Crysis 2 has stopped working how to fix?

  1. Every time i start Crysis 2, the game starts alright. But in the next 3-5 hours, it still works but when i put my computer on sleep mode for 30-60 minutes, when i turn my laptop on again, the game crashes as soon as i open my laptop from sleep mode. Then all i get on my screen is the taskbar, a black screen of Crysis 2 but nothing is happening, and the Crysis 2 cursor that moves. And when i try to open anything with the black screen, the apps that i open work but do not show on the screen, instead, all that shows up is the black screen with the Crysis 2 cursor. One thing that i noticed is that the Crysis 2 window is still open in my taskbar. Could anyone help me on this please? It would help me to stop restarting my laptop everytime this happens and my laptop takes a looong time to start. Thanks and another question, how do i bypass the no-cheat in Crysis 2 cause apparently i can't use any commands like g_godmode = 1?

    User Info: Alexgale

    Alexgale - 2 years ago

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