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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Realm117

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    A FAQ Created by Realm117
    Version 1.0
    Last Updated 2012-11-11
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    -----Table of Contents-----
    Note: To skip to a certain part in this guide, hold the 
    CTRL key on your keyboard and hit F, then type the 
    numbers and letters in the parentheses next to the 
    section you want into the box that comes up.
    I. Introduction (I-0)
    II. Characters (II-0)
    III. Controls (III-0)
    IV. Weapons Guide (IV-0)
    	a. Pistols (IV-A
    	b. Shotguns (IV-B
    	c. Rifles (IV-C)
    	d. Automatic Rifles (IV-D)
    	e. Launchers (IV-E)
    	f. Specials (IV-f)
    V. Campaign Walkthrough (V-0)
    	a. Operation 40 (V-A)
    	b. Vorkuta (V-B)
    	c. U.S.D.D. (V-C)
    	d. Executive Order (V-D)
    	e. S.O.G. (V-E)
    	f. The Defector (V-F)
    	g. Numbers (V-G)
    	h. Project Nova (V-H)
    	i. Victor Charlie (V-I)
    	j. Crash Site (V-J)
    	k. WMD (V-K)
          l. Payback (V-L)
          m. Rebirth (V-M)
          n. Revelations (V-N)
          o. Redemption (V-O)
    VI. Intel Locations (VI-0)
    VII. Nazi Zombies (VII-0)
    VIII. The Console (VIII-0)
    	a. Commands (VIII-A)
    	b. Logins (VIII-B)
    	c. Extras (VIII-C)
    IX. Conclusion (IX-0)
    X. Legal Stuff (X-0)
    Call of Duty: Black Ops is set during the 1960's Cold 
    War. You play as Alex Mason, a marine in the Black Ops 
    and S.O.G. Units. I don't want to give much away, so I 
    guess I'll stop there as far as story goes. Black Ops is 
    a favorite game of mine because it was the first Call of 
    Duty I ever played. I received it on Christmas Day of 
    2010 and was immediately immersed with it. I was playing 
    it again on Election Day of 2012, getting warmed up for 
    the release of Black Ops 2 (A FAQ coming to a website 
    near you from yours truly) when I thought, hey, I should 
    make a FAQ for this! Even though Gamefaqs is congested 
    with Black Ops FAQs, I thought I might as well contribute 
    for the fun of it. Besides, I have my own strategies. So 
    thanks for choosing my FAQ of all others. So, without 
    further ado, I present to you Call of Duty: Black Ops.
    *****Alex Mason*****
    The main protagonist of the game. He's a marine in the 
    Black Ops and S.O.G. Units. 
    *****Frank Woods*****
    A sergeant and the best friend of Mason. He is a marine 
    in the Black Ops and S.O.G. units.
    *****Joseph Bowman*****
    A friend of Mason and Woods and a marine in the Black Ops 
    and S.O.G units. He is voiced by Ice Cube.
    *****Jason Hudson*****
    Mason's handler and a worker from the C.I.A. Also a 
    marine in the Black Ops and S.O.G. units.
    *****Grigori Weaver*****
    A Russian-American and a soldier in the Black Ops unit.
    *****Victor Reznov*****
    An ex-sergeant of the Russian Red Army from World War II 
    and character from World at War.
    *****Nikita Dragovich*****
    The main antagonist of the game. Ran the gulag Vorkuta 
    and has an alliance with Friedrich Steiner and 
    *****Lev Kravchenko*****
    Dragovich's Lackey. Helped run Vorkuta and is in alliance 
    with Steiner.
    *****Friedrich Steiner*****
    A Nazi scientist working with Project Nova. Has an 
    alliance with Kravchenko and Dragovich.
    Note: These controls are only for the PS3 version. Any 
    other versions will have varying controls.
    NOTE: This guide was meant for the PS3 version of the 
    game. Controls for other versions will differ.
    Left analog stick: Move character
    Right analog stick: Move camera, press to use knife
    Left/right analog buttons: Use weapon attachments
    Square button: Use/activate/grab
    X button: Jump
    Circle button: Crouch/strafe/stand
    Triangle button: Change weapon
    L1 button: Aim
    L2 button: Throw secondary grenade
    R1 button: Shoot
    R2 button: Throw grenade (NOTE: Holding the R2 button 
    down 'bakes' the grenade. The longer you bake it, the 
    quicker it takes for it to blow up. Just don't bake it 
    for too long...)
    +++++A. PISTOLS (IV-A)
    Damage: 30%
    Range: 50%
    Accuracy: 70%
    Damage: 40%
    Range: 50%
    Accuracy: 50%
    Damage: 50%
    Range: 60%
    Accuracy: 70%
    Damage: 70%
    Range: 80%
    Accuracy: 50%
    Damage: 60%
    Range: 60%
    Accuracy: 60%
    +++++B. SHOTGUNS (IV-B)
    Damage: 80%
    Range: 40%
    Accuracy: 80%
    Damage: 80%
    Range: 20%
    Accuracy: 70%
    Damage: 60%
    Range: 30%
    Accuracy: 50%
    Damage: 70%
    Range: 30%
    Accuracy: 60%
    +++++C. RIFLES (IV-C)
    Damage: 80%
    Range: 80%
    Accuracy: 60%
    FN FAL
    Damage: 80%
    Range: 80%
    Accuracy: 80%
    Damage: 80%
    Range: 90%
    Accuracy: 50%
    Damage: 85%
    Range: 90%
    Accuracy: 70%
    Damage: 95%
    Range: 90%
    Accuracy: 60%
    Damage: 90%
    Range: 90%
    Accuracy: 80%
    Damage: 60%
    Range: 60%
    Accuracy: 40%
    Damage: 80%
    Range: 20%
    Accuracy: 80%
    Damage: 60%
    Range: 60%
    Accuracy: 50%
    Damage: 70%
    Range: 80%
    Accuracy: 70%
    Damage: 50%
    Range: 50%
    Accuracy: 60%
    Damage: 60%
    Range: 60%
    Accuracy: 80%
    Damage: 50%
    Range: 70%
    Accuracy: 70%
    Damage: 60%
    Range: 70%
    Accuracy: 60%
    Damage: 60%
    Range: 80%
    Accuracy: 80%
    Damage: 70%
    Range: 80%
    Accuracy: 90%
    Damage: 50%
    Range: 70%
    Accuracy: 70%
    Damage: 50%
    Range: 70%
    Accuracy: 80%
    Damage: 60%
    Range: 80%
    Accuracy: 60%
    Damage: 50%
    Range: 70%
    Accuracy: 70%
    Damage: 70%
    Range: 80%
    Accuracy: 60%
    Damage: 60%
    Range: 80%
    Accuracy: 70%
    Damage: 70%
    Range: 70%
    Accuracy: 90%
    Damage: 50%
    Range: 80%
    Accuracy: 60%
    Damage: 50%
    Range: 80%
    Accuracy: 70%
    Damage: 70%
    Range: 60%
    Accuracy: 50%
    Damage: 60%
    Range: 70%
    Accuracy: 80%
    +++++E. LAUNCHERS (IV-E)
    M72 LAW
    Damage: 100%
    Range: 50%
    Accuracy: 40%
    Damage: 100%
    Range: 50%
    Accuracy: 40%
    Damage: 100%
    Range: 100%
    Accuracy: 100%
    China Lake
    Damage: 100%
    Range: 50%
    Accuracy: 50%
    +++++F. SPECIALS (IV-F)
    Ballistic Knife
    Damage: 100%
    Range: 25%
    Accuracy: 40%
    Damage: 100%
    Range: 50%
    Accuracy: 50%
    +++++A. Operation 40 (V-A)
    This game starts off rather nicely. You are sitting in a 
    quaint bar in Cuba with your friends. Sure, you're 
    discussing business, but relaxing is relaxing. Ooh, here 
    come the cops. Act casual.
    No, Woods, stabbing the cop's hand to the bar and 
    smashing their face with a bottle does not count as being 
    casual. Oh well. Shoot the cop in front of you as soon as 
    you get a chance. Press the left analog button to switch 
    to your grenade launcher attachment for the M16.
    Once the door opens, follow Woods outside and launch a 
    grenade to blow up the first cop car you see. Another one 
    should pull up next to it soon after, so blow that up 
    too. Follow Woods some more and ANOTHER car will drive up 
    to you. Blow it up. Then two more will come to a 
    screeching halt, one in the street and the other in the 
    alley to your right, so get rid of them too. As soon as 
    you see the next two cop cars come, get off the street, 
    because these guys are buzzed and will crash into stuff 
    and can't be blown up. The officers inside die, too. Jog 
    up to the fountain, where a whole lot of cop cars pull 
    up. Blow these up too, if you want, then sprint down the 
    alley to your left and get in the car.
    As soon as you look through the back window, hit L1 to 
    reverse (if you time it right, you smash into a cop), 
    then hit R1 to drive. Steering is automatic, so don't do 
    anything else. Welcome to Call of Duty: Black Ops.
    After a scene back in the interrogation room, you will be 
    looking over a Cuban mansion. This is the home of Fidel 
    Castro. I hope you brought a camera with you. Once a 
    mortar is launched up into the sky, go behind Woods and 
    press square to zip line down after him. After you drop 
    down, head right through the doorway. Go into the next 
    room and press the melee button to garrote the guy on the 
    radio. Or you can just shoot him, whatever. 
    Follow Woods and Bowman, but DO NOT FIRE YOUR WEAPONS. 
    Doing so will alert the Cuban army. Let's see... 2,500 
    men with vehicles against 3 guys with nothing... Yeah, 
    it's a bit one-sided. You can shoot the people after 
    heading up the small hill, though.
    Sprint up the stairs and crouch left of the door. With 
    some clever positioning, you can see a couple of bad guys 
    in this room. Shoot them so you have less to deal with. 
    Inside the room is a weapons cache, with an RPG, and RPK, 
    and shotguns. Grab what you want and head out the room. 
    Kill everyone here using what you can as cover. Go up the 
    stairs and wait for Woods and Bowman to breach the door.
    From the kitchen, throw some grenades down the hallway to 
    your left. Then head through the door on your left to 
    flank some of these guys, taking care of the guys in the 
    next room first. Once they have all died, use what you 
    can for cover and kill all these people too. Same goes 
    for the guys in the sitting room. Then follow Woods to 
    the large wooden double doors at the end and switch to a 
    weapon with a faster rate of fire. Move behind Woods when 
    Aww, Castro isn't here. Bummer. Oh well. Use the element 
    of surprise to kill all of these lazy guards, then follow 
    Woods to the next double doors. Move to them when you're 
    ready. Ah ha, here's Castro! Aim at his head for the 
    world's most badass...
    HEADSHOT! Then either you or Woods can kill his, ah, 
    friend. Head out of the room when you're ready, and shoot 
    all the guys here. Head left once you reach the main 
    hallway and kill the people here, moving in a circle to 
    rejoin with Bowman near the stairs. Jump down these 
    stairs and slay everyone on the ground. Then head out the 
    Grab the RPG resting on the sandbags, but don't use it 
    yet. Use the set of sandbags as cover here. Use the RPG 
    on the trucks that pull up, but SAVE AT LEAST ONE ROCKET. 
    Shoot if you want, or just stay under cover. It doesn't 
    matter, as Carlos and his rebels will raze the area. Soon 
    after Woods finishes his conversation with him, a BTR 
    will ride into the grounds. Use your last RPG rocket to 
    blow it up, or just wait for Carlos some more.
    Follow Woods through the sugarcane fields, then rappel 
    down the hill and into the hangar. As you maneuver 
    through this part, ignore the enemies and just keep 
    sprinting. Just as you get to the hangar with the get-
    away plane, a stray explosive will hit you and disorient 
    you. Shake it off and just get in the plane.
    All right, an unlimited ammo machine gun! Use this 
    primarily to take out vehicles, but try to get some 
    soldiers in there too. But oh- What's this? Vehicles 
    blocking the runway? This won't do at all. You heroically 
    jump off the plane and man the ZPU to blow up all those 
    vehicles. You won't have to shoot much to take them out. 
    But just as the plane takes off, you are pulled off the 
    ZPU by some guy and knocked out.
    You awake on a dock. You can see Fidel Castro talking to 
    some guys and- Wait, Fidel Castro? Oh, I see. The guy you 
    shot was actually his double. Crap. After the ugly dude 
    called Dragovich gets way too close for comfort, the 
    first mission comes to an end.
    +++++B. Vorkuta (V-B)
    Some friend, beating you up on the playground. A guard 
    will come to break you guys up and start wailing on poor 
    Reznov. Go ahead and knock that guy out with the rock you 
    picked up. Reznov isn't a bad person. Help that lug up 
    and he'll pick up the guards keys. You will pull out a 
    nice prison shank. Why you didn't just use that on the 
    guard, we'll never know. Follow Reznov and shank the guy 
    the runs up to you. Then, if you'd like, help out the 
    prisoners getting beaten by the guards in the blue lit 
    tunnel to your right. Keep following Reznov to meet 
    Sergei, a monster of a man who will help you out quite a 
    bit. Follow Reznov all the way to the end of the tunnel 
    and get into the elevator.
    Ride up the elevator to the guard capping rowdy prisoners 
    and Sergei will drive a pickaxe into his spine. Ouch. 
    Pick up the gun that he dropped and follow Reznov to THE 
    SIDE OF the doors. You'll see why in a second. It's 
    because EVERYBODY got gunned down the second they stepped 
    out. Follow Reznov and Sergei and crouch down behind the 
    mine cart. Shoot every guard that pops up on the sides as 
    Reznov and Sergei push the cart forward. Make sure not to 
    stray too far behind, as the gunner WILL see you and kill 
    you. Wait for the guys on the other side of the yard to 
    launch a projectile at the tower. When the tower blows 
    up, follow Reznov into the arms building.
    Go up all the stairs until you get to the roof. Move over 
    to the guys with the slingshot to begin blowing up the 
    guard towers. When shooting, make sure the bottom 
    horizontal line of the reticule is on top of the target 
    circle. Bring down all three towers, then go back down to 
    the bottom floor to meet Reznov and Sergei.
    Take a shotgun from the pile and follow Reznov outside. 
    Shoot the lock on the gate and start shooting every guard 
    you see. Take one of their AK47s if you wish. Turn right 
    after the gate, then turn left into the path in between 
    the buildings. Shoot the guards on the truck, taking 
    cover behind the wall when needed, and sprint past the 
    building the truck pulls in next to and into the building 
    with the open door.
    Looks like you get to have all the neat little toys 
    today. Go up the stairs and to the roof. After watching 
    the helicopter mow down the two guys here, grab the 
    harpoon gun they had. Quickly choose a spot on the 
    chopper- any spot will do- and fire. Wait too long and 
    you will die from ingesting too much lead. After 
    witnessing your handiwork, jump over the rail where it 
    bends and go into the open hole into the building ahead. 
    Grab an AK47 grenade launcher attachment near on the 
    pillars and launch a grenade to the end of the hall to 
    kill the guards behind the shields. Then head up either 
    staircase, shooting any guards coming your way. Fire more 
    grenades into this hallway to take out more guards. When 
    enough of them have died, run down and turn right, and 
    Sergei will come out of the hallway at the end. He'll 
    hold the gate long enough for you to slide under.
    SERGEI, NO! Poor fella. Sprint right into the office 
    ahead of you and press the button under the microphone to 
    open the gate again. From the office, shoot all the 
    guards you can on the floor above, then go up the stairs 
    to the left of the door. Make a left, then right, and go 
    into the hallway leading into a garage-like area. Take 
    your position in front of the metal gate, on top of a 
    blackish stain on the floor. Switch to the AK47 and wait. 
    After an explosion and a slo-mo sequence, the gate will 
    explode open and a guy with armor will come out. Shoot 
    him in the head a whole lot, reload, then do the same 
    with the guy behind him. Go back to the hallway, but 
    shoot the guards that appear outside the windows first. 
    Follow Reznov to the door and stand behind the shield. 
    More guards, some with armor, will come up the stairs. 
    Only shoot the ones heading towards you; the prisoners 
    will take care of the rest. At some point, the armored 
    guards will come out of a freshly blown out portion of 
    the wall at the end of this hallway. Keep the same 
    strategy until Reznov gets the doors open.
    Oho, now it's time to REALLY strike back. Grab the sweet 
    minigun here and head out, blasting anyone here getting 
    in your way. Walk over to the opening in the wall 
    overlooking the courtyard and blow up all the cars that 
    drive up. Shoot all the guards as well. When ready, jump 
    down and follow the path, destroying everything you can. 
    Then as you near the end of your jailbreak- tear gas? 
    Bollocks! Well, you had a good run. I just wonder why 
    they didn't use it any sooner.
    Looks like Reznov managed to pull you into some kind of a 
    shed after you passed out. Reznov unveils a sweet 
    motorcycle. Looks like you get to bust out of prison 
    after all- in style. Shame it's just you and Reznov, 
    though. Well, get on your hog and press R1 to ride up and 
    out through the window. Follow Reznov along this entire 
    stretch and shoot the guys on the motorcycles that jump 
    off the top of the bridge. Yes, in adjacent to the fact 
    that you are riding a motorcycle on a prison break, you 
    also wield a double barrel shotgun. Shoot everyone on a 
    motorcycle who isn’t you or Reznov. Uh oh... After a 
    riding through whatever body of water you jump into, your 
    Harley begins to spew smoke. Soon after, you will come 
    upon a truck. Shoot the gunner and ride your motorcycle 
    to the edge of it to hop on the back. Reznov will toss 
    the driver out and take control. Shoot the trucks, 
    motorcycles, and helicopter on the gun, and then jump on 
    the train when prompted. Aww, looks like Reznov doesn't 
    get to escape.
    +++++C. U.S.D.D. (V-C)
    There's nothing to do here but wait until the end of this 
    "mission". It's just a long cutscene.
    +++++D. Executive Order (V-D)
    Finally, some action! Follow Woods through the old rocket 
    frames until you get to the end and crouch. You will 
    become immobile as Woods starts talking again and 
    automatically look through some sweet binoculars at the 
    launch site to see what's going on. Wait, what's that? 
    Hey, it's Weaver! With Dragovich's goon? As you look at 
    what's going on, Kravchenko- Oh, God, poor Weaver! Oh 
    well. Too late for that guy.
    After Weaver receives his unnecessary ocular surgery, 
    follow Woods again. Do what he says and do what he does, 
    or you will be spotted by the patrols and have to 
    restart. Also, don't fire your weapons, because those 
    commie bastards tend to pick that up too. Keep following 
    him and stab the left guy with that nasty looking knife 
    you suddenly have by pressing the melee button. Never 
    mind the rocket launching off in the distance, it's 
    probably not Russian. Walk in a straight line with the 
    body until another interrogation room cutscene 
    Once again, follow Woods. DO NOT fire your weapons yet, 
    especially not at those Russian guys. I hope Woods had 
    Rosetta Stone for Russian. Follow Woods some more after 
    the odd couple passes until you get to an old car, where 
    Bowman and Brooks pulled the ol' switcheroo with some 
    Russian guards' uniforms.
    Follow the group and act real casual like. Aw crap, looks 
    like you didn't hide those stiffs too well. Whatever. Try 
    to keep at least one of your buddies in sight, because if 
    you're like me, you'll end up following the wrong guys 
    and get confused. Follow until you get to the comms 
    station. Don't worry about the door guards. You won't be 
    seeing them again. 
    Stand directly in front of the door and aim your gun. 
    Shoot as soon as the door opens, and if your lucky, 
    you'll end up killing a baddy right away. Quickly get 
    inside and move around the room, killing anyone you see 
    who isn't Woods. Once they're dead move upstairs. Toss a 
    grenade or a flash bang, whichever you prefer, and move 
    in after it goes off. Move down to the landing for some 
    cover and shoot each guy one at a time. Move up and kill 
    any stragglers. Use the same strategy on the next floor. 
    Move up the ladder on this floor when ready.
    Sneak up behind the guy in front of you and push him over 
    with the melee button. After a cheap chuckle, turn to 
    your right and shoot that guy too. Move up around the 
    corner and shoot that guy as well. Move over to the open 
    faced stone cylinder overlooking some buildings and take 
    the harpoon that Woods magically pulled out of his ass. 
    Nice. Now shoot the vehicles that pull the crossbow bolts 
    are explosive, so don't try to hit individual enemies. 
    Try to take out groups of two or more. Blow 'em to hot 
    dog meat until you hear Woods talk again and shoot at the 
    window on the building in front of you.
    No matter what guns you had, you will equip the MP5K you 
    had at the start of the mission. Save Weaver's life and 
    wait for another interrogation room cutscene.
    Once you regain control of Mason, follow Woods and Weaver 
    and make sure you have the explosive tip bolt crossbow 
    equipped. Shoot the grated metal box on the left side of 
    the platform with enemies to take out 2 guys at once, and 
    then move up the ladder once your bloodlust has been 
    fulfilled. You have to abort the rocket's launch in five 
    minutes, so don't dally. Once you're up the ladder, fire 
    a bolt at the opening to the far left to take out a bunch 
    of guys coming in. Shoot whatever stragglers that remain 
    and move across the runway. There's a nice sniper rifle 
    here, so grab that if you so desire.
    Wipe out the rest of the Russians up here, and then move 
    across to the far side of the grated area. Run to the 
    left side of the rail and snipe the guys over there. Then 
    run over to the opening in the rail on the right side. 
    Toss a 'nade into the gaggle of communists, move down, 
    and shoot who's left. Move to the stairs and shoot the 
    enemies that scurry on from the left side. Cautiously 
    move around the crates from that side and kill everyone 
    here from behind them. Shoot the guys around the next 
    corner and move up the steps and to the small stone 
    Providing you got here in time, the timer will disappear 
    and a spot to plant C4 will appear. Do so, move back to 
    the wall, and blow up the wall. Move in to find- Dead 
    Nazis. Huh. Well, the job is done, so it's time to... No, 
    wait, they launched the rocket just before you got there. 
    Bummer. Move over to the open metal box opposite from 
    your makeshift door, grab the magically-appearing RPG, 
    and shoot the rocket anywhere to blow the whole thing up. 
    Oh wait, not so cool. I always forget about gravity. 
    Follow Weaver, crouching under the pipes, and back out 
    through the doorway until you reaching burning Nazis. 
    Today has just been one heck of a Nazi killing day. Move 
    into the opening and down the steps. Follow the hallway 
    until you get to more stairs. There are shotguns, an SMG, 
    and some smoke grenades, so feel free to take what you 
    want and head down the stairs.
    Test your newly acquired guns, if you grabbed them, on 
    the enemies running into the small room at the bottom of 
    the steps. Move into the next hallway and hide behind the 
    barrels near the next room. Shoot everyone. Run through 
    and enter the next hallway. Shoot into the scientific 
    room from the doorway for cover. Once you're comfortable, 
    run in and do the same trick for the next hallway. Toss a 
    few grenades down this hallway and run into the next 
    Holy crap, that's a lot of computers. Alternate between 
    desk rows until all enemies are taken care of, then move 
    out the opposite doorway. From this doorway, shoot the 
    guys in the locker room, then move in. Your trusty 
    comrades should have killed anybody you missed. Shoot the 
    guy that jumps out the window in this hallway. Move into 
    the steam until you see guys moving in or hear guns going 
    off. Move into the small alcove you pass for cover and 
    shoot those commies as they pass. After they are taken 
    care of, Weaver and Woods will move up to the end of the 
    hallway. Weaver will throw up, and a cutscene will end 
    the mission.
    +++++E. S.O.G. (V-E)
    That'll teach you to ride public transportation. Carry 
    that lazy sack of crap called Hudson until you get to the 
    tunnel, where he lets himself down. In the small room you 
    enter there are shotguns and a rifle with a grenade 
    launcher near the exit, so take them if you like. Ignore 
    the hordes of Vietcong running at you from beyond the 
    trench and go under the bridge- Whoa, didn't see that 
    coming. Press square repeatedly to send this soldier to a 
    messy death.
    Try to ignore any VC unless they are in the trench and/or 
    are shooting at you. Keep going straight forward and 
    follow the path, then press and hold circle at the tank 
    and move forward to crawl under it. Once through, keep 
    following the path and move under the bridge after you 
    hear a close explosion. Grab the detonator sitting on the 
    sandbags closest to you and wait for Wood's word. Keep 
    following the path until you get to the last set of 
    sandbags. Grab the other detonator and blow 'em to high 
    heaven once Woods gives you the go ahead. 
    Run through the small structure and follow the path into 
    the next one. Grab a rocket launcher and, after being 
    disoriented, shoot each tank that drives up. If you're 
    being shot at by VC, crouch behind the wall, then shoot 
    the tanks when ready after rising back up. If you need 
    more rockets, there is ammo in the boxes where you found 
    the launcher that replenish your ammo when you're close 
    enough. Once that's over, run through both structures 
    again, up the buried wooden stairs, and follow the path 
    right and into the hole.
    There are grenade launchers propped up against the boxes 
    as you enter, so grab one if you want. Once you're back 
    out into the open, crouch near the marine giving CPR to 
    another marine. He's Private Fletcher. This is perhaps 
    the hardest point in the game. Once Fletcher is shot, run 
    down the wooden steps and behind the sandbags with the 
    mounted machine gun. Then stand up and run left and into 
    the bunker with another mounted machine gun. Use it if 
    you want to, there's a way to kill a bunch of VC easily 
    coming up soon. Then run out of the bunker and go down 
    the dirt ramp to the first set of sandbags closest to the 
    yellow striped barrels. Guess what's in them. After 
    killing anyone who might shoot you close by, run to the 
    barrel closest to you and press square. If you guessed 
    napalm, you were correct. After the barrel explodes, run 
    right over the next barrel and do the same. Vietnam, 
    Run down to the side of the trench follow it to the 
    scorched tree line. Follow the path and fight your way up 
    to the large foxhole with the puddle. Duck In here for 
    cover and to find an AK-47 with a flamethrower attachment 
    that may come in handy. From there, follow the path up, 
    ducking into another foxhole, and make a beeline for the 
    summit of the hill. Ignore the VC shooting at you, they 
    will be irrelevant soon.
    Murphy's Law states that as soon as you jam a gun into an 
    enemies back, it will jam. I guess Woods didn't know 
    that, so bail him out. Follow him into the tunnel and out 
    the other end. Time to open a can of whup-ass, American 
    You have an unlimited amount of grenades for your 
    launcher, but you don't take much damage while riding, so 
    it's there mainly for your amusement. When the 
    opportunity arises, you will be able to launch a missile 
    and steer it around to blow up tanks, like in the last 
    mission. Have fun with it. After all, it's a video game. 
    Repeat this for a total of six tanks. Then Bowman will 
    finally show up from a chopper. Thanks for all the help, 
    man. Well, I can't stay mad at him. After all, he ends 
    the mission.
    +++++F. The Defector (V-F)
    Whoa. Good thing that window was there. Head out of this 
    room and shoot the first guy that comes out of- Sweet, 
    fire shooting shotgun! Mason gets the coolest toys. The 
    blast from it can take out multiple guys at once, so 
    don't waste your ammo. Stop once you get to the end of 
    this hallway, or Bowman will light you up. Hey, he WAS in 
    N.W.A... Anyway, as you approach the door near the end of 
    the room, a civilian will come out. Don't shoot him. If 
    you shoot too many innocents, you'll have to restart at 
    the next checkpoint head into the next room.
    Take out the guys near the door and Bowman and another 
    marine will drop in and take the rest out. Turn the 
    corner and blast everyone here with the slugs. Enter the 
    next room, where a baddie just killed some dude in front 
    of the cork board. You can't save him, I've tried. 
    Continue through the hall, through the door and out the 
    other door. Wait until the VC have finished wiping out 
    the civilians in the room (Again, you can't save them) 
    then waste them too.
    As you head out the double doors, watch out for the few 
    VC overlooking the balcony, as they will shoot first. Go 
    the stairs and switch to your Commando, or any other gun 
    you picked up that isn't the shotgun and shoot the guy 
    that tosses the Molotov. Then shoot everyone on the 
    ground. Go down the steps once they're dead and go into 
    the once-safe room. Kill the guy at the door, then the 
    other two guys above you. Breach the door when ready.
    Immediately shoot the guy in the chair, then the guy who 
    comes through the doorway. Go through said doorway and 
    head into the one opposite it. Kill anyone in here and 
    step out the next door and into the next room diagonal 
    from it. Kill the guy inside, and you will find two 
    shotguns and an RPK. If you switch a shotgun with the 
    fire shotgun, you will not be able to shoot fire. Head 
    out and switch to your non-shotgun and shoot the guys on 
    the other balcony. Then do the same with those on the 
    Once everyone is dead, Woods will talk over the radio, so 
    head down the stairs and wait for Woods to breach the 
    door on the far side. Head down the hallway and breach 
    the door when you're ready.
    It's almost like he saw you coming! Well, it doesn't 
    matter because the defector stabs him in the back and- 
    Holy crap, it's Reznov! After a tearful reunion, you're 
    ready to leave. But first, you need to fight your way to 
    the evac zone. Follow Reznov and link up with Woods and 
    Bowman. God, those guys are everywhere. Follow any one of 
    the three until you get to an open area. Scale the rubble 
    and take the radio from the dude at the top.
    Hooray! Now you can call in an artillery strike whenever 
    you want. For now, call it in on the lighter colored 
    rooms on the building to the left. Kneel next to the guy 
    who had the radio and watch your authority take over. 
    Head down from the roof and go into the first opening to 
    your left. Shoot anybody and go into the room with the 
    scooter, then out the next opening and into the room 
    partially draped with blue fabric. Stop at the doorframe 
    and call another strike in on the building in front of 
    you by pressing the right arrow button. Wait at the 
    window of this room. Head out once it's done.
    Follow the tank, but not too close. Duck behind the stone 
    sticking out from the wall with the peace sign to your 
    right. Poor Bottom Feeder. He was two days away from 
    retirement. Avenge its death by calling another strike on 
    the tank that comes out from the left. An eye for an eye, 
    as they say. You'll probably want to shoot the guys 
    shooting at you from the building split down the middle 
    especially the one with the RPG on the roof, so go ahead. 
    Stay behind the Bottom Feeder for cover as the condemned 
    tank is destroyed.
    Now the guys in the split building are pissed and bring 
    out machine guns and more RPG men. Kill them, then 
    proceed away from the Bottom Feeder and into the split 
    building. A bunch of baddies go in and out of the next 
    room, so kill them as you see fit, staying behind the 
    other doorframe for cover. Leap out the window and into 
    the next building, blasting the VC in here first. Turn 
    the corner and shoot the guys just outside of this 
    doorframe. Toss some grenades over to where the numbers 
    on your screen are, making sure you kill the guys on the 
    balconies. When they lay dead, sprint over to the porch, 
    head into the doorway to the left, and kill anyone left. 
    Kill some of the guys that are beyond the porch, then 
    target the building with the guys on the roof.
    Once Woods kicks the gate open like a boss, run straight 
    to the alcove in front of you, wait for the fire to die 
    down a bit, and then go help Woods get the doors open. 
    Hurry up, cause there is a tank. Nope, it's too late; a 
    car gets blown up and smashes you and Woods. The end.
    Ah, no wait, looks like you managed to get through just 
    fine. The dead marine on top of you, however, can't say 
    the same thing. Follow Woods, ignoring the poor civilian 
    mourning his loss, and go up the stairs. Kill the guys 
    shooting from the windows, and then waste the guys in the 
    next balcony through the window here. Hop through it and 
    into the next room you see. An explosion will make the 
    floor give way, prompting another interrogation room 
    Good, Reznov is still with us. He's a hardy lil' bugger, 
    I'll give him that. Go through the door and follow the 
    path and waste the couple of VC here. Head into the room, 
    step onto the table, and place some C4 on the ceiling as 
    Bowman complains about the Charlie in his pocket. Sounds 
    like a personal problem. Move back out and detonate the 
    C4. Wait inside the room once the dust settles, and 
    ignore the tank. It blows up soon enough. Head over to 
    the chopper to evacuate Hue City.
    Or not. It'll have to come back. Meanwhile, a large 
    offensive VC force is headed your way, so make good use 
    of the C4 and Claymores around the perimeter if you want. 
    I always plant claymores around the blockades they enter 
    through. It may be a good idea to place some C4 on the 
    vehicles as well, as they explode. You will receive max 
    ammo for your weapons as they rush in, so get killin'. 
    There is no real strategy here, just don't get shot and 
    make full use of your arsenal. You will receive a short 
    break when Reznov speaks, but it's very short. Stock up 
    on explosives and use them as you see fit. Eventually a 
    tank will appear so call in an airstrike on it and sprint 
    to the dock gate at the far side of the area. Jump into 
    the boat and, after Woods once again shows off, the level 
    +++++G. Numbers (V-G)
    Here's the deal with this mission. There's a really neat 
    weapon easter egg that is somewhat reminiscent of the ray 
    gun easter egg from World at War. If you don't want to 
    get it, ignore some of what I'm saying and just get to 
    the next area. It's not too difficult. It's worth the 
    This is the first mission where you play as Hudson, that 
    guy from S.O.G. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark 
    alley. This guy's giving you trouble, so teach him a 
    lesson by smashing the window. Then stuff it in the guy's 
    mouth. Eesh. Punch him a couple times to reinforce this 
    lesson. Listen to him blab on until you're interrupted by 
    some very rude Spetznaz guys.
    Here's where the easter egg starts. Start by tossing a 
    grenade down the hallway and shooting each of the four 
    white canisters. They are full of Nova 6, which us uber 
    deadly. If you get too close, you will die painfully. 
    Once all canisters are spewing gas, quickly go around the 
    corner into the backroom and face the interrogation area. 
    If you shot each canister, the small white box (which we 
    called a "cassette player" back in my day) will have a 
    cassette tape sticking out of it. Grab it with square and 
    quickly head up the ladder back in the interrogation area 
    that everyone already climbed.
    Now, follow the hallway and ignore the civilian that 
    rolls into the room ahead of you. Shoot the next guy 
    though, as he is Spetznaz. Head out the hallway and shoot 
    everyone in the adjoining hallway. It would be wise to 
    pick up a shotgun they dropped, but whatever. Go up the 
    stairs and blast the guy outside the window. Keep going 
    onto the roof and shoot the guys that pop up as the plane 
    passes overhead. Go over to the metal roofing, sprint to 
    the end, and jump. Shoot at the guys in the building in 
    front of you, and if done correctly, you will land safely 
    on a conveniently placed mattress.
    Dr. Clarke will move aside the fridge to reveal a fairly 
    nice arsenal. Before stocking up, turn left and go over 
    to the cassette player in the corner of the room. Place 
    the tape into it with square and wait. After a few 
    moments, lo and behold, a THUNDER GUN from the Nazi 
    Zombies levels will pop out of the wall! This raises many 
    questions, like 'what's the link between Nova 6 and 
    element 115?' Pick it up. Take what you want from the 
    wall and head out the room.
    Dr. Clarke will be so nice as to open the door for you, 
    revealing some more Spetznaz. You only have a total of 12 
    blasts from the thunder gun, so use it sparingly. Don't 
    discard it once it's out though. Test it on these guys, 
    if you want, just make sure they die. Follow the hallway 
    as you raise the body count, but most of these rooms on 
    the side house at least one Spetznaz guy. Approach the 
    room at the end of the hall slowly, then quickly turn 
    back and duck into the closest room, as some douche bag 
    will toss a flash bang, which gets me every time.
    Waste those punks and follow the rooms to the glass wall. 
    Equip the thunder gun and blast everyone at once to save 
    ammo. Keep going down until you reach the barred door, 
    where a Spetznaz will pop up. You know what to do. Try to 
    snipe some if the guys in the building ahead of you 
    before stepping out. Then hop down and follow the path 
    left, then turn left again. Lots o Spetznaz here, so keep 
    up and keep shooting. Use cover when you can. Make your 
    way to the stairs at the far end and proceed down them. 
    Start to head through the doorway, but turn back when 
    enemies start jumping out of nowhere. Send them to meet 
    their makers, then jump onto the pipe at the end to slide 
    Abracadabra, you magically have max ammo. If you still 
    have your thunder gun, good for you. Follow the wires, 
    then kill the two guys that come out of the wall below 
    you. Jump down and walk over the rooftops. MAKE SURE YOU 
    JUMP from the last bit of roof to the metal roof. I have 
    died innumerous times here before. Follow this new 
    section of roof, walk across some more wires, and walk 
    onto the stone roof. Equip the thundergun or an 
    automatic, if you picked one up, and slide down the metal 
    section of the roof. In a sweet slo-mo action scene, you 
    send four more Spetznaz dudes to Hell.
    As Weaver and Clarke join you, a Spetznaz helicopter 
    comes along to scope out Clarke's' place. Well, he had 
    other plans. Everyone should always be prepared. Restock 
    on ammo or pick up new guns from the new armory Clarke 
    reveals. Where does he find the time? Clarke and Weaver 
    will proceed down the rooftops, but stay where you are. 
    Move around this area and shoot who you can from here. 
    There is a sniper in the armory, so help yourself. Pace 
    yourself and move slowly down to the others to kill 
    everyone at a distance. There are some RPG men, too, so 
    take care of them. Join Weaver and Clarke when you are 
    ready, and jump down to the balcony below you and head 
    Oh my God, can we ever get a break? Another Spetznaz will 
    bust through the door, so kill him through the dust cloud 
    he makes. How many of those guys are there!? Do what 
    Clare says and follow the hallway to the end. Many more 
    enemies will pop out of rooms from the side, so keep that 
    in mind. As you reach the room at the end, the roof will 
    cave in and two more Spetznaz will appear, one on the 
    floor and the other on the ceiling. Stop to kill the guys 
    on the next rooftop, then follow Weaver and Clarke and go 
    through the next doorway.
    You will see some aquariums, which will no doubt be shot 
    at as you tangle with the Spetznaz who enters the room as 
    you did. Poor little fellas. Run through here and 
    straight down the slope, taking out the couple of enemies 
    who somehow beat you here. Here is another armory, this 
    one stocked for the end of the world. You may notice the 
    grim reaper, a sweet rocket launcher. Grab what you want, 
    as you need to defend the area a bit until Clarke unlocks 
    the door. Stay behind cover and kill each Spetznaz one at 
    a time, left to right or vice-versa. Once he does, follow 
    him down the narrow walkway and switch to something that 
    isn't the grim reaper, if you picked it up. Run and jump 
    from the metal piece jutting out like you did earlier in 
    the level to trigger a cutscene. 
    So much for a proper burial. Oh well. At heart, he was 
    with Dragovich. Follow the roof downwards, running and 
    jumping some more, and slide down the scaffolding you see 
    to land roughly on some wooden platform.
    Oh crap. A bajillion guys vs. a pistol. Shoot them as 
    best you can until a van comes your rescue. This time it 
    IS safe to get inside the windowless van with strange 
    men. Approach the van and thus endeth the mission. 
    Hee hee, Weaver's code name was "Red Eye".
    +++++H. Project Nova (V-H)
    Oh goody. A history lesson from Reznov. But hey, at least 
    you get to play this mission as the Chuck Norris of the 
    Call of Duty series. That's Reznov. To your right after 
    Reznov shuts up, you see Dimitri Petrenko, the Russian 
    you may remember playing from World at War. If you 
    haven't played World at War, I highly suggest you play it 
    not only because it fills you in on the storyline, but 
    also because it's an awesome game. 
    This level is awesome because you also have access to the 
    Mosin Nagant rifle and the PPSH automatic rifle, two of 
    the best guns from World at War. Head don the slope and 
    to the back of the truck, when you are interrupted by 
    Dragovich and Kravchenko, the latter still a lackey to 
    the former. After they quit yapping, they let you get on 
    the truck and head into battle. 
    Once you regain control of Reznov, follow Petrenko to 
    where the fighting begins. I would suggest you keep your 
    current weapons, as they really can't be beat. If you see 
    a scoped Mosin Nagant, trade it for the other Mosin 
    Nagant if you like, but try not to do any other trade 
    offs. As soon as you get to the top of the hill, you will 
    see Nazis in white coats. Shoot all of those Nazi 
    bastards. Keep going down the hill and veer to the right 
    once a split appears. Go down the hill and turn right 
    after the shed ends. Go through the door into this shed 
    as you turn.
    Move into the next room and out the right-most 
    doorframes. Move left, then right, then left again. Kill 
    the Nazis inside this next building and move in, knifing 
    those who give up. Wusses. Using the frame from the other 
    opening for cover, shoot all the Nazis you see. Once you 
    do, run out and duck behind the snowy wooden crates next 
    to the metal cylinder in front of you. Shoot all the 
    Nazis around the next building, then head inside.
    Use the right doorframe for cover and shoot more Nazis. 
    Move up to the grated metal fencing next to your 
    comrades. And yes, you will shoot even more Nazis. Isn't 
    this fun? Once they lay dead in the snow, move closer to 
    the next building. Shoot the two Nazis in the window 
    above you, then waste everyone inside. Move to the back 
    of the place near the metal door, then turn right and go 
    up the stairs. Kill everyone in this small room, run into 
    the next room, and kill anyone here how you see fit as 
    well. Then capture Steiner so we can go home.
    What? He's not here? Rats! Well, keep moving. Head back 
    down to the entrance and follow your buds right. 
    Immediately turn right and go behind the generator-type 
    thing. Shoot the Nazi in the window, then make your way 
    over to the door. There is a scoped Mosin Nagant here, so 
    do yourself a favor and pick it up. Head inside this 
    building, killing anyone who gives you crap, and throw a 
    smoke grenade or two with L2 to call in a mortar strike. 
    Snipe anyone who's left, including the dude with the 
    bazooka, and sprint across into the building across from 
    Shoot they guy behind the table immediately and go up the 
    stairs. Move through the door and out to what's left of 
    the balcony you just had blown up, and either snipe the 
    rest of the Nazis here or toss another smoke grenade. 
    Once everyone is good and dead, go back down the stairs 
    and out the other door. Go under the balcony remains and 
    go into the building ahead. Any Nazis inside should 
    surrender, so go ahead and teach them about hypocrisy 
    with a knife to each face. Once they dead, breach the 
    door with Petrenko and follow him.
    Go through this shed and shoot the Nazis that are running 
    away. Snipe everyone you can see from a distance, ducking 
    behind the snow banks when necessary, until there are no 
    more Nazis. As you turn the corner, snipe the guy on the 
    gun on the far balcony. Turn left at the opening of this 
    new area and head into this building. Follow the hallway 
    and go through the door at the end, and run behind the 
    generator-type thing in front of you. Throw some more 
    smoke grenades from this position and have the new 
    balcony blown up like the old balcony. Only this time, 
    the balcony is stronger and won't warp like the previous 
    one. Snipe the Nazis around here and toss grenades like 
    your being paid for it until there is enough time to go 
    under it.
    Shoot the enemies below the balcony as you run into the 
    open doorway at the far left end. Shoot the people in 
    this room and go up the stairs. Throw more grenades into 
    these conjoined rooms and fire from behind cover to waste 
    these guys, then shoot everyone on top of the balcony. Go 
    over to the door at the far side, but DO NOT SHOOT. 
    Steiner is here, and you may end up shooting him instead. 
    Head into the gory room and confront Steiner, who 
    apparently just shot the last Nazi in his back. After 
    Steiner demonstrates his arrogance, Reznov will interrupt 
    Follow Petrenko once you are back in the game and into 
    the ship. After turning past the last vehicle, you can 
    see Kravchenko executing the last of the Nazis. Watch 
    this scene for a quick chuckle, and then keep going into 
    the ship. Follow everyone and go inside the bowels of the 
    dark, cold, snowy ship. Oh, this should end well.
    You will start seeing bodies, but don't worry about them. 
    They were just Nazis. Shoot down the hanging guy you see 
    if you want, then lead the way once everyone else stops. 
    Open the door at the end, and follow the path in the snow 
    towards the Nazi eagle on the far side of the room. 
    Dragovich will complement Steiner, which is shady even 
    without the gloomy atmosphere. Wait for everyone else to 
    catch up by the metal door at the end. Dragovich will 
    tell you to open the door. I wouldn't, but seeing as how 
    he's blocking the way, go ahead. Go into the room if you 
    want, but the screen will fade to black wherever you are 
    once the door opens.
    Surprise, surprise. Kravchenko, Dragovich, and Steiner 
    push everyone including you into some cramped rooms and 
    lock the doors. You will move to your left and see 
    Petrenko as Nova 6 is pumped into the room. The effects 
    are immediate, and you will see Dimitri Petrenko die 
    first-hand a violent death at the window. Rest in peace, 
    About at this time, British commandos will have reached 
    the ship. A well-aimed RPG will shoot from the other room 
    and hit the door, freeing you and the rest of the 
    Russians. Shoot everyone but the Russians with any gun 
    you find here. As you exit the threshold, more commandos 
    will drop down from the ceiling of the ship. Kill as many 
    people here as you can, then go over to the snow covered 
    missile and arm the ever convenient explosives. You will 
    have three minutes to get off the ship. Once everyone is 
    through talking, shoot the support beams from an erect 
    missile to bring down the walkway. Rube Goldberg would be 
    proud. Head out the doorway, shooting anyone in your way.
    You can either shoot everyone in your way still, or just 
    ignore them and sprint to the end of the ship. Either 
    way, follow the path and head up the stairs at the end of 
    the ship. Go over to the winch next to the stairs and 
    slide down the rope. Follow Nevski, your only remaining 
    comrade a short distance, and the explosion from the ship 
    will stumble you and you will fall and turn to the 
    sinking ship. Crawl away until you stop automatically. 
    +++++I. Victor Charlie (V-I)
    Geeze, can anything kill Mason? What did I tell you about 
    using public transportation? Too late now. The action 
    starts immediately as two VC come back to finish the 
    kill. Blast one, then the other. Then the helicopter 
    floods. Could this day get any worse? Now, there's a 
    certain physics lesson that Mason learns here. Since 
    pressure from the water is being applied to the door, it 
    becomes much harder to open. Press square for your life, 
    but it will do you no good. Oh wait, here comes Reznov to 
    save you again. Good ol' Reznov. Ignore the pretty 
    fishies and swim directly up to the boat in front of you. 
    If you wait, you drown. You'll hop up on the boat and 
    take control of some guy's AK-47. Nice. Use it and kill 
    his buddies, scoring a nice headshot on one.
    Jump off the boat and swim to the shore. Shoot the guys 
    on and past the ridge. Once they lie dead in the stream, 
    follow the current with Woods. You should automatically 
    switch to your knife just before passing under the tree. 
    From that point on, DO NOT FIRE YOUR GUN. You can still 
    switch to it, but shooting it will make you restart from 
    the last checkpoint.
    Follow Woods underwater, coming up for a breath when he 
    stops. Just as you approach another boat, press the melee 
    button to drag this VC into the water for a gruesome 
    stealth kill. Find Woods and go to him. Climb onto the 
    wood and keep following him to the square area for a 
    How come you never get to go with Bowman? Follow Woods 
    and jump into the water. Swim over to the glowing yellow 
    square to plant some C4, and then come up for a breath. 
    After Woods lifts himself onto the dock, do the same and 
    follow him. When it's safe, he will climb in the window. 
    Do the same. Pick a Charlie and press the melee button 
    for a nasty stealth kill. Follow Woods into the next 
    room, then stealth kill the next guy in a similar way.
    Jump into the hole and plant some more C4 under the 
    floor. Swim straight ahead, ignoring the dead VC that 
    drops into the water just ahead of you, and climb up the 
    ladder. Follow Woods out the door of the shack. Some more 
    marines should appear from the bushes. You will have a 
    detonator for the C4, but wait until Woods gives you the 
    go-ahead to trigger the explosion.
    The second the shack ahead of you blows up, move left and 
    into the hut with a VC. Kill him. From the window, shoot 
    all that you can. Hop out the window, go up the stairs, 
    and into another hut that some civilians run out of. 
    There are some RPKs and an AK-47 here. From this window, 
    shoot even more people. Keep in mind that you have a 
    sniper rifle. Head down the steps from this hut when 
    ready and duck behind a beached boat. Oh good, the guy 
    with the rocket launcher got himself shot. Guess it's up 
    to you to save everyone. From the boat, run to the grim 
    reaper, pick it up, and go back behind the boat. Then 
    quickly launch a rocket or two to the ZPU on your left. 
    Then, if you'd like, shoot one at the other pontoon to 
    your right.
    A bunch of VC swarm in after the chopper (the one from 
    The Defector mission!), including on at the window of the 
    house in front of you and some RPG guys to the right of 
    that. From the back of the boat, turn around and go up 
    the stairs on the porch and handle these guys 
    accordingly. Move up and shoot the VC inside the hut at 
    the end of this area. Once inside, go over to the window 
    and blow up the machine gun near the next hut with the 
    grim reaper. Follow your guys, either past or through the 
    next hut, and clear the area of VC. Now just to find 
    After Woods blows the top off of the rat tunnel, drop in. 
    Press L3 to turn on the light as you listen to Swift 
    ramble on until Reznov drops in. Too bad he can't climb 
    over those couple of rocks to help out Mason and Swift. 
    You'll see him again later. For now, keep following 
    Swift. After Swift bad-mouths you and Reznov, he takes a 
    knife from a surprise VC ninja. Karma! Shoot that guy and 
    keep moving. Some more VC will try to ambush you as you 
    enter this next room. Kill 'em, and Reznov will pop out 
    of a hole in the wall to replace Swift. I never liked 
    that guy anyway. Help him move the crates blocking the 
    next tunnel and follow Reznov.
    It's not long before another Charlie tries the same 
    method that worked on Swift, but Reznov was Swifter than 
    Swift (See what I did there?). Now you take point. At the 
    first intersection, a dude will come out of nowhere. 
    Shoot him. Here you can turn left or keep going straight. 
    Going left results in one extra enemy to kill. They both 
    lead to the same place. Shoot the VC that appears soon 
    after you see dirt again, then the one after the ground 
    starts to become level. Three more baddies appear in this 
    tunnel. One pops up behind a rock to your right and two 
    more at the back next to a wooden door. Kick open said 
    door and move in.
    You've discovered Kravchenko's secret clubhouse! No girls 
    allowed. There is a vast quantity of information here, 
    but no Kravchenko. Reznov turns on a cassette player as 
    Mason becomes nervous. You can leave right way or stay 
    and listen to Kravchenko explain the effects of Nova 6. 
    Either way, as you step out the back door, you will 
    trigger a trip mine that causes a cave in. Crawl for your 
    life! There's only one path, so don't worry about getting 
    lost. Just as you see cracks of daylight, some rocks 
    crumble down and block your only means of escape. Press 
    R3 three times to escape, and just barely avoid falling 
    to your death. And now there are more VC shooting at you 
    from the other ridge. I guess this day just got worse. 
    Have no fear, as Woods and Bowman show up to rescue you 
    and Reznov, and the mission ends.
    +++++J. Crash Site (V-J)
    Explore around the camp if you want, then head straight 
    over to the boat and jump in. I'm not sure if I'd trust 
    the kid with the machine gun, but Woods and Bowman are 
    operating grim reapers, so you'll be fine. Go over to the 
    steering wheel and let's roll.
    There's really only one path to follow, so follow it. 
    Some sweet tunes will pick up once you start. Shoot every 
    building you see along this entire river to ensure that 
    you kill every VC there is to kill. Make sure you blow up 
    all the towers as well, and any enemy tanks and ground 
    troops the yellow reticule identifies. That’s really all 
    there is too it. After the first tanks have been taken 
    out, head back the way you came and out the blockade once 
    the choppers blow it up.
    At some point some enemy boats will appear. Blast them 
    out of the water and blow up the tank as well. Deal with 
    these nuisances one at a time at a distance to ensure 
    your survival. Soon after, a large patrol boat will come 
    out of nowhere. Stay calm and shoot it like mad. Use the 
    floating huts for cover and don't let it ram you. It 
    should go down at some point, but Nelson, the kid in the 
    turret, goes home in a box. After Woods takes him out of 
    the pit, another interrogation room scene will interrupt.
    Once Nelson has been laid to rest (in the river, I 
    suppose), steer the boat downriver some more. You don't 
    feel so badass now, do you? Keep steering until the boat 
    docks itself. Jump out and follow Woods up the path. VC 
    will start hitting like crazy once you start hitting the 
    rocks, so blast 'em with your shotgun. Follow the stream 
    up and shoot all the VC, hiding behind rocks for cover. 
    Once your hear Woods yell that there are snipers in the 
    trees, shoot trees that lose leaves randomly until a dead 
    sniper falls out.
    Continue following the river once everyone is dead. There 
    is another sniper in the tree in front of you once the 
    Russian Hind shoots down ALL of your choppers. Those 
    souls will be avenged eventually, but for now, head to 
    the bluff overlooking a cemetery-like field and toss all 
    of your 'nades to kill the Spetznaz that appeared from 
    out of nowhere. Finish them off and hop down, turning 
    left up the slope once you reach the stones. Shoot done 
    another tree sniper and take out some more Spetznaz 
    troops, using the rocks as cover.
    Head over to the wing of the crashed plane and SLOWLY 
    walk up the center. There is an explosion near the 
    fuselage that will push you to the right, so center 
    yourself and climb onto the fuselage. Jump down into the 
    dirt with the fires, avoiding said fires, and once you 
    reach the last dead crewman, turn around and go into the 
    hallway. You will find some boxes; could they contain the 
    dreaded Nova 6? Woods opens one, and only finds a grenade 
    launcher. Oh well. Go ahead and take it, then go over to 
    the red netting and take the Dragunov sniper rifle so you 
    have both. There might not have been Nova 6 here, but 
    there is a map of Kravchenko's compound. Bowman will take 
    down the netting, so move into the cockpit area.
    You will have a nice view of the VC down below. I like to 
    snipe the ground troops, then use the grenade launcher on 
    the boats that come up, but you can do whatever. Make 
    sure to step back at some points, though, as these guys 
    have pretty good aim. Then- OH CRAP THE HIND IS BACK. It 
    shoots you down and you smash into the ground.
    Some Spetznaz will arrive to take Bowman's limp body away 
    with them. You can see Woods' body near you as well. 
    Where's Reznov? Be a shame if he died after all he's been 
    through. You have a pistol, but as luck would have it, no 
    ammo. Then a very rude man will kick it out of your hand 
    as Dragovich and Kravchenko walk in tandem towards you. 
    Why are they always together? They must have been voted 
    Cutest Couple back in Stalingrad High. Cute or not, 
    Kravchenko kicks you in the face, causing you to pass out 
    and end the mission. 	
    +++++K. WMD (V-K)
    This mission has two parts, one where you get to pilot a 
    Blackbird, the COOLEST innovation in flight technology 
    for the time, as Captain Mosely. Wait for the cutscene to 
    end, then, when prompted, fire up the engines and pull 
    back the control stick. Guess what? You are technically 
    in space one year before the Apollo program reached the 
    You will se a computer screen. This is from a camera 
    pointed at where Hudson and Weaver will be during this 
    mission. Move the joystick up until you find the gang, 
    then move right until you get to the big circle. Target 
    it with X and Hudson will move the group towards it. Is 
    this power you feel coursing through you? Once the other 
    circle appears, target the safe house and they will move 
    Uh oh, they're onto you! You'll take control of Hudson 
    back on Earth. Some baddies will enter from the front 
    door. As soon as Weaver shoots, turn around to avoid 
    getting caught by a flash bang. Stand behind the desk and 
    kill everyone coming in from there. When it's over, 
    Captain Mosely will take over again.
    Move over to the right some more and target the next dot. 
    But wait, there are soldiers blocking the route! As soon 
    as you hear yourself say "kill 'em", target the soldiers 
    so the gang can light them up. Then target the dot again. 
    Ignore the oncoming traffic and target the next dot. As 
    soon as you see the command come up on the screen, press 
    R3 to have your guys lay down in the snow. Everyone will 
    pass by you without knowing that you're there. Once they 
    are gone, click the target again. Then click on the 
    barracks target to the right to play as Hudson again.
    AS you head in, stay on the ledge you come in on and 
    shoot everyone in the room. Then go down and waste 
    everyone in the next room. Put a semtex on the electrical 
    boxes, go back a respectable distance, then blow it. 
    Follow Weaver as the power goes out and you'll get back 
    in the Blackbird.
    Keep clicking the targets as the proceed up North until 
    you once again take control of Hudson.
    This is a very stealthy mission, so do as I say to keep 
    the element of surprise. Move when Mosely tells you to 
    over the radio. You'll see the door on the shack open. Do 
    as Weaver says, hold down the circle button, and go 
    prone. DO NOT MOVE. The dog and the soldier will move 
    away soon enough. It's safe to get up once everyone else 
    gets up. Follow Weaver to the rail on the far side of the 
    area, underneath the tower. Press square to hook onto it, 
    then press L1 and R1 to rappel and break. If you rappel 
    to fast, you will fall and die. I can get it in four 
    rappels, but take your time. Once that's over, hook onto 
    the other railing and rappel when ready.
    You'll crash through a window in slo-mo. Kill everyone 
    and follow Weaver out the door. Brooks will appear and 
    toss a guy over the railing. Nice. Follow Weaver down the 
    stairs and to the end of the slope until you can see two 
    enemies chopping wood for winter. You're a bit late, 
    boys. Scope in with your crossbow and kill one of them. 
    Doesn't matter who. Someone will kill the other dude. 
    Follow Weaver down to see a somewhat busy little scene.
    Once everyone is in position, turn right and cross the 
    ledge. Start by hitting the guy patrolling outside the 
    shed once he's farther away from it. Scope in on the guy 
    cleaning the trucks windshield. Harris will take out the 
    other. Scope in on the shed and take out the guy sitting 
    on the barrel. Weaver will do the rest. Now, head through 
    the shed and kill the guy shoveling snow on the left. 
    Weaver will take out the one on the right. Here's where 
    it gets tricky. You have to shoot the guy overlooking the 
    area, but only after the guy walking around is faced away 
    from him. Then shoot the walker. Now, head over to the 
    steps, but don't face them. Go prone and wait by the 
    wall, and you should see some feet moving around 
    eventually. Shoot them and he will die. Probably of 
    infection. I don't know, I'm no doctor.
    If you get caught, a swarm of enemies will start 
    attacking, so deal with them as you see fit. Go down the 
    stairs once everyone here is dead and shoot the glowing 
    rectangles on the door to blow off the hinges. Weaver 
    will throw a knife and strike the guy in the chest like a 
    boss. Move up the stairs and breach the door. Brooks and 
    Harris will come crashing through the windows to help. 
    Kill everyone in your path as you cross the room and go 
    into the orange-lit room. Then turn around and go down 
    the stairs. Kill everyone in the room, using doorways and 
    computer desks as cover. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Good. Now 
    cross the room and go into the blue-lit room. Go over to 
    the box with the cables and you will rip them out like a 
    savage. Follow Harris down the stairway and out into the 
    Now, what did your mother always say about firing RPG's 
    on snow mountains? They cause avalanches. The warped 
    bridge and loss of Harris are the least of your worries. 
    Back up a bit once you regain control and jump over the 
    gap. Try to keep one of the guys in your sight as you run 
    across the ridge. Keep moving towards the yellow numbers 
    at the far side of the ridge. Finally you reach the end, 
    where you jump off. Deploy your chute when it prompts 
    you, or you will smash into the Earth and die horribly.
    Toss a flash bang and start shooting everyone you can as 
    soon as you see them. You need to move to get to 
    Steiner's lab. When you get closer to the end of this 
    area, a machine gun will rain fire down upon you. Ignore 
    it for now and head into the door jutting out of the 
    path. Toss another flash bang inside and shoot everyone 
    in the next room.
    After your little massacre, follow the path out and into 
    the next building. Wires, barrels... It's almost like 
    there's a bomb or something rigged to explode. For now, 
    just head into the room up the stairs. The doors lock 
    behind you- crap. Then Steiner will get on the 
    microphone, asking for your help. Well, we're kind of 
    desperate at this point, so what the heck.
    He'll shut up and unlock the doors, so MOVE! You have 
    three minutes to escape before an avalanche caused by the 
    explosions buries this place. Throw grenades everywhere, 
    using the barrels as cover. Then throw the rest of your 
    flash bangs to give you enough time to duck behind some 
    cover farther away. Make your way to the doorway at the 
    end and use the frame for cover as you shoot the gunner 
    in the back of the truck. Once he's done, sprint to the 
    gun and get on it. Unlimited ammo! Just like in Cuba and 
    Vorkuta. Shoot everyone you see, and Weaver will drive 
    away in the nick of time. 
    +++++L. Payback (V-L)
    You start the level back in control of Mason. You are in 
    a wooden cage suspended in water next to Woods, who is 
    also in a cage. This is a Vietnamese torture technique. 
    This can only mean that you are in a POW camp operated by 
    Kravchenko and Dragovich. Then you are dragged out of 
    your cage by some Vietnamese soldiers. Uh oh. This can't 
    be good.
    You are forcefully seated at a table with Bowman at the 
    other end. There are guys with guns all around you... And 
    a gun on the table. Crap. Then a Russian with a steel 
    pipe comes along. Well, they don't call it Russian 
    Roulette for nothing. Bowman insults him, and he- NO! 
    BOWMAN! OH GOD NO! Oh... Bowman was always with you from 
    the start of the game. Now he's gone. Let's have a moment 
    of silence.
    Well, who's going to play Russian Roulette with you now? 
    Ah. They drag Woods in. This is not going to end well. He 
    looks so angry. But he's a little more obedient than 
    Bowman. He picks up the gun and... Nothing. Now it's your 
    turn. But do you play? No. You turn and shoot the bookie 
    with it instead. But wait... What if the chamber was 
    empty? Or you decided to play after all? Ooh. That would 
    have made short work of you. Woods must be psychic. You 
    grab this guys gun and shoot the couple of guys Woods 
    didn't kill as the Russian makes a break for it. He can't 
    get away!
    Follow Woods into a cave with two separate tunnels 
    leading from it. Go left for now. Use the crevice you see 
    for cover as some more guys come runnin'. Deal with them 
    and duck into the small room ahead of you. Here's a 
    weapons cache, with AK-47's with different attachments, 
    some pistols, a galil, and an RPG. Duck out the room and 
    kill everyone you see as you run and gun. To your right 
    as you pass through the tunnel is another weapons cache. 
    Duck through it and you will find a couple more AK-47's 
    and a double barrel shotgun. Nice. Grab what you want and 
    meet Woods where the tunnels merge. Go ahead and kill 
    everyone in front of you.
    Use the crates in this next room as cover and waste 
    everyone here from a distance. Now it's time to kill the 
    Russian. Follow the tunnel to catch him just as he's 
    trying to escape. But he can't seem to get the door open. 
    Karma! Light him up. (If you don't shoot him quickly 
    enough, Woods will shoot instead.) Head to the ledge to 
    boost up Woods, who helps you up too. Woods is actually 
    able to open the door, giving you the first breath of 
    fresh air you've had in who knows how long.
    Follow him out. There are enemies by the Hind, but don’t 
    shoot them yet. Follow Woods behind the tree and start 
    picking off people as you go. Follow Woods once 
    everyone's a corpse, grabbing guns and ammo as you see 
    fit, and get in the Hind. Remember when I said we would 
    avenge the helicopters shot down by the Hind in "Crash 
    Site"? Woods will lift the metal beast into the air and 
    give you control once above the trees. It's your sky now,
    Follow the river the entire way to get to Kravchenko's 
    pad. SHOOT EVERYTHING. This is like driving the boat from 
    "Crash Site", only in the air and with unlimited machine 
    gun fire. You will eventually see a cave far away from 
    you with rockets shooting out of it. Fly to the right and 
    shoot all your missiles into this cave until the cave 
    explodes and caves in.
    Then you will encounter an area with four major targets 
    to destroy. Do so and keep following the river. As you 
    turn the corner, two enemy Hinds appear. Bugger. Don't 
    worry; they are quite simple to take out. Just keep a 
    different altitude than the other and don't stop 
    shooting. Then repeat on the other one. After both 
    explode, turn left and Woods will land you in the 
    clearing. You'll both get out next to a nice weapons 
    Follow Woods and light everybody you see up. There is a 
    truck you will see near a cave opening. Blow up the 
    barrels on it to take out the gunner. Come closer to the 
    cave entrance and a crazy guy with a flamethrower will 
    start burning everything. Shoot him when the flame goes 
    down and you can take his AK-47 flamethrower. You will 
    hear the cries of American soldiers, so go over to the 
    red button on the wall. Reznov? Yep, he's here. Follow 
    him down the tunnel and into the next room.
    There are a lot of enemies here, so make good use of 
    cover and your flamethrower, if you picked it up. 
    Remember that there are enemies on the balcony on the far 
    side of the room as well. Near this balcony, if you look 
    up, you will see Kravchenko pacing on the other side of a 
    glass window. Unfortunately, you can't shoot him. So head 
    up the stairs next to the windows on the ground and 
    follow Woods to his office.
    Breach the door, and Kravchenko will knock you down WWE 
    style. Woods will come in to beat him up, but he doesn't 
    do too well. You pick up a gun as he finishes with him, 
    only to have the fat guy kick it out of your hand and 
    kick you to a pulp. And then- Yes! Woods shanks him with 
    his knife! But Kravchenko just pulls the pins off of his 
    grenade belt. Woods heroically throws himself and 
    Kravchenko through the window and you see an explosion.
    You regain consciousness to see Woods' silhouette above 
    you. Oh thank God, he's still alive. No wait, it's just 
    Reznov. Woods died like a hero with Kravchenko. Let's 
    have one more moment of silence as the mission ends.
    +++++M. Rebirth (V-M)
    One down, two to go. Now you're going to Rebirth Island 
    to get Steiner. This is another stealth mission, but only 
    in the very beginning. You fly in inside a supply crate 
    with Reznov. Once you've been put down and Reznov gives 
    you the order, open the door and kill the guy near the 
    table with the melee button. 
    Now, go where Reznov goes and do what he says, or you 
    will be caught and a whole lot of guys will pour in and 
    light you up. Once you round the corner with a guy in a 
    light, take him out and you will get his gun. Keep 
    following Reznov. Climb up the ladder when you see it and 
    press R3 AS SOON AS YOU SEE A SHOTGUN. If you don't, you 
    will die. If you do, he will die, and you will get a 
    shotgun. Head up the other ladder. No baddie up here. An 
    explosion in the distance will make Reznov anxious, so 
    follow him. Jump up the pipe and onto the ledge and head 
    into the red-lit room. Jump down the hole and move 
    forward until you slide down the elevator cables.
    Kill the people in the elevator. The scientists aren't as 
    important, but the soldiers are. Then again, the 
    scientists ARE Nazis... Jump down and kill everyone. Go 
    straight down the hallway and turn left at the 
    intersection. Head into the first lab on the right, kill 
    everyone here, and move into the next lab, killing 
    everyone here too. Follow Reznov to the room with the 
    yellow-lit room inside, but stay at the doorframe to kill 
    everyone from a distance. Once you are able, throw a 
    grenade into the room within the room. It will explode, 
    killing the guy in there and the monkeys as well with 
    Nova 6. Coincidentally, this will also unlock the 
    achievement/trophy "I Hate Monkeys". Once all these guys 
    are deceased, move to the far side of the room and 
    through the red-lit doorway. Open the door at the far end 
    to trigger a cutscene.
    You will see Steiner talking on a radio for help, but it 
    will not come. You toss him a bit and throw him into the 
    chair. Then Reznov will step in, beat him up, and say his 
    most epic line ever. Just before he kills Steiner, an 
    interrogation room cutscene interferes. After that, you 
    will be playing as Hudson, twenty minutes before Steiner 
    is killed.
    You start in a sweet tank- machine guns AND grenade 
    launchers?! Where do I sign up? You can't control the 
    tank's movements, but you can fire the weapons. It's 
    pretty straightforward. Shoot everything and everyone you 
    can, until a Hind forces you out of the tank. (NOTE: This 
    part of the mission was a BEAST on Veteran difficulty. If 
    you are attempting it on Veteran, take some precautions, 
    such as removing cherished pets from the room and having 
    an extra controller in case the one you're using breaks 
    from hitting the wall repeatedly.)
    Oh no. Is that Nova 6 in those pods? Yep, it is. Luckily, 
    you came prepared, wearing a hazmat suit with a gas mask. 
    Unfortunately, Private Fulsang forgot his mask, so you 
    get to see what Nova 6 does to you in case you forgot 
    what happened to Dimitri Petrenko. This part is a lot 
    like Silent Hill, in that you can't see five feet ahead 
    of you because of the fog from Nova 6. But, unlike in 
    Silent Hill, you have an Enfield with a scope that can 
    allow you to see through fog. Be careful though, because 
    if you get shot too much cumulatively, your gas mask will 
    crack and shatter, which will kill you horribly. Kill 
    everybody in this area and move into the house at the 
    Use the exiting doorframe for cover as you take everyone 
    here out. When you reach an intersection heading out, a 
    dying engineer will stumble out of an alley to your 
    right, followed by an enemy. Waste him. Then, sprint 
    forward and run into the house and go up the stairs. Move 
    through to the next room. Snipe the guys in the next 
    house from the window, then head outside and jump to the 
    next house.
    There are still some enemies here, so take 'em out. Move 
    through the rooms and go down the stairs. Move through 
    the rest of the house and use the doorframe at the end 
    for cover. Great. Now they're dead, but there are two 
    helicopters to take down. So, run down the stairs and 
    turn the corner to the left to grab the Strela-3 and use 
    it to shoot down the choppers from the doorway. Once they 
    have been turned into scrap heaps, follow your group out 
    of the gas.
    You will take off your mask as you jump down to the dirt 
    path. Kill the douche bags with the RPG's on the roof a 
    distance away from you, then the people in front of you. 
    Head inside the small building. There are a variety of 
    weapons inside, but make sure you shoot the baddies in 
    and out of it. Use the window for cover and shoot 
    everybody in this area, including the guy on the roof 
    ahead of you. Move up slowly to as not to die and always 
    use cover.
    Head into the main building, but be careful. There are 
    enemies all over the place here. Head through the hallway 
    on the left here and follow it to the end. Weaver will 
    open the door at the end. Follow him to become 
    decontaminated of whatever Nova 6 particles remain on 
    you. Follow the stairs and shoot anyone here. Head 
    through the last door and follow Weaver.
    Head into this familiar looking hallway and shoot the guy 
    crawling on the ground. Head left and shoot that guy in 
    the back. Head left again and take out the group heading 
    into the room with the Nova 6 room inside. Head into this 
    room and kill anyone getting in your way. Then open the 
    door Mason went through earlier from the control panel to 
    the right of said door. 
    This triggers a cutscene. Say, where is Reznov? And why 
    is Mason wearing his coat? Uh oh. Better stop him before 
    he kills Steiner. You and Weaver will pick up some metal 
    box-thing and smash into the glass, but it's too late. 
    Damn, that was some really strong glass. Steiner dies, 
    but we're able to get Mason away with only weaver get 
    shot in the leg. No biggie. Head into the next hallway to 
    end the mission. This cutscene raises some huge questions 
    about Reznov.
    +++++N. Revelations (V-N
    This level is like one big cutscene, but you still 
    control Mason as he stumbles along. Now you finally know 
    who your interrogators are. I just hope that Hudson pays 
    for that TV. Hudson will free Mason's hand (heh, 
    freemasons), prompting you to give him a nice tolchock to 
    his noggin. Head out the door and turn left. Turn right 
    at the doors with the funky flashing windows and go 
    through them. Turn left at the start of the new hallway. 
    In the Reznov room, head through the door once Reznov 
    shuts up and go through the next door. Turn right. Turn 
    left. Oh, you almost got away, but Hudson came back to 
    give YOU a nice tolchock as well. This gives way to a 
    cutscene, and this confusing "mission" ends.
    Oh, and just to recap in case you missed it... In 
    Vorkuta, Steiner worked with Kravchenko and Dragovich to 
    brainwash you to be a sleeper agent, someone who doesn't 
    act until there is a signal, to unleash Nova 6 upon 
    America. But Reznov hacked into your brain while you were 
    being brainwashed to kill Kravchenko, Steiner, and 
    Dragovich. He sacrificed himself getting you out of 
    Vorkuta so it could be done. Reznov was never there; it 
    was a hallucination. Everything "Reznov" did in the field 
    was either you or somebody else. That means it really was 
    you who killed Steiner. Heavy.
    +++++O. Redemption (V-O)
    It's time for the final showdown. You ride in on a 
    heavily armed chopper with Hudson riding shotgun. Why he 
    decided to give control of a helicopter to a mentally 
    unstable, disturbed sleeper agent with schizophrenia is 
    beyond me. As you approach the ship, it will shoot down a 
    couple other chopper near you. You have unlimited rockets 
    and bullets, so go nuts. Hit every target marked by the 
    gray circles as they pop up and keep moving constantly. 
    Once the deck of the ship is ablaze with twisted burning 
    metal, Weaver will land his helicopter at one end. Defend 
    him as he moves across the deck. Weaver will go below 
    deck and an enemy Hind will rise up from nowhere. Gulp. 
    Just follow the same strategy you used when escaping the 
    POW camp in Laos. The copter will go down, but not before 
    critically damaging yours.
    Try to guide your badly damaged Roflcopter to the place 
    on the deck Weaver landed and it will explode. Jump out 
    and just barely catch the metal grating on the end of the 
    deck. Pick up Hudson, whose skull made a large dent in 
    the ship upon landing. Follow him to where the action is. 
    You'll see a plethora of enemies, so kill 'em and use 
    cover as needed.
    Two enemy HIPs will approach. Grab the highlighted 
    Valkyrie missile launcher and, well, launch Valkyrie 
    missiles at them. Blow them to bits, but save the 
    launcher. You'll need it. There will be more baddies, 
    both here and at the other end of the ship where you go 
    below decks. Do I even need to explain what to do?
    Head down below decks. Weaver will get over the radio, 
    telling Hudson how he has to see some fecal matter. I'm 
    sure Hudson has seen it before, but Weaver probably just 
    wants to feel like a big boy. Follow the hallway down and 
    down the stairs. At the end, toss a frag grenade and a 
    flash bang into the room there to catch 'em off guard. 
    Waste anyone left, go down the next set of steps, and do 
    the same with the next room. Kill anybody who needs 
    killing and move on.
    Here's where the leftover Valkyrie missiles come into 
    play. Move to some cover, and then launch a missile to 
    the target dot at the other side of the room. Go up the 
    steps and into the short hallway marked 4. Light up 
    everyone here, then launch you second missile into the 
    hallway with the target dot. Kill anybody left and as 
    soon as the last enemy lies dead, you will hold your gun 
    steady. Meet up with Hudson and Weaver at the other end 
    and Weaver will explain that the broadcast station is 
    actually under the ship. Hudson will call in an air 
    strike with a 15 minute ETA as the broadcast starts. 
    Mason, however, insists that several bombs dropped by US 
    bombers onto a ship PROBABLY won't manage to kill a guy 
    trapped under the ship underwater. So, it looks like you 
    and Hudson are diving in.
    Now, I actually Scuba dive, and so does my father, and as 
    something of an expert, I can tell you that everyone here 
    is descending way too fast. Pressure can build up in the 
    ears and pop your eardrums, so you have to take it slowly 
    and clear your ears after every couple of feet. Whatever. 
    Once you can, proceed to the target dot and into the room 
    above. Here, Hudson will pry open the door to reveal a 
    roomful of communists. Fire from whatever cover you find 
    and don't stop until you've killed them all. Move up the 
    stairs when you can for an upper vantage point and shoot 
    everyone in the next room too. Stay out of the pool in 
    this room, because an explosion will cause it to drop.
    More enemies will spill out after this explosion. Deal 
    with them. Follow Hudson up the stairs and shoot anyone 
    here accordingly. Move up and to the left, and run 
    straight into the room ahead. Don't bother shooting 
    anyone here, because another explosion will cause 
    seawater to flood the room. Once Hudson revives you, swim 
    up and onto the floor above.
    Follow baldy through another hallway and kill any punks 
    here as well. Go up the ladder at the end and go through 
    another hallway. Before you try, no, the Scuba tanks 
    scattered around don't explode when shot. There will be 
    muchos enemias so take precautions.
    You are almost done the game! Enter the computer room to 
    find a bunch of enemies. Toss a flash bang and grenade to 
    get rid of some, then head in when ready and use cover to 
    take out the survivors. Go up the stairs and into the 
    final part of the game.
    Kill the guy at the top and toss in the same combo you 
    used in the last room. These next couple of guys are 
    armored, so shoot extra. Move through this room and into 
    the next, another computer room. Shoot all the guys 
    working on the consoles, but they shouldn’t give you too 
    much flak. Move to the console at the other end of the 
    room to stop the numbers broadcast.
    You manage to stop it, but an explosion will knock you 
    too your feet. You'll see Dragovich enter the room, but 
    before he can shoot you, Hudson comes in and shoots his 
    shoulder. He'll turn to face him long enough to grab him 
    and toss him to a lower level on his back to knock the 
    wind outta the guy. After some banter, press R3 and L3 
    repeatedly to choke this son of a bitch out underwater. 
    There. You wasted 15 minutes to track down and kill one 
    guy who would have been killed anyhow. Follow Hudson into 
    the next hallway and to the end of the mission.
    As you swim up back to the surface without any Scuba 
    equipment on, you'll hear Reznov's voice congratulating 
    you what he programmed you do way back in Vorkuta. Is 
    this your hallucinations brought on from your 
    brainwashing from back then? Or is it an old friend, 
    reaching you from beyond the grave? Or could it be the 
    possible nitrogen narcosis you probably have from 
    swimming up to the surface without making any stops or 
    exhaling at all to clear nitrogen from your body (not to 
    mention the bends you'll probably get too)? Whatever the 
    case, you are helped aboard a small boat by Weaver. 
    Congratulations. You just beat Call of Duty: Black Ops.
    Now enjoy the epilogue for a vague, disturbing hint as to 
    what really happened in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 
    *****Death to Dictators*****
    Take down Castro with a headshot.
    Ensure your squad escapes safely from Cuba.
    Story related. See section V-A.
    *****Vehicular Slaughter*****
    Destroy all enemies on vehicles during the prison break.
    *****Slingshot Kid*****
    Destroy all slingshot targets in 3 attempts.
    *****Give me liberty, or give me death*****
    Escape Vorkuta.
    Story related. See section V-B.
    Receive orders from Lancer.
    Story related. See section V-C.
    *****A Safer Place*****
    Sabotage the Soviet space program.
    Story related. See section V-D.
    *****Tough Economy*****
    Use no more than 4 TOW guided missiles to destroy the 
    tanks in the defense of Khe Sanh.
    *****Looks don't count*****
    Break the siege in the battle of Khe Sanh.
    Story related. See section V-E.
    *****Raining Pain*****
    Rack up a body count of 20 NVA using air support in Hue 
    *****The Dragon Within*****
    Kill 10 NVA with Dragon's Breath rounds.
    *****SOG Rules*****
    Receive the dossier and the defector from Hue City.
    Story related. See section V-F.
    *****Heavy Hand*****
    Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the MG emplacement.
    *****Up Close and Personal*****
    Silently take out 3 VC.
    *****Double Trouble*****
    Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon.
    *****Broken English*****
    Escape Kowloon.
    Story related. See section V-G.
    *****Lord Nelson*****
    Destroy all targets and structures while making your way 
    up the river.
    *****Never get off the boat*****
    Find the Soviet Connection in Laos. 
    Story related. See section V-J.
    Guide the squad through the Soviet outpost without 
    getting them killed.
    Story related. See section V-K.
    *****Mr. Black OP*****
    Enter the Soviet relay station undetected.
    This can be tricky. Follow my guide exactly in section V-
    K to get this achievement/trophy. 
    *****With extreme prejudice*****
    Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets.
    *****Russian bar-b-q*****
    Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachment in 
    the POW compound.  
    *****Light Foot*****
    Escape the ship with 2:15 left on the timer in veteran.
    *****Some wounds never heal*****
    Escape the past.
    Story related. See section V-H.
    *****I hate monkeys*****
    Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the Rebirth labs.
    When you get to the room that has the smaller containment 
    room in it, throw or launch a grenade into the smaller 
    room and the achievement/trophy will be unlocked.
    *****No Leaks*****
    Make it through the Nova 6 gas without dying on Rebirth 
    Crack the code.
    Story related. See section V-N.
    *****Double Whammy*****
    Destroy both helicopters with one Valkyrie rocket from 
    the deck of the ship.
    *****Stand Down*****
    Complete the campaign on any difficulty.
    Story related. See sections V-A through V-O.	
    *****BLACK OP MASTER*****
    Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.
    See sections V-A through V-O.
    *****Frag Master*****
    Kill 5 enemies with a single frag grenade in the 
    *****Sally Likes Blood*****
    Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 
    3 enemies with a single bullet.
    *****Unconventional Warfare*****
    Use the explosive bolts to kill 30 enemies in the 
    *****Cold Warrior*****
    Complete Operation 40, Vorkuta, and Executive Order on 
    Veteran difficulty.
    See sections V-A through V-D.
    *****Down and Dirty*****
    Complete SOG and The Defector on Veteran difficulty.
    See sections V-E through V-F.
    *****It's your funeral*****
    Complete Numbers, Project Nova, and Victor Charlie on 
    Veteran difficulty.
    See sections V-G through V-I.
    *****Not Today*****
    Complete Crash Site, WMD, and Payback on Veteran 
    See sections V-J through V-L.
    *****Burn Notice*****
    Complete Rebirth and Redemption on Veteran difficulty.
    See sections V-M through V-O.	
    *****Closer Analysis*****
    Find all hidden intel.
    *****Date Night*****
    Watch a film or clip with a friend.
    *****In The Money*****
    Finish 5 Wager matched "in the money".
    *****Ready for Deployment*****
    Reach Rank 10 in Combat training.
    *****The Collector*****
    Buy every weapon off the walls in a single Zombies game.
    *****See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me*****
    Fire a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife at a downed ally to 
    revive them from a distance.
    *****Hands Off the Merchandise*****
    Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-
    *****Sacrificial Lamb*****
    Shoot at or be shot at by an ally with a Pack a Punch 
    crossbow and kill six zombies with the explosion.
    *****Insert Coin*****
    Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic 
    Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade.
    See section VIII-C.
    *****Easy Rhino*****
    In Dead Ops Arcade, use a Speed Boost to blast through 20 
    or more enemies at one time.
    *****Just ask me nicely*****
    Break free from the torture chair.
    See section VIII-0.
    *****Eaten by a Grue*****
    Play Zork on the terminal.
    See section VIII-C.
    	Nazi Zombies is a survival mode of Call of Duty in 
    which you and up to three other players fight Nazi 
    Zombies in different scenarios and maps. Only World at 
    War and Black Ops has Nazi Zombies mode, as it was 
    created by Treyarch. Black Ops has three basic maps: Kino 
    der Toten, Five, and Dead Ops. Then some DLC maps were 
    available for downloading, these being (in order of 
    release): Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, and 
    Moon. With Moon came the original four maps from World at 
    War: Nacht der Untoten, Verrukt, Shi No Numa, and Der 
    Riese. You can find a full strategy guide written by me 
    on Kino der Toten on Gamefaqs.
    By pressing L2 and R2 alternatively, you can free 
    yourself from the interrogation chair in the main menu. 
    Here, you can move around the room. In one of the corners 
    is an old-looking computer. There are a variety of things 
    you can do here.
    +++++A. COMMANDS (VIII-A)
    Enter in log in username and password - LOGIN
    Access user account mail - M
    Read email for user - 0-9
    View users files - DIR
    View individual files - CAT [filename] (EXAMPLE: CAT    
    Exit mail - EXIT
    Clear the text from the screen - CLEAR
    List login usernames on the server - WHO
    Translate text into code - ENCODE
    Translate code into text - DECODE
    +++++B. LOGINS (VIII-B)
    For these, LOGIN must be typed before entering. This is 
    the CIA server, which is available automatically. Press 
    enter to enter in login username and password 
    Alex Mason 
    User: amason
    Password: PASSWORD
    Bruce Harris 
    User: bharris 
    Password: GOSKINS
    D. King
    User: dking
    Password: MFK
    Dr. Adrienne Smith
    User: asmith
    Password: ROXY
    J. Turner. 
    User: jturner
    Password CONDOR75
    John McCone 
    User: jmccone 
    Password: BERKLEY22
    Richard Helms User: rhelms 
    Password: LEROSEY
    Richard Kain. 
    User: rkain
    Password: SUNWU
    Ryan Jackson 
    User: rjackson 
    Password: SAINTBRIDGET
    T. Walker
    User: twalker 
    Password: RADI0 (Zero, not an O)
    Terrance Brooks
    User: tbrooks 
    Password: LAUREN
    William Raborn
    User: wraborn 
    Password: BROMLOW
    Joseph Bowman
    User: jbowman
    Password: UWD
    President John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    User: jfkennedy
    Password: LANCER
    President Lyndon Baines Johnson
    User: lbjohnson
    Password: LADYBIRD
    President Richard Nixon
    User: rnixon 
    Password: CHECKERS
    Dr. Vannevar Bush
    User: vbush
    Password: MANHATTAN
    Frank Woods
    User: fwoods
    Password: PHILLY
    Grigori "Greg" Weaver
    User: gweaver
    Password: GEDEON
    Jason Hudson
    User: jhudson
    Password: BRYANT1950
    The following is the list for the Dreamland server 
    logins. To get here, type in RLOGIN DREAMLAND and type in 
    one of the following accounts.
    Robert Oppenheimer
    Username: roppen 
    Password: TRINITY
    T. Walker Username: twalker 
    Password: THANKSDAD
    Vannevar Bush
    Username: vbush 
    Password: MAJESTIC1
    The following is the list for the Der Riese server 
    logins, from Nazi Zombies. The passwords for these logins 
    are not known. Perhaps they will be revealed in Black Ops 
    +++++C. EXTRAS (VIII-C)
    ALICIA - launches Alicia, a virtual therapist
    DOA - Launches and unlocks Dead Ops Arcade
    FOOBAR - Displays a hidden message
    ZORK - Launches the Zork minigame
    3ARC UNLOCK - Unlocks the Five Nazi Zombies map and all 
    the campaign levels, but disables you from getting the 
    "Stand Down" achievement/trophy.
    3ARC INTEL - Unlocks all the intel in the game, but 
    disables you from getting the "Closer Analysis" 
    Now, wasn't that a great game? To tell the truth, it's 
    one of my favorites. You may be asking right now why I 
    didn't add a multiplayer section. It's because I live in 
    an area that does not have the greatest internet. I have 
    to use satellite internet, which means I have a download 
    limit and can't play games online. It sucks. If you want 
    to email me, there is a link in section X-0, but please, 
    don't email me asking me to add you as a friend or join a 
    party or play a game on PSN or Xbox Live, because I 
    can't. And I can't change that. 
    Anyway, I would give Black Ops a 10 out of 10. It has all 
    necessary elements a great game should have: Storyline, 
    action, characters, memorable quotes, multiplayer mode, 
    game play after the campaign is done, and tons of easter 
    eggs. Some may disagree, but they just aren't looking at 
    the big picture. Exactly what is it missing?
    I think that's about it for this guide. Thanks for 
    reading, drive home safely, and good night.
    Got any tips for me? Can I improve this FAQ or did I 
    leave anything out? My email address is 
    empoleonmaster1@aol.com, so feel free to ask any 
    questions or add tips, or even to say hi.  
    You MAY use this FAQ for your own FAQ, but only if you 
    give me credit for it. This is my guide to Call of Duty: 
    Black Ops, and I do not represent or own Treyarch, Nazi 
    Zombies, the Call of Duty franchise, Ativision, 
    Playstation and its affiliates, or the Playstation 
    Copyright 2012 Realm117.
    *****VERSION HISTORY*****
    V 0.20 - Added intro, table of contents, sections V-C 
    through V-E.
    V 0.40 - Added sections V-F through V-I.
    V 0.60 - Added sections V-J through V-K.
    V.0.80 - Added sections V-L through V-M, V-A, II, III, 
    IV-A through IV-F, VIII-A through VIII-C, IX, X.
    V.0.90 - Added sections V-B, V-N, VI
    V.1.0 - Added section V-O, final edit.

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