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    Infected FAQ by adam3k3

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                  Title:    Left 4 Dead 2
                  System:   PC and Xbox 360
                  Type:     Infected FAQ
                  Version:  1.5
                  Author:   Adam3k3
                  Email:    adam3k3@gmail.com  
                  Revision: January 11, 2016
                    FAQ Copyright (c) 2016 Adam Cooper
             For contact details, please see Contacts section.
    Table of Contents
    1. About this Guide......................................[100]
     1-1. Availability...................................[110]
     2-1. Copyright and License..........................[120]
     3-1. Version History................................[130]
    2. FAQ Explained.........................................[200]
    3. Infected..............................................[300]
     1-3. Common Infected................................[301]
     2-3. Uncommon Infected..............................[302]
     3-3. Boomer.........................................[303]
     4-3. Hunter.........................................[304]
     5-3. Smoker.........................................[305]
     6-3. Charger........................................[306]
     7-3. Jockey.........................................[307]
     8-3. Spitter........................................[308]
     9-3. Tank...........................................[309]
    10-3. Witch..........................................[310]
    4. Closing...............................................[400]
     1-4. Contacts.......................................[410] 
     2-4. Special Thanks.................................[420]
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    100: About this Guide  \
    '-- 110: Availability --------------------------------------------------------'
    The Latest version of this FAQ and all of my work is always available on 
    [1] http://www.gamefaqs.com/users/Adam3k3/contributions/faqs
    '-- 120: Copyright and License -----------------------------------------------'
    This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2016 Adam Cooper, and released under the terms of
    the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial, No Derivatives License.
    This License enables you to distribute this FAQ provided it remains in 
    its full form, unchanged and full credit is given. Publishing it under 
    your name on websites or otherwise is prohibiting. You may not use this 
    work for commercial purposes. For any reuse or distribution, you must make 
    clear to others the license terms of this work along with the notice in the 
    availability section.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    [3] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0
    '-- 140: Version History -----------------------------------------------------'
    Version 1.5 January 11, 2016
    . Updated FAQ to my new Format
    . Added more in-depth information
    . Corrected grammar and spelling mistakes
    Version 1.00 June 16th, 2015.
    . FAQ complete.
    200: FAQ Explained             \
    Welcome to my Left 4 Dead 2 infected FAQ. I will be covering infected found
    in this game will tips and strategies.
    300: Infected          \
    Infected are the main enemies in Left 4 Dead games. There are two types of
    infected; Common and special.
    The Common infected are basically zombies that can run and climb fences.
    Found mostly standing until noticing you. You can dispatch of them very
    quickly with a standard gun and melee weapons provided you don't get
    surrounded as they can deal greater damage when in groups. Once a panic
    event starts, they will spawn and run toward you creating a more tense
    situation. This can lead to special infected attack while you're busy
    with the common ones making it very difficult to concentrate or defend
    your position.
    Moving to a safer position is recommended once the panic event kicks in.
    Holding out in a narrow path is not recommended as special infect can and
    will use this opportunity to have you cornered and easily killed.
    Throwing a pipe boom or Molotov will often distract the horde enough for
    you to get away or kill the special infected making it easier to deal with
    the remaining commons. Throwing a boomer puke will divert the horde for a
    short time but won't kill them so use it wisely making sure not to throw it
    near you.
    Special infected are tougher and smarter type of infected with special
    abilities making them more dangerous than the common infected. Depending
    on the infect, each type has its own advantages and weakness. Dealing with
    these guys should be done using the main weapons such as rifles and shotguns.
    Melle is not recommended unless you have no other choice.
    They also spawn in a much less percentage than the common infected and make
    sounds once they do so pay attention.
    '-- 301: Common Infected -----------------------------------------------------'
    These guys travel in groups and can be dangerous when attacking in a huge
    number in panic events. Individually, can easily be taken down with the
    default handgun and one hit of any melee weapon.
    The danger comes in when you are low on health and gets attacked from all
    directions making it very hard to get away especially if they accompany a
    special infected.
    The best way to deal with a situation like that is to push them aside while
    your team members help with gunning the rest down. A pipe bomb can also be
    useful although not everyone will follow it if they are attacking you.
    Clear the horde from a destines or run past them if presented the chance.
    Make sure not to leave a huge crowd chasing you from behind. You can also
    hide in a room or a narrow path, forcing the horde into a bottleneck to
    easily dispose of them.
    '-- 302: Uncommon Infected ---------------------------------------------------'
    Same as the guys above, but map specific and with little extra abilities.
    Although not as dangerous as the Special Infected, these guys still pose
    an extra threat that should be taken seriously.
    . Hazmat Suit Infected
    This uncommon infected appears in Dead Center map while dropping Bile bombs
    upon death. Not much can be said except that fire won’t him. Other than that,
    it’s a normal infected with little extra health.
    . Clown Infected
    Found in Dark Carnival map, this clown lures nearby infected to follow him
    toward you. Easy to kill while making funny sounds if hit with a melee weapon.
    Try to deal with him from a destines to avoid gatherings.
    . Mud Men
    Covered with mud, this fast infected can be found in the Swamp Fever map. He
    is very fast and sometimes can be hard to spot due to the mud. He also moves
    faster in water. Your vision will be less blurred once you get hit so deal
    with him before he approaches.
    . Worker Infected
    Found in the Hard Rain map, the Worker Infected is immune to pipe bombs and
    is harder to kill with melee weapons. Easy to spot in the rain.
    . Riot Cop
    This is the most annoying uncommon infected in the whole game. Why? Can only
    be killed from behind with very little chance from the front. This can create
    a serious problem with him constantly attacking you along with other infected.
    The best way to deal with him is to keep pushing him backwards while dealing
    with the rest. Once everyone is down, go behind him and blast away.
    . Fallen Survivor
    The least dangerous infected in the whole game. Has high health and a helmet
    but apart from that he just runs away if shot from far away. He will attack
    in close destinies then run.
    Try to chase him and put him down to get randomly dropped goodies. Be careful
    not to chase him far from the group into a trap.
    Appears only in The Passing map.
    . Jimmy Gibbs Junior
    The Man himself. Jimmy Gibbs Junior has the chance of appearing 5% in the
    last part of Dead Center. Immune to fire and pipe bombs, this high health
    infected attacks you normally. The best way to deal with him is to headshots
    and melee attacks.
    '-- 303: Boomer --------------------------------------------------------------'
    This fat and loud special infected has all the disadvantages that push
    players away when attacking alone, with the help of infected, he is much
    more dangerous.
    The main attack is to vomit on survivors making them semi-blind and a target
    to common infected nearby. This attack is dangerous as all the nearby common
    infected will attack him/her from all directions making this a perfect
    opportunity for a second attack by another special infected.
    The other attack is the explosion. Once hit enough times you explode on the
    nearby survivors. Stay away when firing to avoid being splashed on. If you
    are playing as the Boomer, drop down on survivors from high places and attack.
    . Strategy
    Stay out of sight as much as possible. Showing yourself or alerting the
    survivors of your presence by being seen or heard will give away your
    location and make the survivors more careful Stay on top of buildings
    and carefully follow the survivors as they move. Don't just vomit any
    chance you get, instead, wait for them to get attacked by the horde or
    other special infect then vomit ensuring that they will have a harder
    time getting away resulting in more damage or even getting someone down.
    Another trick is jumping down on top of the survivors while the action is
    hot. They will get confused and someone will most likely shot you resulting
    in vomit on top of them all. Another got strategy is to vomit on a survivor
    captured by smoker pinned by the hunter.
    '-- 304: Hunter --------------------------------------------------------------'
    The star of the Special infected. This one can pounce on survivors and won’t
    leave its target once a successful pin is locked unless killed or pushed. He
    is silent on his feet, but growls once crouched preparing to attack. 
    He can also jump from wall to wall and land little extra damage once pounced
    from a high place. Push him back once he pounces and blast him.
    Don’t give him a chance to escape once pushed.
    . Strategy
    The Hunter can pounce from anywhere including rooftops for higher damage.
    Pouncing on a target in the middle of-of survivors with no other infected
    around will result in you dying fast. Instead, wait for one of the survivors
    to fall behind or when other infected are around giving you more change and
    time to perform a kill. Use your jump to get away once spotted and don't
    crouch as doing so will make the hunter rawr giving away your location.
    Pouncing a blinded survivor is also a good idea as he won't  clearly see your
    attack thus a less chance of you being pushed away by a melee attack.
    '-- 305: Smoker --------------------------------------------------------------'
    The smoker makes coughing noises indicating that he is around. He will try
    to pull you with his tongue from a distance. Once you are captured, you have
    a very short time to fight back and kill him before being pulled.
    The danger comes when you are being pulled from a building or into a crowd
    of infected making it harder for other survivors to break you free. Once the
    tongue is cut, the smoker gets paralyzed for a few seconds giving you a good
    chance to end him.
    Upon death, the smoker releases a black smoke for a few seconds making it hard
    to see.
    . Strategy
    Using the long tongue of the smoker, pull a survivor once he is little
    further from a group or even better, off the edge from above or bellow.
    Once the common infect start to attack, use this chance to pull someone
    and possible down him with the help of another infected. Once your tongue 
    breaks, hide away until you can pull again. Be careful as the sounds you make
    will give away your location so stay hidden and out of sight.
    '-- 306: Charger -------------------------------------------------------------'
    One of the dangerous specials. His main attack is running toward the
    survivors knocking them out while grabbing one and running until a
    wall. After that, he will continue beating him until killed. 
    This presents a huge problem as he can knock survivors off ledges and
    buildings by grabbing one and falling to his death like in the first
    part of Dead Center. His second attack deals less damage but still powerful,
    punching. Avoid him once spotted as he makes a loud noise before attacking.
    . Strategy
    Wait for the opportunity to grab a survivor with an open area for you to run.
    Better yet, wait in a close hall and perform your run attack knocking all the
    survivors while grabbing your target. Your normal punching attack is also a
    powerful damage dealer once you're surrounded and you can perform the rtuning
    attack. Be careful not to attack the pinned or grabbed survive as it will
    cancel the grab, instead attack another open one insuring that fewer survivors
    are available to help the grabbed ones.
    '-- 307: Jockey --------------------------------------------------------------'
    The jockey is a trick pony. He doesn’t inflict allot of damage, but can
    be used to put its target in dangerous situations. His attack is riding
    a survivor in any direction he pleases, including dropping them off the edges.
    You can resist, but that won’t do much good as he will be controlling 95%
    of your moment. Use him well by riding a survivor into infected or witches.
    . Strategy
    Grabbing a survivor among the chaos is your best shot. Other than that,
    you will quickly be killed as your health is very low from the get go.
    Wait for other infected to attack then bounce. Try dropping your target
    off an edge or cliff for maximum results.
    '-- 308: Spitter -------------------------------------------------------------'
    Very useful and dangerous special infected.  The Spitter spits acid that
    will deal a lot of damage quickly as long as the target is standing in it.
    Combined with another special infected attack, this will create a serious
    situation and will most likely finish off the target. 
    For example, once the hunter is locked on a survivor, spit on them to deal
    twice as damage with both you and the Hunter attacking at the same time.
    Works with a smoker’s attack as well.
    Upon her death, the Spitter leaves a poodle of acid for a short time. She is
    also paralyzed for a second or two after spitting. Low health is her weakness.
    . Strategy
    The spit attack deals allot of damage and stays on the ground for a
    considerable amount of time so time your attack right. Spitting o the
    survivors while they are moving is foolish as they will jump over and
    continue moving. Instead, try to trap the survivors in a tight spot or
    when attacked by other special infected. A good example would be when
    a survivor is grabbed by a smoker or pinned down by a Hunter. Use the
    rooftops to stay hidden as your health is ver low. Once killed, you
    will leave an acid pool for a few seconds so that's another obstacle
    for survivors when trapped.
    Spitting in an elivator or tight walkways is recomended.
    '-- 309: Tank ----------------------------------------------------------------'
    Tank is the strongest and scariest of them all. Considered the boss in
    Left 4 Dead, Tank can punch a survivor sending him flying. His second
    attack is throwing rocks. 
    Both of his attacks deal great amount of damage but that’s not all, punching
    movable objects such as cars can send them toward you and if hit you will be
    downed instantly and even dying on expert difficulty.
    You can attempt to run away if your health is 40% and above but even then it’s
    not a safe method as other special infected will catch you.
    The best way to kill a Tank is to set him on fire with a Molotov and blast
    him while running away. It will take the fire approximately 40 seconds to
    full kill a Tank but that’s allot of time in action.
    You will need to constantly follow the survivors and be close enough when
    playing as the Tank, otherwise you will lose control. The problem is, you
    will sometimes spawn faraway with little to no time in catching up.
    . Strategy
    Concentrate on one target at a time instead of chasing all the survivers.
    One of the them will likely set you on fire so you have limited time to
    deal as much damage as possible. Punching cars will send them tight at
    the survivers with a one hit ko so use them when available. The rock throw
    attack is not recommended in open areas as it takes time and the survivors
    will likely dodge it. Punch a survivor and finish him off before moving to
    another target.
    '-- 310: Witch ---------------------------------------------------------------'
    There are two types of witches found in Left 4 Dead 2:
    . Crying Witch
    The crying witch is a non-playable AI controlled Special Infected. She will
    be randomly spawned sometimes in questionable situations like in front of a
    door that you must go through. She is startled by getting near her, attacking
    her or shine your flashlight on her.
    Once startled, she will chase the survivor who did it and will attack
    him downing him on any pre-expert difficulty while instantly killing 
    you otherwise. Walk slowly around her with your flash light turned off.
    If you must, shot her once and run away while your team is firing at her.
    This will give your team a chance to kill her while she is chasing you. Be
    careful, she is fast.
    . Wondering Witch
    Wondering Witch as the name suggest is the same witch but in a daytime
    and she is moving! She will wonder around randomly especially in Hard Rain.
    She is less dangerous as she will move around giving you enough room to
    navigate around. She can’t be startled as easily as the crying witch as well.
    Once attacking, same applies as the crying witch.
    400: Closing           \
    '-- 410: Contacts ------------------------------------------------------------'
    I may be contacted any time via my email, Twitter or Blog. Just make 
    sure to properly mention the subject. I welcome questions, contributions, 
    corrections, requests or anything else.
    E-mail: adam3k3@gmail.com
    Twitter: @Adam3k3
    Website: http://adam3k3.com
    YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Adam3k3
    '-- 420: Special Thanks ------------------------------------------------------'
    . http://left4dead.wikia.com for some info.
    . All websites that are hosting my FAQs.
    . You for reading this FAQ.
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