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    Kino der Toten Guide by M_dragon159

    Version: 2.02 | Updated: 05/13/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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            |          Call of Duty: Black Ops      |
            |             Zombie Guide              |
            |             Kino der Toten            |
            |             By MDragon159             |
    ===>You may press CTRL+F and enter the code in brackets to find your desired
    ===>Please e-mail any suggestions, corrections, or additions. I'll appreciate
        it. Look in the appropriate section [C0D0T] for e-mail
    ===>Please note that I let DBC use this guide within his own guide; he has my
     / ------------------------------------------------\
    | 1. Introduction [INTR1]                           |
    | 2. Version Guide [VG123]                          |
    | 3. General Guide [E3GG]                           |
    |    ~Early Rounds [E3ARR]                          |
    |    ~To The Mid-Rounds [E3TMR]                     |
    |    ~Mid-Rounds+ [E3MRP]                           |
    |    ~Additions/Modifications Strategies [A1M1S]    |
    | 4. Crucial Exempted Topics [1CET1]                |
    |    ~Gaining and Maximizing Points [G1MP1]         |
    |    ~Enemy Types [1ZET1]                           |
    |    ~Killing Zombies Efficiently [1KZE1]           |
    |    ~Obtaining Weapons and Ammo [OB1WE]            |
    |    ~Weapons List + Locations + More [W1LL1]       |
    |    ~Power-Ups [1POW1]                             |
    |    ~Dog Rounds [D0O0G]                            |
    |    ~Mystery Box [1MBX1]                           |
    |    ~Cymbalic Monkeys [1MON1]                      |
    |    ~Pack-a-Punch Machine [PAP0M]                  |
    |    ~Teleporter [TE0LE]                            |
    |    ~Traps [TR0AP]                                 |
    |    ~Mustang & Sally [MU1SA]                       |
    |    ~Down and Downed Weapons [DOWE1]               |
    |    ~Perks [1PER1]                                 |
    |    ~Easter Eggs [EG1GS]                           |
    |    ~Wii Patch Changes [W1P1C]                     |
    | 5. Additional Strategies [ADS02]                  |
    | 6. Miscellaneous Tips [MIS0T]                     |
    | 7. Frequently Asked Questions [F0A0Q]             |
    | 8. References [RE0FR]                             |
    | 9. Credit, Contact, Suggestions, Etc. [C0D0T]     |
    | 10. Pre-End Statement [PE1ND]                     |
    | 11. End Statement [E0N0D]                         |
     \ ------------------------------------------------/
               |                1. Introduction                 |
               |                    [INTR1]                     |
                \                                              /
    First off, this guide is for everybody who has an interest in zombies mode of
    Call of Duty: Black Ops. This guide was originally made for newbies in mind.
    However, this grew out to also include advice for anybody who needs some.
    This guide is about the first zombie map of Call of Duty: Black Ops for Wii,
    Kino Der Toten. This guide is not specifically for any other zombie map, 
    although you may learn a few critical skills. Also, this is not based on solo
    mode. However, you can gain insight on how to play solo if you learn how to
    play multiplayer zombies.
    I have put so much into this guide that you can easily become a real expert if
    you follow this. Amateurs and novices can find new information from this
    guide. Lots of stuff.
                       | About the General Guide: |
    The general guide is just that: a general guide. I omitted certain topics,
    such as zombie crawlers, on purpose. That is why you must read Section 3 if
    you want to be any good. Plus, this is just one way (or a general guide of a
    way) of how to play. You may change your style of zombies any way you like.
    Please take note that I don't mean completely general; it is complete enough
    to take you beyond your current limits. What I exactly mean is that there are
    other ways to play that work, although
    Last thing: read the credits. If not now, then later. This is not solely my
    work but compiled work with the help of others (general guide is mostly mine
    with tips from others). Also, to contact me, see the appropriate section.
    (Now you can skip the rest of the introduction)
    Note: This may or not may be rant, plus a little history. The following
    paragraph has not been edited since I first typed it.
    I completely hate it when zombie newbies mess everything else, and so do
    others. I also hate how long this guide took to make, with all the
    reformatting issues. When I was told to make this into a FAQ (originally made
    to be stickied on the GameFaqs/GameSpot board), I kind of raged but went on to
    work on this FAQ. I actually am writing this BEFORE I remodel the rest of the
    guide, but eh. Let's see how it turns out.
    *Sobs and then laughs maniacally*
    Disclaimer: I don't know how else to emphasize this, but this is NOT the only
    way to play the game. Read this entire guide, follow it, and adapt your
    playstyle until you become a pro/expert.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                2. Version History              |
               |                    [VG123]                     |
                \                                              /
    Just a small (maybe) list/history of my versions. Listed from newest to old.
    Version 2.01 (1/25/11)
    ~Fixed many minor errors, such as the many "than"s
    Version 2.00 (1/25/11)
    ~MAJOR formatting changes, but too lazy to change this section's formatting
    ~Finally reread the entire guide again; edited and changed info (mistakes)
    ~Added some new info
    ~To emphasize more, BIG CHANGES, although not 100.00% changed
    Version 1.20 (1/22/11)
    ~Fixed my dates; they ended with '10, not '11
    ~Added information here and there
    ~Seems like a significant update and the other updates seemed bigger then I
        thought, so I skipped a few numbers
    ~Some format changes; major ones coming soon in a big update
    ~New site allowance
    Version 1.03 (1/11/11)
    ~Oops, forgot to add "159" at the end of e-mail address. Sorry ;D
    ~Added new site allowance
    Version 1.03 (1/11/11)
    ~Added Obtaining Weapons and Ammo section
    ~Fixed small mistakes
    ~Fixed sentry price + elaborated on traps a bit more (use of them)
    ~Deleted "Power-Up Increaser" in Easter Eggs section
        -Reason: Not exactly confirmed for Wii version
    Version 1.01 (1/8/11)
    ~Made a simple mistake in the Perks section
    ~Added some info on Killing Zombies Efficiently
    Version 1.00
    ~First official try
    ~Took info from others
    ~Researched a bit and tried them out
    ~Reformatted a lot, frustration from posting on boards, decided to reformat
    --->for a real FAQ
    *Frustration and Rage for the above*
    ~Finally finished completely and think I'm good to go
    Version 0.50
    ~First try. Pretty simple and bad looking. Didn't have nearly the same info.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                3. General Guide                |
               |                    [E3GG]                      |
                \                                              /
    This is the General Guide. If you haven't read the Introduction, you wouldn't
    know that when I say General, I mean general. Read the introduction.
    The guide is split into 3 parts: Early Rounds, To The Mid-Rounds, and
    Mid-Rounds+. Each leads off farther into the Kino Der Toten stage as rounds. I
    give you the choice of how many rounds you consider each section for, except
    for the Early Rounds. The Early Rounds are very critical and can split you
    off from a noob, novice, and expert. I'll tell you [almost] exactly what I
    mean by that in that specific section.
    Oh and a few, little notes:
    ~I usually presume you are using the wiimote and nunchuck normal configuration
    ~I usually presume everyone knows what they are doing and can communicate with
    each other. Try to get the headbanger headset; it helps
    ~I usually presume you have 4 people; if you don't, try to get 4 people. If
    you can't, improvise when you can and try your hardest; hope you improve
    ~I sometimes suggest to skip a room. This is because being amateurs or playing
    with fools is death in these rooms I suggest to skip
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                ~Early Rounds                   |
               |                    [E3ARR]                     |
                \                                              /
    Note: When I write, windows = barriers. This is also true for the other
    sections of the General Guide.
    Newbies do many things wrong in the early rounds. I consider these rounds from
    Rounds 1 all the way to Round 5 or 6. The reason why is that this is the time
    where you stay in the room you start out in, the Lobby.
    (For a full map of Kino der Toten, go to the references section)
                       | First off, a few primary points: |
    ~4 players = 4 windows = everyone get one window. DO NOT TRY TO "HELP" OR
    Note: If you have less than 4 players, then you guys have to settle on one
    window each and then make sure the zombies in the last do not come out or you
    will usually be in a terrible situation. I recommend waiting for four people
    before you start. The only disadvantage is that, other than the fact the
    person may be useless, more zombies will spawn on average per round.
    To make things clearer, everyone should go for one window each. Do not buy a
    gun. It will be a waste of points, and even if you want that shotgun in the
    room badly, you won't even be using it at all in most cases until much later
    where there will be better guns. Yes, there IS a way to kill zombies with what
    you start out with: your pistol, your knife, and your grenades.
    This is what you do, in a nutshell:
       | Basics of Attacking and Defending Against Zombies (in Early Rounds) |
    ~Shoot the zombies legs or arms where you do the least damage. Don't do it too
    many times or you'll kill them with bullets. Also, you may need to save
    bullets just in case an emergency occurs or if there's an insta-kill on
    (although knifing is sufficient, but that is for at least novices since you
    can die easily). Know your limits. If you don't need or want points and know
    you'll need those bullets, save 'em.
        -Why you ask?: Headshots = more damage, but you get 10 points per non-kill
        hit with any type of gun's bullet. Normal shots still give you 10 points
        per bullet that hits them.
    ~Knife to damage and finish off. Why? Because a knife kill gets you the most
    points out of all the ways to kill. It's in this order:
    Knife > Headshots > Bullets > Explosives & Such
    ~Let the zombies break the boards on the windows. Repair by holding A near the
    doorway. For every board you place, you get 10 points unless you met your
    maximum limit for getting points for that round. Each round you can only get
    so many points from fixing boards. The limit increases with every round.
        -Watch out: if you're in range of repairing the window, than you're
        usually in range of the zombies on the other side. They CAN kill you while
        on the other side of the boards.
    ~When you knife, move back and forth, away from the window and back! If you
    don't, you'll die. VERY IMPORTANT TO DO!
    ~Also, while attacking barrier zombies, get close enough to repair the window
    and repair it. You CAN attack the zombies and still repair the window at the
    same time. If you don't, you most likely will get overrun if the game gives
    you a huge amount of zombies at once. Just make sure they don't grab you
    ~While repairing windows/barriers, notice there IS slight "lag" between
    holding A for each board and the animation for the board to go in place. If
    you're shooting (especially against zombies in later rounds in later
    barriers): Go near the window, hold A, move back, shoot all the time while
    aiming at the zombie(s), and when the board goes in place, rinse and repeat.
    ~You don't have to stare at the barrier to repair it. Just hold A and you
    can turn around to check your back. All you have to do is make sure you're
    near the barrier.
    Now, remember: Shoot zombies, knife to finish off, repair boards all the time.
    Here is an advanced tactic: (this takes experience to do correctly)
    1. Damage the zombies any way you wish until it takes 1 knife to finish off
    2. Let the zombies break the boards completely
    3. Kill the zombies as they pass over the barrier into your side
    You will hopefully get a power-up, which is very useful. 
            --->Warnings/Tips About This Tactic<---
    ~Watch out if there are too many zombies. You can get taken down easily
    ~Zombies mayleap and/or come out at the VERY SAME TIME
    ~You don't have to wait until they start to turn towards you; make sure
       they're in the room
    ~If they fully come in, then knife and move back if you get hurt and wait a
       sec until you heal. Rinse and repeat until they all die. Don't try to do
       this with too many zombies, or you'll screw your team up
    ~Try to do this at least in the first two rounds and do this after you get
        your max barrier repairing points. Wait until the next round starts to fix
        your barrier
                | If A Zombie Gets In and A Partner Goes Down? |
    ~Throwing a Grenade (this takes experience to master and is very useful later
    on): Wait until the zombies are bunched together for the greatest effect. If
    you can, and are experienced enough, try to do small circles around the
    zombies to make them stay in a big group. Cook a grenade. Move back and aim a
    little ahead near your undead buddies' feet. Throw the grenade on the 3rd or
    4th flash of the pointer (5 = boom, you're dead) and then throw.
    ~ONLY REVIVE A TEAMMATE IF IT'S CLEAR! If you know there's a bunch of zombies
    nearby, don't try to rush and save a friend while he/she's down. You'll simply
    get yourself killed and that will help no one. If you're experienced, then you
    may know how to time saving a friend while keeping a zombie in sight. Try to
    communicate with him. If the player who is downed is in the middle of a point
    where zombies will come from, say, 10 directions, than tell him to crawl. If
    you can, make him move to somewhere where zombies can't come from many
    directions and tell him to face where you think zombies will come from.
    If they're coming, tell him to shoot to warn you. However, if he moves too
    much, you'll mess up the reviving process, so make sure he doesn't move too
    much, or sometimes better, not at all
    ~If insta-kill is on and you're teammate didn't waste his bullets: Tell him to
    turn around and shoot at everyone while you revive him.
    Now that you know the basics of the Early Rounds, this is the point of doing
    all this: You need to maximize your points for later when it is very crucial.
    You also will be slightly ready, unlike a newbie, for new things. Get
    experienced with these. These are the minor goals.
    Your more immediate goal is to get ready to open doors at a certain time.
    DO NOT OPEN A DOOR AT ROUND 4 OR BEFORE! It will be harder for everybody for
    all sorts of reasons, including the fact that you didn't take the advantage of
    the early rounds. Than, try to settle a time to open one of the doors. I
    recommend doing it at the time between Rounds 4 and 5, in the middle of
    Round 5, or between Round 5 and 6.
    /When To Move To Another Room:\
    |Between Round 4 and 5: Zombies, for sure, will not be there yet. This is the
    |earliest you should do it. However, the zombies WILL spawn where you go
    |for sure.
    |Middle of Round 5: Most of the zombies will have spawned in the Lobby, or at
    |least the game will focus the zombies in the room. If you go to another room,
    |the spawned zombies will still spawn from their barriers. However, zombies
    |will still spawn where you go, but less, and you can be ready for the ones
    |you left behind.
    |Between Round 5 and 6: Most of the reasons for between round 4 and 5 are the
    |same. I say this should be the latest you go because dogs come around every
    |6-8 rounds. They actually tend to come in round 6 if you stay in the lobby,
    |and without a gun and how you are now, you will most likely die to the
    |hellhound dogs.
    Now, which way to go? There are two paths for you, Up (which is up the
    right staircase, to your right) or Down (in the back, downstairs, to the left)
    Both doors lead to separate paths with their own advantages and disadvantages.
    For people with less experience, going upstairs is much easier in most cases.
    Continue to the next section for more info about which way to go.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                ~To The Mid-Rounds              |
               |                    [E3TMR]                     |
                \                                              /
    Note: Now this begins to slowly contradict the opinions of other experienced
    zombie players, which is why I included the Additional Strategies section.
    Also, I don't really suggest exact rounds anymore. I just say once you are
    I suggest going upstairs. It is the path for less experienced people and is
    pretty useful later on, although the benefits aren't really extreme. Read the
    rest of this guide and you'll understand why.
    However, as I explain in the Mystery Box section, there IS a way to see if the
    Mystery Box is in the first room through the downstairs door. Go to the top
    window/barrier and look at the far wall. If you see a glowing blue light that
    looks like it goes from floor to ceiling or vice versa, then the mystery box
    is in that room.
    This guide splits off into two parts from right here: Up and Down. Up comes
    first (in terms of the way the guide is put together) and Down is next. Keep
    scrolling to find the Down information (Hint: it comes right after the Up
    One tip: Decide on who's gonna open the door. You could die while arguing
    (by microphone or by inconsistent jumping, knifing, and shooting), so try to
    premeditate this step or mature up and open it. Say, the person with the most
    points can open it (for obvious reasons) or the person with the least points
    can open this first door only since it's the cheapest door.
    Important Note: Buy a gun once you go to the area where you decide to stay in.
    Your pistol will now be far less useful, so if you want, trade it out, but
    there are advantages. See the Mustang & Sally section. Also, if you can
    without endangering yourself or your team (hint: for more experienced people)
    keep your pistol to shoot at a lone zombie, a zombie behind a barrier, or such
    to gain extra points.
                                /  <{---------}>  \
                               | Upstairs Pathway: |
    Decide on something particular first: Who's gonna open the first door
    and who's gonna open the second if you're going to skip this first room.
    Staying in the room after this first door (the Upperhall) is basically suicide
    if you are unexperienced or with another fool.
     /   Upperhall Zombie Spots:   \
    |     (First Room Upstairs)     |
    |~There is an ever-open window where zombies can come in from near the PM63
    |~Zombies drop from the ceiling in a certain point in the square area
    |~There are still two other barriers where zombies can break in.
    You can maximize your rounds by camping in a corner in the second area (where
    the walking path is basically a square) until you're satisfied or
    (recommended) open the next door. I personally don't like the gun in this room
    since it is a SMG that is pretty fast, but doesn't have enough bullets and
    isn't efficient when shooting usually. You will most likely buy ammo for it
    before opening the next door if you stay in the Upperhall.
     /   Foyer Zombie Spots:    \
    |   (Second Room Upstairs)   |
    |~Two barriers downstairs
    |~One window upstairs, near the Stakeout
    Once in the next room (which is the Foyer) hurry and take stations.
                    Group Locations For Foyer:
    |Inexperienced: Two upstairs, two downstairs
    |Experienced: One downstairs who can control two separate barriers and the rest
    Note that the upstairs team will usually get more points since they take on
    more zombies on average because of that wide open doorway. Also (for idiots)
    when I say upstairs, I mean the upstairs part of the Foyer, not all the way
    upstairs back where you came from.
    /Easy Plan for Foyer
    |Downstairs Team: Simple, you control both barriers. You can try out the Early
    |   Round strategies for attacking and defending, but watch out: using
    |   something heavier and bigger than the pistol makes your movement and
    |   knifing slower. Also, if you're messing with zombies by letting them live
    |   and just taking your time with them, watch out for when zombies go loose
    |   by others and attack you: you'll have to both face the zombies you
    |   neglected and incoming zombies. All hell could break loose; quite
    |   literally if those zombies came from hell.
    |Upstairs Team: Your job is a bit harder. You have to watch the barrier behind
    |   you and the many, many zombies coming from the doorway. Leaving one person
    |   to get the barrier up here is not recommended since the game may flood you
    |   with zombies from the doorway and another person may be the difference
    |   between going down and living. I suggest people periodically look back for
    |   zombies breaking the barrier. Try not to let those zombies out of the
    |   barrier. Everyone should be near the open doorway so the zombies don't go
    |   down the other end of the staircase and kill your partners down there. I
    |   suggest not going up the stairs unless you know what you're doing. Zombies
    |   may suddenly run at you and kill you while you panic and try to get back
    |   to safety with your teammates. If a lone zombie goes down the wrong side
    |   of the staircase, you can move a bit close to them to make them turn
    |   around; they go for the nearest live person. Shoot them down and don't
    |   let anybody past you.
    I suggest not staying in this room. This room is the Dressing Room.
     /   Dressing Room Zombie Spots:   \
    |        (Third Room Upstairs)      |
    |~Barrier opposite of the mystery box spot
    |~Another barrier to the left when first entering from the Foyer 
    |~Zombies drop in from the ceiling in the middle section near the next door
    |~Open door way that you came from
    For starters, this room is relatively quite small. The zombies from the
    ceiling can easily take you down. You also may get distracted and ignore the
    barriers and the zombies may come out. Also, the zombies from the open doorway
    may overcome you. Note that there is an SMG here; the MP5K. It is near the
    second barrier I described.
    /Easy Plan for Dressing Room:
    |~One person watch the zombies from the ceiling
    |   This person shouldn't be backed up near the door just in case they get too
    |   many zombies at once.
    |~One person watch the barrier in the corner not near the mystery box
    |   This person can do the Early Rounds tricks for barriers, but watch out for
    |   incoming zombies from the side just in case
    |~Two people watching the open doorway and the last barrier
    |   Two people just in case since one person has to watch the nearby barrier
    |   anyways and if one person was watching the doorway, he/she can easily get
    |   overrun. These two should be on the side of the room near the mystery box
    |   point. They should periodically look to the barrier nearby. Their main job
    |   is to aim at the big doorway and kill them all before they spread around
    |   or get too close. Grenades at the right time are very useful 
    Once ready, or if you get near to getting taken over, open the next door. This
    is the back area of the Theater room.
    Now you can skip to the Mid-Rounds+ section, unless you want to read the
    Downstairs Pathway subsection.
                                / |->    >.<    <-| \
                               | Downstairs Pathway: |
    Note: I disagree with starting out this way for the lesser experienced zombie
    players. Also, I suggest the "once you are satisfied" parts to be before,
    during, or after dog rounds. However, zombies can build up a lot between dog
    rounds and you most likely will open up doorways early on.
    The first door opens up into a pretty simple room, the Lower Hall.
     /   Lower Hall Zombie Spots:    \
    |     (First Room Downstairs)     |
    |~Barrier to the left when first entering the room
    |~Barrier on the other wall, can be seen by center of room
    |~Open door that you came from
    I suggest staying in this room for at least a while. It is very easy to defend
    and has a nice SMG (MPL) here. You should buy this gun if you're staying in
    this room. The gun itself is also very nice to use this early on.
    /Easy Plan for Lower Hall:
    |~One person per barrier (two people in all)
    |   This is pretty simple. Just make sure zombies from your window don;t cause
    |   havoc. You can also use the Early Rounds techniques for barriers
    |~Rest in front of open doorway
    |   These people should mow the zombies down that come around the corner. I
    |   highly suggest not going past the open doorway. Also, grenades are very
    |   very useful for zombies coming around the corner
    -Small Alternative: One person get both barriers while all the others shoot
        the incoming horde of zombies. However, that one person may be too slow...
        You can try to make up your own version
    Once you are satisfied or are know you're about to/getting overrun, then open
    up the next door, which leads to the Alley.
     /  Alley Zombie Spots:       \
    |    (Second Room Downstairs)  |
    |~Barrier to the left when first entering the room
    |~Barrier on the end of the room near the next door/gate to open
    |~Zombies can drop in from the ceiling near the next door/gate to open
    |~Zombies can drop in from the ceiling in the middle of the Alley
    The room can be thought of as three sections.
    1st Section: From left barrier to the middle area
    2nd Section: Middle area (between the fence and the wall)
    3rd Section: Past the fence, the area in front of the next door/gate
    There is a AK-47u near the fence that seperates the 2nd and 3rd Sections. This
    is actually a pretty nice gun to use. The biggest problem is facing with the
    zombies that suddenly drop off from the ceiling while zombies try to kill you
    guys in hordes.
    Note: Pretty hard to pick good, semi-permanent positions
    /Easy Plan for Alley:
    |~Stay around the 3rd Section
    |   This is because you can easily control the spawning zombies and the
    |   zombies from the ceiling. Also, the only other place zombies can come in
    |   from is from the other side of the fence. However, you can get easily
    |   overrun if many zombies are trying to run at you and you reload
    |~One or two people watching the inside area of the 3rd Section
    |   This group prevents an overrun of zombies from inside. They simply keep
    |   watch on zombies from the barrier in the 3rd Section and watch when
    |   zombies drop in from the ceiling. Number depends on the person's
    |   willingness/skill
    |~Rest watch the zombies coming on the otherside of the fence
    |   Don't go too far past the opening of the fence, but try to stay near/in
    |   the opening of the fence so you can easily aim at the incoming zombies
    |   before they get too close. Also, remember you can throw grenades at a mass
    |   of zombies
    I HIGHLY suggest not staying here sometime after Round 8 since you may face
    many running zombies at once which are a pain to deal at.
    Once you open the next door, you will be in the Back Room. This room is
    basically two parts; downstairs and upstairs. The downstairs part is pretty
    small and you shouldn't stay here. Go up the stairs to the second half.
     /  Back Room Zombie Spots:   \
    |    (Third Room Downstairs)   |
    |~One barrier on one corner of the room upstairs
    |~Another barrier nearly opposite of the other barrier upstairs
    |~Last barrier seen from the entered gate; almost directly ahead of the gate
    |~Zombies can drop in from the ceiling in the middle of the Alley
    You should make a quick decision: will you stay in this room or hurry to the
    next room? The Back Room is a pretty hard room to stay in. You cannot buy
    any gun or such, so buy some ammo if you're about to stay. Also, if you get
    overrun up the stairs, then it will surely be game over unless you open the
    next door by yourself. I suggest skipping this room unless you are confident
    in your team's skills.
    /Easy Plan for Back Room:
    |~One person per barrier
    |   Pretty simple. Just do whatever you want, just make sure your zombies
    |   don't get out and cause havoc. Early Rounds techniques work, but watch out
    |   for wasting time and such
    |~Rest station at top of stairs
    |   These guys take on the meat of the round(s) and shoot all the zombies down
    |   before they come out. Watch out: You WILL get easily overtaken if you mess
    |   around. People have loss easily and died by messing around and/or by not
    |   shooting right. Remember to throw grenades and such. Also, one of the
    |   other guys can come around and help if they're clear.
    Make sure you don't waste ammo too much, since you can't get any ammo.
    Experienced players can easily survive in this room, but cocky/uncopperative
    players will die easily.
    Don't try to have too many people at the top of the stairs; you may block each
    other's view and also when someone tries to back up, you may be in theri way.
    Cooking grenades might be the ideal way to throw grenades. You have to time
    the grenade right or you won't maximize your hits.
    I suggest not staying in this room for too many rounds. With each round, there
    is a higher chance of many running zombies coming at you.
    Once you open the door, rush down these stairs and into the back area of the
    Theater. Now, go to the next section called "Mid-Rounds+".
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                  ~Mid-Rounds+                  |
               |                    [E3MRP]                     |
                \                                              /
    Note: This is where it really contradicts other players, especially the second
    after you turn on the power. Remember to look at the additional strategies
     /  Theater Zombie Spots:  \
    |       (Back Area)         |
    |~Barrier on one end of room (near claymores, power switch, and M16)
    |~Barrier on the other end (near mystery box point, big doors, wider end)
    |~Seemingly huge amount of zombies coming from wherever you came from
    /Easly Plan for Theater Room (back area)
    |~As usual, one person per barrier
    |   The person on the opposite end of the room from the open doorway can use
    |   the Early Round techniques to save ammo. The person on the other end can
    |   do the same, but should watch out for zombies entering and sneaking up
    |   from behind
    |~Rest near open doorway
    |   Your job is very important. If you mess up, you will probably make
    |   everyone die if you can't mop up your mess fast enough. Make sure you have
    |   plenty of bullets and don't let zombies get too close
    |~Misc. Notes:
    |   The person with the least bullets or with the worst gun should handle the
    |   back door while the person with the best gun or most ammo should help take
    |   care of the open doorway. Also, if everyone else dies and you are about to
    |   get overrun, turning on the power isn't a bad idea
    Description of Theater Room (back area):
    ~There is the left side and a right side. The left side is the one with the
       claymores. The right side is the wider end. The downstairs path opens up
       the left side, upstairs opens path from the right side. There is a zombie
       window to the left of the claymores and one north and a little left of the
       right door (if you consider that door east). There's a gun (M16) on the
       opposite wall and right next to that you will find the power lever. I
       highly, highly suggest you do NOT use it when you first see it. Also the
       person taking care of the barrier in the back can just do the strategy from
       the Early Rounds so they save amoo of wasting ammo
    Claymores are useful later on. You get two at the beginning of every round.
    Right now you may not need them, but keep note of them for later when you
    have a lot of points.
    Note: If you went through the upstairs path, this will be slightly easier
        since the zombies come from a wider but generally straight area and if the
        zombies come through, there's more room to run backwards. If you went
        downstairs first and are a bit experienced, I suggest going back up the
        stairs and aim. When the zombies get nearer and nearer, you back down the
        stairs until you are back in the Theater.
    This plan is pretty straightforward, and if you made it to this room without
    incident, then good jo
    One big tip: DO NOT OPEN THAT OTHER DOORWAY YET. I highly UNsuggest it. I'll
    discuss why later (in the Going In A Circle strategy), but for now do NOT do
    it. There is also a gun here (M16). If you can help yourself, do not buy that
    gun. Once you turn on the power (I'll get to this topic soon), there's an AUG
    with a reflex sight that has a lot of bullets. It is quite relatively
    powerful to some other guns and the large magazine plus the backup bullets are
    very useful. It is easily one of the best guns off the walls.
    I suggest staying here until everyone has plenty of points (or if the zombies
    keep getting tougher). Remember that lever? It turns on the power. Pull it and
    your life just got crazier.
    There are many strategies for what follows. This is where things get very,
    very complicated and, in the end, things are all up to you.
    Time to end the guide. See ya.
                                . . .                         
                                ' | '                         
    No, I was kidding.
    First off, I'll describe basically what the power lever does:
    /Effect of Power Lever
    |~Opens the curtain in the Theater room, thus opening up the second, larger
    |   part of the Theater
    |~The door connecting the lobby and the Theater is now open
    |~Zombie crawlers are now officially spawning
    |~Everything that said something like "You must turn on the power first" is
    |now usable, including the teleporter, perks, and traps; see corresponding
    Once the big curtain opens, you'll find yourself facing a ruined theater room.
    You were backstage before. On the stage, there is a pedestal and on top of
    that is a Sentry Gun. It only costs 1000 points (1500 in HD versions) and runs
    for about 30 seconds, but for now, it is only a waste of points that you can
    use for something more important. There is also a large, blue thing that you
    and other teammates can step into. This is the Teleporter (look at the
    corresponding section). There are two stairs leading off of the stage and onto
    the ground. To your left and right are two new windows, but that's the least
    of your worries. There is a huge ruined area, and in the middle is a narrow
    In the ruins, both types of zombies spawn without barriers, although
    they only come out of this area in a couple of places. Down that pathway is a
    newly opened doorway that leads to the back of the Lobby, the room you started
    off in. Right before that door, there is a corner with the most important
    perk, the Juggernog. I like to call this corner the Juggernaut Corner.
    Please note that you should use the Sentry Gun when you are under pressure,
    when you need some cover (ex: some goes down or you need some time to do
    something), when you're in later rounds, etc. Remember this option later on.
    First off, there is the matter of the teleporter. I suggest linking it ASAP
    (if it's safe). You don't have to use it, but keep in mind you can use it.
    Now, will you go through it first or get the Juggernog, which doubles the
    damage you can take on without going down? I suggest using the Teleporter
    first only if you have a Ballistic Knife, Crossbow, or your good ol' pistol.
    ~Ballistic Knife PaP'd: Instant reviving blades if you shoot one at somebody.
    	You have 10, one at hand and 9 in reserve. You do not get any back after
    	reviving somebody. You have to get max ammo.
    ~Crossbow PaP'd: You basically shoot freakin' monkeys. Just as useful as
    	monkeys, if not more (look at the Monkeys section).
    ~Pistol PaP'd: See the section by the name of Mustang & Sally.
    All of these are useful in their own aspects once PaP'd and are bad weapons to
    have normally. But, if you don't have these guns to PaP, then use the
    Teleporter only if it's the last thing you can do (which it should NOT be) or
    if you run out of ammo. However, most experts ONLY use the teleporter when you
    need ammo, including for these weapons. It saves ammo later on, big time.
    One more tip is that, at the end of every round, try to get a last zombie that
    you guys don't kill. Just keep an eye on it and run around, repairing
    barriers, getting ammo, going to the mystery box, whatever you need. One
    person can lead the zombie off and go in circles with it while the others do
    whatever. When someone else is finished, another person can take this person's
    place by going nearer to the zombie than the other guy. The zombie will start
    to follow this new person while the other person does whatever he needs.
    To do the above strategy, you generally need a crawler, a legless zombie, or a
    slow zombie. To make a zombie legless, cook a grenade and throw it near their
    legs. This is also called "create-a-crawler" and happens very often with
    explosive-like weapons and the ray gun.
    Now, there are several strategies to be used. This is where the Additional
    Strategies section comes in handy. Read it for other strategies to use. There
    are three big ones; Stage Dancing, Going In A Circle, and Juggernaut Corner.
    I will only discuss the last two.
    Note: Don't forget, you can do both strategies one after the other whenever
    you want (until the Juggernaut Corner strategy gets unusable) for different
    times. Also, remember there are also other (even better) variations or
    additions in the Additional Strategies
                               | Juggernaut Corner: |
    This is a very general and easy to learn strategy, but it won't work for too
    long. The success depends on the teamwork between partners. You can go all the
    way up around Round 20s in this strategy if you do it nice and right.
    As the name says, this strategy takes place in the Juggernaut Corner, the one
    I described a little bit ago. In this corner, there is a machine called
    Juggernog (read the Perks section) and a bowie knife. Buy juggernog if you
    can. This can help you run past hordes of zombies without dying if you don't
    get stuck between them. Bowie knife simply replaces your regular knife with a
    bigger, more powerful knife that is basically a one-hit kill from Rounds 1-11
    and is one-hit kill to dogs all the way up to the third dog round (thank you
    Black Ops Wikia). However, buy the Bowie knife only when you can spare to do
    so and if it is your highest priority for the moment in terms of points usage.
    The main point of this strategy is to defend yourselves in this corner
     /  Juggernaut Corner Zombie Spots:  \
    |           (Simpe & Straight)        |
    |~Zombies can ONLY come from ahead
    |~Zombies will walk through the wall that has the bowie knife ONLY if the game
    |   glitches/lags. Blame your host XD
    This is REALLY simple. Your main point is to defend yourself and shoot those
    guys before they come in. However, there IS a proper way to do this and not
    to die.
    /Proper Juggernaut Corner Strategy
    |->Simply put: two guys in the front and two guys in the back
    |~Guys in the front placements:
    |   One guy flush with the corner of the wall that bends sharply, although
    |   They shouldn't be past the corner. The other person in the front should
    |   be to the left of the other front person, but move all the way to the
    |   left. Both these guys should be crouched (NOT PRONE), and when being faced
    |   with a huge horde of zombies that are very close, move back but not all
    |   the way. Juggernog helps a lot, and the bowie knife can, too.
    |~Back people placements:
    |   You have more freedom for your job. You can move and aim as you want, but
    |   remember to be behind the front line of people. Shoot at all times if it
    |   is more useful then not to shoot.
    |~Misc. Note #1:
    |   Everyone should shoot whenever you can, since if you don't, the front
    |   people may die. However, make sure you don't waste your bullets too much
    |   or have a backup gun or such.
    |~Misc. Note #2:
    |   People with explosives or with the thunder gun should go to the back since
    |   they can either kill themselves or they can help out in critical
    |   situations.
    |~Misc. Note #3:
    |   The thunder gun is a huge advantage to have. Once you get it, go to the
    |   back of the line and DO NOT WASTE AMMO! Try to only use it when you need
    |   to. This is probably the most important gun to have.
    |~Misc. Note #4:
    |   The problem with prone is that you can't move easily, thus making you a
    |   big liability and open to zombies
    |~Misc. Note #5:
    |   Watch out for incoming zombies from the right, although the nearby trap
    |   can save you from worrying for a little while
    |~Misc. Note #6:
    |   Get juggernog whenever you can, and if you have the bowie knife, you can
    |   also use that if zombies get too close
    |~Misc. Note #7:
    |   If you see a power-up, you can always rush for it, but be aware of
    |   incoming zombies. Try to clear near zombies up before rushing for it
    |~Misc. Note #8:
    |   If you see a Max Ammo nearby, you can try to immediately get it, but
    |   waiting to reload might be a good idea. These guys are going to seem very
    |   scarce now
    Once your team is ready, you guys can also run around and leave. You can get
    additional points (and save a one-time killing zombie rush) by boarding up
    all the windows you can at the end of a round. If you need to use the
    teleporter, try to do it at the end of a round.
    Some things to keep in mind:
    ~Try to tell others if you're reloading. This helps warn your teammates.
        (This kind of thing only works with a mic)
    ~If you run out of bullets, move to the back or get some bullets when
        possible. You are going to be completely useless if you have nothing else
    ~Throw grenades when you see zombies. You don't have to necessarily cook if
        you don't want to. Try to throw it in the area where zombies are going to
        come in groups, such as the open area in front of the corner you're in.
        You can also save bullets by throwing a well-timed grenade. Remember, you
        get more after each round.
    ~If you buy claymores, you can use them as well. The first two should be
        behind everyone so that you have a safe area to back up into. Keep in mind
        that only back up if you need to or you'll be wasting the claymore(s). I
        don't suggest wasting them by putting the zombies in front of the corner
        where zombies will certainly die early on. You can also put them in safe
        places you can later run to if necessary or keep them just in case; your
    That is the basic meat of the strategy. Don't forget to know your limits and
    run out at the right time.
                               | Going In A Circle: |
    This is a very basic strategy. As the name implies, all you do is go around
    the map in a circle. Even though this may sound easy, it isn't if you're not
    This strategy in a nutshell:
    ~Go through open doors
    ~Kill zombies whenever logically possible
    ~Keep the cycle going and don't die
    Let's say you went upstairs first and went all the way around without opening
    any other doors. This is perfect since you can run around in that half-circle
    of the map. Simply go to a room, kill some incoming zombies, turn around, run,
    rinse and repeat. Remember to repair barriers as you can, since you can turn
    around and repair them. However, zombies WILL spawn in the room you're in,
    especially if all the players are moving together.
    Move from room to room. Let's take the above situation where you used the
    upstairs pathway. Go into that first room (zombies come from too many
    directions in the Lobby), look around, shoot at zombies, and then move to the
    next room. The time you stay in each room depends on how exactly you are
    doing. That first room upstairs is quite big and zombies spawn all over
    freely. You might not stay here long, for the fear of zombies
    overrunning you.
    The next room is big, and if you guys stay on the bottom of this room, all the
    barriers will open, including one in the room ahead.
    Important Note: The game may make zombies spawn ahead, behind, and in the same
    room so be prepared for anything. The exact spawning points depends on your
    location amongst other things. Also, take note that if you go too fast,
    zombies you left behind will be waiting for you since zombies usually take the
    closest path to a player.
    Learn this type of pattern and you'll learn how to do it right. By the way, if
    you go through the downstairs path, in the stairs that connect the Back Room
    and the Theater, RUN. You can very easily get trapped and die.
    Also, make sure you don't open the rest of the doors on a sudden urge. Those
    rooms can be where you back off to if you're trapped, which is a very nice
    strategy later on. Only open them early on if you MUST get the mystery box or
    something similar; if you can help yourself, don't open the doors.
    One last thing to understand. Remember, camping and running work, but
    sometimes it may be better to do both. Camping doesn't always work and running
    around works a whole lot less if you don't have juggernog and if you don't
    have experience.
    For a General Guide, that's that. The Additional Strategies section will add
    a lot to this. There are some things you can only learn from experience, like
    improvising in critical situations.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |       Additions/Modifications Strategies       |
               |                    [A1M1S]                     |
                \                                              /
    This is the section where I discuss small modifications or additions that I
    intentionally skipped over for varied reasons. Don't follow these if you
    haven't learned the basic strategies yet.
    More to come as I can remember them.
     /                                      \
    |When You First Open A Door Alternative: |
    This is quite simple, although it lessens the amount of teamwork you do, which
    may or may not be a good thing.
    Simply put, when you finally open a door from the lobby. Buy a nice gun
    and come back to the Lobby. Just shoot all the zombies that come out and take
    care of them all.
    The positives to this is that you don't have to rely on your teammates. You
    can rely on your own skill. If your teammates are terrible, this may be a good
    idea to do. They can do all they want, but you'll still be alive. Good to do
    with randoms that don't play well.
    The bad side to this is that your teammates may face more trouble because they
    are all by themselves. Also, if you die, there is a low chance of being
     /                                                             \
    |If the Round # is 10 or less when you first turn on the power: |
    If this is the case, then there is an easy strategy to use. This revolves
    around the Bowie Knife.
    When you first turn on the power, go straight to the Juggernaut Corner. Buy
    the Bowie Knife, which is the most important thing to buy. Then buy the
    Juggernog, if you can. Don't worry, even though this takes up 5500 points. You
    now have a one-hit knife and you can stop worrying about dying easily.
    Run around and knife all the zombies you see. Try to pull out your lightest
    gun or the ballistic knife, which works best with this. You knife faster with
    these weapons. Go around, knifing zombies. They'll all die with one hit
    and crawlers won't let out any gas. Watch out; don't let yourself get trapped
    and if you see too many in a row, take out a good gun and shoot. Remember, you
    are NOT invincible and it sucks to get down and lose Juggernog.
     /                                                     \
    |While Your Team Does the Juggernaut Corner Strategy... |
    Run off by yourself, doing the Going In A Circle strategy. This is pretty
    simple, but has many disadvantages.
    1) Pretty hard to survive by yourself without going down
    2) If you go down, there is a low chance of getting revived.
    3) You can't help out your partners in any way
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |             4. Crucial Exempted Topics         |
               |                    [1CET1]                     |
                \                                              /
    In the General Guide, I made sure I skipped certain topics that would just
    make the guide drag on. Some topics are such as the specifics of the
    Teleporter and Pack-a-Punch machine, the mystery box, and the enemy types. If
    you don't read these, than you are at a big disadvantage.
    Also note the Easter Eggs section. It includes all the easter eggs I discover,
    including the film reels and the meteor fragments.
    This is a list of all the subsections here:
    | 4. Crucial Exempted Topics               |
    |    ~Gaining and Maximizing Points        |
    |    ~Enemy Types                          |
    |    ~Killing Zombies Efficiently          |
    |    ~Obtaining Weapons and Ammo           |
    |    ~Weapons List + Locations + More      |
    |    ~Power-Ups                            |
    |    ~Dog Rounds                           |
    |    ~Mystery Box                          |
    |    ~Cymbalic Monkeys                     |
    |    ~Pack-a-Punch Machine                 |
    |    ~Teleporter                           |
    |    ~Traps                                |
    |    ~Map Detailed Descriptions            |
    |    ~Mustang & Sally                      |
    |    ~Down and Downed Weapons              |
    |    ~Perks                                |
    |    ~Easter Eggs                          |
    |    ~Wii Patch Changes                    |
    Here is a list of what I recommend you to read for whatever you wish to be:
    (Each of these includes anything mentioned before)
    /Barely Being Above A Newbie (core things to know):
    ~Enemy Types 
    ~Obtaining Weapons and Ammo
    ~Dog Rounds
    ~Mystery Box
    ~Cymbalic Monkeys
    ~Pack-a-Punch Machine
    /Above Amateur (Nearly Expert:
    ~Gaining and Maximizing Points
    ~Killing Zombies Efficiently
    ~Mustang & Sally
    ~Down and Downed Weapons
    ~Weapons List + Locations + More
    ~Easter Eggs
    ~Reading EVERYTHING thoroughly
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |            ~Gaining and Maximizing Points      |
               |                    [G1MP1]                     |
                \                                              /
    A big thing about Zombies is running out of points and trying to save some.
    When I play amongst noobs, I sigh with pity at them. They do all the wrong
    things to get the most points, which is useful later on. I usually have half
    the kills of a noob (if the noobs can kill without dying) and more points,
    both total and what I have on me.
    To start it off, this is a list of points gotten from attacking normal
    zombies, crawlers, and dogs.
    Note: I thank specifically to the Black Ops wikia for this list. 
    ~Non-lethal Hit: 10 Points
    ~Kill by Arm/Leg Hit: 50 Points
    ~Kill by Explosives/Similar Weapons: 50 Points 
    ~Kill by Torso Hit: 60 Points
    ~Kill by Headshot: 100 Points
    ~Kill by Knife: 130 Points
    For Reference:
    ~First three rounds = # of knifing hits to kill (pattern doesn't continue)
    ~Damage is greatest in the head
    ~Round 4 = 3 knife hits to kill, Round 5 = 4 knife hits to kill
    As you can see, every time you hurt a zombie without killing them, you get 10
    points. Bullets to the respective body parts give you however many points
    while finishing off a zombie with knifing gives you a 130 points. Now,
    explosives and the like (including thundergun, grenade, and Mustang & Sally)
    only give you 50 points.
    To maximize points in the Early Rounds, try what I mentioned before:
    ~Shoot the zombies multiple times with your pistol, preferably the legs and
    ~Finish off with your knife
    ~Rebuild barriers until the max points than let the zombie(s) live until your
    barriers are almost or completely gone. Finish the zombie off before they go
    on a rampage (inside or right outside the window doesn't matter; depends on
    how experienced you are).
    You'll get 10 Points for every time a bullet hits a zombie and than you'll get
    130 points for knifing the undead dead. However, remember that you have a
    limited amount of bullets in that pistol. You may want to save them for later
    just in case (still shoot some), wait for a mass of zombies so at least some
    bullets will hit more than one zombie (remember to repair the barrier while
    shooting or waiting to shoot), or wait for a very useful X2 Power-up. Also
    note that you can let out zombies orderly and periodically to try for a
    power-up. Don't forget to weaken them first if possible and if it's useful
    for the overall situation.
                               | X2 Power-up (Early Rounds): |
    You can earn a whole lot of points when you get a Double Points power-up.
    Remember, every shot is 10 points normally and a knife 130 normally. When you
    get X2 Points, every shot is 20 points and a knife 260. This means a whole lot
    of points early on (excluding the barrier repairs). Try to keep shooting all
    the zombies possible and than knife them to finish them off. This will net a
    relatively massive amount of points if you get enough zombies. (Try not to go
    crazy and steal someone else's kill; it lessens teamwork, trust, and such.
    Also makes you look like a complete idiot)
    Now, what about after the Early Rounds? What now? It's pretty simple.
    If you can help yourself to a barrier and not endanger yourself or the team by
    doing this, you can TRY  the strategies above. However, you will most likely
    endanger the team by wasting time on a single group of zombies while everyone
    else may need your help. Also, zombies may sneak up on you.
    Normally, you probably will be aiming at hordes of zombies or the such. I
    suggest learning to aim at their heads. You will kill them easily, net more
    points than usual, and save ammo. Unless you have the pistol (and is safe to
    use it) or have a reason not to care of why to waste ammo (you're about to
    trade off the gun for example), than waste all your bullets on other body
    parts than the head. However, you still may not get the same amount of points
    as if you shot them in the head (unless you're using the pistol to net bonus
    points since you have it for some reason).
    Throwing grenades is certainly not a way to maximize points, but it may be
    essential when there is a large group of zombies and you need to take them
    Try to repair barriers whenever you pass them. This is good both for the sake
    of getting points and for later. When you go through a room, zombies won't
    easily and speedily get out and you'll meet zombies at an easier rate.
                               | Dogs: |
    Dogs can easily be used a point gainer, especially if you know a few certain
    locations I will not talk about. Even though this strategy may get you lots of
    points, it is very risky.
    If you have your pistol, which you may on the first dog round, shoot them as
    much as you can without getting hurt. This also saves bullets for your other
    guns, although you're getting max ammo at the end. They are terrible at
    corners, which can be used to your advantage. You can also try finishing them
    off with a knife for even more points. If you use a normal gun, try to shoot
    them in the head for headshot points. This will be hard since they move quite
    fast and crazily, especially if they go around corners. You can also run
    around repairing barriers for points.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                 ~Enemy Types                   |
               |                    [1ZET1]                     |
                \                                              /
    There are three main types of enemies, normal zombies, zombie crawlers, and
    hellhounds (dogs).
                               | Zombies |
    These are your average zombies. They are in a Nazi uniform. They also act
    differently. Some walk or limp very slowly (although some may run after seeing
    you or getting hurt), march like a stereotypical zombie, run, or anything
    inbetween. Basically, they are either slow, normal, or fast. The fast ones can
    get really fast and get you down quite easily. Try to kill these guys quite
    fast or they may kill you and your teammates. Their speed also reflects how
    fast they break barriers.
    Remember, you can create-a-crawler. Simply put, you throw explosives near
    their legs (or shoot the ray gun at their legs) and they'll lose their legs.
    This makes them very slow, but watch out: they're still dangerous.
                              | Zombie Crawlers |
    These are the guys who appear only after turning on the power. They crawl down
    the walls in seemingly random places. They are much shorter than the regular
    zombies and also have speeds. They spawn without breaking any barriers since
    they crawl down walls down certain places.
    When killed normally, they explode and emit a green cloud called Nova Gas, so
    beware of letting them get too close. The explosion will damage you if not
    kill you and the green gas will blur your vision and damage you a little bit
    if you stay near it too long. They will not release Nova Gas if you kill them
    with a knife (bowie knife is good for this), ballistic knife, ray gun,
    thundergun, explosives, or when they're crawling on walls.
    Their explosion can be useful because it also damages nearby zombies You can
    kill the crawler in a pack of zombies to kill nearby zombies, although the
    explosion is not necessarily a one-hit kill. You can also leap over them if
    you run and jump. You better hope you have juggernog just in case you fail
                              | Hellhounds (Dogs) |
    These creatures are basically zombified dogs that are usually blazing with
    fire. They appear anywhere from 6-8 rounds or even 4-6 rounds. They appear
    with a burst of lightning and a rumble, which can help let you know where they
    are and when they spawn. They run at you when they see you. The last hellhound
    (or dog as I like to call them) gives you a max ammo power-up every time, so
    in later rounds they are useful for the sake of getting ammo when you have
    none for guns you can't get ammo for. Dogs are also usually bad at taking wide
    turns. You can go around things, such as a table, without usually dying, but
    they do dash fast forward a lot. The dogs also give you points similarly to
    the other enemy types. The dogs also attack fast if they get the chance. If
    there's a pack attacking you and they surround you, you better hope that you
    get to live. Shotguns are considered the best dog killer if you're experienced
    with a shotgun... which I'm not.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |           ~Killing Zombies Efficiently         |
        	   |                    [1KZE1]                     |
                \                                              /
    This section is all about killing zombies efficiently. In a nutshell, to
    basically kill zombies efficiently is to save ammo, kill zombies quickly in
    most situations, and such. If you read the entire guide, you will easily kill
    them efficiently, but this section is simply to list what I didn't list
    anywhere else and to quickly summerize small topics that is related to this
    In later rounds, ammo is a severe problem. You will also face huge hordes of
    zombies you must kill quickly. If you read the rest of the guide, and
    remembered it, you would know most of the things I will mention.
    To save ammo and time normally, aim for the head. You will kill the zombie
    much faster, which will save bullets. Also, if you see a crawler amongst other
    zombies, kill the crawler to damage the other zombies and hopefully kill them.
    You can also throw grenades, but it is best when cooked. You can also save
    ammo if you time an uncooked grenade well with when zombies will be in range
    of it.
    By the way, you should already know that shotguns do the most damage they can
    from up close.
    When using explosives, like the Crossbow or M27 Law (rocket launcher), make
    sure you have enough room and time to back off and shoot. If you use a rocket
    launcher, don't waste the ammo for only one guy. At least try to get a bunch
    of zombies together so you kill them all at once.
    Sweet weapons, such as the Thundergun and Ray gun, should be saved if
    possible. Switch to your other gun and switch back to the sweet weapon when
    you either run out of ammo or if needed in some other precise situation.
    Try to rationalize (AKA think before acting) when to use certain weapons.
    Some examples:
    ~Use monkeys when you need them only; read the appropriate section
    ~Same thing with the PaP'd crossbow
    ~Throw grenades when there are many zombies massed together or when you run
        out of bullets
    ~The LAW (the rocket launcher) often lets out black smoke, which can obscure
        your view and thus makes you vulnerable to rushing zombies
    Try to kill zombies as quickly as possible in the later rounds. This will help
    save ammo, as mentioned before, but will also save time and give you and your
    team more time to reload, strategy, and such.
    Know when to kill zombies fast or such. In the early rounds, learn to
    determine when to finish off the zombies instead of investing in points or
    One big rule: learn by experience.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |             ~Obtaining Weapons and Ammo        |
               |                    [OB1WE]                     |
                \                                              /
    This section describes all about obtaining weapons and ammo for them. Yes,
    this explains a few important basics.
    Split into two sub-sections: Obtaining Weapons and Obtaining Ammo.
    Here's a small description of the details given while aiming at a wall weapon.
    Wall Weapon's Info:
    ~Weapon's Name - Obviously the name of the gun on the wall
    ~Price of the Gun - How much the gun costs to buy (in points)
    ~Price for Ammo - Price to get ammo
    ~Price for Upgraded Ammo - Price for ammo after you PaP the gun
                              | Obtaining Weapons |
    If you even played Kino der Toten yet, you would know you start off with a
    pistol. You can then buy from the wall; there are shadows that represent
    a gun (or bowie knife). If you point at these shadows, you will see the gun's
    name, the priceof the gun, the price for ammo, and the price for upgraded
    To obtain a weapon, hold A (or the action button) while pointing at the
    weapon's shadow. The gun will go over the current weapon's slot, unless you
    have only one gun (AKA when you start out or when you die completely and then
    come back).
    The only other place you can get weapons from (other than grenades) is from
    the mystery box. Simply hold A while pointing at the mystery box and you will
    use the mystery box. When the box picks a weapon, switch to the weapon that
    you wish to switch to and hold the A button.
    Note: Monkeys and claymores don't take up your two weapon slots.
                              | Obtaining Ammo |
    If you bought a gun from the wall, you can simply get ammo from going back to
    the same weapon shadow and press A while pointing at it. Even if you PaP a gun
    from the wall, then you can also go back to the same weapon shadow. However,
    the ammo will cost much more.
    If you got a mystery box-only weapon, then you can only get ammo from a Max
    Ammo power-up. Monkeys also get refilled from Max Ammos.
    You get two grenades at the start of each round if you don't have max
    grenades. You also get a refill of claymores (2) at the start of each round if
    you have less than two in reserve.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |        ~Weapons List + Locations + More        |
               |                     [W1LL1]                    |
                \                                              /
    This is a list of all the weapons in the map, Kino der Toten. It is listed
    by the following shooting types:
    ~Fully Auto
    ~Semi Auto
    ~3-Burst Fire
    ~Pump Action
    ~Single Shot
    I will list the following information for each:
    ~Maximum Rounds Size (Clip size/Reserve ammo)
    ~Type of Gun
    ~PaP'd Gun Name
    ~PaP'd Special Effect
    ~Extra Info
    ~Max damage per zombie (MPZ)
    Note that Gamefaqs users MasterPoker and SovietSpy44 helped me out, and so did
    the following links:
    The first link can give you exact PaP effects in terms of sights and effects,
    and also recommends perks. Check it out
    I heavily used the second link, which was very vital for this section.
    Oh, and this is a note on MPZ straight from the second link:
    MPZ - Max damage per zombie. This column was calculated by taking the maximum
    damage the weapon will do by a direct hit (to the location with the highest
    damage multiplier) and add any splash damage (inner), if any. This is often
    the BEST indicator of how good a weapon will be.
    Note: MB = Mystery Box
                              | Fully Auto |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 20/160              | Type: SMG                            |
    | Location: Alley                     | MPZ: 480                             |
    | PaP'd Name: AK74fu2                                                        |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 40/280          | PaP'd MPZ: 950                       |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, precision sights                          |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 30/270              | Type: Assualt                        |
    | Location: MB + Theater (under pedestal) | MPZ: 560                         |
    | PaP'd Name: AUG-50M3                                                       |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 30/390          | PaP'd MPZ: 1000                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, masterkey (shotgun) attachment            |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 30/270              | Type: Assualt                        |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: 600                             |
    | PaP'd Name: Predator                                                       |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 40/360          | PaP'd MPZ: 1000                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, dual mags attachment                      |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 30/150              | Type: Assualt                        |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: 400                             |
    | PaP'd Name: G16-GL35                                                       |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 45/225          | PaP'd MPZ: 750                       |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, precision sight                           |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 35/315              | Type: Assualt                        |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: 600                             |
    | PaP'd Name: Lamentation                                                    |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 35/490          | PaP'd MPZ: 1100                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, precision sight                           |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 125/500             | Type: Assualt                        |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: 450                             |
    | PaP'd Name: H115 Oscillator                                                |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 150/750         | PaP'd MPZ: 630                       |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage                                            |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 32/192              | Type: SMG                            |
    | Location: Foyer                     | MPZ: 400                             |
    | PaP'd Name: The Afterburner                                                |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 64/192          | PaP'd MPZ: 1000                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Slightly increased rate of fire, increased damage           |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 30/120              | Type: SMG                            |
    | Location: Dressing Room             | MPZ: 400                             |
    | PaP'd Name: MP115 Kollider                                                 |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 40/200          | PaP'd MPZ: 700                       |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage                                            |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 24/120              | Type: SMG                            |
    | Location: Lower Hall                | MPZ: 400                             |
    | PaP'd Name: MPL-LF                                                         |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 40/200          | PaP'd MPZ: 700                       |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, precision sight                           |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 20/100              | Type: SMG                            |
    | Location: Upper Hall                | MPZ: 400                             |
    | PaP'd Name: Tokyo & Rose                                                   |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 25/225          | PaP'd MPZ: 700                       |
    | PaP'd Effects: Dual wield, increased damage                                |
    |--------------------------------Ray Gun-------------------------------------|
    | Maximumum Ammo: 20/160              | Type: Wondergun                      |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: 1500                            |
    | PaP'd Name: Porter's X2 Ray Gun                                            |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 40/200          | PaP'd MPZ: 2000                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Damage multipliers increased by two                         |
                              | Semi Auto |
    |--------------------------------CZ75 Dual-----------------------------------|
    | Maximumum Ammo: 12-12/228             | Type: Pistol                       |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: 525                             |
    | PaP'd Name: Calamity & Jane                                                |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 20-20/320       | PaP'd MPZ: 1050                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, fully automatic                           |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 6/36                | Type: Shotgun                        |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: 1280                            |
    | PaP'd Name: Typhoid & Rose                                                 |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 8-8/80          | PaP'd MPZ: 2400                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, dual wield                                |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 8/96                | Type: Assualt                        |
    | Location: Lobby                     | MPZ: 315                             |
    | PaP'd Name: Mnesia                                                         |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 16/192          | PaP'd MPZ: 1200                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, grip                                      |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 8/80                | Type: Pistol                         |
    | Location: Starter gun               | MPZ: 70                              |
    | PaP'd Name: Mustang & Sally                                                |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 6-6/50          | PaP'd MPZ: 1200                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Dual grenade launchers                                      |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 2/38                | Type: Shotgun                        |
    | Location: Lobby                     | MPZ: 640                             |
    | PaP'd Name: Hades                                                          |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 2/60            | PaP'd MPZ: 2400                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage and range, decreased reload time           |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 8/32                | Type: Shotgun                        |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: 1280                            |
    | PaP'd Name: SPAZ-24                                                        |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 24/72           | PaP'd MPZ: 2400                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, reloads in one shell, fully automatic if  |
    |                trigger is held                                             |
    |--------------------------------Thunder Gun---------------------------------|
    | Maximumum Ammo: 2/12                | Type: Wondergun                      |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: N/A                             |
    | PaP'd Name: Zues Cannon                                                    |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 4/24            | PaP'd MPZ: N/A                       |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, affects larger areas                      |
                              | 3-Burst Fire |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 30/120              | Type: Assault                        |
    | Location: Theater (back area)       | MPZ: 400                             |
    | PaP'd Name: Skullcrusher                                                   |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 30/270          | PaP'd MPZ: 750                       |
    | PaP'd Effects: Fully automatic, increased damage, gets a grenade launcher  |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 48/144              | Type: Assault                        |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: 400                             |
    | PaP'd Name: G115 Generator                                                 |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 48/288          | PaP'd MPZ: 750                       |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, no sway in scope, fully automatic         |
                              | Pump Action |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 6/54                | Type: Shotgun                        |
    | Location: Foyer                     | MPZ: 1280                            |
    | PaP'd Name: Raid                                                           |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 10/60           | PaP'd MPZ: 2400                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Reloads 2 shells at a time, increased damage and range, grip|
                              | Single Shot |
    |-----------------------------Ballistic Knife--------------------------------|
    | Maximumum Ammo: 1/4                 | Type: Special                        |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: 750                             |
    | PaP'd Name: The Krause Refibrillator                                       |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 1/9             | PaP'd MPZ: 3000                      |
    | PaP'd Effects: Decreased reload time, increased damage, revives teammates  |
    | Maximumum Ammo: 1/13                | Type: Crossbow                       |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: 150                             |
    | PaP'd Name: Awful Layton                                                   |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 1/12            | PaP'd MPZ: 900                       |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, attracts zombies                          |
    |---------------------------------M72 LAW------------------------------------|
    | Maximumum Ammo: 1/20                | Type: Rocket Launcher                |
    | Location: MB                        | MPZ: 320                             |
    | PaP'd Name: M72 Anarchy                                                    |
    | PaP'd Maximum Ammo: 10/40           | PaP'd MPZ: 600                       |
    | PaP'd Effects: Increased damage, no need to aim down sights to fire,       |
    |                becomes semi-auto                                           |
    Please take note that this includes only the Wii version guns. By the latest
    patch, you can get the AUG from the mystery box and you can see other guns
    while the box rotates through guns, although you can't get these new guns.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                  ~Power-Ups                    |
               |                    [1POW1]                     |
                \                                              /
    There are several power-ups in zombies and they have various abilities. To get
    a power-up, the zombie must be outside of a barrier (or non-reachable area)
    and kill them. The game randomly gives out power-ups (certainly on a
    percentage value for a round range). You can also get one from after
    teleporting, in the second room you go to, but there is a random chance of
    getting one.
    By the way, dogs do not give you anything but the max ammo and that's only the
    max ammo.
    Oh, and if you do not get power-ups, they will disappear after a while.
    Power-ups will also glow green, will fade while disappearing, and there will
    be a distinctive sound when one appears. 
    Images at http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Power-Ups_%28Nazi_Zombies%29 (at
    the bottom and yes, I did use this page for information)
                              | Power-Ups List |
    ~Max Ammo (looks like an ammo can) - Gives all not downed players full ammo.
        This does not refill the ammo you are currently using (ie: your current
        magazine) so try to reload before hand. If you have no ammo period, than
        you will get full reserve ammo but no round ammo. You have to reload and
        it will be as if you wasted one entire round. Max ammo also refills your
        grenades and gives you monkeys if you got them from a mystery box already.
        If you are downed, it will refill your ammo and grenades for being downed,
        but when you get up, you will have no refilled ammo at all. Try to revive
        teammates before getting this power-up.
    ~Insta-Kill (looks like a skull) - All hits to an enemy will instantly kill
        them. Very useful in dire situations. If you can (especially if you have
        juggernog), knife instead of shooting. You will save ammo this way plus
        get 110 points for knifing. You will rarely, if ever, have insta-kill on
        dog rounds. You have to get it while the round is changing. Very easy to
        mow down enemies and sometimes people will run off, killing as many
        zombies as possible and repair barriers. This is fine to a certain degree
        but watch out when going too far; when the insta-kill fades, you may be in
        a very bad position. All kills will seem like headshots, since heads
        explode with insta-kill on.
    ~Double Points (a big X2) - Simply enough, it doubles points for most things.
        The BO wikia says that it does not affect points gained from the Nuke and
        Carpenter power-ups, although people have reported getting 800 points
        before with a nuke. Very useful if used properly.
    ~Nuke (looks like a blimp or a fat missle) - Destroys all zombies to a certain
        range (and a certain number) and usually gives 400 points. It will not
        give any points if zombies aren't killed by it. This is very useful in the
        fact that it kills many zombies. However, you may want to save this for a
        bit if you want to get points by shooting at zombies.
    ~Carpenter (looks like a hammer) - It repairs all barriers and gives you 200
        points if any barriers were boarded up. Useful to help calm the rate of
        zombie hordes.
    ~Fire Sale (looks like a big tag) - All mystery boxes are spawned and all of
        them only cost 10 points. Very, very useful. But watch out, this doesn't
        last for long. If you use a mystery box very soon after getting this
        power-up, you have enough time to use the mystery box twice, and that's
        only with the mystery box working past the fire sale power-up time. The
        music is a good indication of when Fire Sale starts and when it's about to
        go away; it fades when the time limit is nearly spent.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                 ~Dog Rounds                    |
               |                    [D0O0G]                     |
                \                                              /
    Note: Reading the description of dogs in the section Enemy Types is a smart
    idea. I describe quite a few tips there.
    ~Dogs come from a range of 6-8 rounds or 4-6 rounds. This is not a definite
        round range; it all depends on how you play and what the game decides on
    ~They are a relief for max ammo later on when you need them since the last dog
        in the round gives you a Max Ammo.
    ~No zombies spawn at all, no matter the round number.
    ~There are certain places that dogs cannot hurt you normally, but I will not
        tell you these places. These are considered dog glitches.
    ~When the max ammo appears, WAIT UNTIL EVERYONE RELOADS AND IS REVIVED! The
        max ammo will stay for a while, so there are no worries there. Try to
        reload all your guns, too.
    ~Try to stay in an area together or nearby so you can help each other live
    ~DO NOT bunch up in a tiny corner. You cannot move easily and it will be hard
        to survive. If a crazed pack of dogs come after you, you most likely will
    ~Shotgun is considered the best gun to use for dogs, but that's only if you do
        not completely suck with them (like me)
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                  ~Mystery Box                  |
               |                    [1MBX1]                     |
                \                                              /
    This is a magical, slightly blue glowing box that gives you a random weapon
    for normally 950 points, unless a Fire Sale is in use which will make it 10
    points.  It is very crucial to use this mystery box since it gives you the
    best weapons the game can offer you.
    Note: Short Describtion of Fire Sale: All mystery box spawns and cost 10
    Every room has one spot for it, except the Theater, which since there are two
    parts. There will be a dark bench with a teddy bear on top and above that will
    be a map with the entire map of Kino Der Toten. There will be a light
    representing every location of the mystery box. Once you turn on the power,
    this map will show you the location of the mystery box by one of the lights
    lighting up.
    The mystery box is the only place where you can get many exclusive guns. The
    Ray Gun and the Thundergun are the most powerful guns you can receive from the
    mystery box. However, (if the Fire Sale glitch doesn't happen) there are only
    3 Ray Guns and 1 Thundergun per game. If someone loses these guns one way or
    another, the gun returns to the mystery box to be received again. Other
    weapons from the mystery box may have a limit to them.
    Some guns are very, very crappy although they may seem nice and may not be
    important enough to PaP. For example, the CZ75 Dual Pistols is quite nice but
    it is not worth PaPing since there are much, much better guns to PaP.
    When you finally find the mystery box, DO NOT HOG IT! Take turns using it. The
    mystery box takes time to choose a weapon. Others should cover the mystery box
    and do normal zombie control. If abled, the mystery box user should try to
    help out but take their gun ASAP. Only use it once in a row if there are
    others around you. If everyone who wants to uses it uses it, than take your
    turn again.
    The mystery box can only be used a certain number of times before the teddy
    shows up. This will happen when someone uses the mystery box over the limit.
    The mystery box will seem like it's picking a weapon, but a teddy appears and
    the box floats and shakes like crazy while the teddy moves skyward. The
    mystery box is than transported to another location.
    Oh, and if you run out of ammo, you can use the mystery box as an alternative.
    Neat Tip: When you start out in the Lobby, you can see if the mystery box is
    in the room through the door downstairs. You go to the upstairs window where
    zombies come from. Look through it. If you see a blue (not dark blue, more
    like translucent, light blue) along the far wall, going from floor to ceiling,
    the mystery box is in that room. If you don't see it, the mystery box isn't in
    that room.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                ~Cymbalic Monkeys               |
               |                    [1MON1]                     |
                \                                              /
    These are a special type of weapon only gotten by the mystery box. It takes up
    the button for your secondary grenades (the minus button). You get two of
    These things take longer to arm than grenades but are thrown just like
    grenades. Once they set down, they will start to glow and make music, which
    attract the zombies in a certain range over. After a certain amount of time,
    the monkey will explode, killing as many zombies in its range as possible.
    Zombies will act normal again.
    Note: Watch out when it explodes if it's yours; it may kill you
    Monkeys are very useful in many occasions since all zombies get attracted to
    it, although it has no effect on dogs. Also, if a friend goes down, you can
    throw these guys to attract zombies while you try to revive your teammate.
    You do not need to try the mystery box to get these guys again; max ammo
    reload these babies up. Also, don't waste ammo shooting at zombies crowding
    around the monkey. It is a complete waste of ammo, unless there's a huge horde
    of zombies you know will not die.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |              ~Pack-a-Punch Machine             |
               |                    [PAP0M]                     |
                \                                              /
    This machine is in the room right after you teleport. It upgrades your weapons
    for 5000 points, making them more powerful and usually giving them attachments
    or new effects. The machine is quite easy to find; it is on the opposite side
    from the open window.
    There is not enough time for five uses of this machine in one try of a
    teleporter. Even if everyone moves as fast as possible to use the PaP machine,
    the fifth time it is used the machine will take your gun but you won't be able
    to retrieve it; you will teleport to a room. Your gun is thus gone. Period.
    You just wasted 5000 points and are now lacking a gun.
    Hold A in front of the PaP machine with the desired weapon you wish to
    upgrade. The machine will take the weapon and you'll see the weapon disappear.
    Wait a moment and your upgraded gun will reappear. Hold A and you'll get it.
    Do these steps fast so others can use the machine before time runs out.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                  ~Teleporter                   |
               |                    [TE0LE]                     |
                \                                              /
    This is the machine that will take you into the projector room, where the PaP
    machine is located. First off, how to use it.
    After turning on the power, this will be on the other side of the curtains to
    your right. It's pretty hard to miss unless you run straight down the middle.
    You cannot use it before linking it.
    To link the teleporter:
    1) Go inside the teleporter and press A
    2) Go all the way back to the Lobby (there is a shortcut down the center) and
        go on top of the pad you started out on top of; it's in the middle of the
        room. Press A on top of it.
    Now you're all ready to go. Just go inside it and press A to teleport.
    However, after you come back (you will eventually teleport back to the Lobby
    on top of the pad) the teleporter will have to cool down before another use.
    Once it cools down (look at the light at the front after using it; it's
    usually green when you can use it again), go do the linking process all over
    Take note that you don't have to use the teleporter right after using it. I
    suggest leaving it linked until you want to use it. Oh, and try to link it at
    the end of rounds.
    Three quick tips:
    ~Quick Tip #1: If you have 5000+ and want to PaP a gun, see if someone else
        has nearly enough. Wait for that person, if logically and smartly possible.
    ~Quick Tip #2: Don't go along the teleporter by yourself, even if you're the
        only one who can PaP your gun. Tell the others and rush for the teleporter
        when possible. You can also teleport downed people; just tell them to
        crawl into the teleporter. You will all then teleport into the projector
        room where you can safely revive him/her/them.
    ~Quick Tip #3: Try to use the teleporter at the end of the round if you want
        to PaP a gun. This is when it is much safer.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                    ~Traps                      |
               |                    [TR0AP]                     |
                \                                              /
    Once you turn on the power, you might notice various green levers located all
    around the map. These are traps that are quite interesting to use. They do
    various things, like make a lightning barrier where if zombies pass through
    it, they die. These are very helpful, especially in later rounds when masses
    and masses of zombies appear. However, you may be wasting your money by using
    it. The levers, like the teleporter, need time to cool down. Also, if you use
    a barrier, you can't go through it. You can only survive passing through a
    lightning barrier if you have juggernog.
    I also consider the Sentry Gun a trap. There are two in the map; one in the
    Theater room, on top of the pedestal. The other is located at the Foyer, where
    the MP40 and Stakeout is. (Foyer = The second room through the upstairs path)
    Remember, not many people often use traps. You can usually easily survive
    without them earlier on. Use the Sentry Gun in the theater if you need cover,
    are in the later rounds, or such. Use the traps if it can help you a lot.
    Think before you use them.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                ~Mustang & Sally                |
               |                    [MU1SA]                     |
                \                                              /
    This is my favorite gun =3
    Mustang & Sally are dual grenade semiautomatic pistols. They start out with 6
    bullets in each pistol with 50 bullets in reserve. When you shoot, you shoot a
    streaking grenade that explodes on contact. They shoot like normal dual
    pistols, with Z (Aiming Down the Sights (ADS) button) for the left pistol and
    B (regular shooting button) for the right pistol. When you reload, you reload
    the guns only that need reloading (don't have a full round), so you can empty
    one if needed and then shoot with the other while you reload.
    To get this gun, you must keep the pistol you start out with (M1911). You must
    than pack-a-punch it. You'll then get the M&S.
    However, you can die easily with these guns. These are not for close range
    use, since you can die so easily with them. It takes time to master how to use
    them. I guarantee the first time you get them, you'll kill yourself at least
    once. When using these, Juggernog is highly suggested to get.
    Oh, and if you can, these are awesome weapons to use if you go down. If there
    is nothing with a higher priority as a downed weapon (look at the next
    section), you will take this out and fire it like crazy while defending the
    person who revives you.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |             ~Downed and Downed Weapons         |
               |                    [DOWE1]                     |
                \                                              /
    When I say downed, I mean when you go down by an enemy's attack. This is the
    state I like to call downed or killed. When you are down, you can crawl around
    and shoot with a downed weapon. Crawling around is useful for getting into a
    good place to wait to get revived. If you guys are in the Juggernaut Corner,
    crawl into the safety of your partners so they don't die while reviving you
    and your other teammates can cover the guy who's reviving you.
    Downed Weapons is the name I gave for the weapons you pull out when you get
    downed. Only certain weapons are downed weapons; the ray gun, every pistol
    (dual or not; you keep duals when downed, unlike multiplayer), ballistic
    knife, and such. The weapon you pull out depends on a system of priority; if
    you had both the Mustang & Sally and the Ray Gun, you would pull out the Ray
    Gun since it has more priority has a downed weapon.
    When you take out a downed weapon (if you have none, you take out the M1911,
    your starter pistol), you get bullets. You don't need bullets before dying to
    get bullets and you don't use your normal bullets while downed. However, you
    get less bullets than normal.
    If you have a powerful gun, like M&S or the Ray Gun, cover your friend's back
    while he/she tries to revive you. Also shoot if there's a zombie approaching,
    so you can at least warn your partner, even if you have only the M1911. Also,
    if you pull out the PaP'd ballistic knife (has higher priority than M&S), you
    can revive a downed teammate. Wait until the zombies chase after the surviving
    member and than revive your partner.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                    ~Perks                      |
               |                    [1PER1]                     |
                \                                              /
    In Kino Der Toten, there are four perks that give you special abilities. These
    are very important to survive, especially Juggernog. All the perks last until
    you go down. You don't have to completely die to lose them; all you have to do
    is get downed. Once you're up, you'll notice they'll be missing. To see what
    perks you have, there will be a small icon to indicate that you have that
    These are actually known as Perk-a-Colas. You have to turn on the power to use
    them and then you have to buy them. Juggernog is the most important. Quick
    Revive and Speed Cola are similar in the order of importance. Double Tap Root
    Beer should be the last perk you get since you can waste a lot of ammo by
    using it.
    Name (Cost) - Location and Description
    ~Juggernaut  (2500) - Located in the Juggernaut Corner. For a description of
        the location, look at the Mid-Rounds+ section. This perk lets you take
        much more damage before going down. Easily the most important perk of them
        all. You can run around and not die so easily. It's easier to fight
        zombies because you don't have to worry about getting hurt just a little
        bit by one zombie. However, don't get cocky; your own grenades will
        definitely kill you if you're right over them and if you get trapped
        inbetween a horde of zombies, you're dead.
    ~Quick Revive (1500) - Located in the corner of the Lobby, the room you
        started out in. It is the blueish machine in the corner that you probably
        never noticed. It lets you revive teammates much quicker. This is useful
        for when your teammate is downed right in front of you and a bunch of
        zombies are coming soon. Great with Juggernaut so you can revive teammates
        without caring (for the most part) of getting downed and dying.
    ~Speed Cola (3000) - Located in the Foyer, the second room along the
        upstairs path. This will be on the downstairs section of the room, in the
        cornernext to the barrier. It lets you reload weapons and barriers faster.
        This is very important for lots of guns, especially shotguns, Thundergun,
        and the Ray Gun. If you're in a tight spot and loads of zombies are
        coming, this will help you in such a situation.
    ~Double Tap Root Beer (2000) - Located in second room through the downstairs
        path; it'll be in front of you if you open the second door down the down
        path. This makes all weapons fire faster. This is quite a risky perk since
        if you already have an automatic gun, you may be wasting
        bullets while shooting at zombies.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                ~Easter Eggs                    |
               |                    [EG1GS]                     |
                \                                              /
    Easter eggs are things the delevopers included in the game for your enjoyment
    as slight extras. By the way, this is a loose definition.
    This is the topic where I talk about the included easter eggs in zombies in
    Kino der Toten. There are two I included so far. There are the Film Reels and
    the Meteor Fragments.
    Please note that I assigned these easter eggs names. I don't know if they have
    a real official name.
    Meteor Fragments simply plays the song "115" by Kevin Sherwood. The Film Reels
    simply projects a simple movie (with audio) into the theater room that is
    related to the storyline of the game.
    Note: There is a way to increase the number of power-ups on average for a
    while, but no one has confirmed it to work on the Wii version, including
    myself. However, a recent patch may make it work, so I included it.
                              | Film Reels |
    These are, as the name implies, film reels. After teleporting, you will be in
    the projector room. You may see the projector and also a shelf full of film
    reels. You can't take these, but the type you're looking for looks like the
    circular, enclosed ones, not the typical one that you know.
    After a little while, you will usually teleport to a random room; this is
    Samantha's (or Sam's) room. There are two versions, the nicer one and the
    demonic ones. I will not get into details about these rooms, except the fact
    that the demonic one looks crazy and chaotic. For example, there is a huge
    teddy bear with a big knife.
    The point is, in these rooms look for a film reel. It looks like on of them I
    pointed out earlier on the shelf. It will usually be on the bed or on a table
    or something, but it will not always be there. If you see one, look at it and
    hold A. If it is a film reel and you did it right, the film reel will
    disappear and you will get an icon on your screen that looks like a circle
    with 6 holes in it.
    To use the film reel, get inside the teleporter again and use it. Once inside
    the projector room, go to the projector and hold A. You should be on the right
    side, looking at the front and there will be something that looks like you
    picked up. Point at it and hold A.
    The film reel simply projects a video onto the screen in the Theater room.
    These will help bring up the fog about the storyline, but there is no other
    effect. If you want to learn the story line, look it up on the Black Ops wikia
    (or look in the references section)
                              | Meteor Fragments |
    There are three meteor fragments spread out throughout the stage. If you hold
    A while pointing at them, your character will say a certain line which
    confirms that you found it. After finding all three, the song will play.
    Note: No need to get the meteors in this order or any other order.
    Meteor 1: Located in the lobby. In the dark corner, look for a case on a
    stand. Hold A and once you hear the line about the meteor fragment, you're
    good. It is near the back barrier, on the other side of the wall to your right
    if you're facing this door.
    Meteor 2: This one is located in the third room if you go down the downstairs
    path, the Back Room (right after the Alley). Look for a shelf next to the
    barrier across from the mystery box location. Hold A at it (it'll be easy to
    spot on the shelf) and if you hear the character's line, than you're good.
    Meteor 3: The third one is in the Dressing Room (the 3rd room in the upstairs
    path). Look for a dark table near a window and you may see it. Hold A and if
    this is the last meteor you found, you will hear the song.
    A patch by Treyarch has fixed the problem of the song not playing on the Wii
    version. Go Treyarch!
    Here's a video with the meteor trick being used in the Xbox version and then
    the entire song plays while the guy shows off playing in Solo until he dies.
    The song REALLY pumps you up, but watch out: you can only use it once.
                              | Power-Up Increaser |
    This is a very simple easter egg which increases the amount of power-ups on
    average that show-up. However, at the time of this writing, it DOESN'T work
    in the Wii version.
    This trick works on all maps on the HD versions:
    1) Make one person jump into a corner in prone
    2) You should jump on top of him/her into prone
    3) If it works, both of you will get downed and you will hear a crazy laugh
    Make sure you dolphin dive (run jump while holding the crouch button). You
    will then notice an increased anount of power-ups from zombies. However, this
    only lasts for so long but can be done over and over again.
    Here is a video of it:
    If it works, you should do it in the dark corner near the Quick Revive
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                ~Wii Patch Changes              |
               |                    [W1P1C]                     |
                \                                              /
    This is the section where I describe any big patches that Treyarch gives to us
    and describe their effects.
                              | Patch 1/25/11 |
    ~Create-a-crawler is more effective and happens more
    ~Zombies reach farther out of the window (if you can rebuild the barrier, they
        can touch you)
    ~More combatting of glitching zombies
    ~Meteor easter egg now plays the song
    ~Mystery box has new guns, but they only show up while rotating guns; you
        can't get these guns as of yet (ex: Spectre, RPK, FN FAL)
    ~AUG is now available in the mystery box, but is currently counted seperately
        then the wall AUG; you can't buy ammo for the mystery box AUG from the
        wall; all it will state first is to buy the gun
    ~I may have missed a few or many minor updated details
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |              5. Additional Strategies          |
               |                    [ADS02]                     |
                \                                              /
    This is the section where I give you tips and strategies by other players.
    This is in their own words, but I may have put a comment in like (MD Comment:)
    By the way, the credit for the strategy is in the name.
    Oh, and I tried to keep it exactly how they posted it for me, but I had to
    improvise on some.
            <('.'-<) <('.'-<) Credit to rpmurphy (>-'.')> (>-'.')>
    A tip for the beginning several rounds: You can keep holding down your action
    button to rebuild while you're knifing or shooting the zombies, which helps
    you control your window especially when you get a swarm.
    (MD Comment: I mentioned this once before, but never so clearly. FREAKIN' DO
    THIS! You will never have a zombie break out if you do this, unless you leave
    the zombies alone.)
            <('.'-<) <('.'-<) Credit to Nomeg_Stylus (>-'.')> (>-'.')>
    I know this goes against what most of you people think, but hear me out. I
    actually don't like grouping up. Maybe it's because I've had horrible luck'
    with partners, but its not necessarily that they are bad either. Usually,
    after I have gotten myself settled with a decent weapon, I will depart from
    the group and seek an open area where I can fend for myself. The ideal
    locations are the Lobby, Stage, and that other room with the circular
    staircase. Basically, the goal is to split the hoard.
    I do not know the patterns for which zombies spawn, but I'm fairly sure the
    computer will split them into corresponding numbers to however many separate
    rooms are occupied. I know that zombie spawns are random; what I mean by
    splitting the horde is by splitting their initial targets when they spawn.
    Likewise, I believe that the bulk of the zombies spawn during the beginning
    (please, correct me if I am wrong).
    Anyways, all this can be nullified by an otherwise extremely cohesive group,
    but I think you should model this guide, or at least parts of it, to the
    average player that has no reliable partners for private matches and has no
    way (mic) to communicate with new players. The truth is, most vets know what
    their plan is. They might find some interesting tidbits regarding a glitch or
    certain strategy interesting, but otherwise the guide will be useless to them.
    Instead, you should tailor it to educate the "noob" with your first peace of
    advice being to find three other people who you can communicate and cooperate
    with. =3
    New stuff: also, it's not that hard to save a wounded teammate two rooms away.
    As long as everyone doesn't try and save him at the same time, thereby
    attracting all the zombies to one location, one guy would only have to contned
    with a line of zombies from two directions. Not too bad.
    (MD Comment: Nomeg asked me to rewrite it, but I got too lazy. Also, this is
    very useful, especially when playing with noobs. Just run a different
    direction, basically going solo for a while. Your teammates die because they
    don't listen and/or they suck and you're still alive to continue.)
            <('.'-<) <('.'-<) Credit to AkimboPro (>-'.')> (>-'.')>
    Akimbo's Tips for them noobs to start killing them zeds almost like a pro:
    --Only PaP (Pack-a-Punch) a weapon from the mystery box when it runs out of
        ammo or when it just doesnt seem to be doing enough damage, which happens
        around round 20, normal weapons at around round 15, since they are weaker
        than the mystery box weapons, but you are able to buy ammo off the wall
        for a small price (huge after you PaP it). The best wall gun is located
        below the podium at the stage and is the AUG.
    --When you get to the backstage, DO NOT TURN THE POWER ON TOO SOON. Hold out
        there until theres too many zombies coming in from the windows and the
        door that you came through (around round 9-10). Save those massive points
        you are getting since none of the weapons there are worth it for now. Once
        the power is on, go buy juggernog as quickly as possible, since then you
        can survive many more hits and become able to escape some situations.
    --A common camping spot is the juggernog corner, and it is good, especially
        with a good team and upgraded weapons, but if you get pass the second dog
        round, only stay there for if you have a really good team and formation,
        since a noob will always break formation and get you guys killed. If you
        have a good team, u can stay there for a long time before getting
        overwhelmed. It is an ok spot to go to after running a lap around the map
        to rack up points from the line of zombies.
        pisses people off more than a noob that tries to revive you and gets
        killed from behind. If there"s too many zombies, do a lap to clear it up
        to revive them, maybe get quick revive if you have the break in your lap
        to get it and then revive him, but always make sure the coast is clear.
        The only player that should have the highest priority to be revived is the
        player with the thundergun, but still make sure its clear before reviving.
        A monkey bomb is your best friend when your team mate gets downed.
    --Laps are become extremely usefull once you get past the second dog round and
        assuming you have the power turned on. Laps are actually pretty simple.
        You run around the map (depending on the round) so the zombies follow you.
        when there"s a large quantity and none in front of you, you can turn
        around and empty a mag into the crowd. Extremely effective with PaP guns.
        Once you empty your mag, continue running. A good thing to do is to cook
        grenades and then throw them behind you, that way you kill a good part of
        the crowd. If you have the thundergun or the zeus cannon (PaP thunder
        gun), laps are a GREAT way to get them all lined up before blasting them.
        Either way, at a couple of points, usually after going up or down stairs,
        you gotta turn around and empty both of your weapon's mags into them, and
        then continue running while reloading. These are the basics, there are
        other technics for laps out there, but with this you should be able to
        handle some situations.
    --When you are in the PaP room, it's a good idea to throw all of your grenades
        out the window and buy more off the wall (250 points only) and keep doing
        that as fast as you can. you can get around 10 nades down there easily and
        with a team, you get around 30-40. That gets you and your team a good
        amount of points and kills a bunch of zombies.
    --Don't spam your newly PaP weapon's ammo out the window, the nades do just
        3 times max if you are doing extremely bad or extremely good.
    --Cover your team mates when they are using the mystery box. They will then
        cover you back when you use it (80% of the time).
    --Don't use the teleporter until your whole team is there, unless you get
        cornered waiting and become forced to do so.
    --Here are some recommended guns from the mystery box:
    *monkey bomb
    *g11(Good in early to mid rounds, if PaP great for later rounds)
    *dual wield CZ (GREAT for early rounds, never kept them to PaP)
    *ballistic knife (PaP ballistic knife freakin fast and with bowie knife is
        great combo. Also if u shoot it at a downed team mate, it revives them
    *crossbow (PaP works like a monkey bomb)
    *LAW (Becomes a grim reaper pretty much)
    *M1911(beggining pistol) (Becomes a dual wielded semi-auto grenade launcher)
    Obs*I have never tried these last 3 myself, but have seen them in use. 
    Obs2*The above may sound good, but its better to try and get something else
        from the mystery box, since without being PaP, they pretty much suck.
    --There is only one thundergun, and it can be gotten from the mystery box. If
        someone dies using it, it goes back to the box.
    --Fire sale and Insta Kills can be found in the rooms when you are teleporting
        back from the PaP room, but very rare. There is a monkey bomb on the bed,
        but I don't know if anyone has ever tried getting it.
    --A person who is downed can be revived, but after a while they die and only
        come back in the next round, but lose all weapons, perks, and some points.
    --A not very known tip is that you can find out if the mystery box is in the
        bottom left room by looking through the top left window. If you see a kind
        of glow coming from below, like a bluish special glow that is not
        sunlight, its there.
    --Don't go around opening doors at random, that just opens up more entrances
        for zombies.
    --Last but definately not least, THERE'S 4 WINDOWS AT THE START FOR A REASON.
            <('.'-<) <('.'-<) Credit to MasterPoker (>-'.')> (>-'.')>
    Stage Camping
    This is a strategy that has gotten me pretty far in the past, one that rewards
    those with quick reflexes and high awareness. You'll be making a lot of
    split-second decisions, unlike the more conventional camping at a chokepoint,
    or doing laps to get a swarm at a chokepoint. But as an advantage, you'll find
    that it becomes a lot easier to revive your team, and for them to revive you.
    * Make sure your team uses the bottom path from the lobby. This is important
        because you will want the door that connects the stage to the dressing
        room to be closed all game, and the only way to do that is to take the
        bottom path. That being said, there's no reason why you have to stay in
        the bottom path long - go directly to backstage and camp there, if you
        wish. It is the safest room to be in before the power is turned on.
    * There are four windows in the Theater. It is the job of your team to, as
        much as possible, keep three of those four repaired. Ignore the one by the
        open doorway, the one that leads to the Alley. Since there's an open
        doorway there anyway, just assume zombies will attack from that direction.
        However, you benefit greatly from keeping the other three windows
        repaired. It will lower the swarm count of zombies, and will enable you to
        shoot from safe zones, such as by the repaired on-stage window. As long as
        you stay on the move and repair those windows when possible, you should be
        safe. There's essentially a figure 8 that consists of the on-stage area,
        and the floor directly in front of the stage, use this path to get zombies
        to follow you and to line them up for easy shooting.
    * From time to time when possible, shoot at zombies attempting to break into
        those three windows. Just make sure you aren't being chased when you do
        so. Insta-kill/Nuke both provide you enough safety to get the windows
        fully repaired, and Carpenter will do it for you. Sometimes, it will be
        worth tossing a monkey bomb just to buy some time to get the windows
        repaired - I can't stress enough how important it is to keep them boarded
    * Claymores. Most people ignore them, but this is a grave mistake. For the
        cost of 1000, you get two claymores every round and with every Max Ammo
        power-up. Put them in places that zombies will not normally run to, and if
        you get into trouble, you can use those fields of claymores to kill a few
        waves for you. Personally, I like to put most of mine by the closed stage
        door, as well as to the right of it - this area is always close by, and
        zombies won't go to them unless you want them to. Another good place is
        the area by the Juggernog machine, though this spot is only good if none
        of your team is camping there (camping Juggernog is an alternative
        strategy that is mentioned elsewhere in this guide.)
    * You'll notice that I haven't mentioned the Teleporter yet. It really isn't a
        key part of this strategy. The best way to use it is simply to leave it on
        during rounds. If you're under too much pressure, or if you just got
        downed near it, you can use it to prevent a party wipe. After all, you'll
        be running around it for most of the round, so it is feasible that you'll
        be in a spot where it can save you from dying. Don't worry about taking
        the whole team to the Teleporter, unless it is at the end of a round and
        someone wishes to use Pack-a-Punch. Keep a single crawler alive, make sure
        the Teleporter doesn't kill it when used, and upgrade your weapons in
        complete safety.
    * The same applies to buying Perks, and to buying from the Mystery Box. Do
        this at the end of the round. There's nothing more frustrating than having
        to blow through half your Thunder Gun ammo because someone downed far away
        from the Theater. If you need a gun because you just respawned at the
        start of a new round, then buy the AUG off the wall for 1200. Its better
        than a majority of the guns out of the Mystery Box anyway, and you can
        always ditch it at the end of that round anyway. Besides, if you're only
        going to have time for one gun, it may as well be a gun that you can buy
        ammo for.
    * Speaking of which, the AUG is actually a great gun for this particular
        strategy. It has a high amount of max ammo, hits for decent damage, and is
        located in front of the stage, which is a place you can easily get to
        following this build. Just be sure not to Pack-a-Punch it unless you're
        rich - the cost for ammo will skyrocket from an affordable 600 to an
        oppressive 4500! Around Round 25 or so, you'll be forced to aim for
        headshots - a full magazine of 30 bullets to the body will fail to kill a
    * If you're under a lot of pressure, or if you're in the late rounds, feel
    free to start using the 1500 point turret a lot. Somebody is likely to be rich
    by then (20000-50000 points), and you'll be making so many points that it's
    best to play it safe, and thin out the zombies that you have to kill. Just be
    sure to activate it at times where you won't get trapped on that ramp.
    * If you are using an Area of Effect weapon, such as <insert explosive here>
    or the Thunder Gun, you may find it useful to run towards the lobby from time
    to time, to get the zombies to follow you into that corridor leading to the
    lobby stairs. Then you can fire off your explosives, kill them all, and return
    to the stage. This is effective if the windows are broken, or if you notice
    your party is about to get overwhelmed. Just don't do it too often, as you'll
    run out of ammo.
            <('.'-<) <('.'-<) Credit to Teh_Jey (>-'.')> (>-'.')>
    the top because someone will come in and say, "Just don't turn on the power".
    Post 1 - Newbies guide for the First Few Rounds
    Post 2 - Upon Reaching the Stage
    Post 3 - To infinity and Beyond!
    Basically, if you're a zombies vet whose already gotten to wave 20+ but died
    due to invisible zombies, go ahead and skip to the second post. If you usually
    die around wave 10 or so, keep reading.
    So, you want to kill some zombies? Grab a group of people and each person
    takes up a window. DO NOT BUT ANY GUNS IN THE LOBBY. They are a waste of 500
    points and using them causes you to earn less points as you get kills. You
    will be getting a decent gun to fire away at in wave 5 but for now you have
    your trusty pistol and a godly knife.
    First two rounds, let the zombies come in. They only take one knife to kill in
    the first round and two knives in the second, so if there's 1 person per
    window you should have no problems barring lag. Empty your pistol clip into
    their leg for a quick 80 points, then shank them in the chest for another 130
    points netting you 210 points per zombie, if you don't miss. By letting them
    come in, you get fun things like fire sale, double points and max ammo (for
    extra point-generating pistol rounds!)
    Round 3, start emptying your clip into their chest but not their head. It will
    still not kill them, so continue using your knife to net kills. You can let
    them in based on how comfortable you feel, but don't let yourself get overrun.
    I generally kill them at the window at this point. 
    Round 5, open the upper right door and the door after that, into the speed
    cola room (has a green vending machine with sleight of hand perk). Buy the
    MP40 off the wall at the bottom of the staircase, and camp in this room (two
    people at the top of the stairs watching the door and the upper window, two
    watching the other windows) until you hit a dog round wave 6 or 7 (sometimes
    8 but very rarely). This will give you a max ammo for everyone's MP40 (or
    other weapons if you found the random box). 
    After the first dog round, go to the stage (open 2 more doors) and accumulate
    points (random chest if it's in here) for about 1 or 2 rounds so you can open
    the rest of the doors. DO NO TURN ON THE POWER.
    (MD Comment: Part two after this)
    Okay, if you're a vet do your usual motions until you reach the stage
    (HOWEVER, You must use the path from the upper-right door from the lobby in
    order for the strategy to work!!) or follow the newbie guide above. 
    Once you reach the stage, DO NOT TURN ON THE POWER. For the stage, one person
    covers the window closest to the power switch and always leaves ONE zombie at
    the window. Kill all additional zombies that spawn. The other three (or
    whatever) cover the window at the back of the stage and the door from the
    dressing room. Do this until that one zombie at the back window is the last
    remaining zombie. Now you can turn the power on.
    One person continues to board the window not letting the zombie in and the
    group all buys claymores (every member must have them, they are essential)
    and finds the random chest (if it's in the alley, DO NOT GO FOR IT YET), gets
    perks and et cetera until you're geared up for the next round, but save enough
    points to open doors from the stage to the alley (2 additional doors). Someone
    who is ready takes over the window and lets the guarder ready-up as well.
    BEFORE YOU KILL THE ZOMBIE, open doors FROM THE STAGE to the alley, and find
    the double-tap root beer machine. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR PAST THIS POINT. That
    door being open ruins the stratagy. 
    Everyone sets up claymores at the bend for a place to fall back to in case of
    getting overrun. Kill the last zombie. 
    Here's the main strategy: One person watches the window at the back of the
    alley, killing off all but one zombie like before, keeping the window boarded.
    The remaining party camps agaisnt the wall facing the fence, destroying
    everything that walks through that choke point. Zombies will drop off the roof
    into the middle of the alley; be careful. 
    Here's an ideal setup for the person watching the window: Cymbal monkeys and
    PaP Ballistic bowie Knife. This person should only turn around from the window
    worst case scenario - with Monkeys he can save the team, with PaP Ballistic
    knife he can quickly revive teammates. Bowie Knife allows you to quickly kill
    duplicate zombies at the window.
    (MD Comment: Part 3 after this)
    Now that you have the Strategy going, keep a few things in mind:
    -You get TWO claymores at the start of every round. Keep building up your
    back-up rows, until you get a swimming pool of claymores half-way up the
    alley. If something goes terribly wrong, fall back behind claymores which will
    give you just enough time to revive/reload/whatever and start pushing the
    zombies back even more.
    -When the last zombie is left, buy perks you lost or try the random box a few
        more times. EVERYONE having Cymbal monkeys is a very good thing. Make sure
        the last zombie stays boarded up, otherwise he will get out and screw you
        over when he trips your claymores. 
    -ONLY USE PACK-A-PUNCH WHEN YOU HAVE NO AMMO. Two exceptions: The Crossbow and
        the Ballistic knives. PaPing weapons restores their ammo to full, if you
        run dry shortly after a dog round, PaPing the weapon will save you. Once
        you PaP, you cannot regain ammo this way unless you get another from the
        random box. 
    -Nova crawlers will never spawn if you stay in the alley the entire time, and
        keeping the last zombie will let you leave the alley at the end of every
    -There WILL be a point when you will start getting overwhelmed and unable to
        push them back without wasting all your cymbal monkeys or thundergun ammo.
        When that occurs, just open the door and start running. 
    Enjoy! Hopefully this let's you get past the 50's while playing zombies =) If
    not, it's still a great strat to use.
            <('.'-<) <('.'-<) Credit to shredder25 (>-'.')> (>-'.')>
    Also, it's best to have one main weapon, and one weapon that will save you and
    your teammates when necessary.
    For example, good main guns would be:
    M16 (Pack a Punched)
    G11 (Pack a Punched)
    Ray Gun
    MP40 (Till later rounds)
    Use those for racking up points, which is key to everybody's survival
    obviously. You can buy perks, doors, traps, turrets, and tries at the random
    box when you want.
    Emergency Weapons:
    Mustang and Sally
    Crossbow (Pack a Punched)
    Ballistic Knife (Pack a Punched)
    Law (Pack a Punched)
    Monkey Bombs
    As long as everybody on the team has one of each weapon, you should be good to
    go. Someone must also have the thundergun, since that will blast away zombies
    anytime your team needs a break.
            <('.'-<) <('.'-<) Credit to mistahtom (>-'.')> (>-'.')>
    1)n00bs, If you don't know what you're doing, DON'T OPEN DOORS, let someone
    else control the door opening. Many times I've played where people open every
    darn door they can find while still having just a pistol in their arsenal.
    That's not the point of the game. When in doubt, DON'T OPEN A DOOR.
    2)If someone is standing at a zombie window and they're knifing the door while
    zombies are pulling off boards, don't be rude and barge in and blast the
    zombies. They are using something called a "strategy."
    2.5)A team is only as strong as it's weakest player; meaning, If you have a
    butt-load of points, let someone who does not have many points board up a
    door. Also, don't board up a zombie door when someone is knifing, especially
    if there is a single zombie.
    3)You can purchase ammo in addition to your guns (most n00bs probably haven't
    figured this out) Go to where you bought your gun and purchase ammo.
    4)You can have two guns other than a pistol in your arsenal. Buy a gun, switch
    to your pistol and buy another gun. 
    5) If you're being revived, DON'T MOVE
            <('.'-<) <('.'-<) Credit to MDragon159 (>-'.')> (>-'.')>
    Here, I start with additional strategies that I know. However, these are most
    likely not the best strategies but still... Also, after the dislcaimer the
    rest of the strategies are just for fun.
    Don't forget private matches; team up with an ally and try out different
    people; you may learn something new.
    ~PaP A Wall Gun Instead
        -This is very useful later on when you run out of ammo. Get a normal gun
        from the wall. Then PaP it. The upside? You can get ammo for it now, if
        you have enough points. I suggest getting the AUG PaP'd since the AUG is
        dead center, provides a lot of bullets, gives you 36 masterkey bullets,
        costs 4500 (might be a downside) for upgraded ammo, and is near the
        Juggernaut Corner.
    ~Get A Team-Helping Gun
        -Someone already wrote about this (in the Additional Strategies) but I
        want to add to it. This is pretty useful, especially the Thundergun.
        In the right hands, with the right weapon, can help a whole heck lot. Your
        teammates are essential to get really far.
    ~Turn on the power ASAP
        -My friend actually did this by himself. I actually died and didn't know
        what was happening at the time. However, you need to maximize points to
        do this the fastest and best
    ~Run off Solo while playing Multiplayer
        -This is actually a legit strategy if you run into newbies or such.
        One of the above people actually gave me this strategy and a legit reason
        to use it. Just run off by yourself and kill zombies by yourself. =D
        However, it is very stupid normally when you have an all right team.
    I will add to this as I wish ;D
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                6. Miscellaneous Tips           |
               |                    [MIS0T]                     |
                \                                              /
    These are various tips I was either too lazy to put in somewhere or just
    didn't fit anywhere at all. Also, I will try to update this list whenever I
    modify this FAQ.
    ~Watch out when cooking grenades; you can easily kill yourself by cooking too
    ~When someone throws a grenade, you may see a grenade icon. If it's someone
        else's, don't worry about dying by being near it
    ~If someone goes down, your first priority is to survive, not kill yourself
        (literally) over trying to save them. It doesn't matter if they have the
        thunder gun and some other sweet gun. Try to save them when you can, but
        if you can't, then that's fine. Surviving into later rounds is crucial.
    ~When using weapons, do NOT waste ammo if you can help yourself. This is
        especially true for the thundergun. Camp somewhere with teammates (ex:
        Juggernaut Corner), wait in the back, and when things get out of hand,
        THEN shoot. Don't shoot the thundergun at only one enemy if you can help
        yourself, even if its the only gun with ammo that you have.
    ~Even if you know a good place for dogs by yourself, try to help your
        teammates out
    ~Claymores are good for backing up into, but watch out when using explosives
        or the thundergun; you can easily destroy your claymores.
    ~If you got any questions, try to reread certain sections carefully. I tried
        to choose my exact words well.
    ~Try to tell others to come see this guide if they don't know how to play
    ~Don't text while cooking a grenade; you'll regret it [Activision]
    More in Additional Strategies ;D
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                7. Frequently Asked Questions   |
               |                    [F0A0Q]                     |
                \                                              /
    This is where I will add Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs.
    This list may seem a little small, but I will surely add to it. You may also
    send me questions to add to this list.
    Q: What does Kino der Toten mean?
    A: It means, in German, "Theater of the Dead"
    Q: I suck, but I don't want to read this [InsertNegativeAdjective] guide!
    A: And who's fault is that? Get some patience, read, try it out, and learn.
    Q: Crap! How do I buy a gun?
    A: Go up to a shadow of a gun on the wall, hold A or the action button, and
        if you have enough money, the gun will replace your current held weapon.
    Q: I ran out of bullets! [InsertNegativeCurseWord] it!
    A: If it is a non-PaP'd wall gun, than go back to the shadow of the gun on the
        wall, take out the gun, and hold A/action button. If it is not a wall gun
        (ie: a mystery box gun), than wait for a Max Ammo.
    Q: [InsertNegativeAdjective] it! That freakin n00b! How do I get rid of
    A: You can either join/invite an ally, leave the lobby and come back, or such.
        There is no sure way to not get a n00b. Try to teach them (or send them to
        this guide). You can also improve on your own skills if you play with
        them, even if you don't get far.
    Q: Mystery Box/Door won't work for me!
    A: This is a client-side glitch (AKA: YOUR [wii's] fault). There is no sure
        cure, but keep trying. Move back a little, aim at the door for sure, make
        sure you got enough points, etc. See if it persists in other games,
        restart your wii, wait a while or a day or two, etc.
    Q: Ha! I figured out a glitch! Wanna know?
    A: Not really. Using a glitch doesn't make you an expert, although it is
        useful. I will not post real glitches here, so your answer: NO.
    Q: This guy, like, totally had, about, you know, twenty guns!
    A: That is a glitch exploited and being used. It has your disadvantages and
        such, but I will not put it here on how to use it.
    Q: My lobby leaderboard won't show me new players in my lobby!
    A: This sometimes happen. You can either switch filters. I prefer to switch
        between their top round and to their high score and then back. This will
        almost always work.
    Q: This guy left us, but it still says 4 people played on the leaderboards!
    A: Sometimes this happens when you start with 4 people and one of them leaves
        and then you still continue.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                8. References                   |
               |                    [RE0FR]                     |
                \                                              /
    This is a section just for links for references. This may or may not be
    useful, depending on what you're looking for.
    Disclaimer: I take no credit in making or even finding these links, although I
    did find most of them by myself
                                Black Ops Wikia References:
    Note: The ps3/xbox 360 (HD versions) versions and the wii version have many
    differences. This entire guide was made specifically for the wii, so all
    information works with the wii from this guide. However, a few things aren't
    for the wii for the wii version (such as the extra teleporting rooms)
    ~Overview of the entire map for Kino der Toten:
    ~Map of Kino der Toten (also in the link above, but this is direct):
    ~Extra strategies from the wikia for this map:
    ~Story about the entire thing (Nazi Zombies):
                                Other References:
    These are other links not from the Black Ops wikia.
    ~Call of Duty: Black Ops board (Gamefaqs):
    ~This is a weapons list. Take note that not all these weapons are from the wii
    version, but they should still be accurate:
    ~Additional ASCII art found at (the cool stuff at beginning and end):
    ~My first try:
    ~Asking for tips and answers for questions:
    ~Asking for additional strategies (and help):
    Hopefully these last three links keep working.
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |     9. Credit, Contact, Suggestions, Etc.      |
               |                   [C0D0T]                      |
                \                                              /
    First off:
    ~Call of Duty wikia (http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Call_of_Duty_Wiki).
    Without this huge resource of information, I would not be able to be as
    accurate as I was and not be able to tell you certain things. I tried to cite
    the Black Ops wikia when I used it a lot, but this is what I can do best
    ~All the people who gave me additional strategies to put in that respective
    section. Thanks a bunch.
    ~All the people who supported (usually with criticism, usually constructive)
    me all this time. Without a support, I probably wouldn't even have continued
    at all
    ~I got my kirby dances ascii art from this place, specifically Ness:
    ~Anybody else I didn't mention that deserves credit
    ~And Me (typically called MDragon159) for putting the guide together
                                Contact & Suggestions
    Contact me at mdragon159@gmail.com
    Put the subject as "BO:ZG:KDT" or I will ignore it and you won't know a thing.
    You can e-mail me for various reasons, including praise, tips, suggestions,
    errors I had, questions, and such.
    Also, try to refer to me as MDragon159 or something similar.
    Disclaimer: You try to send me spam mail or such, I warn you: watch your back
    Please do.
                                Copyright & Use
    You may only use this guide for personal use. You may not put it anywhere up
    in public without my permission.
    The only sites that may display this guide are:
    GFAQs/GSPOT user dbcification has the right to use this guide within his own
    guide however he wants, and he may edit it appropriately.
    Nowhere else. If it is somewhere else, than please notify me and help me take
    it down, although I MAY delay updating this FAQ, including this section.
    You may ask me to put it up somewhere. I will (usually) be more than
    happy to let you put it up.
    Copyright (2011) (MDragon159)
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |             10. Pre-End Statement              |
               |                    [PE1ND]                     |
                \                                              /
    This is my pre-end statement to my guide.
    Please take note that to get really far in zombies, you have to risk a lot of
    time to get that far. Read this guide, learn from it, and try to schedule some
    special time. However, don't let it take over your life.
    That's all. Have fun ^.^
                 _\/_  _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_ _\/_  _\/_
                 \/\/  \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/ \/\/  \/\/
               |                11. End Statement               |
               |                    [E0N0D]                     |
                \                                              /
    I actually learned a lot by making this guide, but my first priority for this
    guide was to teach people (especially newbies) how to play! Do me and a huge
    amount of people by learning how to play properly.
    This is my first FAQ/Guide ever. I originally planned for it to be a small
    guide for others to learn from, but it obviously got much bigger =D
    Thanks, have fun, and come again.
                     :8;        oo 
                    ,888     od88 Y 
                    " b     "`88888  ,. 
                      :    88888888o. 
                       Y.   `8888888bo 
                        "bo  d888888888oooooo,. 
                            ,888d"Y888888888888.  , 
                            P88Y8b.888888888888b.         `b 
                            :;  "8888888888888888P8b       d; 
                             .   Y88888888888888bo   ",o ,d8 
                                   :888888888888888888888P""   ` 
                                   `88888888888888888888oooooo. : 
                                ;  ,888888Y888888888888888888888" 
                                  `    ` :;  `888888888888888"""8P"o. 
                                     ,  '`8    Y88888888888888;  :b Yb 
                                      8.  :.    `Y8888888888888; dP  `8 
                                    ,8d8    "     `888888888888d      Y; 
                                    :888d8;        88888888888Pb       ; 
                                    :888' `   o   d888888888888;      :' 
                                   oo888bo  ,."8888888888888888;    ' ' 
           ,oo bo ooo88888888888888888888888888888888888Y8 
          oo888888888888888888888888888888888888888888"    8 
         d88Y8888888888888888888888888888888888888888' ooo8bYooooo. 
        `   ,d88888888888888888888888888888"'  :888888888888888bod8 
          ,88888888888888888888888888888"      `d8888888888888o`88"b 
        ,88888888888888888888888888""            ,88888' 88  Y8b 
        " ,8888888888888888888""        ,;       88' ;   `8'  P 
         d8888888888888888888boo8888888P"         :.     ` 
       ` :88888888888'   88""  ,dP' :888888. 
        ,88888888888'          '`  ,88,8b d" 
        d88888888888               dP"`888' 
        Y :888888888;                   8' 
          :8888888888.                 ` 
          :888888888888oo                        ,ooooo 
          :8888888888888o              ,o   oo d88888oooo. 
           ' :888888888888888booooood888888888888888888888bo.
               "`"Y8888888888888888888888888""""'     `"88888b. 
                   "888"Y888888888888888"                Y888.' 
                    `"'  `""' `"""""'  "          ,       8888 
                                                  :.      8888 
                                               d888d8o    88;` 
                                               Y888888;  d88; 
                                  ,o8P"b8YP  '`"888888;"b. 
                               ' d8"`o8",P    """""""8P 
                                        `;          d8; 
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
                        Don't mess with the Master of Dragons!
                        ---->Copyright (2011) (MDragon159)<---??

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