and [Karmic Rebalance]
  aren't useless (feel free to get the achievements/trophy's with these by 
  picking them at level 30 (save beforehand!).  [No Weakness] doesn't compare to
  Almost Perfect.

o Level 26 has [Rad Tolerance] and [Warmonger] that we'll skip.  Rad Tolerance
  is probably one of the worst perks ever, especially this high up, and
  Warmonger just isn't a good perk either since you can collect all custom
  weapon schematics yourself.

o Level 28 has two more useless perks: There's no reason to take [Party Boy]
  (or to consume alcohol for that matter) when you have max stats. 
  [Rad Absorption] is just crap as well, no need to detail it - you'll have tons
  of RadAway at this point.  If you don't then you just suck at Fallout 3. :p

o And Level 30 forces us to choose between Almost Perfect and [Nuclear Anomaly].
  I'd personally go with Almost Perfect (hence this in-depth list) simply
  because Nuclear Anomaly doesn't work well on higher difficulties.  Besides,
  read the following example to illustrate its relative uselessness:

  Example: You're Level 30 (and thus very powerful), you have tough armor, good
  weapons and plenty of life.  You chose for Nuclear Anomaly - and remember that
  it blows everything up around you when under 20 HP, and heals you with your

  You suddenly run into two Albino Radschorpions and Fawkes isn't nearby, he
  just happened to glitch behind some cliffs and still needs to respawn.  Crap!

  The Albinos stab you like crazy, wankers that they are, and they instantly
  kill you because they inflict more than 20 damage per hit.  You die.

  Assuming you don't die from regular Raiders anymore (or any other weak enemies
  for that matter), this perk would only be useful against the stronger foes,
  but it is especially those stronger enemies against which it's the *least*
  likely to be effective against.

  Furthermore, only when you're playing on lower difficulties (Very Easy) and
  thus need the perk the least, it will work the most.  And the higher the
  difficulty (the more you need it), the less it'll work.  Shame, ain't it?

  So I choose Almost Perfect. And then make a Perfect Stats Character. ;)

  There are a few perks that have their remote uses which we have to ignore, and
  a ton of perks that are useless altogether.  Here's a short summary on those
  that are *completely* worthless (in THIS build!) and those that have *some* 
  value to some people:
  [Intense Training], [Gun Nut], [Little Leager], [Thief], [Comprehension],
  [Educated], [Lead Belly], [Impartial Mediation], [Rad Resistance], [Here and
  Now], [Mister Sandman], [Nerd Rage], [Night Person], [Cannibal], [Lawbringer],
  [Contract Killer], [Tag!], [Computer Whiz], [Infiltrator], [Explorer], [Deep
  Sleep], [Devil's Highway], [Escalator to Heaven], [Karmic Rebalance], [No
  Weakness], [Rad Tolerance], [Warmonger], [Party Boy], [Rad Absorption].
  Some Usefulness:
  [Child at Heart], [Scoundrel], [Fortune Finder], [Impartial Mediation], [Rad
  Resistance], [Scrounger], [Animal Friend], [Mysterious Stranger], [Fast 
  Metabolism], [Adamantium Skeleton], [Chemist], [Light Step], [Chem Resistance]
  [Concentrated Fire], [Explorer], [Solar Powered], [Nuclear Anomaly].
  And lastly, a choice between [Puppies!] and [Quantum Chemist].  That's it!


IMPORTANT NOTE: This list has NOT been field tested yet and is purely theory
                right now.  Therefore, ERRORS MAY STILL EXIST.  I would NOT
                recommend this list to anyone except those who just like to
                tweak their character for fun.  This is not meant for any
                "ultimate" character builds.  Not yet, at least.

Well, the list changes due to your SPECIAL stats not being maxed out.  It's
certainly more of a hassle doing things this way, and I wouldn't recommend it to
anyone to be quite honest if it weren't for Nuclear Anomaly.  Keep in mind that
Nuclear Anomaly is not very useful when you're playing on harder difficulties,
simply because enemies are more likely to inflict 20 damage and thus kill you
before the perk gets a chance to blow everything to smithereens.

What we're going to do is take the No Weakness Perk at Level 24 while we start
with the following stats:

    STR: 8, PER: 1, END: 8, CHR: 1, INT: 7, AGL: 8, LCK: 7.

Don't get any boosts for Perception (don't do the quest 'Those!'), or for
Charisma for that matter.  After that level, pump in 4x Intense Training into

Ending Stats (with Ranger Armor and Lucky 8 Ball):

    STR: 10, PER: 7, END: 10, CHR: 6, INT: 8, AGL: 10, LCK: 10.

The List:
Level 2:  Black Widow
Level 3:  Swift Learner (Nothing better available!)
Level 4:  Iron Fist (1)
Level 5:  Entomologist
Level 6:  Toughness
Level 7:  Bloody Mess
Level 8:  Strong Back
Level 9:  Commando
Level 10: Finesse
Level 11: Demolition Expert (1)
Level 12: Sniper
Level 13: Silent Running
Level 14: Cyborg
Level 15: Pyromaniac
Level 16: Action Boy
Level 17: Better Criticals
Level 18: Paralyzing Palm
Level 19: Robotics Expert
Level 20: Grim Reaper's Sprint
Level 21: Ninja
Level 22: [Choice: Life Giver or Iron Fist]
Level 23: Iron Fist (2)
Level 24: No Weakness
Level 25: Intense Training
Level 26: Nerves of Steel
Level 27: Intense Training
Level 28: Intense Training
Level 29: Intense Training
Level 30: Nuclear Anomaly

Please note that this list may be subject to change when someone finds a better
rearrangement.  There is no such thing as a perfect character, although there
are better and worse builds.  It is a process of tweaking, so keep multiple
save files and tweak like crazy to find your own personalized god-like
character, while using the above lists as guidance.

                             II)  VERSION HISTORY

• 1.00 [16 Dec. 2008]
====== ==============
o First Draft.

• 1.01 [31 Dec. 2008]
====== ==============
o Spellcheck.

• 1.02 [04 Feb. 2009]
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o Added Covert Ops Perk, added note about Power Armor Training.

• 1.03 [04 May 2009]
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o New logo added.

• 1.05 [06 May 2009]
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o Added The Pitt & Broken Steel DLC Perks.

• 1.06 [02 June 2009]
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o Added indepth perk advice for Broken Steel.

• 1.07 [27 July 2009]
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o Added Point Lookout Perks.

• 1.08 [04 August 2009]
====== ================
o Added Mothership Zeta's Xenotech Perk.

• 1.09 [19 August 2013]
====== ================
o Fixed a minor but glaring mistake in the perfect character build for Broken
  Steel. The starting stats need to be at 5 Strength and 6 Luck (instead of the
  other way around). This ensures that you can get the Better Criticals perk at
  level 16 while still maxing out stats and do everything else.

                                 III) CREDITS

Main Credits:
o Absolute Steve: For writing this FAQ, all rights reserved.
o My Readers:     For any feedback, donations, and for reading this!

Other Credits:
o Dwovar: Help on Character Building.

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