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Game Script by oblivion from aoc

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/01/2009

Left 4 Dead 2 (PC)
English Game Script
Valve Corporation
Extracted by oblivion from aoc
oblivion_ee hotmail.com
Version 1.1 | 1 December 2009

This is a list of all 8,400+ separate phrases each of the characters ever say
in the game, it was extracted from the files located inside the 'resource'
directory of the game. These files are used by the game to display subtitles.

The formatting process involved removing the code, the developers commentary,
then organising it alphabetically, removing the duplicates. The the text was
also wrapped to 79 characters per line.

As this is essentially the script of the game, the copyright holder is Valve
Corporation, whilst this particular version was extracted, formatted and
presented by me. So distribution of this file is permitted, as long as this
introduction text is left intact and unchanged.

(Version. 1.1 Add Dev Commentary + fixed orphaned text/formatting.)

Use CTRL+F to find your desired quote or browse through it manually.

Characters phrases included in this document include:

 Coach voiced by Chad L. Coleman
 Ellis voiced by Eric Ladin
 Nick voiced by Hugh Dillon
 Rochelle voiced by Rochelle Aytes
 Soldier 1
 Soldier 2
 Strongman Game

Additional Voices: Dayton Callie, Randall Newsome and David Scully.

(From credits of game)


Chopper Pilot: Everybody in the chopper!
Chopper Pilot: Everyone in the chopper!
Chopper Pilot: Get in here!
Chopper Pilot: Get into the chopper!
Chopper Pilot: Get to the chopper!
Chopper Pilot: Let's go! Everybody to the chopper!
Chopper Pilot: Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Chopper Pilot: To the chopper!
Chopper Pilot: We're taking off!
Coach: "Encountered"? Boy, I am covered in zombie blood and puke and eyeballs
and twenty other parts I don't even recognize. We are immune as SHIT.
Coach: "Encountered"? Boy, I am covered in zombie blood, puke, eyeballs and
twenty other parts I don't even recognize. We are immune as SHIT.
Coach: ...poor food court never stood a chance...
Coach: [Ahhhh!]
Coach: [being shocked]
Coach: [Choking]
Coach: [Coughing from smoke]
Coach: [Frustrated sound]
Coach: [gasp for breath]
Coach: [groan]
Coach: [Laughter]
Coach: [singing] ...Every lady's crazy when her daddy's not around...
Coach: [singing] ...Gotta reach for the top, stay on that mountainnnn...
Coach: Aahhh...
Coach: About time a store gives a man a haircut while he buys himself some
Coach: Activate it!
Coach: Adrenaline shot here!
Coach: Agggh damn it! You're SHOCKIN' me!
Coach: Aggghh! The TANK!
Coach: Agh!
Coach: Agh, that thing's on me!
Coach: Ah hell no! Do not shoot me.
Coach: Ah hell, I'm sorry. Ain't used to all this shootin and runnin' around.
Coach: Ah hell, I'm sorry. Ain't used to all this shootin and runnin' around.
At least not the runnin' around.
Coach: Ah hell, those lights are an amusement park!
Coach: Ah hell. Gonna set some things right with this shit.
Coach: Ah shit, this ain't gonna be good.
Coach: Ah yeah. Cotton Candy. The wise pharaoh of food. Sittin' atop the food
pyramid, passin' judgment on all lesser foods.
Coach: Ahh damn it, I can't take losing anymore people.
Coach: Ahh damn, the merry-go-round started!
Coach: Ahh shit, I'm down!
Coach: Ahh shit, need a hand.
Coach: Ahh what the heck is that?!
Coach: Ahh, baby girl, goodbye.
Coach: Ahh, baby girl, mmm.
Coach: Ahh, damn it now.
Coach: Ahh, damn it.
Coach: Ahhh hell no, boy.
Coach: Ahhh nooooo.
Coach: Ahhh, hell no, boy, don't you be shootin' me.
Coach: Ahhh, I've had worse landings. Actually, that's a lie to spare your
feelings. That crash was pretty bad.
Coach: Ahhhhhhh.
Coach: Ain't been called nothin' but Coach for a long time.
Coach: Ain't gonna be nothing left of me.
Coach: Ain't gonna happen.
Coach: Ain't got time for this shit, get in here.
Coach: Ain't no one else but you and me left.
Coach: Ain't no shame in gettin' some help.
Coach: Ain't no way to drive around this mess, let's walk it.
Coach: Ain't none of my business what y'all doin' out there. But get me when
you're done.
Coach: Ain't nothin'.
Coach: Ain't used to this.
Coach: Alarms everywhere, people. Watch yourselves!
Coach: Alarm's gonna sound when we open the door.
Coach: All good now.
Coach: All I smell is ribs.
Coach: All right
Coach: All right Ellis, come on now, get yourself right.
Coach: All right now, let's blow some shit up.
Coach: All right now, mm-hm. This is gonna work.
Coach: All right now, they comin'.
Coach: All right now, this is gonna blow some shit up.
Coach: All right now, we're back in business.
Coach: All right now, yeah! You got it, boy!
Coach: All right now, you done good,.
Coach: All right people, let's get it on.
Coach: All right people, let's get to that bridge.
Coach: All right! Good effort.
Coach: All right! Way to go! Way to go!
Coach: All right, all right! Way to put it all out there!
Coach: All right, all right, gotta keep movin'.
Coach: All right, all right. Not bad, not bad.
Coach: All right, enough chat. Get ready.
Coach: All right, everybody, you are giving 110%.
Coach: All right, girl.
Coach: All right, good.
Coach: All right, guns!
Coach: All right, halfway there!
Coach: All right, hang on, this might sting a bit.
Coach: All right, Hunter.
Coach: All right, I got the crazy man's cola! Let's go!
Coach: All right, I'm with ya.
Coach: All right, let's do this together.
Coach: All right, let's finish what we started.
Coach: All right, let's get back on foot.
Coach: All right, let's get it on.
Coach: All right, let's go.
Coach: All right, let's hustle, people. Storms come up quick around here.
Coach: All right, let's put on our game faces, they're comin!
Coach: All right, let's roll.
Coach: All right, Midnight Riders!
Coach: All right, military's still here!
Coach: All right, now I understand why you would jump out of a plane.
Coach: All right, people, you best hop to it.
Coach: All right, people. Everybody got a can?
Coach: All right, quit whinin'. We just gotta hike to this Duke-atel diesel.
Coach: All right, SHIT...I'M GONNA FALL!
Coach: All right, so...Getting' evac'd ain't happening. Anybody got an idea,
now's the time.
Coach: All right, sweety.
Coach: All right, take the off ramp.
Coach: All right, thanks.
Coach: All right, that hit the spot.
Coach: All right, that'll keep me tight.
Coach: All right, then, let's follow it!
Coach: All right, this is gonna open the gate and what the hell else?
Coach: All right, this just makes me sad.
Coach: All right, way to go, way to go.
Coach: All right, you doin' good.
Coach: All right, you MENTIONED pancakes, but it wasn't really ABOUT them, was
Coach: All right. Now I am ready.
Coach: All right. Shit. Nobody panic. We gonna head down and find another way
up onto the bridge.
Coach: All right. We all right, y'all. We made it.
Coach: All right. We're all here!
Coach: All right. You beat their ass good.
Coach: All that sugar... It's a damn shame.
Coach: All that sugar... it's a goddamn tragedy, is what it is.
Coach: All these pale-assed crazy ladies are gettin' on my last nerve.
Coach: All these signs are making me hungry.
Coach: Allrightallright. We gonna stroll across that bridge, and the army's
gonna take care of us.
Coach: Almost there!
Coach: Amen.
Coach: Ammo here!
Coach: Ammo up here!
Coach: An orange soda with no ice, and a...
Coach: And a large order of fries, and...
Coach: And what's your point?
Coach: And you?
Coach: Any crates around here?
Coach: Anyone check where we were before we went down?
Coach: Anyone home!
Coach: Anyone know what that is?
Coach: Anyone need some pills?
Coach: Anyone out there?
Coach: Anyone out there? I could use some help!
Coach: Anyone there!?
Coach: Anything in those houses?
Coach: Anytime, Ro.
Coach: Are you outta your mind shootin' at me?
Coach: Arm up. I don't have a good feeling about this.
Coach: Arm yourself.
Coach: Army abandoned this neighborhood.
Coach: Army equals lies. Huh.
Coach: AUGH!
Coach: Autoshottie is mine.
Coach: Avoid all contact with infected individuals.
Coach: Aw hell, I'm back here.
Coach: Aw hell. Looks like a bad storm's comin.
Coach: Aw shit. Witch! Witch! Witch!
Coach: Aw, heck, the rescue chopper's leavin'!
Coach: Awriiiight.
Coach: Baby, that is how that's DONE!
Coach: Back at 'em, Nick.
Coach: Back Back Back Back Back!
Coach: Back down the stairs!
Coach: Back here.
Coach: Back in the day, I had some posters that woulda looked GOOD in this
Coach: Back it up!
Coach: Back the way we came.
Coach: Back there.
Coach: Back to the boat, people.
Coach: Back up!
Coach: Back up, back up!
Coach: Back up, Back up.
Coach: Back up.
Coach: BackBackBack!
Coach: Barricade your homes.
Coach: Barrier's down! Let's move, baby!
Coach: Because if they DON'T, we gonna be stuck here forever, Nick.
Coach: Because nobody - and I mean NOBODY - has a bigger light show than the
Midnight Riders.
Coach: Because nobody - and I mean NOBODY - has a bigger pyrotechnics show than
the Midnight Riders.
Coach: Behind us!
Coach: Behind us.
Coach: Best backup singers you ever want to hear.
Coach: Best light show in the business, though.
Coach: Better not be any goddamn instant mud people, just add water.
Coach: Big arm!
Coach: Bitch on my ass!
Coach: Bitch!
Coach: Bitches every ten feet in this goddamn place.
Coach: Blocked down here.
Coach: Boat's almost here!
Coach: Boat's coming!
Coach: Boomer bile here!
Coach: BOOMER!
Coach: Boomer's sneakin 'round.
Coach: Bottle of... ugh... puke here.
Coach: Boy, I'm going to miss your goofy ass.
Coach: Boy, nobody's gonna burn up. We can get around the fire.
Coach: Boy, quit pointing that thing my way.
Coach: Boy, you ain't got any sense in that head, do you?
Coach: Boy, you are WEARIN' me out.
Coach: Boy.
Coach: Boyyy!
Coach: Bridge can't be too far now.
Coach: Bridge is down!
Coach: Bridge is down, let's go!
Coach: Bridge is out.
Coach: Bridge to the mall's blocked! We gotta find another way.
Coach: Bullshit.
Coach: Bunch a First Aid Kits up in here.
Coach: Bunch a First Aid Kits up in here. Ha ha!
Coach: Burger Tank to the rescue!
Coach: Burger Tank! Oh, we made it!
Coach: Burning goo!
Coach: Burning shit coming!
Coach: But the roads blocked now.
Coach: Bye, Ellis.
Coach: Bye, Nick.
Coach: Can always count on you, Ro.
Coach: Can anyone hear me?
Coach: Can y'all hear me? I'm trapped in here!
Coach: Can't go no faster.
Coach: Can't lie, been better.
Coach: Can't lose my favorite girl.
Coach: Can't lose you now, can we?
Coach: Can't see a goddamn thing.
Coach: Can't see two feet. Shit.
Coach: Can't y'all see this thing is beatin' the shit out of me!?
Coach: Careful lookin' for supplies, show respect.
Coach: Careful now...
Coach: Careful now... Boomer.
Coach: Caution.
Coach: CEDA's gotta be around here somewhere. Let's find this evac and get out
of here.
Coach: Chainsaw here.
Coach: Charger got me!
Coach: Charger is pounding me into the ground!
Coach: Charger! Shoot!
Coach: Check that room.
Coach: Check the rooms.
Coach: Check the rooms. Might be somethin' useful.
Coach: Check this shit out.
Coach: Chest paddles here.
Coach: Chicken ain't nothing but a bird.
Coach: Clear!
Coach: Close that bitch.
Coach: Close that door.
Coach: Close the door and let's get the gas.
Coach: Close the door and we can bust the cans outta this locker.
Coach: Close the door behind us.
Coach: Close the door.
Coach: CLOWNS!?
Coach: CLOWNS!? Give me a break.
Coach: Clowns?
Coach: C'mon, let's head through the park!
Coach: C'mon, this way!
Coach: Coach didn't do too bad for himself back in the day, Nick.
Coach: Coach.
Coach: Coach'll work.
Coach: Cola and nuts? Could go for some myself. Better not be diet cola.
Because that I will not do.
Coach: Come on Midnight Riders!
Coach: Come on now! Get ya ass up.
Coach: Come on now, ain't got time for this, get up.
Coach: Come on now, if I was having a cookout, I ain't invitin' CEDA either.
Coach: Come on now, put it all out there.
Coach: Come on now, put it behind ya, you good, you good.
Coach: Come on now, seriously.
Coach: Come on now, walk that shit off.
Coach: Come on now, what you goin' on about? You're gonna make it. Let's get
you up.
Coach: Come on now.
Coach: Come on people, let's do this before the storm hits.
Coach: Come on young'un, if I can do it, you can do it.
Coach: Come on!
Coach: Come on, Ellis. Ya got it in ya.
Coach: Come on, get into the Tunnel of Love.
Coach: Come on, girl, we ain't gonna leave you behind.
Coach: Come on, it's all you.
Coach: Come on, let's find a place to hide while this blows over.
Coach: Come on, man, don't shit yourself over this. You gonna be okay. Let me
get ya up.
Coach: Come on, people, come on, get in here!
Coach: Come on, people, get you asses in here!
Coach: Come on, people, let me out of here!
Coach: Come on, people, let's get with it.
Coach: Come on, pull it together, man. You can make it through this shit.
Coach: Come on, this way.
Coach: Come on, we gotta go.
Coach: Come on, y'all, I need to get out of here.
Coach: Come on, y'all, this way.
Coach: Come one now, keep it up, keep it up.
Coach: Come onnnn, come onnnnnn...
Coach: Come'on, y'all - none of that.
Coach: Coming through! Witch on my ass!
Coach: Contaminated area.
Coach: Contaminated.
Coach: Cool. Let's go get it.
Coach: Copter's working, let's go!
Coach: Cotton Candy. The king of foods.
Coach: Could use some help over here.
Coach: Cover me for a sec, I gotta heal.
Coach: Crazy legs!
Coach: Crazy sons of a bitches messed me up.
Coach: Crazy woman!
Coach: Cross here!
Coach: Crowbar.
Coach: Cue the finale!
Coach: Cut that shit out!
Coach: Damn it, I'm down.
Coach: Damn it, that hurt!
Coach: Damn it. They can't keep a candy machine filled up around here?
Coach: Damn right. Gonna take everything I can.
Coach: Damn Spitter got me.
Coach: Damn!
Coach: Damn! That one was close!
Coach: Damn, I am too old for this shit.
Coach: Damn, I'm all turned around now.
Coach: Damn, that was fun.
Coach: Damn, they beat ya ass good didn't they? I get ya up though.
Coach: Damn, they messed me up.
Coach: Damn, this shit hurts.
Coach: Damn, this shit looks dangerous.
Coach: Damn, this shit's messed up, you gonna hurt yourself hangin' there.
Coach: Damn. Baby, I should have tried to protect you more.
Coach: Damn. Ellis!
Coach: Damn. Good one.
Coach: Damn. I can't be all that's left.
Coach: Damn. I'm impressed.
Coach: Damn. It's really stormin' now.
Coach: Damn. Nick, this just got a whole lot harder.
Coach: Damn. Sweet Georgia Brown...
Coach: Damn. That ain't right.
Coach: Damn. They beat me good.
Coach: Damn. This here is all we got.
Coach: Damn. Where IS everybody?
Coach: Dang. Bitches must like sugar.
Coach: Dead!
Coach: Defib unit here.
Coach: Deploying fire bullets!
Coach: Deploying frag rounds!
Coach: Do I LOOK like a ten-foot-tall monster?
Coach: Do it!
Coach: Do not feed the gators.
Coach: Do that again and I'll come back on you.
Coach: Dollars to donuts, that chopper's headin' to the mall across town.
Coach: Don't be shooting me.
Coach: Don't jinx us, Nick.
Coach: Don't like bein' on the ground.
Coach: Don't mean to be pickin on ya, but y'all look like shit.
Coach: Don't mind if I do.
Coach: Don't shoot ME! Shoot the Tank!
Coach: Don't stand there, kill this thing!
Coach: Don't stop now, shoot it!
Coach: Don't stop running!
Coach: Don't take the Lord's name in vain.
Coach: Don't think we got much choice in the matter.
Coach: Don't worry, they're heading to the mall, we can catch them there.
Coach: Don't worry, we're stayin' put.
Coach: Don't you die on me...
Coach: Down and give me 20. Just foolin', let's get ya back up on your feet.
Coach: Down here!
Coach: Down here.
Coach: Down that alley!
Coach: Down that escalator!
Coach: Down that hole!
Coach: Down that ladder!
Coach: Down that offramp!
Coach: Down the tunnel.
Coach: Down this alley!
Coach: Down this elevator shaft!
Coach: Down this escalator!
Coach: Down this hole!
Coach: Down this ladder!
Coach: Down this offramp!
Coach: Down this street.
Coach: Easy, let me help ya up now, cause I ain't gonna go get your ass if you
Coach: Elephant ears... funnel cakes... corn dogs... Man, these signs are
bringin' back some memories.
Coach: Elevator's out!
Coach: Ellis
Coach: Ellis!
Coach: Ellis! I'll take that gun away from ya!
Coach: Ellis, damn it, you shot me!
Coach: Ellis, is that you? What the hell!?
Coach: Ellis, it's just a boat.
Coach: Ellis, nice shot.
Coach: Ellis, settle down, boy. Ya shot me.
Coach: Ellis, that was some good driving.
Coach: Ellis, time for you to heal, boy.
Coach: Ellis, you a crazy man.
Coach: Ellis, you are shooting me!
Coach: Ellis, you ready to rock?
Coach: Ellis.
Coach: Enh. Oh.
Coach: Enjoy those cola and nuts, man! Thanks for the guns!
Coach: Evac's that way!
Coach: Evac's this way!
Coach: Evac's up ahead!
Coach: Everybody calm down. I live around here, and that chopper looks like
it's headin' to the mall. It ain't far-I'll take you there.
Coach: Everybody go, go, go. Onto the monorail.
Coach: Everybody in the sewer.
Coach: Everybody into the elevator!
Coach: Everybody ready?
Coach: Everybody take it slow, now.
Coach: Everybody, gather 'round. Let's pray. Dear Lord. See us safely through
our time of trial in this mall. And please Lord... let the food court be okay.
Coach: Everybody? Keep ya shit tight.
Coach: Everyone geared up?
Coach: Everyone in the station!
Coach: Everyone just calls me Coach.
Coach: Everyone on the boat!
Coach: Everyone onto the boat!
Coach: Everyone ready for this shit?
Coach: Everyone to the chopper!
Coach: Everyone, grab some incendiary ammo!
Coach: Everything okay?
Coach: Excuse me, here ya go.
Coach: Excuse me, sweety.
Coach: Excuse me?
Coach: Excuse me? EXCUSE ME?!?!
Coach: Explosive rounds here!
Coach: Fat guy!
Coach: Fat thing!
Coach: Fillin' it up here!
Coach: Finale's on! Get ready to rock!
Coach: Finally a safe house!
Coach: Finally something that makes sense to me. A man and his snacks. We'll
hook ya up. Just don't forget to take care of us.
Coach: Fire bullets here!
Coach: Fire over here, too.
Coach: Fire up the sign!
Coach: First Aid here!
Coach: First Aid Kit here!
Coach: First Aid Kits over here.
Coach: First the plague, now the flood. I feel like I should be buildin' an
Coach: First the plague, now the flood. I think somebody's trying to tell us
Coach: First we do a quick check around for corn dogs.
Coach: First we do a quick check around for corn dogs. Nah, I'm just playin'.
Coach: First we look for supplies.
Coach: Flip the switch!!
Coach: Follow me.
Coach: Follow these lights!
Coach: For sure.
Coach: Forgive us, Jimmy, but we need your car.
Coach: Form orderly line.
Coach: Frag rounds here!
Coach: From the sounds of it, it's about to get a whole lot worse.
Coach: Gah, get this thing off my back!
Coach: Game on, baby!
Coach: Gas inside.
Coach: Gate's open!
Coach: Gate's open, let's go!
Coach: Gentlemen, we just lost the best thing in our little group.
Coach: Get in the elevator!
Coach: Get in the Tunnel of Love!
Coach: GET IN!
Coach: Get inside the gas station!
Coach: Get it off - ah - Get it off me!
Coach: GET IT OFF!
Coach: GET IT OFF.
Coach: Get on that chopper!
Coach: Get on the boat!
Coach: Get on the chopper!
Coach: Get out of the goo.
Coach: Get out of the way! Witch!
Coach: Get ready to rock, I'm gonna start the finale!
Coach: Get ready to run, I'm hittin' it.
Coach: Get ready to run.
Coach: Get ready, alarm is gonna sound.
Coach: Get ready, callin' the boat.
Coach: Get ready...
Coach: Get that bridge down.
Coach: Get this damn thing off!
Coach: Get to high ground!
Coach: Get up! Come on now. Get. Up!
Coach: Get ya ass over here and help me!
Coach: Get you asses in here right now!
Coach: Get you asses in here!
Coach: Get your ass in the Tunnel of Love!
Coach: Get your ass movin', Nick.
Coach: Get your ass up! Get up!
Coach: Get your asses on the boat!
Coach: Getting' back to the boat ain't gonna be as easy as gettin' here.
Coach: Gigantic thing!
Coach: Girl, I am NOT gonna let you die here.
Coach: Girl, time for you to heal up.
Coach: Girl, you gotta learn to shoot.
Coach: Girl, you in news - you make any sense of this?
Coach: Girl, you're electric.
Coach: Girl.
Coach: Girls got the right idea.
Coach: Give me a minute, gotta heal.
Coach: Go go go!
Coach: GO!
Coach: GO, ELLIS, GO!
Coach: Go, go, go!
Coach: God damn it!
Coach: God damn it, goo!
Coach: God damn it, I knew I shoulda lost some weight.
Coach: God damn it, quit fussin' and let me heal ya.
Coach: Goddamn grenade launcher.
Coach: Goddamn I miss Burger Tank.
Coach: Goddamn it, wha't with all these witches.
Coach: Goddamn right!
Coach: Goddamn this is slow going.
Coach: Goddamn!
Coach: Goin' as fast as I can.
Coach: Gonna go all akimbo and shit.
Coach: Gonna lay there all day?
Coach: Gonna scope some Smoker ass with this.
Coach: Gonna take the assault rifle.
Coach: Goo coming!
Coach: Good enough.
Coach: Good one!
Coach: Good question, where in the hell is CEDA? Cause I'd like to shoot some
of their asses.
Coach: Got a chainsaw.
Coach: Got a Charger 'round.
Coach: Got a defib unit.
Coach: Got a machete.
Coach: Got a paddle bat.
Coach: Got a pipe bomb here.
Coach: Got it!
Coach: Got some chest paddles.
Coach: Gotta agree with that.
Coach: Gotta agree. Let's follow them to the mall.
Coach: Gotta find some stairs.
Coach: Gotta keep movin'. Open the gate.
Coach: Gotta reload!
Coach: Grab the cola!
Coach: Grab whatever you can find to hit something with.
Coach: Grabbin' a bile jar!
Coach: Grabbin a pipe bomb.
Coach: Grabbin' a pipe bomb.
Coach: Grabbin' a shot!
Coach: Grabbin' cola!
Coach: Grabbin' fire bullets!
Coach: Grabbin' puke!
Coach: Grabbin' some frag rounds!
Coach: Grabbing a crowbar.
Coach: Grabbing a guitar.
Coach: Grabbing a machinegun.
Coach: Grabbing a Molotov.
Coach: Grabbing a nightstick.
Coach: Grabbing a shotgun.
Coach: Grabbing a sword.
Coach: Grabbing me a Molotov.
Coach: Grenade launcher up here.
Coach: Grenade launcher.
Coach: GRENADE! Comin' at ya!
Coach: Guess I'll take this here machine gun.
Coach: Guitar here.
Coach: Gun store's just down these stairs!
Coach: Guns!
Coach: Ha HA! All the way to New Orleans! Baby, that sounds like a PLAN.
Coach: Ha haaa, YES! WE GOT THAT DONE!
Coach: Ha, you know what? My bad.
Coach: Ha-HA! There's the mall!
Coach: Haha, paydirt!
Coach: Hang in there, I'm coming!
Coach: Hang on, hang on, I'm comin'!
Coach: Hang on, I'm comin'.
Coach: Haul ass and get gas!
Coach: Haul ASS!
Coach: Haul some ass, y'all.
Coach: Have it.
Coach: He came back, everyone to the boat!
Coach: Head down this way.
Coach: Head for the garage!
Coach: Head for the grain elevator!
Coach: Heads up!
Coach: Heads up! Goo!
Coach: Heal if ya got em.
Coach: Healing! Hold on a sec.
Coach: Heh, all right. Look at you, young'un, givin' Nick some shit right back.
Coach: Hell no.
Coach: Hell yeah it hurts.
Coach: Hell yeah!
Coach: Hell yes! I got ALL their albums. Even their new stuff that ain't no
Coach: Hell, it got us this far. We'll find another way to N'awlins.
Coach: Hell, no, I ain't never done this before.
Coach: Hell. Sometimes it's best not to find out what you don't know.
Coach: Hello!
Coach: Hellooo! Anyone out there?
Coach: Help me up and I can walk this off.
Coach: Help!
Coach: Here comes the alarm.
Coach: Here they come!
Coach: Here we come, New Orleans!
Coach: Here ya go.
Coach: Here.
Coach: He's back! Let's go!
Coach: He's good people
Coach: Hey boy. Pow! Some bitches gonna get sniped.
Coach: Hey Ellis, that health kit ain't gonna use itself.
Coach: Hey girl, why don't you heal up?
Coach: Hey man, hold up - healin'.
Coach: Hey Nick, that was my ass you shot.
Coach: Hey now, no need for cussin'.
Coach: Hey Suit.
Coach: Hey y'all I need some help in here!
Coach: Hey! Anyone out there?
Coach: Hey! Don't be doin' that.
Coach: Hey! Get in here!
Coach: Hey! Hey!
Coach: Hey! Hey! Hold up.
Coach: Hey! I'm still hanging here!
Coach: Hey! In case ya'll didn't see it, I got a Tank on me!
Coach: Hey! Shoot the Tank!
Coach: Hey! The Midnight Riders!
Coach: Hey! There's four of us on the bridge!
Coach: Hey! There's still people on the roof! Get BACK HERE!
Coach: Hey! We're on the bridge!
Coach: Hey! Where am I gettin' dragged to?!
Coach: Hey, ammo here!
Coach: Hey, girl.
Coach: Hey, hey, man...can't go down the slide without your sack.
Coach: Hey, I'm here!
Coach: Hey, I'm too big of a man for this little closet!
Coach: Hey, kill that light.
Coach: Hey, Nick, you smell THAT? That's the smell of Coach gettin' mad.
Coach: Hey, sorry.
Coach: Hey, Suit.
Coach: Hey, the Midnight Riders! I used to LOVE that band. Best pyrotechnics in
the business.
Coach: Hey, this elevator's still on!
Coach: Hey, we ready to get it on?
Coach: Hey, Whisperin' Oaks! Shit, I used to go there when I was a kid!
Coach: Hey, y'all, I fell off the damn ledge.
Coach: Hey, y'all, I need some help.
Coach: Hey, y'all, stop!
Coach: Hey, ya'll, we got some First Aid Kits here.
Coach: Hey, y'all, we're a team! Come get me!
Coach: Hey, you can have this.
Coach: Hey. Listen to me, you are gonna make it.
Coach: Hey. No smoochin', y'all.
Coach: Hey. Now this here is some bullshit.
Coach: HEYYY! COME BACK! COME-ahh, he ain't comin' back.
Coach: Heyyy! Jimmy Gibbs!
Coach: Hide.
Coach: Hide?
Coach: Hide? Pussies.
Coach: Highly contagious area.
Coach: Highway's blocked! Let's check out the motel!
Coach: Hit it!
Coach: Hit it! Hit it!
Coach: Hit it, let's cross this bitch.
Coach: Hit it.
Coach: Hit that button before this turns into a bad idea.
Coach: Hit the button again.
Coach: Hit the button before this turns into a bad idea.
Coach: Hit the button.
Coach: Hit the flash bangs!
Coach: Hit the flash pots!
Coach: Hit the lights!
Coach: Hit the spotlights!
Coach: Hm. Lights on, but nobody's home.
Coach: Hm. Shit. First time I ever couldn't wait to get out of the Tunnel of
Coach: Hm. That's actually not a bad story.
Coach: Hmm. About time a store gives a man a haircut while he buys himself some
Coach: Hmm. This mall look busy to you?
Coach: Hold on! Hold on!
Coach: Hold on, I got something for you.
Coach: Hold on, y'all, I gotta heal.
Coach: Hold on, y'all, I'm healing.
Coach: Hold up now, I got something for you.
Coach: Hold up now, I'll fix ya.
Coach: Hold up, gotta try and heal myself.
Coach: Hold up, healin'.
Coach: Hold up, hold up, y'all.
Coach: Hold up, I got something for you.
Coach: Hold up, I'll fix ya.
Coach: Hold up, I'm gonna heal your ass.
Coach: Hold up.
Coach: Holler back at me when you're ready to get me.
Coach: Holler back at me, folks!
Coach: Hook me up.
Coach: How do we start the finale?
Coach: How does bein' so right feel, Nick?
Coach: How many Tunnel of Love memories YOU got, Nick?
Coach: How the hell we gonna get in there?
Coach: How they HELL did they capture this thing already?
Coach: How you feel?
Coach: How you like that?
Coach: Hunter on Ellis!
Coach: Hunter on Rochelle!
Coach: HUNTER!
Coach: Hunter's got Ellis!
Coach: Hunter's got Nick!
Coach: Hunter's got Ro!
Coach: Hunter's on Nick!
Coach: Hurry it up.
Coach: Hurry up!
Coach: Hurry up, hurrrry upppp...
Coach: Hurry up, people. We don't wanna get stuck out here in a storm.
Coach: Hurry!
Coach: I ain't a prejudiced man, but-livin' in a swamp? That's sorta crazy.
Coach: I ain't clownin' when I say this, but you better not go down again,
cause that be it for ya.
Coach: I ain't dead yet.
Coach: I ain't never done this before.
Coach: I ain't normally a rock music man, but damn I love the Riders!
Coach: I ain't ready to lay down yet.
Coach: I am gonna paddle the SHIT outta somethin'.
Coach: I am gonna set some zombies straight with this.
Coach: I am gonna smack some shit with this.
Coach: I am not dying in a goddamn sugar mill.
Coach: I can not believe I just said that.
Coach: I can see their point.
Coach: I can still hear it in my head, but I think the alarm is off.
Coach: I can walk it off.
Coach: I can walk this off.
Coach: I can walk this shit off.
Coach: I can't see shit in this rain.
Coach: I can't see shit.
Coach: I comin', I comin'.
Coach: I could go for a BBQ bacon burger.
Coach: I could roll up a whole pizza right now, eat it sub-style.
Coach: I did it!
Coach: I DO NOT like that little peanut.
Coach: I don't know how to shoot one, guess we're even.
Coach: I don't know shit. We gonna keep movin'.
Coach: I don't like that peanut.
Coach: I don't like the sound of that one bit.
Coach: I don't like the sounds comin' from downstairs.
Coach: I don't remember the Tunnel of Love bein' this LONG. I musta had
something else on my mind.
Coach: I don't think anyone likes the swamp.
Coach: I don't think so.
Coach: I don't think they'd mind if we look for supplies.
Coach: I don't think you're supposed to use an elevator when the buildin's on
Coach: I don't think zombies turned those lights on.
Coach: I don't want to stay here, let's follow 'em.
Coach: I don't want to think that, but I gotta agree.
Coach: I find a Burger Tank in this place? I'm-a be a one-man cheeseburger
Coach: I forgot how much I like this song!
Coach: I got a Tank on me!
Coach: I got it.
Coach: I got one.
Coach: I got the assault rifle.
Coach: I got the cola!
Coach: I got the cola, let's get back!
Coach: I got the first aid.
Coach: I got the pills!
Coach: I got this one!
Coach: I got ya, I got ya.
Coach: I got yer back.
Coach: I gotta be straight with ya. You gonna die if you go down again, you
Coach: I guess all the people must be inside.
Coach: I have NEVER been so happy to see a Burger Tank! And believe me, I have
been HAPPY to see some Burger Tanks!
Coach: I have NEVER been so happy to see a gun.
Coach: I have never killed zombies on a snack run, but today is a day of
firsts. If you don't mind us using your guns to do it, we're good to go.
Coach: I have NEVER liked that peanut.
Coach: I hear a Boomer.
Coach: I hear a Charger, don't get charged and shit.
Coach: I hear a Charger.
Coach: I hear a Hunter.
Coach: I hear a Jockey.
Coach: I hear a Smoker.
Coach: I hear a Spitter.
Coach: I hear one of those Jockeys. If I see it, I'm gonna shoot the shit out
of it.
Coach: I hear somethin' go on in there!
Coach: I hear that fat woman.
Coach: I hear ya! I'm movin'.
Coach: I hear ya, I'm comin'!
Coach: I hear ya, man. See ya soon.
Coach: I hear ya, my man. I understand your need for snacks. But I just gotta
be clear that if we get 'em, you ARE gonna help us.
Coach: I hear ya, we'll be here.
Coach: I hear ya.
Coach: I heard of Jimmy Gibbs! That man's a stock car LEGEND.
Coach: I heard that. Let's move.
Coach: I hit it!
Coach: I hope SOMEBODY got out all right...
Coach: I hope the food court's okay.
Coach: I hope this makes you feel better. Ain't sure what I'm doin'.
Coach: I hope those hash marks mean zombies.
Coach: I knew Burger Tank wouldn't let us down.
Coach: I know how we can signal that chopper.
Coach: I know one thing, I'm grabbing pills.
Coach: I know we can do better than THAT.
Coach: I know you got it in ya, girl, keep at it.
Coach: I love the Riders. Nobody has a bigger finale than them. All we need to
do is start it up, and the chopper pilot's sure as hell gonna see us.
Coach: I love this music! I love ALL these notes!
Coach: I love this song! I love ALL these notes!
Coach: I love you, Midnight Riders!
Coach: I need some help in here!
Coach: I need some help!
Coach: I need to get right.
Coach: I normally stay the hell away from swamps on principle. You remember
that movie with that golfer that got his hand ate by a gator? That shit's real.
Coach: I owe you one, Ellis.
Coach: I remember that porch light.
Coach: I remember that. We're headed the right way!
Coach: I remember this place from the way in.
Coach: I see that Bitch!
Coach: I see ya looking at my shoes.
Coach: I seen that movie. It don't end well.
Coach: I shoulda learned to drive a tank or some shit.
Coach: I sure wish the Burger Tank was open.
Coach: I swear to God you can't shoot worth shit.
Coach: I tell ya, it's gonna be raining zombie pieces.
Coach: I think it was Ellis.
Coach: I think it was Nick.
Coach: I think it's raining even harder now.
Coach: I think she said it was Rochelle. Poor girl.
Coach: I think they're called Jockeys.
Coach: I think we're at the end of the swamp.
Coach: I thought YOUR name was Ellis.
Coach: I told ya these storms come up quick.
Coach: I walked through a WORLD OF SHIT to get here! I am not gonna die now! I
am NOT gonna DIE NOW!
Coach: I was a lil' peanut riding these. This here was my favorite.
Coach: I was bettin' on the other guys.
Coach: I wonder if they got dinner cookin'?
Coach: I won't lie. It don't look good.
Coach: If everyone's good with it, we should stick together.
Coach: If I see a zombie running at me with a sample tray, I ain't shootin' it.
Coach: If they had guns, they knew this was gonna get bad.
Coach: If this had anything to do with me, I do apologize. Let's get you back
Coach: If this rain really comes, we gonna get washed away.
Coach: If we can get on the monorail, we can jump the fence.
Coach: If we fire up the Burger Tank sign, Virgil might see it.
Coach: If we see a Jimmy Gibbs zombie, somebody else is gonna have to kill him.
Coach: If we're picking directions, I say head towards the spinning lights.
Coach: If you got a health kit you should use it.
Coach: I'll be damned! Even I didn't think that was gonna happen!
Coach: I'll be damned! Even I didn't think that was gonna work!
Coach: I'll follow ya.
Coach: I'll live...most likely.
Coach: I'm all wrapped up!
Coach: I'm cool.
Coach: I'm fine, but let's not waste time chit-chattin'.
Coach: I'm followin' ya.
Coach: I'm goin' as fast as I can.
Coach: I'm gonna beat that Tank's ass.
Coach: I'm gonna get right.
Coach: I'm gonna try callin' someone.
Coach: I'm good, I'm good.
Coach: I'm good.
Coach: I'm grabbin' some first aid.
Coach: I'm grabbing pills.
Coach: I'm here!
Coach: I'm hurt too bad to go any faster.
Coach: I'm hurtin down here.
Coach: I'm just gonna admit it, I need some help.
Coach: I'm just screwin with ya.
Coach: I'm listenin'!
Coach: I'm listening. But this better be about pancakes.
Coach: I'm not a violent man. But I ain't stupid neither. Let's grab some
Coach: I'm okay.
Coach: I'm opening it!
Coach: I'm opening the gate!
Coach: I'm opening this door!
Coach: I'm right behind ya.
Coach: I'm trapped in here.
Coach: I'm trying to tell you, shooting each other is not helping each other.
Coach: I'm with ya.
Coach: In here!
Coach: In the maintenance room.
Coach: Incoming!
Coach: Infected detected in this area.
Coach: Into the drainage ditch.
Coach: Into the dumpster.
Coach: Into the stadium!
Coach: Into the trailer.
Coach: Is that one of those little things?
Coach: It ain't nothin,.
Coach: It did not end well for these people.
Coach: It hurts, but ain't nothin'.
Coach: It is coming down.
Coach: It means they haven't abandoned New Orleans. C'mon, let's move!
Coach: It sure is.
Coach: It's all flooded.
Coach: It's all good.
Coach: It's been a long time since I seen the Riders, but if their finale's the
same, that'll signal the chopper pilot. We just need to start it.
Coach: It's down.
Coach: It's not funny. You coulda really hurt yours... Naw, it's funny.
Coach: It's off.
Coach: It's on.
Coach: It's one of them little guys.
Coach: It's startin' to rain.
Coach: It's that big one that pukes on ya!
Coach: It's that mean one that pounces on ya.
Coach: It's that one that runs at you.
Coach: It's that spittin' zombie.
Coach: It's them or us.
Coach: It's working!
Coach: I've been worse.
Coach: I've got ya.
Coach: Jesus Christ, that's a Ferris wheel lit up.
Coach: Jockey on me!
Coach: JOCKEY!
Coach: Jump down here!
Coach: Jump down there!
Coach: Jump over that fence.
Coach: Jumpin' Jehosaphat! What ARE these things?
Coach: Just get me up.
Coach: Just keep following the tracks and we'll get through this!
Coach: Just keep going.
Coach: Just me.
Coach: Just run!
Coach: Just three more!
Coach: Just two more!
Coach: Keep an eye out for the evac center. Also the food court. I am STARVING.
Coach: Keep goin' at em like that and you gonna be the last man on earth.
Coach: Keep going down the street.
Coach: Keep going!
Coach: Keep it up, come on, keep it up, keep it up. You're gonna make it.
Coach: Keep pouring it on!
Coach: Keep tight.
Coach: Keep to high ground!
Coach: Keep ya shit tight.
Coach: Keep your eyes open for landmarks. We gonna have to come back through
Coach: Kill that alarm.
Coach: Kill that light.
Coach: Kill the Tank so he can land!
Coach: Kill the thing on my back!
Coach: Know that's right.
Coach: Laser sights here.
Coach: Last one to turn off the alarm is a rotten egg!
Coach: Lead on' man.
Coach: Lemme heal ya!
Coach: Let it loose!
Coach: Let loose!
Coach: Let me heal ya now.
Coach: Let me heal your shit.
Coach: Let's burn some shit UP!
Coach: Let's close that door.
Coach: Let's cut through the garage sale.
Coach: Let's do it.
Coach: Let's find the big house.
Coach: Let's get back on foot.
Coach: Let's get inside the stadium, I have an idea!
Coach: Let's get into the stadium.
Coach: Let's get it going.
Coach: Let's get it on.
Coach: Let's get this car gassed up!
Coach: Let's get to the stairs.
Coach: Let's get ya ass up, a little nick ain't no reason to give up.
Coach: Let's get ya up and take a look at ya. Yeah, yeah, you good.
Coach: Let's get you ass up.
Coach: Let's go find that helicopter.
Coach: Let's go find that mall.
Coach: Let's go people.
Coach: Let's go through here!
Coach: Let's go through here.
Coach: Let's go through there!
Coach: Let's go! Find a gas can!
Coach: Let's go, almost back to the boat.
Coach: Let's go, Ellis.
Coach: Let's go, let's go, all right?
Coach: Let's go, Nick.
Coach: Let's head back to the boat.
Coach: Let's head to the amusement park, ain't like we have anywhere else to
Coach: Let's head to the sugar mill.
Coach: Let's head to this Ducatel diesel.
Coach: Let's just get this done and head back.
Coach: Let's keep moving!
Coach: Let's keep moving.
Coach: Let's not all start shootin' each other now.
Coach: Let's not be shootin' each other, people.
Coach: Let's put it behind us. We good, we good.
Coach: Let's stay together... for a little longer at least. Okay, Nick?
Coach: Let's try the door.
Coach: Let's try the ledge!
Coach: Let's try the radio.
Coach: Let's try the roof.
Coach: Let's try the second floor.
Coach: Lightning!
Coach: Lights are on!
Coach: Lights out.
Coach: Lip syncing old ass bitches, they got a tape back here.
Coach: Listen, y'all, we need to pull together as a team.
Coach: Little creep!
Coach: Little guy!
Coach: Little man, we are goin' to miss you.
Coach: Little sister, you gotta learn to shoot.
Coach: Look alive! We're getting close to the mall!
Coach: Look at that map. We need to get ourselves to New Orleans.
Coach: Look at this, they knew damn well this was gonna get bad.
Coach: Look at this.
Coach: Look at those lights to the left! They're having a party!
Coach: Look at you, young'un, givin' Nick some shit.
Coach: Look here, the gas station's right across the street. We coulda already
been there and back by now. Come on.
Coach: Look here, this here first aid is mine.
Coach: Look out!
Coach: Look!
Coach: Look, I'm a generously proportioned man! Gettin' off a rockin' boat
Coach: Look, it's already starting to flood.
Coach: Look, let's just find the corndog stand and hold out there.
Coach: Look, maybe we oughta just stop this boat right here and live the rest
of years between the shores.
Coach: Look, searchlights! I bet that's Whisperin' Oaks.
Coach: Look, searchlights! Might be survivors there, we should check it out.
Coach: Look, somebody wanna pull me up?
Coach: Look, that freeway's headin' right to our bridge.
Coach: Look, try shootin' some damn zombies instead of me.
Coach: Look, we're outside the safe zone.
Coach: Look, what difference does it make?
Coach: Looked like it was headin' to the mall across town.
Coach: Looks like it's headin' to the mall. Maybe they're still evacuatin'
people there.
Coach: Looks like people were heading towards Whispering Oaks.
Coach: Looks like they're headin' to the mall. Maybe they're still evacuatin'
people there.
Coach: Looks like we weren't the only people crashing today.
Coach: Looks like we're gonna have to save ourselves. Anybody got an idea,
speak up, we're listenin'.
Coach: Lotta damn Witches up in this place.
Coach: Louder!
Coach: Lower the bridge.
Coach: Machete here.
Coach: Mall's over this bridge!
Coach: Mall's that way! Just keep followin' the signs!
Coach: Mall's THAT way! Let's move!
Coach: Man said there was nothing to worry about. Well, bullshit.
Coach: Man said, any fight you walk away from is a win.
Coach: Man, are you wrong in the head shootin like that?
Coach: Man, been better, been better.
Coach: Man, how the hell you think I'm doin'?
Coach: Man, I ain't ever gonna be dry.
Coach: Man, I ain't ever killed nothin before.
Coach: Man, I ain't ever killed nothin' before.
Coach: Man, I hope not.
Coach: Man, I hope not.  
Coach: Man, I loved this place as a kid.
Coach: Man, I sure wish the Burger Tank was open.
Coach: Man, I swear to God you can't shoot worth shit.
Coach: Man, it don't feel right breakin' property like this.
Coach: Man, it's gonna be raining zombie parts.
Coach: Man, LOOK at this map. We're all that's left.
Coach: Man, Nick, you picked a bad day to wear your white suit.
Coach: Man, no idea how this thing works.
Coach: Man, shit's gettin' old, help!
Coach: Man, that crying don't sound right.
Coach: Man, they're lighting up this whole place. We gotta get to the bridge.
Coach: Man, this is about to get all Baghdad and shit..
Coach: Man, this right here hurts somethin' fierce.
Coach: Man, this shit hurts.
Coach: Man, those zombies beat my ass.
Coach: Man, you are too close. We are NOT gonna die here.
Coach: Man, you shot me?
Coach: Man. That got BAD.
Coach: Man. When you're forced to turn to people livin' in a swamp to help you
get out of a city? I don't think CEDA's doing their job right.
Coach: Maybe the rain brings 'em out.
Coach: Maybe they left 'em when they got rescued.
Coach: Maybe we oughta just stop this boat right here and live the rest of
years between the shores.
Coach: Maybe we should keep that door shut.
Coach: ME? I told Nick to grab the guns!
Coach: Midnight Riders are supposed to play here?
Coach: Midnight Rider's finale? That'll alert the goddamn chopper.
Coach: Midnight Riders to the rescue!
Coach: Might as well head there as well.
Coach: Military's still active here!
Coach: Miss.
Coach: Mister... I don't like your attitude.
Coach: Mister... I don't think I like your attitude.
Coach: Mm. Sweet Hosanna...
Coach: Mm. That's right.
Coach: Mm-hmm.
Coach: Mmm. All right.
Coach: Mmmhmm. Peach cobbler.
Coach: Mmnnhh!
Coach: Molotov out!
Coach: Molotov!
Coach: Molotovs here!
Coach: Molotov's over here.
Coach: Molotovs!
Coach: More lights!
Coach: More Witches!
Coach: Move careful, watch your fire, and we'll be just fine.
Coach: MOVE IT!
Coach: Move your ass.
Coach: Move your damn ass!
Coach: MOVE!
Coach: Mudmen!
Coach: My bad.
Coach: My friends call me Coach. I guess y'all can do the same.
Coach: My name's Coach. And I KNOW how to shoot a gun.
Coach: My name's Coach. I don't like bein' here any more than you do-but if we
gotta fight, we might as well fight together.
Coach: Nah, hell no.
Coach: Nah, that don't sound good at all.
Coach: Nah, you got it, Ellis.
Coach: Nah. We good.
Coach: Nah...
Coach: Nahh, girl.
Coach: Nahh, girl. Mn. Mnnn.
Coach: Naw, I'm good. You?
Coach: Neck!
Coach: Need some help, can't get myself out of here.
Coach: Never had no call to ask for help before, but I do now. Help!
Coach: Next gas two miles. Hope Virgil likes waitin', 'cause it looks we're
goin' for a walk.
Coach: Next gas two miles. Looks like Virgil's gonna be waitin' a bit longer
than he thought.
Coach: Next time someone wants to shoot our pilot, can I get a little warning?
Coach: Nhhhhhh.
Coach: Nice kill, Nick.
Coach: Nice shot, young'un.
Coach: Nice shot.
Coach: Nice work.
Coach: Nice, keep goin at em like that.
Coach: Nice.
Coach: Nick!
Coach: Nick! Good news - we're going down into this sewer.
Coach: Nick! You shot me!
Coach: Nick, ain't gonna leave ya man.
Coach: Nick, at least you dressed for a funeral.
Coach: Nick, don't be stupid, heal up.
Coach: Nick, don't give me that look. Cola and nuts might be this man's last
meal. We can't deny him that. We get him his snacks, he helps us. I'm good with
Coach: Nick, don't pay no attention to that boy.
Coach: Nick, get your OCD-smelling ass in the chopper!
Coach: Nick, I was on the football team. Coach did just fine.
Coach: Nick, it's all right, we all gotta heal sometime.
Coach: Nick, we're goin into a swamp filled with zombies. Y'all want me to lie
to ya?
Coach: Nick, we're gonna miss your gun.
Coach: Nick, you didn't shoot this pilot too did you?
Coach: Nick, you gonna be missed.
Coach: Nick, you should use that kit on your self.
Coach: Nick.
Coach: Nicky.
Coach: Nicolas!
Coach: NI-colas!
Coach: Nicolas, I think it is time for you to heal.
Coach: Nicolas, I thought you knew how to use a gun.
Coach: Nicolas.
Coach: Nightstick here.
Coach: Niiick.
Coach: Ninja sword here.
Coach: No CEDA, No Military. Stay out.
Coach: No entry beyond this point.
Coach: No lights.
Coach: No one wander off.
Coach: No pain, no gain. I must be about to gain some serious shit.
Coach: No problem, Ellis.
Coach: No shit.
Coach: No thank you.
Coach: No time to be gentle. Let's get you up on your feet.
Coach: No unauthorized entry.
Coach: NO!
Coach: No, I'm good.
Coach: No, they're just saving their voices for the studio, Nick. That's SMART.
Coach: No, this ain't gonna be cool. You ain't right in the head boy.
Coach: No.
Coach: No...
Coach: Nope.
Coach: Normally I wouldn't agree to do this. But in these circumstances, I
think Mr. Gibbs, Jr. ain't gonna mind.
Coach: Normally I wouldn't do this. But in these circumstances, I think Mr.
Gibbs, Jr. ain't gonna mind.
Coach: Not me, Ellis! Shoot the Tank!
Coach: Now come on now, let's put some effort into this.
Coach: Now I ain't effin' around!
Coach: Now we're talking.
Coach: Now you're back in business.
Coach: Now, try to remember where the ammo dumps're at. We might need some on
the way back.
Coach: Now's a good time to heal if you can.
Coach: Oh hell no.
Coach: Oh hell yeah!
Coach: Oh hell, this about to get bad.
Coach: Oh Lord no, that thing's on me!
Coach: Oh man, look at that thing in there.
Coach: Oh Ro, oh Ro, man...
Coach: Oh shit!
Coach: Oh shit! Gate open!
Coach: Oh SHIT! TANK!
Coach: Oh shit, back it up!
Coach: Oh shit, come on, get up.
Coach: Oh shit, get this thing off me!
Coach: Oh shit, look at ya. Let me help you up.
Coach: Oh shit, sorry.
Coach: Oh shit, that bitch's pissed.
Coach: Oh shit, watch out!
Coach: Oh yeah.
Coach: Oh yeah. Our goal is right next to the bridge, ON THE OTHER MOTHER F'IN
Coach: Oh yeah...Tunnel of Love.
Coach: Oh you know we'll be here. We ain't got any other pressin' engagements.
Coach: Oh, baby, I could destroy some kettle corn right now.
Coach: Oh, come on, baby, come on...
Coach: Oh, crumbs! Elevator's out.
Coach: Oh, hell yeah, I'm takin' an autoshotgun.
Coach: Oh, shit yeah.
Coach: Oh. Ahh sorry, Ro.
Coach: Oh... sweet Hosanna...
Coach: Ohh heyyy! Jimmy Gibbs!
Coach: Ohh hoo hoo, all right!
Coach: Ohh shit, that bitch's gettin' angry!
Coach: Ohhh shit.
Coach: Ohhh yeahhh.
Coach: Ohhh yeahhh. Yeah.
Coach: Ohhh, that ain't fair.
Coach: Okay, alarm's off!
Coach: Okay, here's the plan.
Coach: Okay, nobody panic. I live around here-and that chopper looks like it's
headin' to the mall. It ain't far, I can take you there.
Coach: Okay.
Coach: On my way! Right now!
Coach: Once it's down, let's go!
Coach: Once the world goes back to normal? I'm buyin' you guys a steak dinner.
Coach: One arm!
Coach: One more can to go!
Coach: One of those leapin' on your back bitches is around.
Coach: One of those little Jockeys is around.
Coach: One of y'all gonna shoot this thing?
Coach: One place is as good as the next when you're dead.
Coach: One place is as good as the next when you're dying.
Coach: Only a couple of us made it.
Coach: Only two of us.
Coach: Onto the monorail.
Coach: Ooff, ahh.
Coach: Ooh. How ya like me now? Mmm.
Coach: Ooh. That's what I'm talkin' about.
Coach: Ooooh! We gotta pull our shit together.
Coach: Our Cajun friend opened the gate!
Coach: Outta gas. Shit.
Coach: Over here.
Coach: Over that door!
Coach: Over that fence!
Coach: Over the bridge!
Coach: Over the dumpster!
Coach: Over the roof!
Coach: Over there!
Coach: Over this door!
Coach: Over this dumpster!
Coach: Over this fence!
Coach: Paddle bat here.
Coach: Pat at tat tat!
Coach: Path clear! Let's get to that mall!
Coach: Path's clear! Let's get to that mall!
Coach: Path's clear! Let's move, baby!
Coach: Paydirt!
Coach: People call me Coach, what's your name?
Coach: People call me Coach. And I LIVE here.
Coach: People just call me Coach.
Coach: People, if this rain really comes, we gonna be in trouble.
Coach: Photography prohibited.
Coach: piece of hot apple pie.
Coach: Pills here!
Coach: Pipe bomb for me.
Coach: Pipe bomb out!
Coach: Pipe bomb!
Coach: Pipe bombs here!
Coach: Pipe bombs!
Coach: Please be watchin', Virgil.
Coach: Please, baby, baby, please, please...
Coach: Please, Lord, let the food court be okay.
Coach: Positively.
Coach: Pow! Got it!
Coach: Pow! I'm gonna snipe some bitches.
Coach: Press the button!
Coach: Pretty sure alla these'll kill them zombies.
Coach: Pump's empty. Let's check inside.
Coach: Punk ass Hunter around.
Coach: Quarantine zone. No unauthorized admittance.
Coach: Quarantine.
Coach: Quiet, everybody, I hear a bitch.
Coach: Quiet, y'all, I hear a Witch.
Coach: Quit fussin', I'll heal ya.
Coach: Quit screwing around, close the door.
Coach: Quit shootin' me, Nick.
Coach: Quit squirming, or I might mess this up.
Coach: Quit trifling with that bitch, she gonna explode.
Coach: Ready?
Coach: Re-god-damn-loading!
Coach: Reloading!
Coach: Reloading...
Coach: Report the sick.
Coach: Report unusual behavior.
Coach: Rest you ass for a sec.
Coach: Restricted area.
Coach: Retrace our steps! Head through the field!
Coach: Ro!
Coach: Ro! Quit shootin' me.
Coach: Ro! What's gotten into you, girl?
Coach: Ro! You know damn well better than that.
Coach: Ro, heal up, hear me, girl?
Coach: Ro, that was a nice shot.
Coach: Ro, time to heal.
Coach: Ro.
Coach: Road's blocked.
Coach: Rochelle, girl, you shot me.
Coach: Rochelle, that ain't you is it, girl?
Coach: Rochelle, you gotta find another window, this here is the men's room.
Coach: Rochelle.
Coach: Roger that.
Coach: Roly poly!
Coach: Ro's getting ripped up!
Coach: Run to the boat!
Coach: Run!
Coach: Run! Run!
Coach: Run! Run! Run!
Coach: Run, run, Witch coming through!
Coach: Running the Screaming Oak...now don't that beat all...
Coach: Safe house up ahead!
Coach: Safe house!
Coach: Safe house, let's go!
Coach: Says there's gas inside.
Coach: Search these houses.
Coach: Search these rooms. Might be something we can use.
Coach: See you're gonna make it.
Coach: Set off the fireworks!
Coach: Settle down, son. We're going to be okay. What's your name?
Coach: Sheeeeeet, I ain't gonna make it.
Coach: Shiiit.
Coach: Shit ain't right. Be careful.
Coach: Shit got bad here.
Coach: Shit man, four of us, come pick us up.
Coach: Shit no.
Coach: SHIT!
Coach: Shit! It's just you and me! Hang tough.
Coach: Shit! Just us two left. Stay close!
Coach: Shit! That long necked bitch hit me.
Coach: Shit, get ready!
Coach: Shit, gotta heal my ass.
Coach: Shit, I f'd this up, can you help me out?
Coach: Shit, I'm messed up.
Coach: Shit, my bad.
Coach: Shit, need some help.
Coach: Shit, that pilot just changed. One minute he was flying us to safety,
the next he was... well... I am pretty damn sure he was trying to eat us.
Coach: Shit, they beat ya good, let me heal ya'll.
Coach: Shit, we're at the plantation house.
Coach: Shit, why would you ever jump out of a plane?
Coach: Shit.
Coach: Shit. All these zombies should help you swallow.
Coach: Shit. Damn, that one was close!
Coach: Shit. I'd pay cash money for this.
Coach: Shit. Shoulda taught this class.
Coach: Shit. That thing's makin' a racket!
Coach: Shit. This place is DESERTED. It's startin' to creep me out.
Coach: Sho sho.
Coach: Shoot it!
Coach: Shoot it! Shoot it!
Coach: Shoot me again, and you gonna be meetin' your maker right soon.
Coach: Shoot that big mother!
Coach: Shoot that zombie in the back!
Coach: Shoot the Charger!
Coach: Shoot the clown!
Coach: Shoot the mudmen!
Coach: Shoot the TANK, Nick!
Coach: Shoot the TANK, Ro!
Coach: Shoot the Witch! Shoot the Witch!
Coach: Shoot them in the head.
Coach: Shoot this damn Charger!
Coach: Shootin' me? That's some crazy shit.
Coach: Sir.
Coach: Skittish one.
Coach: Slow down. Damn.
Coach: Smells like people have been living here and shit.
Coach: SMOKER!
Coach: Smokin' one.
Coach: So we gotta get past the sugar mill.
Coach: So what happened?
Coach: So. Pleased to meet you. You can call me Coach. What's your name?
Coach: Some kind of super ass zombie.
Coach: Some of the refugees must've built a safe room!
Coach: Somebody hit the elevator button.
Coach: Somebody pick up the radio.
Coach: Somebody push the button!
Coach: Somebody turn off that alarm!
Coach: Someone turn off the alarm!
Coach: Someone wanna count it off?
Coach: Something's got me!
Coach: Sometimes it feels like we're babysitting, doesn't it?
Coach: Son of a bitch.
Coach: Son, you got a DEAL.
Coach: Soon as them doors open? You run your ass off and find some GAS.
Coach: Soon as these doors open, get ready to MOVE.
Coach: Sorry about this, Mr. Gibbs.
Coach: Sorry.
Coach: Sounds like a Hunter.
Coach: Sounds like a Smoker.
Coach: Sounds like one of them Smoker bitches.
Coach: Spit coming!
Coach: Spit!
Coach: Spitter's around.
Coach: Spitting thing!
Coach: Stand still now, 'cause I ain't used to doin' this.
Coach: Stand still, I'm healin' ya!
Coach: Start the finale!
Coach: Start the tape!
Coach: Stay close people!
Coach: Stay close, we're a party of two.
Coach: Stay in your group.
Coach: Stay indoors.
Coach: Stay on the tracks!
Coach: Stay on the walk ways.
Coach: Stay together.
Coach: Stay up here!
Coach: Stay with me! That mall's JUST up ahead!
Coach: Stay with us.
Coach: Step slow, y'all. Boomer 'round.
Coach: Stop it!
Coach: Stop shooting me.
Coach: Stop squirmin', I'm gonna heal ya.
Coach: STOP! I am getting pissed off!
Coach: Stop, y'all!
Coach: Stop.
Coach: Storms come up fast, but we should make it.
Coach: Storm's startin' to kick up.
Coach: Swamp people, we comin' home!
Coach: Sweet Georgia Brown...
Coach: Sweet Hosanna...
Coach: Sweetheart
Coach: Sweety.
Coach: Take it.
Coach: Take it. Hell, I don't need it.
Coach: Take this.
Coach: Takin' an extra pistol.
Coach: Talk to me. You cool?
Coach: TANK!
Coach: Tell you what, ain't my best day.
Coach: Thank Jesus, this one's still on. I ain't walkin' down thirty flights of
Coach: THANKS!
Coach: Thanks, man.
Coach: Thanks, Nick, you're all right.
Coach: Thanks, Virgil. You stay safe, brother.
Coach: Thanks, we straight?
Coach: Thanks.
Coach: That ain't right for a man to be ridden like that.
Coach: That clown's attracting zombies!
Coach: That fat spittin' bitch is around.
Coach: That female zombie spat somethin' on me!
Coach: That gun store's around here somewhere.
Coach: That gun store's just up ahead. Let's stock up and keep moving.
Coach: That hit the spot.
Coach: That is how you kick some ASS, baby!
Coach: THAT is how you kick zombie ASS!
Coach: THAT levels the playin' field.
Coach: That one's mine.
Coach: That peanut man's got wild, crazy eyes.
Coach: That peanut's got crazy eyes. They FOLLOW you.
Coach: That right there was my fault.
Coach: That set off the alarm!
Coach: That set off the warning system!
Coach: That shit was crazy.
Coach: That shit was too goddamn close.
Coach: That sounds like a little Jockey.
Coach: That sounds like a Spitter.
Coach: That spittin' is not a good sign.
Coach: That there sounds like a Witch.
Coach: That there was nice work.
Coach: That there's Whispering Oaks amusement park.
Coach: That there's Whispering Oaks.
Coach: That thing is too dang big.
Coach: That thing's ripping him up!
Coach: That was a little too close.
Coach: That was outstanding.
Coach: That was some close-ass shit.
Coach: That was some epic shit right there.
Coach: That was some shit, the pilot becoming a zombie right before our eyes.
Nice shooting, Nick.
Coach: That was the first time I was in a helicopter. I always imagined it with
less zombies.
Coach: That zombie drop something?
Coach: That zombie's got armor. I want armor!
Coach: That's a nasty damn wreck.
Coach: That's better.
Coach: That's how I used clear a path when I played college ball.
Coach: That's it. Stay focused.
Coach: That's it. Yeah. Fight through it.
Coach: That's more like it.
Coach: That's my kind of guy, let's go!
Coach: That's some bullshit!
Coach: That's true. If I had a pick a low point in the flight, it was probably
when he stopped flying the chopper and attacked us.
Coach: That's what I keep sayin'.
Coach: That's what I'm talkin' about.
Coach: That's what they call a Boomer.
Coach: That's what's up, baby.
Coach: The bitch is chasing me!
Coach: The boat ain't far. One last push and we're outta here.
Coach: The chopper saw us!
Coach: The chopper's coming!
Coach: The fire's spreading!
Coach: The Midnight Riders saved us!
Coach: The only way over is on the coaster.
Coach: The Rider's have their finale all cued up back here.
Coach: The sign's lit!
Coach: The whole damn place is flooded.
Coach: The yard sale! We're goin' the right way!
Coach: Then let's do it. Everybody grab a weapon, and let's go.
Coach: Then we start the Midnight Rider finale. It's all kinds of fireworks,
smokepots, and lights and shit. That chopper pilot can't miss it.
Coach: There ain't nothin' but four of us left.
Coach: There ARE three other people here, son.
Coach: There goes the chopper!
Coach: There it is! Whisperin' Oaks! Man, I had some times there.
Coach: There she is! Whispering Oaks!
Coach: There was some kinda war goin on out here.
Coach: There we go. Most people call me Coach. And we're gonna be okay. Just
gotta keep our heads.
Coach: There're bitches every ten feet in this goddamn place
Coach: There're the bridge!
Coach: There's a chopper!
Coach: There's a gun store on the way to the mall. What do you say we pay it a
Coach: There's a mall got turned into an evac station not too far from here.
I'll bet that chopper's headin' there.
Coach: There's a pipe bomb here.
Coach: There's a safe room in it!
Coach: There's a safe room in the bridge!
Coach: There's a safe room up here!
Coach: There's a safe room up there!
Coach: There's a tape back here, this is all setup for the finale.
Coach: There's another chopper! We're close to the mall now.
Coach: There's gas in the safe room!
Coach: There's gonna be some biblical shit happening to you if you do that
Coach: There's still searchlights on. I'd say that's a good sign.
Coach: There's that busted up truck.
Coach: There's that chopper again!
Coach: There's the bridge.
Coach: There's the cola!
Coach: There's the freeway!
Coach: There's the gas station!
Coach: There's the helicopter!
Coach: There's the house!
Coach: There's the mill.
Coach: There's the Peach Bowl!
Coach: There's the playground! We're close!
Coach: There's the saferoom! Everybody in the Tunnel of Love!
Coach: There's the sign. We're almost outta the mill.
Coach: There's the stage.
Coach: There's the sugar mill!
Coach: These ain't zombies. Somebody's been shootin' people.
Coach: These things move like greased lightning!
Coach: These zombies better be ready to rock.
Coach: They beat my ass fair and square.
Coach: They been shot.
Coach: They better name a school after me for this shit.
Coach: They call them Chargers.
Coach: They end you?
Coach: They have taped music? Shit. Old ass classic rock clowns.
Coach: They headed to the river, sounds like a good idea.
Coach: They keep jumpin your shit and you keep goin' down. One more time and
that's it.
Coach: They left us here to die.
Coach: They nailed this damn song!
Coach: They played us tough.
Coach: They put a hurtin' on ya but ain't no thing.
Coach: They put a hurtin on ya.
Coach: They were supposed to rescue us.
Coach: They're behind us!
Coach: They're still flying jets!
Coach: They've been calling them things Spitters.
Coach: Think the zombies mind if I take one of their guns?
Coach: Think they call 'em Hunters.
Coach: This ain't about me, people. Let's heal up.
Coach: This ain't how i thought this would go.
Coach: This bitch is chokin' me!
Coach: This Charger is pounding me!
Coach: This don't feel right.
Coach: This don't look bad.
Coach: This elevator's still on!
Coach: This freeway's gotta hook up with the bridge.
Coach: This gun DOES make it easier.
Coach: This here is A LOT of guns.
Coach: This here is gonna set off an alarm, get ready.
Coach: This here is some serious bullshit.
Coach: This is flooding.
Coach: This is gonna be good!
Coach: This is screwed up, y'all. I need some help.
Coach: This is some crazy ass world we live in now.
Coach: This is some outrageous shit.
Coach: This it for you?
Coach: This looks familiar. We're going the right way!
Coach: This music IS GREAT!
Coach: This place is under water.
Coach: This right here'll mess some shit up.
Coach: This room looks safe.
Coach: This room looks safe. Let's go!
Coach: This shit ain't pretty.
Coach: This shit says: Use of deadly force authorized.
Coach: This shit'll help.
Coach: This shit's worse than the swamp.
Coach: This shotgun will put the hurt on them zombies.
Coach: This shotgun'll work.
Coach: This swamp shit's gettin' old.
Coach: This tape's gonna start the finale! Get ready!
Coach: This thing is beatin' my ass.
Coach: This used to be a nice neighborhood!
Coach: This water don't look natural...
Coach: This way!
Coach: This way.
Coach: This way's blocked!
Coach: This would be the time to heal up.
Coach: This'll help.
Coach: Those sound like soldiers! Somebody talk to 'em.
Coach: Those things ain't shit.
Coach: Those zombies are goddamn bullet proof!
Coach: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no
Coach: Thought they're supposed t'be gettin' us outta this shit!
Coach: Thought they're supposed t'be savin' our asses!
Coach: Three of us left.
Coach: Through here!
Coach: Through here.
Coach: Through that door!
Coach: Through that gate!
Coach: Through that playground!
Coach: Through that window!
Coach: Through the bumper cars!
Coach: Through the bus station!
Coach: Through the cane field!
Coach: Through the cane fields!
Coach: Through the farm exhibits.
Coach: Through the farm hall.
Coach: Through there!
Coach: Through these houses.
Coach: Through this courtyard.
Coach: Through this door!
Coach: Through this gate!
Coach: Through this playground!
Coach: Through this window!
Coach: Throwin' a molotov!
Coach: Throwin' a pipe bomb!
Coach: Thunder!
Coach: To the bridge!
Coach: Told ya. Wasn't nothing.
Coach: Tonguer!
Coach: Touchdown!
Coach: Town's flooded.
Coach: Try sticking to the dry ground.
Coach: Tryin' to walk this off.
Coach: Turn it off!
Coach: Turn it off, turn the damn thing off!
Coach: Turn it up!
Coach: Turn it up, I love this part!
Coach: Turn off ya light.
Coach: Turn on the lights!
Coach: Turn that shit off!
Coach: Turn that shit off.
Coach: Ugh.
Coach: Uh huh.
Coach: Uh uh.
Coach: Uh, girl.
Coach: Uh, sorry, Ro.
Coach: Up here.
Coach: Up that escalator!
Coach: Up that ladder!
Coach: Up that pipe!
Coach: Up that ramp!
Coach: Up the hill.
Coach: Up this escalator!
Coach: Up this ladder!
Coach: Up this pipe!
Coach: Up this ramp!
Coach: Up we go.
Coach: Use of deadly force authorized. Shit. All right. It sure is.
Coach: Wait for official instructions.
Coach: Wait my ass.
Coach: Wait up, gonna try and use this thing.
Coach: Wait up.
Coach: Walk it off.
Coach: Warning.
Coach: Warning. Alarm will sound if door is opened before clearance from tower.
Coach: Watch out y'all, someone pissed off that bitch.
Coach: Watch out!
Coach: Watch out, spit!
Coach: Watch that first step, baby.
Coach: Watch where you're shooting!
Coach: Watch yourself on this hill...
Coach: Water's starting to pool. We gotta move!
Coach: Way to go.
Coach: Way to stick it to 'em.
Coach: We ain't goin' anywhere.
Coach: We ain't got time for this, Ellis.
Coach: We ain't got time for this, get up.
Coach: We ain't the only ones that thought to take this short-cut
Coach: We all gotta shoot the Tank, ya hear me?
Coach: We all ready?
Coach: We almost didn't make it.
Coach: We already got plague. Maybe the Lord'll let us slide on the flood.
Coach: We are a party of four.
Coach: We are going to have to focus on that thing.
Coach: We are kickin' some zombie ASS!
Coach: We are kicking their ass.
Coach: We are NOT infected.
Coach: We are not off to a good start.
Coach: We are too close. I am NOT gonna let you die here.
Coach: We BEEN through hell getting here. Now we're at the last mile. Let's
make this COUNT.
Coach: We better grab a weapon. Might need to defend ourselves.
Coach: We can cross here!
Coach: We can cross on that tank!
Coach: We can cross there!
Coach: We can do this, man, we can do this.
Coach: We can get across the water there!
Coach: We can get around the fire out here.
Coach: We can get down here!
Coach: We can get down there!!
Coach: We can get into the stadium through here!
Coach: We can get up here!
Coach: We can get up there!
Coach: We can go through this restaurant.
Coach: We can jump down onto this truck!
Coach: We can jump down right here!
Coach: We can take that elevator down to the field.
Coach: We can take the elevator back up!
Coach: We can use the Burge Tank sign to signal him.
Coach: We can walk along the ledge!
Coach: We cool.
Coach: We did it, people! We're on the bridge! We're almost outta this place.
Coach: We gonna be all right.
Coach: We gonna do this.
Coach: We gonna have to find a way back in.
Coach: We gonna put up tents and shit or keep movin'?
Coach: We good, this ain't shit.
Coach: We got a Charger 'round.
Coach: We got a HUNTER!
Coach: We got a Jumper!
Coach: We got a Witch!
Coach: We got guns!
Coach: We got our shit, let's get back to the boat.
Coach: We got pills!
Coach: We got sloppy out there.
Coach: We got this.
Coach: We got to get into the stadium.
Coach: We got up in their shit.
Coach: We gotcha. We used to that shit by now.
Coach: We gotta call that boat over here.
Coach: We gotta cross the valley.
Coach: We gotta figure a way around this motel.
Coach: We gotta find a way around this fire!
Coach: We gotta head through the sugar mill.
Coach: We gotta hurry.
Coach: We gotta kill the Tank before he lands!
Coach: We gotta lower that drawbridge.
Coach: We gotta open this door.
Coach: We gotta turn off that alarm!
Coach: We gotta turn that alarm off!
Coach: We gotta work together. We can't lose anyone else. My name's Coach. What
you folks call yourselves?
Coach: We have to figure out how to turn all this stuff on.
Coach: We have to lower this bridge.
Coach: We just gotta get to the bridge.
Coach: We just made that.
Coach: We made it REAL damn far, people. I'm proud of you. Now let's just cross
that last mile.
Coach: We need more gas!
Coach: We need more lights!
Coach: We need to amp it up!
Coach: We need to get on the monorail.
Coach: We need to get to New Orleans.
Coach: We need to signal the chopper!
Coach: We need to start the finale!
Coach: We need twenty more!
Coach: We oughta be closing doors.
Coach: We oughta heal up while it's quiet.
Coach: We passed these lights on the way in!
Coach: We ready to get it on?
Coach: We ready?
Coach: We should be in and out here. Get the gas, get back to shore, signal
Virgil with the flare gun in the gun bag. Then we just, uh... um... aw, HELL.
Tell me SOMEONE brought the GUN BAG.
Coach: We should get movin', ya hear me?
Coach: We start their finale, that chopper is gonna know something's up.
Coach: We still need five more!
Coach: We still need more gas!
Coach: We still need ten more!
Coach: We straight.
Coach: We tight.
Coach: We walked through a WORLD OF SHIT to get here! We are not gonna die now!
We are NOT gonna DIE NOW!
Coach: WE... DESTROY... ZOMBIES! THAT is what we do!
Coach: Weapons here!
Coach: Weapons over here!
Coach: Weapons!
Coach: Well ain't this a bitch, they got a tape for their music. To think I
used to like these guys.
Coach: Well all right now, you're in charge.
Coach: Well don't be long now.
Coach: We'll have to get this crap off the tracks!
Coach: We'll have to get this gate open.
Coach: We'll head towards the searchlights. If there's an evac, it'll be there.
Coach: Well I ain't on my back for nothin'.
Coach: Well I'll be damned, that zombie's wearin' armor!
Coach: Well man-I'll get you your drinks, but you better help us.
Coach: Well nobody but the zombies.
Coach: Well now, if we're picking directions, I say head towards the spinning
Coach: Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
Coach: Well, might as well head to those light and join the party.
Coach: Well, trust me-in these parts? He's as famous as... Elvis. Or the
Coach: Well, you free to make yourself a new life here in this room, Nick.
Coach: Well-looks like we're going through the Tunnel of Love, people. No hanky
Coach: Well-looks like we're going through the Tunnel of Love, people. Stay
close to me.
Coach: We're all gassed up, get to the car!
Coach: We're all here!
Coach: We're all in this together, Nick.
Coach: We're almost home free, people.
Coach: We're at the big house.
Coach: We're blocked by the coaster.
Coach: We're blocked by the Screaming Oak.
Coach: We're getting close to that gun store.
Coach: We're gonna be okay.
Coach: We're gonna have to bust this gate open!
Coach: We're headin' the right way to the mall.
Coach: We're on our way.
Coach: What are those guys doing in those suits?
Coach: What did that drop?
Coach: What do y'all make of this?
Coach: What do you say we get your ass up off this here ledge?
Coach: What gun bag? Oh for-TELL ME we didn't forget the guns.
Coach: What in the hell do you think?
Coach: What is that crying?
Coach: What is that noise?
Coach: What the f-
Coach: What the f'... don't be doin that.
Coach: What the heck is that chopper doing?
Coach: What the hell are you on shootin' like that?
Coach: What the hell do THEY got to cry about? We're the ones getting attacked.
Coach: What the hell is CEDA doing?
Coach: What the?
Coach: What we got here?
Coach: What we got here? Ain't nothin'. Ya good.
Coach: What ya tellin me, man?
Coach: What? Ah, hell no, boy, that was me.
Coach: What? I said thanks.
Coach: Whata you mean?
Coach: What's doing that crying?
Coach: What's got me?
Coach: What's this burning stuff?
Coach: What's with those suits?
Coach: When I hit this tape deck, it's all gonna start. Get ready!
Coach: When that man says he's gonna clear a path, he clears a path!
Coach: When we start this tape, get ready! The music's gonna be INCREDIBLY
GOOD, but try to focus.
Coach: When we start this tape, it's gonna be on. So get ready!
Coach: Where in the hell are we?
Coach: Where in the hell ya think you're shootin?
Coach: Where is CEDA?
Coach: Where that put you at?
Coach: Where the hell isn't filled with zombies?
Coach: Where you all at?
Coach: Whispering Oaks motel? Sheeet... I know where we are.
Coach: Whoa!
Coach: Whoa, that there is some screwed up shit.
Coach: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Whoaaa!
Coach: Whoa...
Coach: Whoa... Take it slow down this hill. Looks like a pretty big drop.
Coach: Whoaaa! Whoa!
Coach: Who'd we lose?
Coach: Whole lotta Witches round here.
Coach: Will you cut that shit out?
Coach: Wind up the chopper, because here we come.
Coach: Witch!
Coach: Witch.
Coach: Woo! Haha! That's how we do it.
Coach: Woo! Thank you, Mr. Gibbs.
Coach: Woo, that'll keep me tight.
Coach: WOOO! Get on the chopper!
Coach: Woooo! Midnight Riders RUUUUULE!
Coach: Work as a team, people, work as a team.
Coach: Work it, girl.
Coach: Would you look at this map. Folks, I think N'awlins is the last city
standing in the COUNTRY.
Coach: Would you look at this. Folks, I think N'awlins is the last city
Coach: Ya, boy!
Coach: Y'all ain't thinkin of leavin' me behind are ya?
Coach: Y'all close that door.
Coach: Ya'll crazy if you don't think this hurts.
Coach: Y'all gotta stop shootin me.
Coach: Y'all hear her? Get ready to toss that bitch.
Coach: Y'all know the Midnight Riders? They gonna save us.
Coach: Y'all know what the hell these things are?
Coach: Y'all need to focus!
Coach: Y'all need to kill your lights.
Coach: Y'all shootin' me.
Coach: Y'all stay close.
Coach: Y'all stay close. It's on!
Coach: Yeah it hurts.
Coach: YEAH!
Coach: Yeah! You are a great bunch.
Coach: Yeah, don't wander off.
Coach: Yeah, I'm goin' two for one here.
Coach: YEAH, I'm serious.
Coach: Yeah, that'll hold me.
Coach: Yeah, true that.
Coach: Yeah.
Coach: Yeah. Sho you right.
Coach: Yeah. This is my kind of weapon.
Coach: Yes.
Coach: Yesss!
Coach: Yo! I got somethin' for ya.
Coach: Yo! Stop shooting me, all right?
Coach: You a crazy man Ellis.
Coach: You ain't right in the head, boy.
Coach: You ain't right, but let's get ya up and movin'.
Coach: You all right?
Coach: You are shooting me!
Coach: You beat 'em.
Coach: You best hop to it.
Coach: You can have this.
Coach: You crazy?
Coach: You dead?
Coach: You didn't do mouth to mouth on me, did you?
Coach: You do know you shootin' me right?
Coach: You done good.
Coach: You for real? You gonna stay down with a little scratch like that? Get
Coach: You gonna be okay... Ah nah, nah, I can't lie to ya. Go down again and
that's it for ya.
Coach: You gonna make it?
Coach: You gonna want to make peace, my man. You go down again and you ain't
gettin back up.
Coach: You good.
Coach: You good?
Coach: You got a real thing about germs, don't you?
Coach: You got it.
Coach: You gotta watch where you aimin' that thing.
Coach: You have got to be kidding me.
Coach: You heard the man, kill the Tank!
Coach: You kiddin' me? They were... were... nah, not really. They had one good
Coach: You kids ready?
Coach: You know an alarm will sound when we open this.
Coach: You know what? No more helicopters. I'm just saying that now. I'm good.
Coach: You look good.
Coach: You look like one of those dudes in a drivin school film. This may be it
for ya.
Coach: You made me proud out there, people.
Coach: You make sure you use this now.
Coach: You might want to make your peace. You hurt bad. One more time and that
is it for ya.
Coach: You mock because you're jealous, Nick. These men are living legends.
Coach: 'You must be this tall to ride.' Sorry, Ellis. It's been real, man.
Coach: 'You must be this tall to ride.' Well-least there won't be no Jockeys in
Coach: You nailed it.
Coach: You okay.
Coach: You okay?
Coach: You on it.
Coach: You play ball, Nick?
Coach: You right.
Coach: You right?
Coach: You shot me!
Coach: You show up and we'll be here.
Coach: You straight?
Coach: You think that rule still applies if there's zombies in the building?
Coach: You try that shit on me and you'll be wishin' your momma never met ya
Coach: You wanna stay down?
Coach: You want to TEST me? I been through HELL to get to here! You are NOT the
one to take me down!
Coach: Young'un, keep shootin' while I do this.
Coach: Young'un, stop that shit.
Coach: Young'un.
Coach: You're doin fine.
Coach: You're on that shit.
Coach: You're tirin' me REAL fast, son.
Coach: You're welcome.
Coach: Yup.
Coach: Zombies didn't bring down that chopper.
Coach: Zombie's on Ro!
Coach: Zombie's ripping him up!
Coach: Zombified.
Ellis: ...GET
Ellis: [being shocked]
Ellis: [Choking]
Ellis: [Coughing from smoke]
Ellis: [gasp for breath]
Ellis: [humming] Gonna beat me a zombie to death... with a nightstick...
Ellis: [Laughter]
Ellis: [shaking self awake]
Ellis: [singing] ...Every lady's crazy when her daddy's not around...
Ellis: [singing] ...Gotta reach for the top, stay on that mountainnnn...
Ellis: [Whistles]
Ellis: A chopper!
Ellis: A freaking Jockey's around.
Ellis: A little vent crawling.
Ellis: A lot worse'n this. We gotta haul ass outta here.
Ellis: A Midnight Riders show ain't about the MUSIC, Nick. It's about the
Ellis: A roller coaster?
Ellis: A zombie's got him!
Ellis: AAGH!
Ellis: Activate it!
Ellis: Actually, I been thinking...
Ellis: Adrenaline shot here!
Ellis: Against a hustler? No thank you.
Ellis: Agggh what the hell are you shockin' me for?
Ellis: Agh!
Ellis: Ah come on now, you'll be all right.
Ellis: Ah come on, man, I'm gettin' bored! Get me out of here.
Ellis: Ah hell no, ah hell no.
Ellis: Ah hell, gonna try and heal myself.
Ellis: Ah hell, I'm hangin'. Over here!
Ellis: Ah hell, this is just messed up.
Ellis: Ah it's all you, big guy.
Ellis: Ah Jesus Christ, man, now they're blowin' up the damn bridge.
Ellis: Ah Lord!
Ellis: Ah man, I don't like to see ya like this. Come on now, let me help ya
Ellis: Ah shit man, we lost somebody!
Ellis: Ah this shit burns!
Ellis: Ah, cool, they just die.
Ellis: Ah, man, Coach.
Ellis: Ah, NO!
Ellis: AH, OW!!
Ellis: Ah, you're gettin' all fixed up nice like, huh?
Ellis: Ahh come on, you can't just stay down there. We got zombies to kill and
Ellis: Ahh great, now their spittin' shit at us.
Ellis: Ahh HELL YEAH!
Ellis: Ahh hell, man, Spitter goo.
Ellis: Ahh shit this hurts.
Ellis: Ahh SHIT!
Ellis: Ahh, Nick.
Ellis: Ahh, now, this woulda been great.
Ellis: Ahh, shit, I'm down.
Ellis: Ahhh hell it's pounding me to death!
Ellis: AHHHHH!
Ellis: Ain't a problem in the world can't be solved with a chainsaw.
Ellis: Ain't no harm in going down. Let Ellis help you up.
Ellis: Ain't no thing, just call the pontoon boat over.
Ellis: Ain't nobody been swimmin' in this pool for a while.
Ellis: Ain't none of the bodies zombies.
Ellis: Ain't tellin' ya somethin' you don't know, but be careful.
Ellis: Ain't that a load of shit.
Ellis: Ain't we supposed to be on that side of the river?
Ellis: Alarm's off!
Ellis: All ashore!
Ellis: All good, Coach.
Ellis: All hell, I'm opening it.
Ellis: All right everybody, stay on the deck!
Ellis: All right now, you gonna be all right.
Ellis: All right then!
Ellis: All right y'all stay close, now.
Ellis: All right!
Ellis: All right! There's the gas station!
Ellis: All right, all right, kinda hopin' you wouldn't get all biblical on me.
Ellis: All right, All right.
Ellis: All right, careful, careful, that looks pretty rickety.
Ellis: All right, Coach, you got anything inspirational to say as we enter into
the swamps?
Ellis: All right, everybody calm down! That chopper looks like it's headin' to
the evac center over at the mall.
Ellis: All right, get ready y'all, I'm openin' the door!
Ellis: All right, he says we gotta lower the bridge, be careful of the zombies
and they'll be waitin' on the other side.
Ellis: All right, here ya go. Chase this!
Ellis: All right, I ain't seen a good brawl in a while.
Ellis: All right, I'd really appreciate it if somebody'd get me out of here!
Ellis: All right, I'm bettin' the gas tank'll probably be empty. We'll have to
gas it up before we can haul ass.
Ellis: All right, I'm hittin' it.
Ellis: All right, I'm 'onna get ya up. But if you don't heal yourself right
quick, that's it for ya.
Ellis: All right, just three more!
Ellis: All right, let's all try to the right.
Ellis: All right, let's get out of here!
Ellis: All right, man, I got that dudes cola! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Ellis: All right, move it when you're ready.
Ellis: All right, Nick. But how about this, did ya know Graceland ain't nothin'
but a little house in the ghetto.
Ellis: All right, stay on the walkways.
Ellis: All right, thank you very much!
Ellis: All right, that's better.
Ellis: All right, the boat's coming!
Ellis: All right, upsy daisy!
Ellis: All right, we gotta stay on the deck.
Ellis: All right, we ready to open the door?
Ellis: All right, well let's go now.
Ellis: All right, well, he says he's coming to get us. Tell ya what, he sounds
like a real nice fella.
Ellis: All right, who wants to lower the bridge?
Ellis: All right, y'all, let's go!
Ellis: All right.
Ellis: All these alarm cars, it's like a puzzle!
Ellis: All this litter is shameful.
Ellis: Almost there!
Ellis: Always.
Ellis: Amen!
Ellis: Ammo here!
Ellis: Ammo!
Ellis: An axe!
Ellis: And shit. Everywhere.
Ellis: And that'll signal the chopper pilot! This is gonna be like the FOURTH
time the Midnight Riders have saved my life.
Ellis: And the river.
Ellis: And the swamps.
Ellis: Anybody else noticed the building's on fire?
Ellis: Anybody else noting the building's on fire?
Ellis: Anybody find anything?
Ellis: Anybody know how to start the finale?
Ellis: Anybody wanna go back up and do that again?
Ellis: Anybody want to heal now?
Ellis: Anyone home?!
Ellis: Anyone wanna pick a way to go?
Ellis: Anyone?
Ellis: Anything for you, Ro.
Ellis: Anything for you, Rochelle.
Ellis: Anytime, man.
Ellis: Appreciate it, big guy.
Ellis: Appreciate it, Coach!
Ellis: Appreciate it, Nick.
Ellis: Are guns even gonna work against that thing?
Ellis: Are you shittin' me now? Mud people?
Ellis: Aright, all we gotta do is cross this bridge.... and we're finally safe.
Ellis: At least they had power.
Ellis: Aw a Witch.
Ellis: Aw what the hell? It's rainin'.
Ellis: Aw, hell, now they're bulletproof?
Ellis: Aw, hell, they're bulletproof!
Ellis: Aw, hell. I coulda got my picture taken with Jimmy Gibbs's stock car? I
HATE this apocalypse.
Ellis: Aw, MAN! A roller coaster!
Ellis: Aw, MAN, that's the Screamin' Oak!
Ellis: Aw, man, this is gonna be cool.
Ellis: Aw, shit, it's rainin'.
Ellis: Aw, shit, we missed him! This apocalypse is startin' to piss me off..
Ellis: Aw, shit, we missed him? That is the last straw-these zombies have just
made an enemy.
Ellis: Axe!
Ellis: Back away from that Witch.
Ellis: Back it up!
Ellis: Back through here.
Ellis: Back through there.
Ellis: Back up!
Ellis: Back up.
Ellis: BAM!
Ellis: Barrier's down! Let's get outta here.
Ellis: Bat thing here.
Ellis: Batter the hell up.
Ellis: Be careful!
Ellis: Be good, Rochelle.
Ellis: Been better.
Ellis: Behind us!
Ellis: Behind us, y'all!
Ellis: Best be findin' me a health kit.
Ellis: Best grab a weapon. I reckon you'll need 'em.
Ellis: Bet he didn't think he'd die before me.
Ellis: Bet they ain't ever met a girl like you Rochelle.
Ellis: Bet you we can find supplies in these houses.
Ellis: BIG ARM!
Ellis: Big man.
Ellis: Bile bomb here!
Ellis: Bile bomb incoming!
Ellis: Bleedin'.
Ellis: Boat's here!
Ellis: Boomer puke right here.
Ellis: BOOMER!
Ellis: Bottle of puke here.
Ellis: Bridge comin' down!
Ellis: Bridge down!
Ellis: Bridge to the mall's blocked, man! We gotta find another way.
Ellis: Buckle up, folks! I aim to see what this car can DO!
Ellis: Bus is blocking the way.
Ellis: But we should stick together right?
Ellis: By a radio?
Ellis: Ca Caw Ca Caw Ca Caw Ca Caw!
Ellis: Ca Caw Ca Caw Ca Caw!
Ellis: Ca Caw Ca Caw!
Ellis: Ca Rash!
Ellis: Call me Ellis.
Ellis: Can I help?
Ellis: Can one of y'all get me out of here?
Ellis: Can somebody get me out of here, please?
Ellis: Can somebody lend me a hand in here, please?
Ellis: Can somebody lend me a hand in here?
Ellis: Can somebody wait up, I gotta heal.
Ellis: Can someone watch my back, I'm gonna heal.
Ellis: Can we please get out of this muck?
Ellis: Can we stop and make some cotton candy? Seriously.
Ellis: Can y'all cover me? I gotta heal!
Ellis: Can you make it?
Ellis: Can't do it, man.
Ellis: Careful where ya' walking.
Ellis: Careful, Boomer 'round.
Ellis: Careful, it's slippery.
Ellis: Careful, Smoker.
Ellis: Careful, y'all.
Ellis: Careful. Hunter.
Ellis: Cars ain't gonna be a use in this mess.
Ellis: CEDA better be around here somewhere.
Ellis: Chainsaw here.
Ellis: Charger around.
Ellis: Charger's got me!
Ellis: Charger's ripping me up!
Ellis: Chargers'll mess us up out here, man.
Ellis: Chase this!
Ellis: Check behind!
Ellis: Check it out! Kiddie Land!
Ellis: Check it out, man! Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.!
Ellis: Check it out, man! That's Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.!
Ellis: Check it, y'all! Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.!
Ellis: Check one two...
Ellis: Check one...
Ellis: Check out all them X's, man. Looks like New Orleans is the last city
Ellis: Check the rooms! Might be crap in em!
Ellis: Check the rooms.
Ellis: Chest paddles here.
Ellis: Chopper down there!
Ellis: Chopper's leaving, let's go! Let's go!
Ellis: Christ in a hand basket! I'm gooed!
Ellis: Clear!
Ellis: Click-click-click-click!
Ellis: Climb on up.
Ellis: Close the door and let's get this gas.
Ellis: Close the door.
Ellis: Clowns!
Ellis: Clowns? Clowns. Oh, you have got to be kidding me.
Ellis: C'mon y'all get inside now!
Ellis: C'mon y'all get inside!
Ellis: C'mon, hurrrry up up up up up...
Ellis: C'mon, keep a move on!
Ellis: C'mon, this way!
Ellis: Coach is right, you shot him.
Ellis: Coach!
Ellis: Coach, Coach, Coach.
Ellis: Coach, don't forget about that heal pack, now!
Ellis: Coach, don't forget about that health pack!
Ellis: Coach, don't forget about that health pack.
Ellis: Coach, don't mean to speak out of turn but you should probably heal.
Ellis: Coach, don't mean to speak out of turn but you should probably well heal
when you get a minute. You know.
Ellis: Coach, I hate to break it to you, but I don't think they're actually
Ellis: Coach, now don't forget none about healin'.
Ellis: Coach, you are a brilliant man.
Ellis: Coach, you ready to rock?
Ellis: Coach, you're breathin' a little hard, you okay?
Ellis: Coach.
Ellis: Cola for guns, I think this is like the reverse of what my school did.
Ellis: Come back, come back!
Ellis: Come comeoncomeoncomeon...
Ellis: Come on now, Nick.
Ellis: Come on then.
Ellis: Come on y'all hurry up!
Ellis: Come on y'all I can't hang on all day!
Ellis: Come on!
Ellis: Come on, back up!
Ellis: Come on, close the door.
Ellis: Come on, come on! Let's go!
Ellis: Come on, come on! You can make it!
Ellis: Come on, come on! You can make it, guys, come on!
Ellis: Come on, get in!
Ellis: Come on, girl, I thought we were closer than that.
Ellis: Come on, it's not funny anymore!
Ellis: Come on, let's GO!
Ellis: Come on, man, you can do it!
Ellis: Come on, move back!
Ellis: Come on, stick with me y'all.
Ellis: Come on, watch it! Damn.
Ellis: Come on, y'all hurry up!
Ellis: Come on. I gotta keep up, gotta keep up.
Ellis: Come onnnn, come onnnnnn...Fill it up here!
Ellis: Cool looking water.
Ellis: Cool, there's a J... HOLY SHIT!!!
Ellis: Cool.
Ellis: CRACK!
Ellis: Cross here!
Ellis: Crowbar here.
Ellis: Crowbar right here.
Ellis: Crowbars give you that personal touch you don't get with gun killin.
Ellis: DAAAAH!!
Ellis: Daaa-ugh!!
Ellis: Damn it! Five minutes too late!
Ellis: Damn it! Man, we just missed 'em!
Ellis: Damn it! We just missed 'em!
Ellis: Damn man, quit shootin' me!
Ellis: Damn, man. Ain't got but no reason to be shootin' me.
Ellis: Damn, Nick. We was just gettin' to be friends.
Ellis: Damn, that is a nasty ass zombie.
Ellis: Damn, they closed this gate.
Ellis: DAMN, we are good.
Ellis: Damn. That's quite a wreck.
Ellis: Dang, look at Nick's jacket.
Ellis: Dang, man, I sure wish that boat would hurry.
Ellis: Dang, Ro, listen to you! Kinda sound like my mom.
Ellis: Dang, Ro, listen to you! You sound like my mama.
Ellis: Dang, this is what a bombed out bridge looks like.
Ellis: Dang.
Ellis: Dang. Anybody else want to go to New Orleans?
Ellis: Dang. Thanks for turning it off, it was givin' me a headache.
Ellis: Dead!
Ellis: Defib unit here.
Ellis: Defibrillator here.
Ellis: Deploying fire bullets!
Ellis: Deploying frag rounds!
Ellis: Did anyone else notice this building is on fire?
Ellis: Did I do this? Did I? Oh shit. I'm sorry. I am really sorry.
Ellis: Did I ever tell you the time me and my grandpa took the bus the Memphis
to go visit Graceland and...
Ellis: Did y'all take leave of your senses?
Ellis: DIE!!
Ellis: Do I look all right?
Ellis: Do it!
Ellis: Do that again and I'll knock you into next week.
Ellis: Do you know what suck the heads means? Cause I came down here with Keith
once and he didn't know and I mean, it ain't nothin' bad. It's about eatin'.
Ellis: Do you know why they bury them above ground?
Ellis: Do you think they saw us?
Ellis: Do you think this button marked Finale will do anything?
Ellis: Do you?
Ellis: Does it hurt?
Ellis: Doesn't look like we're getting rescued.
Ellis: D'OH, OH!
Ellis: Don t you piss on my leg and tell me it s rainin .
Ellis: Don't be shootin' me!
Ellis: Don't bomb me with the bile!:
Ellis: Don't forget your health kits.
Ellis: Don't know what's down there, but I'm grabbin' somethin' just in case.
Ellis: Don't listen to him, Ro. He's tryin' to hustle ya.
Ellis: Don't make no sense for him to parachute here.
Ellis: Don't make no sense for him to parachute out here.
Ellis: Don't mean to be no bother guys, but I need some help over here!
Ellis: Don't mean to be no bother, but I need some help!
Ellis: Don't mess with the damn Witch.
Ellis: Don't stop shootin'!
Ellis: Don't throw that shit on me!
Ellis: Don't throw that shit on me! That calls a horde!
Ellis: Don't trolls live under here?
Ellis: Don't worry, don't worry. This ain't nothin but a scratch.
Ellis: Don't worry. We all go down. You'll be fine once we get you up on your
Ellis: Don't you reckon we should move on now?
Ellis: Down here!
Ellis: Down here.
Ellis: Down that alley!
Ellis: Down that escalator!
Ellis: Down that hole!
Ellis: Down that ladder!
Ellis: Down that off ramp!
Ellis: Down there.
Ellis: Down this alley!
Ellis: Down this elevator shaft!
Ellis: Down this escalator!
Ellis: Down this hole!
Ellis: Down this ladder!
Ellis: Down this off ramp!
Ellis: Dry land up here.
Ellis: Duck-a-tell... Oh, Ducatel Sugar.
Ellis: Dude those zombies are REAL. I knew them books were non-fiction.
Ellis: Dude, dude, hold up.
Ellis: Dude, I ain't got no love for these zombies.
Ellis: Dude, I do not like the sound of that.
Ellis: Dude, I hear one of those back humpers around.
Ellis: Dude, If we had my monster truck we could drive over all this.
Ellis: Dude, she don't sound happy.
Ellis: Dude, they got the park all lit up!
Ellis: Dude, they must have gone this way.
Ellis: Dude, we are penned in!
Ellis: Dude, we gotta watch each other's backs. My name's Ellis, you?
Ellis: Dude, we just got our asses handed to us.
Ellis: Dude, you don't look so good. Let me get you up.
Ellis: Duh? Farmers that don't grow crops, they grow people. To eat.
Ellis: Ellis on the way!
Ellis: Ellis, my name is Ellis.
Ellis: Ellis.
Ellis: Ellis. How 'bout you, big man?
Ellis: Ellis. It's a pleasure to meet you, Rochelle.
Ellis: Ellis. Nice to meet you, Nick.
Ellis: Ellis. Pleased to meet you, Coach.
Ellis: Elvis has left the building!
Ellis: Evac's that way!
Ellis: Evac's this way!
Ellis: Evac's up ahead!
Ellis: Every Lady's Crazy! Never been recorded, only played live. You know the
Riders, Coach.
Ellis: Everybody back down the stairs!
Ellis: Everybody get ammo'd up.
Ellis: Everybody get in the damn car!
Ellis: Everybody get to the chopper!
Ellis: Everybody got a can?
Ellis: Everybody grab a weapon. It's better to have one and not need it than
NEED one and not have it.
Ellis: Everybody grab some incendiary ammo!
Ellis: Everybody in the elevator!
Ellis: Everybody into the Tunnel of Love!
Ellis: Everybody take a minute and get yourself healed
Ellis: Everybody up the ladder!
Ellis: Excuse me, miss.
Ellis: Excuse me, Nick, but you might wanna heal.
Ellis: Excuse me, sir.
Ellis: Explosive rounds here!
Ellis: Figures. Bosses are shitheads. My name's Ellis.
Ellis: Finally on the bridge.
Ellis: Finally, all them karate lessons gonna pay off.
Ellis: Find a gas can!
Ellis: Fire bullets here!
Ellis: Fire in the hole!
Ellis: Fire is a comin'!
Ellis: First Aid here!
Ellis: First Aid Kit here!
Ellis: First Aid Kit.
Ellis: First Aid Kits right here!
Ellis: First Aid Kits!
Ellis: First Aid!
Ellis: Flip the switch!!
Ellis: Folks call me Ellis. And I learned how to shoot a gun before I learned
how to walk, white suit Nick.
Ellis: Folks call me Ellis. And I learned how to shoot a gun before I learned
how to walk.
Ellis: Folks call me Ellis. How 'bout you?
Ellis: Folks call me Ellis. I run an auto shop around here. Instead of
evacuatin', I armored up a truck to drive myself out of here. Built that thing
to be zombie proof.
Ellis: Folks call me Ellis. I run an auto shop with a couple of my buddies.
We're also in a band. I play bass.
Ellis: Follow me this way.
Ellis: Follow me.
Ellis: Follow the tracks!
Ellis: Follow these lights!
Ellis: Four people that could use some help sir.
Ellis: Four.
Ellis: Frag rounds here!
Ellis: Freeze!
Ellis: Friends call me Ellis.
Ellis: Frying pan!
Ellis: Frying pan, yeah!
Ellis: Generator starting!
Ellis: Get away from the Tank!
Ellis: Get back.
Ellis: Get down to the shipyard!
Ellis: GET HIM...
Ellis: Get in the car! We're ready!
Ellis: Get inside y'all!
Ellis: Get into the stadium!
Ellis: Get out of the Spitter goo!
Ellis: Get out to the ledge!
Ellis: Get ready and lets open the door.
Ellis: Get ready to rock! I'm about to start this baby.
Ellis: Get ready!
Ellis: Get ready! The alarm is gonna sound.
Ellis: Get ready
Ellis: Get to that ladder! Get to the ladder!
Ellis: Get to the alarm!
Ellis: Get to the house!
Ellis: Get to the ladder.
Ellis: Get to the underpass!
Ellis: Get up that ladder!
Ellis: Get your ass up, NOW! C'MON!
Ellis: Git that Tank y'all!
Ellis: Glad I wasn't here when this was all happenin'.
Ellis: Glad I wasn't here when this was goin' down.
Ellis: Go git that Tank y'all!
Ellis: Go go go!
Ellis: Go!
Ellis: Go! Go! Go! Find some gas!
Ellis: God be with you, too, sir.
Ellis: God damn it. I coulda got my picture taken with Jimmy Gibbs's stock car.
Ellis: God DAMN!
Ellis: God damn! Another one just went off!
Ellis: Goddamn a whole plane!
Ellis: Goddamn elevator's out!
Ellis: Goddamn I hurt!
Ellis: Goddamn that head went flying!
Ellis: Goddamn whirlybird left without us!
Ellis: Goddamn you're good.
Ellis: Goddamnit. Look at that logjam! We coulda made it, too!
Ellis: Goin' with double pistols.
Ellis: Goin' with the rifle.
Ellis: Going with the shotgun.
Ellis: Gonna beat me a zombie till there ain't a chunk big enough to hit.
Ellis: Gonna play with fire.
Ellis: GOO!
Ellis: Good as any other name.
Ellis: Good as new. Let's go kill some zombies.
Ellis: Good shootin', Tex!
Ellis: Good thinkin', Nick.
Ellis: Good time to heal.
Ellis: Good to go.
Ellis: Good, how're you?
Ellis: Good... I think.
Ellis: Goodbye, Coach.
Ellis: Got a defib unit.
Ellis: Got a machete.
Ellis: Got 'em.
Ellis: Got it!
Ellis: Got it, yeah, we'll do it.
Ellis: Got me a mind to do some paddlin.
Ellis: Got some ammo right here!
Ellis: Got some chest paddles.
Ellis: Got some explosive rounds right here!
Ellis: Got some frag rounds here!
Ellis: Gotcha.
Ellis: Gotta agree with Ro, I ain't looking forward to this.
Ellis: Gotta reload!
Ellis: Grab a gas can and fill 'er up!
Ellis: Grab that radio.
Ellis: Grab this here!
Ellis: Grabbin' a bile bomb!
Ellis: Grabbin' a bile jar!
Ellis: Grabbin' a bread slicer.
Ellis: Grabbin' a Molotov!
Ellis: Grabbin' a problem solver.
Ellis: Grabbin' a shot!
Ellis: Grabbin' cola!
Ellis: Grabbin' fire bullets!
Ellis: Grabbin' fire in a bottle, baby.
Ellis: Grabbin' fire in a bottle.
Ellis: Grabbin' some frag rounds!
Ellis: Grabbing a crowbar.
Ellis: Grabbing a guitar.
Ellis: Grabbing a katana.
Ellis: Grabbing a nightstick.
Ellis: Grabbing a pipe bomb.
Ellis: Grabbing a pistol!
Ellis: Grabbing First Aid.
Ellis: Grabbing pills.
Ellis: Grabbing the cool-ass ninja sword.
Ellis: Grabbing the ninja sword.
Ellis: Grabbing the ninja sword. Anybody sees some nunchuks, gimme a holler.
Ellis: Grabbing the ninja sword. Wish I'd brought my throwing stars.
Ellis: Grabbing this here sniper rifle.
Ellis: Grenade Launcher here!
Ellis: Grenade Launcher!
Ellis: Guess our crash was so soft cause we landed in the...
Ellis: Guitar here.
Ellis: Guns here! This'll help clear a path.
Ellis: Guns right here!
Ellis: Guns right here! I'm gonna clear me a path.
Ellis: Guns! Now there's a sight for sore eyes.
Ellis: Guys, can I have a second with the car? Alone? I-I just need to say
Ellis: Ha ha ha.
Ellis: Had to be scary to be on this flight.
Ellis: Haha! That's more like it!
Ellis: Haha! We whipped the dogshit out of them!
Ellis: Haha. Breakin' stuff!
Ellis: Ha-ha. Very funny.
Ellis: Halfway there!
Ellis: Hang on a minute, I think it goes somethin' like this.
Ellis: Hang on, I'm coming!
Ellis: Have you smelled yourself recently?
Ellis: HE ain't gonna land till the Tank is dead, man. Kill the Tank!
Ellis: He can't land till we kill that Tank!
Ellis: He hates those cans!
Ellis: He hates those cans! He hates those cans!
Ellis: He is breaking my butt!
Ellis: He is?
Ellis: Head for the grain elevator!
Ellis: Head to the helicopter!
Ellis: HEADS UP!
Ellis: Heads up! Bile bomb!
Ellis: Heads up, zombies! It's about to RAIN!
Ellis: Heal up!
Ellis: Healing! Cover me please!
Ellis: Hear that Charger?
Ellis: Heck yeah. Goin' with two pistols.
Ellis: Heh heh. Zombie apocalypse ain't all bad.
Ellis: Helicopter's starting!
Ellis: Hell no, I ain't cryin'.
Ellis: Hell of a girl, Ro.
Ellis: Hell yeah!
Ellis: Hell yeah, I'm with ya.
Ellis: Hell yeah, that was mine!
Ellis: Hell yeah, where we going?
Ellis: Hell yeah.
Ellis: Hell, I don't know.
Ellis: Hell, I've walked away from a lot worse than that.
Ellis: Hell. I never thought of that.
Ellis: Hello boat man, can you come pick us up?
Ellis: Hello there!
Ellis: Hello!
Ellis: Hello! Anyone here?!
Ellis: Hello! Anyone there?!
Ellis: Hello. Hello!
Ellis: Hello?!
Ellis: Help me out!
Ellis: Help!
Ellis: Help! Help!
Ellis: Help! Help! Hellllppp!
Ellis: Help, man! Anybody out there?
Ellis: Here comes some puke!
Ellis: Here comes the bile, you sons of bitches!
Ellis: Here comes the boat!
Ellis: Here I am.
Ellis: Here they come!
Ellis: Here we go folks! Buckle up, I aim to see what this car can DO!
Ellis: Here we go! Everybody on the boat!
Ellis: Here we go.
Ellis: Here ya go now. You'll probably put this to better use than me.
Ellis: Here ya go, had no use for this anyhow.
Ellis: Here ya go, had no use for this anyhow. I ain't gonna get shot.
Ellis: Here ya go, I got this for ya.
Ellis: Here ya go, man, I want ya to have this.
Ellis: Here ya go, man.
Ellis: Here!, here!
Ellis: Here's a bottle of...looks like puke.
Ellis: He's bashing me into shit!
Ellis: He's got me!
Ellis: Hey can we make an effort to move fast here fore we all drown'd?
Ellis: Hey come on y'all, shoot the Tank not me!
Ellis: Hey don't worry. We all go down. It's fine lemme just get you up.
Ellis: Hey everybody grab a weapon.
Ellis: Hey everybody! Don't forget about me in here!
Ellis: Hey everybody, let's get out of this mud!
Ellis: Hey good shootin'!
Ellis: Hey guys, can I have a second? Alone with the car? I just... I got some
things that need saying.
Ellis: Hey hey!
Ellis: Hey Hunter's on Nick!
Ellis: Hey I got a First Aid Kit if somebody needs it.
Ellis: Hey I got the cola!
Ellis: Hey I need everybody inside now!
Ellis: Hey look at this here.
Ellis: Hey look out!
Ellis: Hey look over here!
Ellis: Hey look over there!
Ellis: Hey man, lights on!
Ellis: Hey man, we should get goin'.
Ellis: Hey Nick, I don't like the way how this smells.
Ellis: Hey Nick, I used to have a suit just like yours.
Ellis: Hey Nick, what kind of car did you drive?
Ellis: Hey Ro, don't listen to him. He's tryin' to hustle ya.
Ellis: Hey Ro, girl, heal up now.
Ellis: Hey Rochelle!
Ellis: Hey run, man! This is some crazy shit.
Ellis: Hey sir.
Ellis: Hey thanks, man!
Ellis: Hey there.
Ellis: Hey there's the car! Grab a gas can and fill 'er up!
Ellis: Hey umm... you! Hold up!
Ellis: Hey watch out!
Ellis: Hey watch your footing. This gully looks steep.
Ellis: Hey we gotta turn that alarm off!
Ellis: Hey we might need these.
Ellis: Hey y'all!
Ellis: Hey y'all, quit playin' man! Get me out of here!
Ellis: Hey you all right?
Ellis: Hey you gonna be right?
Ellis: Hey you in the suit.
Ellis: Hey you see those lights?
Ellis: Hey! Chase this!
Ellis: Hey! Hey! Got something for ya.
Ellis: Hey! I seem to have fallen and, yeah, I can't get up.
Ellis: HEY! Shoot the Tank!
Ellis: Hey, anybody there?!
Ellis: Hey, as soon as this here door opens, RUN!
Ellis: Hey, back here, back here.
Ellis: Hey, back it up!
Ellis: Hey, behind us, y'all, behind us!
Ellis: Hey, Big man.
Ellis: Hey, boat's coming!
Ellis: Hey, bridge comin' down!
Ellis: Hey, can somebody cover me? I'm gonna try to heal.
Ellis: Hey, check it out man! That's The Midnight Riders!
Ellis: Hey, Coach!
Ellis: Hey, come on, now! Quarrelin' amongst ourselves ain't solvin' nothing.
Anyway, I think the building's on fire. Maybe we should get movin'.
Ellis: Hey, defib unit here.
Ellis: Hey, do we need to hit 'em in the head?
Ellis: Hey, do you hear that crying?
Ellis: Hey, don't get off the walkway, okay?
Ellis: Hey, don't shoot the car.
Ellis: Hey, don't that feel good?
Ellis: Hey, down this off ramp.
Ellis: Hey, Ellis got ya. Ain't nothin' gonna happen to ya now.
Ellis: Hey, everybody grab some incendiary ammo!
Ellis: hey, everybody grab somethin' I think we got some killin to do.
Ellis: Hey, everybody let's grab some incendiary ammo!
Ellis: Hey, everybody, in the elevator!
Ellis: Hey, fire bullets right here!
Ellis: Hey, fire's comin'!
Ellis: Hey, get back up there!
Ellis: Hey, get inside!
Ellis: Hey, get to that ladder.
Ellis: Hey, get up there and turn it off!
Ellis: Hey, grab that cola!
Ellis: Hey, grabbing an axe.
Ellis: Hey, guys. Be honest. Are my muscles gettin' bigger?
Ellis: Hey, he wants to know how many we are, what should I tell him?
Ellis: Hey, head for the garage!
Ellis: Hey, how do we get in here?
Ellis: Hey, Hunter on Coach!
Ellis: Hey, I bet it's headed to the mall. There's an evacuation center there.
Grab some weapons and I'll lead the way.
Ellis: Hey, I don't mean to be scarin' ya none. But you go down like that again
and that's it.
Ellis: Hey, I gotta take the Grenade Launcher!
Ellis: Hey, I hear a Smoker.
Ellis: Hey, I hear a Witch.
Ellis: Hey, I need some help over here!
Ellis: Hey, I recognize this! That gun store's just up ahead!
Ellis: Hey, I swear that wasn't me!
Ellis: Hey, I think there's another evac station in the mall.
Ellis: Hey, I want you to have this.
Ellis: Hey, if anyone don't mind none, could use a hand!
Ellis: Hey, I'm a reload.
Ellis: Hey, I'm Reloading!
Ellis: Hey, is there a way out of the village?
Ellis: Hey, it's down, let's go! Let's go!
Ellis: Hey, jump onto the truck!
Ellis: Hey, keep shooting, keep shooting!
Ellis: Hey, keep to the right!
Ellis: Hey, laser sights here.
Ellis: Hey, let me tell ya something. Y'all are the best!
Ellis: Hey, let's get back up there!
Ellis: Hey, let's get up there!
Ellis: Hey, let's go through there!
Ellis: Hey, let's stop shooting each other, please!
Ellis: Hey, let's try that door.
Ellis: Hey, let's use the radio.
Ellis: Hey, lights off y'all.
Ellis: Hey, lights on over here!
Ellis: Hey, look out! Mudmen, right there!
Ellis: Hey, lower that bridge.
Ellis: Hey, man! That hit me!
Ellis: Hey, man, we gotta go!
Ellis: Hey, move back.
Ellis: Hey, Nick!
Ellis: Hey, Nick? They can't hear you, because they're in jet planes.
Ellis: Hey, one of those things got her!
Ellis: Hey, out here on the ledge!
Ellis: Hey, path to the right.
Ellis: Hey, quit fighting and get on the boat!
Ellis: Hey, right up here! Some of the refugees built a safe room!
Ellis: Hey, Ro!
Ellis: Hey, run to that house!
Ellis: Hey, run to the boat! Run to the boat!
Ellis: Hey, search the rooms.
Ellis: Hey, some guns here!
Ellis: Hey, somebody lower the walkway.
Ellis: Hey, somebody move it.
Ellis: Hey, somebody use that radio.
Ellis: Hey, stop a minute.
Ellis: Hey, stop movin' I got somethin' for ya
Ellis: Hey, stop movin', now! I got somethin' for you right here.
Ellis: Hey, take that clown down!
Ellis: Hey, thanks a lot.
Ellis: Hey, thanks, Nick.
Ellis: Hey, that one just dropped something, right there.
Ellis: Hey, that was mine!
Ellis: Hey, there's a pipe bomb right here.
Ellis: Hey, there's a road!
Ellis: Hey, there's a safe room right up there!
Ellis: Hey, there's a saferoom in the Tunnel of Love!
Ellis: Hey, there's a truck!
Ellis: Hey, there's a walkway.
Ellis: Hey, there's the car!
Ellis: Hey, there's the mall! We MADE it!
Ellis: Hey, think I heard a Boomer.
Ellis: Hey, this building is coming down!
Ellis: Hey, through this window!
Ellis: Hey, turn it off! Turn it off!
Ellis: Hey, watch out for the cars.
Ellis: Hey, watch out! Mudmen!
Ellis: Hey, watch your back, Jockey's around here.
Ellis: Hey, we ain't goin' no farther on this road.
Ellis: Hey, we can cut through this restaurant.
Ellis: Hey, we can get across now.
Ellis: Hey, we can get to them through here!
Ellis: Hey, we can head down here.
Ellis: Hey, we can take the elevator back up!
Ellis: Hey, we can use these planks.
Ellis: Hey, we could use that ladder.
Ellis: Hey, we gonna make this right, let's get ya up.
Ellis: Hey, we got a safe room ahead!
Ellis: Hey, we got a safe room right ahead!
Ellis: Hey, we gotta find the stairs!
Ellis: Hey, we gotta get back to the walkway!
Ellis: Hey, we need to clear these tracks.
Ellis: Hey, we need to signal that chopper.
Ellis: Hey, we need twenty more, twenty more!
Ellis: Hey, we should all grab something.
Ellis: Hey, we should get goin', man.
Ellis: Hey, we should hurry before it starts to rain.
Ellis: Hey, what if we turn on the Burger Tank sign?
Ellis: Hey, what'd we shut the door for? I wasn't done!
Ellis: Hey, where in the hell is the boat?
Ellis: Hey, y'all done good!
Ellis: Hey, y'all should heal now.
Ellis: Hey, you all right?
Ellis: Hey, you bet!
Ellis: Hey, you gonna be all right.
Ellis: Hey, you gotta spin 'em around if you want 'em dead!
Ellis: Hey, you guys havin' fun out there without me?
Ellis: Hey, you're takin' charge, man.
Ellis: Hi!
Ellis: Highway's blocked! Let's cut through the motel!
Ellis: Hit everything!
Ellis: Hit it!
Ellis: Hit it! Let's go!
Ellis: Hit it.
Ellis: Hit the button again!
Ellis: Hit the deck!
Ellis: Hit the flash bangs!
Ellis: Hit the flash pots!
Ellis: Hit the lights!
Ellis: Hit the spotlights, baby!
Ellis: Hit!
Ellis: Hogwash!
Ellis: Hold on let me heal ya!
Ellis: Hold on now, hold on now, here ya go.
Ellis: Hold on now, I'm coming!
Ellis: Hold on! Hold on!
Ellis: Hold on, that one dropped something.
Ellis: Hold up real quick.
Ellis: Holy shit that's a lotta Witches.
Ellis: Holy shit! This is some kind of nightmare. Goddamn Zombie Apocalypse and
shit. Shit, shit, shit. What in the hell are we going to do?
Ellis: Holy shit, guys! It's goddamned Kiddie Land!
Ellis: Holy shit, guys! Kiddie Land!
Ellis: Holy shit, it's Christmas.
Ellis: Holy shit, look at that big thing!
Ellis: Holy shit, zombies are real. I KNEW it!
Ellis: Holy shit. Well this explains our parachutist.
Ellis: Holy shit... they just die.
Ellis: Hoohoo! Apocalypse, my ass! We're livin' in the best shooting range of
Ellis: Hope this works!
Ellis: Hope to hell I'm doing this right.
Ellis: Hope we're making the right call going to that mall...
Ellis: Hope you don't mind, I'm a take this First Aid Kit here.
Ellis: Hope you folks like New Orleans, cause that's where we're headed if we
wanna live.
Ellis: Hope you guys like New Orleans, cause that's where we're headed if we
wanna live.
Ellis: Horse!
Ellis: Horses are for ridin' not eatin', Nick.
Ellis: How do we get around this fence?
Ellis: How ya doin', Mr. Boatman?
Ellis: How ya doin'?
Ellis: How y'all doin'?
Ellis: Howdy!
Ellis: Howdy.
Ellis: How's this finale supposed to start?
Ellis: Huh. If everybody's evacuatin', who's watchin the news?
Ellis: Humans four, zombies nuthin'.
Ellis: HUMPER!
Ellis: Hunter it is then!
Ellis: Hunter on Rochelle!
Ellis: HUNTER!
Ellis: Hunter's got Coach!
Ellis: Hunter's got Nick!
Ellis: Hunter's got Rochelle!
Ellis: Hurry it! Hurry it!
Ellis: Hurry up!
Ellis: Hurtin'.
Ellis: I actually think the guy who came up with the idea should get to drive
the stock car.
Ellis: I agree. That there is a good plan.
Ellis: I ain't going back downstairs unarmed.
Ellis: I ain't just goin' on, I'm really hurt.
Ellis: I ain't leavin' ya, But you better GET UP!
Ellis: I ain't lyin', this hurts!
Ellis: I ain't never been in a sugar cane field before. I mean, I seen 'em and
all, but no real reason to go into one, but now you go into a peach grove, you
find all kinds of cool shit. This one time I was in...
Ellis: I ain't never been so happy to see a damn shopping center!
Ellis: I ain't never been so happy to see a gun.
Ellis: I ain't no god damn son of a bitch, yeah, ya better think about that
Ellis: I ain't sick.
Ellis: I always wanted to run to a helicopter during a guitar solo. Just like
in a music video.
Ellis: I am all tuckered out.
Ellis: I am proud to be part of this team!
Ellis: I am?
Ellis: I bet that chopper's headin' to the evac station at the mall. We can
still catch up to it if we hurry.
Ellis: I better practice on you before I do this on myself.
Ellis: I can see you weren't the shootin' coach.
Ellis: I can understand that, man needs his snacks.
Ellis: I can understand that, man needs his snacks. Man this guy's weird.
Ellis: I can't hardly believe we made that!
Ellis: I can't move help!
Ellis: I can't see a damn thing.
Ellis: I can't see shit!
Ellis: I can't wait to get behind your wheel, darlin'.
Ellis: I could be better.
Ellis: I could go for a nap, right now.
Ellis: I could still use a hand over here!
Ellis: I could use some help here!
Ellis: I did it!
Ellis: I do not like the sound of that.
Ellis: I don't even think they even saw us.
Ellis: I don't feel right.
Ellis: I don't have a better idea. Any of you guys?
Ellis: I don't know what I'm doin, so hold on a minute.
Ellis: I don't know what I'm doin, so just hold on.
Ellis: I don't know, some sort of bat here.
Ellis: I don't know. I kinda like that smell.
Ellis: I don't know. Smells nice though don't it.
Ellis: I don't like not being on the walkway.
Ellis: I don't like the sound of that crying.
Ellis: I don't mean to be cursing myself, but I think I'm gonna die.
Ellis: I don't own a tractor, man.
Ellis: I don't think we need to hit 'em just in the head.
Ellis: I don't.
Ellis: I dunno about you folks, but after lookin' at that map, I wouldn't mind
heading to New Orleans.
Ellis: I dunno about you folks, but after lookin' at that map, I wouldn't mind
heading to, I dunno, New Orleans?
Ellis: I dunno. He just called himself Coach.
Ellis: I ever tell you about the time Keith and I made fireworks? Now, I didn't
know shit about chemistry, but Keith figured, "Gasoline burns, doesn't it?"
Third degree burns on ninety-five percent of his body. Man, people in the next
city over were calling to complain about the smell of burning skin.
Ellis: I ever tell you about the time Keith tried to deep fry a turkey? Third
degree burns over ninety percent of his body. His doctor called up, like, other
doctors to look at him cause they'd never seen burns on top of existing burns--
Ellis: I ever tell you about the time me and Keith filled up water balloons
with our own--
Ellis: I ever tell you about the time me and Keith made a homemade bumper car
ride with riding mowers in his back yard? Mower blade wounds over ninety
percent of his body. I didn't run him over, either. He somehow managed to fall
under his own.
Ellis: I ever tell you about the time me and Keith snuck into a Tunnel of Love?
Man, if you get your spit thick enough, y'see, y'all can hang a loogie off the
overhang, right, so when smoochin' sons of bitches behind you--
Ellis: I ever tell you about the time me and Keith snuck paintball guns on a
roller coaster? I never heard of anybody else doing it, so I thought we might
have invented a sport. So Keith called the patent office but--
Ellis: I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith and I were on the top of a
burning building and we had to fight our way down like five floors of zombies?
Wait a second. I guess that was you guys. Aw shit, man, I can't wait to tell
Keith about that one.
Ellis: I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith drove his car off a cliff,
broke both his legs? It's not a funny ha-ha story so much as a make-you-think
story. For instance: windshields look pretty durable, right? Not the case,
according to Keith. Son of a bitch flew right through that sucker--
Ellis: I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith drowned in the Tunnel of
Love? You wouldn't think it could happen cause the water's so shallow, but
that's how it gets you, man: Over confidence. Keith was with his lady at the
time and he was yelling for her to save him but she didn't wanna get wet--
Ellis: I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith fell down an open manhole?
He was unconscious down there for like a week. During that time, unbeknownst to
Keith, they paved over him. Keith had to--
Ellis: I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith fell out the roller
coaster? Yeah, he didn't drop far, mind you, just onto the tracks, but the
carnival people wouldn't stop the ride cause all the other people paid good
money and Keith snuck on for free, so he had to dodge for like twenty minutes
or so.
Ellis: I ever tell you guys about the time my buddy Keith got rolled by a gator
in a swamp? Man, he didn't agonize it or nothing, we were just trying to grab
two so we could piss 'em off and get 'em into a fight. Anyway, the third time
Keith went under, I realized something was wrong, so I--
Ellis: I got a bile bomb here!
Ellis: I got a chainsaw.
Ellis: I got a feelin' this alarm ain't gonna go unnoticed.
Ellis: I got a gun just like that.
Ellis: I got a new thing I hate: mud people.
Ellis: I got a pipe bomb!
Ellis: I got it!
Ellis: I got it.
Ellis: I got myself an axe!
Ellis: I got one.
Ellis: I got Spitter shit on me!
Ellis: I got the cola, let's get back!
Ellis: I got the Molotov!
Ellis: I got this for ya, man.
Ellis: I got this one!
Ellis: I gotcha, I gotcha. Try not to look down.
Ellis: I guess he didn't know we been like fighting zombies all through the
Ellis: I guess it'll do. Yeah, whatever, it's a machinegun.
Ellis: I guess we don't have any choice man. I guess we oughta do it.
Ellis: I guess we're gonna have to visit that graveyard.
Ellis: I guess we're gonna visit that graveyard, it's kinda spooky.
Ellis: I guess, I think so. What do you mean?
Ellis: I had no plans on feeding the gators, thank you very much.
Ellis: I had no plans on feeding the gators.
Ellis: I hate them things
Ellis: I hate those Jockeys.
Ellis: I hear a Boomer.
Ellis: I hear a Charger.
Ellis: I hear a Hunter around.
Ellis: I hear a Hunter.
Ellis: I hear a Spitter.
Ellis: I hear a Witch crying.
Ellis: I hear one of them Spitters.
Ellis: I hear one of those back humpers around here.
Ellis: I hear one of those strange ones.
Ellis: I heard they gotta cancel the concert if there's a breeze, cause any
town downwind'll catch on FIRE.
Ellis: I heard when they play? You can see the show from SPACE.
Ellis: I hit it!
Ellis: I hope we don't meet whatever's making that noise.
Ellis: I hurt aplenty.
Ellis: I hurt so bad, I don't see right.
Ellis: I hurt.
Ellis: I just know an alarm is gonna sound when we open that door.
Ellis: I just liked the sound of "Nick."
Ellis: I knew it. All this runnin' around climbin' up on stuff's makin' me buff
as hell.
Ellis: I knew there had to be guns somewhere!
Ellis: I knew this guy who was trying to set the world record on staying on a
Ferris wheel. He had been up there like two days or somethin' and he wanted
some beer, but they weren't givin' him any so he got this rope. Now don't ask
me where he got the rope from---
Ellis: I knew you'd be okay.
Ellis: I know that mall. There's an evac center set up there. Grab a weapon and
let's go.
Ellis: I know that mall. There's an evacuation set up there. Grab weapons and
let's go.
Ellis: I know what you're saying, and guess what? I do like taters.
Ellis: I know you shot me.
Ellis: I know you're tough. But we gotta get you healed up quick like. You
understand me?
Ellis: I love camping, but this here don't look fun.
Ellis: I love this song!
Ellis: I love you.
Ellis: I mean, what is this world coming to when you dread a merry-go-round?
Ellis: I might have an idea.
Ellis: I need every one of you inside now!
Ellis: I need some help!
Ellis: I need some help, man!
Ellis: I need to reload.
Ellis: I never once thought a merry-go-round would turn on me.
Ellis: I owe you one.
Ellis: I reckon if this keeps up, I'm gonna die.
Ellis: I reckon it's headed to the mall. There's an evacuation center there.
Grab some weapons and I'll lead the way.
Ellis: I remember seein' this on the way in.
Ellis: I remember that. We're headed the right way!
Ellis: I said, okay.
Ellis: I saw 'em in '07. Front row center. Lost my eyebrows.
Ellis: I seen that movie.
Ellis: I still got some fight in me.
Ellis: I swear to god, CEDA better be at that mall
Ellis: I tell ya what would be real bad right now? A tank.
Ellis: I think I got one.
Ellis: I think I really hurt something.
Ellis: I think it was Ellis.
Ellis: I think it was Nick.
Ellis: I think that gun store's just up ahead!
Ellis: I think that's one of them little things.
Ellis: I think the guy who came up with the idea should get to drive the stock
car. And that was, I dunno, ME.
Ellis: I told ya it'd feel good!
Ellis: I triple dog dare ya to rescue me!
Ellis: I wanna ride one! Just one! Just lemme ride the Screaming Oak once. Man,
when we ever gonna be here again?
Ellis: I want you to have this.
Ellis: I was born ready. So... yes.
Ellis: I will always love you.
Ellis: I wish we could get a five dollar beer right now.
Ellis: I wish we had a horse. I loooove horses.
Ellis: I would take a bullet for that man.
Ellis: I wouldn't say that. I think it smells kinda nice.
Ellis: If the laws of nature allowed it, I would bear that man's children.
Ellis: If this map's right, New Orleans is the last city standing.
Ellis: If we had a horse, we could...
Ellis: If we're gonna get out of here, we're gonna have to do it ourselves.
Ellis: If we're gonna get to the bottom of this gully, we gotta be careful.
Ellis: If y'all miss me, I'm over here hangin' on the ledge. Over here.
Ellis: If you're looking for ideas, look no further. Because I have a good one.
Ellis: I'll back you up on that. Hell of a show.
Ellis: I'll be damned! That's Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.!
Ellis: I'll be drivin' you REALLLL soon, girl.
Ellis: I'll call it.
Ellis: I'll follow you.
Ellis: I'll give it to you. That's a good plan, Nick.
Ellis: I'll grab that pistol!
Ellis: I'll help ya if you need me to.
Ellis: I'll hit it. Get ready.
Ellis: I'll live.
Ellis: I'll remember you in my prayers, Ro.
Ellis: I'll tell you who we are, we're good people.
Ellis: I'll try this shotgun.
Ellis: I'm a comin!
Ellis: I'm a reload!
Ellis: I'm all right.
Ellis: I'm all torn up.
Ellis: I'm all turned around. Where's the bridge?
Ellis: I'm breathin', ain't I?
Ellis: I'm clearing the tracks
Ellis: I'm comin', I'm comin'!
Ellis: I'm deploying some fire bullets!
Ellis: I'm down!
Ellis: I'm feelin' pretty good.
Ellis: I'm game.
Ellis: I'm gettin' so mad I could shit a squealin' worm, man.
Ellis: I'm gettin' so mad I could shit a squealin' worm.
Ellis: I'm getting dragged away!
Ellis: I'm goin' as fast as I can.
Ellis: I'm gonna be a sniper like in the movies.
Ellis: I'm gonna beat 'em like rented mules with this.
Ellis: I'm gonna fly down these hills.
Ellis: I'm gonna grab some of these frag rounds!
Ellis: I'm gonna grab this katana.
Ellis: I'm gonna hit this and then we gotta run.
Ellis: I'm gonna kill zombies with this gun, or no, this one, or... shit man,
there's a lot of choices in here.
Ellis: I'm gonna mess some zombies up now.
Ellis: I'm gonna snipe.
Ellis: I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say the park's that way.
Ellis: I'm grabbin a gun, should we leave some money for these?
Ellis: I'm grabbin' some fire bullets!
Ellis: I'm grabbing the Mollie.
Ellis: I'm hurtin' real bad.
Ellis: I'm in. Let's rock and roll.
Ellis: I'm in. This arena's about to get rocked.
Ellis: I'm just gonna say it. I don't like the swamp.
Ellis: I'm just great, thanks.
Ellis: I'm not - I'm not going near the crying girl.
Ellis: I'm not a zombie, man. Shoot the zombies!
Ellis: I'm not a zombie. Shoot the zombies!
Ellis: I'm okay.
Ellis: I'm on this here ledge!
Ellis: I'm opening it!
Ellis: I'm pretty torn up.
Ellis: I'm right behind you.
Ellis: I'm sorry, Rochelle. The hell you talking about?
Ellis: I'm starting it!
Ellis: I'm starting the generator.
Ellis: I'm thinkin' we can take on anything!
Ellis: I'm thinking we should close the door.
Ellis: I'm trapped in here!
Ellis: In case y'all didn't know - it hurts to get shot!
Ellis: In here!
Ellis: In the trailer.
Ellis: Incendiary ammo of love here!
Ellis: Inside here.
Ellis: Into the maintenance Tunnel of Love!
Ellis: Into the swan maintenance room of love!
Ellis: Is it rainin? Never mind, it is.
Ellis: Is that boat ever gonna come?
Ellis: Is that what that is? Smelled like a raccoon died an abandoned
Ellis: It may have escaped all y'all's notice, but this building is on fire.
Ellis: It says here the gas's inside.
Ellis: It was my idea!
Ellis: It's a good time to heal up everybody.
Ellis: It's a helicopter!
Ellis: It's a little city of graves.
Ellis: It's a little different, man, they ain't people no more.
Ellis: It's cool to see new shit.
Ellis: IT'S GOT ME!
Ellis: It's just you and me!
Ellis: It's killing me!
Ellis: It's like a fabled city of Atlantis.
Ellis: It's like a monkey on a mule.
Ellis: It's like a whole city of crypts.
Ellis: It's like we bought the park and got every ride to ourselves! That's the
third thing I was gonna do if I ever won the lottery.
Ellis: It's like we're roadies for the Midnight Riders!
Ellis: It's off!
Ellis: It's off, can you hear me? It's off!
Ellis: It's okay, they ain't people no more.
Ellis: It's okay, we're cool. I live around here, and I bet that chopper's
headin' to the evac station at the mall. We can still catch up to it if we
Ellis: It's quicker on the dry land.
Ellis: It's still real pretty.
Ellis: It's sugar cane, Nick.
Ellis: It's that nasty tongue thing!
Ellis: It's the barfin' fat ass zombie!
Ellis: It's the barfin' one!
Ellis: It's working!
Ellis: I've got a misery in my bones.
Ellis: I've got an idea. Jimmy Gibbs, Jr. ain't gonna mind if we borrow his
stock car. He's a very generous man.
Ellis: I've got an idea. You know them posters we been seein? Get your picture
taken with Jimmy Gibbs's stock car? That means it's HERE. We just need to
appropriate it, and we got ourselves an escape vehicle.
Ellis: Jesus Christ, did they really build these houses underwater?
Ellis: Jesus Christ, man!
Ellis: Jesus NO!
Ellis: Jesus NO, man!
Ellis: Jets. Jets mean people!
Ellis: Jimmy Gibbs got my vote.
Ellis: Jimmy Gibbs, Jr. I will do this for you.
Ellis: Jimmy Gibbs, Jr. is the man. I mean I don't know anybody like that, man.
But there was this guy I knew, he raced dirt tracks, not stock cars but open
wheeled cars you know, and he was racing once and a goat...
Ellis: JOCKEY!
Ellis: Jump down here!
Ellis: Jump down there!
Ellis: Jump right down here!
Ellis: JUMPER!
Ellis: Jumpin' Jesus! What are you doin'?
Ellis: Just get inside the helicopter, man!
Ellis: Just keep shooting!
Ellis: JUST like a music video!
Ellis: Just run!
Ellis: Just run, damn it.
Ellis: Just sayin'.
Ellis: Just shoot it! SHOOT IT!
Ellis: Just take this!
Ellis: Just the best stock car racer of all time. Try reading a book sometime.
Ellis: Just two more!
Ellis: Katana here.
Ellis: Katana sword of love here!
Ellis: Keep followin' the tracks!
Ellis: Keep going!
Ellis: Keep going.
Ellis: Keep hitting this!!
Ellis: Keep it up! Keep it up!!
Ellis: Keep setting it off!
Ellis: Keep shootin', man, Keep shootin!
Ellis: Keep shooting!
Ellis: Keep your britches on, I'm a comin'.
Ellis: Kill all the son of a bitches, that's my official instructions.
Ellis: Kill him!
Ellis: Kill it, man! Kill it!
Ellis: Kill the Tank so he can land!
Ellis: Kill this thing!
Ellis: Kill your damn lights.
Ellis: Killed it.
Ellis: Ladder!
Ellis: Ladder! Ladder!
Ellis: Laser sights here.
Ellis: Laser sights right here.
Ellis: Launch the fireworks!
Ellis: LEAPER!
Ellis: Left or right my friends?
Ellis: Let me heal ya up now, this what friends are for!
Ellis: Let me heal ya, this what friends are for!
Ellis: Let me patch ya up.
Ellis: Let me try and fix you up.
Ellis: Let me use this health kit on ya.
Ellis: Let's call for the boat.
Ellis: Let's clear the tracks.
Ellis: Let's find the stage.
Ellis: Let's get back to the damn boat!
Ellis: Let's get down the street to the safehouse!
Ellis: Let's get on the boat!
Ellis: Let's get outta here!
Ellis: Let's get ready and then call the boat.
Ellis: Let's get this car gassed up!
Ellis: Let's get up on the deck.
Ellis: Let's get up on the walkway.
Ellis: Let's go find Jimmy Gibbs's stock car. We get that thing gassed up, we
can drive out of here.
Ellis: Let's go then.
Ellis: Let's go through here!
Ellis: Let's go to the house!
Ellis: Let's go!
Ellis: Let's go! boat's leaving!
Ellis: Let's go! Everybody on the boat!
Ellis: Let's go! Get to the chopper!
Ellis: Let's go! I'm driving! WOOO!
Ellis: Let's go! Let's get this car gassed up!
Ellis: Let's go! Let's GO!
Ellis: Let's go, guys! Get to the chopper!
Ellis: Let's go, let's go!
Ellis: Let's go, let's go! Chopper's here!
Ellis: Let's go, push the button! Push the button!
Ellis: Let's go.
Ellis: Let's head through the mill.
Ellis: Let's head to the stadium.
Ellis: Let's just stay on the walkway.
Ellis: Let's light up the sign!
Ellis: Let's make some grits.
Ellis: Let's not go by the crying girl.
Ellis: Let's not open this door until we're ready
Ellis: Let's not shoot each other!
Ellis: Let's roll.
Ellis: Let's start it up!
Ellis: Light that mother up!
Ellis: Lights by the drainage ditch!
Ellis: Lights off.
Ellis: Lights!
Ellis: Listen up everybody. Be on the lookout for blood farmers. I'm serious.
Ellis: Listen up. See that poster! Says here you can get your picture taken
with Jimmy Gibbs stock car. All we gotta do is find it, gas it up, and drive
out of here ourselves!
Ellis: Little sore.
Ellis: Load, lock, and cut the talk! That's how it's done!
Ellis: Look at all those poor people.
Ellis: Look at me. You gonna be okay.
Ellis: Look at that there.
Ellis: Look at this shit!
Ellis: Look at those poor people. All they wanted to do was go for a swim.
Ellis: Look at you, Ro! You're turnin' into a real firearms connoisseur!
Ellis: Look here!
Ellis: Look here.
Ellis: Look out now!
Ellis: Look out! Mudmen!
Ellis: Look right there.
Ellis: Look!
Ellis: Look.
Ellis: Looked like it was headin' to the mall across town.
Ellis: Looked like it was headin' to the mall across town. And I'll call it
what I like, fancy suit.
Ellis: Looked like the whirly-bird was headin' to the mall across town. And
I'll call it what I like, fancy suit.
Ellis: Looks like a slaughterhouse in here...
Ellis: Looks like they all headed off to a plantation.
Ellis: Looks like they set up here.
Ellis: Looks like they were using the stadium. Let's head there.
Ellis: Looks like this emergency door is the only way.
Ellis: Looks like we gotta go this way, right here.
Ellis: Looks like we'll have to get out of the city on our own.
Ellis: Looks like we're gonna have to walk to this Ducatel place.
Ellis: Looky looky.
Ellis: Lots of bands lip sync. Ain't nothing wrong with saving your vocal cords
for the studio.
Ellis: Lower the bridge.
Ellis: Lower the gate.
Ellis: Ma'am, you want me to show you how to work that thing?
Ellis: Ma'am.
Ellis: Machete here.
Ellis: Machinegun.
Ellis: Makin' a beeline for ya!
Ellis: Man I feel like I'm gassin' up royalty.
Ellis: Man I love malls. I do. Once I was in this mall, up in Atlanta, and
these guys were dancing for like money and stuff and my friend Dave and I was
Ellis: Man, all this mud reminds me of my friend Keith. Yeah, he was goin' to
build a shack once, to live in and all, and I know most people here, they build
houses and they become shacks, but Keith, he was about jumpin' right to the
shack stage. But he had no wood. So he got some mud and was makin' what we were
all thinkin' was gonna be these adobe bricks, you know, like when them people
out west made bricks and shit? Well, he had mud and...
Ellis: Man, how can you not like Li'l Peanut? I love this little guy!
Ellis: Man, I ain't been to New Orleans in a dog's age! Come on, it's gonna be
Ellis: Man, I ain't doin' too good.
Ellis: Man, I ain't ever seen nobody die before. Pets, yeah, but that ain't the
Ellis: Man, I always wanted to do that.
Ellis: Man, I don't know which way to go.
Ellis: Man, I don't think we're ever gonna get good news again.
Ellis: Man, I hate zombies, but I LOVE watchin' 'em fight.
Ellis: Man, I like these zombies better when they got clothes on.
Ellis: Man, I wanted this rifle since I was nine.
Ellis: Man, I was hoping me and Coach were gonna be friends.
Ellis: Man, I wish we had a horse. I love horses.
Ellis: Man, I wish we were back in the amusement park.
Ellis: Man, if I lose my hand, I'm stitchin' this thing onto the stump.
Ellis: Man, if these were real zombies, going into this graveyard would be like
Ellis: Man, I'm gonna beat these sons of bitches till I lose my watch.
Ellis: Man, I'm gonna beat these sons of bitches till my shirt turns red.
Ellis: Man, I'm gonna start cryin' in a minute.
Ellis: Man, it is really startin' to pour.
Ellis: Man, it looks like people left in a rush.
Ellis: Man, I've never been so scared of clowns.
Ellis: Man, let's get out of this muck.
Ellis: Man, look at all these cars!
Ellis: Man, look at that helicopter.
Ellis: Man, never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be gassin' up Jimmy
Gibbs's car.
Ellis: Man, Savannah's awesome. C'mon, I'll show you the sights on the way to
the mall!
Ellis: Man, some zombie's gonna have a headache after this.
Ellis: Man, that is the most Witches I ever saw!
Ellis: Man, that Spitter is one ugly bitch.
Ellis: Man, that zombie was too tall. I fixed him.
Ellis: Man, the whole place is underwater.
Ellis: Man, there is just garbage everywhere.
Ellis: Man, they blew the shit out of that bridge!
Ellis: Man, this is givin' me the creeps more than them zombies.
Ellis: Man, this is... this is awful.
Ellis: Man, this place is quieter than a graveyard.
Ellis: Man, this water's startin' to pool. Shit.
Ellis: Man, we don't have time to play any of these games!
Ellis: Man, we're like fightin' zombie machines and shit.
Ellis: Man, what are y'all in a hurry for? This is awesome.
Ellis: Man, would you look at all these rides? And no LINES! Wish we weren't in
such a hurry.
Ellis: Man, y'all are shootin' me.
Ellis: Man, y'all shoulda came it was fun.
Ellis: Man, you are sick, you know that?
Ellis: Man. This was the best day of my life.
Ellis: Maybe the evac's further in the mall.
Ellis: Maybe they left some around here.
Ellis: Maybe we ought not to use our guns here.
Ellis: Me neither.
Ellis: Might be a welcomin' committee when these doors open. Get ready
Ellis: Mine!
Ellis: Miss ya, brother.
Ellis: Miss.
Ellis: Mollie's mine.
Ellis: Molotov here.
Ellis: Molotov.
Ellis: More lights!
Ellis: More like killin' zone.
Ellis: More, baby, we need more!!
Ellis: Mother f... TONGUE!!!
Ellis: Move back! Move back!
Ellis: Move back.
Ellis: Move out.
Ellis: Move, move, I'm in Spitter shit.
Ellis: Mr. Gambling Man, yeah, you in the suit.
Ellis: Mr. Gambling Man.
Ellis: Much obliged
Ellis: Much, much better now.
Ellis: Mud people!
Ellis: Mudmen!
Ellis: My bad on that one.
Ellis: My buddy Keith lived in a grave yard once, for a whole year. It wasn't a
dare or nothing, he just got kicked out of his house. He said he never saw a
single ghost, except this one time when a ghost stabbed him from behind and
took all his money, and he might have just been a homeless guy cause he had a
robe on with two eyes cut outta his face--
Ellis: My buddy Keith tried camping out on top of a building once. He was
shooting crows but the police were too busy tear gassing him to ask what he was
doing up there. He screamed for an entire YEAR every single time he opened his
eyes. Oh, man. At first it was funny, then it just got sad, but then it got
funny again. Oh, man.
Ellis: My ears ain't never gonna stop ringing.
Ellis: My name is Ellis, but some people call me El. I really prefer Ellis as
El sounds like a girl's name. But if you prefer to call me El you can.
Ellis: My name is Ellis.
Ellis: NAAHH!
Ellis: Nah man.
Ellis: Nah.
Ellis: Name's Ellis, you?
Ellis: Naw, it always smells like this.
Ellis: Naw, we're stranded.
Ellis: Never been through so many back alleys in my life.
Ellis: Next stop: New Orleans!
Ellis: Ngahhh!
Ellis: Nice job, man!
Ellis: Nice shot, Coach! Nailed it.
Ellis: Nice shot.
Ellis: Nice, man!
Ellis: Nice.
Ellis: Nick does have a point.
Ellis: Nick remember when we ran on that roller coaster?
Ellis: Nick!
Ellis: Nick! Did you mean to do that?
Ellis: Nick! I know that was you shootin' me.
Ellis: Nick, don't forget none about that health pack.
Ellis: Nick, I know you shot me.
Ellis: Nick, NICK! Don't shoot me.
Ellis: Nick, Nick, Nick!
Ellis: Nick, what the hell, you shot the pilot!
Ellis: Nick, you ever even been to Graceland?
Ellis: Nick, you ever seen this many Witches? Ho-lee shit.
Ellis: Nick, you were cool.
Ellis: Nick.
Ellis: Nick. Um...Nick! Don't forget about that health pack.
Ellis: Nightstick here...
Ellis: N-n-n-no, that's great! Okay, thank you.
Ellis: No big thing, Coach.
Ellis: No problem, Nick.
Ellis: No sense bein' here then. Let's get back on the boat.
Ellis: No sense hanging out here.
Ellis: No thank you!
Ellis: No time to play any games.
Ellis: No use whinin' about it. Let's get movin'.
Ellis: No worries, Nick.
Ellis: NO!
Ellis: No.
Ellis: Nobody wander off.
Ellis: NOOOOOOO!!!!
Ellis: Nope.
Ellis: Not funny man, where are you guys?
Ellis: Not me.
Ellis: Not me. That man's like a father to me.
Ellis: Now hold on, you're not thinking of leavin' me in here are ya?
Ellis: Now hold on. You been makin' jokes about Savannah all day and I've held
my tongue. But don't belittle Jimmy Gibbs, Jr. That man is the pride of
Ellis: Now hold on. You been makin' jokes about Savannah all day and I've held
my tongue. But don't belittle Jimmy Gibbs, Jr. That man's a living legend.
Ellis: Now remember: They don't fill up the tanks at car shows, so we'll have
to find some gas.
Ellis: Now stay close. Ain't nobody wander off.
Ellis: Now we're cookin' with gas.
Ellis: Now, that is how you clear a path.
Ellis: Now, this ain't the first time I've tried to peel out of a car show.
Turns out they usually leave the tanks empty for just such an eventuality. We
gonna have to gas it up.
Ellis: OFF!
Ellis: OFF!!
Ellis: Oh come on now, that was fun.
Ellis: Oh come on, that was fun.
Ellis: Oh hang on there, let's get ya up on your feet.
Ellis: Oh hell yeah, I gotta take the Grenade Launcher!
Ellis: Oh hell yes.
Ellis: Oh Lordy! Big ass thing!
Ellis: Oh man! All right. You might want to clean your drawers after that one!
I know I do.
Ellis: Oh Man! There's she is!
Ellis: Oh man, I hope we don't see no ghosts.
Ellis: Oh man, I'll give 'em a kiss if they are!
Ellis: Oh man, oh man, oh man.
Ellis: Oh shit man, I ain't ever seen anyone die before.
Ellis: Oh shit man, that Witch is a spaz!
Ellis: Oh shit yeah! Oh shit yeah!
Ellis: Oh SHIT!
Ellis: Oh shit! Help!
Ellis: Oh shit, don't do that! We're on the bridge!
Ellis: Oh shit, it's really stormin'.
Ellis: Oh shit, man! Oh shit man. Oh SHIT...
Ellis: Oh shit, man! Oh shit, man. Oh SHIT...
Ellis: Oh shit, we ain't got time for this. GET UP, GET UP!
Ellis: Oh this here? That says I'm a bad ass zombie killing machine
Ellis: Oh yeah!
Ellis: Oh yeah! Look who has an axe.
Ellis: Oh yeah, and he wishes us good luck.
Ellis: Oh yeah, I know plenty about swamps. They're full of bugs and gators and
snakes and, well, zombies now!
Ellis: Oh yeah, oh yeah.
Ellis: Oh yeah, when I had first holy communion in the second grade.
Ellis: Oh yeah, when I had first holy communion in the second grade. I don't
think it fits anymore.
Ellis: Oh! I've been lassoed!
Ellis: Oh, Christ! I'm all gooed.
Ellis: Oh, cool!
Ellis: Oh, hogwash, man!
Ellis: Oh, I could go for a cold one right about now.
Ellis: Oh, I remember passin' these lights on the way in!
Ellis: Oh, I'm always gonna love that.
Ellis: Oh, man, a jar's no place for bodily functions.
Ellis: Oh, man, I'm hurtin'.
Ellis: Oh, now, Coach, you like you've done this before.
Ellis: Oh, now, this just might be better than a gun.
Ellis: Oh, Rochelle! It's just you and me girl.
Ellis: Oh, shit, man, run!
Ellis: Oh, shit, run, man, run!
Ellis: Oh, that's smart. See, zombies can't operate a ferry.
Ellis: Oh, there's flares in the gun bag.
Ellis: Oh, we like to keep that a secret from you big city types. If there's
ever any trouble, it's nice to know y'all ain't armed.
Ellis: Oh, yeah, this looks familiar. We're going the right way!
Ellis: Oh... ah... this stuff sucks!
Ellis: Ohh... I am gonna bash some heads with this.
Ellis: Ohh.....
Ellis: Ohhh... don't you leave me now!
Ellis: Ohmigod!
Ellis: Ohmigod, it's Christmas.
Ellis: Okay, all right, well, yeah, we ain't got nowhere else to be.
Ellis: Okay, come on, how cool is this?
Ellis: Okay, cueing up the finale! Everybody get ready!
Ellis: Okay, I could use some help here! Serious.
Ellis: Okay, I think we're getting close to the mall!
Ellis: Okay, I'm cueing up the finale! Everybody ready?
Ellis: Okay, kinda hopin' you weren't gonna get all fire and brimstone on me.
Ellis: Okay, man, but there was...
Ellis: Okay, okay I get it.
Ellis: Okay, okay, I see what you're doin' there.
Ellis: Okay, on your feet.
Ellis: Okay, Rochelle, I know that was you shootin' me.
Ellis: Okay, see ya soon.
Ellis: Okay, stop shooting me!
Ellis: Okay, that is the slowest damn pontoon boat, ever!
Ellis: Okay, this guy's askin' a lot of questions, does somebody else wanta
take this?
Ellis: Okay, those don't look like...
Ellis: Okay.
Ellis: Okay. But I do love goin' on bus rides.
Ellis: Okay. But there was a goat.
Ellis: On that balcony.
Ellis: On the catwalk.
Ellis: On the trailer.
Ellis: On top of the truck.
Ellis: On top the trucks.
Ellis: On your feet now
Ellis: Once we lower it we all gotta be careful because there's zombies on the
Ellis: ONE ARM!
Ellis: One more can do it!
Ellis: One more hit with the ugly stick probably wouldn't hurt her.
Ellis: One of those things got him!
Ellis: One the time the army bombed my buddy Keith. He went camping and didn't
bother to read the signs, and I guess they were just testing bombs that day.
All sorts of stuff too, not just regular bombs. Like biological nerve gas
bombs, shrapnel bombs, these bombs that break up in the air into like a hundred
smaller bombs--
Ellis: One thing videogames have taught me, good shit is always in vents.
Ellis: Only if I get kilt. Otherwise you better kill me, cause I'M driving.
Ellis: Ooh - you could try covering yourself in mud...
Ellis: Ooh, here's a tape deck marked Finale!
Ellis: Ooh, I know a gun store we can stop at along the way. Get ourselves some
REAL weapons.
Ellis: Ooh, shit, sorry man. I was gonna tell you about that.
Ellis: OOOH man, that was some crazy shit. Nick, you are a man of action! ...
Where the hell are we?
Ellis: Oooh yeah.
Ellis: Oooh, yeah. Oh yeah, oh yeah.
Ellis: Or if there's a zombie ridin' hood.
Ellis: Or slice 'em with an axe.
Ellis: Out here on the ledge!
Ellis: Out of my way, man, Witch coming!!
Ellis: Out of the park, baby!
Ellis: Outta gas.
Ellis: Over here.
Ellis: Over that door!
Ellis: Over that fence!
Ellis: Over the bridge!
Ellis: Over the bus.
Ellis: Over the dumpster!
Ellis: Over the fence!
Ellis: Over the tree by the pirogue.
Ellis: Over there!
Ellis: Over this door!
Ellis: Over this dumpster!
Ellis: Over this tree.
Ellis: OW! GET...!
Ellis: Paddle bat here.
Ellis: Paddle here.
Ellis: People call me Ellis. You?
Ellis: People got to be in that park.
Ellis: People shootin' people, that shit ain't right, man.
Ellis: Pills here!
Ellis: Pills!
Ellis: Pipe bomb here.
Ellis: Pipe bomb on the way!
Ellis: Pipe bomb, baby!
Ellis: Pipe bomb.
Ellis: Pissed at myself.
Ellis: Pistol!
Ellis: Planks this way.
Ellis: Please get in the tank, please please please...
Ellis: Pontoon boat's here!
Ellis: Pontoon boat's on the other side of the bayou.
Ellis: POW!
Ellis: Press the button!
Ellis: Pretty much everybody.
Ellis: Probably a good idea to keep that door shut.
Ellis: PUKER!
Ellis: Quit shootin' the cars!
Ellis: Quit shooting me!
Ellis: Quit shooting me, man!
Ellis: Ready?
Ellis: Reckon I been better.
Ellis: Reckon I'm okay.
Ellis: Reloading here!
Ellis: Reloading!
Ellis: Remember the plan. Grab gas, fill up the tank, and let's get out of
Ellis: Report the sick?
Ellis: Right on top of that truck.
Ellis: Right through here.
Ellis: Right through that courtyard.
Ellis: Right through that gate!
Ellis: Right through there.
Ellis: Right, real quick, how we gonna know it's you?
Ellis: Right.
Ellis: Ro!
Ellis: Ro! Shoot the Tank!
Ellis: Ro, I'm gonna miss ya.
Ellis: Ro, you think about healin?
Ellis: Ro.
Ellis: Rochelle!
Ellis: Rochelle, I see the sign.
Ellis: Rochelle, STOP GIRL!
Ellis: Rochelle, you ought to heal now.
Ellis: Rochelle.
Ellis: Rochelle. Poor girl.
Ellis: ROCK 'N' ROLL!!
Ellis: Run to the door!
Ellis: Run!
Ellis: Run! I pissed her off!
Ellis: RUN! RUN! RUN!
Ellis: Safe house ahead!
Ellis: Safe house is right past that fence!
Ellis: Safehouse down this street!
Ellis: Safehouse, in there.
Ellis: Safehouse, we gotta be going the right way!
Ellis: Search the houses.
Ellis: Search the rooms.
Ellis: Search these rooms, y'all. Might be some useful shit in some of em.
Ellis: Search these rooms, y'all. Might be something we can use.
Ellis: Searchlights. That's the first sign of life we've seen in a hundred
Ellis: See the scaffolding?
Ellis: See ya, Virgil.
Ellis: See you later, Virgil.
Ellis: See you're all good.
Ellis: See? Don't that feel good?
Ellis: See? The Midnight Riders' music saves lives!
Ellis: Seriously, guys, can we stop and make some cotton candy? I loooove
cotton candy.
Ellis: Seriously, I'm thinkin' we should just leave the crying girl alone.
Ellis: Set off the fireworks!
Ellis: Shake it off and let's go.
Ellis: She was the last one I wanted to see go.
Ellis: Shit! Get inside!
Ellis: Shit! Smoker's got me!
Ellis: Shit! This way's blocked!
Ellis: Shit! You guys ever seen something like this?
Ellis: Shit, a zombie's got her!
Ellis: Shit, ain't ever done that before.
Ellis: Shit, don't throw it at me!
Ellis: Shit, I shot their legs off.
Ellis: Shit, I'll shoot 'em in the leg.
Ellis: Shit, I'm down.
Ellis: Shit, man. They didn't make it.
Ellis: Shit, run, man!
Ellis: Shit, that ain't right!
Ellis: Shit, them things move FAST, man.
Ellis: Shit. They all got alarms.
Ellis: Shoot it!
Ellis: Shoot that son of a bitch in the back!
Ellis: Shoot the Charger, man! Shoot the Charger!
Ellis: Shoot the damn thing!
Ellis: Shoot the TANK, Coach!
Ellis: Shoot the TANK, Nick!
Ellis: Shoot the TANK, you blind son of a bitch!
Ellis: Shoot the tongue! Shoot the tongue!
Ellis: Shootin' me ain't gonna help us kill that Tank!
Ellis: Short-cut through here.
Ellis: Shotgun.
Ellis: Sign's on, baby! Sign is on!
Ellis: SIGN'S OUT!
Ellis: Sir.
Ellis: Sky's black as pitch.
Ellis: Smells like a closet fulla rotten onions.
Ellis: Smells like a raccoon died in a diaper factory.
Ellis: Smells like dead zombies to me. Everything smellin' like that lately.
Ellis: Smells like dead zombies to me. I got no quarrels with that smell.
Ellis: Smells like dead zombies. And that's a smell I'm getting partial to.
Ellis: Smoker around these parts.
Ellis: SMOKER!
Ellis: Smoker's GOT ME!!!
Ellis: So I been thinking. Jimmy Gibbs's stock car's around here somewhere. We
just gotta find it, gas it up, and I'll drive that thing to New Orleans my damn
Ellis: So that's how ya do it.
Ellis: So that's what that is. Man, I thought it smelled like a closet fulla
rotten onions.
Ellis: So they just killed them?
Ellis: So we get you some snacks and you clear the way? Shit, that sound fair.
Ellis: So we gotta setup to rock, then fight zombies?
Ellis: Somebody gonna hit that elevator button?
Ellis: Somebody gonna need these.
Ellis: Somebody has to open this door.
Ellis: Somebody hit that button.
Ellis: Somebody hit the lever.
Ellis: Somebody start the tractor!
Ellis: Somebody turn off that alarm!
Ellis: Somebody turn off the alarm!
Ellis: Somebody turn the sign on!
Ellis: Somebody's gotta get me out of here!
Ellis: Somebody's gotta lower the bridge.
Ellis: Someone move it.
Ellis: Someone turn off the alarm!
Ellis: Soon as these doors open... get ready to run.
Ellis: Sorry about that Nick, didn t meant to kill your mom.
Ellis: Sorry 'bout that.
Ellis: Sorry over there.
Ellis: Sorry!
Ellis: Sorry, didn't mean to put you out none.
Ellis: Sorry, don't mean to put you out none.
Ellis: Sorry, folks. I can't drive over a traffic jam.
Ellis: Sorry, folks. This car's capable of miracles, but it can't drive over
twenty miles of parked cars. I think we're walkin'.
Ellis: Sorry, guys. Guess it wasn't such a hot idea after all.
Ellis: Sorry, guys. I didn't see this comin'.
Ellis: Sorry, I can't go any faster.
Ellis: Sorry, man, I'm trying to keep up.
Ellis: Sorry, no.
Ellis: Sorry, sun was in my eyes.
Ellis: Sorry.
Ellis: Sounds like a plan.
Ellis: Spang!
Ellis: Spitter goo!
Ellis: Spitting thing's around.
Ellis: Stairs!
Ellis: Start it up.
Ellis: Stay away from them cars!
Ellis: Stay close!
Ellis: Stay on That Mountain! First single off their Ten Past Midnight album. I
love that song.
Ellis: Stay still, I'm healin' ya!
Ellis: Stay up here!
Ellis: Step back everybody!
Ellis: Stick to the high ground!
Ellis: Stop shooting me.
Ellis: STORM!
Ellis: Sure, I'm with ya.
Ellis: Sure, that might work.
Ellis: Sure.
Ellis: Sweet. Let's go get it.
Ellis: Swimming with gators? Why, no thank you.
Ellis: Take down that clown!
Ellis: Take that clown down!
Ellis: Take the clown down!
Ellis: Take this!
Ellis: Taking the Grenade Launcher!
Ellis: Taking the rifle.
Ellis: TANK!
Ellis: TANK! Run no, don't run! SHOOOOOT!
Ellis: Tank! Tank!
Ellis: Tchk tchk!
Ellis: Tell ya, man, y'all playin' with fire when you messin' with that damn
Ellis: Tell you what, mud people take all the fun out of the mud.
Ellis: Thank the Lord, this one's still workin.
Ellis: Thank you kindly, ma'am.
Ellis: Thank you, Midnight Riders!
Ellis: Thank you, sir.
Ellis: Thank you, Virgil. You're a good man, and you got a helluva boat.
Ellis: Thank you, Whispering Oaks and goodnight! You've been a GREAT AUDIENCE!
Ellis: Thank you.
Ellis: Thank you. Good luck with the helicopter.
Ellis: Thank you. We couldn't have done it without you.
Ellis: Thanks for the guns!
Ellis: Thanks, brother!
Ellis: Thanks, Coach!
Ellis: Thanks, Coach.
Ellis: Thanks, I like it too.
Ellis: Thanks, man.
Ellis: Thanks, Nick.
Ellis: That ain't a happy noise.
Ellis: That ain't right!
Ellis: That alarm is getting on my nerves!
Ellis: That an ex-girlfriend of yours, Nick?
Ellis: That chopper looks like it's headin' to the evac center over at the
Ellis: That clown's bringing friends! Take him down!
Ellis: That coulda happened to anyone.
Ellis: That crying girl's around.
Ellis: That don't look dignified.
Ellis: That don't matter. I could never hear the music over the pyrotechnics
Ellis: That fixed me up good.
Ellis: That hit the spot.
Ellis: That is a big ass zombie.
Ellis: That is just offensive what they do.
Ellis: That is not a happy noise.
Ellis: That is one ugly ass zombie.
Ellis: That is so cool!
Ellis: That is the slowest boat ever, man!
Ellis: That is the slowest damn boat!
Ellis: That man is America's greatest natural resource.
Ellis: That man is an American hero.
Ellis: That man is the pride of Georgia.
Ellis: That mother'll punch you clean off the bridge!
Ellis: That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is Mr. Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.!
Ellis: That there was some crazy shit, man!
Ellis: That there's a good job you're doin.
Ellis: That Virgil is a goddamn hero going back there when we are so close.
Let's get to that bridge... for Virgil.
Ellis: That was BRUTAL!
Ellis: That was closer than a... well, shit man that was just straight up
Ellis: That was me!
Ellis: That was me, right there!
Ellis: That was mine!
Ellis: That wasn't yours, that was mine!
Ellis: That what I think it is?
Ellis: That Witch is having a hissy fit.
Ellis: THAT... was a pretty poor display.
Ellis: That'd be Whispering Oaks Amusement Park, right there.
Ellis: That'll hold me.
Ellis: That'll keep me for a bit.
Ellis: That's a home run!
Ellis: That's a nice pirogue.
Ellis: That's a righteous ride down that hill.
Ellis: That's bullshit!
Ellis: That's how it's done RIGHT!
Ellis: That's Jimmy Gibbs, Jr. The greatest driver ever to climb into a stock
Ellis: That's Jimmy Gibbs, Jr., and yes. We find his stock car, get it gassed
up? I'll drive us out of here myself.
Ellis: That's just humiliating.
Ellis: That's just straight messed up, man.
Ellis: That's nice to see ya sharin'.
Ellis: That's not cool, Nick.
Ellis: That's not cool. Seriously.
Ellis: That's right! My name's Ellis, and I've lived here all my life. And
there's tons of places here that ain't pieces of shit.
Ellis: That's right, you can't kill us!
Ellis: That's sugar cane, Ro.
Ellis: That's the first I'm I ever seen somebody die.
Ellis: That's the ticket!
Ellis: That's what I do, Nick.
Ellis: That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
Ellis: The bridge! The bridge!
Ellis: The chopper pilot has got to see this!
Ellis: The chopper saw us!
Ellis: The chopper's coming!
Ellis: The fire's spreading!
Ellis: The fire's spreading, man, it's spreading!
Ellis: The mall's JUST up ahead!
Ellis: The only folks gonna save us is ourselves.
Ellis: The playground, yeah, yeah! We're almost at the dock!
Ellis: The way were shootin'? Each other.
Ellis: Their backs ain't bulletproof!
Ellis: There has got to be a way through this hotel.
Ellis: There might be supplies in these houses.
Ellis: There ya go. Good as new.
Ellis: There you go. Right back to normal.
Ellis: There's a bile bomb right there!
Ellis: There's a freaking Jockey around here.
Ellis: There's a motel up ahead.
Ellis: There's a safe room up here!
Ellis: There's gas in the safe room!
Ellis: There's she is!
Ellis: There's that garage sale.
Ellis: There's that porch light we passed on the way in.
Ellis: There's that truck wreck!
Ellis: There's the bridge!
Ellis: There's the bridge, all we gotta do is...
Ellis: There's the chopper!
Ellis: There's the entrance! We're almost outta here!
Ellis: There's the freeway!
Ellis: There's the house!
Ellis: There's the house.
Ellis: There's the plantation!
Ellis: There's the searchlights. If there's electricity, there must be people.
Let's check it out.
Ellis: There's the sugar mill!
Ellis: There's the village!
Ellis: These here aren't real zombies so we're safe.
Ellis: These here zombies are tryin' to kill me.
Ellis: These things ain't never gonna stop!
Ellis: They ain't takin' us alive!
Ellis: They better be.
Ellis: They bury them like this cause they're under sea level.
Ellis: They could have held out!
Ellis: They figured out how to stop going to the bathroom? That's AMAZING.
Ohhhh. No, wait, I just got it. Shit, that's gross as hell.
Ellis: They got a helicopter on the other side of the bridge.
Ellis: They have lights on in the village!
Ellis: They just said we oughta lower the bridge to get across to it.
Ellis: They knocked the piss out of me.
Ellis: They locked us out!
Ellis: They must not see us.
Ellis: They nailed that.
Ellis: They're behind us!
Ellis: They're blowin' the bridge!
Ellis: They're coming!
Ellis: They're infected.
Ellis: They're talkin about us! .
Ellis: Think I heard a Boomer.
Ellis: Think I'm okay.
Ellis: This ain't right.
Ellis: This ain't that kinda ride, Nick. [whisper] This is where you make out
with your girlfriend.
Ellis: This deck ain't holding!
Ellis: This elevator's broke, we better find the stairs!
Ellis: This elevator's still workin!
Ellis: This feels right.
Ellis: This fence is blocking our way.
Ellis: This here doesn't look like a fun campout.
Ellis: This here is gettin' scary! I need some help, guys!
Ellis: This hotel is a mess.
Ellis: This is awesome, man!
Ellis: This is cool.
Ellis: This is gettin' as serious as a heart attack!
Ellis: This is the best day of my life!
Ellis: This is... such an honor.
Ellis: This kills them.
Ellis: This one time, I was on a tour boat and they fed chickens to the gators.
Ellis: This rain sure ain't lettin' up.
Ellis: This rifle right here got my name all over it.
Ellis: This room looks safe. Let's get in!
Ellis: This shit'll knock some heads.
Ellis: This shotgun feels right. It feels real right.
Ellis: This song is AWESOME!
Ellis: This stuff burns, man!
Ellis: This thing's crushin' the shit outta me!
Ellis: This was not in my plan.
Ellis: This way!
Ellis: This way, guys!
Ellis: This'll be fun.
Ellis: This'll have to do.
Ellis: Those bullets hurt ya know!
Ellis: Those don't look like no Savannahites I ever seen.
Ellis: Those what I think they are?
Ellis: Through here!
Ellis: Through here.
Ellis: Through that door!
Ellis: Through that gate!
Ellis: Through that playground!
Ellis: Through that window!
Ellis: Through the blasted-out hole of love!
Ellis: Through the bumper cars!
Ellis: Through the cane field!
Ellis: Through there!
Ellis: Through this courtyard.
Ellis: Through this door!
Ellis: Through this playground!
Ellis: Throwing a bile bomb!
Ellis: Throwing a Molotov.
Ellis: Throwing a pipe bomb.
Ellis: Time to beat on some sons of bitches.
Ellis: Time to get wet.
Ellis: Time to start some fires.
Ellis: Time to start some fires. Who's with me?
Ellis: To the bridge!
Ellis: To the 'copter!
Ellis: To the right! To the right!
Ellis: Tossin' a bile bomb!
Ellis: Tour ended here. I think we gotta keep moving.
Ellis: True. True. He was a zombie. But he was also the only pilot.
Ellis: Tunnel of love?
Ellis: Turn it up!
Ellis: Turn it up! Turn it WAYY UP!
Ellis: Turn off that alarm!
Ellis: Turn on the lights!
Ellis: Turn that damn thing off!
Ellis: Turns out it was only ninety-nine percent zombie proof. The last one
percent tore that truck to SHIT.
Ellis: Ugh!
Ellis: Ugh, only the best stock car racer who ever lived, Nick. Guess you don't
read much history.
Ellis: Uh oh. My trigger finger got tired!
Ellis: Uh, next to a sign that says call you.
Ellis: Uh, uh.
Ellis: Uh, yeah, they're a pretty big deal, all right.
Ellis: Up here.
Ellis: Up that escalator!
Ellis: Up that ladder!
Ellis: Up that pipe!
Ellis: Up that ramp!
Ellis: Up the ladder!
Ellis: Up there.
Ellis: Up this escalator!
Ellis: Up this ladder!
Ellis: UP this pipe!
Ellis: Up this ramp!
Ellis: Up we go!
Ellis: UP, UP! Keep goin' UP!
Ellis: Use the radio.
Ellis: VIRGIL!
Ellis: Wait a second, I'm gonna heal!
Ellis: Wait right here.
Ellis: Wait up! I got somethin' for ya.
Ellis: Wait up, now! I got somethin' for ya.
Ellis: Wait, no cops, no rules, you get to live in a big tree house? Sounds
badass is what it sounds like.
Ellis: Was I just dead there? Oh man...
Ellis: Wassup?
Ellis: Watch for landmarks. We may be comin' through here in a hurry on the
Ellis: Watch out for the ones in the hazmat suits.
Ellis: Watch out, man, that thing charges!
Ellis: Watch where you're aimin'.
Ellis: We all in one piece?
Ellis: We are a right damn good team!
Ellis: We are in for a nasty damn storm.
Ellis: We are kings of the world!
Ellis: We can climb across the roofs!
Ellis: We can cross here!
Ellis: We can cross on that tank!
Ellis: We can cross right there!
Ellis: We can cross!
Ellis: We can cut through this garage sale!
Ellis: We can get across the water here!
Ellis: We can get across the water there!
Ellis: We can get around back through here.
Ellis: We can get down here!
Ellis: We can get down there!
Ellis: We can get in up there.
Ellis: We can get into the stadium through here!
Ellis: We can get right through here!
Ellis: We can get up here!
Ellis: We can get up there!
Ellis: We can jump down here!
Ellis: We can meet up with them at the village.
Ellis: We can take that elevator down to the field.
Ellis: We fought zombies, yeah.
Ellis: We gonna need to do better than THAT.
Ellis: We gotta call it over to this side.
Ellis: We gotta find the path to the plantation.
Ellis: We gotta get in!
Ellis: We gotta go back through the field!
Ellis: We gotta keep moving.
Ellis: We gotta make this fair for the zombies! I'm-a tie an arm around my
Ellis: We gotta open this gate.
Ellis: We gotta run the coaster?
Ellis: We gotta shut that clown up!
Ellis: We gotta start that there tractor!
Ellis: We gotta watch each other's backs. My name's Ellis, you?
Ellis: We had a good time.
Ellis: We have GOT to get over that bridge!
Ellis: We have to lower the bridge.
Ellis: We have to turn that alarm off!
Ellis: We in the ZOMBIE-killin' bidness!
Ellis: We in the ZOMBIE-killin' bidness, or what?!
Ellis: We just gotta call that pontoon boat over.
Ellis: We knocked the piss out of them
Ellis: We made it! CEDA still better be here!
Ellis: We might as well follow them.
Ellis: We need crank this shit up, baby!
Ellis: we need five more!
Ellis: We need more gas!
Ellis: We need to find the stage!
Ellis: We need to get in.
Ellis: We need to get the hell out of here.
Ellis: We need to power up this generator.
Ellis: We need to start the finale.
Ellis: We opened up a can of whup ass on them!
Ellis: We should be all right if we stay on the walkways.
Ellis: We should go right through there.
Ellis: We should go that there way.
Ellis: We should head towards those searchlights.
Ellis: We still need five more!
Ellis: We still need more gas!
Ellis: We still need ten more!
Ellis: WE... KILL... ZOMBIES! THAT is what we do! What?!
Ellis: Weapons over here!
Ellis: Weapons up and let's go.
Ellis: Weapons!
Ellis: We'll call that one a tie.
Ellis: Well hot damn! There's an amusement park!
Ellis: Well I'm Ellis, and there's Rochelle, Coach and Nick.
Ellis: Well it looked like it was headin' to the mall across town.
Ellis: Well let's get you up.
Ellis: Well look what we got right here.
Ellis: Well looky over here.
Ellis: Well my friends call me Ellis, and you, sir?
Ellis: Well piss!
Ellis: We'll see that was just uncalled for. Seriously.
Ellis: Well shit, guess we ain't goin' that way.
Ellis: Well shit, hope they don't leave us!
Ellis: Well shit, I'm Ellis. I got Rochelle here with me, Coach and Nick.
Ellis: Well somebody's gonna make them some zombie grits!
Ellis: Well unless you guys got a better idea to get a barrier down, I say we
do it.
Ellis: Well, aren't you a real comedian.
Ellis: Well, bullets kill 'em.
Ellis: Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit.
Ellis: Well, Coach, thanks for all you done, man.
Ellis: Well, Coach? I aim to let you.
Ellis: Well, come on and get us!
Ellis: Well, goddamn Annie Oakley.
Ellis: Well, hell yeah, we fought zombies.
Ellis: Well, I'll be damned. Fireproof zombies.
Ellis: Well, let's get the bridge down and start this.
Ellis: Well, let's look for supplies.
Ellis: Well, Nice.
Ellis: Well, Nick.
Ellis: Well, screw me. I'm not gonna make it.
Ellis: Well, slap my head and call me silly, we are kickin' some ass!
Ellis: Well, somebody just got themselves an axe.
Ellis: Well, that ain't very friendly.
Ellis: Well, that's four, would you like to talk one of them?
Ellis: Well, there's, uh, there's four of us.
Ellis: Well, this is it. Let's not make it harder than it needs to be.
Ellis: Well, this isn't the way I saw it, but I'm sorry I'm gonna have to leave
you here.
Ellis: Well, when you put it like that, no.
Ellis: Well... GET UP! GET UP!
Ellis: We're all filled up, let's go!
Ellis: We're all here.
Ellis: We're at a plantation house.
Ellis: We're blocked!
Ellis: We're cool.
Ellis: We're getting' close, man. The dock ain't much further.
Ellis: We're gonna make it out of here!
Ellis: We're gonna need something big to signal that chopper.
Ellis: We're good people.
Ellis: We're good.
Ellis: We're headed the right way!
Ellis: We're heading the right way to the mall.
Ellis: We're heading the right way.
Ellis: We're kickin' more ass than a boot in an ass factory!
Ellis: We're on the same team!
Ellis: We're still standin'!
Ellis: We're the people on the other end of the bridge!
Ellis: We've gotta get around this fire!
Ellis: What are they even aiming at?
Ellis: What in the hell is a picture gonna do?
Ellis: What in the hell is making that noise?
Ellis: What in the hell is that?
Ellis: What next? Dinosaurs flying down from the sky and shooting lasers out of
their eyes?
Ellis: What the HELL, man? I'm gonna get killed here!
Ellis: What the hell. These things fireproof?
Ellis: What the hell? Spittin' fire?
Ellis: What the hell? The only way is over this bridge?
Ellis: What the hell's got me?
Ellis: What was that for?
Ellis: What we waitin' for? Let's go!
Ellis: What y'all doin'?
Ellis: What's a parachutist doing out here?
Ellis: When I hit this tape deck, it's all gonna start. Get ready, guys!
Ellis: When you put it like that, hell, no.
Ellis: Where are we? Oh yeah, yeah, at the old plantation house.
Ellis: Where is everyone?!
Ellis: Where is he coming from that he's takin so long?
Ellis: Where is he taking me?!!
Ellis: Where's that thing goin' with 'em?
Ellis: Where's this thing draggin' me?
Ellis: Wherever he is, Coach-he's proud of you.
Ellis: Whew! Way to turn it off!
Ellis: Whew, it's off all right!
Ellis: Whispering Oaks! We made it!
Ellis: Who ain't right in the head now?
Ellis: Who here didn't think we were gonna make that?
Ellis: Whoa - a roller coaster?
Ellis: Whoa - is that a zombie? Like a, like a ZOMBIE zombie?
Ellis: Whoa hey!
Ellis: Whoa Whoa Whoa!
Ellis: Whoa!
Ellis: Whoa! I didn't do that! Man, that ain't right!
Ellis: Whoa! Sorry, Rochelle!
Ellis: Whoa! Sorry, Rochelle! My bad.
Ellis: Whoa! That fell apart!
Ellis: Whoa! That was cool and all but shit!
Ellis: Whoa, back it up!
Ellis: Whoa, man...
Ellis: Whoa, Nick! Well... why doesn't it surprise me you're good with a gun?
Ellis: Whoa, wait, why we headin' to the tower?
Ellis: Whoa, Whoa that hurts!
Ellis: Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Shoot the Tank, man!
Ellis: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what'd that one drop?
Ellis: Whoa. Good thing I headed away from the light.
Ellis: Who'd we lose?
Ellis: Who's gonna call the boat?
Ellis: Why bless your heart.
Ellis: Why didn't YOU grab 'em?
Ellis: Why don't we just, uh, close that door?
Ellis: Why don't we save those bullets for the zombies.
Ellis: Why don't you remember that for next time, you sons of bitches.
Ellis: Why in the hell y'all keep shooting me?
Ellis: Why would he parachute out here?
Ellis: Why you carryin' that thing?
Ellis: Why'd they make them walk through all that?
Ellis: Why'd you think it crashed?
Ellis: Witch, Witch, Witch, Witch, Witch.
Ellis: Witch, Witch, Witch.
Ellis: Witch.
Ellis: Woo! You just got SHORTER, cousin!
Ellis: Woohoo! That's the house!
Ellis: Woohoo! There she goes! Let's get outta here.
Ellis: Wooo! Yeah!
Ellis: Woooohoooo!
Ellis: Woooow!
Ellis: Work, damn it...
Ellis: Worse than zombies?
Ellis: Would ya mind not shooting me, please?
Ellis: Would you look at that automobile...
Ellis: Wow, man!
Ellis: Wow, this here is some real shacks.
Ellis: Ya know, shooting me ain't gonna help nothin'.
Ellis: Y'all , y'all I'm hurt!
Ellis: Y'all ask me? These swamp people got it all figured out, man. No cops,
no rules...
Ellis: Y'all be careful, now.
Ellis: Y'all better kill ya lights.
Ellis: Y'all better not shoot that car.
Ellis: Y'all get ready!
Ellis: Y'all gonna close the door?
Ellis: Y'all inside, now!
Ellis: Y'all know you shot me right?
Ellis: Y'all okay?
Ellis: Y'all ready?
Ellis: Y'all remember those ads we saw on the way in? I think I got an idea how
to get us some wheels.
Ellis: Y'all should come this way.
Ellis: Y'all stay close.
Ellis: Y'all stick together, now.
Ellis: Y'all think shootin' zombies would count?
Ellis: Y'all, now stick together.
Ellis: Yeah no.
Ellis: YEAH!
Ellis: YEAH!!
Ellis: Yeah, always wanted to be an axe murderer.
Ellis: Yeah, coulda been an evac zone.
Ellis: Yeah, figured as much.
Ellis: Yeah, he is watchin' out for us ain't he.
Ellis: Yeah, Hunter fits em.
Ellis: Yeah, I agree. That's a good plan.
Ellis: Yeah, I don't think they can do that.
Ellis: Yeah, if we turn it on, Virgil might see it.
Ellis: Yeah, I'll take it.
Ellis: Yeah, I'll take the shotgun.
Ellis: Yeah, I'm ready, y'all ready?
Ellis: Yeah, I'm sorry about that one.
Ellis: Yeah, I'm taking the shotgun.
Ellis: Yeah, just hit that lever.
Ellis: Yeah, let's do it.
Ellis: Yeah, let's do this.
Ellis: Yeah, let's go.
Ellis: Yeah, look at this here right now, ah ha!
Ellis: Yeah, man, there's gotta be somebody there.
Ellis: Yeah, nice!
Ellis: Yeah, no problem, Coach.
Ellis: Yeah, safehouse y'all!
Ellis: Yeah, that hit the spot.
Ellis: Yeah, that was me!
Ellis: Yeah, that'd be bad.
Ellis: Yeah, that's right.
Ellis: Yeah, the ass end of those things'll get real squirrelly in the rain.
Ellis: Yeah, there's four of us. Can you come get us?
Ellis: Yeah, there's the spotlights. We're heading the right way.
Ellis: Yeah, they'll be back.
Ellis: Yeah, this kills them.
Ellis: Yeah, this'll work.
Ellis: Yeah, very funny.
Ellis: Yeah, well it's normally a lot nicer when we don't have the zombies. I'm
Ellis, by the way.
Ellis: Yeah, we'll stay here until you get here.
Ellis: Yeah, well, you'll be real sorry if we run into them.
Ellis: Yeah, yeah, yeah. All we gotta do is find it and gas it up, and I'll
drive us out of here my damn self.
Ellis: Yeah, you're right on that, sir.
Ellis: Yeah, you're welcome.
Ellis: Yeah.
Ellis: Yeah. I mean not so much thinking about the gators as I'm wishing we had
some BBQ chicken right now.
Ellis: Yeah? How you like our city so far?
Ellis: Yeah? I'm walking through that valley kickin' ass.
Ellis: Yeah? I'm walking through that valley kickin' some ass.
Ellis: Yep.
Ellis: Yep. That oughta do it.
Ellis: Yes sir, we will help you, you will help us. Got it. Hey, do we owe you
anything for the guns?
Ellis: Yes, ma'am. It truly is.
Ellis: Yes.
Ellis: Yo we're on the same team aren't we?
Ellis: Yo! Who's your daddy?!
Ellis: Yo, Coach! Stop shootin' me!
Ellis: Yo, somebody oughta pick up the radio.
Ellis: Yo, somebody's gotta kill that zombie spittin' shit.
Ellis: Yo, we got to go through this emergency door.
Ellis: You ain't gotta do that.
Ellis: You ain't no good to us down there. We gotta get you back on your feet.
Ellis: You ain't right in the head shootin' me like that.
Ellis: You all right?
Ellis: You are takin' charge.
Ellis: You are the most beautiful thing I have ever sat between.
Ellis: You best grab a weapon. I reckon you'll need 'em.
Ellis: You can call me Ellis.
Ellis: You can have this.
Ellis: You can lay that blame on me.
Ellis: You can shoot 'em anywhere.
Ellis: You can't shoot a ghost, Nick. I mean, shit, it ain't rocket science,
Ellis: You did a good job.
Ellis: You did good.
Ellis: You didn't grab the gun bag?
Ellis: You didn't grab the guns?
Ellis: You do a nice job with that.
Ellis: You do that better than me.
Ellis: You don't know what a pirogue is?
Ellis: You don't say? Wrestlin' and such?
Ellis: You gonna be all right?
Ellis: You gonna be okay?
Ellis: You good?
Ellis: You got it, girl.
Ellis: You got it, man.
Ellis: You guys are jaded. I used to have his toys when I was bite-sized. That
little stuffed peanut was the best friend a boy could have.
Ellis: You in the suit.
Ellis: You just know this is gonna be some shit.
Ellis: You keep it up with the height jokes, and I won't.
Ellis: You know I got your back, Rochelle.
Ellis: You know I'd never leave ya down there. Let me help ya up.
Ellis: You know what you can do? You could try to cover yourself in mud...
we're definitely not short on that.
Ellis: You know what? We'll call that one a tie.
Ellis: You know what? Whatever, Nick, you should see my truck. It's bad ass.
Ellis: You nailed it, Coach!
Ellis: You okay?
Ellis: You reckon we should move out now?
Ellis: You shoot 'em right in the heart.
Ellis: You shootin' me! Well that just dills my pickle!
Ellis: You were a hell of a man, Coach.
Ellis: You'll be good.
Ellis: You'll probably put this to better use than me anyhow.
Ellis: You're a real comedian, Nick.
Ellis: You're a sick man.
Ellis: You're all right!
Ellis: You're in charge.
Ellis: You're shootin' me!
Ellis: You're welcome.
Ellis: Yup. Got one.
Ellis: Zombies are REAL. I knew them movies were true.
Ellis: Zombies got here too.
Nick: ... for some reason.
Nick: ...GOT ME!!
Nick: [being shocked]
Nick: [Choking]
Nick: [Coughing from smoke]
Nick: [gasp for breath]
Nick: [Laughter]
Nick: [shaking self awake]
Nick: 100 to 1.
Nick: 100 to 1. The blood farmers on the other hand are even money.
Nick: A cakewalk.
Nick: A coaster?
Nick: A crying woman. What do you think, she's sad the mall's closed?
Nick: A crying woman. You think she's sad the mall's closed?
Nick: A fenced-in carousel? Is this where they took child prisoners on day
Nick: A Ferris wheel and lights on, what isn't to love?
Nick: A Ferris wheel and lights on, what isn't to love?.
Nick: A freaking axe!
Nick: A goddamn coaster.
Nick: A gun store sounds like a fine place to stop.
Nick: A helicopter! We must be getting close...
Nick: A ladder.
Nick: A ladder?
Nick: A little pick me up. That's good.
Nick: A piece of cake.
Nick: A skillet!
Nick: A walk in the park.
Nick: A walk in the sun.
Nick: According to this map, the only place left standing is New Orleans.
Nick: According to this map, there aren't a whole lot of options.
Nick: Aces!
Nick: Across the rooftops.
Nick: Activate it!
Nick: Adrenaline shot here!
Nick: Agggh stop shocking me!
Nick: Aggghh! The TANK!
Nick: Ah shit, come on, come on. Come on.
Nick: Ah shit, this place is already starting to flood.
Nick: Ah, a little pick me up.
Nick: Ah, tits!
Nick: Ahh shit, Rochelle.
Nick: Ahh, better.
Nick: Ahh, Coach.
Nick: Ahh, Ellis.
Nick: Ahhh I pissed the Witch off!
Nick: Ahhh SHIT!
Nick: Ahhh, don't destroy the bridge!
Nick: Ahhh, this is some nasty shit.
Nick: Ahhh.
Nick: Ain't this a bitch.
Nick: Alarm is off!
Nick: Alarm off!
Nick: Alarm's off!
Nick: All right, but keep your hands to yourself.
Nick: All right, Coach.
Nick: All right, don't let the other ones know I am doing this. I'm only doing
it for you.
Nick: All right, fine.
Nick: All right, I gotta call uncle here. I need some help.
Nick: All right, I'm not walking through THAT. Let's find another way.
Nick: All right, let's go.
Nick: All right, now I'm back.
Nick: All right, we're all friends now. Get ready...
Nick: All right, who's available to get me out of here?
Nick: All right. That was some serious shit.
Nick: All we gotta do is get some diesel and get back on the boat.
Nick: All we have to do is find the freeway. It'll take us to the bridge.
Nick: Almost there!
Nick: Always a stinking hippie. I swear to god, it always come back to making a
stinking hippie happy.
Nick: Ammo here!
Nick: Ammo!
Nick: And I thought this place was a shithole when there were PEOPLE in it.
Nick: And THAT is how you do it!
Nick: And THAT is how you do that!
Nick: And then there were three.
Nick: And we're gonna have to destroy this gate.
Nick: And we're gonna have to destroy this rubble pile.
Nick: And your point... is...
Nick: Annnd... Let's go! Let's go!
Nick: Annnd... Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Nick: Any ideas on how to start the finale?
Nick: Any of you packing a gun?
Nick: Anybody else find this peanut thing a little terrifying?
Nick: Anybody hear me?
Nick: Anybody see an onramp?
Nick: Anyone get bit? Isn't that how this works?
Nick: Anyone have any ideas?
Nick: Anyone in the die here camp?
Nick: Anytime.
Nick: Are those guys fireproof?
Nick: Are we busting out or in?
Nick: Are you going to be okay?
Nick: Are you going to die?
Nick: Are you going to help us or not?
Nick: Are you guys ready?
Nick: Are you kidding me, Ellis? Come on.
Nick: Are you really going to shoot a guy in a $3000 suit? Come on!
Nick: Are you really going to shoot the guy in a $3000 suit? Come on!
Nick: Are you sure this is the way to the mall?
Nick: As far as Evac Centers go, this is not the worst place to hole up.
Nick: As soon as that door opens, get ready to run for the tower.
Nick: As soon as we open the door, the alarm's gonna sound.
Nick: Ass.
Nick: Assault rifle.
Nick: Assclown.
Nick: Asshat.
Nick: Asshole.
Nick: At a plantation with a big gate.
Nick: At least I made it.
Nick: Aunt Bee.
Nick: Awesome!
Nick: Axe!
Nick: Baby!
Nick: Back here in the container.
Nick: Back here!
Nick: Back here.
Nick: Back it up!
Nick: Back through the canefield.
Nick: Back through the field!
Nick: Back through the mill.
Nick: Back to the boat!
Nick: Back up the scaffolding.
Nick: Back up, back up.
Nick: Back up.
Nick: Back, back, back!
Nick: Barrier's down! Let's get out of here.
Nick: Bastards!
Nick: Bbbbrrrrrrr.
Nick: Because all you THINK about is ribs, Coach.
Nick: Because I still smell it.
Nick: Been better.
Nick: Before we run across this bridge right toward the people who've been
dropping bombs on us, anyone wanna talk about a Plan B?
Nick: Behind us!
Nick: Behind!
Nick: Bet my caps are lit up as well.
Nick: Better guns!
Nick: Better.
Nick: Between these buildings.
Nick: Bitch.
Nick: Blind as a damn bat...
Nick: Boat's here!
Nick: Boomer around. Don't shoot him if he's near me! OKAY?
Nick: Boomer bile here!
Nick: Brains come out. Swamp water doesn't. Don't ask me how I know that.
Nick: Breaking my neck is not a fun time, Ellis.
Nick: Breaking my neck is not a fun time.
Nick: Bringing back any memories, Coach? You, a cheeseburger, romance in the
Nick: Buddy, if you can get me out of this alive? I will deep-fry you an entire
goddamn cow.
Nick: Bull's-eye.
Nick: Bullshit!
Nick: Call 911, I hurt his feelings.
Nick: Can anybody see that Witch?
Nick: Can one of you people come get me, please?
Nick: Can save some bullets with this one.
Nick: Can someone shoot this goddamn thing?!?
Nick: Can we leave that Witch alone?
Nick: Can we not shoot each other, please?
Nick: Can we not shoot each other?
Nick: Can we stop shooting each other?
Nick: Can you forgive me?
Nick: Can you guys hear me?
Nick: Can you hear that?
Nick: Can you see I'm limping here?
Nick: Can you stop shooting me?
Nick: Candy store for adults.
Nick: Candyasses!
Nick: Can't get to it from over here.
Nick: Can't you see I'm limping here?
Nick: Careful heading down there hill.
Nick: Careful on these roofs.
Nick: Careful, this gully looks pretty steep.
Nick: Careful.
Nick: Careful. Carefuuulll.
Nick: CEDA leaving me twice in one day, lesson learned.
Nick: CEDA's not gonna save us, any ideas?
Nick: Chainsaw here...
Nick: Charger around, get ready.
Nick: Charger's got me!
Nick: Chase this, you zombie bastards!
Nick: Check it out.
Nick: Chest paddles here.
Nick: Chopper looks fixed! Let's go!
Nick: Chopper's starting let's go!
Nick: Christ, I hope this rain doesn't get any worse.
Nick: Christ, there's car alarms everywhere.
Nick: Christ, those guys are such assholes.
Nick: Christ.
Nick: Clear!
Nick: Cleetus.
Nick: Climb the ladder.
Nick: Climb up here!
Nick: Close that door.
Nick: Close the door and let's get this gas.
Nick: Close the door.
Nick: C'mon, this way!
Nick: Coach!
Nick: Coach! Come on.
Nick: Coach! Don't shoot me.
Nick: Coach, don't forget about that health kit.
Nick: Coach, that is about the stupidest idea I have ever agreed with.
Nick: Coach, that is the stupidest idea I have ever agreed with.
Nick: Coach, when I start this finale, you aren't gonna start dancing are you?
Ahh, screw it, I'm hitting it.
Nick: Coach, you can call me Nick.
Nick: Coach, you should heal.
Nick: Coach, you should maybe heal.
Nick: Coach, you're a genius! This worked!
Nick: Coach.
Nick: Come comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon. Come on!
Nick: Come on back.
Nick: Come on Burger Tank, save us!
Nick: Come on get up. Get up, you're not dead yet.
Nick: Come on get up. You're not dead yet.
Nick: Come on guys, get me out of here.
Nick: Come on people, just retrace our steps.
Nick: Come on pull yourself together. We gotta get you up.
Nick: Come on!
Nick: Come on! Shoot the TANK, not ME.
Nick: Come on, champ. Let's get you on your feet. You'll be okay.
Nick: Come on, Ellis, don't be a hero. Use your health kit.
Nick: Come on, I'm in a hurry,
Nick: Come on, I've seen worse. Let's get your butt up.
Nick: Come on, man, help us.
Nick: Come on, open the freaking door.
Nick: Come on, still lots to be done.
Nick: Come on, this way!
Nick: Come on, Virgil...
Nick: Come on, you can make it!
Nick: Come on...
Nick: Come onnnn, come onnnnnn...
Nick: Cooter.
Nick: Copter's landed, let's go!
Nick: Could use a hand over here.
Nick: Could use some help here.
Nick: Cover us while I heal you.
Nick: Cow pen, pig pen, these are all just animal shit pens.
Nick: Cricket bat here.
Nick: Cross here!
Nick: Crowbar.
Nick: Crumbs? Really, Coach? That's how you swear?
Nick: Damn it! Elevator's out.
Nick: Damn it! We JUST missed it!
Nick: Damn it, I wish we could get up on that monorail.
Nick: Damn it, there's gotta be a way around this.
Nick: Damn right!
Nick: DAMN! You suck at shooting.
Nick: Damn, Rochelle. Nice.
Nick: Damn, Rochelle...
Nick: Damn, we aren't going to beat this storm.
Nick: Damn...
Nick: Dead end again.
Nick: Dead end.
Nick: Dead.
Nick: Defib unit here.
Nick: Defibrillator here.
Nick: Deploying fire bullets!
Nick: Deploying frag rounds!
Nick: Did people really live in these shacks?
Nick: Did that zombie just drop something?
Nick: Did they know this was coming?
Nick: Did you miss me? Come on, let's get you up.
Nick: Did you see the sign out front? Cousins-only day today.
Nick: DIE! DIE!
Nick: Disco Pants and Haircuts? Man, lots of space in this mall.
Nick: Do it!
Nick: Do not shoot any of the cars!
Nick: Do not shoot me.
Nick: Do that again and I'll bury you alive.
Nick: Do we trust that guy to come back?
Nick: Do you hear that Charger?
Nick: Do you see this big giant thing on me?!
Nick: Do you still smell sewer?
Nick: Do you think he was keeping track of zombies?
Nick: Do you think you can handle this?
Nick: Does anybody remember the path back?
Nick: Does this guy's scorecard mean what I think it means?
Nick: Doesn't this beat all. I am about to die.
Nick: Done like dinner!
Nick: Don't be leaving me here DAMNIT! HELP!
Nick: Don't even think of leaving me here!
Nick: Don't forget to the close the door.
Nick: Don't forget you can heal yourself.
Nick: Don't get punched off!
Nick: Don't let the Tank punch you off the bridge!
Nick: Don't look at me like that.
Nick: Don't make me come out there for you!
Nick: Don't make us shoot our way into the control room.
Nick: Don't move from this spot.
Nick: Don't shoot each other.
Nick: Don't shoot that car!
Nick: Don't stop, don't stop.
Nick: Don't sweat it, Ellis. At least you got us out of that mall.
Nick: Don't use that door.
Nick: Don't worry about it.
Nick: Don't worry about me, I'll be okay.
Nick: Don't worry about me.
Nick: Don't worry about that, we have to keep moving!
Nick: Don't worry about us, we'll be here.
Nick: Don't worry, just get me up.
Nick: Don't worry. Don't worry. I can get you back up.
Nick: Don't worry. I'll bail your ass out of this mess.
Nick: Don't worry. I'm not done yet.
Nick: Don't you think we should be killing the zombies instead?
Nick: Down here!
Nick: Down here.
Nick: Down that alley!
Nick: Down that escalator!
Nick: Down that hole!
Nick: Down that ladder!
Nick: Down that offramp!
Nick: Down the alley!
Nick: Down the hole.
Nick: Down the off ramp.
Nick: Down the river.
Nick: Down the scaffolding.
Nick: Down the slide.
Nick: Down the street!
Nick: Down this alley!
Nick: Down this escalator!
Nick: Down this hole!
Nick: Down this ladder!
Nick: Down this offramp!
Nick: Down this shaft!
Nick: Down this street.
Nick: DOWN!
Nick: Dry land up ahead.
Nick: Dude.
Nick: Dumbshit.
Nick: Dunno about you guys, but I'm going to New Orleans.
Nick: Easy there, fireball, easy.
Nick: Easy there, fireball.
Nick: Easy there, fireball. Let me get you up.
Nick: Ellis!
Nick: Ellis! ELLIS! We don't have time for that right now!
Nick: ELLIS! Leave that Witch alone.
Nick: Ellis, come on man.
Nick: Ellis, heal up.
Nick: Ellis, I am surprised you lasted as long as you did.
Nick: Ellis, you're carrying like ten different guns.
Nick: Ellis.
Nick: Ellis. ELLIS. ELLIS.
Nick: Ellis. If I listen to this, will this be the last one?
Nick: Ellis. Is now the best time?
Nick: Ellis-why don't you tell us this in the chopper?
Nick: Evac's that way!
Nick: Evac's this way!
Nick: Evac's up ahead!
Nick: Every goddamn thing is flooded.
Nick: Everybody be careful.
Nick: Everybody get in the elevator!
Nick: Everybody grab a weapon. I get the feeling we're gonna need 'em.
Nick: Everybody grab some incendiary ammo!
Nick: Everybody hear that Witch?
Nick: Everybody in the elevator!
Nick: Everybody INSIDE!
Nick: Everybody keep moving.
Nick: Everybody, just follow the tracks!
Nick: Everybody, lights off.
Nick: Everyone at the same time.
Nick: Everyone back down the stairs!
Nick: Everyone back.
Nick: Everyone grab a weapon!
Nick: Everyone inside the station!
Nick: Everyone okay?
Nick: Everyone ready, I'm gonna hit this and start the finale.
Nick: Everyone ready?
Nick: Everyone shoot the Tank!
Nick: Everyone to the boat!
Nick: Everyone to the car!
Nick: Everyone to the copter!
Nick: Everyone's infected.
Nick: Everything working?
Nick: Everything's different when it's under a foot of water.
Nick: Excuse me.
Nick: Explosive rounds here!
Nick: Fair enough, but you're the first three people in the world I have ever
Nick: Fan-freaking-tastic, that's how I am.
Nick: Fast food is going to save us.
Nick: Fat guy!
Nick: Fatty!
Nick: Fifty beds in one room-what a shitty hotel.
Nick: Fight amongst yourselves!
Nick: Fill 'er up!
Nick: Final evacuation is in the stadium.
Nick: Finally up to the freeway.
Nick: Finally! There's the gas station!
Nick: Finally, a goddamn gun.
Nick: Finally, outside!
Nick: Find shelter!
Nick: Find some place to hunker down!
Nick: Fine, I'm fine, fine.
Nick: Fire bullets here!
Nick: Fire coming.
Nick: Fire spit coming!
Nick: First Aid here!
Nick: First Aid Kit here!
Nick: First Aid Kit.
Nick: First Aid Kits here!
Nick: First Aid Kits!
Nick: First Aid!
Nick: Flip the switch!
Nick: Follow me.
Nick: Follow these lights!
Nick: For once, I wish we would have just stumbled onto some cops.
Nick: Forgive me, okay?.
Nick: Four of us, one is woman.
Nick: Four of us, We have money if that helps.
Nick: Four, including a girl.
Nick: Frag rounds here!
Nick: Freaking Tank is killing me!
Nick: Freaking tongue!?
Nick: Freeway!
Nick: From the looks of this park, I'm glad we didn't arrive early.
Nick: Frying pan!
Nick: Garage is open!
Nick: Gas station is across the street.
Nick: Gate's open!
Nick: Get back inside!
Nick: Get back on the pipes!
Nick: Get back up here!
Nick: Get in the station!
Nick: Get in the tank, you stupid goddamn gas, get in the tank.
Nick: Get in there!
Nick: GET IN!
Nick: Get inside!
Nick: Get into the house up there!
Nick: Get it!
Nick: Get me to the mall and I'll make it worth your while.
Nick: Get on the boat!
Nick: Get on the helicopter!
Nick: Get on the monorail tracks.
Nick: Get on the roof of the Burger Tank!
Nick: Get on the roof!
Nick: Get on the walkways!
Nick: Get on top the truck!
Nick: Get on!
Nick: Get out of the goo!
Nick: Get out to the ledge!
Nick: Get ready to run, I'm hitting it.
Nick: Get ready to run.
Nick: Get ready!
Nick: Get ready! I am hitting the power for the sign.
Nick: Get ready! Lowering the bridge!
Nick: Get ready, I'm calling the ferry.
Nick: Get ready, I'm gonna start the finale.
Nick: Get ready, I'm opening the door.
Nick: Get ready, TANK!
Nick: Get ready, this is going to set off the alarm
Nick: Get ready, we got a TANK!
Nick: Get ready...
Nick: Get that zombie on her!
Nick: Get the cola!
Nick: Get to higher ground!
Nick: Get to that building!
Nick: Get to the boat!
Nick: Get to the Burger Tank!
Nick: Get to the car!
Nick: Get to the chopper!
Nick: Get to the garage!
Nick: Get to the station!
Nick: Get up here!
Nick: Get up here! Get up here!
Nick: Get up on the catwalk.
Nick: Get up, please? You aren't leaving me with those two.
Nick: Get up. You aren't leaving me with those two.
Nick: Get your asses over here and HELP ME!
Nick: Get! In! The! Tank!
Nick: Give up now!
Nick: Glad you shared that, Ellis.
Nick: Go go go!
Nick: Go go go. Cut in line.
Nick: Go!
Nick: Go! Run! GO!
Nick: God damn it! God damn it. God damn it.
Nick: God damn it! I am covered in vomit again.
Nick: God DAMN it! We just missed it!
Nick: God damn it, I can't believe this.
Nick: God damn it, I'm stuck in here. Get me out!
Nick: God damn it.
Nick: God damn maze.
Nick: God damn you are messed up.
Nick: God DAMN you, Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.
Nick: God damn, it's gettin' good.
Nick: God DAMN, that was close!
Nick: God, I love pool.
Nick: Goddamn it they left us!
Nick: Goddamn it, Coach, what'd you leave me with?
Nick: Goddamn it, I'm covered in goo.
Nick: Goddamn right!
Nick: Goddamn this rain!
Nick: Goddamn town is going to be flooded!
Nick: Goddamn town's flooded.
Nick: Goddamn we are moving too slow!
Nick: Goddamn, that's loud! Somebody shut it down!
Nick: Going with the machinegun.
Nick: Going with the shotgun.
Nick: Goiter man!
Nick: Gonna bonk some heads with this!
Nick: Gonna heal.
Nick: Gonna whack the shit outta somethin' with this.
Nick: Goo incoming!
Nick: Goober.
Nick: Good as new.
Nick: Good enough for me. Grab a weapon and let's go.
Nick: Good enough.
Nick: Good idea, storm's coming.
Nick: Good shooting.
Nick: Good time to heal.
Nick: Good, that's decided. Moving on: I think this building's on fire. Sooo...
I'd like to leave it.
Nick: Good, that's decided. Moving on: I think this building's on fire. Sooo...
I'd like to leave this building.
Nick: Goodbye, Mr. Hippie!
Nick: Goodbye, my hippie friend!
Nick: Goodnight, Rochelle.
Nick: GOOO!
Nick: Got a chainsaw.
Nick: Got a cricket bat.
Nick: Got a defib unit.
Nick: Got a grenade launcher.
Nick: Got a machete.
Nick: Got another can in the tank!
Nick: Got 'em.
Nick: Got it!
Nick: Got some chest paddles.
Nick: Got the cola!
Nick: Got the six-pack! Let's go!
Nick: Gotta get back up there!
Nick: Gotta reload!
Nick: Grab a gun!
Nick: Grab a pipe bomb!
Nick: Grab something, I got a feeling this isn't going to be easy.
Nick: Grab the cola!
Nick: Grab this.
Nick: Grabbin' a bile jar!
Nick: Grabbin' a shot!
Nick: Grabbin' fire bullets!
Nick: Grabbin' puke!
Nick: Grabbin' some frag rounds!
Nick: Grabbing a crowbar.
Nick: Grabbing a guitar.
Nick: Grabbing a Molotov.
Nick: Grabbing a nightstick.
Nick: Grabbing a pipe bomb.
Nick: Grabbing a sword.
Nick: Grabbing the assault rifle.
Nick: Grabbing the First Aid.
Nick: Grabbing the pistol!
Nick: Great, following shiny lights in the sky, we're like freaking cats and a
laser pointer.
Nick: Great, I run into the three people in Georgia not carrying a gun.
Nick: Great, no one here.
Nick: Great, we crash land in front of a village that hates everyone.
Nick: Great. We are screw-
Nick: Green thing!
Nick: Grenade launcher here.
Nick: Guess it's back off the freeway.
Nick: Guess the infection is spreading faster than we are moving.
Nick: Guess those suits don't stop bites.
Nick: Guitar here.
Nick: Guns here!
Nick: Guys, I seem to have slipped!
Nick: Guys, what are we going to do now?
Nick: Ha HA. NOW let's see who's the monster.
Nick: HA! That's more like it!
Nick: Halfway there!
Nick: Hallelujah. There's the gas.
Nick: Hang on, I'm gonna fix myself up.
Nick: Hang on, storm's hitting.
Nick: Hang on, you need this more than me.
Nick: Happy New Year!
Nick: Have this.
Nick: Hazmat guys!
Nick: He came back for us!
Nick: He can't land until we kill the Tank.
Nick: He hates those cans!
Nick: He kept his word! Let's go!
Nick: He sees us!
Nick: He was annoying but he could shoot a gun.
Nick: Head for the garage!
Nick: Head for the grain elevator!
Nick: Head towards the bridge!
Nick: Heads up!
Nick: Heal if you need to.
Nick: Heal up!
Nick: Healing!
Nick: Healing.
Nick: Heh!
Nick: HELICOPTER. It is a HELICOPTER. You call that thing a 'whirly-bird' one
more time, I'll beat you SO bad, your sister's gonna wish she never gave birth
to you.
Nick: Hell yeah!
Nick: HELL YEAH! Next stop: New Orleans...
Nick: Hell yeah.
Nick: Hell yeah. Grenade launcher.
Nick: Hello!
Nick: HELLO!!!
Nick: Hello.
Nick: Helloooo?
Nick: Help!
Nick: Here they come!
Nick: Here we go.
Nick: Here, I don't need this.
Nick: He's heading back in!
Nick: He's like a five year old. With guns. And a comprehensive grasp of every
swear word in the English language.
Nick: Hey Cleetus.
Nick: Hey Coach, heal.
Nick: Hey Coach, you can call me Nick.
Nick: Hey Ellis, you like taters?
Nick: Hey Ro, don't forget that health kit.
Nick: Hey sport, watch where you're shooting!
Nick: Hey you, take this.
Nick: Hey! Come back!
Nick: Hey! Get back here!
Nick: Hey! Give me a hand.
Nick: HEY! HELLO!!!
Nick: Hey! Loud girl. Hayseed. Tons of fun. This building? Is on FIRE. Grab a
weapon and let's get the hell out of here.
Nick: Hey! Shoot the Tank!
Nick: Hey, come back! I'm HERE! There's still someone DOWN here!
Nick: Hey, Ellis! Shut up contest, ready? One two three GO.
Nick: Hey, Ellis, don't let me down.
Nick: Hey, Ellis, you know all that shit I was saying? I was just joking.
Nick: Hey, honey.
Nick: Hey, kid.
Nick: Hey, let us in!
Nick: Hey, over here!
Nick: Hey, sweetheart.
Nick: Hey, sweetie.
Nick: Hey, those are soldiers. Let's let 'em know we're here.
Nick: Hey, we're on the bridge.
Nick: Hey, what's your name?
Nick: Hey, you.
Nick: Hey, you've got people on the bridge.
Nick: Hey. ELLIS. Why don't you tell us all about the time you SHUT UP?
Nick: Hey-football man. Relative a' yours?
Nick: Heyyy ooooo!
Nick: Highway's blocked! Let's cut through this motel!
Nick: Hillbilly!
Nick: Hit everything!
Nick: Hit it to stop them!
Nick: Hit it!
Nick: Hit it, Ellis!
Nick: Hit the alarm to stop them!
Nick: Hit the button again.
Nick: Hit the button.
Nick: Hit the cannons!
Nick: Hit the effects!
Nick: Hit the flash bangs!
Nick: Hit the flash pots!
Nick: Hit the flashbangs!
Nick: Hit the lights!
Nick: Hit the lights.
Nick: Hit the power to move this crap.
Nick: Hit the spotlights!
Nick: Hit.
Nick: Hm. This'd be really awkward if I gave a shit about your feelings.
Nick: Hmm... okay, we're further down the path.
Nick: Hold on! HOLD. ON.
Nick: Hold on, coming!
Nick: Hold steady, TANK!
Nick: Hold still, I've done this before.
Nick: Hold still. Probably going to regret this, but let me use this on you.
Nick: Hold up, going to heal.
Nick: Hold up, you can have this.
Nick: Holy Shit!
Nick: Holy shit! There's the end!
Nick: Holy shit, I think we actually made it.
Nick: Holy shit, it's zombies.
Nick: Holy shit, maybe the swamp people made it!
Nick: Holy shit, this worked!
Nick: Hot stuff coming!
Nick: How big is the tank in this thing?
Nick: How does this finale start?
Nick: How in the hell are we gonna get in?
Nick: How you holding up?
Nick: How'd they have this in a cage already?
Nick: How'dja do that?
Nick: Hunter on Coach!
Nick: Hunter on Ellis!
Nick: Hunter on Rochelle!
Nick: Hunter's got Coach!
Nick: Hunter's got Ellis!
Nick: Hunter's got Rochelle!
Nick: Hurry it up.
Nick: Hurry up, hurrrry upppp...
Nick: I am going to beat the shit out of something with this.
Nick: I am going to miss you, big guy.
Nick: I am going to regret saying this, but sure. What do you need?
Nick: I am hanging over here!
Nick: I am NOT climbing into... Ah screw it. Let's go.
Nick: I am not dying in the middle of nowhere.
Nick: I am not dying in this goddamn swamp.
Nick: I am not dying in this swamp.
Nick: I am not going to be gator food.
Nick: I am not going to die in this city.
Nick: I am not going to make it much longer, my friends, I am seriously screwed
Nick: I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Nick: I am trapped in a room!
Nick: I been better.
Nick: I bet he's got a working shower in there and he isn't using it.
Nick: I bet there'll be something waiting for us out there. So let's get
Nick: I call foul.
Nick: I can always use these.
Nick: I can feel a breeze, fresh air!
Nick: I can feel my feet growing fungus.
Nick: I can hear a Jockey.
Nick: I can hear something going on in the stadium.
Nick: I can see the stadium.
Nick: I can think of two other people I would have rather seen go first.
Nick: I cannot believe I am looking forward to getting back on that boat.
Nick: I cannot get out of here by myself!
Nick: I cannot WAIT to find a crate.
Nick: I can't believe I just said that.
Nick: I can't believe none of you were going to shoot him.
Nick: I can't believe you fell for that.
Nick: I can't do this on my own, gimme some help!
Nick: I can't lie to you. You are messed up. If you don't get yourself healed
up, that's it.
Nick: I can't see a damn thing...
Nick: I can't see shit!
Nick: I did it!
Nick: I do love guns.
Nick: I do not like that little peanut guy.
Nick: I do not like that little peanut man.
Nick: I don't know about you, but I'm killing these things.
Nick: I don't know who started this shit, but let's just stop the friendly
right now, 'kay?
Nick: I don't know who started this shit, 'kay? But let's just stop the
friendly right now,.
Nick: I don't know, some plantation?
Nick: I don't like the sound of this crying.
Nick: I don't think so Ellis.
Nick: I don't think so.
Nick: I don't think they like the military out here.
Nick: I don't think we have a choice.
Nick: I don't think zombies can read.
Nick: I don't want to hear any excuses, just stop shooting me.
Nick: I got a bad feeling about that...
Nick: I got a bad feeling about this...
Nick: I got a sick feeling this alarm's gonna get us some attention...
Nick: I got a sinking feeling this alarm's gonna get us some attention...
Nick: I got freakshow's soft drinks, let's head back!
Nick: I got his cola, let's go!
Nick: I got hit by the burning goo shit.
Nick: I got it!
Nick: I got mine.
Nick: I got pills.
Nick: I got the shotgun.
Nick: I got you, just relax. Let's get you up.
Nick: I gotta heal.
Nick: I gotta respect that!
Nick: I gotta take better care of myself.
Nick: I guess living here's finally paying off.
Nick: I guess the diesel isn't in the abandoned part of the sugar mill.
Nick: I guess there's been a change of plans.
Nick: I guess they ran outta bridges to bomb...
Nick: I guess walking isn't so bad.
Nick: I hate roller coasters.
Nick: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, guys-but unless Ellis knows how to
build a monster truck, we AIN'T drivin' through this.
Nick: I have never seen so many Witches.
Nick: I have no idea what that noise is.
Nick: I have not come this far to die now.
Nick: I have seriously felt better.
Nick: I hear a Boomer.
Nick: I hear a Charger.
Nick: I hear a Hunter.
Nick: I hear a Smoker.
Nick: I hear a Spitter.
Nick: I hear a Witch.
Nick: I hit it!
Nick: I hope no one minds us taking these guns.
Nick: I hope that is enough!
Nick: I hope that's not bullet proof.
Nick: I kind of remember the city a little different.
Nick: I LOVE doing that.
Nick: I need a hand.
Nick: I need some help.
Nick: I need someone's help for just five seconds!
Nick: I need this.
Nick: I normally go solo-but under the circumstances, I'm thinkin' we stick
together. Call me Nick. You got names?
Nick: I owe you one.
Nick: I really screwed the pooch back there.
Nick: I remember that porch light.
Nick: I remember this place from the way in.
Nick: I remember this. We're going the right way!
Nick: I saw this on the way in. We're going the right way!
Nick: I shot a zombie. He was a zombie, Ellis. He must have gotten bitten
before he picked us up.
Nick: I should probably save this for me, but - what the hell.
Nick: I think I hear my ex-wife...
Nick: I think I know how to start the finale, hit the button labeled Finale.
Nick: I think it was Coach. Don't matter now.
Nick: I think it's a safe bet to say an alarm will sound when we open this
Nick: I think our options are keep moving down the road towards those lights or
die here.
Nick: I think she just said it was Rochelle.
Nick: I think the copter pilot wants us to turn it down.
Nick: I think the little guy's onto something. Let's give it a shot.
Nick: I think they're called Jockeys...
Nick: I think we gotta cut through the sugar mill.
Nick: I think we just became long shots.
Nick: I think we should be closing doors.
Nick: I think we should clarify what constitutes "close".
Nick: I think we should close this door.
Nick: I trust you. You look like a man who knows his donuts.
Nick: I used to steal these from cops back in high school.
Nick: I was hoping the city would be in better shape.
Nick: I will never get tired of that.
Nick: I wish we could get up on the monorail.
Nick: I wonder if that's good news...
Nick: If anyone sees a men's store, let me know. I got blood on this suit.
Nick: If I get you up, you promise not to shoot me anymore?
Nick: If I go, you guys gonna miss me.
Nick: If my friends ever saw me usin' a cop's gun...
Nick: If that map's right, New Orleans might be the last place in America that
can get us out alive.
Nick: If that was their idea of safety, I can't wait to see what's out here.
Nick: If the world's going to hell, I'm taking a weapon.
Nick: If things were different, I could really enjoy this place.
Nick: If this rain keeps up, the boat can come to US.
Nick: If this rain keeps up, we can sail this thing right to Virgil.
Nick: If we don't find the other station soon we can turn around.
Nick: If we turn the sign on, Virgil might see it.
Nick: If we're going, let's hurry.
Nick: If you aren't ready, I don't want to hear it.
Nick: If you have taste, cover your ears. I'm starting the finale.
Nick: I'll agree to the idea, but I'm driving.
Nick: I'll be damned-we actually made it to the mall.
Nick: I'll be fine.
Nick: I'll hold on to the First Aid Kit.
Nick: I'll hold onto these pills.
Nick: I'll just say. If I did this, I'm sorry.
Nick: I'll just say. Look, if I did this, I apologize.
Nick: I'll live. Let's go.
Nick: I'll never get tired of that.
Nick: I'll snipe.
Nick: I'm blind.
Nick: I'm calling over the ferry.
Nick: I'm cool, I'm cool.
Nick: I'm down!
Nick: I'm fine.
Nick: I'm getting sick of looking at this guy's face.
Nick: I'm going as fast as I can.
Nick: I'm gonna crack some heads with this.
Nick: I'm gonna heal you. Keep shooting.
Nick: I'm gonna heal.
Nick: I'm gonna patch myself up.
Nick: I'm gonna regret this, but turn it up!
Nick: I'm gonna whack the shit outta somethin' with this.
Nick: I'm good, I'm good. Get me up.
Nick: I'm guessin' that's the Charger...
Nick: I'm guessing that smokestack is the sugarmill.
Nick: I'm hanging here.
Nick: I'm here.
Nick: I'm hitting it, get ready!
Nick: I'm hitting it.
Nick: I'm just playin' with ya, man.
Nick: I'm lowering the bridge.
Nick: I'm Nicolas... Nick.
Nick: I'm no use to anyone in here, get me out of here!
Nick: I'm not dead yet!
Nick: I'm not going to die down here.
Nick: I'm not going to leave you behind. Let's get you up.
Nick: I'm not legally allowed to own a gun, hope everybody's okay with that.
Nick: I'm not waiting long, get to the car!
Nick: I'm on my way!
Nick: I'm on the way!
Nick: I'm opening the door.
Nick: I'm out of gas, you're out of gas, they're out of gas.
Nick: I'm right behind you.
Nick: I'm sorry, is that what you want me to say?
Nick: I'm sorry, okay?
Nick: I'm standing by a big gate, in front of a big house.
Nick: I'm starting to like you guys.
Nick: I'm trying to hurry!
Nick: I'm with Ellis, I hate these mud people.
Nick: I'm with you.
Nick: Impressive.
Nick: In here!
Nick: In here.
Nick: In that case I don't think we can trust your judgment in this matter.
Nick: In this courtyard.
Nick: Incendiary ammo of love here!
Nick: Incoming!
Nick: Inside NOW!
Nick: Into the Burger Tank!
Nick: Into the garage!
Nick: Into the maintenance Tunnel of Love!
Nick: Into the station!
Nick: Into the swan maintenance room of love!
Nick: Into the window.
Nick: is it ever pissing down.
Nick: Is somebody gonna pick up the radio?
Nick: Is someone beating a horse?
Nick: Is that a bottle of puke?
Nick: Is that a survivor?
Nick: Is there any way I could talk you into helping us?
Nick: Is there some way to turn off this alarm?
Nick: Is this some kind of sick joke?
Nick: It is more blessed to give than to receive.
Nick: It may not be pretty, but we're doing this.
Nick: It reeks like piss.
Nick: It seems like every time I turn around you are down on the ground. Now
let's get you up.
Nick: It worked! I love you, Coach!
Nick: It's a lake down there.
Nick: It's a miracle you lasted this long, Let's get you on your feet.
Nick: It's about to get serious!
Nick: It's already starting to flood.
Nick: It's dead!
Nick: It's flying away from the burning building we're standing on. Let's
follow its lead and get the hell out of here.
Nick: It's flying the hell away from the burning building we're standing the
hell on. Let's follow its lead and get the hell out of here.
Nick: It's leaving us. Also, say hell.
Nick: It's pissing down.
Nick: It's really starting to come down.
Nick: It's STARTING to creep you out?
Nick: It's starting to rain.
Nick: It's that bug-spitting bitch...
Nick: It's that fast bastard that jumps you...
Nick: It's that little Jockey bastard...
Nick: It's that thing that runs at you...
Nick: It's the fat barf-bag!
Nick: It's the size of a truck! How are you MISSING?
Nick: It's time to get some revenge.
Nick: It's twelve feet tall and six feet wide! How are you shooting ME?
Nick: It's worth a shot.
Nick: I've been better.
Nick: I've got a bad feeling about this...
Nick: I've never seen the Midnight Riders, but okay. Let's try it.
Nick: Jesus Christ! What are these things?
Nick: Jesus Christ, Ellis, like the goddamn zombies aren't bad enough.
Nick: Jesus! They're attacking now.
Nick: Jesus, are you FROM here? Ugh, look at you. That is so depressing.
Nick: Jesus, it was open season on everything out here.
Nick: Jesus, the whole country has fallen.
Nick: Jesus, what's that stink?
Nick: Jesus. I knew it. There's nothing here!
Nick: Jesus. These are people! They were shooting people. I told you I had a
bad feeling about this.
Nick: Jesus. This place is a ghost town.
Nick: Jesus. Welcome to Witchville...
Nick: Jockey on me!
Nick: Jockey!
Nick: Jockey! Jockey!
Nick: Jockey's around.
Nick: Jockey's got me.
Nick: Jump down here!
Nick: Jump down on this side.
Nick: Jump down there!
Nick: Jump into the john.
Nick: Jump onto the truck!
Nick: Jump over the line.
Nick: Jump!
Nick: Jumper!
Nick: Just a little more!
Nick: Just follow the tracks, everybody!
Nick: Just get me up.
Nick: Just go, just go, he isn't coming with us.
Nick: Just go.
Nick: Just go. Go.
Nick: Just hang on, let me heal you.
Nick: Just me.
Nick: Just name it. Anything.
Nick: Just stay here.
Nick: Just take this.
Nick: Just this once I need some help.
Nick: Just three more!
Nick: Just two more!
Nick: Just wait a sec! Healing!
Nick: Keep a lookout. I hear a Boomer.
Nick: Keep checking doors.
Nick: Keep close.
Nick: Keep 'em off us while I heal you.
Nick: Keep going down the tunnel.
Nick: Keep going through the bumper cars.
Nick: Keep going up!
Nick: Keep heading back to the boat!
Nick: Keep hitting this!
Nick: Keep it up! Keep it up!
Nick: Keep moving across the bridge.
Nick: Keep moving!
Nick: Keep moving.
Nick: Keep running, keep running.
Nick: Keep setting it off!
Nick: Keep to high ground!
Nick: Keep up.
Nick: Keep your eyes peeled, I hear a Charger.
Nick: Kid, the name's Nick.
Nick: Kid.
Nick: Kill every clown you see!
Nick: Kill the Charger!
Nick: Kill the clown!
Nick: Kill the clown, he's attracting more zombies!
Nick: Kill the Tank!
Nick: Kill this goddamn thing!
Nick: Kill this Jockey on me!
Nick: Kill your light.
Nick: Kiss my ass.
Nick: Ladder!
Nick: Laser sights here.
Nick: Last one!
Nick: Later, Coach.
Nick: Launch the fireworks!
Nick: Lead on, MacDuff.
Nick: Lead on, smart guy.
Nick: Lead on.
Nick: Leaper!
Nick: Leave the Witch alone.
Nick: Let doctor Nick fix you up.
Nick: Let me look at you.
Nick: Let's all do this together.
Nick: Let's be careful.
Nick: Let's cut through the garage sale.
Nick: Let's cut through this street.
Nick: Let's do it.
Nick: Let's do this quick and get back on the damn boat.
Nick: Let's find another way. This suit's flammable.
Nick: Let's follow it.
Nick: Let's get across the parking lot!
Nick: Let's get back.
Nick: Let's get into the stadium!
Nick: Let's get off the dock.
Nick: Let's get out of the goo!
Nick: Let's get ready and then start this thing.
Nick: Let's get setup and hit the power for the sign.
Nick: Let's get some GAS!
Nick: Let's get the gas and get the hell out of here.
Nick: Let's get this car gassed up!
Nick: Let's get up here and find our bearings.
Nick: Let's go a little farther.
Nick: Let's go down the tunnel.
Nick: Let's go down this street.
Nick: Let's go find this evacuation center. I'm already sick of this place.
Nick: Let's go kill some zombies.
Nick: Let's go people, let's go!
Nick: Let's go through here!
Nick: Let's go through there!
Nick: Let's go!
Nick: Let's go! Find a gas can!
Nick: Let's go! Our ride is here!
Nick: Let's go, let's go to the copter!
Nick: Let's go, let's go!
Nick: Let's go, ON YOUR FEET! Let's GO!
Nick: Let's go.
Nick: Let's go. Let's go.
Nick: Let's grab some guns, we got shit to shoot.
Nick: Let's have a look at you.
Nick: Let's head inland.
Nick: Let's head to the stadium.
Nick: Let's head towards that smokestack.
Nick: Let's hit it.
Nick: Let's hit the road.
Nick: Let's hurry up and do this before the storm hits.
Nick: Let's just get this done and get back.
Nick: Let's keep moving.
Nick: Let's lower that bridge.
Nick: Let's not mess this up by shooting each other, okay?
Nick: Let's roll!
Nick: Let's roll.
Nick: Let's signal the boat!
Nick: Let's start some fires, people!
Nick: Let's start this.
Nick: Let's stay up here until the boat comes.
Nick: Let's stick together at least until we get downstairs.
Nick: Let's try and cross this valley.
Nick: Let's try closing doors behind us.
Nick: Let's try shooting zombies instead of people, okay?
Nick: Let's try the maintenance room.
Nick: Let's try this ladder.
Nick: Let's try upstairs.
Nick: Let's use the monorail to get over that fence.
Nick: Light up the sign!
Nick: Lighting it up!
Nick: Lightning!
Nick: Lights are on, where's the people?
Nick: Lights off.
Nick: Lights!
Nick: Little freak!
Nick: Little guy!
Nick: Look at that thing!
Nick: Look at this.
Nick: Look at ya. What are we waiting for? Let's go.
Nick: Look at you lying there. Time to get up.
Nick: Look Ellis! A tractor!
Nick: Look for landmarks. It might be dark on our way back.
Nick: Look here.
Nick: Look out!
Nick: Look!
Nick: Looks abandoned.
Nick: Looks like everyone is heading to the stadium.
Nick: Looks like it's just you and me.
Nick: Looks like our milk run just turned into a marathon.
Nick: Looks like people headed this way!
Nick: Looks like some of them headed to the river.
Nick: Looks like the gas is inside.
Nick: Looks like the H in 4H stands for hell.
Nick: Looks like the military took over.
Nick: Looks like their plans have changed.
Nick: Looks like there's been a change of plans.
Nick: Looks like they are still holding on to the city.
Nick: Looks like they came back to finish the job.
Nick: Looks like they're comin' back to finish the job.
Nick: Looks like we're leaving the military zone.
Nick: Looks like we're not part of their new plan.
Nick: Lower the bridge.
Nick: Lower the plank.
Nick: Machete here...
Nick: Make sure to call out if you get pulled.
Nick: Mall must be close...
Nick: Man up for a minute. I'm going to fix you up.
Nick: Man up! We got a Tank!
Nick: Man, it's all flooded.
Nick: Man, man... It has been a long time since I have felt this bad.
Nick: Man, that was driving me crazy.
Nick: Man, that's a LOT of Witches.
Nick: Man, we got lucky!
Nick: Maybe if we don't move it won't see us.
Nick: Maybe people are still alive in the stadium.
Nick: Maybe people are still alive in the stadium?
Nick: Maybe you could heal up now.
Nick: ME? Who died and made me gun monitor?
Nick: Molotov here.
Nick: Molotov!
Nick: Molotovs!
Nick: More lights!
Nick: More pens.
Nick: More, we need more!
Nick: Mother of Mercy! This thing is killing me!
Nick: Move, move, move.
Nick: Mudders!
Nick: My ass.
Nick: My name's Nick. There's four of us on the...on the west end of the
Nick: Name's Nick.
Nick: Name's Nick. And from the looks of you three, I'm the only one here who
knows how to fire a weapon.
Nick: Name's Nick. And I'm gonna get out of this piece of shit city if it kills
Nick: Name's Nick. But don't worry about learning it, 'cause I ain't sticking
around long.
Nick: Neck!
Nick: Never get out of the boat. Never get out of the boat. Never get out of
the boat.
Nick: Never heard of 'em. They any good?
Nick: Never shoot me again.
Nick: Nice fencing. Looks like a federal carousel penitentiary.
Nick: Nice job with the Tank, let's go!
Nick: Nice job!
Nick: Nice observation, Ellis.
Nick: Nice shooting.
Nick: Nice shot!
Nick: Nice shot, Ace.
Nick: Nice shot.
Nick: Nice work out there.
Nick: Nice.
Nick: Nick, name's Nick. You all did good. What's your names?
Nick: Nick.
Nick: Nick. Not that it matters, 'cause I think we should split up when this
things opens.
Nick: Nick. That's all you need to know.
Nick: Nightstick here...
Nick: Niiiiice.
Nick: Ninja sword here.
Nick: No Ellis, I've never seen anything like this.
Nick: No gas. See? What'd I say?
Nick: No gas. Terrific. This is just great.
Nick: No holding hands, please.
Nick: No it's not, this is going to be horrible. Make sure to stay together.
Nick: No one else is alive here, okay? There's gotta be some sort of deal we
can work out.
Nick: No one's alive in here.
Nick: No problem, big guy, sorry about the landing.
Nick: No problem, Coach.
Nick: No sense grabbing a car, let's keep moving.
Nick: No sir-ee Bob.
Nick: No time for mourning, let's go.
Nick: No way, sweety.
Nick: No!
Nick: NO!!!!!!!!
Nick: No, Ellis. Why?
Nick: No, I'm good.
Nick: No, it doesn't.
Nick: No, No!
Nick: No, No, NO!
Nick: NO, NO, NO!!
Nick: No, sweety.
Nick: No.
Nick: No? Then let's move out.
Nick: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Nick: Nope.
Nick: Nope. Bouncer at a club.
Nick: Nope. Just lots and lots of Tanks.
Nick: Not cool, Rochelle.
Nick: Not dead yet, but not exactly healthy.
Nick: Not exactly great.
Nick: Not good.
Nick: Not ME! Shoot the TANK!
Nick: Not so hard after you see all the zombies.
Nick: Not the time, Rochelle.
Nick: Not to burst your bubble, sport, but this building is burning down.
They're not coming back.
Nick: Nothing, nothing, we're at a plantation.
Nick: Now I want to ride one.
Nick: Now THAT is a nasty wreck.
Nick: Now we're talking.
Nick: Now, don't waste this by getting pounced or something.
Nick: Of course it's full of zombies. The whole god damn world is full of
zombies. See you in a few minutes.
Nick: Of course the bridge is blocked.
Nick: Of course they're out of gas.
Nick: Off!
Nick: Oh bullshit!
Nick: Oh Christ, not the sewer.
Nick: Oh God damn it!
Nick: Oh god, we're in hell.
Nick: Oh good. Now we can die there as adults.
Nick: Oh I'm great.
Nick: Oh I'm super.
Nick: Oh my god, the stink's inside my head.
Nick: Oh yeah, let's go to the gas station, it'll be easy.
Nick: Oh yeah.
Nick: Oh, good. You can count. I bet they'll come back now.
Nick: Oh, Jesus. Is there a Witch around here we can piss off?
Nick: Oh, Jesus-we're gonna have to walk across this roller coaster, aren't we?
Nick: Oh, there's a sound that's familiar.
Nick: Ohhh shit, the storm has arrived.
Nick: Ohhh, not again...
Nick: Okay this way!
Nick: Okay we made it. Let's hope there's still somebody here.
Nick: Okay! There's the gas station!
Nick: Okay, all right, I can do this. I can do this.
Nick: Okay, all right, let's go.
Nick: Okay, anyone up for a game?
Nick: Okay, everybody gassed up and good to go?
Nick: Okay, fine, we'll put on the finale show.
Nick: Okay, gotta find some real first aid.
Nick: Okay, I'm here.
Nick: Okay, it's off!
Nick: Okay, let's keep this up.
Nick: Okay, maybe we can help you. Ellis here is a mechanic.
Nick: Okay, okay that's a start. What do you need?
Nick: Okay, one: stop calling it a 'whirly-bird.' It's a HELICOPTER. Two. I
don't like being in buildings that are on fire.
Nick: Okay, so the evac station's abandoned, annnnd we're at the center of a
zombie-filled building. But on the bright side? We're all probably gonna die.
Nick: Okay, so we're on the wrong side of the river.
Nick: Okay, that's gonna last for a bit.
Nick: Okay, that's reason to panic.
Nick: Okay, the only way over is to get on the coaster's track.
Nick: Okay, we all had a turn yelling at the helicopter. Good. Moving on: I
think the building's on fire.
Nick: Okay, we made it to the mall. BARELY.
Nick: Okay, we ready?
Nick: Okay, we'll do it. Sure.
Nick: Okay, we'll set off the pyrotechnics, but I'm telling you right now. I AM
Nick: Okay, we're heading over now.
Nick: Okay, yeah, got it. Sure. See you soon.
Nick: Okay.
Nick: Okay. Helicopters don't come back when you yell at 'em. Valuable lesson,
you three tuck that away for later. Now grab a weapon and follow me. This
goddamn building's on fire.
Nick: Okay. Helicopters don't come back when you yell at them. Now we know
Nick: Okay. Let's gas up the car and get the hell out of this mall.
Nick: Okay?
Nick: One Arm!
Nick: One more and we can go!
Nick: One more can to go!
Nick: One more for the gas tank!
Nick: One of those little Jockey bastards is around.
Nick: One time! One time!
Nick: Only two of us.
Nick: Ooohhhhh ho ho ho... watch where you shoot!
Nick: Open the door now, you can drive and we'll all ride shotgun.
Nick: Open up.
Nick: Or maybe a corpse fell on the searchlight button. Still, worth checking
Nick: Or they're gonna line us up against a wall and shoot us.
Nick: Our Cajun buddy blew open the gate, let's go!
Nick: Our only way is through the park.
Nick: Our ride's here.
Nick: Out here! Let's try the ledge!
Nick: Out of gas.
Nick: Over here.
Nick: Over that door!
Nick: Over that fence!
Nick: Over the bridge!
Nick: Over the bus.
Nick: Over the dumpster!
Nick: Over there!
Nick: Over this door!
Nick: Over this dumpster!
Nick: Over this fence!
Nick: Overalls!
Nick: Overalls.
Nick: Pay attention, Hunter's around.
Nick: Pffft.
Nick: Piece of shit gas, GET IN THE CAR!
Nick: Pills here!
Nick: Pills.
Nick: Pipe bomb here.
Nick: Pipe bomb out!
Nick: Pipe Bomb!
Nick: Pipe bomb.
Nick: Pipe bombs!
Nick: Pistol!
Nick: Press the button!
Nick: Psh! Huh. Several. Easily.
Nick: Puke in the hole!
Nick: Pull yourself together, man, you're falling apart.
Nick: Push the button!
Nick: Question: Can we not shoot each other?
Nick: Quit being a baby, you've felt worse after a night of drinking.
Nick: Quit moving around. I've seen worse.
Nick: Quit screwing around, get inside!
Nick: Ready?
Nick: Really, I haven't seen any.
Nick: Really.
Nick: Really? 'Cause he looks like an asshole.
Nick: Relax, relax I'm coming!
Nick: Relax. You're going to be okay. I have seen worse.
Nick: Reloading here!
Nick: Reloading!
Nick: Reloading.
Nick: Restricted area my ass.
Nick: Right behind you.
Nick: Right, except for all the zombies.
Nick: Rise and shine!
Nick: Ro!
Nick: Ro! Just...just stop, okay?
Nick: Ro.
Nick: Rochelle, we need you, heal up.
Nick: Rochelle, you don't look so good.
Nick: Rochelle.
Nick: Rochelle... damn!
Nick: Roger that. Here we come.
Nick: Run
Nick: Run into the Tunnel of Love!
Nick: Run on the track!
Nick: Run over the pipe!
Nick: Run to the tower.
Nick: Run up to the lights!
Nick: RUN!
Nick: Run! Just run!
Nick: Safe house ahead!
Nick: Safe house in the trailer.
Nick: Safe house!
Nick: Safety's on the other side of this bridge.
Nick: Same as always.
Nick: Scrawny little bitch I'm gonna kill.
Nick: Screw it, run!
Nick: Screw it. We need the diesel and we have guns. Let's go get it.
Nick: Screw these goddamn mud people.
Nick: Screw this.
Nick: Search the rooms.
Nick: Search these rooms. Might be something we can use.
Nick: Searchlights over there. Could be a way out.
Nick: Second pistol.
Nick: See - all good.
Nick: Set off the fireworks!
Nick: Settle down, Settle down. Everything is going to be okay.
Nick: She's all filled up, let's go, get to the car!
Nick: Shit!
Nick: Shit! This place is burnin' up FAST.
Nick: Shit, Coach, I'll miss you.
Nick: Shit, I fell off the track!
Nick: Shit, it's really coming down.
Nick: Shit, it's starting to rain.
Nick: SHIT, that's loud! Somebody shut it down!
Nick: Shit, water's starting to pool.
Nick: Shit. I don't even trust myself.
Nick: Shit. It looks like it's really gonna storm.
Nick: Shit. This swamp is going to ruin my white suit.
Nick: Shoot him! Shoot him!
Nick: Shoot it! Shoot it!
Nick: Shoot me again, I'll drop you.
Nick: Shoot me again. Shoot me again, I dare you.
Nick: Shoot the armored zombies in the back!
Nick: Shoot the big guy pounding me into the ground!
Nick: Shoot the Charger!
Nick: Shoot the clown!
Nick: Shoot the damn Tank!
Nick: Shoot the Tank!
Nick: Shoot the tongue! Shoot the tongue!
Nick: Shoot the Witch! Shoot the Witch! Shoot the Witch!
Nick: Shoot the Witch! Shoot the Witch! Shoot the Witch! What are you doing?
Shoot her!
Nick: Shoot this thing off my back!
Nick: Shoot this thing on my back!
Nick: Shotgun for me.
Nick: Shotgun.
Nick: Shotgun... you complete me.
Nick: Should have just kept floating down the damn river.
Nick: Shouldn't you be eating?
Nick: Shouldn't you be getting ready for some football?
Nick: Shut down the coaster!
Nick: Shut up, Ellis.
Nick: Sign's on!
Nick: Sir, for the use of this gun, I am willing to go get you your cola.
Nick: Smoker's around.
Nick: Smoker's got me!
Nick: Smoker's GOT ME!!!
Nick: SMOKER'S...
Nick: Sniper for me.
Nick: So get ready.
Nick: So let me get this straight: we get you your shit and you'll help us get
to the mall? Right? Okay. You screw us and I will kill you with your own gun.
Nick: So much for the rescue. Any ideas?
Nick: So our way is blocked and the only way to get it unblocked is to get you
some cola?
Nick: So that's a Boomer, huh? You know, it's sad to see an eating disorder get
out of control like that.
Nick: So that's a Charger, huh? Heh. You know what they say about zombies with
one big arm...
Nick: So that's a Charger, huh? I think he worked out that arm plenty. He
should move onto back and legs.
Nick: So that's a Hunter, huh? What's he gonna do-go for a JOG at me?
Nick: So that's a Jockey, huh? Cute little guy.
Nick: So that's a Smoker, huh? Bet he's popular with the lady zombies.
Nick: So that's a Spitter, huh? You think she's single?
Nick: So that's a Tank, huh? Jesus, that thing's huge.
Nick: So that's why I'm feeling so goddamn lucky.
Nick: So. You guys got names or what?
Nick: Some goddamn milk run this turned out to be.
Nick: Some milk run this turned out to be.
Nick: Somebody got the door?
Nick: Somebody grab the Cola!
Nick: Somebody hit the elevator button.
Nick: Somebody lower the lift bridge.
Nick: Somebody turn off that alarm!
Nick: Somebody want to lend me a hand here?
Nick: Somebody? Christ, Coach, you know who did this.
Nick: Somebody's got to turn off the alarm!
Nick: Somebody's in the control room!
Nick: Someone needs to hit the lights!
Nick: Someone open the door.
Nick: Someone start the tractor.
Nick: Someone want to come get me out of here?
Nick: Something we're gonna have to kill.
Nick: Something's got me?!
Nick: Son of a bitch.
Nick: Sorry to break it to you Coach, but your heroes lip-sync. There's a tape
back here labeled Finale.
Nick: Sorry, Coach, you know what I mean.
Nick: Sounds good to me.
Nick: Sounds like a Witch.
Nick: Spitter
Nick: Spitter around.
Nick: Stay away from the shore until we signal you.
Nick: Stay away from the Witch.
Nick: Stay here.
Nick: Stay offshore until we signal you.
Nick: Stay on the high ground.
Nick: Stay on the track, people!
Nick: Stay on the track.
Nick: Stay together, people.
Nick: Stay up here!
Nick: Stay up here.
Nick: Stick it up your ass!
Nick: Stick that up your ass!
Nick: Stick that where the sun don't shine!
Nick: Stick to the roofs!
Nick: Stop shooting each other.
Nick: Stop shooting me.
Nick: Stop! Don't bomb the bridge.
Nick: Stop! Shooting me doesn't get us anywhere.
Nick: STOP! We're on the bridge!
Nick: Stop, I have something for you.
Nick: Storm's hitting!
Nick: Straight!
Nick: Straightforward. This isn't so bad.
Nick: Suck on that!
Nick: Sure thing, let's go.
Nick: Sure thing, Ro.
Nick: Sure thing.
Nick: Sure, give us a few minutes.
Nick: Sure, let's go.
Nick: Sure, we can wait. Pretty quiet here.
Nick: Sure, why not.
Nick: Sure.
Nick: Sweetheart.
Nick: Sweetheart? Don't shoot me.
Nick: Sweetie.
Nick: Take it, just take it.
Nick: Take it.
Nick: Take that you mealy-mouthed bastards.
Nick: Take the pipe to the holding tanks.
Nick: Take this.
Nick: Taking the machinegun.
Nick: Taking the rifle.
Nick: Taking the shotgun
Nick: Taking the shotgun.
Nick: Tank inbound!
Nick: TANK!
Nick: Tank! Tank!
Nick: Technically... you're not supposed to use an elevator in a fire. But that
might not apply during a zombie apocalypse.
Nick: Tell me about it.
Nick: Tell me about it...
Nick: Ten bucks says he takes him to the right.
Nick: Terrific.
Nick: Thank God this doesn't do a loop.
Nick: Thank you for the guns, honestly, we all appreciate it. But you better
not be screwing with us.
Nick: Thank YOU, Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.
Nick: Thank you.
Nick: Thanks for turning off that alarm!
Nick: Thanks!
Nick: Thanks, bro.
Nick: Thanks, Coach, that was uplifting.
Nick: Thanks, killer.
Nick: Thanks, man, I owe you.
Nick: Thanks, Ro.
Nick: Thanks.
Nick: That better be the goddamn sugar mill.
Nick: That can't be a bottle of puke, is it?
Nick: That freeway looks like it heads to the bridge.
Nick: That got us around the block.
Nick: That is a LOT of Witches.
Nick: That is how you clear a path.
Nick: That must be the amusement park.
Nick: That sound is familiar.
Nick: That squeaking is driving the zombies crazy!
Nick: That was a close one.
Nick: That was a little too close.
Nick: That was surprisingly good.
Nick: That was WAY too close!
Nick: That was way, WAY too close!
Nick: That worked.
Nick: That zombie dropped something!
Nick: That, my friends, is how you do it!
Nick: That'll come in handy.
Nick: That's a hit.
Nick: That's a shit ton of bodies.
Nick: That's it! We're really here! We're on the bridge! We're here! We're
Nick: That's one way to open a path.
Nick: That's one way to open that gate.
Nick: That's terrific.
Nick: That's what I like to see.
Nick: That's what I'm here for.
Nick: That's what they call a Boomer...
Nick: That's... one theory.
Nick: The boardwalk still smells like popcorn and this back alley still stinks
like piss.
Nick: The boat isn't much farther.
Nick: The bridge can't be far now.
Nick: The BRIDGE!
Nick: The city of the dead.
Nick: The copter pilot has got to see this!
Nick: The emergency exit is the only way.
Nick: The gas station's right across the street. Let's just get the gas and
then we'll figure out how to signal Virgil.
Nick: The last time I saw this many crying women was at my wedding.
Nick: The only way is over this plank.
Nick: The pilot's landed, let's go!
Nick: The playground! We're almost there!
Nick: The pumps are dry. Let's check inside.
Nick: The rain's getting heavy.
Nick: The rain's getting worse.
Nick: The road's blocked.
Nick: The sky looks bad.
Nick: The smoking thing!
Nick: The swamp people didn't make it.
Nick: The Tank, hotshot! Shoot the TANK!
Nick: The water's starting to pool. Shit.
Nick: The yard sale! We're going the right way!
Nick: Then so am I. Grab a weapon and let's go. I think this goddamn building's
on fire.
Nick: There better be gas in that tour bus.
Nick: There goes repopulating the earth.
Nick: There goes the milk run.
Nick: There goes the tanker. Let's get out of here.
Nick: There're a lot of bodies in this village.
Nick: There's a motel up there.
Nick: There's a pipe bomb here.
Nick: There's a safe room in it!
Nick: There's a safe room in the bridge!
Nick: There's a safe room up here!
Nick: There's a safe room up there!
Nick: There's a saferoom up ahead!
Nick: There's a Smoker around here.
Nick: There's a Spitter around.
Nick: There's been a change of plans.
Nick: There's blood on me, but it ain't mine.
Nick: There's Burger Tank! We made it!
Nick: There's flares in the gun bag.
Nick: There's four of us.
Nick: There's gas in the safe room!
Nick: There's his signal!
Nick: There's lights on in the stadium.
Nick: There's not gonna be any gas. Watch.
Nick: There's the bridge!
Nick: There's the bus!
Nick: There's the construction barrels. We passed these on the way in!
Nick: There's the copter!
Nick: There's the Ducatel sign! We're almost outta here!
Nick: There's the freeway.
Nick: There's the gas station!
Nick: There's the safe house!
Nick: There's the sugar mill!
Nick: There's the tour bus! Get into the garage!
Nick: There's the wreck!
Nick: These abandoned cars go on for MILES.
Nick: These are not games of chance.
Nick: These bodies are not infected.
Nick: These infected do NOT respect lines.
Nick: These swamps don't agree with me.
Nick: These... don't look like people.
Nick: They have power!
Nick: They made them prove they were healthy enough to walk that far.
Nick: They probably should have added no zombies to that sign.
Nick: They saw us all right, and they're not coming back.
Nick: They're behind us!
Nick: They're blowing this bridge to cover a retreat. If we wanna go with 'em,
we better hurry.
Nick: They're blowing up the bridge!
Nick: They're coming!
Nick: They're not kidding when they say no lifeguards on duty.
Nick: They've been calling those things Spitters...
Nick: They've got diesel at the sugar mill?
Nick: Things could be worse.
Nick: Think they call these things Hunters...
Nick: This bitch is chasing me!
Nick: This brings back some good memories.
Nick: This city's a mess.
Nick: This could be fun.
Nick: This elevator's still working!
Nick: This feels good.
Nick: This is a good time to heal.
Nick: This is all going to hell!
Nick: This is all messed up.
Nick: This is bad...
Nick: This is cozy.
Nick: This is for you.
Nick: This is just a mess.
Nick: This is just really unsanitary.
Nick: This is nice, I'm gonna crack some heads with it.
Nick: This is not how it's going to end.
Nick: This is nothing. You'll be as good as new once I get you up.
Nick: This is some crap.
Nick: This is the best goddamn Burger Tank I have ever visited.
Nick: This is the LONGEST Tunnel of Love I've ever seen.
Nick: This is the most RELAXING safe room I've ever been in.
Nick: This is too much rain.
Nick: This is ugly.
Nick: This is why we've got guns!
Nick: This isn't very romantic.
Nick: This looks all setup for the finale.
Nick: This looks like a friendly place.
Nick: This map is not good news.
Nick: This might be a good time to heal.
Nick: This mud is not doing my suit any favors.
Nick: This rain doesn't look like it's gonna let up.
Nick: This shit'll even up the score.
Nick: This swamp is just a cesspool for disease.
Nick: This thing is beating my ass!
Nick: This used to be a beautiful city.
Nick: This way is blocked.
Nick: This way!
Nick: This worked! The copter is here!
Nick: This would be a good time to heal.
Nick: This, my friends, is a milk run.
Nick: This'll work.
Nick: Those people SUCKED at high diving.
Nick: Those zombies are wearing armor!
Nick: Those zombies are wearing armor?
Nick: Three miles? Shit. It's starting to rain, too.
Nick: Three of us left.
Nick: Through here!
Nick: Through here.
Nick: Through that door!
Nick: Through that gate!
Nick: Through that playground!
Nick: Through that window!
Nick: Through the bumper cars!
Nick: Through the cane field!
Nick: Through the cane field.
Nick: Through the door!
Nick: Through the old mill!
Nick: Through the park.
Nick: Through the underpass.
Nick: Through the wheat farm!
Nick: Through there!
Nick: Through these pens.
Nick: Through this building.
Nick: Through this bus station!
Nick: Through this door!
Nick: Through this gate!
Nick: Through this house.
Nick: Through this playground!
Nick: Through this window!
Nick: Throwing a Molotov.
Nick: Throwing a pipe bomb.
Nick: Thunder!
Nick: Time for people to heal.
Nick: Time to get some revenge.
Nick: Time to go!
Nick: Time to heal, Ellis.
Nick: Time to leave people!
Nick: Time to make some zombie soup.
Nick: Time to move.
Nick: Tits!
Nick: To stop the zombies from crossing.
Nick: To stop the zombies.
Nick: To the boat!
Nick: To the bridge!
Nick: To the chopper!
Nick: To the shipyard!
Nick: To the tower.
Nick: Towards the stadium.
Nick: Towns flooded.
Nick: Try again, champ.
Nick: Try again, little man.
Nick: Try and be careful.
Nick: Try the flash bangs!
Nick: Tunnel of love? Jesus Christ.
Nick: Turn it up!
Nick: Turn off THAT ALARM!
Nick: Turn off the alarm!
Nick: Turn on the lights!
Nick: Turn the sign on!
Nick: Two miles? Shit. It's starting to rain, too.
Nick: Ugh, what in the hell did that thing just do?
Nick: Ugh. God, I hate malls.
Nick: Ugh. It's like rotten eggs here. Does nobody else SMELL that?
Nick: Ugh. They smell worse DEAD!
Nick: Ugh. What's that SMELL?
Nick: Uh huh.
Nick: Uh uh.
Nick: Uhhh. I don't CARE. NOBODY cares.
Nick: Um yeah.
Nick: Um, hello?
Nick: Under here.
Nick: Unless someone has a better idea, let's rock.
Nick: Unless you want to be picking your teeth up off the floor, stop shooting
Nick: Up and at 'em.
Nick: Up by the billboard.
Nick: Up here!
Nick: Up here.
Nick: Up that escalator!
Nick: Up that ladder!
Nick: Up that pipe!
Nick: Up that ramp!
Nick: Up the ladder!
Nick: Up the scaffolding.
Nick: Up this escalator!
Nick: Up this ladder!
Nick: Up this pipe!
Nick: Up this ramp!
Nick: Up this ramp.
Nick: Up this way.
Nick: Up! Up! Keep moving!
Nick: Wait here.
Nick: Wait up, gonna fix myself up.
Nick: Wait! Healing!
Nick: Wait.
Nick: Want to beat out this storm.
Nick: Was it Ellis? Well, doesn't matter now.
Nick: Was that aimed at us?!
Nick: Watch it, don't fall.
Nick: Watch out for CARS!
Nick: Watch out for Chargers on these ledges.
Nick: Watch out for the hole.
Nick: Watch out for the... the big fat thing!
Nick: Watch out!
Nick: Watch out, Mudmen!
Nick: Watch out, that Witch is getting angry.
Nick: Watch your step.
Nick: Water looks knee deep in places.
Nick: We are going to have to save ourselves, people.
Nick: We are NOT infected.
Nick: We are on the bridge!
Nick: We are screwed.
Nick: We are walking through the valley of the shadow of death and kicking ass.
Nick: We are wiping the floor with you.
Nick: We aren't getting saved.
Nick: We better arm ourselves. I hope you three know how to fight. You don't
look it.
Nick: We better search these rooms.
Nick: We can climb this scaffolding.
Nick: We can cross here!
Nick: We can cross over that tank!
Nick: We can cross there!
Nick: We can cut through these buildings.
Nick: We can cut through this park!
Nick: We can cut through this vent.
Nick: We can get across the roofs.
Nick: We can get across the water here!
Nick: We can get across the water there!
Nick: We can get down here!
Nick: We can get down there!
Nick: We can get down through here.
Nick: We can get in through here.
Nick: We can get into the stadium through here!
Nick: We can get on the roof.
Nick: We can get through here!
Nick: We can get through this door.
Nick: We can get to it through here.
Nick: We can get up here!
Nick: We can get up the hill over here.
Nick: We can get up there!
Nick: We can get up to the bridge deck through here.
Nick: We can get up to the roof.
Nick: We can go through this restaurant.
Nick: We can hide in this container.
Nick: We can jump down the elevator shaft!
Nick: We can jump to the monorail tracks.
Nick: We can signal the boat with the Burger Tank sign.
Nick: We can still do this before the storm hits.
Nick: We can take that elevator down to the field.
Nick: We can take the elevator back up!
Nick: We can take this pipe!
Nick: We can turn on the sign from the roof.
Nick: We can use that float to get across.
Nick: We can use the rooftops.
Nick: We can use this ledge to get around the fire.
Nick: We can wait for you, but hurry up will you?
Nick: We can't afford to lose you, yet. So let's get you up.
Nick: We don't have time for this, GET UP!
Nick: We don't have time, stop moving.
Nick: We got a ladder!
Nick: We got a safe house!
Nick: We got a Spitter
Nick: We got a Witch.
Nick: We got goo coming!
Nick: We got goo!
Nick: We got inbound!
Nick: We got it!
Nick: We got it, let's go!
Nick: We got it, let's hump it back to the boat.
Nick: We got lucky!
Nick: We got lucky, people.
Nick: We got Molotovs!
Nick: We got pills here!
Nick: We got some laser sights.
Nick: We got the diesel, let's hump it back to the boat.
Nick: We gotta get over that bridge!
Nick: We gotta get that alarm off!
Nick: We gotta get that boat over here.
Nick: We gotta keep following the freeway.
Nick: We gotta to go back through here!
Nick: We gotta turn off this alarm!
Nick: We have a problem!
Nick: We have to find the bridge again.
Nick: We have to get upstairs.
Nick: We have to go back through here!
Nick: We have to hit the lights!
Nick: We have to open this door.
Nick: We have to shut down the coaster!
Nick: We just need to hold out!
Nick: We just need to last until the boat comes.
Nick: We just screwed our odds.
Nick: We kill this Tank and we're outta here!
Nick: We made that by the skin of our teeth.
Nick: We might see better up on the roof.
Nick: We need more gas!
Nick: We need something big to signal the 'copter.
Nick: We need to call that boat over here.
Nick: We need to get through this cane.
Nick: We need to keep going down the track!
Nick: We need to keep moving towards the bridge.
Nick: We need to kill the Tank!
Nick: We need to lower this plank.
Nick: We need to move faster. I don't wanna get trapped out here in a storm.
Nick: We need to signal the helicopter.
Nick: We need to start the finale.
Nick: We need to try the other walkway!
Nick: We need to turn of this alarm!
Nick: We need to turn on the power to open this door.
Nick: We need to turn this crap up!
Nick: We need twenty more!
Nick: We ready?
Nick: We run to the tower and turn off the alarm.
Nick: We still need five more!
Nick: We still need more gas!
Nick: We still need ten more!
Nick: We, I... need you for a little longer. So let's get you back up on your
Nick: Weapons over here!
Nick: Well all right!
Nick: Well at least I didn't catch the flu.
Nick: We'll be here.
Nick: We'll head towards the searchlights. If there's an evac, it'll be there.
Nick: Well shit. We're a twosome from here on out.
Nick: We'll signal you when you should return.
Nick: Well thank God for small favors.
Nick: Well thank you for ventilating my suit.
Nick: Well, at least this shithole'll get CLEANER...
Nick: Well, boys, this looks like it's for me.
Nick: Well, Coach, that was uplifting. Everybody else motivated now?
Nick: Well, he wasn't doing a very good job once he became a zombie now was he?
Nick: Well, I'm glad we got that out of the way. Now: did anyone get bit?
Nick: Well, it beats my idea: staying here and dying in the mall.
Nick: Well, it's official: They're trying to kill US now.
Nick: Well, let's cross the bridge and finally get out of this hell.
Nick: Well, let's get inside the park.
Nick: Well, sorry.
Nick: Well, that was unpleasant.
Nick: Well, they DIE like anything else...
Nick: Well, this is bad.
Nick: Well, this is unexpected.
Nick: Well, we made it. Let's hope there's still somebody here.
Nick: Well, what do I look like?
Nick: We're all here.
Nick: We're at a big old house with a gate.
Nick: We're gonna have to destroy this gate.
Nick: We're gonna have to destroy this rubble pile.
Nick: We're gonna have to run the coaster.
Nick: We're inside.
Nick: We're makin' it look EASY!
Nick: We're on the bridge!
Nick: We're pretty screwed.
Nick: We're standing by a big gate, a big gate with a radio by it. Sound
Nick: We're the four riders of the goddamn apocalypse!
Nick: Whacking things in the head was fun but...
Nick: What a fun road trip this will be.
Nick: What a nightmare. ofaoc
Nick: What am I covered in?
Nick: What an assclown.
Nick: What are we supposed to signal him with?
Nick: What are we waiting for? Let's go.
Nick: What are you, an unfriendly hippie? I thought you all had to be friendly?
Nick: What do ya know, we're going to make it.
Nick: What gun bag?
Nick: What in the hell is that noise?
Nick: What in the hell kind of strategy is that?
Nick: What in the hell sign of the apocalypse is that?
Nick: What in the hell were we thinking stopping here?
Nick: What is that noise?
Nick: What is that? Is somebody beating a horse or what?
Nick: What is this shit on me?
Nick: What makes you think they have gas?
Nick: WHAT THE -
Nick: What the hell is with all the Witches?
Nick: What the hell was going on here?
Nick: What the hell was this guy doing?
Nick: What the hell, I'm gonna hit it.
Nick: What the hell, I'm hitting it.
Nick: What the hell?
Nick: What the? Ahh, gross shit.
Nick: What was I thinking coming down here?
Nick: What you? Really?
Nick: What, alive infected or alive and not zombies?
Nick: What, does everybody around here have a boat?
Nick: What?
Nick: What?! This is hard enough without you helping the freaks!
Nick: Whatever you say, Farmer Joe.
Nick: Whatever.
Nick: What's this shit?
Nick: What's this thing in a cage?
Nick: What's your name, here you go.
Nick: When I hit this tape, it's gonna blare some old people's rock music and
start the finale. Get ready.
Nick: Where did anyone who lived here wash their hands?
Nick: Where the hell's the copter going? We're right here!
Nick: Which way is the stadium?
Nick: Which way?
Nick: Whispering Oaks! We made it.
Nick: Who the hell is Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.?
Nick: Whoa!
Nick: Whoa! Military's still here.
Nick: Whoa! The walkway broke!
Nick: Whoa, shit.
Nick: Whoa, we're on the bridge!
Nick: Whoa, yeah.
Nick: Whoa.
Nick: Whoa...
Nick: Why couldn't I have been in Vegas when the infection hit? Or even
Atlantic city? Instead I am trapped inside some hillbilly Tunnel of Love.
Nick: Why don't we try quiet time for a while?
Nick: Why don't you just call for help now?
Nick: Why in the hell not, yes we'll do it.
Nick: Why not? I follow you.
Nick: Why would you think shooting me is a good idea?
Nick: Witch coming! Witch coming!
Nick: Witch.
Nick: Witches must really love sugar.
Nick: Woooooo!
Nick: Work, damn it...
Nick: Would you get to the goddamn car?
Nick: Wow! I thought he'd just OPEN the gate.
Nick: Wow, Coach, that was uplifting.
Nick: Wow, really.
Nick: Wow, yeah. That's really cool. I'm sure Dusty will be honored.
Nick: Wow. Nice.
Nick: Y'all wanna stop shootin me?
Nick: Yeah and of course, stay together
Nick: Yeah sure, all for one and one for all.
Nick: Yeah thanks, Ellis.
Nick: YEAH! DIE!
Nick: Yeah, I guess we can do that.
Nick: Yeah, no.
Nick: Yeah, well, seeing the bridge and getting to it are two different things.
Nick: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Nick: Yeah, you could say that.
Nick: Yeah, you go first.
Nick: Yeah.
Nick: Yeah. Don't drink it.
Nick: Y'ello!
Nick: Yep.
Nick: Yeppers.
Nick: YES!
Nick: Yes,
Nick: Yes, Ellis, I remember.
Nick: Yes, Ellis, it is, okay? It is.
Nick: Yes, I do know why they bury them above ground.
Nick: Yes, I remember, Ellis.
Nick: Yes.
Nick: Yessss.
Nick: You are messed up.
Nick: You are shooting - ME!
Nick: You can call me Nick.
Nick: You could almost call this a cement river, Ellis
Nick: You could almost call this a cement river.
Nick: You could have yelled if you wanted.
Nick: You did good out there, Rochelle.
Nick: You did? Really?
Nick: You didn't grab the guns?
Nick: You do not want to be shooting me!
Nick: You do realize you are shooting me right?
Nick: You don't evacuate people in fighter jets...
Nick: You don't stand a chance.
Nick: You ever eat horse? Tasty.
Nick: You forgot one thing, from the way we shoot? Each other.
Nick: You going to be okay?
Nick: You gonna make it?
Nick: You good?
Nick: You got your wish, Ellis. We're in an amusement park ride.
Nick: You got your wish, Ellis. We're on a ride.
Nick: You gotta be this tall to get in here, Ellis. Sorry, buddy. You'll be
Nick: You guys are pretty good.
Nick: You guys aren't so damn bad.
Nick: You guys out there? Come get me!
Nick: You guys ready to rock?
Nick: You have GOT to be kidding me.
Nick: You have to learn to take care of yourself or you'll keep ending up down
Nick: You have to take better care of yourself! Now let's get you up.
Nick: You hear that Boomer?
Nick: You hear that Boomer? Don't let him spew on you.
Nick: You hear that Charger?
Nick: You hear that Hunter?
Nick: You hear that?
Nick: You hear that? I guess zombies weren't bad enough.
Nick: You heard the man. Let's get across this goddamn bridge.
Nick: You hurt?
Nick: You in one piece?
Nick: You know how many germs are on that thing?
Nick: You know I'm going to be a big help. Just get me out of here!
Nick: You know what I like best about your stories, Ellis? NOTHING.
Nick: You know what I like best about your stories, Ellis? The sound they make
when they stop.
Nick: You know what? I could take the zombies, but not that goddam noise.
Nick: You know what? Somehow I think it will activate everything else around
Nick: You know what? We can use that float to get across.
Nick: You know, it's not all right that you are SHOOTING ME!
Nick: You mean that blurry line on the horizon? Let's not get ahead of
ourselves here.
Nick: You okay?
Nick: You owe me one.
Nick: You owe me, Ellis.
Nick: You seriously cannot go down again. If you do...you aren't going to make
Nick: You shoot me again, and I will drop you.
Nick: You sure we shouldn't just panic? I mean, I think panic was invented for
just this sort of situation.
Nick: You tell me.
Nick: You too, Virgil.
Nick: You wanna hear a prediction?
Nick: You want to watch where you're shooting?
Nick: You. Are. Shooting. Me.
Nick: Your mom's car.
Nick: You're a mess, stand still.
Nick: You're all right, Virgil.
Nick: You're getting the hang of this, Ellis.
Nick: You're going to have to do better than that to kill me!
Nick: You're not gonna die on me, are ya?
Nick: You're serious, aren't you?
Nick: You're shooting me again.
Nick: You're starting to worry me. I can get you up, but you go down again and
that's it.
Nick: You're tougher than you look. Let's get you back on your feet.
Nick: You're welcome.
Nick: Yup.
Nick: Zombie on her!
Nick: Zombie on him!
Nick: Zombies didn't take down this helicopter.
Nick: Zombie's got him!
Rochelle: *kkt* Headshot.
Rochelle: [being shocked]
Rochelle: [Coughing from smoke]
Rochelle: [gasp for breath]
Rochelle: [Laughter]
Rochelle: [shaking self awake]
Rochelle: [whisper] Shit, I think I accidentally grabbed diet cola. We should
go. Hey, thanks, Whitaker!
Rochelle: A couple.
Rochelle: A gun like this-even if you MISS, the zombies die out of respect.
Rochelle: A gun STORE? For the first time in my life, that sounds good.
Rochelle: A helicopter!
Rochelle: A Hunter's around, don't get pounced.
Rochelle: A little nicer than those shacks.
Rochelle: A little something for you.
Rochelle: A machinegun.
Rochelle: A peanut-themed amusement park. Oh man, the South is taking some
getting used to.
Rochelle: A pirogue?
Rochelle: A whole store full of guns? You're talking MY language, Coach.
Rochelle: A whole store? Full of guns? You are talking MY language, Ellis.
Rochelle: Aaannnd on top of everything else, it's raining.
Rochelle: Aahhh, man... we have to run to the tower?
Rochelle: Activate it!
Rochelle: Activate the ferry.
Rochelle: Adrenaline shot here!
Rochelle: Agggh that frigging HURTS!
Rochelle: Agh!
Rochelle: AGH! GET IT...
Rochelle: AGH! LET GO! LET GO! LET GO!
Rochelle: Agh! Too loud! Somebody shut it down!
Rochelle: Ah baby, can't have you down there, let me help you up on your feet.
Rochelle: Ah, I'm down!
Rochelle: Ah, it's on now!
Rochelle: Ah, shoot the TANK, Nick!
Rochelle: Ah, to hell with it. Woo! KIDDIE LAND!
Rochelle: Ah, you going to be okay.
Rochelle: Ah. And the reason the mall looked deserted was because it is.
Rochelle: Ahh shit, they didn't make it.
Rochelle: AHH, GET IT...
Rochelle: Ahh, Nick, at least you are dressed for a funeral.
Rochelle: Ahhh SHIT TANK!!!
Rochelle: Ahhh ugh! Jesus! Eww ugh!
Rochelle: Ahhh. Ooohh.
Rochelle: Ahhhh! What is this shit?
Rochelle: AHHHHH!
Rochelle: Alarm's off!
Rochelle: All bark, no bite!
Rochelle: All other guns bow before this gun.
Rochelle: All right weapons!
Rochelle: All right, get on the boat!
Rochelle: All right, I got Whitaker's cola! Let's go!
Rochelle: All right, I'll follow you.
Rochelle: All right, kick ass!
Rochelle: All right, sir. We'll go get you your snacks. But you better not try
to weasel out of this.
Rochelle: All right, so we're screwed. Anybody got any ideas?
Rochelle: All right, sounds like a plan.
Rochelle: All right, this party is over.
Rochelle: All right, we'll go get you your snacks. But we're risking our lives
for these colas of yours. You better not try to weasel out of this.
Rochelle: All right, you cool?
Rochelle: All right, you guys ready?
Rochelle: All right. Everybody got a gas can? I do not want to make this trip
Rochelle: All right. I just did that.
Rochelle: All right. So it's a bit quiet. I still say we should check it out.
Rochelle: All these poor people
Rochelle: Almost there!
Rochelle: Amen.
Rochelle: Ammo here!
Rochelle: Ammo!
Rochelle: Ammunition!
Rochelle: And I'm Rochelle. I admit, these are pretty crappy circumstances to
meet in, but, well, you watch my back and I'll watch yours. Maybe we'll get out
of this alive.
Rochelle: And I'm Rochelle. I haven't known you guys long but, well, it looks
like I'm going to be trusting you with my life. So hi. And thanks.
Rochelle: And let's go!
Rochelle: And our guns.
Rochelle: And that'll signal the chopper pilot! Coach, that's brilliant! I'm
sorry about all the bad stuff I said about your crappy band.
Rochelle: Any ideas on how to start the finale?
Rochelle: Any other ideas?
Rochelle: Anybody know who the race car guy is?
Rochelle: Anybody see what that zombie dropped?
Rochelle: Anyone else feel like crap right now?
Rochelle: Anyone know where we are?
Rochelle: Anyone out there?
Rochelle: Anyone there! Help!
Rochelle: Anything for a brother.
Rochelle: Anytime.
Rochelle: Are all these free?
Rochelle: Are these things bulletproof?
Rochelle: Are we talking about Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.?
Rochelle: Are we talking about this Jimmy Gibbs guy? His car's here?
Rochelle: Are you crying?
Rochelle: Are you done laying around now?
Rochelle: Are you putting me on?
Rochelle: Are you shooting the cars on purpose?
Rochelle: Argghh!
Rochelle: As soon as these doors open, get ready to run.
Rochelle: Axe me a question, I dare you.
Rochelle: Axe!
Rochelle: Back back back!
Rochelle: Back down the stairs!
Rochelle: Back here!
Rochelle: Back it up! Back it up!
Rochelle: Back through the field!
Rochelle: Back up.
Rochelle: Bam!
Rochelle: BARF BAG!
Rochelle: Barrier's down! Let's get to the mall.
Rochelle: Based on the location of Whispering Oaks, our previous air speed and
accounting for the wind speed, I would place us right at Earl's Gator Village.
Rochelle: Be Careful.
Rochelle: Behind us guys!
Rochelle: Behind us!
Rochelle: Better safe than sorry I guess.
Rochelle: Better!
Rochelle: Big Guy!
Rochelle: Bile incoming!
Rochelle: Bile jar here!
Rochelle: Blah blah blah, just please get me up.
Rochelle: Blarg!
Rochelle: Boat's here! Let's go!
Rochelle: BOOM! Headshot!
Rochelle: Boom.
Rochelle: Boomer bile here!
Rochelle: BOOMER!
Rochelle: Boomer's around.
Rochelle: Bottle of puke, apparently.
Rochelle: Boy!
Rochelle: Boy, no way.
Rochelle: Boys, I'm down!
Rochelle: Break time.
Rochelle: Bridge coming down!
Rochelle: Bridge to the mall's blocked! We need to find another way.
Rochelle: Broke.
Rochelle: Bullshifter? Classy shirt there Ellis.
Rochelle: By the beard of Zeus this hurts!
Rochelle: By then it's too late, I've seen everything.
Rochelle: Can anyone hear me?
Rochelle: Can just one goddamn thing go right?
Rochelle: Can just one more goddamn thing go wrong?
Rochelle: Can someone cover me? I have to use this kit.
Rochelle: Can someone help me?
Rochelle: Can this wait?
Rochelle: Can we close that door?
Rochelle: Can we get going?
Rochelle: Can you guys here me?
Rochelle: Can you make it?
Rochelle: Can you man up?
Rochelle: Can you move your legs?
Rochelle: Can you shoot the Tank instead of me?
Rochelle: Can you stop for a sec? I got something for you.
Rochelle: Can't somebody build a nice sounding alarm?
Rochelle: Can't stay down there forever. Let me get you up on your feet.
Rochelle: Can't you see he is crushing me?!
Rochelle: Can't you suck it up?
Rochelle: Careful this doesn't look safe.
Rochelle: Careful, a Hunter's around.
Rochelle: Careful, alarm cars everywhere.
Rochelle: Careful, guys.
Rochelle: Careful, I can hear a Boomer.
Rochelle: Careful, I hear a Boomer.
Rochelle: Careful, Smoker.
Rochelle: Careful, there's a Charger around.
Rochelle: Careful.
Rochelle: Car's full let's go!
Rochelle: CEDA'd better be at that mall
Rochelle: Chainsaw here
Rochelle: CHARGER!
Rochelle: Charger's got me!
Rochelle: Check this shit out.
Rochelle: Chest paddles here.
Rochelle: Chopper's leaving, let's go!
Rochelle: Civilization! Oh wait...
Rochelle: Clear!
Rochelle: Climbing back up this hill is not near as much fun as sliding down.
Rochelle: Close that door, were you born in a... oh yeah you were, Sorry, my
Rochelle: Close the door and let's get the gas.
Rochelle: Close the door.
Rochelle: C'mon, get the lead out!
Rochelle: C'mon, let's go!
Rochelle: C'mon, this way!
Rochelle: Coach!
Rochelle: Coach, be nice. Witch. We call her a Witch.
Rochelle: Coach, if we make it to New Orleans? I'm buying everyone a fully
automatic sniper rifle with a laser scope and a whole BOX of armor-piercing
Rochelle: Coach, if we make it to New Orleans? I'm buying everyone a grenade
Rochelle: Coach, you are the smartest man ALIVE!
Rochelle: Coach, you're making me hungry just listening to you.
Rochelle: Coach's crazy idea worked!
Rochelle: Come on boy, we have to get to the old sugar mill!
Rochelle: Come on DAMN IT! WORK!
Rochelle: Come on get up.
Rochelle: Come on hurry up!
Rochelle: Come on now, we don't have time for all this laying around.
Rochelle: Come on!
Rochelle: Come on! Come on! On your feet!
Rochelle: Come on, come on, GET YOUR ASS UP!
Rochelle: Come on, come on, let's move!
Rochelle: Come on, guys, I need some help!
Rochelle: Come on, let's go!
Rochelle: Come on, let's go! Find a gas can!
Rochelle: Come on, move, move back.
Rochelle: Come on, this way!
Rochelle: Come on, up on the walkway!
Rochelle: Come on, we can't lose you.
Rochelle: Come onnnn, come onnnnnn
Rochelle: Comeoncomeoncomeon come on
Rochelle: Cool.
Rochelle: Could this really get any worse? I don't think so.
Rochelle: Cover me please.
Rochelle: Cover me, I'm going to patch myself up.
Rochelle: CRAZY NECK!
Rochelle: Cricket bat here.
Rochelle: Cross here!
Rochelle: Crossfit never trained me for this.
Rochelle: Crowbar.
Rochelle: Damn it, I just washed this!
Rochelle: Damn this stuff hurts.
Rochelle: Damn!
Rochelle: Damn, Coach. Sounds like you used to be on a diet of cheerleaders.
Rochelle: Damn, didn't even get to know you, Coach.
Rochelle: Damn, I need some help!
Rochelle: Damn.
Rochelle: Damn. That man knows how to clear a path.
Rochelle: Damnn...
Rochelle: Damsel in distress over here.
Rochelle: Dead.
Rochelle: Defib unit here.
Rochelle: Defibrillator here.
Rochelle: Deploying explosive rounds!
Rochelle: Deploying incendiary ammo!
Rochelle: Dibs on Gibbs!
Rochelle: Did anyone catch the name of the dead guy?
Rochelle: Did anyone catch the name of the dead guys?
Rochelle: Did God just tell us to take his guns and come upstairs?
Rochelle: Did people really live here?
Rochelle: Did that zombie just drop something?
Rochelle: Did this ever seem like a good idea?
Rochelle: Did we all make it, OH YES WE DID!
Rochelle: Did you seriously think that was a good idea?
Rochelle: Did you shoot me?
Rochelle: Do I LOOK like I'm packing a gun?
Rochelle: Do it!
Rochelle: DO NOT SHOOT ME!
Rochelle: Do you know what that is? I think it used to be inside you. Go down
again and it won't matter.
Rochelle: Do you think Coach was his first or last name?
Rochelle: Do you think someone is still out there?
Rochelle: Do you think the slides will activate?
Rochelle: Do you think the zombies left the lights on for us?
Rochelle: Do you think they put this sign up before or after the infection?
Rochelle: Do you trust that guy?
Rochelle: Do you want pork rinds with that?
Rochelle: Does anyone have any bug spray?
Rochelle: Does anyone know how to make a hurricane? A zombie?
Rochelle: Does anyone know which way we should go?
Rochelle: Does it hurt as bad as it looks?
Rochelle: Does my hair look good?
Rochelle: Don't bash, shoot!
Rochelle: Don't even start.
Rochelle: Don't even think of leaving me here!
Rochelle: Don't forget to search the rooms.
Rochelle: Don't go towards the light, Ellis!
Rochelle: Don't leave me in here!
Rochelle: Don't make me get ugly with you!
Rochelle: Don't step in this shit!
Rochelle: Don't stop shooting!
Rochelle: Don't sweat it, Ellis. It was amazing of you to get us THIS far.
Rochelle: Don't worry about it, Ellis. It was amazing of you to get us THIS
Rochelle: Don't worry about it.
Rochelle: Don't worry about me.
Rochelle: Don't worry Ellis, they mean the flu, not in the head.
Rochelle: Don't worry, you'll be fine. Let's get you back up on your feet.
Rochelle: Don't worry. No way I'm going to leave you hanging.
Rochelle: Double pistols.
Rochelle: Down here!
Rochelle: Down here.
Rochelle: Down that alley!
Rochelle: Down that escalator!
Rochelle: Down that hole!
Rochelle: Down that ladder!
Rochelle: Down that off ramp!
Rochelle: Down this alley!
Rochelle: Down this elevator shaft!
Rochelle: Down this escalator!
Rochelle: Down this hole!
Rochelle: Down this ladder!
Rochelle: Down this off ramp!
Rochelle: Dry land ahead!
Rochelle: Dude!
Rochelle: Dude, don't shoot me!
Rochelle: Earl's Gator Village? This just keeps getting better.
Rochelle: Eat lead, Jimmy Gibbs.
Rochelle: Eh, um not normally, it's complicated.
Rochelle: Elevator's out!
Rochelle: Ellis!
Rochelle: Ellis! Shoot the Tank!
Rochelle: Ellis, are you even tall enough to go on the rides?
Rochelle: Ellis, baby, time to heal up.
Rochelle: Ellis, can blood farmers drive a boat?
Rochelle: Ellis, come on heal up already.
Rochelle: Ellis, does your tattoo mean anything?
Rochelle: Ellis, honey, you should use your first aid.
Rochelle: Ellis, I bet you won all the girls teddy bears.
Rochelle: Ellis, sweetie, can this wait?
Rochelle: Ellis, that was me.
Rochelle: Ellis, what did you go and do?
Rochelle: Ellis? Ellis? Ellis, sweetie? ELLIS!
Rochelle: Empty. Gotta be another station.
Rochelle: Evac's that way!
Rochelle: Evac's this way!
Rochelle: Evac's up ahead!
Rochelle: Even the big houses have outhouses down here.
Rochelle: Every lady present's getting a headache.
Rochelle: Everybody get to the chopper!
Rochelle: Everybody in the elevator!
Rochelle: Everyone grab some incendiary ammo!
Rochelle: Everyone inside!
Rochelle: Everyone on the boat!
Rochelle: Everyone on the ferry!
Rochelle: Everyone, get on the boat!
Rochelle: Everyone, get on the ferry!
Rochelle: Everyone, in here!
Rochelle: Everyone, just watch where you shoot.
Rochelle: Everyone, lights out.
Rochelle: Explosive rounds here!
Rochelle: Fair enough.
Rochelle: Fancy man.
Rochelle: FAT GUY!
Rochelle: Ferry's almost here!
Rochelle: Ferry's coming.
Rochelle: Filling it up here!
Rochelle: Find some gas, guys!
Rochelle: FIRE COMING!
Rochelle: Fire time.
Rochelle: Fireproof zombies. Hooray!
Rochelle: First Aid here!
Rochelle: First Aid Kit here!
Rochelle: First Aid Kit!
Rochelle: First Aid Kit.
Rochelle: First Aid Kits here!
Rochelle: First Aid!
Rochelle: Flashlights out!
Rochelle: Flip the switch!!
Rochelle: Follow me this way.
Rochelle: Follow me.
Rochelle: Follow the tracks, guys!
Rochelle: Follow these lights!
Rochelle: For the love of god, someone help me!!!
Rochelle: For the love of god, someone needs to pull me up!
Rochelle: Forget about it.
Rochelle: Four survivors on the bridge.
Rochelle: Frag rounds here!
Rochelle: From the looks of this walkway, they don't have trial lawyers down
Rochelle: Frying pan!
Rochelle: Gate's open!
Rochelle: Gee, can we take whichever one we want?
Rochelle: Gee, my bedroom was painted like this when I was a kid. Baby blue. I
think my dad wanted a boy.
Rochelle: Gentlemen, I need some help!
Rochelle: Get away from the Witch.
Rochelle: Get back on the walkway!
Rochelle: Get back, get back.
Rochelle: Get back.
Rochelle: Get him off me! Get him off me!
Rochelle: GET IN!
Rochelle: Get inside!
Rochelle: Get inside! Free hamhocks and chitlins in here!
Rochelle: GET IT OFF OF ME!
Rochelle: GET IT OFF!
Rochelle: GET IT... GET OFF!
Rochelle: GET OFF!
Rochelle: GET OFF! GET OFF!
Rochelle: Get on the boat!
Rochelle: Get on the walkway!
Rochelle: Get out of the goo.
Rochelle: Get out of this goo.
Rochelle: Get out to the ledge!
Rochelle: Get ready storm coming!
Rochelle: Get ready!
Rochelle: Get ready! The alarm is gonna sound.
Rochelle: Get ready, I'm gonna start the finale.
Rochelle: Get ready, I'm lowering the bridge.
Rochelle: Get ready, starting the generator.
Rochelle: Get ready. I get the feeling we might have company when this door
Rochelle: Get that thing off him!
Rochelle: Get the Hunter off him!
Rochelle: Get to the boat!
Rochelle: Get to the chopper!
Rochelle: Get up! Get up! Get up!
Rochelle: Get up, NOW!
Rochelle: Get your asses inside.
Rochelle: Get your asses on the boat!
Rochelle: Gimme a ballpark on Tunnel of Love make-outs, Nick. Under twenty?
Under ten? Five?
Rochelle: Girl, you should have stayed at home.
Rochelle: Girl, you should have stayed with Jacob.
Rochelle: Give it to me straight, doc, am I going to make it?!?
Rochelle: Go faster go in the tank faster
Rochelle: Go go go!
Rochelle: Go on, I'll keep up.
Rochelle: Go up the scaffolding.
Rochelle: Go!
Rochelle: God damn it, the swamp people are zombies.
Rochelle: Goddamnit!
Rochelle: Going as fast as I can.
Rochelle: Going with the shotgun.
Rochelle: Gonna miss our little mechanic.
Rochelle: Gonna miss you, Coach.
Rochelle: Gonna whack something with this.
Rochelle: Good as new.
Rochelle: Good enough for me. Let's grab some weapons and get out of here.
Rochelle: Good one!
Rochelle: Good question, where is CEDA? I just see the military.
Rochelle: Good thing I'm wearing boots.
Rochelle: Goodbye, Coach.
Rochelle: Goodbye, Nick, going to miss you.
Rochelle: Goodbye, swamp people!
Rochelle: Goooooo incoming!!!!!
Rochelle: Goooooo!!!!!!
Rochelle: Got a chainsaw.
Rochelle: Got a cricket bat.
Rochelle: Got a defib unit.
Rochelle: Got a grenade launcher.
Rochelle: Got a machete.
Rochelle: Got a Magnum!
Rochelle: Got a BIG-ass pistol here.
Rochelle: Got 'em.
Rochelle: Got it!
Rochelle: Got some chest paddles.
Rochelle: Got this just for you.
Rochelle: Grab the cola!
Rochelle: Grabbin' a shot!
Rochelle: Grabbin' incendiary ammo!
Rochelle: Grabbin' some frag rounds!
Rochelle: Grabbing a bile jar!
Rochelle: Grabbing a crowbar.
Rochelle: Grabbing a guitar.
Rochelle: Grabbing a jar of puke!
Rochelle: Grabbing a katana.
Rochelle: Grabbing a nightstick.
Rochelle: Grabbing a pipe bomb.
Rochelle: Grabbing a pistol.
Rochelle: Grabbing first aid.
Rochelle: Grabbing the cola!
Rochelle: Grabbing the pistol!
Rochelle: Great shot!
Rochelle: Great, we're heading the right way to the mall.
Rochelle: Great. Infected in hazmat suits.
Rochelle: GREEN GUY!
Rochelle: Grenade launcher here!
Rochelle: Grenade launcher.
Rochelle: GRENADE!
Rochelle: Grow up, guys.
Rochelle: Guess I feel all right.
Rochelle: Guilty, sorry!
Rochelle: Guitar here.
Rochelle: Guys, I can't hang on much longer.
Rochelle: Guys, now's not the time for a pissing contest. The building's on
fire. Let's get off this roof while we still can.
Rochelle: Guys? This does NOT look good.
Rochelle: Ha! Oh yeah, oh yeah!
Rochelle: HAA! Oh, haha!
Rochelle: Halfway there!
Rochelle: Hang in there a few more seconds.
Rochelle: Hang in there, I'm coming!
Rochelle: Hang on, baby, I'm not going to let you fall.
Rochelle: Hang on, boy, I'm not going to let you fall.
Rochelle: Have this!
Rochelle: Have you lost your mind?
Rochelle: He is making the best of a bad situation.
Rochelle: He sees us!
Rochelle: Head for that silo!
Rochelle: Head for the garage!
Rochelle: Heads up!
Rochelle: Heads up! Bile incoming!
Rochelle: Heads up! Goo!
Rochelle: Heal if you need to!
Rochelle: Heal up!
Rochelle: Healing! Cover me!
Rochelle: Hell if I am carrying you, GET UP!
Rochelle: HELL yeah!
Rochelle: Hell, I'll do it.
Rochelle: Hello!
Rochelle: Hello, hello, swamp people are you there?
Rochelle: Hello?
Rochelle: Hellooo!!! Helloooo!!! We aren't CEDA!!
Rochelle: Helloooo?
Rochelle: Help is coming, hang on!
Rochelle: HELP ME UP!
Rochelle: Help me!
Rochelle: Help!
Rochelle: Help! Get me out of here!
Rochelle: Help! Help! Help get me out of here!
Rochelle: Help! Smoker has me!
Rochelle: HELP!!
Rochelle: Here comes some Boomer bile!
Rochelle: Here they come!
Rochelle: Here!
Rochelle: Here, I'm giving this to you.
Rochelle: Here, use this.
Rochelle: Here, you can have this.
Rochelle: Hey - in the suit, STOP SHOOTING ME!
Rochelle: Hey Ellis, does this remind you of home?
Rochelle: Hey Ellis, that's a bathtub. You ever seen one before?
Rochelle: Hey guys! Don't leave me behind!
Rochelle: Hey guys, unlike Ellis, I'm not a complainer, but I'm about to die.
Rochelle: Hey I think we should close that door.
Rochelle: Hey!
Rochelle: Hey! Anybody out there?!
Rochelle: Hey! Help!
Rochelle: Hey! Hey! I could use some help over here!
Rochelle: Hey! Hey, uh, you! I got something for you.
Rochelle: Hey! I need some help over here!
Rochelle: HEY! I uh... kinda slipped!
Rochelle: Hey! There's the gas station!
Rochelle: Hey! What's your name. Don't shoot me!
Rochelle: Hey, anybody see what that zombie dropped?
Rochelle: Hey, Big Guy!
Rochelle: Hey, c'mon, this way!
Rochelle: Hey, Coach!
Rochelle: Hey, Coach, you should use that health kit.
Rochelle: Hey, Cooter!
Rochelle: Hey, dude!
Rochelle: Hey, Ellis! The blood farmers are still alive!
Rochelle: Hey, fancy man.
Rochelle: Hey, Fatman!
Rochelle: Hey, Hee-Haw!
Rochelle: Hey, hey, hey, hey, seriously?
Rochelle: Hey, I can see a light!
Rochelle: Hey, I see lights!
Rochelle: Hey, I'm here.
Rochelle: Hey, it's okay, man. We're gonna be fine. Tell me, what's your name?
Rochelle: Hey, lights ahead!
Rochelle: Hey, Little Guy.
Rochelle: Hey, look at this map. We need to get to New Orleans, FAST.
Rochelle: Hey, nice job.
Rochelle: Hey, Nick!
Rochelle: Hey, okay. That wasn't so bad.
Rochelle: Hey, old man, heal up.
Rochelle: Hey, sharp dresser.
Rochelle: Hey, Suit!
Rochelle: Hey, thanks!
Rochelle: Hey, that's got a bit of a kick, doesn't it?
Rochelle: Hey, the village is this way!
Rochelle: Hey, there's a sign for the amusement park.
Rochelle: Hey, use the window.
Rochelle: Hey, we can get in through here.
Rochelle: Hey, young'un!
Rochelle: Hey.
Rochelle: Hey. 'Kill all sons of bitches,' right?
Rochelle: Hey. Name's Rochelle, you?
Rochelle: Hi Coach. Hi Nick. I'm Rochelle. And uh, and if we stay together, and
keep our heads. I think we're going be fine. Okay?
Rochelle: Hi, Whitaker.
Rochelle: Hi, Whitaker. Thanks for the guns.
Rochelle: Highway's blocked! We can cut through this motel!
Rochelle: His whole body?
Rochelle: Hit everything!
Rochelle: Hit it!
Rochelle: Hit it, Ellis!
Rochelle: Hit the button again!
Rochelle: Hit the button!
Rochelle: Hit the flash bangs!
Rochelle: Hit the flash pots!
Rochelle: Hit the lights!
Rochelle: Hit the spotlights!
Rochelle: Hm. Friendly bunch.
Rochelle: Hold on!
Rochelle: Hold on, I'm coming!
Rochelle: Holy shit!
Rochelle: Holy shit! Okay.
Rochelle: Holy shit, a downed plane!
Rochelle: Holy shit, that thing's riding him!
Rochelle: Holy shit, there really are mud people!
Rochelle: Holy SHIT, was that annoying!
Rochelle: Holy shit, zombies. I saw the news reports hell, I PRODUCED some,
but wow.
Rochelle: HOODIE!
Rochelle: Hope the swamp people don't mind us visiting.
Rochelle: How about You?
Rochelle: How are we going to signal that helicopter?
Rochelle: How are you feeling?
Rochelle: How bad do these storms get?
Rochelle: How bad is it?
Rochelle: How do we get around this fence?
Rochelle: How do we get in here?
Rochelle: How many goddamn Witches are there?
Rochelle: Huh, the swamp's buggy, who would have guessed that?
Rochelle: Huh. That's pretty smart, Coach.
Rochelle: Hunter on Coach!
Rochelle: Hunter on Ellis!
Rochelle: HUNTER!
Rochelle: Hunter's got Coach!
Rochelle: Hunter's got Ellis!
Rochelle: Hunter's got him!
Rochelle: Hunter's got Nick!
Rochelle: Hunter's on him!
Rochelle: Hunter's on Nick!
Rochelle: Hurry up, hurrrry upppp
Rochelle: I agree, call the boat.
Rochelle: I agree.
Rochelle: I ain't playin' with this thing, HELP!
Rochelle: I am in love with this gun.
Rochelle: I AM NOT-I am NOT loud.
Rochelle: I am really sick of the mud.
Rochelle: I am sick of the swamp.
Rochelle: I am sick to death of this mud!
Rochelle: I am too young and too beautiful to die.
Rochelle: I am too young to feel this old.
Rochelle: I been hearing about things. You know what, never mind. But grab a
weapon, trust me.
Rochelle: I bet Nick remembers the Tunnel of Love being this long.
Rochelle: I bet you're right.
Rochelle: I can see a light!
Rochelle: I can see why this was closed.
Rochelle: I can use these pills.
Rochelle: I can't believe I'm stranded in Savannah.
Rochelle: I can't believe you just did that.
Rochelle: I can't even remember what I was worrying about last week.
Rochelle: I can't hang on here all day!
Rochelle: I can't see a damn thing.
Rochelle: I could tell you someone named Ellis brought the gun bag like he was
supposed to, but I would be lying.
Rochelle: I could use a hand here!
Rochelle: I did it!
Rochelle: I do believe I owe you one.
Rochelle: I do not want to walk all the way to New Orleans.
Rochelle: I don't know if it's the feel, or the weight, or the thousand zombies
trying to kill me. But I am really starting to like these guns.
Rochelle: I don't know, bad?
Rochelle: I don't know, get me up.
Rochelle: I don't know, I think we should stick together, you cool with that?
I'm Rochelle, what's your names?
Rochelle: I don't know, since this all seems to be true, trust me, when I say
we should grab any weapon we can find.
Rochelle: I don't know, zombie apocalypse - it's still kind of hard to swallow.
Rochelle: I don't like the sound of that.
Rochelle: I don't like this. Get ready
Rochelle: I don't see anyone.
Rochelle: I don't think so.
Rochelle: I don't think the military had a choice.
Rochelle: I don't think this was the infection.
Rochelle: I dunno. Maybe?
Rochelle: I found a button labeled Finale, going to go out on a limb and say
this starts it.
Rochelle: I got a plan, let's kill all the zombies. Sound good?
Rochelle: I got the cola!
Rochelle: I got the cola, let's get back!
Rochelle: I got these pills.
Rochelle: I got this one!
Rochelle: I got your back.
Rochelle: I guess the boat ride's here!
Rochelle: I guess this is where the drain pipe drained...
Rochelle: I guess we walk.
Rochelle: I had been hoping we would run into other people. Not anymore.
Rochelle: I had that idea first.
Rochelle: I hate classic rock.
Rochelle: I have ALWAYS wanted to do that.
Rochelle: I have never gone to a Tunnel of Love. In my neighborhood we just had
the underpass of unwanted advances.
Rochelle: I have no idea if that was true.
Rochelle: I have no idea why I thought this would go better.
Rochelle: I have no idea.
Rochelle: I haven't fought through all of this to die now.
Rochelle: I hear a Charger.
Rochelle: I HEAR A HUN-Coach, is that your stomach?
Rochelle: I hear a Hunter.
Rochelle: I hear a Jockey.
Rochelle: I hear a Smoker.
Rochelle: I hear a Spitter.
Rochelle: I hear a Witch crying.
Rochelle: I hear one of those little things.
Rochelle: I hear one of those Spitter things.
Rochelle: I hear one of those spitting things.
Rochelle: I heard Atlanta already fell.
Rochelle: I hit it!
Rochelle: I honestly appreciate it.
Rochelle: I hope I'm doing this right.
Rochelle: I hope you're wrong but I know you're not.
Rochelle: I knew it was going to turn to this.
Rochelle: I KNOW we can do better than that.
Rochelle: I know what to do with this.
Rochelle: I like Coach's idea, but how do we do it?
Rochelle: I looooove fried okra.
Rochelle: I need some help in here!
Rochelle: I need to find some health.
Rochelle: I need to get out of here!
Rochelle: I never liked the Tunnel of Love. Sitting in a big plastic swan in a
half-foot of water? That ain't romantic, that's just stupid.
Rochelle: I never thought I would miss a gun so much.
Rochelle: I picked this up just for you.
Rochelle: I prefer to call it the infection instead of the zombie apocalypse.
Rochelle: I regret every joke I ever made about gun owners.
Rochelle: I remember that. We're headed the right way!
Rochelle: I see a safe house this way!
Rochelle: I so wanted to make friends with the swamp people.
Rochelle: I sure as hell ain't goin in no haunted house.
Rochelle: I think CEDA should have been telling us do more than wash our hands.
Rochelle: I think he just said it was Coach.
Rochelle: I think I really hurt something.
Rochelle: I think I'm okay.
Rochelle: I think it was Ellis.
Rochelle: I think it was Nick.
Rochelle: I think I've had nightmares with this peanut.
Rochelle: I think that sign is a little redundant? Ironic? Underselling the
entire Zombie Apocalypse?
Rochelle: I think the chopper pilot wants us to turn it down.
Rochelle: I think they're called Jockeys
Rochelle: I think those things are down there, grab a weapon.
Rochelle: I think we knew it was going to turn to this.
Rochelle: I think we should keep that door closed.
Rochelle: I thought all you yokels already had guns.
Rochelle: I thought we were done with the mud.
Rochelle: I understand.
Rochelle: I used to go to the mall as a kid. Look where that got us.
Rochelle: I want them all. Seriously. I want every gun in this store.
Rochelle: I was joking. Let's head on to the lights. Maybe someone is there.
Rochelle: I wish I could be that happy.
Rochelle: I work for a news station, we'd HEARD about the East Coast, but
Jesus. I didn't know it was this bad.
Rochelle: I guess my boss never thought of that.
Rochelle: If I didn't know any better, I would think you were trying to kill
yourself. Get up now!
Rochelle: If we stay together and keep our heads, we can get out of this.
Rochelle: If we're all getting to know each other, my name's Rochelle.
Rochelle: I'll heal you! Don't stop shooting.
Rochelle: I'll snipe.
Rochelle: I'll take the shotgun.
Rochelle: I'll take this one.
Rochelle: I'll try this rifle.
Rochelle: I'll try this shotgun.
Rochelle: I'm a little bit of a mess.
Rochelle: I'M ABOUT TO FALL!
Rochelle: I'm calling the ferry.
Rochelle: I'm coming!
Rochelle: I'm down!
Rochelle: I'm FALLING!
Rochelle: I'm gettin' my ass beat!
Rochelle: I'm gettin' pulled!
Rochelle: I'm glad I can't tweet, because I could never fit today in 140
Rochelle: I'm going to get you on your feet, but we need to get you fixed up or
you aren't going to make it.
Rochelle: I'm going to take that as a good sign.
Rochelle: I'm going to try this scope out.
Rochelle: I'm gonna give that Witch something to cry about.
Rochelle: I'm gonna have to agree.
Rochelle: I'm good.
Rochelle: I'm grabbing a Molotov.
Rochelle: I'm guessing that's Whispering Oaks.
Rochelle: I'm healing you.
Rochelle: I'm here!
Rochelle: I'm here.
Rochelle: I'm here. Let's go.
Rochelle: I'm just askin', but are we sure this is the best route?
Rochelle: I'm just happy to be off the boat.
Rochelle: I'm just playing possum.
Rochelle: I'm no nurse, but you look pretty messed up. Go down again and that's
Rochelle: I'm not a fan of guns, but
Rochelle: I'm not getting a strong "we're getting rescued" vibe here.
Rochelle: I'm not playing now.
Rochelle: I'm not the gun-packing type.
Rochelle: I'm on the way!
Rochelle: I'm opening it!
Rochelle: I'M OVER HERE!
Rochelle: I'm Reloading!
Rochelle: I'm reloading.
Rochelle: I'm right behind you.
Rochelle: I'm starting it!
Rochelle: I'm with Coach, I hate those Smokers.
Rochelle: I'm with you.
Rochelle: In case anyone is wondering, I am about to die!
Rochelle: In here!
Rochelle: In here! This room looks safe!
Rochelle: Incendiary ammo here!
Rochelle: Incoming!
Rochelle: Is it bad?
Rochelle: Is that an amusement park?
Rochelle: It doesn't look far at all.
Rochelle: It doesn't look far.
Rochelle: It worked! God BLESS your bad taste in music, Coach!
Rochelle: It worked! The chopper is here!
Rochelle: It's all flooded.
Rochelle: It's all on us. No one is going to be rescuing us today.
Rochelle: It's down, let's go!
Rochelle: It's dry over here.
Rochelle: It's killing me! Shoot it!
Rochelle: It's not as bad as Detroit.
Rochelle: It's off!
Rochelle: It's okay, ya know? You got a heart of gold fatman.
Rochelle: IT'S ON MY FACE!
Rochelle: It's really starting to pour.
Rochelle: It's safe on the ledges.
Rochelle: I've always wanted to do this.
Rochelle: I've been better.
Rochelle: Jeez, Ellis? Is it supposed to feel this good to see this many guns?
Rochelle: Jesus Christ!
Rochelle: JESUS! We are on the same team here!
Rochelle: Jesus, there's a lot of Witches around this place.
Rochelle: Jesus, this thing's accurate!
Rochelle: Jets? Yeah. Jets mean people. I'll take that.
Rochelle: Jimmy Gibbs Jr. Yay.
Rochelle: Jimmy Gibbs Jr. Man, Southerners make the weirdest people famous.
Rochelle: Jockey around.
Rochelle: JOCKEY!
Rochelle: Jump down here!
Rochelle: Jump down there!
Rochelle: Jump onto the truck!
Rochelle: JUMPER!
Rochelle: Just close the door.
Rochelle: Just never saw one before.
Rochelle: Just run!
Rochelle: Just three more!
Rochelle: Just two more!
Rochelle: Katana here.
Rochelle: 'Kay, go ahead.
Rochelle: Keep going!
Rochelle: Keep going.
Rochelle: Keep hitting this!!
Rochelle: Keep it up! Keep it up!!
Rochelle: KEEP MOVING!
Rochelle: Keep moving.
Rochelle: Keep setting it off!
Rochelle: Keep shooting, I can heal you.
Rochelle: Kick ass!
Rochelle: Kicked it.
Rochelle: Kicked its ass.
Rochelle: Kill him! KILL HIM!
Rochelle: Kill it! Kill it!
Rochelle: Kill the clown!
Rochelle: Kill the damn thing!
Rochelle: Kill the Tank so the chopper can land!
Rochelle: Kill the Tank!
Rochelle: Kill your light.
Rochelle: Knights of Columbus, this hurts.
Rochelle: Laser sights here.
Rochelle: Launch the fireworks!
Rochelle: Lead on.
Rochelle: LEAPER!
Rochelle: Leave that Witch alone!
Rochelle: LET GO! LET GO! LET GO!
Rochelle: Let's back it up!
Rochelle: Let's call the boat.
Rochelle: Let's close that door.
Rochelle: Let's get a little bonfire going.
Rochelle: Let's get into the stadium!
Rochelle: Let's get off the bridge.
Rochelle: Let's get the hell out of here. Lower the gate.
Rochelle: Let's get this car gassed up!
Rochelle: Let's get up the ladder!
Rochelle: Let's go get it.
Rochelle: Let's go through here!
Rochelle: Let's go through there!
Rochelle: Let's go! Get to the helicopter!
Rochelle: Let's go, guys, let's go! Get to the chopper!
Rochelle: Let's go, let's go! Chopper's here!
Rochelle: Let's go.
Rochelle: Let's head down this road.
Rochelle: Let's head down.
Rochelle: Let's hurry up and do this before the storm hits.
Rochelle: Let's just get this done and get back.
Rochelle: Let's make sure it's the only time. Everybody stay focused.
Rochelle: Let's move.
Rochelle: Let's see how you handle.
Rochelle: Let's stop.
Rochelle: Let's try that door.
Rochelle: Let's try the entrance.
Rochelle: Let's try the radio.
Rochelle: Let's try through the park.
Rochelle: Let's try to stay together.
Rochelle: Let's visit, they seem nice.
Rochelle: Light it up!
Rochelle: Lights are on! Hello!
Rochelle: Lights off.
Rochelle: Lights out!
Rochelle: Lights!
Rochelle: Lil Peanut. You know, I hate to point it out? But he's actually
freakishly big for a peanut.
Rochelle: Listen up, a Witch!
Rochelle: Little Guy.
Rochelle: Live and in the flesh!
Rochelle: Look at all these cars. Poor dumb bastards thought they could escape
on foot. They must have been slaughtered. Wait, that's what we're doing.
Rochelle: Look at all these cars. Poor dumb bastards thought they could escape
on foot. Wait, that's what we're doing.
Rochelle: Look at that, its eyes FOLLOW you.
Rochelle: LOOK at this big, beautiful gun.
Rochelle: Look at this.
Rochelle: Look at you, Nick, you have a heart, A HEART OF GOLD!
Rochelle: Look here.
Rochelle: Look out!
Rochelle: Look over here!
Rochelle: Look!
Rochelle: Look, we have to get going, come on.
Rochelle: Looks like a safe room up ahead!
Rochelle: Looks like people were here.
Rochelle: Looks like the infection hit mid evacuation.
Rochelle: Looks like they all headed to the village - deeper in the swamp.
Rochelle: Looks like they lasted here... for bit.
Rochelle: Looks like they were routing people through here.
Rochelle: Lord, have mercy on Coach and spare the food court.
Rochelle: Lower the bridge!
Rochelle: Lower the gate.
Rochelle: Lower the walkway.
Rochelle: Machete here
Rochelle: Magnum here!
Rochelle: Mall it is. But first, let's grab something to defend ourselves with.
Rochelle: Maybe people are here!
Rochelle: Maybe someone is still here?
Rochelle: Maybe this was an evac fun zone?
Rochelle: Maybe this was an evac zone?
Rochelle: Midnight Riders. Yeah, they must be a pretty big deal if they're
playing at the fairgrounds.
Rochelle: Midnight Riders? Is this one of those old guy bands?
Rochelle: Mm-hm, yeah, you wanna cry? Let's give these bitches something to cry
Rochelle: Molotov!
Rochelle: Momma told me not to play with fire, but...
Rochelle: More lights!
Rochelle: More shacks.
Rochelle: More, we need more!!
Rochelle: Mother of Mercy.
Rochelle: Move back.
Rochelle: Movin' as fast as I can.
Rochelle: Mud people!
Rochelle: Mudmen!
Rochelle: My bad!
Rochelle: My bad, my bad, my bad!
Rochelle: My name's Rochelle. Give me a break, this is the first time I've shot
a gun.
Rochelle: My name's Rochelle. I produce a news show.
Rochelle: My name's Rochelle. You?
Rochelle: Name's Rochelle.
Rochelle: New Orleans is all that's left.
Rochelle: Next gas: two miles. Well, shit.
Rochelle: Nice house.
Rochelle: Nice shot!
Rochelle: Nice shot, Coach.
Rochelle: Nice shot, Hee-Haw.
Rochelle: Nice shot.
Rochelle: Nice spread on this one!
Rochelle: Nice work.
Rochelle: Nick!
Rochelle: Nick, catching a cold isn't high up on my list of concerns right now.
Rochelle: Nick, what do you think the odds are that the swamp people are still
Rochelle: Nick, you might want to heal now.
Rochelle: Nick. Healing time.
Rochelle: Nicolas!
Rochelle: Nightstick here
Rochelle: Ninety percent?
Rochelle: No Ellis, they've been shot.
Rochelle: No idea, but I don't think it's friendly.
Rochelle: No indoor plumbing
Rochelle: NO NO NO NO!
Rochelle: No one better make a crack about me in the kitchen.
Rochelle: No one is going to be rescuing us today.
Rochelle: No problem shorty.
Rochelle: No problem suit.
Rochelle: No problem.
Rochelle: No sense grabbing a car.
Rochelle: No swimming in the gator park. Fair enough.
Rochelle: No thank you.
Rochelle: No time for this now, we have to keep moving. Let's get you up.
Rochelle: No time to stop, go.
Rochelle: NO!
Rochelle: NO, NO!
Rochelle: No, no, no no.
Rochelle: No, No, No, NO!
Rochelle: No, no, no, no, this one.
Rochelle: No, no, no, no.
Rochelle: No, No...
Rochelle: No.
Rochelle: Nooooo oo ooo ohhhhh.
Rochelle: Nope. Just us and a hundred Tanks.
Rochelle: Not if you were the last man on earth.
Rochelle: Not much to say my friend, goodbye.
Rochelle: Not zombies.
Rochelle: Nothing to see - no health kit here.
Rochelle: Nothing to worry about.
Rochelle: Now I'm feelin' right!
Rochelle: Now that is a nasty wreck.
Rochelle: Now, this one can kill some zombies.
Rochelle: Oaohhh, Hunter.
Rochelle: Of course.
Rochelle: OFF OF ME!
Rochelle: Oh bleh, shit!
Rochelle: Oh come on. You can make it.
Rochelle: Oh Ellis, Ellis, Ellis....
Rochelle: Oh Ellis, I am going to miss you.
Rochelle: Oh God!
Rochelle: Oh god, I hope I'm not the last woman on earth.
Rochelle: Oh God, to be in one of these buses when this hit.
Rochelle: OH GODDAMN that things big!
Rochelle: Oh hell yes!
Rochelle: Oh I'm sorry.
Rochelle: Oh Jesus, this zombie spits burning shit!
Rochelle: Oh Lord, not another Smoker.
Rochelle: OH MAN! I mean, uh, I mean you look fine. Don't worry. Let's get you
Rochelle: Oh man, do you think there's family somewhere sitting down together
Rochelle: Oh man... they were attacked in their cars.
Rochelle: Oh my god, is that a grenade launcher?
Rochelle: Oh no you didn't just shoot me!
Rochelle: Oh no you didn't.
Rochelle: Oh no.
Rochelle: Oh please God, don't you let me die in Georgia.
Rochelle: Oh please, get up, you are going to be fine, come on come on.
Rochelle: Oh please.
Rochelle: Oh shit!
Rochelle: Oh shit! Just get up, get up!
Rochelle: Oh shit! What the hell is going on?!
Rochelle: OH SHIT, FAT GUY!
Rochelle: Oh shit, I don't know.
Rochelle: Oh shit, I hear a Jockey.
Rochelle: Oh shit, they did NOT just leave us here!
Rochelle: Oh shit, they did NOT just leave us on this roof!
Rochelle: Oh shoot. I do not want to get trapped out here in a storm.
Rochelle: Oh shut up.
Rochelle: Oh sweet Jesus look at all of these guns.
Rochelle: Oh sweet Jesus, you shot me!
Rochelle: Oh this is bad...
Rochelle: Oh what the hell is that!?
Rochelle: Oh yeah!
Rochelle: Oh yeah, gonna whack some heads.
Rochelle: Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.
Rochelle: Oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about!
Rochelle: Oh yeah.
Rochelle: Oh yeah. We'll be there, you better be waiting.
Rochelle: OH! IT'S, IT'S ON MY FACE!
Rochelle: Oh my GOD.
Rochelle: Oh, a safe house up ahead!
Rochelle: Oh, damn it, I knew it.
Rochelle: Oh, Hell yeah.
Rochelle: Oh, hell, look at the size of this thing.
Rochelle: Oh, I knew you'd be okay.
Rochelle: Oh, I know what to do with this.
Rochelle: Oh, I like this.
Rochelle: Oh, I think there's an evac station in the mall.
Rochelle: Oh, it feels so wrong, but is just so right. I love guns. There I
said it. I love guns.
Rochelle: Oh, Jesus, sweet Jesus get this thing off me!
Rochelle: Oh, my feet are never gonna dry.
Rochelle: Oh, sorry Coach. It's, uh not ALL of it's a piece of shit. Just the,
you know, zombie parts.
Rochelle: Oh, thank God, soldiers. We better let 'em know we're here.
Rochelle: Oh, thank God, the mall!
Rochelle: OH, THERE'S A FAT GUY!
Rochelle: Oh, this is my new favorite.
Rochelle: Oh, ugh! Oh, not again!
Rochelle: Oh, you meeting some other friends?
Rochelle: Oh, zombie swamp people, I'm sorry I gotta shoot you.
Rochelle: Ohhh I need some help!
Rochelle: Ohhh shut up!
Rochelle: Ohhhhh.
Rochelle: OK, so Plan A is we go find this car. Plan B is we wait here in this
mall and die.
Rochelle: Okay I guess.
Rochelle: Okay that was a mistake.
Rochelle: Okay God.
Rochelle: Okay, anyone need to go before our boat ride?
Rochelle: Okay, bridge coming down!
Rochelle: Okay, bridge is down.
Rochelle: Okay, Ellis, this is really not the best time.
Rochelle: Okay, enough with the mud already.
Rochelle: Okay, get on the boat! Time to ride the boat!
Rochelle: Okay, get on the ferry!
Rochelle: Okay, get ready, once we open the door this alarm will sound!
Rochelle: Okay, get ready, starting the generator.
Rochelle: Okay, I can not believe that you just shot me?
Rochelle: Okay, I cannot believe this worked!
Rochelle: Okay, I haven't caught zombie. I'm not gonna worry about cooties,
Rochelle: Okay, I STILL don't like guns. But that was a little awesome.
Rochelle: Okay, if they have power...
Rochelle: Okay, I'm opening the door!
Rochelle: Okay, in here! This room looks safe!
Rochelle: Okay, killing is wrong. But killing zombies is actually pretty
Rochelle: Okay, let's call the boat.
Rochelle: Okay, let's get ready and then call the ferry.
Rochelle: Okay, let's try down this street.
Rochelle: Okay, my new favorite's the shotgun!
Rochelle: Okay, mysterious voice.
Rochelle: Okay, Nick, being an asshole may have worked before, but you can
change that tune now if you want.
Rochelle: Okay, no, normally I hate guns. But I think I hate zombies more.
Rochelle: Okay, now I want to try the sniper rifle!
Rochelle: Okay, now what the hell are these things?
Rochelle: Okay, okay, oh god, this was a MISTAKE!
Rochelle: Okay, okay, that one hurt.
Rochelle: Okay, Rochelle. You just beat a zombie a death. Everything is just
Rochelle: Okay, set it on fire!
Rochelle: Okay, shoot the shit out of that thing.
Rochelle: Okay, so-it's a little deserted. There might still be an evac deeper
Rochelle: Okay, starting up the old guy music! Everybody get ready! Coach,
promise me you won't start air guitaring again.
Rochelle: Okay, stay on the walkway.
Rochelle: Okay, that clown's attracting a horde!
Rochelle: Okay, that doesn't sound right.
Rochelle: Okay, that was a little too close.
Rochelle: Okay, this is creepy.
Rochelle: Okay, this man's talking some sense. Let's get out of here.
Rochelle: Okay, this seriously hurts.
Rochelle: Okay, this should be easy.
Rochelle: Okay, this was a mistake.
Rochelle: Okay, try and keep out of the water.
Rochelle: Okay, wait here!
Rochelle: Okay, we can do that.
Rochelle: Okay, we can get up here by this sign.
Rochelle: Okay, we can use those stairs to get up on the walkway!
Rochelle: Okay, we just ran up here covered in blood getting chased by zombies!
Do you THINK we've encountered infected? Let us through the damn bridge!
Rochelle: Okay, we need to get back up on the walk way.
Rochelle: Okay, we need to lower this bridge.
Rochelle: Okay, we need to start the finale.
Rochelle: Okay, well close the door now!
Rochelle: Okay, we're in. What do we owe you for the guns?
Rochelle: Okay, we're it guys, stick together.
Rochelle: Okay, we've gotta be getting close to that mall!
Rochelle: Okay, you have some serious issues with that gun!
Rochelle: Okay.
Rochelle: Okay. Anybody got any ideas?
Rochelle: Okay. Evacuation centers aren't usually this quiet.
Rochelle: Okay. Now I'm killing zombies.
Rochelle: Okay. Now I'm shooting a gun.
Rochelle: Okay. Out of all the plans we have, which is zero, that might be in
the top ten.
Rochelle: Okay. We can do this, we can do this.
Rochelle: Okay. When these doors open, get ready for a fight.
Rochelle: One more can to go!
Rochelle: One of these rooms must open up.
Rochelle: One of you fellas want to carry the cute girl?
Rochelle: One of you fine gentlemen want to cover me while I heal?
Rochelle: Only way is through this door.
Rochelle: Only way over is this bridge.
Rochelle: Only way over is this walkway.
Rochelle: Oo. Ouch.
Rochelle: Ooh, I choose THIS one.
Rochelle: Open the door.
Rochelle: Or wait. THIS one.
Rochelle: Out here on the ledge!
Rochelle: Out of Gas.
Rochelle: Out of my way!
Rochelle: Over and out
Rochelle: Over here.
Rochelle: Over that door!
Rochelle: Over that fence!
Rochelle: Over the bridge!
Rochelle: Over the dumpster!
Rochelle: Over there!
Rochelle: Over this door!
Rochelle: Over this dumpster!
Rochelle: Over this fence!
Rochelle: Over this tree.
Rochelle: Ow! HEY!
Rochelle: Ow! Move!
Rochelle: Ow.
Rochelle: Party time!
Rochelle: Personally, I'm a high fructose corn syrup woman myself.
Rochelle: Phew, thanks!
Rochelle: Pills for me.
Rochelle: Pills here!
Rochelle: Pills!
Rochelle: Pipe bomb here.
Rochelle: PIPE BOMB OUT!
Rochelle: Pipe bomb!
Rochelle: Pipe bomb.
Rochelle: Pistol!
Rochelle: Plantation is right up here!
Rochelle: Please get in the tank, please please please
Rochelle: Please work. Please, please work
Rochelle: Press the button!
Rochelle: Punch it! Punch it!
Rochelle: Push the button!
Rochelle: Quaint cottage with water views.
Rochelle: Quit fussing and let me heal you.
Rochelle: Rain's really comin' down.
Rochelle: Ready for this?
Rochelle: Ready to get up?
Rochelle: Ready?
Rochelle: Refugee centers don't usually look this deserted?
Rochelle: Reloading here!
Rochelle: Reloading!
Rochelle: Reloading.
Rochelle: Reports were really fragmented, CEDA never told anyone it was this
Rochelle: RIDER!
Rochelle: Rifle for me.
Rochelle: Right, so?
Rochelle: Right. We should try the village.
Rochelle: Rochelle, my aunt used to live here with the sw---, uh, the people.
Rochelle: Rochelle, my aunt used to live here.
Rochelle: Rochelle.
Rochelle: Rochelle. And I hear you.
Rochelle: Rochelle. How about you?
Rochelle: Rochelle. I was down here covering a news story. I'm from Cleveland.
Rochelle: Rochelle. I work in television. WORKED in television.
Rochelle: Run to the boat!
Rochelle: Run!
Rochelle: Run! Run! Run!
Rochelle: Safe house ahead.
Rochelle: Safe house this way!
Rochelle: Safe house up ahead!
Rochelle: Safe house up here.
Rochelle: Safehouse in the drainage ditch!
Rochelle: Save the pissing contest for later, guys.
Rochelle: Saw a report on those things, they're called Hunters.
Rochelle: Says here the gas is inside.
Rochelle: Screw it, why not, open the door.
Rochelle: Screw this, RUN!
Rochelle: Search the rooms.
Rochelle: Search those rooms. Might be something we can use.
Rochelle: Searchlights! I bet that's Whispering Oaks.
Rochelle: See the stairs?
Rochelle: See you're fine.
Rochelle: Seriously, no.
Rochelle: Set it on fire!
Rochelle: Set off the fireworks!
Rochelle: She doesn't sound happy.
Rochelle: Shit! She's on my ass!
Rochelle: Shit! The walkway collapsed.
Rochelle: Shit! This way's blocked!
Rochelle: Shit, I'm down.
Rochelle: Shit, we're all right!
Rochelle: Shit, you gotta quit moving so I can heal you.
Rochelle: Shit. I think these guys are fireproof.
Rochelle: Shitty.
Rochelle: Shoot her! Shoot her!
Rochelle: Shoot it! Shoot it!
Rochelle: Shoot it! Shoot it! Shoot this thing!
Rochelle: Shoot the Mudmen!
Rochelle: Shoot the shit out of that thing.
Rochelle: Shoot the Tank!
Rochelle: Shoot the TANK, Coach!
Rochelle: Shoot the TANK, please.
Rochelle: Shotgun for me.
Rochelle: Shotgun.
Rochelle: Should we go right or left?
Rochelle: Should we go right or straight?
Rochelle: Shoving off!
Rochelle: Sign is on!
Rochelle: Sir, if you let me keep this gun? I'll go get you anything you need.
Rochelle: Smoke 'em if you got 'em, Nick.
Rochelle: SMOKER!
Rochelle: SMOKER'S GOT ME!!
Rochelle: Smoker's GOT ME!!!
Rochelle: So long as there's zombies trying to kill me he is.
Rochelle: So long as you're sure.
Rochelle: So that's what being dead feels like.
Rochelle: So this is how it's going to be.
Rochelle: So what do I know?
Rochelle: So what do you think is going to kill us? Zombies, gators, snakes,
bugs or the swamp people?
Rochelle: So what is wrong with you?
Rochelle: So when you came here, Nick, did they give you a smaller swan to ride
on by yourself?
Rochelle: So many guns.
Rochelle: So, Coach was on the football team. What were you on, Nick? Debate
team? Varsity suit wearing?
Rochelle: So, umm... Do you guys know anything about the swamps?
Rochelle: Some people were making some tough choices here.
Rochelle: Somebody hit the elevator button.
Rochelle: Somebody shot me!
Rochelle: Somebody shut that clown up!
Rochelle: Somebody shut up that clown!
Rochelle: Somebody turn off that alarm!
Rochelle: Somebody want to grab that radio?
Rochelle: Somebody. Anybody. Everybody. Help!!!!
Rochelle: Someone lower this walkway.
Rochelle: Someone turn off the alarm!
Rochelle: Someone want to close that door?
Rochelle: Something grabbed me!
Rochelle: Something tells me they're not checking for survivors anymore.
Rochelle: Something's got to break our way.
Rochelle: Son of a bee-sting. This hurts.
Rochelle: Sooooo many Tanks.
Rochelle: Sorry about that.
Rochelle: Sorry for using the radio, but we are four survivors on the bridge.
Rochelle: Sorry I asked...
Rochelle: Sorry, guys, I can't go any faster.
Rochelle: Sorry.
Rochelle: Sound about right.
Rochelle: Sounds good. Let's grab some weapons and get the hell out of here.
Rochelle: Sounds like a plan.
Rochelle: Sounds like you know what you're talking about. Let's go.
Rochelle: Spin them around and shoot them in the back!
Rochelle: Spitter around.
Rochelle: SPITTER!
Rochelle: Stand still or I am going to mess this up.
Rochelle: Stand still, boy, healing you.
Rochelle: Starting the generator.
Rochelle: STAY CLOSE!
Rochelle: STAY on that mountain? That doesn't sound like very good advice.
Rochelle: Stay on the walkway!
Rochelle: Stay together everyone.
Rochelle: Stay up here where it's dry.
Rochelle: Stick to high ground!
Rochelle: Stick together!
Rochelle: Stock cars can't drive over traffic, right?
Rochelle: Stop guys, I have to heal.
Rochelle: STOP IT!
Rochelle: Stop moving so I can heal you.
Rochelle: Stop shooting me!
Rochelle: Stop the bombing run!
Rochelle: Stop! Stop! Stop the bombing run!
Rochelle: STOP, take this.
Rochelle: STORM!
Rochelle: Suit.
Rochelle: Sure, lead on.
Rochelle: Sure, you lead.
Rochelle: Sure.
Rochelle: Sweet Jesus!
Rochelle: Sweet Lincoln's mullet!
Rochelle: Sweety, I normally like your stories, I do. But not now, okay?
Rochelle: Take as long as you need.
Rochelle: Take that, Jimmy Gibbs!
Rochelle: Take this!
Rochelle: Taken care of.
Rochelle: Taking the rifle.
Rochelle: Taking the shotgun.
Rochelle: TANK!
Rochelle: TANK! Light it up!
Rochelle: Tank! Tank!
Rochelle: Thank god, I was getting tired.
Rochelle: Thank you, Ellis. Very informative.
Rochelle: Thank you, we'll be right here.
Rochelle: Thank you, we've got nowhere else to go.
Rochelle: Thanks for that.
Rochelle: Thanks I owe you one.
Rochelle: Thanks to you guys, I am the baddest woman alive!
Rochelle: Thanks!
Rochelle: Thanks, Coach!
Rochelle: Thanks, Ellis, I guess I will keep you.
Rochelle: Thanks, my brother.
Rochelle: Thanks, you too
Rochelle: Thanks.
Rochelle: That better have been an accident!
Rochelle: That clown's attracting a horde!
Rochelle: That doesn't sound right.
Rochelle: That had better not be what I think it is.
Rochelle: That is what we're here for!
Rochelle: That sounds like a Witch.
Rochelle: That thing has got him!
Rochelle: That thing's on him!
Rochelle: That thing's riding him!
Rochelle: That was almost fun.
Rochelle: That was close.
Rochelle: That was cool.
Rochelle: That was mine.
Rochelle: That wasn't so bad. Just aim and pull the trigger.
Rochelle: That's a good point.
Rochelle: That's an encouraging sign, they have power.
Rochelle: That's better!
Rochelle: That's okay.
Rochelle: That's sweet.
Rochelle: That's true. If I had a pick a low point in the flight, it was
probably when he stopped flying the chopper and attacked us.
Rochelle: The Airduct of Love.
Rochelle: The big guy upstairs isn't ready to take you yet. Let's get you on
your feet.
Rochelle: The Catwalk of Love.
Rochelle: The chopper pilot has got to see this!
Rochelle: The chopper's down there!
Rochelle: The chopper's here! I still can't believe this worked!
Rochelle: The clown's attracting a horde!
Rochelle: The fire's spreading!
Rochelle: The gate is locked.
Rochelle: 'The Midnight Riders'. So they RIDE midnight? Or they ride AT
midnight? I hate classic rock.
Rochelle: 'The Midnight Riders'. Yeah, I think my dad liked them, back in the
eighteenth century.
Rochelle: The name's Rochelle.
Rochelle: The old sugar mill? Are you kidding me?
Rochelle: The path continues through here.
Rochelle: The picture of health.
Rochelle: The playground! We're almost outta here!
Rochelle: THE SIGN'S OUT!
Rochelle: The water's starting to pool.
Rochelle: The white suit with zombie brains all over it? That one?
Rochelle: There goes the barrier! Let's get out of here.
Rochelle: There were reports of stuff worse than zombies.
Rochelle: There's a First Aid Kit here.
Rochelle: There's a Hunter out there.
Rochelle: There's a path.
Rochelle: There's a pipe bomb here.
Rochelle: There's a safe house in that shack!
Rochelle: There's a safe room up here!
Rochelle: There's a safe room up there!
Rochelle: There's a Smoker around here.
Rochelle: There's an sign for the amusement park. And a bunch of old guys
called the Midnight Riders.
Rochelle: There's gas in the safe room!
Rochelle: There's stairs!
Rochelle: There's that garage sale!
Rochelle: There's that porch light we passed on the way in.
Rochelle: There's the bridge You sure they're going to be there?
Rochelle: There's the bridge!
Rochelle: There's the chopper!
Rochelle: There's the freeway!
Rochelle: There's the grounds!
Rochelle: There's the park.
Rochelle: There's the plantation house!
Rochelle: There's the sign! We're almost outta here!
Rochelle: There's the sugar mill!
Rochelle: These abandoned cars go on for MILES.
Rochelle: These don't look like people.
Rochelle: They actually have to put a sign up to stop people from swimming in
the gator park? All right...
Rochelle: They better be ready when we get there.
Rochelle: They call them Chargers
Rochelle: They call them Hunters.
Rochelle: They called them Hunters on the news
Rochelle: They called them Smokers on the news
Rochelle: They didn't make it.
Rochelle: They fed them chickens?
Rochelle: They have diesel at the old sugar mill?
Rochelle: They have planks down over here.
Rochelle: They headed out to a Plantation by the river.
Rochelle: They look dug in, maybe they're alive!
Rochelle: They really walled themselves off!
Rochelle: They're behind us!
Rochelle: They're coming!
Rochelle: They're drinks! Seriously.
Rochelle: They've been calling them Spitters
Rochelle: They've been calling those Boomers. For obvious reasons.
Rochelle: Think I'll take this one for a test drive.
Rochelle: This elevator works!
Rochelle: This flooded fast.
Rochelle: This is great, nah, this is great. I'm good.
Rochelle: This is it!
Rochelle: This is not going well.
Rochelle: This is not happening. This is not happening. This is not happening.
Rochelle: This is some grim shit we got ourselves into.
Rochelle: This is someone who could use some help.
Rochelle: This is the most RELAXING safe room I've ever been in.
Rochelle: This is what I'm talking about.
Rochelle: This looks familiar. We're going the right way!
Rochelle: This must have been real nice a long time ago.
Rochelle: This must have been the village's own little suburbs.
Rochelle: THIS one.
Rochelle: This one's got some nice action!
Rochelle: This place makes Cleveland look nice.
Rochelle: This should be easy.
Rochelle: This thing's crushing me!
Rochelle: This way!
Rochelle: This whole city looks abandoned.
Rochelle: This will work.
Rochelle: Through here!
Rochelle: Through here.
Rochelle: Through that door!
Rochelle: Through that gate!
Rochelle: Through that playground!
Rochelle: Through that window!
Rochelle: Through the dodge-ems!
Rochelle: Through the wheat field!
Rochelle: Through there!
Rochelle: Through this door!
Rochelle: Through this gate!
Rochelle: Through this hotel.
Rochelle: Through this house!
Rochelle: Through this house.
Rochelle: Through this playground!
Rochelle: Through this room.
Rochelle: Through this window!
Rochelle: Throwing a Molotov.
Rochelle: Throwing a pipe bomb.
Rochelle: Time to get going.
Rochelle: Time to heal up, Coach.
Rochelle: Time to kick some ass.
Rochelle: Time to leave this village.
Rochelle: Time to ride the ferry!
Rochelle: To the boat! To the boat!
Rochelle: To the bridge!
Rochelle: To the drainage pipe!
Rochelle: TONGUE GUY!
Rochelle: TONGUE!
Rochelle: Tonight's top story, Rochelle isn't going to make it.
Rochelle: Traffic's blocked.
Rochelle: Try shooting some damn zombies!
Rochelle: Try the flash bangs!
Rochelle: TURN IT OFF!
Rochelle: TURN IT OFF!!
Rochelle: Turn it up!
Rochelle: Turn off that light, quiet NOW.
Rochelle: Turn on the lights!
Rochelle: Turn this crap up!
Rochelle: Turn this old man music UP!
Rochelle: Turn your flashlight off.
Rochelle: UGH! I will NEVER stop hearing that.
Rochelle: Ugh, I just smell dead zombies.
Rochelle: Ugh, shoot the Tank, not me!
Rochelle: Ugh, smells like a dirty old white suit that hasn't been dry-cleaned
in a month.
Rochelle: Ugh. All these signs are making me hungry.
Rochelle: Uh huh.
Rochelle: Uh huh. That's probably it.
Rochelle: Uh oh, I hear one of those, what do you call it? A Jockey?
Rochelle: Uh oh. It's raining.
Rochelle: Uh, a couple.
Rochelle: Uh, does it flood around here?
Rochelle: Uh, my name is Rochelle.
Rochelle: Uh, no.
Rochelle: Uh, yeah, yeah, I'm okay.
Rochelle: Uh. No, hard news. I've been producing segments on CEDA evacuating
Rochelle: Uhh... no way around it. Time to get wet.
Rochelle: Um. Well, it's got a lot of nice restaurants. And, you know zombies.
Rochelle: Um. Well, it's lively.
Rochelle: Umm, guys, this is the lady's room.
Rochelle: Ummm guys, that Witch is getting mad.
Rochelle: Unngh. There's nobody here.
Rochelle: Up and at 'em.
Rochelle: Up that escalator!
Rochelle: Up that ladder!
Rochelle: Up that pipe!
Rochelle: Up that ramp!
Rochelle: Up the ladder.
Rochelle: Up there.
Rochelle: Up this escalator!
Rochelle: Up this ladder!
Rochelle: UP this pipe!
Rochelle: Up this ramp!
Rochelle: Up we go.
Rochelle: Use the planks.
Rochelle: Virgil better be watching!
Rochelle: VIRGIL'S BACK!
Rochelle: VIRGIL'S HERE!
Rochelle: Wait here!
Rochelle: Wait, hold on, say that last part again?
Rochelle: Wait, I have something for you.
Rochelle: Wait, reloading.
Rochelle: Watch it!
Rochelle: Watch out for a second, I have to heal.
Rochelle: Watch out for the mudders!
Rochelle: Watch out!
Rochelle: Watch out, Charger!
Rochelle: Watch where you're shooting!
Rochelle: Watch your step!
Rochelle: Watch, it guys. This hill looks pretty steep.
Rochelle: We ain't got time for this, people! Grab a weapon and let's get to
this mall.
Rochelle: We almost didn't make it
Rochelle: We are in some deep shit!
Rochelle: We are not infected.
Rochelle: We aren't going to find anyone here.
Rochelle: We aren't safe here.
Rochelle: We can cross here!
Rochelle: We can cross on that tank!
Rochelle: We can cross there!
Rochelle: We can cross.
Rochelle: We can cut through this garage sale!
Rochelle: We can get across on the rooftops!
Rochelle: We can get across the water here!
Rochelle: We can get across the water there!
Rochelle: We can get down here!
Rochelle: We can get down there!
Rochelle: We can get into the stadium through here!
Rochelle: We can get through up here.
Rochelle: We can get to the sugar mill through here.
Rochelle: We can get up here!
Rochelle: We can get up there!
Rochelle: We can go through this restaurant.
Rochelle: We can go to the right.
Rochelle: We can head through the sugar mill.
Rochelle: We can jump down here!
Rochelle: We can take that elevator down to the field.
Rochelle: We can take the elevator back up!
Rochelle: We cannot be shooting each other!
Rochelle: We do not have time for this shit.
Rochelle: We don't have time for this shit.
Rochelle: We got First Aid Kits!
Rochelle: We gotta get in!
Rochelle: We gotta turn that alarm off!
Rochelle: We gotta turn the sign on!
Rochelle: We have GOT to get over that bridge!
Rochelle: We have guns here!
Rochelle: We have to figure a way through this hotel.
Rochelle: We have to find the main river.
Rochelle: We have to kill the Tank before he lands!
Rochelle: We have to turn off that alarm!
Rochelle: We heard reports the virus spread through mammals but...
Rochelle: We just need to get in here!
Rochelle: We just need to grab some diesel.
Rochelle: We kick ass, yes we did. Woo!
Rochelle: We kicked some ass.
Rochelle: We made it uh huh. We made it oh yeah.
Rochelle: We made it, there's the
Rochelle: We might need these.
Rochelle: We need more gas!
Rochelle: We need to find the stairs!
Rochelle: We need to get going.
Rochelle: We need to get in.
Rochelle: We need to get this crap off the tracks!
Rochelle: We need to head to the plantation.
Rochelle: We need to head to the river.
Rochelle: We need to keep moving.
Rochelle: We need to power up this gate.
Rochelle: We need to start the finale.
Rochelle: We need to start this generator.
Rochelle: We need twenty more!
Rochelle: We oughta close the door.
Rochelle: We passed that wreck on the way in!
Rochelle: We passed these lights on the way in!
Rochelle: We passed this on the way in.
Rochelle: We should close that door.
Rochelle: We should head towards those searchlights.
Rochelle: We should head towards those searchlights. If there's a refugee camp
here, it'll be where the power is.
Rochelle: We should heal.
Rochelle: We should look around and see if they left supplies.
Rochelle: We should search the houses for supplies.
Rochelle: We should steer clear of her.
Rochelle: We should take some weapons. I work in the news and the news says we
should definitely take some weapons.
Rochelle: We should take something to protect ourselves.
Rochelle: We still need five more!
Rochelle: We still need more gas!
Rochelle: We still need ten more!
Rochelle: Weapons over here!
Rochelle: We'll be there. Wait for us.
Rochelle: Well close the door now!
Rochelle: We'll have to get this gate opened up!
Rochelle: Well if anyone could survive this, it would be people who live like
Rochelle: Well let's go.
Rochelle: We'll need something big to signal that chopper.
Rochelle: Well shit, guess you are the last man on earth.
Rochelle: We'll signal him when we get back.
Rochelle: Well, at least we crashed in the swamp!
Rochelle: Well, go!
Rochelle: Well, how do I look?
Rochelle: Well, I don't know, Nick. I learned to trust you.
Rochelle: Well, I guess I don't have much choice.
Rochelle: Well, it's a plan. I don't know if it's a GOOD plan. But it IS a
Rochelle: Well, let's get this done before the storm.
Rochelle: Well, no, not usually. But for now? Yes.
Rochelle: Well, on the news they called them Smokers.
Rochelle: Well, the ride was nice while it lasted.
Rochelle: Well, there's the amusement park. Now how do we GET there?
Rochelle: Well, this just sucks.
Rochelle: Well, we aren't CEDA or the military, so I guess we're welcome.
Rochelle: Well, we can't stay here, let's follow them to the plantation.
Rochelle: Well. That was embarrassing.
Rochelle: We're all filled up, let's go!
Rochelle: We're all here.
Rochelle: We're at the plantation house.
Rochelle: We're blocked!
Rochelle: We're cool.
Rochelle: We're going to have to do better.
Rochelle: We're going to need these.
Rochelle: We're gonna be coming back through here, so keep an eye out for the
Rochelle: We're here. Crescent City. I'll tell you now, I'm not showing anyone
my tits.
Rochelle: We're not getting rescued here, are we?
Rochelle: We're not going any farther on this road.
Rochelle: We're not infected. Listen, we-
Rochelle: We're on our way. Thank you.
Rochelle: We're really doing this!
Rochelle: We've gotta get around this fire!
Rochelle: What are they doing!?
Rochelle: What are you doing? GO!
Rochelle: What are you DOING? Now the infected are going swarm me!
Rochelle: What do we have to lose? Call the boat.
Rochelle: What happened to us?
Rochelle: What if we turn on the Burger Tank sign? Virgil might see it?
Rochelle: What in the hell are you doing out there? Get inside!
Rochelle: What in the hell have you gone and done now? Get up.
Rochelle: What is going on inside that head of yours?
Rochelle: What is up with you shooting me?
Rochelle: What the hell are these things?
Rochelle: What the hell are you doing?
Rochelle: What the hell is this thing?
Rochelle: What the hell, let's call the boat.
Rochelle: What the hell, let's just call the boat.
Rochelle: What the hell, open the door.
Rochelle: WHAT THE HELL?
Rochelle: What the hell?!
Rochelle: What the hell's with that crying?
Rochelle: What the?
Rochelle: What ya doin' down there?
Rochelle: What, we're shutting the door already?
Rochelle: What? Blood farmers? Boy, what in the hell are you talking about?
Rochelle: What's on your mind, Ellis?
Rochelle: What's that smell?
Rochelle: What's up with that?
Rochelle: What's up with you down there? Come on, let's get you up.
Rochelle: What's up with you?
Rochelle: What's up?
Rochelle: When I hit this tape deck, it's all gonna start. Get ready, guys!
Rochelle: When they say stay out, I'm sure they mean someone else.
Rochelle: When this door opens, get ready to run!
Rochelle: Where is everyone?
Rochelle: Where is the love? I can use some.
Rochelle: Where's the love, where's the love?!
Rochelle: Whew! It's off.
Rochelle: While I am the best looking girl hanging on this ledge... I wish I
wasn't. Hanging on a ledge I mean.
Rochelle: Whispering Oaks! We made it!
Rochelle: Who do you think you are, shootin' me?
Rochelle: Who in the hell just shot me?
Rochelle: Who in the hell shot me?
Rochelle: Who?
Rochelle: Whoa
Rochelle: Whoa Whoa Whoa
Rochelle: Whoa
Rochelle: Whoa, check this shit out.
Rochelle: Whoa, that was close!
Rochelle: Whoa, that's about as close as I like to cut it
Rochelle: Whoa, whoa! Shoot the Tank!
Rochelle: Who'd we lose?
Rochelle: Whoo! All better now!
Rochelle: Whoo! Okay! Okay!
Rochelle: Who's barking now?
Rochelle: Who's pissing off the Witch?
Rochelle: Why are you carrying that thing? Are you going to need your blanky
Rochelle: Why can't that thing be on our side?
Rochelle: Why didn't anyone TELL me shooting these things felt like this?
Rochelle: Why don't we launch a flare.. oh yeah, no flares. What about the
Burger Tank sign?
Rochelle: Why yes.
Rochelle: WITCH!
Rochelle: With my luck, I'm just going to make it worse.
Rochelle: With our luck that is actually just a bridge monster.
Rochelle: Woo - haha, we are kickin' it!
Rochelle: Woo - we are doing all right.
Rochelle: Woo!
Rochelle: Woo! I LOVE this gun!
Rochelle: Woo! Keep that up and we are out of here!
Rochelle: WOO! There's the Burger Tank!
Rochelle: Woo! We are going to make it!
Rochelle: Woo! Whispering Oaks! I'll buy the first ride, Ellis!
Rochelle: Woo! Yes! There's the chopper!
Rochelle: Woohoo! Hang on!
Rochelle: WOOOAAAAH!!!
Rochelle: Woooo!
Rochelle: Would you hurry up?
Rochelle: Would you LOOK at all these guns?
Rochelle: WOW! Gate's open!
Rochelle: Wow, Ellis got 'er done.
Rochelle: Wow.
Rochelle: Yeah right.
Rochelle: Yeah!
Rochelle: Yeah! Coach's crazy idea worked!
Rochelle: Yeah, boy, I got your back.
Rochelle: Yeah, I forgot about that.
Rochelle: Yeah, I got it.
Rochelle: Yeah, let's just cut through the gator park and visit the crazy
militants in the swamp. Sound good?
Rochelle: Yeah, that might work.
Rochelle: Yeah, that'll help.
Rochelle: Yeah, that's right.
Rochelle: Yeah, there sure are a lot of zombies.
Rochelle: Yeah, this is what I'm talking about.
Rochelle: Yeah, uh, did this seem like a good idea to you at sometime? Let me
help you up.
Rochelle: Yeah, yeah I can make sense of this. We are screwed.
Rochelle: Yeah, yes, yes we are immune.
Rochelle: Yeah, you are going to kill some zombies with me.
Rochelle: Yeah, you look fine now.
Rochelle: Yeah.
Rochelle: Yep.
Rochelle: Yes.
Rochelle: Yo, dude!
Rochelle: Yo, Ellis!
Rochelle: Yo, Nick!
Rochelle: Yo, young'un!
Rochelle: You are going to kill some zombies with me.
Rochelle: You are kidding me, the only way forward is through an emergency
Rochelle: You are on fire today.
Rochelle: You are welcome.
Rochelle: You can blame that one on me.
Rochelle: You can call me Ro.
Rochelle: You can have this.
Rochelle: You can keep the cobbler. All I want is more guns.
Rochelle: You coming or you just gonna lay there all day? Let's get you up.
Rochelle: You do realize: If this Jimmy Gribs guy had driven a monster truck?
We'd be home free right now.
Rochelle: You don't like fried okra? I'm from Cleveland and even I like fried
Rochelle: You going to be okay?
Rochelle: You good?
Rochelle: You got Boomer puke on me!
Rochelle: You got me Ellis.
Rochelle: You gotta shoot this thing!
Rochelle: You gotta stop ending up down here. This is no way to stay alive.
Rochelle: You guys see those searchlights? I say we head there.
Rochelle: You had me worried there.
Rochelle: You had real foresight to get that tattooed.
Rochelle: You have got to be kidding me.
Rochelle: You hear about them, but until you see them
Rochelle: You hear that? Some of these things mutated.
Rochelle: You heard the man, lower the gate.
Rochelle: You look like a fool hanging there, let me help you up.
Rochelle: You need this, take this!
Rochelle: You okay?
Rochelle: You people eat the strangest shit.
Rochelle: You scared the shit out of me. Thought that was it for you. One more
time down and it will be.
Rochelle: You should heal up.
Rochelle: You should tell that story to Nick.
Rochelle: You tell me!
Rochelle: You want us to cover you from zombie attacks while you wash your
hands, Nick?
Rochelle: You want us to cross the bridge? Oh shit - why don't you come get us!
Rochelle: You want what?
Rochelle: Young'un!
Rochelle: You're a heart of gold fatman.
Rochelle: You're a nice one.
Rochelle: You're all right!
Rochelle: You're gonna have to suck it up. We need you for a little bit longer.
Rochelle: You're gonna need this.
Rochelle: You're good, you're good.
Rochelle: You're on fire.
Rochelle: You're scaring the shit out of me. You go down one more time and
that's it for you.
Rochelle: You're the man, Ellis, you are the man.
Rochelle: You're the man, Ellis, you're the man.
Rochelle: You're welcome.
Rochelle: Zombies hit mid-flight I guess.
Rochelle: Zombies. Holy shit. They're real.
Soldier 1: Affirmative, Rescue 7. Keep the bridge deck clear. Last Buzzard will
start run in fifteen minutes. Out.
Soldier 1: Affirmative.
Soldier 1: Be advised: The bridge is crawling with infected.
Soldier 1: Be advised: The bridge is crawling with Whiskey Delta.
Soldier 1: Bridge, are you immune?
Soldier 1: Bridge, identify yourself.
Soldier 1: Bridge, that sector is clear of friendlies. Your only remaining
pickup is on the east bank of the bridge. Our last chopper is leaving in ten
minutes. You need to lower the span and get across to the east end.
Soldier 1: Bridge, we have pulled out of that sector. Your only remaining
pickup is available on the other end of the bridge. Our last chopper is leaving
in ten minutes. You need to lower the span and get across the bridge. God be
with you.
Soldier 1: Bridge, who is this?
Soldier 1: Consolidate.
Soldier 1: Copy that, Rescue 7. Out.
Soldier 1: Copy that.
Soldier 1: Copy that. All lambs extracted. Last Buzzard starts run in fifteen
minutes. Copy that? Over.
Soldier 1: Did not copy. Say again, Rescue 7. Over.
Soldier 1: Evacuation zone is clear.
Soldier 1: Everyone in the chopper!
Soldier 1: Extracted.
Soldier 1: Get in here!
Soldier 1: Get into the chopper!
Soldier 1: Get to the chopper!
Soldier 1: God be with you, bridge.
Soldier 1: Good luck!
Soldier 1: Good luck, bridge!
Soldier 1: Gunfire heard on west bank. Over.
Soldier 1: Holding position.
Soldier 1: I have visual.
Soldier 1: Last non-carriers evacuated.
Soldier 1: Let's go! Everyone to the chopper!
Soldier 1: Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Soldier 1: Lima Charlie.
Soldier 1: Negative Bridge. Are you IMMUNE? Have you encountered the infected?
Soldier 1: Negative.
Soldier 1: Only prosecute targets that are clear threat.
Soldier 1: Over.
Soldier 1: Papa Gator, affirmative. Visual inspection in Five.
Soldier 1: Papa Gator, roger out.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, 1 minute to last Buzzard run. Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, 10 minutes to last Buzzard run. Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, 2 minutes to last Buzzard run. Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, 3 minutes to last Buzzard run. Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, 4 minutes to last Buzzard run. Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, 5 minutes to last Buzzard run. Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, 6 minutes to last Buzzard run. Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, 7 minutes to last Buzzard run. Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, 8 minutes to last Buzzard run. Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, 9 minutes to last Buzzard run. Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, all lost lambs are accounted for. Targets should be
considered hostile. Only prosecute targets that are a clear threat. Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, are we clear to begin Buzzard run? Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, that's coming from the bridge!
Soldier 1: Rescue 7, what is your repair status. Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue seven, affirmative. Visual inspection in Five.
Soldier 1: Rescue Seven, are you equipped for carriers?
Soldier 1: Rescue Seven, are you, ah, seeing Whiskey Delta? Or friendly? Over.
Soldier 1: Rescue Seven, this is Papa Gator. Over.
Soldier 1: Roger, Rescue 7. Over.
Soldier 1: Roger.
Soldier 1: Say again?
Soldier 1: That is A Firm. Keep a hard posture. Over.
Soldier 1: To the chopper!
Soldier 1: Unable to confirm, gunfire heard on west bank. Over.
Soldier 1: We had flashes. Over.
Soldier 1: We're taking off!
Soldier 1: West bank is clear, Rescue 7. Ah, sector is clear. Over.
Soldier 1: Whisky Delta or, ah, friendly? Over.
Soldier 2: Affirmative, Papa Gator.
Soldier 2: Ah, negative, Papa Gator. You are not good to go. We will advise
when ready. Over.
Soldier 2: Ah-firmative. Out.
Soldier 2: Ahh, unclear.
Soldier 2: Ahh, unclear. It-
Soldier 2: Copy that, Papa Gator. Over.
Soldier 2: Everyone in the helicopter
Soldier 2: Get in here.
Soldier 2: Get into the helicopter
Soldier 2: Get to the chopper.
Soldier 2: Get to the helicopter
Soldier 2: Last Buzzard, stand down! Stand down!
Soldier 2: Let's go! Everyone to the helicopter
Soldier 2: Negative. We are seeing something. Over.
Soldier 2: Papa Gator, we're not sure. We are seeing, ah, multiple personnel
and small arms fire. What is our current ROE? Over.
Soldier 2: Repair ETA is ten minutes. Over.
Soldier 2: Roger, Papa Gator. All personnel on floating LZ. Clear for last
Buzzard run. Over.
Soldier 2: Roger, Papa Gator. Fifteen minutes. Ah, be advised we have seen
flashes on the west bank. Ah, visually confirm west bank is clear. Over.
Soldier 2: Ten minutes. Over.
Soldier 2: This is Rescue 7. Over.
Soldier 2: To the helicopter
Soldier 2: We're taking off.
Strongman Game: Baby Peanut--Weak!
Strongman Game: Grrrrr!
Strongman Game: Ha ha ha!
Strongman Game: Li'l Peanut--So Weak!
Strongman Game: Moustachio!
Strongman Game: Not bad! Moustachio!
Strongman Game: Old Peanut--Ha ha ha!
Strongman Game: So Strong!
Strongman Game: Test Your Strength!
Strongman Game: YES!  YES!
Virgil: Ah that was real smart there with that Burger Tank sign.
Virgil: All right now tell me, where y'all are?
Virgil: All right now y'all take real good care, now.
Virgil: All right now you all take real really good care, now.
Virgil: All right now, get back in the boat here.
Virgil: All right now, get on the boat.
Virgil: All right now, hurry up! Come on, now!
Virgil: All right now, stay right where y'all are. I'll be right at ya.
Virgil: All right now, stay right where you is at. I'm be comin' for ya.
Virgil: All right now, stay right where you is. I'll be right there for ya.
Virgil: All right now, stay right where you is. I'll come for ya.
Virgil: All right now, stay right where's you at. I'm comin' for ya.
Virgil: All right now, where y'at?
Virgil: All right, bon chance! I'm gonna hunt down some more folks!
Virgil: All right, good luck, now! I'm gonna see if I can help some other
Virgil: All right, I'm comin'!
Virgil: All right, now! Get back on here!
Virgil: All right, real good. I'm comin' for ya now. Stay right where y'all
Virgil: Allons! Allons!
Virgil: Allons! Come on, now!
Virgil: Allons, allons! Come on, now!
Virgil: Bon chance!
Virgil: Bon chance! I'm gonna go look for more folks!
Virgil: Bon chance! I'm gonna hunt down some more survivors, now!
Virgil: Bon chance! I'm gonna see if I can help some other folks!
Virgil: Bon chance, now!
Virgil: Bonjour! Oh, it's real, real good to hear from somebody. It's been
quiet out here, now.
Virgil: Come on now, they're comin' after ya now. Get on the boat!
Virgil: Come on, get in now. Come on!
Virgil: Come on, now. Allons! Get in the boat here!
Virgil: Get on the boat!
Virgil: Get on the boat, now!
Virgil: Good luck to ya!
Virgil: Good luck to ya! Y'all take care now.
Virgil: Good luck, now! I'm gonna go look for other survivors!
Virgil: Good thinkin' with that Burger Tank sign.
Virgil: Hello there. It's been real quiet out here on the water, I ain't heard
nobody in three days. Tell me what can I do for ya, now?
Virgil: Here they come, here they come. Get on the boat!
Virgil: Hey now, where're you at?
Virgil: How many is there of y'all?
Virgil: How many of ya is y'all are?
Virgil: How many of y'all are ya?
Virgil: How many of y'all is ya?
Virgil: Hurry back with the gas. I'll be waitin'.
Virgil: Hurry back with the gasoline. I'll be waitin' here.
Virgil: I ain't goin' no further.
Virgil: I can't quite hear ya now. Say what, now?
Virgil: I don't get off the boat. Y'all are gonna have to get the gas and get
back here.
Virgil: I'll anchor the boat right here off shore, lookin' for ya.
Virgil: I'll be right here for ya now. Hurry back with the gasoline.
Virgil: Mmm-mmm. I don't get off the boat, now. Y'all are gonna have to get the
gasoline and come back here.
Virgil: Nah-ah. Virgil don't get off the boat. Y'all are gonna have to get the
gas and come back here.
Virgil: Now c'mon now. Get on the boat, here!
Virgil: Now come on, get back on the boat!
Virgil: Now come on, now! Get back on the boat!
Virgil: Now get back here on here now!
Virgil: Now get back here on the boat now!
Virgil: Now get back here!
Virgil: Now get back on the boat!
Virgil: Now how many of y'all is there?
Virgil: Now I'll anchor right here off the shore, waitin' for ya.
Virgil: Now I'll be just right here off shore, lookin' for ya.
Virgil: Now I'll throw the anchor just off the shore, waitin' for ya.
Virgil: Now tell me now, how many of ya is y'all?
Virgil: Now you hurry back with that gasoline. I'll be right here.
Virgil: Now, come on, come on!
Virgil: Now, come on, now!
Virgil: Now, get on the boat, now!
Virgil: Now, I ain't goin' no further, but y'all can make it back to the bridge
from here.
Virgil: Now, this is far as Virgil go, but you can make it back to the bridge
from here.
Virgil: Now, Virgil ain't goin' no further, but y'all can make it to the bridge
from here.
Virgil: Now, welcome aboard, now! Haha!
Virgil: Now, what, now?
Virgil: Now, where're you at?
Virgil: Now, y'all signal at me when you get the gasoline, now.
Virgil: Oh, now I don't get off the boat. Y'all are gonna have to get the
gasoline and get back here.
Virgil: Okay now, stay right where you are. I'm comin' for ya now.
Virgil: Ooh, look out for that big fella!
Virgil: Say again now, what?
Virgil: Signal at me when you get the gas.
Virgil: Signal at me when you get the gasoline.
Virgil: Tell me now, where is ya?
Virgil: That was real smart there with that Burger Tank sign. Haha!
Virgil: This is as far as I go, but you can make it to the bridge from here.
Virgil: Watch it now, look out for that big fella!
Virgil: Welcome aboard, now! Haha!
Virgil: Well who dat there? Hey now, how is y'all are? Where you at?
Virgil: Well, bonjour! It's real, real good to hear another somebody. It's real
quiet out here.
Virgil: Well, hello there. I ain't heard another voice out here in three days.
Virgil: What?
Virgil: When y'all get the gasoline, signal me.
Virgil: Where is ya?
Virgil: Where is y'all?
Virgil: Where is y'are?
Virgil: Where y'all at now?
Virgil: Where y'all at?
Virgil: Where y'at?
Virgil: Who dat there? How is y'all are? Where you at?
Virgil: Woo! All right now! HahaHA! You made it!
Virgil: Woo! Allons! Come on, now!
Virgil: Woo! Here they come now! Hurry up, now!
Virgil: Woo! How 'bout that now! HaHA!
Virgil: Woo! You made it now!
Virgil: Woo, bonjour! It's real, real nice to hear another somebody.
Virgil: Woo, hello there. How is y'all are? I ain't heard a nobody out here in
a long time. What can I do for ya?
Virgil: Woo, hello there. Well, I ain't heard nothin' from nobody in three
days. What can I do for ya?
Virgil: Woo, hello. It's been real real quiet now since my woman got bit.
Virgil: Woo, look out now, that big fella, there!
Virgil: Woo, now hurry up now. Get on the boat!
Virgil: Woo, now, hurry up, now! Hurry up!
Virgil: Woo, well, how is y'all are? . It's been real quiet out here on the
water since my wife got bit. Tell me, what can I do for ya now?
Virgil: Woohoo! Good thinkin' with that Burger Tank sign, now.
Virgil: Y'all are gonna have to get the gas and come back here. I don't get off
the boat.
Virgil: Y'all are gonna have to get the gas and come back here. Virgil don't
get off the boat.
Virgil: Y'all reach back after it now! Come on!
Virgil: Y'all take care now.
Virgil: You folks take care now.
Whitaker: And how fortuitous that we do, else which you would have nothing to
bargain with, and no way to the mall.
Whitaker: And I further guess you won't get there, as the road is blocked.
Whitaker: and I suspect you're just the people to help me out of it.
Whitaker: Any time now...
Whitaker: Awww, hell. Here they come. It was nice knowin' you.
Whitaker: Back, ya sons of bitches! Let 'em through!
Whitaker: Back, you creatures!
Whitaker: Best of luck! Take care of those guns!
Whitaker: But in my haste I forgot cola.
Whitaker: But in my haste I forgot to pack cola.
Whitaker: But you happen to have caught me at an opportune time.
Whitaker: But you happen to have caught me at...
Whitaker: caught me at an opportune time.
Whitaker: Climb that, you green-skinned sonofabitch.
Whitaker: Cola and nuts is a weakness of mine-though I do not love it so much
that I'd be fool enough to die in the attempt to procure it.
Whitaker: Cola, ma'am. For my cola and nuts.
Whitaker: Come on now, move! I'll help where I can!
Whitaker: Come on upstairs when you're done.
Whitaker: Damn, that's a lot of zombies. If they kill you, don't worry! I don't
need the cola that bad!
Whitaker: Forget the fat man, just get the cola!
Whitaker: get your hands off my store.
Whitaker: God watch over you.
Whitaker: Good luck gettin' to that mall.
Whitaker: Good luck now!
Whitaker: Good luck to you, gang.
Whitaker: Good luck to you.
Whitaker: Hello there.
Whitaker: Hello there. My name's Whitaker. I own this establishment. Take
anything you need and come on upstairs when you're done.
Whitaker: Hello there. Now, normally when four bloodstained looters break into
my store, I would shoot them where they stand.
Whitaker: Help yourself to MY weapons.
Whitaker: Help yourself to the weapons. Take anything you need.
Whitaker: Here they come!
Whitaker: Hey, put the cola in the slot.
Whitaker: I also guess you're gonna have a hell of time doing it, seeing as how
those government fools blockaded the road getting there.
Whitaker: I am a man of my word, sir. Procure my colas and I'll clear a path to
the mall for you. The guns are on the house.
Whitaker: I am not a man to weasel out of a deal. I'd shake on it with you, but
there's no way in hell I'm going back down there.
Whitaker: I been on this world sixty years, ma'am, and I've weaseled nothing
from nobody. You got my word as a gentleman.
Whitaker: I didn't realize you'd need this much preparation. Can I bring y'all
a pillow and blankets while you sleep on it?
Whitaker: I know because I watched CEDA block it.
Whitaker: I like a woman who appreciates the subtle perfection of a well made
Whitaker: I need cola and I won't let you through the barricade until I get it.
Whitaker: I'd be able to help you get to the mall, if I wasn't so parched from
Whitaker: If they can be of service to you in your endeavor, please keep them.
Whitaker: If you get me my cola, I'll get you to the mall.
Whitaker: I'll be blunt.
Whitaker: I'll cover you! Go get what I need!
Whitaker: I'll cover you! Go!
Whitaker: I'll take you at your word that ain't diet. Cover your ears, this
might get loud...
Whitaker: I'm a man of my word, ma'am. You got my word on that.
Whitaker: I'm getting mighty thirsty up here...
Whitaker: I'm guessing you four'd be heading to the evacuation center in the
Whitaker: I'm guessing you four'd be heading to the mall for rescue.
Whitaker: I'm guessing you four'd be heading to the mall for rescue. I also
know the road is blocked. But I can clear it for you, in exchange for you
running over to the store next door and picking me up some colas.
Whitaker: I'm in a bit of a quandary, you see, and I suspect you're just the
people to help me out of it.
Whitaker: I'm in need of some colas. You four run over there and procure some
for me, and I'll clear the roadblock to the mall. Because I'm that's where
you're headed, and you ain't getting there without my help.
Whitaker: I've barricaded myself on the roof with ample provisions.
Whitaker: I've barricaded myself on the roof, with provisions and guns enough
to and kill every zombie in the city five times over, and eat well while I'm
doing it.
Whitaker: Just a six-pack? I'll go through that in a day! Ahh, hell. A deal's a
deal. Here y'are...
Whitaker: Leave the girl behind, just get the cola!
Whitaker: Leave the little fella, just get the cola!
Whitaker: Leave white suit behind, just get the cola!
Whitaker: Much obliged. Now go screw yourselves, I ain't helpin'. [laughs] I
just wanted to see the looks on your faces. Here you go.
Whitaker: My name's Whitaker. I own this gun shop.
Whitaker: No thank you, ma'am. I have five restaurant-sized boxes of them up
Whitaker: No, sir. Diet don't get the right flavor. I better not see no cherry
neither. It's straight cola or no deal.
Whitaker: Not only will I help you get to the mall, I'll even throw in the guns
you stole from me, free of charge.
Whitaker: Now go.
Whitaker: Now, I have the nuts. I just need cola.
Whitaker: Now, normally when four bloodstained looters break into my store, I
would shoot them where they stand.
Whitaker: Ohhh, hell. I regret this agreement already. What a waste of guns.
Whitaker: Okay, that's my cola. Yes, yes. Put it in the slot!
Whitaker: On my word as a gentleman I will do no screwing, sir. I'd come down
there and shake on it, but I already welded the door shut.
Whitaker: Only your promise that you'll put them to good use.
Whitaker: Only your promise that you'll put them to good use. And, as I
mentioned, the colas.
Whitaker: Perhaps I should have mentioned this bein' a limited time offer.
Whitaker: Procure my colas and my help is guaranteed, sir. Consider the guns a
generous donation to the cause.
Whitaker: Put the cola in the slot, will ya?
Whitaker: Put the cola in the slot.
Whitaker: reckon we can come to an accordance.
Whitaker: Remember the cola! Leave a man behind if you must, but get the cola!
Whitaker: Sacrifice yourselves if you have to! The cola is that important!
Whitaker: So here is my proposition: If you go find me some cola at yonder food
store, I'll clear a path to the mall for you.
Whitaker: So here is my proposition: If you go find me some cola at yonder food
store, I'll clear that CEDA blockade for you.
Whitaker: So here's what I propose.
Whitaker: So the matter on the table is: do you four have the nuts to get me
this cola?
Whitaker: Take anything you need. I'm in a bit of a quandary, you see, and...
Whitaker: Take what weapons you need and come on upstairs. I reckon we can come
to an accordance.
Whitaker: Take what weapons you need and come on upstairs. I reckon...
Whitaker: Thank you for that! Now, turn around. Y'all ever see a tanker
Whitaker: Thank you kindly. And to prove I'm a man of my word...
Whitaker: Thank you, generous strangers! Let me get rid of that barricade for
Whitaker: That's the alarm! Move, now, move!
Whitaker: Then I'm willing to let you keep it, son. Hell, I'll even cover you
once you get outside.
Whitaker: Then it's all yours, girl. Hell, I'll even cover you once you get
Whitaker: There ain't much time. Grab yourselves a gun and come upstairs, I'll
explain on the way.
Whitaker: There's my cola. Quick, put it in the slot.
Whitaker: There's the alarm! GO! I'll cover you!
Whitaker: There's the alarm! Now go!
Whitaker: Those ARE my terms, sir.
Whitaker: Throat... so dry... can't think straight... must... rescind offer...
to these lazy people...
Whitaker: Well, hello there. Why don't you grab yourselves some of my guns and
come on upstairs. I got something you can help me with.
Whitaker: Well, now. This might just work out after all.
Whitaker: Y'all don't get moving, I might just rescind my generous offer. I got
a hell of a view up here to watch y'all die.
Whitaker: Yeah, put it in the damn slot.
Whitaker: You could try. I own a LOT of guns, son.
Whitaker: You folks best hurry before I change my mind.
Whitaker: You folks wanna get a move on?
Whitaker: You got the cola. Put it in the slot.


Developer Commentary


[Aaron Barber] The alarm scenario at the bus station was the first Left 4 Dead
2 Crescendo Event to feature the gauntlet mode, where players must navigate
along a path to deactivate the zombie rush. This proved to be a successful
approach to countering the camping strategy of finding an optimal corner and
holding out.

[Alex Vlachos] The new campaigns in Left 4 Dead 2 featured a great deal more
water than in the original game. Therefore, it was a priority to improve our
water rendering. One of the most important new pieces of technology enabled
artists to paint water flow uniquely on each water surface. This allows us to
make the water look like it's flowing in any direction we desire, without any
constraints. This not only looks better, it aids gameplay by subtly guiding the
player where they need to go. As an example, in the swamp levels, the water
usually appears to flow towards the end of the level. And water is far more
convincing when you can actually see it flow around obstacles like trees and

[Alireza Razmpoosh] This drop onto the bus shows a good example of what we call
a 'return.' If a survivor walks on the top of the bus, he has a height
advantage against the infected. However, a Smoker can pull him down off the bus
so that he has to go around and up the stairs to get back with the rest of the

[Andrea Wicklund] The writers originally devised a biography for a convict
character. There was an idea that here in the lawless world of the infected,
this escaped convict, sick of wearing prison clothes, had taken the effort to
loot a very expensive white suit from an abandoned clothing store. He might as
well survive the apocalypse in style! This concept gradually evolved into the
riverboat gambler.

[Bill Van Buren] As we added more Special Infected characters to Left 4 Dead 2,
we faced a challenge in designing unique sounds for them that players could
easily recognize and distinguish from the other Specials and from the Common
Infected. In Left 4 Dead, the four male Specials each had both a distinct tonal
range and a character attribute to keep them unique -- for instance the
Boomer's vocalizations were kind of a slow, deep, bassy gastric horror. As we
added the new Specials into the mix, it became increasingly difficult to avoid
impinging on the sonic space of the previous specials. We found that we
couldn't rely so much on using the tonal range for distinction and instead had
to push harder on characterization to help them to read clearly to players. For
example, the Jockey is in the high, bright tonal range of the Smoker and even
the upper end of the Hunter, but since the infection has left his brain in a
constant state of hysterical mania, his vocalizations read clearly apart from
these other Specials. Sometimes it can be challenging to find a
characterization that will lend itself to both a Special's active and idle or
lurking modes. For instance with the Charger, we started out with a non-verbal
angry muttering, kind of griping bark that we all liked. Though the personality
in his idle states was interesting and distinct, we found that we needed to
ramp his vocalizations up to a more sustained yell for his attacks to get the
right sonic intensity for these events. In subsequent playtests, however, we
found that players were often surprised when attacked by the Charger, as they
would associate him only with the aggressive attack vocalizations he makes from
the point that he sees them through his charge, and since he would generally
see players before they saw him, they didn't have a chance connect him with the
angry non-verbal mutterings of his idle states. So we ended up recording new
vocalizations for these states, mixing in elements of his more strident calls
and yells amid the gripes and barks, so that players could more readily make
the leap to recognizing a lurking Charger in the vicinity.

[Brandon Idol] Because Left 4 Dead 1 took place entirely during the night, it
was fairly straightforward to light the path we wanted players to take. For
campaigns that take place during the day, we had to find other tools to help
the player along. The most valuable tools were visible landmarks, such as gas
station signs, overpasses, the bridge, and smoke from wrecked aircraft. 

[Brian Jacobson] For Left 4 Dead 2, the Source engine received many new
features and optimizations that enable it to handle denser, higher resolution
environments, effects, and characters. This gave us leeway to fit additional
weapons, creatures, and larger environments into the same footprint as Left 4
Dead, while increasing the quality of each element across the board. Many of
our particle effects now use several new techniques which at least double their
visible resolution while requiring no additional memory. This has enabled us to
create complex weather effects such as the heavy thunderstorms in the Hard Rain
campaign. The new zombie horde is considerably more variable than that of the
first game, with higher resolution meshes and skinning. Not only do the
infected look better, but using a combinatorial meshing and shading system,
there's over ten-fold the number of variations possible in Left 4 Dead 2 while
consuming no more memory. The environments also feature considerably more
polygonal density than the first game. Many elements that would have been
painted into a texture are now fully modeled in the environment. Foliage looks
cleaner, while also responding naturally to weather conditions. Additionally,
water has gotten a major visual upgrade over Left 4 Dead 1, with far superior
lighting, reflections, and flow mapping. All of these pieces come together to
improve the visuals of the game while keeping it smooth to play. 

[Bronwen Grimes] The infected textures are part hand-painted, part photographic
reference. One of our team members had a nightmare folder full of photographs
of people suffering from bizarre diseases and injuries. They were so hard to
look at that the infected actually contain none of these. Instead, the secret
ingredients for infecting normal-looking human textures are photos of housing
insulation and potato skins.

[Charlie Burgin] Up until Left 4 Dead 2, all playtests conducted at Valve
required an observer from the team to sit behind each tester and observe them
directly. For Left 4 Dead 2, we developed a system where a single observer
could view each playtester's screen in parallel with webcams that captured the
playtester's reaction. We recorded every playtest so we could go back and
reference specific moments at will. This meant that most of the team could
continue working during playtests--which often take several hours out of every

[Chet Faliszek] In Left 4 Dead 2 we wanted to give players who were looking for
a narrative a little more. To do this, we introduce the four Survivors to each
other and the infection as we begin the game. This let's us see the world
changing through their eyes. And the world is changing, each new Campaign shows
a different stage and reaction to the infection. We start with CEDA's naïve
underwhelming response and end with the Military's cold but needed resolve to
save only those they can. We also connect each Campaign. So while you know you
escape Whispering Oaks in Dark Carnival, you also know that is just one escape
of many on your journey to safety in New Orleans. Time does pass between
campaigns, but each campaign starts with the previous rescue vehicle. We also
continue to spread hints and clues to the infection. There is more 'Story' in
the dialogue this time around, but players should still search for and read
graffiti and notes in the world. Observant players of Left 4 Dead will notice
some tie-ins to the story as both games are set in the same world. 

[Chris Carollo] In Left 4 Dead 1, long narrow hallways usually meant relative
safety for survivors. One player could cover the front and another could cover
the rear, while players in the middle healed. With the addition of the Charger,
however, the long narrow hallways in Left 4 Dead 2 turn out to be extremely

[Chris Chin] Most of the region where Left 4 Dead 2 is set is quite flat. There
are few hills or changes in elevation. But maps without any elevation change
can be monotonous, both visually and in terms of gameplay. That's why this
double-decker bridge was not only a visually strong set-piece; it added the
much-needed element of verticality to the campaign. 

[Danika Wright] Looking at reference from New Orleans, we saw a lot of images
of Mardi Gras. We decided we couldn't have a campaign set in that region
without a parade float. We designed our float to look a bit sinister. Whereas
most jester heads are typically bright and goofy, we wanted ours to be a bit
darker and more scary--so we made the model appear more angular. We also chose
colors that were less cheerful and more in keeping with a Fall festival.
[Dario Casali] The park started out having several paths that were dynamically
changed for added replayability. However, playtesters found the paths
confusing. When we removed the dynamic objects that forced survivors to go in
certain directions, we found that having all paths open led to a better
experience. Players still spent a lot of time in the park, but they could
choose to go different ways every time they played the level.

[David Sawyer] After Left 4 Dead 1 shipped, we wanted to experiment with an
'optional Crescendo Event.' The impound lot is the final version of that
experiment. It's difficult for a survivor team to navigate through without
setting off a single car alarm, and if they manage it, the experience of
carefully sneaking through an obstacle course full of traps is itself quite

[Eric Strand] Setting fires to zombies was always a high point in Left 4 Dead
and we wanted even more ways to light zombies on fire in Left 4 Dead 2. This
dream gave rise to incendiary ammo! Initially, we dispensed incendiary ammo,
and later explosive ammo, from fixed ammo boxes placed through the levels.
These boxes could be used many times by a player. But while this was fun for
playtesters, we found they were either hesitant to progress away from the item,
or hoarded the special ammo until they really needed it. We tried replacing one
of our previous experiments, the ammo pack, with a version that deployed a
one-use-per-player ammo upgrade box. This allowed players to carry the upgrade
pack until they sensed they would need a little more firepower in an upcoming
arena, and the player carrying it gets the satisfaction of providing a
substantial buff to his teammates.

[Erik Wolpaw] When deciding what to do about the music for Left 4 Dead 2 we
faced some interesting challenges. Some of the music in Left 4 Dead 1 plays an
iconic and important role in game play, and we felt that it shouldn't really be
changed. On the other hand, the game is set in the Southern United States,
which is rich with musical identity, so we also felt that adding some local
flavor to each campaign would really help set the tone for that campaign. The
solution to bridging the gap between the new 'local' campaign music and the
more traditional horror music from the first game was solved in several ways.
First, we kept all the original themes from Left 4 Dead 1 but arranged them in
a style consistent with the local campaign's theme. Second, we wrote an
overarching set of cinematic "southern goth" pieces for entire game. Finally,
we wrote new pieces for the new characters in the style of Left 4 Dead 1. By
doing all this, we establish that these are new characters in new places but
they are sharing the experience of everyone else in the Left 4 Dead universe.

[Gabe Newell] Hi, my name is Gabe Newell, and welcome to Left 4 Dead 2. We love
this style of zombie-driven cooperative gameplay. Tom Leonard and the rest of
the Left 4 Dead 2 team have had a great time building on the design and game
mechanics of the original and we hope you have as much fun playing the game as
we did making it. To listen to a commentary node, put your crosshair over the
floating commentary symbol and press your use key. To stop a commentary node,
put your crosshair over the rotating node and press the use key again. Some
commentary nodes may take control of the game in order to show something to
you. In these cases, simply press your use key again to stop the commentary.
Please let me know what you think after you have had a chance to play Left 4
Dead 2. I can be reached at gaben(AT)valvesoftware.com. I get about 10,000
emails each time we release a game, and while I can't respond to all of them, I
do read all of them. Thanks, and have fun!

[Gary McTaggart] One of the challenges with melee weapons is getting them to
feel right and look decent. In order to get the fire-ax to look right when
playing the game, it had to cross the screen within 3 or 4 frames. To enhance
visibility, we swap between the normal ax and a smeared version, along with a
particle effect to cheat a motion blur. The smeared ax hits at the correct
time, but allows your eye to follow the action.

[Gray Horsfield] Since players spend the vast majority of their time shooting
the common infected, we wanted to improve the feedback and visceral nature of
this experience. In Left 4 Dead 1, we provided only the ability to shoot off
limbs, with blood decals for bullet hits appearing only on the PC. Now, in Left
4 Dead 2, there are 43 unique ways to damage an infected--from gunfire through
melee weapons, all the way up to explosive damage. Because many of these wounds
are non-fatal, players are able to wound an infected more than once, resulting
in about 780 possible damage combinations. To create the appearance of a wound,
we project a texture modified by an ellipsoid that culls the pixels of wounded
area from the infected, creating a cavity for the wound to fit into. To avoid
memory overhead, instead of creating wound variants for each of the infected,
the wounds are spawned as separate objects that work for the entire horde. Our
scripting system allows us to spawn specific wounds from specific weapon hits.
For example, the sniper rifle headshot explodes the head, and the axe creates a
slash across meaty areas of the body.

[Ido Magal] This finale felt risky at first, since it involved the players just
moving in a straight line almost the entire time. We wondered whether the
experience would feel rich and varied enough. However, given the fiction and
fantasy of the space, we found players were constantly making small movement
decisions that kept them interested and immersed, and our concerns about
monotony fell away. In addition, while we originally designed it to require
constantly moving forward, we found that different players have different
comfort levels for moving and shooting. Some players just can't do both at the
same time. So we tuned the director to adapt to different play styles,
adjusting the pacing so that different players would still have a good sense of
progress and be able to reach the end.

[Jason Mitchell] In Left 4 Dead , our designers could place alarmed cars in
levels. When shot, these cars would flash and make noise, attracting the
infected horde. Unfortunately, the alarmed cars would be located in the same
position on every playthrough, taking away from the desired unpredictability.
In Left 4 Dead 2, designers can now place groups of alarmed cars and let the AI
Director mix and match which cars have active alarms, if any. For example, in
the section of the game that you have just played, there are three such cars
whose alarm state the director can control dynamically, making this area less
predictable from game to game.

[Jay Pinkerton] The laser-sight weapon upgrade came from an experiment during
the development of the first Left 4 Dead. Though we didn't end up shipping them
at the time. While developing Left 4 Dead 2, when we were talking about
interesting items that players could scavenge out of the levels, we remembered
the visual impact of those red laser beams. The original intention of the item
was to increase the accuracy of the guns, but the more valuable benefit was
accidental: you could now see where the other members of your team were aiming.
We also liked the choices that confronted players when they had to decide
whether or not to swap out their upgraded weapon for one of a different style.

[Jeremy Bennett] When we began development on Left for Dead 2, we decided early
on to cast a totally new band of survivors in the lead roles. This involved
extensive concept sketches, then a period of evaluating actors with the help of
several talent agencies. Once the actors were cast, we brought them for a full
costume photo shoot, and conducted 3D scanning of their facial features. This
reference was then used by our artists to create high detail digital sculpts,
which formed the basis of our in-game characters. The goal from the beginning
was to provide the player with a lineup of believable survivors--real people
juxtaposed against extraordinary situations.

[Jess Cliffe] This balcony was designed as a 'fish in a barrel' moment where
the survivors can come out to the street and pick off a bunch of the wandering
infected without being in much danger. We felt it was a good introduction to
our interpretation of Bourbon Street, giving a nice atmospheric vista without
too much immediate threat.

[John Guthrie] As with our efforts to replace the first aid kit, replacing the
pain pill item was a challenge. Initial versions of Adrenaline allowed players
to run faster, and perform certain actions faster, such as reviving other
players. But the pills already give 50 temporary health points, which is enough
health for injured players to run to full speed again, so the adrenaline needed
something extra. We expanded the actions that could be affected by adrenaline,
shortening the time it takes to use healthkits, defibrillators and upgrade
packs; we sped up the player beyond their normal maximum speed and made them
resistant to being slowed down by hits from the infected. Although it doesn't
give as much health as the pain pills, we found many interesting strategies
began to emerge from the well-timed use of adrenaline.

[John Morello] The source engine's animation system is a powerful tool that
lets us create animations procedurally instead of authoring each of them
individually by hand. There are various reasons for doing this, which become
clear when we consider the challenge of animating the Jockey riding a Survivor.
From the start of the Jockey's design, we wanted the Survivor to be able to
fight back to some degree. With that in mind, we decided it would be vital for
the Survivor to know the Jockey's intent, regardless of how successful he was
at acting on it. So even though you may be stuck against a table going nowhere
with a Jockey on your back, we want you to understand that the Jockey is really
trying to get you out that door at the end of the room, and around a corner
where your friends can't help you. To accomplish this, we implemented a system
of animation layers for the survivor that would work in conjunction with the
Jockey. These layers are attached to different controls that the code interacts
with, called "pose parameters". The first layer consists of the survivor's
upper body from the waist up, which allows the survivor's reactions to work in
sync with Jockey's motion. The second layer is the Survivor's locomotion,
constrained to the lower half of his body from the waist down. So, in the
scenario we just described, when the Jockey is in full control and has a clear
path to the door, the code tells the upper body of the survivor and the body of
the jockey to lean in that direction, and sets a pose parameter for the
survivor's legs to move along that vector as well. However, things get more
interesting when the Survivor regains some control and steers himself to get
stuck on the table. Even though you have stopped moving towards the door, we
don't want the Jockey's animation to suddenly sit straight up and give the
impression he isn't still trying to steer you there. By splitting the
survivor's animation into 2 different animation layers that we composite
together, your upper body and the Jockey can remain leaning towards the door,
while the code tells the legs to stop walking because you're stuck on the table
and can't advance. This robust system of procedurally compositing upper and
lower body animation layers and position in realtime, as we showed in this
case, saved us a lot authoring time as well as memory inside the game--both of
which are finite and very valuable on any project.

[Karen Prell] The animators experimented quite a bit with the movement styles
of the new special infected in order to help them contrast with the existing
specials. Some early passes at the Spitter featured awkward, bouncy, bird-like
movements with knock-knees and pigeon toes. She certainly looked different, but
it was a little too humorous and didn't project enough of a feeling of strength
and danger, so she ended up with much more aggressive posing and actions. We
tried a few animal-inspired runs for the Jockey, including sideways, leaping
hops like a lemur and a four-legged hyena-like gallop. These fit with his
maniacal laughter, but again, needed to be more aggressive. Such movements also
would have caused problems maneuvering the character and reading its intentions
in game, especially in versus mode. They also seemed too much of a mutation
from the character's original human state when considering the amount of time
from the start of his infection. The Jockey's final movement pass has him on
two legs with just the right touch of animal inspiration -- a menacing,
predatory hunch and hands bent rather like a preying mantis, ready to give
survivors a big, deadly hug.

[Kelly Thornton] Because sound is such a crucial gameplay element in Left 4
Dead, the designers needed temporary sounds to test out ideas for the new boss
infected. Sometimes we are able to pull temp sounds from unused performances in
our library; but in Left 4 Dead 2 the sound designers did their own temp
performances. The goal with these is to be just functional enough to test the
new characters' viability. As such, some of the temp voices for the characters
were quite funny. While inappropriate for the actual game, some of the sounds
were highly popular within the team, and it was common to hear animators up and
down the halls mimicking the early Charger test calls.

[Kerry Davis] This is the only 'traditional' Crescendo Event in The Parish
campaign. In Left 4 Dead 1, every Crescendo Event was essentially a button
press where players held out in one spot until the infected stopped coming.
While we added the onslaught and optional crescendo variations, we felt that
the old-school Left 4 Dead style event still had some life in it.

[Kim Swift] Something that was always sad for us to watch in Left 4 Dead was
that players would always choose an optimized path through a level once they'd
played the map a couple times. That meant the hard work we put into other areas
of the map would never be seen. So, one thing we wanted to add in Left 4 Dead 2
was the ability for the AI Director to change the path of the survivors through
a level, so they have to take a different path each time. The cemetery contains
one example of this new approach. There are four different paths that the AI
Director can create for the survivors. It does this by spawning in and out
particular crypts and gates.

[Lars Jensvold] Since managing health with the first aid kit is such a large
part of the player's decision process, finding a new item for the backpack slot
proved to be difficult. We wanted the new item to be as valuable as a health
kit in certain situations and have a big benefit for the team -- as opposed to
being merely another offensive weapon. It needed to have a user interface
similar to the health kit, requiring a target and an action that takes some
time to perform. We liked the idea of an item that would act like a 'get out of
jail free' card -- an insurance policy in case of a tank or witch attack. Our
exaggerated version of a hospital defibrillator immediately conveyed the
purpose of the item, plus it gives the survivors a chance to yell, 'Clear!'

[Marc Nagel] The body piles were generated by tossing self-colliding ragdolls
into a level in-game, then exporting out the result. We were able to use a
debugging tool to drag them into artistic piles -- content creation at its most
enjoyable. Unfortunately, the process was so efficient that it took only about
two hours.

[Matt Boone] With the added variety of weapons in Left 4 Dead 2, we wanted to
encourage players to scavenge weapons and switch between them frequently. We
found that placing ammo piles scattered through the level fought against this
goal as players tended to find one gun they liked and then never switch, as
long as they had practically endless ammo. We experimented with removing ammo
piles from most of the environments so that the only way to get more ammo was
to find a new gun, and we immediately saw players switching weapon types more
frequently. We also experimented with giving players deployable ammo packs,
similar to the upgrade packs such as the incendiary and explosive ammo that are
in the game today. Carrying an ammo pack was perceived as being less valuable
than carrying a healthkit though, and many players bypassed the item, counting
on finding another gun along the way. We found it was important, however, to
continue to place ammo piles in the finale areas, to give players a home base
to fight from in the longer set-piece battles.

[Matt Charlesworth] In her original incarnation, the Spitter had a large
distended stomach in which she brewed her volatile goo, and a long mutated neck
which served to catapult the acid over long distances. After the first pass of
the model was playtested in game, it was noted by some players that they
presumed she was a pregnant woman who had been turned by the infection.
Although the inflated abdomen had positive effects on her readability in game,
and helped separate her from the horde and other specials, it was decided that
the image of targeting pregnant women was a road that we did not want to travel
down. Therefore the final iteration of the Spitter features the same long neck
and corroded mouth as the original design, but has a flatter profile and more
aged features.

[Matt Wright] Game assets are more likely to make it through production if they
serve the game on multiple levels. Take this bridge ramp, for example:
Movement-wise, it acts as the starting gate. Audio-wise it acts as the starting
gun. Visually, it blocks and breaks up a potentially uninteresting view.
Fictionally, the seizing malfunction and resulting loud bang make it clear tha
the players have attracted every infected on the bridge.

[Mike Durand] Valve has a history of supporting community developers and
helping to promote their creations and with the Left 4 Dead games we've taken
the opportunity to make the great content our community produces even more
accessible with our new add-on system. Content creators can package new
campaigns into a single add-on file which end users can easily install. Users
can now view titles, descriptions, authors, and other information for all of
their installed add-ons via an in-game interface. Add-ons work seamlessly with
the matchmaking system so that users can quickly get into games featuring
community campaigns they've already installed and can easily download new ones
to try. The response to Left 4 Dead add-ons has been very positive and we were
happy to see huge, all-new campaigns being played within weeks of the system
going live.

[Mike Morasky] The guiding sound design principals in Left 4 Dead 1, as well as
Left 4 Dead 2, were to stay as organic as possible and to reflect the world
within which the game takes place. For example, the monsters are all former
human beings, grotesquely transformed; and as such, all of their vocalisations
are human performances with very little effects processing, if any at all. The
challenge with the new character sounds in L4D2 was to keep them clearly
audible for game play, reasonably believable at unrealistic distances, and
clearly identifiable as unique. The existing bosses already used the pitch
spectrum for differentiation, so we expanded into more characterizations. The
charger mutters unintelligibly to himself; the Spitter is trying to screech out
her bile hairball; and the Jockey...well, who knows what he's on about?

[Nick Maggiore] Given the realistic nature of Left 4 Dead, players expect the
zombies and survivors to move in natural ways. However animating that kind of
motion by hand is very difficult and time consuming, and anyone can tell when
it's not quite right. Since we don't want every zombie to move the same way, a
large number of motions are required to provide enough variety. All of these
constraints drove us to use Motion Capture. The process of motion capture
really begins with the character designs. Once we've decided how we want the
survivors and zombies to look and behave, we audition actors just as we would
for any other performance piece. For instance, a 265 pound high school coach
moves very differently from a 115 pound TV producer, using one actor for both
roles would be a mistake. So we look for people who fit the body type and who
can bring out the character's personality in their motion. On the other hand,
in the case of the zombies, we consider them more like feral animals, so we
only use one actor for all them, regardless of gender. We then provide the
studio with a digital character, a list of the moves we would like to do, and
the props we'll need. Once actors are chosen, we head to the studio and spend a
day with them recording the motions we need for the game. It's a very
physically demanding day, and in order not to exhaust the actor early in the
session we oscillate the captures between high and low intensity actions. Just
try crouch-walking 40 feet, as our survivors do, and you will feel the
burn--but that's just one of the hundreds of motions we record for each
character. During the session we can watch the actor's motion applied in real
time to our character model and work with them to get the look we want. In some
cases we do multiple takes to let the actor provide us with different
perspectives or to add some variety. We also record the actor on video during
the motion capture to use for extra reference. With the motions recorded, the
studio processes the data, and then it is up to us to extract the motions we
want to keep. For some motions we need to create loops. For example to create a
run cycle, we may only use half a second from the three seconds of running we
recorded at the session. We augment these recorded motions with adjustments or
additions by hand, and then compile them into the character models you see
in-game. Realistic human motion is very subtle and noisy, and we can all tell
subconsciously when it isn't quite right, even if we can't articulate why.
Without motion capture the characters of Left 4 Dead wouldn't be nearly as
convincing or as interesting as they are.

[Noel McGinn] The grenade launcher came about purely out of our desire to see
more explosions and more zombies killed by explosions. We found that something
interesting happened when we gave one of the four survivors a grenade launcher:
They became more vulnerable to close-up attacks, and their teammates adjusted
their strategy accordingly. A pattern emerged, where one player would lob
grenades from afar at approaching mobs, and the other players would clear off
the stragglers when they got too close.

[Paul Graham] We deliberately sought to design iconic French Quarter locales
that would be fun to fight in. This jazz club gave us a nice large interior
space that offered a break from exterior streets and alleys.

[Peter Konig] As with the Smoker, the Spitter has a gameplay style which
necessitates making her more visible to the player at a distance. Since the
Spitter's strategy is to hit and run, striking at the survivors from far away,
we needed distinct visual markers to differentiate her in the dark spaces
during the chaos of combat. To this end, we concocted a glowing drool that
would illuminate her and create a sharp contrast to other game colors, while
playing off the 'Green Death' motif associated with the infection. The trail
she leaves, which is visually similar to her projectile attack, allows players
a brief chance to track her movements when she retreats to hide.

[Phil Co] Left 4 Dead 2's level designers started out by experimenting with
variants on the proven designs of Left 4 Dead 1. For example, we tried out
several situations where there was a benefit to splitting up the group. We soon
found that Left 4 Dead 1 had done such a good job of training people to stick
together, it was incredibly difficult to get them to separate. We abandoned
that experiment, but retained some of the elements to apply during crescendo
events. For example, in the mall gun-shop sequence, it can sometimes be
advantageous to send one or two survivors to retrieve the cola while the
remaining survivors stay on high ground to provide cover.

[Randy Lundeen] The two overpasses in this area continue throughout the rest of
the campaign, and eventually meet up with the bridge that the survivors must
cross to escape. When we initially designed the campaign, we planned for these
overpasses to guide players to their eventual goal. 

[Ricardo Ariza] We wanted to improve the variation on the infected while
keeping their memory footprint identical. The entire horde is never comprised
of more than five head textures and five body textures. We use a luminosity
lookup into a gradient texture for tinting variation, allowing us to get not
only hue variation but also luminosity variation; for example we can make black
or white t-shirts out of the same texture map. The gradient is broken up into
zones, so that we can tint areas of clothing and skin differently. The infected
texture also includes four distinct masks for blood and detail such as dirt or
pond scum. We randomize both the gradients and the masks each time an infected
is spawned. We also randomize the body and the head meshes, resulting in nearly
20,000 available variations in a typical map--up more than ten-fold from Left 4

[Ryan Thorlakson] Level Designers in Left 4 Dead 1 placed individual items,
such as pipe bombs, molotovs, and pills, all over the levels. The AI Director
had the ability to pick which instance of each item to spawn. This meant that
pills would never spawn in the same place as a pipe bomb or molotov. In Left 4
Dead 2, we decided that we wanted more variety in item spawning, so we now
simply place an entity called a 'weapon_item_spawn.' The AI Director not only
chooses whether or not an item will spawn in a given location, it also chooses
what type of item will appear.

[Scott Dalton] We did a lot of work in Left 4 Dead 2 to make every campaign
unique in terms of flavor and game play. This drove our decisions in regard to
locale, lighting, population, music, and events. We wanted to create a
continuous set of locations proceeding through the South, with the key goal of
making each location iconic and evocative. We drew up an overall world map of
our version of the South, and charted out our journey through a variety of
locations. While each location has its own particular common zombie types, we
further differentiated each campaign by creating  Uncommon' zombies which were
thematically tied to that location. The uncommon zombies also had specific game
play mechanics that made them unique. In each campaign, the music blended
specific elements of the location with the central recurring Left 4 Dead theme.
We also designed new elements in each campaign where the Director could take
control in interesting ways--be it weather, unique paths, or types of Crescendo
Events and Finales.

[Sergiy Migdalsky] This restaurant was one of the first areas we populated with
tables and chairs. In early playtests, a survivor would pop a Boomer, and the
resulting explosion sent tables and chairs flying everywhere. It was a great
effect. We decided to furnish a few more areas like this, so that more players
would be likely to experience it at some point in the campaign.

[Steve Bond] One of our most important tools for creating and evaluating
environments was what we called the 'Left 4 Dictionary.' This collectively
developed set of terms, ideas, and gameplay grammar describes spaces via their
physical properties, functions to game play, and the relative advantage or
disadvantage to the Survivor or Infected sides. This provided the team with a
shared language for types of gameplay spaces, with examples such as capillary,
close quarters, open space, funnel, king of the hill, etc. It also allowed the
team to talk about and explore new permutations of spaces in a very clear way.
The Left 4 Dictionary proved instrumental in allowing us to efficiently refine
our environments, and tune difficulty based on an understanding of how each
type of space would influence the gameplay. It was especially useful in this
bridge map, where we start with a very uniform bridge and instead of rooms,
hallways, etc, we create desirable game spaces using vehicles and damaged
portions of the structure.

[Ted Backman] After we shipped Left 4 Dead, we heard a lot of positive
responses about the infected that were unique to their locales. There were
patients in the hospital, cops in the streets, and TSA agents in the airport.
We wanted to add further variety to Left 4 Dead 2's campaigns, so we decided to
include an uncommon common infected for each campaign. The first to be added
was the CEDA guy. Once we got him in the game, we realized that his uniqueness
should not merely be visual, but should extend to gameplay as well. In the case
of the CEDA guy, his hazmat suit suggested that he should be impervious to
fire. We extended this notion when we added the Mud Man, the Clown, the
Construction Worker, and the Riot Cop.

[Thorsten Scheuermann] We wanted to invoke the feeling that the infected have
lost their humanity and behave like feral animals. Seeing their eyes glow in
dark like those of a deer in headlights helps illustrate this. To create that
effect we authored the shader for the infected so that an artist could mark the
regions that should reflect light towards the viewer in a texture. The artists
quickly realized that they could also use this feature to make retro-reflective
safety materials on clothing, which they put to use on several of the uncommon
characters. You now see this effect on riot gear, CEDA hazmat suits and
construction vests. As a side benefit, we found that the retro-reflective
effect also helped players identify targets in very dark areas.

[Tim Larkin] Stormy weather effects give the Director yet another way to
influence gameplay by altering the players' sensory capacity. One goal of
weather effects is to draw the team together and put them in a defensive
stance, such as taking refuge within a building. In this respect, weather is
much like a Crescendo Event, but because it's entirely under director control,
it can happen any time, any place. The storm itself is created using a
combination of particle effects, fog, tone mapping, local contrast,
post-processing, DSP alterations, and sound effects. While technically a storm
can strike in any environment, we chose to limit it to the Milltown campaign in
order to provide a fictional background for the flooding of the maps. Thus the
storm is thematically tied to a new navigational challenge, and creates a
unique experience for that campaign.

[Tom Leonard] The new Special Infected were designed with a variety of goals in
mind. They needed to fill in gaps left by the other Specials; they needed to
provide interesting combos with other Infected; and they needed to offer a new,
fun set of skills for players to master, whether they were playing as or
against the Infected. When we began Left 4 Dead 2, we had a list of several
dozen Infected types that had been discussed over the past several years. We
added a fair number of new designs to those, and eventually whittled our list
down to the final three: The Charger, the Spitter, and the Jockey. The best
survivor teams stick close together and buckle down under attack, quickly
fending off infected attacks. To provide an opening for the infected to
capitalize upon, we created the Charger. His charge attack not only separates
members from the group, but will bowl down tightly-clumped survivors, giving a
few crucial moments for other infected to attack. The only non-boss infected
who is immune to being bashed, his design encourages players to keep a quick
trigger finger and a watchful eye on their companions, while also keeping their
distance. The Spitter's Area of Denial attack serves a variety of purposes.
While the initial pool of acid permits a few moments for escape, its damage
increases as the acid begins to do its work. Lingering in or passing through
the pool of acid is a dangerous proposition, and it can quickly force a group
of survivors out of a tight spot, or drive a wedge between members of a group.
The Jockey is the one special that retains control after he's begun his
incapacitating attack. He's also the only special that allows a survivor to
maintain enough control to fight back. A well-played Jockey has many ways of
driving a survivor to a deadly end, either at the hands of other infected or
through the environment itself. Just getting a survivor far enough out of the
group for another special to prey upon is often the Jockey's greatest strength.
All of these special types provide unique opportunities for combined attacks
alongside the classic Hunter, Smoker, and Boomer.

[Torsten Zabka] The pipe bomb has always been a crowd pleaser, but in Left 4
Dead 1 we were forced to disable ragdolls and gibs and replace them with a
blood mist due to performance issues. This time, with a new wound system, a new
ragdoll solver, and new particle effects, we've finally returned to our
original vision. The pipe bomb causes visually catastrophic damage to the
infected horde, to the delight of gamers and designers alike.

[Tristan Reidford] Left 4 Dead 1 had a good, fictionally justifiable cast of
guns--the M16 being a standard police and military weapon, for example. In Left
4 Dead 2 we had the opportunity to do something a bit less generic, and use
some more interesting guns, whilst still being aware that we had to justify
their place in the game. The Desert Rifle, for example, is used to suggest that
the military had rerouted guns meant for the Middle East back to deal with the
domestic crisis; hence the desert camouflage scheme on the gun. The ever
popular AK47 (which is actually part AK74) is so plentiful that it's easy to
justify its appearance almost anywhere, whereas the silenced SMG is more of an
underground criminal-looking weapon, so it's interesting to think how this has
found its way into the survivors' hands. The hunting rifle from Left 4 Dead 1
is back and we've added, a military sniper rifle which has double the clip size
and is more of a scoped semi-automatic assault rifle, rather than the classic
bolt-action sniper rifle, which would be ineffective against the horde. Left 4
Dead 2 also features a variety of pistols including a custom civilian handgun,
a standard issue police side arm and a large caliber magnum.

[Vitaliy Genkin] Traditionally players were connecting to our multiplayer games
by selecting a server with available player slots from a very big list. Players
might select a server by an appealing server name or network latency. This
worked well for 24 or 32 player games where many players could have a great
experience even without tight cooperation with their teammates. But for the
Left 4 Dead franchise a different approach was required. We wanted to build a
group of 4 players who could start a campaign together, possibly as complete
strangers, but quickly acquire the feeling of being a bonded team. Valve
matchmaking operates on a vast set of player statistics, from headshot
percentages or friendly fire incidents, to the likelihood of sharing a first
aid kit with a wounded teammate. In the year since Left 4 Dead's release, our
matchmaking system has undergone many changes, resulting in better player
experience and longer average team playtime together. With the introduction of
new team game-modes, we now even measure performance of the entire team and do
our best to provide the players with reliable teammates and worthy opponents.
We continue to gather and analyze an abundance of statistical information from
our real-world players, and use that to improve our matchmaking system.

[Yasser Malaika] The source engine uses two different methods for modeling
world environments: a volume-based system for general forms and a polygon-based
system for details. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and they
must be integrated together to create a game map. One of the challenges
associated with this setup is that the two systems have mostly separate
authoring pipelines, and it's easy to make a change in one and break a tightly
integrated set. As a part of making the modular 'kit of parts' that was used to
create this bridge, we developed a new hybrid workflow that allows content
authors to create and iteratively edit both types of world geometry
simultaneously in a single tool. The resulting modules are pre-optimized 'Lego
blocks' that can be fitted together, allowing the level designer to focus more
on gameplay and less on modeling.

[Zoid Kirsch] After we shipped support for custom add-on campaigns via the VPK
format, we realized that while many people can install and play these
campaigns, it was difficult to discover what add-on campaigns other players
were playing. We also noticed that few players were joining games of different
difficulties since it wasn't clear how many other games were available for each
setting. To solve this, we implemented a browser that shows nearby lobbies. The
lobby browser displays the campaign, the difficulty level, and how many lobbies
have open slots available. We also display lobbies for campaigns you have not
yet installed, offering the chance to download them directly. Once the lobby
browser was released, we saw a sharp increase in the number of custom campaigns
being played. Custom survival maps are particularly popular, with themes
ranging from supermarkets to medieval castles.

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