Review by Amana09

Reviewed: 12/23/09

Left Four Dead Two is left for dead

I will start off by saying I would give this game a 9 out of 10, but there are some flaws that make this game rather disheartening compared to the first thrill of L4D1.

Left 4 dead 2 *L4D2* as some call it is an interesting thrill continuing the series in a bit of gusto. The character feel flushed out with their usual little voice quips some funny no matter how many times you hear them others not so much. The amount of weapons in this game will leave gun junkies foaming at the mouth as to what to choose to blow away zombies. Infected this time around are a little more dangerous especially with the added updates to the game. All of this adds up to a decent game to add to your collection, but not to have too many high hopes for sadly.

At the beginning of each campaign level you have a choice of 4 knew characters. You have Coach the athletic guy, Nick the sleaze type, Ellis the redneck, and Rochelle the well female of the group. Each character has their own unique voice acting that makes them distinct from the previous Left 4 Dead 1 game. Some of the funniest moments can be between Coach, Ellis, and Nick. Sadly Rochelle seems to serve as backup to some of the arguments instead of bringing up her own. It is in this gamer's humble opinion the most worst catch phrase ever uttered shall be "Sweet Lincoln's Mullet" after being injured.

With L4D2 gamers are introduced to a variety of new weapons including the mighty grenade launcher. To add to this arsenal players now have the ability to put laser sights on their guns increasing their accuracy. Nothing spells zombie death like having an AK-47 mounted with a laser sight right beneath the gun barrel. Many players feared the grenade launcher would be a tank killer making campaign's easy and Vs. mode difficult as a tank, but really it doesn't feel that overpowered. It seems to act as just a pipe bomb explosion stunning special infected and nuking common critters.

What game expansion is complete without some new baddies to attack you. L4D2 introduces a new calls called the uncommon infected which are specific to an entire map. However with this comes controversy and it is in the Australian version of the game that the "Riot Cop" uncommon infected is removed due to mandated laws. Special infected though have their own buddies in the form of the jockey, the charger and the spitter. Their names are dead give aways to their abilities and doesn't make them any less dangerous to new players.

The new characters are a great addition to the game while many players feel disheartened about the choice of Rochelle almost like she was a last minute addition. Weapons are very sparsed out and many players are grateful to get their favorite auto-shotgun, auto-sniper rifle, or the AK-47 as tool to cut down the impending horde. Enemies are very cunning and at times too cunning for their own good, but luckily this isn't a major downside to the game. This game really deserved a 4 out of 5 or 8 out of 10 due to the fun that can be had, but how the replayability feels quite diminished due to some quirks.


-New Characters are funny and in my honest opinion Rochelle rounds out the group, but at times she can be a bit of a pain.
-New weapons are really great to toy around with even the grenade launcher.
-Melee weapons are introduced including a chainsaw so you can live out your evil dead fantasies.
-New Special infected don't overshadow their predecessors and really add to the cunning part of the game.
-New campaign maps are refreshing paying homage to their southern roots.


-While the characters are funny the feel to cliched at times and Rochelle as said feels like a last minute addition.
-Pardoning the expression, but god help your group if a new player gets the grenade launcher since in realism mode it hurts.
-Melee weapons are under some controversy as being to overpowered right now and could be nerfed in the near future.
-While the new special infected don't overshadow their predecessors it feels like you get little chance to play them at times. This includes some areas which maybe off limits to that particular class spawning.
-Replayability is somewhat lacking in the game especially in Survival mode. Versus mode *Vs. for short* has that spark, but some special infected are clunky and will present even veteran players some problems.
-Finding a decent connection to a server can be quite a challenge. There are ways around this problem with player found tips and tricks, but may frustrate the average gamer having to go to that length to find a server.
-With a recent update double and triple copies of special infected can spawn in a map. New and even Novice players maybe challenged or angered by being attacked by up to three smokers or chargers.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Left 4 Dead 2 (US, 11/17/09)

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