• Developer Console Cheats

    At the main menu, select "Options", then "Keyboard/Mouse". Enable "Allow Developers Console". During gameplay, press "~" to access the console, then input the cheat.

    (Default 750) Sets the maximum range of the smoker's tongue attacktongue_range <#>
    amount of damage you want to do to survivorsz_pounce_damage X
    Amount of time before a burning Witch dies from fire (does not effect caused by fire)z_witch_burn_time
    Change zombie healthz_health
    Change Zombie speedz_speed
    commits suicidekill
    commits suicideexplode
    Disables/enables controllable Boss Infected on any mapdirector_no_human_zombies 0/1
    Enables/Disables never ending panicsdirector_panic_forever 0/1
    Forces a panic eventdirector_force_panic
    Full Ammunitiongive ammo
    Get pistolgive pistol
    Give Ammo to your primary weaponimpulse 101
    Give auto shotgungive autoshotgun
    give first aid kitgive first_aid_kit
    give full healthgive health
    give gascangive gascan
    give hunting riflegive hunting_rifle
    give molotovgive molotov
    give oxygentankgive oxygentank
    give pain pillsgive_pain_pills
    give pipe bombgive pipe_bomb
    give propanetankgive propanetank
    give you an MK 47 ( machine gun )give rifle
    give you the SMGz_spawn weapon_SMG
    gives bile bombgive vomitjar
    gives chainsawgive chainsaw
    just like god but you receive damage (sometimes if you are the only survivor left, you can't receive damage from infectedbuddha 1
    makes your bot teammates shoot nonstopsb_openfire or open_fire (console will tell)
    No mob rushesdirector_no_mobs <1/0>
    Play in first person (default), this cheat only necessary if thirdperson mode is enabledfirstperson
    Removes all botsEnt_Remove
    sets probability of infected ceda agents carrying bile jarssv_infected_ceda_vomitjar_probability 0.1
    sets speed in noclipping mode (default is 5)sv_noclipspeed #
    Sets the amount of damage a Witch's attack doesz_witch_damage <#>
    sets the camera to be fixed in place whle in either third person or third person shoulder mode. Enter once to turn on and enter again to turn offthirdperson_mayamode
    sets the camera to be in third person modethirdperson
    sets the camera to over the shoulder third person modethirdpersonshoulder
    sets the maximum amount of regular zombiesz_common_limit
    sets the maximum health of the tankz_tank_health <#>
    sets the number of seconds until the player loses control of the tank from not attacking survivorsz_frustration_lifetime <#>
    sets whether or not bots (and only bots) are allowed to do friendly fire damagesb_friendlyfire <1/0>
    Shuts off all wanderers, mobs, specials, and bossesdirector_stop
    spawn 1 zombiez_spawn zombie
    spawn a active pipebomb under youboom
    spawn a special infectedz_spawn <bossname>
    spawn a zombie hordez_spawn mob
    spawn boomer at location of crosshairz_spawn boomer
    spawn hunter at location of crosshairz_spawn hunter
    spawn smoker at location of crosshairz_spawn smoker
    spawn tank at location of crosshairz_spawn tank
    Toggles no clipping modenoclip
    True/false setting that allows the witch to change targets instead or focus on the one survivor that alerted her firstz_witch_allow_change_victim <1/0>
    unlimited ammunitionsv_infinite_ammo 1

    Contributed By: r4ndy_y and White_Wolfos_14.

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  • The Passing Achievements

    Complete each requirement in "The Passing" DLC to obtain these Achivements.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CACHE GRABOpen 5 foot lockers.
    FORE!Knock the heads off of 18 Infected with the golf club.
    GRAVE ROBBERCollect 10 items dropped by a Fallen Survivor.
    KILLING THEM SWIFTLY TO THIS SONGPlay the new Midnight Riders song on the jukebox.
    KITE LIKE A MANKill a Tank with only damage by the original Survivors.
    MUTANT OVERLORDPlay 6 Mutations.
    PORT OF SCAVENGEPlay 5 full games of Scavenge on The Port.
    TIL IT GOES CLICKKill 25 Infected without letting go of the trigger while using the M60.
    TORCH BEARERBeat The Passing Campaign.
    WEDDING CRASHERCrash a survivor through 8 chairs at the Wedding as a Charger.

    Contributed By: dancnbna.

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