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Silent Hill 2 Custom Campaign Walkthrough by Orgulo

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/24/17


                     LEFT4DEAD2 - SILENT HILL 2 WALKTHROUGH

Guide author: Orgulo
Guide version: 1.0
Game version: Steam
System: PC




Welcome to my walkthrough for Silent Hill 2, the L4D2 custom campaign. 
Although this is an old campaign for an older game, I have returned so many 
times to L4D2 just to play this campaign (as well as two or three others) that 
I wanted to create a guide for players who have failed to get into it (or have 
never even tried it) because of its quite high difficulty level.

I always found Silent Hill 2 (being the L4D2 version of the original Silent 
Hill campaign for L4D) a fascinating campaign, even without the benefit of 
having played the Silent Hill games on which it is apparently based. There is 
an atmosphere to this custom map which I have only found in one other L4D2 
campaign, which not coincidentally was Silent Hill: The Other Side of Life, 
its sequel. Both these campaigns captured that first-person horror feel I 
always felt was lacking in other L4D2 campaigns, and it is this atmosphere, as 
well as the unusually high difficulty, which kept me coming back for more.

So, if you have never tried this campaign, or if you did but got frustrated by 
its cruelty and unpredictability, I really hope this walkthrough can help you 
experience it with as much enjoyment as it brought me.

Thanks to Leafo for making this map!


I know there is no great clamour for a walkthrough of a game this old; this 
guide is more of a community contribution and a tribute to a very fun campaign 
than it is a desperately needed piece of support material. I just don't like 
the idea of people skipping this excellent map because its difficulty put them 

I apologise for what often devolves into a wall-of-text in this walkthrough. I 
have tried (after MANY playthroughs) to be exhaustive, and even aimed for 
definitive, but this can result in a lot of wordiness and micro-management. To 
address this I at least noted key items, locations and objectives in CAPS, so 
it should be a bit easier to identify the important stuff.

I played in single-player mode, on 'Advanced' difficulty, as I believe this is 
what most players will choose. Also, I used no mutators which affect gameplay 
while writing this guide; if you are using mutators or are playing on another 
difficulty setting then your experience might differ significantly from mine.

I have noted the difficulty of each chapter (just my opinion, in case you'd 
prefer to know it), the minimum / maximum number of scripted horde events, the 
number of scripted tanks, whether or not you can expect to find non-scripted 
tanks, and how easy supplies are to come by.

Although most people will be unlikely to attempt them, I also included 
speedrun strategies for most of the chapters. These are just for fun, but 
might also provide you with a new way of beating a chapter with which you are 
struggling. I have noted what I think is the optimal inventory with which to 
complete each chapter (as part of the full campaign, beginning with the first 
chapter) if you are not speedrunning but are instead fully exploring each 
chapter. Note that I only include guaranteed supplies.

As enjoyable as it is, this campaign is still blatantly broken, wonky and 
infamously buggy, even after a few different versions and attempted fixes. I 
have therefore included notes on every bug I have encountered, as well as ways 
to deal with them.

NOTE: Two problems in particular will plague you throughout this campaign:

Bot team-mates won't collect supplies - 
This is annoying as hell and the only way to handle this is to get behind them 
and 'push' them towards the weapon, item or location. This doesn't always work 
but at least there are no areas where this can break the game.

Common infected, especially hordes, spawn out of thin air and often at point 
blank range - 

Even more infuriating. Most maps have locations inaccessible (often not even 
visible) to the player as spawn points for infected, so as to give the 
impression that they are swarming in from somewhere just out of sight. Not 
Silent Hill 2. Zombies just appear out of nowhere - you know something's 
broken when you're in an empty street, you turn around to check behind you, 
then turn back again and there's twenty zombies lurching around in front of 

This walkthrough should be taken as beginning in the first chapter and ending 
in one of the finales. If you begin the campaign from any other chapter than 
the first (as online players often do), be aware that some minor changes might 
occur (such as weapon placement, etc). I cannot test for all of these changes, 
because when I start the campaign from most of the chapters the game crashes 
to the desktop. As I said, it's a very buggy campaign.

This walkthrough used the most recent available version of Silent Hill 2, 
which (as of December 2016) can be downloaded here:


If you are using a different build, please consider that this guide might not 
be accurate.



If you have any suggestions, corrections or just feedback for this 
walkthrough, please email them to me and I will consider including them in 
future revisions. I will playtest based on feedback wherever I can.

My email is: orgulosansenne@gmail.com

I hope this guide helps and that you enjoy it!



	HORDES: Min 0, Max 1

The survivors begin at the top of Bachman Rd, and the only way to go is south. 
On the nearby map you will notice a bunch of red X's. These do not indicate 
points of interest, but rather dead-ends where the roads have collapsed and 
are fenced off. This gives you an idea of the outer limits of this first 
chapter - it's not as big as the map makes it look. 

Your objective in this chapter is to collect four KEYS in order to open the 
SAFE ROOM. The fourth KEY is next to the SAFE ROOM and is indicated on the map 
by the big orange arrow; but the other three are scattered around the east 
half of the map, and each one (once collected) will remove a bar blocking 
entrance to the SAFE ROOM. The first KEY (top bar) is found in the alley 
behind the Cafe 5 to 2 (at the point on the map where the word "to" is 
written), the second KEY (middle bar) is at the east end of Finney St, and the 
third KEY (bottom bar) is at the south end of Ellroy St. 

However, because the bottom bar is low enough to be jumped over, this means 
that the Ellroy St KEY can be skipped for the sake of speed. This is fine for 
online games, but offline bot team-mates cannot be made to jump over the 
bottom bar and will instead get stuck outside the safe room until they die 
(there is a small chance some of them might teleport past the bar but this is 
not reliable). If you are happy to allow the bots to die, knowing they will 
revive in the following chapter with green health, consider skipping the 
Ellroy St KEY altogether. This walkthrough will cover both options.

NOTE: Early in the second chapter you can fill your inventory with useful 
supplies. Completing this first chapter fully kitted out is therefore not 
essential, so it might be best to get through Old Silent Hill as quickly as 
you can, letting your bot team-mates follow you or die trying.

Also, even if you instead collect only the KEYS to remove the middle and 
bottom bars, the door leading to the SAFE ROOM still will not open while the 
top bar is in place (it will open if only the bottom bar is in place). This 
makes the Ellroy St KEY the only optional key, at least offline.

Anyway, the real points of interest must be discovered by exploring the 
streets, and the first place you'll want to visit is the Convenience Store on 
the corner. Head south along the left side of the street and head inside for a 
HEALTH PACK (on a high shelf), PILLS and an ADRENALINE SHOT. Share these 
amongst your team-mates and if you can get them to pick up the extra PISTOL 
behind the counter that would also help. Outside the Store you might also find 
a GAS CAN, either hidden amongst the blue trash cans or tucked into the 
opposite corner. If you want to wait out your first horde, here is where to 
set up camp.

Turning left at this first junction will put you onto Finney St, heading east. 
Hug the left wall all the way along and you should find a SILENCED SMG - get 
at least one of your team-mates to pick one up until you can find a better 
weapon. Nearby, in the middle of the road, you can spot a large bloodstain - 
these are dotted throughout the chapter and are there to point towards a 
nearby KEY. Continue east along Finney St and you will arrive at a police car, 
with the second (middle bar) KEY on the ground next to it. Press E on the KEY 
to collect it - once it has disappeared you know you picked it up 
successfully. Now head back west, ignoring the left turn onto Ellroy St and 
instead continuing to walk along the left of Finney St until you find an 
alleyway on your left, leading south.

NOTE: If you want to collect the third (bottom bar) KEY you can turn left onto 
Ellroy St after picking up the Finney St KEY, and head all the way south until 
you find the KEY in a mailbox, after crossing a plank. You will also find a 
HEALTH ITEM here, but that is all you are missing if you choose to skip this 
part. Head back the way you came until you are back on Finney St in the north, 
then turn left (west) until you find the same alley.

Go south along the alley and on the right you will find two big gates which 
you can open. In here is an AMMO BOX, a GAS CAN (in a corner next to the first 
RESCUE CLOSET), and the first (top bar) KEY on the ground, on the bloodstain. 
Inside the RESCUE CLOSET is an AXE (under the workbench). Be aware that the 
infected can break into this room, through the blue door and via the hole in 
the roof. Because of the ammo box and the gas can, as well as the ability to 
block the infected by opening and closing the gates, this area is a good 
camping spot to wait for a horde. Watch out for jockeys, though - they can 
open the gates! Also, if you can avoid using the gas can here, try holding 
onto it until you reach the Cafe nearby.

Back in the alley once more, keep heading south and you will come out onto 
Matheson St. If you cross the road from the alley's exit you will find another 
one, containing a HEALTH ITEM and a HUNTING RIFLE (behind the blue trash 
cans). You may want to get at least one bot to pick up the rifle, although 
another good weapon is not far away. Return to Matheson St from this small 
dead-end alley and turn left - you are now facing west and can continue along 
the road until reaching the crossroads where Matheson St meets Bachman Rd. On 
the north-east corner of this crossroads is a map showing your current 
position, and a HEALTH ITEM on a window-ledge very close by.

You will definitely want to visit the Construction Site on the north-west 
corner, surrounded by chainlink fences. There are two entrances - the nearest 
is on Bachman Rd - and inside the building you will find an ASSAULT RIFLE on 
the ground floor (definitely get someone to pick this up). Drop your gas can 
just outside the building's only door as you enter, in case you get jumped by 
a horde while exploring; but before you set that one off you may want to check 
by the yellow vehicle in the yard, as there is a chance of another GAS CAN 
appearing here. On the top floor of the building you will find a KATANA and a 
PIPE BOMB - hang onto this for now, especially if you don't have a gas can 
with you.

NOTE: It's easy to get your sense of direction confused around this area, so 
be aware that when you leave the building in the Construction Site by its only 
door you are facing north. Turn right (east) to walk through the gate, and 
then left (north) to be walking up Bachman Rd.

Halfway up Bachman Rd you will find the Cafe on the right (east) side of the 
street. Drop your gas can just outside the door before you enter (try to leave 
the door open once inside). Be aware that if you get too close to the MAGNUM  
and HEALTH KIT on the left end of the counter a hunter will spawn on a corner 
table, and at the same time a horde attack will be set off. The infected will 
come mainly from the streets but they can also spawn behind the counter, so be 
ready for both and shoot the gas can you dropped or throw the pipe bomb 
through the door you left open (you may as well use the pipe bomb as you are 
about to replace it with a bile jar anyway). Stand on the counter in case of 

That BILE JAR I mentioned is at the north-west corner of Bachman Rd, down one 
of the two staircases on the left side of the street. Continue north onto 
Finney St and turn left, so that you are heading west. If you hug the left 
wall you will arrive at an alley - this is a dead-end but once you have passed 
through a couple of gates it nevertheless contains a TACTICAL SHOTGUN and two 
HEALTH KITS, as well as a message which says "Guess we head for the school 
then". This is a bit misleading if you are already lost, since the School is 
not accessible until the next chapter. 

NOTE: This message does not trigger anything and so does not need to be seen, 
although it can also be seen from the other side of the rubble at the south-
west end of Matheson St, where there is another GAS CAN. On the other side of 
Matheson St is another dead-end alleyway, this one containing another ASSAULT 
RIFLE (which can only be picked up once) and a HEALTH ITEM. If you turn left 
off Matheson St and onto Levin St (not signposted) you can head south to find 
another HEALTH ITEM on the front porch of the south-easternmost house. 
Finally, at the westernmost end of Matheson St (cross Levin St and continue 
west) you can find a piece of paper with "DOG HOUSE" written on it, a clue as 
to where to look nearby for another KEY. However, for the sake of efficiency, 
none of the items or areas in this section are really worth the effort.

Anyway, exiting the long alley once more, you will be back on Finney St. Turn 
left to head west, and take the next left onto Levin St, heading south. You 
might sometimes find another GAS CAN behind the wooden fence at the north-west 
corner of this street, but in any case you should now continue south, along 
the west side of Levin St, looking for another bloodstain beside the corpse of 
a dog, as well as the obvious orange symbol on the ground. If you're on the 
other side of the street, just find the red car and cross the road. Inside the 
kennel is the fourth KEY, the one which unlocks the door of the nearby House 
(where the map on the wall is). Until you collect this final key the front 
door will show a message saying "It's locked". Once it's open you can go 
inside to find a HEALTH KIT (just behind the front door), a MAGNUM, a MACHETE 
and a HEALTH ITEM. The cupboard inside the bedroom is another RESCUE CLOSET 
should you be short a few team-mates, and there is a unique map on the wall by 
the back door, which pretty much shows exactly where to find the three KEYS to 
remove any remaining bars.

NOTE: The map corresponds to the bars as follows:

TOP BAR - Arrow

You're done here, so head into the back yard and close the SAFE ROOM door.

NOTE: You can take a gas can into the next chapter if you are holding onto it 
when this chapter ends - just dropping one in the garden won't allow it to 
BUG: Any bots who teleport into the SAFE ROOM (if the bottom bar is still in 
place) sometimes can't be healed - trying might just waste a health kit.

Also, sometimes the chapter can be completed even if one or more of the bots 
are still alive but have not yet managed to teleport into the SAFE ROOM - this 
may happen if you reach the SAFE ROOM very far ahead of your team-mates and 
close the door.

Hordes can also spawn inside the SAFE ROOM while you are waiting in there with 
the door locked. This obviously makes no sense, but you're not playing this 
campaign because it's sensible.


	SPEEDRUN (~ 3:00)

Collect the HEALTH KIT and ADRENALINE from the Convenience Store
Use the ADRENALINE immediately (pick up the PILLS afterwards) to escape the 
Store and run along Finney St
Collect the Finney St KEY (collect the SILENCED SMG en route)
Collect the Alley KEY (collect the AXE from the RESCUE CLOSET)
Collect the BILE JAR from the corner of Bachman Rd
Collect the HOUSE KEY on Levin St
Enter the SAFE ROOM


Optimal Campaign Inventory: Assault Rifle, Katana, Bile Jar, Health Kit, 



	HORDES: Min 1, Max 3

You begin in the same back yard in which you ended the first chapter, except 
now it's night time. There should be two HEALTH ITEMS on the table, and a 
garden gate opens to the west. Turn your flashlight on!

BUG: If you ended the previous chapter with living bots still outside the SAFE 
ROOM, there is a chance that those same bots will spawn into this new chapter 
inside the House (which is inaccessible) or even farther away, at which point 
they might immediately die and you will only be able to revive them at the 
next RESCUE CLOSET, in the School.

There is also a chance, in the same circumstances, that all three bots will 
spawn 'inside' you, leaving you (and them) unable to leave the spot. Even if 
you kill them you will still be stuck, and if you then get killed by the 
infected the same thing will happen when the chapter restarts. This 
effectively means restarting the whole campaign, sorry.

As if all that weren't enough, you might also get teleported into black 
nothingness in which you can't see past your own weapon, and you can't die. 
This is another campaign restart situation.

When you enter the alley you can go either right (north) or left (south). This 
map is about half the size of the previous chapter, so whichever way you 
choose you will end up at the same junction to the south-west. Going south 
from the yard gate is more dangerous but it's also faster, so turn left and 
look for the ASSAULT RIFLE farther down the alley, in front of the map. When 
you approach it you hear glass being smashed and a huge horde attack is 
triggered. Collect the rifle quickly to help you deal with it, then choose a 
spot in which to camp.

NOTE: This horde event happens when any of the survivors walks over an 
invisible line just before the rifle. There are two ways to avoid this. 

The first way works both offline and online, and simply involves turning right 
when you leave the garden, instead of left. This will take you north to Finney 
St, where you will find a BILE JAR at the dead-end, on the right. Turning left 
and heading west will take you along to Midwich St, at the north end of which 
you will find a HEALTH KIT and PILLS amidst the rubble. Nearby is a map with a 
red square showing your present location. The red X to its right is where you 
found the bile jar, and the red X on Matheson St is where you will want to go 
to end up in the same place as you'd be if you had triggered the horde event 
at the south junction of the alley. Finally, at the corner where Finney St 
meets Midwich St you can find a HEALTH KIT behind a wooden fence.

The second method of avoiding the horde is trickier and only works online 
(well, it works offline for the player, but the bots can't be made to follow). 
Just before reaching the assault rifle by the map, look for two trash cans on 
your left (opposite a bunch of four trash cans). You can jump up onto the can 
on the right, and then again onto the garage roof. From here you can jump down 
towards Matheson St to bypass the invisible trigger line and avoid having to 
go all the way around the block (the first method).

Anyway, at some point you will find yourself by the rifle and the map in the 
alley. It, too, shows your current location, as well as the fact that the 
alley continues to the south, exiting on Bloch St. This is the route you want 
to take next - there is no benefit to reaching Midwich St from Matheson St. 
You might also notice another alley indicated even farther south, but this one 
is impossible to reach in this chapter, even though it looks like it shouldn't 
be. In the south-west corner of the map is your destination, the School.

Cross to the next part of the alley, heading south towards Bloch St. In this 
alley are two HEALTH ITEMS, as well as a PIPE BOMB in a corner right of the 
exit. You may as well use it as you head west along Bloch St in order to clear 
out the infected, since you're about to collect another one anyway. When you 
reach the main road of Midwich, look for a dangling PIPE BOMB above the white 
car by the lamppost. Tanks sometimes spawn here, and as you head southwards, 
towards the School, a witch might also turn up. Follow the hedge on the right 
side of the road to find another HEALTH KIT beside another map. If you hug the 
left side of the road you can find a HEALTH ITEM at one door, a BILE JAR at 
another door farther down, and another HEALTH ITEM on a bench at the south end 
of the road. The entrance to the School is across from here, on the west edge 
of Midwich St.

Gather your team-mates together at the front doors before you open them, 
because as soon as you step inside a huge horde appears, and the entrance room 
is a poor place to camp (look up!). Instead run inside and turn left to reach 
a reception area, behind which is a lounge room with a COMBAT RIFLE inside. 
Here is where you should camp, closing the door and getting ready to use your 
bile jar or pipe bomb, if you have one. Ignore the scripted ghost witch who 
appears, though you might see or hear her again as you further explore this 

NOTE: This room is actually a great place for fending off the tank, since he 
has a lot of trouble getting around the furniture - just hug the wall with the 
two lamps and he should be unable to reach you, allowing you to shoot him from 

Once the horde is dealt with, stock up on ammo and check the wall opposite the 
reception for some clues as to what you're supposed to do in the School:


At the other end of this corridor is a nurse's office with three HEALTH ITEMS 
inside, though consider coming back for some or all of these later if you 
don't currently need them. The double doors at either end of this corridor are 
currently barred, so go into the central courtyard. Note the locked CLOCK 
TOWER to your right - you will come back here later. The SAFE ROOM is under 
the CLOCK TOWER, but it won't open until either the SILVER TABLET or the GOLD 
TABLET has been placed beside it, on top of the small bloodstains (it is 
probably supposed to require both TABLETS, but it doesn't - in fact you 
technically don't need to collect either, you just need to make one of them 

For now cross the courtyard and into the west corridor. There is a MAGNUM 
through the double doors facing you, but otherwise you can only go into the 
south corridor (doing so removes the bars from all the double doors on this 
level, except the ones at the north-west corner). The classrooms in the south 
corridor are locked, but the bathroom next door contains a DEFIBRILLATOR and 
acts as a RESCUE CLOSET. There is an AMMO BOX in one of the north corridor 
classrooms, otherwise that's it for the ground floor. Except that you might 
have noticed sets of stairs at the north-east end of the north corridor, and 
at the south-west end of the south corridor. The north corridor stairs go down 
as well as up, so if you see the big bloodstain on the wall at the stairs you 
know you're in the north corridor. Going down these stairs at any point will 
remove the bars across the double doors at the north-west corner of the ground 

But for now head upstairs from the bloodstain and along the corridor you find 
yourself in (ignore the classrooms, there's nothing in there). The facing door 
at the end will open, leading to another adjoining room, and then round into 
the first floor's west corridor, at which point you can open the previously 
barred double doors (note that the other previously barred doors at the far 
end of this west corridor are also now unlocked, meaning you can now access 
this corridor directly after coming up the stairs in the south).

Find the last door on the right and the blue BOTTLE inside - "Whats this?" - 
and pick up a MOLOTOV from the shelf. The room next door contains a HAND on 
top of the GOLD TABLET - "If i use that bottle on this hand..." - move close 
to the HAND to pick it up. You can now collect the GOLD TABLET underneath, 
which will cause it to appear beside the door of the CLOCK TOWER. Grab the 
HEALTH ITEM and some more MOLOTOVS if needed.

BUG: Collecting the HAND not only allows you to reach the GOLD TABLET, it is 
probably also supposed to allow you to play the PIANO (see below) which lets 
you reach the SILVER TABLET. However, you can use the PIANO without collecting 
the HAND at all, and since you only need one of the TABLETS before the FUSE 
BOX will work, this makes the BOTTLE, HAND and GOLD TABLET completely 
superfluous. The supplies here make this an attractive spot, but just know you 
can skip all this stuff and go straight to the PIANO room, which is easier to 
reach anyway.

With the GOLD TABLET collected, head round the first floor to the east 
corridor. Inside the locker room is a HEALTH KIT. The door at the other end of 
the corridor contains the PIANO - "A black piano..." - mentioned in the list 
of clues downstairs - press E to activate it and hear a knocking sound, at 
which point the SILVER TABLET on the nearby blackboard falls to the floor, 
meaning you can now collect it.

BUG: To activate the PIANO you need to be close enough for the white outline 
to appear around it. You also need to press E at the right angle (usually high 
up, while standing on either side), since pressing E at the wrong angle either 
plays notes or does nothing at all.

Also, unlike the GOLD TABLET, you don't need to pick up the SILVER TABLET 
after making it fall off the blackboard. Once it's fallen you can use the FUSE 

Anyway, you should now have collected the GOLD TABLET or used the PIANO, 
either of which means that the FUSE BOX objective has become available. Take a 
shortcut to the basement by turning right as you leave the PIANO room, jumping 
through the window and dropping down to the School's entrance hall. From here 
run along the corridor, past the nurse's office and down the stairs by the 

Down here is the FUSE BOX, and activating it will not only shut off the 
ringing alarm but will also summon another huge horde, this chapter's third. 
You have time to sprint to the CLOCK TOWER in the corner of the central 
courtyard, which should now be open (this is a great time to use the 
adrenaline if you still have it), but if you are not confident try camping 
down here (you can jump on the pipe if you're worried about spitters) and 
dropping a molotov at the top of the stairs to catch the bulk of the horde. 
Collect the HEALTH ITEM on the floor before you leave, and before dropping 
down into the tunnel under the CLOCK TOWER you might want to recollect ammo 
from the rifle behind the reception, as well as any items you skipped earlier 
from the nurse's office. There may even be time to collect another molotov 
from upstairs. However, the sprint option might be best if it means leaving 
your bot team-mates to die, to ensure that they transfer into the next chapter 
with green health.

The only collectible items not yet mentioned are the MOLOTOVS which have a 
chance of appearing in the classrooms of the first floor's south corridor, but 
since molotovs are easy to come by anyway in this chapter, don't go out of 
your way to get them.

When you're ready drop down into the SAFE ROOM.

NOTE: You are committed once you drop into the tunnel, since there is no 
ladder. You can stand in place under the hole, blocking the infected from 
landing, although your team-mates can still pass.

Your team-mates can also teleport into the closed SAFE ROOM with you from 
anywhere in the map, assuming they are not incapacitated, so never leave the 
SAFE ROOM to save them, at least not while a horde is active.
BUG: It's possible to open the SAFE ROOM door from the inside and have the 
moving door accidentally push a team-mate off the edge of the narrow platform 
to their death.
NOTE: You can game this chapter into only presenting you with one scripted 
horde. To do this, turn right in the first alley and take the long route to 
the School, trigger the horde by running through the front doors, then 
speedrun your way from here to the SAFE ROOM. Taking the long way to the 
School allows you to skip the horde in the alley, and the FUSE BOX horde can 
be disabled if you reach it quickly enough after triggering the horde at the 
front doors.


	SPEEDRUN (~ 2:00)

Collect the ADRENALINE SHOT from the yard
Throw the BILE JAR into Matheson St
Collect the PIPE BOMB at the end of the alley
Throw the PIPE BOMB to clear Bloch St if needed (replace it with the Midwich 
Run into the School, through the courtyard (open both the east courtyard doors 
as you pass, close both west doors after you're through), turn left and go up 
the south stairs
Run along the south corridor and into the east corridor, into the room and 
activate the PIANO (stand at the left end, with the wall on your left, and 
press E while aiming at the top of the PIANO)
Drop down into the entrance hall
Run to the north corridor (close the inner entrance hall doors after you're 
through), down the stairs and activate the FUSE BOX in the basement (collect 
the HEALTH ITEM while you are there)
Throw the PIPE BOMB through the front doors of the School (or through the high 
window above them)
Run to the CLOCK TOWER (close the east courtyard doors behind you)
Enter the SAFE ROOM


NOTE: This speedrun strategy requires that you carry over the bile jar from 
the previous chapter.

If you are fast enough the second (front doors) horde can be skipped, since 
not enough time will have passed since the first horde, in the alley. You will 
know you have missed the second horde if you hear no howl as you enter the 
School (you will still hear the alarm, though). You will also know you are 
doing well if the School only starts to fill up with infected after you 
activate the PIANO. 

A tank appearing in Midwich St can be a great help, since infected have a way 
of disappearing while a tank is active; so, if you can avoid the tank and have 
it go after your trailing team-mates this should buy you the space you need to 
tie up all the objectives in the School and reach the SAFE ROOM unharmed - 
with the added benefit of having the tank kill the bots, allowing them to 
start the next chapter with green health.

Optimal Campaign Inventory: Combat Rifle, Katana, Bile Jar, Health Kit, 



	HORDES: Min 1, Max 2

The survivors begin in the same basement of the same School, except now the 
place has turned into some horrible nightmare of darkness. No running around 
the streets in this chapter, everything takes place in this pitch black 
building. The layout should be familiar, although the objectives have changed: 
you will once again have to find your way down into the basement after opening 
a few doors on the upper levels.

Climb up the ladder at the far end and out into the courtyard (you might see 
a HEALTH ITEM floating in the air in this first tunnel). The doors ahead of 
you are locked, but the doors behind you will open, with the chance of a 
HEALTH KIT (or even two) spawning in the mud in front of them (whoever picks 
this up might wrongly refer to it as "pills"). Note the drainpipe on the 
corner to the right, you will be coming back here later. Once through the 
double doors (look out for another floating HEALTH KIT here) enter the room on 
the left to find a red RUBBER BALL - "A rubber ball here?" - on one of the 
gurneys. The white double doors next to this room are barred but can still be 
opened - keep them closed to avoid being grabbed or otherwise attacked by 
special infected. In fact try to keep as many doors closed as possible in this 
chapter - it really helps cover your back.

BUG: Sometimes many of the doors in this chapter don't spawn, leaving just 
empty spaces or bars across the doorways. This is better for moving around, 
but worse for protecting yourself.

Also, the common infected (not the specials) can pass through the bars across 
the doorways.

Anyway, the room in the middle of this corridor contains an AMMO BOX, and the 
only other place to go is through the single door at the other end of the 
corridor. You will soon find yourself in a room with a big table, on which are 
some DOORS - "What are these door's for?" - press E to collect some of the 
DOORS, which will unlock a SECURITY DOOR a few rooms away (just approaching 
the doors or jumping on the table opens up the previously locked double doors 
in the courtyard). The next room leads out into another corridor with a 
locked, white door. This door can be smashed down but remains barred - it will 
open later. Continue into the next corridor, whose central room should contain 

NOTE: If you find a health kit in this central room consider leaving it until 
you are ready to move to the next chapter and want to do so with near-full 
health: it is the closest to the stairs leading down into the basement.

The next door down opens into a tiny room with the SECURITY DOOR, which can be 
opened once you have collected the DOORS.

Both bathrooms in this corridor contain AMMO BOXES, the one on the left is a 
RESCUE CLOSET, and the one on the right also holds the TACTICAL SHOTGUN - you 
will want some or all of your bots to pick this up if you let them revive at 
the beginning of this chapter. Remember this room if you run into a witch 
later and need a fast way to get rid of her. There is also an M60 in the 
hallway, which I recommend you leave for later on.

There is a white TELEPHONE on the table in one of the rooms nearby, and using 
it will summon a large horde attack. If this room still has doors they can be 
broken down, but the bars will remain in place until you use the TELEPHONE 
(all the survivors have to be in the room before you can use it). If you 
choose to hold off the horde here, note that you can jump onto the lockers 
from the table for a high vantage point. Keep an eye on all three doors and 
prioritise any special infected who show up. If you have time (which you do) 
you can jump into the next hallway as soon as the bars disappear after using 
the TELEPHONE and grab the COMBAT RIFLE.

NOTE: You can run to the roof or anywhere else you like during this horde 
attack, you are not confined to the TELEPHONE room. The roof is good because 
the bots can only get there via the stairs. The hallway outside the upstairs 
locker room is excellent if your bots all have shotguns, since the infected 
can only come through the double doors at the end. But if you are not worried 
about going quickly, the TELEPHONE room is a good camping spot because of the 
ability to use the table / lockers to avoid the infected.

Once the horde is dealt with get everyone to pick up the rifle in the hallway 
(sometimes Francis refuses to lose his shotgun) and go up two flights of 
stairs to the roof. Cross diagonally to the other corner and place the RUBBER 
BALL in the small HOLE in the floor - "If i put that ball here, the water will 
flow". Follow the pipe to the left to find a small WHEEL which must then be 
turned to allow the water to come out - note that merely placing the BALL is 
not enough. You'll know you have done it successfully if you see water 
sputtering out and if you are presented with a message saying "Now to get that 
key from the pipe downstairs" when you try to leave the roof.

NOTE: There is a grenade launcher inside the cage at the top of the stairs, 
but unfortunately you cannot pick it up!

Go back down both flights of stairs and run through to the courtyard. Find the 
drainpipe you spotted earlier, and underneath it should be the first KEY.

NOTE: If you are really struggling for health just after picking up the first 
KEY, remember that it opens the way to two health kits (see below) before you 
ever have to collect the second KEY in the locker room.
BUG: Sometimes this KEY appears but is not highlighted in white and remains on 
the ground when you try to pick it up. This is just a visual glitch - if the 
KEY is there it can be picked up, whether it disappears afterwards or not.

Now go back up the same stairs to the first floor and into the room on your 
right. Follow these rooms and halls, past another M60, and into the locker 
room on the right of the last hallway. In here you have to open two LOCKERS 
(just walk all the way round to the last LOCKER on the left, which will open). 
When you try to leave the room another LOCKER opens and a hunter pops out - be 
ready to right-click him to stagger him, then finish him off quick. Another 
horde is on the way, so make sure you pick up the second KEY on the floor in 
front of the newly opened LOCKER, and get ready. You can step onto the benches 
in this room to avoid spit, and you can also jump onto the lockers from there.

NOTE: As in the previous chapter, you can disable this horde by reaching this 
point quickly enough after the first horde (or during it). The time limit on 
this is pretty generous - in fact if you just run straight here from the 
TELEPHONE room while that horde is still active you will miss it altogether. 
If you take the time to collect the roof KEY first, this second horde will 
probably occur. If you don't hear a howl after the hunter appears you know you 
made it in time.

You now have the KEYS you need to reach the basement, and the doors you need 
to open are on this floor. Make your way back round to the hallway on the 
other side of the building (collect the M60 as you pass!), to the DOOR at the 
end, on the left - "So, the key goes here...". This was previously locked, 
until you picked up the first KEY - open it and collect the HEALTH KIT on the 
shelf. There is another HEALTH KIT in the next room. 

The two DOORS on the left of the next hallway were locked until you picked up 
the second KEY (open the far door before you unlock the near one, in case 
there are special infected lurking inside, behind the bars). Follow the rooms 
into the next hallway, where there are LASER SIGHTS you should all collect. 
Downstairs, that previously barred white door is now unbarred, so now might be 
a good time to stock up on ammo (if you didn't collect the M60) or any health 
items you left behind earlier on the ground floor. Next, head down into the 
basement and open the door.

Get inside and close the door behind you, since getting caught from behind by 
special infected on this ramp (especially chargers) is no fun. If there 
happens to be a witch on the ramp, consider going back for the shotgun you 
found; otherwise just take the knockdown and use a health kit when you're back 
up. Don't rush down the ramp, hang around just before the bottom so you can 
snipe out any infected beyond the BARS. The BARS will only lift once all the 
living survivors are grouped together at the bottom of the ramp.

NOTE: The basement should probably have been designed to be empty of infected, 
but it wasn't. Anything can spawn in here: infected, specials, witches... even 
another tank! Be careful to clear the room from behind the BARS as best you 
can before proceeding and if you do meet a tank on the ramp, use one of the 
M60's on it and then go back for the other M60 to deal with the scripted tank.

Approach the torture device in the centre of the room and the tank behind it 
attacks. Just circle backwards around the torture device and empty your M60 
into the tank until he's down (laser sights help a lot in this regard). If he 
begins to throw rubble at you, use the torture device to block it - the outer 
spikes can block his throws but they're tricky to judge; the centre of the 
device is a more reliable barrier. 

The BARS which closed behind you will now lift once he's dead, along with the 
other BARS blocking the corridor to the SAFE ROOM. The other two doors are 

NOTE: The torture device provides you with a couple of ways to bring down the 
tank more quickly, although they are both risky.

Try jumping onto the inner ring of the device just as you trigger the tank 
(the unmoving part just inside the rotating part). If you stand on this ring, 
a little closer to the fire than to the spinning ring, the tank may try to 
follow you and stand on the spinning ring while doing so - this ring does 
massive damage to everything standing on it, and if you're lucky the tank will 
be shredded within about three seconds. Be careful, though - if you are 
incapacitated on the device the bots may not be able to reach you and it's 
game over.

The tank can also be baited into catching fire if you can draw him into it. 
Jump up there and let him follow you - you will take some fire damage but you 
can then escape, but once the tank is on fire it won't go out until he's dead.

Be careful as you approach the SAFE ROOM - again, there can be anything in 
these corridors, including more witches and tanks, and you are still 
vulnerable to hordes. If you are brave enough you might want to venture back 
upstairs to recollect the rifle, if the alternative is going into the next 
chapter with an M60 with depleted ammo. If you do pick up a different gun 
before you go, remember the laser sights upstairs, too. 

To gather both as quickly as possible leave the basement and go upstairs to 
the ground floor, cross the courtyard and turn left to find the hallway with 
the combat rifle (if your bots can get one each, too, that would be perfect). 
Retrace your steps to the stairs again, and climb up to the first floor for 
the laser sights. Now back down into the basement and run through the back and 
into the SAFE ROOM.


	SPEEDRUN (~ 4:00)

Collect the RUBBER BALL
Collect the DOORS
Run to the SECURITY DOOR and open it
Activate the TELEPHONE
Run upstairs to the locker room and collect the KEY (during the horde event)
Run upstairs to the roof, place the RUBBER BALL and turn the WHEEL
Run downstairs to the ground floor and collect the KEY from the courtyard
Run upstairs to the first floor and open both DOORS
Run to the BARS in the basement
Kill the tank
Enter the SAFE ROOM


NOTE: Mainly because of the tank room at the end, speedrunning this chapter 
doesn't work very well. It's true that the faster you move through any 
chapter, the easier it tends to become as a result; but the fact that the bots 
have to join you at the BARS before the tank, as well as the desirability of 
going back upstairs to restock on ammo and health before you leave, means that 
a speedrun in this chapter is not optimal.

Also, this guide assumes you did go back for the combat rifle and laser sights 
before you finished this chapter - if you didn't then you might find the 
fourth chapter quite a lot more difficult.

Optimal Campaign Inventory: Combat Rifle (Laser Sights), Katana, Bile Jar, 
Health Kit, Adrenaline



	HORDES: Min 1, Max 1

Still in the basement of the School, but this time everything is back to 
normal, and it's day time outside. Hopefully your bots all have green health 
and some sort of primary weapon, because otherwise it's going to be a slog 
dragging low health bots through the coming streets.

BUG: The room in which you begin the chapter is very buggy. Sometimes you will 
spawn outside it and be attacked by nearby infected; sometimes you will spawn 
under it and fall to your death - the same goes for the bots.

Anyway, make your way to the front doors of the School and peek outside. It's 
much more dangerous out there than it is in here, so consider camping by the 
reception area until your first horde has come and gone, then venture outside. 
Don't miss the KATANA in the entrance hall as you pass. You are back on 
Midwich St, and if you turn left (north) you can get back to the same gap in 
the hedge which you might have found in the second chapter, and that HEALTH 
KIT is still there. Heading south on Midwich you will find a COMBAT SHOTGUN by 
the white van.

NOTE: If any bots are currently holding the combat rifle, make sure they avoid 
picking up this shotgun if possible; the same goes for you obviously.

Farther along you will find an alley heading north, with a GAS CAN at the 
south corner. 

NOTE: Take this gas can with you in case you meet a tank in the streets later 
on. Tanks are likely to spawn in this chapter's streets, but there's a chance 
that you won't meet any.

This alley is the one I pointed out on the map in the second chapter, which 
was inaccessible back then. It will lead you north to another garden gate on 
your right, although before going through it there is also a HEALTH KIT and a 
PIPE BOMB to be found at the top of the alley. You might as well use the pipe 
bomb when you find it, as this is another good area in which to camp and wait 
out the next horde; there is another pipe bomb not far off, and the house 
beyond the garden gate contains another RESCUE CLOSET and a MACHETE.

NOTE: You can jump onto the dumpster by the pipe bomb and up onto the garage 
roof to avoid the infected.

Pass through the house and turn left to find your next PIPE BOMB, and directly 
across the road, at the last house on the left, is a DEFIBRILLATOR. 

NOTE: When going for the defibrillator after picking up the pipe bomb, veer 
away from the chainlink fences. The bots often try to go around the back of 
the fence and fall off the road, dying immediately, unreachable with the defib 
unit - not good when a tank encounter might be just around the corner.

Still hauling your gas can with you, make your way south along Levin St and 
turn east into Bradbury St, finding some sort of HEALTH ITEM beside the bench. 
Here is the likeliest place for the tank to appear. Make sure to use the gas 
can on him if he turns up and use the wide streets and lampposts to stay out 
of his way and avoid his throws. There is another GAS CAN on the right, 
towards the end of the alley, and when you emerge from its north end you can 
head east along Bloch St until you come to the crossroads.

Bachman Rd is blocked at both ends now, but you can find a SNIPER RIFLE and an 
AK-47 at the south end and a HEALTH ITEM to the north. Make sure your bots 
swap out their shotguns in favour of one of these new weapons (preferably the 
AK). If you are currently carrying a shotgun, hang onto it; if you are 
carrying anything else, you should drop it for the AK-47, whether or not your 
current weapon has a laser sight.

NOTE: If you don't have the shotgun, even if you are low on health, don't use 
this new health kit on yourself just yet (if it is a health kit you find). The 
only exception is if you are at black-and-white levels, in which case make 
sure you use the health kit before taking on the witch.

Continue east along Bloch St, looking for a set of double doors on the south 
side. Behind these is a witch, blocking the way (although you can sometimes 
get past her and into the Church). You shouldn't need the AMMO BOX on the 
bench farther along the street, but you do need to remove the witch. Shotgun 
her to death if possible; otherwise let her incapacitate you while your team-
mates finish her off, then heal yourself when you get back up, with either the 
health kit you just picked up, or whatever HEALTH ITEM you happen to find at 
the back left of the Church.

Notice the SAFE ROOM KEY on the lectern - a horde will appear after you pick 
it up and after the benches have been flung around, and they will be coming 
from the front doors and from a window to the right. Make sure you're not 
standing under a bench when it lands, as it can do heavy damage. Also make 
sure you have dropped the second gas can somewhere where you can shoot it out 
and catch both swarms in the flames as they approach, and just camp around the 
lectern (stand on it) until the horde is gone. Upon leaving the Church, be 
sure to go back for the AK-47 if you don't already have one.

At the east end of Bloch St you will find a gas station, whose pumps can be 
shot out to cause the roof to collapse onto any infected underneath. Just 
before this, on the right, you can find a single door in the corner (next to 
the trolley) which leads into a garage containing another GAS CAN, a MOLOTOV 
and an AXE. 

NOTE: Since the chances of meeting a tank in the next chapter are high, 
consider taking this gas can with you to the SAFE ROOM for that reason, even 
if it's not much use to you right now.

Around the far corner to the south is a RESCUE CLOSET, and south 
of that is a truck (whose roof can be climbed onto) with LASER SIGHTS behind 
it. Collect the sights to go with your new AK-47, and try to get the bots to 
do likewise. 

NOTE: Although there are more laser sights in the next chapter, the bots will 
hardly ever collect them, so it's best to rely on these chapter 4 ones if you 
want laser-sighted bots in chapters 5 and 6.

This dead-end street is a good place to await the final horde if you want a 
relatively safe run to the end, since you should all now have high 
accuracy weapons. Clear the area of infected, whatever else you do, then head 
east along the next road, picking up the HEALTH KIT tucked behind the corner 
on the south side as you pass (if you are still carrying the defib unit from 
earlier, you might drop the defib off the edge by accident when you pick up 
the health kit - crouch at the top of the stairs to avoid this).

Ideally, everyone will have a great weapon and green health to finish the 
chapter, and you can carry this health kit into the next map; if your bots are 
struggling just go ahead and kill them off. Take care to pick up the HEALTH 
ITEM in the SAFE ROOM at the end of the road, as it will not reappear in the 
following chapter.


	SPEEDRUN (~ 4:00)

Run from the School to the alley
Collect the HEALTH KIT and PIPE BOMB from the alley
Collect the AK-47 at the crossroads
Run to the Church (past the witch in the doorway)
Collect the KEY
Use the PIPE BOMB to divert the horde
Enter the SAFE ROOM


NOTE: The events at the Church make this another poor map for a speedrun - you 
stand a much better chance at a fast time if the witch is in a position where 
you can pass her in the doorway.

Optimal Campaign Inventory: AK-47 (Laser Sights), Katana, Bile Jar, Health 
Kit, Adrenaline


	DIFFICULTY: Very easy
	HORDES: Min 0, Max 0

Well, while it would be nice to rampage around the rest of the campaign with a 
laser-sighted AK-47, the next ammo box is two chapters away. All you can do at 
the beginning is run along the left side of the street (check the metal barrel 
for a chance at a HEALTH ITEM), cross the road and arrive at the Police 
Station, which contains a TACTICAL SHOTGUN, ASSAULT RIFLE, HEALTH KIT and 
sometimes a PIPE BOMB. There is a RESCUE CLOSET in the back. Also, if you 
brought a pipe bomb to this chapter feel free to use it at the first sign of 
trouble, replacing it (or not) with the one behind the Police Station's desk. 
No big deal, there's a bile jar at the end of the map.

NOTE: If you finished the previous chapter with a laser-sighted AK-47, a pipe 
bomb and a health kit, there is really no point in visiting the Police Station 
- just make the most of your ammo.

Tanks can spawn literally anywhere in this chapter, so be ready for one to 
turn up.

Leave the Station and go down the other street, the one with the big VIDEO 
sign on the corner; continue along the left side, cross to the Alchemilla 
Hospital and open the gates. You enter the Hospital through the double doors 
but be aware that infected can enter through open windows, too. Go past the 
reception and turn left, and the door inside on your left will let you in 
behind reception, where there is another HEALTH KIT. The reception door can be 
opened from this side. Back in the previous room, open the only other door, 
pass through another room and into a hallway. Keep closing each door behind 
you once you pass through to better channel any hordes, who should come at you 
from outside.

The doors along the long wall of this hallway all open. The first on the right 
leads through to a back room which contains the KEY you need to open the 
basement, as well as another set of LASER SIGHTS. The next two rooms along 
each have a chance of containing a HEALTH ITEM, and the final door leads down 
to the basement. Unlock this DOOR with the KEY, turn left at the bottom of the 
stairs and left again into the generator room, where you must activate the 
GENERATOR in order to power the LIFT PANEL at the far end of the hallway. 
There is also a big room full of blood on this floor - it contains a BILE JAR 
which you should pick up, and it also acts as a RESCUE CLOSET.

With the GENERATOR activated, use the LIFT PANEL to open the SAFE ROOM.

NOTE: As with the first two chapters, the best way to deal with this map is 
just to sprint through it. You get a bile jar and health items at the end to 
take into the next chapter, which also has plenty of strong weapons. Aim to 
solo this map, hopefully letting your bot team-mates die in the process. The 
fact that the second rescue closet is right at the end of the map helps 
greatly in allowing the bots to move to the next chapter with green health - 
if any are orange or red when you're ready to leave, consider either killing 
them or restarting the chapter and trying again.
BUG: Sometimes, if you reach the safe room before your bots have even reached 
the Hospital gates, they will just group up there and wait, unable to run or 
even teleport to you. You might expect the infected to appear and finish 
them off, but the infected refuse to spawn, meaning everything is effectively 
paused. To fix this, just run upstairs to the ground floor and your bots 
should begin to move to you.


	SPEEDRUN (~ 1:30)

Run to the Hospital
Collect the KEY to the basement (and the LASER SIGHTS if needed)
Rescue any bots in the last RESCUE CLOSET, kill any on red or orange health
Collect the BILE JAR
Activate the GENERATOR
Activate the LIFT PANEL
Enter the SAFE ROOM


Optimal Campaign Inventory: AK-47 (Laser Sights), Katana, Bile Jar, Health 
Kit, Adrenaline


	DIFFICULTY: Very hard
	HORDES: Min 1, Max 3

In a tough campaign this can be one of the toughest levels. It's a 
relentlessly dark maze of doors and hallways and puzzles and traps, and the 
wrong special infected at the wrong time can send your entire team back to the 
starting elevator. You need to be fast but also careful, and you need to be as 
efficient as possible when moving around the various floors and hallways. With 
only two health kits in the entire chapter, you should expect to be leaving 
your bots behind as you enter the SAFE ROOM - self preservation is everything 
here and the bots are completely expendable.

Press the PANEL to open the elevator once it comes to a stop, and make your 
way to the top of the stairs (note the number "4" on the right wall as you 
approach the stairs). This building has five storeys, as well as a basement. 
Go downstairs to level 3 (use these numbers to navigate by the stairs if you 
ever get lost) and turn right, through the double doors. The second door on 
your left leads to a COMBAT RIFLE, and the last door to a HEALTH ITEM. Make 
sure the bots collect the rifle if they have no better weapons, as multiple 
rifles help a lot in this map.

The first door on your right as you exit the stairwell and enter the hallway 
leads to a blood-filled room with a BLUE STONE PLATE at the far end. Collect 
it, being ready to right-click the hunters which appear in the corners next to 
it (sometimes there are two hunters, sometimes only one, but the single one 
will usually spawn in the left corner). A horde appears at the same time as 
the hunter(s), coming from outside the room. If you brought a bile jar from 
the previous chapter, throw it through the door, ideally into the stairwell. 
The bile jar will help you to potentially skip the second horde event, but if 
you don't have one just stay in the room and prioritise any spitters who 
appear in the doorway (jump on the sinks to avoid acid).

Also in the hallway is an empty room which leads through to another hallway. 
The first room on the right contains the BLOOD PACK - "Lots of blood here, 
maybe i can use this as bait?" - as well as a COMBAT SHOTGUN and a HEALTH KIT, 
one of only two guaranteed in the chapter. Pick the health kit up if you have 
room, otherwise remember where it is. Make sure to collect the BLOOD PACK 
before you leave. The brown double doors to the left as you leave this room 
can be opened once the BLOOD PACK is collected.

The next room along is this chapter's first RESCUE CLOSET, also containing a 
BILE JAR (which can be collected twice, also worth remembering) and an annoyed 
ghost witch. The room next door is your next destination. The WHITE STONE 
PLATE is on the back wall, but when you pick it up you trigger another horde 
attack, as well as between zero and two more hunters who will spawn on the 
corner gurneys (stand on the left gurney, as a hunter typically appears here, 
and be ready to right-click or melee).

NOTE: Once again, triggering this horde soon enough after the first one will 
mean you can skip it, which is why using the bile jar on the first horde can 

These hordes can be triggered in either order, so you may want to do this one 
first because by that time you will have picked up the bile jar. If you do 
collect the WHITE STONE PLATE first be aware that the horde will often spawn 
in the room with you as you move away from the back wall, so have your melee 
weapon ready.

One benefit to collecting the WHITE STONE PLATE first is that, as well as 
being able to skip the horde at the BLUE STONE PLATE, sometimes the hunters 
won't appear there either.

Leave the room and collect the bile jar again as you pass, if you don't 
already have one. Make your way back to the stairs (collect more combat rifle 
ammo if needed) and go all the way down to level 1.

NOTE: If tanks and witches spawn in this chapter it's usually on the stairs, 
so be ready for either. 

Also, when moving between levels in this chapter, try to make sure at least 
one of your bots keeps up so they can save you if a special takes you by 

This level is pretty straightforward. After the double doors, the first room 
on your left leads to the SAFE ROOM, which is presently locked - "Seems like i 
need a key". Apart from the SNIPER RIFLE in the kitchen nearby, the PINK STONE 
PLATE you want is in the next room along. Make sure the bots are waiting 
outside the room as you pick it up, since doing so usually spawns a lone 
hunter in the hallway (not always). The next door along leads downstairs to 
level 0, but since you can't do anything down there right now just turn around 
and go back upstairs, this time to level 2.

Collect the LIGHTER - "A lighter." - from the first room on the left. Now head 
down to the last room on the left to find a tentacle monster guarding the 
LIGHT BLUE STONE PLATE on the wall above. If you are carrying the BLOOD PACK 
you should see a message in front of the monster, saying "Looks like i can 
attract that nasty thing with this bloodpack." Press E on the ground in front 
of the monster and the BLOOD PACK should drop, allowing you to approach the 
wall and grab the LIGHT BLUE STONE PLATE. If you get too near to the monster 
without dropping the BLOOD PACK it will do massive damage, and the PLATE can't 
be collected anyway.

Now enter the room opposite the one which contained the LIGHTER, and look at 
the PANEL - "Are these, stone plates?" - on the locked door. All four STONE 
PLATES need to be on this PANEL before you can press the big yellow square in 
the centre to unlock the door, allowing you to open it.

NOTE: The PLATES correspond to the following positions / locations:

    Top Left: PINK (Level 1)  |  Top Right: BLUE (Level 3)
                             - -
Bottom Left: WHITE (Level 3)  |  Bottom Right: LIGHT BLUE (Level 2)

Once through to the next hallway you can open the double doors on your right 
for a shortcut, although you may want to leave them closed to better channel 
any hordes which appear. There is a room at the far end of this long hallway 
which contains the second HEALTH KIT, and also acts as a RESCUE CLOSET. 
Otherwise, ignore the first set of white double doors for now, and instead 
collect the DISINFECTING ALCOHOL behind the other set. With the DISINFECTING 
ALCOHOL collected, go through the first white double doors and then another 
pair to the left, into the room containing the BASEMENT KEY.

NOTE: If you have not collected the DISINFECTING ALCOHOL you will not be able 
to collect the BASEMENT KEY and the basement will remain locked. Trying to 
pick up the KEY always spawns a hunter (infinitely) and a horde (just the 
first time), but with the DISINFECTING ALCOHOL in your inventory you only need 
to do this once. The KEY always reappears on the gurney after you pick it up, 
but this doesn't mean you haven't collected it. Also, the "Key to the 
basement.." message always disappears after the first attempt to pick it up.

Also, as with previous scripted hordes, you can skip this one if you get to it 
quickly enough after the previous one (see below).

Stand behind the gurney as you pick up the KEY to avoid having the hunter 
pounce on your back. The horde will appear soon afterwards (some infected may 
spawn in the gurney room with you), so move out into the middle room and throw 
the bile jar into the corridor (if you have a bile jar). This is the final 
scripted horde in this chapter, so afterwards is the best possible time to run 
up to level 3 and collect the health kit and bile jar if either still remains 
uncollected. Otherwise, head down to level 0.

There are two weapons to be found here: an M60 in the big room on the right, 
and an AK-47 in the generator room. 

NOTE: If your ammo is low, swap whatever weapon you currently have for this 
AK-47, even if you already have one with laser sights! The bots don't need to 
follow suit.

To proceed open the BASEMENT DOOR (locked until you collect the BASEMENT KEY), 
press E on the BOOKCASE to move it aside, then open the brown door behind it. 
If you picked up the LIGHTER earlier the weeds blocking the hole in the floor 
will burn away (careful, the fire will damage you) and you can get down there 
once the hatch opens automatically. The hatch always opens, whether you have 
the lighter or not, but if the weeds stay and no fire appears it's because you 
didn't pick up the LIGHTER.

BUG: A horde coming from this tunnel will get caught in the weeds and stay 
there, unable to move, until you return with the lighter and burn the weeds 

Follow the basement tunnels to the last corridor (note the creepy girl 
standing behind the bars). The first door on the left in the last corridor 
contains a HEALTH ITEM (and lots of smashing glass sounds) and the last door 
contains the SAFE ROOM KEY - look for the message which says "Hmm...Alessa... 
?" When you (try to) pick up the KEY a boomer spawns in the room, and will 
vomit on you if you are not careful, By this stage in the chapter you might 
not be able to survive a boomer horde, so back out of the room as soon as you 
press E on the key. With luck you can either blow up the boomer without 
attracting a horde (it helps if your bots are not near the doorway to be hit), 
or just avoid it entirely, close the door on it and run away. 

With the KEY collected, head back upstairs to level 1, turn left along the 
hallway, right at the dogleg, through the single door on the right, into the 
SAFE ROOM. There's an AMMO BOX inside but there's also one at the beginning of 
the following chapter, making this one a bit superfluous.

NOTE: My strategy for the next chapter only requires that you complete this 
one with an AK-47 and a bile jar - if you do this then you are in perfect 
position. Nothing else matters, including health, ammo or bots (although a 
melee weapon and adrenaline shot in your inventory would be nice).


	SPEEDRUN (~ 6:00)

Collect the BLOOD PACK on level 3
Collect the WHITE STONE PLATE on level 3
Collect the BLUE STONE PLATE on level 3 while the horde is still active
Collect the PINK STONE PLATE on level 1
Collect the LIGHTER and the LIGHT BLUE STONE PLATE on level 2
Activate the PANEL on level 2
Collect the DISINFECTING ALCOHOL and the BASEMENT KEY on level 2
Collect the BILE JAR and HEALTH KIT from level 3 (if not already holding them)
Collect the SAFE ROOM KEY from the basement
Enter the SAFE ROOM


NOTE: As I mentioned earlier, you can skip one of the STONE PLATE hordes by 
collecting both PLATES quickly, one after the other. You can also skip the 
BASEMENT KEY horde by collecting the KEY quickly enough after the second of 
the 'horde' STONES. This makes this route viable:

Collect the BLOOD PACK on level 3
Collect the PINK STONE PLATE on level 1
Collect the LIGHTER and the LIGHT BLUE STONE PLATE on level 2
Collect the WHITE STONE PLATE on level 3 (throw the bile jar into the 
Collect a new BILE JAR from the RESCUE CLOSET in the same corridor (optional)
Collect the BLUE STONE PLATE on level 3 while the horde is still active
Activate the PANEL on level 2
Collect the DISINFECTING ALCOHOL and the BASEMENT KEY on level 2
Collect the SAFE ROOM KEY from the basement
Enter the SAFE ROOM

However, this is not an optimal speedrun route because you are having to visit 
level 2 twice.

Optimal Campaign Inventory: AK-47 (Laser Sights), Katana, Bile Jar, Health 
Kit, Adrenaline


	HORDES: Min 1, Max 2

For a long time I thought I'd never be able to complete this campaign in 
advanced single-player, and the reason was this chapter alone. In case you 
hadn't noticed, and as I just mentioned, I have been preparing for this 
chapter since the guide began. A lot of things have to go right if we want to 
make it any further, which means the more control we have over events the 
better. After probably hundreds of playtest sessions in this chapter, the 
following strategies are the best I can offer!

Anyway, we are still in the Hospital, but we're finally getting to leave for 
good. Make ABSOLUTELY SURE sure you pick up the KEY on the table in the first 
room, otherwise you will run up against a locked door a few streets away and 
realise you have to restart the chapter. Refill your ammo from the AMMO BOX on 
the floor, then move through to the reception area, where you can replenish 
your health with the HEALTH KIT and also snag the LASER SIGHTS for your AK-47 
(tell me you brought it).

Open the double doors to head outside, and let your bots clear out any 
surrounding infected from your path. If you want to wait out your first horde 
here that's fine, as there are quite a few streets to get through before the 
next area of safety. Pass through the gates and turn right, heading east along 
the street to find the TACTICAL SHOTGUN at the corner wall. Unless they're 
carrying anything better, get each bot to pick one up, since it's one of only 
four primary weapons in this entire chapter. Farther ahead, on a car in front 
of the "FANS FASHION SHOP 1987" store, is a MAGNUM.

Continue to make your way through the streets until you arrive at a car park. 
The only way to get beyond the fence is to drop down from the car park's upper 
level, so climb the ramp and look for the car with the wooden board on top of 
it. The three PLANKS blocking the way have to be either hit or shot out, but 
jumping on the car (or shooting it from close enough) will set off its alarm 
and call a huge horde attack.

NOTE: You can shoot out the three PLANKS from the fenced alley below, before 
you reach the car park - this won't let you skip setting off the alarm, but it 
might buy you a little time when escaping the car park.

Before dealing with this horde you might want to drop down through the hole in 
the fence at the back of the car park, to a set of rooms containing two HEALTH 
KITS, a KATANA, and a MACHETE. The room on the left is also a RESCUE CLOSET. 
If you arrived at the car park without a melee weapon this is your last chance 
to pick one up in this chapter. Try not to use the health kits yet - it's 
better to fend off the horde and then heal up afterwards.

You can camp down here to deal with the horde, or any other place you'd 
prefer. The car alarm goes off if you jump on the car, but you can also shoot 
the car for the same result, allowing you to reposition more quickly. The next 
step is to drop down through the hole left by the broken PLANKS, and make a 
run for the Antique Store if you're feeling lucky - you don't have to kill off 
the horde before trying, though it's a lot safer.

NOTE: The bots will sometimes take a while to follow you down over the edge, 
so if you get jumped by a special infected don't count on them to help 
BUG: Any specials who spawn in the area below the PLANKS tend to run towards 
the fence and get stuck in one spot (normal infected don't get stuck). This 
means that sniping out any specials who are stuck in this way before dropping 
down is a good idea; just watch out for spitters and smokers, both of whom can 
still get you as you perch on the car.

The DOOR at the bottom of the Antique Store stairs needs the KEY you collected 
earlier, and once all living survivors are inside the DOOR can be closed and 
locked (move to the BOOKCASE to force your bots to leave the stairs and enter 
the room with you). This room with the AMMO BOX and the DEFIBRILLATOR is a 
good place to regroup before continuing. Any bots left far behind (ie. at the 
car park or farther) have a chance of teleporting in, as long as they are not 

If you have not yet met a tank then this pretty certainly means you will see 
him in the second half of the map, which is far worse: you definitely want to 
meet the non-scripted tank before reaching the Antique Store.

NOTE: The bots' health might not be in the best state at this point, so 
consider killing any who made it to this room with you (unless they're holding 
rifles), as they can be rescued very soon afterwards.

Also, this can be a good place to wait on a horde attack (some time after the 
scripted horde), as they will not be able to get through the DOOR, and you 
will be able to move on knowing that the next horde will not appear before the 
BUG: This DOOR can't be broken down by infected (including tanks) or 
survivors, but there's a rare chance that a charger can open it again (if this 
happens it will open towards the stairs). Just close it again quickly.

Also, any infected, specials, tanks or witches who are trying to attack 
through this DOOR will tend to group together and beat each other to death! 
Always nice to hear a tank get demolished by a charger.

The BOOKCASE won't move until the DOOR is closed for good, but once you move 
it aside (press E) you can go through a tunnel and into a small room 
containing a HEALTH ITEM. Once all survivors are in this room the tunnel will 
close and the fake safe room door will open, sucking everyone inside. Make 
sure you collect the health item before this happens. Annoyingly, hordes can 
spawn into this room from thin air, so keep your guard up.

BUG: The bots are very unlikely to make it through the tunnel on their own. If 
they won't follow you through you have to move behind them and push them in by 
continuously trying to occupy the same space. This is annoying but the only 
alternative is killing them all. This pause does however give you time to 
collect and use the health item before moving on.

Leave the Antique Store once you teleport to the bizarre otherworld, turn left 
and hug the wall until you find a doorway through to an escalator room. The 
camera briefly takes over as you step onto the escalator, although be aware 
this does not pause the game in the background, so you can still move and take 
damage. Climb the escalator and find the Jewellery Store on the left for a 
HEALTH KIT and an AMMO BOX, as well as a RESCUE CLOSET at the back wall. This 
is an excellent place to regroup and to await the next horde.

NOTE: Against the wall opposite the Store there is a small platform which 
holds a HEALTH ITEM, but this is a trap - the platform will drop as soon as 
it's touched, and you will fall and die.

Next to the Store is a PLATFORM with a ladder underneath it. When you walk 
onto the near part of the PLATFORM, thinking you can pick up the HEALTH KIT on 
the other side, it collapses and falls to the floor beneath. This can easily 
be avoided by just walking onto it and then off again immediately, so that it 
falls but doesn't take you with it. At this point you can climb down the 
ladder, but as soon as you or any of the bots touch the ground the doors on 
the far wall disappear, the BARS behind them rise, and a tank charges into the 

NOTE: You can reach the HEALTH KIT across the gap, with or without the help of 
an adrenaline shot. Just run across and jump at the last second. The bots 
can't follow you, but from here you can jump back across and onto the ladder.

Also, you might want to snipe out any specials lurking below before you commit 
to letting the PLATFORM fall. Smokers are a priority, since they can drag you 
down into a crowd of zombies, which will also trigger the tank; however, they 
can't get you while the PLATFORM is still in place.
BUG: This particular section has a ton of bugs, mainly to do with the 
collapsing PLATFORM. Unless you want to know how to deal with the various 
bugs, please skip this section.

- The PLATFORM tries to collapse but gets stuck, so that you can't go down the 

You have to walk across the PLATFORM to where the health kit is, and then jump 
off to the side (NOT in the direction of the back wall with the doorway!). If 
you do it 'correctly' you will fall to the ground below and be incapacitated, 
and the bots should teleport down and help you up, although by that time the 
tank will have appeared. If you try to jump off at the wrong place you will 
instead hang there, calling out for help, but the bots won't be able to reach 
you, and it's back to the beginning of the chapter.

- The PLATFORM collapses at a funny angle to the floor, creating an enclosure 
at the bottom of the ladder:

This might work to your favour if you can get into the enclosure and the tank 
can't reach you, in which case take him out from there. It might also mean the 
bots are much less likely to fall off the ladder, if the PLATFORM's angle 
creates a slope leading onto the ladder halfway up. On the downside, it can 
create a slope too steep to be able to climb up the PLATFORM again and reach 
the ladder, trapping you on the ground with the tank. Also, if it does create 
a slope the tank might be able to climb from the PLATFORM to the area above 
the ladder, meaning that he doesn't need the ladder to reach the top, which he 
otherwise would. This ruins the anti-tank ladder strategy (see below).

- The PLATFORM collapses properly to the ground:

There is a chance that the tank can get stuck on the edges of the fallen 
PLATFORM when trying to approach the ladder, and you can take him out from 
above, only having to dodge his throws (with infinite ammo nearby). To 
maximise the chance of his getting stuck, make sure you are on or above the 
ladder before he reaches the fallen PLATFORM - sometimes it works, sometimes 
it doesn't.

- A bot gets stuck at the top of the ladder, appearing to stand in mid-air:

This is the third best case scenario, because the tank should try to climb the 
ladder and become stuck under the bot, with neither of them able to attack. 
This is the bot variation of the anti-tank ladder strategy, albeit it happens 
by accident. Kill him off but don't move too far away from the stuck bot, 
otherwise they might move towards you and let the tank up.

- The BARS fail to lift, and the tank can't get through:

Second best case scenario, particularly if he just suddenly dies for no reason 
behind the BARS. I can't find a consistent way to keep the BARS in place after 
descending the ladder, but on the rare occasion that this happens you just got 
dealt a great hand.

- No tank appears at all:

The definition of an easter egg - really rare but really satisfying.

- The tank spawns behind the BARS and gets stuck out of sight, so you can't 
kill it and the BARS won't open:

This is the worst as there's no way around it except to restart the chapter.

- The bots fall down the ladder, before, during or after the tank battle, 
losing a lot of health or even dying:

This is more a Left4Dead2 issue than an issue with this campaign, but here 
it's especially frustrating since there are no more health items in the 
remainder of the chapter, and climbing back up the ladder to get the nearby 
health item might just result in the bots falling off the ladder AGAIN. Try 
running away from the bottom of the ladder as soon as you climb down it, 
avoiding looking back at the bots - both these things together seem to 
minimise the risk of their falling.

- You can hear a special somewhere around the bottom of the ladder, but you 
can't see it, and the bots fire endlessly at nothing:

Urgh, I hate this. Because you know, as soon as you climb down the ladder, the 
jockey will jump you from nowhere or the boomer will vomit on you, and the 
bots will take ages to help. I have nothing to offer for this one, it's just 
an infuriating bug.

- The bots won't collect the SNIPER RIFLE at the bottom of the ladder:

It can take a long time for the bots to collect this rifle, and most of the 
time they just refuse. However, see below for more info about this.

Bugs aside, just deal with the tank like any other. Try to trigger his 
appearance by climbing down the ladder only as far as you need to and then 
moving back up as soon as you hear him arrive. If you are fast enough your 
bots should follow and if you have your AK-47, or at least the tactical 
shotgun, you should be fine. 

Alternatively, you can use the anti-tank ladder strategy: draw your bots up 
the ladder and away from it, then quickly run towards the ladder and climb 
partway down it before the tank begins to climb up. You and the tank should 
both block each other and your bots can very slowly finish him off. This 
strategy will fail if the fallen PLATFORM leans at an angle which allows the 
tank to climb the wall next to the ladder. It also fails if there are no 
living bots nearby, obviously. By the way, any bots who die here will only be 
seen again quite a bit farther on, at the final RESCUE CLOSET. Finally, the 
anti-tank ladder strat is not guaranteed - there is a chance the tank will 
just shove you sideways on his way up. To help avoid this, rather than just 
staying still on the ladder, keep trying to climb down it as he climbs up it, 
pushing against him. Another point is that the higher up the ladder you are 
during this strat, the more likely it is to work.

With the tank dead, wait for the next horde and round of specials in the 
Jewellery Store before moving on. The BARS will be lifted, so go through the 
doorway and start along the bridge.

NOTE: Hordes and most specials are easy to deal with on this bridge, since you 
can see them coming and predict their movement. Chargers are a different 
matter - these you have to either kill off very quickly, sidestep to avoid, or 
bait into a charge when you are at the corner, so that they fall off.

Also, keep checking behind you for hordes.
BUG: The bots will sometimes fail to follow you onto the bridge, instead 
moving down the slopes on either side and either dying or becoming stuck. If 
they do get stuck you will need to move far enough along the bridge for them 
to teleport to you.

Follow the bridge along, past the four dead bodies of doppelgangers which drop 
in front of you at one point, until you come to a town square sort of area. 
This is another trap - move far enough in (about halfway) and bars will be 
raised behind and in front of you, locking you in with a horde. It is possible 
to run in and out again so that the bars rise without trapping you inside, but 
there's no real benefit to doing this, particularly since the bots may fail to 
follow you properly. You can also run straight through to the other side 
before the bars trap you, but again there's no real point unless your bot 
team-mates are far enough behind you (or slow enough on their feet) to make it 
worthwhile (see below). 

If you must deal with the horde trap the best strategy is to run forwards and 
to the left, where you will find a narrow ledge you can jump onto to channel 
the infected towards you. From here you can cut them down before they reach 
your team-mates. Be aware that infected and specials can get to you here, 

NOTE: You can't jump onto the things attached to the central pillar, you just 
clip through them and fall to your death.

It is actually beneficial to you if some or even all of the bots die at this 
spot, and if any bots are on red health feel free to kill them off before 
moving on from the trap area - you will meet them again soon, and with a bit 
of luck and care you should be able to make it there on your own.

NOTE: You can skip this horde entirely, as long as your bots co-operate. Just 
before you pass the first set of bars, turn and incapacitate one of your team-
mates (ideally the one with the lowest health). Let one of the others pick 
them up while you run through the trap alone, past the second set of bars. As 
long as one or more survivors are outside the trap area at all times, it won't 
trigger, so if you pass the second set of bars before all your bots have 
passed the first set, the trap won't spring. Once you're through, let your 
team-mates catch you up and then move on.

You can also treat this trap like the Antique Store and consider killing all 
the bots so that you can revive them to green health a bit later. If you do go 
for this, make sure you leave one bot incapacitated before the first set of 
bars, rather than killing all the bots you have with you - if they're all dead 
you will spring the trap when you run through alone, but if just one is 
incapacitated outside it (just let them die), you can skip it.

Beyond the trap, move along the next two streets, watching out especially 
for smokers, and you should find the bots in the RESCUE CLOSET on the corner, 
where there is also a TACTICAL SHOTGUN.

BUG: Sometimes the bots actually DO pick up the sniper rifle from earlier, 
it's just that they might only choose to produce it once they reach this spot 
- until they do it will not even be visible on their backs as their primary 

Bots revived from this RESCUE CLOSET might spawn far underneath it and be 
unable to move. In this case just proceed towards the end of the level and 
they should teleport to you.

Don't give up your AK-47 in favour of this shotgun, but make sure any bot 
carrying a weaker weapon picks it up. Wait here for the next horde and then 
head out to the left.

Here is where that precious bile jar comes in (which you definitely have not 
used before now, right?). Walk along the narrow bridges until you reach the 
bottom of the stairs. From here inch upwards, letting your bots go on ahead 
(this is critical). A tank will spawn on the SAFE ROOM roof and attack 
whichever survivor is nearest, which should not be you. When he drops down 
throw the bile jar at him, then turn and run back down to the main street, 
simultaneously watching the tank in case he throws something at you, and the 
horde rushing past you on the bridge. Let the bile wear off and by now you 
should be on the street (ignore any downed bots), at which point you just need 
to keep moving backwards and emptying your weapon into him. This tank is why 
you brought the bile jar and the AK-47 - because you can't count on your 
bots' support here.

One of the worst design decisions in this campaign might have been to lock the 
SAFE ROOM until the tank is dead, but that's just the way it is, so finish him 
off while staying out of his range, using the lampposts and corners to block 
his throws, and popping your adrenaline kit or pills if you still have either. 
It doesn't matter how far along the streets you have to backtrack, because the 
bile jar will have reset the horde timer, and specials won't attack until the 
tank is dead and a certain amount of time has passed.

NOTE: If you can be bothered you can deal with this tank quite easily by 
bringing a gas can all the way from the fourth chapter and using it to set him 
on fire. As unlikely as this sounds it is possible and it works as advertised. 
Bear this in mind if you just can't break through any other way.

Don't save any incapacitated team-mates on your way to the now open SAFE ROOM, 
just get inside and close the door.

NOTE: There is unfortunately no reliable way to speedrun this chapter, as 
there are just too many obstacles in your way and too many places where you 
either absolutely need the bots' help, or you need them to be dead so that you 
can move forwards more quickly. And there are also too many bugs which can 
ruin the speedrun through no fault of your own.

Optimal Campaign Inventory: AK-47 (Laser Sights), Katana, N/A, Health Kit, 


	HORDES: Min 0, Max 0

This level is awful.

Behind the starting SAFE ROOM are some of the weapons which any non-surviving 
bots brought over from the previous chapter - unfortunately you can't reach 
them. More might be found on the road, to the right, near an AMMO BOX on a 
table - nudge the table to make the box fall if your bots are struggling to 
get at it. The Police Station is not far off, but this time there's no pipe 
bomb inside; there's a TACTICAL SHOTGUN, a COMBAT SHOTGUN, a MELEE WEAPON and 
a HEALTH KIT (you can smash the window to grab the health and melee weapon 
from outside). There's also a RESCUE CLOSET in the back.

BUG: There is a missing wall surface on the outer left corner of the Police 
Station, and you can accidentally walk off the edge and hang there, needing to 
be rescued; or even fall off altogether.

Follow the street in the only available direction and you might find a HEALTH 
ITEM on the barrel on the right side. Gather everyone around this spot before 
moving on, as you are about to teleport to a new location.

NOTE: Tank attacks are almost guaranteed in this chapter, but if a tank 
appears before the teleport then the rest of the map becomes very easy, since 
you can pretty much speedrun it solo (infected can't teleport with you, 
including hordes, tanks, specials, etc).

You reappear inside a fenced area, where there is another HEALTH KIT (don't 
use this yet if you can help it). Inside the gate (press E to open it) is 
another RESCUE CLOSET, this chapter's last, which contains a MACHETE and a 
MAGNUM. Check down the ladder before descending, as there is very often a 
witch at the bottom, who can be sniped out from up here. When you do go down 
into the sewers try to run from the bottom of the ladder as quickly as you can 
to minimise the chance of the bots falling and taking massive damage. Use the 
health on anyone who needs it after that final boss of a ladder.

NOTE: If you fall into any of the sewer pits, there is always some sort of 
step you can jump onto to escape. Sometimes bots might fail to use the steps, 
in which case you will have to move ahead so they teleport out.

Follow the left wall all the way around to find an AMMO BOX in a corner - 
stock up, especially after a tank battle, as there is no more ammo in this 
chapter, and only one more weapon. Get to the far end of this tunnel you are 
in and go through the door on your left. Around the other side is the KEY to 
open the DOOR next to it, as well as another DOOR a bit later in the level. 
You can jump over the gap in between with the aid of an adrenaline shot; 
otherwise just make your way round to the KEY on the wall, with a chance at 
finding a MOLOTOV on the table.

BUG: If the tank follows you into this room before you unlock the second door, 
he can only come through the first one, and he will either try to follow you 
around the raised perimeter or (more likely) he will fall into the central 
pit, which is a good opportunity to set him on fire with the molotov. When 
trying to get out of the pit he will usually climb up at the spot under the 
second door, so if you unlock and open it before he does so he will climb up 
and get stuck on the opened door, letting you kill him easily.

Now exit this area and go all the way back round to the first tunnel's exit. 
Where you previously went left, now you want to go right, to find the next 
DOOR now unlocked, and a HEALTH ITEM in the corner just before it. There is 
another HEALTH KIT in the back corner on the left, and opposite is a ladder on 
the wall, leading up to yet another HEALTH KIT.

NOTE: This is the last guaranteed health kit in this chapter, so make it last, 
especially if you have not yet met a tank.
BUG: The pit with the big central yellow wall can be used to trap specials, 
including tanks. They tend to get stuck at the middle of the bottom of the 
yellow wall if they touch that spot (so do your bot team-mates), so you might 
try baiting them there and either killing them from safety or, more ideally, 
leaving them stuck there so that the remainder of the level is comparatively 
safe. If you can snag a tank there then all subsequent areas in the chapter 
should be pretty much empty of hostiles.

Unfortunately there is another bug associated with the yellow wall, where bots 
can climb onto the top of it and immediately fall off the edge and hang there, 
waiting to be rescued. This can happen to multiple bots and in fact all three 
of them can end up hanging off the same spot, unable to rescue each other. 
Even if one does rescue another, they will just immediately fall and hang 
again, to be instantly followed by their rescuer. So, unless you really need 
to use the yellow wall to trap some specials, as described above, try to get 
past this whole ladder area as quickly as you can to avoid your bots becoming 

The bots also struggle on this ladder, climbing it and then walking off the 
edge and falling down. To avoid this just run away from the top of the ladder 
as soon as you climb it. The blocked tunnel on the right has a chance of 
containing a HEALTH ITEM and / or a MOLOTOV, but the tunnel opposite is where 
you want to go next.

At the far end you will find the SAFE ROOM on the left - you can open the door 
but there is some sort of obstruction in front of it. Follow the tunnels along 
to the right, through various doors, until you reach a dead-end containing the 
SAFE ROOM KEY and an AK-47. If you can be bothered shuffling the bots onto the 
rifle then by all means do so, but it's a pretty tedious business, and they 
might not even need the new gun anyway if you do the next part correctly.

NOTE: You can find another AK-47 early in the following chapter, so ignoring 
this one won't cost you anything down the line.

Picking up the KEY spawns up to three boomers in the immediate vicinity, who 
will either vomit on you or explode all over you, summoning many zombies 
either way. To avoid this, jump past the KEY and onto the sloping platform 
against the back wall, going as far up it as you can to get your bots to 
follow, moving them away from the KEY and off the main platform. With the bots 
in place, jump back onto the KEY, turn around (facing your bots) and back away 
from it. Now take a run at it and pick it up as you pass over it, jumping at 
the same time towards the bots. If you do it right you will be out of range of 
the boomers' vomit, and your bots will quickly snipe them out as soon as they 

NOTE: This strategy fails if a boomer spawns on the KEY, as you will get stuck 
on its body.

Another way to do this is just run far enough ahead of your bots so that you 
reach the KEY long before them, then you can deal with the boomers yourself.
BUG: As in the third chapter, sometimes this KEY remains on the floor even 
after you have picked it up.

Picking up the KEY also spawns up to three hunters in the local area - 
sometimes one can spawn right next to you, but they're usually back along the 
tunnel you just came through. Make your way carefully but quickly back to the 
SAFE ROOM, killing off any bots with low health on the way.

NOTE: If you want to speedrun this map you should aim to complete the areas 
above ground as quickly as possible, leaving your bots as far behind as they 
can get. If a tank appears in the streets the rest of the level should be very 
easy, with few or no infected or specials. The boomers at the KEY will still 
appear, but this might be your only significant obstacle. It all depends on 
how quickly you can reach the sewers and on the location of the tank.

	SPEEDRUN (~ 5:00)

Run to the teleport
Collect the first KEY
Collect the SAFE ROOM KEY
Run to the SAFE ROOM


Optimal Campaign Inventory: AK-47 (Laser Sights), Katana, N/A, Health Kit, 


	HORDES: Min 0, Max 0

The ladder leading out of the sewers is on the left corner, next to the only 
barrel. Head up there and jump over the wall at the top to find an AMMO BOX 
and a HEALTH KIT inside the ruined building. This is a good place to wait out 
the first horde. There is a map nearby which shows you various landmarks 
dotted throughout this chapter, although unhelpfully it doesn't show you your 
present location (you are at the north end of Bachman St).

NOTE: There are lots of supplies in this map but you have to collect various 
KEYS and visit various buildings to pick them up, which takes a lot of time 
and might leave you no better off once you're done. It might be best 
(especially if you all have green health and AK-47's) just to ignore nearly 
everything in the first half of the map and get into the second half as 
quickly as possible, where there are also a few supplies, none of which 
require you to go out of your way. If you want to skip all the pre-teleport 
stuff just run south along Bachman St, hugging the right wall, until you can 
turn west onto Sandford St, which will lead you to the teleport.

To elaborate: if you are fine for weapons and ammo (which you should be after 
all collecting the AK-47 from Annie's Bar), there's really no point in 
visiting the Motel, unless you're desperate for a gas can. The Indian Runner 
is more valuable, but since you're the only one in single-player who can carry 
throwable items it's not THAT valuable.

If you want to be ready for a tank, I recommend you just grab the molotov 
north of Annie's Bar or the one in the bin at the north-west of the park, and 
save yourself a lot of time and hassle by skipping all the nonsense after 
Annie's Bar.

If you are interested in seeing what supplies this first half of the map has 
to offer, the first place you'll want to visit is Annie's Bar, as seen in the 
centre of the map: it contains KEYS for the Indian Runner and the Motel. To 
get to Annie's Bar with a throwable item to camp with once you arrive, hug the 
left wall of Bachman St as you head south, turn left at the corner and left 
again to find yourself in a car park with a MOLOTOV at the back fence. From 
this spot, turn so your back is to the fence and head directly south to find 
Annie's Bar.

Inside the Bar is an AK-47 on the counter (your bots will struggle to pick 
this up unless you can get them to jump on the counter, which you can do by 
entering the near door of the RESCUE CLOSET behind it), and a HEALTH ITEM. The 
KEY to the Indian Runner - "It says "Indian Runner"." - is on the floor and 
the KEY to the Motel - "Looks like a key from a motel." - is on one of the 
pool tables. Camp here until the next horde: specials will often try to get 
through the windows but become stuck, giving you easy kills.

If you're happy to proceed to the post-teleport section from here, cross the 
road from Annie's Bar until you reach the fence, then turn left (south). Now 
just walk south and turn right onto Sandford St.

If you want to keep exploring, leave Annie's Bar and turn right, hugging the 
wall, then right again at the corner, following the hedge to a fence and the 
fence to a building with a car parked beside it. From this car you can head 
north (the back of the car points north) to the Rec Burger, which sometimes 
has a MOLOTOV on a bin behind it; otherwise follow the building around the 
next right corner to find another car. Turn so the wall is at your back and 
walk directly east to find the Indian Runner store.

Close the DOORS behind you once inside - the infected can't break the DOORS 
down but the specials can open them - and check the DRAWER behind the counter 
for the SAFE KEY. Use this to open the nearby SAFE and the drawer above it. 
Amongst the various supplies in the safe you should find another KEY - "It 
says "Motel Office"." - which you should collect before visiting the Motel 
farther on. The SAFE should also contain the following supplies:


And in the drawer above is a CRICKET BAT and a DEFIBRILLATOR.

BUG: If you open the SAFE and then you or a bot tries to close it again, the 
door can become stuck almost closed, leaving you unable to reach any supplies 
still inside. Either avoid closing the SAFE door, or sometimes moving far 
enough away from the SAFE can reset the animation.

Leave the building and turn left, heading south along Weaver St until you see 
the Motel, the green building on your right. The OFFICE DOOR here is locked 
unless you have the KEY from the Indian Runner.

NOTE: To reach the Motel you pass the park on your right (if you've been 
following my directions). The only things to be found in the park are two 
MOLOTOVS (in the bins to the north and south of the central fountain) and a 
MAGNUM on the wall of the fountain. If you're wandering around the park and 
you're lost and disoriented, find the central fountain and the magnum, which 
is on its westernmost edge - from here put your back to the magnum and walk 
west onto Bachman St, then north to find the map. 

Inside the Motel office is a MAGNET you should pick up from the couch. Notice 
the locked GARAGE DOOR nearby. Leave the office, turn right and right again to 
enter the car park in the middle of the Motel. Cross it towards the window 
with the light in it to find another DOOR, which should now open with the KEY 
you found in Annie's Bar. In here you can press E on the BOOKCASE to move it 
aside and find the GARAGE KEY - note you can only pick this up if you have 
collected the MAGNET (which of course requires the KEY from the Indian 

BUG: The message "If had something to pick that key up." usually stays around 
even after you have collected both MAGNET and KEY.

Go back to the GARAGE and inside you will find an AMMO BOX and a GAS CAN, as 
well as the following weapons:


If everyone has AK's from Annie's Bar then these weapons can be ignored, but 
take the ammo and the gas can in case you run into a tank along the road. 
Leave the Motel office once more and turn right onto Sandford St. Across the 
road is another map. Look for the Light House in the south west - this is 
where you want to go next. Also note the red spot above the first D in W. 
SANDFORD ST - this indicates the location of the SAFE ROOM. Head west on 
Sandford St, hugging the left wall, and you will eventually hit the teleport, 
which is a point of no return. Here is a likely spot to meet the tank, if you 
haven't already, so if he does turn up use your gas can or bile jar or 
whatever you have. Watch out for witches here, too.

NOTE: Unlike in the previous chapter, tanks can follow you through this 

If you stay left along this road, turning left when you can, you should find a 
HEALTH ITEM next to the east garage. Across the road to the north, on some 
barrels next to the map, you might find another MOLOTOV. If you were to 
continue west along what is now West Sandford St you would first find a red 
symbol on the north wall, denoting the presence of a MOLOTOV amongst the 
nearby barrels (right-click to nudge them aside). Farther west you would 
finally arrive at the SAFE ROOM (also on the north wall), but it will be 
locked until you've visited the Light House - "We can't go here yet. We need 
to head to the lighthouse." - so that's your next destination.

BUG: The bots will sometimes teleport through the SAFE ROOM door and become 
stuck - just run away and they'll teleport back to you.

The easiest way to get through a maze is just to hug one of the walls until it 
inevitably leads you to the exit, so employ the same strategy here and just 
hug the wall of the east garage. You will pass through the alley between the 
garages, heading south, and emerge at a promenade at the east end of which is 
another HEALTH KIT. Head west and you will come to a point where you can only 
go right (north) or left (south). Going north and then turning west will take 
you to the SAFE ROOM from here, but it's still locked, so go south and follow 
the platforms until you reach the double doors at the back of the ship.

Inside the ship is a RESCUE CLOSET, three HEALTH ITEMS (one in the other 
closet), an AMMO BOX, and a KATANA.

BUG: The bots often fail to use the AMMO BOX while it's on the chair - right-
click on it to nudge it off the chair and into the middle of the room, where 
they can reach it.

Await the next horde here and then exit through the single door, following 
more platforms and steps until you turn left towards the Light House (look for 
the obvious signpost). There is also a single HEALTH KIT on the low platform 
behind this junction.

It's not enough to just enter the Light House when you find it, you have to go 
all the way to the roof until the MESSAGE - "Damn, we were to late. We better 
run to the Amusement Park." - appears. 

NOTE: If you hang around on the roof for a few seconds the bots should 
teleport to you. The roof of the Light House is apparently completely safe 
from all infected, and any hordes who appear will instead fall into the water 
and die, making this a great spot to wait out a horde.

Revealing the MESSAGE unlocks the SAFE ROOM, so retrace your steps until 
you're back on Lake Side, heading north. On a fence on the left you should 
find another HEALTH ITEM as you pass. Turn left at the end of Lake Side and 
enter the SAFE ROOM.

NOTE: Thanks to a certain ladder at the start of the next chapter, the health 
of your bots when they finish this one is almost irrelevant, so don't worry 
about it.

	SPEEDRUN: (~ 4:00)

Run south along Bachman St, turning west onto Sandford St
Run through the teleport (hold right during the cutscene to keep moving in the 
correct direction)
Turn south after the east garage
Run to the Light House roof to read the MESSAGE
Run to the SAFE ROOM


Optimal Campaign Inventory: AK-47 (Laser Sights), Katana, Bile Jar, Health 
Kit, Adrenaline


	DIFFICULTY: Very hard
	HORDES: Min 0, Max 0

Before descending the ladder inside the smaller of the two holes, don't miss 
the two HEALTH KITS and the MAGNUM in the starting room. Also, be aware that 
this is a very unsafe location, with infected capable of coming at you from 
behind the fences, as well as from the pits. 

BUG: This is the easiest chapter to speedrun (at least in my version) because 
if you die at any stage in this chapter you reappear in the SAFE ROOM at the 
far end (with all the same gear), ready to progress to the following chapter. 
If this bug happens in your game as well, go ahead and kill yourself as early 
as possible to skip this whole chapter.

Anyway, once you're down the disastrously long ladder, heal up any bots who 
need it and look for the single HEALTH KIT at the far end of this first 
tunnel, on the left. By the way, the water in this level is not a problem - 
you can just jump out of it again if you fall in.

NOTE: You can get down to the sewer level from the start by jumping down into 
the water - drop through the larger hole, at the side closest to the magnum 
(hold the jump key to avoid hanging on the edge) to land safely in the water. 
Unforunately, you are now stuck in the water - you can crouch to move along 
the passage but the far end is blocked. Not much use then.

In the next tunnel are two trapped witches. They are capable of incapacitating 
you as you pass, as long as you have activated them. To deal with them, either 
get past them quickly before they can wake up, or activate them and hang back, 
shooting them to kill them. However, once you pass them they will catch fire 
inside their cages, whether they're active or not, and the fire will quickly 
kill them.

The tunnel opens into a wider one, with an AMMO BOX and the chance of a HEALTH 
ITEM at the left end. Continue in the other direction (check the dead-end 
directly opposite the tunnel you just left for the possibility of another 
HEALTH ITEM) and you will arrive in another narrow tunnel with broken areas of 
floor full of water.

BUG: If you meet a tank anywhere on this bottom level, try baiting him into 
following you through this tunnel. He can sometimes become stuck in one of 
these pools of water and you can safely finish him off from a distance.

At the other end of the tunnel is another ludicrous ladder, this one going 
upwards. Fire a few (hundred) shots at the top to clear away any unseen 
infected, so you don't get blocked when you get up there, then climb to arrive 
at a FENCE.

NOTE: Some or all of your bots will be determined to die on this ladder, no 
matter what. If you do make it to the top with anything resembling a team-
mate, consider yourself lucky.
BUG: You should be able to just right-click on the FENCE at the top of the 
ladder to bash it down and pass through, but sometimes it refuses to move. 
There's a chance that a special infected can hit it from the other side and 
move it, but this is obviously dangerous and unreliable.

To get past it if it's completely stuck, turn left and attempt to jump across 
the gap to the next ledge. You should fail and end up hanging off the fence in 
between. One of the bots should then help you get up, at which point you 
should be standing on top of the fence and can hop over (the bots should be 
able to teleport through to join you). This of course requires that at least 
one of the bots is still with you, otherwise you're stuck and have to restart.

In this area of wire bridges there are various beams which extend away from 
the main floor. Some of these beams have items or weapons on them, and these 
can be useful place markers, since most are unique. It's easy to get lost 
here, so if you are lost try navigating by the nearest collectible. Use the 
beams to avoid chargers and most other infected.

BUG: There is a very strange bug involving the beams. Sometimes a spitter will 
shoot at you and successfully hit the beam you and your bots are standing on. 
If this happens you might find yourself rising up into the air above the beam, 
not stopping until the spit is gone, at which point you fall back down and 

There is another, equally strange bug where one or more of the bots 
temporarily become invisible while you are moving around this area. Give them 
half a minute and they should reappear, although if they are incapacitated 
while invisible it is impossible to help them until the bug's effects go away.

Following the left edge of the floor, you should find various HEALTH ITEMS on 
the different beams, as well as a PISTOL a bit farther on. Continue round the 
left edge to find a HUNTING RIFLE and, around the corner to the right, another 
HEALTH ITEM (this one on some long pipes off the right edge of the path, 
opposite a dead-end corner with two rolls of barbed wire).

NOTE: From this point on you should hug the right edge of the main floor. It 
will sometimes lead off onto beams or pipes, but everything of note, including 
your next objective, can be found in this manner. The right edge is more 
advantageous because it leads first to weapons, and finally to ammo and 
health, rather than the other way round. However, if it's health you need 
urgently, hug the left edge from here instead (see the Magic Shop below).

Also, there are lots of HEALTH ITEMS to be found on the various beams. These 
change quite a lot in different playthroughs, so I won't list them all in 
detail; just be aware there is plenty of health around if you're willing to 

Finally, if you are hopelessly lost and can't figure out where your next 
objective is, consider killing one of the bots (or let them be killed). They 
will soon reappear in one of the area's two rescue closets, giving you a fixed 
point to aim for. Since one of the rescue closets is beside a large cache of 
health and supplies, and the other one is beside the chapter's exit, this 
strategy can really help either way.

There should now be a fence on your left and a red, circular carousel on your 
right, and beyond that (again on the right) is another long set of pipes 
leading to an AK-47 at the end. Definitely pick this up if you don't already 
have one, regardless of whatever other weapon you might be carrying. 

BUG: Frustratingly, the bots seem to refuse to pick up this weapon, which can 
really hurt at the tank encounter soon afterwards.

On more beams farther along the right edge of the path should be a pipe 
leading to a COMBAT SHOTGUN - get the bots to pick this up, assuming they 
ignored the AK-47. Keep hugging the right edge to eventually arrive at a 
raised RESCUE CLOSET beside a bench and a bin. Continue along the edge and you 
will arrive at another RESCUE CLOSET, behind which is a gate leading onto a 
CAROUSEL. This is your next destination, but you will want to be in peak 
condition before going in there, so continue along the right edge instead, for 

Continuing round you can find a SNIPER RIFLE on a long pipe running along the 
edge, next to a dead-end on the path. Turn back the other way and keep the 
fence on your right to reach the Magic Shop, which has an AMMO BOX in the 
front window. Not only that, but you can jump through the window (shoot the 
menus to make space) to reach four HEALTH KITS and some LASER SIGHTS! 
Definitely wait on the next horde at this spot and heal up.

Once you're ready, make your way to the nearest RESCUE CLOSET (hug the left 
edge after jumping through the Magic Shop window) and go through the gate 
behind it, onto the CAROUSEL. The tank behind the central pillar will spawn 
and attack once everyone is inside with him, so it's best to snipe out any 
common infected on the CAROUSEL before entering. Note that the gates will 
close behind you and remain locked, even after you kill the tank, so collect 
any supplies before reaching this point.

Stay on the perimeter of the CAROUSEL to avoid being moved around by it, and 
use this part of the floor to stay out of the tank's way. It is best to try to 
bait the tank into attacking a target which requires him to move in an anti-
clockwise direction, because the carousel is moving clockwise - if done 
correctly the tank's walk speed will be cancelled out by the carousel and he 
will look like he's just walking on the spot, unable to reach his target. 
Whatever happens, your AK-47 and your bots' shotguns should make quick work of 
him, and when he's dead move through the other gate and make your way to the 
SAFE ROOM. Don't hang around too long - once again, infected can spawn in the 
safe room suddenly and in numbers.

NOTE: As with some other chapters in this campaign, speedrunning this one 
(without using the bug) is not practical because of the ladder of death at the 
start and the tank room at the end. Moving through it quickly and reviving 
bots at the two RESCUE CLOSETS can work out really well, however, since you 
can then run to the Magic Shop and stock up on health and laser sights before 
the tank, very well prepared for the next chapter.

Optimal Campaign Inventory: AK-47 (Laser Sights), Katana, Bile Jar, Health 
Kit, Adrenaline


	HORDES: Min 0, Max 0

The M60 which sometimes spawns in the starting room is only really useful 
against the two tanks you'll be meeting, but, as you will see, it's not 
necessary for taking them down. Open the only door that opens to find a SNIPER 
RIFLE - to be ignored if you still have your AK - and from here you can 
continue along and down the only path until you reach a huge ladder. Assuming 
you have shot all the infected out of the way, get down this ladder as quickly 
as you can and then run away from it and into the next hallway: you should 
know why by now, and you really want your team-mates at green health levels 
when beginning a chapter which hides most of its health packs until the very 

There is a COMBAT SHOTGUN behind the white door directly ahead of you (the one 
to the left of the Phaleg door), but note it can only be picked up once. Back 
in the main hallway, run through the last door on the right and make your way 
downstairs and into a small room containing a KNIFE - "A knife...for what?" - 
on a table. Now go back up to where you entered the hallway after the ladder 
and find the door which leads to the KEY stuck in the pipe." Use the KNIFE on 
the pipe to release the KEY and to learn that it is the "Key of Ophiel", which 
can be used on the Ophiel door in the hallway.

BUG: Sometimes the Ophiel door just looks like a blank, brown door with no 
words on it - it's the one next to the staircase you went down.

The only brown door on the left wall beyond the Ophiel door is a room 
containing the STONE OF TIME, a green square you need to collect. This 
requires that you complete a puzzle...

BUG: This is perhaps meant to be some elaborate numbers game involving 
inputting the correct code, with a clue on the wall at the end of hallway. 
Unfortunately - or fortunately - you can collect the STONE by just mashing E 
on the three 6-4-8 sequences around it. Once each of the nine buttons has been 
pressed in the STONE can be collected.

Also, sometimes the STONE will be invisible when you first enter the room. 
Just complete the 'puzzle' as usual and mash E on the STONE's location when 
you're done - if the Hagith clock opens later you'll know you collected the 

The only other thing to be done around here is to shoot each of the three 
PANELS around the single door in the corner - ALERT / ALTER / ALARM - it 
doesn't matter in what order. You can also melee or right-click on them to 
make them move, and once they've all moved you can open the door which leads 
to the AMULET OF SOLOMON at the back, just after the LASER SIGHTS. You will 
need the AMULET later, but for now you'll be wanting to place the STONE OF 
TIME you collected - do this by making your way through the rooms next to the 
Door of Phaleg, past the COMBAT SHOTGUN, finally arriving in a familiar 
looking room at the end, where you should find a MACHETE. 

NOTE: Unless you happen to get the Arena finale, this is your last chance to 
collect a melee weapon. Melee is very useful in at least two of the possible 
finales, so consider grabbing it while you can.

If you have the STONE it will be placed on the clock as you pass, smashing the 
glass and letting you pick up the KEY OF HAGITH inside.

NOTE: Don't hang around in this room. Most of the hordes (and often specials) 
who spawn in this chapter do so here, and you can suddenly find yourself 
surrounded with no warning.

Get to the double doors of Hagith, and as you approach the elevator doors 
inside they open to reveal two trapped tanks. You can stay here and shoot them 
down at length if you like - you can also run past them, but your bots might 
not be so careful and they can be incapacitated. The tanks will eventually die 
anyway, possibly from punching each other to death. Either way, go up to the 
top floor and into the room on the left (the witch won't hurt you as you pass) 
to find the BIRDCASE KEY. The room opposite contains a HEALTH KIT, but it will 
only open after you have attacked the painting on the right, behind the 
torches (the torch should light once you do so).

There are also doors midway up the ramps, leading through to another set of 
hallways. The last door on the left in the first hallway contains a HEALTH 
KIT, an AMMO BOX and the RING OF CONTRACT, which you should be sure to pick 
up. The only thing of note in the next hallway is the RESCUE CLOSET on the 
right, with the HEALTH KIT inside.

Make your way back to the hallway at the bottom of the ladder, into the room 
with the BIRDCASE. Use the BIRDCASE KEY on it to open it and grab the KEY OF 
PHALEG, refreshing your ammo from the nearby AMMO BOX.

We're nearly done, so go through the Phaleg door and into a long hallway. The 
first door on your left contains a HEALTH KIT; and the door opposite holds 
some sort of cabinet. Try to collect the DAGGER attached to the front and the 
tentacle monster lunges at you, doing big damage. To prevent this, and to 
collect the DAGGER, you need to place the RING OF CONTRACT between the two 
chains, locking the doors. The room next door contains a RESCUE CLOSET and the 
KEY OF BETHOR, which you need to unlock the door at the end of the hallway, on 
the left; it also unlocks the brown door opposite the room which held the 
DAGGER - in that generator room should be four HEALTH ITEMS, a TACTICAL 
SHOTGUN, an ASSAULT RIFLE and a SNIPER RIFLE. Each of the four finale levels 
contains an infinite AK-47, so none of these weapons are needed.

Beyond the door at the end of the hallway is another door which requires the 
DAGGER and the AMULET to have been collected - whichever of these two items 
you have will appear on the door, and when both are in your inventory the door 
will open.

This last area changes to offer one of four possible final chapters, chosen at 

Motel Ending - A UFO with a cow floating underneath it; the SAFE ROOM 
resembles the Motel from chapter 9
Arena Ending - A bridge set in the floor, in the shape of a crucifix, with a 
yellow symbol in the centre; once you enter the SAFE ROOM you can't leave it
Street Ending - A shallow pit in the floor with a dark grey strip in the 
Alley Ending - A shallow pit in the floor with a miniature road in the centre

NOTE: If you don't like the ending you're being offered you can try again for 
a different outcome - of course, this does mean killing yourself and redoing 
the entire chapter.


	SPEEDRUN: (~ 5:00)

Run to the KNIFE
Collect the KEY OF OPHIEL
Collect the KEY OF HAGITH
Collect the RING OF PHALEG
Place the RING OF CONTRACT and collect the DAGGER
Collect the KEY OF BETHOR
Run to the SAFE ROOM


Optimal Campaign Inventory: AK-47 (Laser Sights), Katana, Bile Jar, Health 
Kit, Adrenaline



The Motel garage is now fully open and the car is gone. Inside are the 
following supplies:


Also, some combination of the following:


The LASER SIGHTS can be found in one of the Motel rooms. Three of the four 
ladders can be climbed to the roof; and the ladder nearest the Garage also 
leads to another ladder which can take you to the higher roof, a good camping 

NOTE: The high roof is a great camping spot for you, but not your bots. They 
will either fail to climb the second ladder, or they will fall off the roof 
having climbed it. It is best to just drop the gas cans in the car park and 
keep an eye on your grounded bots from above, with your laser-sighted AK-47. 
If you do need another throwable item you can quickly drop to the garage and 
resupply, then get back to the roof.

When you're ready for the horde, press E on the COW in the centre of the car 
park and get to your campsite quickly. The COW will be beamed upwards, into 
the UFO overhead, and the horde will attack. After a few rounds, as well as at 
least one tank, the UFO will reappear above the high roof; and within thirty 
seconds any survivors directly underneath it will be beamed inside, 
representing an ESCAPE. And with that the campaign is complete!




Move along the paths to find a TACTICAL SHOTGUN, AK-47, SNIPER RIFLE, KATANA 
and PILLS. At some point while exploring this first area you might get 
suddenly teleported, either to the end or back to the start. This only seems 
to happen once and doesn't really do anything significant.

Once you're fully equipped (make sure each of your bots has an AK-47), 
approach the bars with your team to teleport to the far side, the main arena. 
All survivors and hostiles in this area will continuously blink in and out of 
visibility, so be careful as you move around. There are four HEALTH KITS here, 
one at each corner of the arena, and there are (fake) PILLS by the central 
fence. The high fence at the back has a green BARRIER in the middle, which 
neither you nor the infected can pass through. This is the exit, but it will 
only open after you have dealt with a few hordes and a couple of tanks.

The finale event is triggered by attempting to pick up the pills by the fence 
- they will disappear and the infected will swarm in, including waves of 
specials. Getting separated in this area pretty much means death, since it's 
so hard even to see any specials pinning your team-mates. Camping by one of 
the corners is a terrible idea, almost entirely because of chargers.

BUG: If you insanely choose to camp by the entrance bars, be aware that your 
bots can teleport back through the bars accidentally, and if they are then 
incapacitated you won't be able to help them. Also, this spot is where many of 
the infected come from, and yet it's impossible to effectively bottleneck 
them. Stay away from this spot during the fight.

Your best bet is to camp by the fence: its protection is the best this area 
has to offer, and from here no-one will get swept off the edge by a charger. 
Move to the opposite side of the fence from the symbol, putting your back to 
it, with the three bots arranged in front of you as a shield. This will 
increase the distance the infected have to run to reach you, and therefore the 
time your team has to shoot them down. Be ready to chop down any infected who 
begin to surround your team-mates, but also be ready to bring out your AK-47 
to quickly get rid of any specials, especially smokers and chargers who can 
easily split up the team.

Camping on this side of the fence will also give you more time to prepare for 
the approach of the tank. Your bots should still be able to see the tank, even 
with the invisibility, so use their shots as an indicator of where to shoot. 
Use the fence to block the tanks' throws, moving around it to reposition and 
block its path towards you. If you happened to bring a bile jar or a molotov 
to this chapter, make sure you hit one of the tanks with it, as either will 
nullify the invisibility.

Once the second tank is dead you should hang around the green BARRIER and get 
ready for it to open. Once it does just run through in a straight line. You 
will arrive at the ESCAPE fence and the screen will fade to white, completing 
the campaign!



In this first area you can find a COMBAT SHOTGUN, three PILLS and an 
ADRENALINE SHOT (try to grab the adrenaline before your bots get it, it will 
help you later on). Follow the path through a Greatest Hits package of the 
previous chapters, until you pass through a door and into the street. This 
place is lined with fences, creating a linear path to the ESCAPE. There is a 
gate directly in front of you: once everyone is through the door of the house 
a horde will attack and the gate will open after a short time. Collect the 
MOLOTOV and the HEALTH KIT before heading along the path.

NOTE: Each gate in this chapter opens when you hear the sound of the fence 
rattling, but a gate won't open if someone is standing on the bottom of it - 
move off it to let it open, and don't let anyone get incapacitated while 
standing against the gate.

If you didn't bring a melee weapon with you, fighting off the hordes in these 
passages can be a chore. Just stick with your primary weapon to keep them off 
you. You will end up at another area in front of two houses, and here you can 
find an AK-47, a HEALTH KIT, PILLS and two MOLOTOVS. A tank should show up 
soon, if it hasn't already, so throw a molotov and keep clear of him until you 
can take him down - keep in mind you can retreat back along the path as far as 
the starting area, although this is pretty drastic.

Try to get your bots to collect the AK-47 before the next gate opens, and make 
sure you take another molotov with you. The path leads to another fenced area, 
with more tank battles. If you use your current molotov on the first tank, you 
can head back to pick up the other one. There's two HEALTH KITS and a 
DEFIBRILLATOR to be found, and after another tank battle the final gate will 
open, allowing you to pass into the open street, which contains PILLS (on the 
yellow hydrant) and a MOLOTOV (in a corner on the right of the street). You 
might not need either, though; just run directly ahead, along the bridge and 
through the door. 

Keep running until you reach the ESCAPE - it just needs one person reaching it 
in order for it to trigger, winning you the campaign!


	DIFFICULTY: Very easy

There is only one way you can possibly go once you've grabbed the AK-47, so 
cut your way through the infected you find until you teleport to the alleyway 
from the first chapter, and into daylight. From here just head along the 
streets and approach the parked car to ESCAPE, completing the campaign!


Version 1.0 - N/A


Version 1.0 - Published December 2016


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